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We are Moving
... . .
Never such Low Prices before made on a Fine
Up to date stock of Clothing and
A lot of Spring Overcoats, light and dark colors, (8.00
and 10.00 st vies down to $5.75 and $6.25. $12 00 styles
down to $5.50. $15.00 styles down to $9.25.
A big stock of
Umbrellas, Bath Robes, Ladies' and Men's Hand Bags
all cut to close them out.
Remember this store's reputation for having the largest
and best selected stock in this section. Only a few days
more of these unheard of bargains.
A lot of Bovs' Sorintr Overcoats down from $5. 00 to
$3.75. They are made of fine fabrics and in the latest
styles. No goods charged during this sale.
J. J. FENTON & CO , Bellows Falls.
Where everything Nevund First Class can be found at
Connected by
Segal 2frtertteement.
Ad aline . Arthur Estate.
STATS OF TFBMnNT, The Probate Ourt
Westminster a. for t-Hld District. To
all person- int. re t d in (he estate of Ada
line K. Arthur late of Grafton. In hhH nig.
trtct, 'cease-i. GREETING.
Ton are tereby notified thut this Court will
decide upon the allowance ol the account of
Cbai lr-a 11. Wl limns. Administrator upon
aid Ett ai e, and de ree attribution thereof
to the pomons c tttl d at in- session thereof
Tall n the th day of May, A. D. 18H9, when
and where yon may be heard In the prem
: laes, fl yon aeo minse.
ZINA H. ALLBEE, Register.
Daniel Campbell Estate.
: STATE OF VERMONT. J Th Probate Court
WeBtmin-ter, ms. t for sild Dl-t'ict- Ti
: all persons intern ted In the estue of Unnlel
- Camnbel1. late of Buckingham 1 said l'l-r
tr ct d. cea ed. GKEKT NO.
Ton are hereby notified that 'his Court will
decid upon the allowance of the account of
B K. Campbell and P. H Hadley, execn
tors nron said e-tate and decree dis
trlbntlon thereof to the persons
entitled, at the session thereof to be held at
the Probate Office in Bellows Fulls on the 6th
.day of May, A. D. 189... when and where
70a nay be heard In the prem'ses. If von see
jLiA a. 11. AL.jLiin.., uegister.
Luseba 0. Smith Estate.
STATE OF VERMONT, The Probate Court
Westminster, ss. ) for said District. To
all persons interested in the es ate of Luseba
G. Hmlth, late of Rockingham. In said Dla
trlot, eceasd GREETING
Ton are bereDy notified that this Court will
decide npon the allowance of the account of
I. . rarr. Administrator nnon said
state, and decree distribution thereof to
the persons entitled, at the session thereof
o De neia at me tr rooate omce in Bellows
Falls on the 0th day of May A. D. law,
when and where you may be heard in the
premises. If you see cause.
ZINA H. ALLBEE, Register.
William Cronin Estate.
STATE OF VERMONT, I The Probate court
Westminster, ss. I for said District. To
all persons interested In the estate of Wil
liam Cronin, late of Windham, In said dls
trtet, deceased.
Whereas, Sl'as W. Stuart, Administrator
wpon the estate of William Cronin, late of
Windham In said district, deceased, has
filed bis netltlon in this Court setting forth
that the sale of the whole of the real estate
of said deceased will be beneficial to the
heirs and all nersons interested therein, and
Braying for license to sell the same, and at
ia same time filed In this Conrt what pur-
forta to be the oonsent in writing of all the
sirs residing in this State to such sale.
Whereupon it ia ordered that the same be
n.rd at the session of said Court to be held
t the Probate Office la Belio s Falls on the
U day of at., A. D. WW, when and
- where J" may be beard ia the premises if
ti see eaase-
A Buyer !
Cynthia L. Palmer's Estate.
STATE OF TERMOMT, The Probate Court
Westmlnxter, 8S. for said District, To
all per-ons Interested in the estate of Cynthia
L Palmer, late of Grafton, In ssid dis
trict, deceased. Grektiuq.
Whereas, John A. Pettengill has pre
sented to this Court an Instrument pur
porting t" be the last Will of said deceased,
for probate : You are hereby notified that
this Court will decide upon the probate of
said Instrnmen at the t-esslon thereof to be
held at the Probate Office in Bellows Falls,
In said District, on the 6th day of May,
A. D 1899, when and where you may appear
and oontest the same, if von see cause.
ZINA H. ALLBEE. Beglster.
Henry Evans' Estate.
STATE OF VERMONT, By the Probate
Westminster, ss. I Court for said Dls
trict. To all persons Interested In the estate
of Hen y Evan', late of Rockingham, in
said District, deceased, GREETING.
. Ton are hereby notified that this court will
decide upo" the allowance of the account of
Josiah B. Dlvoll, Administrator upon said
estate, and decee distribution thereof to the
persons entitled, at the session thereof to
be held at the Probate Office In Bellows Falls
on the 6th day of May, A. D. 189. when
and where yon may be heard in the premises
If you see cause.
ZINA H. ALLBEE, Begliter.
John Robertson Estate.
STATE OF VERMONT, The Probate Court
Westminster, ss. I for said District, to
all persons interested in the estate of John
Robertson, late of Rockingham, In said dis
trict deceased, Greeting
Ton are hereby notified that this Court will
decide npon the allowance of the
account of Chas. V Robertson. B R. Robert-
erts-in and John Elmba 1, Exeoutors
npon said Estate, and decree dis
tribution thereof to the nersons entitled.
at the session thereof to be held at the Pro
bate Office In Bellows Falls, on the 6th day of
May, A. D. 1899, when and where yon may
oe neara in tne premises, u you see cause.
ZlkA H. ALLBEE, Register.
Eliza M. Searles' Estate.
Westminster, as.
, I The Probate Court
( for aald Dlatrtot. To
all persons interested in the estate of Eliza
M. Searles, late of Rookingham, deceased.
Whereas. Stark IMnn baa nmuntiid to
this Court an Instrument purporting to be
the last Will of aald deceased, for probate:
i ou are nereDy conned that this court wul
decide npon the probate of said Instrument
at the session thereof to be held at the Pro
bate Office in Br Hows Falls, in aald district,
on the 6th dav of Mav. A. D 189.
when and where yon may appear and contest
wie amine, u you see cause.
. ZINA H. ALLBEE. Register,
OeWitf Little Early RUers
WVn r,MM It,. I. !!
Ce Minute Cough Cure, cure.
laws se win i fH
Bellows Falls Times.
Vermont News.
The town of Hewfane boast a maplo tree
that has yielded from 48 to 84 pounds nf sugar
annually for more than 40 years. One year
it yielded 14 gallons or syrup, equal to Hi
poueasor sngar.
The substantial farm-house of Fred Shat
tuck at Hariland was nearly wrecked by an
explosion of dynamite which he bad placed
upon heated freestone to thaw. Mr. Shat
tuok had gone out of the hoe to prepare for
a blast, and was returning, when the door he
was soon to enter by carne oat to meet him.
The walls, windows, doors and flooring were
badly shattered, but fortunately the family
were not at home on Wednesday.
TJo In Bridsewater. a Windsor oonntr town.
where) the people are still enjoying upward of
lu nays Ol continuous sieiKUing, toe eneois
of eold weather have been neutralised by the
gold-mining fever. There have been numer
ous reported finds in this and the adjoining
town of Plymouth in the last few years. A
mining oompany, which has Dr. Benjamin
Fagnant as president, will begin
active operations with Joseph Fagnant sup
erintending the work as soon as the ground
will admit of it. Dr. Fagnant says that in
opening 90 veins the ore assays from 135 80
to npward of $100 to the ton, and the enthu
siastic townspeople wonder why Yermonters
eould be attracted to the human delusion and
suffering in barren Klondike, when Windsor
county fields promise so much to the pro
specting miner.
The Ettey organ oompany's phonorium,
which regaled the Vanderbift-Fair wedding
guests at Herman Oelrich's New Tork home.
was praised bv the wedding guests- and the
reporters. The company olaim an inoi easin g
demand for this instrument.
It is claimed that no town has suffered
greater damage than Woodstock from the
caterpillars, which were so numerous in the
maple park fronting the Woodstock Inn that
it became necessary to turn the hose npon
them, and bushels of the creeping insects
oould have been gathered frm the ground
nnderneath. The villagers fear that these
stately maples will fail to renew their foliage
the coming season. Henry Cushing, one of
the town's leading sugar-makers, claims that
one-half of his orchard is dead, and is accord
ingly disposing or bis buckets and utensils.
Carlos Adams elaims a loss of two-thirds ol
his fine orchard, and, so sapless are the trees,
that no foil? is again expected. P. O Ken
dall has cut 160 of his sugar trees, which are
found to be perfectly dead.
Miss Mabel Goodhue returned to her school
at Bellows Falls last Saturday.
Everett Goodhue is home from Dartmouth.
Miss Stella Goodell went to Colerain. Mass..
last Saturday, where she has a position in
a graded school.
Mr. and Mrs. Catting are housed with hard
Mrs. Loren Goodell is quite sick with a cold :
Mr. Goodell is able to be out.
Miss Alice Brai'ey has Mrs. Dickerson of
Putney sewing for her.
Mis Helen Campbell returned from Hart
ford the first of the week.
Miss Nellie Cutting went to Brattlebnro
last Wednesday to attend the teacher's exam
ination. If the one who took the carpet from the
piaxxa at the Hall house will call, be can have
the piece which wfes dropped in the road, as
Mr. Dinsmore has no use for it and it may
help oat.
Sugaring has commerced at last, but sugar
is made io small quantities as yet.
Miss Jennie Goodell returned to Maiden.
Mass., last Tuesday.
Mrs. Darlirg returned to her home in
Windsor la-t Saturday, alter getting the Hall
house ready for her mi.tber and nncie.
There seems to b quite a good deal of steal-
irg going on in this place. Mr Kind lost
five gallons of maple syrup and Charles Hall
several bags of grain. We need a detective.
The Atohersons. Guv Mark and Frank
Gove were the Sunday guests at J. P. Ran
ney'a. Miss Carrie Wellman is not so well: she
seems to have some throat trouble.
H. P. Dinsmore offers his farm for sale t
see ad. in another column.
Mrs. V. A. Wilbur returned from Alstead
Miss Fannie Hall returned from Buffalo
Saturday, where she has been spending
a month with her aunt, Mrs. J. K. Bancroft
Miss Irene S to well visited in Houghton-
ville the first of the week.
Band meeting Saturday evening.
Remember the drama this week Thursday
and Friday.
The souvenir edition issued by the Times
is a nice piece of work and will be a handy
reference book in the future.
Herbert Loveland has moved to the Law-
ton farm above M. M. Joy's.
Ernest Faiibank has retained to Millers
Robins, bluebirds and phosbes are seen and
heard here, but not in large numbers.
Walter Cambridge, from St. Mark's school.
Southboro, Mass., was in town last week.
James T. Murdongh of western New Tork
has been spending a few days with his"
oousin, C. E. Mardongh.
A goodly number of the village people at
tended the sugar supper at the vestrv of the
Congregational church last Thursday night
and ei joyed the excellent supper and new
Mrs. C. E. Cooke was in the village Sun
day and left Monday m rnirg for Hnllis,
where she was called by the death of her
aged mother.
There will he a fast day service in the Con
gregational church next Thursday morning
at 10 o'clock.
Miss Lena Cooke is planning to open a
millinery (-hop in the Tufts block for Miss
Hutchinson nt springnnld. This will supp'y
long felt need in the village and vicinitv
and we prophesy a liberal patronage for her.
tier opening wiu oe next Wednesday and
Quite a company of our village people at
tended the concert given by the Dartmouth
glee club at Rellows Falls last Mondav night.
Char'es Rogers of this village being one of
me ciuo.
Invitations are out for the golden weddine
of Mr. and Mrs 8. H Randall next Monday
afternoon at their home here.
Robert Lovell cajoe home from Nashua
last Monday.
John Dickey finishes work for FT. A
Lovell this week and goes next week to Wal.
pole where he will be employed in the store
oi irerry ol rorwr,
F. G. Webster commenoed honsekeenina
this week in tLe house recently vacated bv
u : r u i J
F. W. Sherwin has purchased Mrs. Wilev'a
i a .
Leslie Forristall returned to his work in
Brockton, Mass., alter a two weeks vacation,
Mrs. Albert Chickenng and George W. T-
Wilour are on tne sick list.
Mrs. J. E. Fuller remains very feeble.
Mrs. Addle J. Knowlton has returned from
hex visit in waipole.
Bessie W. Fuller ia visiting her brother
Kooert in Ayer, Mass.
SumneT Parker nf Keene has commenced
work on toe farm lor Mrs. Hager.
George fl. Hall and family are boarding
wim nia mouier, jars. v. u. jraraer.
There is not much sugar made in this vicin
ity this season.
Rev. L F Shepardson, hving,resigned his
pastorate here on account of ill health, has
moved to Parkhill where he has secured a
pleasant hf-mo where he can rest. His many
friends here regret his departure. May
heaven's richest blessing rest npon him and
his family and jov and peace be with them
through these coming years; they left many
uniiya uhi uv mi vuvwj ui tau pise.
A call has been extended to O W. Kimball
of Meriden to become pastor of the Baptist
harcb here He ba not accepted vet. The
.Sunday school, the T. P S C. X and the
a weekly fxfu metis will be msU1m4 b a
few feeble workers with the help of the
Divine Master, until he finds some one who
will take op the cross and be willing to come
to this part of God's vineyard to labor for the
saving or souls.
Fraud: Our competitors will soon plaoe in
your papers a flaring advertisement in whieh
thev sav it ia impossible for one dye stuff to
color silk, wool and cotton. They do this to
keep yon from trying Putnam's Fadeless
Dyes, which color either silk, wool or cotton,
for they know that if yon ever use Pntnsm'a
Fadeless Dyes once yon will never use their
goods again. Bold at fierce s rnarmaoy.
Dr. Thomas Hiland, a retired physioian
formerly residing in Concord, who now owns
the Dr Brook place in this village which is
ocenpied by Dr.-Hurok, has shipped to the
latter his entire library, surgioal, eleorical
and optical instruments, and has donated the
use of them to him until he may wish to
dispose of them otherwise.
James T. Murdongh of Belfast, N. T., is
visiting his aoole, Horace Murdongh, and
other relatives here.
Not much of a flow of sap as yet, but per
haps the new moon may cause it to drop
a little.
There is to be a sugar party at the obnroh
vestry Wednesday evening, when William
Mitchell will talk on what he experienced in
the late war.
Free of Charge.
Any adult suffering from a cold settled on
the breast, bronohitis, throat or lung troubles
of any nature, who will call at the drag store
of W. D. Knowlton ft Co., Walpole, N. H.,
will be presented with a sample bottle of
Boschee's German Syrup.free of oharge.Only
one bottle given to one person, and none to
children without an order from parents.
xo tnroai or lung remedy ever had anon-a
sale as Boschee's German Svrun in all parts
of the civilised wo Id. Twenty years ago
millions of bottles were given away, and
your druggists will tell you its success was
marvelous. It is really the only Throat and
Lang Remedv generally endorsed by physi
cians. One 70 cent bottle will cure or prove
its value. Sold by dealers in all civilised
Spring term of school began Monday of last
week with twenty scholars. Miss Katherin
O'Brien teacher ; Superintendent Cox visited
the school Thursday.
The dance at Lovell Hall. Tuesday evening
of last week was attended by twenty-five
couples. Hot maple sugar, hot rolls and
other good things made up an attractive bill
of fare at supper.
Mrs. A P Pollard and daughter Madeline,
and Mrs. Dr Knight and two sons of Bellows
Falls are spending a few davs with their
mother, Mrs. Lovell.
Mr. George Buchanan and son Charles, are
in Antrim visiting among old friends.
Red Hot from the Quo
was the ball that, hit G. B Steadman of New
ark, Mich., in the Civil War. It caused hor
rible u:cers that no treatment helped for
twenty years. Then Bucklen's Arnica Salve
cured him. Cures cuts, bruises, burns, boils,
felons, corns, sain eruptions. Best pile cure
on earth and the best talve in the world. 25
cents a box. Sold at Pierce's Pharmacy.
Clifton Metcalf of Dover, former resident
of this town, is visiting friends in this vicinity
Freman Flarety has returned to Graton,
Mrs H. L. Sibley is under Dr. Huvck's
care; Mrs. Dexter is doing the house work.
FrankLufkin has some 1 200 trees tanned
on the Murdongh place but there hasen't been
a good run of sap as yet.
Rev C. V, French is carrying on C. B
Cumming's sugar lot.
Frank Lulkin sold a horse recently to go
down country.
Frank Stowell and Ralph Lufkin of Unity,
were at Frank Luf kin's Friday.
C. B. Cummings sold a horse last week.
A lszy liver makes a lazy man. Burdock
Blood Bitters is the natural, never failing
remedy for a lazy liver.
Ordinary household accidents have no ter
rors when there's a battle of Dr. Thomas'
Eclectric Oil in the medicine chest. Heals
bums, cuts, bruises, sprains. Instant relief.
It's the little colds that grow Into big colds :
the big colds that end in consumption and
death. Watch the little colds. Dr. Woods's
Norway Pine Syrup.
Eczema, tcald head, hives, itchiness of the
skin of any sort, instantly relieved, perma
nently cured. Doan's Ointment. At any
drng store.
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Pitkin of Hillsboro is
stopping with friends in town.
Walter Terrell is helping William Gee make
sugar and Urtna Hodgeman is assisting Mrs,
Gee with her housework.
Arthur Hodgeman is at work for H. D
Rev. Wm. A. Hudson left Tuesday morn'
ing for conference wv ich is held at Lancaj.
ter. He is rot expected to preach in Lemp
ster another year.
Clifton Baker will work for Charles Booth
through the sugar season.
Mrs. Terrell has been under the doc'os's
care but is reported to be more comfortable
at this writing.
The roads are getting to be quite bad in
some places and everything looks more like
to the coSee drinker Coffee drinking is a
ha'iit that is universa'lv indulged in and al
most as universally injurious Have you tried
Grain-Of It is a most like Cf flee but the ef
fects are just the opposite. Coffee upsets the
stomach, ruins the digestion, effects the heait
ana disturbs tne whole nervous system.
Grain-O tones n p the stomach, aids digestion
and strengthens the nerves. There is noth
ing but nourishment in Grain-O It can't be
otherwise. 10 and 25c cents per package.
The Souvenir Edition of the Tikes was re
ceived by our people with much pleasure.
Amy Griffith of Keene is spending some
time with her aunt, Mrs. W. M. Bali.
Martin Bailey of Ludlow snent Wednesday
with nis daughter, Mrs A. a. Powers.
Flora Bemis is at work at Ssxtons River.
Sherman Oaks hsd the misfortune to lose
one of his oxen by accident recently.
S. J. Weaver of Cambridgenort is assisting
a., rf. nestings tnrougnine sugar season.
George Dlmick of Proctorsville was at his
grandfather's, William Rowell's, last Thurs
F. A. Clark returned to Boston recently
after making bis mother, Mrs. J. Clark,
short visit.
are seamless In the toe and heeL
Extra instep room, assuring dura
bility, ease and comfort.
J. C. Day & Co.
Snow an elegant II. of Silk Wa-tfi.
Shirt Vaiati. bilt Moreen. Linen and Sat -
I Ma r etaooata aad Pamela.
La Forres. Barnes was on the stek list last
W. A, Felt It spending some time at Bos-
Mist Alice Burlingame of Worcester is the
gueai OI MM u. M. Uutterson.
Allie Bate lelder has returned to hit home
at Chester to attend school and Moses King
i. u.iiiiu j. n. uutterson in the sugar or
Gertie Dimiok of Proctorsville is the guest
ui uor grauupareuis, Mr. and Mrs. William
Mrs. Samuel Farrar, who has been a great
sufferer for a long time died on last Saturday.
1 he funeral services will be on Tuesday. She
leaves a husband, two daughters snd two sons
to mourn her loss. We extend our heartfelt
sympathies to them in their sorrow.
For a .quick remedy and one that it per
fectly safe for children let nt recommend
One Minute Cough Cure. It ia excellent for
croup, hoarseness, tickling in the throat and
coughs. Pierce's Pharmacy.
Anson L. Pettee, 68, a long-time dentist in
Brattleboro and the father of Dr. F. 6. Pet.
tee, died at Flandreau, S. D , Saturday. Dr,
Pettee had been practicing bis profession st
Sioux Falls and Flandreau for noward of 10
years and was supposed to be in his nsual
health until the receipt of a telegram last
evening by his ton announcirg his serions
illness. He was born at Readsboro. April 17.
1883, and was the eldest eon of Dr A. L.
Pettee, Wilmington's long time physioian.
He lived with his familv and a brother.Henrv
C. Pettee, at Monticello, Ga., when the civil
war broke out and was drafted into the con
federate service. At the suggestion of sever
al Jasper county friends, he organized the
S'i I Georgia regimental band. The Monti
cello company, the famous "Jasper Blues,"
carried a beautiful silk flag bearing on one
sitte the inscription "The Jasper Blues" and
atd on the other "Victory or Death"wrought
in gold letters bv admirinir southern belles.
This is the flag taken to Bucksport, Me., in
1855 by Lieut Andrew B. Spurling, and
which for 80 years has hung On the walls of
Opt. E. T.Emerson's summer home at Lake
A'amoosook.a short distance from Bnoksnort.
The owner, in response to an Atlanta Consti
tution item, describing the flag, will soon !
sena ii to tne company s only surviving offi
cer, Lieut. W. P. Persona, of Monticello,
where but a dozen survivors and some of the
women who assisted in making the flag are
still living. Cant. Emerson expresses sreat
pleasure in returning this trophy altera long
cherished hope that such an opportunity
would be given him.
Beauseant oommanderv. Knichta Temnlar.
had arranged to send a delegation to the fu
neral of George A Brooks at Orange Sunday,
when word was received that the dead sol
dier's mother preferred a private funeral.
Fletcher Carruthers. proprietor of the Sun-
set paper mills, is critically ill at the home of
mra. Ainerion on Harris place.
Mrs. F. W.Childs and Mrs. Marir&rat Gattv
returned from Providential, N. C, Wednes
day evening.
Col. and Mrs. Richards Bradlev have re.
turned to their Brattleboro summer home.
Rev. Harry Miles of Hartford ocennied the
Congregational pulpit Sunday.
J. G. Ullerv and F. L. Houtrhton went tn
Boston Friday tor a few days.
The Baptist church at its annual meeting
elected these officers: Clerk and treasurer,
Fred S KnigLt; suditor, J E. Hall; mem
bers of the standing committee, S H. War
ren Bnd S. W. Edgett; benevolence commit
tee, H F. C. Toedt and George 8. Phillips;
baptismal committee, Mrs. Anna Brocking
ton, Mrs W S Stearns, MrB. S W. Edgett,
Thomas Pent and, J. H. AUen and Don. A.
ni aer.
The settlement nf the estates of Edward
A. and Le ic Williamson Tyler results in an
agreement between their administrators that
Mrs. I yltr s estate pay to Mr Tyler's estate
a sum to make it solvent. The balance of
Mrs. Tyler's nrooertv will iro to her father.
Isaac H. Williamson. .
Miss Alice C Whitney, a former resident
and a sister of S. B. Whitney, organist of the
Church of the Advent, of Boston, and George
jj cascom were married at the Kutland
home of F. H. Chapman Wednesday by Rev.
T. B. Foster. They will live at Ticonderoga.
' The Congrrgationaliets will hold their Fri
day evening i ieeting at 7 45 instead of 7 30:
the Sunday evening services will begin at
7 30 instead of 7 and the Christian Endeavor
meeting comes at 6 30 instead of 6 15.
Dr. H D. Holton has been in attendance
upon M. E. Cobb of Putney, who was oper
ated upan at the Mary Fletcher hospital in
Burlington this week.
Speaker Haskins has been in Mnntnelier
this week in consultation relating to the pro
posed state-house annex authorized by the
last legislature. ,
Dr. M. L. Bruce, assisted bv a Boston so
cialist, fuccessfullv onerated on Fred Ford of
Townshend for appendicitis Thursday even
ing. The check list has been posted for the
annual village meeting May 2. There will
uo an attempt to aeieat tne present board ol
Thomas Cain has been annointed adminis
trator of Edward Higginson's Hinsdale, N.
H , estate.
C. F. Thompson attended an international
committee meeting at Montpelier Thursday.
x uere were delegates present trom tour differ
ent religious societies, and the object nf the
meeting was to consider the combination ot
the various small churches io the different
villages of the state, thus materially decreas
ing the number of struggling societies.
A lew friends of Col. and Mra. Kittredce
Harkins met at his residence Saturday even
ing to dedicate the lovirg-cup which was pre
sented to him at the last session of the Ver
mont legislature. It was the occasion of Col.
Ha-kins's birthday.
Mr. and Mrs E S. Adsit were the guests
of Col. and Mrs Kittredge Haskins Friday,
stopping on their wy to New York.
Miss Alice Babbitt, daughter of Rev. J. H
Babbitt of West Bratt.eboro, is critically ill
at her hrnne there.
Mrs. Arthur McLane is ill at the home of
her lather, It V. Ciessey, on High street.
Not one child dies where ten formerly died
from croup. People have learned the va'ue
of One Minute Cough Cure and use it for
severe lung and throat troubles. It immedi
ate ly stops coughing. It never fails. Pierce's
Florencs Sanders has gone to Brattleboro
to work in the millinery store ot Donnell &
Fred Derry and Herbert Johnson spent
ounaay, wiin waiter Austin in Andover.
Daisy Pratt hat gone to Grafton to work
for Marshall Wright.
Frank Gale ia On the lick list.
Alroy Snow is very sick with pneumonia
witn nut little nope ot his recovery.
Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Holland were in Bos
ton last week. Ii is expected that Mrs. Hoi.
land will return with a full line of millinery
goods, which will be displayed in Mrs. A H.
stetson s tront room, a he is to nave a lady
trimmer irom Boston.
Miss Carrie Allen of Jamaica is at work for
W. S. Holland.
Miss Mabel Martin is gaining slowly.
Oscar Dean, Jr., is moving in with Maggie
Mr. Jenksof Pepperill, Mast., ia atG. P.
Martin Perry is to carry on C. H. Gould's
tugar place this season.
G. I. Prat4 has began building a bam for
R. G. CashiLg.
C. H. Gould is building a new addition to
hit buildings in shape of a new woodshed.
Several people from District No. S went to
Athena to Cornelius Keefe's to a anrpris e
party Thu.day night. The evening was
pieasaniiy spent in aaneing.
Fred Ford is very ill with appendicitis.' An
operation was pei formed by Dr. Wright of
Woodstock Telephone Line.
Five or six carloads of poles for the pro
posed telephone line from Rutland to Wood
stock have arrived at North Clarendon, but it
is not possible to state when work on the line
win oe sta. ed.
Superinbmdent of Construction W. F.
Hunt ef Burlington, who was here last week.
said the work might not be commenced for
two months.
This line will ran direct toiWoodstock. bat
riymoatn, anre.s-
. rk. NaaW Knar laaiifi ftalaBKAnal fnn!al Yt
.have beta u eeweetioa wiU Woftdetoak
right along, bnt the lines are getting too busy
for good service and the direct line is
This route will also give the Rutland effloe
another outlet to Boston by way of White
River Junction so that when the Bellow t
Falls line is busy Boston can be had by this
Working Night and Day.
The busiest and mightiest little thing that
ever was made ia Dr. King's New Life Pills.
Every pill is a sugar-coated globule of health
that charges weakness into strength, listlets-
ness into energy, nrsin-tag into mental power.
They are wonderful in building op the health.
uniy zo cents a dox. sold at rieroe t f har
New Hampshire News.
Nathaniel Wentwortn of Hadton and
Aaron P. Hughes of Ashland, fish and same
commissioners, have been in Keene pushing
tne prosecution or a number of Peteiboro
men who have fished through the ice tor
trout in Dublin pond since April 1. The law
is off for brook trout after April 1 in New
Hampshire but at no time may trout be
caught through the ice. The respondents
appeared before Judge Holmet Saturday
morning and pleaded guilty to the eharget
preferred, in eaob oase where more than two
trout were oanght waiving their constitu
tional rights. Fines, with the costs, were
imposed oy Judge Holmet and paid by the
Pensioner ot War of 1812.
Mrt. Deidamia Allen of 099 Coart street.
Keene, it one of the few surviving pension
ers of the war of 1812, being the widow of
Capt. Daniel Allen, who served in that war.
She is 09 years old, and, although she has
been blind for a number of years, retains her
faculties in a remarkable degree. She is a
native of Westmoreland. Twelve children
were born to her, of whom two died in in
fancy, and six are living: Mrs. Emily T.
Reynolds. Joshua B , Levi and Benjamin F.
Allen of Keene, and William B and Luciut
Allen of Acworth. The couple resided in
Surrey for some years at the beginning of
their married life. Capt. Allen died in Keene
in 1874. Mrs. Allen recently recovered from
a severe attack of the grip.
At the season of the vear when pneumonia
la grippe, sore throat, coughs, colds, catarrh
bronchitis and lung troubles are to be guarded
against, nothing "is a nne substitute, will
"answer the purpose," or is "lust as good"
as One Minute Cough Cure. That is the one
infallible remedy for all lnng, throat or bron
chial troubles. Insist vigorously npon hav
ing it if "something else" is offered yon.
Pierce's Pharmacy.
E. L. Wheeler of Claremont was in town
The dance and sugar supper by the I. O. O.
F. and D. of R was well attended and all en
joyed themselves very much. The two so
cieties will net quite a lair sum.
Mrs. L. H. Clark passed a portion of the
week in Boston.
Mrs. C. Snow returned home Monday
nii; tit.
Miss Irene Atwood has engaged Jennie
EUon to assist her in the home bakery this
For frost bites, burns, indolent tores,
eczema, skin disease and especially files,
DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve stands first and
best. Look out for dishonest people who try
to imitate and counterfeit it. It's their en
dorsement of a good article. Worthless
goods are not imitated. Get DeWitt't Witch
Hazel Salve. Pierce's Pharmacy.
A Spanish Street ea.
In nothing is the illiterate condition
of Spain shown as in the numerous
writing booths which line the atreeta
of Barcelona. Spain has preserved much
of the picturesque life of past ages, and
even at the present day in many of its
towns may be seen the watchman, with
pike and lantern, going his nightly
rounds not far from a fine street bril
liantly illuminated by the electric light
In the Rambla, the principal street of
Barcelona, may be seen several of them
writing booths of the public scribea.
There for a small consideration the il
literate or any one else may have any
thing indited from the poetry of a love
epistle to the prosaic application for a
situation. The front of each booth ia
placarded with the name of the scribe
and the services he ia prepared to rea
der to his customers. Some scribes com
bine the art of painting with that of
writing, and all add to their activities
the business of registry offices tot serv
ants. No Right To Ugliness.
The woman who is lovely in face, form and
temper will always have friends, but one who
would be attractive must Keep ner neann. ii
she is weak, sickly and all run down, she will
be nervous and irritable. It she has consti
pation or kidney trouble, her impure blood
will cause pimples, blotches, skin eruptions
and wretched complexion. E ectrio Bitters
is the best medicine in the world to regulate
tomach, liver and kidneys and to purity the
blood. It givas strong nerves, bright, eyes,
smooth, velvety skin, rich complexion. It
will make a good-looking, charming woman
of a run-down invalid. Only 60 cents at
Pierce s Pharmaoy.
The Intelligent Jury.
Law court stories were especially at
tractive to Hicks, and he told many of
them. His great story, which was al
most a dramatic sketch, was of the ac
quittal of a Cornish doctor who was
charged with the murder of bis mother-in-law
by mixing arsenic with a dish of
rabbits and onions, which he gave her
for supper. The setting of the court,
the swearing of the jury, the speeches
of counsel, and the judge'a charge were
all related by Hicks with marvelous hu
mor The climax to the fun was the con
fabulation of the jury as to the verdict
they should give, and their individual
reasons for returning a verdict of ac
quittal from the juryman who "didn't
bold with old 'oman eating rabbits and
onions for supper" to the juryman who
declared that "it wasn't a ha'po'th of
odds to him, and 'twas but an old 'om
an. " Cornhill Magazine.
ilamese Haglo.
Siamese magicians profess to be able
to destroy your enemy for yon. They
first bewitch part of a buffalo till it be
comes as small as a pea When your
enemy has been induced to swallow it
they make it return to its original aise.
and after suffering great agoniea he
suffocates. Pig's flesh and fish are also
nsed. When these people die, the rea
son can be detected, because at their
cremation some part of their body re
fuses to burn, and when it ia cut open
it contains fish or meat of some animal
A small boy died recently and waa cre
mated. A certain part of the child't
chest refused to born, and they got it
examined and found it to be a piece of
salt imrkl
To Cure Constipation in One 'Week
To Purify the Blood ia One Week
To Strengthen Nervea in One Week
To Cure Sick Headache in One Day
Take Cleveland's Celery Compound Ta
85 eta. If it faQa to cure, yoar aaoaaj wiQ
fee ratmtUd by rum's Fbamaty.
and appreciate the fact that
it strengthen! their credit.
The Beet Ine arance In the
NATIONAL Life Insurance Co.,
That, the brand of Clover teed we mB
none better. Call and tea sample.
It doaa not pay to ui cheap teed aad we
Nothing But
The Best !
A good stock of Flower and Gardes
aeeds in bulk and package.
Bicycles !
We shall carry as usual an up-to-date
line of wheel at reasonable price.
Call and examine.
L. G. & C. E. HOWARD
Hardware and Coal.
Low Telephone
. Rates! .
... Bellows Falls Exchange ...
ONLY $25.00 A YEAR, part
metallic circuit, measured service,
for a telephone.
Manager will furnish all particu
New England Telephone and Tel
Given AwayV
We are Riving our cash cus
tomers their choice of a hand
some line of pictures. These
pictures, 24 by SO inches, are
nicely framed and fit to adorn
the walls of any home. Ask
us how you can secure one or
Note these prices :
15-cent Beef Roast, 2 1-2 CtS
18-cent Beef Roast, 15 CtS
Lovell & Shedd,
Opposite Rockingham Hotel.
$100 Reward.
For many years we have advertised
this reward for any case that Tuttle's
Elixir would not cure,
and also will refuru
your money if you art,
not satisfied in every
possible Sf ay that your
expenditure was a wise
What can be fairer?
Used and endorsed by Could WC afford to do
th. Adam. fat. to - this, or would this.
paper admit our advertisement unless
we can do all we claim ?
Tuttle's Elixir
cores curbs, splints, colic, all lameness, con
tracted and knotted cords, callous of all
kinds, scratches, and all similar troubles.
Tnttle'a Family "BM-rl- cores Rbmnuttsm,
Sprain., bruises, Paul., etc Sample, of cither Elixir
free for three .-cent stamps for postage. Fifty ceata
buy. either Elixir of any drnrrist, or it will be Mac
direct on receipt of price. Particular, free.
DR. S. A, TUTTLE, Sole Proprietor,
wt itcveny atnet, uostoa, Mass.
Kwimmm jtjtJievUHLiviAjfcjtifcw
TJaed bj millions
la all petite of Ox world
Cramps Coughs Bruise
Diarrhoea Colds Cuts
Dysentery Croup Burns
epralns and Strains.
Em Instant relief. Cures galotlj.
Two tixea, SSe. and fOa,
There la only one Fala-ElUcr, Perry DeWI
ample botCe nsaDed fee lee.
(Mention thit paper.)
"i n
u uuu
A Good Way
to weigh the merits of a piano or
organ is to compare It with othera.
We carry in stock
Twelve different makes of
Pianos and six makes
of Organs,
and you have the opportunity It
is also
to look around and see where you '
can buy to the best advantage. We
fear no competition if you do so
knowing our instruments are the
best and our prices the lowest.
Just now we have some special
values in Pianos, furnished to weal
thy summer residents for the season,
equally as good as new, but the
price very much less.
Write for particulars.
19 Roxhury St-, Keene, N. H.
"The OldReliable Music Store"
Bow truly fearful to contemplate are tbe
reflections which must ailse la tbe mind ol
every lover of his ace ben reviewing the
widespread and growing tendency of chronio
diseases of every deserlptmn Many a per
son ba been cut do w n la tbe prime of life
by tbe irankerliig b lgbt of some chronic dlf
fl ulty which seemed beyond tbe reacb ot
medicine and medifn advice, feuch wa my
ease. Mat. , T. ioslin, Walpole, N. H
My body had become so full of aches and
pains that life as a but den to me I stiff er
ed from an incessant, lrkseme uneasiness.
Hy mind was absorbed with the one Mea of
my wretched condition and 1 was haunted
by tbe thought tbat I would never be any
ed and i was tortnred pith a sense of fear snd
aesponaency mat mien uroaucea tears. My
limbs would swe.l terribly and I was to weak'
and exbans'ed that I could net Bit up mure
than an hour at a time. I bad a very bad
cough and by spells would spit up a great lot
of Mood. I heard of Dr Loni, buf 1 h id giv
en up all h 'P-.B of ever blnt? any better.
One of my lady friei 1 asked him to call on
me and tee if he could help me and be did so
and after consu'ting with him be said be
could help me. I beuan to ta-e bis medicine
and in a abort time I was surprised, and my
friends as well, to see wht a cbange there
was In me. My limbs do ni t swell and my
cough la almost gone. I have not had a bleed.
ing spei nor been oDUgea to taK my pea
since I began to use his medicine. I do most
of my housework and bave b en out in tbe
oarn ami np stairs me nrst lime tor t year.
I feel as though I owed my life to Dr. Lord
and I thould advise all who are sick and
want help to ca'l on htm I make this
statement of my own frewill in gratitude for
the grest bent lit I bave received. Any per
son doubting this sttement can call on, or
write to m kb u. i. tiosLiiH, w aipoie. w . a.
The above is a plain, t uthtul statement of
fact - and Is no more remarkable than many
others he ha helped.
w. .oru treats ail iorms oi tjnromo a is
Consultation free. Office Honrs, 8 to i-00 a.
m.; S to 8 p.m.
Remember that Dr Lord Is permanently
located In Walnoln, N H.
Letters ol inquiry snouid contain a stamp
for reply.
2J-!nch barrel, weight 4l pounda.
Carefully bored and tested. For
.22, a S and .32 rim-fire cartridges.
Plain Open Sights, $6.00
No. 18.
'Target Sights, $8.50
Ask your dealer for the " FAVO
RITE. If he doesn't keep it we
will send, prepaid, on receipt ol
Send stamp for complete cat,
logue showing our full linet with val
uable information regarding rifles
and ammunition in general.
P. 0. Box
i a a a s
General Auctioneer,
..... Springfield, Vt
Sales of live stock a specialty. Twenty-
teed U tale it properly managed.
Teachers' Examination.
Will be held at Brattleboro, April S and S,
at South Londonderry April ll and 12, at
Wilmington April 25 and 88. Attendanee
both daya requited.
H. D. Brsaa, Examiner.
Artificial Hnmia Eyes
323 Washtaftea Street.
f IVsTA eTM Urn Dud Thmm
tkm Cnn Bran!
ICseS fb feu, ksedlsf UK mil
W I e I ill AtrUl Huaniarlslt!MilieuUe
ajMS 4mneiM. tee. M eea fm mm taa
tenet, as eeisrer.w seta. ,
a 1
I It "Takes Down."

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