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A. A. lUHLK, liUItor.
A Svkpuipi: Paktv.- Ib-v. .T. K. jr. Llmbod Howe, an ( -uteri ri
of lL(; Con;:
tioiiiil ( uk',i ia
Williams, irasfor of the Coiigrcsu ! ti.r vuu? m:)U
'1t villi.... WilH I t 1,1a Immi !l!nl Ii ellliS '"""U mill
vn.- j I ) ti luwn i, 11 u in.'' - - - i it
One cnlu'.nn, une ytiir,
Half column.
ine fourth column.
One tquuiv, one ;var,
uf RCiuari', tln-re vn-i-1:.
! lTi:3I-:XT!.'t AT I Oe A I. j
j Ei"S'M. i
l!iX Away. L a s t Thursday, j
of Corinth, tin1 Island Pond stage fi"t infotvou- j IVr the benefit o 1' those ia car .
tins side ot j -:i:-t renders who have not mm nine u
. . ., il-i'-i j i i , l,i-"lc. Mill"- l,ie-un;i Hi' tiii. I " il'lVJ (Ilil'llll in. 11 mil, i "n - j,..-.-
made the recipient oi a sa: ;i vis- j m the Vn-mg ot Lstw lor ( moi.itlo , v;S lij!pf.a',(VH. itlt(( lW iH!M.s, the documents v. e haw laid l.-eforeti.eu.,
it on Tuesday evening January 1st,' Territory. The follow ing is an ex , i,f,ri became frightened and ran ve cull or.t and condense many in
fnin the iH-mile of his parish. who ,,,,., I'mm ., leitor written hv him to with lotions speed with the furwrid ' teres! in'' f '. t.j bearing upon the ua-
' . il ii ... i!....,ii HHUK'I'y C'llltii turtV IT.; !l. V. IU II li ( inll'l 11 i li-II-;' flt'l mie'TCS.,.
1 tllillll III I III H""' I- . . .
. . , leadel s ln-iiko loose, ail.l (iie ol tilt'
( months ago. Lis Idler is i.atcd , t ,
shape i.f sundry presents, anions , 0,(l .A,-m Homr, s.-pi. li'th, l.Sii. ; ,,., TJ, j..,,,,., ran Hialf a
ri:.4I HH IIHOO.il.VA.
left with him tuneable t videitce. oi ; ,
t.ieir trood will and esteem, in the
We have avoided tin-lootings ol t lie
different it iiarlm'iii.s eialindied in
uotice at IJ tent pff line icr iuict , wllH'Il V
. I A e;ii) t w rth 10, presented hy
In minim a. "''11
At f tie eml nf t1:e Terr, ''. "'J
So vurinlimi wtmli-ver from tlifsc r.:tc.
".No iiuiiiT lisi miliiiiH'il imiil all iun :ir-
;r arc pinl, rxc-j't at llic nj.it ii
u i t t. li
ne, u-e the lollowin;i:-
Black Walnut eeu-
KPIKIT Ol' T'li: SOI i'Bir.Ki
IMK!S) AS !!!. I'J'a"IA..
The Soul hern press and politi
cians are dtiin' all in their power
to revive the rehel spirit in t lie iont h,
nd inerease the hostility against
the Noith. Fiiulin;,' that Andrew
JohtiEtura iiifliier.ee and th". waning
Htrenjth of the epreihead parly U
net potent to restive aveh trait ra
to scats in Coauress and fjivo them
ontrol of the govetuau-nt n.i;ain.they
would he ,h'.il tJ involve the eiain
t.iy in another Moody Btrnte. Al
though there may he r.o possibility
the vor.mr men
tre table and whatnot, hy the1
choir ; a splendid lamp, worth Jo.
hy Mr. & Mr:;, l'rof. 15. F. Cm- j
r.cuKSi; n eight day cloeK t-.y ' writt, t0 y, unhvs I ive yon a
A.ll.miy; a sewing maelune, won.i sl)0ll ieserit im of our excursion
i;., l.y T.J. Fl.indera. There weie lv t(, t;,(. SI1Wy ranse ; and 1
many Uher juesents, including pro-1 ,:,,,,1)f!,. ti,-;; nataral feetiery, of
visions and wood. l.Ht we have not I .j.j, j Hj,au Wiite, will Mini so far
learned the amontd. An nddrc-ss i Voin ll()11K. tlmt it will not interest
was made on the part of the visitor;-, j n miu.u Yet as one ln-holds it
After eoimminiealin;,' the eon- mileto l'iyal Hunter's yaid, ami
imong friendly ! were secured. 1 here were hik p'.!
i st am is, hut no one was lniurcu.
i The only damage was a broken
Itonane, and harness nomewh.it in
jure d. f.;i io:i.
firat illations usual
eorse: ioudents. ami writing to his
friends of tilings that would not in
terest the public he says :
I " l nave noi.'iiaj oi nin iesi i u
hy Col. II. I'ainhaai, and resjionded
loin an app.opi iate maumr by the
!lAf!:;iO. At .the ann-aal Com
mnnk.ation of Mount Lebanon 1!. A.
C-liapler, No. IX held Sept. 1:0, bSUl!,
t'r.e i'.dov, in
f their rousinjr v.) anot h.cr
resistance, yet the mlsehiej I hey are
loing is inealculable, ia jirevenf iug
n sjK'etly iesteiationof the exclndeil
Kcetiontoits place hi the Union,
and a rcconeunillou hetween the
North I'tul LUmth; nr.d until the
masses of the .Southern people eeaic
to viw the:;? infi in their tra.e
lightj as being not only enemies of
the North, hut enemies A' the true
interests of the Weill b, and icjccf
them aa loadt rs, they laie-t ear.tc-nt
themselves to iciaain in tie'ir pies
out condition, unless Cenjn'ers p-ts
tired of their foolish resistance nnd
coutemnttions trf.dment of every
meaanre looking toward a 1 .f'lrat
tion of these atalcs on a Kouad basis,
and puts them back into their for
mer condition us leiv'.'.ories, which
might Lave the effect of bringing
them to their senses.
We pive below a few briif ("
'tracts from Bouthcni papers, which
possess the same spirit of bombast,
hostilitv. and bitterness which was
the predominant feature of the South
ern press dining the rebel'. inn. The
first is from the Celmnbia South
Carolinian, a umdel Southern paper.
"Looking to Washington one
would imagine that hell had been
transferred to that point, and that
we had exchanged a deliberative
persons wc;v chosen
oilleers for the ensuing year:
Hon. II. Strieldaml, II. 1
,Tae b C. C'.liiy. f.!. .
lU v. J. Ih'itton, (Itc.
31111. O. Harbor, Troa:.
Col. I". ;. Ileaton, C. II.
Daniel llurihut, P. S.
A. P. iihaw, Jr., P. A. C.
P.eio. V. l)rig;;s,'M. "d V.
Vi'm. II. Ca;teri M. I'd V.
A-a M. Howe, M. 1st V.
Crov.i il Hatch, Caard.
Pev. . I-?. Ilayncs, (Jimp.
Congress lor paaueiiuiuiuui!
rdl Union-loving, patriotic, Cod-fearing
men. North and South, Viait.
watch, and stand linn! We ;-ha!l
yet crush the stn tg-handed faction
of rump treason, and mete out a
bloody justice upon its advocates'.
He men, and bide your time sleep
upon your arms ready to strike glo
riously for liberty and jour cotin
Jry! "'Live the republic perish all
it enemies!' "
The Christian Companion, pub
lished at Jefferson, Texas purport
ing to be a religious j aper gives
its creed as follows:
"We are no extremeist. Wo be
lieve in the bible as it is. and ihe
Constitution of the United Stales as
it was. Our light, if we have to
light and must light, is against the
radicals and the devil t lie one. if
we had the power, we Mould simply
remove from this I'aion. t!ie oilier
from tjie entire world. Who is so
base a coward that he will not again
unsheathe his sword in dci'eiwe of
Constitutional liheity! iihall t be
fanatical radical usurp the last vest
hl'c oft lie iilorious Cou.-iifut ion be
queathed to iisbyourf.il Iters .' Vet
eran soldiers, to the front march
to your tetils.dh, Israel 1 Imminent
dangers sun. and us! Organize!
The Richmond Times r-q.u f.. cs
a fear that the influx of Northern
immigration and the introduction
of Yankee institutions fntn the Old
Dominion, may work t.uch a change
ia her social ami political nil-Mrs,
that the haughty thivalry will lose
their control over that slate. It
Mill advocates the -die in the lasl
ditch' doctrine in resisting this in
vasion of Northern sotuiiiionta and
institutions. It says:
A. J. jvnighl, )
At tfco Annual Communication of
C'.mrity Lodge, No..-!.'., la id Dee. 10,
lS'lG, the following named persons
wore chosen olheers for the ensuing
A. T. Chvk,. W. M.
Daniel llurlbnt, S. W.
A. P. Shaw, Jr., J. W.
Cabin P. Clark, Trea's.
Pev. J. lirittoii, See.
J. M. Warden, S. 1).
II. N. PoniYo'.v, J. I).
('has. A. Manson,
J . .1. 1'iiimlers, )
Pev. lrnl.e P.arron, Jr., Chap.
Jacob C. Colby, Tyler.
We publish the following letter
from Senator Poland, in regard to
he Post Oiilee at this place, for the
bem fd o'"tho.-e interested.
Waxhih'jlcn, Dec. 11, .1X;.
I!:ai;Si::: I have looked into
the matter of (lie P.radlbrd Post
Oiliee, anil have been informed at
the Department that they have de
cided not to make any change in the
office at ilradi'ord. So you can r.-st
in peace, I think, so far as that is
cola eruod.
Yi uiK moi-t truly,
L. P.Vo!.,:;rj.
Tl)C. C. P. IlALDW IN, Esa.
Iafovmation has also been leech
ed from Washington, that ihe Iliad
ford Post Cilice is to be made a mon
ey -order offee.
At tt:on. II. N. Worthe.n of this
village, sells at auction, on Saturday,
."ilh it:st. his real eslate and personal
properly. A good di. nice for those
wishing to purchase. Sceadvci tise
metit. K. Uiiss. auctioneer.
with the naked eye, his mind is idl
ed with wonder and astonishment.
Hut to my subject.
Three of us hired a span of mules,
and two weeks ago this morning we
packed up the necessary articles of
food and utensils for cooking, clothes
for bedding, &e., for camping out a
week. We started in high glee for
Silver City which is about ten miles
west of here, in the vicinity of which
is a large Whortleberry patch.
Ik ere are hundreds of acres cover
ed with bushes, which yield a great
quantity of those delicious berries.
i Many people isit that place at this
season cf the year, not merely for
gathering berries, but to view the
scenery which that wild and unin
habited region affords. Silver City
received its mime from persons who
discovered somosih.T mines in that
place, which wi re worked to a small
extent. Put the City now oitsists
! ol a lew aoanooueit Mampniiiis ami
J ten or a dozen deserted log cabins,
i one of which afforded ns a poor siiel-
N a Know It'AV-k. Last Friday,
some eight or ten men went into
the reservoir building, at the rail
road shops, to .sheath I he roof. They
took in a keltic of burning charcoal
to heat their tools in; but had
worked but a few minutes when
they began to be considerably dis
tiubcd. Not anticipating the trou
ble, they kept on M'ith their work
and said nothing, each one suppos
ing that his feeling was a l'aintncss
peculiar to himself alone. They
all started for fresh air tit about the
saine time, some of 1 hem having
barely strength enough left to get i Jar armv
ttieirheads out of the building. A
few minutes more would have suf
focated them. Union.
Mr.C, II. Nichols, of Essex, lost
three cows one night last M eek, the
llooref the barn having given away
and left the cattle haiitdiig bv the
neck ,n the stanchions. There were j
oof litem in all, and hut two v. a re !
found alive in the morning.
Mr. Yi. V. Ellison recently had his j
horse and buggy and other fixtures, j
stolen from his barn in Hollows1
tails. Mr. i-,l!oii tnn-ed the tki-f
to Troy, N. Y., where la-had him ar
rested, and recovered hi property,
lie proved to he on- Oilman, who
the President s message, as we pre
stiine that ail our rcadcis who pre
tend to any interest in public affairs
will have carefully perused dat
document, for their own sake, if not
for I lie writers'.
The aggregate area of tic public i
lands of the United States, survey-1
td and unsurveyed, is 1. i(i". -HiS.suo
aci'ts which is seventeen times the
whole surface of Prussia, ineiuding
her territorial increase since the w ar
with Austria.
Only one of the old Itevohitioua-1
ry pern-donors is now living' Samuel
I Dow ning of F.dinburg, Saratoga
! county, N. Y. lie is moie than a
i hundred wears old. Of the widows .
of revolutionary pensioners who
were married before the close of
their husband's military service, on
ly two are living.
ihe present strength oi the rcgu-
s only winch is
nearly 17,000 short of the minimum
strength contemplated bylaw. The
volunteer force is now- 1 1 .-!.' colored
and white, mostly colored. During
the last four years the Oovernmcnt
iias supplied to disabled soldier.;
about -WOO legs, L'UIO arms, ',) i.-ct
1 .".." hands and t hssahont ItitM
i consequence was the arrest of Til.
i j ton, Devlin and Lovan, and f!,
I The whisky fraud which are now ! seizure of Devlin's papers. XcW
j being invest mat-d bv the law olh- i Yurk TlmC3.
cers of the United Strifes in Drool;- j
l.vn, should not be confounded wih
1 1 he burnii'g-nmd frauds, vliti-ii v:e
! deseribt d to our readers some time
h-it.i.r. i i.i.i ,-i.i.tn tn e-i-i. in. nt) 'ii. i jitur-ii)fj, ....... 7.. i .
. ii..... imiii in iiiin ... . ... n i:n Illillii le.ICIV III n
tcmp.ea i-y the Oisti.ler alone; these I speech of seventeen l.ouiV durata,,,
seem to have been earned on by a , ,,,;' 1, . ., .... .. Ar -
cembination brtvoen them ami ! , 'V fAuX etlure, a men,,
some of the oilleers of the (lovern- ;I nneouvtr LegUature.
ment. . I'1'1;- f-P"''''!, it seems, w;13 iii;;de to
liionhrfo rIiow the the whIhx , defeat an obnoxious ir.easmi.bin,
wvomi of these frauds, which if , gard to some lands which the Cm
their oresent asnect is not chan-retl I i -i , .. . ..
,, . ' -i i t criior li.io ii:;i nr en to lorce thro-'-ti
b luriher test uiionv, will probablv! , 1T 1 'u, "-
p-'rove lo lc immense in amount and i Uw U"" ('f Asrtably on the hy-
to reach and ramify very far, it i-s j day before a certain date-. If v-;im
necessary, in the first place, to ex-! not deemed pimleiit to pish the.
piain i ii.t ' ;: t i.i m-..ou ..,,,,. e . , ,
Miiopi en an em n ci i:e-. .-isieui o;
t o'liecting ihe heavy tax imposed on
distilled ;o)ii its. Hy the h-i iuer !av
distillers were bound to make peri
odical returns to the as vs ;ors of th.e
amount of spirits distilied bv tl:e:a.
riiied tin
so in ; i'.cn
ami asses-
tillers for the amount re-
wttah bi
fatal. Two members, and He Conio:,.
tit terr.ii!:ed to defeat the measv.ro
in the only way possible, by talking
ii down. The incident is thus h s -ci
ibed by a local paper :
OnfhoIIouse being opened, Mr.
McClure rose to his feet, (lie time
seventeen notira
speak, M'hi'e overt
ne couiinnetl to
dibit wis made
imbs to di.. tribute,
have u.i'.v an iron 1 1
sels. i:.;id tie. re are
V. e nave u.e.v an iron t ; v I lift t ol
o t ve
no eompict;
Tne income Led year p.-.i 1 a re
ellite of $110,. '!'.) l,l, ;,i which M ils ie ;
ly throe tiaics tli" revenue of t
year before from ilse same sunn
The cigar Muok- rs centiib-.Me 1
the .simp'ort of the govern n cut .
i no assessors vt
way as M as so.ti
,.,i i
teined. Hv the ucm- hnv everv dis-' oeiiig noon, aim i.opr rne uoorti.i
tiWv wan "to bofofed no with tanks I hve o clock tao next morning. Per
ami to have a bonded warehouse.
An oe.oei'tr" v:k til be iiiiiioit:te!-l
to attend it, who was to make ie- by the imrchased majoiity to put
turns of the amount which wml hi in down and tire him out. nh
into ana were taken .Hit of bond, i -l naereilcr.s unanimity they refoM ii
It was to be branded, and on this to allow him lo lean against tin-t.i-the
tax was to be collected, ami any ' ! ' l,ut 11 (',lut "I1"" a chair for ;v
Miifii nut !,i-initeil WW liaiee to luomeiit to lolievc himself lrom the
i ......
feiture. This act was to go m'o !
feet on the 1st of September he-!.
; No-.v it was i lain licit oistiilers
1 v. ho ban I eon doing lniiins i.vl..:v
1 haf iiaa- .n-.-h! 'a've t'M I. ii;d oil
. ' ,a t'a i- e-eil'.ri'ics of spil i
v.hich lliey c.,.d a.a 'e i.-.. ::
all which t''.'V 1: l.l been aae;
-;ess'"i and paid t'.t" tax, bar
had imt b-en branded, and
iheieliil e be 'liable to i'ol ieilil
It V ts i
:OV I'-
its rcent!v out of Si:
i'.c i.faiai at
17 LP i-s and th"
i ; e
vent I'a
that wi.
1 a-.tl
tor from the utorm,
.spot of ground c.:i
ml an uneven
hieh we could
rest our weary iiiuos at night. v ei
ga'.heuit about three bushels of ber
ries. We have had them canned
iii) for winter use, m wo are likely
lo live yet.
On Sunday we visited the snowy j
range, which is about seven miles!
from m la re ive encamped. We took .
our lii'les and started on our ascent; j
.t.,.1 ,,,, 1,1. l.M.P tiia
til. Hill l Ull llll. III'. '!'. v-.v. i...
"liountains, tin oug
MvxTERlors. A (orrespAiidr-nt j
of the Lyndon Union writing iVo-.i i
tiramiy inan'ms unit journal I imt m
the latter part of ..?'. b r last, there
; was foiind on the b;i:-.ks of ihef i.ti-
cnue of s:
missioni r t!iin!.:s
I !;a lit h ..es mere
I this hi ;l'-, t hail I
'. i'M't
necticnr river, in Cidhil
I widow l'i
mis . a suit ieuuiie
parch P, lag on the g.iouud i l li
l.ir order, asthoug-h uut'a .iencl
tlrotiped from the p( r.on i-iam'
The (Less was iigiit-.d deia
choc -la to eoloi'eil ground work,
green and p.urple ligui'. s ; gr
iil'( ! . :t. The ( lothil";- M.e
fair oaabty, ami
pearnncc. Dress
the bt-t!om. as b
up. over tat'le I ,,.,,i, v ;i!. ;
deep ravines. eomiiintti'y. urn-
:v in
jiast beautiful little lakes, over snow
drifts which, from t!" ir aj'ptarance.
had ru n for cental i s undisturbed.
clambered ut the stei i) side of one
of those rugged, heaven towering
peaks ; Fremont's peak'" one of
the highest which helps to form the
division of fhisgreat Ane-i ican Con.
1 inenl. f.-r from its l uaiaiit one can
seen i i
ni ni-r posst
nWii;it torn ai
miking in tin
ed from i l,
any sira-igei
near the iam
tshastb.i' clothe!
hieh would ii! :
v li us '..a' e ;l 1
V. ami the C
;iail the Ou'.t
by i-Mision an
iter ;.:!.' t !: '
t piis.-iliiy ihat of iia-eii.e.
L is estimated that iriO.il',.0 'n
no a .tie', t heir ehiahoa r.:e i.mv
t,at!iag sehtiel ia the Si ;iti
Stales, 'i he issues of l.it cas,
t.he !a -'. of lima', to wh::. ; .
blacks wot e about equal. T !;. i";
men's i'-.Ti-e.tu has n. in' ;s i,.-u
sesion ''. r dist;o.'i.i!i jTiMJ'il u
ol r: mi , I : itt-s i.s t nu-. in
iic.s e. :aal 1 1 1 -.! pare: is uf
pro; i i v .
,i ..e government old T'orim
pa -t yt:ar -slj.i:.!),;:! wortli of"
age . ;,.mps ami ave'.o-.i :-.
a (bslda
-t of Sep.
;s or u:.M-
t l .'ii 1 1
a'd 1
fa I
. id- .
t n
O i
, '.I lOell
ght up
on : ! X t V
ii ksomciir ss of his position by it-s;
iug ids hand upon anything, or to
spcah, in short, ia o.ny other than a
pai'by ei eet UHsuppor! ( ;1 a f t if tide
During '.he whole of the time th.-v
relievi d eo.oh otiier at inf. rvaks. gc
, i:-g out ami procuring refrt shmeiiti
as they needed, and ai-.vays iKi'.ia.;
a tana inn in the House.
Whi"-. McCluie : an'.; exaausi' l
in ins m ..t as the lii.I f itnotiier
imaai'ag was stealing into the v. in-do.-,
of ihe Assembly House.
i ' ran :: r-i-.e a a ! fur th- r aa.Inins
. '-.eii lo urs of the i-.vrnty f,.;r laik
id a-a'iia-t tia.e. On rishi-, amid
e 1 a-
oave il
ami i r-M'ti
ed by Ihe
.-.'.i'lilld lie
nspeef'-d ami hi
'.'art -1 i i ior a
an 1 ihe ('.
t ;o ba s p.t.-p,
but no time m;i
within M i i i t it
ao, eat i j t thai
v t f l'..:
, i
1. 1. .'
ii ;
fortiiM ilh"
' i pcr.-on i f medium heiglit. Wheth
er coine malignant Inner mis at
tempted a r.v.-ic upon a t.uiet eon.
rnunity. to- .-nam w antb-r. i , perhaps
outcast, has committed .suicide, t r
whether there l:;i la-ell ill the.-U-tragic
times a foul ahdv lion end
iiuutler, is ;tt present all a mystt ry.
j sent abrt.ml 1.
i receiv cd from
i Wc sent near!
' over - .a-
! post 1 !'!!
I there aa.
a , n
't e
j-'-U by te.itiiio
the I'efein'a-
f; 0
d in
1 v.;
ehohl .'it one va-w i lii'inl al ios oi
hot h t he Allan t io ami i 'acilie ( )ecans.
while before you is a view of Middle
Peak, which is be, a; 1 ii'ul, while be
yond that, towards the west, the eye
can only discern one huge mass of
mountains, equally as high as the
one en which lie stands; while from
that elevated point he looks behind i
towards the cast he overlooks flu so
hh;h table mountains, and thev
J. Oreo
Sad OriTCKKxrv.. Y
of Whcehick. : -'.cutis us th
account of a sad occurrence :
Samuel .loyes, of Wheoh .!;,
w ith his v. i:'e, wove !ii;ig at 1'.
Hammond s, in t he ma to part oi
: f ".1 .'.'I T
i .,i . v s exoeihmt
' The atiaioer t f na
1 ees a 'v i-i (ija-fo.t ion
; titttll'if l ,v.t ( !
.'.eaviv lour lealu ns o.
ii'oi' :a'ly tas.t.i fh
j mails. 1 ae n crage anio
! eider M a s'iS.liA The
I lioati it tit is was about
. ii;'
tho n
x iar
mi ; i:
1 1 is tins pl'tW aaon oi l a.
w hicli was taken advantage t
il:e ft s'iiu..ay. as it row .-t..
rot t han
; -1 in
Wort'. - : et ;n to i : t... i-a i -- v, a :
III ike i- rapiat of Sc.. 'on
eppa- ntam -,,;s mat!.- at ;ia
tor'.- ' eiee of i no i h'-l'd do
a maa aaa.a.l i.'-'.aii. s'a'io
lilt-; soma ; ni.t'iiu e-; ire i
r'a;,,. a.'u r
I i!le"!or ! i
la.-peeieil iia.t .-:
.'".-.s a 'v i n a Toriiingfv
ihe ,io;iiis end Lis-t s cf ihe.
.'listed and mini iated l.u.ji til,
cMfhdn.cd. v. ii'i mro f- ;e i a
ilia, ai ;.t, that if was u ,e;e..a h-r
bono, ii'ne membi rs to e-. in; e llii ir
malic.- in that mau.uor, for h.- h;'A
gut up with the I'.e'o rmiiiation to
tiibc.it' necessary, tin', i! tbo :vgi-i
i iiabriel un;hit the hist trial, at-;.
: His ; o-Aers ei' :. durance wei" ; a'
qu.b -oreveia ly testi-d, 1 i.f ;! t la!
; w as 'achieved, and wi,; n Ihe clock
.'-.!;:. -!v I'.'. five the worn and wonir a
m haim.iou "f honest v looked aroiir.tl
paia -lank
;i j,e
a ', ei:
at -.on i.j .t a
;l.f and beat
, i
i v t'e,;; ,
1 'i'ai'ii.
liee.i .. a
I'l.'.er II:
em' r 1
, .- .-ee. lo
is mat;.- at
I ,.c i b l i
1.' ", all. s'.
ni.fiuf t
ami l
rtoi.n !
ibi r; torn :
ie of v, hat
a. .el' 1 e.e
at i a -i '
uive i'.a a
t.!iu'- I
. 5 t bv
hai ia-
b. f- ie
; i i" a n
t.lia, th
Tia.u ta - 'I ho
1'ost fji'ys th,.
United State
at i;s
1 1
i.e (..
iir. I
town, started
Moiuia v !' List
week, about 11 o'clock .. ,.L, lo:
as he saitl to the south part
lonk, as it were, lik
vetlhi-v wt-tn hiiji
- little
enough when !
a live.
four miles ; who
i'. he
If you want a
chlto', call ami see
.ood sewing ma
T. .1. j-'lamb-rs.
He did not return on
t or i he atllov, ing (tnv, lmi- w;ia
x ! lie found till Wednesday: but no
iiixiety was i el t ior him. it her l-y
lis wife or Mr. Hammond's faudiv,
eye seems .... . .... i ,. ;,, ,i... i..a a rt, ....
lo pass over these as he views the 1 jug back and furl ii. W edm sd ay
plains many mih-s b.exoml, over ; morning, A. Allen went up
half ma-ions,
ha i;
i;cy ciiiilan.ei
, c!c, cks, dec.
h fla'i
ft- .. a i
da r ofi
and a i
.- ;IV
tadd :
; ...I
'a .1.
e. til';
ailie to !
ia- . .'-h i
the l.Vpil-I'.-r
rs to a.' e
i ai: ! a
I uay oi a
;c: ns -in ia-;
1 ii!i a.itel ihe
i. a uoVt Uil. ! ae
rem io .-.I'.'. v t aa 1
Tiltoa. iaa,i 1
branding ail I;.c
. Le an i.a I c:i
f, v. a tin' ia!. al-
iv. :S
les o
climbing them ; but I lit
See udvcrli'-omont.
We widi io call attention to the
adveiliseiiit id ofM. V. H. Huil. C.en.
Agt ut of the Phoenix Mutual Life
liiMiratie" Co., for an agent in Or
.;:igo C-aml v.
which ho was comae
ii aeh this clevale.l
pass to j
farm, in tne
to l.il'
lieighliorbood. ill lie
I 1
viewing tluil great dc-crt from I'.ai
point one is led to exclaim, had 1
Mings how soon would 1 be 'iiome
Mind bound.'
Toward tin north one- sees Long'
Peak, the highest ol the ran
buildings of which no one hud. on
(he road which Alba di.-eott"d
curious looking (nicks, with occa
sional spots oi iiioott. m men ion lam
to follow : he soon found Noyes,
just over the fence near the road,
'nearly dead. His hands, 1'i-ct and
i other portions of his bod v were fro-
ami I. ii still': he was taken un bv Allen
to the south he n t s Hike's Peak, fa i iiiitl cairiod to Hammond's, when
mous for gold delusions in times I medical
aid was sent
liken to
i . a.,t ,!,.. .i..i... : , ' measures l.iUcti
I ii-ii , I'm un. in iiiaiiiii, as H ' J 1 1 I 1 , . . i -i-
'., . . ' , . whic.'i proctl unavailiuir.
Hi in n , oaty t, in I ten so in i line, ;
luove to be a ining reality,
many are the changes
pieibiees. As one i, lands upon
this high elevation and views Ihe
: an rounding country, his mind is
v- i i. ...,,;....;... n.iu'in inn-mi'' ami ioiiiiu imu in
II 1 11 II VI II III! ill 1, I III i. ': I in I . , , , , , . . . ,
Mronply to our stale it will be seen I J'''j! eug-igeij boar IVarl Nreet
. . ..... I 111 f -l.l- S,m I Ml 111 f'l illl 1 1:1 II V Willi 4 . .11
that the loieignc eniclil w Hi cliiinge i "'" " "' 1 . -Loner
than ue will. The habiis. I ''V l,r.' 'llV!111,'-"11
ciistoins, genius and virlm-s of our
js-ople hac been planted by "nl,
and by the help ol (bid we will keep
them. A thousand years of war
may roll over us; earthquakes may
tdi'akc down our mountains ami
(ovallow up our dry land ; Hoods
limy dash their wild waves ou r the
places of our abode ; but as hmc as
lliere llouts.a true son of the old
Dominion upon a plank ol the wreck
Juj will he u Virginian still."
'X he I)c Are, Arkansas, Citizen,
speaking ofihe tulillculiou of the
CoiiHtilutional Ameudineiif, says :
'It has already boon hinted Hint
(bo ratiflciitioii of this inr.tm h
lii'niuni will not be the basis upon
liich re-ndniissloii ii to lie secured.
Tlifl object of radicalism i to soul
uh by tli is uieasuie, then h ad us slop
hy nlx'p Into their own ways until
pride, pulrioliHin, fcoDorflnd Identity
Snmut-1 Martina bright voung
jiuiii, about fj'l vein s of age, cinploy.
ed by the linn of 1 iiuilap vi; Co., day
goods mi I'chanfs, iiliout the middle
of .No einbi r last forged a check for i
:Jl. ItiS.TJ, and lied to Canada wiihi
I he proceeds. Ulicer Ceo. 1 1. Sinil Ii !
oft he Phihuh lphia Hctective Police.
Mi-.s imin. tlaitcly put upon ms track. , ii!,-tl w i!h womleraii'l aslonishmciit I wav to go ; but it apia airs by bis
and allcr Miuchiiig for liini in other i ...a p,.. (.xel.iim wondt rl'ul ! tracks that he went 'up lotii'o.M-
lioitmiis in tiieeouiilr.v ml. ova d him : .,..,,,, , , J , ,. i leu buihliiigs, and it is supposed lie
I ....ii.., .iiii iii i.ti i, , -t r. s in in 1 1 ii i i, . . . , , - - . .
i . ,. ,. , , . . , , f.lcpl iii the burn yiomhiv night,
; and loohsh and unw is he w ho m-g- v.h,.lv wn ,, ,,,, v Tm..,hiy . ,,.
It els to iui.rove the lust opportit- j he .slept Tut sday nighl is not cer
liily lir visiting (he icgit. ns of per-1 I. duly known. It is supposed by
peiiial snow in tin .'-e United Slates.
Hid all
icstor.' him.
Ho died
following Salunlav night. It
ii...i t... i.e a: ., ,,i .,
j II f ll'.l I S 111,11 111' i"lj IIJIIIIll (l il
which time - '!' Warns, about hall a mile lrom
wheie lie slaitcd on Mommy; went
on, but cuine back' I hep- towards
night, and was;id ised by Mr. Ward
lo go homo, m ho directed him which
a nominal vshmof:
am! e,.Oi i -photoaT, t as,
jewe't-y, .'(-. lit-t v. can t
aim ty a; .' ecu! t f ihe v.
teanm -I. The Pos!:.ia:-l
itldi ts- a va u, -, e: li:
noiit tha i I lii---!' a: rfbs t
I--','.' is ;,'-.' o..iu'', lt ea.lt
writ i ho ad.lrt as.
Th" i .pen.- es of Con
iyear w re fj l.o.". I..V..1 ; of the !i - i
ji iitivo Iep;irt;neid V'l.cV.) ; -, I
. : h Judiciary. l.ti'.'T,-'! Our f.m- '
e,:,:i iiacr.'oui.-e ei..,t us a'.l.'bv'.;'-' 1
Th" bght hom-o e.-.talnj .-hint ul of t he i
: t e.uuiiy (-oat -1.:'.T c .":. 'fh" fim-r i
' id exoem-t-s of i'a- la.e p;--".ideiii
Liai tfai Mere c.;n,t t . 'f'o.e ;.a for j
ihe Presideiii's House am! the Cap j
(ol is put down at NilS.t'.OO'.ye hope
the light was in prepoiti'in. The
1 1 lei i a l i ii 1 i res it i em s House cos
wlL'.uoo ; 11
the ri pairing ol the t oiiscrvulory
1 (,(i()H and uc re furnishing of (he
house i?7t,til!0 ail of which is cab
ciliated to give an impressive idea
of f hesieaud appointments of that
establishment for which so many
cand'nialos are in training. Huston
Titi; I'oitT Kr.AiixT.v M.vss.vt in;
Oi l II'IAIM'OM IWM.l l le (F I UK
Hiirtiit r. Yii:;liii)ihiii, I ff f. .'1 1 , The
laim.. as, .
ilta! til tne iar,, con! inaa-d t ) bra
.taring ail September a id .-.'a Oi
ta r )i
i r v.
hi t a
d L-.
ai.i. ami mr
siai, who
liUi .a r in:
as p.iobao
i a.
pa. I
lira'.aa ii
e-1 I'iallijiS.
v, . i e aii In a
art,, io i .! i a il. !.
:..i ; j :lie.',i .t.ui iae a l
'. Tdt. ill's it turns i
i o i.'.i nee. 1 aho
ua' ;-.'.' I, cyan of J !!!
;r i '.a iai i 1 a i o :
..at'-r, m.''.-,ier, i.
no', iit r iaapeetor ;
Tl.me hCi la ,
uh d as having i
aicmetonit at t lacd. ai ( ffect that
miht.uy coiiimissiims ia loyal sta't
wile-.'.' the com.a- of justice v. as i.a
oi:.-. lift ted, wire iih-gal. On Moo.
day :!.' p.:! I epiniaia-i wi re road 1--
fo.e ,1 iargc ai!(iie!!C" ef thesia.-l
ttmi lagiimia it lawyers uiihet:
try. 'ihe to inion 1 the Couit
g.-it n by justice Davis. Its '.e.-aamg
pt.aas -,vtro as ioiiows :
" f lie .'ens! itut ion is Hiike t fii
ei.-ni iii pcacr laid war. Its powers
sin a., I i ! i a ataiiued to cuit i-mer
.'et:cic. 'l"e tiei'enthu-.t Miilig.aa
w ho vaas tii. t! before a coi::i:ti.--.--i a
in helium!, a ua oeml; m;:e ,1 ;-i ih at! .
has a light- of appeal to the t ;-.:!
i igat n.'i i:'t i.e; i ''
fs-O'.'jM'K. but upel. tic
i mil a-'. l ;as
upon t lie m'.v,
v oiisi nut i"M jaiil laws. As a (ia
n of liabana, not in t'oo ru'.'a.ir-.
a e i i tat- C, rati it .v.sica. he va.
ma aim .
nine to ma.lnry
- loiai iim.iiinn.i;
1 v Ol (il l
ii :
foiiinl the ,oimg forger driving a
fust class "lutnoiit idiowuig come
oftlie "young bucks" of thai city
"iiow they sporlcd-' in Moiiltctd.
Martin sui rendered himself very
gniccfiilly and owned up his guilt
delivering to theolllccr a small bag
of gold 4t id silver coin, amount ina
toiilioul initio, and about ,?a(Hi in
national etirreuey.
Mime thai he lay out upon Ihe siucv
' .. i ... . l... . l.
I ,i i 1 i i i . i iies'ia, in iii, sii i iiiii in- ,i n un i
1 IIIIIIIV ll'.l HHIM'I 11,111' IT! 1 !' il S- . . . . 1 t I . I , l . l I
.... ' i in Ihe cold Mottthiv night, nil day
ei i to nave sei n me. smiiiig uown i
a a.-e Ir, m miiitaiy t i:stoda
iei dy of the t our! iifbrm
i-aiitary comn.i -sit-n had na
ht to try him. 1 ho Cha 1
mi throe arse' iaa-s dissent
eg (hat m hi it tint ordinary
i i justice i. re ileiictlctl in ,
j 'i.sli ids m here iniiitary operations'
Hat the qucalion may be naked 1 ;:!v ''airicd on, a civilian may be
how i t vliu ami Leviin 'g.-i the cpii-. j brought tv trial before a court-mar
a a In he 1 n-.i ndeib ii-'.- l he v v. ere nut ! t la J.
themselves. Here
1, I ... I
tax. ;"a
'..at Ml
mi at v
io i.e
' They, ef ci ia. c, paid no
i f a- ( e.y gallon which v;;.'.
mami!a;tiaeil t.ie tuao.
as ( lu-ii'a-d (lilt of
a i;.-' :(
td. hoi.
i imnne
. .a. .a...- . i' li i'nii.i . i ilh 1 1 1. i .-i tn.iiiiH i u .-I iiv.t eu:ie as
I 'll l II II 'J. mi 1 1 v ' un ' , , ,, , ... , ,
1 . " ' ' i , 1 1 ! i t . 1 1 1 1 1 1 . r 1 1 : I ( 1 1 vi i t ' 1 I 1 . ! i I I , . . 1 1 , 1 1 -
ing case. 'Hie testimony shows
that theie were in the district nu
merous illicit dial illers. To those
men it is tosliiled Dclin wentaind
Coniniissioiier on Indian Affairs has i va-re iioie' (lines carried
A Ci ttiofS I-'Af-r. The Tribune
states Ihat from the year 1770 until
111 the Constitution of the State uf
Ntav.ltisev eonferrcd the rmht of
tohl ilicm that if i hoy v.onhl cell to 1 suti'rage 11)1011 '"all inhahitaids.'
him he wtatld see that they were : male or feiimle white or black, wlim
protcded from the Cos eminent, lie! More the possessors of an et-fale t
is cvt 11 proved to have s'aited that ! X.(l ylear, and had been resident.
lie had to pay about lUjtKiOa month I of the State lor one .year. In 17!'-'1
for Mich protct lion. t ; the hgislalure. in an act reguhilini;
The dislilh rs accordingly sold to 1 elcel ions, used the words " lie or
him. The spirits which they made I she,' and again in 17!7. In the hit
ler year sevciiiy live women votnl
received Ihe following telegram: branding, to a p lumber's shop in I m Kliahcthtowu for the Ledcinl
i.-.,i.'i, 1 iiii.in.' it.... 01 1 1... m. ....... ,i,ti.. I,,,.,., li.nia. 1....1 ii.in, li,). a,. I,. Km. a
1 ",, ii.iii.i 11 1 ii. 1 'i 1 1 ii . 1 ii.ii,.wii 1111 inn 1 11 in 1 in win 11, i-i. .,,..111,, 1 11 i1 ""i iii'iiii 11 j;rin in
i fun. I. it !s '",'.') C'liiniiishitiir 0 his lieiiilqiiiii lcrs. Hut it is also ies
Inil'mn Ajjairn: lilicd (hat Tiltoii rcpciilcdl 1 Inaiid
An Indian, arrived from Tongue i 1 il at Ihe Various distilleries, brnml
MtiXTRl-.M.. Dee. Ml.The lire at
lalwtirdH' safe factory involved 11
loss of IO.(M(i.
On Siiiiirday nighl 11 collision oc
curred between the express train
from Koiisc'h Point and a freight
train drawn by two engines from
the West. Tliejr cainti together
with flight fid force, (he engine of
the express limit mounting the en
nine of the freight Iraiit, ciiikhing
the -U)iiiier, tiHtncd Nb-wbold, Into
n f liHjx-h-Hi tuna.
night nil day I , ,v, , i icporien mar a targe puny 01 , ing 1 lie oai it-is as mi', nig uceii niaii-
I'liesdnv. Tuesday ni"ht ami Wed- o'iim co,oiis. 1 11 1 e s. i (goilalas, ! ulm timed lit !ore N-pt. J, thoiigh lie
high precipice of snow, wliile my 1 msdav, until found as above relni. ' '"s, ( nliililiiiip;is, l.laekteel ami : had on jirevious da.vs biauded all
eoini.anioii went aromid and headed Hht pants wcredoAii ami drag-! 'iitnracKs it it ongue uver on Ihe ihid was on liaml there, ami ul
1 ... 1 . . ..... 1 . 1 l"ih tiit.itii i.ii' lin-i eltil 1. 1, ,11-n.,, ii.,..,,,! u..i,,.. a ... a m
i,,,,,,,!, I, 1,'IVf. II iriuill lil'Mlll- I'lg ,1111111 IDS ICC1, XVIIH II IliaiC e I ,,, 1 iiii'iiu ...1 si'.,,, .., , ..s...i,n, iis l.l"
"" 1 ,,U ' """"";!" smdar looking t.aek that imi,s(., and on the -M the I mlians M-ere -lis-,l,ow , ihe li,pior was jel warm
laagli over my drlinilr iu pari int. t h- at fi-nt ion ol Mr. Allen, ami led ' "v"' 'l n. arlhe l.,rl. Hrevel l.ieitl. j d (he still.
Inrly slippery lack. lo diM-oury. No cuspieion of' ( '!'' Icllcrimiii. Capt. P.rown amij The spirits so bought by Devlin
I had to dig slops with the breech foul play is en. rlaiiietl, as 1 learn, j 'aeui. i .rammoii.i, wn n iiiumy men, 1 was sold Dy mm, ami ms nam; in-
of mv lille fortienrlv two hiindred ' ''' Noyes for a yi-nv or inure has
feet, and Hep vcrv canlioiis at thai. ! h!i" " 'vi,1'",'''', d' insaiiily,or idio-
' Ol liini ti ii.l nli.iill . I) t 1.11 1 u
,nt on the whole I had my curmcl- j j(4 ,,,,,,,. ,, ,'. ,. ,..,',.,,
ly gieaity ciilisiicii. ami my nil ol
beiries nnd returned not only wiser,
but felt Rieatly invigorated by the
change ol labor from mining loan
excursion trip to the mmwy range."
lee closed Lake Moinphroniiigng
on Wednesday HMh, later in Dcceiio
' lcr than wpw ever known before.
from Ward's for hiune he missed tin
way, and went to Allen's itninhabi
ltd buildings, and from (here Mim
deled iiioiiiitl, beuuiiibed witlicohl
and MciiKeiied h liniiger. till he lay
down in (lie place w liet-e he was
found. While on I he A Hen farm he
wan in plain fight of ceveial build
ings, ami wit bin 2m rods of l)oine,
t'rh't, - -
left Ihe fort lo give them bid tie.
othing more was heard pom tlicm
until a party s"iil out I'min (he foil
found Ilicm, ut a dislaiiee of four
miles, all lying dead, Col. l-'etterman
and his entire coiiiimind having
bei n inns-iiercd,
count tbiiiug these three months is
proved lo sliow a deposit of over
?li(M,KiO. It was not unnatural Unit
he should become , reedy, nnd 11s
time went on should oib-r a haver
price, lie at lasl put the price so
low (hat one of (he distillers rel'iis-
(Signed) M.T. PATH It 'h", Upper edt'i sell lo him, in spite of his
Platle Agent
i.v olcil tlirougliout llio State m
I fie Presideiitiiil mutes' belwi-ci
.Icll'eisoii and Adams. In l.sirjs .
incmlitr of the Legislature in 1 1
terihui county was dcclid by tli '
tiiMol'ii few colured women j
a chiat l,y eoiid sled election. In 1 S"'
at a local election in Iks.sex County
for (lie location of (lie county cciik !
men ami wouieii gcneiallv purl in j
I ulcil, and were jointly implient'tl t
in extensive frauils. 'I he next win 5.
tt-r Ihelegislaliireicslricteilhiill'iim1'
to free w hife males, though invo
lution of the coiislituiioit, ami chip"
Hint time woineii have lit t Voted i-1 .
New .Icisey,
Ifcnry Ward ltereher gets ten
thousand dollars fot (he novel he Is
(0 writ for H10 Lislgnr.
thicals. Jlis distillery was tit oneo 1
seized hy the Deputy t.oiiciior, and
he in revenge told the whole story.
His information, coupled wilii iii
foiiniitioii from other sources, was
given to the law clllccr, ami tlio
London, Dro. ,11 Noon. A Inrg-e
porlioii of that patt of the Crysi.ii "
Palat e vUiicii has been used for II" ' jf
extiiliiiion of (ropic.il prediiels va'- f
ilestio,ed by lire curly this niariiii!-:. v
The daniap.e iiinoiu'irt il to IiCiO'Jy 11 ;
lnillioti ami a lulf of dolhu's'. (

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