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Washixgton, Thursday, Dec 11.
Mr. Cass reiterated liis opinions on
popular sovereignity, discussing the gen
eral questions involved in the debate on
the President's message.
Mr. Hale proclaimed the future inten
tions of the Republican party, believing
thev -would attain the power, in 18G0, to
apply the principle of exclusion of Sla
very from the territories.
Mr. Eigler and others replied.
Mr. Bigler denied that he was a
speaker at a Democratic mass meeting in
favor of Buchanan and Breckinridge and
free Kansas, as was expressed in a hand
bill which Mr. Hale exhibited to the
Senate amid general laughter.
Adjourned till Monday.
Humphrey Marshall made a speech to
show the difference of opinions among
the Democrats of the North and South,
regarding the interpretation of the Ne
braska bill, saying their positions were so
different there was no finding out where
they were.
During his speech, Messrs. Quitman,
Keitt, and McMullen, the latter speaking
for the Virginia delegation, repudiated
squatter sovereignity, as explained by
Mr. Cass.
Mr. Orr repudiated that doctrine, and
admitted there were differences of opinion
regarding it, among the Democracy, say
ing that Mr. Marshall might make the
most of it.
Mr. Letcher essayed to prove that Mr
biddings and the republican party had
expressed sentiments advocating North
ern interference in the institutions of the
South, tending to insurrection. Ad
journed. From California.
The steamship Tennessee left San
Juan for New York with 270,000 in
treasure.- -
The vote of California for President
was -as follows : ,
- ' Fremont. -
Buchanan's majority over both, G000.
The Democrats also obtained a major
ity in both branches of the State Legis
lature. The California markets are generally
The news from Nicaragua is highly
Gen. Walker has been successful in a
series of battles with the Central Amer
icans. On the 10th ult. Gen. Ilornsby, with
200 men, defeated 1100 of the enemy,
under the Costa Rican General, Canas.
The enemy lost 200, while Hornsby had
only 2 killed and 11 wounded.
Four days fighting at Massaya ended
in the entire defeat of the enemy.
Gen. Walker had returned to Grana
da, amd after giving three days notice of
his intention to allow time for the re
moval of valuables, fired the place, not
leaving a vestige 5T it.
The inhabitants of Granada had re
moved to Eivas, with all their effects,
which will hereafter be the capital of
A naval battle had taken place be
tween theNicaraguan war schooner Gra
nada, Capt. Payson, and a Costa lliean
bng-of-war, three times the size of the
Granada. The Costa Rican vessel was
blown up, and all on board of her per
ished. It is estimated that the enemy have
lost 3000 men in various battles since
Piggish. Dr. Bugbee of Derby Line,
Vt, killed a pig on the oth, two day6 less
than eight months old, which dressed 271
The " Editor" slaughtered one on the
8th, seven months old, which dressed 281
lbs. ?. T
Mr. J. C. Butterfield, the same day,
killed a pig four days less than eight
months old which dressed 341 lbs.
Stanstead Journal.
Canada Postage. A correspondent
at St. Catharines, Canada West, say6 :
" A very great en or is made by United
States correspondents, who sometimes
pay the postage to the line 3 cents
which is of no avail, and is lost, as letters
come with full charge, 10 cents. By
the postal arrangements between the two
countries, it is. optional to pay or not to
pay ; but a partial payment, on either
side, is 'struck off' by postmasters."
From the Cincinuuti Times.
Adihxg Ias-clt to Injuby. A
Southern paper, not content with having
beaten Fillmore, glories over it by pub
lishing the following as the
. NO EAST!!!
Cover the steel with sweet oil well rub
bed oa. Ia forty-eight hours rub with
finely powdered unslaked lime, until the
No. 17. An act in amendment of the
fourth paragraph, of section fourteen
of chapter forty-five of the compiled
statutes, relating to articles exempt
from attachment and execution.
It is hereby enacted by the General Assembly qf
the State of Vermont, as fallows :
Sec. 1. The fourth paragraph of
section fourteen of the chapter forty-five
of the compiled statutes is hereby amend
ed to read as follows :
Fouih. Ten cords of fire wood, twen
ty bushels of potatoes, such military arms
and accoutrements as the debtor is re
quired bylaw to furnish,, all growing
crops, ten bushels of grain, one barrel
of flour, three swarms of bees and hives
together with their produce in honey,
two hundred pounds of sugar, and all
lettered grave-stones.
Sec. 2. Sections fifteen, sixteen and
seventeen of said chapter forty-five are
hereby repealed. .
Sec. 3. This act shall take effect
from its passage.
Approved October 27th, 1856.
No. 18. An art to pxemnt nroff;ssional
libraries from attachment and levy ofj
It is hereby enacted, c.
Sec. 1. The professional books and
instruments of physicians and surgeons
and the professional books of clergymen
and attorneys at law to the value of two
hundred dollars sliall hereafter be ex
empt from attachment on execution.
Sec. 2. This act shall take effect
from its passage.
Approved November 14th, 185G.
No. 19. An act in addition to chapter
thirty-one of the compiled statutes, re
lating to attachments of personal pro
perty. It is hereby enacted, fyc.
. Sec. 1. Section twenty of chapter
thirty-one of the compiled statutes is so
amended as to include among the articles
therein named, derricks and the tackle
and appendages connected therewith, the
utensils and apparatus kept on any farm
for the manufacture of maple sugar, also
pig iron, bloomed iron, scrap iron, rail
road iron and hops, which articles herein
named shall be subject to all the provisi
ons of said sections twenty, twenty-three,
and twenty-four, of said chapter.
Sec. 2. This act shall take effect
from its passage.
Approved November 18th, 185G.
No. 20. An Act authorizing persons
owning machinery to mortgage the
It is hereby enacted, &jc.
Sec. 1. Machinery attached to and
used in any shop, mill or factory, may be
hereafter mortgaged by deed or execu
ted, acknowledged and recorded in the
same manner as deeds of real estate.
Sec. 2. Mortgages of such machine
ry may be assignod, discharged or fore
closed in thesatne manner as is'provided
by law, for the assignment, discharge or
foreclosure of mortgages of real estate.
Sec. 3. Section five of chapter sixtj--four
of the compiled statutes, and all
other acts or parts of acts inconsistent
with this act, are hereby repealed.
ec. 4. 1 his act shall take effect from
its passage.
Approved, November 18ih, 185G.
No. 21. An Act relating to mechanics'
It is hereby enacted, fyc.
Sec. 1. Whenever any mechanic
shall perform any labor, or furnish any
materials, lor erecting, repairing or alter
ing any house or other building in this
state, he shall be entitled to all the lien
securities provided for in chapter one
hundred of the compiled stat utes, and the
act in addition thereto, passed November
13, 1852, whether said material or labor
were furnished under a written contract
or otherwise. And a statement of such
claim, filed and recorded in the town
clerk's office of the town where such
house brother buildings are situated, shall
be held good to charge such real estate,
agreeably to the provisions of the acts
above referred to.
- Sec. 2. This act shall take effect
from its passage.
Approved, November 18, 185G.
No. 22. An Act to construe the home
stead act in reference to the estate of
deceased persons..
Jt is hereby enacted, fyc.
Sec 1. Section four of chapter sixty
five of the compiled statutes, and the acts
heretofore passed in addition thereto, shall
not be construed to apply to any estate
the assets of which, over and above all
debts due, and charges of administration,
shall exceed the sum of five hundred dol
lars. Sec. 2. This act shall take effect from
its passage.
Approved, November 18, 1856.
No. 23. An Act in relation to paupers.
It is hereby enacted, tyc.
Sec. 1. If any person shall bring from
any other State and leave in any town in
this state, or shall so bring with intent to
leave, any poor and indigent person,
having no visible means of support, know
ing such person to be poor and indigent
as aforesaid, or shall hire, or procure such
poor and indigent person to be so brought
or shall aid or assist therein, with intent
to charge such town with the support of
such poor and indigent person, he or they
shall be punished by fine not exceeding
five hundred dollars, nor less than one
hundred dollars, or by imprisonment, not
exceeding one year, and shall be further
liable to any town in this, state, for all
such sums of money, as may be expend
ed by any town for the support and main-
tanance of such poor and indigent per
son. Sec. 2. All acts or sections of acts in
consistent with the provisions of this act
are hereby repealed.
Sec. 2. This act shall take effect
from its passage.
Approved, November 12, 1856.
No. 24. An Act relating to the legal
settlement of paupers.
It it hereby enacted, fyc.
Sec. 1. Clause numbered 'fourth"
of section one of chapter seventeen of
the compiled statutes is so amended as to
read as follows : " - -
Every person of full age who shall re
side in any town in this State, anl whose
rateable estate held in his own right,
besides his poll, shall be set in the list of
such town, at the sum of three dollars or
upwards, for five years in succession, shall
thereby gain a settlement in such town.
Sec. 3.- This act shall take effect
from its passage.
Approved, November 18, 1856.
No. 25. An Act to repeal the law al
lowing a recovery for moneys expend
ed in and about pauper cases.
It is hereby enacted, tyc.
Sec 1. In all cases of appeal hereafter
taken from any order, or warrant of re
moval of a pauper, no recovery shall be
had by either party, "by moneys expend
ed in and about said appeal, except such
as is by law taxable as costs in other civil
Sec 2. In cases of such appeal now
pending, no recovery shall be had for
moneys hereafter expended in and about
said appeal, except for costs as aforesaid
Sec. 3
This act shall take effect from
its passage.
Approved, November 12
No. 2G. An Act relating to the punish
ment of minor offence. .
It is hereby enacted, 8,-c.
Sec 1. Whenever any person shall
be convicted before any court of a crime,
the punishment whereofis by imprison
ment in the county jail of any county, or
by fine or by both of said punishments,
the court before whom such person shall
be convicted and after sentence, shall
have power in its discretion to order such
convicted person to be put to hard labor
under the direction of the sheriff of the
county, or the constable of the town,
wherein such offence was committed, for
a period not exceeding that for w4iich
such person has been so sentenced to
imprisonment, and the period during
which such person is so put to labor, shall
for all purposes be regarded the same as
though said person had been confined in
the county jail during said period.
Sec. 2. In cases where the sentences
is that the person so convicted pay a fine
and costs of prosecution, and stand com
mitted until sentence be complied with, if
said fine and costs are not paid, said court
may in its discretion order the said per
son to be put to hard labor as in this act
provided, until said fine and costs are paid
or until the avails of such labor, recie
ved by the town, county or state as here
inafter provided, shall amount to a sum
sufficient to pay said fine and costs. "
Sec. 3. The said sheriff or constable
in their discretion may put such person
to hard labor under the control of the
keeper or superintendent of any poor
house or farm or association for the sup
port of paupers, if the town in which the
offence is committed is legally interested
in such poor house, farm or association.
Sec. 4. The avails of such labor shall
be recieved by the town or county en
titled to the fine, in cases where a fine
shall be imposed, and in all other cases
by the State.
Sec 5. In case any such person shall
willfully refuse to work at any time, the
officer having charge of said person may
commit him to the jail in said county, at
any time during the period of such sen
tence to hard labor, and confine him there
in in solitary confinement for such time
during said period as to such officer shall
seem proper, or until he shall be willing
to resume labor.
.Sec. 6. If any person so sentenced
and ordered to labor shall escape out of
the custody of the officer or other keeper
having him in charge, he shall be liable
to recapture and to the same penalties as
are by law provided in cases of the escape
of prisoners confined in jail on criminal
proeess, and of persons breaking jail.
Sec. 2. This act shall. take effect from
its passage.
Approved, November 14, 1856.
No. 27. An Act respecting the custody
of minor children . whose parents are
living separate.
It is hereby enacted, fyc
Sec. 1. In all cases where the parents
of any minor children are living separate
the supreme court, on the petition of
either parent, shall have the same power
to make such decrees concerning the care
custody, maintenance and education of
such, as they now have in cases where
said court grants a divorce, and mav, at
any time thereafter, on the petition of
either of the parents, annual, vary or
modify such decree.
- Sec. 3. When such petition is made,
a summons shall be issued in due form of
law, to the other party to appear 'at the
court to which said petition is made, and
show cause why the prayer of such peti
tion shall not be granted, which sum
mons and the petitions shall be served on
said party twelve days prior to the ses
sion of said court.
Sec. 2. This act shall lake effect from
its passage. L-
Approved, November 14, 18-6.
No. 28. An Act in regard to mortsajres
by-railrord corporations.
It is hereby enacted fyc.
Sec. 1. All mortgages of railroad
franchises, furniture, cars, engines, and
rolling stock of any kind, when properly
executed and recorded, shall be effectual
to vest in the mortgagee a valid mortgage
interest in and lien upon all such property
without delivery or change of possession;
and for the purose of mortgage all such
property shall be deemed part of the re
alty. Sec. 2. Nothing in this act contained
shall prevent such furniture, cars, en
gines, and rolling stock iroin being- at
tached by any person having a claim
against the corporation owning such pro
perty, for an injury sustained on the road
of said corporation, by reason of any
neglect of said corporation, or for services
rendered, or materials furnished for the
purpose of keeping said road in repair
or in running the same, or for any liabili
tiefas common carriers, or for the.losf
of any property while in the possession of
said corporation; ana such property when
so attached, may be taken, held and dis
posed of in the same manner as though
this act had not been passed.
Sec 2. This act shall take effect
from its passage.
Approved, November 18, 1806.
Receipts for the Standard,
C. C. Stoddard, Westfield, 1,25
Hiram Hitchcock, " 1,15
Clark Hitchcock, 1,25
Nathan Souther, Lowell, 1,25
Francis S. Sitinner, ' 1,25
Horrace Faruham, " 1,25
C. Carroll, " 1,25
Scth Blodgett, " -1,25
J. C. Dow, Albany, 1,25
Simon Pope, Craftsbury, 25
C. H. Harriman, " 1,25
Nelson Dike, Irasburgh, 1,05
CP. Massy, " 1,25
Wm. Wilson, Craftsbury, 1,25
G. P. Buckman, " ,P0
Charles Jde, Coventry, 1,25
Prepared from a prescription of Sir J. Clarke,
M. D., Physician Extraordinary to the Queen'
This invaluable medicine ia unfaiiintr in the cure
of all those painful and dangerous disorders to
which the female constitution is subject It mod
erates all excess and removes all obstructions
and a speedy cure may be relied 6n.
it is peculiarly suited. It will, in a short time
bring on the monthly period with regularity.
Each bottle, price One Dollar, bears the Gov
ernment stamp of Great Britain, to prevent coun
CA UTION. These Pills should cot be taken
by emales that arc pregnant, during Hit first three
months, as they are snre to bring on miscarriage. ;
but at every other time and in every other case,
they are perfectly safe.
Sole Agents for the United States and Canada.
Rochester, N. Y.
TUTTLE & JIOSES, Auburn, X. Y. General
Agents. . .
N. B. Sl.OOand 6 postage stamps enclosed to
any authorized Agent, will ensure a bottle of the
Pills by return mail.
For sale by FKED. E. SMITH, Montpelier
Wholesale Agent for Vermont; K. V. NYE, Iras
burg, and by one druggist in every town. 41
"I DIGEST!" Seen is the, tkue imeaxixg
of the word "PEPSIN," or of the two Greek words
from which it is derived. This is the significant
and appropriate title of the TRUE DIGESTIVE
FLUID, or GASTRIC JUICE, prepared by Dr. J.
S. HOUGHTON, of Philadelphia, from the fourth
Stomach of the Ox, for the cure of Indigestion and
Dyspepsia. It. is Nature's own remedy for an
unhealthy Stomach. No art of man can equal its
curative powers. It renders GOOD EATING
perfectly consistent with HEALTH.
See Advertisement 111 another column.
v.., ksii me jvin nisi,., in nev. utiii.
Severance, llr. Wm. S. Parker, and Sliss Has-
'1S-.TT H -- ,
u. iMti wlt, uoin 01 lrasourgn.
In Glover, on the 10 inst., by Rev. N. W.
Scott, Mr. .Ions Gcn.n, of Irasburgh, and Mis
Alma A. Wedbek of Glover.
In Plainfiekl, on the lGth inst.. Rev
Joel Fisk, aged CI years.
Mr. Fisk was for many years pastor
of the Conrresational Church in tins
JJTxg Markets.
Wedxespat, Dec. 10, 1S56.
At market 1453 Cattle, 1200 Beeves and 65S
stores, consisting of Working Oxen, Cows and
Calves, yearlings, two and three years old.
Prices Market Beef Extra S,50aO,00; 1st
quality, $.",50aT,75; 2d quality, S0,25a7,00; 3d
quality, &0,00; ordiuarj, 44,50.'
yides 0,0Ta0,0K' per cwt.
Tallow 0,08a0,09c per cwt.
Pelts ?l,O0aSl,25c each.
OalfSkins lSal4 cts per lb.
Barrelling Cattle None.
Veal Calves $ti,00 to 10.
Working Oxen &i)a to 175.
Cows and Calves SS0 to (JO.
Yearlings S15 to 1S.
Two Years Old $22 to 27.
Three Years Old S27 to 40.
Sheep and lambs 1160 at market. Extra, f 6
to 8. By lot 1,75 to 4,50.
Swine S to 0t;c perlb.
Hew Goods.
THE subscribers havcon hand and ore constant
ly recjivitig new goods, which will be sold as
low as can be bought at any store in this county.
Among which will be found a geuend iissortmaiit
of Dry Goods, groceries, crockerv, glass und hard
ware, paints, nails, and glass.
Geo. Wortiiixgtox Jr. & Co.
Dec 16, 1S56 51tf
A T Worthington's can be found some of the
11. best teas ever offered in this market, and t
good article of hyson skin at SO cts. a lb., and
others in the same ratio.
Dec. 16, 1656.
THE subscribers are receiving a good article of
Turks Island salt, and two bushels can be
bought for $1.75 at
Dec. 16, 1(56. WORTHIXGTON'S.
Clotliins 2
ii Ion's can be found a large quantity of Boy'e
and Men's Clothing.
Dec. 16, 1856.
SCHOOL BOOKS jost received at
LADIES car! find shoes or gaiters of everv de scription
Flour !
THE subscriber has constantly on hand extra
flour manufactured from (he best Canada
wheat, a better article than can be lound in this
market. Geo. Wokihiagiok Jh. & Co.
Dec. 16, 1856.
C o ffo o !
SOME of that best old government Java Coffee
can be found at Worihingtoii'a. Also some ot
the so called Java NOT SO OOOD.
Dec. 16, 3856.
The Illustrated Edition of
Life of Washington!
GP. I'UTXA M & CO., will commence in a
few dav, a new edition of this great work
in aenii-nioiithiy parti. 1'iice 25 cents each.
Each volume will consist of 14 parte, hand
somely printed in imperial octavo. "J he whole
wori will be illustrated by about (SO superior en
gravings ou steel, including portraits and original
historical .designs, by eminent Artiou. With
numerous wood rate and maps. Each, part will
contain at least '61 page and one engraving on
steel. Every other part will hav two uteel
"i. Each semi-monthly part,coutainiijg at above
specified, 25 cents, payable on delivery.
2 Aii subscriber' must engage to take the
entire work.
S. The second aud auUeqneni Tolome will be
iuaed in double parts ana tine whoie will be
published at regular interval of two woek. .
Among the illustrations alreadv enrmvwj, or
nearly completed, art the following Portrait
on siwtt
Gen. Schnyler,
Gon. Oh as. Lee,
tien. Henry Lee,
Col. Moultrie,
Gen. Wayne,
tlen Clinton,
Bobt. Morris,
Gen. Stark,
Gen. Hamilton,
Oen. Gates,
Gen. Glover,
Sir Wm. Howe,
Sir Henry Clinton,
Lord ComwaliU,
Gen. Bursroyne,
Iven l utnatn,
Gen. Arnnld,
ren. Green,
Gen. Ward,
Gen. Knox,
Geo. Montgomery,
Gen. St. Clair,
On. Lord Sterling,
Baron Steuben,
Gen. La Fayette,
Connt Tnlaiki,
Gen. Lincoln,
den. Mercer,
Washington, from the picture bv l'eale.
Washington, from the picture by Tmmbu'l,
Wnyhincton, from the picture by Wnrtnnller,
Washington, from the picture by Stewart,
Washington, from the picture of'Hu.Non's Bust.
Washington, from tlio picture of Hudson's
Washington, from the picture of Brown Stat
ue. Washington, from the original rrofile.
Mrs. Washington, (early portrait.) -Mrs.
Washington, fioni'Stewart.
iliss Phillips, from original picture.
Historical scenes chieliy from original designs.)
Site of Washington's birth-place.
Mount Vernon, ( three views.)
Washington as a surveyor.
Washington at Fort Necessity.
Washington surveying the Dismal Swamp.
Washington at Winchester.
, Washington's Field Sports.
Fortifying Hunter's Hill.
Fort T icon den ga, IU-e Georire.
Fortifications at West Point in 1780.
Washinrton quelling a Kiot, (from a cotempo
rary drawing.)
View of New York, 1770.
Announcement of Independence.
Hattie of Trenton.
Battle of Gcrmantown.
Itattie of Monmouth.
Brad. lock's battle field.
Washington going to Congress, See.
Must always remain, par eminence, tiik his
tory ot the Father of his country." rhilaiUlj-liia
Unlit, tin.
N. H. It is intended that the Illuttration in
this edition shall be worthy of the subject and oi
the author. The best artists have been eniricd
to make original drawings, aiitt the most eminent
engravers arc secured.
No expense will be spared to make the engra
vings creditable to American art, and fully satis
factory to amateurs of fastidious taste.
IX"?- Agents and canvassers supplied ou liberal
terms, i his edition, is published exclusively lor
TllO Grl'OCtt
Family Weekly Paper!
TIIK "XliW YOllli IXD(il,i: has
ihw attained the extraordinary circuhttion ot
one huudred ond ninety thousand copies. 1 hp
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ily paper in the world! Hence its extraordinary
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bpst rrnnpr. Knoll writer ,:t r.ii.n,- I.V.r... , ! .
niu vvuu, ,ir auu r.meriHtn ieiiiie;r, r per
manently engaged on it, and will write fur no
other paper hereafter. Mrs. Sigoumcy, also, con
stantly writes tor it; so do a host of other popu
lar authors, including Mrs. Emma D. E. N.
Southworth, Alice Cary, Mrs Yaughan, Mary W.
Stanley Gibson, Clara Sydney, c., &c. The
Leigei: is beautifully illustrated every week.
1 he New Yoiik Lkdcck is printed" on beauti
ful white paper, and Is composed of eight pages,
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country. It is published every Saturday, and sold
at all ihe news ofTves in every citv and town
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scribe! nt two dollars per annum ; two copies are
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Address ail letters to
Publisher of Nkw Yoiik Lf.iKiF.it,
44 Ann Street, New York.
N. B. Now is a good time to subscribe as
F.MKnsox Bt.NNtTT's great Original Novel of
llitixriKit 1. iris, will bo commenced in thr
Ledukk on the first ot January. D2
TJTFt T XSiJ'C3-a703Xr.
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chandise, and all goods pertaining to his
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mauiifuctured iu this country.
manufactured by Prince & Co., Uuffalo, and Car
hart Ac Jioedham, N. V., of all sizes and patterns,
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Double Cass Viols, Violincello-, Tenor Yiols.
Yiolins, Guitars, Mutes, Clarionets, Saxhorns,
Lugles. Trombones, Aecordeons, i:c.
Italian, German and English Strings for Viols,
and Guitars, of the best ouality. hows, I inger
P.oards, Tail Pieces, Pegs" and" IJrMgcs, Tuning
Forks, Tunii g Hammers, Pitch Tubes, Clarionet
Reeds, Metronomes with and without bclis, Music
Stands, double refined Rosin Cases for flute-,
Blank Music Books and .Music Paper. Instruc
tion Books, and Scales for every Instrument.
s ii i: i: t jti i" sic.
More than 0,'iU3 pieces now ou hand, and all
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ed. Glee Hooks and Church Mu?:c Hooks of ev
ery ocwripttou.
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ronage he has thus far received, he will spare no
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stant personal attention to his bu-iuckS, hope- In
Bee iu his new and commodious b'.orc, all uf hi
old. and many new customers.
liuniugton, April 12, IbCiJ. IG-ly.
f I IDE subscribers would inform the eipzens ,l
i Orleans Comity Uiat he has u shop at W'l.s I
ll.lt!;V, wiiere he keeps constantly ou hand a
laree assjrttneiit of
XJ3L onu in enta,
sj a.u i vi-o, wincu lie will sell at the lowest
cash price, or short approved credit, and deliver
them at the purchaser 'a residence EUEE JE
K. S. JOHNSON, Travelitit; Ajeut.
Ilerby, Oct. 2-r., 1J-68 4i:ly
J. C 15LXG11A3I,
r OVLD respectluily solicit the attention of
f the public to the iiiigest and beat eh.'Ctea
t3ck of pure
WKltifS A.) MEDK II t'Kl.
Chemical, Surgical Instrumenti, and Fancy Ar
ticles in the 6uvte. ...
Instruments 3
Pocket cases and Instruments, 'i liermotnc ters,
Cupping Case, Toosiiiator, DetiLil i oreepg.
riieii anu lieys, Jmceis, ,eeJl.-, rarrn-r Snr-
gical Instruments, Gia and Metallic byrinjren,
i.ar and Kye syrii,je, Galvanic licit, ami l.ulle-
Ties, with nutnerou. oihcr articiei of toe kind.
an;v ai toili:t ;oom:
Giaes Uoxes, Puff and Powder liae, fancy!
ilautle Cotojfne fcottlra, '!ogn, Perfauien Jt !
Otto Ko-e, Jo-key (.lub, Hut k and sweet Iiriur;
Harrison', ajid Lubiu'a Perf ume-, liuUa o! lvoo
Mower for the complexion; l'.5.jket and Hand
Mirror, Port Monnaies and I'unea, lUur OiUai.U
Pomade in prent variety.
JLhi. LULURS, li la Sliiht, Palette Knives,
Oliver rou, i aruiau mju ater 1,-otors hit i-;en-
t al and Grecian peioiiop; rtnuhM. all kireis
Gcnl and Ladiea' HUUl Llit.R hR.i Ct.H, up
portem, 1 rut- and hpinal buppwtera, and aJJ
the popular reraediu ol ine day.
The beht io tlie country ; Umj tcate ijukk, full and
Bielo jiou. command the attti.tion ot lover ol
good mumc. Aecordeon, Hut, YuA triii;;
and Inntruction iJook centitu?e but a miihU pai-t
f the yarietr coostantly on hand, all of trnkii
will be old on tlie bhjcI Ururabie tem.j.
rry Ortr aolieited.
kl. Johubury, Not. 16, UM 7tf
Greatest Cure in the World for Pain .
von itiici.n iTistt, Et ualgia, stiit joi.ts, AC
I da not jirooe to cure every lisc:ist, onlv r rertnin c'ns.t numd in my direc
tions 1 will J'oifi it $lU0 if the Klectric O.7. aU at OORXKR WALNTT &
cSth STREETS, fails to euro a single case of Rheumatism or Ruins in the Hack
or Limbs. Riles Sores, or Burns, Kcvcr Sorvs, Uloors, Caked Breast, Sore Nip
ples, Bronchial Affection., Swelled Glands, Felon. Siillness in the Joint? or Neek ;
aUo, Palpitation. To rrniovt nil soreness or swelling in from 5 to 20 minutes, if
plied to any patient, male or female, in the Aliiiflion.-e or any public institution in
the city.
Tor t.i convenience of Dealers an 1 individuals ouv ... Vii anv have uVl it without deriving
of tins Mate, 1 have appomteJ Mr. IKK D. h. kor idl-i iii !--
SMIl il. of Montpelier, iv lob-.t e A,:nt,ai.d SVtrA I II. BE!.! IT
he ii! W at ail time suntUrd ph af f within an hour.nnd many are they wbohave been
my " UfXl'IXK I I. Ell Kit OIL." I w.kl 'rteetly rure-LM Kh-umatisin, Nen-s!gin, hp. mil
urgo upon all dahr in Mfdirme M oHer tit -m 'fonchia! C m; taints, Cv. up, '1 ic 1K1. r- i;x,
Mr. Smith a supply of my Oil nt once, Usl thev rri,"". Cnnnp., Piles, Spra!i and llrnies. Cut
mav be able to answer the earliest ib uianun He1""' onti!. welirii lilaiuls and Sml .loiuts,
wiii also furnish each dmtirr with SImov CanU, S''fi'.la and KrysiNW. Sore Nipples and Sei:
Posters, and looo Cin nhira, with their name "'l '''. Sat Kin-urn and Canker in the mouth
printed thereon a agent. (Head the loiWiwn-g "r "'onin. li, Krnntion and n't kip.la of Sores,
proclamation.) A K. SMI I II, ( i. ttUt, PliiU. Headache toothncbn in five or t. u minute-:)
t!!00. 1MIOCM?! VTIOX.
Tit the Mayor and Citizens of Philadrl-
pltitl llitd the Union:
I-- . i-, . - i r
I propoo to test niv Klectnc Od mi anv cae of
tflw.n,n'.t;vio V. 1 l'..,l, , .1 .. .. l.i,
tuiut. Fever and Acne, Tet'ei, Felon, bwi-oinu-s
of all kind. Cramp-, lie.ntiess, (and some other
cases that 1 have treated sucee-stully,) and to lor-
nnm.:iM.:..ii mv Genuine Electric Oil doe. nJt ,i V m"ulk"",: U?"r
mrke an etlectmil cure m each -ase. inru.lnaiie .r . .u : .,-; -! the ..m e-, u turned by
I.r..l. C. Van !.,. No. ;!. Fail st.. Tr-mton, , i ' i "I
vi . i i i .i !oinaili, or some itNtutbatirc iT the e ectric
N. .1., an o. I an-! ex-enci.ced gciitlCTtiii, camo to ... , ,, . , , ' , ,.
, i i t . , . i . ,i tiU"t it. .!, i , rtaT!i it 15 TTir mv r. ertnr Oil is
ntv establishment Mi Saturday, ami sal. , lie ,,, , i , -, . , . .
i ,.,... f,.,i . i ;. i. f io .- readilv absorocd into, it it it' m.t actna Iv siic-
iia-i neve I a ed n a sir::lc ca-e of ilhcntnati-in i , .- i , 1
u -HI, i.l li I i i . . plv a d. Iieu ncx in, and e.jU.i Hie cireulutloii
itll in; ill'. lie buvs several dozen at a time, ' r , , ,., , V -. ; i. i'
and haC more than a veir past, lie Mv ' it i. ''V. T ."VV'Y" '".' , .
n, l. ... ., ;,. .' if i " i e j ii Let the skeptical and the huinm.e io .k into this
?J,. n ,' , '' ,r , o' ' 'f ""matter-torit'the-etliii-sa-eso
tmntile in ennns P 1 i!e ctfeetinl'e, and I do not
use injurious medicines. My pur " FiWtric t ' 1" A EI A 151! AS.lfiB! I TEltr!STri
is enough, l'.e careful of the counterli ;ts. young 1 will take anv ca-e from the ho-pitnU to te-t it
scamps who u-e my certicate- to sell ami deccim ail. My l.l.-ctr.e Oil' i- pirn-nut and innocent;
the people. Only one lep.t, that is N. E. corner no daiiiur of odd or re-ae-ion. a all will bear me
Waifiut and F.ighth street, Philadelphia. All mv itm . fume un.l s- for ouicive.
Ixittles must have my name in the l:i-s. All the N. K. corner ) aleut tind L:rhth Ms . Phi'a.
tuns advertised iu this paper a vear or two pn-t fj. None wild bv ppd'art. All mv bottle- baro
Mere made by my Oil. Gome and e the cert ill- luv name blo n iu ami ihe new wrH.ier bear my
cites of i)Vfl citixens. A L. SMITH. Chemist, s' pmtu-e to prevent itnp.i!ton on the public.
FUIKXDS OF II l-M. IT V. A- ' Ji--in " c"-'-'
To you (u!ayfcdisii.s.,l to aid the sutlerii.c) it PricCf ,25 CS.,J0 Cts., flliS $1, per Ecttle.
may arjie ir incredible, alter in vain tr. ii.g ail the N. It. Th larje bottles ten times the cbeapc-t.
' wonderful' medicines ot the dav, that oneappli- U. W. N J K, Ira-burh, a.id one Agent i-every
cation externally and a few drops taken internal- tov, n. 4lm3
FKKD. K. SMITH. Drtlpjift, Montpelier. sn!u Wholesale and IJetstil Acent,
fur Vermont, fur Dr. Smith' Outline " KLKCTKIC (MI.," Philadelphia. "
Knowledge is Power! Aministrator's Sale.
vtiserine xieaa, rnrerice Jseannprrsi-AXT t.aBr.i,-r ..fc.n, win i.ej.i
" " - " " I I at pnhl'c aurtion on the I hiv of IVeeui-
rriIK mb-criber would take this method to in-; tier t:-xt on tae promise, ti-.u lollowii.g Talnablo
JL lonn liis (.HI eusioiliel ll leleis, Kiel i
' I"
lie generally, that lie ha- once more retinne-l irum
the city markeis with the Urge-t stock ot' books
an.! stationery hich he has cer had, and i -
prepared to tell them at trie very
Lowest 3?ricc3.
Amotig his assoi tment may be found ns u-u:! ; lion t,( u mall Itoit-e and t, adjoining the atxive
most of the standard lli-toris and l'u.is, und ; leseribed promises ; together with WindoW
most ol the new publications of the day, iich as : frame-, s.i-li, Giuss, and other articlts of pct
tlie Con.pie-t of Kansas; the History oi tl.e Mor-' sonal nropprty.
mous; S.i It Water Hubbies; 'l ale- ol the Ocean: i '1 he shop, coi-tain a Plaining Maeh'no, Cir
I lie Hills of shateinuc; Hook of Good hx.uii-jcuiarb.iu-, 'turning; hatla, iciuiaut Machine,
pies; ihe Morning star, or Symbid- of liris' ; e. ,Vc, all in good ruimine order.
Pioneeis ot the t est : Young Lady's Guide to; The pioperty is situate 1 witlnn otiC-fonrtli (( a
Perli-ct Gentility; What a Woman 'u:i llo, Vhat!mile of ihel'.iurt Ib.use, is easy fit' feces., m,,!
a Mother can 1 udiire: Mrs. Stowe's neiv work I within tl.ri-e or lour lnOes ot the Pa-snmp-ic.
"ltred;" Uic Curse htitailed ; several of T. S. ' UaiSroad nw in process ot beinif extended ; and
Arthur's r.t w work-, (very clu-np) A Good 'i ime i as a whole the projMrrty l- roi.bitter.-it the most
Coming; lleadley'e S:u red Plum-; Inath l'.e t desirable u ;,ter p. ivilcgc in .orlhein Vermont.
Scenes; the Kiclies of Grace; the 'hiiin of Sn . j '1 he ii.cuuihn.i-ce., lia h have heretofore tx
creit Wonders; Pr. Cinnmings' cciopl-.te works, isted to prevent a s..!e of tl.e properly are now
. Ill vols, very thtiap). A few ii. "i c of I'.e.iet.-s reiuovcd, atel il.c estate must be sold without
American Family Physicim, (all I could gei j ' reserve.
Hay ward's t nitcd States Gazeteer, (price reduced j Sale to commence at 10 o'clock A. M : Teima
to 42,00) ilick's Vioris complete; Pierce and made know t the time ami place of -ale : th
Hum's Notes and i.'ommeiithries of ail tinls. ; premises w ill be shown and information given to
These are a few among the many, together with any pet-on demrou i4 ptirehasing at anv time,
a large lot of ' , hy'app.icalii.n to the sub-c.i il.er.
Hii.gra.hical, Schix.l, Medical, G.ft, I'lani at. 1
Chii'lreu's iloois lio iiuiuroti- to meii;it n, at 1 1-1
ces which are warranted to giie ciitirt mtijjm---lion.
j els.
of almost every dc-eription frfnu
s !
Sear- retetirate.l I letorial S!. dollar Itibie lor
(si.nuoand the Plniadi lid.ia and New Vo l i iiur
to Family Hihle at u still greater reiluctiou l:om
the publ.shcrs ciiy nccs.
ScllOOl BOOliO
as usual, of eveiv k.ui at pr.ee- whkh i.l posi -
tivelv defy all competition. He would call par
tivuiar MtiviitKm to his iiBSortini-nt ol Stationery,
which is now coinpiete, m.d which h.i. U-iu
seh cted with great care, and with direct r-krei.ee
to the wants of his customers, en. I mciii" plain
and bincv note and letter paper from 6 to 2', cents
n.-r r. lore. Knveloces Iroin 1 cts. l.i-r L li.
mre. hnvelopes Iroui 'i ct-. pi i pa, A to ii I . , ' ' ' " "' " '"" -uci s.-e .1 m
pack, and everv thin? couitecfd villi the'"" Or.eu.s Indep.n.l. m Standard, anew, paper
.i.crv line at prices corresponding v. ith the 1 1'1'".'1'1 ,'t Iriu-tmruli, in this Mate, the lat of
cent- pack,
stiit:. )l
uIkivc. I luii.iiol lor loiiner f ivors, he ho:s that
by an upright course of dealing ami a caretu!1
exclusion ol all noiis of Oouhllii! ten, lei. cy, to;
merit and receive a L'o'.d share ot pnhiic pal ri.-tt;. '
Craftsbur;.-, Nov. 2u, ltJii Li.f !
. I!. Any worit aliich maybe wanted by any
of bis customers that he !.' not happen to hnv. -
.... I......I l, u.ill l.u 1 ........ in ........ .... fl.v
which nis arraiienieu's witii toe i.ut.iishei-. ,a;
en; o!e inn to do at short jiotue. ;.!,! at tt;. L..v
est prices.
Ciikviki: Hri ws.
The .'iif jr
.i:rcfi. Mi
i l.uUr.U-'l," by Mr. Ji. li. i.ni'i.uw,
liho; l!H...!;r;e cf tU ll-th.-It 'L
iiv? in ivr i.rt'l.nji- " Uv t-o: v it-iiti-iu
this ifntk wu v.ritvu Uii.Jcr Ihe h.mi ywufi
lw.it St. I'aui le 1 1 Hi!!. h-Kc!aiiu.vt ' lor i - t: -
r ty ii laid iifi'-Ti inn : v.t( w 5 mf ;t 1 j n-iu l.
rhi'y ! ii;rl l wiiivh t ie I'hi-Uju Lit:
snrn, ' It i t!'t srrer.t-t work vt hU'.iUf
L In lJ 'loin1' to " 1r.r.l," aii.l h b.tok whii
everv o'rfiy oitk'-it to icH-t. 'tti, ye tamisier read
It aud set- yuur rcspousiUiit ' ! (l,i, y- pi-.- siae
rv church meuil.erc, read ; and l.ciuiil.'! lib.
ye oth. e hoider-s and otf.ee s. ei.ei lead it anl
i.lush' Oh, e mothers rh your ii.ui;u bid."
io vour krm.s, read it and toil. is that lin y nnv be
kida;ipt.-d and Utttt tioui lour eiijitr.iiir ai.-I i.ohi
into perjK.io:.l G(Itttrt--.-, ai.d t.hef. xtjti wi:l tiy- t.ut
nation'. KUilt ! Oh, ye ciiibimi and youth r.-a f
it. ami Ictru to hale ri.ivci v with a pei lett hti:rad .'
Oh, everybody read it, tor it a, Cv-iued to muse
a ere.it selisailol. I Ol.c idtfe 12 Oi ... pi '.. t- 1
fc,rsalby GHI.SII.U jatOVk;,'.
Ciali.bury, liov. 4.J, Uij
t, u. i r i ,
ii c i .
Ai:n:TiNG-oi.e j
" "
! l .,tflfir.,l ttt flltu.t tr tl. I'.
Hmi in lnibiirij. (-n the 24 'I m ty 4 J,:x.ii
nry liir. nt u k I'. (,r th urmt u
;h(x;ii-- liv lii c-v t ot wi.J H-iiik l.r t'nt u
fcuif.j; war. 1- N. CtMiM A.X, CUiir.
It OOM Paper from loto 12 1-2 t.. per ro'le :
It Uo featm lif 17 ct. at 1;, Vi.i. II.. j
IliOCKKliY and Git. ae, the very Ut a.
fcoiiim-nt at
X. V,.
ALT! hAtxl tALTi 4Z,0'Jdlby .""btjb.icftobr, A. It- W'i t'tir F Ib.v. .!'mi.iti.
ry-f is. M . 1M(.
KTTI.lt Writer
ill tt.l I u'.er that ;!!
1 Ju t , i
L 1
J pieue tl.eiu t
Ly u,, ot Vaitkee W.ot,,.
tAUGAli tat b bad ia Ciuhnier blmwi
Et 11. .iia..
n plaia all wool ) Liln eaaunt
le beaten for t.ufy vi color aud euaie i
ctric Oil,'1 will to very
rer from ti e most vio
lent pains; t't it i a fact, as testified by goo-!
niso, i iiuii.; .ii ur ijore or 1 cn.itr 1 ct. iiwtll
I n sci. n tl.al
I do not Profess tO Cure Everything,
but only n certain class ot complaint--; nil of
ii" ii " re cnri.o.e on iinij.e r retne flml t lipm-
. ,. , . ,, v ,
leal pnitci',le, tliroiif1! th i.miiltH'4 of mv Llcc-
' und toe Nctvo Vital 1 laid of
he human
-' e ,,,in
; opeiandi
lu-uiti.ilic ;
f progi-ps-iM ai.J ever
ii, i nniert. c'lv under-
heal I slate, viz :
' About eiL''it or nine aercn of laud ; and water
' ;i"ii il.'te iHMrtlie v ii'ice ia li-ashor-h ; on which
;is n Saw Mill, MachiVe Shop, Iron Foundry,
Llackstuith Shop, Stiu-co Mid Iraine. (partly en-
e!o-e..) ti ree Owe ling hoa.es, out tiUllo.ng.-,
Store houses, ic. Also, the F'li.itv of rcdcUiii-
I'.- KIAI!t.!.h, A.!m:ai:n.tor.
Irn-btircli, (let 22, 1 s .".; 4 2 3.
S'l'ATi: or VEIC.TIO.T,
I Hit f AXS l is! l:n r, ss.
T a I'roi te Coiiit, hulJeit at I'n.bate Office
.a .
and tor said lh..tn--t.
on the 3d .lev ot Pccr-ml er. A I. 1
AN 1SS I 1,1 MI-.N I , !,iirjHrtil:?r to be the ?nst
( Wiii ami K-stamcit ol M AUGAIIKT MILhhlt,
I trtte c! Greel.-h ,ro'. in Said OisLra-t. li.a ease. I bhi
Ipreseute.) to the court lo re for I'ibbate by Peter
! llu;''''"",i,n' ''' ,!,r"n """' "
! ''ee.ie, it is ordered by (aid C.ui. that
! . il e '' ''" 'o all j.er.uns coactrm-d
i "."'""' 10 I'l'l-'-a- before said Court, at u as-mm
i "''i''"'' "' Bt I'H-bnrgh. on the 11th day
j"' '"'inoo'y, A. l. JM7, and route,! tl.e Pinnate
I"' , fa"' VI,,J " ' iortlu i-irf.lered, that tin
1 " '"ht . i s sucs'-s.
,:iiii-n sumi ua ,revius to the day ewenea. aa
af.r.'sai.i lor la ttru.g. Given under my hand tit
the Probate OiTicp. at Irasburgh, '.hi-Sd day of
DeM-in,er, A. It. l-ai
4h:i M.i;sll Ah GA i.'PKNThli. Judge.
Gill. LANS UlsTllKT, SS.
a Prol-a'e Court ):!.! ::f Trasl.nr'h in sid
! . ...
I w '
, .
Oistuct 011 il;e 21 nay of ltect-mbtr, A. I).
1 wm.r.TAS 1 T'i a! .zr.i! T. cunant, r.xe-
!-ir of the h.f W.M .n. ! I tt:iT.i-. ni .( Af,iii C
j i'.;ti.ltr( !ut ..1 in--;i!M.tr, in iVir rX, f1-
1 ii.in;'r-iti .r . tj 1 r--Mit hi- Mfcoui.t 11111111
!t,tii i-.f.-.U' f r i-yiiuit:'!i":i Hii'i u'A'.wuure tor the
t riMi't, tn i
' Vi thf f.-:t;f
I It l tllfii
-r( wU. rf hv
Mthl court that the
,Hi(i '',fillt Uijil.rconhl-rt: mii lt:iri
1 ltt? 'i'ha;U.1.,-e l-hurli. tU VAk H
Aotl it i li.nbe
intt rested I f itott.'ie.d
coov of tl e r-cord of
tiiis o.-oei ni i:.e ;nt-.iri. lfiiiemoel.nt St.ttdmd,
;-r t.'e ! at Ir.i-t.ot-el1( iliree we. A. siit-t e.i v.y
previous Io ..o.i TITO ot liearlli, that ll. y miv
ilt.l.eur l.f, I l ootest th" lilbt-Vlinee f S', 4 If'COIIIlf,
.1 lli. y see e,. u-..; 1,1,,! ai-u he heaid l y w.itt
tvtuit io the o.;iter ol' paftition at. 1 i tr. nation
Ol Said C'tte.
Pv tit Court.
!9 ' M. AitPr'N'l I R, .It; Ve.
statu r vi:i:.mot,
llsll tit t.i-k.Am, K.
T a Piobt'e t't.url. l.ol.ien at I'r..m'.t 'bCite
In lia.hiu-.-ii,- wiih:n and f..-r fc.-ti'l i:str:cf,
trti li.t ittit .if i ol lie-ember, ls:
AX J. I I: I. ll-.. I , tn.jMnnif tube the la-t
ttluiiitU Icii nientoi IIKMtiLI I A A. MIAO'I",
; ia'.c l.f CiAenli'V, ill ili.trtet. Cet Hseit, lieir
prrvt.t-d t- In... eoMit tieie l.y .Hwati B. W keeloelf .
i tht fcxt-x.tt therein nrme t, lor I itrfiti.e .
j It i. i.i...ii Ly ..ud t imn. tht nil persona
IfMa-BMil IlKleiuU notified l opjieer et a
'"'''" " "' '' ' "' '" L tio'-hn ai Probata
iiih.-t, in Ijvi-Outcii, on li e lib rfy of January,
I . i,,. ..... ,.t ..ti l Vi .,, uho-k
pnrpsse, it i- iuiitier orJen 'I, tiirtt inviiy o the
retold i.f thi oi.ier. be pub.isiiid thtee weeks
.U eeeslveiy. ill !.e 'irU-ti.,, liiOHjrfrlia.iot Stoo l.
rl, a t;r j-int'-d at Iroabureb, ieiou. to
.tj.il l.uie aj-jfi.ateri lor tifi:ili.
A tn.e t:o; v if ri-.-ti i.
6 A:l.t. tM'AIIfl.XTrt:, Jui-ge.
h i i'i i: tv Minnow,
hl.l.l IM lurfcH T, t
j I K Pf. l-.ti-f'. t.ri l oi.Un at tr...l.ar2h, Vilhin
'1 and fr l I i. :r t t, ,ri ti e ; I, !.. v uf l-
js..,., v.. -t.: wot'i.wr.
a, p.e(.n u.
I'o.tii.tratloii sr7.t.t for n-ffifuiot.
V. ieiiup. it u intrrt l li.it tiw wm. I Kf
fi-rre-l to tl Jt'i day of Jiiury, Ji7, t the
; '-- . ! ""ZiV
Uitifcf'f. by in) pnio'tioii l tti oroer ia Ita
,Ml,4 t lrwbursti. tlirra w-k lu-tcively
,M ,-J(, , ,3r jjjt tlirvuia apjtr, ami at
-d Line and tiWt, .1 '.bir tue, ibjael
;-: r.urK.NlTi:, ju'te.
ly, of mv (conning ' Lb
suddenly rv aove the suth

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