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Accident. As aa Irishman em--jiloyed
at the It R. Depot in Benning
ton, was stepping on the engine, then
passing into Uie engine-house, on Friday
the 19th, his foot slipped and was caught
by ono of tlrij driv ing wheels and cnj.sUe4
iu such a rr.anner that it was found ne
cessary to cut off the foot at the instep
joint. 1 '
Yvt ins foot ix it. A bear weigh
iug 300 pounda was shot in Wilmington
on the lOtli, tilt, who was making off with
a trap f;vt to his foot. We learn that
those animals have niadj considerable
havoc with the cattle and sheep iu the
southwestern part of Windham county
during the present season.
Fieb ix Neivbcry. A disastrous
fire broke out in the hay left of the barn
connected widi the house occupied by
Rev. A. Dean, jr., burning the house and
outbuildings and the a ijoiuing house of
Jlr. Shephcrdson. Loss estimated at
$1 500, partly insured. It is not known
how the fire originated.
CiT Wm. A. Densniorf, forrrierly of
Dunham, Canada East, but now of ilont
pelier, Vt., was arretted in the latter
place on Saturday. 21st. as we learn
from the Christian Repository, for having
counterfeit cola in his possession, and up
on searching his house about one hundred
dol!ars i:i counterfeit half and quarter
dollars, nlnepenees, &c, tnnstly in an un
finished state, were found. His exami
nation W33 not concluded at last accounts.
On Sunday night, a b.ira cn the premi
ses of Hon. ' I levari Carpenter, was
bunted, totreliW with one horse and the
contents cf the barn. The work of an
A 'train of cars was thrown from
the track neitr Island Pond, on Thursday,
by running down u moose, which was
killed. He was a noble fellow, weigh
ing about one thousand pounds.
The Detroit Daily AJreriiser of Oct.
v2, says,," A company of six hundred men,
women and children started from Tabor,
in Iowa, on the Oih !t., for Kansas.
They are farmers and mechanics, who go
to make Kansas their permanent home.
.Two hundred men from Western Iowa
volunteered to conduct ihei into the in
terior. Fremont Ratifioa ti on Meeting.
l'roviuence, Oct. "i. The Young men's
Fremont Mass Meeting, on Saturday
evening', to ratify the nominations of the
Presidential Elect or?, was an imposing
affair. Westminister street was briilinntly
illuminated. ' Speeches were made from
three stands, fireworks displayed, and a
new flag bearing the name of Fremont
nnd Dayton thrown to the breeze. The
i-nimber present is estimated at 10,000
and upwards. After the meeting a pro
cession was formed, which marched
through the principal streets.
A hog exhibited at the Cbilicothe
(Ohio) Fair, last week, weighed 1135
pounds, and measured 9 feet in length,
and about the same in girth. He was
two years and three months old.
Fkoji Kansas. St. Louis, Oct. 4 A
letter to the Republican from Gov. Gea
ry, dated the 26th alt., says tha United
States troops will be stationed at points
where troubles are anticitmted during the
coating election, and that anv interference
with tho legitimate exercise of the suff
rage will be punished with the utmost
re verity.'.
;jr. Whi
is the pro-slevery can
didate far Congress
A letter to the Democrat, dated the
2 lilt, says that the Free State prisoners
had been examined before Judge Cato,
.-and committed for trial at the April term
of the courts.
Riots ix Baltimore. Baltimore
XJct. 5. Our city has been disgraced
;vi:h four riots to-day, all growing out of
polities. Tiie most serious originated
from report " charging the Democrats
wiiL Laving imported a party of New
York Ivoughs, to do the fighting at the
- olls on Wedensdny next.
f The head quarters of the Empire Club,
anil subsequently the Tavern on Marsh
Market space was mobbed. In both in
( stances the assailants were driven off by
t,)p. uso of fire-arms. One man was shot
ami a number of others severely beaten.
there was a great number of discharges
of fire-arms, and immense crowds of peo
ple were congregated in the street.
L?KIG!1T r.lE..Ve love upright
men. Full them this way, and " that
way, and they only bend, they never
rreak. Trip them down, and in a trice
they are on their foet again. Bury them
ta the mul, and in an hour they woold
be out and bright. You cannot keep
thera down, you cannot destroy them.
They are the salt of the earth. Who
but they start any noble poject ? They
build our cities, whiten the ocean with
their fails, and blacken the heavens with
ti:8 sraftke of their cars. Look to them.
young men, and catch the 'spark of their
energy, ' - - ' -
iorcigh 2Ccus.
The organ of the British Trime Min
ister deems it proper to give a contradic
tion to the rumors of "growing coolness
between France and England on the sub
ject of foreign policy." It affirms that
"the fullest confidence and concord exist
at the present moment between the two
governments, and that there is nothing
to warrent the supposition that they can
not act together, or have any secret de
sign of acting apart upon any European
question." The Post admits, however,
that they may not be united on every
small matter of foreign policy, and im
putes to Austria a desire to isolate Eng
land. On the Italian question, France
and England understand each other, and
are united; but "although England lias
no desire to stand alone, she can do so if
necessary." That is what Lord Palmer-
ston wishes Austria to understand.
The Sound dues question is pretty
much in the the same state as it was three
months ago, the consent of Lord Claren
don to the capitalization of the dues hav
ing been given only in general terms..
An international: philanthropic Con
gres was opened at Brussels on the 15th.
Its oijects are thus stated ,
" The object of this Congress is to in
quire into the means of rendering the
poor less poor the unhappy people more
happy. It affects a philanthropy, but its
business has obviously a reference to po
litics. Divided into sections, it contem
plates the following object: 1. Subsis
tences in connection with aprieulture. 2.
Subsistences in connection with political
and charatable ecouomy. 3. Subsisten
ces considered in connection with sciencs
ind industry ; machinery and inventions
calculated to facilitate manual labor, to
improve the sanitary condition of trades
and professions, and to prevent accidents;
the amelioration of the workmen's habi
tations, of their furniture and their cloth
ing." We 1ave no account of the proceedings
of the Congress.
The questigi of slavery is causing
some excitement in Holland as well as in
this country. A correspondent referring
to the fact that the king's speech dealt in
vague generalities respecting the slave
question, says :
"Whether the nations now wrought
up into an 'Uncle Tom' fever respecting
slavery will allow itself again to be
temporized with on this matter, is very
problematic Forty thousand slaves, in
the Dutch West Indies, await with fear
ful impatience the' measures which the
Dutch Legislature may adopt for their
emancipation. France revolutionised
Europe ; Kansas may rouse to energy
and resistance the slave population of the
West Indies."
It is now considered not improbable
that France and England will send in a
Note, of the nature of an yltimatum, and
that, should its terms net be complied
with, the two powers will withdraw their
representatives at the Court .of tha Two I
Sicilies. The correspondent of the Lon
-' - - l
don Post writes that the French Govern
ment, unless some unforeseen events oc
cur, is about to recall M. Brenier and
the whole of the embassy from Naples.
I understand that diplomatic last dis
patches do not now hold out any hopes
of an amicable settlement of the .Neapol
itan difficulties. Ships of war have been
ordered to Toulon, to prepare for sea,
their destination being supposed to be the
Italian coast.
Italy continues in a fever of expectancy.
K.C25JA. Letters from Moscow state
that the Czar has signalized his corona
tion by making public a most important
ukase, which lays the foundation for great
f rT'i r,, . - .
rciui uis. x lie iuuub 111- poims are con -
. i
tamed in it-:
" A civic atvl military meJal for all
who took part, directly or indirectly, in
the war. Freedom from military service
for four years throughout the empire. A
most equitable assessment' cf the poll-
tax. The emperor accords an amnesty
to the political offenders of 1827 and
1831. All the Jews of the Empire are
(reed from the special Lurdj2r3 of the re
cruitment that still oppressed them. Tlie
children of soldiers that -were brought up
by the State, and as such formed part
hitherto of the army, in which they were
boutol to serve as soldiers, are all re
stored to their relatives."
Receipts for the Standard,
For the iceelc ending October 10th.
A. W. Boardman, Irasburgh, S0,62
J. TV. Pearsons, Albany, ,C2
John Upton, Troy, 1,25
X. Daggett, Irasburgh, 1,25
B. Dewey, Newport, .- 1,25
J. Hurlburt, Lyndon, 111., 1,25
TO YOL'SO ME Pleaat xd
Profit able Emplotmkkt Toting men in ev
ery neighborhood may obtain healthful, pleasant,
and profitable employment, by engaging in tbe
of u"ful d popular Book, end canning
for onr alnable Journal. For term and partio
alart, addresj, pot-paid,
r- i JTo. 308 Broadway, N. y.
P. S. A3 Agenta who engage with o wil U
seen red from tha poMibilitjr of Jos, while tha
profit iA :fl h rwr liberal.
"I DIGEST!" Such la tub, trie meamiko
of the word "F ErSIS," or of the two Greek word
from which it i derived. This is the aipiifleant
and appropriate title of the TRUE DIGESTIVE
FLUID, or GASTRIC JUICE, prepared by Dr..).
S. HOUGHTON.of Philadelphia, from the fourth
Stoipach of the Ox, for the cure of Indigestion and
Dyspepsia. It.is Kature's own remedy for an
unhealthy Stomach. No art of man can equal its
curative powers. It renders GOOD EATING
perfectly consistent with HEALTH.
See Advertisement in another column.
A retired Clergyman , restored to health in a few
days, after niauy years of great nervous (utlering,
is anxious to make known the means of euro.
Will send (free) the prescription used. Direct to
the Rev. JOUN M. DACX ALL, So. C9 Fulton t.,
Brooklyn, N. Y.
WtKStSDAV, Oct. 1, 1So6.
At market 1S12 Cattle, 1400 Beeves and 4U
stores, consisting of Working Oxen, Cows and
Calves, yearling, two nnd three vears old.
I'rices Market Beef Extra "s,20aS,5O; lt
quality, $7,59a7,75; 2d quality, $6,50aT,00 3d
quality, S,UU; ordinary, S4,o(J."
Hides O,07aO,08c pe"r cvvt.
Tallow O.OSaH.OPu per cwt.
Pelts S07,au,tf each.
CulfSkms 14 cts per lb.
Barrelling Cattle None.
Veal Calves Stf.OO to 10.
Working Oxen $140 to 150.
Cows aud Calves fli to 50.
Yearlings S14 to IS.
Two Years Old SIS to 25.
Three Years Old S2S to S3.
Sheep and lambs 4400 at market. Extra, $5
to 0. By lot 53,00 to 3,00.
Swine 8 to 7c per lb.
Wholesale Pkices. Oct. 4, 1555.
FLO UK AND MEAL per bid.
Genesee 7 50 a S 75
Ohio, common e 00 a 6 C3
Ohio extra 7 75 a 8 50
Sieal S '61 a 4 00
GRAIN ner bushel.
Corn, Western,
Cora, Yellow
73 ,i 75
70 a 77
73 a. CO
" toa 90
49 a til
00 a 00
on a oo
1 00 a 1 10
2 00 a 2 25
Corn, Vi'hito
Oats, Xorthern
Oats, Southern
Oats, Eastern
White Beans
-!er ton.
Eastern 17 50 a 18 00
HOI'S-per lb.
First sort, 1555 00 11 a 00 12
Boards, from 13 00 a 40 00
Sbingies 2 00 a a 00
Clanboaids 35 00 a 37 CO
Laihs - 1 37 a 1 75
Spruce Lumber 10 00 a 11 00
POTATOES per bbl.
Common 00 a CO
Chenango 1 2 a 1 87
Baef 12 00 a 13 00
Pork 18 0 a 24 00
Lard, per lb.
Butter, choice
Butter, good
14 a
22 a
16 a
9 a
SEED per lb.
Clover, Northern U a 15
Clover, Western and Southern 12 a 13
Herd's Grass, per bushel 3 37 a 3 60
Red Top, Soutbern So a 80
Red Top, Northern 1 25 a 0 00
TALLOW per lb.
American 11 a 12
American, rough 7 a 8
WOOL Domestic, per H.
S.txqn and Merino fleece 3 a 5S
Fall blood 45 a 0
1-2 and 3-4 blood 42 a 45
Common 1-4 blood 35 a 38
Puliei, from extra to No. 2 50 a 25
LEATHER per lb.
Philadelphia city 32 a 35
Do. Country 80 a 32
Baltimore city 32 a 34
Do. dry hide 27 a 30
New York, light 26 a 20
Do. Heavy 21 a 24
Boston slaughter 22 a 25
Calf skins , per lb Heavy, curried 00 a 00
tight, " do. 70 a 80
TJ AV E jnt received a lot of Boston Watches,
a wnicu
which w ill be sold at wholesale or retail, sit
very low rates. Merchants and rrter nf nil
classes in this Conntv, are resnectfullv invited to
CPiiH ir, thii i.ra All nwrluva .-..." 1 .. 1
... v,..v..c. .Ill UI.ICI3 JJIIJIIJJJIJJ UtlCUUb
a to, u accompaniea witn t lie casli.
Irasburgh, Oct. 10 40tf .
Passumpsic B. E. Fotice.
CUBSCKlBEltS to Preferred Suck in the C011-
Kj necticut and Passumpsic Kivers Kail road, are
hereby noticed that an assessment of TEN PER
CKiN t. hr.s been laid, payable on the loth ot De
cember next, at either tbe following Banks viz:
People's Lntnk, Eank of Orleans', Bank of I.vn
don, Pasnnipsic or Bradfnrd Banks, or at 'the
Tieasurer's Oiiice, Mo. J, Merchant's Exchange,
Boston. 1 Per order of the Directors.
N. P. LOVER ING, Treasurer.
Oct. 2,1656 40iv8
Hotelikiss & Jellison,
iWJ Ketailers of Foreign and Domestic Dry
Goods, would respectfully invite the attention of
1 Merchants to their new stock of Fall Goods, which
1 inev c
they oner at prices lull as low as Boston, Jew
1 Yc,rk, or even Philadelphia affocd them. A. stock
1 comprising
rf-i L'nbleaclied bheeting,
5-4 " "
8-4 "
2- 4 Bleached "
3- 4 "
4.4 a
8-4 " "
10-4 " "
Turkey Red Ginghams,
Plain Checks, "
Cheney " "
Scotch, "
Book Fold ' "
Prints 3-4 7-8 4-4
Thomas Iloj-les,
P. Allen,
4-4 French,
Alpacas, Cobnnrs, Parametas, Eombaziues, Me
rinos, Canton Cloths, Laces, Kdgtnrs, Crape a
very large assortment. Poplins, Berages de frames
and Clmmbrays.
YANKEK SUTIOXS. Soaps, Oil, Cologne,
Wax thread, i-c, &c, &c.
: Tics, '
Shirts Silk,
" Woolen,
" Cotton,
Also made to order and pnaranteed to fit, beinp
manufactured at one of the best liooe In New
Vork. Any otJer ent will be protnptir tilled
. I .1,. 1 . a. It, i .....
'' F "-'t oe aV iu9 lowesi n.-argei raies.
A KCH Ash end Oven Mouths, Cookmr Ran?e,
iV. Parmer Boilera, Chain Pumps, iron and
Copper funii, Lead 1-iK, iron hinK, tor aia
cbjapby H. CHAMP.f.RLIM & Co.
Barton. July, lS.-tf -
Oct. IS. . . K. W. SYK.
Ambrotypes :
piioTonuArns s
And other beaotriul picture arc Uken in the
Greatest Perfection
By the man with the
At St. Johnshury, Vt 40ir.G
fjlHK SUBSCRIBERS take great pleasure in
X annmmcinc to the public eoneraHv "be opci
ing of their SEW SALOUN, in the bud.iing well
known as the Howurd Store. Clinrt h St., v luvl'.
bai been newly fitted up njr n CoiitVctimierv
Store and a first class lee Cream and Eating Si-
ioon lor Ladies and Gentlemen, kept on the titv
p!an, at biii-of-fai-o rates.
Ice tVearu, (ysters, meats, !e. e?;, rnd rtii
merfius other substantiais and delicacses, served
up in the quickest possible tune, and Rt ail rta'
s.'m.ble hom-s. XO SM0K1XG. .XQ y.O.l'
AitSf. Our new store is already well known lo
be a depot for choice confectionery of every kind.
of our own tnauufai tme; aUo many bice varie
ties from the best makers known to u.
We keen a'-ri a befer nssnrtmenf of C KV. n".d
PASt liV work than was ever befbra obei-ed in
this State. Alo, Jellies and rreservrs, i- j:,rsuf
various sizes, put up by us, and wurramed cheap
er and better tuan anv in the nuu'ket.
LADIES riSJ Tl.YG r ' RLIXG TO.y ' -
Phould not fail to call at the V.ow Cot.feetionerv
Store, on fhuich Street, and t an Ice Cre-itri:
or if too cold, a cup of tea or couee, and u piato
of Ovsters.
Having facilities for doinz all branches of our
bnsine-s, and doui" it well, we hope our elTurts
will be appreciated, and that we shall receive a
sliHre of public favor
Orders from abroad solicited and faiiuluilv
Burlington, Oct. 10.
rIlK non-resident proprietors of tbe town of
A VF.STHELD. in tbe County of Oilcans.
are hereby notineu that the taxease8fed by said
io :i uie v iuiis m tins uiue, renin :n euner in tvi
or in part unpaid on the fol!owingbsc:i'.'3d !r.
in said town, to wit:
' t ,
? S S 2 e
S ' " 2
I- 3 C
Wm. Barton, 3S 1st ,61 40
Amos Horton,20 ,68 loO .
.loliu Kiniba!!,54 1.1 2-;0 E. White.
Wm. Wade, 80 1,60 24!)
S.Smith, 88 ,01 240 A. Hitchcock
.Tonn. Smith, 44 ,25 108 A.Hitchccck
W. Waterman, 7 ,52 60 P. Aiartin.
D. Warner, 47 ,e8 Tyler & Learward
Thos. Wood, 43 ,54
Wm. Rhodes, 28 - 1,30
. Smith jr., 10
120 Wm. Baxter.
120 E. White.
120 :
.J. Spraeue, IS
Asa Kimball, 15
S. Owen, 1
DeriasSmith.lO .
N. lIatherson,17
Wm. Barton, 3 1
B. Wilkius, 28
J. Smith, i
iejse Lddv, SI
I). Warner, 85
D. Kichmond,3'i
.las. Cowen, Stl
J. Kiinbal!, 47
C. Arnold, 45
D. Arnold jr.50
S. Keiley, 1
A. Waterman 48
S. Smith, 9
Thos. Wood, (il
Sam'l Clarke, 46
Coiner Smith, 59
And so much of said lands will be oid at pub
lic auction at the store of E. H. Miller, in said
Westfiehl, on Monday, the 10th day of November
next, at 10 oYloek A. M., as shall be requisite to
discharge said taxes, with cost?, unless previously
Dated at Westfield, this 4th day of October, A.
D. ItiiG.
40m 3 First Constable.
Oi:i.eaks District, 68.
4 Ta Probrte Court holden at Irasburg, within
. V ana tor tuia district, on toe itn any 01 Oc
tober. A. D.. IMG, tSKXKZEII T. C'ON'AN T,
Executor of the last will and testament of ,1obn
C. Batljer, late of Greensboro' iu eaid district,
deceased, in bis own proper person, represents to
said Court that decedent in his life time was ua
der contract in writing, binding in law, wdth one
Benjamin C. Badger of Greensboro' aforesaid, to
deed to him the said Benjamin., a certain piece of
land in said Greensboro', to wit : the easterly
half of lot No. 4, in the 1 2! h range, supposed to
contain nity acres, more or less, together wnn
the privileges aud ap urtenances thereto belong
ing w hicn saiu contract, at tue decease ot said
Juiin C. Badger, and now is unexecuted, and
prays the Court for license and authority to con
vey said land according to the terms of .-aid con
tract, Therefore it is ordered by said Court, that pub
lic notice be giventonll persons concerned therein,
to appear before said Court at a session thereof.
to be held at said Irasburgh, on the 6Ui day of,
November, lbab, tuat they may be hear.l lu the
matter and sl.o ci'.usc why license should not be
granted as afore&aid.
And this order shall bo published three weeks
successively in the '.)i i-jat.s I nua pendent .Standard
a newspaper printed at Ir.isburgh in ibis State, the
last ol which publications shi:ii be before tha dav
assigned for bearing as al'iresaid: Given under
against the estate of HOiiACi-; Kt-l-StiN, late of
Craftsbnry in eaid district, deceased, represented
insolvent, and the term of six month lioin the lid
day of Septeinlier beinj; allowed by sa'ul court
to uie creuiton 01 sum ueceasfi, to exuibit ana
prove their respective claims before lis:
iiv t, .u 1 lcr., that e will atteini to the Jti-
ties of our appointment at the dweiliuK bouse of
the Widow Kliza Nelson iu Craftsbury iii aaid
district, on the first 'i'nesdey of November and
March next, at one o clock, in tue auenwan, en
each of said davs.
DANA 51. SAWYKP, ) ,
V. VKI.M WVI.IK, lommrs.
Crnftsbury, Sept. Jtitb, lli 3i3
state or VEIt3IOT,
OKLEASS Plsi'fT, .
AT a Probate Court holdui at rrasbur.i witii
iu and for the County of Orient,, on ti.o
29th dav of September, A. I- le&ti, M AH f IN I,.
XEWCftJIP., Ksecutor of (i.e last Will and Tes
tament 6f ,!OSIA II CltASK. late of Iyrl,y, !
censed, Tied in said Court has p:tiu.i, i: v. r
titig aottiiig forth that said decedent die 1 seijei
of certain real estate in I.-rby aftr-said, to
wit: One half acre of land with adKelhri;. hou.-e
thereon, and that a part of the heirs and l.-i.
ices to said estate are rrsidiiig cut of thi S ate,
and that said real estate is w situate. ib it ! is
depreciatii.e in va!u, and that a kale of .a.ol real
estate is ntcc-sjiry for it preservation, Had ilwt
it would be a bct! fit to the parties interested jn
said estate to sell the same, tb,it tbe procreoa
thereof may be divide i araonjf the k-:M!fa to
said efitt;attl praying f"r license and auttxir-
ity to sell the taniV for the reaaon and purpo,
sea aioresald:
T herefor, it ia oroerea hr aol t ourt, that
cnblie notice be eiven to ell persons cii eme
therein, to appear before aaid eonrt t a si m
thereof, to be held at ssid trashoreh, 00 the iiu
iday of Oetctter, Ihey mny be hr l 10
i ,he mtfj,r j ,, a whv 1 -n motiid
1 not be ersnted as aforU.
And tiii order sbill b piSdisbi'd three week
snceeMivefy in theOrlsran Independent Mandard,
a nspiir printed at Im'turgh In tl i Ma'e.
the last of which pobhratiw. sna.n be bef.ee the
Amw Buttx.l fir hMirinff a foTS)(t.
i Oien oodr nir hand at tba Prriat OfB. In
,brgh, thi ili dmr of tMptiffibw, A- It
j ,fc5. " l9 j. CARPKM EK, Jrt
mv hand at tiie Probate Otllce in-Irasburgh, this j Allen and hi wile .Su'iin, may by decree of this ' o 1 '',, . ,s r C.,.pi!., . . l',,;,,lV : ,u;p ,(i ia ',t , ,.. ,.t,"v'
7th day of October, A. 1. 1 SOS. 1 Hon. Court be compelled to deed the .i,l p.eiui. I " " '' ' " ' ..... , , ',. . , ,-',V, v.' . ' ' .,'
4'J Jl. I'AHi'h.MfcK, JM;'. I e to toe S..II lliumau or to sanl orator, n fiir- i i.. vi , n r;:ua -i.-- p.. i, --,-..: , r,...v. ,( .
: dtan as it r.rei-.id, or that the Alviu and suj Mi-ue r.-i hurc-ty, e-.nlinim to eiv r 'th 1 , . . ' , i r...- .....
nnlrrvnViiv i 1,H'' ''' S!" ' Wetherbee, or :bt the salt A'vin ixui , - V,- - i'i !,,.'. i V, '.!. -a
HORACE M-.LbON'S E.ilAlK. i Sl,s.m te .,.VwH.,d to seeu.et., said Hannah a !'r.-b e.HiC-l.'-f ! T J ', , "'. .'. I. J,,,,. ;
irjp3n SUBSCRIBKltS, bavini; been appointed (roc i and siirba-ient niaintenar.ee dnrn (; the ya-r (i - n . ...'r ' ". . 1 i a t ii-r'r''i' ' "
i A by the tlon. Probale Court lor the District it her natural life, and that the Cotirt would cr.ii.t : - "IT If J'l'J )c"l' J n-l " I-a-, i ' '- i" ,.- ' ' ' '
I of Orleans, Commifeionera, to receive, examine, 1 such other nd farther relief ns sb.o is eirtitl.-d to : . . ' ''.'', -, ,..',,.",., i e iW.V;. t., i
, oii-i ... n a. k.aiili, ilu u. lluill.13 i nil t'l i-iMl. . m colli. nil. I'lll,!, llv-. I 1.1 III III , U U t ..,1VI,.'I ,11 ,? U 1 V l 10. i- 1 , u. I ,
HK Subscribers, Having been appointed by the1
Ion. Probate Curt btr the ;tri, f ef Or'erin. '
Ctmmrioner, to receive, txamiwi, u4 !jut ;
ail claims ivt i!rmad of ;1 .rf!, ctnt ;
the-fntcl v) Alt r. MIIJ.KK, !t i iVveat-
rv, in saiddi-tre;, drci':" 1, r ..revi.-i J .(i-iivei,-. '
and tbe tei'iuot :x rti. ;it! fr -n 17 h .iitv .f '
Septemler, l-emfii bowed by mid court tulhe !
ereoiturj ol said deeeaed, to cslal.it and prove ',
llieir TMpective cminw Uetora at: j
la tive Notice, that we attend to t! !
dn'iet of our appointment at tb dwel'-n? h,f j
outheie...-,.! We,!i..tar of oven.T at, t tV... I
rnarr t ext, at one o'oka k, m b. ftr.rauoa, on :
vacli ut'a.d.:av.
ii, .1'. t et1 c Invtc
" i
i C t !?.. 1k ! "li..- 1
, ,., . , ,
ORl.e.tNS Col STV, M.
DAM I EL iili.AU,
I. f Olt.KI'Y,
I.l l IIS IM.MSjON. ) lu.llll. !
flMIK OlIATOli, O.nie! M.u 1. repr, !,!. In i
11-'.."., heiiiK imieoted lu the aaid ort. in tti turn J
of 5-1 -,CO nn.'i in'ere-t on the natne fron tie " 1 1
dfty of a I May. rpecifled tn one rt.mt.ir. port. i
O. lHlitl 1 l..'.l Ol 1 ill. II. O.. lltl.l IU.1I BIT'S Ill T
of said lot laviti" the whole ien.-.b of sai l lot ad
j ihi:n;; thy buii u!-oo icenthri...!, ccmaiiiii;
ei.riity acres, be tha same more or ! i. and W-s i'
tb'e s'une land deed.-d lo the said lti-h: by Int.
, , T , 11 i l..h .1 :.. ...... I
."i.." -...i i... ..... u.,,..!!...:'!'"1
n . v , ,, ., rfi ,1.'. ,,r'.,.r !
ward-, to ni! :i the lltli day of May, A. U. ! -.., '
naid ldnlioii dtu ie-.l the above den'riijed ,rem:si' j
ti.l. I), t.i.lcy, S. Ji. Utikv't.l Ltu-in Uenni- j
son, allot sr.'.'! Iin;:lil.in. nereime ?.rn orator
nravsti. it the c,uity u reJciiijli.J of (lie mid
.". 1). liiikey. S. A. ('.il'ey and Lucius per.ui.-i.:;
in tbe Drcmitosmay be forobaed.
And '.vl-' t-as it appe-iri that said Liuhin 1) jn
ntmin rehide witbont tlii State, so iliat ft nib
po:ita euiiiiot le forve 1 Ujm luni ; there!.. re in
Miruanee ol t tse s.aui.e 1:1 s-iea ca-e ra.o
provided, notice is hereby given to thes:n ll.u-
:rebv given to the s:n 1 Lu-1
arbeLiodie Chaneehor of
iMrirt of the S-ate of Ver-
ems lei;in-on to aopea
the fourth Judicial Distr
m,,Dt. at tlio Court Uju.-o m Iritbuiyb. in Orieans
.rui t-a.ii oia'.or is eiieoie 1 to cau.iNj.:;! orocri
tl he jiuhiished t'iree wek successively in tl.i.
Orleans Independent Steuiard, 1. roiled at Irns-
t-ui-jrlt n'on-Miid, the la.tof whieli pu.icat oim to
bo at leakt twenty days previous to said fourth
Tuewjn v of December ticii.
Dated at trn-bursh In paid County of Orleans,
this Ht'u list of .!ntv, A. ) lr ", j-
'KOU.M.VS W. I'.i.NtUlAJI, Cletk.
J. II. Kimball. Sul.cdtor Sbui 1
oklba.ns nisir-K-T, sa.
OuarOian of lLmaaU Damwi,
rgtHE ORaTOR, George W. Jennese, of Clov-
m er ill lue uouiliv unu oouu Bioresaiu, uar
dian of Hannah Danlon, an iimno person, in bis
bill of complaint represents that said Hannah was
in April, A. D. lJ-54, possessed of property in 1 riMHE sub-crii.er hat receive ! t!: J 1 tri'e aort
proniiisory notes ajulnit one Nathaniel French j A merit of I'atent MeiiUiine Iroia tne hrm of
of said U lover, in the sum of 6700, and interest 1 C. C. li'eilain h A..;"r.cy h ivinp Ucen trtn.ler.
on said r.ote; and that the said Hannah was the reiL A full trpp'y will hereaf.er be keptfora!e
owner 01 caius ana omer puiperiy oesioe ner:
household furniture, of the value ol one hundred
dollars after paying her debts: and that on the
Sth day of April, A. I). 1S'.4, ti e faid Hannah,
being fall of years aud weak and inlirm of body
and mind, w as by the solicitation of her daughter,
Susan Allen of Burke in the County ot Caledonia,
wife of Alvin Allen of Jldbury ir. tiic County
of Worcester aud State of !.Ua.-ii. husei-u, pursuu-
ded to carry all her saiu property to sat.t Lurke,
nnd to purchase of one Leonard Wetherbee the
following der-erihed bind lyinj; an. I boiiij; in said !
Burke, to wit: Fart of the firs' (livt-ion lot drawn j
to the original right of Nchetniah Andrew, bound-!
ed on tbe easterly side by the Inn 1 of Flummer j
Lurpee, Ara Latiu, 0. Doyle s nnu Ldwin tu.in.
1 ..... i ... 1 .u 1. ...i .i.., . -..i.i
.U.. U.. 111. BV.UU .. CIC. 11
t-sriH ftn.) hp
bv the road 011 t ie unit 1 si. le. and hav -
ing a bou-e and barn thereon, and containing
fourteen acres of land, bo the amn more or b-s-: j
and to pav for tha paid premises out of ber ai 1
funds, anil to have the said pi emi.-es dee. led di-
reetiy to the seid b!in; and that the said iMisun
on tlie 20.1i day of Anril, lii I, executed to tbe
said Hiii.nah ber boud'ii. the sum ot'iCOO, endi -
iioceu ior me comioiiuo:e aiai suni.'iem. manitu -
; nance of lite said Hotmail for the period of tier
HHtiiral life, and that on tn 2-;h day of a I
April the said Susan exeooted to the said ll.inni.li
n mortyatre deed of the said premises, conditiuued
for the laithlul performance of the coo liliona of
sai l bend, and that nlterivard. sabl Susan in the
absence and whboutthe knowledge or consent of
tho said liiini.ah, took three of her mother's said
notes against said Frenrh, and collected nnd
j caused to be collected said note, aniountiii to
1 about $316, and appropriated the same to her the
said Susan'it own use; and that the mid Susnn
required ber sanl mother to surrender up s:t..l
Bond, and release all beutfitor securitv from said
mortgage deed as tha terms on which she ft oui.l
let her have tha money sh h l so collected ol
said French, and tiiatsai-.Hi.iiiiuili being ir.tirm of
mind as afoiesaid, did surrender up said bond to
said Susan, and that said Hannah has never re
ceived (uiy part of the money so pai 1 to ai.l
Wetherbee for said nrenii-e-; and that afterwar is
Raid Susiiii and her to.i 'li. jmas MoCmty, uni'e
the ir.aiif.'inient and ndvio-e of sai-l Suan and j
I Alvm, ob'aiaeJ ell ol tne remainder of the said :
) lianuab's p-operty, and that iu the V.nterol j
) 1H55, tho s lid liautinb was h it alor-e vitt:t J
1 funds, foot.!, fuel or a:-isinnce, iu a iieri'-hitifl' con-'
1 d:t:on, un'u co-inpl: ii.t win inii h. t... nn.j n. ,
t taken care ol by, tbe overseer of tlia Poor of oi: i '
i town of Glover."
! And tho said Orator pray that w! 1 A'v'n ,
equity and r
: Ar.d wliereas it appears that said A'vin Allen j
; reside without this Mate, so that a subpretia can- i
not be served upi u him j I herelo'e, in pumianre j
of tlie statute in such cn1-. rmoie arid privld'vt,i
j not.ee, s tn-reby p.ven tn tne sio 1 Alv.ii .:'.-t. to
; appear b.,f .re the Clmni-elior of thy fourth .In ii- 1
cud litr.ct ol the rvu'e ol ermaut. at the
, Court liou-e m lris.ur;-h iu ' '.' am t"mnt v, 011 1
j the fourth Tuesday of lleoember, A. I. J 11 ii, at f
: lo o cio( k A. il. ou ai 1 day, and maisa atKwer i
to iu 1 bid and ahum tb" itiieetiou and .lerree ot j
j said Cbiir.cel.or in tuat bebell. And anloat.iri
. j uirect-i to cau-e this -a der to be pubh-i,d '
j t,rM. w4K.k, .aivelv in tha Orlea OS llidt-oeii '
tietrt htamiarl.a paper pnuted at 11 i lra.hui,i, ,
the last of wh eh puh! cation 10 bfl at leant '.-u-ty
days previous to said fourth I ues iay of tie '.
(eruL..-r n.-xt. .
l'atedat Irnnburcu aforesaid thi Hth ditv of
Julv, A 1. l'.'h " j
voi'.MAX VT. PIVCttAM, Clerk-.
J. IL IvIMHAI.l., Solicitor fctlar !
hTVTi; or vrst.noT, !
OltLltAKS DlMKlCT, . j
VT a Probate Court, hoi leu at !'r- ''a ' ' r t
in Ira-b';.-cti within and f.rsnhl District, on i
tne h dsv vr i-rwe.iiii.-r. A 1. )k6r!; t
AS IN a'i hC'JKN I , piot.ortaiK to ,s t!t!,t
will and restamitt "f A I, r H r I HftOW.S, la'e ot I
1 Coveutjy m cud t '.'tt.ct, aoeei.s t. bioK pre- f
: tei.f-l to th t.-iun Vi-re by Nwi.ey hm n, ti '
j fiecu'r.x therein luttj.ei, for ProbAtti It itar.t
i d r-,i by :; Court, i'.nt ad ptit rofx-rrned !
j therein U MoriiiH to np.wir t: a M.n .f Mtd
j Cou t to be hoi ' at toe laa of D m.ii B-.iia in ;
j Ci'vejifrr, on the 27th dav of tn-i.,i.f, A I
1 1 (. ai 11 oiiixin, il., ol alxtv , if y
1 tliey inrty Lave, n, oi,t tiie proote ol tun) 1.1
tor r!iseB purpuw, it k fasthor ftri4, ih a!
copy of the riofd of thi W.W lo putl.sbei 1
ii.ii w" as tc-iTiy (p tiM tr!eai 10
det bums, piioi4 at leaomrih, pr.vsoi.
said t.mii Bi-pmre.! fjr t.earm.
A true e;iv of lieeivril,
- Attest. rt M. CAKPtSilKil. JiiJi-a.
fllUK wWriUri are istmifH.iA.IH1,!. . ,vn I II' 4 AV' . ' !.. l-r t.d.. as t I va rrfmsd.
J' , , ,h. of cmi. cf t' , AuUiXb 'V At lU Ah I AVII PAID I OH I'I 'Its.
SaITIV7 ' i Lurrfr4- .-r? V.r,. w.,.'. ;-'l Ptrfs.i.'W
wr.i'ivir. vi ir i ill 1 i,m:-'
IrhO'fii. Jan. . l'4f.f
.-..,.. tt'c nTMf-r f i - 1 r ft
cool) sews j !
fl VIE uberiir W ter t T that tis.we
uvea has- rmi,mi a goad arl o'.o Ivy j
Rfy too, t-m :;?c of
; , t.j
JL 'J- 't-'l' (.til l J'i'X t?PC-t,'
w;;ia , v t.ve r , !h U t fov ero,-r.rea
f,-.t t1!e in Vernv i . Ut oeri i; e r.f U , I
ki!, and U-v, i:st. uu t Ua4 uo KIkh )
ble tei'tiis. Airf, ' I
.. . ' . . , , i
Jtll tttift It Hit ttilKi'C il( ".)',
'''"' bi-...-.e, ,K . , , nVr.X. CONN.
,r"" iuta ,v uuai,,f te'' "' ? i I JM'K -,... ,.. r,K ;...,. 81. ,
X. IS 1 n T Vliii NOTK'tn ! J i:v iv..-..inv.-u t, , .aili 1
. ....."..-...
it inn imatr, mil d.i tn ci, I .Me t;'i- 1
. . I
n-e "t t!e wr.
' i 11 on nh.nt u. i .t., aJ.t;
m ftt rcu t.t.j
l.ai.u,jlh. ;
i tern .
Arrvr. stanvoi ii.
i Ik ii. ) 1a i- V 0 II iv. b . i
i i
' Vui- "'f T-'i 'iY.7-1 TilV'"""!
i''r".',', Ti ''."". f.'ln'j . , V . 'r " i
: ; """ ', -' " " ' ' ' i . .
w" "''- "" "i.nl ii the :
hht Aiiis'l'sC,:,!
In the t.'it i -! :,d at mll.fn.
i re rV.: ;i ; :t : i 1 t' in.'-i. I:..,: !
Wnli Sr.tri rrid (. tv.:! ,
orv rrcf. Wt
i :.: I,.'.i:,,
i-e, t' '-;Vt. ai.u
;.i a i t.: a v,.ji
r o'ah.! h.i'e'i'.
H mean our work iu,5i be ei'.uil to be ittt
1 I.. I'.l rl.l- Ulllt;aM ',. -''V
''ni' eontiA.n u c-v-i r!i tr.
C" to lH-'fx-t t.i '.,
',l '
v a-. ; .0. 1 ..y c .1.': 1 I'i- v 1 nu.: i
l-C-! ti r g : ri- . , we i.. !:. t, r. .-:l e a;,.l i
-Vi t.. k fj d:hve.el Lew traui !
l ex eue to our ciss'oiner.. j
! J.'.ix 3. w::; rv.r.. 1
I vr.i ,'. :.. wiif.;.i.rn. !
I I.) ndon. .nine , M-i '. i'.f
j S- 1. ki MBA I.L id f-aium is .Vent tj.- f
i above Oxr.', auy.
I f 'TUfTf ri'V'J I I ' i ,! I J' ttri T,i
jj i J lj ( if. I'U'l V
"SJ C"J i. iHi" It'i
iv-ri. ot i'.,o. i.uiuiis 1 ati-n.s a:. i -.1.1.1.
'jJ0IJj,ie JHchii'nn
. ' ' . '
.V'. X 3
Ju,iili'tii. a .!i7;.,
C-1.. JT-'l -
'"V -V'T
u OOW'J S, .i ittiti,
J.ujitt Vne Iiune,
I lion iviuu -Ji. 1 i ' . a, ' 1. M ..11.,. la, 11. IV l..ia:Pllt,
i CQltivatot. Chun., Conner t'orr.p, Walimt Ox
' ii ",' v v V. 1 r , 1 V ,,
.05, lien!-. Or.L's r.ii.t .i..vfr -ccd, tirin-t "iti.ne
j mell l " '
I Anv a.tic'.es furnWie 1 on short notice a id at
low price.' Knrt,ier hk our sik vrer, and
give o-.ir in tichj. a n.'ii t. ;,d.
Irabnrli, .Ian. 4, tty
1 n-f j w m
plgUlClilO lOt lUS 1 C0T)iG
1 ' X
at mv s
Sept. 23, lsju Z)
rr. w. Nvr.
fffi'E subscriber has on h.uid end f..r -rt
J. laree niiantl'v of exc.-'ent lt-.i ! v Mud
Ciotbii., winch ti cr wUi n.'.l a lo as any one
in the ciamiy. !-, (l.-.-t r..:j 1. ..1 l.n.i.'. U
Di v Ooo ls, Uiuo?ric, ii.un aud tiucy Ir
G.jbd, S:e.,f.,r ,w.
Irasbuifh, dan. 4, ltd'.'. ltf
i ussoritneiu 1,1 laaor ttnl l.:lr'..eir t'.owt :
;i . , -
i - .- - u t 101 !. -.
! August l. 8-1
j I , XV' 1) rV?l1 ',
VJt Jila.JI Jwit jC
I jMroitTl-'US AXD LL I VIS U J 1
! ..,'.. ..-'r r-i'vi iVii' .- it ', i
1 lit llttiil, 111. .1.1 AMI UlVv V.Aifc, (
1 1 -U. Cn- erv T u.er I! .',.oo- ' via.,,! v, a
-r 1 1:,. n..'i... ir.,,!.i 1 .f. !.a....i I
e TT " " T' ' ' . .
BXXiVXU riui l CH X XXX a iX& WiiitX..!
C.istorii, S.aais, ic.,in. i
Xo. 1 Leavenworth Idock. C;'V," ftr.1, . I
.vm.ii.:to-(, T.
mil ifAiiuiXdio:;, !
I lioKKSSnll or
Po-t Ot!k-o address, N.rt!i Trov, Vt 2!:ii7 !
, , . ,
u. ir. CArvPEXTi:n, m. d.,
Holtol-.llf ATniC
iuvssn"i Aris sr::;r:o:v,
(fice at his res'ibmcs on Fait Stre-.d. Fi"
JOHN 11. i!!?A Y.NTAuI),
tics'n v sur:?tii t',
lL)iT.r! yf. i: '1)0:5:7
Formerly of '! .n'j elier, Vt )
tT. V. FCOTT, M. r.,
IH VMit ii'.H, Vl H'tfiN'T.
OfTii-e over Wortldeyri rtor..
Mil. k MliS. 1). T5AKKK,
Cin a, Vt ii 1 v
DR. V. M. PKiniV,
rnif ii- im) irt mMf M,
B ART OX, t.
Alil.1T KiiK
Krmi'n' Si'.tu-t! tin f::"-urin? fctapsa.
fiivrK, Vt.
dec i - T v n 11 1: 11 1 v v,
Itetil 11 Vt.
AW; A?ut for' nar Hutiiai fira tl inrsaee
; ., ;,, ...i .,,,,.,
U, Bttaflpll.i rSS 1 .4 6M HTVtui,
Vt KM fclSK, VI.
. w. Ja, i- m. t, vt,rt,.t.
.1 wm r.'m i a, i I,.--... in 41 1 i l ' - -
- - - . ' . :
' ''? !-'-"
mmm mm. K
, 'i.ll A.
( SttCCrts- rf
I ul..r-
...... : ; .. ;i ,,, . . ,
.1..' . ...,. .
I .
l fcfv LT TT I f. irincill. e f.,r
1 e V otuoi)
. i ,
1 rar.e( frm r-".'1"':
".on oi
4- i. k :
, ; ;. 'I'
- an.
' wt eti et of t'Kie.
(( , ci.is f;li n ibi next .
5;a- cer-.x-i.oi. of their ,..
1 ' c",tf l,i " t""y hie binned an I
p..n . I.
,:,.;,: r !.-tl-; 1Ki-l-t t!i I: a uufrv
o'tn-r Miaiiit;,., ii;r.-. and V.tv co-1 un'Vvaii
t ' -n i: -r ;:. .:ri-.-i..-i. -. ' '. . ( r :i :.i..
i'i !! : ' y :i a t : ; j. ; u.struii,c:it warta.ite 1
! .r ..: 1 ...w.
.i. c. rt!V':;rv, ...
A ;, lie d;r in I'm-', and Me '..'ii e m r.'t
v.,- -v.
, M..IU
i. ft' .11- ... iT..
ni:e to jiri.- 'T-i tha ratirti" cf y.'.ir
' ... iv v 11 1. ..1, :iih-
' t : - tovjy jour -.rn
,,;., f,,-,',. r.w-.n.r.eii t!::'ti So a'i
i'.iv 1 1 ; i -
' ''. :". v.,
Or-at..,; ut Tru.;:v l h.ir- !i.
; I
I I A'i . f.AM il w.t:!. .-.vt.,!;'.!,
t f pi d r- .-... , ,. ,t ,o 1, H r -iimved H i.vn-
-.1,1-1 M.t r.-,.,,j5n(j J-.-..V ci- e. iulea tniau-
! " - ,v " wi:-. I a ! - :, 1-...
1 , .,.;..., t pi itni ikiimn I e f-aini at'anv
' I, j;." ;:. t'i Ma:,-.,
j 1 1 i.-... ......... . iiie-.f. i:l, ;.;r. I!,;; n,,,;,.
j ; v r.i. i: y ,. 1 . ,, r, w. ., !,a- . . oviier
1 - r -T o v 11 1..S .., j..,,,., i,tPri
j 11 ii .ii r -1 to in. I ia-.ii t,i c;;,.',,. .,',0
iie.!. .11:.- elm (.. w-,t barne-.-
; twklvi; rr.K cesi i.ovi;h
I t..a.i they (..iti'-e p.,. -a; t., .r..-:,;.ru;!v. Wo
i 1 aiiv-.r-e tl.a. 11. lie. k i...:; au.l ,.ni bvntne,
and siiauld the w. rk and r...ve Lut uit,Ui'ev may
I be returned at our enpe.ii'.1.
j 1 udon Corner, Ac'itkl 13, If ".6 3'pf
3IIJSI( sioim:.
I S. Hl'ST
HAS a complete aortment of Musical M.-r-chtindlse,
and all e.i,U i;rlniuiiig to hi
branch of buiue. A lar ;;e a-sortinent cf
fi.o rtt'rr:s
frnm the niai.iifMctorie of 'hicl-erir-fT, Woodward
i ISrown, and tiro n e; Alb n, wiio-e instrument
n.e wili kiinwu to be Mm-iiur to iiiiy other
mam:!, ctui-cd in thi c .n:it. v.
inmnfaeture.1 by IVintc & Ci. balodo, and Car
li.u t & Nee.lbniii, X. V., ol ,.! , ,.vi i.;,.i uaf.eri.,
1 .. 1.. .. . -
' everr iTinrMuietit w-u ran1- !
j Double Ta-s ioU, Violh. -on
: Vi'- "1, 'iil'tai, I uii.-s, .;an
Tcikt Vio',.,
t.", Saxii.. rus,
I L'U"1 lioioiKii.es, Acci-.i .u-,!:-i.
j Italo-n, Genn-m an I Lnro-l. S:r.i.;s fir Viol',
and t;i:it.,r, nf the b oirth'v. r.,,. rm-.-r
l:'r !, '! .td 1 tec?-, IV:.; u.' F.ri'2vs, Tuim:
K,irkS I l
li tti.iii.-ii., Fitc'i Tul e:,. Ci3ri1.net
i I.-:-1S M-.-
''e :th and without bei's. lluvc
Stand-, don!.'" r-fii:..d I!
in. Cim for 1 .ute,
I lilniik M:iio l:ook and .M
1 ars-r. ji, strut1 -
I tina Un.k.,and feoaies i eve-y Intrumer.t.
T f 31 I X
-- si x
I -dore lli in 1 ) OU0 i.itaefi now n 1 hn.ol -i
new j. oe Miwj received n s.ji.n Ht j.,i,;:,t,.
' ''-'i' H" is ai.J Oniuli ilu ;c
! '1? . npt'oi.
. ot ev-
it. t .
i ad urtiel.'s i low n Ih-e of tbn
.on .i'i 11, -v col t,e .-bin .w I iu anv civ, iral a
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Treat & Linslov, Ilakcra.

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