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that there is no good coffee ia the U. S.
Not by those who drink
Revere Coffee
however. They are highly pleased. Afrer tests of the
best offered elsewhere, they have settled on this as being
the best sold anywhere.
It is a (oaibination of the choicest grades of
Has almost delicious aroma. Beicg very strong a small
quaniny goes a Jar way.
to.keep the coffee company. Our DAIRY BUTTER comes
to4us from the best makers in the country. Price 25 cents
per pound.
Clark & Diirkee.
Geo. E. Welch & Son,
Furniture Dealers,
Double the stock of high grade Pianos of all other Cheshire
Co., dealers combined, and our prices are well known to be
from $25 to $50 below others on the same quality.
Make No Mistake in the Name or Place ! !
Y. M.
. . The Reliable Music Dealer .
Fills a universal demand and is pronounced by
the IT. S. Investigating Reports as baing the
best known requisite of the kind on the market.
Ladies will receive prompt attention at Madam Waitee's Parlors or can
purchase the Belts at the various stores in Bellows Falls.
Old Belts repaired and new Elastics furnished 50c. Special Belts made to
order, $1.50 to $5.00
E. Arms Block.
pring Millinery !
I have a large line of Stylish
and Up-to-Date Dress Hats
and Outing Hats. All the
Newest NEW YORK Styles
and Patterns at prices rano-ino-from
$1.00 to $lS.00t
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
23 Westminster St.,
Bellows Falls, Vt.
Paine's Celery
Cure 3
The tortures and evils of dyspepsia and
indigestion are experienced by thousands at
this time. The dyspeptic's train of evils
may be enumerated as follows: feelings of
dizziness, languor, nervousness, sleeplessness,
headache, distension of the stomach, loss of
flesh, difficult breathing, and the action of the
lenrt is seriously affected.
All forms of dyspepsia are quickly banished
by the use of Paine's Celery Compound.
The use of this marvelous medicine allays the
inflammation of the nerves centred about the
stomach; it opens up the sewers of the body
and removes all waste matter; it cleanses the
blood; it makes new nerve fibre; it restores
digestive power, and promotes bodily strength
and activity. Mr. Fred. Koss, Clarendon,
Iowa, briefly writes about his happy experi
ence with Taine's Celery Compound as
" It gives me great pleasure to testify to the
merits of Taine's Celery Compound. I can
candidly and honestly say it is the best medi
cine in the world. Two years ago I was suf
fering, from indigestion and nervousness, and
was so run down that I could hardly walk
without help. I used two bottles of Taine's
Celery Compound and got better almost from
the first dose, and have had no use for medi
cine since. I was completely cured."
week for the second tin Uiroe years.
Fire originated in t'16 "'a"n as fought
by the Sunapee tire tltfl'1 t assisted
b an engine and hose fro j'iort,slx
miles distant. After f'',ir "nr work
the llames were got m"ef c'"itrol, but
the ell and about oiie-t!i'r" 'f the main
building were ruined. The liotel, built
by the Lake Sunapee H01'1 '"mpany, a
local organization, was soul t auction
last year, Concord parties fecuming the
owners. A.l'erley Fitch chief owner.
The hotel is valued at ?W,UO0 and it is
understood was well insured. j$ mtj
not been opened for the season, and was
unoccupied save fur workmen. t) cause
is given for the fire.
From a Cat Scratch
on the arm, to the worst sort ofalmrn, sore
or boil, DeWitfa Witch UM Salve i
a quick cure. In LMiyiiig "iirh iIVM,
Salve, be particular to get I'ett Itt's this
is the salve that hi'iils without leaving
a soar. A specille for Mi""1. '"wliiiR, it.-li-
IUCi.. onui ny x lie
nig and protruding
Coiner Drug Store.
When a hat, a good dress, or other
garment is a little faded and old in
fashion it need not be thrown away.
Color it with DIAMOND DYES.
We have a special department of advice, and will
answer free any questions about dyeing. Send
eampJe of goods when possible.
Direction book and 45 dyed samples free.
DIAMOND DYES, Burlington, Vt.
Bellows Falls Times
T1ILRSDAY, MAY 7, 1903.
New Hampshire
John Cloueh, CO, of Pelham. armed
with a baseball bat, attempted to kill his
wite ana daughter early Thursday, and
ne is uiuier arrest, l ne women were
made unconscious by repeated blows. It
is tliouglit that dough was temporarily
deranged. He was held under 81000 for
a hearing. The women will not die.
It is understood at Concord that it is
the purpose of those who engineered the
nomination of Nahnm J. Bachelder for
governor, to make him the immediate
successor of Rev. Charles S. Murkland
as president of the agricultural college
at Durham. It is a position for which
he was named as a candidate when the
the college was removed to Durham and
and given a separate organization 10
years ago, but Dr Murkland was chosen.
The body of Tatiick J. McDillen. a
shoeworker, who had been missing since
last November, was found, hearing 'marks
of violence, in the Coclieco river at
Dover last Thursday. The coroner de
cided that death was due to violence.
One day last October McDillen drew 110
from a Dover bank and was not seen
afterward. Only six cents were in the
pocket of his clothing, but his gold
watcli was in tlte vest pocket.
The commencement orators of Dart
mouth college for 1903 have been an
nounced by the faculty as follows: Val
edictory, Stanwood Cobb of Newton
Highlands, Mass., salutatory, Ernest
Rutherford Groves of Rochester, N. II.;
orations, Henry Kncli Kasemere Ruppel
of Brooklyn, N. Y., Louis Henry Haney
of Normal, 111., Harold Elno Smith of
Lebanon, N. II., William Hand Woolver-
ton of Washington, D. C. Howard Leon
Ropes of Methuen, Mass., was entitled
to a commencement part, but as he will
not be present the next highest was
chosen. Only six speakers participate
in the exercises.
One of the prettiest weddings that
Laconia lias ever seen was that of Rev.
William Torter Xiles and Miss Serena
Uertrude Sanders which took place at
St. James' church at ; o'clock Thursday
afternoon. The edilice as filled to the
doors long before it was time for the
ceremony. The church was beautifully
decorated with eve. green, cut (lowers
and rare ferns. The marriage ceremony
was performed by tlieKt. Rev. William
Woodruff Niles, Episcopal bishop of
New Hampshire and father of the groom,
the betrothal being read by Rev! (J. 11.
Sharpley, priest in charge of St. Jame.'
church. The btidesmaids wore gowns
of white silk muslin, simply but charm
ingly i ade, with pink sashes and large
white hats trimmed with pink roses, and
carried huge bouquets of pink roses.
The bride was arrayed in a handsome
gown of white silk organdie, daintily
trimmed with exquisite cream lace, with
a veil of white silk tulle. She carried
in her hand a trailing bouquet of lilies
of the valley.
Rev. William l'orter Niles was the
priest in charge of St. James' church,
Laconia, for three years, and was very
popular there. He was called to Nashua
in September, 1902, as rector of the
Church of the Good Shepherd in that
city. Mrs. Niles, nee Miss Sanders, is
a Laconia girl and is the youngest daugh
ter of the late Col. George A. Sanders of
Laconia. She is a graduate of the Laco
nia high school and of the state normal
school, and has been a teacher in the
Laconia public schools for three years.
After a wedding trip Mr. and Mrs. Niles
will take up their residence in Nashua.
A Little Early Riser
now and then, at bedtime will cure consti-
ation, biliousness and liver troubles. De
iVitt's Little Early Risers arfe the famous
little pills that cure by arousing the secre
tions, moving the bowels gently, yet effec
tually, and giving such tone and strength
to the glands of the stomach and liver that
the cause of the trouble is removed entirely,
and if their use is continued for a few days,
there will be no return of the complaint.
Sold by The Corner Drug Store.
Ben Mere Inn Burned.
The Ben Mere Inn at Sunapee Harbor,
the largest hotel on Lake Sunapee, was
gutted by fire Wednesday night of last
Avoid all drying inhalants and use that
which cleanses anil lieals the membrane.
Ely's Cream Balm is such a remedy and
cures Catarrh easily and pleasantly. Cold
in the head vanishes quickly. Price 50
cents at druggists or hv mail.
Catarrh caused dithVulty in speaking
and to a great extent loss of bearing. Hy
the use of Ely's Cream lialm dropping of
mucus has ceased, voice and hearing have
greatly improved. J. W. Davidson, Att'y
at Law, Monmouth, 111.
Vermont Quarantine Raised.
Secretary of Agriculture yilson has is
sued an ordefr modifying tie quarantine
restrictions on movement ot animals and
animal products from or across the state
of Vermont. The order follows:
It is hereby ordered, that the quarar.-
For Year After HI Capture HeWu
Moved From One Prison to Another
And Was Finally Exchanged.
A confederate force under command of
Drigadier-General John A. McAuslund
had attacked, on July 3, 1804, a block
house ten miles west of Marlinsburg, V.
Vi. Captain N. S. Westbrook with the
remnants of Companies It and.Fof the
l.'toth Ohio Volunteers, made a gallant de
fense but when a six-gun battery was
brought to bear upon his position, further
resistance became a useless sivcrilice of
life. For a year after his surrendur, Cap
tain Westbrook, who now lives at Ripley,
111., was courlned in southern prisons. In
telling his experience, he says:
"They took me from one place to another
till I had been in nearly all the prisons of
the confederacy and. by the time I was ex
changed at Annapolis in the .spring of lHfi.5,
I was reduced to a physical wreck. The
exposure caused sciatic rheumatism which
became ch-onio and did not leave me un
til ;S0 years afterward when I took Dr. Wil
liams' Pink Pills for Pale People and was
"The disease affected my entire system.
In addition to the agonies of the rheuma
tism I had indigestion in its worst form,
together with kidney trouble and heart
failure. I was getting thoroughly used
"How did you come to take Dr. Wil
liams' Pink Pills?" was asked.
"A neighbor of mine, James M. Stout,
was cured of rheumatism by this remedy
when be was so bail that lie could not
straighten up. So 1 thought what cured
him would cure me. And I was right."
Rheumatism is a disease of the blood.
External applications may afford tempo
rary relief, but to cure the disease it is
necessary to treat it, through the blood. Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People go
directly to the seat of the disorder, purify
ing and enriching the blood by eliminat
ing poisonous elements and renewing
health-giving forces. They are a positive
specitic not only for rheumatism, but for
all diseases arising from poor blood or
weaneneu nerves, j ney are sold at rifty
cents a box, or six boxes for two dollars
and a half, and may be had of all drueeists
or direct by mail from Dr. Williams Medi-
lclne Company, Schenectady, N. V.
Don't encourage little- children to
(rink tea or coffee. It Is very injurious
to the nerves.
Don't use fear as a compelling agent
toward little children. T: aats of the
bogy man and gbost stories make a
child cowardly.
. Don't forget to dry the hands and
feet of the child well. Dampness be
tween the toes may cause soreness or
even a corn,, which may be troublesome
to get rid of.
Don't neglect to keep the feeding bot
tle properly clean. A very little secre
tion in the bottle may cause serious
trouble and perhaps result In the death
of the child.
Don't use artificial means to send a
child to sleep. Walking about with it,
rocking it ami jogging it are also bad
habits. A child should be taught to go
direct to its rest
Don't take nn infant into great
crowds or public noisy meetings or
amusements. To expose a child to sud
den noises and starts in no way im
proves its nerves.
Don't let everybody take baby up and
kiss him. The latter is most injurious
and the former dangerous. He may be
strained in lifting by unaccustomed
hands, and he certainly will not like it.
tine upon cattle, sheep, and other rumi
nants and swine, in the state of Vermont,
imposed on account of foot and mouth
disease, be modified, and that said ani
mals and their products may be shipped
or otherwise removed from said state
with, ut restrictions other than may be
imposed by the authorities of the states
to which said animals or products are
destined; provided, however, that until
further orders, said animals shall not be
removed or be allowed to move from the
townships of Ludlow, Cavendish, Weath
ersfield, Weston, Andover, Chester and
Springfield, in the comity of Windsor,and
the townships of Londonderry, Windham,
Grafton, Rockingham, Jamaica, Towns
hend and Athens in the county of Wind
ham, except after inspection by an in
spector of the bureau of animal industry
and only when accompanied by a writ
ten permit issued by him.
Dr. Marion Imes, an inspector of the
bureau of animal industry, will be sta
tioned at Chester, to whom annlieafions
might be made for inspections of animals
and permits for the movement out of the
townsnips mentioned.
C. N. Shaw Has such Faith in This
, Great Dyspepsia Remedy That
He Guarantees It.
It is an unusual thing for a druggist to
sell a medicine under a guarantee to refund
the money if it does not cure. Yet this is
the way C. X. Shaw, the popular druggist,
is selling Mi-o-na, the remarkable cure for
Never before had he had so large a num
ber of customers tell him that a medicine
has cured as with Miona. People who
a few months ago looked like walking skel
etons have put on rlesh and today are
ruddy and vigorous with jierfect digestion
and good health, solely due to the use of
this remedy.
There is no longer need of anyone suffer
ing or making their friends suffer on
account of dyspepsia, for Mi-o-na can be
relied upon to cure. The percentage of
cures is so nearly one hundred per cent
that there is little risk to Jr. Shaw in guar
anteeing to return the money if the medi
cine does not cure. And he stands ready
to do so without any questions.
Headaches, nil forms nf i
specks before the eyes, dizzy feelings, poor
sleep, ringing in the ears and all forms of
liver trouble are cured by Mi-o-na. A few
days' treatment shows considerate gain in
health and a cure speedilv follows.
Remember that Mi-o-na is the only med
icine for the cure of dysp. psia that is sold
under an absolute guarantee to refund the
money if it docs not give satisfaction. If
you are not perfectly satisfied with the
results from Mi-o-na C. N. Shaw at-An-
urews- urug store will
without any questions.
return your money
I nolens IielonsinKS.
Give away what you don't really
need In your house. Don't let such
things accumulate. They will soon fill
attic and cellar and overflow into other
rooms, where they do no one any good.
You are not likely to want them agaiu,
and it is a nuisance to have them
around. Long ago we should have been
obliged to get a bigger house for our
growing family if I had followed my
husband's thrifty plan of saving things,
says a writer in Good Housekeeping.
At first he thought I was extrava
gant, but now he acknowledges that if
other families would likewise rid them
selves of "truck" they are not likely to
use again in a thousand years, house
cleaning would be robbed of half its
terrors. Thrift is a homely virtue that
easily degenerates into miserliness.
Some of us hoard old clothes, unused
furniture, discarded bric-a-brac and the
like, simply because that habit has be
come so fixed we are too stingy to give
such things away to worthy folks who
need them. Yet we don't mean to be
stingy and are ashamed to discover
that we are so.
Connecticut & Passumpslc Division.
IS, 1903.
A meeting of the Urattleboro Baseball
league was held in the Young Men's Chris
tian association rooms Wednesday night of
last wi ek. communications were read
from the Dunham brothers and the Hydro
path club, stating that they will not enter
the league tne coming season, as has been
anticipated, ihis leaves three teams to
compete for the championsLip, the Young
Men's Christian association, the Vermont
Wheel club and the Catholic union. While
as yet the permanent committee has not
been chosen aim no sclieitule made out. it
is probable that the first league game will
take place Saturday, tne ytn.
Charles Allen, an employe of the Ameri
can Express company, received a painful
injury Wednesday of last week near the
C. II. Eddy bottling works on Frost street.
Mr. Allen jumped from the delivery wagon,
when his ankle turned and he fell to the
ground, breaking two bones in the right
ankle. The ligaments of the leg were
strained, and it is feared that he will be
confined to the house for several weeks.
Brattleboro branch, No. 1, of the interna
tional Sunshine society, held a successful
bag sale at the home of Mrs. Florence G.
Estey Thursday evening, Mrs. Cynthia
Westover Alden of New York, the national
president, spoke at length on the work and
aim of the society. Mrs. Alden writes the
articles in the Sunshine department of the
Ladies' Home Journal and is also editor of
the Sunshine Bulletin.
Ernest Waterman will be in the Vermont
savings bank for the month of May, during
the examination and verification of the
Charles E. Graffam, proprietor of the
Brooks House pharmacy, has bought the
David A. Young house on Chapin street.
Miss Schakshober has returned to her
duties as librarian, after a several weeks'
illness at her home in Bennington.
Capt. H. II. Sargent of the 2d United
States cavalry inspected company I at Fes
tival hall Tuesday evening.
A Health Hint.
No charm that a woman can possess
can atone for a tainted breath. It sug
gests physical disorder or a lack of in
ward cleanliness. Defective teeth, too,
are the cause of offensive breath. It
should be the object of every woman of
refinement that her personality holds
the fragrance of absolute purity. This
Is impossible without healthfulness and
cleanliness, and therefore these two
prime factors of health and beauty
should be cultivated unceasingly. It is
said that oriental women rinse their
mouths night and morning with lotions
that impart a delicious odor to the
breath. Cinnamon has antiseptic as
well as aromatic properties and is high
ly valued by the Japanese for purify
ing the breath. The medicinal value of
cinnamon is too little known. It de
stroys infectious microbes and when
freely drunk in such ways as cinnamon
tea it prevents malaria.
There is no Disease so prevalent, yet so
Dangerous as Kidney Trouble
You have read thousands of times how the blood is filtered
through the Kidneys and how absolutely necessary it is that
your Kidneys must be kept healthy. We advise you in all candor
to try Dr. Gossom's Kidney and Bladder Cure. If you take it
according to directions, you will be free from all Kidney and
Bladder Complaint, that is certain.
Mibs Maud McColloch 1103 E. 5th St. Dayton Ohio, says : I was sick
and suffered with my Kidneys quite a good deal. I tried nearly everything
and g it no relief until I tried Dr. Gossom's Kidney and Bladder Cure which
helped me at once. I think it is a great medicine.
50 Cents a Box
Girl Friendships.
After a girl is -twenty she is apt to
make friends of married women, wom
en other than those she has known in
early girlhood and who have since
married. On these married friends she
often lavishes affection and admiration
in larger quantities than she has be
fore given her girl friends. Such friend
ships are, if their objects are the right
kind of women, and a careful mother
will prevent an intimacy with any oth
er kind, of great benefit to a girl, show
ing her a wider sphere of woman's in
fluence than she has yet investigated.
And anything which widens the appre
ciation and opens the Intellect is valu
able. Baby's Gars.
Few mothers and fewer nurses no
tice when they lay a baby down
whether the soft little ear is crumpled
under or lying close back to the head,
and they rarely take the trouble when
they hold a baby to see that its ears
are in the natural position, but will
hold it for the longest time with the
head pressed against their bosom and
the ear turned forward instead of back.
"As the twig ia '6ent the tree is in
clined" applies with as much force to
the physical as to the moral growth
of a child.
Keeps Off Ants.
It Is sometimes difficult to keep
raisins, figs and dates away from the
inquisitive little ants and roaches, but
this is easily accomplished by putting
them in paper bags that have been
well bru.ed over with strong borax
water and dried before the fruit is put
In. The little pests do not like the
borax and will not gnaw through the
sack when thus prepared.
Btij-lngr Meat.
It Is a most wasteful performance to
buy meat in small pieces. Kecent ex-
periments have shown that a piece of
meat weighing one to one and three
quarter pounds lost no less than 45
per cent of its weight in cooking, while
in piece's of five to six pounds the loss
was only 39 per cent. In still larger
Joints the loss was even further reduced.
Plaster Casts.
The safest way to clean a plastet
cast is to cover It with fuller's earti
and fine, dry whiting, wrap It In a
cloth and leave it for several days.
Brush the powder away carefully, and
with it will be removed much if not
all of the grime.
r. tj
3 oo m
S a
eionssei tow
5 C
- a . ao
a oS u 2 o
30 .
Q0 3DS)O
13 w uB a fe
ezs 2 c
CD s c
. a a e 13 a-s.
Gen. Pass, and Ticket Agt.
burg and SC. Albans.
Green Mountain Flyer for
Time table corrected October 13, 1902.
rralns leave Bellows Falls as follows :
Going North:
61 r- m Mixed for Rutland and In.
13 u. 111. termedlate stations.
10 DC m Boston mall for Eutland,
IZ.U0 U. Ili. Burllngtn, Malone, Ogdens-
' bnrtr mid St. AlhAnfl.
3.10 D. 111. Rutfand1
7 Ifl n m Local express for Rutland
.III U. III. and Intermediate Stations.
1 1 1 fl n m Night express dally for Mon
II 0U P III. treal, Ogdensburg, Ottawa,
r a n d t. h e west. Through
sleeper for St. Hyacinth, via Grand Isle.
Snr . iv, Sundays only. Passenger
UJ 3. III. for Rutland
Trains Arrive at Bellows Falls :
2Qf1 m Night expiess dally from
.uU d. 111. Montreal, Ugdensbnrg and
the west.
8j f m Local express from Rutland
I J 9 111. and intermediate stations.
II fl n m Fxpess mail from Rutland
IU P. III. Burlington, St. Albans and
r Intermediate stations.
3r.fl n m Green Mountain Flyer from
0U P. III. Montreal and Ogdensburg,
r via Grand Isle. Pullman
Parlor Car from Bur ington.
Mixed train from Rutland.
7.00 p. m.
Trains run dailv. except !Sundav. unless
otherwise noted.
C. B. HIBBARD, Gen. Pass. Agt.
Geo. L. JARVIS, Gen'l Mgr.
Prof. M. B. Franklin,
Eye Specialist,
at his office in the Wilson block, with
Dr. Clark, Bellows Falls, Vermont,
Every Thursday, from
9:30 a. m. to 6 p. m.
Glasses you seem to see best with may
not be best for your permanent good. As
ordinary optician as well as yourself aiay
be easily deceived by glasses that give
temporary help. The oue sure and safe
way is a specialist's examination. When
you consult us you get the experience
skill and judgement of a specialist. Hun
dreds of prominent people in this vicinity
will testify as to our skill and reliability.

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