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m's'at know ag-iln the elasticity of youtli
faiwsA, and tr an eathit-Inst too. It is
;nh the experiment to the Uase, ifor.lv
sensation U sought tor. It is worui
a rcvr
th-: ex-ase, tint?, an l m'.ri'.y hardship,
to spend aa August ''-d S-'ptecaber in a
hnfa'-o Luat upon the Favraee Fork of
the Arkansas, if only to sec year corpu
lent sha !o.v fall like anick-spot upon the
Is is cfnentlly taken for granted tuat
invalids Lad better stay where the chances
--e in favor of their being niasel unto
the death. That New York. Philadel
phia, Dalaaiore, and Boston, v:th their
natty i.'iysieiaas and many smells, are
the cost tleinu!e ahldir.g places for tV;e
whj t.ike cheap toraK?:onei icto the ac
count, is admitted without nrgn stent.
Bat Karuas is excellent to rid the va!e
ta llnanaa of the dump.'; as I there is
no one so delicately gib'.ered together, but
t-at a roysterin
hla rhviicallv, it there be recuperative
energy in him. By the law of TTestem
niete stpsyeho-ts tlw weak complalner,
with c.il in his head, rheumatism in the
toes, aa 1 small of his t ack out of tur.e,
m 7 -r rTt t',mi rr c:r.rj-!-.;;.-inces. is tirst i
caan xl into a
x-. -vi j
...w ..w i
he Tnsh.es to die, Khker says, he mutt
r:-ar. ria-t.
ivtt car -on is o: siott, u:ue luu, aai
tjrmr'I ihie ia oi;"-var I front aa 1 seta
tlance a t h when vroparing to go into
the wilderness for the firs: tirae. was edi
.h1 wi:h many grave prophecies of what
tti in I'-r-vfT'eetive. One or two in-ditfer-ent-Iijokir.g
girh5 v.-er? r.''rr;h Tasiv; his
complexion might suffer ; while their big
brothers scg.Iy eoneladed. that the first
Lvy fceyoad a spring of gxnl water wo'd
dry Idas up, so thai a gtist ef wind might
blots- him into the cloud-, or the sua.
beaming through his attenuated ibrra,
would cast eo shad-jw, and liavini kt
that, he might no lon.2r be able to find
the less mit frial part of hircself. Nev
ertheless, he siirvive-l To aid at the fune
ral of several flit giants, and to rejoice in
the acquisition of many new pcasi cf
o!i 1 fiesh. The fact is. that the
biilious. cadaverju-. ae
ive fellow, so pe
ny in the city, may he the paragon of firm
endurance ; and. if he have the soul of
in Lirr
can not fall to make
itterrt rvi
The Indian puiatien of Kaszas
at present, aoout z-j. ) , an-i, as clk:
vrhere, it is yearly diminishing.
Gre?ne has no very exaited opinion of
tlii Indian cJiaraeter : not ever; of the
physical p!xck ef the raec-. Here is a
r;-ul;T beaijtlf.il picture cf the Kanzas
p,ra-r, wi.h ii:diar
ita:T;5 in a girlen :
In tranquil snrt:
: .ynrg in iise i
:t "-"c - i
coaatry ha
of the TV:
knoii and '.
. , . .
1 ' j
:.i -h lati'bce. Over all a
renitv Li dLTuL and crassv I
..u-.- . . M. ,
and sub
,nTtS:.T t,(.1t ,T ThU is rot speaking of the red rinn ; t the oaense is committee
anytumg ex.em:u.y nje. ,U.n t. ea-.- ' 0 . ! 5.3. If anv twrsonshaP. procure, or attempt
iroa hero Vaiea scLe.,!-r.:ises dam hit j " st.vfef Co0per8 Dnh Br m to procare,of any'authorized agent iu the State,
to he. YVh. neas th' line is not at ail :'J? cliiralrtc acceptation which he ecu-1 anv tntoxicaring Bqaora, by falsely representin?:
-"?t wa:en is mocnwi- U:xle which fell soonest False phikn
thinr, as.1 in-f ircs Loheit ta: ;j,uL?- i thrcr.y might denounce the measure as
trances coni-j to me cow cu i
one fail Atignjt of soal-feit enjov
because it sras Lie so norti act so free, - some uei, while it is assuredly more mer
every evening of n-Lieh my LLiahtt was j ciful to crash out a fated race than to
.-preado-i one or the other of its tufted decimate them with the tortures of a
Ltli-toj-.s. Then, golden'.y the sun woald century.
down, ar.d erhn.a lannjreti of clcids
tvinM iblloT in Lis royal wake. The
tall gra.'s wo-sld wave I.-eneath the zephyr.
stealing up like a pet bird of
.lest win i.
ron the twIIi-rU reaches of the dell be-
r.eath. The iwarthy fi.re of sotne sol-
itary In-Lan Lorieraaa would tilt near,
cid disappear ly a path leading into the
holloa of a stream. And, perehjoice, a
groap ot symmetrical parrta Loys would
com to aiase c with a game of arrows;
nnl it wa.? very pleasant to watch them
in the gathering dirar.es?, nnilke thebois-
erruj p.-iy ot oar owa cta.-iren, the?
were so st-irdtLv
in iti'..i lain ciaiiu ui:a-
ting no exe;afnatKru ot joyensness, so
r:ia.;a a part of the sare-l q-iieta.le of na-
tare ; their c"nrj.nvvn -colored iimbs. their
icnoetst eloth'r.g. an I of P!
inz oct in elear-ctt relle
thy. as -n-ith spLrit-IIke ?c-f:ne
fey tL-y shifted their pontic:
linn inold. r
and rat. id-
of h-rs
V ,. .T T t rtc ,
ia. j-ii. te picen
cron the how of the ari.-her. thcn in-
' , . ' "
htga into tie it. ari 1 eatzht ia the hands
of others ere it could reach the ground,
whh the overtaking arrow qairerlng in it.
Those were eveninrs of orimeTal Leaatr.
' 'r; fA noC 6 over
The 0;ar.! are inimitable ii tin ei -
I res-Lor. of their tare. Oavln-r aa
" - -
. ' - -- " "a a brta
of i
-III. til.
tLe setae
tle scd k-fl agony of deaat, wer all de-1
,i .,if: tttai w pamfal to Ms. at. : rille pike. tLe carriage was driven by a ' "f0"" ey w u.-.- . .nan voer w w. . artl;r Teud(;red h . ltUl:K 0, a
and with a tWUtv th- U,M tL. f : r, rrL,1 ' 'mnJ-M;;ilM'kallf,,'!-Ni of jadnt, P,v -t.d .n action f-r of . , lh:n ,; itllM tiit
. . vm tue tiCi.wuiteEaajWllUrpresCEted its inmates fcrfeite4 and rdere4 to be festroy!, la par- i cbapter knadrea h& :u'.n of tht enmplW. ! . . ,, .
letter tlja or.L-;. .mj;. - . .ti.r . i .u. ,r .t,. 1 I , ,f ..... ...... I
trar.-tion of tL- k-. tU writing of th ' trWn, tLe GrKna Grcn of Ktuckr, I Tm r Aerere. b. At f C Hii "fMat srllcc to salt, and in snch case; AW- ..oveu,j..
ri.it !,tLc rolling vf t dteTlI. "lar-' tr ,.tmrr TW w sn w J f ( "iKre4 Ism, ;' tl nri Ko. 1T-Ant in l.t of see:!.-, l!.r-
a tmtfcfultt KlW, to Sir. Mae. M3kr,and tLe otb -
ifwetaior - with nature La U- L-u-" t er, to j j .V
y ... , . ,
AW lliiT i.l VI l-.J:IillI liJ.mi WL'I'ZU
t -... C T . '. . , ,
lue 2rrtel!ie firL; Itit ian?na2.
rLIef. lia.irt" r---7i M Sr. Tstt-.U. -u
- - - T
"f.-sia-e cn-rfrse r,Ltr, and to (lescribe
ti ?. --.!- -"T " L
then placing his arms sti&j in a horizon
tal line, from one fist to the other, he
moved them slowly up anl down like a
see-saw, of which his body was the ful
crum, while from his puckered lips was
spun out three yards or more of a steady
jet of water.
Bat, with all their comicality and good
traits, they are treacherous, and have
been known to murder those who trusted
t J their hospitality.
la ooe of my lonely strolls in quest of
a coo! spring to luxuriate at in noon-tide,
a pair of them, coming abruptly upon
me, were taken captive by my flaunting
fiaauel shirt, which, in their opinion, was
the very hist touch in gentility, so they
took me captive in order to be sure of
the shirt. Thirst it was, perhaps, that
made me a little fierce just then ; or,
mayhap, is was only a philosophical per
ception of the right of property, and de
tennioation to maintain it ; but, suffice it
to say, the dispute was settled in the ap
proved style of western logic, and the
shirt escaped with the rightful owner in
Kver sines in v imagination has !
knocked two Indians into one, in caleu- I
, . , , !
! ia:::t-even cnaneesot a fcgtit wita tnem ; i
iot, as compurcu. whu wwa .cr-, uic
; inferior in mnsenlar strength : and.
h-ss the tier's feroeitvbe braverv. j
c " I
s. ol them are destitute t taat
pies in modern school books ; it is mere-
It telling the truth of him. physically
1 " . 1
ar.d spiritually deteriorated as he is by f
the utter hopelessness of his condition, j
and by being brought into contact with
the frontier asperities of oar civilization.
I: is the portrait of the savage, which
ho who have known him will pronoance i
f , . i
TTkh the baldness cf a fhtntler-Eian, '
Mr. Grwne z
grapples with the question,
: , ' ,
nta tne Inltans. IIt ican
what to do w
has, st least, the merit of simplicity. It
is to eet them etstenninatingone another:
Treacheroas, libidinous, stricken with
disease, beastly with ba-e appetites, rank
ling with hatred, and every way degrad
ed, tiiere are few beams of hope to re
sutiie the Indian's path. My conviction
no i-, that, nnless they be speedily a-Ena'g-iraated
with oar composite Yankee
faniisy, the mosi economical disposition
tiuit can be made of them would be to
, . , , , . . I
, .U..-.U Uia one anoccer ; me praine ;
I tri'-5 aghast the highky,the Osage and
lit-! swart nrion tn fj-vmnnok nr.A 1 mh i
nutil tliey are dwindled away and utter- i
, . .: .. t
ty c-M ana orosen in spint. At a sa- j ab)Te tamei c D F ,Qd G. H.. es j oS exUUng at the time or before notice of as
perfietal view this seems cruel ; bot is it hlbitcl this complaint to me, and mad? oath to I sigutnent.
so ? They have feuds enooo-h, with lit'Ie ' &e t"1 thereof this day of, A. D. Sec. 3. This act shall not arply to negotiable
i n7.T.Yr-.'i.T tiw twv- trr.1 ft,mf
jn;o a war of extermination. Lnplaea-i
j hie pt heart, the Kaw thirst for the btocd
ot tne Arapaho who has tres&assed on!
On ,
- L .
uls lilt nt Jig-ground, Stolen Lis wue, Rnd j,
driven away hk borses. "With nplen-
L-hed ma tl. strife wnl.l ,,!
on-i sjiu aeaaiy-; ana it would matter
py migni aeuounce tne measure as
eowanilvt hat then It wn wl.-o, t
propriitte the public treasure to whole-
can scarcely wonder at a frontier
rover conceiving sach an idea as this.
Bat we are assured by other aothorities
Gen. Houston for exlmrte that the
T-m U t, n- -,-n
t -- : xj Ul'j Ul IV I.3.Ta S. 4iii.
M?C man, aa4 that iind tnat.
i renders tbe sarage a safe, tboaglia
j valueless co-resident. . In the eastern
I parts of Kanzas, where the white settle-
merits are namerons, the Indians give no
trouble and are seldom seen.
TTe have quoted erKragh from this
work to show bow spiritedly it is written.
i la addition to these graphic p-ictures, it
, a ?
- f-fT'.-ri tic sil rnk irfi.nnil?.n Tnrt ctin
thu to an emigrant ; the routes, distances,
vers, varieties of soil and productions,
i a list of the settlements mission stations,
J ar.d military posts, tahlesof temperatare,
. JL ii dlitrS-ntion of th work at
j the present time will be of service in
' mar.v wavs: riartictilarlv forshowInT the
i v J a
r -fs-;, nllaTitv of the bone for which tan
great parties are contending,
j "
f STegro Stampede.
j Our Paris correspondent writes os that
' t,A-- w. - Ari anrA -rtn.
I er-bh. Eoarboa Coanty, ca the nlgbt
Uhe foxing partkalare-
Tlv let iniWbar-li on ?mAnr
l lb7 K'1 -"rsborga bn oa7
i nigat, in Mac. ilulcti spic-ntUd carmjt,
and Jn pa.sing- the toll-gate on tLe liars
. r . ., .. . . ..
i one cL3L One lelon"! to Mrs. TaT
Zt-?1 ' r.-.'rri . VtTIl -1 V. .
t ... .
i tlrf: w-m. l..t U,.. ... . .,j f.
tLe U.t t., ,f r- i -r i
i -. ... utmri. il v ..ir. ji!H'
f ilwe of Eourloa. LouuriBe Court -
LAWS OF vi:imoM!
j It
Xa. 1. Aa Act fixiug tiie time of holding the Sn- ; cute !, either by complaint, indictment or hif-w-preiue
Court in the County of VTashinctoa. J m&tion, far sailing, t'uruishir.s, c giving away
It is hereby enacted by the fieneral Assembly j any intoxicating tisjuor iu violation of ny law of
of the State of Vermont, as follows: this Stato, if such persoa shall appear before the
Sec 1. The Supreme Coart for the County of j court wherein or before whom such prosecution
Washington, shall hereafter be holdea on the 4'.h j is pending, ai;d plead guilty to t!ie oftense or of
Tuesdar of November, annually. j fenses char i la Mich complaint, indictment or
Sec J- AU Acts and parts of Acts ioconsist- ! Uit'cruiution. and. judgment hll be rendered
est with the provisions of this Act. are hereby j thereon fcr the penalty, such offense or offer se
repealed. j shall be fcikcn, held, and considered to have been
Sec. This act shall take e8f.ct frota its pas- j comrai t .-don the day or days specifically set f.tii
Approved. November 7. lS. i
Xo. S- An act in amendment of an act entitled j p,.,;,, gu;:;y a aforesaid, shsfl specify soii.e ; po'er, upon application of such man f r that
"An act to prevent trafHc in intos-icatiivg 'ijaors I ot;iet jaV or ;1Vs on which ofs'euse or offeuses I purpose, to enjoin the respondent in said lil-l
fot the purpose of drinkicg," approved Xovem- J wcre comrjitted, sn entry of which shall be made j from conveying such portion of his property Uur
ber SS, A. 1. 1S52, as amended by an act ap- j ,,p,n sacn complaint, indktinen", or infonnaticn, j ing the pemlenoy o snc'n U!n 1 as lnvil be neec-
proved December 6, A. D. JS53. entitled. "Aa
act to amend an act to prevent tra2c is.in'.ox-
icnting lio,ttors for the purpose of drinking,
approved November S3, 1S53.,
It is hereby enacted, &c.
Sec. 1. The word "furnish," wherever st oc
curs in the act to which this is an amendment,
shall be construed to apply to all cases where any
person shall knowingly bring into, or transport i tffecn shall be a bar to any subsequent pixxe
within this State, for any person, intoxicating li- ; c,l ;oa for a!,y o-i0r offense or offenses, coumiit
ijuors, intended to be sold or disposed of, contrary j tC(j oa tie 3.-.
to the provisions of said act, or to be divided j
among or distributed to others, and all such liquors
to seizare ani destruction as is
mrovided in the twrltt'u sectiou of said act.
c , w,nx. ,h,n w,. tto-t'cated.
he shalt, on conviction thereof, pay a fiiie of five
dollars to the treasury of the town 'in which the
- th" fT'l
ui prosecution, and stand cororaittea until the
judgment be compiisd with? prori4ea the pre-
ration shall be commencad within thirty days at-
the purpose for which it is intended by him to be
-cu person so V" Z: i
to procure it, shad forfeit and pav into the .rea 1
nrT of ,h. town -m wJl!ch the offen?e u commit -
ted the sum of tec dollars foreach oiTeas, towU,-
Sec. 4. If any person, by Eisnseif, c'irk, ser
vant, or agent, or any authorize 1 agent for any
town, shaS knowingly sell, furnish, give away, or
distribute to others, any intoxicating liquors
which shall be impure or adulterated, he or she
shall forfeit and pay into the treasury of the town j
where the offense is committed, for each distinct j
tctof selling, or fistributis, or giving away,
j a fine nor less than ten dotlars.ormjre than three
f . , . ,
hundred dollars.
Sec. 5- The complai rit warrant for the
search for and seizure of liquor, as required by
this act and the act to which this is aa amend
ment, shall be ia substance in the form following,
to wit :
STATE OF TERJIOXT, To A. B-, justice
Cucxtt, ss. ) of the peace, within
and fcr the County of , aforesaid, comes C. D-.
E. Fn and G. H , legal voters in the town cf ,
in said county, and complain thai they have rea
son to believe and do belieTe that intoxicating U
qnor is by kept or deposited in, (here describe
the place to be searched,) and by , thsa and
there in the town of intendc 1 fcr sale, furnish
f ing, gift or distribution, contrary to the tbnn of
lES. s-ll Or UiSirsou.iOO, cuu:m fcV mc iiiu ui
. . m. . r.rn, nll
.gait the peace and dignity of the State; and j
tberefors nrav that a warrant ei search mav ;
155116 in ,he Prem!sS-
Dated at .this dav of A. D-
liei.rc me, A. u., justice oi t&e peace.
anv Sheriff or i
Cocsmr, ss.
ableinthestate, '
iriMM .r. ,, v
tT-.- M'h. as ahrve written therefore-bv the an- l
- M.t, .- r,,. c', ;
, I. V. . . -li. .v.- .. " . p..,.u ... . v. ,.u ,
thority of the State of Vermont, you are terer,y j
mmamlii, forthwith to proceed to entor aad ;
search the premises above described, to wit.:-
.v.jjji v. ;-iiia,7a ;
above.) aiKl it any such mtox-.catmg hqaor is : e r mag:sira, or oi a cjuwmpi. oi iiiij
found therein, under circumstance warranting chancellor, judge or other magistrate, and in con
tile belief that it is intended for sa!e, furnishing, sequence of sochtisobedience or contempt is im-g-:ft
or distribution, contrary to the laws of this j prisoned or confined by the order of judgment of
State relating to the tryfflc in intoxicating liquors such court, chancellor, judge, or magistrate, such
ft-.- .t, . , r j : u : -v,.- .M t wwtn. so iinrnsonal or confined. sh:ill be enti-
commanded to seize it and convey the same to tied to his writ of hnbeos o.-rpm, returnable to the
some proper place of security, and the same keep j supreme court in any county in the State,
until final action is had thereon, and to summon j Sec. 2. In case it shall be made to appear, on
the owner or keeper of said lienor, if it shall ; the hearing of such writ before the supreme coart
be known to you,) to appear before me at that such disobedience or contempt was commit-
and show cause, if any he may have, why the ted through ignorance, mistake, or mlssppreaen
said liquor sfouiu not be adjudged forfeited and sion, or by acting in good kith under the advice
destreved, and be dealt with according to the ; of counsel, and that relief may be granted, as
iw; tijc uaiLXJK VI uim&iui: au& miuici
statute in such case made and provide ; and for
so doing this shall be your sufficient warrant.
Utrtof fail tot, but of this complaint and war-
rani, with your doings thereon, make due return
accord mz to law.
Given ouder my hand at in said Canity, 5 terrn3 and conditions as to them shall seem meet,
this day of , m the year of otir Lcrd one Sec. a. The said supreme court in tlieir dis
thonsand "eight hundred and . cretioo, orderthe rirson brinjing such writ, to file
A. B icatke of the Deace. j a bond with the clerk of said court, in such sura
Sec. 8. The order for the destruction of Iiquivr
. , , j , . -. , A .t- .
se-zed and declared forfeited, under tha art or
the act to which this is an amendment, shall be j
. .. .
in substance in the form following, to wit :
Cocjrrr, as, j constable in the
Sate, Greeting;.
Wktnat, the following tocribed fplri "noes or
intoxicating liquor, to wit: Chere describe the
liqvjr,) has been ?t"zed on a warrant of search,
issued by A- K.t a justice of the peace for the
count of , npon the complaint of C. E. C, t
and G. H., legal voters in the town of by v ir -
. -
tne of, anl in accorrtance with, U.e provjs-on ot .
me sfxta secrtoa it an act of thi Lj;.iiScre rf
ennont, entiaea an act tn amendment or an act
ir ? - . .1 - 1 -
Sowembr 23, IS. '2, in the town of in :
And Wktrtat,, as the owner or keeper of said
Ikjuor, weivA as a&resaid, hairig been duly sum-
mrrfied to appear before me, as the directs,
did, (or did not, appear, and on tiie bear-leg of
thecase, itsras aot shown by saoifictory ers-
tat ha. been tested under 2, Urn
j with, that it is eoctained in the original packas
in whrc" it sras imported, and in iua.otitles not
f mvottt m
thai tiie kw of the Cnlted State, rweribe;
! and whereas, in the opi I vyn of the , said il jot
- ! WM kP deposited, an i feid tit a, for-
,;ttK - ,
- ' Hoax this thaS be mr taScyteX actbority and
t , , ,
f tot tt f' rra&tT
' w TOUT CflCigl -ai: t i j-.j.
dts retttm aecor -
T ....
. , tt .1-. j ,
- fitma noAcr asw UN at Baa wts!
i I- . . . . ,
i' . y . ..r t o r j-.yie
' Arnt4,-Sarmirlt. 185.
ti.n-.s tf th? a,U to prevent trntUc in iiitoxicat
irj Hqners fbr the r-arpfM' of driakirsj. -
is hetvby enacted, &e.
See. I. That nhen any person stiaJJ be r.roe-
j in such eomi taint, indictment or Jiitomiat.on as
the time wlien suen oiu-nse or ouetise werecom-
rented: unless the respondent, at the time .fi
auj become a psrt of tiie record.
Sto. i. The judent rvtidcrcd in snch pn- i
be a bar to anv subseonont prv?ecutions for rnv
.v " '
otner ofiense or oilenses than tiie specitic otTinse .
or o&usos spec iiied as aforesaid, in the complaint.
indictment or information, or by the respondent:
"rwri'.V no such plea of guilty stud judgment
gcc s if oa 3.,y subseq uent proceeding
against the same person for a like selling, furn is
or pvingnway of intoxicating liquor, it shall
be made to ap'war thot such person has been guil
ty thereof at any other ti:a-j or times than is spec
ified iu such prior proceedings as aforesaid, such
person may be proceeded against tiierefor ia the
same manner aad to the ssirue extent as though
sneh other olTenses had been committed subse
quent to snob, prior judgment.
Atprorj, November 1 1, 1S35.
So. 4. Aa act in addition to chapter Eileen of
tha Compiled Statuses.
It U hereby enacted, &e.
' M ive rAt to serve anv
process within the limir, of this State, re tumahle
ajutice of peace within the county in
wldch such constable resides : Prodded the town
e'ection. vote to give their constable such extend
ed jurisdiction.
Sec. 3. This act shall take etTict from ite pas
sage. Approved, November 9, 1S55.
So 5 .An act prohibiting review of actions at
It b hereby enacted, &c.
Sec. 1. No review shall be ailo-wed by any
county eourtinthis State, in any action hereafter
commenced rrz or appealed to such court.
Sec. 2. All enactments allowing the review ot
actions in the eounty cenrt, other than in actions
now peuding m such court, are hereby repealed.
Sec. 3. Section five of chapter thirty-six of
the compiled statutes is hereby repealed.
Sec. 4. This act shall take effect from its pas
sage. Approved, November 9, 1S53.
No. 6. An act relating to the bringing of suits.
It Is hereby enacted, ic.
Sec. 1. Every action hereafter brought may
be prosecuted ia the name of the real party in
iuic.t:i, wi...1! i w.--, .,.3 j.tw.
t,?nl , thL aet: but this sn shall not be
deemed to authorize the assignment of a thing in
action not ansms out 0: coutrdct.
Sec. 2. Tiie actioa by the ass?sr.?e of a thing
in action shall not prejudice any defense or set-
pnmiwiij u.reu, i ,u-us-
Approved, Xovember 14,
-An actio addition to chapter twenty-eight
of the comnUed statutes, reiatciC to thejuns-
diction cf the supreme court.
"'--v enac.eu, a.c.
Sec. 1. Whenever any person has teen guilty
of dllsdience to the order, decree, judgment,
t . j 1-- o
t 1 .
j herein provided, without impairing the rights of
any parties concerned, or the due administration
of law, the supreme court are hereby empowered
i in their dUcreti n, to dlftharj such p?son from
sgcu impn-onmnt, or oi.fktsmentf npon such
: fin.l wirh snr-h snreti. arul with Korh conditions i
; to be inserted m such bond, as said court shall
k ... . . .. ,, . . .
j ujwi, iwii man w g t.c.'. i-j nw. w
said inpretne court, or to such person as said
court shall designate in fri'sr said order; and!
may tanner orier mac, npon c.mg sucu oona as
aforesaid, snch person shall go cut at large; and
; such bond, so filed, may be prosecuted for the
benefit of any and all person concerned.
Sec. 4. This act shall take tffect from its pas
sag". Approved, Xovember 14, 1ESS.
; x- c
AO. c. .
An act in addition to chapter thirty-four
t ,f tii compiled statuWi. reatins to deoosiuoc.
, , . . v
Sec. I. In any action, no pending in any of:
e eoarts in this State, or in any action which f
rafter be broight in ar y of th courts
id, the deposition of any of tl.e parties to
I aforea
; . . ., nnfm i,frfi?atrree,
j . ' . j-w;-, to tiie dSOMition of
j j,", te aei in the trial of any such action,
j cc. 2. This act (shall ak eSSsct from its pas-
Approved, Koveoiber 14, WA.
So. 9. An act rshiting to Mnfewjon of jndjrmer.f
ai I proceIlngi tfiereon wUen trn.tees are sum
moned. ft is iterebT enacted, its.
S'is. 1. V.'hentver in any tult in liiich any
'rttViti ;.x:l be fiumirt-riea trs'e u:e ae.ien-2-
: iiu " ' t6'"-"t-
J jo An act relating to suits he fore a justice
- ; of the leace.
, .
i - J
... . . :. -
ir i. rr.rf .? Mi-ri r.
't neaee. If tfie writ Rot retorK'Jliat said jtia -
r '
ir ty tave lli sau, (tjoe aad .la:;'; tiie
nt r TrS-fr rtfl'V -.'ar'!' rTm. i w- -'-fa - a- - -
L tit tiir Ula!,
Stvl f.ith incurreI W. thcrt-in wlt'.h l.ive not
Ux-n paii or tendered to him, ami shuSl thn hd
there appear before said ju(ice with a certified
copy of said rit, said jiistVe shall render ,id
ment thereon for the defendant to recover his
costs and issoe execntton thcroon, and the secu
rity iu said writ &haii bo hoUloa to pay the cost:
priH-iitJ no n;ch judgment ha!l be a bar to any
future act'oa brought by the phiiuti'T tor tiie same
Approved, Xoveinbcr 14, lSi5.
Iso. It. An act in addition to chapter siy.ty-sev-en
of tb.e compiled statutes entitled "divorce."
U is hereby enacted, &e.
Sec-1. Witencver any married woman slnll
fiie a Ubel for divorce, and pny f-r alimony there-
in, any jud-jj of ttws sunl-mo court ahall have
sarv, in the otiiuioti of such judge, tofecuresuch
i , i i. ...i. ,.,.,, -,i
alimony as may be docned to sr.eh woman; ftid
such orderwhen filed and recorded in the town
alimony as may be decreed to sr.ch woraa
clerk's office iu anv town, or served upon any
. ' i , , . i ,
pnvate corporation, shad be a hen upon such of
the real estate of su .U rer endeut in such town,
and non snch of the stock of sa id respondent in
such corporation, as shall be metuieneJ !!i such
oi der.
Sec. 2. If any such respondent shall, alter
service of snch order upon him, violate the same,
he may be proceeded against before such judjte as
for a contempt.
Approved, November 14, 1503.
Xo. 12. An act in rel.it iou to assignments.
It is hereby exacted, &c.
Sec. 1. Ail assignments hereafter mnue mi. lor
tiie provisions of an act relating to nsi grntents,
approve!, Nov. 19, 1-oi, shall be fur the l eiicfi;
of all the creditors of tiie assignor, in proportion
to their resjectve claims, anything iu such ns
sdgnmeut to the contrary notwithstanding.
Sec. 2. The asiice. shall, wiihin ten days
after the makingof any "such as!j;p.n-,eiit, execute
to the probate court, for the district in which the
assignor resides, a good and sufficient bond with
sureties to the satisfaction of said court, condi
tioned for the faithful performance of such trust.
Approved, November 14, ltoo.
No. 13. An act relating to the discharge of ore
or more joint debtors, without impairing the
rights of creditors in respect of other co-debtors.
It is hereby enacted, i c. j
Sec. 1. Any creditor who now has, or hereaf
ter may have a debt or demand against any co
partnei'ship, or several juint obligors or promise
sors, may di.-charge one or more of such copart
ners, obligors or promisors, without impairing
his right to recover the residue of his debt or de
mand against the other copartners, obligors or
Sec. 2. Ia all such cases, a suit maj be bro't
and maintained against allier any of such copart
ners, joint obligors, or promissors not so discharg
ed, setting forth in the declaration thereof that
the contract was made with the defendants an J
the party so discharge!1, an I that su:h pa-ty has
been discharged, and such discharge shall have
no other effect than such as s hereafter men
tioned. Sec. 3. Said discharge shall have the same
effect for all purposes, and as to all persons, as a
payment by the party discharged of his equal part
of the de"bt according to the number ot debtors
aside from sureties.
Approved, November 11, If 35.
No. 14 An act in amendment of chapter sixty
five and fifty-four of the compiled statutes,
relating to the homestead and widow's dower.
It is hereby enacted. &c.
Sec. 1. Section four of chapter sixty-five b
the compiled statutes is heiiiby altered ami
amended so as to read a follow-:
If any snch honsckeeper. cr head of a fimiiy,
shall decease, leaving a widow, his home.-tead, to
the ualue aforesaid, shall wholly pass to andv3--t
in his widow and such of Lis children, if anv
I thCT t who shall be under the ag of twenty-
oae years 'he time of his decease, w'ithout be-
j to the p-vmcnt of the debts of the
aece, ma'aneJatly cbaccUlo there-
f onj or jor taxes assc-seu tiieron "
shail be no widow, to such children, in equal
shares to each ; and the probate court si..? U bP""
poiat three commissioners, if necessary, to set o't
to such widow, or to such children, as the cas-;
may be, such homestead, and iu such case such
widow and children shall be respectively seized
of the same estate in such homestead, as that of
which such housekeeper, or head of family should
have died seized.
Sec. 2. The commissioners appoined by the
probate court f jt the purpose of setting out such
dower and homestead, shall proceed first to yet out
the widow' dwer, deducting thcrefiom the
amount of her share in the homestead, and then
proreed to set oat a homestead to snch widow
end children, agreeably to the provisions of this
act, and the act to which !U i an amcnuuieiit.
Sec. 3. This act thail not affect the r'jrhts of
the widow where the husband dies loavin. no
children, or the representativesof the children,
as provided in chapter fifty-four, section five, of
the compiled statutes.
Approved, November 14., 1355.
. 15. An act to prevent biwns against certain
...... , , . " , ,
suits lor u:jury or aamae Eu.aiuua up'n uigu-
Jt is hereby enacted, &e.
u So acio) rhnU hcre..ftfr V.e unil or
j iu an7 cotlrt m thi, state ajtaiiistaiiy
ton, for injuries received or U.iiri.io siitliio-l
tlironh the insufficiency of any hijhwiiy, uu!i--
notice abrsl have first been (tiv:n to one or more
of the selectmen of the town in Wi i:h th". liijrti
wajr is situated, by the person ii jure J or classing
d.ttnafre, within thirty days of the time of the
aeeiden', of such injury or da-n-ij", at'd thr.t he
or she injured or damagfcd iil claim hiitifiction
of such town,
8e& 2. Sotliii.g i!i t.
ils act sl;:ilJ be C'natrued
to apply to any cs, where toe jr.n J'..nred
', snail, in canaequetca UtwA , U brail ol bis or
i her reanon
-S':C- sct t,;l "flect r ":t :
readr eotnmenced, or came of ac'.ion which has
already accrued.
Approved, Kovcir-ber U, le.i5.
So. 18. An act in amendment of sec!;on slaty
eij.t, of chapter ttreoty-uine, of lbs Complied
statute, entitM "Ju,ti:esof ths peace.'
It is hereby ect4, ic.
Soc. 1- Section tix:.j--eight of chapter tweii'y
; nine of the cocupilcd t:itutit is liereb so aiMnfl-
td as Vj re.id a follows:
All execqtioiui, i'eued iivm any jud.tnstit !ere-
t.tl. "uu:y i r)- er:y
I hec. 1. wkikm ti.r of cLup'sr twelve of tl.e
j 1 judge, of the ro-in-y tonrt thai! tl.a ge-
em tJJPminnirf:!i;oi'ii'ir.ci B.tt'Hiiiij ini
j erir; may Uk d'-d and tfaei ot Ml t.!:-,uui
. . .... .m . . . . ......
' u eoflliij; Ki ao'l coovev aJ.o t,.ooj.'.s
. . . ' . . . , - ... - ..
i uwnU tn'and ar-u4 IW ust;t l..a, j-.il,
. .. ...... . . : i .... i . . . .
!i,'fl f l..r- e buii-;r l
ireil (raiut lo or d unss tv lirrs and tor ti
U.c excuse of such r5':iif., iinprm-t.;Tini. s'.d
iunrrtice, nirty tiraur m !! on toe couttty ti'wi
urer. p. S. Thf act hll taka effect fi:n ltd pn
sate. Approved, November 14, 1SJS
No, Ifi An act in annvulmrnt of n act entitled
"An act providing for the .tabti.hmrnt
and couuiv line," api ruved, NovbuUh
It is hereby enacted, &e.
tcc. . ' Wl.anever ary conn! y line, or an v part
theiof, shall be established according totli pr
Visions of snid act, the supreme court sball award
cts and expete as to ttiein shnl! .rem just an l
eqintab'e, to be paid Oy the counties iutnrtwUd
ill sncii proportion as they slmll li,.i.W pnper.
ec. 2. 1 Ins ret shall uika etle-t from iut pt
s.gn. Approwd, November II, 1.3.
Nix ID. An act relating to the openir; of high
way. It is hereby enacted, S.C.
ce. 1. " When suv liichwav laid out be the e
1 'C tinea of any town shall not be ma le and opeii-
to n'c,l within three years lrm t,.o tune
'he sivme is so laid out, or It the seloctmon o!' such
h j. t.ir0m..U1.; Mu u hij.hwilv .,0! e the
same is made and ooenrd as ai'orrsaid. snch nei;-
M' - ct to make and oasn,or Midi .ii.continuaiue.
I shall he taken, hew and considered to be taken,
. hy :md oollfli,;cre, , tie erlt or nf.ual U
lav out snch hiehwnr. and Irom and alter the
expiration of two years as aforesaid, or flr the
diseont innate? as aforesaid, any thive or niorr
freeholders of the town, or vicinity, where the
highway is wanted, may mane application by
petition, in writing, to iho county court of the
same eountv. in tiie san: manner, and the pro
ceeuiugs shall in allixspvcw? be had theroon, as is
now provided by law 111 ease of petition to the
county court 011 the neglect or rciusii of select
men to lay out a highway.
Approved, November 14 1S35.
No. 20. An art in nm jvlmciit of section snven
Uen of chapter eirh:y-"ii of tiie compiled
statute.-, r.dativs to the collection of tax.
It is hereby enacted, &c.
Sec. I. Section seventeen of chapter eightr-
or.e of the compiled st'uie shall bo soauieudcd
as to reiut hs tollows:
4' hen neitlier ti;? &otd nor cliottol of atier-
S'm against whom a constable s'mll have a tax
tor edit ction, can be found, such person bciaa
alive, the warrant for the collection of such tax
may be extended on any laud in this State belong
ing to snch person : and in such cae, th eousia
ble shall advertise the same for sale at public
auction, in tiie town in which such land lies. I
a publication three weks successively in st.me
newspaper, circulating in tiie vicmitv, the la-i
pu'dicat'on to be at le;ist ten davs betore the day
of sale, and by is!mg a ntilWatioti ihenvd' iu
some public place 111 tiie same town; hi: I il sueli
tax be not paid before the dav of sale, so much
of t(,e delinquent' laud as will pro luce a sua,
sufiieient to pay the same, shall be sold at public
Approved, November 2, 1533.
Receip'us for the Standard
For the ireri; ending Jtn. Ath.
Samuel Priest. Trahurg; TTcro 1 Pierce,
Al'unny; George llovey, Chathn.ni, Iowa.
Sl,2o each.
In this vlihige, on the 2 kh Dec, wid
ow Mann, aged 70.
In this town, on the 20tli Dec, of lung
fever, wife of Nathaniel llryani, aged 76.
m IM W LIA L'.
At market 672 Cattle 810 Bceve, and 122
orc, consist hit; of Working Oxen, t'nws and
Ca'res, yenrlinTs, two and three veirs old.
Price.-" Market IVef Extra $t,C0 per cwt
lt qnalitv, $7.21857.75 . 2 1 oml'tv. $5.5i:a7,00;
3d (piality. $6.00: ordinary, $4,5')'u5,ot.
r.arrel'.in? Cattle No infutiou'..
Store- Work ins; Oxen Xone at market.
Cows and Calves $ 35 to 53.
Hides 5,.'.0a7,00 perewt. Tallow SOafl.GO.
Pelts Slal. 12 each. Calf Skins 13c per lb.
Two Years OH $15 to 19.
Three Years 4)14 $20 to 27.
ll.ur. o...5 Limit, .,'i7 , m,rl..l V-rlrn
Jin.: by lot, $1.50 to 4.
Swine i..
-e at market.
C. W. SCOTT, M. 1).,
HjiSsnpuiLic rhysiriaa riinl Sarrroa,
CITiee at hi rs'ilence house f rmerly orn
pied by Mr. Hastings. . Itf
L. W. ADGATE, M. I).,
jitA?r-rnoir, Vermont.
OfTce in the McKiirl.iml liouse one door smith
of Thomas Jameson's. l ti
DR. F. xM. PE1UIY,
F'irmfrly k'pt by 11. II. Ib.lt, is now open fur
the accommodation of the publk 1-ly
At'orncy and CaunscHnr nt law nnd Soliriior
C. C. Kellam,
iitAsiit nt; n, vr.BMO.VT.
RF.KI'S coiistuntly on hsnd and for aV a full
supply of Iirug-, Medicines, Cliemlcnls, and
Dye Stuff-, Tnissos, Abdominal
Sipportin and Sluml lfr r.mcci, Faisf v and Toi-k-t
Artictici", Cloth, ll.iir and 1 ooth brushes.
Ragle's Hyperion Fluid, (JoMen
0io, Olid I.ymis' Katlmiron for the Hair, Hur-
, risou s, Uewia' ana llutcmiis' liair 14,
o lau one ry 0i all kmus, I lain nna
Ftt'iry Colore i Note sml fitter I'.ipi r, Ilani
son's Celebrated Coiumliian i'eifuinery.
Fancy Soaps ami Flavoring Ex-
trnei. A!", ajent t nil Ptipu'ar I'steut Medi-
clieiit of the (biy.
Ir-b:irg!i, J.inn try i, U ltf
VAfJ.S hlin.:f of tilt f rut
lc;tfii Ir! ,-it'V'ri, to rfntiff )n fri-tiH
W lurni-li tlK'B w I'Ji ;i trri .j-umI, y rnU-4
I r nt n country rrie nnvrutyt hili re A full
iti:iv -ti "a in: fufi.j(
of latpt tyl" niiinurture,
itii(f-t)C Oj4ti),ii ifj tuii variety.
A fiiSI aflir'ftt of lit y Orcrr;, liurn-
lr '(.r, rv n! rn k.f i H , V'rt
and 1 l! i !', '1 eu, fiiifif, Jb U-, i e.
Aiino.f evrry kit. I I proJur ti-i-' i-.t i.'i es
change dooiU, vd I li lavas rrf.t-rd.
AMI lAli 1 bit I lit.
Thankful tor i-t uvirt, H tuijiufei' e i
lniiiiii.'i, 4:ii,
Irasburgh Theatre!
Mbl. be op.-o.ot tli lt !f r r
t l.est. 111 Klotll t:. ! ami
!n of r.t.rrt
w.il .Ui
.jv.'liOO p.fl,
w ; l ,i.nl ol:lw'i.oll Ol pH 0, Ei.-iHj. i. .,- o;
... -i
: ... . ... .
atl i w incirrd in t-.ieiH. of i.u'l tw
. . ......... i: . . ...
VrM. H
-: -1
A Warranty Deed.
KNOW ail nvrp bv ibnf p.,f .,!, that theiii.
ctilr rsvrt a.ive si.d "i m- mg gn.-nids
ami i'lten.I'mir Wrm .l!i !,s .,. rillv,
ad In town bvit g e-ioi i, tl,ftH,-h
:i!.VT TltlUt j.itio.
know ing that the rn- e i p..t t i t'ie ,r., nr !h
billin Iu the stwist, but to Imn Hmt iifrT!i
t the end. "I lieieh.rc, h my le .-nn l si h
o'd stsii l, rendy nt nil times frfimn thdiiiits
p;t.i!in:iii to lus bu-iin , as ofl n he mv be M-(u:r,-t;
vlnJe pMsruIiir nVrnfon is lo paid in
lek'Ctitii; anl keeping eitnstantly ou bid a g-d
a-ortmcitt of
ti v ur. a ifnrr.
tojwther with vaiietv ol othnr srl el? too nn.
ntiTotis to menti", aucti s nte unHy kpt I.:
lbitnew, Mnker's S'i-p. And b.!y, but nt lf,
T.-rereiicu can tie had to inv U,, Urro are
tocther Willi a lot of note which rs due nd
mu.t be p'lid s'-n, or cift ill c-rt.'.inh be mle,
as I stand In perishing need of ca-a to pry my
own debts w.th.
. Imtntr.ints attenl'rai 1 re ii 5te 1. None but
nnreasouablo men will di-l.v.
Il-abn-gb, Ji"V Itf
.UiPilfllTlRIL llil Ui'iFATS.
I II. KH.t.AM hn. on
' kVf'w-CT-. hand, and will kep
for si'e evfrr derrip-
"i-- tion i4 AsriruMiiril lm
' -Z pUunnls, cons'tinff. in
part, of I'll w of various t'auem slid ut, nt
Lhutde Jficfiit'in,
IakjIc, Six S)':,t,
Jim tin's. 3 Sizrt,
W Iill, 2 Siw,
ll"o!,-y't, 3 Si'?(,
L'ujlit One Hurtf,
Iron Held Sciprrs, ('o-n stj,e",i..rs, liar On:er.
Cultivntn. Cli-jrn.i, .' 'pprr t'vii.ps, YVninut (la
Hows. Her 1' (jra r .1 ."pe.l. lirind Ston"
." 'jigincs. Sausage Meat Culler.., t'liriKu dnpie-mi-n:,
vVe. t-
Any articles furni-he 1 on short notice, fin 1 r'
low prires. Farmers look ocr stuck over, an 1
fcive our arl'udes a fair trial.
Ira.btirgh, Jan. 4, s.MttlT
Hoar ill TIiri ci
fJllAT yu au l'uv Mt th smoii jut n-wth of
.1 the lrilst)iirj;',i iltu, i'Kni Sinpiw .Mh
rhaper tlum t wi.v i:h?r p!a in tlifl coiutiy.
Sif.L, Uedte-id-, Tutiie-, M:e., iX;c.,
cheap! cncvrr.n! cirE.vnisT !
s my or.lers nre t'. cp-e out the concern pre-
vkiii, to tne mt ot April nesj without l,nl.
V'M. II. lt.SND
Irashnrpti, Jstn. 4, W-dIVt
Door and Cndi-IJakirifr.
X 3 II. TAl'l'.W I'KAKSOXS h-u
11 i. Ship and I'lanine Machine ir
i lilrevi the
in thU ttjaee.
nntl n part of I'.lHck Uiver fur the pnrpv itf tlr.-
ving Cireu1:tr S'Y. I!- i- lvr;iy n-n-ly (o (io
nv ainonnt of IManinc, S.iwintr, r nn ShH
Making, n.iu anv j! ' rK iu Ui- iinu of bu-ine:?3.
Any fjiiHntity
constantly on hunii and for rhap for cv-h
lmsiburgli, .laiiutiry 4, IV.., lm3
X inc Kia ff iomlf tinrl rntitiHrn po- ra!!y th it
lie Ir s G'ted up room i i hi i u.l -bitf, rn M:r(
fornilv known a the Stti stt:iJ Juuriuil OiSce,
wliuro lie inloiiuji- curry in j on the
nnil fool? confHent tlt:it liy c! k Bpp!intrn t
lUin?s, nil"! ki't'pihc eW p -tiI up iti :i.Ht!er
if KASIil-jNJ-. o merit a gfo-l bhure of pat run-
for oinor to m-tkc, ilnne with run? hih. fl-,pi!r.
The I.ATKST FASHIONS jut receiiH from
Uostoa au i New Ynrk.
vii.i,AT:r ti'ood.
I lock Is.and, Du. 1j, ib.'m lvrj
sy r I UIIS article 1m bt-n tfstt-J
iiv in in r (i v'j-. Dili nro
fc'-i 1 'ir:p-. nouiiccd stinorlor t apvtltinfof
'V'.'k'.i fl... L... I 1.. ,1... L .." I. '. .
i-s:;. A 0117 "ives R clenr p'-li-h to the
k fiXU'Vif'S linen, but ..bvh.t ninnv ihfii-
I'..-i., ctj,., to will. I; l;iili'h-rs spi
tyi&fr'$:r b.iect. It prevent the sb.fti.
Ll:.( ii r-'-'-ooin e:i.:fci.- j ths
Bi m t( ,iimtm',ticnn'-''s tha 1 nen to n-tnin its
stiiiiii'ss. Another impor.nnt ndvatitHe i, that
by u.inj the I'oii.li m iirli-, caii I c sri..r'li(!'i i-i ei
ther coM or boiled starch, nnd iron i'vuir Ji'tteiy
without the untiivumble ri'alt wlm-li u-.:l!v
f Ilow by the nr-linT-y munner. Tric only 'Z't
cents, in larjre bottles.
Pn-imre I by ii T A VI. OK, Tr., tft, Hrwl it ,
Itoston, nnd sold by D -uspists and (inwers gen
erally. .1. M. nenrr, Wiite-'mnr, Genera! Aint for
Vcnnont and Canada llau l-ly
IiIlI I 4. A.M I K.KOT,
DF.nnr CKNTnr., vr.
Dlfi-e at his rtsidcite on Ilrt Stnt. ltf
c.istitiAur: a sif.rK.ii .Mince.
IllA1Him.ll, VT.
Xjrol'LI) infotiii i li lb.it he is iiiakin? fi-.ni
IT the bet iiiaferiil. W '," os nnd S''-ii'ii
t nit can t be lje..t, Hiid licils his slmre of pit.
pinne from the ubl-c. .il'O r. iuirin u lie
in that line t sh' rt notice.
Iia burph. Jan 4, li .t ltf
How liational Irlap
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