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Blood Wine Checks
" If you are not careful you will have
Ozotum! " This remark was made to the
wriier of this article oi.eriay by a special
ist who was tieatiug invn for catarrh.
Few p-ople know wli.it Ozncna is. Well,
it is an advanced 8tu:e f cwarrh the
point where t.ie bone bordering the nasal
passages the posterior cavities com
ineuoea to decay, and t'.ere conies from
the head a steady dir charge of yellow
mucus which smells dreadfully. When
one has Ozoena you can't stay iii the room
with him on account of the smell.
Catarrh if It re mains in the head will inva
riably run into Ozoena in time. If it pees
down the bronchial tubes it will termi
nate in consumption. Which would you
prefer? Catarrh is a diseased condition
of the mucous membrane, and is caused
by poor nourishment of the membranes
by the blood in other words, a diseased
condition of the blood.
Local applications wouldn't cure ca
tarrh in a hundred yeai s. You must use
internal meaus a d r ach it through the
blood. Asa sci nti:io c um for catarrh,
"Blood Wine" is a iuit;eu!y the newest
anl most reliable form of treatment. It
quickly stops all those cpyiavating fea
tures of the annoying find fatal disease,
such as dropping in tho throat, sore
throat, excessive secretions from tho
nose, spitting up of hard chunks, watery
eyes, etc., and cleanses the nasal pas
sages. Mrs. Annie Krechhubel of 424
F Street, Louisville, bad catarrh so bad
and so far viv:tnced that she was on tho
verste of passing away. Hie made a
hard fight and won. ow she can't say
enough for " Blood Wine." Listen:
" For fifteen years rtlilnk of It ami the best
vein s of tier life) I nurtured Willi cittmrli, vMih
leailtoa stouiaih trullu. I grew worse and
worse, and could hardly walk across the room.
As I had taken all kinds of medicines with no
results, I had almost jriven ii hope. When
1 Blood Wine eonnmri'ood to j'dvertise in Louis,
ville I sent for a sample bottle, aid later pur
chased three more. I have imw finished my
third bottle, and can truthfully pay that my
catarrh h.is wholly left me, aiid 1 can walk
around without petting tired. Alv otruueth is
returning and I feel like a new person. 1 will
sav to all sulferers with catarrh that T!loid
Wine ' is the medicine to take if they want to
be cured."
If you have catarrh, depend upon it
Mrs. Krechhubel has not overdrawn its
value one bit. Vou can rely on "Blood
Wine" doing just as much for you.
Send your name to the Louis Damlelin
Co., Worcester, Mass., and receive, free
of charge an expert examination of your
blood. " Blood Wine" costs fifty cents.
Bellows Falls Times
THURSDAY, MAY 7, 1003.
Vermont News
Indigestion Causes
CatarrH of the
For many years it has been supposed that
Catarrh of tho Stomach caused indigestion
and dyspepsia, but tho truth is exactly the
opposite. Indigestion causes catarrh. Re
peated attacks of indigestion Inflames tho
mucous membranes lining the stomach and
exposes the nerves of the stomach, thus caus
ing tho glands to secrete mucin Instead of
the juices of natural digestion. This is
called Catarrh of the Stomach.
Kodol Dyspepsia Cure
relieves all inflammation of tho mucous
membranes lining the stomach, protects the
nerves, and cures bad breath, sour risings, a
sense of fullness after eating, indigestion,
dyspepsia and all stomach troubles.
Kodol Digests What You Eat
Make the Stomach Sweet.
Bottles only. Regular size, $ 1 .00. holdint 2V4 times
the trial size, which sells for SO cents.
Prepared by E. O. DeWITT & CO., Chicago, III.
The best low priced WATCH made
A dozen designs of
Colored Fancy
world in diversity
of STYLES and
quantity of pro
duction. Send Jar literature,
naming this paper.
Factories : Waterbury, Coon.
New Yokx Chicago . Bah Frahcisco
87 Maiden Lane 131 Wabash Arena. Spreckel Bldg.
$2 If
Does your head ache ? Pain
back of your eyes? Bad
taste in your mouth? It's
your liver ! Ayer's Pills are
liver pills. They cure consti
pation, headache, dyspepsia.
25c. A!! druggists.
Guy llentley of Sandgate recently shot
a bald taRle.wmoli measured o ieet,iui-z
inches between the tips of its wings. The
bird was brought to Manchester and was
sold at the Equinox house where it will
be mounted for. exhibition. Mr. llent
lev is a veteran trauner and hunter of
Sandgate, and captures annually many
foxes, raccoons, ana other iiir-oearing
The city of Montpelier has brought
mandamus proceedings against the
Harre & Montpelier Traction and Power
(Jo., to determine the legality ot tne in
crease in fare from rive to ten cents, and
whether the company is not compelled
to give transfers. The case will be
brought before the May term of the su
preme court. The city has asked the
co-operation of the liarre city council.
The postoflice at Wilder was entered
by forcing a window at midnight last
1 Iiursilay night and the door ot tne sate
was blown oif. A quantity of postage
stamps and money to pay money orders
and cash were abstracted including $73
which was the property of J. M. Quini
by, postmaster. The fun value of all
the property removed is about f'iSO.
There is no clue to the burglars.
A valuable document has been found
au.ong the effects of the late Isaac V.
Sanborn of Lyndon. It is the original
grant of the town of Lyndon, dated in
1781, the 27th of June, and bears the sig
nature of Vermont's first governor,
Thomas Chittenden. It bears the old
state seal. Also a pin is used in confin
ing the papers, showing the quaint style
of that useful article over 125 years ago.
This will be placed among the cherished
relics of the town and ought to occupy a
conspicuous place in the new town li
brary building.
A large real estate transaction was
consummated at Swanton Wednesday
night of last week. Fletcher D. Proctor
of Kutland for the Harney Marble co.n
pany and Col. N. W. Fi.sk of Isle La
Motte met there, and the result of their
negotiations is the transfer of all the
quarry rights of Fisk & Bradley, on the
U. K. M. Milliard farm at Swanton Junc
tion to the Harney Marble company.
This gives the Barney Marble company
the sole control of all the variegated
marble ledges in the vicinity. The rent
on these quarries is 300 per annum.
Geo.ige Bennett of Barre. asred 17
years, was last week sentenced to the
state industrial school at Vergennes for
the remainder of his minority, or until
September 8, 190G. About four months
ago Bennett was arrested in Barre for
forgery in raising a check given by Jones
Brothers from $3.85 to -f 10.85 which he
cashed at the Barre National bank. The
bank subsequently recovered this money
and an information against Bennett was
filed by the state's attorney, lie pleaded
guilty. The court added in the sentence
that if Bennett's behavior in the state
industrial school is not exemplary he is
sentenced to the house of correction at
Rutland for not less than three nor more
than three and one-half years and to pay
a fine of $1.
Hugh Henry, president, with Messrs.
Meacliam, Peck and Kenfield, trustees,
were at the soldiers' home at Benning
ton recently, and concluded the arrange
ments for additions to the farm depart
ment of the home. One of the barns
will be rebuilt so that it will furnish ac
commodations to ten more cows. It is
tiie intention to make what butter is
used at the home instead of purchasing
it, as soon as the proper facilities can be
had. It was also decided to put in a 100
ton silo. The fountain and pool at the
bottom are to be put in first-class condi
tion. The deer that was recently sent
to the menagerie is getting accustomed
to the surroundings and is quite an at
traction. The trustees say that no sp
cial appropriation from the state will be
needed to pay for, the contemplated im
provements. The Citizens' Telephone company has
leased for a term of years the Jvew Eng
land .telephone company instruments
and the business of the exchanges at
Morrisville, Ilardwick and Jerforsonville
will be under the control of the Citizens'
company, which is owned by parties in
Stowe and Morrisville. This is the first
time in its history that the New England
Want your moustache or beard a beautiful
brown or rich black? Then use
Dr. Emmons"
Monthly Regulator has brought happiness to
hundreds of anxious women. There la poBitlve.
ly no other remedy known to medical science
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.Longest and most obstinate Irregularities from
any cause relieved Immediately. Successguar
anteed at any stage. No pain, danger.or Inter,
ference with work. Have relieved hundreds of
cases where others have tailed. The most diffi
cult cases successfully treated by mail.and ben.
eflcial results guaranteed In every Instance. No
risk whatsoever. We treat hundreds of ladles
whom we never see. Write for further particu
lars and free confidential advice. Do not nut off
too long. A 11 letters truthfully answered. Re
member, this remedy la absolutely safe under
every possible condition and positively leaves
no afterlll effect upon the health. Sentby mail,
securely sealed, $2.00. Money letters should be
registered. Dli. J. W. EililONS CO 170 Tre
mont tit., Boston, Mass.
Bellows Falls Endorsement Is What Counts
With the Bellows Falls Public.
Tou cau't fool the public all the time.
They will find you out at last.
Every time a man is fooled
Another skeptic is made.
Many the remedy that makes the skeptic
Because it fails to kiep its promises.
Doan's Kidney Pills bring renewed re
ward. They cure the skeptic.
Plenty of proof of this at home.
Bellows Falls proof for Bellows Falls
Mrs. John Carr, (Mr. T. Carr, farmer)
residing iu District No. 11 says: "I had a
constant dull aching in my back and down
in my side for a long time. If I stooped or
bent over or exerted myself in any way I
felt twinges in the small of my back. At
night I was afraid to turn in bed for fear of
stitches taking me across the loins. If I
did turn over pain set in compelling me to
lie awake for hours and to arise in the
morning tired and exhausted. I tried dif
ferent remedies I saw advertised but they
brought very little if any results. As a
last resort I went to Andrew's drug store
for Doan's Kidney Pilln. TLey helped me
from the first. I could (deep well nights
and felt better in every way.
For sale by all dealers. Price oO cants
a box. Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo, N.
V., sole agents for the United States.
Remember the name Doan's and take no
off quick
Case of Mrs. J. M. Daniels of Winchester, Xy.,
completely cured by D. D. D. after 7 weeks' ap
plication. She had suffered fifteen years.
Fifteen years' tortures of her
terrible skin disease stopped in a
few weeks. Not a blemish re
mains on the patient.
Anrdrew's Drug Store
We hereby certify that full particulars
shown as regarding this case conclusively
prove that the sufferer as shown in this
photo, taken before treatment, was cleared
of all taint of the disease by D. D. D. , the
wonderful new prescription for skin affec
tions. We have never known anything more
wonderful in medicine than the work of
this remedy. Cases cured since we have
been handling it have fully equaled the
record of it shown us before taking it for
It can be depended upon fully. Price, $1
per bottle. -Money refunded in all cases if
not satisfied with results alter trying a bot
tle of it.
Telephone company lias given up any
of its territory to a private line and this
lias only been brought about by E. II.
Vancor, who for the past year has been
connected with the Citizens' company.
Mr. Vancor is a native of Burlington and
from his early boyhood has been in the
telephone business, and in this new en
terprise he will be the general superin
tendent of the system by this change. It
will be a great benefit to the telephone
patrons of that county, as the Citizens1
company nas expanded to sucli propor
tions that it lias become necessary for
business men to have both instruirents,
and now all will be under one manage
ment and only one instrument required.
It is understood that the rates will re
main the same as heretofore. The con
tract will commence on June 1 and new
lines will be pushed on every direction
throughout the district.
A Sure Thing.
It is said that nothing is sure except
death and taxes, but that is not altogether
true. Dr. King's New Discovery for Con
sumption is a sure cure for all lung and
throat troubles. Thousands can testify to
that. Mrs. C. I!. VanMetre of Shepherd
town, AV. Va., says, "I had a severe case of
Bronchitis and fur a year tried everything
1 ever heard of, but got no relief. Oiie bot
tle of Dr. King's New Discovery then cured
me absolutely." It's infallible for Croup,
Whooping Cough, Grip, Pneumonia and
Consumption. Try it. It's guaranteed by
The Comer Drug Store. Trial bottles free.
Regular sizes 50c, $1.
Smallpox at Putney.
Dr. II. D. Ilolton, secretary of the
state board of health, last week quaran
tined the house of John Whitney, a Put
ney farmer, for smallpox. Mr. Whitney's
brother, Ilarley, called on a physician
while on his milk route, and was told
that his illness resembled smallpox.Doc
tor Ilolton confirmed the physician's
opinion. A number of people were ex
posed. Doctor Ilolton also quarantined
Willis Kay's house in Dunimerston for
the same disease. Mr. Kay was visited re
cently by his daughter, who lives in
Fisher's Island. While there she re
ceived word that the house in Fisher's
Island was under quarantine restrictions.
The daughter has not been ill, so it is
probable the disease was brought in her
Qjick Arrest.
J. A. fiulledge of Verbena, Ala., was
twice in the hospital from a severe case of
piles causing 24 tumor. After doctors and
all remedies failed, l'.iicklen's Arnica Salve
quickly arrested further inflammation and
cured him. It. conquers aches and kills
pain. Z5c at The Corner Drug Store.
Made Young Again.
"One of Dr. King's New- Life Pills er.ch
night for two week has put me in niy'teens'
again," writes I). H. Turner of Dempsey
town. Pa. They're the lest in the world
for Liver; Stomach and Bowels. Purely
vegetable. Never gripe. Only 25c at The
Corner Drug Store.
Supreme Court Will Decide.
In oril,.. to tes.t t'8 validity of the ac
tion ot n Tji Mi"'K!,n superintendent of
the hens, !f correction, in refusing ad
mittance of sfC"n(l oiTense drunks sent
to Rutland to work out their line, habeas
corpus were served on Sheriff
John I)ofi,.rtv of Montpelier as he was
tak"S AmlrAv lh'gers to the train
bound for ijutliUKl Thursday.Ilogers hav
ing been seiiteme'1 t0 102 ,,ays as a,ter"
native sentence. He was brought before
Judge p Stafford, and the matter
ws eouti'nuMl until the next term of
supreme court, which convenes May 12,
when the Question as to the validity of
tl'e commitment can be determined
Kogers was unahle to pay a fineof?15
and costs. Hail was fixed at $100.
A Startling Test.
To save a lite Ir. T. G. Merritt, of North
Al.,1 ' ......1 a atatrrlincr test. TO.
Hiiltingina wonderful cure. He writes, "a
patient was attacked with violent hemor
rhages, eaiisecU'V ulceration of the stom
ach. 1 hail often" found Electric Bitters ex
cellent for acute stomach and liver trou
bles so I nreteril't'd them. The patient
gained from the tivst. and has not had an
attack in H months." Electric Bitters are
i,,;.;,.. .. 1 fur Dvsiieiisia. Inill-
gi stion, Coiis'titMti"" and Kidney troubles.
i rv tliem. Only t'c at xna vumei
Grand Bodies of Odd Fellows at Enos
burgh. The annual session of the grand bod
ies of Odd Fellows will be held at Enos-
burgh Falls,begimii"g Tuesday.the 18th,
and closing Friday, the 21st. The grand
encampment will meet Tuesday morning
at 0 o'clock and in the afternoon will oc
cur the parade of tne ratnarons juiu
tant i ti, ,uiiiii(T the hanauet of the
.... tt,0 ,,v. ---- i
past grand masters and past grand pa-
triarclis will belieia.
Tlio rr..o.,.i l.utiru will nnnvene) Wednes
day morning and their proceedings will
occupy the entire day. It is expected
that prominent ollicers of neighboring
grand lodges will he present. The Ke
heVcil, nt.o...v,w ill lm held Thursdav.
" 1 tiCIUUIJ .
and in the evening Kebekah lodge, No.
as, ot ll vile Park win exempiuy tne ie-
uekali degree.
The headimnrters of the eraild lodffe
and grand encampment will be at the
opera house, and ot the lieueaan assem
bly at the Quincy house.
rial, so that Editor Leonard's only avail
able asset in the establishment was the
subscription list. The new owners have
ordered Mr. Wells to remove his prop
erty.and they propose to establish a new
plant, installing tyne settim? machines.
Ifrto. The parties interested were at Lyn
Klonville recently and it Is possible that
some arrangement may be made to pur
the mechanical apparatus from Mr.
Wells. If this is not done it is rumored
that John 15. Chase, who succeeded to
the proprietorship of the Vermont I'nion
on the death of his father, C. M. Chase,
may secure the Journal equipment and
move the Union from Lyndon Corner to
Lyndonville. In case this is done it is
altogether likely that the new license
paper will be published at St. Johns
bury. It is not yet known who will be
editor of the Journal under the
Messrs. Carr, Caldbeck, Howe and
Oilman, will proceed at once to form a
stock company among license advocates
in this town and vicinity, and a strong
effort will be made to change the senti
ment of this section of the state iu
regard to the liquor question. .
The X-Rays.
Recent experiments, by practical tests
and examination with the aid of the X-
Kays, establish it as a fact that catarrh of
the stomach is not a disease of itself, but
that :.t results from repeated attacks of in
digestion. " How Can I Cure My Indiges
tion ?" Kodol Dyspepsia Cure is curing
thousands. It will cure you of Indigestion
and dvsnensia. and inevent or cure catarrh
of the stomach. Kodol digests what you
eat makes the stomach sweet, bold by
The Corner Drug Store.
License Paper at Lyndonville.
Undaunted by the solid front which
Caledonia county presented against high
licence at the March elections, the li
cense advocates of St. Johnsbury pro
pose to continue the light, and feeling
the necessity of a newspaper committed
to high license, four leading license men
have purchased the subscription list of
the Lyndonville Journal and that paper
will be devoted to bringing "lily w hite
towns into the license fold.
The gentlemen mentioned are:
Frank N. Carr, defeated candidate for
senator on the local-option ticket last
fall; M. J. Caldbeck, owner of the Aven
ue House; II. 15. Howe, a prominent
democratic lawyer, and Fred Oilman, a
well known horse dealer. The purchase
was made at an opportune time as the
Journal, which is edited ami managed
by E. O. Leonard, formerly of the St.
Johnsbury Republican, and previous to
that treasurer of the defunct Bradford
Savings bank and Trust company, has
been in sore financial straits for some
tine. The former owner, 15. II. Wells
now of O lover, holds a mortgage of
?2G00 on the presses and printing mate-
From Headache and
In a Few Minutes
After Taking
Dr. Miles Anti-Pain Pills.
Chronic Case Cured.
"I cannot speak to highly of your remedies
and I will a)w5-s tell my friends how much
they have done for my husband and myself
for sadden attacks of headaches, neuralgia
and rheumatic pains. There is nothing
equal to Dr. Miles' Anti-Pain Pills. They
are simply splendid and cive r lief in fifteen
or twenty minutes. I used to be subject to
attacks of headache, which had become
chronic, and I took a co'. rse of Nervine and
Nerve and Liver Pills in connection with the
Anti-Pain Pills. The result is I now have
very little trouble in that way. My husband
has also taken these remedies and praises
them very highly. We always have some of
both kinds of pills in the house, and do not
feel that we could eet along without them
Mrs. Kate K. Johnson, McClellandsville,
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take Dr. Miles' Anti Pain Pills, but the best
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ally prevent it entirely. In cases of extreme
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tired and the body too nervous to rest, an
Anti-Pain Pill will sooth the nerves so that
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tain no opiate and are non-laxative.
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Anti-Pain Pill. They are non-laxative; con
tain no opiates, never told in bulk, 35 doses,
ascents. Dr. Miles Medical Co,Elkhart, Ind.
The Wastes of the B dy.
Every seven days the blood, muscles and
bones of a man of average size loses two
pounds ot wornout tissue. This waste can
not he replenished and the health and
strength kept up without perfect digestion.
When the stomach and digestiveorgans fail
to perform their functions, the strength lets
down, health gives way, and disease sets
up, Kodol Dyspepsia Cure enables the
stomach and digestive organs to digest and
assimilate all of the wholesome food that
may he eaten into the kind of blood that
rebuilds the tissues and protects the health
and strength of the mind and body. Kodol
cures indigestion, dyspepsia and all stom
ach troubles. It is an .ideal spring tonic.
Sold by The Corner Drug Store.
Employers' Meeting at Rutland.
About 250 people attended the lecture
which was given to the members of the
employers' association by A. C. Mar
shall, secretary of the employers' asso-
cion ot uayton, u., 111 15axter hall at Kut
land Thursday afternoon. The gather
ing w;as ior tne purposes of leading up
to the formation of a state employers'
association. Although Mr. Marshall was
the principal speaker of the day, short
remarks were made by Col. J. C. 15aker
of Kutland and Klias Lyman of the em
ployers' association of Hurlington. About
200 people were in the hall when the
meeting was called to order at 8.50
o'clock by President J. F. Manning of
the Kutlaiul employers association
More came in at various times during the
afternoon. About 150 members of the
other employers' associations of the
state were present.
In introducing the speaker Mr. Man
ning said that the employers of Vermont
must organize 111 order to have some
means of protection, and said that the
purpose of this meeting was to hear
what benefit the employers' association
has been to the people of Dayton, O. He
said that it has been reported that this
association was oiganized for the ex
press purpose of crushing organized
labor, and he wished to state that this
was absolutely untrue and that this
meeting was for the purpose of hearing
the views of prominent men on the ques
tion of bettering the relations between
employer'and employe. Mr. Marshall's
address was of considerable length and
he told of his interest in the employers'
association and the benefits derived from
the association and expressed opinions
concerning the present conditions exist
ing between labor and capital.
Col. J. C. Baker said lie did not k low
very much about the question involved
in the discussion, but that tlieie is no
doubt in the mind if any intelligent cit
izen that there are differences between
capital and abor and the question is,
"What is the lemedy?" Colonel Baker
said that a man's labor is his property
and he has a right to dispose of it as he
likes so l.-ng as he does not infringe on
the equal rights of others, and that here
is where organized labor has overstepped
the bounds. Colonel Baker spoke of the
labor troubles in Kutland. lie said that
bribery, corruption and intimidation had
been resorted to and that there had been
even threat of personal violence by men
who were p id by the union to do such
work. He said that it is a disgrace to
the city that men should refuse to sell
goods to certain persons because they
were requested to do so by strikers or
their representatives.
In referring to the barbers' union
Colonel B ker said that the boss barbers
were not exempt from the dirtiness of
the union. He said that by a rule of the
union the boss barbers were fined $5 if
they did any work for a "scab" and that
one of them was fined last summer for
cutting the hair of John Woodfin.
Colonel Baker said that there was one
thing which liad n t occurred there and
that wa violence making it necessary to
call out the militia. He said: "Organ
i.ed labor has given out a fiat that no
member shall belong to tiie mi itia.
Why ? Because the militia supports the
law." He considered that this action of
the unions in ordering the members not
to join the militia was treason.
Stops tre uogb and; Works ff the Cold
Laxative Broiuo-tuinine Tablets cure a
cold in one day. No Cure no pay. Price
52 cents.
Mr. and Mrs. George Boy n ton went to
Boston Friday to be absent a week. Mrs.
Carrigan of Springfield is in charge of her
daughter's household while she is away.
Mr. and Mrs. Owen Johnson have begun
housekeeping in Charley Aldrich's house,
the late home of the A. P. Tobey family.
Mrs. W. M. Carlisle and Frank attended
the" funeral in BartoiiBville Monday of a
nephew, Adelbert Carlisle.
Waldo Stevens of Bellows Falls was in
town over Sunday visiting friends.
Mrs. J. F. Putnam is in very poor health
this spring.
Mrs. Gertrude Fuller came Monday from
Bellows Falls for a few days' stay here
with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. H.
Miss Susie Spafford is happy in the pos
session of a new piano.
Mrs. P. R. Earle wan in Bellows Falls
last week Tuesday.
Fred and Bert Carlisle are able to be out
having nearly recovered from their recent
. f :.r-:
, v
1 1
A prominent club woman, Mrs. Dan-
forth, of St. Joseph, Mich., tells how she
was cured of falling of the womb and
its accompanying pains and misery by
Lydia E. Pirikham's Vegetable Compound
" Dear Mrs. Pinkiiam : Life looks dark indeed when a woman
feels that her strength is fading- away and she has no hopes of ever
being restored. Such was my feeling a feAV months ago when I was
advised that my poor health was caused by prolapsus or falling of the
womb. The words sounded like a knell to me, I felt that my sun had
set; but Lydia E. Pinkliam's Vegetable Compound came to me as
an elixir of life; it restored the lost forces and built me up until my
good health returned to me. For four months I took the medicine
daily and each dose added health and strength. I am so thankful for
the help I obtained through its use." Mrs. Florence Danfortu,
1007 Miles Ave., St. Joseph, Mich.
A medicine that lias restored so many women to health and
can produce proof of the fact must be regarded with respect. This
is the record of Iiydia 13. Pinkliam's Vegetable Compound, which
cannot be -equalled by any other medicine the world has ever pro
duced. Here is another case :
"Dear Mrs. Ptskham: For years I was
troubled with falling of the womb, irregular
and painful menstruation, leucorrhcea, bearing
down pains, backache, headache, dizzy and
fainting spells, and stomach trouble.
" 1 doctored ior about rive years cut aid
not seem to improve. I began the use of your
medicine, and have taken seven bottles of
Lydia K. Pinkliam's Vegetable Compound,
three of Blood Purifier, and also used the
Sanative Wash and Liver Pills, and am now
enjoying good health, and have gained in flesh.
1 thank you very mucn ior wnat you
have done for me, and heartily recom
mend your medicine to all suffering
women." Miss Emma Snyder, 218 East
Center St., Marion, Ohio. v j
Women would save time and much sickness if they Avould
write to Mrs. Pinkham for advice as soon as any distressing symp
toms appear. It is free, and has put thousands of women on the
right road to recovery.
Mrs. Pinkham never violates the confidence thus entrusted to
her, and although she publishes thousands of testimonials from
women who have been benefited by her advice and medicine,
never in all her experience has she published such a letter without
the full consent, and often by special request of the writer.
(ftp Ann FORFEIT if we cannot forthwith produce the original letters and signatures ot
V H I II II I above testimonials, wliich will prove their absolute genuineness.
VUUUU Lydia Ji. l'lukhuiu Medicine Co., Lynn, Mass.
at ir ' 1 vc-.-r . mw-jy
From the Ruins May Come
sufficient for a new start If your foresight
nd forethought have been up to the average
i- not cost'v when th nrtvantiirps arn con
slderpd. Wewi'l b plena id to fu nlshlul)
Information on requi st.
Edward L. Walker.
Opera Boose Block,
Bellow Falls
II. Fred Day of Boston will fill an
engagement with the Estey Organ
Company, beginning November 1.
Mr. Day is an expert at piano tun
ing, regulating and repairing, hav
ing had extensive experience in
factory, warerooms and outside
work. Orders sent to The Estey
Organ Company, Brattleboro,
Vt, will receive his early and best
To Cure a Cold in One Day
Take L axative Bromo Quinine Tablets. nrjb
Seven MTTOi'n said In bast 12 months. ThlS Steliatlire. SfJ&yT
Cures Grip
in Two Days.
on every
box. 25c.
Salary or commission; no experience
necessary; money advanced for expenses;
outfit FKEE. Solicit orders for our
Guaranteed Xnrsery Stock. Write us
at once for terms and secure the best

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