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V -
Views eft Distinguished Louis
, , .. ianan. - . , r .
TLe fbllowirig is an extract from the
letter of a distinguished Louiaianian, pub
lished in .the New Orleans Delta, after
the result of the October lecriona; in
..Pennsylvania and Indiana had render
ed tic- i-uceca of ilr. Buchanan highly
yr(&JA.Z The letter is dated "Wash
'ington Oct. 21, and the Delta says is
from 'one who has heretofore held the
bis-hest cilice w hich Louisiana could be
stow : vr-'.:'i V - -
My dear sir, it is idle and child's play
'to deny that the masses at the North are
tOHKRCd 1S the institution of slaTery. "I
have purposely mixed with all kinds and
'classes of the sovereign people, this saru-'
tqr,f af the North, with this main object
it view, "and I am more than convinced
of the fact. The under current of pub
licoplnlon is most decidedly against us,
and that too among good and honest peo
,ple, apparently.-1 em yet to" meet cud
liejn; the-first man at the North and
there are many at the South who think
with them -who does not oppose the ex
tension of slavery. Now, sir, 1 consider
the extension tf slavery- the heart, core
vitality and exi&tcnce of this Union the
f value ef -which if. is high time for us to
calculate. We are to Lave a National
Democratic- Administration for the next
tbur years-- "We will have a Democratic
jmajorlty.in both Houses of Congress. :
Now, then, is the time to stettle this
Union Question forever. The National
Democrats of the- North hold themselves
friends of the Constitution friends and
advocates, therefore, of tbe just rights of
the South. Let theni then prove this by
alrti Theyi ikyejlie power for the next
four years i let:them exercise it boldly
and f factually. . ? ? ;'
We have just passed: or soon will,
through a "tefr&le crisis. There was
danger, say what you may. Tbe South
jiibw wants security for the fut ure,and she
- rauft have it. There is now no excuse;
o we ara in power.- Extension of slavery
Is the testing crucible. The South de
' jaands an equality io the Federal Senate;
- hence, the first step is to admit Kansas as
a. slave State, an offset to California this
, eqnilibriam never,' hereafter, to be dis
turbed ; for every free State, one slave
-State; the principles of the Nebraska
t"Kansas bill, so far as they touch slavery
or TK)-slavery, never to be repealed.
a A Second Jack Sheppard.
;s ,The Philcddphia Ledger of the 11th
s -inst.-gives the following account of a
s j'Q ting' nminalwho seems, appropriately
, enough, to have acquired the title of the
. ".Second Jack Shcpnard :"
E " George W. Townsend, who was scn-
k fenced to 'two years in the Deleware
, - State prison, at Newcastle, for robbin
5 the poct-office at Wilmington, Deleware,
f has succeeded in breaking jail again.
n TLis is the" fourth time he has escaped
. '. from this prison." . The first time, while
. in prison awaiting his trial, he broke
; jail, and let out three other prisoners ; on
'the same night there were some six or
seven stores broken into in Wiilminston.
Shortly after this escape, Townsend was
; recognized and arrested in Philadelphia,
; ' "and a portion of the goods taken from the
' ' stores was found on his person; he had
" -also on Lis person live pistols, heavily
loaded, and a large dirk knife.
S '" In a few davs after he was lodged in
r the old quarters, he again escaped from
; jliis cell and had reached the top of the
i ";wall and was in the act of jumping down
z on the outside, when he M as discovered
"; by the Sheriff, the Sheriff fired at him
.'aid he. Vas captured. Shortly after this
: ''second attempt to' escape, hi3 trial came
i " 'off. r Before he was sentenced, he made a
3 - strong appeal to the Court for clemency;
.'that he was sorry for what he had done ;
s would reform, &c. About a month after
ha was senteuctfd he made his third es-
$ ':cape from the prison ; this time ne let out
f other prisoners with him; and on this
j same night 'the post-office at Wilmington
r xAvas robbed. !, This time he was recoR-
eized by the conductor while in the cars
J " between Wilminp-ton and Chester.1 The
onductor locked both ends of the car,
and when ther reached Chester an officer
"wa procured and Townsend was again
arrested. One of the persons he had let
out of psieon, ' Oyster Charley was with
him inthe caf, and he also was arrested.
vTowasend was taken lack to the pris
on, and this time, to make sure of him,
s he was put in double irons, which means
handcuffs and hobbles or lo-irons. He
i ......
;t"as !0CEe!l !l liIS cell and closely watch
L Notwkhstanding all this precaution,
ue aga.in ciiected, another and a fourth
" v escaPe 0Q Friday night last. This time
r.. .l:Le,' had filed .or sawed off his handcuffs
and leg-irons, and, cutting a hole through
vtia. i.vui v. i (.tn, ue uescenaed m
ttoa room below ; from there he got into
the prison-yard, and then scaled the wall,
which is about 20 feet high. His feats
IV'U rival those of Jack Sheppard or
bi&tefca String' Jack.- ;D.c is certainly
the i&ost Siicceaful jail-breaker this coun
t try has produced, and while he is at large
will net duLt improve on Lis past exper
".icnce... ivvrnsend is a youtig man, about
13 years vf age, about 5 feet 6 incites
wtU &ttA compactly built, light hair
kf80l f'vIon, andhlue eyes ". ' . ,
: 'TAx Alleged" Mcedee, Dispeov
ed. Some two months ago a young man
while hunting near "Damon Pond,", in
Rutland, discovered a portion of a human
skeleton. The facts becoming known,
and the disappearance of Sprout being
rehearsed, rumor and gossip were at once
set to work, and soon agreed that the
bones were those of a young man who
had so mysteriously disappeared. De
puty Sheriff J. W. Denny of Worcester,
was set at work by the District Attorney
to investigate the matter, which ho ap
pears to have done in a very efficient and
satisfactory manner. 5 He traced Sprout
from Rutland to "r-Greenwich,- thence to
Brookfield. and finally to Adams Basin,
X. Y., where he found him in good health
and strength, possessed of a wife and five
children, and doing a good business as
captain . of a canal boat on the Erie Ca
nal. "Mr,. Denny returned, with ample
evidence to prove Sprout's indentity and
existence in the land of the living, and
thus of course settled the great mystery
of the supposed and alleged murder.
Preston lias been pronounced insane and
has been discharged from arrest. Mr.
Darling is relieved from the . serious im
putations which the charges of a madman
apparently sustained by circumstantial
evidence cast upon him. ;
Maebiagk of Senator Douglas.
Senator Douglas of Illinois is soon to be
united to a Miss Cutts, who has been a
reigning belle in Washington for several
vears. The Cltronicle Eavs : . .
She is the daughter of a gentleman
long connected with the State Depart
ment, and possesses personal attractions
:ind accomplishments well worthy a niore
eligible match. She is much younger
than the Senator, but considerably taller,
and in every respect his superior. The
world of gossip and fashion is busy with
the approaching nuptials."
" The marriage is to be celebrated in
the llomnn Catholic Church. The bride
being of the persuasion. What a rum
pus the politicians will make of this if
Judge Douglas is ever nominated for the
Presidency. One of the Washington cor
respondents puts in a peceavi by remark
ing that as to religion, Mr. Douglas rather
leans to the Baptists. This must be a
mistake. It is notorious that Douglas
disblays no marked partiality for water.
IIoav Me. Bcelixgame's Election
is Eegakded at Wasiiixgtox. The
Washington correspondent of the New
York Time says: '
' One of the prolific topics of conver
sation here is the re-election of Burlin
game an event exceedingly distasteful
to the chivaly, who at the same time ex
press their contempt for the time-serving
Bostonians who came so near securing
his defeat. They love the treason but
despise the traitor. What a blistering
dirgrace would it have been had the self
sacrificing champion of free speech been
stricken down at home by those in whose
behalf he bared his breast to the blasts of
Southern fanaticism and rage ! A small
but earnest band of faithful friends here
anxiously await the opportunity to grasp
his hand again."
Tbe Divine beuificence, which has
been lavished upon us as a people, de
mands appropriate returns and acknow
ledgments. In pursuance, therefore, of a
custom inaugerated by our Tilgrim Fath
ers, and vcrlhv to be perpetuated by an
intelligent and Christian people,
I do hereby appoint THURSDAY,
apart and observed by tbe people of this
State as a day of Public THANKSGIV
Let us on that day present the interest
ing and imposing spectacle of a whole
Commonwealth abandoning the ordinary
pursuits of life, and repairing to the tem
ples of tbe Most High, and there engag
ing in acts of Adoration, Thanksgiving
and praise, llow consistent this with
our dependent condition, and how fit an
acknowledgment of that Buijrinteuding
Providence, which overrules tbe affairs of
States as well as of individuals. Our
days of Public Thanksgiving attest our
belief that God controls human affairSj
and is the '-giver of every good and per
fect gift."
Receipts for the Standard,
For the week ending November jtltt.
Seth Oaks, Albany," ' $1,25
Sedgwick Allen, Irasburgh, ; 1,25
1L J. Cross, Lowell, ' 1,25
li. Y. Paiue, " - ' 1,25
John Cass, Craftebury, . ,75
Luther Cass, Derby, , ,G2
H. Sanborn, Troy, - - - --1 5
- ' ' j Notice. ; ' '
The. Second Quarterly Meeting of the
Danville Association will be held with
the Baptist Church in .North Troy, com
mencing on the first Friday in December,
at 10 A M., and continue over the Sab
bath. Ministers conference to be at Br.
J. Howell's, Thursday preceding, 1 p, M.
1'er order, , , II. N. HOVE Y.
' Albany, Nov. 13. ' . : , A
Teacher's Notice.
AH those wishing for license to teach
in this town the coming winter, arc re
quested to meet (for examination) at my
residence, on Saturday! Nov. 29th, at 1
o'clock P.M. . '-. . . : -; '
C3T It is Tery desirous that I teachers
call for an examination previous to com
mencing their schools, and all are re
quested to be punctual to the above no
tice. , C. W. SCOTT,
' Town Sup't.
. Irasburgh, Nov. 15. s..-.-.
: Prepared from a prescription of Sir J. Clarke,
M. D., Physician Extraordinary to the Queen.
This invaluable medicine is unfailing in the cure
of all those painful and dangerous disorders to
which tbe female constitution k subject. ; it mod
erates all excess and removes all obstructions,
and a speedy cure may be relied on.
it is peculiarly suited.. It will, in a short time,
bring on the monthly period with regularity.
Each bottle, price One Dollar, bears the Gov
ernment stamp of Great Britain, to prevent coun
terfeits. ....
CA UTIOX. These Pills should not be taken
by females that are pregnant, during the first three
months, as they are sure to bring on miscarriage ;
but at every other time and in every other case,
they are perfectly safe. ' - '"
Sole Agents for the United States and Canada.
Rochester, Jj. Y,
TUTTLE &, MOSES, Auburn, N. Y. General
Agents. ., ; ",' -, ... -.: A
N. B. $1,00 and 6 postage stamps enclosed to
any authorized Agent, will ensure a bottle of the
Pills by return mail.
For sale by FEED. E SMITH, Montpelier,
"A'holesale Agent for Vermont; E. W. NYE, Iras
burg, and by one druggist in every town. : ' 41
IIP" To those who are about purchasing any
kind of goods advertised by J. C. Emery in an
other column, uncommon inducements are offered,
because he has a larger stock than can be found
at any other establishment in the State. He be
ing a practical manufacturer of Furniture, his
goods in this department can be relied upon, as
he will have none but the best quality. And in
the departments of Carpeting and Hanging or
Boom Paper, with all their accompaniments, his
stock stands unrivaled. Coming from the manu
facturers, the newest and lest styles may always
be found at his store, and at reasonable rates.
"I DIGEST!" Such is tub. xkce meamsg
of the word TEPSIN," or of the two Greek words
from which it is derived. This is the significant
and appropriate title of the TltTJE DIGESTIVE
FLClD, or GASTEIC JUICE, prepared by Dr. J.
S. nOfGHTOX.of Hiiladelphia, from the fonrth
Stomach of the Os., for the cure of Indigestion and
Dyspepsia. It is Kature's own remedy for an
unhealthy Stomach. No art of man can equal its
curative powers. It renders GOOD EATIXG
perfectly 'consistent with HEALTH.
E?" See Advertisement in another column.
A retired Clergyman,restored to health in afew
days, after many years of great nervous suffering,
is anxious to make known the means of enre.
Will send (free) the prescription used. Direct to
the Eev. JOHN M. BAGXALL, No. 9 Fulton St.,
Brooklyn, N. Y.
Corrected wkkkxy promt-he N. E. Faumek
Wednesday, Xov. 12, 1S56.
At market 1755 Cattle, 1300 Beeves and 455
stores, consisting of Working Oxen, Cows and
Calves, yearlings, two and three years old.
Trices Market Iieef Extra "S8,OOaS,25; 1st
quality, $7,50ab,00; 2d qnality, $6,25a6,75; 8d
quality, 6,00; ordinary, 5.4,60."
Hides 0,07 a0,08c per cwt.
Tallow 0,08a0,O9e per cwt.
felts S1.00al,25c each.
OalfSkins 13al4 cts per lb,
Barrelling Cattle Xone. . -
. Veal Calves ?ti,00 to 10.
Working Oxen $90 to 150.
Cows and Calves S35 to 60.
Yearlings 816 to 20.
Two Vears Old '520 to 28.
Three Tears Old $25 to SS.
Sheep and lambs ByOO at market. Extra. S4
to b. By lot 1,50 to 4,S0.
is wine 8 to 09c per lb.
Wholesale Thicks. Xov. 15, 1856.
Genesee ' 7 37 a S 00
Ohio, common 6 50 a 6 75
Ohio extra 7 00 a e 00
Weal 3 75 a 4 00
CHAIN per bushel.
Corn, Western, ? 75 a , 76
Com, Yellow- 5- . - .., a :
Corn, White ; t 73 a 74
Eye . i ' (H i. J ' - J i 0 Hi a 0 00
Oats, Northern 0 a 3
Oats, Southern ( 00 a 00
Oats, Luteru - 00 a 00
Barley 1 10 a 1 23
White Beans 2 00 a 2 25
HAY per ton.
Eastern $19 00 a 20 00
. HOPS-per lb.
First scrt, lf56 00 08 a 00 09
Do. do., 1S05 00 CO a 00 00
LEATHER per lb..
Fhiladeliriiia citv ' 32 a 85
1)0. Country 20 a 32
Baltimore city U2a34
l)o. dry hide 27 a 80
Kew Tork, light , , 27 a SO
Do. Heavy " 26 a 28
Boston slaughter 26 a 28
Calf skins, per lb Ueavv, curried U0 a 00
Light, . . do. 70 a bO
Boards, from . - 13 00 a 40 00
.Sliingles j '; ! ? J eo a 6 00 "
Clapbuards 35 00 a 8 00
I.atlu 1 87 a , 1 75
Spruce Lumber . 10 00 a 11 00
, TOTATOES per bbl.
Common 00 a CO
Chenango ' 17 I 00
Beef , . 10 00 a It 50
l'ork 19 00 a 25 00
Lard, per lb. . 13 a 14
Butter, choica , , . 24 a : 28
Batter, good t 18 a 20
Cheese - ti 10
SEED per lb.
Clover, Northern 14 a 15
Clover, Western and Southern 12 a 13
Herd's Grass, per bushel 3 60 a 8 75
Ked Top, Southern f0 a 0
Ked Top, Northern 1 25 a 8 00
TALLOW per lb. -American
. . , a , . . . . 12 a 13
American, rough - - - .' "I 8 a 9
WOOL Domesdc, per lb.
faxon and Merino fleece 63 a 65
Full blood ' - 48 a 64
1-2 and 3-4 blood V -' i r, ; 42 a 47
Common 1-4 blood . 35 a 88
Tullffil, from extra to Ko. 3 15 a 45
RW. KYE'S old brick store i running over
full of Kew Good. It will pay to look
tueat over. -
f IEa, Buear, Melaaaea, Eaiaios, Eice, gal
X tus. Oil, Fish and bait, can be ba found at
i n. A it is.
Irasburgh, Nor. 14.
HATS and Cain for Men and toys at
, E. V. KVES
LADIES-K. W. Kya'a ia the plaoa to buy a3
lUida of Show and Caiten; also iiubbti.
Agricultural Books.
till SAXTOX & CO.,1
140 Fultoa Street, New York,
' J ' rcBtisn '
Tbt following Bocks for the Country,
And will send theui,ra? of post-
age, to any part of the U. S.
-rupbri receipt of price. -: !
1. The Stable Book the best
work on the Horse,
2. The Horse's Foot, with direc-
A , t. 1- .inn it Gialliul
1 paper 25 CtS.,"doth, 0
. a a . i Tr
Browne's Am. Bird Fancier;
rwoer 2i cts., cloth
Daddy Amer. Cattle Doctor,
cloth,: ; ; 1 w
Dana's Muck Manual, cloth 1 00
Dana's l'me isny on Man
ures ! 2j
7. Stockhardt's Clicmical Ticld
8. Blake's Farmer at Horn
9. Buist's Am. Flower Gaidea
10. Buist's Family Kitchen Card
. ener
1 1. Norton's Scientific and PracU
Agricultural .
1 2. Johnson's Catcehism of Agri
cul. Chemistry (for Schools
1 00
1 -lb
1 23
13t ' Jobnson'sJElements of Agri-
' 'cul. Chemistry and Geology 1 00
14. Johnson's Lectures on Agri-
cul. Chemistry and Geology 1 25
15. Dowing's Landscape Gard- !
ening 3 50
16. Fesseuden's Complete Farmer
and Gardner ' " 125
17. Fessendeu's Am. Kitchen Gard
ener-cloth r VI
18. Nash's Progressive Farmer
19. llichardson's Domestic Fowis
20. Richardson on tbe Llorse V a
rieties, Breeding, &c.
21. ' ltichardson on the Diseases and
- . - Management of the Hog
22. Richardson on the Destruction
of the Pests of the Farm
23. Richardson on the Hive and
Honey Bee, "
2i. Milburn andStevenson the Cow
and Dairy Husbandry,
25. Skinner's Elements of Agricul
. ture, -
26. Topham'6 Cliemistry Made Ea
sy, for the use of Farmers,
27. Allen's Treatise on the Culture
of the Grape,
28. Allen on the Diseases of Domes
1 00
tic Animals, - ; - - - i o
29. Allen's American Farm Book, 1 00
30. Allen's Rural Architecture, . 125
31. Pardee on the Cultivation of the
Strawberry, X:c., '
32. Pedder's Farmer's Land Meas
urer, 33. Phelps' Bee-keeper's Chart,
84. Guenon's , Treatise on Mich
Co ws ; paper 38 ctsM cloth, ;
35. Gunn's Domestic Medicinea
for every married man and wo
man, , '- 3 00
36. Randall's Sheep Husbandry, 1 25
61. 1 ouatt, KandalL and fckiuuers
Shepherd's Own Book, 2 00
38. Youatton the Breed and man
agement of sheep, . 75
39. Youatt on the Horse, 1 25
40. Youatt, Martin, and Stevens on
. cattle, . - 1 25
41. Youattand Martin on the Breeds
and management of the Hog, 75
42. Munn's Practical Land Drainer, 50
43. Stephen's Book of the Farm,
complete, 450 illustrations, 4 00
44. The American Architect, or
Plans for Country Dwellings, 6 00
45. Thaer, Shaw, & Johnson's Prin
ciples of Agriculture, 2 00
46. Smith's Landscape Gardening,
'.. Parks and Pleasure Grounds, 1 25
47. "Weeks on the Honey Bee : pa-
. ter 25 cts- cloth, : - , 50
48. Willsou on Cultivation of Flaxi 1 25
49. Miner's Am. Bee-keeper's Man
ual, .;, , I 00
50. Quinby,s Mysteries of Bee
keeping, . 50
51. Cottage and Farm Bee-keeper, 50
52. Llliot s Amer. I ruit Grower s
Guide, 1 25
53. The Amercan Florist's Guide, 75
54. Every Lady her own Flower
Gardener; paper 2octs., cloth oU
55. The Am. Rose Culturist; paper
25cts., cloth 50
56. Hoareon the Cultivation of the
Vine, 50
57. Cholton's Cold Grapery, from
direct American Practice, 50
58. Saxton's Rural Hand Books, 3
vols., 3 75
59. Bement's Rabbit Fancier; paper
25 cts., cloth 50
GO. Reemelin's Yine-Dresser'sMan-
ual, 50
CI. Nell's Nruit, Flower, and Veg
etable Gardener's Companion, 1 00
C2. Browne's Am. Poultry Yard, 1 00
G3. Browne's Field Book of Man
1 2fi
G4. lIooer's Dog and Gun, 50
65. Skillful Housewife, paper 25
66. Chorlton's ' Grape Grower's
Guide ; paper 50 cts., eloth CO
C7. White's Gardening for tho So. 1 25
C8. Eastwood's Manual for Cultiva
ting the Crainberry, 50
69. Johnson's Dictionary of Modern
Gardening, ' " 1 50
70. Pereoz on the Culture of the
Vine, ' 50
71. Amer. Agriculturut, 10 vols. 12 50
72. Boussingault's Rural Economy, 1 25
73. Thompson's Food of Animals ;
paper 50 cts., cloth 75
74. Richardson on Dogs their Or
ign, Varieties, &.c.;paper 25cts.,
' ' cloth 50
75. Liebig' Familiar Letters to
Farmers on Cliemistry ; paper
25 cts., cloth . . , - 50
7C. Morgan Horses . 1 00
fTUIE subscriber has on hand and for sale a
X larfre quantitv of excellent P.eady Slade
Clothing, which they will sell a Vow a any one
fn tie county. Also, a first rate assortment of
lry Goods, "Groceries, Plain and Jancy Droaa
Gooda, &e., Jfcc, for sale low.
Jrasburab, Jan. 4, laie Itf
M Alt 1 L E WORKS!
riAIIK solwcrilntrs urould infono the eithwn f
1 Orleans Connt Ihnl 1 , h.. . .Knn u FV.T
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Derby, OtU 2, l35:ly : ,
flHE nbucriber woiil.1 refwt(ilt inform tb
JL Lailtea and 4ieiilWrnin of Ur:ttiift Cniin'y,
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lmsburpli, Oct. 2?, 1SS0 ii
assortment of Tabor and Bartlctt Tloas
just received and tr wle lv
Aiicust 15 58 J. H. KKLt.AM.
Rll PfPCC TTflTnT? llpllSfl Ml
U UltCuS U Upai aUCliC ii I
I XT i n TUUI1 mure limn f rr i.i. lie n i.
Ataie ol tlie ureat Dismal owaaipi uiuch m iuii.3 vu't-uu." i nm i ha n.
liut the publishers are lmppv to state that of
the innny hiin lreil of Amfricui notice, li'ch
thev have received, tli vml niaHiiitv have been
decidedly fovorable. mott of the m ejitliin,iastic.
And tlie snle Vus Jar has excerdtd that j" uKy
KOik of fiction txer published, the .
of two volumes, being now in pros.
in t-.npaud the access !ni hean even nn.re
wonderful. "The press there, with but one or two
cxccplk'US, acknowledge the foaerand janiuiofi
the Huthor, and in terms of which any livinc!
writer migut be proud. And uuruig the tweiVe
day sneceedtng its publication, no fewer thaa
were sold. . The universal voice of literary men,
now places Mrs. Stowe auioos the foremost au
thors of the a?e, and neither purttsfuiship, nor an
austere rentrious uusjirv, can eYer deprive uer ol
. i ; i . . j . . .
the laurels sue lias so nobiv ennied. ,
Publishers, No. 13, Winter St., ilasa.
HIDES. Cash paid for hides, bv
InLsburgb, Nov. 0.
MISS 11. E. I5ARSKS, ha taken room in A.
S. Katou's store, L'P XTAJHS. when she
has a choice selection of FALL MfLLIXEH '.
Bonnet. Kibbons. l eathers, t lowers. &lc. Alto.
Dress I rhnnins and Lmbroidery. ilournmg
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Uartoii Lauding, Oct. 2a, It06 Mm3
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low ware, tin ware, lead pipe and pump,
will fiud a greater variety and theapar price at
our shop, than can be lound elsewhere iu the
count v. riease call and examine.
Derby Centre, -Oct. 2S, 1S66 43m3
Auction Sstle.
'IHE follow injr articles a ill be Md at public
I . Auction on Moudav, tbe 24th da v of Novem
ber, at one o'clock l". M., at the oM Warner Tav
ern, ia Hardaick, viz:
One Hone Cart and Saddle ;
Two Draft Chains,
Iron Bars, Shovels, Foils,
and various other farming tool. Also, one box
stove and pe, and various other household fur
niture, including a lot of articles of all Winds for
making butler and cheese, &e.
Greensboro, Nov. 5, ltati 44w3
Collector's Notice.
rMIli non resident proprietors of the town of
Lowell, in tbecountv of Orleans, are hereby
notified that the taxes assessed by said town pre
vious to this date, remain either in whole or iu
part unpaid on U. Allowing described lands iu :
said loan, Ui aitt , , ,
I'ronr's names.- Ko. lot. ltanpe. No. Acres. T.n
tV ilows, Knain 18 6 Uh : a.
1 , u 1 ..... :
V" -' b;ioii4
1 1 10
i in
3 -n
4 11
k 21
0 21
a in
- i 19
3 . 14
Hover, (J. & Atria 8 1
Kelton, Nahaia 11 lu
Luselle, John 6 V)
1 111'
Perkin, E P. 4 i
:u0 1.74'
20 cast pail 7 j
id ,71:
loo ,S1 :
lu) ,41
V. ires, Salmon l.'i
ioo .io f
ib.i so jbucu ot m fcrna wui be otJ at A. ;
I'nine s bouse in said I.nell, on S.ituriUvtlit
13ih riav of Deceml)er next, at 10 a'cioek A'.
U atliata. thiUi day of Kov. A. J-,
15j8' ' ; -IlE!r.T J. CrO?". I
- ' ' 1st Constable. i
co.n.mssioM:it'.s ih'otici
!fPiIK Snbaeribers, liavinr ten niiwiinted bv the
X. Hon. 1'roOate Court lor the .)ir:nctul (Jiiean. ,
Commissioner, to receive, examine, and a ljiistl
all claims and aemani'.s ol all persons, ngaiim
tlie estate of Al.H.i:l liP.UW N, bite of Covent
ry, In said dtstriot, deceased, represented msolvent.
anu Hue term oi s. inootiia Horn trie ii7ti day ot
creditor, of aaid tjetead, to exisiUt aei i-ros-e
their respective vlaiui before as:
Uo pivo Notka, lliat ws will attwid to tbe
duties of our appointment at the dwelling hou-v
of idow Na.rr Hrown In Oosentry In said dis
trict, oa the 'i t TuksJv of leouinwr and ilun. I,
next, nt ten o'clock, iu the loreiioon, ou each of
said dava. . - - ,i
N. W, CP AY,
JACOB lajWM.1., j Comm'r.
Cov.,try, Nov. tb, Istd 45
VI.OT of ood down cmiutry Vl'ae ma w ar.
ranted all riht, forsuie at l.A 1 fN'fe.
harton Landing, July 2S, loS. SI'f.
T DAGGKTT will tmv cah for Mi les, Call
i 1 Skina, and Hairy KkW, if Well tailed.
FOIC t tnora f tbOM Ut loiti
made by K. 6AM X, aha e mi not b bt by eev'
ooe fa the County. j
VTy rtboes of ail kinds cheap for ca.ll. J
Jiastiurgh, reb. 2 i, :si alt
flMHS ia e certify that I have iven iriy Km.
X At ftCftT It. jo, bit time durinf ill remain.
der of In ibiuority, aud snail li in mat l b .
ean.iii(rs, nor pay any debt of bis r.a.irar?i
t this daus. UAB VfcV 60s-..
A.Uny, Nov. 10, 1 -i4
DOOM rapat fr'Wi llolJl lci. t" I
l v tito sano ttr li l
2voL5.! 12 mo. ?I,75. e.,nRb T.fu, of (,,. cu0 nt y..
. ramnt bo Tiiv erwhtes to sell xm itxue , ' ' ,. .
CERTAIN politician-, if,reSted in tbe npor, ? tW- Uepot. ', ? TiuZTltZtZ Z'Z7"r' Z
L of the peculiar in'.nitUiaa," lmv emleav- Wa'nut and Wt.ll. a.reot, ri.nadelpl.ift. A I n.y - e f"',, IMiiU.
oredto persuade tho public tbut Mm. toe- botth-a muat Lave mv a.iui l tha fs. . Alt lb. t- "ar J ' AVmr ji t .av.
work iriaaioally a Jiiura, and that it nS pro- ..1, in . p,-t C-V JnJ
ducod o profound iinpreion on aitl.ide cf rVTiiul ITmHtTi CI em,?t '"" fr.v.ut iu.t,w.oi. c tli. publir.. 7
the Atlantic . ' vatca ot oUU emieu. . A L. bJUI 11, t l.ennt. e ' A. V. iMI I II CbaiuiaU
; Greatest Cure in the World for Paint
II 1 1 luw " III - -ii- -i -ii mi II ' " '.,,...
roit KlICl?IATI9?f, Si:i ItU,Gl l, STH F JOI.Ts'a
I do not pro;-"" t cure erery St.ne, only a crriaim clnss namrd in my dirc
tion-. I will forfeit $iK) it' the Jihrtrie Oil. .ld i COKNKU WALNUT Ac
iblh STHEr.TS, tu'iU to cure a aii yle C!i?e
lor Limbs. Vik. Sons, or Lunis, Fever
pm)t,cij;al Affi-ctiou. S'wt lkl (i'ands,
l..i..:.-.:.. t.1!
,' t, n r,i,n,t or fem','j n
i city
- f&itia lvt of my ipnuiiie) K'n'otric Oil," ill u very
i .,.'. ., - . ' ,dJlv ri Ih unVrv (mm tt. inot vk-
TO Vlii Gbibls A.SU XtttUUr$ tV !,,,,,. yet it i, mtwt, totiftd by itoo-!
VLRMOXT: indium! (loini wiHwrn, bo- BmN ar at oty
For tl,e cniiTnnea of DmW, tn4 ln.t!!iaat o!Bc. N-.t any have aw.1 it without dorivrng
of thin SUIe. Hon unwi.W iur. tKU. .. Sitjt K SWA '1.4 1. KECTIT
.SMI I fl, of .Ni.mtpUcr. my wfcoh-. Ant. ! wjthiu an lnMir.aa.1 many at l!.c wbobav been
lie win " w m tuiir-w -'ri'itr-i wen rvri ui
i'rfi1 iin H dn!' r in Mduin. tu or.-!r fnmi
5U. Smith M(--pl wf fiy Ud t tre, litat Oiv
niny b alia lo uwvr Ui eui!ie-.l dmnda H
will also fufiitl drh dT-f with tw Card.,
J iwtevn, mid ll l.itrij!ar. wttd Uir lain
printrd tl.preon n ;nt. (R.-.id th S !!.-. -u
pruskniatiuli.) A. . bill I H, tu, t hila.
AinA. T!tOri.i1! 1TIOV.
Uiv CfSVlSt; ILEC1K1L OIL." 1 wmiii.,,,, Hr.M,rl,i.-.l Vm; ijint. frwir.. 1 ic'l.lorpnx.
To the Myor and Citizens of 1'hiludA- I tot Frcrcsa to cure Everything,
. 1 .... ' t"" ,m a fv.-ri a cli" ft -,,n,.'..t,t-! 11 of
2'a ail,I le C mon . - tiit h r cnyMn on minple Klectrio and Cheui-
! propo tot.t n-.y V'H-tr-o Oil on atiy CMofic1 m mt-ipif, tl:nuj.h sffmitM! of my '
Itheumatisin, Nt uiaisia.l'uiaiy.m, At.htu. fjlf, trie oil,' ur,i the 2ervf Vital fluid of the hanun
i)Ut, Kevr attd Aj;ne. Tvt'er, r Uu. weliiy. U-'y.
of all kind, Cram;, Dtiiiie., ntM otimr Tlie ndi operandi of prccrcs-ing und ever
t-nMifi (lint I Lava trcatr-l aur-eafuUy,) and to Uir- ch .iratM.bie l:h'i.irn!u- rmin, s nu lortlv umicr-ft-'.t
to Hny pultUo institution Ibd raptor iuy 1I 1-y mit;k'ind: bfhrr it toi'atimi lha
uiuritSlvO.il niv ttenan.a Kid tiic Vii nut niruibmiKt covrrii B ol the ncrveo, lutlnmt'l by
inrk nn f'Vt-ctiu ruru in etii'h 'tivt. tlei'iir.ij'Mneut, ( t kk tlie ciulinjr of an itHanod
. lir .1. Vit tMmn. Kii. S. VmU nt.. Tmndin. 'i tmii li I t.r iM.ilie His'inl'im- of th rlrtrio
N. J., an o! J aa 1 cxtwu-Lved (jifMlcinhii, oiune to
mv t-iaMi-hnifnl on SiilnnUy, and uid, IJu
i tui'l ocvt'r htlwii in a 11C cm: oi uaiiummi.ni
i Willi uiv Ui'." llu biiv everl diKn at a tm ,
.... 1 1. ." . . .1 : II.. ..
trnuKU ill raring up l'-k-a KT'cluii'v. and I do in"
ue liiuiriou mean nit, my pure - r i - -uK v i
To"";we" : u
mavaVlar ...craiiiblo, after in vain trving alt tbe
wonderful' medicine of the dr.v, that one appli-
ton externally and a lea. iroi tKa umrnai-
FRED. lL SMITH, Dmgslst, Monti
Vermont, fur Dr. Stnith'a Genuine "
tH.t.tAXs DiiTiitcv, ut.
I a I TUim. jiiur I1W1ICI1 BV linwuilll ni'ii-i
in and fur the Countv of Orle.-nnv, n the
ITthilnvof Nove.nner. . 1. !'.'. l.ntlicr l'eiani.,1
... . - . ,
guardiap unto -IKM I'.os OKI 11, a uiiuor,
uow reaidiiiR iu ea.a, K. H., pronUv appeared 1
in said Court and repr....d tbut hi. jajd waxdj
i. nun,.r in . nun ni' !l fiT unn II AILmiiV In I
" " . ,
pnini5 ii, ... . .
nenilred aim tan acre more or wm, Wfiemer un j
the pr.viifrea ami aripurienaiicvs inereui i eiouj: -
.i . ii..u.i..a,. i.b. i.iW..!.tmn. ainu
ing; Hilh.tU would couduco lo the inU-reat ol , u 1 " 11,3 o.a...i vjiwu luu,l"s
hi sail ward to sell aid ie;U eUte for the pur- W I' II t'P
pose of puttuip the pnweeds thereof at interest ; i i.
and pnijinR tur liceiwa and autliowty to 11 sum ' ,,ns Coats ami Tiulta of fabric rare,
rel estate for the purpose afiiiesanl : I r, , , ... .
Therefore, it i ordered br auid Gout, that ; - " vats and b.iH'ks that 11 tnttkeyou stare.
public notice be eiven to all peroiis cobcerm-d
U.erein to appear before (mid cmrt at a sessioniQ,- Yolk p-tvle the very hctt!
thereof, to be held at said iraliurj;h, ou the lutb ' J
lay of December, 1S56, that they ninv be beard I .
iii the matter and ahow eiiona why liceiise should . Our Jlolt-skiii I lata, in style inoit rare,
i not be pruuted a atiiraiil
V a i j aiorwaiu.
iiiccessively in tbe t.ritau liaU-pendiiit Mam bird. Reaver, Silk, Fur, itl Myle the best,
a newspaper printeJ Bt Irasburh in this Mate.j'r,at well have proved to Stand the test,
tlie last, of wtik-u publicutiuus shall be bclove thei
duv a ii:tied for hearing as afore-anl. I,. , ., n, ... . - , . i
Uiven uuder.ny hand at the l'rbbate 0ii-o in; Me" S, lov, , ullJixn?, Ot Vaneil ktyle,
Iraburgh, this Kth iy of Nuvember, A. . ihbu. Tiiat are not surpassed iii any pile ;
.M. CAH1-LX1KK, Ju.ige. Emlies Hat.s have liU-l-e,
STATE or VEEUIOST, - iTbat 1111 ilh "urf'-
HI 1. LANS uisil;rtT, SS.
4 T a Trubafe Court, bolueu at I'mbate Omce;
1 V iii lntliurt:li wiiiiin i.ud for anid i utr.i
on tbe lTrli .lav of November, A 1. l-Lfi: i I.UUlo Satclifls, L ItiUreilaa Ileal,
A. ISS1 kt'MKXT, purportiap io b H e last!'ri,ut iu u,ii country can't be beat.
Will and '1 e.tauieut of h AM L'l.L lit VN YOSj
lato of Cm-entry, in sai l District, decea-d bein;; IVt-MoilIlunes, GIoVM, rare and nice,
presented to the court here br jreu!el w'u- j , . , ' .
tooHnJIia l;..vi.!i,thecxccu';jrs therein imUitd,' -viid at a very Moderate price,
for I'mhate: jWhv w ill von roam tliis world around,
IT IS Ol;I)KKKI by said C.ir that all per-' .- . " . . f.mnit ?
son. concerned therein be not tied to appear t.l" ltn '" Ule L,C?1 0' lre lOUI.a f
Vt"" f iY'i C,Url r U b0,'lu,,ti!i Vvif' W'K l'v been Mill a Ion time, but have now
... Henry U. r ,,. oven ry o t,.e stl. day of j arrannient, to receive Kew Uood.
December, A. D. lha. at 11 o cUk k A. M. .,..1 , ,h.H. tbB sea.0.,, .., that we may
shew cau,e, ,f any t.iey may have asa... tl.e lvty- b .dv,j , tllfc Iuet Varket I'tice.,
the i I robate of said Will, for which l'urri. . U11 , ,ul(.,t tKilMlu, ln
is lurtber ordered, that a eopy of tlie iea.rd ol We BimJ ,tc,alJ lu the sai,Illion of ,.
thte order be published -k. '; Udiei t., ..r hw 8ts.-k of ., which
.. the Orleans Independent hlandard, pm.ted at 1 .wi r,Mv (ir , ,;non ,,cil
he.;"ri"r' ,ieV10U P.omted U' ,otne entei'v new ie. ol .
A tiuo copy of Kecord, j Sun Kliade-., Eancj- l'ara-ols, Fine Lina
4flvt8 MAliHAL CABPEXTT.R, Jndjre.
u i H IvN'S and l!oy Biajts at
f 1A.E.
W. M- fciiK t
AVE ou seen Sve's Plaid and Iilack dress
01'.!K Ulankets from 1 to 3,50 esrh, at
j fs' I i'KlilUK l uffalo Kobe at t
- ' ' - -
T I'T'l'ICIt Writers will find papr tt"t wiil
MA jiras Ihnu at .u .
l ILL and look at li. W. ut'- uiol audi.
; Vy iii-soi tn.n.1 . Vaak.-e N
. J; . UAi.N i. iu U Ud iu Casliu.ere fe.i xm U
J j; w Nit a, I
, r ' '
i? r . i:rJ
twteal lr beaq-y .,f .,d shag-.,
J'r"JIra.r.,at ft. s.
. . . i
i 13AXCV l'aiit Cloli. aiid aUeep'a 'imv, at
L1.., . . . is- h.Si.a
r jUiANKlViNG fisu.tanl t.u! at
-l K.' W.Kia a.
7i;r 'w'.TeT"" "17.
I- W, VE.
iVpt. 5, l-.lt,.
! ... '
DIi. C. M. KuBLLi',
i .. , ,.
tl'onueriy of Slootpaliar, Vt)
Zi Ittr.MO.VT rtltT, - - iUBfU..
rr. It. will, in cormertioii the practU ofj T T U((lIlQ tr fit? DfTTlI KS
Me1ioiua.uaUrrrv.m,t.,,B.teR,v;r--cm!! V- ' UUll5s. UlsUUJvIlal,
aiteiuiu Ui Ireauuaol of UiixMuea ol lt tit aodj flour. Salt, and Kails. Pi.ita,Oi!s and Dye Staff
j Cns kerv, :. and llartiware, I in Ware, Store
llarrU ,HSS Ktf ji,d Move I'ir--.
rr.l . IV.lI-t. I'AI'CII!.
C. W. SCOTT, JL 1)., We rail j,smcuUr aitra i a. to our P-k of
...... . Utei.-h and Ain-rlcan Paper lUnjinj-s. Velvet
huMaojialme I'hjuctaa tea fiargfoB, uu.t, ori, ui Curiaa.
f i'U.u anJ 1 iiifti Curuu, ei.inpriaiiie the lar
IKAsMt Kl.ll, Vt.KMnNr. In,.! and best' sarwty eer ullered in Jwofbern
Offiew ever Wortli'iaitoti' Slur. t'-f j rrmotiU I b Uiiing lo deco:ate their Walla
j . , , . , . I aith ru n Mff-i-f, iil. y and cheaply, can do
r itf mii.iiniwiiPii f 1 ' :l"' " ". ' pWaery fancy
U. . I' A1K1SKU1 ULli, M. AV., fcj.l ,uit ti.s Hiat .inM.al and fastidious.
(liuaviaiaiu iuiivia.iu.
Oo'im, f SiJy
I - j., tviiiii 1 Lt'ID f sala bv
I JL P.' tL1U ' "
w' w' ' '
K. W. NTK.
MOKr. of U. M. t UV.'f At U!v., at
tv. w. i ll
of Iihumatim or Pair in trie Hack
Sore, rk-rr. Caked l?rtast, Sore Xm-
l-Ions. Stiffness in tbe Joints or Net-k ;
r a..llin n 5 In 9(1 minnffs it
Alm.-hoUM- or any gallic institution in'
t j,,-!...-!! ,imI ..t I i! in : r -win u r 1 Siti.I
(.ei I'wm-. i.riiiii ul teniM. Cuis
yinuiti-! Oind mid tititf Joiid.
jmfuU i.n t -.rv.i- U; S"x Ni-pl and bwll
tij l',r.,',. Sj t'i:!,ciini avi CnnL-r in ill month
. ... b. l.rui.'ioiw and all kind rff Aoras.
, u,.,., ,iM ,ie ,u h or tn minulea ;l
,;,. t hi LUnnur imcur leader fwl It a ill
Ix - ciii
fluid it-i It, ctr'K'n it ia t!-Kt mi F.'.wtric Oil' i
readily tibxwri! into, it it dn mt actually mii.-
iiv n in luirncv in, uu rqunnxa ui i. uiunou
itf. that Kiiut t"inciplc ol living orginii-ition.
t 1 ... 4 Hl. I ..nun li .b i 1, I.
i.t i mi - ? .-in ... n nu i.in u v .v j i.i.v
m .!.- . rr m at -
I..,JII V I.J!v K 1' i'IRl'!'rir.I
W, 25 ct... SO cts.. and a per BotUe.
; 1 Ih-l...; bott., ten u.ne. U.e c-heupe.t.
l: --i tvlurgh, a.id one Agent tuavwy
V.'L-Tcsalrt and Retail Agcttt;
ELECTRIC OIL," I'biladelpbia.
1856! GOODS. 1856!
j-r- wa,..,
. j ciiance,l to see.
As 1 whs papains Coven-'tree,
I hit'd within, iniil took a seat,
i ... . o. . I- . l.....
-Smrts and Collars, ISetatie nnu Vests,
LNoiie rurr ex-eel, and tew compare;
CariK-t llatr-i, Trunks, and neat Valiet,
jVl fair and usual niaiktt prices,
Ct, . . . . . , , , v . i it
( iimhrir. Nu-i.a Tlntfd Aliislina.
l'lain Iudia Muslins, Book,
i - 1
Jaconet, and Nainsook
Jluslius, Cheeked, ,
C'ji ilcd, and fig
ured; l'lain
Cainbrie, Ladies
I.iin-n and Cambric
I ldLl"4, Frcnc-h, Cambric,
and Alu.slin CVilars, Itce, Mus
lin, and Cambric: llg5 and Insert
ing, Florence., IVarl, liraid, Ojien, Goiea
Iiht, and l'lain Straw Uonni-ts, Hib
Loii.j, l'lowers. Tubs, (astonish
ingly beautiful,) (ilovts,
and Hosiery-, I)re8
Peluine, lie
ra'ea, Lawns Frtucli -.
Mu.iiuis, lila k. Fancy, A;
Iti-ocaJtt Drei Silks, Siik,
! t iape arni t astiraere Mials, nouvy
iCuttoii?, UiiLkachttl ain! IMeafhed Fine
Ciajie and Cashmere Shawls, Heavy
To buy their Clothing now n the time,
licit wln-re'a the jdaen to buy it ?
I'm told it is at Walworth & West
I think I'll go and trj it.
Our i.tl.t..r don't belR u;uesa what wear
toibg in this Una. I lata, Caps,
gests runism:ia goods
Jtl)11v Uud iot..
tiir uifhoul. l..ia-.es k;l ana Llotn tjaiiers, ana
We tsuiter our tliauas to our rvenas anil pat.
nmt tut tiieir t.berai patrocaa lieretofura. W
still rvmvniber jnu itii knii.i. sLad b Ufi to
wait on y,u at ai-v t ..ie, he,iier Ui the ajiount
of a seat k a kunif t (lol'.aarii.
Cweiry, Juna , 1?4. if ' '
Medicine for the People.
flilK tbriti has rrivd th Urv a-wl-1
mnt of 1'sUut Wwiaine from the shop W
C. C .! .(!. Air-n. bavin bo transfer,
rad. A fuii supply w lii ieiaafta 0 a1
at n .
bept , i H. W.iiE.

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