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CtltlOIft WILLS.
Some, who in life would not h:ivc
given a cup of water, by then wills
leave enormous sums to charities, to
secure for themselves a kind of pos
thumous admiration. Others allow
not their presentment to sleep with
them in the grave, but leave behind
them wills which exc ite the bitterest
feelings and animosities anions their
surviving relatives. Home wills art"
remarkable for their conciseness and
perspicuity; others for their unpre- i
eeuenteti suapes ami curious con
tents. One man provides for a college,
another a cat, one gives a legacy to
provide bread and herrings to t he
poor in Lout, anil kid gloves to the
minister; while others provide for
bull-baiting the wellfareof maid ser
vants ami the promotion of matri
mony. John Hodge has kept his
name out of oblivion by giving
twenty shillings a vearto a poor man
to go about the parish church of
Trysail during sermon time to keep
people awake, and dogs out of the
Henry 0 roen.e,of Melbourne,Terby
shire.gavc his property for providing
green waist-coats for four poor wo
men every year, such waist coats to
be lined with galloon lace.
In the same neighborhood, and in
spired by similar feeling, Thomas
Gray provided grayjwaist -coats and
gray coats.
John Nicholson, stationer, of Lon
don was so attached to his family
name that the bulk of his properly
was given in charity for the support
and iiiaintainance of such poor per
sons in England as should appear to
be of the name of Micholsou.
David 3Iartiiicft,of Calcutta, while
giving directions to his executor,
nays :
''As to this fulsome carcase, hav
ing already seen enough of worldly
Ktmp, I desire nothing relative to it.
to be done only by its being stowed
away in my old green chest to save
expenses." He then bequeathed to
one man all the debts he owed, and
to another his sincerity.
A Lancashire gentleman in the
last century, having given his body
to the worms of the family vault, be
queathed an ounce of modesty to the
authors of the London Journal and
Free Britain, giving as his .reasons
for the smallness of the legacy, that
he was convinced that "an ounce
will be found more than they will
ever make use of."
Another testator, after having
stated at great length in his will
the number of obligations he- was
under, bequeathed to his licncfactor
ten thousand here the leaf turned
over, and the legatee turned to the
other side, found the legacy was ten
thousand thanks.
A testator, ho evidently intend
ed to thwart his relations, and be a
ltonefactor to the lawyers, gave a
certain person "as many acres of
land as shall be found equal to the
arena enclosed by the. centre of os
cillation of the earth in a revolution
round the siin,21,(i00 semi -diameters
of the earth from it."
An uncle left in his will e leven
silver spoons to his nephew adding:
"If I have not left him the dozen. he
knows the reason." The fact was
the nephew had some little time be
fore stolen the twelfth spoon from
his relative.
Sir Joseph Jeykell left his fortune
to pay the national debt. vVlien
Jjord Mansfield heard of this ho said :
" Sir Joseph was a very good law
yei, but his bequest was a very fool
ish one; he might as well have at
tempted to stop the middle arch of
Blackfriers Bridge with his full bot
tomed wig !"
Lord Pembroke gae "nothing to
Iiord Say, "which legacy I gave him
because I know he will bestow it on
theHMr;" and then, alter giving
other equally peculiar legacy s, he
linished with " Item. 1 give iip the
Dean swift's character is exempli
fied in his will. AinitngotluT things
hcltoqucathcd to Mr. John (irattau,
of Cloniiiethan, a silver box, "in
which I desire the said John to keep
the tobacco he usually chewcth, cul
led pigtail."
The celebrated Sarah, Dutchess of
Marlbolo. left Tit t 10,H0 for "the
noble defense he hail made for the
support of the laws of Kugland, and
to prevent the ruin of his country."
A somewhat similar bequest was not
long ago made by Mr. Disraeli.
Itacon left a w ill appointing six
executors, but no property except
his name and memory, w hich he be
queathed to " men's charitable
speeches, to foreign nations, uitd the
next ages."
Lord Clarendon had nothing to
leave his daughter but his executor's
kindness, ami Lord Nelson h it neith
er a will of real or personal estate
ls'hind him, although lie bequeathed
his adopted daughter to the beneli
ceiieo of his country.
Milton s will was nuncupative
that is, by wont ot month he being
blind at the time he made it. Slink
upesirc's wan make in regular form;
so was l!y ton's.
Cliatleiton's will was a strange
one, consisting of a mixture of lev
ity, bitter sat ire and actual despair,
announcing a purposeofsclfdestrue
lion. Others wrote their will in verse,
and as a specimen, we will give that
of William Jacket of the parish of
Islington, which was proved in 177,
when no witnesses were required to
A will of jici'Honal estate:
1 give unit Ix iiurnt li.
When I'm hint iiiiiloinciith,
To my two loving sisters n dt'iir,
Tin whole of my More,
Which (Inil iriKHltirM lilt granted me here.
Ami llmt until mnv iri'tt-nt,
Tlii my III nml lntfiit.
Or occasion tht It ,.t at raw racket.
Witlr wili iiin appeal.
I tvmllroi, sign tt ml ni'iil.
Till", the (M't nml iIi-mI of Will Jacket.
Some wills contain a sort of unto-
Mofrraphy of the testator, as well as
Jilft thought and opinion unrii was
the will of Napolwn, which gave a
hantl .otne legacy to the wretch Cun
liiiion, ''who had as much right to
assinate that oligarcliist.the Duke of
Wollington.as the latter liatl to send
me to perish on the rock of St. Hele
na." Such also was Sir William Pett.v's
which states with a certain amount
of self pride, that " at the full ago
of fifteen, I had obtained the Latin,
! rent h and dreck tongues, ami at
twenty years of age, ''had gotten
np three score pounds with as iiuuh
mathematics, as any ot my age were
known to have,"
Afkaid iik Miiiin- ltB Dead.
Scene at the counting room of a
morning newspaper. Enter, a man
of Teutonic tendencies, considerable
the worse for last night's spree.
Teuton (To a man at the desk)
" If you blaze, sir, I vants do baber
mit dis mornings. ( hie vet hash tie
names of te boobies vot kills cholera
all do vile."
lle'tvas handed a paper, and after
looking it over in a contused way,
said :
" Vill you po so good ash to read
do names wot don't have do cholera
any more too soon just nw, ami see
if Carl CieinseiikoopcnolVon hash
got 'em ?"
The clerk very obligingly read the
list, the Teuton listening with trem
bling attention, wiping the prospiia
tiou from his brow meanwhile, in
great excitement. When the list,
was completed, the name of Carl
(foinscii ,well, no matter about
the whole name, it wasn't there.
The Teuton's face brightened tip,
and he exclaimed :
" You don't find 'em 1"
Clerk " Xosuch name there, sir.'1
Teuton (Seizin" him warmly by
the hand) "This ish nice this isli
some funs; that ish my names. 1
pin trunk ash never vas, and, py
tarn, 1 vas fraid I vas gone tod mit
cholera, and didn't knows it. Mine
Cot ! I vos scart."
How Vkky Nattum.. An old
gentleman farmer, who had two or
three very pretty daughters, was so
very anxious about his charge that
he would not permit them to keep
the company of young men. How
ever, they adopted the following ex
pedient to enjoy the company of
their lovers, without the knowledge
of their father. After the old man
hail retired to rest, the girls would j
hang a sheet out of the window,
which was quite a distance from the
ground, ami the iienti would seize
hold of the sheet, and with the as
sistance of his lady love, who tug
god lustily at the shoot above, would
thus gain entrance. Until so hap
pened one evening the girls hung
out the shoot too early, for the old
gentleman, by some ill w ind, was
blown round the corner, and spying
the sheet, could not conjecture the
meaning of its being there. Ho
took hold and endeavored to pull it
down. The girls supposing it to be
one of their beaux, began to hoist,
anil did not discover their mistake
until the head of the old man was le
vel with the window sill, when one
of them exclaimed, " O Lord, it's
dad!" and lotting go their hold,
souse came the old man on the hard
stones and ground below, disloca
ting one of bis shoulders, which con
vinced him that his efforts to make
old maids of his daughters was not
a matter so easily accomplished;
and withdrawing all opposition to
their keeping company, he was soon
a lather in-law.
A Distinction with a Diitkr
KNCK. The New Haven Register
says that one afternoon during the
recent "heated term," a gentleman
on Church street taking compassion
on the hard working clerks of the
Post Ollice. suggested b them that
a pitcher of lemonade or something
of that sort would not be amiss, and
like sensible fellows as they are,
they eoriliallv assented. According
ly Austin A. 'iig was commissioned
to concoct the beverage and it was
done in Kitty's artistic stylo. A
dusky sou of the South was com
missioned to place the vessel within
roach of the thirsty throats so anx
iously oxiM'cting its arrival, ami
about that time .Mr. Madhouse, the
well know n dispenser of toys, etc.,
received what he regarded as a very
generous gift from an unknown pa
tron, and with a few lucky friends,
proceeded to " punish it" without
ceremony, but with many benisons
on the head of the generous unknown.
In the meantime a search had boon
instituted for the missing pitehor,
and as a last resort the colored gen
tleman was called up to give an ac
count of himself.
"Where did yon take that piteh
or r
" Took it to the mail house, snh!"
" What the did you take it to
the Mail house for P
" Why, wall, down sou f, we always
call do post ollis tie mail house.
Same ting sah !"
A strange rumor comes from
Home to the cll'cct that a conspiracy
to poison the Kmperorof the French
at Vichy was discovered before he
loft that place. The poison was to
have Ih-oii administered in a potion
w hich the Kinpcror w as accustomed
to drink a II or his bath.
All or all that has been written on
the subject the jieneli crop in New
York ainl New Jersey is very good
some piiM'is say large. Apples
are also much 1(clter everywhere
than has been reNi1eil.
A notorious counterfeit or, named
P. CcCartnoy, with a huge lot of his
bogus stuff, tools, counterfeit platen
of ijojo coiipouml Interest notosAe.,
has been captured in southern Illinois.
FA mi, UAKIi:H A. KIT! Hi:
Mill tiNliek.
Artii hoke ; an ounce of seed will
produce i(io plants.
Asparagus ; one ounce will be suf
ficient for 1,000 plants.
P.eans, English Dwarf; one tpiart
of seed will be required for every
sixty feet of row.
Peans, Kidney Dwarf; one quart
of seed will plant from ;$."i0 to JIK)
hills, or from L'.'tO to frfiO feet of row.
1 Scans, Polo or Itiiiining; fine quart
of Lima, or large running Iieans will
plant about iSOO hills, or .'SoO feet of
l!eot; one ounce may be allot ed
for every perch, or pole.
llorecole, or Kale, an ounce will
produce 1,000 plants.
ISroccoli ; one ounce is sufficient
for 4,000 plants.
Cauliflower; an ounce of this seed
w ill produce 4,000 plants.
Cabbage; one ounce will produce
4,000 plants.
Cardoon Art choke; an ounce will
produce 000 plants.
Carrot ; half an oiiece may bo al
loted for every nolo.
Celery; an ounce of seed will pro-due-
10,000 plants.
Corn Salad, or l'etticus; one ounce
of seed w ill sow about two poles of
Cucumber; one ounce of seed is
sunicient for iiOO hills.
Egg plant; an ounce of seed will
produce 4,000 plants.
Endive, or Suceory ; an ounce will
produce 5,000 pla n t s.
Leek ; one ounce of seed may be
alloted for .'5,000 plants.
Lettuce; an ounce will produce,
say 10,000 plants.
Melon ; one' ounce of seed will pro
duce from lL'O to loO hills.
Melon, water; one ounce will
plant from 40 to 50 hills.
Parsley ; two ounces may be al
lowed for throe perches.
Parsnip; two ounces may be al
loted for three perches.
Popper; one ounce of seed will
produce ;S,000 plants.
Peas; one quart will plant 150 to
100 feet of row.
Potatoes; from twelve to sixteen
bushels may be alloted for an acre.
Potatoes, Sweet; half a peck of
seed, properly managed, will produce
15 bushels.
Pumpkins;, one quart of field
pumpkin seed, will plant from 500 to
000 lulls, and one ounce of the finest
kinds will plant from 50 to so hills.
Kadish; four ounces will do for
every throe porches, if sown broad
cast, and about half the quantity if
sown in dulls.
Salsify; two ounces of this seed
will plant throe porches.
Shallots; four bushels of bulbs
will plant 40 poles
Spinch ; if cultivated in drills.foiir
ounces will plant five perches of laud.
If broadcast it will require double
the quantity.
Squash; an ounce of seed will
plant from 50 to 100 hills, according
to the sorts and size.
Tomato; one ounce of seed will
produce 4,000 plants.
Turnips ; one pound of seed is
sufficient for ait acre ot laud.
GUIDDI.E Cakf.s. One cup cream
two cups milk throe eggs good
wheat shorts, to thicken to a primer
Codicils. Three eggs cup of
butter- two cups of sugar teaspoon
ful of soda salt Hour roll thin
with seeds or without as preferred.
Si'tiNiiK CAKK. Pour eggs, beat
en to a froth with one cup of white
sugar one cup of sifted Hour one
bit of salt don't have the oven too
hot do not remove it from the oven
too quick, as the secret of sponge
cake is in the baking.
Gixiir.K Snaps. One pint of
molasses, heated to -boiling then
add one cup of lard one teaspoon
hen petl with saleratus two of
ginger one of salt roll thin and
bake in quick oven.
fMIOKT i K It (ill N I TS. I nn eggs
two cups of milk one cup of sugar
small piece of butter one small
teaspoon crcain.tarter one of soda-
salt nut meg tloiir enough to mould
and roll but not hard.
Kaiskd Doronxi is. One pint
of warm water one cup of yeast
two eggs one cup of sugar small
piece of lard or butter cinnamon
Hour, to be made just as still' as can
be stirred with a spoon. When
raised light, set them in a cool place
to lie fried asvoii want them.
lSi'NS. A pint of warm milk
two eggs cup of yeast cup of
shortning Hour enough to make a
thin batter. Lot this stand until
light, then add one pint of sugar
one eup of currants table spoonful
cinnamon mould with Hour. Lot
this rise again then take it in small
pieces, roll lightly in the hand, put
in shoal baking paiis, (sheet iron
prcorroil), ami let it rise the third
time. Touch over the tops with a
w' 'e of an egg bake quickly.
I'.KKAt'iiv lluiisr.s. It is said a
horse will not jump if a hole be bored
in each car, anil the ears be tied to
gether with a piece of twine.
A private Idter (Vkiii .Ji'NVtmoii,
Tcxiis, to 11 Tt'sitlt'iit. t(C Alliany,
V., sii.ys: This is a great count ry.
We liayea tlglit every day with the
d tl niggers. Yon can liet we
slaughter them by the wholesale, I
think in the course of a few ears
we shall have a while settlement.
Tell your father in law 1 am making
gc Ml use ol tue revolver lie gave
Low for Cash.
and bought a gitotl aenortiueBt ot'
For cash, which enable us to sell ut
Price that Can't be neat,
Consisting iu part of
Dress Goods,
Scotch & American Ginghams,
Plack Silk
Mous De Laincs,
Domestics of most all kinds, a
good assortment of Woolens,
Summer Stuffs for Men and
ISoys, Silicias, Drill
ings, &c., &e.
3vr innons
of all sizes ainl I'rii'fs,
Crockery and (i!.s.nrare,
OKI US tin, I ti :!
dull paiil for rutaliii-s. Wool, nml 1110M
kiutls of rruiliu-p.
ItiailfonL.Tiinc I I. ISM. 1
you will Hud ;i good uMi tiiH iit uf
Cloves., Hosiery. Nets, Hair Coils and PiiH's.
Skirt ami Corset a. Linen and Paper Col
lars mid Cull.. Neck Ties. Scarfs, and
Linen Handkerchiefs, Yankee No
tions, Toys. Paper and Euvel
open of cverv style nml
price. Hair' Oil." Per
fumery, and Cook
ing extracts,
C i k a r ,
Fine Cut Tobacco,
and Worcester". Ilopveast;
All of which w ill he sold cheap for cash.
Slop ! Slop ! !
Don't tie liuiiihii),'ed when you can buy
ISIiss' Kxct'lsior Hair Ki'stttrcr
For Ovl ctH. per Ilottlo.
It it dot a Pyr .'
will not injure or soil the skin in the slightest
degree. It will in all eases restore ti ray I lair
to iti original color. It is one of the best
Hair Dressings, keeping the hair glossy and
moist. Prepared by E. lluss, Agent. Ilrail-
ford, Vt. Sold whole.al I retail bv
Also, the Hungarian Hair Dye.
Hrrrnut Stitmpu in nil linomiiKtlioiis.
'1'it'Lt'l ll-lK'V,
For the Male of Tickets for the West, rin New
York ( "cut ra I, Oreat Ycsirn, Lake Shore, and
other railroad connecting with all points
West, mid South West, at, tile Post ttllice,
llradfonl, hv
I T. J. FLAXDEIiS, Imt master.
Ol I l A. I AShiri S,
TT the public that we keep constantly on
Iiu nl. for sale,
Tlif Larsrest i Brst Assortmoot of Mm i Caskds
to be found in the county, which we nro selling
lMnpr ilmn ill any other
II 1
w hich w ill he sold W'holesal
ami Ketuil at the
lowt'st ligurcs.
Thoifonl Centre, Vt., July , iwiti. iiin4
Knh, lloorM X llliutlN.
I al the shop formerly iiiiied bv the Mor
rison's, over li. U, Ahliieh's Kilt Fin-lory, in
III adloi'il, where hit will he ready to attend to
nil calls for Sash, Doors uud llliilds, ami for
crsioM d- uryritAL joii wouk.
All work done thoroughly, at reasonable
rates, and on Htmi-t notice,
Ili'iiilfotd, .III lie 'JO, IHI'ili. -i
I'rrnrs il'1oulh.-A genllcinau who
snlb red loi-yeiirs frtnii Xervous Dcbilily, pre
liniliiie Deciiy, anil all llieellecls of .vo'iithful
luiliHeiclioii, will, for the sake of sillb-ring Inl
nianily, scud free to nil w ho u I It, the re
ceipt nml directions for making I he simple
remedy h,v which lie was ciirrd. NiiBci-ers
wishing to prolil by the advertiser's experience
rati tin so hv addressing, In perfect coidlileneo
.lllllV 11 IMllll'S'
i. 1ml No. 11 Chmhrs Si., Nr Votk.
"Truth is Stranger than Fiction."
ciivui; New UimmIh fnmi tliti niaiiulac
htiru and lniMtrtirH, Imnght lor runh, at low
JiyiirfH, and will lw ho Id at a kiiiuII advance
Iritm cir4, with a bntantial Kiiaruuty o1'hkc-
in ml quality, at j
Such a Clock. Watt-hc, Jewelry, (itdd, Silver
and lMuttMi art in variety, tr niiniou
umitpreuii umh, iiirludin i-hoiee arti
ulcri lor Iiirth and Holiday lYes
tiitn, uud lor Silver, Wnldeii,
and Diamond Wedding,
Silver Sjmmhik of Ster
ling qualitv. Silver
Plated 'Table
and 1 i o
LudlcH, Tea SetH,
CuNtorM, Cake Ac. Card
Basket. Cup Al (ilddt'tM,
Tout liuckx.Call 11.Hm. A, -..(. f
the beKt quality. Table and I'm ket
Cutlery. Iauu and Short Sighted Sprr
trtele.h X None Ola-, l'erisi opir A: Mag
nifying (ilasnes, Fine Silvered Coffin riat.M
furnished and engraved to order. Seizors,
Thermometer. Revolver, Cartridgea.
and Water 1'iimiI' IVrruion Capn,
and many useful Yankee No
tions, too numerous to
Clock ami Watch work rorrrrtlu done: aluo,
Job work, including Surveying, and Musical
InHtrmncutt. done with hinting utility. 1 am
UHsinted in the Wateh Department by mv fa- !
ther. who liaw had much practical experience
in this brunch, and will attend personally to
thereat wantsof important Watches. He will
give especial attention to Chronometer, tine
Duplex, and Ijcver WtitrheM, and Don hie Tim
ers, iiinl will adjust and regulate them to Stan
dard Time, with great accuracy of sinhroiml
vibrations, tha such timekeepers may answer
fully the purpose for which they were'niade. in
whatever position they may be used. He will
put into good old English Ec era new part.-,
giving them the quick and uniform heat of the
American Watches, anil will add the Chronom
eter Balance, well adjusted tit temperature and
position. Expense from $!." to according
to number of pieces, liueiiesa of Imtsh, ami ac
curacy of adjustment.
Stall' and Cylinder work. Pivoting and Jew
elling to a limited amount, done for the Trade.
Mv thank I hereby tender to a generoun
public for so liberal a patronage iu the past,
and I respect i illy solicit a continuance of tin
same. All orueis tor good or work, oy ex
press, stage, or otherw ise, w ill receive prompt
and careful attention.
Bradford. June W, Itlt'i. t
,A A7.7.A7l
E X O It A V E It . 1
Also, dealer in
CtiuKu, Watches, Fine (inlit Jewelry,
SMrcr. auft Silrrr Ptutrd ir-irc,
of the best quality,
cvjxj GOLD. MI.VEH. and STEEL
Pocket ami fable Ciith-rv. Musical liistnimcnts
Photocniph Albums, t ipera ami Spy tilasses. i
ami ranev tiooiii, ot all kimls. at the lowest
prices. Highest prices paid for old tii.hl and
fci VltCliM-U. Watches nml
SttVO thoroughly repaired.
Siore ill South end l'richai'il's
llrailibril. i-rniinit.
k Stoic,
a sil PS, si I! AltS, I't (FFEE. Tt iltAI
( O, SPICES, and
of nil kinds, liice. Starch. c. Abo, Km.
sene t lil and Fluid. Iron and sicel. llm-se and
IH SIiih-s and .Vails, Cut Nails, Salt. Ponder
ami Shot. Fish. Pork. Cordanc lirimlstoucs
niul Fixtures. Hardware and Cutlery. Flour,
ami Country Produce, at prices as low as can
be bought in the town orcoitiitv.
1 1 n
anil l''ashionable Funiiiure constantly on
hand. Those wanting anything iu the tine are
respectfully invited to call and examine.
corny am caskk-is
t If various st vies and prices, nc.it I y trimmed
to ortlor on short notice. Atso
Ready-Made Grave Clothes,
Collin Trimmings. Plates. ,-c.
Also, agent for the sale of MASOX V HAM
Sinrimeits tin htttiil for rxftntutnlinn.
CEO. L. HI TLF.lt,
First door South of 'Tioltcr House.
Bradford. June In, 111. 1
i:v cooii
low pnxoBsi
Are constantly receiving iiildltioiiK to their
ntuck id'
Dry floods,
Kcadv-.Made Clothing,
V. I. Cods,
tilass A- Hard Ware.
Drugs and M. iiu nii-s.
Paints, ( Mis, A c, Ac,
Making their assortment the best tube found
in the county ; ami all at prices to correspond
with I he Times- 1'h-i all and F.Miiuiuc be
fore porchusiuK elsewhere.
ly on hand Harnesses. Saddles. Itriillcs,
Hells, lllankets. W hips, Trunks, and every
thing usually kept iu a Harness Shop.
n. opnlrlug
done thounhly, proiuptly, and at living pri
ces. Thank fill for past favors, he hopes for a
com iiiuam-e of the Maine.
Shop second door South of the Troller
House. Ural-lord.
I and Oi-miuieiilal llcdrooiii Suits, Mai tras
ses, Spring Beds. Cottage llcdsteadH, Cribs and
Swing t radles, at
K. A U. T. KLYF.Sfc CO S.
Cash k Ready Paw
Second ntoeU of Seanonahlc Good now
Dress floods, Dim k Silks, Poplins, Mnziiin
biijues, Check and Plain Alpuccas, Alpines,
llareges, t lreiiadiiics,.lacoiiets, French
Cambrics and Prints, De Laincs,
1 1 lug linins.W hit e OihhIs, Ibices,
Trimmings ami lliittons,
Hosiery, (lloves. Para
sols, Sun I'luiirel.
las, Hoop
II a I morn I s ,
Corsets, a Ureal
vnriel vol' Small Wares
Doniesl (csiiml Woollens of
every iiniilily, Cm-pel ings nml
Straw Malting Paper Hangings
nml Window Shinies, mid ol her art iclen
ton liiiiiierinis Ui imrtlciiliirlie. which will
Id' sold at Ihn lowest market prices, by
OKO. I'ltlCIUIID. Attt.
nmeiroirl. .fun fl, IWW. I
j. n. av.isi:,
Vegetable Panacea
anil in giving
It in pri'iinrrtl from a proscription of a Pby
nii-iun of niiiiiy vriiin of unrcrHpl'iil jirai'tir;
tlu ri-forf tin- pnolii' may IW-1 xufc Iu K'viuK it u
trial. It i pt ifi ctlv lini-nili-, hriiig
hi rn
t-ver nrt'ei-i'il for tin prevention anil run' of
ChiitiTa. lvwnterv. lisirrhiEa. Cholera Mor
Iuim. Colic, l'ain in the Ktoinueh or lioweln,
Eumelie, Hi uiliii lie, Tootliai lie, if. For a
Neiikor Lame liai k, or I'm iu the Net k or
lM-twecu the Mioulilern, orany other part of
the hoily, the 1'uii-teea artH like a i-hariu. Ill a
woril, it will relieve pain from whatever caiie
ijuieker than any other iiieilieiue iu use. Its
power over Neuralgia in lerfei'tly wonilerful.
thy it:
ami if it does you Do giio! your Money will bo
Priee H ami M eent a hot tie. Sold by
all the irint-ipal Ini-4iMtf. or ent by Express
on receipt of retail pi-ire.
C. C. DOTY it CO.. Proprietor",
llnidford, Vt.
l O T V
JMandrake Bitters
to be the 1m'm( ' pun nil ever efT. -red
to tin- public for i he cure ot hyipepia, .laun
ilice, ( otiveness, 1'ilcfi, Sick llcailache. Morn
ing Slcklie.1?. Sea. SirklH'KS. llllnior". l-'lUll
Sfouiacb, I.i-i-r coinplaint iu all ot its fi ii'tii ;
1 Ccncrjil Debility. Worno. iVc.
j in thi Couipouiiil ko comhiui
Ac. We have
I a Ionic anil
stimulant with a cathartic that while it is
thoniuh anil certain in it action it iu no way
wi iikciis the tune of the linwi In or tomuch.
they have no eijual. Fur a eatharlic they are
unsurpassed, bcin far sinicri'ir to the various
DUD t jiat Hood I he market as the v do mil weak- j
en the I towels or lca e I hem cost ivc. i I n-v arc ,
purely ectalile Ihcrclnre nerfi-ctlv s.il'e lor '
all ayes. The smallest chihl can lake them !
with perleet salety. They are warraiited all
we lelttcsent tiii ln. If on ;:iinu tlicia a trial f
do not pro c equal t
( inns the money will be refunded. It' you are
are troubled wilh ilirrried or Diili
cult Ureal hing. Fluttering at the Ilcait,
1 1 .1 rr I hi in . bead dull and heay. fuilnt-s or
wi iiit in ihc slouiaeh, SuHocat iug or choking
sensation while in a lying position. liniuc
of vision. Swimming oi I he Head. Dizziness,
Yellowuc-s of the skin and eyes. Pain in the
Hack. Side, Chest, Limbs, c.,c.. l-iwaril
Piles, Aeidilv M the Stomach. Dull Pain in the
Head. Sudden Flushes ol' Heat, illll i.iug in the
Flesh, nausea. Disgusi of Food. Creat Depres
sion of spirits and constant imagining ol evil.
Ac, Ac, you w ill timl a speedy and penna
m nt relief by using The Mandrake Kilters.
'They are the best Ycrntiluge know n as thous
ands of mothers can tesiity. 'They recitin-mi-ml
themselves, all wca-k is f..r the atlln-ted
to give Ibeiii a fair trial. I he are meeting
w it It rapid sales and gii ing uiii vernal .-a I ifac
1 ion. Price single bottles l.ntj, Six Unities
t . I . 1MII1 , A t o.. Pronrii tors.
P.radford. Vt.
X. II. A liberal disc
unit to the trade.
I with the most astonishing suceesi
curing t ollghs. I olds. Hoarseness. Sore Throat.
Intliiena. Whooping Cough, Croup, lll-uli-ehitis,
DilHculty of lln-at hing. Athma. and
every atleiiion ol the Throat. Lungs and
Chest. That dreaded disease. Ciuisumpt ion.
w hich carries thousands every year lo an un
timely grave, and which bailies Iheskill of the
most eminent Physicians, often yields to this
remedy. It docs not dry up it Cough, but
loosens it, so as to elialde the patient to ex
pectorate fro lv. It w ill invariably cure the
! most stubborn Cough cuiwd from a cold, or
j tickling iu the throat. 1 t ''roup, we will
! guarantee a cure if taken i. si a on, Xo fam
ily should be w ithout it.
It is sale, sure, and rapid i" its operation.
It contains no piusonoiis mini i ;ds, but is
I'urrljr Vcgrlahlf.
Try it. mid if it does not "back up" all we
claim for it, your money will be refunded.
W'c say this, know iug its merits, ami fi el con
fident that one trial will secure for it a wel
comed homo in every family Do not waste
away and die when relief is at your door.
Sold by Dinggists and coiinlry dealers ev
erywhere, or sent by express to any pai l of the
country. Call for
and take no other, uud vou will timl iu it
siHidv and permanent relief. Price, large
liottlcs. (I.ini. Small bottles .ill eta.
C. C. DUTY &. CO., Proprietors.
lliadford, Vt.
. 1 Hi It KG EX Ell. I T0h
i n l llnlr lr '!
For llcstoting Orny Hair to its original color
nml beauty, to keep the Hair from falling oil',
to Host ore it upon I til 111 Heads, to keep Hie
Hair soft. Pliable, mid lively, the AMI KIl'AV
1 1 A I K Ul;iiKM.Ii.ot .lands far iilsiye nil
other preparations lor the Hair. It n moves
Dlllldrull, rules lliluiiii-s of the Scalp, Cools
the Heated lliow, cures Xervous Headache,
renders the Hair Suit mid lllossy, keeps I lie
Hair from Falling Oil, even after' seven sick
ness, causes the Hair to liiow upon Huh)
Heads, mid resiores tirav Hair to its Xalinal
Cohranil lleauty. It Is not a Die, but nets
directly upon the Knots of the Unit', supplying
reiiiired nourishment, and iialiirnl color and
beauty returns, limy Halls disappear, Id
Heads are covered, (lie Hair stops Falling, and
a 1 1 -:i it 1 1 1 u I Head of Hair is Hie result of usinn
the American Hair lb generator. The Ladies
like it for its delightful fragrance, and the rich
liml glossy appearance II Imparts to I ho llnlr.
Fur a conilnoli Hair Dresser, the Aliicniali
1 lair Hegonei ntor mid Hair Dresser sliimls at
the Head! Try one hot lie nml volt will he
convinced by Its use Hint It is tin-best Hair
Preparation ever tillered to the Public, If It
will mil do nil wi rcenuiiuctiil, your money
will lie refunded, ns It Is warranted to gave
perfect sallsfuetloti. lie ann and call for tin
American llnlr llcgi iicrator mid llnlr Dresser,
and take no ol her, nml yon will he r tinned
Hint It Is lust what you want. Sold every
where, A liberal discount to the trade
I'rlor 75 frn nor tint Hp,
v. c. doty rn
I Prmlfbrd, Ve.rmnnl,
Darling & Divoll,
Would rpuneptfully call flic attention of ttrn
Iiu hi iv to their huge utoi k of (ioodii, which
lave len boufilit at the lowent lini-un, aiul
are composed, iu part, of the follow lug:
of every kind and dencripttou
Hortiucnt of
A largo
13 o o t m cmd Sliooa,
of every description.
PATry-T MKim iyrs or all ki.ds.
I'iiintw smtl Oil.
W e would cnll especial attention to our large
ami well selected stock of
Gents' Furnishing" Goods.
Tf yoi wi-.li to buy a nice Suit of ( l.xhcN, titul
buy tbein rhrap, eiine and see u be tore K'dliK
eUdwbere. To tboe vi.-.biiiK to buy Vaucv
CaHfinicii-M and nH'rkiur-, we would i-uy, vou
will do well to call mid see us Udore biiiii
for we know tbat we e;in ive you riM'K that
will nut inly vou. We ulway have n lurA
uToik of uoud on baud, mid are conntautly
rcceiin new oodn Iium market.
Ladie s I S.ndif ! !
We resM' tfiiIIy all your attnutiori to our full
aid complete toek of
Summer Shaicls, Glares and I'aramdg,
Hatx, Cajis, Eon nets, and
MitliiH ry Gtvili
of all kinds.
We have in our employ an experienced Mil
liner uud Dress-Maker, who will always bo
happy to wait upon ladies that mav favor us
w U h their patrniiage.
Hoping that we shall continue to rcci ivr i
share nl your ni-i , we remain, v.-ry irulv
Vour oh't si r 'Is.
DUil.INO A DIVitl.L.
Last Corinth, ,lunc I. sii. it-
ii;v.?ioi:i; s w.oo v
in: a truM. i . . mu. r.
a pikse a portion ot my stock la trade :
j 'onl'csfotn-rj-.
' All kinds of Comimui and Fancy Candies,
I Cough Drops, Lozengi s, ,v c.
I I'rnil nnl us.
I ( oti-isliiig of Oranges. Leim.ns. Apples.
. Fis, Dales, Coeoamii-. Kng. .V Am. Walnuts,
iua.il .Mits. rcanuls, r iIIk-i t. &c, &c
i'uluitt'onnil Clsurs.
Of all the dill, rent brands, including Armv,
Navy, Fine Cut. .Vc r.
I'lli, 4)Mlorsi. At:
Fresh Halibut, t imI, Macken l. Lobsters.
Smoked Hen ing. Sardines. .Vc. Oyster Mi'vrn
and Fries served at short notice.
lr imil 4'orstliulsi.
Porter, Champagne Cider. Soda. Small Ilerr.
Port. Madeira, and California Wines, lfos
Water, Hay Kmii. c.
It'llicH and .lnniH.
Haspbcn v. SI raw berry. Peach, (biince aad
Pilieaiilite .fellies It ml .Imiiis' uls.. 1. I. .n,l
i Walniil Kelt hups: pi, Ue. I'iiunt Suiirr. and
other articles in this line.
Apples ami t (nil, us for sale by the barrel, or
in less ipianliticH. Ph.ase give me a rail.
iliadlord, June 1.', si,i;. jtf
NO. .1 11AHIY'S IH II,I)IN(,
And exainiue a large and well selected stock
l'unry nml Nlitplp Urovrrir.
I have always on hand P.lack, .lanan, and
Ill-ecu Teas. Collces. Spices. Sugiir. Molasses.
Lard, Dry and 4'ickled Fish. Tripe, Vinegar,
Dried Fruit. Tapioca, Sago, Farina. Corn
starch, I ooking KMrncts, I oliacco of nil kinds,
Ki-ioseiie ami Coal oil. Fruit Cans, laimps,
ltrooius, Whips, e., v. .lust n-ccive.l.
UMI Darrein Clioiee Wistrrn Flour,
W hidi w ill be mild low
ranted. I have also
mid every barn 1 wur
i good assortment of
tmrchnsed of the manufacturers. Ucnieuibcr.
lie keeps the best of everything.
Don t forget Ihc place,"
1 Xo. H Hardy's Iliiihling, lliadford.
. , . .'"".'an get Tens, Cotlces, Sugars, Fish,
Tripe, Flour. Choeohite, llromii. MaeeBroiii,
'lapincn, Sago. Verniicclli. urn! vvcrytlUnji u
at the very lowest prices.
i:. ii. i.m; v
At Nw. I.ii 111 II AIIHV s IIi ii.iiimi,
Ilrartforrt, Vermont,
Is the place to go if you wish nics
Curies De Visile,
Hem Picture.
All of which are finished according to the lat
est improvement of the Art. Particular at
tention iniid to making rn In ri)nl, as well s
small Piiotographs from pictures of deceased
lioloitriili .llnimiM.
A tine selection eonstniillr mi hand. Also.
Oval, Dill. Hhick Wiiluul, mid ItoscwiMiii
Fri s, Sipiare Friiiues of nil sics and kinds,
made to order. I
A .'w nios'ovrry.
i sloin-s, Monuinenls or tlriinite. It is war
iniitcd to remove all dirt or moss in ten min
utes, mid w ill leave the stone Its natural color.
Price by ma il, postpaid, 1)1. Circular aeci
panics the bottle. Address
. II. M. fiHIFFIX,
'"O Mni hle W orker, llriidlord, V.
To rnrmrrn.
Meythcs, lorks, liny nml Hand
Knkes, Shovels, HtM-s, Iron liars.
Wool Twine, Hheep Hhenrs, Hut
ter Ttihs, nml best Iuiry Salt,
Al thr lowest insikft friers, br

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