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Fire, Life,
Steam Boiler
C J SURA 1 ! C
Written in the
Oldest, Largest and
Best Companies at the
Lowest Rates.
Bellows Falls, Vermont.
We have the
They are the Triple Action.
None better.
and Window Screens.
and Hungarian Seed, all fresh seed
Bug Death and Paris Green.
in the Pierce and Cleveland lines
Norwood & Field,
Hardware and Coal.
Town's Hotel Block
Is now being repaired and
shall soon be located in our
Bellows Falls Times
SATURDAY, JUNE 10, 1899.
Notice to Advertisers.
Copy tor changes n advertisements shorld
re ach this offlce on Mondays and laursrtays
No change reaching IMa offloe later than 9 a
m ., on Tuesday! and Fridays will be guaran
teed insertion in the Wednes ay and Sat
urday lssuei veipeoUvelv.
Old Place of Business
With a New Store. New Goods,
and everything better and nicer
than ever belore.
previous to removal we will
sell $3, 5, 6, 9, 12 Clocks at $2,
4, 5, 7.50 and 10. $3, 4 and 8
China Clocks at $2, 3 and 6. $2.50
to 4 Fancy Clocks at $1 to 2. $1,
1.25 and 1.50 Alarms at 80c, $1 and
1.15. $12 and 25 Tea Sets (5 pes.)
$8 and 20. $4 and 6 Berry Dithes
at $2 and 3. $1'.75 to 6 Butter
Dishes at $1 to 4. $3.50 to 6 Cake
Baskets at $2.50 to 3.75.
Big Cut on Wedding Rings
and Sterling Silver for presents.
Watches and Jewelry at verj
low prices. Special prices on
Fishing Tackle, Guns, Revol
vers and Hunters' Supplies.
Umbrellas and canes at cost
to close out. Good assortment
of Camera Supplies. You can't
afford to miss this sale. I Don't
wait too long. '
Jewelers and Opticians.
28 Cray Blk., Wetminster St.
DeWitf Witch Hazel Salve
UTo Rent Cotfaeea and boats a Tine
Cl'fl House, Lake Warren rent by day or
wees. Also Dosru who nrsc ciass accom
modations. Lawrence & Underwood,
East Alstead, N. II.
J Ball has a coil ice cream parlor.
' Gentleman and lady wish to ergage
board and room with some private lanauy.
Address X Y Z, Bellows Fails times-
HThere will be a dance at J. B. All
bee's Thursday evening, June 15.
J Rest wheel in the world at any price
the Victor. Our nrice only S30. Blue
Store. y
Ties for sale byvD. C. Wright, West
minster Station, Vt.
f We cua'antee all our work to be of
first-class quality. People's Cobbler.
I Wanted 20 girls at once, at Wrap
per Factory, lnoutre oi sm. Kj. iurnew
f Pearl In Ammonia Washing Jbluid
eives good satisfaction. Box 848, Bellows
f Cut prices on tailor made suits, sizes
complete, now is the time to save money
and get what you want at J. C. Day &
(Jo. s. . , . .
f Try some ice cream at Ball's, May-
nard block.
UStraw hats all the fancy styles. Blue
ITo BaJJT Tenement at the Foreat.H
W. Thompson.
HFor Rent A eood tenement of five
rooms on New Terrace, $8 per month.Ap-
ply to J. A. Eaton & Co., or WaiKer,
Remember that vou save money when
you have shoe repairing done by the Peo
ple's Cobbler.
IfWe are offering some great bargains
on fancv summer suits, call and see them
and be convinced. Blue Store.
f Men's taps 45c, heels 20c ; ladies' taps
S5c, heels 15c. Finest work and material
reopie s uoooier,
What you want is not temporary relief
from piles but a cure to stay cured. JLe
Witt's Witch Hazel Salve cures piles, and
thev stav cured. Pierce's Pharmacy, O
j .
A. (iast, mgr.
Three dozen shirt waists from last
season were $1 to $2, your choice 49 cents
at J. C. Day & Uo.'s.
Keeo cool by having an ice cream
soda at Ball's, Maynard biock.
1 Don't believe it if somebody tells you
he can have just as good work done and as
cheap as at the People's Cobbler. It can't
be : you know better.
IfHaVe you seen the fancy shirt that we
are selling tor 08 cents. 1 hey wouia De con
sidered cheaD at 75 and $1. Blue Store
ITElcano at stable of P. E. O'Brien
Rockingham. Vt. Service $5. Also
Sherwin Wilkes for the same fee.
J. A. Schear of Sedalia. Mo., saved h
child Irom death bv croun by using One
Minute Coueh Cure. It cures coughs.
colds, nneumon'i. la errio and all throat
and lung troubles. Pierce's Pharmacy.O
A. Gast, mgr.
f Wanted A girl to work in a lamily
of three, one who understands all kinds of
house work. Mrs. F. O. Knight, Ludlow,
Vt. .
f Save from $1 to $3 when buying your
suit ot us, for we have bought them and
are goir g to sell them regardless of cost be
fore July 1. Blue Store. .
TBlacksmithjng Shoeing 90c, tire
setting $1.40 ; all kinds of woodwork. F.
M. Wheeler, Rockingham.
Beats Them All.
In prices, as you know, the cheapest ;
in material, the best ; in workmanship, the
finest. 8 Canal Street. People's Cobbler.
Electric Road.
ISave your money on lawn mowers to
pay car fares. Four different kinds.Prices
Irom $3 to $9. Look at them bef ore buy
ing elsewhere. . D. L. Snow.
School Examinations.
Examinations for admission to Bellows
Falls hieh school will take place as follows :
At Saxtons Kiver on weanesaay ana
Thursday. June 14 and 15. At Bellows
Falls, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday,
June 19, 20 and 21. G. W. Jpx, super
intendent schools.
A Dortion of the silver that was stole
h-om the home ot G. Dean Clarke at Gage
ville last Thanksgiving was found Tues
day atternoon by Mr. Jjovell secreted in
the barn of John A. Tbwing. JNo sus
picion rests on Charles Hopper whatever
ij. Jjean larxe.
One Minute Cough Cure, cures.
That ! what It was made for.
Cholera Morbus
' or money back.
Rev. J. A. Leach ol Sax-
tons River, vt , save:
I have JnBt tried your
Dysentery Tablets In one
of the severest attacks of
chronic diarrhoea I have
had since lt-64 and th re
ftult has rejoiced me great
ly and I have experienced
no aeiet nous Kibar ai
fects from them."
Mr. Dana L. Fairbank
Saxtons River; vt., says
I have had chronic dys-
enterv lor years ana it I
overwork or o.verllft It
brings It on. One or two
Glynn's Dysentery Tablet
alwavs checks it immedl
ately and 1 have nn bad
aftereffects from them."
At yo..r druggists or by
mnil a box.
W. B. Glynn, Registered
Pharmacist, saxtons mv
er, Vt.
The American Copper Company
NOW OFFER8 BO,0O0 Registered Shares of 6
per cent guaranteed, pref en ed stock at the
mntnf new coneer producing properties
A dividend of 6 per cent, per annnm, payable
Nov. 1st and Mv 1st of each jear. Is guaran
teed bvtte Merchants Loan and Trust Co., 50
Broadway. Kew Tork City. This Is a guaran
investment with the certainty of a ranid
and continued Increase in the value of the
stock. The company has no bonded or mort
gaged debt. Address applications for stock
and make all remittances payable to THE
AMKRICAK wrrss wumb i, cmuau
Susan S. Bigelow Estate.
. I The Probate Court
I for said District, To
WnmlnBtitr. Aft.
all persons lnleiested in the e'stateof Susan
8. Blselow, late ot Rockingham, in said dis
trict, deceased. T)1 , KTI.
whn.u. A. H. Bigelow, has p-e
sented to this Court an Instrument purpoi
. k. ih. Will of aaid deceased, f
Trr..t Yon are hereby notified that this
Court will decide upon the probate of said
Instrument at- the session thereof to he held
at the Probate offlce In Bellows Falls, In said
i)irlrt. on the 1st day ol July, A. D. 189
when and where yon may appear and con
test the same, u yon see cmm.
Bellows Falls News.
Tha interest in the school exhibit in the
high school building has been so great that
the exhibit will be continued through this
Mrs. Herbert Cox, who has been very
sick for several weeks, is now somewhat
better and able to sit up during a part ol
the day.
The service in St. Peter's church, Drews-
ville, tomorrow will be at. 3 30 in the after
noon, when Bishop ' Ni'.es of New Hamp
shire will be present.
Mr. and Mrs. William O. Hutchins of
Keene were here Wednesday evening to
attend the school musicale and spent the
day with Mrs. H. B. and Miss Alice Jack
O. S. Tbwing of Putney and his two
daughter.', Mrs. Perry ot Putney and Mrs,
Linna Tbwing Hubbard of Brattleboro,
were recently the guests ot Mr. and Mrs,
J. A. Towing in Gageville.
Rev. C. R. B. Dodge delivers the memc-
rial sermon in Saxtons River to-morrow
evening before the Odd Fellows of that
place. The Bellows Falls lodge is invited
to be present at the exercises and a good
delegation it is expected will attend.
F. A. Byrd and family have rented the
npper tenement in the house of Charles
Martin on the extension of Henry street,
moving here from Berlin Falls, N. H,
Mr. Byrd is employed by the Bellows Falls
Machine company, formerly Osgood & turned to the stable.-
I Barker's. considerably ir jored.
Miss Gertrude Davis oi Bethel is visit
ing at S. T. Coy's.
The nuil boxes for free delivery have
i rived at the postofficer
Miss Hattie Whitby ot San Francisco is
visiting at II. E. Bowtell's.
Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Barber were in Bos
ton for a few days this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Emory H. Rogers of Bos
ton called on friends here yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Conant are to
pend the coming week at Lowell lake.
W. P. Cassidy baa been confined to the
house by sicknuss during the past week
A, II. Thompson and family have moved
into their new home on Hapgrod Terrace
Rov P. Clark is a new addition to the
clerical force of the B. & M. division oi'
Rev. J. Edward Farrow supplied the
Congregational pulpit at West Lebanon
last Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Simpson of White
River Junction have been guests at H. B
Davis' the past two days. .
Miss Emily O'Keefe of Salem, Mass.,
visited her aunt, Mrs. J. . C. Donovan,
Wednesday and Thursday,
Miss Mary Underwood ot Proctor, who
has been visiting a lister in Brattleboro,
stonned here vesterdav on her way home
1 1 .
to see her brother, George Underwood.
A party of Baptist ladies went to Sax-
tons Rivet this morning to attend a basket
missionary meeting. Papers were read by
Mrs. W. A. Fereuson and Mrs. E. W
Mrs. Dr. E. R. Campbell went yester
day to Springfield, Mass., and returns to
day, accompanied by the doctor, who has
been attending the medical convention in
Columbus, Ohio,
Mr. Farrow has several engagements for
his illuminated entertainments on "Fra
ternity" and "The Passion Play at Ober
ammergau for 1900," in the north part ol
the state and the Province of Quebec
A large party of friends in this place
and from Chester gathered in Banquet hall
last evening in honor of the 17th anniver
sary of the birthday of Charles E. Taylor
There were music, refreshments, dancing,
and a pleasant evening for all,
C. L. Barber has commenced rebuilding
the barn at the rear of his residence on
Atkinson street into a music store. The
ground is being broken tor an addition to
the front, which will bring the building to
within a fuw feet of the sidewalk on the
extension of Henry street.
Tomorrow will be observed at the Unr
versalist church as Children's Sunday
There will be special music by the choir
and by the school, a short sermon to the
children by the pastor and a christening
service. Those having children to be ded
icated should have them at the vestry by
quarter past eleven. -
At a meeting of the B. Y. P. S. C. E
held Thursday evening the following of
ficers were chosen: President, E. W
Ttask; vice president, Miss Gertrud
Snauldiner: secretary. Mrs. E. W. Par-
sois: 'corresponding secretary, E. W,
Parsons ; treasurer, I. A. Adams ; junior
superintendent, Mrs. W. O. Kemp
Tha Baptist ladies give a lawn party
next Thursday evening on the lawns of A.
H. Fisher and D. L. Snow. It is expected
that the Bellows Falls , band, under the
leadership of G. B. Wheeler, will give a
concert from the piazza of the residence of
Mr. Fisher. All can rejoici therefore in
the prospect of a good time coming.
A very quiet wedding took place in
Charlestown, N. H., May 10, when Lensy
E. Ballou of Worcester, Mass., and Mrs.
Lucy M. Curtis of Bellows Falls were
united in marriage by Rev. Elmer T.
Blake, pastor of the Congregational church.
The ceremony was performed at the par
sonage in the presence of a few witnesses,
and Mr. and Mrs. Ballou returned to Bel
lows Falls to take up their residence 122
Atkinson street.
William Dunham Bishop, after a linger
ing illness, died at 5.30 yesterday after
noon at the home of his daughter, Mrs. o .
H. Reid, with whom he had been living
since the early spring. He was 80 years
ot age and bad been in failing health dur
ing his residence here, his death being
caused by a complication . ot diseases,
Prayer will be offered at the house Mon
day morning, and the body will be taken
to Cambridge, N. Y., Mr. Bishop's former
home, for interment.
James Cray was arraigned before Jus
tice C. H. Williams ifcursaay on two
charges, intoxication and disturbing the
peace, in an assault on Edward Burnett
Sunday afternoon.' He pleaded guilty to
both charges and paid $5 and costs in each
case. According to the statements ot by
standers George Tasker's only contribu
tion to the fracas was an exhibition of
Scriptural meekness; for, metaphorically
speaking at least, when he was smitten on
the one cheek, he turned the other also.
The Baptist church will be closed after
tomorrow for repairs. Tomorrow will be
observed in it as Children's day. In the
evening at 6 there will be a concert. Cour
tesies have been extf nded to this ihurcb
and congregation My the Methodist, Uni
versalist and Coogregationa'ist bodies to
hold services in their buildings, which have
been much appreciated but it has been de
cided not to tie up anywhere especially but
to leave all free to worship wherever they
may choose. The psstor will have a vaca
tion until September 1.
The square was the scene of an exciting
I run-away last evening. A travelling man
stopping at the Kockingbam Hotel was re
turning from Saxtons River with one of L.
T. LovelTs rigs. Aa he came into the
square from Westminster street he turned
to avoid a collision with two bicycle riders
and then turned a little farther to avoicLa
dog. About that time he collided with
the watering tub and was thrown violently
to the navemeLt. and was severely brni-ed
about the (ace and shoulders. The horse I
Castor In Jail.
Lewis Castor, Jr., who shot and killed
his wife at her home in Keene, JN. it..
about 10 days ago, and who has been in
hiding ever sioce, is now under guard in
the county nil. His brother, Joseph Cas
tor, and Rev. Mr. Wheeler, rector of St.
James1 Episcopal church, appeared at
Sheriff Tuttle's house Thursday night with
the alleged murderer in their charge. Castor
was so thoroughly exhausted that he would
not talk
Isadrxe St. Lawrence, aged 72, who baa
been in the insane asylum at Brattleboro
during the past lour years, was taken very
sick a few, days ago and it was reported
this morning that be is dead, a be tauuiy,
Inwever, say they will nit know for cer
tain until noon. The two sons, Jellerson,
living on Krry avenue, and George, living
on South street, are in Brattleboro, and it
is expected one or both will re'urn on the
noon train.
Card ol Thanks.
Tha iindarsigTied wiah to thank .their
friends ind neighbors for their sympathy and
kiud assistance some seven months ago in
starching lor their beloved on aid brother,
Oyi a Blondin, and do t recently for the
aytmialhv and interest manifested at the fu
neral and burial. They especially wish 'O
A Long Felt Want Satisfied.
The towns along the line oi the B. & M.
..tlrtari trrm Krattleharo to Windsor will nerl nt hartal. Ihev
, , . . ,..; ;. . fiaokthe shopmalesat Derbj & Buil'sandUs
be pleased to learn that a new train is to wuiivt& firm, those who composed
be put on June 26, which will be a great the searching parties ;at fall, the Foresters,
1 ..... . .w! .ti Un kv wnrit fir mn ir fkifi nr n,im.
accommodation to all desiring an early
morning train" north. Tbe new train will
leave Brattleboro at 6 a, h,, Bellows Falls
6.50, Charlestown 7.04 and Claremont
Junction at 7.22, which is in time to con
nect with Concord and Claremont train tor
Concord, N. H. and Boston, arriving in
Windsor at 7 36, making close connection
with the Centril Vermont train to St. Al
bans. It will also connect at White June
tion with the Passumpsic division through
to Newport, Vt., making it possible to
reach many points and rt turn the same
Yesterday's Score.
Score made by the Bellows Falls Gun
Club, June 9 th :
No. Targets 25
W. S Adams, 19
H. E. Bidwell. 15 16 15 16
H. H. Russell 19 18 18 19 18
E A. Norwood, 22 23 19 15 22 23
A. W. Ray, 19 17 19 17
C. Shepardson, 20 17 20 18 20 20
C. H. Gibson, 18 15 23 18 15
Elmer Underbill, 16 10 16 10
F. A. Moore. 16 14 16 . 14
J. W. Flint,
J. H. Blakley,
C. H. Robb,
F. H. Duffy,
C. E Capron, 2. 15 22 15
GeorpeGriswold. 10 16 10 16
All teams and persons visiting the club
grounds during two days of the Interstate
shoot are requested to take the road just
across the iron bridge, as there will not be
any passing the other way after the shoot
ing begins at 9 o'clock a. m. The club
members will be glad to see all of their
friends at the grounds both days, and hope
to be able to accommodate all that may
care to attend
and all who by word or act KT aid
tort in their bereavement.
Onbsimh G Blondin
OxiliaM. Blondin
2 3 4 prizes
25 25 25 '
8 13 10
16 15
15 12
18 18 19
23 19 15 22
17 19
17 20 18 20 '-
15 23 18
16 10 16
16 14 16
16 17 33
17 17
10 10
17 17
2. 15 22
10 16 10
1100 A M.
2 00 r m
8 00
9 30 a.m.
Commencement Program.
The following is the program for com'
mencement week of Vermont Academy
Sunday, June 18
10 45 a. H. Sermon before the graduating
class, Rev. F. E. Marble, Ph.D., of
Monday, June 19
6 30 r M. Battle Drill.
8 00 Fuller Prize Declamation Con
' Tuesday, June 20
Exhibition Drill.
Annual Alumni Meeting.
Class Day Exercises.
Wednesday, June 21
Graduating Exercises, class of
'99, address by President Bnckham
University of Vermont.
p.m. Annual Baseball Game,
mont Academy vs. Alumni.
Principal's Reception.
The school this year is very fortunate in
having the assistance oi Dr. and Mrs.
Frank Babcock for the concert. Dr. Bah
cock is a claronet soloist of well known
ability. Helen Bailey Babcock is a reader
of exceptional talent, as is shown by the
following testimonials :
I regard Helen Bailey Babcock as the
most gifted, finished and effective reader I
have ever heard. Robert McClean Cum
nock, director, sthiol of oratory, North
Western University.
Her readings are wonderfully realistic
Cleveland Plain-dealer.
Helen Bailey Babcock is the finest elo
cutionist Sedalia has ever heard. Entire
ly unaffected, she is an artist. Sedalia
(Mo.) Enquirer.
3 30
8 00
Not Ralaed In Florida.
Among the interior decorations or a
restaurant not many squares from city
hall are a nn ruber of artificial palms.
The, palms are as natural in appearance
as if they had been-grown instead of
manufactured and . probably . aot one
person ,in a doeen .among- tbe restan
rant's patrqngisaware of their artificial
An afternoon or two ago an elderly
couple,, evidently from the rural dis
tricts, came into tbe restaurant and
took a seat. They gave their order and
then began to look aronnd. .
'That's a handsome palm, Henry I
exclaimed the woman, pointing to the
largest specimen. "I wonder if it grew
that big in here?" .
'Of course it didn t, replied the
man, witn a iook oi superior wiuuum.
"It was raised down in Floridy. That s
where they all grow, and then they are
shipped up here,"
Just then one or the restanrant s at
taches approached the palm with a
dampcloth in his hand. Taking hold of
one of the leaves he yanked it irom the
stem and began to rnb it vigorously
with tbe cloth. When he had cleaned
the leaf to his satisfaction, be replaced
it and pulled another. By this time
"Henry's" face was a study, as was
also that of his companion.
'I guess that plant didn t grow in
Floridy, after all," the woman man
aged to whisper. "What do yon guess,
Henry V
And "Henry" allowed that he
guessed the same thing. Philadelphia
Joke on the Major.
The major, just returned from Bos'
ton, tells in strict confidence this story:
'I had engaged my berth and was
standing on the rear platform five min
utes before the train prilled ont of the
Park square depot, when a middle aged
woman and a handsome girl, both la
dies, passed me, and entered the car,
accompanied by a gentlemanly looking
chap who carried their baggage. A mo
ment later this fellow rushed np to me
and. said he was in a most embarrassing
position, had his sister and mother
aboard and had lost his mileage book,
He would introduce me to them ' and
glvQjue any security for $25. I said 1
needed neither introduction nor eecur
ity. but would give bim $10 all 1 had
to spare. Be insisted on giving me ms
diamond scarfpin, and then rushed into
the station to see if he could get more
cash. . As the train pulled out without
him he came running wildly after it,
but had to give'it np.
.'Then . the porter approached me
tentatively. 'Was that man annoying
yon V he said. I told him no. 'He in
sisted on carrying the baggage of two
ladies inside, sah, an an did he get
any money out of you V
" 'Of course be didn r, said 1, but J
took the first opportunity of examining
that nin. It .was worth about five
cents. " Buffalo News.
! Hla Haadr Valla.
An old friend of the late ex-Governor
Oglesby telh a reminiscence of a valise.
Ho was traveling through the state and
met the governor on the train.
When they were seated, the governor
drew out a valise that had a peculiar
and handy way of being opened from
the top. It was made of strong leather
and bad tegs pasted all over it.
"1 carried this valise through the
Holy Land," said the governor. "I
think a great deal of it. "
"I suppose it brings np some pleas
ant memories," suggested tbe other
"More than that," was the reply,
ana the keen eyes ol tbe governor
twinkled as he reached down and
touched a button and the valise opened
Immediately, but cautiously, at the top.
It opened wide enough to admit a hand
and to permit it to withdraw with a
black bottle in its clutch.
"This is a great valise. I can get a
bottle ont of it, and nobody ever sees
When the residence of ex-Governor
Oglesby burned, all of his private pa
pers of every sort and all of his war
trophies were destroyed. A short time
after be met this same peripatetic
"It was a great loss yon sustained,
governor, " be said.
"Yes, all my papers are gone. Sorry
to lose them, too, and then my swords
are gone too. I was sorry to lose them,
and I knOw you'll be grieved to hear it
that valise was burned np. Yes, it's
gone. Bob Iogersoll gave me that valise,
and I did hate to lose it, it was so
handy." Chicago Tribune.
Clever Enough to Vote.
A keen witted fellow, despite his
general ignorance, was brought down
to the courthouse to receive tbe rights
of citizenship.
Name the capital of the nation,
said tbe judge.
The applicant scratched bis bead.
"I can't , just place it, judge," he
said, "but yon name over a few of tbe
towns and I'll tell you when yon strike
"Is it Chicago?" queried the judge.
"Is it St. Louis?"
"Is it Arizona ?"
"Is it Washington?"
The candidate looked puzzled. He
"Say, judge," he slowly replied, "if
tbet ain't the place it's a close ehotl"
He got his papers.
Another candidate was brought in by
a well known local politician.
'Let me see what you know about
geography," said the judge. "Suppos
ing yon and Mr. Blank walked straight
down to tbe lake and started across it,
going due- north, where would yon
"On tbe bottom," said the candidate
He got bis papers too. Cleveland
Plain Dealer.
Body of Ovila Blondin Found.
The body of Ovila Blondin was found
about 6 p. m. Wednesday under peculiar
circumstances. S. D.McLeod and Thomas
O'Brien, who had baen working on the log
pile ot the International Paper company in
North Walpole, had . finished the, day's
work and were crossing the river headed
for the Vermont ride. There was a strong
south wind which carried an odor and on
looking about they saw a body floating
near one of the piers. They towed it to
the Vermont bank and notified the authori
ties. Although decayed past recognition
all parties suspected it was the body of the
long lost Blondin, and the members ot the
family confirmed this suspicion as soon as
they had examined the clothing. .
It was during the forenoon of last Octo
ber 28 when Blondin suddenly left the
shop of Derby & Ball where he was em
ployed aa a varnisher and was last seen
running up Rockingham street and in tbe
direction oi the river. There is now no
doubt that he was insane and that he com
mitted suicide by drowning. The wonder
is how the body remained out ot sight and
probably nnder water all these months It
is supposed that the body became partly
covered with dirt and gravel and in that
way waa held to the bottom -ol the river.
It is also thought that the severe thunder
shower ot Wednesday raised it to the sur
face. At any rate there was a large quan
tity oi dirt about the clothing indicating
that the body had been floating only a
short time.
Too Honest to Ever Grow Rich,
Emerson keeps a grocery store on
Grand avenue, opposite the limekilns,
weet of Western avenue. As all his cus
tomerB are either Greeks or Italians, he
keeps a stock on hand somewhat differ
ent from other grocers. .
One day a drummer strayed into tb
store. Emerson was waiting on an Ital
ian woman, while her 4-year-old son
was stealing sugar out of a barrel
Eggs were 18 cents a dozen. The wo
man wanted only one egg. The solitary
prospective chicken was wrapped up.
"Two cents, please, saia imerson
She paid and received a small slip of
yellow .paper.
"What was that slip yon gave lien
asked the drummer, after she left.
"H'm, yon see, eggs are 18 cents
dozen. That makes 1 cents for each
egg. The woman would not pay a half
cent too much, and, as I did not want
tosell the egg for .1 cent, she paid 2
cents and I gave her the slip good for
one-half cent. Thus she will get the
next eeg for 1 cent if she brings tbe
Jip." Chicago Journal.
ffj..Ja ,Ajr, .One Seen Hert
Supposing your wife should . run off
with a handsomer, man and. yon were
called upon to give her. description to
the police do yon think you conld do
It any better than was done by a Cor
feyville man who communicated as fol
lows with the officers at Wichita:
My wife left here last night at 10:80 on the
Missouri Pacific railroad, and she wore a white
straw hat and a black dress, lint sne Has got I
Wit nf other dresses with her. They are green
plush, striped and two ailk waists, one is red
end the other is pink. She Is with a fellow
named A. M. W., a traveling man for some
binder company, and If you find them 1 wish
von would bold them and put them both nn
der arrest and wire me at once and 1 will come
on first train. Do all you can ana you win ne
mid for It. 1 am yours, B.
P. H. Excuse poor writing. She la a small
like woman, weighing about 120 pounds and
fair looker.
Kansas City Journal.
Helping- a Tartar.
A singular custom prevails among
tbe Tartars or Kurds. If a man gets into
difficulties L e., loses bis cattle or
other movable property he pcurs a
little brown sugar into a piece of col
ored cloth, ties it np and carries one
sncb parcel to each of his friends and
acquaintances. In return be is pre
sented, according to circumstances,
with a cow, or sheep, or a sum of mon
ey. He is thns at once set on his legs
Multiplied Value In
twice as well made and cost twice as
much to make as imitating machines. They
run with half the power, half the speed and
half the wear, require but half the care and
last twice aa long as other separators. Under
harder conditions their work is doubly efficient,
and under all conditions they save twice as
much as other separators over setting systems.
Their sales are ten times those of all other ma
chines combined. Their price is no greater
but on the contrary less than cheaply made
imitating machines in proportion to actual
capacity, regardless of overwhelming superi
ority in every feature of separator efficiency.
Send for new 1899 catalogue.
The De Laval Separator Co.
M ta
Where Soldiers Must Swim.
In tbe Dutch - army a man mnst be
able to swim as well as to fight. More
over, if he is in the cavalry he mnst
have a horse which will take a river as
easily as a bunter takes a fence.
Swimming maneuvers are part or the
regular drill there. Collapsible canvas
boats, manned by a few oarsmen, lead
the horses, so that they do not attempt
to land on stone quays and other diffi
cult points. Tbe men swim across with
their horses and on them. They do it in
swimming costume and in all the ac
couterments of war.
There are few nautical emergencies
for which the Dutch army is not pre
pared. Some of the officers have even
reached a degree of proficiency that not
only their horses and kit cross the river
with them, but their pet dogs sit upon
their shoulders and are borne over al
most without getting wet Stray
Stories. -
Trying It on a Dot;.
The sultan of Turkey is most in
quisitive as to what is said and written
about him abroad. Every day transla
tions are laid before him from the
newspapers of the world, and these are
all closely perused. His majesty, by the
way, is a bad hand at suffering.
At one time he wanted to have an
aching tooth removed and dared not, ,
Eight slaves had molars drawn ont in
bis presence that he might have an op
portunity of judging the extent of suf
fering entailed, and finally the snltan
decided that he won Id rather bear the
pain than undergo such an ordeal.
. Cleaning- the Chimney.
An easy way to clean a chimney of
soot has been discovered by a Maine
man. Instead of going to the top of
the. chimney and probing with rods, he
begins, at the bottom. There an open
ing is made, and he fires npward a re
volver charged With a blank cartridge
The concussion, it is said, will clean
ont tbe soot He also claims that the
burning of a piece pf zinc in a stove
will clear the stove and its funnel of
loot. . . V
-1 Cheering- Him tTv -,
"It very seldom happens, " eaid Mr.
Stormington Barnes, "that we are per
mitted to adopt the career for which we
are ambitious in youth. I always want
ed to be a comedian and make people
"Dear me," said the sympathetic
young girL "You ought not to be so
disappointed, I'm sure. Yon make peo
ple laugh very often as it is." Wash
ington Star.
The Sermon Hot Long. -"Was
my sermon long this morn
ing?" asked a preacher who had been
taken to task for running over time,
and who had carefully kept within a
half hour.
"No. dear doctor," was the reply of
the parishioner. "It wasn't long; it
only seemed ao." Boston Watchman.
A Special Mark Down Sale !
$8.00 and 8.50 Bicycle Suits now $6.50.
$7.50 Bicycle Suits now $5.50.
$6.50 Bicycle Suits now $5.00.
$4.00 and 5.00 Bicycle Suits $2.50 and 3.00
Serge Coats,
Alpacca Coats,
Crash Suits,
Crash Pants,
White Duck Pants,
Children's Wash
n n. r.RAY & no. Bellows Falls. Vt.
TKa fnnrl waa frnm S rlo. V. 1.
I went np Rockingham street at a lively pace, j . ,
turned down Canal tree., and thenar! Thursday morning wrth burial in tbe old
'' J .!.- .n - CmtnV,n mwj fnMatAM - V:V J
Aue carnage was vi.,vi iw.a vmW
he was a member, attending in a body.
la Barlington, Jane 4, a son to Dr. and
Mrs. Sam Sparhawk. and rrandaon to Mr.
and Mrs. George A. Hall of Burlington, for
merly of Horth Chester.
Other Dangers.
"What are yon reading about?
asked tbe man with the wise manner.
"Tbe stock market," replied the
"Don 't doit"
"But I never put" np any money.
Therefore I can't lose. "
"It makes no difference. Yon're like
ly to become one of these people who
tell bow much money they would have
made if they had only done That they
came pretty near doing, because they
didn't see bow things conld go other
wig And then even your best friends
will wish sometimes that yon would
bet your money and lose it and keep
till about it" Washington Star.
A Fine Line of . . .
White and Leghorn Hats
for warm weather.
The ladies are invited to call and
examine our stock before purchas
ing. .
! . If riflsili fill)
? Mill!1 I'M-ifiiiHis!
iittli Hi Mi it!'
MWHi. -lis 5iiil.ii.!f
Miiiiiiir ilfl '5 iSii.H
vrifisiiiiliifi mmm :
By the dozen.
Exclusive Styles,
Now Patfornc
Made (or Us I
and made on honor. 50c to the finest
imported Madras and French Flannel
Lam son & H ubbard
another big lot received this week. A NOVELTY in
Children's Straw Tans, very nattv styles. A SPECIAL
SALE of odd Trousers at $2.00 and $2.50, styles that were
made to sell for 3.00 and 3.5o.
From 5.00 to $3.50. From 6.00 and 6.50 to $4.00. From 7.50 and 8.00
to $5.50. .. A great stock of Summer Underwear. 4 different colors ia
the 35c grade. They are extra values.
J. J. FENTON & CO., Bellows Falls.
expended in judicious advertising in the
Bellows Falls Times will surely
result in a noticeable increase

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