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Local News.
.1. W. llakcll will sell at miction, at
the .lorry Pre stand. Docpiulwr l'tli,
all hi farming txls consi-itiiijr of carts,
wa.n,. fcleK lei;:l : Imffalo nioes, har-n.-s'cs
ami a set of cni-r t'K.U &c. Al
furniture. micU a- bureaus, chairs,
lMoa-U. ami all of his dairy tools ; two
lior-es. a L"o.l cow, :0 hmiilrcl of
i,.,v. Six in-mths credit will ho given
hi' all mm over five dollars, with good
I "'O'l't nil who had premiums
.man'i' 'hem at the I'.lack Itiver Vullry
nr (ins tall, to call upon Messrs. Kent
.mil I-eavitt of ( 'raftslmry, cither in jier-
.n or hy letter. Ik fore the second week
in .lanuarv. a it is deirahle to have the
l'UMi)p ch-d up licfure the itiiuuul
meeting. The society pays 02 per cent
of the amount awarded, the receipts not
heing Mifficient to pay the full amount
I would alxi give notice that the annual
meeting of the society occurs mi the L'nd
Tuesday of .l:;n. next at 1 o'clock P. M.,
at tlip to u hoiisp in ( 'niftOiurv. All
meiiil-rs of the society who can !
are earnestly reijuested to attend.
I. D. 1!. Collins Sec. and Treas.
If Mil) II 7 CK.
ihr M. V.. "fmn-li society at this place
is uuiiMially flourishing under the watch
l ul care and hilars of its present pastor
llev. l;iniel Lewis. Trul v, it has hecome
a parent church, reaching out its ;:nus
in every direction to rai-e up the down
cast and lieavy-ounleneil. ami inspire
new courage in the hearts of the zealous
and devoted. It is extending its mi--i
'harv work into new and rich fields, in
this and surrounding towns, where alum
dant harvest - await the sickle of the reap
er, i t uuiuUt- among its memix-rshi
-ewal who are well adaj.ted atul uMt
t" cam' forward this important mission
arv work, and upon their efforts mainly
aided hv the adi-e and counsel of tlieir
pvtor. mii-t -iicce-s dcj'Clid.. Agencic
are ;ihv:uly at woi k to do even more than
li,:- vet iieen .icc'inn.lished. The nucleus
of -everal or-raiiizations have heen gath
eel at iiii'.'i-oiit phc( wlii di hid fair ti
ultimately hecoiae, in the future, activ
,m I powerful iu-trumi'iits in -.orealin
tin- i'lad tiding- of .,iv:tion and truth :
"i;e i'ountaiu-. wi o-e sparkling waters
r II onward to swell the river of Life!
. t the la-t 'iinrterly meeting. Xovemhcr
-T, two received the ordinance of baptism,
nine united with the church in full con
nection, and oVcr one hundred joined in
tap communion
has lived on the farm he now occupies,
in what is known as the Lost Nation dis
trict, since 1815, "i years.
A. J. Ham La.i a pair of. twins, nanied
1'reddic and Fraukie, 7 years old, and
"experts cannot tell them apart. They
are light eomplexioued. light, hair, and
as pretty as pinks. Ham taken a proper
pride in them and dresses them both alike
'1 hey are worth going some .ways to see.
The teacher, at the end of a three months
term was not able to tell them apart
She pinned a tag on one of tlieir1 spencers,
but the rogue confounded the school
ma'am by changing spencers. George,
Pianney has a pair of twin boys a year
old, and Charles S whiter, who has just
moved from Sheffield into Sutton, took
away twin ljy.. Sheffield forever!
f n ion.
ihellibbard Jlrothers have dissolved
partnership in the shoe business. ('. A.
llihhard goes to l'.sscx Junction where he
will run the same kind of business. ('.
M. Hilibard will continue in the busine-s
as heretofore, for the present at Troy,
where he will hp pleased to wait upon
his friends. The tirm for the past year
have employed some twenty hands and
have done a very successful business.
They are wide awake, live men, and iu
the dissolution no loss w ill lip sustained,
as it is the intention of each to do as
much Im-iucss as both have heretofore
done. ('. M. llihhard has engaged the
services of Ira .1. Parker of Lowell, a
thorough, practical business man. to
superintend his manufacturing depart
ment, and will continue to employ some
twenty or twenty-five hands.
xew port.
V. .1. havis of Troy, has purcha-cd the
t"ls aiid stock in trade of M. (1. Sargent,
in the boot and shoe business. He has
also purchased of field and Kobinson the
dwelling lmusp on..Iain street, just east
of the lieyuolds' Pluck. . He will occupy
a portion as a tenement and fit up a good
shop in the remainder. Mr. Sargent has
purchased the Phineas Page place. School
street, and taken possession. .5
m one; ax.
At Morgan entre great attention is
paid to the preaching of the go-pcl.
Vuitc a number have been converted, and
ethers are seeking the go.nl wav.
Lhier Pdake has been presented with a
new -nit of clothes by three men at Mor
gan! entr.-. I wo ,,t them are workmen
o:i the laill ami strangers in the place.
I'aiiiel Puller's new house is n.,w com
pleted and furnished. In the, mean time
Panicl has not failed to furnish himself
crvice. Presiding Klder ! " uil ;l partner for hie.
was present, in-piring life and! The new church at the ( cnt.e wil
an 1 (irado
i'lie-day eve
irit to the service - in hi- plea-ant and
inimitable way.
I'll o Hardwick Academy
School closed its fail t'rm
S ..... T . .lik . .1 I 1 .1
.'"ihiiht - '. wnn a lecture nv t .e m-ii,.
cinal, followed by a social reunion of the
students and their friend-. 'I he evening
was well improved and scorned to be well
enjoyed. The winter term of this iu-ti-fmion
commenced Wedne.-dav. Nov. 7.
-a Kittredge has e-tabii-he l a dam -ii:g
school, to be held atlirenaiis' hold
during the winter.
Mrs. Alpheus tioodwin died iu llard
V ick, November .III, uf earner, adi 7 J.
I. W. - .'. II. liimick butehenda pig
eeeiith. 7 I m nth- old that dressed
Tim Me-srs. !
Preachingj Sat-
inucK goner-
llv rai-e good
'! he freighting
iare and Montjn
!n;-ine-- eetweeli tm
lier. has recently bc-
c'lii" ijiiiip interesting, if not excitiag.
I. il eoii-e -pieiices must sooner ! later
re-ult from the ruinou- competitioi: now
in progivss, freights h ive Iiopii reduced
thiitv-live cents to twelve and
I he
a Iialf cents per hundred.
rate must be less than cost ; consequent
ly the more a man dop- rhe poorer he i-.
very much like lamliu some town-, where
but little w ill make a man poor. Thirty
five cents has been the ruling rate for
several year-, being regarded a- about a
fair price, ami usually insured prompt
and faithful work. As one re-ult already
manifest of this competition, or war. it
might lie more appropriately called, is
the general dissatisfaction that prevails
among mir merchants and lysines- men.
I'hey are complaining bitterly of the lack
"f care and attention to bu-inc-s on the
part of freighters, who. they -av. rea lilv
proiui-o but rarely fulfil!, freighting i-!
imp. nam interest, as th- bo.dne.,
'ciitrre l here promises more work than
is lmrse- can do if constantly employe;!,
""he., when freighting is disturbed from
to:;,' cu-e. other business iuiere-ts must
t''d the cifeets iiml siiffpr to some extent.
he present competition seems unjusti
fied by Miy rules of fair dealing : in fact,
it iipp'r- like a deliberate attempt, "il
the part of certain men. to crash and ru
in the legitimate business of those who
undoubtedly have the be-t right to the
route ami its benefits, ami this without a
sit.-flow of caose (.r excuse. We believe
th's statement exprc--.es the sentiment of
nearly the entire community. In one
!mrt year, if everything works favorably,
we may expect a railroad nearer than
Moutpelier; then, if not sooner, the scene
now on exhibition must change.
Sheriff Stewart of .Vaterbury. and
Nipt. Fairbanks of the State Kcfonn
S'-hool, were here Jeeember g, in pur
suit of two boys recently escaped from
that institution. This and surrounding
towns were dilligently scoured, without,
however, finding any trace of them. One
"f the boys, named Keyzer, was sent to
the lleform School from this town.
The other day .las. Hogahoom killed a
strip.l snake that measured four feet
five and a half inches long, in which was
found forty young snakes which meas
ured eight inches each.
Put tfenuisou has a pair of four years
old steers that girt 7 feet and four inches.
They came from Canada, and arc a spec
imen of Joseph Farrer's selection.
.loliii Piekford raised from '! quarts of
Norway seed, bushels of nice oats weigh
ing :!H pounds to the bushel.
John Berry met with quite an acci
dent while on his way to J.yndonville
with a load of butter, one day last weel.
The holdbacks to his harness broke while
jroing down a kill, letting the wagon
agaiu-t his horse's heels. This frighten
ed his horse and set hiui into the dead
i run, resulting in a broken wagou aud a
Wisctious distribution of his butter.
nor his horse received any serious
injurj. : . -
U ui. Gruj, t'ie fi,. bom t.n;ia fa shef
fcel'b till living. 77 years old. He
deuicated .lanutiry 1st.
urnay jmi watcii meeting at night.
i i;e following are the resolutions pa-
e l by Lowell lodge of tiood Tcmjdars in
mcmoay of I!. A. Kinsley:
Whereas, iod in his Providence since
the la-t meeting of our Lodge, has re
moved from our midst bv death cue of
oar members. Pro. 1!. A. kin.-iv. and
Whereas, In his death thi- Lodge has
io-t an excellent, faithful and efficient
member whom all held iu high 'respect
and esteem, and whose social virtues and
many excellent trait of character, makes
the grief of this our humble tribute o
poignant : therefore
Pt'sohed. That while we bow in hum
ble submission to the will of the ireat
Puier of events, we deeply deplore the
demise of our aged and honored brother.
That whiie lamenting his death, and
while recognizing iu the sad event the
hand of bid whose ways are not man's
ways and who alone docth all things well.
wedesi -e t- express and record our ense
of the great loss to our fraternity and the
community in which he lived.
Pe-olved. That we tender to the friends
and relation of the deceased, and espe
cially to the afflicted family who have
parted with a kind and affectionate hus
band and father our unfeigned sympathy
in this truly afflicting dispensation, and
trust the load of sorrow may tie lightened
by the fond remembrances of the past
and the hope of a brighter future beyond
the grave.
Ilesolved, That a copy of these resolu
tions bp furnished the family of the de
ceased as a slight evidence of the esteem
entertained by the surviving memliers of
our Lodge for a brother fallen bv death ;
That our hall lie draped in mourning,
and the members of the Lodge wear the
mourning badge for thirty days, and that
these resolutions be copied iu our jour
nal, and that our V. S. furnish a copy
tbr publication to each of our County papers.
1on i. ( t'KTi.s. W. S. pro tem.
l rxnox.
The carriage shop occupied by Guild,
Drown S: Co., one mile west of the cor
ner, was binned with all its contents last
Thursday night, stock, tools, thirty new
sleighs and two buggies belonging to the
company, and twelve or fifteen sleighs be
longing to others, left there for repairs,
upon w hich there was no insurance. The
biiilding belonged to Mr. I). Hoyt. who
hail quite an amount of unfinished stivk
stored in the buildings, which was also
burned, i nsurauce of $SO0 on the build
ing. We have not learned .Mr. Hoyt's
loss. The loss of the company is about
8;!.oi(l. and falls heavily on them.
On Sunday last a barn, was destroyed
bj re, belonging to Air. Hinman Sar
gent of Plymouth.' The fire was discoy
ered about one o'clock p. ui. in the cellar,
in. ui , t
iue cauie ana uorses were immediately
rescued. The barn with a riied were a
total loss. . It was with great, difficulty
that his dwelling house tvas saved. For
tunately a meeting was being held in a
school house near by and the congrega
tion was at the scene, aud with vigilant
work succeeded in saving it The barn
was insured for3"0. but since the policy
was out an addition had been made, also J
a shed erected. Twelve tons of superior
hay was destroyed. The fire is supposed
to have been incendiary.
Miss. ( Jlarinda Spaulding met with a
sad accident Friday foreuoon of last week
at the residence of her daughter. Mrs. A.
1 rapcr iu Urandon. .Yhile .Mrs. Draper
was buy with her household duties,
leaving her mother in a room alone for a
few moments, it appears that the old la
dy got up from her chair and tried to
walk across the rooro. and by some means
fell upon the floor and broke her hip.
I Ins with other infirmities and old age
caused her death on Tuesday morning
following aged a little over s years.
Mrs. SpaulOiug was a daughter of Gideon
Mott. and lived in this, town until hc
was L'.'i years uf age. when she moved
w ith her father to F.nosburg. Rutland
There is a child now living in Wood
stock, which is a representative of the
fifth generation. Its mother is now IS
years of age. its grandmother 40, its
great-grandmother C.'i, and its great-great
granitmotuer no. .u are now iivms;
within nine miles of each other.
James Fergurson of Harnet, was lioru
in Scotland. 1771. He came to America
when a young man ; commenced voting in
1 7'.."i, and ha -oted at every Presiden
tial and annual state election since, and
hope to vote for Grant in '72. If he
lives until next April he will have lived
one hundred years. He walks as erect
as a man of 70. and has not drank any
intoxicating liquor tor ;!U years. limes
The Tniversalist Society in St. Johns.
bury and vicinity are waking up. and be
gin to see the importance of erecting a
church and settling a minister. J lie so
ciety is quite large in this vicinity, and
possesses ample means for the erection of
a hne church and the support of an able
pastor. Time.
lame Keye-. clerk in I'.. Lincoln's
grocery, shot Arthur Godfrey, the -d
iiist. The charge entered the bowels,
causing a wound of which lie died the
next day. He was a voting man. and
leaves a wife and one child to mouvu his
untimely end. Voting Keyts is in jail
awaiting his trial.
Some !') years ago, Michael Lapland
lived in ISurkc. and was a great story tel
ler. Ili especial delight was relating
the great feats performed by his father.
At a certain gathering on one occasion.
the neigli'oors were telling shooting sto
ries. when Michael related a circum
stance to prove that the old gentleman
was the best marksman he ever knew.
He was once out hunting and a fmck of
wil geese flew over, when the old gen
tleman lire!, but. the shot being too line,
he failed to bring down the game, lie
immediately reloaded and in ramming
down the sn,.t the iron ramrd -tuck iu
the barrel, lie couldn't draw -it. and.
determined not to lo-e the chance, he took
quick aim and fired. The ramrod hit
the rile leader in the throat, and passed
through the nocks of ninety -nine of his
followers, bringing every one of the flock
to the ground, strung upon the iron ram
rod. 1 'ill ui!.
Mr. .I.C. liingiiam died at his home
in this place, of heart disease. Wednes
day evening. lVc. 7. aged ."1 years. Al
though a sufferer by di-eae for many
years, it was not until within a few
weeks that his case was considered crit
ical. Mr. Biiichaiu had "open engaged in
the apothecary and drug busiue- in thi?
place for twenty-five year-, and his death
will be deeply felt by our entire commu
nity. In his business life lie was honest,
careful and industrious : in hi domestic
and religious life affectionate and consist
ent. He leaves a widow aud two sons.
and a large circle of acquaintances, to
mourn his death. ( 'ididuiiin.i.
If he keeps that pledge he will never
need to take-another. -Bennington Free
Press, .
Mr. John Orr of ,; Grotor met- with, a
severe accident a few days since by being
thrown from his buggy while passing
through a piece of woods. His horse bo
came frightened, ran and .capsized the
wagon. Mr. 0. hung to the reins and
was dragged quite a distance before let
ting go. He was much bruised in the
face and about the head, and received a
severe fracture of the collar bone. His
wounds were dressed by Dr. Eastman,
aud he-is now as comfortable as could be
expected. Times.
From the last annual report of the Su
perintendent of the Vermont State Prison,
U appears that there are now in confine
ment there seventeen convicts from Rut
land county, four of whom are nnder life
sentences, namely, Henry Damon, Loyal
-Moore and Horace R. l lumley, for mur
der, and Ziba riumley for manslaughter.
Of the remaining thirteen, five were con
victed of larceny, three for arson, and
one each for manslaughter, assault with
intent to commit rape, burglary, obtain
ing money under false pretences, aud for
gery. I our oi these were born m Ire
land, eight in Vermont, three in New
York, one in New Hampshire and one in
A most appalling accident occurred at
the Hoosac tunnel, ou this (Tuesday)
morning, which caused the death of John
Hocking, a young man about twenty-two
years ot age. a son ot one ot the contrac
tors engaged in building the arching at
the western entrance to the tunnel. The
deceased was standing upon a ladder, fas.
toning some hoisting apparatus to a rock
for the purpoc of lifting the loosened
rock upon the cars to lie removed out of
the tunnel. While thus employed a
large mass ot loose rock gave way and
fell upon Mr. Hocking and killed him
instantly, breaking one arm, and crush
ing his head in a manner shocking to be
hold. No words of ours can describe the
poignant grief and distress which the
family and friends of the deceased suffer
from this terrible calamity.. The sympa
thy of the entire community is awakened
lor them in tins overwhelming affliction.
Ileiniinitou Free Press.
T. J. Cree of Wheelock owns a horse
that will lie 'M years old next June. He
ha- owned him L'l years. The horse is
sound and smooth in every limb, and for
the last 11 y ears has not been sick or
lame. He can do a good day's work on
the farm now, is not indebted to his own
er, and will never be swapped off or sold.
f num.
The death of one of the oldest inhab
itants of our town the past week has re
minded u- of the large number of aged
people which the last census revealed,
and which has lieeu kindly furnished us
bv Col. powman :
IVrds Ka-tman
Uebeeea Humphrey
l.vdia Hosmer
Walter Wright
Abigail Pailev
'nlivc Allen
David Smith
ileiij. Swan
Ahrata lirigham
Martha P.righam
Isaiah Carpenter
KlizaU-th O -good
Martha Jevvctt
Lovin i Miliicr
Llkanah Cobb
Ably llawkin
I l.omas Humphrey
."Susannah Humphrey
Mrs. Olive Allen died at the house of
her son-in-law. An-el W. Hawkins.
in this iilace. on Sabbath last. 1 lee. i.
aged Od years and six month-. At the
time of her death Mr-. Allen was one of
the oldest persons in town. She was
born in Claremont, N. IL. and when '2
years old she married and moved to
Prownington. Yt. They lived there un
til frightened away by Indian, when
they removed to Purke. Mrs. Alien was
the mother of '.' children, who are all liv
ing. She retained her faculties 1 1 the
last years of her life, and could relate
incidents connected with the early histo
ry of this county ami the trials of the
settlers with Indians of r0 or 70 years
ago. Vfifednitinn.
We regret to chronicle the death of Dr.
Walker, which occurred at the residence
of his son-in-law, llev. George N. I'oard
man. I, D., P.inghampton. X. V.. No
vember I'S, at the age of 7!t years. He
was Ixirn in W oodstock, Conn., in 17L1 1.
He graduated at Andover in 121. was
ordained Pastor of the Congregational
church in Rutland. January 1st, 12'!.
Adolphus Woods
C. (j. J 'iclviiisoii
Samuel ia-kcll 1
f.tha Young 1
Ketluaii Slmrev Ml
L. C. Morri, ' mi
Paul llardv st
Lois Clark M
Kllen Root so
Charles fcton- si
rris Padd.-ck Ml
As the census wa- taken last June,
many of the-e figures given would now lie
increased hy one. It will be seen that
the average of these thirty-three iervms
i- a trifle owr si years, which i certain
ly a "good old ne. 't'idernniiiii.
The mammoth squash exhibited at our
fair last fall, which was raised by 11. M.
Me at (he Centre village, wa sold a
slmrt time since to C. H. Lee of Allton.
Mass., f-,r SI ", who aafterwards sold it
for S-'-WYwcs-.
lame lirigg- and wife, residing at ha.
Waliingford. had a childish quarrel. Sat
urday of la-t week, and -Mrs. liriggs took
her revenge by taking strychnine. She
repented, but too late to save her life.
Her age was Is years, and she leaves a
babe six months old.
A Scotch Avenue man filled himself
up with "lightning" whiskey the other
night, went home and beat his wife.
The. neighliors were obliged to come to
the rescue or there might have been a fu
neral. Fra- Press.
alter a siiece
Montreal bank had $3,000 in gold !
deposited by Wilkes Booth just before hia j
trork of assassmnation, and though the
bank has often notified his brother. Ed 1
win and his mother, both decline to tai
the money. In a- few years more it will
go to the British Government.
In Muskingum county, Ohio, a man
named Dutton, had been coon hunting,
and, after returning home and retiring,
dreamed in his uneasy slumber that he
caught the coon, and struck it against a
tree, killing it. He was awakened by
the frantic screams of his wife, and to
his horror found that he had picked up
his little infant daughter, killing it al
most instantly.
The official vote for Congressmen in
Minnesota gives these results : First Dis
trictMark H. Dunnell, 19,60G ; C. F.
Buck, 14,904; Republican majority, 4,!
02. Second District John ix. Ananll,
17.133; Ignatius Donnelly, 14,491; Re
publican majority, 2042.
A. New York' reporter mentions the
circumstance of a Chinaman, dressed in
his national garb, walking up Nassau
street, 'who seemed to be much interest
ed in the sights that collided with his
retina. He was accompanied by a Celes
tial lady, supposed to be his wife, and
she appeared to be much pleased with
the newsboys who were doing their eve
ning warble."
A remark of the Loudon Times that
there are not ten Irishmen in Ireland who
do not think of coming to America, some
time or other, suggests the inquiry wheth
er it might not be othrwise if the rigors
of English rule should be modified.
Four boys, who lately started from
Philadelphia with revolvers and a capital
ot 1 00, for the purpose of becoming ban
dits on the Plains, were arrested at Pitts
burg and sent home to their mothers on
Henry Walter, a young man employed
as brakenian on the Boston and Albany
railroad, attempted suicide Inday morn
ing. at his boarding house in Springfield.
He had. not lived with his wife for a year
past, but she had been contracting bills
at several stores on his account, and when
he came to the office of the road for his
pay on Friday, he found his wages all
trustee! to these creditors. This addi
tion to his troubles overcame him and he
attempted to end them as above descriiied
In Massachusetts statistics show that
the Congregatiuiialists have more than
twice as many sittings as any other de
nomination. Iheir church property is.
not quite twice that of the r.pis'opalians
or Roman Catholics. 'Jheir church sit
tings are 209.314 :. Baptist, 132,S(i."i
Catholic, 130,11".: Methodist, 117,32..
Cnitarian. 9S.3t.ni: Episcopal. 4 2-"." ;
T niversalist, .'!.".. (.27. if church edifices
the Cougregationalists have ".02, Metho
dists 2'.i0, Baptists 2m). Unitarian 179
Catholic 101. Episcopal 99, I'niveraaiist
s7. The Catholics have over S0O sit
tings to each church. No other denomi
nation has 000.
As Army and its Wants. Accord
ing to Yoss' Gazette, the iennan sold
iers now in France and fit for service
numler (190.000, while there are IO11.-
0110 horses. The daily requirements of
these forces are 2-'0.ooo loaves of bread.
Is.", oxen, 400 cwt of bacon. "30 cwt. of
rice, I tu." ' quarts of brandy, -and In
cwt. of coffee. (S,on0 cwt. of ha v. and
large quantities of oats and straw.
New Bedford. Mass.. Iee. 4. Benja
min Howard, aged eighty-two years, was
found murdered near his house, three
miles frem Head-of-YVestport, Saturday
morning. His head was cut with an ax
he was shot through the body, and his
right leg wa cut off at the thigh. He
lived alone in a hou-e a quarter of a mile
troiu the .road. An attempt had ieen
made to bury the body, but it was found
in the woods. Caue unknown, and no
trace of the murderers.
Theophilns C. Calicott. late Collector
of Internal Revenue of N. Y.. who was
convicted of certain fraud and sentenced
to pay a fine of 810,000 and servea term
in the Albany Penitentiary, has refused
to accept the pardon lately tendered him.
Yesterday his coun-el applied to Judge
Woodruff in the United States Court for
the release of Mr. Calicott on a ludieas
rnrpns. en the ground that he had been
illegally convicted.
A Urutal Stabriso Affair. Pat
rick Cormmons and Daniel Clifford had a
fight this morning at 43d avenue aud
l2;ith street. X. Y'., during which the
latter was fatally tabled. Cormmons
came into the bar-room and deliberately
challanged Clifford, a perfect stranger to
him. to tight. Clifford replied that he
was in no fear of his challenge, and step
jied toward him, when Commons drew a
large dirk knife and stabbed him in the
abdomen. Clifford turned and attempted
to run. Conuraons following and stabbing
him again. Commons then attempted
to escaite, but was cA.tured and taken to
the 120th street Station House. Clifford
was taken to his residence in the neigh
borhood, llis de;.di is only a matter of
a few hours time.
128 pages. This magazine is made up of,
choice selection Jrom the current .litera
ture of the Old 'World. This fa ths mag
azine for the story reader.
'.tls, .'. ..... f .i. ..i' 1
Wo will club the Standard with the Sat
urday Evening Tost, to Jan. 1, 1872, for
50. The price of the 1 ost alone is2.oo.
It is a splendid paper, published at PKila-
delphia. It hj an eight page sheet. We
give a notice of it elsewhere under the head
of "three months for nothing."
We offer Peterson's Magazine and the
Standard together for $3.50. Price of the
Magazine alone is $2.50. Pay up to Jan.
1, 1872, and we will give both to that dat e
For &5.50 we. will give the Boston Week
ly Post (democratic), and toe Standard to
Jan. 1, 1872. Every person in Vermont
knows the character ot tua I'ost, as bemsr
the best democratic paper in the country,
the ablest edited and the most reliable pa
per in the interest of that party.
For S2.50 we will send the Standard and
the New York Weely Sua to Jan. 1, 1872.
The price of the Sun is $1.00 and it is the
sharpest, spiciest and most wide awake
paper in the country. Independent in
Boston Wholesale Produce Market.
Corrected fur the Sinaditrd every Friday, hy
Jobbing and Commission Dealers in
li niter, liecsf , Flour, I.ard, EltK, IScmtM,
Ilrirrt Apple, Vt
21 Faxkcil Hall Squake, Boston.
Choi. e Kill Miiilo.
Choice liaries
Ior lb. -S s 10
if arm I .airy. irootL
Farm ljiir', nmmun.
St. tjiiuiftanil IiHmiK
oliiorui'l Mirliian.
Common Extra.
Ticn-f.?, -Tub'.
per lb. 1". 1-2 a Itt
H il 14 1-2
I'J 12
;r fold. Js.oj n '.'.."ui
"i.i" a T.()
.V2- a .-..7
4.7o a f..i-.
l-Tlli H
a 11 !
a 15
Marrow, hsml pickfl.
I'.-a. hand iK-kvL
w:n:i AtTi.K.
Maine -licsL rhoMs-, r!o
Maine ami New Uanip-hire, oiikivii.
Maine. fuartT.-l. clio!'1'-.
Turkey. fiv-Oi r lb
Turk.-vs. eomutnii,
Tiick"s. fiV-ti.
j er hu. 2. 00 a 2.2"
2.2. a 2.VJ
17 a 2.2.1
1 .'10 a l.vi
In the trcatriien't of Diseases Incident to Females, has
placed DR. DOW at the head of alt physicians making
such practice a specialty, aad enables him to guarantee
a si eedy and permanent cure in the wont cases of Sur
TERssTos and all other MexsTrcal Deiusgemextj
from whatever canses. All letters for adriee most con
tain $1. , Office, Xo. 9 Eudicott Street, Boston.
?!. B. Board fure'islied to those desiring to remain
under treatment.
, Boston, July, lKO. . -yl
- Also licensed to sell
The Host iteming 3Iochine In Market.
Ordwa most gratefully received aud promptly attend
ed to.
Barton, O. u 10, ls7. 41m
The advert.'.-, having Vvn permanently otm-d of that
dread disease, roiisumjititm, ly a Miuplt remedy, is aux
ious to make know n to bis fellow sulterers the means of
to re. To all who defdrft it, he will send am prof the pre
&m;4ion um1 (lre:of cliEjge,) with thetiireeiiiins lor pre
paring and rising the pame, which thry will find a sure
cure lor eonsumptiou, asthma, broacuitK e,
Pr.rties wishing' the prescription will pien.se. address
South Second SL.ViUiauisburKh, N. Y.
,. O luNTLKMAX who has nutfered fr years from nerv
ous debility, premature decay, and all the eflcetRot youth
ful indiscretion, will, for the mike of auffi-riiiir humanity,
send free to all who need it the, reeii and direction for
making the simple remedy by which he was cured.
Sunrers wishing to profit by the advertisers experience
can do bo by addressing, in perfect confidence,
No. 42 Cedar X. T.
One agent wanteil in even" county in the U. K. to el'
Middletn's PockeX Corn Shtiler, patented 170. It shells
all sizes of corn, and can le used by any one will last
fir years. Ketrrll price tKj cent. Wholesale to agents
1V cunts. Ttjrritorj Tree. MiliDLKTON A i'O.. Harris
burg, Pa.
COTTON and Silk Nets ibr sale at
(rentJemeu's Clothins: male with neatness and to suit
cutomcn. Jlmims m Iwoiubiys Jlunding. up suirs,
bnrioii, L, lK-ff. r, IS
raisie into the enclosure of the mii--ri- . T-r
ber :r tout two nmntlis sin'N-. a brov n me
year old Steer, with a mall notch on the S
end of riglit ear. Anv ons tinjvini' pmpcr-
tvaii-1 paving chaises can huveaid steer.
rt:Aiir.KV hili
tras-burgu, Nov. -2't, INTO. 4sw
Tiiia is to certify that I have given George F. Clark and
H:iriT (t:;rk tlit ir time during the reuiaindtr of their
Tn;n!r!ty. and "ha!! claim none oi their earnings nor pay
:uiv debts of their cunt: acting after thi- date.
Irasburgh, Nov. 2t, I67u. 4bw3
lAM) for sale.
TIh.' Milwriber will s-11 one nmlivideil fourth cf 20
acres of land, situated in Glover, pmr miie from the vil
lage. n the rotd to Mntp-lier. s The land is good has
some 7if) or suoimiple trees, is we!! watentt and ia de--ir.ibie
i;: .v. r, Nov. -u. 1'.-). 47i3
Hear. fcx..
Kret-.h llotr-.
Ham-. Siii-ir.-
H I b'.!. m1 a
" -J a -1
(I ;. :)
U a 1 '
M'N i;i!'S
P-'svl Ua. jcr ion 'Vt ) a t
Hop. p- r it. r. ' lt
Potato Starch. 1-2 a 7
Oats. j .! h: a --2
rotatory Jack-"i. a l.tn
Khmarks. The Ucviptr. ..1" U ucr f'r the w.-ek cm!
ing t'Vtiay. iVeemU-r 1. amount to 7-Vd package. The
narket contanie flniL and prices air low - r on ail grades.
There i-no call fo; inferitr (pialiticr. t'li-iic tubs are
fliju-t ftnn demand. Cheese remain Ann as lnf. re
tpioteil : ciTir are in l'-mhI r."tu't: i our i tp.U ar.d buy
er only Uikr w hit i w antefi fir pre-eut ue : ('rk. la: -I
hams and dreM-d h"j arc lower with a lif-elinii! ten-din--y
: beatis are steady ; dried appi" is dull: j-nltri-has
impioved s-th-c la-t we.-L: hr.y i-i du'.i a n d
lower : hop hold dull. itato sinrch is steady: oat ainl
n.rn tpiiet and dull: puiap- are in pxi 1eniand zftvl
prie's arc firm.
on t:;
: a IVtbat" f ..mrt h'-Id at Ini-Uur'ii. i:t .-aid di ri-'t,
j:M(.:!Voi Nov.. A. J. lb 7a .
Tlio;naJ. UoLan. ndiiiinistrat'ir of tlic itab' of Peter
lIor::ii, h't" of A:;i"iiy, i:i said di.-trjet. d"i-eae-L makes
ri ; -;j. i:i io -.a f r lir-eii?.- to :-:: te l"-.rowiT!L'
tie-criiuMi leal t-T''te iut t'cca-'efl. til v. t : U in the
n -n'M riv l-aTi i'lot o. in Albany. A'--; a part of the
southi -rly half of snid lt Uu?ht- of .1. r. Kowell by
di-cd. d:.t"d S"V. the whole U iitL'the farm occu
pied by said Pet--r at ld di-e:i.-. repr-eTitin tit:it a sale
of :.;irt ef -a: I rem eV.Vte h u-'- sarv t. :rov:d'- iiims to
i.av t:v debt airini-t sn'.ii e.t-ttr. ti:r.t a i.;t cannot
1- -old uitliout inti:r to ih-' r-hiaindi r, and that it won.ll
Irf- U'lcfipial to:dl ii::-r-;e.f th-r; in.
V i- ' -epon. it i or ier-i by aid ni.r;. tii.!t f--i ::r j
c;;?im be r-f-rrM tth- 1 ':! da of a. D. 1T:.
ihv iToliat- oiii'-e .n aid Ir.i.-bvirh, i"r!u :.riup,r iit:de
ion ti:i r:-"n.
Aisd it i furil i i '-r h id that ail P'TJtiis inu-iv-1' d le
iioi;ricd hereof by p::blic;;ton of notice of uiis ar-ph':U
;snd ord- r tin rco::, tiire- weeks siit.fe-i'iveiv in til. 1
le:ms ludept ed ST;;mlard. a i;ew-; :iwr t Killed at
li.trt.'ti. in Nud district. U'fi.re aid lini:- of h-:it ;nu'. that
;!'.oy m.iv appear :it n: time r.tid j'iaec -how c;r.i-e. il
anv ihev ma hwc v hv lic(ne r, ( -nt
Boston Live Stock Market.
IM;biHTtN. CAMin:ilM,K AI MKl'KdKP.
For Week Ending Wednesday. Dac. 7. X370.
IsliU t:s
12."im s t'er b "u the
lt..Vs total weil:t r
1MH3 W .tin j p.tde. tal'ow ainl
T.'a s.M j dn"-e.i In--'".
1.' int quality.
'ir-t do.
Third do.
I.ijht aniuiaS. bull. A'
By the live weiqht, from S'l.nn n fi."ni !-2 irHO l!r
MMt work in? oxen. sl"' ;i -41
ters and slua oxen. 7 a -
Whfti well mt'-hed. a little ;,t-oe tin it v:!uc a U- f.
lini to fair. S "-"a
ikwI to extra. 1"
Heifers anl (annw cu . a '
State News.
Scvcuty-five bushels f aj.k-s of fair
iiuility were sold hy auctiuu a few days
since, in (irafton. for one cent a hushel. "
Mr. Kmersoa Sprague of Huntingtou
had his shoulder aud a leg hroken l.y the
fall of a stub of a tree, the 1 1th.
Mr Ehvin W. Goddard of South Read
ing, has made S(.)0 barrels of eider at the
mill in that place during the season ju.-t
passed. ., . ,,
Tj. I. Urown of ISridgewater has manu
factured at a small mill, during the sea
son. :;.-o barrels of eider. One man in
Wood-tock has made l.OtX) barrels:
I). 1). Hall of Newark has killed a
three year old sow which dressed 817
pounds. Ve defy the state to. beat this.
Mr. Lihby of West Berlin killed a hog
last week, weighing 70i' pounds, net
weight. It was about eighteen month
old. Such pork raising must tie profita
ble business. ' ' " 1 ' "
Mr. James Tartlett of, Washington,
lately sold a four year old gelding colt
for $500. He was raised by Mr. John
Merritt of Danville ; sired by Ranko Morri11-
An oll and resjieeted citizen of Guild
hall, named Bemis, who is over 70 years
old, attempted to commit suicide recently,
but was happily prevented by the dull
ness of his knife. Liuon,
ol ton
years, was uisnnssea -i:trc!i i . i
He was the second piistor t tiie t n.gre
gational church, and his death leaves
liev. Dr. Seaver of Brooklyn. N. l.. t:ie
only surviving ex-pastor of this church.
His remains were brought t l'itt-ford.
wliere liis funeral was attended on
Wednesday. He leaves a widow and
three tw.iiii'hntd f;dejjendent.
A irlm-tly scene was enacted at the up
per end of our village, on Tuesday night
Inst. A gentleman living in the -Woods'
district' was awakened about four o'clock
bv a noise in his barn, and in going to
the door saw a man who afterwards prov
ed to be a neighboring negro, in the act
of leaving the premises with a bag of com.
Of course he could not thus see himself
despoiled of his prorerty without niakint;
an effort to arre -t the dcspoiler. Giving
a yell he started for his propertj- without
returning to his bedroom tor additional
clothing. rlhc colored trwps fought no
bly and down the street they went, ' -fifteenth
amendment" ahead, white man lit
erally white for once, close on (but no
clothes on) behind. Hatless, coatle-i
shoeles, and "only not shirtless he! pur
sued the inevitable African with ail the
persistency of a radical. But the white
was too much for the black as he has been
pfor ages, and perhaps will be for aye.
The oor negro dropped Ins stolen corn
and his pursuer stopped his pursuit, gath
ered tip his spoils and returned to his
home. henmiHjton i ree 1 ress.
A son of Erin, rather the worse for
liquor, but conscious of the fact never
theless, went before mie of our Justices
of the Peace, on Wednesday last,' and de
manded to "sign the pledge. the .lus-
tice did not happen to have the article
i . i . ...... .
aoout mm, Dut nutting the man m earnest,
drew up the following, which was signed
and acknowledged by l'at, with all due
solemnity. We omit the names of the
parties :
I ; , of Bennington, in the
County of Bennington, and state of ' Ver
mont, recognizing my responsibility to
God, and to the Commonwealth of Ver
mont, do hereby pledge my honor that I
will drink no intoxicating liquors, neither
eider nor strong beer, nor anything what
ever that can intoxicate ; nor will I fur-
ninh it for others to drink, and I will do
all in my power to promote the cause of
lotal Abstinence from all that can mtox
icate, for one j'ear from the 1 st day of
December, A D. 180.
Miscellaneous Items.
i here are said to be liXMMu Chinese
in the I nked States.
The Cark of tub I'sio'n Dk.vu. The
remains of deceased Union soldiers have
lieen tenderly cared for by order of Con
gres, and the aggregate expense therefor,
up to the :oth ot .lune last, was 3,00
i ."70. There are seventy-three national
i cemeteries, and the remains of deceased
( L'nion soldiers arc also interred in local
Shi't-p ali'l iMii'm
((untrr lot.
Voir -kinv
1 111.1-
- -1 N i
hv.-l SI.
1 ;
Fat hot
Klmxkw. our li
( 1 a 7
. y '
; l-J a
V.. A. STIIU .UT. iii.!.'
Valuable Real Estate for S'ile.
r On uf count ; jwr u?:i.:.i tue
- - sabscriiitr bits tnu.le no his mind
ifii! t '"'iiiilr to co Wtwt. and wiil sell his Ileal
T E:aie si: Ba:ioti, c-.:t!a? ot a
new jet o iiuildinis and two
ncros of uu:i oiio ol The li nc-sr pUce in
Barton. Thirtf acres of la'nl one-half mile injm
;he buildings will he fold with the buiidinfrs or
Tvit'uout t suit purciriM-i's. Aiso a furm of one
hundred and forty aen.s cf land. Ail will be
mid at a bargain, s;-d any one i:; wa.it o: a very
ceMrab'e home url do well tocsu foT!.
is -.rton, Nov. 7, 170.
gjjLjahiHiiiiiwiiMi niiiiw ir1 uiii'ii'.i'im.wm;
Aro Mt'ri.T to ( lirs fur i t-n-jtis lvM, A-tlnna
tintvl: aland T.najdlrHcK!!. p c.si-hn-.'!y iialaJ.lo
t:av mnif. t4 Unit uausauuc hi.rnl.lo CuU.b ta-t.. are
,-ry -r.thi:ij ?.r.i lift 'ik'- n -liajlii. Al.t-.i-t'-rs. Sinvrs.
and l'uMif spciikt'T1 fi:i.it;i"yrirfr'i-',::tl1y ada tt'd
o thv vi-i't;. A.t
UIMITOVS it". V.l OI) l.lVKIt Oil.,
F..r f 'nnnmi'tinn and Siiftilx Fiwh mid fare. Fiest
l-TrjH)Uxi'. I'-f no 'jllf-i. -'M I'.v lni-i-ts 'nur-llv.
.(!') . I .. . . J ' I ..
. E. R A W S 0 K
Has juH n'tunM1! fnmi marki'i with a new slock ol all
gAKis iu Ins liae. The lnrgift and Iwst vawty or
1 Jl 11 A Cir O O l
vvrr lnvtighl iulu l-i'Wti, and a!I for alt at fc-w prices,
TUesubscribor iiax on band Iwcnly Sloifhs, made oC
nd icriyrnwniod widibem Ml! CHEAP f.
fjt Haulwick. Xot.IS, 18T0.
A S.l,;iulil ttirk of tlw Infect styles of
Al-si a fine amiiuMit of
Call-and tin nw pmU and new More.
Gnt'n'.bor.i, Ilea i, 1ST0. 49r3
(-. . -3B
Mo-st 4 xo'Iifiit ou-iouier. do you nam a Watcfa'
Kawwin wants to coll you one of that kind.
M you w-ant a cheap Watrh?
liawsja has iu
i to you want a nice art He of CuntVtHium'ry ?
Go to Kaw ten's for it.
Do ta w,mt sonv nice Pat Collars?
Rawstm st Sls them.
To you want any fiu. Cutlery, sui-h a Uazr, Sci
sors, or tiie uki'7
l::tw?on Sia- tfto artn'Te- tu th'-i line.
Po vou w:t!it anv ui.' IVKunit-n ?
ilaw-on has smie siilfiwlid iH-rfuinellair ami
Toilet an4 iiavin Nkij-.
You c -r?n;r.Ty want wnne 1 rate Vtritionery.
ltawM'ii iirts with the lie si uinl the chea-osL
Are you a Mi;riaii aMl w-int Violin Strings or any
other fixing fr Violins (.r anv nthfr iitnitwuts?
!iaon aiway-. hv. a pn! stoek of Yioiini, Fiutes
Fife. String. Peir. Tnn'nj: Koil. P;t'h !'irf-, Keiu.
(Jour &:. Ac.
I o you rememUT thnt the Chn-tmo and New Yeari
I!fuiay? are eioe at hand? nyou remein'-CT that yon
-iiH were yonn? yourMlvei and loved the nice presents
and iovs whih the Cliritma day hmusrht? Have ymi
enough l enipmUrance of the olden times j you ean join
th'1 ehndivn in a
I do net wili to inform you, reader, that Dr. Wonder
ful, or any other man. has discovered a remedy that
cures consumption, when the lunjre are half consumed,
in ehort. will cure all diseases whether of mind, body or
estate, make men live forever, and leave death to play
for a ant of work, and i deBijmed to make our sublunary
sphere blissful paradise, to which heaven iwelf shall be
but a side show. You have heard enough of that kind
of hurobnegery- But when I tell yon that Dr. Sage'
Catarrh Remedy will positively cure the worst cases of
Catarrh in the Head. 1 only assort that which thousand
can t-tify to. I will pav $5K reward fora case that I
cannot cure. A pamphlet pivin fcytnptoms and other
information sent free to any address. This remedy U
Vrif McenU. Sent by mail, postpaid, on receipt of
sixty cents, or four paekace for two dollars. Beware of
counterfeits and worthless imitations. See that my pri
vate stamp, which is a positive guarantee of trcnuine
ness, is upon the outside wrapper. Refnember that this
private ftamp. issued by the I'nited States Government
ejtpressiy for stampinjEr my medicines, has my portarft.
name and address, and the words "U. ft. Certificate of
Genuineness." engraved upon it, and need not be
mistaken. lknt lx swindled by travelers and others
representing themselves as Dr. Page : I am the only man
now livinc that has the knowledge and right to manu
facture the cenoine Dr. Saw'a Catarrh Remedy, aivl I
never travel to sell this medieine.
4?inS 1X1 Seneca street, Euifalo, X. Y.
Late Aijent of the United StateM Patent Office,
ft'athirujlon, under Hit Act 01837.
No. 76 State St. opposite KilbySt. BoMon.
Alter an extensive practice of upwards ot
twenty ye.nr-, cominnes to scrnre patents in the
Urited Swte; a;o in Great Britain, France,
iicd other loreisn countries. Caets,Specitic
tions. EondM, Assifmrnems, arid nil pnpers or
dr3win!rs for patents, executed on reasoralile
terms wi;!i (Ksnarch. Kcsearcbes made into
American md Foreijm works, to determine the
v.ilifiitv and utility of Paten's of Inventions, and
Ie:a) kti1 other r.dTire rer.d.-n rl on all mn:ter
touebine the fame. Copies of the claims of any
patent furnished, bv reTiitrine one dollar. As
signments recorded in Vahinjrtcn.
JCo Aeencv in the United States possesses la
perior facilities for obtaining Patents or asecr
ta'ninp the patentability of inventions.
Purine cicht months the Eabscri'oci, in the
course of his larce praetiee, made on tvice rejeH
ONE of which was decided in Ail favor by the
Commissioner of Patents.
of ilruwrs s'luu
the n.'rth"ni nK TlH'.lii-hfr say iV.c I'P'porti-m "t
gml rattl Is -vt-n malli r lliaii liv-t w.H'k. In lun man
as.-s thf tvsl Iiitit1 in-- n :l a:nl 11:(" j r. -i n-iHintu.
V WATCH F11KK p.r fViTyln.ty auj S'Ji . r.l.ivBris
liusiui w liiht anlhii'ral.U-. N aift i-nt-rpriw.
Nuluiml.ua. Aifr ii.Moiime Ki-unily. I'ii-.slmn:. l'a. 47-4
W.mdorfuldevHl.Mtnu-nu anions tlu' arifct.icnwy. Marr'-'!
w'm..n eiiuanl, Ae. Vrkv ? ;.-. The U-at l. .k to
n il iulilllml. Thf hr trnin to asrit ever civen.
Aiklroua X. V. " n.k '.)., 145 assau t.. X. Y. 74
rartie Inutm how to col upt-iul-s. (ur answer i-,
ind f'r .rin- li;!. ami arlubfurm will aeconipany u with
ftill dirwcttti makinc a uinie sarin? to consumers and
remunerative lo eluh oranub rs.
The Great Am. Tea Co
:ua :hvi:skv stkeict, n. y.
r. O. H.ot 504-t.
"i ll. u t".' 1" l;n'V-'Tn'K nixl Ikit yiyr.r tna,
..tii. i..r lli. 'ii-lr. rm.i .ll!le for thf
A rriK'kerj' a rii:? of
, A .Umu; ins .l:i-k T a Cat lint t'l'ts,
A Wntiua Ivt or a thtiimr l.nnL
A Saving- Hank t kop h.wnl
(Jf pt-unie that the c'lliMrt'n save.
A I'iary. a Wi of blot-ks,
A K:ilfitl"-"U' 'r a lli-nt Work lox.
A 1'ii turi' l'lizzlt iif.it iiiventiim.
A WhL-lliii Tup or a dollar tenni Enpne.
Srrh are a fotr of the many thin
Tliat Chri'tmas limo to llawoa's briny ;
(''line in and h'.iy with no p"ret.
For tiie nioai'y it ots to please the I'tia,
And It each jrift hrini f,vsh to your mind
The cliildlioixl days uf olden time.
Then your joy in their pleasure to you shall
Il i- more hlesel to give than to receive."
Itsivi-ion'M .Jvli- Store,
Acknowletkod by the 6aiJ
to be his free act and deed, this 30th day
of November, A. I). 1870, before me.
Justice of the Peace.;
I ioolt Aoiits TVIstUo
iimto fSi-'tX) per ninnai by j-t Uir
private or iio-.t cemeteries. The total
There were ninety reiitrious iounuils 1 number of botlies retiortal interred is
liir.lihel in Paris before the war. ; 315. "...", of whieh number the remains of
! - . . i . i e y i I 1 72.200 cati be identified, wbilp those of
me e-uuiawM. i.t.i.iuauou ot i.omton ir, ; , ,.,', . . ,17 'Zl-' rn"n k rn TrT-.nnTTATlC
,20i()0.). and it covers 12 1 square miles ' mm ui.ki.ov! .. iuaini. IxK P V I h
. 1 ea tnat !) scattereu Douies remain yet ...-- j..-. - - ;
; to be interred in the national epineteries. I nd iiuw Thev Were Made. r.vj. n. Nk'aiie. Jr. N
Phew iivf -I ' 7!l.i f;iniilip in Ciiu.tn. c j.. 1 . v..:t freshand oriirinal. lTofuselv iiliiitrated and Ix-ae.til1;
- ' -".., .Loiie uixiifii uuiiaiiffs are 10 ik uuiit ul ; .... ....u.i ....i,. -si. .
nati. L..l.) (hvellings. 111.101 female, the principal cemeteries, and all of them iRio.ij"i:howaKiorhaifWindMii.Tbecarneatrreatiuiv-
1 ( 7 7'V) tnr.loa i. i. i. . . -1?- . c er. a buU'her's aiiDr.'Utk'e the wealthiest man in Amenra.
f hui.I.
There are in the I nited Statos 1,GH
national banks, the resources of which
amw.nt to l..jlO,2!i:),,u0.70.
Tiie exnenses for rntminz the city trov-
emmeut of Philadelphia, for the ensuing
year are estimated at ?!t.(22,740.3:.
Vn insane mother in Xew York, cut
the throat of her iiifant child, and at
tempted to kill another, a few years older.
Chicago invested about 57,000 in
tickets of San Francisco Mercantile Li
brary Lottery, and drew 817,200 in priz
Koopiuanschan has orders on hand for
a hundred thousand Chinese laborers,
who are to go South as cotton-pickers and
farm hands.
den. Sherman aives the strength of the '
("nited States army at 2.4H8 officers and
:S2 men, of which 211 officers and 2,-
252 men must be discharged by Jan. 1.,
t latest reports the Illinois Legisla
ture showed a republican .majority of 27
and the Senate of 10. In the Wisconsin
Legislature the Republicans have 54 out
of 1 00 members.
A Xew Hampshire mechanic who had
devoted several years of his life to the
perfection of an invention, gave up the
work as liopeless a lew uays since, anu
committed suicide.
The wealthiest people in the world are
the Osage Indians. The tribe number
3,000. and have after 11 expenses are
paid, 160 acres of choice land, per capita,
and $G,000,000 in money,.
The sentence of Daniel C. Buruick, to
be hanged for the murder of H. H. Baker
(colored), at Olean in October, 1809, has
been commuted by Gov. Hoffman of Xew
York to imprisonment for life.
A Tennnssee sport rode up to a black
smith 6hop and asked to have his horse
shod, and tmon the blacksmith' proceed
ing to comply, the young man 6hot him
dead. f
The vounsiladv who 'Tcttlsed" Grant,
married a Galena bricklayer. " She says
her husband don't have so ' many things
given him, bwt his brsath emells weeter
j than Grant s. ? ( .fli.,r, a
are to nae neuges ui osage, orange, or oi nntoowinft-iMlciuUll.i.ireln seven yeai. with
honey locust inside permanent iliciosurcs. I many more .-h examples; hoiv euenry. talent and I t a-
$20,000 Was eSeilded during the past I s exerted : hw money ean tie made honestly and without
fi...,l :,. .1.,..:., 4,. ..t,,l, 1 eri...f i.rinelnle. Send for eircular, eu-., and imti.-e
, '..-Cd,.1U "uu"? ttuu I rnv extra terms.. (1KO. MACLEAN', l'ubli-her. 3 Sehool
ana it is tiie aesicrn oi tne uuartermaster st iuin. vas.
General to plant in each cemetery, when! . OjV151.
prucucuoie, ;t synau nan oi enn or ma- A nn. , whil), in uth Amerie a a
pie trees, wnose intertwining nrancnes mibsioiuin. tii-vovered a ue ami Mmpie ij nu m
;ii i i, .i , ii j j 1 euro of Nervous Weakness, Karly llcvay. Hiseases of tht
Will Shelter the people assembled OU dec- rriuar and Seroinal Organs, and the whole train of .lis-
oration day Irom the sun.
ot over three hundred thousand graves
have been preserved in twentv-fivc pub
lished volumes of the roll of honor, and
two volumes more will complete the work
At tlxo liarton lrtijff Store
M.iv It round the most complete assortment t" tie
in t'rl.-an County, of the following artieh" :
The records I onteni "brought on by baneful and vk'Hius habits. Great
nnmiier nave tieeneureti nj nos iinun-irinnn. . . i"
aOv. t.. lienetit the ainietrd and unfortunate. 1
will semi the recipe lor prei-amif! aim usiuk im
cine. In a sealed enveloiie, to any one who neetla it, Frfk
of t'H-VEOE. Addl-eus JdSKfU X. l-alA.. ctauou v.
Bible Hoose. Xew 1 ork City.
Clubbing with the Standard.
In our first notice of the Household we
were wrong when we called it a sixteen
pago monthly. Not having it before us
Aim lartv or rnintleman ran make $1;0C0 a month, se
cure their "own happiness and independence, by obtaining
-. . .- . ... i v i in. i v . o i n i pmnn.
rTlC4iO.HAJUI, r Am. i:a 1 1.'-., oi . .........
ivn iiii.n.ims: cloth. Full instructions to usa this
power over men or animals at will, how to Mesmerize,
i.a ir..i nr Writimr Mediums. Ilivination. Hniritu-
alism. Alchemy, Philosophy oftmwns and L'reams, Br!a-
h.m Voimi.'s Htirein. liuKte to Marnaire. ac. an coiuaiii
i In' this book: lie.000 sold: price by mail, in cloth
Sl,a5, paper covers $1. NOTICE. Any person willing
U act as arent w ill receive a sample copy of the work
. .-. ah no eainiai la reouireu. au ikwiwb mi ucbito
hi n'uw
wa aurMed at it. hreansf we knew sixteen I .mnil.vment'should send for the rumk, enckwimr
, , , for iKiMaso. to T. W. EVA?iS CO, 41 Booth bth gtract.
pa'es was enough, and more than enough, pwfeiia.
for the price. Let us rectify our mistake
now, before we forget it. It contains twen
ty four pages, and has four columns of mat-
riie.v Osmnot Tu-It I
"I regard Mr. Eddy as one of the most capable
mid tuceesiful practitioners with whom I have
had official intercourse.
Commissioner of Patents."
"I have no hesitation in assuring inventors
that thev cannot employ a man more competent
and trustworthy, and more capable of putting
their applications in a form to secure for them
an earlv and favorable consideration at the Pa
tent Office. EDMUND BURKE,
I.are Commissioner of Patents."
Mr. R. H. Eddy has made for me THIR
TEEN application's, in all but ONE of which
patents bare been granted, and that one is now
pondine. Such unmistakable proof of great tal
ent and ability on his part, leads me to recom
mend ALL inVentors to apply to him to procure
their patents, a they nay by sure of having the
most faithful attention bestowed on theii cites,
and at very reasonable charires.
Boston, Jan. 1,1870. 1 ly
In Hiese days is not known so much by the com
pany he keeps, as by the clothes he wears. This
is a "sad fact, and on?ht not to be. As long as it
is so, however, we must submit to it. Then go
straight to
of which he has a splendid line. He sells them
Slick to yonr old friends but not to your old
clothes. Dress up! Look gay! Keep warm.
Cnkl weather is approaching. Already the winds
of autumn are hissing their shrill notes in crack
and crany and nook.and soon, too soon, will si
lent lie the music of the babbling brook. Besides
bis splendid assortment of Ready Hade Cloth
ing, he tins his usual stock of goos for the gener
al trade- : i ' . . ; ' ' . 42
Small Profit Store,
t'oivi.ri-ina Ladi.V Work lk..-. tilove alio icaiuinen-niei
lioxeK. Laiiien' aid Gents' Presslii Case, w ntmg iX'sks,
Portfolios, tui' uses, t ard Receivers Aiauartcr uoonis
T.'lMJ-cts vases
J. E. SPENCER CU. . l.
Which an' uiiw offend to the pulilic are pronounced Iry
all the vleliratl Opte iansof the world to be the most
perfect, natornl. artifieial help to the human eye ever
known Thev aro frround under their own supervisioii,
from minute (Tvst.-.l PeliW.-s melteil toRcther, and de
rive their name, "liiamonil" on at.count of their nam
ness fwi lirininii.-y. ,
The S-'ieiititic lTinejpleon which thi y are ciiBtroeo
hrimra the eore or the n-ntrc or the lens directly ir rroiit
of the eve.. prolnein: a clear and distinct vik. Ks 111
,ho ntoml lowtin" the ?iL'ht and preventing 811 ""-
pleasant sensations eiu li a irliinniering am1' avenng
r . . i .u ...wrs in use.
Ot iSlrnt, lil7.7.1IH's. a'J IV Ulw w ou v.
tv ti.it:..l in ttic. Uinc Jlnnner,
. ,,i.i. o,,i f( li. u. liAAU.iiib ruses pleasure iu saying
frames of the hest euality. of ! materials oseo i c first ooahtv eoods ha
that puriK);i I ..;IP(i n. pomnans nf late and all will be sold
, . . . .- j , - - - .
Their Finish and DnrutnUtg cannot oe tor the smallest living rates, ah snow mat tie
Siirunssea. I
' n at r i?i a xrrr
Xone gooaine HK" neanii u:ci i ?T iVlliliLAl A
stamped on every frame. jow js tj,e ,, t0 i00t over his Ready Made
Clothing, and his Hoots ana Mioes, ana dais ana
Caps. Call on Randall for your
Trads Murk
F V V WSOV Jeweler and Optician, is sole aaent
1 i-i ,n,m whom thev can only be htained.
These good Vl l """i'
ter to the page mating ninety six col- js! E Ii P E N S t
umns each issue, and all this we furnish . !
for fifty centg, to all those not now sub- These Pens are of superior English manufacture ami
Beriberi to that Daoer. So. centlemen. eomhine elaticity of action with smoothness of point.
When the time ig Up for which you have and a a nearer approximation to the real gnAXQUILI
paid for the Standard, send us $2.50 for rthing hitherto invented.
another rear and take the Household for Mle b st-tioner,.
the wife and daughter, while you who now sami-icako. eonuumngau u i
nn- fivr th Stnnrlnr nn nr mam vPArs. artistically arranged and purely incloswl m"
fnr -,k,t vnn oroheriinrl OB receipt of 25 CENTS.
Wl fn Aan ft TJA WeriiokoepforsateaMlliueof Be- Md
toother wRb coniijiet aBortirr 1 J
Kememberwhat we said of this cheap, but 1 . ptttjt TOTTPTj B00KSELLEES
... J .l u I J. v inn
pTftnpni magazine, ana wncn your une i ai .
is up next January, or a little before, send
us $2.50 and take the Standard and Wood's.
We will guaranty that it shall be sent or
the monev refunded.
f;yC No. 1 CoaxMiUt Boarox,
This is a first class Magazine, published
at rtiladelphia, by K R. Hamerlsy & Cry
Price. 140a We will club it withtae
Standard for 2.00 $4.00 for both. "It bj
..dk-artF.!m '30 perdair) to sell ttweeie-
r..l Ik. hLuJ. i (.VU.m
51 idea.) and is fully licensed. The best and cheapest
22.S Machine In the market ' Address '
Boston, Masa Prttshorzh, Pa., Chicaga, 111, or St. Lou-
Mo. . ... . . - '
AGENTS WANTED. ( tS2S nioath) ly the
Mans. or Bt, 1OUia.Ha. , :i : -4 J; .. nws
gnat variety of k'tunily an. I SiH Bihli.
In even A' 'l"alii.v, aud at very low prlcei
r-.noe ami e them. Aliiojifr the tliinzi which the Ver
niont Legislature has aiiionnied w-.thoirt doitix la to enact
any law which rrtll prevent our keepinit a full sun k of
Drops, Medicines. Uvea, PainW, Gla l-ertumery, Toilet
Articles, Hooka ana stationery, ana everywiingeiw itui
itr for a nrtt clais DruK and Bookstore. Consequently
our patron will find ob with our Ofllally complete awort-
naent. . ... ... , .; .'
I Barton, Vt, No. 28, 1870. .
Ciihesl'lif, Vrnnv, WTiaopln t'oujth, IIme
Bins, and all tilnro- i we ' urwi
No other remedy equals It Jo the cor of Coughs and
It truly acts like maaic iu Oie cure of all dSneases of the
Throat and Lungs tnoosanoa nt iwiu""
Hampshire htatify. ,? f . ;; ...,-.
U is safe to use and jjleasaii to the ttf. Chiklren
take. It readily. , . .
" W JOSLYX & WINS, Barton. Vt. Proprietors.
Sold by all druggist nd dealer in medicine, 1
riurini the Hoinlays under the sniierintenoV-nee of
from all parts of the Comity, for the
.. . iv..a.
at Barton. here you ean Bet the oe "'
Candies. SuiBir lanus inmiiiiu-" ,0. -t
Came in na i"" "
Cd. 1 KPfprnrHiinij
AIfo Tea and Tolacco. Th.e delicious
fair' haven oysters
. .. . it.. PrtieiilHr atieniiou Kli-ew im'-
liy tne stow "i e" , .t the hmeat
nishing for Hotels ana vjaiei owi'i-.-,
Barton, Pec 4. 1S0.
Sugar without Sand, and Teas that grew in Chi
na and Japan. Laiiiee will cot fail to look at
Hardware, Glassware, Crockery, &c, ai ctr.
Plowg for sale. One and all call and look at bis
poods, and If you can't ee what you want ask
for it.
Oct. 25,1570. 1
Hill-ton OuriritiBTO Co,
Have ilr Weighs loads of the
Best Selected Stock
When I say that I am - ' "
than any donlor in Ud part of Vermont, ami at
that wiU he sold a. low as can be
the county, rarucuiw aiicuu
I am
Those in wan t of good tksighs are tarltcd to call and c
mine. 1 mnun 1 mtlKS.
. .1 L.1..1 imI m ih OLD (Inn of TlRird Co-
are reiectfuUy mruerfd to call eutc. rmmD
Barton. Dec. 4, L8T0. ., , . ,.- .-
... i .k..i nrt'ata An
prepared to BA. K f P-TH ! ATttT to the JJJJi, puMedVklyV
1iVLL8ATIACTWofwbowUl . 1 SSJJii.. Thlmonth.ef No""""1
pemher, UIO. given gratis to ail suoscnoer. -
- he. her thev Eke it, can have It two awatta oa remituag
er ISQUIRE rf an of mf Bunic,W!r MACK ,
America, eonsisUn,
i p pleton A C0.1 Publishers, Jiew orfc.
ii I

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