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Poetical Selections.
For the Standard.
Ws've laid our lored on down to sleep,
Oar fairest and oar youngest born,
And o'er her grave the winds will sweep
Until the Besurrection mom.
'Tis Tain to reason, tears will flow
Unbidden o'er the marble nrn,
From the deep fonnt of hidden woe,
For she may ne'er to us return.
Her resting place a hallowed spot,
We've decked with flowers of purest bloom
And feet profaLe may enter not
To desecrate her peaceful tomb.
Our idol love our hearts deceived,
The hectic flush, the brilliant eye,
We saw bnt 0 could not believe
Our cherished one so soon mast die.
Like stars upon the vault of blue,
That pale before the coming day,
tr like the morning's balmy dew
She faded from our sight away.
Tn the bright spring day of her years,
With high wro't dreams of joys to come,
She left this sorrowing vale of tears
To dwell in Heuveu, her spirit home.
Her loss we deeply here deplore,
And Nature's Toice is in the moan;
tartn smiles not as in days of yore
The wild bird hath a sorrowing tone.
Though sorrow vails wi'h leaden pall,
The earth, the flowers of fairest bloom,
And tears like gathering rain-drops fall,
Wrong from the spirits ray leu gloom,
I wonld not en! her from the land
Where nought but peace and love is known,
Where dwell the blood-wash'd, shining band.
tt tin golden harps of Heavenly tune.
illisrcllancou0 Slrtulcs:
tct one fond wish I he express,
If it te not to me denied,
When deiid, togethtr we may rest,
Once more reposing side by side.
I fane would bow to God's good will
In all things on this changeful shore;
His every wish in life fulfil.
Then join my ransomed child once more,
It was twilight. Seated at the door of
a mesa covered cottage, was the pride of
the village lovely Phoebe. Iler finely
moulded form her exquisite and volup
tuous bust her classic and beautifully
chisseled features her sweet lips teeth
of pearly whiteness and such eyes ! two
drops of liquid azure set in snow ! all
combined 'twas enough to melt the very
soul of an anchorite !
Beside this angel, knelt a youth, whose
cheek, pale as ashes, told the tale he
was in love !
"Tell me, said he, in trembling accents,
"tell me this night my fate. Keep me in
agony no longer. Tell me what sacrifice
I shall undergo for you you my soul's
idol ! Command me to perform a pil
grimage around this earth on burning
coals, and it shall be done. Anything
anything but cast me not off. Plant a
dagger in my heart, but keep me in sus
pense no longer ! Say, lovely Phoebe
will you toil! you be mine V
He trembled his heart throbbed she
saw he was ready to swoon a crimson
flush mantled her cheek
"Like the rich sunset 'neath Itelia's sky .'"
She took his hand in her tinny fingers
put her smiling lips to his ear, and
whispered "Obed ! I shan't be noikin'
Agricultural Heading.
E. P,
For the Standard.
the Dfath or mrs. Wm. Farwkll, or Alt
This transient life at best,
Tho' decked with spring-time bloom,
Hy hope and early fancy dressed,
Is but a ceaseless toil for rest,
A pmsHge to the tomb;
If flowers strew
Its walk anew,
Tho' blooming (air, yet oh, how few.
Must every hour comes armed
With sorrow or with woe:
Concealed beneath Time's spreading wings,
serine mis all-destroyer brings,
To lay some comfort low ;
homo tie unbind
By love entwined
Some silken cord that holds the mind.
Tcs, every moment shows
The ravages of time,
The flowers fade; the spring is past,
The summer gone and winter's blast
Warns to a milder clime ;
The songsters flee
The leafless tree,
And bear away their melody.
Dear friend the worl.l no more
Can claim thee for her own;
In purer skies thy radiance beams,
Thy thonghts employed on nobler themes
Before th) Father's throne ;
Yet friehd so dear,
Forgive the tear,
Which those must shed who linger here.
May lingering friends pursue
" The tight of iith" you fought,
Take your esauipb for their guide,
Religion seek with humbled pride,
Which yon so earnest taught;
And as 'twas thine
To tower to shine.
They'll gain a homo on Heaven's pure shrine,
Departed aged one !
May peaceful sleep be thine;
Thy absence weeping friends will moan.
While still they know that round the throne
Of God thy virtues shine;
They know 'tis well
Whisper farewell:
And give thee up with saints to dwell.
O, the wild, wild days of youth!
My royal youth;
My blood was then my king!
Maybe a little mad,"
But full of truth !
O my lips were like a rose !
Aud my heart too;
It was torn out leaf by leaf:
Ah. there be none that know
How the leaves flew !
O tbey draped in the wine!
The royal wine;
There were showers for the girls,
CrowiM fiir their white brows,
-And for mine.
I met the queen of snuff-takers in the
street yesterday, and wished very much
that every new beginner in that filthy
habit could have seen her likewise. She
was the very embodiment, the very quin
tessence of snufl ! A walking snuff-bladder
! She looked as if she had been snuf
fing, snuffing, and snuffing, till every vein
in her dried-up carcass was full to reple
tion. Yes, every pore in her shriveled
skin was loaded, crammed, rammed, jam- j
med with the dirty powder, till it could
hold no more ! Then, at the extreme
point of her sharp pointed nose hung,
tremblingly, a drop! not a dew drop,
but such a drop I The strength and sub
stance of more than ten pounds avoirdu
pois, of Macabo; , was concentrated in
that dreadful drop ! The odor thereof
impregnated the air of the whole neigh
borhood round about her, so that two
dozen men, women and children fell to
sneezing thereat ! Yea, verily, the very
cats and dogs caught the titration one
old towser lost two teeth and one eye du
ring the operation, besides getting a kink
out of his tail ; and two tabbies sneezed
off both their ears '.That droo ! I verilv
believe would tincture the whole waters
of Massachusetts Bay !
Msn is tin vainest creature Heaven has made
Jpt the which onpicked
Of him a better acflnition.five to three
Than Plato's on which classic stress j. uLi
I hate his selfishness, effem'nate weakness '
Because. In him, I look for something
(Since strength', his boast,) I bate the load' of
" Wtes to make us tote in meekness
Tet, hath the God of nature given tome
r " , ? "f1 hwt b""T Cloned
In Austria there are more than three
and a half millions of Protestants.
In F ranee there are many Protestants.
who are protected by law, and the annual
Papal revenue has sunk, since the revo-
ution, from 830,000,000 to about S20 -
In Sardinia the King has gone steadily
onward in the reformation of Papal abu
ses maintaining his way at the ri.k f
excommunication, and granting religious
liberty to all denominations.
In Tusanymuch disaffection has W
In Naples the King has firmly resisted
the Jesuits, and shows some independence
of the Vatican.
In Spain the waning of Home's power
u unmistakable, and the eovernment has
effectually confiscated the conventual
In the Canadas, the valley of the Mis
sissippi, the Floridas, Texas, it has suc
cumbed to Protestant Governments.
In Brazil, Chili, and Central Ameri
t:t. .
sentiments are advancing : whiln
New Grenada, Venezuela, and the Ar
gentine Republic, have formally proclaim
ed liberty of worship.
In Mexico, the estates of the church
cn connscatea to the amount of
aoout 50,000,000.
Manufacture of Fish Guano.
At a late meeting of the Boston Soci
ety of Natural History, Dr. Charles T.
Jackson, by request of one of the mem
bers, gave an account of the method now
employed by the Narrrganset Fish Gua
no Company, in the extraction of oil
from Menhaden, and of converting the
residual matter into a substitute for gua
no. We find the following report of his
remarks in the Traveller:
He said that the manufacture of oil,
and of artificial guano from fishes, had
long been practiced in France, where the
fish called Merlan was employed for this
purpose, and yielded but one and a half
or two per ceiit. of oil ; while the Menha
den is a much fatter fish and produces
oil more abundantly. In France the
fish cake, remaining after the extraction
of oil, is dried at a steam heat, and is then
ground fine and packed in air-tight casks
for sale as a manure.
The Narragansett Company are en
gaged in similar processes, in the conver
sion of their fish cake into manure. They
first steam the fish, then press out the oil,
and afterwards dry and grind the re
mainder, mixing some gypsum, limestone
or earthy material, in order to render the
grinding more perfect. Sometimes they
add sulphuric acid to the fish cake, and
convert the bones of the fish into sulphate
of ammonia and humus, according to the
method first indicated by Dr. Hare, of
Philadelphia. In case this method is
employed, the acid cake should be ground
with limestone, when the excess of sul
phuric acid will form sulphate of lime,
and render'the addition of gypsum un
necessary. It has been proposed to add a certain
proportion of peat to the fish cake, during
the operation of grinding it, the peat act
ing as an excellent absorbent -of ammo
nia, and as an antiseptic. This is applica
ble to the fish cake that has not been
treated with sulphuric acid.
Properly prepared fish cake is. fully
equal to guano as a fertilizer, and it can
be prepared at a much lower cost than
guano can be brought from the coast of
Peru. Tliere are doubtless many places
of our coast, where fish can be obtained
in adequate quantities for the manufac
of this manure.
Catertixlabs. The season for cat
erpillars has now arrived, and as usual,
various receipts are published in agrieul
tural journals to destroy them. The
best and most efficient way to destroy
them I know of, is to rub the nest with
spirits of turpentine, which can be easily
done by tying a woolen rag to the.endof
a pole. Dip in the liquid, and just nib
the nest; being very penetrating, the
whole will be at once saturated, and the
effect will be sure death to the inmates.
Going over an orchard twice is usually
sufficient for the season. The nests fre
quently escape detection the first time.
but one application is sure cure for the
evil. W. G. Lewis.
Framingham, May 15.
Soap Scds for Currant Bushes.
A correspondent of the Indiana Farmer
says :
" I have found the cultivation of cur
rants to be very profitable. By care and
attention I greatly increased the size of
the bushes and the quantity and quality
of the fruit. My bushes are now about
eight feet in height, and are remarkably
thrifty. The cause of this large growth,
I attribute, in a great measure, to the fact
that I have bees in the habit of pouring
soap suds and chamber ley around their
roots during the summer season. I am
satisfied, from my own experience and
that of some of my neighbors, that this
treatment will produce a most astonish
ing effect upon the growth and produce
of the busies, and would advise others
to give it a trial.'
Ccrctjlio. The New England Fa-r
nier publishes a remedy for the curculio,
which, it says, has never failed in the ex
perience of the editor. The method is,
as soon as the fruit becomes the size of
the common pea to shake fine ashes, plas
ter, or lime over it, from some convenient
thing. The editor uses a " corn popper,"
fastened upon a pole of any desired
length. This he does twice every week
after a shower, or when it is covered with
Mr. Editor : We have just receiveed from Boston the lar
of Good ever offered in this Market. We give you delow a f w 1
that you and all other friends may know there is one place in Orti61'
Goods can be bought at a fair value. nsCtos
Best Fast color Prints, 10 Linen ,
Good " to 9 Best yd. wide Sheet
Am. Sc. t renca Uinguam, iz i-z to 10 Fine
Muslin and Lawns, 12 to 17 Blue Drill.
Blk. and Plaid Silk, 87 1-2 to 1,20 Gents Kid Gloves.
Brown and Mourning Debages, 15 Ladies French Kids
Lyonese Cloths, SO to 40 Ladies and Gents n'
ropun, rans iserages, spawns, uress -trimmings, Tberead
Arc all low. Cashmere A- S,imm. .
Embossed Table Covers, 150 Shawls,
3ELa,dLy3sJ:a-ca.o01otl3Llxxs, uats
The plow is made to run within 1 12
inches of the row on the even surface,
about 1 1-2 or 3-4 of an inch deep, re
moving the weeds into the middle be
tween the rows and covering them com
pletely, so if the weather is wet or dry
they are effectually destroyed. When
the second crop of weeds come up, the
nlnfp'nn lio
r - ome oi me piow is
moved to the land side, which is run in
the middle between the rows, splitting
the ridge made at the first time plowing
and the mould board rolls the weeds un
der the furrow, carrying the dirt up to j
me plants and covering nearly all those
that were left the first time ; what few are
left should be pulled up or covered with-
Ollt flwfnrhiiirv . .
ic ,uiiuws next tne row,
the labor of which is all that is required
in addition to what is done with the plow
through the season. Ten hours labor of
a man and horse is abundantly sufficient
to cultivate an acre cf corn after it is
planted. It is for sale by H. O. Wil
liams, Sunderland, Mass. New England
To Preserve Gooseberries. Take
full-rrOWn ffOOSphf mVa hofnra iV,
mcjr arc
ripe, pick them, and put them into wide
mouthed bottles, cork them gently with
new soft corks, and put them into an
oven, from which the bread has been
drawn, let them stand' till they have
shrunk nearly a quarter ; then take them
out and beat the corks in tight, cut them
off level with the bottle, and rosin them
down close. Keep them in a dry place.
Worms r- Horses. A writer says
no one will be troubled with wormy hor
ses, it ne will put a strong handful of
s.tted ashes on their feed, three or four
times a week, and once in two or three
weeks scald some .wheat bran fi
hours with a handful of ashes for each
horse. I should prefer each mess by it-self.
Good Blk. Frock coats,
Business Coats,
Summer Coats,
Vests, Sat. & Fig. Silk,
2.0ft i
4,00 to 6,00 Fur and WvJ tt..
1,00 to 3,00 Tan Colored Hat , t5
2,25 to 4,25 Summer Hats, ' UK
1,25 to 4,00 Boys Caps, J5.
a t.,.:A,t -....:. c v t ... t. , ;
a'cw ijuniieus, rrencn L.acc, and Straw
ouoimer otyie oi fuooons, r rencn and American Flowers.
THIS splendid thomajth bred Colt is benti
ful Dapple Bay with black legs mRM,1
tail; stands 15 1-1 hands high, weighs 900 lbs ,
will be ihree years old th loth day of Angn A.
D. IS6S, has a good bone and muscle; a P
arch neck, long slanting shoulders, deep broad
.iiMt wiw kiin tnumrh mand lonff hios. roond
body,' short strong back, with that proportion of
tne nos irora tne nacs. oone wnicn bicmik
igtic of a thorough bred horse, and sure indica
tion of ereat development of the lungs, and con
sequently of great wind and bottom t his bend
and ears "lean and short, broad between the ere,
bis eyes full and brilliant, countenance lively and
expressive, legs clean, flat and sinewy, possesses
a fine quiet disposition, is kind in all places, high
spirited and ambitions, of a lively easy gait, and
a fast trotting Colt.
Prince Albert was sired by the celebrated horse
Kimrod, owned by the Hoi: Joseph Smith of East
Berkshire, Vt. jJimrod was sired by the True
American, an elegant large black horse, with su
perior proportions, and the best neck and shoul
ders to be found ; he was sired by the celebrated
old Quick Silver, owned by Joseph Bellows, of
w si pole, r. n. yuicK Miver was bred Dy Jenoran
Parsons, of Brighton, Mass., and sired by the im
ported horse Dey of Algiers. True American's
dam was a beautiful Bay Mare, sired by the im
ported horse All Fours, kept at Stonington, Ct.
Nimrod's dam was a beautiful bay mare, of great
speed and bottom, and of a fire form and color.
and she was got by tne old .Morgan himself, on
fine English mare.
Prince Albert's dam was a beautiful bay mare
16 hands high, weighed over 1100 pounds, with
superior proportions; she has trotted her 12 miles
within the hours to a waggon. She combine
more strength and beautv than any other horse of
her day. she was sired br Engineer, and was
brought from the town of Huntington, L. 1. En
gineer was sirea dy mat matchless brghsh impor
ted horse old Messenger himself, who has left the
fastest stock of any other S'alhon in the world.
N. B. It will be recnllected tht Engineer ws.
the sire of the renowned worlds fume Ladv Suf
Prince Albert will be located at mv stable, at
the Center of Jav. He will be limited to 20
mares at five dollars for each mare that proves
with foal. Breeders of horses and lovers of the
Turf will do well to call and examine this snlen-
did colt before going elsewhere. All mares nut
tomy amnion and disposed of before the time of
roaung win ne considered with foal. To save ban.
tering, I wonld say to the public that there will
be no variation from these terms.
Jay Center, Kay 30, 1666.
I will match my joung Stallion, Prince Albert,
three years old the 15th dav of Augnst, 1856,
against any other Stallion of his age in the United
States or Canadas, mile heats, best 3 in 6 in Har
ness, for $1,000, half forfeit. The match to come
off over my trotting course in Jav, or the t'nion
or Centerville Course, L. I., the parties throw
for choice as soon as the match is accepted. The nit. JOIISO V of Missonri wnul.l
,b?.d?P6it.ed wit! ? Proprietor of La- D .XunliTV
7,00 Blk. Hole Hats
i from
and h
Boots, Shoos find rtxxlolocrs
Thick and Kip Boots, 2,75 to 3,00 Ladies Gaiters, f?
Mens French Calf, S,004o 8.62 " Walking Shoes
Calf !c Enameled Congress, 2,00 to 1,25 Misses Gaiters and Fanrv S1 "
"f V-"" ,j i" i,ov onoes, tinidren and Inf-m., cl
can't be beat. " 1 4"um
Grooerlos, Oils ctrxel IFixi Ts
Everything from a Bbl. of Sugar to a Tallow Candle Good freh T r
Good Box Raisins, 14 cts. Linseed OiL
Red, Chrome Yellow, and Green. Vet
A great variety of all kinds. Best "Whit..
tS$ iKffiatch equal,y low- Glas Naik' Salt Fish and m
We have given you above the prices of only a few of our Goods but tk
rwm prevents any more, flease eive us an earlv call
Albany, April 1st, 1856.
P. S Be sure and bring a purse full of Monay.
fayette Hall, Broadway. N. T. Citv.
to come off between the 15th of October and the tienU for
-v. Hotel.
mv auovc cnauenge will remain onen for
wiwiw! uuiu iue izin or .inne.
jay.oiay in, IK&tj 23w3
Thermal, tVnvfio . ... V. .V""7
. IT - --" vji-mjiy, mat ne win see
rew mourns, at me Clyde River
For the Ilillioii ! !
rrtHE Subscriber having
A from the City Markets, and having purchased
very extensively,
is now prepared to tumish his old customers
menus, ana tne public generally, with
Books of every Description.
(except those of au immoral nitnn I f .o
1 '..uu ut
e is confident that with his lone experience
in the business, and a close annliratinn t rv,.
same, and an intimate acquaintance with many
r. 'u,uf puuusurng ana wnoisale bouses in "7 ... . . ce, ana any poo
the United Str .n.i v,..; a: .i I Person who wi 1 brinir a nrtifi. r,
Publishers, and alwavs acti h- - selectmen or Justices of the l'm ikui w
of the nimble sixpence, he is prepared io furnish 1?!? ''"nous and miserably poor, shall have
,UUUM "ery variety, at from ten to twenty- " coss.
five, and some even fifty percent less than can be j..11 , eonsolted on all Diseases of the
Dougnt oi any other man m the United States. "tu' ,, " ,ne f--ve " cataract, will take it off
ure vio books at 1,0Q, and many ;U;' C. 17, cnen"cai process, without
r 75 cents. .' 1 gmng but little pain to the patient.
Among his assortment may be foundmostof th. cZZj "df ure,remed-r fnrall Femnle
Standard Hhitori na tw Examma : ion .rTd .mTV i"m?cif:
A . .... "v""i I iv-i " . , ,..'" oeminai
.uuuioM. oi me new publications of the Jay venereal diseases will receiv
snch as ""Jt I prompt attennnn '
Guests should be neither loqua
cious nor silent ; because eloquence is for
the forum, and silence for the bedcham
Ir J. is on his first fnnr M.t and nn
but a short time to each locality. Discarding th
ruinous mineral medicines in common use amour
mrut r T . U r..l.. 1 1 ...
.vu... ur. j. oegsto assure hi
friends that all the medicines he prescribes are ot
!""-' uucamcai cnaracter; and he hopes that
to the sick and afflicted his great experience and
reputaUon at the South and West will h.
ciem guaranty ot his knowledge and mastery ot
the fnllnwtnv HitMu. -
Omnanptwn, Dytpepna, Lvnr Comphint,
CamplaintoftktUtanandLtmg, .Scrofula.
Srynptias, Bronchial affectum, Shortnett
of Breath, General OMlity. Ihvpsical
Qmpl tints. Felons, Chronic and
lihtnmatic Complaintt. Im
purity oj the Blood.
tiiu) with wjui k Cajccehocb Dimobs.
U Asthma can be cttred, and best of refer
ences given to that effect
Charges moderate in all cases, and any
ITJOn .linnrill - i- -
Toothache cured in 10 minutes
nours, irom fl A. JI to 8 o'clock, P. M
rauencs lor LlisieasM
ana teu them their complaints and feelings as well
uw. ireiicr Li I Mil rnfv ran rienMl. .1..
"ji wsuire, eo. 18, 1S56.
That 1 m m love with half the swains lZt
Iptraid me not, cold heru; .mid MllK, itrif
' fhe "-Pringof my higherlife in life.
CiT Man's love is but one of his many
flings; in the scholar, it is subservient
to his thirst for knowfed3Ci in th. ahi
M it :..u. . .. w r '
- - ,uro me worship country;
glory haloes the heart ef aoldi.
but with woman the affections arenni
potent; they absorb aU other thoughts,
nd make all other passions their slaves.
Vjhice. True virtue is like precious
ors-stwr th more incensed and
Hope in the Darkest Hotjr. The
lovliest valley has a muddy swamp, the
noblest mountain a piercing blast, and
the prettiest face some urlv featnm Ti,
fairest is most subject to freckles ; and
me nanosomest girl is apt to be proud ;
the most sentimental lady loves cold pork,
u tne gayest mother lets her children
go ragged. The kindest wife sometimes
overlooks an absent shirt button and the
fondest husband forgets to kiss his wife
every time he steps outside the gate, and
the best dispositioned children in the
world get angry and squall; and the
smartest scholar will miss a lesson, and
the wttttest say something stunir! , ,k
wisest essayists write some nons.n a vppv a;
J .. . - - J
BUtra Wlu "ll, and the moon ffi.
eclipse, and men won't be angels, nor
earth heaven.
The corn cron 1ms v.rai r i
"v"-"" uiuiiuaute
enemies to contend with, and among them
is the grub, which sometimes literally
destroys whole fields, and frequently
damages the crop seriously. One of the
best and most judicious remedies per
haps the very best ever suggested-is
nonunion ot salt as soon as the plant
makes its appearance above ground.
"he one Part common alt and three
parts plaster or gypsum, and annlv .i.
a full table spoonful around each hill, and
u .u ue,ounu to bf a sure protection.
The mixture should not come in contact
w w tne sprouts, as it may destroy them
. .....uu aas oeen tried over and nM.
again by some of the best farmers of
ania, Delaware and New Jer
sey and when properly applied, has nev
er failed to be perfectly successful. TVe
hope our farmers, who have reason to
fear the depredations of the grub this
season, will try this mixture, leaving a
few alternate rows of corn without the
uu communicate to us the result.
Germantown Telegraph.
now to Converse The thread of
conversation is sustained among several
persons by each knowing when to take a
stRch in time.
Goodness. If good people would but
make goodness agreeable, and smile, in
stead of frowning in their virtue, how
many would they win in the good cause !
The Escaped Nun : Ten T.r. mm. hr "":Jn.mMmnzforn"'o "flections
nr. ' i t a i -i"""- aii consultation strictly confidential.
, 4 iM umunq ine
Til j T- -rr "
.um?rs; avjjie dears among
the Convicts ; The Mirror
of the World; The
History of the
Great West ;
of an Attorney. Also
Dick's Works, and a fresh
supply of Eaywards Gazetteer.
Mr. Stowe's Works, tnaefh
War with Ensrland!
mncc.i , .
1 Saw Mill hoi OV?m? ' 51,P ner
VVm W 1 11 S?"!g t0 tne estate of ,he Jt
wm. v . Little, formerly occup ed by C. B. Kent
where he is manufacturing of the '
Carriages and Sleighs that cannot h. h...
. tinuira wiuin&r IO nnnhit. fi.j r
.it j ' . " . " iw Lue.x
True Philosophy. A noble heart,'
"Ke tne sun, shows its brightest counte- 7
targe lot of Eeligious, Historical R'iU m,eres call and examine his work and
graphical, Medical, School, Gift, I. JREaiEEY LOW PRICES,
wuarens, JUank and MisceU i f.Vvu el8ewhere He will .iwar. be
laneous IForts, ""J"" "wnM.' to
too numerous to msntinn . : ' . .1 ALL KIKDS AP nrpiimcr.
c. i . . uiac cannot i . . . . . .
uui lu aivt; enure sfiriiit!if.f nr. wim neitrjieM nH h ana..k r-.
.has a'so. brge npply of Bibles which he ?T "ad .m &ct " kiui of Wood Work dor
t-f ' 1 1 at hl8 sual "'remely low price, from "8ort " much less prices than Z
twenty-five cents to twelve dollars. ' PP'e m this Connty have been in the habit of
at his former price, $4,75.
mnl AV e.o.Tr:' "S- , .,ulent,0n to bis assort-
, Knlcn u now c , emhm.
uauee in its lowest estate. W strf ;
life with a great stock of conceit, but it
grows less the farther we o.
There are persons who snfafc .
moment before they have thought : thr.
are otners w.th tfhom you have to un
dergo ,n conversation all the labor of
their m.nds-they talk correctlv anr1
'1TrhVun is like God, sending
abroad hfe, beauty, and happines8 . aI
and the stars like human sonU fnr ,i
their glory comes from the sun7e
cents per
per pack to 6 cents
w ' wWM. jzmo
Competitors Defied !
quire Envelopes from 2 cents YY UAM A-BAKER would say to
ts each, and everything eonnec- L 7. .V .WBnt of "wything in the Ht
all this
mg in the HARNESS
iS&Z .- L "? .S":" O FINISH,
rawing, such as the different kinds nf n-,;"! and excel h, nrpmrnr. T.
raper, lube O. Calers, Prepared Canv,, any other sh lT"1 x mmesse made i.
K. inn A irt ou : V i - f -v.Vvu
Hew Tork Citv anrl the lows, -n ,
the importers citv nr """6s' at
Thankful for former eL.. v .
sion of all works of .7.. re,u. exc,- where v, .fH,M? ca" ' my shop
it and receive a sali-M w'b5. tok t "th. half
i good share of public patronage. '
Craftsbury, Vt, May 27
Irasbargh, March 20, 1856 12m6
A Young Artist. (St
a ragged urchin, anrl cmD
pictures hanging above the reach f t
juvenile.) gav. air
up to have a look at thm n;t..-m
r, . i-'viuiti
A PhvsininTi TX7"or,ri i C. C. Kellam.
ssion immeniMtcl-tr f. ,k. g'v po-
dred Do. ars. Which U mS.
TERRIRT.K riTrincr-.
-'-- .uoluls
Secrets fin-(he MiUUm-a mosl ,r,w,.
raliuible publkatinnDr. UCS'Tt"
Medical Monuj
Being an original and popular Tresis.,
Their Phys"ologr, Functions and Sexm' -ders
of every kind, with never-Sulin,
dies for the speedy cure of all
a privnte and (ielicnte clmracter in'
cident to the violation of the
Laws of Natnre and of Na
ture's God.
-. ", . ! ; i : ' 1 he Anrfnv
sfT"w t mted Stin
N- i'lR devoted iuh
' a century to lie t
- ' nu' ilisanH Ln,i.,,
ders as a pecia!ity, he has become pof.
most invaluable information iniwanlM.A..
and is able tj compress into vado mtcoir. e
ass ine very quintessence of medwal kr
this importKiit subject: as the thcrt-o:Ji
expeneiice of tlie most eminent phv,itia
Europe and America is thoroughly iliWs
in his own hichlv successful nractire in la
ment of secret diseases in manv tbomm.
cases in the City of Philadelphia slum.
The practice of Dr. Hunter ha. Iiino h .
still is litenilly unbounded, but at fhe eara;.
m iiaiionot numerous persons, he lias 1
duced to extend the sphere of hi pro-e
usefulness 'o tlie Himmimii. ..t i...
the medium of his " Mediciil Mmialii "ai it
owi lor me Atnicted."
It is a volnme tlint should be mi
ery family in the land, whetheriKiissimvs.
ative of secret vices, or as a guide ', V.e
ation ol one of the most awtnl nml Mrsit
scourges ever visited upon umukinii fa the t
of sensnnlity and impuritv of everv kind.
Ilis a volume that hus received tlie nioui;-
recommendation of the first pl.vwc.ans t
land, while many clergymen, fn'ihers, oim
philanthropists aim humanitarians, havt s
Ireely extended its cn-ulfitinn in n m
where its powemtl teachings would lie iiit
be instrumental in the moral puriflca K ,
physical henlirm of multitudes of our sp
among the young, volatile anil indiscreet, B
wise me pnue and Bower of the nutiira.
J he author argues Kirticuliirlv. mot
gainst every species of self-defilem ;
warns parents and iruardinns. in senn-liiwv
to guard the yonth of both sesev from tbesir
eoiiscqueiu-es concomitiint of their irons
physiological laws and sexn.il impnritie-c
regularities, whether exhibited bv preewhs
velopment or arising from the vicious smj
niptuig examples of their school-mates or s
wise. To those who have been nlren.Jv en?
to the " paths that take linl.t n,. Loll . ..
explicit way is shown bv which thev swv
a return of sound health, and a reinwi
the soul tnin its terrible pollution.
It is WP" known that thousand, nf .
annually sacrificed at the shria ni inmr
especially those sntfering from Venerea. a"-
"m; ureases Mnctures, Seminal w
Nervous Debilitv. and fli ..nn.or,. as
which spring directly or less remotelv bs i
indulgence of carnal passions and sent:
tions of Nature.
Jn view of these fact, and when it it
dered that about 100.000 ner(,n. likux
m the United States of Consumption i
majority being the victims of the volup:s
discretion of tlieir progenitors, agreeain e
Scnptual enunciation, that the sim f tBW
are visited upon the children, even tf: u.t ?
and fourth generation The Aurhor.imta'
sentiments of enlarged nhiiimtlimnv sd sf
ly be censured for any ellort to restrairi
or the age, by the humble iustrumentaiui.
Medical ilanuaL
One copy, securely enveloped, will bfif
ed tree of postage to'anv part of tlie toite-S
for 25 cents, or 6 copies for il Addrf t
paid, COSDEN & CO . Publishers, box IS
Booksellers, Cnnvasners and IVwt it
supplied on the most liberal terms. 7-lJ-
third, it. W.Si th" T. JUT?. a" t-o I' P'T of Drugs Me'e,ru
- cmn i o. j :.- rnvsi-iT-k . ct. . ana
1 HO EUUU HT1TT dlT Am 11.. 1 . . . M - 4. S nl WM V .
aandv.iingfromtheh.l-"'Xu"i".meattte."ndjudg "tuus, ifUSSeS. A Krlr.1
" i .ir r r . 1" i nave done ,. c ' ""miutu
SS ir .eK rancy Toi
come and see for vonA.ill. "" , .nea" T. , , a iooth Brushes.
g.ve you a list of mv r,t j - ""K-'C H XLVV
The Kentuckj American says
"the whiskey crop" will be greater this
Mason than it has been for years in Ken
tucky. If this is true there will be n
j increased demand for that other Ken
, cky crop bemp.
io Divest Calves of YeEmin. It
often happens that calves become covered
-u vermin, causinrr them tn
and look very dull. T. cln th .!f t.
wni become clean with a very little trou.
We. Give the calf a table spoonful of
bnm3t0 f0r three mornings i sueces
sion ; if one trial a . .
the r...ir ,1 completely rid
the call the second will never fail. I
have tned it several times, and it hj
been enough m each instance.
T3e- A T . ,
.xnsnaoctor advertises that the
".ay near of him at a house jn Jjf.
fey street, where also his blind patients
may see htm from ten till three.
Beauty is the uWerin of
A man ceases to be a good fellow
the moment he refuses to do precisely
hat other pe0pie wish him to do.
-The heaveB8 may be dark, and th
path before us s.m l,i; .1 . ..
1. s uiruujfl tue
desert and the sea. It m,t JC- ,
:f ;f c . "uiuiucn
fit so be we tread it with fidelity and
trust. Ti.oo-j ... . . 3
- - ..was snail part before dutv
the fire piIlar poit
through the most 1,, :IJ eJ
" "u. -mt
y Books and th.- -nJ "na " you J- auiu, UOIUen
Opposition noi fZZZTl'?-1 W0S!L8n? f' Ka-hairon for th, ft.;. u.
y. " OI payment " 'and Hutchins' Hair Dv..
tabb. vt. SSiSS- M- D' f617 f 311 Mnds P and
' , "OIe no Letter Pr. u
son's CelebntH riT?; r"Per- Hm-
HE W TnWT L ce,ebrated V.X;-eryH
sb S1SB Ml AiA - I I' II f-wr .'Sfc; -m V-wsi
tjs ito-Tthe stock rrari iavos ex.
ZZr" of thTruT"' w ropuI'r Pte"
d info. M. r,T""y cupie(
ud ImuJ 11,. 1. " "' " tx. ova cines of the itav
1S66 ltf
Wooden e?:Jm,l JSPP5 nd penned Ware.
ches..dAsh'M0'P'. Aril
If 0 10 at low nrii... 1 v1 wuicn wm
wt' don. in
-"e manner, at reatnnab,. rates.
ViHage. MaV Z
Lord of hosts
cob is our refuge'
with us; the God of Ja-
I t Jlar?cl tested
no ' JK-iand pr
noanced supers to nnhinVof
the kind in the market" li.Z
Jy.clearXh o ,1
11 causes tli. T " n d
simnea. AimtlMrr iroponijii LT retaln "
br a,inK tt. FoIWl Sl:"ge U. that
or Iw1bH ... l r." 'rcneo: in mi
the onfcfw.hu . ""medi-itelv
ftMlK College is located at Barton, aif'
A be even with h timp. have ut
GOODS. We have to offer iu coiiiiec-
as heretofore, a very nice lot of JEW1-'
received from Boston, all new and oil
desirable patterns, among which m-y
thefollowiuK: Ladies' Moun.ing. CBiea
and enameled pins. A splentiid frv
Cameo, Slosnic, and other varieties ot tar u
Gent's Pins and Studs, Ladie' and 0'tiU
Rings. Coral Ru.irs. Al.n d a-'
Htir, Cloth, and Tooth Brushes, footb
louth Wiif-h, Cologne, all favorite P"!'
for the H-ir P.i, ir.i.u rwrlniV
Stillettoes, Stationery, &c. l)rugnl
re will furnish as ever of the bet qasi".''
fair prices. We have iut received s T'
i rarson it tkj.'s fji.ni.i a"
Li TERMINATOR, which i wrn.nt ff,'
or money refunded. Also, M ASSAbflT .
Stone's Liquid Cathartic, and s!!fo"?'
Clues of the day. We extend a curns; a"
to those wihing goods of this de.-.''p:
and see us. .
CT" Dealers supplied with I'arwn i W
miu and Insect Lxterminator, and
Salve at Jiauulacturer's nriri-i.
Barton, Maren !4, 1S6(J
Frice only 25
proc 11 rH th. r . .. .
m,t r , .'J?" rasnions,
ot Barton
orders emm,,i .
PTTt.. Koona at J. 'ment aad Canada IW' UentraI -gent for
rwB Leading, Mav 18. C. C. K.iu . -y
, I h GOOlS.ixtona, the Boston, aud sold fiJ 0R Jr- Ift. Broad at
tohSTluPi vicini,y.th-t erally.' SS and Grocen get'
ZNJ" otico.
V D.4CiUETT pr
i- ' Caif Miins, anil Dairv ftk.n. if
rOK BALE : more of tto- E,TJ
mu by fc. bA.S T Y, which caimot t
any one in the County.
SHOKS of all kinds, Hirtp for Cast
Irasbnrgh, feb. 26, 1H4 -. ,
JJArR Cunlcj done, od

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