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Bellows Falls Times
THURSDAY, MAY 7, 100;).
O. Louis Harwood has been at his home
In Heuuiugton for a few days.
O. It. Clavton, principal of tlie hie'
school, has been ill and for a few days was
unable to attend to his school work. Li. h
Sherwin supplied his place.
A party from here enjoyed "David
Haruni" at liellows Kalis last Friday even
The Ladies' Auxiliary of St. Luke's
church was entertained by Mrs. P. A. Ful-
lurtou Thursday afternoon.
Mrs. Grace Hartley has returned from
Brattleboro, where she had been for several
weeks. .
Mrs. F. L. Junkins, who was called home
by the death of lier aunt, Mrs. W. J. Sher
win of Grafton, returned Saturday to Exe
ter, Jl.
The ladies of the liaptist society will
hold their annual May festival May 15 in
the church parlors.
George L. Hilton, who has been spend
ing the winter with his sister in Spring-
Held, Mass., lias returned home.
The hard frost of Saturday morning did
much damage to the gardens and trees,
The Al Martz Specialty company will
appear at the town hall this week Friday
evening. There will be a street parade at
noon. Mr. Martz 1ms with him some ar
tists of note, who will furnish a first-class
I). K. Butterrield, who has been clerk at
The Fullerton for some time, has leased
the Godtiard House in Ludlow and will
soon be in possession.
Percy Learned of Tvew York city spent
Sunday at his home here with his parents,
Mr. anu Mrs. A. .n. learned.
A. li. Hutchinson came up from Boston
last week and spent several days at The
Harry Wyman of Springfield was a guest
at Dr. u. w. Kay s Sunday on ins way
home from a fishing trip to Peru.
Miss Mattie Peabody has been visiting
her brother, Harry Peabody, at rorwich
Mr. and Mrs. Johnston of Bellows Falls
were guests at A. 1). Fletcher's Saturday.
Two members were received into the
Congregational church last Sunday, one by
baptism, the other by letter. Jiefore an
other communion Sunday shall come Rev
H. L. Ballon will have been pastor of that
church for eight years. During that time
just 100 members have been received into
the church.
Tile Lovejoy steam mill property, so-
called, together with machinery and tools.
will be sold at auction Saturday, May lb.
at 1 o'clock p. si. ; also at the same time 24
acres of woodland located on the Grafton
The Chester Cornet band is preparing
for a minstrel show, h ull particulars will
be given next week.
At a meeting of the vestry of St. Luke's
Episcopal church Monday evening the fol
lowing officers were chosen: Senior war-
len, A. JN. Chandler: lunior warden.
George Maynard ; secretary, George May
nard : treasurer, L. Allan Carpenter: ves
try, A. N. Chandler, C. M. Webb, George
Maynard, George L. Hilton, A. h,. F.tson :
delegates, A. N. Chandler, C. M. Webb:
alternates, George Maynard,, George L.
A meeting was held in the V. R. C. hall
Monday evening at which 20 of the Main
street ladies were present. The purpose of
the meeting was to declare war asainst the
dust of our streets. Mrs. F. A. Rowell was
chosen president. A committee consist-
ng of Mrs. Henry Wiley, Mrs. W. S. Pol
lard and Mrs. F. A. Rowell was chosen to
find out the cost of a watering cart, the
running expenses and other necessary par
ticulars. Another meeting will be held in
"the same place next Monday evening at 7
o'clock at which this committee will re
port and action will be taken. It is easily
seen that this idea of keeping our street
wet is necessary and should have been
done long ago, not only for comfort but for
health. It will be a great advantage to
every home on the street and it is hoped
that due response will be made. All
ladies are requested to be present next
Monday evening.
Mrs. C. F. Dodge and children of Rut
land are guests at her sister's, Mrs. J. E.
Miss Carrie Lee is in Springfield, Mass.
Rev. O. C. Winestoek delivered his lec
ture, "The Price of Success," at the Bap
tist church Tuesday evening, which was
much enjoyed by a good sized audience.
A prize speaking contest will be hel.1 in
the Baptist church Friday evening under
the auspices of the V C. T. U. The prize
to the best speaker will be a silver medal.
The contestants are Misses Vera Cook,
Josephine Archer, Ann Spudding, Mary
A Davis, Viola Fenton and Nellie Cutii
mings. Two million Americans suffer the tor
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Impossible to foresee an accident. Not.
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Coughs and colds, down to the very bor
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James Cochran of Ayer, Mass
has been
working for . G. Leonard.
F. H. Watkins and family were at J. L.
Houghton's in district No. 14 last Sunday.
Miss Turkington was the guest of Mr.
and Mrs. John Tatrgard Saturday and Sun
day. Last Friday evening H. J. Jennison and
J. C. Emerson were at district No. 10
schoolhouse and assisted K. E. Allen in
the service.
As Rev. and Mrs. Cogswell were starting
for the schoolhouse in district No 8 last
Sunday afternoon the horse became fright
ened, overturning the carriage and throw
ing Mrs: Cogswell out. No serious damage
was done, Mrs. Cogswell escaping with a
few bruises.
Mr. Alexander of Keene was at No. 8
schoolhouse last Sunday afternoon and
gave an interesting talk to a goodly at
tendance. The Evangelistic committee
will hold its next service there the 17th.
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Neighboring Towns
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we call "Kidney Trouble"; ma a painful,
deadly trouble it often is. f it may be
deadly without being painful-hlM Bright's
disease. It is a snake that crawls through
the grass and bites you before you know he
is in the neighborhood. Hosts of people,
men, women and children, have more or
less Kidney trouble without realizing it
until it gets very bad. Here is what two
For the Inst six months Mr. .Tohn H, Schwab, of
Albany, N. Y., has worked every day. Previously
he epent weeks in hospitals and under the care of
physicians. Kidney trouble it was, and he got no
relief. Then he was cured by the new medicine,
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years younger and I will tell you. H was the new
mediciue discovered by Dr. David Kenncdj,Uf Ken
nedy How, Kingston, N. Y. I mean CaW.t Sol.
vent. For years I was troubled with Diy kidneys,
but I am all right now." So said Nathaniel Tomp
kins, of Windham Centre, N. Y., Octobers, 1900.
They were fortunate at lr.st. Hut don't
wait. Use the remedy now l'r. David
Kennedy's Cal-cura Solvent nothing else.
Send to the Cal-cura Company, Dr. Ken
nedy Kow, Rondout, N. Y., for a free sam
ple bottle. Large bottles $1.00, all drug
gists. One size only.
Eemember : Only one Dr. Duvid Kenne
dy ever lived in Bondout, City of Kingston,
N. Y., and the name of his new and latest
medioine is Cal-cura Solvent.
School at the center began Inst Momlav.
Mrs. IJartlett of Jamaica is the teacher.
Mrs. -George Harrington is with her
laughter, Mrs. E. E. Lawrence, in Chester.
Drs. Knight, and Morrison of liellows
Falls were recent, fishermen in town.
Deacon A. O. Prentiss, who lias Iikph ill
for a long time, is very low with no hone
of recovers7.
Julian Harris of Greenfield, Mais., and
Edward Lombard of Warren, Jhiss.. are
guests of Mrs. M. D. Harris.
If 'h Hhy N Cutting feeiti,
Be sure and use that old and well-tried
remedy, Mrs. Winslow's Southing Syrup
for children teethine. It soothes thediild.
softens the gums, allavs all nain. cures
wind colic and is the best reineilv for
diarrhoea-. Twenty-five cents a bottle.
It is the best of all.
Wesr-ley Dutton and Henry Livingston
of Rilerica, Mass., were the recent guests
of Mr. and Mrs. Cassias White.
There had been a forest fire on Fall
mountain and f e adiacent forests for
about a week un'il the rain Sundar night.
At one time Saturday it seemed to endan
ger the lumber at the Tinker wfll and
while the men were righting t,h tiVe in the
woods Mrs. linker sounded an alarm with
the steam whistle which brought 25 men
to their assistance.
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Spanlding have
gone to C hester and Eniuia Laioiiutain
Iras returned home.
Mrs. Clara Sweenev is asaih with Mrs.
S. E. 15. Lovell as housekeeper.
If You Um't Uk: Mus'c
you can avoid it. If vou hate company you
can manage to he alone. Hut what are yon
to do if, after taking a few nioutlifiils of
food, you experience such keen distress
you wish you had gone empty and hun
gry? Why. use Dr. David Kennedy's new
medicine, C'al-cura Solvent, and cure the
lyspepsia. W rite to the Cal-cura Com
pany, Kondout, JS. 1.. for details and a
free sample bottle.
Grafton and the adjoining towns enjoy
an enviable reputation among fishermen.
Although the lirooks are workeil overtime
anil the. grass along the hunks is worn
hreadlmre, still handsome sp kh il beau
ties are often caught, and wi ll tilled bask
ets are not entirely unknown. The fishing
eason openeil tins vear colli ami cin erless
1 he fishermen who were hod enough to
test their luck complained bitterly because
they left their mittens at home and de-
lared that the worms froze to the hooks.
The fish, however, showed a willingness to
he caught, and handsome lots were brought
both Friday and Saturday. The hunks of
the Howe brook, the Windham brook and
the south branch of Saxtons Kiver were
he popular resorts. Lindsev Turner
brought in a fine string which weighed
1-2 pounds, and t'hainn flowant and
Lynn Walker made a big catch. Several
others tried their luck and were well
pleased with the results, that is, some of
them were.
Several out of town parties were in town.
Drs. E. W. Knight and M. L. Morrison of
Bellows Falls went to Windham Kridav
and remained in the vicinity until Monday.
Keport says that they caught 00 during the
rst (lav. Saturday a nartv ot lour from
Bellows Falls. Rev. 1) L. Sanford, H. C.
Tracy, C. li. Carpenter and W. C.Belknap,
visited the Howe and the Vi'inilhaiii brooks
and reported a catch of about I SO- There
tieing no hotel in town now. M. Clieilheld.
the genial stage driver, is doing the euter-
atningaml proving a great success t the
Lindsev Turner is proving that he is
more t han an ordinary sportsman ; be is in
the business for profit. I'n to last Katiir-
loy he had turned in at the town clerk's
tlice 78 hedgehog heads and claimed the
bounty provided by an act of the last legis
A paper has been circulated by Stage
Driver M. C. Red Meld Mentioning the post-
office to retain the stage line between Graf
ton and Chester, thus defeating the rural
free delivery scheme which originated
with the Chester postoftice. The petition
has been signed by most of the pei pie liv
ing along the route.
A Keene. N. H.. syndicate has purchased
over 3000 acres of wild timber land in Graf
ton and Windham and will hold it for lum
ber purposes. A portion of the purchase is
covered with heavy spruce. The company
will not do any lumbering at present, hut
expects to begin operations at some favor
able time in the future.
Albert Rice has sold his farm to Rev. B.
V. Pennock. We are very glad Mr. pen
nock is to become a permanent resident
of the town.
Mr. Porter from Meriden was a visitor at
Chapin Howard's a few days las week.
Mrs. Minard is visiting in Chester.
llev. A. J. Swart, arrived homo Saturday
fioiu his trip to Schenectady and other
The household goods are arriving for the
Mrs.'Loorsa Stearns is visiting friends iu
town this week.
The Al Martz Specialty company shows
at the town hall tonight.
Mr. and Mrs. T. Park went to Boston
Tuesday for a week's stay.
J. II. Stowcll is painting iu Windham.
John Piddock of Hartford, Conn., spent
a few days with V. li. Campbell last week.
Mrs. Frost of Brattleboro is boarding at
George Gouul's.
Mr. and Mrs. Dorr Hitchcock are rejoic
ing over a son, grandson to Mr. and Sirs.
E. G. Buttertield.
Mr. and Mrs. Leatnon White of Saxtons
River spent a few davs bust week with Mr.
and Mr. Codding.
Mrs. Humell spoke at the ladies' mis
sionary meeting last week.
The aid society will meet with Mrs. J. P.
Ranney next Thursday, the 14th. to do ex
tra work. It is hoped all will attend with
wiuing nanus to work.
Mr. Wheeler of Putney is doing mason
work for H. P. Dinsmoie and F. K. Chap
in .m.
Guy Bowen is working for Hugh Good-
Fishermen are more plenty than trout.
The high winds of last Friday unroofed a
bai n for Bert Houghton.
E G. Ilutterfield. with his men. is re
pairing the highway.
Mr. and Mrs. Severance of Rockingham
spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Brooks.
Myron Edson and wife of Bellows Falls
spent Sunday with J. L. Ormsby.
Mrs. Mary A. Smith of South Braintree.
Mass., is visiting her sons, Frank and Rol
lin Smith.
Huntly C. Kingsbury has been appoint
ed tax collector. The rate of taxation is
$1.90 on $100.
Several of our young people attended
"The Old Homestead" play at Keene last
Saturday evening.
A son was born"to Mr. and Mrs. E. J.
Karr May 2.
Htrry J. Caldwell of Keene spent Sun
day with his parents.
F. C. Minor is having his dwelling house
covered with iron rooting; also a new chim
ney DUllt.
It is expected that Rev. A. W. Field will
arrive in town this week and occupy the
pulpit next Sunday, May 10.
W. A. French and wife of Maiden, Mass.,
were in town last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Adams are prepar
ing to begin housekeeping in the so-called
'tannery house" on Ashuelot street.
Ernest J. Karrhas bought .Tehiel AVbite's
cottage house at the lower village, and has
moved there.
J. S. Bingham has been appointed dog
Mr. and Mrs. George Dimick of Proctors
ville will commence work soon for Ed
Mr. and Mrs. C. P.. Chase entertained
Mrs. Clara Smith end Miss Ella Baker of
Chester Thursday.
Arthur Fuller and two friends. Lonnie
Farrar of Bellows Falls and Harry Farrar
oi unesier were in town tsunuay.
Eugene and Harry Wiggins have been
sick witn the prevailing distemper.
D.-A. Benson and wife of Newfane. for
mer residents in this place, were guests of
Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Chase three days last
week and will return frni their visit in
South Londonderry this week to remain a
few days here.
Mrs. Moses King, Mr. and Mrs. John
Moore and Ed King went to Cuttingsville
anil allmgford to visit relatives Satur
day, Aprii 25. Messrs. King and Moore
returned home Monday, April 27. Moses
King went Saturday to Cuttingsville and
Mrs. King and Mrs. Moore accompanied
him home Sunday. Their carriage ride
was enjoyable.
The men, boys and young misses are en
joying angling for the speckled beauties."
Mrs. E. D. Marsh's summer home. Red
Top, has been rented to Mrs. Bigelow of
Cam bridge, Mass., lor the summer.
The children of Mr. and Mrs. Rockwell,
who are residing on the former Thornton
place, will attend school in the middle of
the town district.
Mr. and Mrs. Silas Wright of Rutland,
Henry Church and Miss Kane of Worces
ter, Mass.. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Parker and
sou of Whitman, Mass., Amasa Grout of
Newfane, Marshall Grout of Brattleboro
were recent visitors at Allen farrar s.
Albert Hobson of Gardner, Mass., called
on Mrs. J. A. Smith and H. H. Cady Sun
The Sunshine Society will have a sup
per at the town hall Friday night.
Mr. and Mrs. N. E. E. Perkins and
daughter of Felehville spent Sunday with
their son fred.
Rev. Mr. Flower of Felehville occupied
the Universulist pulpit Sunday.
Mrs. F. L. Foster and son are visiting in
New York state.
Rev. Mr. Davison occupied the Baptist
pulpit Sunday.
The East Indian Remedy Comedy com
pany moved to Felehville Monday after
giving a satisfactory show last week.
Mrs. Guy Mack is visiting her mother in
Bellows Falls.
Mrs. Anna M. Wyman has been visiting
her daughter, Mrs. Fuller, ot Kutland.
Mrs. D. .1. Stiniets has returned from
Webster, Mass.
Mrs. H. L. Drugg of Peterboro, X. H., is
spending a week with her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. A. S. Burbank.
Charles Carpenter was in Boston two
days the past week.
Park H. Pollard w as in Boston last week
procuring some of those rare spring bar
gains for which the store of Pollard Bros,
is famous. He was accompanied by his
Miss Phoebe Whitten of Gassetts was the
guest of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Norton this
Miss Clara Morgan is working for Mrs.
C. E. Ordway, who is confined to the house
with sciatica.
F. S. Lock wood, who for several weeks
past has been confined to the house with a
varied assortment of disorders, is now mak
ing rapid progress to the good and his
smiling face once more greets us on the
Rev. Mr. Flower of Felehville filled the
pulpit at the I'niversalist church last Sun
day in place of Kev. J. B. Reardon, the
regular pastor.
William Skinner of Cambridge, Mass.,
who for the past few weeks has been so
journing in our midst, returned home last
Sid K. Lamb assisted by Ludlow talent
will present on Thursday evening at
schoolhouse ball the drama, "Master and
in Sunlight, though Mrs.
A. B. Jones, of 20 9th
St., Providence, R. I.,
says of it: "That there
must be witchcraft in
Sunlight Soap, for the dirt
just seemed to fall out of
the clothes." Work in the
Sunlight way by using
Costa no more than common
Mr. Washburn, who for several years
has been one of our active citizens, doing
quite a little in the way of building on
what was originally the Governor Fletcher
faim, has this week disposed of the farm to
one Mr. Herrick.
There will be no services at Universalist
church next Sunday.
Saturday evening, May 9, the great
and only "Al Martz" will be at the opera
E. E. Cross, a former resident, now of
Springfield, was in town one day last
G. D. Ordway and Mr. and Mrs. Ed
Brown took a short fishing trip. May 2.
Results at this time are not obtainable but
we look for a sharp decline in the meat
Spring moving is in full blast. E. E. Dun
lap has moved to the Bryant tenement re
cently occupied by Mat Stewart, who has
moved into the rooms over his place of
business. Ottney Graves, now occupies
the Barrett tenement vacated by his
brother Charles.
On Tuesday, May 5, telegrams were re
ceived announcing the death of Mrs.
George li. Blanchard of Valemont.
John Lindsley of Brattleboro was iu town
over Sunday.
There is no work being done at the
steam mill.
Rev. Mr. Haywood of the Congregational
church in Putney preached an excellent
and helpful sermon in the Methodist
church here last Sunday.
The average temperature through the
month of March was 33 degrees above zero
at 6 o'clock in the morning and the aver
age in April at the saiue hour was 34 de
grees, an average of only one degree dif
ference. The United Workers will hold a ten-cent
social at the Methodistchurch, Wednesday
evening, the 13. Cake ami coffee will be
served and a cordial invitation is extend
ed to all. Our new pastor will be present.
Let all come and get acquainted.
Frederick Chapman returned last week
from a three weeks' visit in New York.
The junior society of the Christian
church held a social in the chapel last Fri
day evening.
A preliminary meeting for the organiza
tion of a camp of Modem Woodmen of
America was held here recently, and a pe
tition for a charter was signed by about
30. It is expected that a camp to be styled
Mt. Peg camp will be organized here 'about
May 10, and that the degrees will be
worked at that time by Riverside camp of
Bridgewater. It is expected that the hall
on the third floor of the block, above W. J.
Boyce & Co.'s store, will be used by the
Charles T. Shurtleff has a very curious
Old document, printed by David Watson
of Hanover, N. II., in 1818. It is a sheet
about 19 inches square, .on one side of
which is printed an account of the hang
ing of Samuel E. Godfrey m the park in
this place on Friday, February 13, 1818, in
the presence of 10,000 people. The paper
also has an address prepared b.V Godfrey,
to be read from the scaffold, and is embel
lished by a black rule border, heavy col
umn rules, a cut of the man hanging from
the scaffold, and another of his colli n.
O. M. Boyden of Barnard and Evard
Boyden of Williamstown ere in town
Walter Houghton of White River Junc
tion was in town over Sunday.
Mrs. Henry Howland returned from
Windsor Sunday.
. Mrs. F. H. Deelaus is spending the week
with her daughter, Mrs. Otto Perkins, in
Mrs. H. O. Williams of Rutland is the
guest, of her brother, H. C. Thompson, for
a few days.
The High School Athletic association
has decided to wait another year before
joining the interseholastio association, as
there was hardly time ei.ough to prepare
for the contests this spring.
J. E. Randlett of Concord is the archi
tect cf the new school building in the vil
lage, but the plans are not far advanced as
Mrs. A. A. Sturtevant. and Mrs. .1. G.
Underwood of Hartland were recent guests
at F. P. Marsh's.
At tbi special town meeting called Sat
urday afternoon, to decide the matter of
the location of the new school building at
South Woodstock, it was voted to sustain
the action of the committee in the purchase
of the site on the Roulston place.
Mrs. Mary Wyman and son Harry of
Gageville spent Sunday at W. A. Wyinan's.
Mrs. W. D. Spencer is visiting herfather,
P. O. Edwards, in Charleuiont, Mass.
It is expected that a representative of
the Anti-Saloon League will occupy the
pulpit next Sunday. The service will be
held at 2.45 instead of the usual hour, with
Sunday school at 2 o'clock.
Rev. F. M. Baker went Monday to his
home in Leominster, Mass., for a brief visit,
and from thence to Middletown, Conn., to
resume his studies at Wesleyan university.
Mr. Baker will not return for a permanent
stay until after his graduation in June, but
during Mav and June expects to be with
his congregation occasionally, and when !
not able to be here he win furnish a supply,
A son was born April 30 to Mr. and Mrs,
E. N. Coolidge in Westminster.
FT ii
' ;
soapa Only Five Cents.
In all Its stages there
should be cleanliness.
Ely's Cream Balm
cleanses, soothes and heals
tht- iiseased membrane.
It cores catarrh and drives
away a cold iu the head
Cream Balm is placed Into the nostrils, spreads
aver the membrane and is absorbed. Relief is im
mediate and a cure follows. It is not drying does
uot produce sneezing. Large Size, 50 cents at Drug
lists or by mail ; Tr.al Size, 10 cents by mail.
ELY BROTHERS, 56 Warren Street, New York.
Bead carefully and see if there
is not a bargain here for you.
Anyone looking for homes: I have
several very desirable ones which I
should be pleased to show you. Price,
from 4200 to 88500.
For Sale Xew Cottage house, 12900.
For Sale Cottage house, 52500.
For Sale Two-tenement house, 524C0.
For Sale Two-tenement house, 6'2G00.
For Sale Two-tenement house, -?2250.
House Lots for sale indifferent parts
of the city. Prices from ?:J00 to 1500.
Tenements to rent, also rent collected.
Rooms to let.
Wanted Competent girls for general
Some of the very best and most produc
tive farms that are offered for sale All
within 5 or 6 miles of Bellows Falls and
pleasantly located.
J. T. Maynard,
Room 4. Union Block, Bellows Falls.
Hannah V. Towns Estate.
STATE OF VERMONT, ( By the Piobate
Westminster, ss. Court for said Dis
trict. T i all pevs-inn interested in the Este of
Hannah W. T wne, un ler guardianship of
Rickingham In said district. Greeting.
You are hereby notified th it thi tjourtwlll
deelile upon the allowance of the account of
E A Njrwood guardian, at the session there
of to be held at the Proba e office in Pell iws
Kalis on t 'e 16th day of Hay. A. D. 1903,
when and where you m.y be heard in the
premises, i.' you see cause.
ZinA h. Allhee, Judge.
Estate of AnrewM Ald'ich.
STATE OF VERMONT, ) The Probate Court,
Westminster, ss. i for said District, To
all persons Interested in the estate of Andrew
J. Aldrlch, late of Rockingham. In said dis
trict, deceased, ' (ireetins:.
Whereas, Carroll L. Aldrlch t.as presented
to this Court an Instrument purporting to
be the last Will of said deceased, for pro
bate: You are hereby notified that this
Court will decide upon the probate of said
Instrument at the session thereof to beheld
at the Probate office In Bellows Falls In said
District, on the 6th day of June, A. D. lSXtt,
when and where you may appear and con
test the same, If you see cause.
Zina H. Allbee. Judge.
Estate of Simon T. Coy.
STATE OF VERMONT, Rv the Probate
Westmisstkk, ss. Court for said Dis
trict. To all persons Interested In the estate
of Simon T. Coy, late of Rockingham, In
said District, deceased. Gkkf.ting.
You are hereby notified that this Court will
decide upon the allowance of the account of
.Mary A. Coy and C. E. Robertson, Adminis
trator upon said Estate, and decree distribu
tion thereof to the persons entitled, at the
session thereof to be held at the Probate
Office In liellows Falls on the tith day of June,
A. D. liKH, when and whereyou may be heard
in the premises, if vou see cause.
Z1N A H. ALLBEE, Judge
Commission! r' Notice.
We the subscribers, being dulv appointed
by the Hon. Probate Court for the District of
Westminster Commissioners to receive, ex
amine and adjust all claims and demands of
all persons against the estate of Freeland E.
Proctor, late of Rockingham, in said district,
deceased, and also all claims and demands
exhibited in ofl'set thereto; and six months
from the ltith day of April lnst, being al
lowed by said court for that purpose, we do
therefore hereby give notice. that we will at
tend to the business of our said appointment,
at the office of Holies fc Holies in Bellows
Falls, In said District, on the ltith day of
May and the Sd day of October next, from
one o'clock, p. M., until four o'clock, p. M., on
each of said days.
Ozias M. George, 1 ..i-
Clark Chase, ) Commissioners.
Carrie A. Proctor, Adm'r'x.
April 22, A. V. 1903.
Dean's Rheumatic Pills absolutely curd
rheumatism and muralgia. Entirely veg
etable. Safe.

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