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lU.S. Triple Current Separators!
A wltnesa tha reports from tho
country over. They are also nolea
durability, uaaauii. ttiam me most uesiraoie separators 10 uav.
A Pew 1899 Experiment Station Reports.
Massachusetts, average of 19 tests,
Ohio, " " 19 "
Vermont, " " 18
Wisconsin, " " 17 "
An average lrom
for other machines have been trying to make me believe I was losinsr any quan
tity of butter fnt, and I really began to think so, but to satisfy myself about the
YTiattAr T Vinrl th. luitffr milk tested, and that is what makes me feel so eood.
Th. ,m fuiiMf tn iHaiu an v flutter fat.
I other machines said to be superior to
I me to know that the laugh is on the
After one year's use of the Improved U. S. Separator I am glad to say that
I am highlv pleased with its work. It runs easy, separates clean and does its
work perfectly in all ways. I find that I get about one-third more out of my
milk than at the creamery, and the skimmed milk is worth very much more
to feed. E. C, BOND.
Write for Illustrated Catalogues.
Bellows Falls, Vt.
i.e. DAY & CO.
knee, toe and sole, 2 pairs for 25c. '
promise to be the popular summer fabrics. Our stock is large. . Prices
from 121c to 38c. . 20 pieces Piques with colored figure dots and stripes,
)""""" special value 15c.
New ones coming in from day to day. We take special measures and
guarantee to fit all forms. If you want to be SUITED we can SUIT YOU.
New Linen and Buck Skirts
just arrived. Try the new H, LEATHER TIPPED CORSETS
The new'.method of lining each bone with an j impenetrable -jnaterial, and
covering same with leather tips. ( Absolutely prevents the piercing, of the
material so of en complained of. Price $100 --' ; v ; i ;
Style 215. 75 cents
Misses 7 to 12 years.
Fine quality satteen.
Button front, laced back.
Sizes 20 to 28 inches.
White and Drab.
You can find some new things every day that you did not see
yesterday at
J. C. DAY & CO.'S,
Gash Dry Goods and Cloak House.
&5r4a& GOOP INVESTMENT. Proner-
ty for sal. New .' tenement house, 6 rooms
and closet In each, rentert at til per month,
pyl guo ethai 10 per cent. Near paper
mill. To close an estate Is offered for S00.
ANOTHER New house 3 tenements five
rooms, and bath In each, rented for (19 per
month Ha per cent on price, t SoO.
J, A, Eaton & Co,
plies, Spectacles
Diamonds, Watches,
Jewelry and Sporting
Goods go to
' W. J. EATON & CO.,
The Reliable Jeweler and Optician,
Fine Watch, Clock and Jewelry Re
pairing a specialty.
Tim Balil Block, Eiliei t FiIIi, Y.
Stato Experiment Station and tiaera the
lor meir iinpucny, eae 01 pera m
January 7th to 31st, .033 of 1 I
" 10th to 21st, .03.1 of j
" 9th to fb- 3d. ot l
" ad to 9th, -3
73 tests ol SKim mine 01 .03 01 xj
What the President Says.
BRATTLEBOKO, Vt., Feb. 7th, iEijo.
It gives me pleasure to say that the dairy ma
chinery bouftht of your company two years bko,
including No. ImDroved U. b. Separator anil a
Pony Power, is working well and giving entire
satisfaction. . . , j
The Improved U, S. Separator is doing all and
even more than was claimed by your anent. The
separation is perfect, it runs easily, without noise
or friction, and it is easy to manage and care tor.
Of all the separators placed upon the market, there
. is none that excels the Improved U. S. in my opin ion.
G. V. PIERCE, President Vt. Dairymen's Ass'n.
Himself that the U. S. Separator
was the best.
Cheshire, Mass., Jan. sjth, 1890.
That separator you sold me some time ago has
been causing me quite a little uneasiness, from the
fa,-t that eoiiib of tnv neighbors a well as aKents
but name test tried on butter milk from
mine showed 1 per cent. It quite satisfies
other fellows. SETH CLRTIb.
Works Perfectly In All Ways.
Thetford. Vt.. Tan. ad. 1800.
of Hermsdprt Dye. There can be onl
one grade lor were it otherwise wt
could not say as we do that
is the best. Our spring stock is now or
sale, in all grades, plain black, and
fancies. Extra values in Ladie' and
Children's fast black, 25c. Ipswich dbl.
knee, fast black, 25c. Ladies' and
Children's fast black hose with doublt
1 I &sur )
Style 220. $ 1 .00
Ladies' medium form.
Long waist.
Buttoned front. Laced back.i
White, Drab and Black.
Commissioners' Notice.
' We the subscribers, belnir dulv appointed
by the Hon. Probate Court for the District
of Westminster, Commissioners to receive,
examine and adjust all claims and demands
of all persons against the estate of Sophia
1.VHD8, late 01 nocK.ngnam in saia aistrict,
deceased, and also all claims and de
mands ezniblted in offset thereto; ana six
months from tbe 29th day of March last,
being allowed by said Court for that purpose,
we do therefore hereby give notice, that
we will attend to the business of our said
appointment at tbe Probate Office in Bellows
Falls in said district, on the 25th day of April
and the 6th day of September next, from
two o'clock p. m. until four o'clock p. M., on
each of said days.
E. E.VM ARGGRAF, j Commlsssloners,
Charles S. Allbee, Adm'r.
Bellows Falls, Vt , March 99, A. D.189B
Commissioners' Notice.
We, the subscribers, being duly appointed
by the Hon. Probate Court for tbe District of
Westminster, Commissioners to receive, ex
amine and adjust all claims and demands of
all persons against the estate of SI .rtha E.
Pieice, late of Windham, in said Dis
trict, deceased, and also all claims and
demands exhibited in offset thereto; and six
months from the 4'h day of March, 1899,
being allowed by said Court for that purpose,
we do therefore hereby give notice that w
will attend to the business of our said ap
pointment at tbe dwelling of A. A.Goodell in
Windham, In said District, on the 45th
dav of April and the 15th day of Augut
next, from one o'clock P. M. until lour
o'clock p. M., on each of said days.
H aIrT lPSouId.! Commlasionera.
James W Oould, fei'r.
Windham, Vt, March 0. A. D. 1899.
DeWitt' Witch Hazel Salve
awt 1H1 WJ4 Rtm
Gke Minute Cough Cure, cures
That la what It wm bum lr.
Bellows Falls Times.
Bellows falls Locals.
Rev. a ueirt Mamm&'t went Thursday to
Gralton where La t 111 lia'ed at the funeral
of Mies Fanria Fairbrother.
E. R. Rail has reo M the vacant store
in tha Maynard block tor the summer and
will move bis stock there pending tbe build-
i lg ol the new Suter block.
Benjamin Walters, who has been in the
-ipjiloy ot Norwood & Field for sever il
ears. has severed bis Connection with the
firm, b Jng obliged on account of poor
health to r st from bis labors tor a time.
Mm Rogwell lluntoon of Alstead and
her daughter, Maroella B., mother and sis
ter of 11. J. lluntoon of this place, both
died at their home Thursday morning.there
being a lapse ol about two hours between
tbe times of death. Both died from the
eQ -eta of grip.
The wbiBt nartv civen bv the ladies of
the Relit f Ctrps in Grand Army hill Wed
nesday evenire was in charge ot Mrs. Ida
nd Miss Nelln A. Brown. There were
12 tables of whist aud every arrangement
had been made ti r a pleasant evening, but
1 h-co-fusion naturally attending the lire
it I owns hotel considerably disturbed
-heir plans. Another puty will be given
later when tbe ladies hope to be able to
entertain their guests to better advantage.
Over $12 was taken at tbe bean supper,
which was in charge of Mrs. R J- Stood
ey, Mrs. W. L. Mandtgo and Mrs. W. H.
Unlversailst Notes.
Rev. Albert Hammatt's theme next Sun
day will be "Then."
The pastor's young people's class will
meet directly after the morning service.
A kindergarten class will be started in
the vestry tomorrow morning. It will con
vene at the same time as the preaching ser
vice at 10 30. This will enable parents
baving little children, to bring them to tbe
kindergarten, while they attend the morn
ing service in tbe cburcb. Tbe pastor's
wife will have charge ol the children's ser
Glue In Sugar Closes a Woman's
Such a point has been reached that it
sterns as if it were impossible to obtain any
more pure homemade sugar. James L n
ney, a iiirroo'sbur,' (Ky ) merchant, pur
chased several pounds of what was repre
sented to him as a pur article the other
day. An old lady came in and purchased
two cakes. She took about a halt one in
her mouth and began to chew no more.
The mercbant and those standing about in
the store, seeing she could not open her
mouth, became alarmed, thinking the
elderly woman bad a severe attack ot lock
jaw. But, to the chagrin of the obliging
merchant, he soon discovered he bad been
imposed upon by some unscrupulous per
son, who had made the "sugar" of some
kind ot glue. It was necessary to heat a
kettle of water and melt the stuft before
the old lady could open her mouth. How
ever, she hadn't forgotten how to use it
when the glue had been removed. Har-
rodsburg (Ky.) Democrat.
ClarkXCaught the Counsel.
In a recent issue oflhe Penny Magazine
published in New York is found tbe fol
lowing story ot the late George M. Clark
ot Feluhville, who was well known through
out the state and erp ciallv in Wirdbam
county from his long coi nection with Whit-
more & Clark's Minstrels, it is a story
which Mr. Clark was very lond of telling
In some cases, counsels receive ans
wers to questions which they have no busi
ness to put that, if not quite to their liking,
are what they justly de 'erve. The follow
ing story ot ueorge M. Clark, the cele
brated n -ero minstrel, is a case in point.
On one occasion, when being examined as
a witness, he was severely inteirogated by
a lawyer who wished to break down bis
"You are in the negro minstrel business.
I believ. ?n, inquired the lawyer.
" Xes sir," was the prompt reply.
"Is not that rather a low callineP' de
manded the lawyer.
"I don't know but what it is, sir," re
plied the minstrel, "but if is so much bet
ter than my father's that I am rather proud
ot it."
The lawyer fell into the trap Clark bad
laid for him and irquired, "What was
your father's calling P"
"He was a lawyer," replied Clark in a
tone that sent the whole court into a' roar
of laughter as the discomfited lawyer sub
sided into his seat.
Town Would Not Vote to Pay Indefi
nite Damages No Reason Why
Road Should Not be Built at Once.
The special town meeting which con
vened in town hall Thursday at. 10 a. u.
was characterized by sound sense and good
judgment. Those present were, with few
exceptions, friendly to tbe construction of
the Bellows Falls Saxtons River electric
road, but they were determined to guard
safely the best interests of the town. The
result was that it was voted that tbe town
pay land damages not to exceed f 1000.
George A. Weston as moderator read
the warrant and then asked A. N. Swain
to occupy the chair while he addressed the
house. He stated that while he is attor
ney for the road, he never forgets that his
duties as a citiaren are superior to his obliga
tions as a paid attorney. He then read the
following resolution :
1 Vr4
You may have heard
and have a vague notion
that it is cod-liver oil with
Its bad taste and smell and
all its other repulsive fea
tures. ' It is cod-Jiver oil, the
purest, and the best in the
world, but made so palata
ble that almost everybody
tan take it. "Nearly all
children like it and ask for
looks like cream? it nour
ishes the Wasted body of'
the baby, child or adult
better than cream or any
other' food in existence. It
bears about the same rela
tion to other emulsions that
cream does to milk. If you
have had any experience
with other so-called "just as
good preparations, you
will find that this is a fact.
The hypophosphites that are
combined with the cod-liver oil
give additional value to it because
they tone up the nervous system
and impart strength' to the whole
foe. and $1.00. all drugeistg.
SCOTT & BOVVNE, Chemists, New York.
Resolved That the publie good, or the
necessity or convenience of individuals, re
quires tnat the highway on Pine and Center
st e-ts, lying btwepnsBurt Place and West
street, in the village of Bellows Falls, be
cut down o" aitHi-eii by lowering tbe same
to the extent of 12 leet at the highest point
of s id highway,, and that the same be
prprly graded.
In the event that the Bellows Falls and
Saxtons River street railway company will
'nrnish to th town a good and sufficient
agreement, in writing, to do said cutting
town and grading tree ot expense to tbe
own, the s liftmen are ins ructed and di
rected to immediately th"reafter give notice
to the owrers ot any dwelling-bouse or
other building standing upon tne line ot
of said highway, where tbe same is to be
altered by lowering the ssma more than
three feet, of a time' when the selectmen
will examine tbe premises, bear them up
on the question of making such alteration
and damages by reason ot sucn alteration,
and the selectmen are hereby instructed
and directed to order said highway to be
altered by lowering tbe same 12 feet at tbe
highest point of the same, and seeing to it
tbat tbe same is properly graded. Ana 11
the selectmen are ot the opinion that such
owners will sustain damages by reason of
such alteration, they are instructed and di'
rected to determine and award the amount
thereof to the owners respectively, taking
into account, by way of offset thereto,, such
special benent, it any, to sucn owners as
sbalf accrue to them by reason of such al
teration. And the selectmen are instructed
and Directed to make their orders and
awards for damages, and refusals to award
damages to such owners, in writing and
cause the same to be recorded in tbe office
of the clerk of the town within 10 days
from the time of maHng tbe same, and at
the final determination of the question ot
damages, to draw their orders on the town
treasurer tor tbe payment ot tbe same..
An amendment to Mr. Weston's resolu
tion was offered- by Z. H. Allbee later
which "Provided tbat the railway company
shall assume to pay ary and all land dam.
ages exceeding $1000." This clause to be
inserted in the second paragraph of the
resolution after the words, "to do said cut
ting down and grading free of expense to
the town." In its amerded form the reso
lution paieed with few dissenting voices.
This was followed by a statement signed
by a majority of the directors.
Mr. Weston then read sections of the
Veimont statutes, and entered quite ex
tensively into the law points involved. He
stated that the railroad company stood
ready to give a bond of any reasonable
amount like $ 10,000 to save the town
harmless from any suit or suits which might
be brought by any party or parties owning
land along the line of the proposed cut on
which are not situated a dwelling house or
other buildings. E. L. Walker seconded
Mr. Weston's resolution. Mr. Weston
mildly criticized the selectmen for their
report on the recent petition for a suitable
grade on Pine street and complimented the
newspaper men of the place by admitting
that they were able to run their papers
without his assistance. lie admitted that
he and F. A. Bolles, attorney for the bail
iffs, got caught, supposing tbat the bailiff'
had the right to grant the four per cent
grade stipulated ia the franchise. He said
he should oppose the road's ever attempt
ing to cross the new bridge at Sextons
River and believed that tbe directors them
selves will consider it cheaper to build a
new bridge. The charter, he said, expires
ia 1902 and no one but tbe present
board of directors has any rights under
it. . In answer to questions he said the
directors were in favor of a ten cent
rate between Bellows Falls and Sax
tons River, or a 15 cent rate for the round
trip. If . C. Fairbank and Dr. Parker
will sell their places for what they paid for
them. Mr. Weston will produce purchas
ers within 48 hours, and the town will be
asked to pay no land damages.
C. II- Robb took a stand against the
town paying any land damages. Brief re
mark" were made br Dr. Pettengill, Wal
lace White and W. W. Barry.
Dr. Campbell offered a substitute for
the Weston resolution.
H. D. Ryder said that' once onatisae
be sold the property now owned by C.
Fairbank for $6500 and tbat a lot had
since been sold eff the property lor $1000.
Dr. Tarker wants $3500 for bis house. lie
thought $1000 ought to cover all land
damages. Tbe moderator declared the
Campbell substitute out of order.
Oa the motion of II. 1). Ry
der the school directors were author
ized to sell the old school hoie in ditrict
No. 12, known as tbe Baiber distiict.
Mr. Meekton vraa gazing at his wife
with that inane and amiable . fixety
which comes into a man's face when be
baa been napping and ia ashamed of
the fact.
"Leonidaa, " she said sternly.
"What is it, my dear?" he inquired
as be straightened himself up in his
sleepy hollow chair.
"What is the matter V
"Nothing is the matter," he said,
growing red in the face. "I haven't in
timated that there was anything wrong,
have IK"
"No. But yoa hare been behaving
tather queerly. Just now you gave a
little start and exclaimed, 'Yes, Hen
rietta, I agree with yon perfectly.' "
"Well," answered he, apprehensive
ly, "there isn't anything in that to take
exception to, is there f"
"Are you sure yon meant it?" -
"Every word of it. "
"Yen had given the matter due con
sideration before you spoke ?"
"Certainly. Do yon doubt me, Hen
rietta?" "Oh, no. But I can't help attaching
some significance- to tbe fact that I
hadn't uttered a word during the ten
minutes previous to your enthusiastic
indorsement of my sentiments."
"Well, to tell the truth, Henrietta. I
had been asleep, and something awoke
me, and I naturally supposed that is to
say, I took it for granted" And then
he gave it np. -'Washington Star.
The Sensitive Porary.
Tbe porgy, common as it is, ia a
beautiful fish when seen in the water
in a favorable light, and it ia likewise
one of the most sensitive of fishes. In
captivity it is easily frightened. It will
take alarm from something done by a
passing visitor, a thoughtless touching
of glass, or something of that sort, and
go rushing around until it is exhausted.
Sometimes a porgy in a tank may,
when frightened, jump out of the water
and bump its nose against the wire
screen over the tank and be seemingly
paralyzed by the shock and rendered un
able to swim. 'In such a condition it
will lie upon its back, motionless, ex
cept perhaps for a fluttering of its fins,
for an hour, and then it may come back
all right again and swim about so lively
and in such good form that you can't
tell then which fish of tha lot it was
that had bumped its head.
A peculiarity of the porgy is its lia
bility to blindness. Blindness is not un
common among fishes, but there are
perhaps more blind porgfes than there
are fish of any other kind. There's a
saying among fishermen, "As blind as a
porgy. " New York Sun,
Not Unit Satisfactory. ,fT
A dog belonging to a west side family
has- the sociable habit of visiting
throughout tbe neighborhood. During
a recent wet spell the dog went over to
a next door house and "tracked mnd
all over the front porch. The woman of
the house was indignant She sent
word that the dog was a nuisance. The
woman who owned the dog was offend
ed. She resolved to-make the complain
ing neighbor ashamed of herself."
"Maryyou take, a bucket of warm
water and a brush - and go over and
scrub Mrs. Brown's front porch," she
said to the ..servant girl. "Make it
cleaner than it has been in a year. " s
-The girl did as she was ordered. Mrs
Brown stood in the front door and
watched her, not at all abashed.
"That's very nice, " she said when
Mary had finished. "Now come around
and begin on thr back steps.
She kept the girl at work for two
hours, and now there is a deadly feud.
Chicago Record.
Petrified Water.
That beautiful transparent stone call
ed Tabriz marble, much used in the
burial . places of Persia and in their
grandest edifices, consists pf the petri
fied water of ponds in certain parts of
the country. This petrification may be
traced from its commencement to its
termination. In one part the water is
clear, in a second it appears thicker and
stagnant, in a third quite black, and in
its last stage it is white like frost
When the operation is complete, a
stone thrown on its surface makes no
impression, and one may walk over it
without wetting one's shoes. The sub
stance thus produced is brittle and
transparent, and "sometimes richly
striped with red, green and copper color.
So much is this marble, which may be
cut into large slabs, looked upon as a
luxury that none bntthe king, his sons
and persons especially privileged are
pexmitted to take it
In Sympathy.
"But did not the neighbors send yon
anything after the fire?" inquired the
poor commissioner of the widow whose
borne and belongings had been totally
destroyed three nights before by the re
lentless flames.
"Yes, sir, " was the reply. "Mrs.
Cleaver, across the street, sent me a
beautiful drawn work doily with her
card, and Miss Hushington. in the next
block, a very pretty cut glass knife and
fork rest "Detroit Free Presa.
Proof of Reason.
A scientific journal cays, "Grows un
doubtedly have a language and to some
extent exercise the reasoning process."
We are a little skeptical about the
-language of crows, but they certainly
never pull up corn without good caws.
Chicago Times-Herald.
Io all Its stage there
should be deaminase.
Elj'8 Cream Balm
clean-es, soothes and heals
the diseased membrane.
It cares catarrh and drives
away a cold in tbe head
Cream Balm la placed Into tne nostras, spreads
over tbe membrane and la absorbed. Belief ia lm
mediate and a can follow. It la not drying does
Botprodaceaneezlng. Large Size, SO cents at Draf-
giits or by mall ; Trial Sin, 10 eenta bj mall.
SXT BBOTESB8, M Warns Street, Saw Tark.
Free llalrilrenalnK. ' "
Some one nuid ouce" that you could
get almost anythiug for nothing in New
York. This was brought practically to
my notice a fow days ago, eaysa writer
in the New York Herald, as I was go
ing up town on Third avenue. I passed
a barber shop which displayed this
strange sign :
"Ladies' Halrdressing Done Free
Every Afternoon From 1 to 5 o'Clock."
As it was past 8 I was prompted by
curiosity to go in and investigate. I
found the "ladies' " bairdressing par
lor a neat, cozy place, with a numbei
of chuirs standing in front of a long
miiror, which covered one side of the
room. .
I was fortunate enough to find a sub
ject in the chair, who was having her
hair dressed. She was a middled aged,
thick handed, respectable looking wom
an, who was going to tbe inevitable
ball. "Doing" her hair was a nice look
ing little wgman. the head of tbe hair
dressing establishment, and gathered
around the etiair were half a dozen
white coated young men, watching the
process of the work and occasionally
giving assistance. And that is how the
apprentice or student in hairdressing
gains his experience, and the clever
women who are in touch with the trick
get their hair dressed for nothing.
The Friar and Hla Cane.
In the number of The Tatler for Oct
6, 1709, it is observed that "a cane it
part of the dress of a prig" (this, by the
way, shows the erroneous notion prev
alent tbat "priggishness" is a modern
word) "and always worn upon a but
ton, for fear he should be thought to
have an occasion for it or be esteemed
really and not genteelly a cripple."
In the number of Nov. 18 a rural
squire in town is sketched who is the
prototype of one of the pavement nui
sances: "His arms naturally swang at
an unreasonable distance from his sides,
which, with the advantage of a cane
that be brandished in a great variety
of irregular motions, made it unsafe foi
any one to walk within several years ot
And under date of Dec. 6 there Li an
amusing sketch of "a lively, fresh col
ored young man" who was among the
applicants to Isaac Bickerstafl's court
of censorship for license to use "canes,
perspective glasses, snuffboxes, orange
flower waters and the like ornaments of
life." This young man had his cane
hanging on his fifth button and was
"an Oxford scholar who was just en
tered at the temple." Gentleman'!
. George's Teeth.
The American Journal of Dental Sci
ence for 1843 states that George Wash
ington lost most of his natural teeth at
an early age, relying upon the art and
skill of one Mr. John Greenwood,
distinguished dentist of New York, to
make good the deficiency.
Washington's artificial teeth were
manufactured from the ivory of the
tusk of the elephant, the only material
at tbat time employed for the purpose.
New Hampshire News.
A new schedule of wages went into effect
vsnterday in the cotton mills of the Chim,
Webster and Pembroke companies at San
cook. The fchedule is abont the same a
tbat which existed before the cnt downJ-n
nary, 1898, or an increase of 11 per cent. The
three companies employ in all abont 1500
George C. Wilson, who has been for some
time past tbe efficient assistant secretary of
tbe Keene xounfr Men s (Jhnstian agsocia
tion, has been notified by Gen. J. J. Estey
chairman of the board of directors of the
Brattleboro association, of the unanimous
call to become the general secretary ot toe
Krattleboro association. Mr. Wilson is a
zraduate of Colgate university, and with his
wite has made many warm tnends in ikeene,
wbo will regret their departure.
Several of the Keene clerevmen comment
ed in their pnlpits Sunday in a condemnatory
manner on the strictures of Gov. Rollins in
his Fast day message on the existing state of
religions leeung in JNew uampemre. loe
feeling at Keene is that tbe governor ex
ceeded his warrant in thus upholding his
state to tbe criticism or the worm, xne
status of relieious feeling in Cheshire county
rural communities is certainly improved, if
anything, over that of 10 or more years ago,
and there is no town where the usual rites
are not performed by the clergy-
Advertised Letters.
Frank B. Fish, F. A. Leavitt, Frank Or
cutt, H. Paulson, W. F. Rafter, Miss Romie
In Weston. April 9. Luoius F. Hart aged
1 years.
In Cavendish, Yt , April 9. 1899. to Mr.
and Mrs. John Sheehan, a daughter.
people are talking all over bel
Bow it spreads !
Can't keep a "good thing" down.
Ever notice, how "good things" are Imi
tated ?
Better the article, more imitator.
Fortunately the people hare a safe-guard.
Praise can't be imitated. a
And true praise takes root and spreads.
Claim is one thiDg, proof another.
Claim is what the manufacturer says.
Proot is what the people say.
Bellows Falls people say
Doan's Kidney Pills core sick kidneys.
Hundreds ol cit sens testify to this.
Here is a case in point :
Mr. Rexford Benson of Saxtons River, a
harness maker, living near Glynn Bros
store, says :
"My kidneys commenced to trouble me
with sharp pains across my back and hip. If
I took cold it always settled in my back and
bothered me until my cold was oetter. After
woiking hard for a few days I felt lama and
sore and if I turned around quickly a stiteh
like pain caught me in the back, which for
the time being was very' severe. In the fall
of 1898 my back was very bad and I had my
attention called to Doan's Kidney Pills. I
sent and got a box at Andrews' drag store.
They were jast what I needed. They re
lieved roe in every way and made me better
and stronger. I still use them once in a
while and from what I know ol them I can
ately say that Doan's Kidney Pills will do
all that is claimed for them."
Doan's K:i1nry Pilla are for sale by all
dealer, p-ice 60 eenta. Sent by mail on re
ceipt of price by Foster-Miihorn, Buffalo, N.
Y., sole agents for the United States.
U . v I V.. namA IWn1. a Ti H (.1. n e.
'A PERFECT FOODua WhoUmomm aa It la Delieiona."
" Has stood the teat of more than too years' uaa among atl
data, and for purity and honeat worth la unequalled.'
JfJ icul tmd Surgical Jvumml.
Coats less than ONE CENT a Cup.
Trade-Mark on Every Package.
TADt.MU.. Established 1 780.
We are Moving
i "
. . . A Buyer !
Never such Low Prices before made on a Fine
Up to date stock of Clothing and
Furnishings. ..
A lot of Spring Overcoats, light and dark colors, $8.00
and 10 00 stjles down to $5.75 and $6.5. $12.00 styles
down to $8.50. $15.00 styles down to $9.25.
A big stock'of
Umbrellas, Bath Robes, Ladies' and Men's Hand Bags
all cut to close them out.
Remember this store's reputation for having the largest
and best selected stock in this section. Only a few days
more of these unheard ot bargains.
A lot of Boys' Spring Overcoats down from $5 00 to
$3-75. They are made of fine fabrics and in the latest
styles. No goods charged during this sale.
J. J. FENTON & CO , Bellows Falls.
High Grade Jewelry
at Your Own Prices!
ii jii.iyjaM-Mia-ui msm i
Watches, Jewelry,
AT -
.........Beginning Today, Saturday, April 8.;..
These sales will continue every afternoon and evening
until my entire stock is disposed of. Remember that this
is not an auction of articles imported for the occasion, but
a sale of my regular stock of
There will De a private sale each morning.
This is a rare opportunity for the people of Bellows
Falls and adjoinin; tows to
jewely store carries, at a great
early will get the cream ot the
E. J.
Bellows Fall. Vt.
Dealers in Pianos, Organs and Sew
ing Machines. All kinds of
musical instruments, strings
and fixtures.
Goods sold on
Call or writ for pries and terms.
Owing to the erection
of a new block about io
be commenced I shall be
compelled to move in
the'near future. To
save trouble and ex
pense I offer my entire
stock of
Silverware, Etc.,
strictly high grade goods.
secure whatever a first class
sacrifice. .Those who come
Bellows Falls. Vt,
GREGORY, Auctioneer.
This will be a
and you Wl have to have
something to start your crops
Baker's U N X L D Fertilizer
will do it.
Write for prices.

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