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s. ;;. i'i, i ir: ;;i.r. .v o
pt-ra. -A'l agent or.cu enthroned at Con
stantinople, taking charge of the Grok
(:hr;.-;iii!is ia Turkey, would very toon
l-hln-r control the '.'Ter:.:::i'nt of the
en.'piiv, or else furnish abundant reason
Correspond :we.
:e; f. . -....oz-
it v cr or As?vr.'.vi'i-5;.
U (. . :..ian: J'r S-l J
Kin " "
! :ic. ."i'.. - re. -:x ir.oi.u.s, -i
A Scrap ci'Ei-rlsa II; story.
-Ja- 1- w:.r I.-.'.V see::H to
1- Jri-ring l it .'Iu.-c, it j.iv.- bo worth
to l.,c!v at the cause .':.' probable
r.ti.' . '. ha' !' III-. d signs of the
of Ru-.d.i? Various an-r.vers
la,-: 1. 1 .. giw-m and ( s -..i An.cricmis
have L i i'n:i:i v.-!.'.. is j'.vMi.-tau-Ihig
the fiilly !'."" eata: !:.':. cd towards
'h's. h.s w i.( ii In; .-via Lis i ::, .': t J COU-
Foi- the StandatJ.
Sunset at Sea.
There is in the apnearance of the fu
;... ,;. l.rt..-..i,;e of u Re-shm devt in i'-e; KS it rinks into its ocean bed, that which
Ho. hoi us, and a Rus-ian army b-lrej?!l;kes tl.0 bt holder with awe and rever
the gates of Constantinople. Aili frora'ianeei And the heathen mariner who
bis antecedents there cr.:i be r.o doubt j ,.xti:i;.Ee.i as he saw the sun settle below
tint thii was the ultimate ohjet-t of hi.- j trt. Wiive ar;(j g.w iu j., i,uum parkle
i dr. Kit. a . So, when the Pcrte refused ti uxmi hA t;nv bark. " God Las
to obey his commando be tool; possession j ,r0!. to s!eep j.l .. faint glimpse of
o! the rrii:c:.'u!:t:c.s as !::; said, a? i t!.lt noble a:d sul.Hsae fceliug that has
j:;. :be, or hotaire to Ciifjrcj bis I a-.vt-tl the more eidhrhte.-ied mind. I re
'.'biiais as the head i f the 1-airs.h. Yt-t , .... ,! ,v :: n !.,:... .! '.nifl,.a
;as: Lir-tcry
... .
II. -o
( r...
!!.; "-.rv lo Li. btr.t.
' .-.
ror of
..; e ; w::hl!:;s
t:...; ia tLe
! ; -)wrr to pro-
(! ': k t'i.ri-,ii.-.!!-i of Turhey, but
'.!' J i.k over the history el that
:.:.! i . S'. ii. pe;vc!Vl! tl'8 bi- ti.'i.i
i u .epci' J i,'.;a do i-;a: even
'.'t i!.e eaipirr; i;.uiii II. r ;i.o'e
!'. the .-.!::. . t t;;!1-;.-- b:;s b'-eii
t pi;:f' a:, : i;-...,i,oa.':-ie::t uooa
. r; !' tb; ir j.lr:s , a:..i that
! .. b-.-e:i !:.;. c'.ars j.ur;ue.l by
:: ::;. that h:i . Jhtir. d on thy
.!.. (' huh a;. h.;:t ever.' one
t he shipping artieles, just exaaiine the
p.tipers tuid see if they are bound onward
and upward or, a cruise, ami home yes,
home to Heaven. If not, fh-j is a dan
gerous craft and will not iioat long.
Jack Brace.
B?rtori, March 10.
For ths Standard.
School Government
M. Edixoe : Again I take the lib
erty of trcsrasiing Ut!i your patience.
frofn t!:.j tas: bb-tcry of the U.issiaa ... .,.,.. ..... ,.t.,nr,o.l ' and that ,f the. readers of our ua'x-ri;!
biiaper i s it became clearly ei ;e:.t that j ou ),oarj ;he ship tired and discouraged ; I answering the eomiauaieatioa from Mr.
there would be one prcter.ee or aaoihvr I f-0l. jt was IiGt the first time that the slip- ' Hovey in No. 10 of the S.aralard. It
for it .din;; on tj the ievrh'ory once seized. I p,., i:li!!L.j monster had given 113 the j seems the pe.-.i:on at isue is this. Is
sjthat Makhtvia atul Vfa'J.tehhi would J.;';,, arui one coui,j plainly see by the physical superiority a ncees-ary qualiii-
ti!;i:.iatvly be It n own et.iy a- Kas.d,;, and j totaprc-.-td lips aad lowering brows of I cation for the successful teacher? and he
Kind reader ntver ihip ou board of
anv emit that. dfs not carry the Christ-
tuaity aSbrded this winter. But when
there is ar.ysnow on the ground, even
iatt H.v.K, and before you put your name: ! though wheels would go better, they
taust have some apology lor a sieign;
and all sorts of rigs mhjht be seen in the
street on a pleasant day, from the jumper
madt! r,f two notes ir. such a way that
they answer for both runners and piiills,
and tie pang, for the runners of which
two boards are used, to the fine and sty
lish sleigh.
Everybody has had a fine time to pro
vide their year's stock of wood. Most
f'areaers have to haul it some distance, as
the woodland and prairie usually lays in
h.rge tracts, so that if a man happens to
select a piece of land in the midst of a
prairie, he finds himself perhaps miles
from any timber. In selecting land for
a farm, people usually enter a tract of
both prairie arid woodland. Owing to
oil, st-; by step, until the whole olV,.. crew, that they had had enough of
such sport.
Vre were tying some forty miles from
I'io, one of the Azore islands. Yfe
could see its taller t peak hanging over
our heads as it were, presenting the same
eoquet'.i.i'i appenrfuice that has led so
many sailors first to conlude they see
land, iu-il a water-spout, then a black
s pud!. To me it looked like a huge
black cloud hanging overhead, ready to
jfttur its torrents of rain down upon us.
Turkev should be ub orbed. Bat th
Wc-tcrn powers, 'oohiag at the nit,
stadylag the ii.nacr hi. lory of this en-.n-;ah!::;:
t.v.pire, comparing the present
with the past, saw clearly thai if IliSsia
era: pe i. Turk-y, her p.over would he :u
vast that ultimately she could not be Suc
re?: full v rc-isted even by their united
forced. The bakinc' of power would be
lost, l .htn it would follow that the CV.ar
'.v.ml.l sor.a have longing designs !br the
would have ne whirl upotithL- like a top ! the cold weather, and the poor, slightly
upou its axis, as though nothing but that j built Louses in which most people live,
could be argced and. r the head of School
government. But let it le recollected.
v. -f ,.;,.:, 1 .... ..i.j 1
..... . ... 1 The base of the mountain was surrounded
nily . f
iv. 1 II.;
hh-; . ail f : : !.h-
a co:n. t, hi .oa-
:y gi'"a: r h.-li .: ai:ioag
.ah..;.-. It v a tfjo of
1. , tire .. v en f tie. ( H
'1 ;.' y h.tVt. ;. 1 ,'; ou,
Ilea '..: . . r rath, r like '
iUhi. ,r.;iuz ;;ii.l cn- j
larg't! r i.a,:l tey rea. :hv.
t.Ofr a;...', a. id tocfi j.a c
y a. -a; p.- !. 8 ...!.
c' A--.- ;i 1, J .avyi-n. : a
i-a.y !:.;, j'. no. h- ti
tioD. U,.v ; '
'1:,. . , l: : .:. nc:
CG.1;p.M-t.. :.";'a..o;,h
3.'. Iia UC t-e :. 10 1 ...
r.; .: t 1 v. Kuri' h.
ti e:.' euhuiea
ho. o: th
i-.-is I..- hi.-;o!y
'' . a..o. ... and
. itorihvn; aa-
cr, U:
I lor
I.j. oil:
up for the o asion between the heads of
the (Jreek and the Cuthoiie Ciiurehes,
pohticel dista; haaces wot.ld arise, in w hleh
llas.'ia would take ether "pledge:," and
soon the prophecy of Napolcoo, in one
i' its l-r;;nciies would be fahiiied, ii;r
Kuropi: w ould be Cos.-.a:k
Vv'-th th.-o tacts starmg th vi v., the
fa"', th- Vi st.rn powers daru not sit
i.fty ly and a now the- deeiinatioit cf Tur
key to 00, tor the doom of that e:u
p.re wo.dd not bo very remotely their
own. I?' they c--a!u prevent the 8oi;t!t-
ma: 01 t:ie oriiis-rn i.ear, tio-y
C;id ho; '. to maintain the. balance of
power in Kuivpe. But thoaid they sit
still while the Ouoenan empire was dis-
by a thick fog, and now and then a col
umn would shoct up and hide its black
summit. Z'.x.t to my story. As soon as
I struck the deck I hurried forward and
seated myself on the bows, where I might
catch sraae breeze to fan my brow, as my
head ached and face burned by the hot
and heavy atmosphere. I buried my
face in my hands and sat for sosae time,
while thoughts of home and friends
. crowded upon my mind, and the images
j of brothers and sisters, a father and
j mother, and many dear friends, riitted
I before my eyes. . Was I there upon the
bread oe-aa.i, forgotten by aii. cr at that
time was; I
ice a
that from the first I have contended that
mora! and menial at'amments are also
necessary. Therefore, if I have said a
few words upon these topics in former
commnnieftions, lei not the gentleman
rub his hands together so happily, ami
declare we havecjnie upon his side. We
will, however, leave bis suppositions, and
try to timl his ar:Tun;c'ot". He ridi
ou.es trie iaea of a teacher's working out
his success alone, with fear and trembling,
hi says it is " cowardly and dishonorable."
Js a substitute for this sentiment, lie say's,
"Let teachers before e:itering.-ueh schools
Secure the pledged protection and co
operation of the prudential committee and
district," &c. Kow, i ask, which class of
toiciieis deserve the most praise, those
w.io are successful by their own exer
tions, or those who stvopso low as to beg
th committee and whole district to pledae
tire-selves (probably in writing) to ex
tet I over him an arm of protection, and
if they fail so to do. he is honorable dis-
. .:
'a ;
01 the
'.: chh.t-
.:a.Mi. Sa.,V to ,...1.1 T .V .1 .. 'I
, , . : 1' vi.iii,.... . -;j...L.i.i j, u Ills ail
uppcrvrm- i,. ti.o iremema.;;.; icehejg olh , , , , ,, , '
th,.. Vow-. . ; i.. .,,.!. ... ; ''JUU
it WOlial
el the ji.tportimee
of the sub
tile subieet cf nraver and ; chsrged, and can ciaim his wa;:es tor th"
enttre term. The world wii! jog on in
its march of improvement a long time
d tided me once more to my Green Moun-! be. ore it wlii favor such teachers ana such
jeel, they eocvurarcct the Porte
to sLar.tl
, promisiiortosi-iaeee. And
ram h .me, should I be w elcomed by aii,
or would the same cold look and still' nod
v'"";i!',l:'-';:':,i,.:..,.;f,: ' : " .:w;'-'" !::
,!!ed fio'.o. trav-l I, . ;'-h'l!-1
:r,.l (.' :': .! I'i:. h.na t
tii'Te, that meets the sailor in
It seems strange that one who think
physical force unnecessary, should reard
r ranee, and outer sinad itate; sent on :
very seapoil town. Thoughts like these j public opinion so big:
It whet man-
: P-'
y,v -oil.
("-.arit. i
th'-y i .ar
ea th ; -a
td : 1 .' a;
w id.
, :u,.
t. bar , - t.'iv stand-y and
: a ao '. than the
patvi.-. 'lies w.-ti i-i the
se tt; aog a- a:ual-
the r.ri oh: an. (.;:g v hoin I
here laid the f :i.o..hal- u
ire ,! K.lsra.. 'ihi-, .v'.wr
caaialiy e. let- ted us coo-
i -
a '
,i r ..... .y.ri
tenth ; CO..)
'''i u: K o'..:h, ;o;
1..; hi . ao a, iaea...,
usti r
p. ; ; r.: af
o ... ,:.i-..;a' oi .iu.hi.vv ai
" 'a-."! "... -a!"-' :' I
i the ere.it eraou- f
. , ... . i
..:.. or e .'.er-.-i:, :
; a: I obtained the
iiieir armies. It was a war of indepen
dence on their pait, of pure agre.-.ion
on that of Ihissia; and hence it was that
C Veil As :.!.'., a'thoi!;:h so receialv aide.i
hy "Meheho in bar Hungarian war, -till
maintained her '.000.0117. or rather sided
v, :th the V, c.-.tcin po-. ers uafiist ber
! ti:e!v.tr. And i'iu.aia. ahi.o.iah the i
were constantly rushing through my mind, ! tier does public opinion a-sis-t a teach;
oa.g f.i!..i!y tuts related to that
and I was making myself very miserable,
when sudJerdy a breeze sprung up. and
swept the matted locks from my brew.
1 1 looked up, in see from what course the
i we'eor
i the 10
Lieneut'.t the
'. the heart eh;
Does it increase his intellectual endow
ments? Xo. Does it add new lustre to
his attainments, morally ? INo. Does it
aid hirn physically? It certainty doe. ,
gtct bad come, "i'was from j and in no other way. isow, as tar as the
and the son was just siohine: ! ouesnon is concerned, it makes no dider-
vave, Oh, how quick is once whether this physical superiority
ged! can moment sorrow- i vested. hi the teacher.; own beny or no
ma over im-giuaiy evils; another radiant ', " Le is sev? or the asjkance cf the coni-
tt'.'.ii or s aLlinte,
as. tlie ; h-
.1 ('
the o.
v .1
ia:,:n:e, the eni-
i.a. !, in marrlace. Vlndi
i i..- (.: ".-h f.dta. loal vv-i-,
:a:ae day that no became
.oh, m l cf Aima. Here, to a wa--t
asum ilou of the tide of v-(,'.ar,"
; .imply a sdyht variation of the
0 ; peaih.fou " b e: ,of ' to which all
'" pie'timptive t '.'..- crown were
:d ; a-1 a th.a in. a; to ihi; the
:,a emaly ol Ktr.- ;.l ch.ii.j t ; he
;;y ti'..- -b e' aaants cf the Ih.nian
a also the
-teana to
l'Lcir c dirts
this idea,
al's, ami HoUee t c: t.:
- J ..Kit!
-id;,, ih'y have iaharM!
e.eh-ii thai, t..-yx.
: ..! .1 :, been . an. ;
.. v or, c-r wher.-vt-r t!:v have h. f n
d'h.;; 1 .!:;...,'. the Souther:!
- ' ' ':' ' . an 1 ;.h t?il..ei-i,i, have been
ah.v.h. .1, am! this the object has been
' a grasp I'm hay, whose star of empire
'- a .' since began to w ane.
1. in a, :s w; should her-- rtfer to the
r' t-e.ted cc.at..cst, of (jeugi , Khan, when
o.n i.-a.: hanopi- ha the for.; part of
lo.i. eeaiary. But his coiaoaat was
raiher nvo.a, a! tii.tn real, h.r in the and
p .a-, : of th a Cz.irs S'vayed back
-.'.i: .. ;.al ova t-vfi'h.i'.d the Xoithci.i
' .nimeia. of th : 'ih-ri.;r chief even hi
A-ia. Ti.,, Crimea, whioh hod tor a
tone 1 a 1 ..der taa .. ),.. 'p,;r--11-
and o-br.-., w;t, 0 :c ; taore claimed
the Ibosi 01s, a- .1 when once a claim
was s -t up, 1 he Chairs were net long in
end: o. or::ig t.. rmhree
I'eo. rt!: : Giea! said " It i-i no! land
I wit, but sea ," and m nil hi ; Wars with
'ite iur;;s ho piam t his way to the
I i a-h Se... Ai.d ahhouah !, d,ed befare
h- ha : hnniy gra-j'ed gp.. pn.e, Vti
(.'atberim: II., Empre-s of ail the lies--'.
dr.e.l tl,. Crimea annexed to her
r-edoa:, . i-It:... E ixt .A wais open to the
inri'ty :...':!: of !(u.ak. 2vTot satisfied
'if - :i-g lensi . I.,, l,ng.-;! jbrthe Hci-
l-sr,,m;.,..'.va--ha Me.b"arranean.
r-e-aoaa.:; 1
; . torn e aheoah ha
';"' and her sy m-athies all on :hat
''te, vc u.iro jjo.'. csoOii.e tie cause at' t.'V
rchetve. Ail Eurone. in fa,;, leu- ' ':''Jl 1' ' ;'-'::;;o' An ' iinny -vei, power cf all these persons, ana Mr. i; aw
this mavrment alike", and v.hh.; the iai-' i'Mln'' ri'kli:' in the last rays of! admits "hat iadies tt-e mu-; u,
media: , ueihhorsot the C;a.r i;ave ueen! V'" ' Cl;'";ta Cvu"-'' ibougtit ! puhhe sem:m
ueutia!, they have not hesitated to ow-' 10,n U1' tiQ"u- Ail ' iiivn in
sri neace. j con'.emi.'.ation of the beautiful
... i IT.. 1 T ,1. 1. . . i . . .
A... there- re, the present rrosnect shall 1 " "u-:'1 CI !l'Wjl!CT1 iJyron, ; on, an u.e puhi.e stut:me.a asri: ts t!
he crowned with ocaee, if -he ri-u.-M-l- i ' tH ?iv'; Jw a correct desrri,,-j in a-j oth.r wav but ohvsieadv. In one
mas o;..g Lerre:tedi:omthe paw of thai" s..a:una;, o: me scene. nia. , , Mr. iiuvey uses lids, ime,
near, ana the other " three or bar wa-1' '"' - m !ie;j u? S! i u t;'2 man is exneeted in
. . 'ittaO-oi :. a. 1 , 1 1, , ' ,
; amis" secured, tor this once Russia wihi ' ee seen. , pieces to In, Li ins own
have heeu d;deated and the Vi'cr.tern
wood lis been in great demand, though
the price has not been very high, being
only about three, dollars per cord here.
The cold weather, however, is about over
with us now. The last week has been
tine and warm, and the snow has nearly
all disappeared from the streets.
Carpenters and joiners are resuming
th ir labors where they left oil at the
commencement of the cold weather, and
capitalists are projecting the erection cf
other buildings. I have seen several
loads of household furniture passing thro'
the streets within a few days, on their
way to the scene of next season's labors,
it is the general impression here that the
winter is over, and that Spring, with its
sunny days and Lope-inspiring breezes is
hist approaching.
Though the winter has been cold and
severe, it has not been near as disagree
able as it usually is in Vermont. We
have bad no high winds, driving the snow
ir.ther and thither, and piling it mountain
high on every side, but most days have
been pleasant and sunny. If the mor
ning happened to be cloudy, the clouds
ivoeld usually disappear before noon, and
the sun would come out in beauty and
splendor. We have fine weather here.
But I must say the mud when there is
m:rl is just the meanest kind of mud,
sticking so tight that it seems almost im
possible to remove it. I am told, how
ever, thai it does not usually last long.
By the way, I came across Mr. M.
Barnard, from Barton, the other day.
lie was in good health and spirits, and
snai that he was going to the northern
part cf this State and the southern part
of Minnesota, in search of a suitable
Republican National Cert
Ihe day-star has risen
Council of Censors-
The Council of Censors, which- has
been in session su ims piueo mev v..c.., w. .. ir.unes ,,..
12th inst., adjourned without day, Tester-1 sented by four hundred deb :a,
day morning- Below is an abstract of the; lirit National Convention of ,. p
several amendments to the Constitution j liean party, which no t !U pa. '
of February. The. f,l:;' 7
plaee ta locate.
ei", toau to sji. crier -ieo,
i.es, .ea liiO.i s ia.'ess. . a .a .
Sigi.t. ! v. nan ..::- are oeu...!!ess - 1 y thankful ')
iseutuueo: as.d: ts them
Hon. Mr. Meacham.
v.-hin-ron Evening Star thanks
Speaker Banks for appointing Mr. Mca
aham Chaiiaoau cf the Committee on the
District of Cotcbk, and of Mr. Mea-
-'' a't Mrs. Rotfcof Cerro Ger-
county, Iowa, we n: ta a neighboring
on the;;- wav home '
01 m on the pran-te.
If he, w La wai an h.ca';,! ,.,;!.) ..... ' !! hrtl-y bosom, and as it Gimk moon.
her! 1 w,'-'u!" ohhged to shade my eves from
In.; sled. Jj; .,.-.,,,; i,..! i would b
mn m ; noaoano an
go: lot in a snow
. .r.
stiaw! around lam, unhit. bed ihe oxen,
aa! ihliowed them us they tradae homeward-,
far half a mile, when she sank
dean in a simw drift and there died.
On the arriv.def the ...ven. the nei-hbars
turn, d out in search, and fonud both Mi:
and airs, iiolte frusta to death 0:1 the
Mr. Rolf; was tiie eldest brother of
Mrs. Jonathan Eikins of XorthTroy, and
was formerly tram Bangor, Maine. He
was a man universally esteemed and re
spected by his, many aetpiamtauce. Mrs.
Rolfe was eldest daughter of Capt. Ls-th.-r
Turner, iormeily of Stillwater, Me.
dhey leave a family of live children, and
, t . ' 1
in. an lentaves acre m fie cart to mourn
theii loss, and shed the tear of affection
to their ncae.oi-'v.
Mow its beams darted along the waves,
and as by a magie wand they turned to
e-old; then again they darted up into the
rieavens ana sbed a bright silvery ib-la. he desire, me to back out ncm
am.o lu.; scttimg gioom ; again, as the
Mr. Meacham is the scholar of ti.-.
He-use, besides being a man of censer
vr.tive vi:-ws. From our personal knowl
edge of him, we feel very certain that he
does not sympathize with ultrsism of any
beb, tVr..., fi;...1 ... . ... . x ssrssu.g eieei-
... , . , I! T ' is It Mtjuilgmenr and great firmness cf char-
-o...,.lJl:a;uo;ee:ot oroiect.ou, and to r
battles, vvaiioat
pioicct.on, ana Ui,,,.i.. ... n .1. ..
1 . o. .'.-a.. . . . . . .. 1 lc 13 neveruieiess
inmtr. .l.n a I,.,.;,;;.,
heavy ground swell ruse, it seemed Luried
tau or prove it.
more proof, alter it has bemi adamted 1
an opponent, that man mua iie-hthts own
battles without Ussistaeee ' Vi.,.,-. :.
, . 1 ---- .
i(..e c . , .' II..:. . - , .
-- ... .e....,v.s m 1, u.,; i,ily-;o:a snoenorit v r, vess ..v ir,,. .
!'.. ! 1 ... -- . ... I - - .' "
... .. ,,...1.,, . ... , , l'.-ii.-f. -.! ( ..,,.. .
, ...... , ia;.j eas
man endowed with prcner liber-
my post- 1 ality of tIhws mod ai th?n .1...
the ouddeu liaht.
..m-, woumsuewa:: tea varied colors cf sess this m
tne rainbow. Nov
The Miss, d-jes. ia ...a j
rirny, because ad who re
public interest. His long experience in
Congress has thoroughly instructed him
;s to the true character cf the communi
ty of interests between the general gov
ernment and the District of Columbia ;
ahd.a this varied and profound accom-
. 1 : .1
wandthena dolnhin ! .r..nn.,.,-,, .... ,o : " , a . .... .- "7, !"'"-"aeht3 as a and scientifie
would jump from the waves and takov ' P' c e'ed "oo'' -ei - "' 1 a"1' 1 ' j 'nan, must necessarily leud him to take
b, .alden sides, as if to add new lustre uXX 5"
by catching some of the unrivaled tints the 7 Z " I""" of thc
of the settings. But youth and beauty My opinion' i. 'ulZ taXa tg ' " f' th hollow
pnss away, and oh, how nuicklv 1 and ! vm-y few tcaehe,, ' .'. 1 'a Z: " i hU ni k Pict for
t!ms with the sun; it nmk lower and ! physical seperiority, eithei-in 'their own
,w,;e.,i:.i soon only a la:nt oa!e light ; bod)-, or in friends,
wb.isf. -.;,) ft,,,.. . .0.1
eft to illumine the western wave, j depend noon, and if nublij'somh.e, a
l '-y following are the otaeers elect
ed ou March meeting dry, for the ensu
ing year, tor the town of True :
A. J. Rowed, mod-rator; Wm. 'J.
Gil.nuo, town clerk ; Luke Aiken, Juna
n.au L'.ktus, D. Heath, tehximeu ; M.
vet.t;edy,;r., 15. If. Currier, G W. Aiheu,
listers ; W. C. Gihnarn town tn-aar.-.-
Jo.iiUkem Elkms, town aeent ; Xewhm.i
tiien ail vanished, and soon night shroud
ed all in gloom.
I thought, as I saw how cahnlv the
j !tua unk ti:at evening, perhaps to rise in
greater splendor nest morning, how tit
an emblem of the death of the Christian,
ami how bright is the light they shed
when death carries him to the great tri
bunal. They sink calmly to sleep, to
rise with renewed ? jdendor in a wor'd r-
How much like the course of life is
on the part of : choiars against the teacher.
0 must in many cases depend upon his
strength or leave the school.
Now, Mr. Editor, I w III bring this to an
end, from two considerations, mst, this
cono'imd'y can di-tiuguhh between tu-au-ment
and gas ; second,
" A routi coiiViiit-ctl against hid wi!i.
Is of Tlie fiiias opir.'oa Kill."
I should not have written again mion
this subject, had I not thouaht the eom
municatioa from Mr. Hovey demanded
mm tne mo.-t enlightened and popular
administration of the important chair
manship to width he has been assigned
?0 fw ws know in the history of Con
proposed by them :
1. Biennial sessions of the
2. Governor, lieutenant Governor,
state treasurer, and members of the leg
islature, to be chosen biennially.
3. The term of State officers to be two
4. Assistant judges of County Courts,
sheiils, high bailiffs, state's attorneys, judg
es of probate, and justices of the peace,
to be elected biennially, and hold ofliee
for two years.
5. The House of Representatives to
consist of one hundred and fifty members
each county having two, and the re
mainder to be apportioned by the Legis
lature, according to population. Until
such appointment, said members to be
apportioned as follows : Addison County,
12 ; Bennington County, 9 ; Caledonia
County, 11 ; Chittenden County, 13 ; Es
sex County. 4; franklin County, 13;
fdraod Ts!e County, 3; Lamoille County,
6; Orange County, 13 ; .Orleans County,
8 ; Rutland County, 15 ; Washington
County, 12; Windham County, 13;
Windsor County, 17. A plurality is to
C. The Legislature may devide the
several Counties into representative dis
tricts ; but no town to be devided in the
formation thereof.
7. The Senate to be composed of two
Senators from each County, elected for
tour years one half to be changed every
two years ; term of those first elected to
be decided by lot.
8. The Legislature to classify the
judges of the supreme Court, so that the
term of one third, as near as may be,
shall expire biennally ; the term thereafter
to be six years ; the governor to till va
cancies. 9. Ill elections by the General As
sembly, or either branch thereof, to be
made viva voce.
10. Prescribes mode cf voting for
governor, lieutenant governor, and trea
surer, and of making returns (lycrtiti
aate only.)
11. State officers to be elected by pin
rality of votes.
12. Secretary of State to be elected
by the people, in the same manner as gov
ernor. 13. Auditor of Accounts to be elected
in the same manner.
Ti. Bank Commissioner ditto.
15. Registers of probate to be elect
ed in the same manner as Judges cf pro
bate. 1C. Yeas and nays not to be taken
ou any question in the house of repre
sentatives except on reconsideration of I
a lull vetoed by the governor unless de
manded by at least ten members,
17. County Courts empowered to re
ft1 "ivil cases, in such manner aa the leg
islature haii direct.
18. Moas section -13 of the Cotisti-
Tiie London Tniias aunoa.
that the 18th Regiment and a baa.,
of Rides are about to be despatch ai
Canada, and several oilier regime. .ts v
follow soon, so a... to coueeatraO- a n .-
oil" for Council of Cem,rs . comnosed of ful force in that conn-e I, ts 7,
unc auui eacu county ; to oe chosen every
ten years 1 commencing m 18t3) ;
Ail: 1
ps-rtitien of Tur-
end J rr t raovf! that
" i ooor : .!: ,' 1.10 :iu s sotrnnn.it t,.,,.,, , . r
en, .fona han Eikins, D. Heath. ,.-! ..h,,;,.,,,;,,, . . , .Z W
tecs of surplus fund : Je(U( K,;.,., : " ' WS ot iuter-
cai,tab'e; t.iumi.-i Sumner, Jos. R.avrci'' 1 hole course is run with-
Luke Aiken, auditors ; Jaseoh Rowelh ' "ut -u'.' w' being seen, without li-htin
o. S. Mar.dy town grand jurors. ' j the path of others or sheddm- one rsv
T!7 r ",1 . 0t j,)-V or i:!e uPn heir own miserable
- .......no e uuo IO I no fXKtoiw,.. -...-I 1. .
Hon. Justin P. Morrill, for a very valua- j darkne.s of the tend .
tae daily journey of the sun. With ; "!1 ;i!'swer, or that I should be supposed
some it rises rnid ..bn-h- r.!,,.-,! n.,.. ! to cive i'n.Kr.rto i,.-.. ,
.....v.., vi vuseu- - "-j i-a Opinion, It X
remained silent.
Irasburgl,, March 8th.
For the Sta:.durd.
Letter from Iovra.
'Maqcoketa. Feb. 25.
The weather has been extremely cold
m other places, and there
here, as well
T'Z '. lJ L: tti:'!w'l'! the number of deaths occurring i
'" .'"''-' ,tv? -'-Vr-1'.-Mt K-vieath?.! U-aeh State during that year, and the dri-
:' aa-leases most prevalent in certain W,!.;..,
If r--. !.(.!. v.T.-: ti.akev llho:
' "'ana i lor protection of the
C-'e: f 'i;ri-':.,tl.; wathi:: ihe ! Ki:...n
'apir-. Nlai.oh., :". 1 s g..
'i":cr" '-ichr-r by f;rac, a..d h.-c
n - ,0 a 1 .- h-
m tlie midnight
a : i . , ,
l.to ,'n..,mr.. .M.. wr. . ,- . ' - LU" un OincTS riSC
- e.:iuiea, ortai.iy U1 ,u,;a,l0,- un.l ,?-a 1 1 :
. i . . i' .. - - ... , ; 11 hi -si, vfp . iari ;t i -1 ; (i . : . . .
o...,:s::cs o: u.e census ct IgoO." t i ,p(, ..... . , , . , I uuauuiy ot snow alien.
.. ' ,,.....au,:.n; jEi.au, noout emit week s r, rr-- , . '
j . .n. cora winds oi : n, ana lot- nt , .,.,! ..-. ..
a,,hr.;u, , , ... . - o. mat t:m
; v ivtaruea oy tne tos of, was
:a..a., .
i.iv.jt .e.aieiii, ill vei ana locaiaies.
dkose desirous of emiirratimr from oni 1 . J
v . , "uuoi Bim oncer am v. but onvr,l .-,!
tate to another, would do well to take a u,mfl!. . w . . J' , 'V anJ
Peep at i,3 pa,,5. I J.'WalU U tL' Vathww-3. they ar-
Ll ! ve at (tie highest pinnacle of fame, to
.jshed light and lustre ou all, and slowly
'rata- 0.
O'The veto for County Commissi
sotarav oa,rd fr.?r.-.. ind''citM th. tr": settle beneath the ,1,,.
' over ?d! that h n;?r:ah
e there
some fcnow, and for a cart of th
time, quite good sleighing. People here
have not been iceustomed to use runners
much during tae- winter, as there is not
usually Miovy enough to warrant th ex.
mu- roil i pease of a sle-h, and conseouentlv they
w - f'-Mi to irorroye the or-w
New YoiiK, March 8. A schooner
belonging to Fairhaven, commanded by
Jonn ... Lew:,, vr:is struck by the ice off
Uoes: Pciut, five miles east of Port Jef
ferson, about 3 o'clock on the morning of
the fourth in-t. Tiie captain and cook
were drowned. The crew two in r.um-
Jer, remained in the rigging of the
sel for 27 hours, when they were
cued, both badly frost-bitten. The schoon
er wets. Laded with oysters, and was bound
to New Haven.
Cost of a Will. A Mr. Thomas
Cubbit lately died in Scotland, and left
an immense estate. His personal orop
ty alone is estimated at over five mil
hen dollars. His will covers three hun
dred and eighty-sis folio sheets, rermir-
mg thirty skins of parchment. The stamp
duty upon it was only seventy-five thou
sand dollars. His widow is provided
'"th an annuity of forty thousand dol-
Nr- a ''-ar, and a large amount cf real
xOwa vs the filld. The opponents
ot the admiration in Iowa embracing
W.i.igs, Demoerau, Free-soilers ard
Americans have met ia Convention and
appointed delegates to the RV-l
-iona! Ncat-r.aticg C-er.tioi
if a
convention is called by them, to coiia:t of!
ninety delegates two from each count .
the rest to be apportioned bv the Council
according to populat ion.
19. Amended constitution to take ef
fect Jan. 1, 1858.
A convention, to consider these amend
ments, is called, to meet on the first Wed
nesday in January, 1857. The Delegates
to the convention, ninety in number, arc
to bo elected on a jwpular basis, by coun
ty tickets, and apportioned among the
several counties, as follows : Addison 7 ;
Bennington 6 ; Caledonia 7 ; Chittenden
8 ; Essex 3 ; Lamoille 1 ; Orange 7 ; Or
leans 5 ; Rutland 8 ; Windsor 9. The
election is to be on the 4th day of No
vember, the day of the Presidential
The Northfteld Star flatly repudi
ates Fillmore and Douelson. On the
other hand the New American paper at
ulJW LiiU uiaut wiiii a cer-
tifieate, all in capitals, that Mr. Fillmore
is a member of a K. N. Council. As an
offset we give the following from tH
" The action of this convention we can
not of course endorse, so long as we love
liberty, neither can we vote for Mr. Fill
more, so long as we hate the Fugitive
Slave Law."
d-degates embraced diathet.p. ,
all the old parties. Whi-s, p:;i;',"'
King, Simeon Draper, Horace ('
E. D. Morgan and George B:L.e
ocrats, like Francis P. Blair. !.i '
right hand man. John M. 'a
David Wilinot, Freesoilers, ii;,. Y
rence Brainerd, G. W. Julian a T
more Williamson, and At ...
doubtless in full proportion, tl.d"
cannot name them. In all i;s .
ings, the Convention was perih a
monious ; its platform is bric-f ir,' ,. '
but broad in scope, strietlv eena ,'
al and conservative, and withal s,. .
that nobody can pervert it. Id !. ,
ed wide the door of the -Repujj;
ganization for all to enter who .J ;,.
co-operate irrespective of all .ia -c
on other matters, against the pr ..u ,
tional Administration and itsdari . ....
ject of Nationalizing Slavery, y.h",
enter that door and enlist for the .5 r.
This question will doubtless be pe;. ..
ly to the Freemen of Vermont. Ai
ding to the recommendation of tlP
burgh Convention, an efibri vi;'; ...
soon be made to organize tboma-Uv-Republican
party in Vermwi;-i.,
State, in the several counties, aii.i js.
towns, with a view to a ropnaoe.
of tlie people in the Republican .
nating Convention, and to a f.nui v,
in the election which shall he w.ada
Vermont. It may bo as.-(in.C2 ,
enough that those Rep.ihltenns, vrai
not in the "American" orgutihoai, a, ,.
all ready and anxious for this work; i .
we hope that such also desire ami ,
the co-operation of all those in thai
ganizaiiou who arc not lh;.o-ad to
clay in the Lands of the Phllaehk :..
potters. The number of these mn-,
the Americans of Vermont, we b iv a
son to believe is large. Indeed th . V.
niont Americans as a body are ia a a
tton very favorable to themselves, ad'
iiarmouious action in and vvith tl- i
publican party of the nation, They La
repudiated the Philadelphia Sino,.'..
platform of June IS',5, and they a
not represented in the ridiculous pro
mances at Philadelphia hut week. I
ing under no obligations to su-ha :.
nominations just made at Phil.; ;. :; .
we may safely add. by a fact:-..". ,-:.,,
v ocrats and dengh-faecs, and ur'a; t.
obligation to recognize the IN..:.
American party, it strikes us ib.a ::
Vermont Americans car.r.o: airt n'l'. :
find it difficult to join openiy an.ii'tv.1
in the liepublictta inove-iin-nt.
tier Watcknvi:.
also that almost every regiment at au
to the home service, has received a.::
tioa that their services may be re;..:
in Canada.
Loui&viLX E, March o. A leh-gra
despatch from Weston, Kausa-, say
uhe Free State ollicers were iustaihl
Topekaoa the 4th inst.
An Englishman named Hand has dis
covered and patented a process for pre
serving animal food, any length of time
without sugar or salt, exclusion from air,
packing in pneumatic canisters, or any
cf the common modes of preservation.
The substance to be preserved is placed
in an atmosphere which deprives if of its
decomposing properties, and undergoes
no apparent change.
Patrol ox the Ohio. A bill to es
tablish a patrol cn the Ohio river, to pre-veattbeescape-of
slaves, is before the
Kentucky Leo-isLit.. n
bers saidSlOO.OOO Wrthof slave prop
erty Lad escaped from the border cour
t:es s::v. Chrinrrin.s.
Cc5"Tlie Gazette de France rey
that the Imperial Court of Paris, La
firmed the judgment of the civil T..:
nal of the Seine, deciding that 31.:. he
way, an American lady, is untitle: -heiress
to one-third of the estate ct '
late Duchess de Plaisauee. Ma 2
way's share will amount to about i
000. 65 Andrew J. Done!. 011, tiie Arv
can candidate for Vice PresfJuj.,
in the Convention that aoiihiatcd La
that he was the owner of over 1W skive
O Loan Fund Associations are ta
multiplying Lhroug'nout the State, in
are said to be generally ia a flour'ah.:
CsT The U. S. Treasurer reports a
amount in the treasury subject w dr
upwards of twenry-two millions
hundred thousand dollar.-:.
Philadelphia pa.ers say tla
to that city by the suspension of tr.v ':
tion must amount to millions cf dk-'
CS" Capt. Whitely, of the (b o
department, received ,an order on
day from the War Department, t- ':
Governor's Island, in New Yrk U':'
in a state of war defence.
(gf The Rhode Island Society ' ;:
encouragement of Domestic lad--'
have voted to hold a State Fairrn-ai-similar
to those of. three or four ye;.-4
TThe Spring Term of tie
Geld Institution comuien ced 'i'1- :

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