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Breakfast Cocoa
Costs less than One Cent a cup.
Be sure that the Package bears otir Trade-Mark.
A Perfect Food. ' Pure, Nutrltloes, Delicious.
Established 1780.
J. G. DAY & CO.
Another New
The Gage-Downs Co.
Chicago Waist
A perfect corset and a perfect waist combined.
Possesses all the good features of the Jackson
waist and some improvements. In extra long
and and cutaway lengths. Price
SI 00.
The cream of the season's showing. Crash
aud Linen Skirts 98c to $5.00. White Duck and
and Pique Skbts from 98c to $8.50. Many
We have just opened another lot of
ox the season. Cotton Coverts, price
prices $3-75. 5-oo, 5.50, 6.98, 7.50.
15.00, ana are prepared to take orders
suns irom a large variety ot crows, at
Up to date White Lawn -and P. K. Waists. Misses' Waists, white and
colors. Prices 50c, 59c, 65c, 89c, $1.00.
'. AT . ,
J. C. Day &
Cash Dry Goods and Cloak House.
. Bruises
Wounds, Ac, Ac.
It gives instant relief and cores
In case of sadden illness
v ? 1 Diarrhoea
All Bowel
it is a sore, safe and quick remedy.
There's ONLY ONE
Perry Davis'.
Twe ilna, 26c. and 60c
Sample bottle mailed
(Mention this paper.)
ts a method of cure founded
on the truth, learned by set-'
entifio study of the human
body, that the human- body
has in and for itself, when
properly treated, the best
of all restorative and cura
tive powers. The Osteopath
bases his work on the de
monstrable fact that the
body contains within itself
When rightly directed the
power, in most cases, to re
store itself to health, or, in
other words, to cure disease.
184 State street
Montpellet, TL
When writing mention this paper.
I MVrG I WheHiveOisd'niim.
bnUibU Racommand
as the BEST
St ftr Crown Brand
nlitf. us dumr. bo Beta.
Uwd tot TMit l7 tadicg fpwltuiu.
trial vtlj 000 Tic e. yon onbur LamniM w"f
oFncgrMrtw. SKl Mn ems far wii a&4
an Dtnifiniibf mall tl JO koz.
Corset Waist
two dozen
$ 1.98. Wool Skirts in all grades
Bicycle Suits $6.98, 7.50, 10.00,
and make special bicycle skirts or
from five or six days' notice.
The Tailor Made Suits
advertised last week
at $9.50 went with a
rush. Shall sell 6ome
12.50 suits for $10.00 for
a few days until we can
get some more 9.50 ones
from the manufacturers
Latest Pique Novel
ties. Plain White, Pink,
Light Blue, Navy, Red,
and Fancy Stripes.
Prices 15c to 38c.
-latest Arrivals !
1 dozen Wash Silk
Waists. Prices $3.50 to
3 dozen Striped Dimi
ty Waists. Price $1.25.
The state board of health has arranged for
a school of instruction for health officers and
members of local boards of health in Ver
mont. It will be held in Burlington July 10
to 15, inclusive.
William D. McMaster, a veteran newspaper
man and a prominent democrat and for 34
years editor and publisher of the Spirit of
the Age, died in Woodstock Tuesday. He
was about 70 years old.
- At the annual Grand Army encampment
for Vermont, to be held at Montreal Jnne 20
22, the veterans of Washington and Orange
counties will give their united support to
Hiram A. Huseof Montpelier for department
commander. This is an office Mr. Hnse has
not sought, but the mention of his name sug
gests his peculiar fitness for the position and
it is believed that his election is a certainty.
A crusade against the tent caterpillar is
being pushed earnestly in Newport as the
pest has attacked apple and maple orchards
in appalling numbers. Every device thought
of to destroy the worms is being tried, but
in many instances orchards and groves of
maples have been blighted as by fire. Along
many streets in town the branches of the
trees are black with caterpillars, and walking
or driving nnder the trees is an unpleasant
At the annual meeting cf the O. E. S. held
in Barre this week the lollowing officers were
elected : Grand patron, J. H McLoud, Hard
wick -.grand matron ,Mrs.OUve J-Stowell, Put
ney jassistant grand mat., Mrs. Elmer Miller,
Newport; assistant grand pation.J. S. Weeks,
8t. Johnsbury ; giand conductress, Mrs. Lou
D. Clement, Bradford ; ass'stant grand con
ductress, Mrs. Helen D. Cole, North Ben
nington ; grand marshal, E.H.Parsons,Island
Pond ; grand sentinel, George Woodcock,
North Bennington grand warder, Mrs.J. if.
Dunham, Barre.
C. W. Brownell of Burlington, Speaker
Eittredge Hawkins of Brattleboro and Ser-geant-at-Arms
T. C. Phinney met at the state
house Tuesday morning to open the bids for
constructing the addition to the state house
authorized by the legislature of 1898 The
sum appropriated Ibr this purpose was 810.000.
Only two bids were received, and as both of
these were in excess of tne appropriation
they were rejected. The George K. Lyon
Granite company of Brattleboro put in a bid
of S9675, exclneive of furnishings, which
would be some $500 or f 600 additional. The
bid of Mason & Co. of Burlington was
Gun Exploded.
A serious accident occurred at Fletcher on
Sundav when about 10 o'clock a hedgehog
got into a tree in C. F. Corse's yard and Her
bert Pole shot at it with an old muzzle load-
in? can which exploded and the breech
strict him just over the eye breaking his
sknll in two places. Dr. Edward Brush and
Dr. M. H. Powers were called and removed
several pieces of bone. He was conscious
thrnneh it all and has shown much courage
The chances are very much against his re
covery. -
Baptists at Barre.
The 30th annual meeting of the Baptist
Sunday School association met in Barre Tues
day and weonesaay. uu nuuumu uu
twenty-five delegates were present, repre-
...;.. .Tt ..p.tinn of the state.
Th. rannrt of the secretary showed that
k.y. ... -t nrA.Atlt 96 Bantist churches in
Vermont. Of these, 70 have sett ed resident
pastors. The number of Baptist Sunday
school teachers in Vermont is 1003, and the
nnmhar of nurjils is 74.1U.
The officers elected for the ensuing year
follows Presidf nt; Rev. W.A. Kinie of
Hi iatoli vice president, Rev. H.Crocker of
F.ii fax ; s cre'ary and treasurer, Rev. T. A
Howard ot Kundolnh.
The convention voted that it was in favor
or common g the state Sunday ichcol coo.
vent 01 and the ft to Bapiist c invention
that they rbu.ll meit at
place in the future.
the taTie time and
Rev. E. Goldthwaite attended the Woman
8uflYage association at Bellows Falls last
Thursday, and Friday the Y. P. C. U. con
vention at Springfield.
Frank Murry of Cavendish has moved into
Ed White's house and will assist Merritt
Amsden m building his new house.
Mrs. Gilbert Davis of Windsor was in town
Monday superintending the grading in front
ot tne iiDrary.
Nine books have been added to the library,
mo gin ui jara. jo,, vuourn.
Mrs. J. B. Payne of Granby, P. Q , is the
gue?tofher parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles
Mrs. Henri Wilkins and three sons took a
carriage drive to Etna, N. H., for a few days'
Mrs. Perry and children and Miss Tellier
oi uroton are visiting tneir parents, Kev. and
Mrs. Tellier.
Mrs. O. N. Hook was called to Antrim. K
H , by the severe illness of her cousin, Miss
Jlien ferry.
Children's Sunday .will be observed at the
Baptist cnurcn in tne morning, at tne uni
versalist at o o ciocrc.
A little son of Mr. Freeman died last Mon
day from the whooping cough, whioh in
duced heart trouble. He was a bright little
fellow and the deepest sympathy' is felt for
tne amictea parents.
Union Memorial services were held at the
TJni versaiist church June 4. The church was
beautifully decorated with flaes and plants
ana nowers. miss a. uoiatawsite delivered a
very fine' address.
Memorial day passed off very finely. The
exercises were at the Baptist church which
was beautifully decorated with flowers and
nags. The exercises by the children and
singing w erehiehly commendable. A selec
tion was given by Mrs. Dr. F C. Morgan and
Fred Bassett of Weathersfield, very fine and
appropriate to the occasion. Dr. F. C. Mor
gan was the organist. Remarks were made
by Rev. E. Goldthwaite. Rev. Mr.Tellier and
Rev. Mr. White of Brownsville. Prayer was
n a i t rt r t-i i ' -1 1
unereu uy xvev. jnr. vuaribuu ui eraiusviue.
The address by Kev. Mr. Mculaurlin was a
very fine one, holding the attention of the
audience en til ely from start to finish. The
procession marched to the cemetery where
the graves were decorated by the G A'. R .
tne w . k. u. decorating a cross and mound
to the unknown soldiers. The crowd was
the largest ever known here on a similar oc
casion. The church was filled to overflow-
ing. A volunteer band headed the proces
Books lately received at the library are
from Mrs. George Whitcomb of .Lebanon, JN
H.j Mrs. George Morgan and Mrs. D. Huf
nail. Over 200 books were donated by Hon.
A. N. Swain of Bellows Falls, and a Quantity
ot books, magazines and papers from Rev.
Homer White of Randolph. -
Miss Mary Hatcfi is visiting in Woodstock
for a week to be present at the graduation of
her nephew.
Mrs. Lorett Keyes and son Elmer are
guests of her mother, Mrs. Ferdinand Haw-
Mr. and Mrs. D. P. Sawyer visited in West
Windsor the first of the week.
Several from here attended the wedding of
George Worcester and Mary Cady at Browns
ville Wednesday evening.
Mrs. Leonard Eaton of South Woodstock
was a guest at D. P. Sawyer's the first of the
$100 Reward $100.
The readers of this paper will be pleased
to learn that there is at least one dreaded dis
ease that science has been able to cure in all
its stages, and that is Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh
Cure is the only positive cnre known to the
medical fraternity. Catarrh being aconstitu
tional disease, requires a constitntional treat
ment. JHaii s uatarrn (jure is taken inter
nally, acting directly upon the blood and
mucuous surfaces of the system, thereby
destroying the foundation of the disease, and
giving the patient strength bv bnildinc nn
the constitution and assisting nature in doing
ib. wura. xne proprietors nave so mucn
faith in its curative powers, that they offer
One Hundred Dollors for any case that it
fails to cure. Send for list of testimonials.
Address, T. J. Cbbnbt & Co , Toledo, O.
U2iSold by Druggists, 75c. .
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
Mrs. Almon Marsh and little son, also onr
venerable N. C. Marsh are visiting friends in
Amherst and other places in Massachusetts.
C. W. Adams, wife and baby son, have ar
rived at her father's, L. L. Ranney'B. Mrs.
Adams is in very poor health, but we hope
for her speedy recovery as she again visits
her childhood home and breathes her native
mountain air. '
Mrs. Addie Stebbins is quite busy in trying
to settle up her father's estate, the late J. B.
Stebbins, before (leaving for her western
Children's day will be observed at the
Methodist church next Sunday.
Mr. Crow seems to have betaken
of his
to other regions as there is a scarcity
kind about the cornfields this year.
called Grain-O. It is a delicious, appetizing,
nourishing food drink to take the place of
coffee. Sold by all grocers and liked by all
who have used it because when properly pre
pared it tastes like the finest coffee but is free
from all its injurious properties. Grain-O
aids digestion and strengthens the nerves. It
is not a stimulant but a health builder, and
children, as well as adults, can drink it with
great benefit. -Costs about 1-4 as much as
coffee. IS and 26c.
Miss Mabel Dodge of Malta, HI., is with
her grandfather, Gardner Upham.
H. E. Wood had an auction Tuesday with
J. W. Melendy of Londonderry as anctioneer.
Daring the slight shower Monday lightning
struck and demolished a gate within a few
rods oi Warren Rboides' house.
"Softly Comrades" was one of the several
selections sung by our male quartet Memo
rial day. It was written by L. B. Chapman
ot this town and is one of the best of his pro
ductions. The St. Albans Glee club, which
had the honor to sing for McKinley, also
sang it Memorial day.
F. H. Harris was in town the first of the
C. E. Capron and W. H. Gnswold ot Bel
lows Falls were in town Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. N. W. Wood of Townshend
were the guests of their son, H. E. Wood,
Mrs. Starkey of Brattleboro is with her sis
ter, Mrs. Charles Hastings.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Melendy of South Lon
donderry called on friends in town Tuesday.
Mrs. Laura B. Stowell. who has been visit
ing in Springfield, . Mass., returned Monday.
The barns of L. M. Lawrence were struck
by lightning during the shover Wednesday
afternoon, the largest one being burned with
several tons of hay. The other barns were
saved in a badly damaged condition by the
untiring enoits oi toe neighbors, rue family
wish to express their gratitude and heartfelt
thanks to all for their kind assistance, espe
cially to Harry Chapman and Frank Harring
ton. Don't be hoodwinked into buying a special
dye for wool and a special dye for cotton. If
your goods should not be all wool, you would
n.ve to bny two packages and dye your
goods twice. Putnam Fadeless Dyes will
co or either silk, wool or cotton at one time
in the tame vessel and yon have only to buy
one package. Sold at Pieica's Pharmacy.
John B. Knight has been quite sick the
past few days, being confined to his bed.
Ambrose Higgins has been helping to frame
a barn for Frank Aldrich the past week.
Miss Beatrice Whitman is the happy pos
sessor of a new bicycle.
Miss Cora .Winn spent Sunday at C. L.
W. E. Miles aud family are spending a few
weeks at Bonniebrook.
. u7j M ni 4"ii? T'II B-IP-A-N-8- 10 tor five cents at dmg
and two children arrived from Boston laatj-isu'. They banish pain and prolong lift,
week for the summer. " One gives relief. No matter what's the mat.
Dr. G. S. Albee of Hopkinton, Mass., and ter, one will do you good.
Some men nave
to do their work
k under all sorts of
f unusual and ad
verse V 1 1
stances that are lust
as trviner upon their
health and physical condi
tion as if they were soldiers
fighting and marching day
and night in a hard cam
paign, wnen tne coimi-
uons unucr wun-" "u
works are abnormal
and unhealthy he
needs to take
special precau
tions to build
himself up to
withstand the
extra strain.
"In 1894, vas
) working at nign'iua.
I broke out in lumps all over and wnen these left
the skin peeled off," set) Mr, John A. Calloway
of 218 36th St., ColnmbUi, Georgia, in a reuent
letter to Dr. R. V. Pierce, of Buffalo, N. Y. I
had catarrh for four years and also liver and ktd-
ney trouble; when it would commence troubling
me 1 wouia nave a siucm aciuux . .w
little below
the chest. I used many kinds c-T medicine Cut
received no benefit My eyes were sunken and
mv fur. was nnl. T tiflrt nimnlu on mv face and
there was brown spots on nfytace. Now these
are all gone. I took six bottles of Dr. tierce's
Golden Medical Discovery and two of Dr. Pierce s
Pellets. They are the bast medicines I ever used
in my life, and I A& believe that I am entirely
well. I have a good appetite but before I com
menced treatmeut I had no appetite at all. Now
I am like a child ready to eat at any time of
day or night. Last year I weighed one hundred
and thirty-four pounds and now I weigh one
hundred and fdrty-fiva. Pleas accept my
thanks. I am so glad I found the right kind
of medicine."
"Golden Medical Discovery" is free
from alcohol; it is pure medicine and noth
ing else. Unlike the so-called "tonics"
and "extracts" which tend to create an
appetite for stimulants, the "Discovery"
creates only a healthy natural temperance
appetite for good food which nourishes and
-strengthens. The medicine dealer who
says he has something just as gooa
knows that he falsifies. If he urges an in
ferior substitute it is to gain a few pennies
greater profit No matter how discour
aged you may be, write to Dr. Pierce for
advice which he will send you free-'and
which if followed, is bound to do you good.
his eon, Dr. G. M. Albee of Worcester are
visiting with Mrs. A. C. Cobb and relatives in
other parts of the town.
The next meeting of the IT. O. G. C. will
be held with Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Green Sat
urday evening, June 17.
Rev and Mrs. G. H. French, Dr. Warren
French and Mrs. E. B. Butterfield attended
the annual Cheshire county conference of
Congregational churches at Winchester last
Wednesday and Thursday.
Miss Rnby Eggleston has been sick the
past two weeks but is somewhat better.
Harlie Goodnow has the measles.
Charles Dunbar of Langdon. has been vis
iting at Mrs. N. F. Dunbar's.
Lloyd Goodnow was at home for a day last
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Smith of Eeene spent last
Sunday at W. B. Britton's.
Miss Lena Smith spent Monday at her
home in Chesterfield.
Mr. and Mrs. Richardson and Mrs. Wood
ward of East Westmoreland spent one day
last week with Rev. and Mrs. L. F. Shepard
son. There will be a prayer meeting at the
north end next Sunday evening at 7.30
"Comfort" la the Sick Room.
"I have used Comfort Powder for many
years. It certainly keeps the sick comfort
able, cures prickly heat, chafing and offen
sive perspiration, aud is a certain preventive
and cure for bedsores." Caroline Angus,
trained nurse, New York.
Mr- and Mrs. McDermitt saw two fine deer
in their pasture one day recently.
' Decoration day closed with a dance at J.
w . ieach s. Those present report it to be
anything but an honor to the day or town.
Streams are verv low and nastures short.
A shower Wednesday afternoon gave us one-
fourth of an inch ot water which will help.
! Ofhoer Boyd of Claremont was in town
last week officially.
Collector A. S. Cram is presenting the tax
payers a reminder that another tax is due.
George Williams has left town, having
obtained employment elsewhere lor a season.
Mrs. Needham of Claremont came home
with Miss Villa Ramsay last Friday.
Yon have several dollars' worth of old
clothes that are good but soiled. Dye them
over with Putman Fadoless Dyes and they
will be new again. Only takes one hour and
they will not stain your hands or vessels.
Sold at Pierce's Pharmacy.
Henry Neal has so far recovered from the
measles as to attend school.
Alice Lombard caught a trout which
weighed one pound and nine ounces, in Cold
Mrs. Fred Currier and Beatrice of Clare
mont are with her brother, G. W. Call, assist
ing in caring for Mrs. Call, who is more com
fortable at this writing.
Mrs. Myrtie Neal went to South Charles
town Tuesday, Mrs. Bessie Reed and Avis
accompanying.her home Wednesday.
Hial Call of Croyden visited his son George
last week.
Thomas Thurman, deputy sheriff of Troy,
Mo., says if everyone in the United States
should discover the virtue of De Witt's Witch
Hazel Salve for piles, rectal troubles and
skin diseases, the demand conld not be sup
plied. Pierce's Pharmacy, O. A. Gast, mgr.
Alva Sp
RHtland 1
: and family returned from
Byron Spanlding and family were in Wind
sor last week.
M. A. Weeks returned from Chester Fri
day. F. V. PerkinVspent a few days at his home
in Felchville last week.
Henry Cady and wife were in Springfield
last week.
Miss Kate Griswold of Felchville and Miss
Adams of Brownsville were in town last
There will be a business meeting of the
Y. P. C. V. at the Universalist church
Wednesday evening, June 14, at 7.30. Mem
bers are requested to be present.
Mrs. Austin Deane is visiting her son in
Springfield, Mass.
James E. Gay and wife went to Boston
Mrs. M. A. Bemis was in Ludlow Saturday.
The sewing scciety of the Universalist
church met at Mrs. George W. White's
Wednesday afternoon.
W. M. Gallagher of Bryan, Pa , says: "For
40 years I have tried various cough medicines.
One Minute Cough Cure is best of all." It
relieves iastantly and cures all throat trou
bles. Pierce's Pharmacy, O. A. Gast, mgr.
H. L. Clark has severed his connection
with Williams & Co. and moved to Chester.
Onr pastor, C. Magnus Charlton, is taking
a short vacation at his home in Gloucester,
Arthur Williams of Manchester, N. H..
was in town Wednesday.
Mrs. D. F. Pollard and Miss Lucia Alford
visited in Hartland the first of the week.
Rev. Emanuel C. Charlton of Gloucester,
Mass., who is visiting his son, Rev. C. M.
Charlton, has consented to deliver his popu
lar lecture, " Adrift and at Anchor," in the
Methodist church next Thursday evening,
June 13, under the auspices of the ladies' aid
society. This will be of unusual interest as
Rev. Mr. Charlton is a world-wide traveler.
In his lecture he will take the andier.ee on
every ocean and continent, giving personal
experience. Everybody come.
Mm. Unu... Cki.... .. . urn
. -.,-. vum jwuiuvju 11 no liue ? 11-
mington to care for her daughter, who is ill.
111 ' ; 1 "mpton and wife started for Somer
ville, Mass , last Saturday to visit their son.
rrqm there they intend to go to Maine to
visit their daughter, Mrs. Williamson.
, Nettie Bishop, who is 111 with typhoid fever,
is a little better.
Mrs. Ernn.t UM.nVIln .f p,in.. u..
visiting her mother, Mrs. Lucy Wilbur.
victim Kidder " nothe- tjphoid fever
W E. Kidder has bought the frame of
- -u mo oration 01 m. jr. ferry, and he is
moving it here with the intention of building
him a Bhed.
Several of our townspeople attended the
golden wedding of Francis Eddy and wife
of Townshend Tuesday.
GeOTCft Rrtarr. AnA XT A 1 -V TTT.-ll
on the sick list again.
Miss Clara Moore returned to her work in
Kutland after spending a few days in town
with her mother, Mrs. Rhoda Moore.
Miss Mabel Moore came home from Ply
mouth to attend commencement.
Miss Rata ftr'amnlil r,t 1T11.1I.
town Friday to attend commencement.
ueorge Ballard, who has been sick with
COnsumntinn fnr ar.mn .-.n .1 : .1 V. : i
, , 1 v- wiuukim, wrau Mb 111. UUU1Q
in this place last week Friday evening.
j 5; aalhorn, Mrs. W. W. Stickney
and Mm. W n n.n .r .1. 1 ... 1 ,
the Grand Chapter of O. E. S. in Barre this
Rftv. TT TT T1,. 1 . r , ,
x --- --- Dmui a tow aays in
Newton this week. r '
Hervie Chase is visiting his cousin in Bel
lows Falls.
'--. inn 10 nvillug in j, t.
Hammond s store tor the summer.
The Kftminnnd Kln.1. 1 . U J .11
houses of W. W. Stickney and G. L. Arm
ingtonare being treated to a new coat of
TT. IT W.Wo TJ--1.! 111 1
v. iciKuiaviuowas in town
Mrs. Graves of Weston is visiting her
daughter, Mrs. M. R. Chase.
Kevstnnn Pli.nl
cream on the grounds of J. A. Dennett next
Fleshy Persons
often perspire profusely, suffer much from
"--- u nave uiuuer iobi. xars
K. B. Goodwin of Lynn, Maes., is such a per
son. She SavSS "Comfort Pnwrlar Jo . hi....
ing to me."
Mrs. John Blan chard is on the sick list.
Mr. and Mrs. George Ganzer of Bartons
ville visited here last Sunday and Monday.
Tuesday at 4. t. x the mercury was 91 in
the shade ; somewhat warm.
D Taylor and one of his men, Mr. Dean,
killed a black snake a short time ago that
measured five feet in length.
Miss Mabel Taylor, who has been spend
ing a short time at home, returns to her work
in Eeene Wednesday afternoon.-
The scholars, by invitation, made their
teacher, Miss Butterfield, a visit Tuesday
evening to celebrate her birthday. The
scholars presented her with a manicure set
and a bottle of perfumery ; they had a fine
time. Refreshments were served.
Is It Malaria or Alum ?
Languor, loss of appetite, indigestion and
often feverishness are the common symptoms
of a physiological condition termed " mala
ria." All these symptoms may be and fre
quently are the effect of the nse of alnm
baking powders in food making. There is
no question about the poisonous effect of
alum upon the system. It obstructs diges
tion, prostrates the nerves, coagulates and
devitalizes the blood. All this has been
made clear, thanks to physicians, boards of
Health, and food c mmissions. So " highly
injurious to the health of the community '
does the eminent head of the University of
Pennsylvania, Dr. Barker, consider the alum
baking powders, that he says " their sale
shnnld ha nrohibited bv law.'
Under these circumstances it is worth the
while of every housewife to employ tne very
little care that is necessary to keep so danger
ous an element irom me iuuu oi nor muj.
A pure cream of tartar baking powder,
which is tne only Kino mat should be used,
ought to cost about 45 to 50 cents a pound.
Therefore, if you are paying much less,
something is wrong; if you are paying 26
cents or less per pounds, the powder, is cer
tainly made from alum.
Always bear' these simple facts in mind
wnen purcnasing baking powder.
E. S. Allen returned home last Monday
from Windsor where he had been to visit his
two sons, George E. and Will J. Allen.
We have had our first thunder shower for
four weeks; it was very dry, and showers
passed around us several times hut none
came to us until Thursday night when we
had a very refreshing one.
Mrs. Will Cheney and her three children
are visiting in the place this week. She in
tends to remove from Bellows Falls to Fitch-
burg soon.
Henry Tripp, who was spoken of in the last
Saturday's Tikbs, went into court Tuesday
and gained his case. We are glad as he is
a hard-working man and his wife has been
confined to her room with a broken hip since
last winter, we nope ne will nave Detter
luck the next time he sends for whiskey than
to have the state's attorney get it.
Queer Origin of sv Hotel.
They say that the beet hotel in Texas
is to be found at Belton, a town on the
Santa Fe road and is kept by "seven
sanctified sisters," as the proprietors
are popularly called. Several years ago
a woman in the place and her husband
quarreled over the best way of ex
pounding the Scriptures to a Sunday
school class and were bo stubborn that
they separated and were finally di
vorced. This family controversy was taken
up by the town, which was soon dis
tinctly divided between the adherents
of the husband and the adherents of the
wife. The result was a large crop of di
vorces, and seven hnsbandless women,
including the original cause of the com
motion, joined together and rented the
town hotel. One of them did the cook
ing, another was parlor maid, a third
made np the beds, azrd so they divided
the work among them and ran the es
tablishment on the co-operative plan.
baa often been styled die cause of death
in persons who have long lingered in
disease. The amazing work which the
heart regularly performs would certainly
pre-suppose its breaking down. The most
active climber can raise himself 1000
feet In an hour, the best loco
motive 4000 feet and the heart
20,000 feet. To preserve its
energies in fun glow and force
raDsi mait extract, The
Best" lonio.
will act as si
effective and
uel. No
steam with
out Are. No
energy with
out food. No
er without rich sappMee of blood. The
heart Is the great in gin of the body.
Keep ft goiflt, fteadlTy. easily, partis
enuy, unfo a npo ou a
PbSasslpkla. Pa,
lad ramr Mik Inrast vhar a Bear
Mi. I
s4 fee bs MMlJ, sad tM molts ksve
iIm aatlsfastory. wtm s atsl
'aatorv. flm
I taa aseet
noulrwL 1 thiii in -----r i
r oar Braaaraiiak
-J W JL I W.'Vw
Windsor County Coot.
June Term, 1899.
Hon. Henry R. Start, Presiding Judge.
Hon. Charles II. Maxham. ) Assistant
Hon. Milo S. Buck, Judges.
Ullicers of the Court.
J. R. Pember, Clerk.
Fred B. Pingree, Deputy Clerk.
John G. Sargent, State's Attorney.
R. A. SpaSord, Sheriff.
D. C. Jones, High Bailiff.
John H. Mimtus, Reporter.
The term opened at 10 o'clock a. m.
June 6, with the1 usual proclamation by
Sheriff Spafford, and a prayer by Rev.
Mr. Simons of the Universalist Church-
The members of the bar ot Windsor
county were generally in attendance, but
the spectators could be counted on one's
fingers. The petit jurors did not attend
until the afternoon session.
The docket ot civil causes and of Chan
cery causes was called, and the suits were
disposed of in one wsy or another until the
case of James G. Harvey vs. William M.
Kendall was f ouud to be ready for trial.
In the ' afternoon, those persons sum
moned to attend as petit jurors appeared
and were sworn, and were instructed by
Judge Start as to their important duties.
The repairs of the Court House have so
far been completed that the Clerk, J. R.
Pember, has taken possession of the large
and commodious offices provided for him
on the tirst floor, l be rooms tor the pro
bate judge, the sheriff, state's attorney,
grand jurors and lawyers are not yet in
readiness for occupation.
it is very important that the tail be
cleared of its inmates, and to that end. at
the close of the trial of Harvey vs. Ken
dall, the trial of the prisoners confiined in
jail will be pushed through.
lne "sugar Will Case" has been as
signed for 2 p. m. on the 19th inst. , and
following that will come the trial of civil
causes by jury.
It is understood that irom this tune to
the 19th, the attention of the court and ju
ry will be occupied with the trial of crimin
al cases. The first trial will be State vs.
Edmund Cushman, for adultery.
This case of Harvey vs. Kendall is an
action by the late State's Attorney to col
lect his fees as attorney tor defendant.
William E. Johnson for plaintiff. Wil
liam Batchelder for defendant.
In the Chancery case of Loncworth vs.
Chapman, a case from Springfield, which
had been heard on demurrer to the bill.
Chancellor Start announced his opinion
over-ruling the demurrer and sustaining the
bill. (i. A. Davis and H. H. Blanchard
tor orators j W. W. Stickney for defend
ants. George A. Weston of Bellows Falls has
been in attendance at this term.
Petit Jurors : Cyrus R. Adams, Shar
on ; E. H. Atherton, Cavendish ; William
O. Belknap, Royalton ; William B. Best,
West Windsor; C. E. Blanchard, Ply
mouth ; F. W. Blanchard, Weathersfield ;
Leon S. Bolster, Weston; Heromn Q.
Boutelle, Rochester ; A. A. Bowen, Beth
el ; Edmond Burke, Royalton ; C. T. Co
nant, Reading; Henry Caroll, Hartford;
Hastings Damon, Springfield ; Edward M.
Diggins, Weathersfield ; J. C. Ellis, Hart
ford ; John E. Hadwen, Springfield ; L.B.
Hatch, Hartland ; Ernest D. Holden, An-
dover; Arthur Hunter, Windsor; Daniel
Johnson, .Ludlow ; Henry 61. Jones, Stock
bridge; Guy E. Mayo, Ludlow; iMelvin
ri. Miller, fomtret: Mark S. Moore,
Chester ; Ered C. Olney, Baltimore ; My
ron .Tierce, Norwich ; Teter r Kuey, Bar
nard: J. N. Taeeart. Bethel; Henry L,
Vondell Windsor; Lewis E. Weymouth,
De Witt's Little Early Risers act as a fault
less pill should, cleansing and reviving the
system instead of weakening it. They are
mild and sure, small and pleasant to take,
and entirely free from objectionable drags.
They assist rather than compel. Pierce's
Pharmacy, O. A. Gast, mgr.
United States Bankruptcy Court
gilbert a. DAVw, referee.
June 3, 1899. Daniel E. Olney estate
This was the date set for the hearing on
presentation of trustee's account, and also
for consideration of the bankrupt's applica
tion for discharge. The trustee's account
was presented and allowed and a final dis
tribution of the estate made, a dividend of
13-10 per cent being declared. It was
found that the bankrupt had complied with
the requirements of the law and entitled to
a discharge in bankruptcy.
Hammond Brothers, Springfield. Vt..
John N. Hammond and Fred C.Hammond
as partners and as individuals. First meet
ing ot creditors, Allen L. blade ot spring-
field, Vt., appointed by referee to be trus
tee of the said estate.
George Fisk of Wilder, Vt., first meet
ing of creditors. Albert G. Cox of White
River Junction appointed trustee by ref
oree. Monford Wilkins of South Reading. Vt..
first meeting of creditors. Elton F. Buck
of South Reading appointed trustee by
Henry G. Wiley, estate, Chester, Vt.,
hearing on application tor discharge. Bank
rupt certified to the judge as being entitled
to discharge.
Elmer C. Cady, estate, of Springfield,
Vt. This was a hearing to determine the
allowance ot two claims of Mrs. . Ellen
Hammond against the estate, and were de
termined as follow : Claim on a note dated
April 25, 1895, allowed at $229 86. Claim
on a note dated April 2, 1892, allowed at
The claim ot Jason Kendall was present
ed and then withdrawn.
He Bent tile Pork.
Professor Comstock of Cornell In
speaking to his class on the trials of
scientists told this authentic tale of the
experience of a professor of Invertebrate
zoology in a sister Institution, which
had better be left nameless.
Trichinae in pork, the canse of the
frightful disease trichinosis in human
consumers, give a peculiar appearance
to meat, which is studded with little
cysts. It is then known to the trade as
"measly pork. The learned scientist,
wishing some for study, went ,to the
butcher and asked if he ever got any
measly pork.
"Sometimes," said the butcher cau
tiously, "but I always throw it away."
"Well, said the professor, "the next
time yon have any I wish you'd send
me np some, " meaning, of course, to his
The butcher stared at him, bnt said
he would. Three weeks passed, when
the professor, growing impatient, again
dropped in.
"Haven't yon found any measly pork
"Why. yes," said the butcher. "X
sent np two pounds a week ago."
A sickly grin broke over the pro
fessor's face.
"Where did yon send itt" said he.
"Why, to your house, of course," said
tw botcher. Kansas City Times.
To get the best results you must use the best
You need expect only poor laundering with poor
soap, but you will find- dainty articles that have been
washed with Ivory Soap restored to their original
freshness with unchanged colors.
Nothing that will stand the application of plain
water will be injured by Ivory Soap.
COFVRIOHT imnm raoeru a omisu co. oinsirnati
Clearly Proved.
Mrs. Bolivar heaved a deep sigh.
"Before we were married," she said,
"yon promised me that my slightest
wish would be your law."
"Did I?" said Mr. Bolivar, In a tone
of surprise.
"Yon said," continued Mrs. Bolivar,
"that you would give np the club and
not play poker any more. "
"Did I, really!"
"Yon swore that yon would give me
whatever I wanted and that I might go
to the seashore every summer and stay
as long as I liked. "
"Is it possible f N
"Yes. And you said that yon would
never take another drink and never flirt
the least little bit, and now yon "do all
these things and have not kept a single
promise. It proves conclusively to me
that yon never loved me. "
"I beg to differ from yon there, my
dear," said Mr. Bolivar oratorically.
"Your premise is all wrong. Your rea
soning is woefully at fault Your state
ments prove conclusively that I did love
you. In fact, I must have adored yon
madly if I told such whopping lies to
get you."
And with this vindication Mr. Boli
var considered the argument at an end.
Kansas City Independent.
Tired Ets,
A correspondent of Popular Science
News telle of a party of Alpine climb
ers who, having spent five hours among
tne snows of tne mountains, returned
to their homes after dark. A great
cnange nad to all appearance taken
place since the night before. Instead of
being illuminated in the nsnal way,
ii ...
me piace was supplied witn green
It took the travelers a little time to
realize that they were suffering from
Daltonism, or color blindness, superin
dnced by eye fatigue. The intense light
caused by the sun shining upon the
snow had for the time rendered them
unable to judge of colors and given rise
to their curious mistake. Three hours
elapsed before the eyes regained their
normal condition.
Chevreul explains that the eye can
not gaze Jong upon a given color with
out tending to become Insensible to it
When the eye looks long upon a color.
it should be rested by the complemen
tary color. Thns an eye that has grown
tired with green should be rested by
red, which is green's complementary
A Jointed SnaJce.
Mr. George D. Pemberton of Spott-
sylvanla, Va., reports the following:
While walking around my farm I
came across a copper colored snake
about feet long. I struck the rep
tile a blow on the head with a stick,
and, to my surprise, the sake fell apart
in four pieces. Near by was a hole, and
into this the head went, and, although
I worked for half an hour trying to get
It, I failed. I then examied the body.
which was as hard as if had been frozen,
and, as fan as I conld discover, it was
entirely lifeless. Thinking it was a
jointed snake, I left the pieces of the
body on the ground and went to the
house. Shortly afterward I returned,
but the portion of the body that I had
left disappeared and no trace of it conld
be found." Cincinnati .Enquirer.
The Dtu Child.
"What are yon after, my dear t" said
a grandmother to a little boy who was
sliding along a room and casting furtive
glances at a gentleman who was paying
a visit
"I am trying, grandma, to steal
papa's hat out of the room without let
ting the gentleman see it He wants
him to think he's out"
Marrlaare la a Serlaaa Talaa.
An Atchison mother's boy married
recently, and his wife made him shave
off his mustache before she would make
trim any soup, of which he was very
fond. When he lived at home, he got
his whiskers in the soup every day, and
his mother took it as a compliment to
her cooking. Atchison Globe.
Tk Mat.
"Here's a case of a man who went
to law in order to get the girl he loved
away from her parents. "
"Took out a writ of attachment. I
suppose. Chicago Post
There are annually killed in Africa
a minimum of 63,000 elephants, yield
ing the production of a quantity of raw
Ivory, the selling price of which is $4,
800,000. As early as the year it B. O. the
great Alexandrian library contained
over 40,000 valuable books.
Draiwm at ITIarM.
The architect and his friend the
builder were driving back to the for
mer's office. They had been out to the
edge of the oity to look at some work
on which they were engaged. As they
drove by a certain house the builder
looked np at it proudly, saying: "There
is a house that I built myself. I not
only built it, but I drew all the plans.
Every bit of work in it is mina " The
architect looked at the house and smiled
In a provoking way.
The balder noticed the smile and
looked at the house in a new light
"How hard I worked on that I" be said.
"In the daytime I had to do something
else, but every night I would sit np late
drawing on those plans. I drew on 'em
every night for a month. "
The architect looked at the house
again and smiled once more, and the
bnilder saw him.
Again he turned hia eyes toward the
product of his brain, twisted his neck
to squint at it after the carriage had
passed it. . Then he looked at the archi
tect with humility. "It looks as if
those plans were drawn at night, doesn't
it?" he said, and there was pathos i
hia voice. Worcester Gazette.
Pool on Harder Oases.
Bookmakirjg in murder cases fa one
of the forms of gambling here, which
has opened a new field to the men who
are willing to lay odds. The suggestion
smacks of the ridiculous, but a gaudily
dressed young man. with a few "notes"
in hia left band and $40 in money in
bis right, appeared in the criminal
branch of the supreme court here a few
days ago. "Who's on trial f" he asked
aa officer. Being told, he consulted his
notes and said :
"Let's see. Lawyer Blank; defense.
insanity; charge, murder." And then.
turning to the doorman again, "I'll bet
yon 1 to 10 he's acquitted."
The court officer looked puzzled, but
was astounded when the gaudily dressed
informed him he was making "book."
The court officer saw that he made
tracks, but not before over $900 la beta
had been placed on the outcome of the
case. An investigation showed that
there are a large number of these book
makers doing business around the New
York courts, and their profits are said
to be very large.. New Yozk Letter ia
Pittsburg Dispatch.
Laador! Cravat.
At a friendly dinner at Gore House,
when it was the most delightful of
houses, his dress say, his cravat or
shirt collar had become slightly disar
ranged on a hot evening, and Count
d'Orsay laughingly called his attention
to the circumstance as we rose from
table. Landor became flushed and great
ly agitated. "My dear Count d'Orsay,
I thank you I My dear Count d Orssy,
I thank you from my soul for pointing
out to me the abominable condition tol
which I am reduced 1 If I had entered
the drawing room and presented myself
before Lady Bleasington in so absurd a
light, I would Instantly have gone
home, put a pistol to my head and
blown my brains oat " "Lander's LsM
jfjtfczppy 97otAers
LBTraa to naa, riaSXAM are. aa,78sl
' DaU3 Mas. TmsAM I have many,
many thanks to gtve yoa for what your
Vegetable Compound has dona for me.
After first oonflnement X was si ok for
nine yean with prolapsus of the womb,
had pain In left side, la mall of hack,
a great deal of headache, palpitation
of heart and leneorrhcaa. X felt so
wealc and tired that I ooald not do my
work. X beeama pregnant again and
took your Compound all through, and
now hat a sweet baby girl. I never
before baal auea an aaay time during
labor, and I feel it was da to Lydia
B. Plnkham'a Vegatabla Compound. X
am now able to do ray work and feel
better than I for years. Iearmot
thank fen enough." Mas. Ea. Ea
La-aaa, Dtrxn, Tax
WeaarfaUr ttr iya aa.
M I have been taJricf- Lydia S. Plnk
ham'a Vegetable Compound, Blood
Purifier and Liver Pills and feel won
derfully aarahftheaed. Before uainr
your remedies I was la a terrible state;
felt like faJ&tiog every little wMU. X
thought X must surely die. Bat now,
thank to your resaediaa, those teal
ing r U rona.'Uaa. aTwrrra
ScanTKMa, 144 BM Art., Ssnoa
jjyta MM.aaaaBtlsssssssssssia-sssss

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