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WHILE IT IS FRESH . . (0 . - . - l l .
. ; ; : i
$1.50 A YEAR. ' 3 CENTS A COPY
R. J. Kimball &
10 Broad St., - New York.
W allow Interest on deposits and transact I
general banking business.
We bay the better class ol Stocks and Bonds
and advance money to carry the
same when requested.
The New York Stock Exchange.
Bobert J. Kimball W. Eugene Kimball.
. Business Cards.
- " Dentists.
Arms' Block, Telephone Connection
; Office hoars, 8 to 13 a. m., and 1 to 5 p. m.
Union Block, Bellows Falls, Vt.
and Solloitor In Chancery.
Town Hall Building, Bellows rails, Vt
Arms' Block, Bellows Falls, Vt. 48-87
Windsor Vermont. ,
Felchvllle office open on Mondays.
and Sol'cltor in Chancery.
Collections a Specialty.
Howard Block, tinder telephone Office, Bel
lows Falls, Vt.
Office hours till 9 fc. m., 1 to i and 6 to 7 .80 p.m.
Oonnectea by telephone. 4S-38
Bellows Falls. Vt.
Practice limited to the diseases ol the Eye.
Bar, rnroai ana nose.
Office hours 9 to 12 a. m., 1.80 to 4 p.m.
Tuesdays and Fridays at Brattleboro.
Livery Stables.
Towns Hotel Barn, Bellows Falls, Vt.
B-S9 Bellows Falls. Vt.
Boom No. 11, - Union Block,
Olaremont, N. H. 52-40
In White Trimmed or Painted.
Fan's Block, Canal Street.
H. M. WEEDElf,
Also Tuner ot Pianos and Organs.
Address H. M. WEEDEN,
Booklngham, Vermont.
and dealer In Slates, Ridge Irons, Snow
Guards and Roofers' Cement.
' rostoffice Box 1022, Bellows Falls, Vt.
Renalrlne ot all kinds done bv exper-
lenoed workmen Bicycle repairing, keys
fitted, sales npenea, lawn mowers snaipenea,
etc., at lowest casn races.
Caxai. St., Bellows Falls, Vt.
Wholesale dealers ik Tin, Glass aitd
We pay cash for old rubber and metals.
and exchange goods for all kinds of com
modules. Including rags, old rope, sacklni
folded newspapers, hens feathers, woo.
sheen's celts, calf skins, fur, wood and lum
bar and farm products of all kinds. Agent
wanted to do business on the road for us:
sacks furnished on satisfactory guaranty.
Ladles and Gents send your clothing to
Brattleboro Cleaning and
Dyeing Works,
rElm St. Brattleboro, Vt.
First class work. Express charges paid one
Send 10 cts. in Silver
lor set of Infant's Wardrobe Patterns.
Babies' Outfits Furnished. Send for prices.
Mrs. Carolyn D. Spafford & Co.
P. O. Box 2672, Boston, Mass.
A Fine Business
Opening for Sale!
The aiuih. Mind and door shon in Wood
stock, Vermont. This business has been
carried on by Mr. C. W Sayward for ihe past
S3 vears. A arood patronage Is assured, as
the business nas been established so many
years. This includes the brick block that Is
located on the main business street, also all
mecMnery. This la tbe only shop of the
kind In this section. For fail particulars
, . JtsjU X state and Investment Securities,
Woodjtook, Vermont
J. E. BROSNAHAN, Manager.
Friday Eve, April 14.
The BOSTON SUCCESS direct from the
Park Theatre, declared by every Single
Ameilca's Leading and
Popu'ar Comedienne
Delia Fox
and her own brilliant company, in
the n-w up-to-date oomedy, set to
music, called the
A Hurricane Hit Everywhere.
The Company includes
Bugh uhlloers,
B. E. Graham,
John C. Slavin,
Alice Johnson,
AdeLa Barker,
Eugene O'Eourke,
H. D. Blakemore,
Mabel Bonton,
Emily Francis,
' and a large ohorns.
Ticket on sale at Williams &
Co.' Tuesday, April n, at ia,
noon. ;
Telephone 37-5.'
The Latest Fashions
in Ladies' Trimmed
and Untrimmed
at the Millinery
Rooms of
Mrs. E. W. Finney,
Iriain Street, Saxtons River, Vt.
That's the brand of Clover seed we sell ;
none better. Call and see samples.
It does not pay to nse cheap seed and we
Nothing But
The Best !
A good stock of Flower and Garden
seeds in balk and packages.
Bicycles !
We shall carry as usual an up-to-date
line of wheels at reasonable prices.
Call and examine.
L. G. & C. E. HOWARD
Hardware and Coal.
Bellows Falls, Vt.
Dealers in Pianos, Organs and Sew
ing Machines. All kinds of
musical instruments, strings
and fixtures.
Goods sold on
Call or write for prices and terms
This will be a
and you will have to have
something to start your crops
Baker's U N XL D Fertilize
will do it.
Write for prices.
Bellows Falls Times.
Published wbdnbsdat and 8 atukdat bt
W. C. BELKNAP & CO., Proprlitors.
W. O. BELKNAP, Editor.
One oopy one year in advance - $1.60
One oopy six months in advance - .70
One copy three months in advance .40
If not paid in advance - 2.00
Single copies ...... .03
Subscribers wishing the postoffioe address
ot their paper change must send us ootn tne
old and new address.
will trad the Tuns the best advertising mod
ium in southern Vermont. Located in a
thriving manufacturing village and railroad
center at the border Tine of two states and
circulating in four counties of those states, it
is not excelled as a means or reaching a large
and thrifty population. Rate, will be fur
nished on application.
. none.
All postmasters are authorised agents for
the paper.
Watch the date on your paper. It has been
the policy ot this paper slnoe Its establish
ment not to stop subscriptions at the eiplra
tlon ot the time paid for unless explloft or
ders are given to that effect. However when
directions are given either at the time ot
subscription or subsequently to have the
paper stopped It will be stopped promptly at
the expiration ot the time paid tor unless
renewed. No paper will be stopped until all
arrearages are paid. Subscribers are urged
to keep their subscriptions paid In advance.
Col. Osman D. Clark of the First Ver
mont regiment, hat been elected secretary
of the National Life Insurance company to
succeed Joseph A. DeBoer, resigned. The
many friends of Col. Clark throughout the
state consider the choice of the company
n excellent one. Mr. DeBoer will con
tinue as actuary and director.
The St. Johnsbury Republican remarks :
An exchange says : Windham county has a
candidate for state superintendent of cen
sus. It would be something new if old
Windham didn't have just the man for the
place, for every office to be filled. In this
instance however, a first-class man is sug
gested. It is Eugene S. Kingsley of Ath
ens." The Northfield News says: "Wind
ham county has a candidate for State sup
erintendent ot census in the person of
Eugene S. Kingflev of Athens. The fact
that the State superintendent of the Census
for 1880 and 1890 both hailed from that
county leads to the pertinent enquiry as to
whether no other part of the s'ate has a
person qualified for the position. It can
not be denied, however, that the work was
well done in this state in the last two cen
sus years."
Political Speculation.
Several Vermont newspapers continue to
see political visions and consume valuable
spae in rehearsing them to their readers
The Randolph Herald and News is one of
these papers. Like the Northfield News
and a few other papers in that section of
the state, it was an enthusiastic Grout
paper until, for geographical reasons, it
became policy to change political faith.
The Herald admits that Hon. W. W
stickney ol Ludlow must be the next gov
ernor, but as regards the other officers
there is to be a warm time ahead. A re
ce nt editorial reads like a chapter from the
Prophets. Here for example is a pretty
sentence: "Anxious candidates are watch
ing by the cradles of incipient boomlets,
nursing them through the trying period ot
early infancy, feartul lest they fall victims
of neglect. The woods are literally full of
aspirants to the various places that bid fair
to be cast into the arena and the several
contests are certain to be close and ex
citing." .
Speaking of the congressional outlook
the writer says : "Then when we turn to
the seat in congaess which Grout will
vacate when he steps into the senatorial
arena, whether he succeeds there or fails,
we find an almost endless array of candi
dates. Plumley of Northfield, Stickney of
Bethel, cousin of W. W. Johnson of
Woodstock, Read of Bellows Falls, Has
kins, Martin and perhaps Estey of Brattle
boro are already in the field. Every
county on the east aide, save Essex nd
Orange, has anywhere from one to four
candidates for the two seats in congress
that are to be filled.
"But when we get down to Windham
county we find the most embarrassing
situation of all. With three or four candi
dates for Grout's seat, all dead in earnest,
the spectacle is none tbe more pleasing be
cause of its familiar features. Windham
has very seldom shown a capacity for get
ting together for any one of her favorite
sons. Windham countv politics is harder
for the outsider to comprehend than French
politics and after about the same pattern
a cere are plenty ol grudges and old sores
and the great difficulty seems to be that
tne politicians have uncomfortably good
memories. About a 1 that can be antici
pated from Windham is that the several
candidates will succeed in killing each
In all its stages there
should be cleanliness.
Ely's Cream Balm
cleanses, soothes and heals
the diseased membrane.
It cores catarrh and drive
away a cold In .the head
quickly. , . ,
Cram Balm is placed into the nostrils, spreads
over the membrane and la absorbed. Relief is iro
fpedlale end a core follows. It Is not drying does
not produce snwrelng. Large Slae, M easts at Drag
gist or by mail; Trial SUa, 10 cants by mall.
XiT BBOTKXBS, M Warrsa Street, 2?w York.
Makes the food more deJicious and wholesome
mrrn Bticmg powcjh co wtw took.
other off. With a dingle good candidate,
instead of several, Windham could without
much doubt carry oS the prize easily."
Mrs. W. C. Banning returns today, accom
panied by the Misses Banning, who have
been spending the past week in new iorx
Miss Mabel Guild is spending several
months with Mr. and Mrs. John Taggard in
East Boston, Mass.
The D. F. Brown ease against the town
has been postponed until the fall term of
Charles Sareent and Kendall Banning are
home from Dartmouth for the Easter vaca
tion. Dr. L. A. Newton returned Friday from a
short absenoe in Boston. .
Miss Graoe Sherman spent the first of the
;ek in Hartford, Conn., returning Thurs
day, v
The Footlights are preparing to present a
play at the Parish house in the near future.
F. E. Weymouth and D. L." Kilburn, fire
men on the B. & M. railroad, have been home
from Massachusetts this week.
There were 9910 cutis of milk shipped to the
Boston Dairy Co. from Walpole station dar
ing the month of March, a decrease of 860
cans for the corresponding month in 1898.
Miss Helen E. Gilson has returned from
Milford and will attend the Bellows Falls
high school this spring.
l spen
s, Mr.
the past week with his grandparents,
Mrs. U. a. wilDur.
149,600 pounds of live stock
were shipped
the month of
have gone to
from Walpole station during
Allen Knights and family
Drewsville for the present.
Mrs. Frank Hawkes was
in Boston,
Charlesiown and Cambridgeport last week
visiting among iriends and relatives.
Allen . Dunshee will sell at auction Satur
day, Apiil 15, at his farm in Walpole, the
pasture and wood lot owned bv him near the
Alstead line, also 80 she p and at) tat lambs,
if not disposed of before that time.
15.124 pounds of butter were shipped from
Walpole station by the Volley Creamery Co.
in March, an increase of 780 pounds over the
corresponding month in 1898.
The Dartmouth College Glee Clnb at Bel
lows Falls opera house Mondav evenine.
April 10. ,
Wbat Alls Many Men.
There is to reert to describe the pecnHT
weakness with which so many men are
afflicted you all now what it is it may have
neen came a nv over-worgy tnai-creuon or
inheritance How to cure it is what interests
yon- You may have taken many kinds of
meiticipe and iound no relief that proves
nothing encept that you nave been working
on wrong lines. A regular physician who
has seeh thousands of similar cases ought to
understand yours Such a physician is Dr
lireere, l&e leading specia isl in nervous and
chronic diseases, the discoverer of Dr
Greene s Nervura. You can consult Dr
Greene Mtnnnt cost, perso ally or by letter
at his rfnc, 34 Temple Place, Boston, Mass.
If it is n. t convenient lor you to call, write
Dr Greece a letter you wifl receive a prompt
answer explaining your case. Remember
that consultation and advice are free.
Our last lyceum for this season will be held
this Saturday evening.
Some of our farmers report a large run of
sap, while others complain of a very little
run. ,
Mrs. 0. K. Hill will return to her home in
Ludlow this week.
Mrs. Olin Stevens went to Bellows Falls
Thursday again to care for the sick.
Francis Leland has been for the past week
with his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. F. W.
The postofnee will be moved the first of
next week from the store of F. W. Waite to
that of Ben Lockwood.
A surprise party was held Thursday even
ing at the home of William Johnson at which
there were about 90 present.
Maple so ear supper at the Universalist ves
try by the Y. P. C. U. was well attended Fri
day evening.
Dr. W. F. Hazelton has sold his practice to
Dr. Doane of Jamaica. Dr. Haaelton will go
to Burlington.
The services at the Congregational church
during holy week were well attended and
much interest evinced in the sermons of Rev
H. L. Ballon of Chester and Rev. J. H Reid
of Bellows Falls and also in the concluding
address .Friday evening by the pastor. Kev
O. S. Davis.
Mrs. Corse had a very pretty display of
miiunery at ner opening Wednesday ana
Thursday. -j , - . j,f a
George Nourse has completed -three vears
oi service witn jn . j. uodge, tbe druggit.
Mr. Nourse has this week been in Burling
ton taking the examination in pharmacy, and
ii is most gramying to ms irienos to learn
that he was one of the four successful candi
dates in a class numbering 12 applicants.
Mrs. M. L. Lawrence returns home from
Minnesota this week.
Rev. A. Wheeler has accented a call to
Miss Bessie Wilder of Alstead. N. H is
this week tbe guest of Miss Ruby White.
Mr. and Mrs N R Lawrence and Mrs. L.
W. Horigraan expect to be in Boston over tbe
Thursday evening proved pleasant for the
er joyment or tbe h.aster supper at the JH. Jl
Clarence Morse has moved into the Foggett
house on summer hill.
Sprinefield grange at their next meeting
April 12 will discuss, What methods of co
operation can the members of this grange
adopt to receive the most benefit financially ?
A paper on Coflee Culture will be read
Vocal and instrumental music, reading and
speak inr will also be given, concluding with
a cake walk.
Rev. Lucy A. Milton of North Chester will
preach in tbe Universalist church next Sun
day morning in exchange with the pastor.
The Dartmouth College Glee Club at Bel
lows fails opera bouse Monday evening,
April iu.
Mrs. L. T. Hunt returned home Wednes
day from Langdon, N. H., where she his
pent the winter caring for a sick grand
oaugaw, wno nas recently uiea.
Mrs. Lilla Ware of Claremont, N. H
spending a few days at Wesley L. Ware's.
Mr Mary Brownell, who has been is Sax
tons River for a few weeks, returned Thurs
Mrs. Hubbard of Saxtons River Is a guest
mi. xienry uauou a.
- Mrs. Lemuel Davis and son Lee are
Boston for a two weeks' visit.
Misses Emma and Sarah Henry, who have
oeen visiting in town, returned to theif
homes early in the week.
Spencer Taylor, who seemed for a time to
be improving from his attack of pneumonia,
if rather worse and seems to be failing. At
Ms advanced age his recovery is very doubt
iitl. - i
A daughter was born last Snndav to Mr.
Mid Mrs Roy Sanders.
Mrs. P. W. B ee has narked her household
tionds in the Stearns building and will board
Car the present.
Mrs. E. Hutchinson and danchter Lillian
have returned from New York and Miss Lil
lian has entered school.
Miss Flora Kimball, who has been ill for
some time, is somewhat improved.
. A social dance was given in the town hall
:st evening.
The oonoert given bv the Choral Union
under the direotiou of Prof. Riggs was
a decided success. The choruses were finely
tendered and the Rock-a-bye chorus was
especially enjoyed. Every number merits
a compliment. Prof. Prior, who kindly
assisted by reading, was heartily applauded.
He is very popular both here and in other
plaoes where he has given readings. Miss
Dunbar rendered the difficult overture from
" Semirarnide' in a manner showing mueh
study and mastery of difficult execution.
Very little sugar has as yet been made.
Farmers report a small flow of sap from the
best orchards, one reporting that on one
apparently good sugar day he gathered two
barrels of sap from 290 trees ; in another part
of the town th j same day buckets were over
flowing. -
Hon. Hugh Henry of Concord has been
engaged to deliver the Memorial day address
belore Heniy Post, G. A. R., of this place.
About $25 will be added to the library fund
as a result of the concert.
On account of the bad walking there will
be a postponement of the Eastern Star
sociable for ar other week.
The Dartmcuth College Glee Club at Bel
lows Falls opera house Monday evening,
April 10.
Eddie Briehtm went to Hyde Parker Mass.,
laursday wbire he has employment m
a machine shop.
It is expecte 1 that all the schools in town
will commence the spring term on April 24
The following is a full list of teachers which
are expected to have charge of the different
'cnoois: JJistrict JNo. 1, May (ioodell; No.
2. Nelly G. Cutting; No 3, Frar.ces Goode'l ;
No 7,C Bel e Ranney ; No 8, higher depart
rnet.t. 8 E MonHy, primarv. Lilla A K'Ci-
ardson ; No. 9. W H Bl ncbard : No 10.
.ffi Tiiei; Heaiu; ; no rnghjT department.
Alice a oanis, primary, jarri ju. noil.
Miss Margarette Underwood- is spending
a few days with her sinter Maud at Charles
Hall s in Westminster West. . ;
Miss Susie Kel ogg is spending a few days
in sprinuneia, Mass., as tne guest oi Mrs,
Fred Blood. ' i'' -
The annual meeting of the Ladies' aid was
helil Wednesday alterno n with Mrs Henry
Willard After a social time and a fine sap
per was served, the following officers were
ohosen s President, Mrs B. T Phelps; Vice
president, Mrs O. L. Fisher j secretary and
treasurer, juiss o. miUDem mils. . ..
The Dartmouth College Glee Club at Bel
lows Falls opera house Monday, April 10.
The case of S. L Daeeett vs. the Town of
Westminster was tried belore Justice U. U.
Williams at the office of H. D. Rvder in Bel
lows Kalis Thursday; rl. D. Kyder tor plain
tiff, Judge L. M. Head tor defendant. . The
nagment was tor JJaetrett tor s.iu damages
aua coats ot . 10. , :
Mrs. G. W. Perry returned last Saturday
from a visit to her daughter, Mrs. Fuller, in
Rutland, accompanied by her granddaughter,
little Alice Fuller, who is passing several
days with her grandparents.
Silas Sawyer of Plymouth is passing the
week at R. P. Pollard's.
R. J. Stoodley of Bellows Falls was a guest
ot his father, Jenerson atoodley, Monday.
Henry Fair has just moved from George
Perry's house on Grafton street to the house
lately vacated by H. A. Bemis at Chester
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Taylor of Bellows
Falls were guests of Mrs. Taylor's parents
Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Lee over last Sunday.
The Easter concert at the Universalist
church was well attended and the children
did themselves credit by their recitations and
John Van Oman has moved from his house
near Chester Depot to the Pollard farm in
Trebo, renting bis house to S. Havens, who
has already moved in trom U. r . Howe s up.
stairs tenement.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wright have recently
passea two weexs wun laeir aaugnter, Mrs.
U. H. Waterman, and family.
The village school commenced last Monday
wim mo same icacner, juts. n.va cranaaii.
Bert Severance commenced workinir on
farm in Cavendish April 1st.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Crandall have rooms
at K C. Hutchinson's and board at the Lake
The spring term of school opened Monday
Geor&e Hale has moved to Bellows Falls,
Miss Jenn.e Bird is enjoying a short re.
spite trom hnr duties at Vermont Academy
Mrs. Bradford Moultrop has been visiting
her son in w indium.
A party nt young people were entertained
at Mr. Maield s weauesuay eveniug.
Mrs. Matthews is the guest of her sister.
Mrs. A. W. Wild.
Miss Mary Cushing and Miss Martha Cool-
idge, wno have been among me "snui ins
lor tvo mouths, are reported as improving.
The sugar season has come at last and the
sugar makers are busy.
Snow is disappearing rapidly under the
bright suond me song of the robin has
greeted the ears of those listening for tokens
ot spriLg..
At the meeting of the W. C. T. U. held
witn Mrs. . H. Pierce Thursday afternoon,
an interesting paper on Systematic and Pro
portionate Giving, prepared by Mrs. C. S
Walker, was read. It is expected that the
' Grip-Death ''-
Kills the pain and fever in three to six hours
or your money back. A harmless and speedy
specific m
Let Go Cough Tablets, harmless, contain
no opium, for instant relief in Croup, Bron
chitis, Whooping Cough, Common Colds, and
the After the Grip Cough. ..
Herculean Tablet make pure blood.
build up tbe system and make you strong and
well after the grip. Best remedy for Consti-
Sation and Dyspepsia. Best Nerve Tonic.
y mail to any address upon receipt of price,
2oo each. Waiter B. Glynn, Keg.-Pharmacist,
Saxtons Hirer, Saxtons River, Vt. ' Sold
(n Hilln. lT.lla K. Pi....'. l I, . A
1 draws' Dragster and Wheeler's Pharmasy.
annual meeting of the union will be held at
the chapel in May.
At the annual meeting of the church so
ciety the following rfficers and committees
were elected: Modi-rat r, Rev. F, D. Good
rich; clerk and treasurer, 8. P. Gushing;
colieotor, George E. Walker; trustees, S. P.
Cushing, S. J. Weaver, 8 C. Morrison ; com
mittee lor securing preaching, Charles 8.
Walker, Mrs Borland, Mrs. O. 8. Walker,
Mrs. Litsia Marsh; ushers, George E. Walk
er, Ernest Cooliiige; committee to procure
fuel and light, K.N. Mai ah.
9. L. Hecht and son of New York oity were
In town the first of the week.
Miss Mabel Bemis returned to Newport
last Friday to resume her duties as teacher.
A son was born to Dr. and Mrs. F. L. Os
good last Tuesday afternoon, April 4th.
Mr and Mrs. Lewis Tenney entertained
the whist olub last Tuesday evening at their
home. .,...,
Mrs. Murphy of Plymouth,' Mass., is ex
pected to j dn her husband to-day.
The Christian Endeavor society of the
Congregational church will serve new maple
sugar at the vestry, Monday evening, April
lOih from six to nine o'clock. All are cor
dially invited.
Miss Deborah Cory returned from Leom
inster yesterday.
MissMeraf Towns is slowly improving m
We don't like to think that we have any
people in our village who are mean enough
to steal clothes from lines, but as a warning
to housekeepers we mention the fact that
Roswell Thrasher's housekeeper left the
weeks washing out last Monday night and on
Tuesday morning, all the clothes had disap
peared. ,
Misses Alice and Edith Frost of Bellows
Falls have been visiting their grandmother,
Mrs. D. Campbell for several days.
Miss Julia and Ezra Fisher have gone to
live on their farm which was recently va
cated by Mr. Bemis.
A. F. Dennet agent for the Racine
Chemical fire extinguisher gave a successful
exoiDition on mam street w ednesdav even
ing. He has canvassed the town and organ
ized a ciuo.
William Cory has recentlv bonirht the
house he has occupied for several years, of
Miss May Spalding of Bethel.
Fay Osgood is learning the barbers' s busi
ness with his father C E. Osgood.
Miss Electa Goodhue has been sick for
more than a week, but is slowly improving
P. Ober has been quite sick for some time
JJr. and Mrs. Edward Kllerv entertained a
few friends last Wednesday evening at their
Miss Blanche Nichols has commenced to
work for Mrs. Chas. Smith.
We are very pleased to state that Miss Hat-
tie (jiarke s health is very much better.
Mrs. E. w. Finnev has opened a millinery
store on Main street in one part of Albert
Williams' house. See advertisement in an
other column.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Joslvn of Brockton, are
visiting their parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. V
Mrs. A. H. Hubbard, her little grandson
and the nurse, went to Chester lastThuradav
to visit her children, Kev. and Mrs. H. L.
Jiailou. - . .
The Christian Endeavor societies have for
their subject tomorrow evening; "The holy
garments. ". iph 4; ZU Z4; Rom. 6: 4.
Mrs. Cone of New York oity. has been stop
ping at Mrs E L Walker's for a few days.
Miss Nellie Wiley at the time of writine
was feeling a little better.
Simon Davis commenced work last Mon.
day morning for John Drew, barber at Bel
lows Falls.
About 40 persons attended the Ladies be
nevolent society of tbe Congregational church
which ws held last Thursday at the vestry.
Everyone had a very pleasant time.
The Dartmouth collesre Glee olnh at Bel
lows Fulls Opera House Monday evening
April 10.
Mrs. C. L. I Blake croes to Brattleboro to
day where she will remain over Sunday snd
on Monday will start for New Yrk, where
she goes to buy millinery goods and get the
styles. Sbe win return the 13th., accompan
ied by Miss Hattie Gregar who will act as
trimmer for the entire season. Miss Gregar
has had experience for several vears in New
York city.
Miss Kate Runnels was taken to the Insane
asylum at Concord last Tuesday for treat
ment, accompanied bv her father and Dr. O.
C- Young.
The friends ot William Butterfield were
glad to welcome him on the street once more.
Mrs. H. E. Corbin is improving her resi
dence on Main street with paint, paper, etc)
Albert Graham has the contract.
Old Maids are expected from all Darts of the
United States to attend the Convention at the
Town Hall May 1.
Mrs. Louise G. Symonds will open th
Mansion House for the season April IS.
Arbor Day May 1st.
Mrs. L. H. Clark passed a portion of the
week in Boston.
A number from Elmwood Rebekah Lodge
visited the Rebekah Lodge in Claremont
Tuesday night passing a very pleasant even,
Miss Tracy of WindsoT has been visiting
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Willard of South Hem
lock. G. C. Bidwell on the Peach blow farm has
a half-blood Durham heifer two years old
last Dec. Came in milk on tbe 14 of March
last and is now giving 34 lbs. of milk a day,
The Dartmouth college Glee Club at Bel
lows Falls Opera House Monday vniag
April 10.
Bellows Falls News.
The Souvenir.
With this issue we send .out as a supple
ment tbe long delayed souvenir devoted to
tbe town of Rockinghsm. - Tbere has
been a great deal of work put into its prep
aration, but like all things mortal it is not
perfect. For example careful proof read'
lag nas been done, but no doubt some er
rors will be discovered, such as tbe date on
tbe second page, seen too late for correc
tion, wbicb should probably read 1752 in
stead of 1852, although the proof reader
followed copy. Then too some of the cats
are not as distinct as they might be. As a
partial explanation of this we wish to state
that a half tone cut can never be superior
to the photograph from which it is made
If the photograph is faded and indistinct,
tbe cut will not be perfect. A few ot the
photographs furnished for Cuts were very
poor ; one or two were the work of ama
teurs, and in one instance a letterhead was
furnished and the wondej jyhat even aver-
- J".--- - L W j
The publisher of tbe Tmxs wish it Un
derstood that he has 'bad nothing to do
with th compiling oi th ditiea ;tbt it ha
J. C. DAY & CO.
Are now for the first time this
satisfactory snowing
20 suits have come in since
selection trom 50 suits on our
Handsome Cheviot Serge
in Black
taffeta silk,
Stylish Venetian Cloth Suits
taffeta lined throughout, . . . $22.50
Stylish Suits,
Jackets lined with silk, prices $10., 12.50, 15, 16.50
Many Ladies', Misses' and Children's
Spring Jackets and Capes
came In last of the week. We are now showing the largest variety of
the aeason. The new PLAID BACK 51 in. SUITINGS, a piece of them
are here and another promised in a day or two. Manufacturer are told
away and we were disappointed in not getting them last week as prom
ised. See our new ALL OVER LACES and INSERTIONS, new FISH
NETS and CURTAIN MUSLINS, just in, handsome and price only xajc,
15c, 19c and 25c.
Boys' dbl. knee, 2 pr., 25c. Ladies' dbl. heel, toe and sole, 2 prs. 25c.
every; lady
. purchasing a
R. W.
is entitled to a three
month's paid subscrip
tion to the
Ihe Dswaoer GRSEC 1S xne Desl we keep all grades
J. C. DAY & CO.'S,
Cash Dry Goods and Cloak House.
been tbe work of J. H. Walbridge, who
has labored hard and earnestly to make tbe
edition truthful and accurate.
A limited number ot copies are offered
for sale, and all desiring extra copies
should send their orders to the Times office
as soon as possible, and tbey will be filled
as long as tbe edition lasts. Copies will
not be placed on sale at tbe news stores.
The Little Host.
Miss Delia Fox and one ot tbe best sup
porting companies on the road comes to
Bellows Falls opera bouse on Friday .April
"The Little Host" is a departure from
the usual order in several respects, one, in
having a story which goes on with only
slight deviations lrom beginning to end ;
another innovation being a oborus strictly
feminine. Tbe plot of the piece tells of a
fay young student in New York whose
uritanical father visits his chambers sud
denly ; and to escape h:s censure, a little
actress playing boy's parts, and present in
male costume, tbe son's fiancee, assumes
the part ot host, only to find that the father
is not so much of a Puritan as be looks,
but is in mortal dread of discovery by bis
supposedly strait-laced son. Ihe mutual
unmasking ot father and son makes the tun
ol the piece, which grows tat and ranoos.
As tbe actress who plays the part of the
impromptu host. Miss Fox has a part full
01 tun and frivolity, with just a touch seri
ous enough to add piquancy to tbe whole.
She looks very fetching in ber masculine
clothes, a full dress outfit and a gay golf
suit, appearing at the last in gorgeous
feminine habiliments. She acts with spirit
and dash and is always warmly applauded.
As a production it is said to be quite
gorgeous. As affording an evening's en
tertainment, well, everybody who has seen
it, and the critics highly approve it. Miss
Fox herself never looked, sang er acted
more charmingly than she does in "The
Little Host."
DeWitt'a Witch Hazel Sal re
I have just added to my stock of electric material
Just think ot it 1 A telephone guaranteed to
work perfectly up to 2000 feet for 3 00 each, al
most as cheap and a great deal better than a speak
ing tube. Suitable for homes and lactories. We
also deal in long distance and station telephone
and electric materials of all kinds.
Particulars on application.
Bellow Fall. Tt.
season prepared to mak a
of Ladies' and Misses'
Saturday. You can make a
racks today.
throughout with best
price $16.50
Hermsdoff 'Fast Black Hosiery
name Old Hodel.
The wheelmen of 98 were so well
pleased with our "model," that we shall
continue it for the season of 9, and so
offer Henry & Johnson's Arnica and Oil
Liniment to every rider of a wheel as the
very best remedy for bumps,, bruises,
scratches, galls, cuts, strains, blisters, sore
muscles, cramps, sunburn, pimples, freck
les, chapped bands or face, rheumatism,
neuralgia, or any ailment requiring as ex
ternal application. Lady riders ar especi
ally pleased with tbe Arnica and Oil Lini
ment, it is so clean and del ghttul to nse.
Sold by all druggists at 25 cents per bot
tle, or one three times as large for 50
Given AwaytV
We are giving our cash cus
tomers their choice of a hand
some line of pictures. These
pictures, 21 by SO inches, are
nicely framed and fit to adorn
the walls of any home. Ask
us how you can ' secure one or
Note these prices :
15-cent Beef Roast, (2 -2 ctt
18-cent Beef Roast, 5 (t
Lovell & Shedd,
Opposite Rocktngham not-sC

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