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Tho Standard
At A. EAKLE, Edltoi.
Barton, Tuesday, Oct. 24, 1870.
Terms of the Standard $2,00 In advance ; nd
no paper discontinued until all arrearage are
paid, except at the option of the publisher.
hate of Advertising,
One column, one year, $8S00
Half column, -WOO
One fourth column, 30 00
One square 12 lines or less one year, 800
One square three weeks, 1 60
Legal notices at 15 cents per line.
Clubbing with the Standard.
In our first notice of the Household we
were wrong when we called it a nixteen
imjre monthly. Not having it before lis
wj ijuwtl at it, became we knew nixteen
pages was enough, and more than enough,
for the price. Let us rectify our mistake
now, before we forget it. It contains twen
ty four piiges, and has four columns of mat
ter to the page making ninety nix col
umns each issue, and all this we furnish
for fifty cents, to all those not now sub
scribers to that paper. So, gentlemen,
when the time is up for which you have
paid for the Standard, send us 2.50 for
another year and take the Household for
the wife and laughter, whilo you who now
owe for the Standard one or more years,
send us the money for what you are behind
and ?lf0 in advance, take the Household
and resolve to do better in the future.
Uemenibcr what we said of this cheap, but
excellent magazine, and when your time
is up next January, or a little before, send
us 2.'i0 and take the Standard and Wood's.
We will euaranty that it shall be sent or
the money refunded.
This U a first cla Magazine, published
at l'liiladclphia, by L. I!. Hamerlsy & Co.
Trice. S-l.oo. We will club it with the
Standard for S2,"0 S 1.00 for both. It has
128 pages. This magazine is made up of
choice selections from the current litera
ture ot the Old World. This is the mag
azine for the storv reader.
We will club the Standard w ith the Sat
urday Evening Post, to Jan. 1, 1S72, for
:t.0. The price of the Postalone i?2."0.
It is a splendid paper, published at l'liila
dclphia. It is an eight page sheet. We
irive a notice of it elsewhere under the head
r -
of "three months for nothing."
PET El tSON'S M At; A Z I N E.
We offer Peterson's Magazine and the
Standard together for s:..riO.' Price of the
Magazine alone is 2.". Pay up to Jan.
1, 1S72, and we will give both to that date.
For we will give the Iloston Week
ly Post (democratic), and the Xaudard to
Jan. 1, 1872. Every person in Vermont
knows the character of the Post, as being
the best democratic paper in the country,
the ablest edited and the most reliable pi
per in the interest of that party.
Cocstv Fair. Orders for premiums
have been made out by the president and
secretary for fifty cento on a dollar on the
amount awarded. This reduction becomes
neccessary on account pfthesmall receipts
at the last fair and the large awards. Those
who will take the trouble to look over the
list as reported will see about $700 award
ed. The receipts were :
For gate tickets,
Membership tickets sold at lair
" sold by committee,
Legislature of Vermont.
17, 1870.
Paid for hay.
Fair Ground Co.
Alex. Hyde.
Premium list in pamphlets.
these expenses with others for gate keep
ers, watchmen &c. will reduce the amount
To about $400 with which to pay premiums.
Z. E. Jameson, See'y.
Ai crto.vs. Flease note the chauces for
large purchases in the way of auctions and
other sales, advertised in this paper. Am
ong which is the property olTVred by E. C.
Baker & Co., of Prownington, who have
a large lot of stuff to dispose of, and there
must be good bargains amongst it. R. W.
Winslow of South Walden, also offers his
farm for sale. A good farm we hear, and
a gaod town we inmr. The Peabody place
in Coventry is offered for sale, also, but
not at auction, we suppose. It is probab
ly the best farm in the county and it will
take a mint of money to buy it. The farm
ing tools, stock, hay and grain, dairy tools
and household furniture are to be sold at
auction, llufus I). Wilson of Sutton of
fers his farm for sale, and J. H. Williams
advertises a fine farm in Craft.sbury. No
tice also the two auctions advertised by
Wm. Twombly in Brownington. H. & F.
S. Cobleigh of this town also sell a large
amount of valuable property on the 2Gth.
Three Months for Nothing. That
old and admired weekly literary paper.
The Saturday Evening Post, offers to send
to all New Subscribers for 1871, who send
in their subscriptions by the first of No
vember, the numbers for October begin
ning Oct. 8. j, November and December,
without charge being thirteen additional
papers cratis, or 1" Months in all ! This
is putting the subscription price to new
subscribers at about cost, but we suppose
the idea is to run up a large circulation.
The price of The Post is S2..10 a year ; two
copies for $4.00 ; 4 copies for 0.00 ; 5 cop
ies and one gratis SS.00. Every singli
2.ou subscriber, as well as every one
who gets up a club, gets a beautiful Pre
mium Engraving. We advise our readers
to look into this offer before subscribing
for other city papers. The Post is a large,
page sheet, and full of excellent reading.
amples of The Post are sent gratis. Ad
ress 1 1. Peterson & Co., 319 Walnut street,
Kesignation of Secretary Cox.
Ax Earthquake. The whole earth
as been shaken by another earthquake.
The one that was so generally felt in this
icinity last Thursday, was felt all over
the country so far as we have any accounts,
and also in Europe. It was attended by
the usual concomitants of rattling of dish
es, ringing of bells, toppling an occasional
loose brick from ancient chimneys, &c.
Though covering a great extent of country,
yet it was "no great shakes" after all.
Hon. J. D. Cox, Gen. Grant's able Sec
retary of the Interior, has handed in his
resignation to the President, to take effect
on. The Secretary has been dogged to
this net by the association admiuis,,.-
tion thieves and grand swindlers which
throng all the avenues of government at
Washington, and who hang on the skirts
and tug at the sleeves of republican otfi
cials having an ounce of influence in any di
rection. Mr. Cox has made himself spec
ially obnoxioils to this class by
his straightforward course in managing
the affairs of his department and thwarting
them in their attempts to manage him.
These locusts born when the cloud of war
hung heavy and dark over the country
and who grew to such surprising stature
during its contiuuai.ee, seem to think that
the war still continues, and that the day
of fat jobs and swindling contracts is bright
as ever. They fasten upon this adminis
triition, and like the horse leecu, cry
"Give, give," which Secretary Cox has
persistently refused to do, save in such
cases as he deemed worthy. He has check
ed the land thieves who would rob the
country of millions of its fair domain, and
saved it from the ruthless grasp of giant
corporations to be the home of the settler
and has kept the white ruffians from the
ludian reservations. Hut what has lately
aroused the ire of these men is his refusa
to allow the small clerks of his department
to be robbed of their earnings to help th
republicans in Pennsylvania carry thei
late election.
It is the practice now as it has been fo
years for those who manipulate the po
litical wires in Washington, on the eve of
an important election, to issue circulars
demanding sums of money graded accord
ing to the size of the salary of the office
holder to be expended in carrying sue
election. Among the well informed i
political management this is no secret. W
have seen more than one such. This spe
cies of robbery Mr. Cox has resisted, an
would not permit his clerks to be thus
swindled for fear that they might lose their
positions if they did not respond to the de
mantis. Thus has he incurred the anger
of these shysters who run the republican
ship and keep her from foundering in ad
verse election gales. He has been a popu
lar Secretary where lionesty is considered
of any importance. He has introduced re
forms into his department that were de
manded dismissing the incompetent, an
retaining those who seemed to be peculiar
ly qualified for their positions, without re
gard to the way they voted. To sum it all
up, Mr. Cox has been driven into passing
over his resignation because he is honent,
and will not steal himself nor allow others
to do so. There is no other conclusion
than tr is to arrive at. If the republican
party Las got to be so corrupt that an hon
est officer cannot hold his office, in peace,
the sooner it goes to pieces the better for
the counti . Our only hope for it is in
Grant He is honest.
McFarlani, the Murderer. Dan
iel McFarland, the murderer of A. D.
Richardson, was committed to jail in New
York on the 18th inst., sentenced for ten
days for drunkenness. He was terribly
Pesotteci wi,n arrested, and his Lead cov
ered with cuts and bruises.
Monday, Oct
In the absence of the President and Pres
dent pro tempore, the Senate was called to
order by the Secretary at 4 o'clock p. m.,
and on motion of Mr. Camp, adjourned.
3:30, P. M.
Journal of Frida7 read and approved.
On motion of Mr. Ruttertield, adjourned.
Tuesday, Oct. 18.
Joint Resolution 15y Mr. Bailey, grant
ing the use of the Representatives' Hall to
the Vermont Colonization Society for their
annual meeting on Thursday evening, Oct.
20th; adopted.
Bills introduced and referred By Mr.
Carpenter, by request, in amendment of
ch. 9 g. s., entitled "of public accounts ;"
to judicial committee.
By Mr. Pingry, in addition to ch. lib,
j. s., entitled "of offences against the pub
ic peace:" to committee on education.
By Mr. Bailev, by request, relating to
Insurance Agents ; to general committee.
Mr. Camp called up the Senate bill .No.
2, to pay the persons named the sums
therein mentioned, (the widow of the late
Gov. Washburn and Gov. Hendee, return
ed from the House with a substitute bill.)
Mr. Camo explained the original bill as
drawn by him, and the Senate refused fo
agree to the substitute proposed by the
By. Mr. Hastings, in amendment of ch.
83, g. s., of the grand list (prescribing an
oath for listers or assessors, to be placed
upon record before entering upon their du
ties; providing blanks with an oath affix
ed for each tax payer which the lister is
authorized to administer, with other pro-,
visions, repealing sec. 27 and 28 of ch. 83) ;
to general committee.
Joint Resolution By Mr. Heath, that
the Committee on Education be directed
to enquire and ascertain whetherany acad
emy, grammar school or seminary charter
ed by this State and receiving funds from
the public lands, lends its influence to the
upbuilding of, or sends its students to the
College or Colleges of other States; and,
also, how many students lrom v ermont
are now pursuing their studies in the col
leges of other Slates and if any in what
college, and to report to their respective
Houses as soon as may be and also to sug
gest any remedy thouirht expedient in the
premises; adopted.
Joint Resolution By Mr. Camp, for a
Joint Assembly on Thursday next at half
past two o'clock p. in., to elect a Secretary
of the State, Auditor of Accounts.Sergeant-at-Aruis,
Commissioner of the Insane,
Railroad Commissioner, Adjutant and In
spector General, Quarter Master General,
Jude Advocate General, Superintendent
of the State Prison, three Directors of the
State Prison, three Trustees of the Ver
mont Reform School, tor the two years en
suing; adopted.
Un liiution of Mr. Kennedy, adjourned.
Reports By Mr. Pingry, for judiciary
committee, favorably on h. 24 in amend
ment ot ch. 2")2 g. s. ; read third time and
passed in concurrence.
Un motion of Mr. Pingry, the Senate
proposed to the House to amend the title
of the biil by adding the words '"entitled
of repairs of highways and bridges.-'
liv Mr. Ross, tor judiciary committee,
with a substitute for s. 9 to amend sec. 4j !
ofch. 15 g. s., relating to the duties of
selectmen. The substitute provides that
if constables neglect to give bonds at the
expiration of twenty days, their office shall
become vacant. Substitute adopted and
third reading ordered, the original bill be
ing ordered to lie.
By Mr. Dickerman, for judiciary com
mittee, with amendments to h. 23 relating
to express carriers ; proposals of amend
ment agreed to, and on motion of Mr.
Heath, ordered to lie and made the s-pecial
order for Wednesday afternoon at 2i
By Mr. Pingry, in amendment of sec. 2,
ch. 119 g. s., relating to offences against
the public peace ; to committee on judic
iary. I lhe bill provides a penally tor the
use of torpedoes, fire crackeis, &c, in
Kesoiution Bv Mr. Gardner, directing
the committee on banks to enquire what
legislation is necessary to provide tor ex
aminations of the savings banks ot the
tate and reports of the condition to the
Ittialaturo . nd.MHcd.
On motion of Mr. Grander, adjourned.
There were received by the Slate
at the same time for the pro
ceeds of the sales of military
property, as per account cur
rent, 6,463 57
In 1803. May 25, the amount of
the "Direct Tax" laid under
act of Congress ofl8G4, was
applied in liquidation of the
war claim, and amounted to 179,487 80
At the same time there was paid
Hon. John B. Page, then
Treasurer, 152,891 31
Iu 18G7, Sept 4, there was paid
the State, 57,637 71
In 1869, June 17, there was paid
the State, 49,691 90
And on the 4th day of Aug. of
the same year, there was paid
the State, 58,364 41
The State has also received for
the sale of the lands and
buildings of the Sloan Hospi
tal, at Montpelier, 16,500 00
These payments amount to $795,960 60
A Gai.e. A smart gale of wind passed
over the State, and as far as the Atlantic
coast, last Tuesday. Trees were uprooted,
buildings unroofed, awnings torn down,
and a general scattering of things made.
Hurricane in Cuba. News from Cu
ba informs us that a hurricane, on the 16th,
destroyed 2000 lives iu the cities of Mata-
moras and Cardenas. It is said to have
been the worst that has occurred there in
century. A vast amount of property
was destroyed.
Renominated. Banks, Butler and
Dawes, have all been renominated for Con
gress in their respective districts in Massa
The trial of Marshall Goff for the
murder ot Harris, was concluded at
tit. Albans ou Friday last by his ac
quittal and discharge; the jury de
eided it to be a case of justifiable
Homicide. This verdict lias shock
ed the moral sense of the whole com
munity where the parties were known.
There was nothing in the quarrel be
tween Harris and Goff to necessitate
the use of firearms, and the verdict
of tho community, notwithstanding
what Judge or Jury may say, is that
Harris was shot in cold blood. Here
is how they feci on the subject in
Richford, where the deed was done.
We copy from the Richford Sentinel:
"The Verdict rendered by the jury
in the GofT trial, caused a profound
sensation in Richford Saturday after
noon. In every store and hotel and
in the streets small crowds could be
seen warmly discussing it. There
wa3 a general feeling of indignation
that Goff should be set at liberty,
and there were those who thought if
such was to be the result in our
courts of justice, in the future, an ap
peal better be had to Judge Lynch,
and thus, not only get justice but also
save unnecessary expense to the State.
The excitement in no wise abated
when Goff. accompanied by his wife,
arrived in town about 7 o'clock in
tho evening. He proceeded to his
house, and a few impelled by friend
ship or curiosity, visited him. He
appeared to be nervous and exhaust
ed and weot freely. Durinz the
night some parties erected a small
gallows before the house, on which
was a DOtice warning him to leave
town." The night brigade however,
"had their labor for their pains," lor
Goff had gone out of the village to a
relative's to pass the night."
One evening last week as Mr. Grow, mail
carrier f'om Barton Landing to Browning
ton, was taking his team from the shed he
dropped one of his reins, his horses started
and commenced kicking, breaking the pole
to his wagon. Mr. Grow escaped uninjur
ed which was a great wonder to bystand
ers. l-lrprr.
Once there was a little small man who
wa going through a great big long piece
of woods, and when the little small man
had got about in the middle of the big long
piece of woods, a tremendous large black
bear jumped right out into the road, and
the little small man looked at the tremen
dous large black bear, and the tremendous
large black boar looked at the little small
man, and that was all they said, "which
was a great wonder to bystanders."
A Libel Suit. Hon. D. S. Bennett,
member of Congress from the Buffalo, N.
Y., district, sued the editor of the Com
mercial Advertiser of that city, for libels
published in that paper, laying his dama
ges at $100,000. The case was tried last
week, and on the 20th, the jury after being
out an hour and a half, returned with a
verdict for the defendent.
If you feel dull, drowsy, debilitated,
have frequent headache, mouth tastes
badly, poor appetite and tongue coat
ed, you are suffering from Torpid
Liver or "Biliousness," and nothing
will cure you so speedily and perma
nently as Dr. Pierce's Alt. Ext. or
Golden Medical Discovery. It also
cures the worst lingering Coughs, at
the same time strengthening and puri
fying the whole system. Remember
that Dr. Pierce's private U. S. Gov
ernment Revenue Stamp bearing up
on it his portrait, name and address,
is upon every bottle of the Genuine.
Sold by druggists.
O.vlv one town is missing from the
census returns of Massachusetts, and
the result in the State is as follows
Population in I860, 1,231,066; in
1865,1,237,021; in 1870, 1,457,251,
gain of 190,220 in five years.
There are twenty-three towns and
cities in th,? State with JQ.PQO inhab
Prayer by the Chaplain.
The Journal of yesterday was read and
Bills introduced and referred By Mr.
Whittemore of Milton, in amendment of
sees. 29, 49, and 50, chap. s:5 g. s., relating
to the assessment and collection of taxes ;
to committee on grand list.
By Mr. Ormsbee of Waterbury, to ex
empt piano fortes and other musical in
struments, belonging to a married woman,
from attachment and levy of execution ;
to committee ou judiciary.
By Mr. Field of Guilford, taxing depos
its in savings banks; to committee on
By Mr. Jones of Richmond, relating to
suits in relation to patent rights ; to com
mittee on judicary.
By Mr. Bisbee of Newport, to incorpo
rate the Newport Cemetery Association ;
to committee on corporations.
By Mr. O! instead of Franklin, to increase
the powers and duties of town clerks ; to
committee on judiciary.
By Mr. Wood of Fairhaven. to repeal
sec. 20, ch. 05 g. s. relating to the convey
ance of real estate ; to committee on judic
iary. "By Mr. Fairbanks of St. Johnsbury, to
regulate the movements of trains at the
crossing of one railroad by another j ail
road ; to committee on railroads.
Joint Resolution From the Senate that
the State Librarian be insturcted to pur
chase 200 copies of the first volume of the
collections of the Vermont Historical So
ciety for the library ; adopted in concur
rence. By Mr. Phelps of Grafton, to amend
sec. 1 of an act to amend sec. 25, ch. 33 g.
., relating to process and other matters,
approved Nov. 1808; to committee on ju
diciary. By Mr. Beaman of Poultney, relating to
the payment of costs in criminal prosecu
tions before justices of the peace; to com
mittee on judiciary.
Bills introduced and referred By Mr.
Grout of Barton, relating to the grand list ;
to committee on grand list.
By Mr. Fairbanks of St. Johnsbury, by
request, for the relief of the families of in
sane persons; to general committee.
By Mr. Jones of Dover, in amendment
of sec. 15, ch. 1, relating to elections (plu
rality to elect after the sixth ballot); to
committee on judiciary.
By Mr. Bisbee of Newport, in amend
ment of sec. 12, ch. 126 g.s., relating to the
salaries of Judges of Probate; to commit
tee onjudiciary.
By Mr. Wood of Fairhaven, to amend
sec. 68, ch. 31 g. s., relating to justices of
the peace ; to committee on judiciary.
From the Senate relating to college stu
dents of this State; adopted in concurrence.
From committee on judicipry in favor of
h. 34, to amend the existing State laws in
relation to the appointment, duties and
tenure of office of certain State officers ;
third reading ordered.
Senate bills referred!. 7, to amend ch.
179, S. 1, relating to births, marriages
and deaths, and for the better registration
thereof ; to committee on judiciary.
lhe Speaker laid before the House the
report of the Auditor ot Accounts on the
resolution of Mr. blade, ot Middlebury, re
lating to the war claims of the State.
To the House of Hepresentntives now in
iyession :
In compliance with a resolution, adopted
by the House on the 6ih inst., 1 respect
fully submit the following report :
lhe hrst installment ot the war claim ot
this State agaitist the United States was
presented to the 1 reasury Departmental
Washington, March 8, 1862, amounting to
!?b23,S31 61
The second and third instal
ments were presented April 7,
of the same vear, am'ing to 104,431 31
The fourth and fifth installments
were presented May 17, 1807,
amounting to 65,908 00
The sixth installment was pre
sented July ll,1868,amount
ing to 46,169 45
The seventh, eigth, ninth and
tenth installments were pre
sented Sent. 24. 1868,amount-
ing to 65,564 84
The eleventh installment was
presented Oct. 4, 1868, am
ounting to 876 56
Balance claimed by State, Aug.
4, 1869, $108,821 17
The above statement shows the
condition of the war claim of this
State on the 31st August, 1869, as
appears from documents now on file
in this office, and this sum, then un
adjusted, is now suspended and
I am unable to report, at this time,
what portion of this balance is dis
allowed, and what portion suspended,
by the accountiLg officers at Wash
ington, as the " Difference Sheets''
(technically so called) returned to
this office from Washington, are made
in such a manner as to require the
services of a competent accountant
a considerable period of time to as
certain these amounts suspended
claims and claims disallowed being
in the same column, added together
and making one sura total. But I am
of the opinion that at least $40.0000
of this balance is suspended, leaving
the remainder disallowed.
I further report that there was
ready for presentation on the 1st day
of September, 1869, an additional
instalment of said claim of $3 625,15
which has since been presented, and
no portion of which has been allowed
or paid. I have now iu this office a
small additional claim nearly ready
for presentation amounting to $314.
10. I am now corresponding with the
officials of some of the other States
who haw like claims against lhe Gen
eral Government, for the purpose of
procuring such legirlation by Con
gress as shall secure to this and oth
er Mates such portion ot the claims
as seems to be equitably due, as it
is believed that under the strict con
struction of tiie laws now in force on
ly a small portion of this balance
can be obtained.
Respectfully submitted,
Whitman G. Ferrix,
Auditor of Accounts.
On motion of Mr. Slade, of Middle
bury, the report was laid on the ta
ble, and the clerk directed to pro
cure the printing of 300 copies for
the use ot the House.
The House considered the vote of
the Senate disagreeing to the amend
ments proposed by the House to S.
2, (to pay the persons therein named
the sums therein mentioned), the bill
having been returned from the Sen
ate, disagreeing to the amendment
strikiug out so much as relates to
Gov. Hendee.
Mr. Kellogg of Benson moved that
the House insist upou its proposed
auieuduiet.it, and ask of the Senate a
committee of conference on the dis
agreeing vote of the two Houses;
Bills introduced and referred By
Mr. Morgan, of Rochester, relating to
the removal of obstructions or depos
its in streams and rivers ; to general
From committee on highways and
bridges, in favor of h. 50, in addition
to sec. 73, chap. 25, g. s., relating to
highways and bridges; third reading
Read the third time. II. 34, to
amend the existing Statute laws rela
ting to the appointment, duties and
tenure of office of certain State offi
cers; passed.
From committee on judiciary, in fa
vor of s. 7, in amendment of chap.
17, g. s., relating to births, marriages
and deaths, and tho better registra
tion thereof.
Mr. Drake of Royalton proposed
to amend by adding to the first sec
tion the words, "and the certificate so
presented shall be considered by the
person to solemnize tne marriage,
sufficient evidence as to the ages of
the parties proposing to be married,"
which was agreed to; passed with
proposal of amendment.
II. 34, to amend the existing stat
ute laws relating to the appointment,
duties, and tenure of office of certain
State officers; passed
From the House, providing for a
joint committee to take into consider
ation the subject of assessing and col
lecting taxes,; on motion of Mr. Gard
ner ordered to lie,
Bills referred Q. 34, to amend
the existing statute laws relating to
the appointment or election, tenure
of office, and duties of certain State
officers ; to general committee
I rom committee on corporations.
in favor of h. 72, to incorporate the
Newport Cemetery Association ; third
reading ordered.
From committee on judiciary, in fa
vor of h.28, in addition to chap.
s., routing to tne traffic iu intoxica
ting drinks ; with proposal of araeud
tnent. On motion of Mr. Farnsworth
of Windsor, ordered to lie.
Ly Mr. 1 ingry, lor judiciary com
mittee, vith amendments to s. 10, it
addition to chap. Til of g. s , entitled
"Of the administration and distribu
tion of intestate estatts;"' providing
that the lime of absence required shall
be ten instecd of fifteen years ; amend
ment agreed to and third reading or
dered. By M-. Lailey, for committee on
federal relations, against s. 1G, to re
peal clitp. 10S) g. s., relating to per
S3tis claimed as fugitive slaves; third
reading refused.
Specalo;der U. 23, relating to
express carriers was taken up; the
questioi being shall the bill be read
the third time.
Mr. llealh stated that the statute
referrei to seemed to refer only to
personal baggasc. It also provides
that belore baggage shall be sold dil
igent investigation shall be made to
discovc the owner. The bill pro
vides tlat if the articles shall not be
claimec by the owner it may be sold
utid provides uone of the other safe
guards He thought it would bj suf
ticient .0 give express companies the
same rivileges as railroad compa
nies. He therefore moved to amend
by striling out the first section and
substitutes therefor a provision that
sees. 74. "-, "G and 73 of chap. 28
i g. s., shall apply to express companies
in the same manner as to railroad
' and steambrat companies. On mo-
report by bill or otherwise ; adopted
on the part of the House.
II. 31, to amend sec. 15, ch. 35,
g. 8., relating to replevin ; passed.
t rom committee on judiciary in la-
vor of h. 67. exempting a pianoforte
or other musical instrument belonging
to a married woman from attachment
and levy of execution ; with amend
ment which was agreed to ; third
reading ordered.
From committee onjudiciary, against
. 3, to increase the powers and du
ties of county clerks ; third reading
From committee on judiciary, in
favor of h. 45, relating to rate of in
terest. The passage of the bill was
forcibly urged by Mr. Hinckley of
Chelsea, on the ground that we should
allow individuals to let money at as
good rates as we allow corporations
and towns to obtain. The present
law is violated daily, and he thought
it better to legalize such a rate as is
readily obtained, rather than drive
capital out of the State to avoid the
risk of being prosecuted to recover
back the extra interest. Keep the
monev in the State, and the young
men here ; and allow capitalists the
right to as good a rate of interest a3
can be obtained by sending it out of
the State. The breaking of the law
in one respect, creates disrespect for
the law in every other respect. He
hopeQ the bill would pass.
Mr. Drake of Royalton, favored the
passage of the bill for the same rea
sons as given by the gentleman from
Chelsea. He could see no good rea
son why money is nt worth the same
to the money lender as his horse or
any other property, what it is worth
in the market. He would increase
the rate to 10 per cent., but let it be
made eight at least.
On motion of Mr. Wood of Fairha
ven, the bill was ordered to lie, and
made the special order for Friday af
ternoon at half-past two o'clock.
By Mr. Crandall of Warren, in
amendment of an act entitled "an act
approved Nov. 15, 1869, entitled of
"Public Lands;" to committee on ju
By Mr. Wood of Fairhaven, to in
corporate the Vermont State Spiritu
alist Association; to committee on
Senate bills referred fc. i, in
amendment of sec. 27, chap. 15, g. s.,
relating to the election of town offi
cers; to committee on judiciarv.
Joint resolution From the Senate,
relating to the Supreme Court in the
County of Essex; adopted in concur
Mr. Crandall of Warren called up
h. 14. to amend sec. 70, chap. 31, g.
s., entitled "of Justices of the Peace,"
no appeal to be allowed in certain
cases ; third reading refused ; ayes,
53 ; nays, 96.
On motion of Mr. Skiff of Monkton,
Thursday, Oct. 20, 1870.
Mr. Drake of Royalton, said he be
lieved the tendency of this bill would
be to suppress agencies in the small
towns, and increase the illegal sale
and use of liquors.
Alter some further discusssion by
Messrs. Wood of Fairhaven, Edson
of Mendon, Bull of Hancock, Hinck
ley of Chelsea, Buell of Middletown,
and Grout of Barton, the question to
put the bill upon its third reading wa3
put and voted down, 60 to 155.
don't fail
tion of Mr. Pntrrv, the bill and amend-
which was agreed to, and the Speaker j ments were irdered to lie.
appoiuted as such committee, Mr. ()a njotioi of Mr. Hastings, ad
Kellogg of Benson and Mr. Slade ofijourned.
Middlebury. I afterxoox.
II. 10, enlarging the powers of j By Mr. Mrrill in favor of h. 35, to
County Clerks, vas read the third amend the atute laws, relating to
time, and its passage urged by Mr. j luc tate jrinting; read the third
Wood of Fairhaven. Mr. Kellong tmo a,i nfd
of Benson, briefly opposed the bill,
and it was passed.
On motion of Mr. Jones of Dover,
Wednesday, Oct. 19.
bv R
Total presented to Oct. 3, 1868, $904,781 77
The State ha3 received, on account of
these claims, aud to be deducted from
them, the following sums, to wit:
Paid lion. John V. Stewart,
then Inspector of Finance,
- Sept. 7, 1861, $123,000 00
In 1862. May 5, paid the State
Comamsionere, 152,000 00
Journal of yesterday read and ap- i
By Mr. Bailey, proviling for a tax ;
receipt book for town, city, village
and school district collectors; to I
judiciary committee.
By Mr. Benedict, providing for '
the appointment of a State Assessor !
of spirituous liquors, to prevent the !
sale oi impure liquors for medicinal i
purposes: to general committee. I
Bill referred U. 10, enlarging the
powers of County Clerks; to judicia
ry committee.
Memorial By Mr. Gardner, of
Olin Scott, and 67 others, praying
for the charter of the Beuningtou and
Woodford lailroad, and o i his motion
referred, without reading, to commit
tee on railroads.
Joint resolution By Mr. Harts
horn, relating to the Supreme Court
in the county of Essex. (Mr. Harts
horn upon being interrogated, re
sponded that they had had no Su
preme Court in the county of Es
sex lor the past five years); adopted.
Mr. Grandey moved a reconsidera
tion, which was adopted, and propos
ed an amendment which was also
adopted and the resolution as amend
ed was adopted on the part of the
Passed S. 31, to amend sec. 37,
ch. lo, g. s., relating to the duties of
selectmen, (constable's bonds).
From committee on ways and
means, in favor of h. 63, providing
lor the appointment of an engrossing
clerk, and for the better preservation
of the laws of the general assembly ;
with amendments, making the compen
sation of the clerk five dollars per
lay and the assistant clerk three dol
lars per day, which were agreed to ;
third reading ordered.
Mr. Slade of Middlebury moved
that the bill receive its third reading
at this time. After some discussion.
Mr. Brown of Richford moved that
the bill be ordered to lie. Pendinar
the question on the motion of Mr.
Brown, Mr. Whittemore moved that
the House adjourn, which was disa
greed to. The bill was then ordered
to lie upon the table.
On motion of Mr. Beaman of Poult
ney, adjourned.
Memorial By Mr. Nichols, of
Braintree, of citizens of Randolph,
St. Albans, Barnard, Brownsville,
ijsmii uiu er, Jjiiiiuu, ou OOUnS-
bury, Randolph, Northfield, Canaan,
East Bethel and Burlington, asking
tne .Legislature of Vermont to abol
ish the death penalty ; referred to spec
ial committee of seven.
Joint Resolution By Mr. Clark,
oi Kandolpo, granting the use of the
Representatives Hall to George Dut
ton, A. M., for an address on the abo
lition of the death penalty, on Tues
day evening next ; adopted.
& 2, to jay certain persons trie
sums thcreii mentioned having been
returned froia the House with a re
quest that a committee of conference
be appointed, the Senate acceded to
j the request, and the President ap
Stcvens of pointed as such committee senators
; Camp and Cillatner.
II. 31, to amend sec. lo, chap, oo,
g. s., relating to replevin; to judicia
ry committee.
By Mr. Merrill, to amend sec. 83
chap. 28, g. (., relating to railroads;
to committej on railroads. The
bill provides that no locomotive shall
By Mr. Chase of Jay to annex a
part of the town of Lowell to the
town of Albany; to committee on
town lines.
Mr. Grout of Barton called up h.
G3 providing for tho appointment of
an engrossing clerk and for the bcttei
preservation of the laws ot the State;
stating that it is necessary that the
bill should oe acted upou at once to
facilitate the business of the session,
and briefly favored its passage.
The bill was read the third time.
Mr. Walworth of Coventry proposed
that the bill be committed to a mem
ber to amend by adding to sec. 4 the
proviso "that the compensation of such
engrossing clerk and assistants shall
not exceed the sum of $250 for any
one session of the legislature," which
amendment was opposed by Mr. Bull
of Hancock, Mr. Wood of Fairhaven,
and favored by Mr. Walworth of Cov
entry, and the amendment was re
jected; the passage of the bill was
S. 10. in addition to chap. 51. g.
s., relating to the administration and
distribution of intestate estates ; to
committee judiciary.
On motion of Mr. Brown of Rich
ford, adjourned.
Bills introduced and referred By
Mr. Grout of Barton, constituting the
Progress of tlie War.
London. Oct. 17. The sortie un
der Trochu, Saturday, completed
the work of driving the Germans
from their investing positions, south
and west of Paris. The French ad
vanced under cover of a tremendous
cannonade, in three columns, upon
Sevres and Bougival. The latter
was a most serious attack, and result
ed in the defeat of the Prussians un
der Von Kirchbach. This compelled
the Bavarians to retreat from Bag
neaux and Chatillon. A division of
General Xaun's troops held stubborn
ly, Chevilly and L'Uay. The Ger
mans lost over 8000 in killed, wound
ed and prisoners, and large supplies
The Garde Xational of Calais to
day proceeded to Amiens, where a
force is organizing to attack the Prus
sians, moving north from Soissons
Soissons capitulated only after a
most terrible destruction of life and
property. Three hundred and fifty
houses were laid in ashes. The Prus
sians encountered a desperate resist- I
ance from the National Guard, fight-
ing hand to hand in the streets, aud j
capturing one part of the city house '
by house. They were driven back
through the burning city four times j
in succession, but were constantly ;
reinforced and bore the French down j
by sheer weight of numbers. Xo :
quarter was shown and the wounded j
were bayoneted where they fell. '
The womeu hurled missiles from the ;
houses on the heads of the invaJers. j
The sasnlhe of life was awful.'
The Grand Duke of Mecklenburg;
wept at the slaughter, and refusing !
to order an assault, begged the j
French commander to capitulate iu i
the name of humanity. The splendid ;
glass works of Gobelin and the j
nourishing mills and refineries were I
destroyed. j
Was yesterday received at Besan- j
con with immense enthusiasm. He j
reviewed a large force of the Gardes j
Mobiles, Gardes Xational and Franc- j
Tireurs, and made the following ani
mated speech, which was responded
to with extreme ardor by the troops
and people:
'Soldiers of free France, I see in
your gallant battalions the nucleus of
an army of the United States of Eur
ope, an army ol liberty and an army
of law. The monarchies of the old
We have just returned from Market with as good a stock of goods as was
ever opened in Barton. We have on band
Scotch Plaids, Corded Prints, Ginghams, Op-
Alpaccas, British Lus- era Flannels, Shirting
ters, Empress Olotcs, flannels. 3-4 and 4-4
Poplins, Mohairs, all wool White Flan-
Black Silks, English nds. Shaker Flannels,
Satteens, Black Alpac- Salisbury White Flan-
cas, all Wool Delaines, nels, White Linen,
White Cambrics Lawns, Bril
liants, Diaper Linen Linen Ta
ble Covers, Linen, Table Dam
ask, Xapkins, Towels, Ladies'
Hem Stitched Handkerchiefs,
Ladies' Cord Handkerchiefs,
Ladies' Tucked Handkerchiefs,
Gents' Hem Stitched Buck Mittens, Ladies'
Handkerchiefs, Gents' Ladies Berlin Lined
Silk Handkerchiefs, Gloves, White Kids,
Shirt Fronts, Suspend- Black Kids, assorted
ers, Xeck Ties, Paper Colored Kids, White
Collars, D o sr Skin Cotton Hose, Fleeced
Gloves," Buck Gloves,
lined Cotton Hose,
Plain and Ribbed Merino Hose,
Ladies' White Merino Vests,
Ladies' White Merino Drawers,
Dres3 Braids, Alpacca Braids,
Twist, Sewing Silks, Hadley
Spool Cotton, Dexter Knitting
Dress Buttons, Reticules. Lunch
Baskets, Shawls, Velveteens,
Hoop Skirts, Cashmere Scarfs,
Linen Collars, Lace Collars,
Linen Cuffs, Crochet Edgings,
Hamburg Edgings. Silk Billings,
Magic Ruffling, Brown Cottons,
Bleached Cottons, Trunks, Valises, R. R.
D wight's Linen Finish, Bags, Ladies' Button
Cottons, Black and Boot-, Ladies' Balmo-
G o 1 d mixed Repel- ral Boots, Ladies' Con
tacts, Beavers, Doe- gress Boots, Ladies'
skins, Broadcloths, Slippers, Men's Thick
Cassimeres, Corsets, Boots & Rubber Boots.
Boys' Boots, Copper Toed Shoes,
Men's and Women's Rubbers,
Men's and Women' Arctics,
Mail's Beaver Overcoats, Boys'
Overcoats, Men's Sacks, Frocks,
be allowed to run on any other rail- j Senators and Representatives from the
County of Orleans a committee to
equalize the grand lists of the coun
ty of Orleans ; to committee on grand
By Mr. Chase of Jay, the petition
of the citizens of Lowell praying for
the cession of part of Lowell to the
town of Albany; to committee on
town lines.
road than that of its owner without
the consent of the company over
whose road i. is run.
By Mr. Beiedict, relating to the
survey of Lake Champlaiu and oper
ations in Vermont connected there
with ; to judiciary committee.
Mr. Benedict forwarded to the Sec
retary and had read a letter from
Capt. Cutts of the U. S. coast survey,
explaining that the passage of the
bill is important to the protection of
the property of the surveyors.
Praver by Rev. Mr. Hazen of North
field. "
The journal of yesterday was read
and approved.
Bills introduced and referred By
Mr. Slade of Middlebury, to amend
sec. 43, chap. 22, g. s., relating to
school districts ; to committee on ed
ucation. By Mr. Bromley of Pawlet, rela
ting to the descent and distribution
of intestate estates; to committee on
By Mr. Kennedy of Troy, to pro
tect fish in Bailey's Cove or Riude's
Cove in the town of Troy ; to general
By Mr. Lucas of Canaan, to incor
porate the Coos Valley Railroad
Company ; to committee on corporations.
By Mr. Beaman of Poultney, to
amend sec. 1, chap. 80. g. s., relating
to bills of exchange and promissory
notes; to committee on judiciary.
By Mr. Henry of Chester, by re
quest, to amend sec. 1, chap. 34, g. s.,
relating to trustee process ; to com
mittee on judiciary.
By. Mr. Bartholmew, of Washing
ton, in amendment of chap. 83, g. s. ;
to select committee on resolution in
troduced by Mr. Hinckley.
By Mr. Wood, of Fairhaveu, to re
peal tbe proviso of sec. 30, chap. 40,
g. s., relating to ejectments; to com
mittee on judiciary.
By Mr. Ballard, of Fairfax, in ad
dition to chap. 11, g. s., relating to
county property ; to committee on ju
Joint Resolution. By Mr. Hinck
ley, of Chelsea, that the President of
the Senate and the Speaker of the
House be instructed to appoint a
joint committee consisting of two Sen
ators and three members of this House,
whose duty it shall be to take into
consideration our present laws in re
lation to the listing of property and
the assessment of taxes, and ascer
tain if possible if some more just and
equitable plan cannot be devised, and
Mr. Farnsworth, of Windsor, call
ed up b. 28, in addition to chap. 94
g. s., relating to the traffic in intoxi
cating drinks, and opposed its pas
sage, on the ground that it gave power
into the hands of towns to thwart the
objects of the law. Better either
abolish the law, or let it stand as the
law of the State without allowing
such power of towns.
Mr. Wood, of Fairhaven, said they
reported in favor of the bill because
it is a matter of complaint throughout
the State, that some towns did not
want an agent appointed, and this
bill provides that such towns may
elect at their March meetings not to
have such agents.
Mr. Hinckley, of Chelsea, was op
posed to the bill in committee. He
thought it would work unfavorably,
and its effects would be to nullify the
law of the State in regard to the traf
fic in intoxicating drinks. He was
opposed to opening such questions to
be decided m the heat of town meet
ings. Minorities have rights which
majorities should respect, and this
bill tends to override the rights of the
minorities in such towns a3 would vote
to do without an agent. There sho'd
be a place in every town where liquor
can be obtained for mechanical and
medicinal purooses; and this bill
would favor those who wish to sell il
legally, enabling them to get out their
friends under the cry of ' uo auent,"
and by vote of the town do away
with the provisions of the law.
Mr. Butterfield of Wilmington, was
also in the minority in the committee,
and was opposed to the bill on the
same grounds, substantially as the
member from Chelsea. He was op
posed to the indiscriminate sale of
liquor, and he should oppose any open
or covert attack on the law in regard
to the sale of intoxicating liquors.
Mr. Bisbee of Newpoirf, said he was
with the majority of the committee oft
this bill. He believed its provisions
were wholesome, and that it was much
better to let the towns decide tho
matter for themselves. We have a
good and wholesome law, but majori
ties rule, and if the majority of the
voters in town do not desire an agent
appointed, let them ha?e the privilege.
world are condemned. Thev arc in
arms to-day for the last time. Mon-!
archy in Europe fell at Sedan, and it j
is dvinsr forever before Paris. I see ;
among vou not Frenchmen onlv, but
Europeans not Europeans, but men.
In your ranks are American volun- j
teers, soldiers of Washington aud
Lincoln immortal. Invincible enemies i
of despotism iu every form are fight- i
ing by the side of the sons 01 the I
Rhiue and Loire. Italians are hasten-:
ing over the Alps to battle with you ',
not against Germany, but against j
monarchy not against a people mis ;
led. but against princes who misled
all people. From all parts of France
thousands of young ami brave men
are hastening to the lie Id of action.
France, yesterday bowed in sackcloth
to the earth, looks to-day, clad in
arms, proudly up to Heaven. With
France Europe will arise rejuvenated.
You are fighting lor the freedom of
the conlii.ent and lor the rights of
humanity. Onward, then, 10 the
Vosges !''
In France is maintained by con
stant reiutorceinents. It is estimated
that there are fuilv six hundred thou- KoPe
sand armed Germans on French soil. ;
The following particulars of the
battle of Bayeaux have just been re
ceived here : At nine o'clock iu the
morning the French opeued a heavy
artillery fire, which was vigorously
answered by the Prussians. The
French then advanced in double
quick, the Garde Mobile having the
lead. A desperate battle ensued.
The Prussians were carried at the
point of the bayonet. The Germans
were utterly unable to withstand the
avalanche of men hurled against them.
They resorted to several stratagems
but failed in all and were at length
dispersed. The Mobiles entered Bag
neani where the Prussians had erect
ed barricades. These were soon car
ried with but slight loss. At this
time heavy masses of Prussians were
seen on the plateaux, and as the
Fren2h were now exposed to a severe
fire of artillery from the forts in the
neighborhood they fell back unmolest
ed. The object of the reconnoissance
was effected in every particular. The
Prussians lost three hundred killed
and one hundred were captured.
A dispatch has just been received
announcing another successful sortie
by the Parisians. The loss of the
Prussians is 'put at 3000.
There is no further talk of remov
ing the capital to Lyons or Marseil
The discipline of the armies has
vastly improved lately.
Hats, Caps, Men's
Cordegan Jackets,
Men's Undershirts,
Men's Drawers, Lap
Robes,Horse Blankets,
White Bed Blankets,
Manchester Quilts,
Bed Ticking, Blue and
Brown Denim, Kero
sene Lanterns, O i 1
Lanterns, Lamp Chim
neys, Kerosene Wicks.
Candle Wicking, a
Crockctv, Glass Goblets,Tumb-
lers, Glass Tea Sets, Paper
Hangings, Paper' Curtains, Oil
Window Shades, Wood Saws,
Cast Steel Shovels, Hoes, Ma
nure Forks, Spades, Sleigh Bells,
Cattle Ties, Cattle Cards,
Horse Brushes, Curry
Combs, Wheel Heads.
Meat Cutters, Apple
Pearers, Coffee Mills,
Steel Traps, Bed Cord,
Clothes Lines. Coil
trap Hinges,
Barn Door Rollers.
Butcher Knives, Table
Cutlery, Whips, Whip
Lashes, Umbrellas, ax
es, Ax Handles, Nails
Mirrors, Saleratus, So
da, Cream Tartar,
Pimento, Pepper,Ginger, Cassia,
Cloves, Nutmegs, Indigo.ltaisins,
Citron, .English Currants. Fine
Cut Chewing Tobacco, Navy
Tobacco, Dwight's Sixes, Eure
ka Smoking Tobacco, Snuff,
whole Java Coffee, roasted and
ground Coffee, Brown Sugar, Granulated Sugar, Powdered Sugar, Crushed
Sugar, Gherkins, Starch, Rice, Soaps, Kerosene Oil, Candles, coarse and
fine Salt,
Also a great many other articles too numerous to mention, all of which we
shall sell at a very small advance from cost. We would call special atten
tion to our Teas, and all who really love a good cup of this warm beverage
are invited to call and get a drawing of our Teas. Thanking our friends
for their patronage in the past, we ask a continuance of the same.
?-j All persons indebted to us, either by note or book account, are re
quested to call and pay us SOME MONEY. We want it.
Fevers seldom make an attack
without warning; aud may often be
thrown off by soaking the feet in warm
water, wrapping up warm in bed, and
taking two or three of "Parsons' Pur
gative Pills."
A Missionary just returned, says
he reganls "Johnson's Anodyne Lini
ment as beyond all price, and effiea
cious beyond any other medicine. Ii
is adapted to a great variety of spec
ial cases, and is the best 'pain killer
in the world.
A large volume would not contain
the mass of testimony which has ac
cumulated in favor of Dr. Wistar's
Balsam of Wild Cherry as a safe, ef
ficient, aud reliable remedy iu curing
coughs, colds, and pulmouarv disease.
Many of the cures are truly wonder
Orleans District, ss.
In Probate Court held at Irashureti. in said
DisTict, on the Hih day of OctH A.D., 1870:
ran hi in u. u lark, administrator ot the estate
'PHE SUBSCRIBERS, having been appointed
A by the Honorable Probate Court for the Dis
trict of Orleans, Commissioners to receive, ex
amine and adjust all claims and demands of all
CEPHAS C. CLARK, late of Glover, in n". .. :
. j . . . . , . . . lilbO Ul Dltr Wilt ( OUIU lIOM ltt Ut,ll aovu -
said district, deceased, presents hisadminiBtra- nrwtltM. ;ne,;.nt. and thntrm nf six months
lion Itermint fnr pviaminatirn Ami nllitwdnna ' . . . . A
- - - -- tromtne stu aa ot uct., ia?u, oeini? auowcu
and makes application lor a decree of distnbn- 6aM Court t0J,he xV0Xi gald deceased,
tion and partition of the estate of said deceased. tfexhibit and prove their respective claims be-
Whercupon, it 11 ordered by said Court, that forena - v
said account and said application be referred to a I0oi ti,e that we wilI attend t0 the dntiM of
oar.ppointment.tthe dwelling Uouseof ; Mr..
Mrv J. baton tn ttanon. in saiu ui....,
in said Irasburgh, on the 9th day of Nov., A. D.
is, u, tor nearms aim decision thereon :
And it is further ordered that notice hereot be
(riven to all persons interested, by publication ol
the same three weeks successively in the Orleans
Independent Standard, a newspaper published
at Barton, in said district, previous to mid time
appointed for hearing, that they may appear at
said time and place, and showcase, if any they
may have, why said account should not "be al
lowed, and such decree made.
A true copy of Record.
133 Attest, E. A. STEWART, Judge.
on the 28th dav of October and April
one o'clock, in "the afternoon, on each or eaia
days. .
juhw u. i5Aivi LLiii com rs.
Barton, Sept. 23, A. D 1870.
The subscribers, having been appointed by
the Honorable Probate Court lor the D.i-trM
of Orleans. Commissioners, to receive examine
The following described prooertv was seized and adiust all claims ami dcmanii! . ol al l per m
by Officers of the Customs for violation of the against the estate of I3K.AlNfc.KU M r.ut3i-y
Revenue laws of the United States, to wit: late of Barton, in s a i d district, deccasiu,
At Derby Line, Sept. 20, 1870, One Horse. One represented insolvent, and the tet)f six nioti
Harness, One Wagon. from the 28th day of Sept., A D. 1870,
Any person or persona claiming the property allowed by saidCourt tothe c r editors w-
so seized are hereby notified to appear within 20 deceased, to exhibit and prove their resjx
days from the first publication hereof, and file claims before us: .Unties
with the Collector of Customs for the District )f Give notice, that we will attend to the uu
Vermont, a claim, stating his or her interest in of our appointment at the dwelling ' j(J
the property seized; also, to execute a bond to the late Brainerd Stebbins. in B"0"" 't)er
the United States, in accordance with the provis- district, on the last Wednesdays ol wecw
ions ol the 12th Sec, Act 18th July, 18H6. and March next, at one o'clock in the at
GEO. J.ST ANN ARu, on each of said days. ,
Collector of Customs. BENJ.MOSMA. f Conrf.
Custom House Dist ot Vt, Collector's Office, GEO. H. BLAKt., . ,
Burlington, 18.th Oct., 1870 3w3 Barton, Sept, 23, A. D. 1870.

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