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Rational (ftpinioti.!1
A. .. I'. lit I. IS, I alitor.
4 orinlli.
Pkemicms. In our
report of
late Fax we omit-
One roluiim, one Tear,
1 1 :tlf mlnnm.
One fourth column,
i'tie m-iiaro, one year,
One piiiinrc. three week-..
I-emd not U rn ut IS rciitu per Wrir tor three
J. .VI
j fov.ght it down, should have dicta-
iii Hot to pardon such Mipcrinr
scoundrels a Holu-rt K. 1,-eo. who for
over four years wns tin tiiiht arm of
.1.., ..iu.u;. i ..I... (;n ..(..,. 1 mcminnis ;it the
I iit nm iimiii uit't iim i i.i in m
fall of Sumter was deep in tin couth 1 ' tin.' Spanish Merino sheep.
deuce of Con. Scott, a..! when he : '",:,S U" s"v'". Ci-itli.
I1!ast, n-,Jaf1.llk1.ow,-,lz.'ofl.U 'tl.-lirt premium on buck lambs.
plaits went into tin rebellion ami at
tempted to tear down tin- citadel of
Hy tiie provision of the same art. tin
riioi ui in-.i.iii-a n-ii.-ii-o iiu . ... - , . Stile llllf-
r..,M.:, 1:.,liivr. l.1ti i-toih... til. iii. i.(.l the j l re.W HO l.llgi 1 Illi '"
riHiiiK "i r.ii sr.o.-K-ainsi t:- i'i. ii'-'i j dens, as would lie done by the at-
an.l tin-. iiIm-.'. lilt V ..1 lU. i al.in-tineiit awl t ..,.,( to establish a system of State
liii.il - itlein.nt wa tr.u.l.-n. il m tin- -Vinli-i I . . .
it A. 'iiiiiiIh. to whose ivn..:t I ni l v.m -oilll.ll oi IHMiib Millll.ll ii inuw oi
laudable, which must ue vss.u ..y needs ntnl should the present oppor j ted o u ttIc'i it .mi tlie duty f thJ
In advance. I'-M
.At tlip eml of trie year,
tfc" No variation whatever fmmt'n-'-e r:i t i-h
IV pn'icr uVeolitiliileil until ail lunar-afTe-i
nro paid, ixrupt at tin option of tin
Tin: i:i,i:rTioiN -o
Six states liave thus far held tlu-ir
flections for congressmen, &c., and
the result shows most conclusively
wliat the advocates of tlie immedi
ate admission of the rebel stales
without proper safeguards or sure
ties. liave to exited from the people
in those states that have not yet
spoken. Congress, which is made
tip of men direct from the people, is
fully and unequivocally sustained by
the people. Johnson and his policy
in the states of Maine, Vermont.
. Iowa and Ohio, are placed lower in
the scale of popular contempt than
political plumct ever sounded, while
Indiana and Pciinsyh ania vote him
a putrescent nuisance to the tune of
from 1.".KK to L'O.oOO majority, and
with their congressional delegations
almost a unit against the shameless
brawler. We pain two congressmen
in Pennsylvania and lose one in
Ohio. Imt it i-i some satisfaction to
know that Geo. II. Pendleton, the
copperhead candidate for vice presi
dent along-with McClellan, is defeat
ed in the latter state. The battle
that was fought on Tuesday the uth,
was as warmly contested a one as
has been waged for many years.
The canvass in all the states has been
excited and hitter. On the part of
the democrats it was fought with a
determination and a courage worthy
a better cause, for on the result ot
that day they well knew depended
the complexion of the fortieth emi
gres, unless by some high handed
hocus-pocus the rebel states could be
forced in, rind they fought to win all
that was possible. The republicans
on the other hand had an honest
pride in sustaining the reputation of!
their several states and of rolling; up
finch a majority as would show to the
would lie usurper that the masses of
the. people were still as loyal as on
the terrible da v of Gettvshiii-gh, and
fiber! v on the s-cious pit a that his
i allegiance was due his . rather
I than the nation : or such double dyed
villains as Semines, who for the same
leii"ih of time was a sueces'st'ul free
booter upon the high seas, burning I
and sinking" our well freighted ves
sels of commerce, and who when he
had positive information that the
war had ended, lice surrendered and
Davis a captive, did not desist in his
work of destruction, but li'e the ti
ger in the jungle destroyed his vic
tims in wanton sport ; or such heart
less butchers as Forrest of Fort Pil
low fame; or the braggart Wise, as
traitorous ami defiant as ever; or
the infamous Monroe, pardoned to
wield the destinies of New Orleans,
and to plan massacres of negroes and
loyal while men; or the blusiei ing
igfall who vacated his seat in the
senate to aid in the work of organi
zing and cipiipping the hosts of the
i new Pandemonium. These are but
a few of the many hundreds in the
long and dail; catalogue of traitors
whom the president has taken tohis
lrosoni and whom he now asks con
press lo clasp in its loving- embrace,
ami why ? that they may help in the
work of reconstructing and reform
ing the shattered fragments of our
once happy country! This is one
feature of the beautiful and consis
tent policy ot Andrew Johnson!
At this idea congress and those w ho
sustain it revolts.
The policy of the president is to
admit the rebel states without a why
and the second on ewe lambs.
He also sold to Mr. C. K. Cotton,
of Hath, ilaine, one premium buck
Iamb and a very nice two years old
ewe, ami received 9 '' ior me '
Mr. Stevens has taken preat inter
est in pure blooded sheep and has
obtained quite a name for himself
in this line.
II ru llrI.
P.io Tkkjshim;. Mr. Win. Wil
shire, tt West Fairlee, thrashed for
Mr. James II. Arinstronp, of 15rad-
ford, with a common two horse
Miver machine, 100 bushels of
wheat in three hours and twenty
minutes. Mr. Wilshire says this
can't be bmt.
We are requested to announce
that the r.'tniiims awarded at the
late Fair in this place, to persons
residing- in Ilnulonl w ill be paid at
the store of P.aseomb iv Clark.
i'oti.lisi III.
Lkvf.k antJ Oysir.n Si fter.
There will be a Masonic Levee and
Oyster Supper at the Town Hall at
Fast Topshani on the evening of
Tuesday Oct. 2'X Admission l.
cents, Supper $1,50. The attend
ance of all is solicited, and a grand
time is expected. Everything will
Im done up "on the square." Go
one, po all, and till the hall.
tin- iiit'una.itioii on tin wnltji-i i .1 tun i-l.ii.n.
a- wi ll .i lonli'tail, ui t laiin- all.nv i il i'y lnul
a-iiiii-l tin- Mali'. !
tin t!n- :llt of MoIht. l-l'-'i. tin- l.J:l.llt l- 1
iiia:i.rt'.ii!.-al nulmiilti'il to no- tin- .-ti.v in '
M-ii ilnli-of inilitarv iioii r y ln-l"tui.i totlo' ,
Si. lie. wllil il lie ri . ollllll. il. 1. il i-liolllil In- rol.l. I
to w ii : i
1 t. ii 'ow rido, 1 tai-i-t nlli'. 1 '
.ilM'. -.11 Binall talili-ii, K,-, iaii. i.l lniw liatH,
I :ji paii k cotton Jt roiiscvi.. I sit juili-i. on i-talK
sr it. in in Iroi-ka '.'S i-r, frm k- 'l ,l "'U.
I aioiin,-tl it lloanl i f m ivi-y to inline
tlii iioi-iiy, ami on tin ir n -," n't. mnl vxom
iiii iiilnlioii, im tin- 1 itii ilav ot Novi -iiiImt. IS'".
Ollll IVll till- lll.lltCl lllilM. I tlllll t.iI lo ill tin
alni' at atlrlloli. wllii-ll lit' all' wants iliil.
TIih iniMH-rty wim uUl uinl lia l ' moi-' r
ll'.H llM'll.
On tiir ."11I1 ilav of Hi-n-mlK-r. lSiii. tU Qnal-ti'ini.l.-liT
o'liera liaittln' follow "ii4 '"' 1"'"
.':rty in hi., liumU iH'loiiyiiiii I" ' x"
wit :
;I,iHJ winiI bluiiki'tx, ,.'.'i"' nililii-rl'laiilftK.
l.il 1 inlilM-r itnii.lni.777iira:it' ' ii. ' liavi r
ai ks., IlS tiil.l.- knlvt-K. I rrk.
talili- 'ioona, Am; thi ilati . U" '-"l"-- '"'
i-lllnlli' tirks. il - lK iiiH-r ioi .
Wliieli be recoiiiiiieliiled to luV
some of our sister S;a!es.
ltlnu the last year, a way seems
to have been opened by which a be- j
ginning may be made in the accom
plishment of this important work,
ami at a very slight expense to the
State. The Trustees of Orange
County (Iraninier School an insti
tution of estabhs ied cliiiracti r
have proposed to the I Sou I'd of Ed
ucation to surrender up the use of
their school property for a term of
years, for the purpose of converting
their school into a State Normal
School : the ISoard of Education to
establish courses of study, the tint
to include all the branches required
bv law to be taught in the common
I schools, and t lie second to be more
! rigid, and to require in it mastery
i 0 year's lotiL'cr time: the Hoard to
ohl, for the reason that it was al- j determine the qualifications for ud-
niost impossible to preserve tlie
most of it from injury, if u'- s
tiuction, through' a siicecssiou ot
summers, that it would be useless
till wanted for the militia when call
ed into active service, and that
when, if ever, such an event should
happen, similar property could pro
bably be purchased in market for
less than tins would now sell tor.
On this application a ISoard of
Survey was appointed, composed of
C. IS. Wilson, 'oh lii'l -1th Kcgimeiit
Vt. State Militia. W. A. P.allou,
("apt. 1th lieuiiucnt Vt. State Mili
tia, C. C. Putnam, .Ir.. t aptam 4ti
mission to and graduation from tin
school, and to attend, by its agents,
upon all examinations, and decide
w ho shall be allowed to enter and
graduate ; the ISoard to nominate
the principal, and the trustees to en
gage as principal no other than some
person so nominated by the ISoard ;
the trustees to keep the school pr
pel ty in good repair, and to deter
mine i.'ie rates of tuition and receive
the same for their own heuelit : gra
dilates from the first course to re
ceive certificates which shall inure
to their benelit. as, qualifying; them
to teach in anv common school in the
Pcgiinciit Vt. Slate Militia, who, on j state for tive'years ; anil .'raduates
Gentlemen of the Senate :
tuiil House of HeprexentHtireH :
Having assembled in accordance
with the requirements of the Con
stitution, for the discharge ot the
1 .f , .1 .1.'11 A .
dimes, ami inc luiiiiiineiii 01 tin
or wherehue, and when their repre- j truths imposed upon us by that in
sentatives ask admission to congress j strunicnt, I avail myself of the car-
it must admit them. and no questions
asked. This is the exact tnith of
the matter, and twisting of words
cannot change it.
The democrats assert that congress
has no policy. We say it has a pol
icy, and it is the policy of the major- j
itics that have spoken with such ve-1
hcmeiiee in the late elections. It is j
this and nothing more : that theloy-j
al people of the south, white and1
black, shall reconstruct the states
and reorganize society on such a ba
sis as suits them, ami when their re
presentatives ask admission to con
gress that they be uhlotnprovi their
best opportunity to conimiuiii-ate to j
you such information respecting the j
prominent public interests of the
State, as will enable you more read
ily to enter on the business of the
l'roin tin' Tri-ami'i-'K ii ioit. luTi willi iil
lniitoil to yon, it aiipi ai'M tliat the lialanrc ol
iMfli in tUi' Tn-asurv Sciil. ;j, isf,.-f
win. ' It-.M'."- 01
Tlio i-ci'i ijilM of tin Ti-ea'-nry from
nil otlti'i-ouri'e-'. to Soi it. lit, lMi.i,
liuvo Wn (IKI.001 4S
nnrini tin- yi'iir to Si pt. 11, liiil,
tln'i-i' Inu lii-i'ii paiil out liy tlm
t.i;it;,.V)S 4:1
f u7,!isl SJ
JS.oTl'i fn
I former lovalf v as well as their uresetit
that no rebel sympathiser or rebel imniU r,,,,,, S(.,.Ks to exclude j
agent, whether in the presidential j ,,..,. ,f ..... ,. ..... ....... j.., ,
chair or out of it, could receive a tit -1
tie ot aitl from them. We admit a j
pain, however, to the democrats in
Pennsylvania of some 8,000 votes,
has the smallest taint of treason.
And why should they not be exelu
ded! Is the man who attempts to
burn vonr house over your head and
principally in the large cities, where , js (n,"v 1(1.,.v,.Ilt,.,. ,,y ,,.siM;11H e
the endrinous patronage of the pres
ident wns bestoweil to bring alMiut
an endorsement of his course. For
a week or t wo previous to the elec
tion the navy yards and docks in
that state weir heavily reinforced
with hands to be in readiness for du
ty on election day, and that the elec
tion is over those points will not be
deemed of such impoitance as be
fore. The late elections stamp the sig
net of public condemnation upon
the piesident and hi, policy; and it
is not the first rebuff he has met with
from the intelligent masses of the
north. Since his treason to the prin
ciples and the party that raised him
to power the breach between him and
them has been daily widening, till
now their is but a handful of those
who stood by the country in the dark
days of the rebellion in tin hour of
its sorest need, left to honor him with
their supisii t, and when thryw him
as he is in hUhidous deformity,
outside the rebel ranks tlu ie w ill be
none bo poor us to do hint rover
Anil how has this great change in
public opinion been wrought t Why
does the almost united voice of the
.,nl '.licii.'J party execrate the natnc
r A,wi,..n.- Jo.'-tison. whom but eigh
teen mouth a."'' J wiinidy up
i...io,i wi,.. i.M 'lie blame ?
lltlilt"H " niiv v
I it with the president, o" i
the people! There Ji.it 10,1;.' nf
change In the latter, nve to prove
truer and firmer to the great and pro
Ijreshive principle of human freedom.
It i tho tutwarraiilable and high
liandel course of the president that
has nlienated the affect hum of for
mer fi'ieiidsand rendejfd him an ob
ject of loathing to the bulk of the
republican party. His wholesale
pardoning of every rcliel that has
applied for a pardon in on nbnse to
tie loynl jicople that elected hint and
an insult to the thousands who bared
their lirenttn nd im ived the shock
of battle. Kven n he iteisoniilly
diAponed tojmrdon the great leaders
of the inmates, a proper person to
lease the building to, or even to ac
cept as a joint occupant f Or is the
highwayman who meets you upon a
lonely path ami demands vourmouey
or your life, a safe person with whom
to trust your purse after he has been !
mastered ! or would il be the part of I
wisdom and prudence to divide the I
treasure with him on a hollow prom- j
ise of better fashions, and he the;
whole time protesting that he was I
right iiihisfirst attempt at robbery f j
We think not. Vet this is w hat t lit'
southern slates ask. and it is what j
the president asks congress to con- j
cede. To this it will never consent : j
and Cmd forbid that it ever should.!
Coiiv icteil rebels should never hold j
an ollice of trust or honor, or have j
any of the emoluments that pertain
to a government they despise.
The adherents of Johnson say he
is currying out the policy of Lincoln,
Than this nothing nmv absurd.
It is a lilsO upon the fair fame of the
great departed.
In looking over the whole field of
politics one remarkable fact stares us
in the face, and w hich no Johnson
nrrr. in all.
llalani'i' of i ah in tin.' Trcury,
Sont. 10, lsoti.
Knr ft ilrt.'iili il Klati'ini'iit
ilUlniri-iiii.iiis, rofi-ri'iiri' i.i niailr to ilio Trras-nri-r's.
r')ioi rs.
'I'll,- Tivnsnivi'i. rlai-'illi'it "lati'iiii'iit of n
rriils. ami ililniit'ii!riit.s, for the yrar pro
itrf U ;ei follow :
A m-ii ul In nil CoUoao fnml,
Snli' of roiil 1'i.tat.' t.,v tlio Amlitor,
1 jr.'iiH.. lor i-irriiHi'i,
Sat.'ty Kiiinl lioti'H, I'ollci'tt'tl in
l.o.lln of ll unit lSli.1,
SoMiorV n'.lotiio-nl,
llaluniT Si pt. j, lsu'i,
examining saui jiroperi.v, lecoin
inended ts sale. The r i"pi t was
continued, and the t uarterniastcr
General authorized to sell the same,
at such time or times as he saw tit.
with directions to stop or suspend
the sales when, in his opinion, it was
not selling at remunerative prices, j
I'ndor these order he sold property
to the ano '.nt of $ 5.".ISt, who i I
finding that the I'niied States were !
selling like property, in very large '
quantities, all ovur the countiy, I
thereby depressing prices, be sus- j
pcuded further sales ; but said or- j
tier is still in force, and the residue !
of that property will be sold under
it, during the present fall and com-j
ing winter, unless the Legislature
: direct otherwise. j
i Hon. John llnwe, Jr.. agent for
the distribution of State aid to sol
diers' families, has made his final re
Krt, showing that, from Sept. 1,
1SC.". to April l.". lSiiti. he disburs
ed, underacts of April ''. ls,il.
i and Nov. 1 1, l.ii-', the sum, in all,
i of .?.. IS. Thelagent states that
there is now no outstanding claim
under cither of those acts. I here
with transmit said report.
Since the last session of the Le
gislatiiie. the four companies of the
Hlh liYiiiiiicnt and the entire 7th
t unit v to purchase it be negleeJe', 1
do not think it could ever again oe
obtained at anything like the price
now asked. I therefore recommend
an appropriation for its purchase at
the price named.
The buildings have lteen repaired
ami enlarged, so as to accommodate
from twenty th e to thirty scholars,
and the school is now open for the
reception of juvenile offenders, quite
a number having been already re
ceived ; and I think it gives go si
promise of accomplishing all that
the State expects from such an insti
tution. The first report of the Commis
sioners has been made, to me, and 1
have caused the same to be printed,
ready for immediate distribution. I
commend its suggestions and recom
mendations to your careful conside -
Pursuant to the act of the Gener
al Assembly, entitled " An act to
prevent taking shad or white -fish in
Lake Champhiin or its tributaries."
approved November t, 1 Si ;.". 1 caused
copies theroiif to be forwarded to
the Governor General of Canada
and the Governor ot New York,
with the vetniest that "-their respect
ive Governments ndnpt like meas
ures prohibiting the taking, killing,
or tlestrovini;. of shad or white 6-h
in the xut.' of said lake within
their respect ive jurisdiction'" The
subject was taken niti eors)(lera
tiou with promptness ami coin-test
by the Government of Cauathr, and
oil the l.Sth of April. ISiSi. tf f-'l
htwintr rcLinlation was anoroved bv
the Gov et nor federal in council, un
, del the Canadian fishery act, viz:
No person shall, daring the months
lroiu tlie higlier course
credentials which shall avail them
as perpetual certificates. This pro
position has been approved by the
Hoard ot Education, ami win ap- , . .,!,1.1iK.P ..,.,1 ( irtoU-r. and No
pear at length in the report ot their ; vt.lkt-.f.j. ,ak(,. Kill, or destroy, any
Secretary, and, at their jequest, 1 i ll;ttl white lish ill the waters of
commend the subject to your care- tn jk,. riiamplaiu situa
fill eonsi.lerat ion ' te.l w ithin t he Pr.n ince of C,u.:..la.
I recommend the enactment of a j v (.,.1.1imtlil.a,i(,11 from the U-.v
i law by which the lSiiurd of Fduea ! ,.,.,. ,,t' ,.,v York, of M v
, tion ma.v be empowered to accept is.i( inioiii,,'.! me that earh in
the pinjiosit inn referred to, and also
to accept, in their discretion. similar
propositions from other schools in
different parts of the State, and to
carry out the compacts that will re
sult from such acceptances, by at
tending, in person or by agents, the
examinations for admission to a"d
graduation from any schools thus
adopted, and granting jo graduatts
the appropriate cert ilie.ites.
1 desire also to commend to your
attention the matter of the authoii
! zctl list ol si-liooi text oooiis, a soaie
j what extended discussion of which
j will be found in the reptr; fth '
I ISoard of Education- to your honora- j
j ble body. The original selection of
school books was made in IS.V.I. toj
expire in ISiit ; but the time origi j
nally appointed for its durat ion was I
j afterwards extended to lMl", and !
j will now soon expire. This plan ot j
an aiithorative selection of school 1
books, although strongly opposed a! j
liist. seems to have won its way to i
very general approval
Nome It
si's.sioii will be necessary to prevent
i return to an unlimited iliversilv ol
season of the Legislature of that
State, he sent a copy of said act to
that body, and by special message
called their at:e it!on tothelavv pass
e l by the General Assembly of Ver
mont, and urged upon thein the im
puitance of a similar enactment on
their part, but that owing to a press
of other business, the legislature
adjourned without final action there
on. The act of this State, is. there
fore by its terms, still inoperative.
1'llNXK.l'IH I T lllVKi:.
I ruder the joint resolu ion of tin
( to v ei -in r co : I at once snDrnrtV :
ted the tpi s:iou to t!i Jnlge$of tho
.Supreme Court, who, after consid
eration, gave me their opinion. if
writing, holding that the fact tu
abov e stated cons ituted Bach a Ta
cancy as the Constitution made it
the duty of the Goveriior to fill.
Siibseqiiently, m the L'lst day of
NoveiiilM'r, l,s;.-. I appointed lion.
Hike 1'. I'ofaml, ot St. Johiisbury,
a Senator from this State in tho
Congress of the United States, to
fill the aforesaid vacancy until the
next lncetiiigof the General Assem
bly of this State.
On the L'sith day of March last,
Hon. Solomon Foot, Senator from
this State in the Congress of the.
Flirted States, died at Washington,
in the District of Columbia. On
the 3d day of April. Wm, I filled
the vacancy thus occastfitretl, by ap
pointing Hon. Geo. P. Edmunds, of
lSurhngtoii, Senator from this S:ate
in the Congress of the United States,
until the ine tiirg of the General
Aoe?nhlv of tlie State.
The loss of both of her Senators
within a brief period, was a calam
ty unjrTecedfjirtrtl. in the history of
Vermont unprecedented in the his
tory of any of her sister States.
Their long experience ami distin
guislied services, their rare a'lility
and ric wisdom, their tried and un
failing constancy to duty, and fideli
ty to State and country, their Chris
tian purity ainl nobility of charac
ter, had wort f.vr them rhe foremost
i auk in the councils of t fie nation.
; In the fullness f tl'ir givat uselul-
uess and inllkieiM't", at a tin- when
j t h ficctts of the nation erietl out
i for their continuance among us,
I they were by the deerecs e' an in
s:-rutable but just Provide l&v, called
I hence Tin w hs si'euis irrepara
ble. Veriitoii d.Mibly hoiioreil by
their lives, weeps over their fresh
j graves', and the nation mourns with
! lu-r. 'flu never fading record of
j t'ai-ir lives remain aiich legacy to
i.i...;.. c...... .. .... i;..i.. .......
1U li . 1 ii. ii' . .1 iiiiiiii; iiiil ii.('ii
tilt' Ml -oi.ti i'i i urn i,i'.v ' o.T .1 ill.
I aspiration i" an.
jiT)i.a-".s .;' the srrar.ME ohtjt.
IIoii. Luke P. Poland, having on
the Hist day of November. 1M. re
ceive 1 the appointment of Ui.it.'d
States Senator from this S:ate, re
signed the Ollice of Chief Justice nt
the Supreme Court of Vermont, to
which he had then recently been
t.-Ol.iws I i
-.".l.'.IIS '.I I I
Km.) ;:i 1
Oriliimrv mnl war cspi'nwg.
I'ay rolU. mililiii 1' sk fiiii-4,
Soldi. -r--' alloi nii'i'l .
.Viii-iiltiiiiil f'.lli'iif t'.itiil inviKt-
.-I in IhiiiiU, i.ny mi
Salrtv I'niiil r.''ai.l. .'.i'.-'.'i n
l.oan'of Kill linliiniopaiit. i.i.imil ini
l.o.ih-.. f is.; ami l-"'i paiil, 'Jsi.ikki mi
Jlali-ni-i' of iiili-rit iirroiint, l.'a.iki'.i s:i
Croilii -inLini! fiinil, T-VJioO
lioinUor IS7I paiil, (..- ihi
llatani i' in Tii aniiry S pt. 10, lSiV,, -js,:,;i; i;7
i.. . .. . - . . 1-1
t mii.i.'.s Hi lieglinelil ol V erinoni iiiiumi'-p
f ri'i-i iiitH. iiiol I ti:i i been mustered out ol service.
Those of the !Mh were mustered out
in the State of Virginia, Oeeembcr
1, 1SIS5, and the 7th Kegiineiil at
. :ll.. 'I- t i. i i 1 ci'i: 11
.rt.wnsvtoe, ..-.x.is ,..,.. .... '. .. , ,. , , inja.eth.
Front these ooints they returned to ,. , , , , ....
-.io 'i-i.Oii f- s. i .i . ... .. . .; l .... i sciioois ; aim i lecunmieiiii iii.u un
V erillOlil, w im m l in , v ri i- ii.imi iiiw , .. ... ,. , .
s.n7i i'i 1 , ', ,i ,i ii- 1 ISoard ol Education Is
l.:t:l 7.. I tiiscnargco. inns an tut- ni'ii.i-
ii.titK) oo j (i,,lis ,,f Vermont, in ct ection
.ion on! with the active iiroscciition of the
CSI.imiii im j y;ir i',,i' (lie preservation of the I'ni
on, have been perlornieil, ami all
. i . . . ,
I lie ot gaiu.at ii'iis win ii""i i " .,nl,jt.
State, and which have contributed '
so largely to its reputation and lion-1 Ki;t'iUM schokl.
or ami to the final success of the na- j Under (he act approved Novcmbei
tiimal arms, have ceased to t xUt as j ,Mi,", entitletl " An at t to estab
such, ami the ollieeis and the men ; jsli the Vermont Kelorm School," 1
last session of the Legislatuiv, n-1 ,
ative to the restorations of sea lish
to the Connecticut river, and itsti i
outlines. 1 appointed Albert l. Ha i
ger, State ieologist. and Hon. Chas.
ISarrett. Coinuiissioiiers. I also
eonimuuicatetl copies to said joint
resolution to the Governors til Mas
sachusetts. New Hampshire and
Connecticut. The Coniinissinliei s
j report may be expected during vntir
'islation at your present j i . ... ,
I I It 11 1 .1111.111, 1 J".lll I -1 ' . f '.' -.
I ,;i ;s un
l-.'.n? m i '
iJWi.'.".!! I--
eillpow eretl
to rev ise the authorized list of school
books, add publish the same as soon
! as may be practicable, ami that the
j authority of the present list be con
i tinned until such rev ision be made
i (he last session, rclat llig to I he im
; provident destruction of shad in the
i Connecticut river. I addressed a
j conimuniea;ion to the Goveriior of
Connecticut, request ing him to call
! the attention of the' i.t 'is!aiuie of
that Slate, then in session, to tm
subject, ami tothc resolution of our
State, a verified copy which I trans
mitted to him. I also transmitted
copies of the same to the GoVellluiS
of Massachusetts and New Hamp
shire. In response to the applica
tion made to the State of Connec
ticut. I herewith Irntismit to you the
elected. The Vacancy occasioned
by this resignation, I on the ',1 V.i
day of Nov ember, lMi.l, tilled by ap
pointing Hon. John Pierpoint, of
Yt-rgeiines, to be Chief .1 list ice of
a d Ct n t until Ue next nu ct ng t f
I lie General Assembly. On the
same day I also appointed for the
same m-riod of time the Hon. James
ISarrett. of Woodstock, to lie l ust
Assistant Justice, Hon. Loyal C.
Kellogg, of Uutland. to be Second
Assistant Justice. Hon. AsahelPeck,
i of ISiirlinglou. to be Third Assi-t-'
Justice, and lion. William C. Wil
son, of lSakersliehl. to lie Fourth
Assistant Justice of slid Court ;
thus leaving a vacancy in the ollice
j of l-'it'tlr Assistant Jie-tice : and on
ithe same tl;y l appointed II"''. ISen
jjamiii 11. Steele, of Iry. Filth
j Assistant Ji.-tee of said Court, to
till said vacancy nut.'l the im cling
j of the Gciicr.il Assembly
St ATI'S MP iUE co.w rrjv.
I - i
fs.nce my last a inn.d conimnnici-
tion to the Legislature, the wurii of
reconstructing ami reorganizing the
i State and local governments v, hich,
for more than four years, had bceTt
in rebellion against the federal nil
i thiirity, has largely engaged the at
! tent ion of the executive ami legis-
..i.. .1... .... ....... ,.r .i... i
. , 11 '1 , , ' -- --- tlOltll 1.II(I1I,1I1,F lll'lfIIV.t
composing them liave laid aside !nppointe d, by ami with the advice certified copy of a joint -resolution, ' b.vci'itii icut and as is both neees
fj HI'.l.'fll I-.'
Tlip linliilili.K mnl n onroc of the Slate ill i jvis that I licit" Coll III I'V
ilate of Trea-nrer' i-i-i.n-t, an lollow j. : I . . .. . .
Slate IioiiiN oiiii,tainlin viz; tllllie to UVl t
Itiie.lnne I. Is; I, f7."...V)ll IH) i nilieer'.
I""' I''" ' -r I. ls7l, -"".i j .;,,ii,te.i men,
line Oiii inliii-1. I "Til, .-.l.iniil (Hi
line li.-i-enil.i i- I, Ins. '.'.i i.iiihi nil .
The Hi) eri ilit. il to tin- finkinu fiitiil. . ... i i ,
ami J? HI..I NI no whi. h llie An.lilor expe, t, lo j Ap...ii;le.t o..ii,ii,iio,Ioi,i .1 ol-
! I, 1,1 RIHITI lltllll I '(- .(-O.-lill I'lll ' I O'O'lll. I ,. .. . , IA 'i-i.
1 f. l;....i;... .... il...... I I. l.lilKti il inen, j"....:-
.'t ...,
il ma r t lAiiti.i i ii .
their arms assumed the garb of (hi
citizen, ami have quietly mingled
with tlie mass of the community.
All honor to these noble men that
yet live ; an respeci, limiting ic - ,n ateti saui scIkmi at v atcriiury, restt r ition of shad to the waters ol
M-ct, to the memories of the fallen, j Vermont ; ami in connection w ith j the t oiiiu'cticut.
wtnl NO elieel till V li'il 'C tlllll' OWIlKii.l liie-iti.m tlm Cm k.i.a.M.
might con-! pnrcliascil about sixty seven acres
if tln Senate. Annul I. I'enso ai ! i..ivu.il I.,- tin f .... I 1 , t n ,. I' ll.,i
ActiiigCouimissioner, ainl Lewis A. State at its last session, showing
Dunn anil Lewis Pratt, Advisor, j their willingness to co -operate wit h
t oiimissioiiers, whosoun altervvar ls, the other States in interest, in the
lire inli li'li
lhle allotnn iili.,
line lleei iver of Ilanl'V llank-
wif. ty IiiiiiI.
Ine to li t", S. Siirptll fnml,
One Ai ii nllunil ( olleo funil,
One I'Mr.i Stale pavi-i,,t. ,1,
.'l.'.Sfl !U 1
ft,; .W IK)
n.i;i; is
i.r-7 i
'.'ii.'iiki mi
fi'Uiii !
l'.iili-li il men,
I Ari'isulp nunilM-r,
of land, part of the old Governor
''"" i I i...:...- ... .i... v...: i
ii,,, I ., ,., ,, . ii i . i i , i.i'Liisiiti nit- leiiiiiiii; in un- . .ii uniii i
l.utlcr larm. so called, takinga deed K., ,, i " , , , :. , ,
,,.,1,,. , , . . ,1 CI HI 11.11 V II. Ill, 'MII'IUIII ill lis liist
ot tlie same to the Stale, at the I , , , , . ,
..: .;.., i ... t . i t , i session. I, al an car v tlav, appiiuit"il
price ot sx thousand two hiih lei , ,, , ,. ," 'in'' i
i ni.r.M i.t tii in r
It.il.inei- in tlie I reiiini v. s..,;i-. i',7
mi lav i f si,', ' ,'i.s,7 .MI
Sin plus tiiinltioii :uiip.ii'l, I . I
I.iwh of ei'rti til hal'ililii ,
1 rt tit IK t Kill NT I Alt Nut .
Him l.ll klli'l.l.Ukt'nlt,. liui, ii... .ii. .1
in,'. . ii ii ' ..iliil, ,i i.-l 'III 1 , II IMI i i ... .... , I I .
mil li'M oil iioiiii),
llv plolnotioll to tlie t". S. A.,
Tl'illip.et'ii In oilier olallililiollii,
Total hy .lentil.
Total l.'v ilieli.ii-f,
l. l lleit.
I iroiieil I'roiir t-oltf.,
Not tii'iillv ari o'inli il for.
Mi'-i. i. il mil of an lev In nil.
V :i res ile.
; V H i mi" re i nli' te l.
I; .li-l h! I . s. A my mnl Mailne i
i Oiiilleil im ii, paip ' otiitiiiilaiioii.
1. 1. Hi
-'..' II'
1 i.
i.'i; i
f ir,,iioi mi
that is that every rebel, big or small,
.. . ."Hue rpi ii"-
ami ncrj cop iciiicati who reviletl i iiankinu Uiml--iimimll-
Lincoln as a Myrant,' ami said vve j ,'''"11'"""1' '
eunimt conquer the ouih,' is now! IIiVhhi ifi
ii.'aLi'lig the air resonant wit h shouts ( intuit I in' iliiii for tie v. nr.
ibv Amlrevv Johnson and his match
less policy, while nineteen out of ev
ery twei:t.v 'f those who supported
Lincoln and said the government
niiint Ulid sin'iild sjaiid, and the li b.
els miultf to ji-hl.nre now with con
LTessaiitl r'(lK.li'cv t anil those states i isi'. nnioiiiiiiiiit to ;,'.' :, mm,u iiinr Ih
. . ,' ., ' l lll-"illlll Hi lolliivtn t
which furiMslieu troops me mosi
readily for our arinics, ami tin most
of them, gave the heartiest and the
heaviest tote npii"' IoIiiisoii anil
hit policy, Thew ' iI,'i,'t vol
ninen, Let the hi 'le ponder I hem.
t ;:'.;. 'i
luiir ltlli. limn nt fl'i'tv l? e. nli. im
the ilollar oil I lie fjraim ll-l will ho leillii'..il ;
Hint Hi. mil p' nplo ill I'let v il. I'lll liienl ol hn-i-tlll'i.1.
ill-l' prosiereil anil InlVi lllille tin lilt to '
meet Ihh iiniomil ol tnati"ti. it wltl iiiiii nI i
ii-rtiiiiily In. eoiiniiiant wit the ni"li.l-ln m In
pnriii' the poin t in upplili h t.nrlt '. fO.'iOf. ua
il Kinkioti IiiiiiI. In I -i n the ii'imloil pay ill ti -tun.
nf iu In Mill u ln'.
Otlieix weti'iltiiMii mi mr In I lie Slale Troll-
mirer IiiiiiI Oi loU-r -.'Ith, MIWi, to .lainlarv l-t
rniTKRet EltiliT Hot tt HTK1K1S.
Xnr York, 1et. Vt A sM'iii I Wash
ington dispatch M.vs nil the ci'inpoN
it ins. nr.'ssmcn and binders In the
f the reWllion ' decent regard for Cluoi u ncnt Piinting OtUce lttick
ih ' loyal ' peoplo td those who to day for the eight hour n.v steoi,
tl-.l I.'i
Sen hen Mini inpeinuii nf ri ertilt
ll -i lln- in,
S, i in-anil i xiHine nf arrenling
leetti l , li S.'i
I'eli loe nt the frolill. r, XI I'll
Mule pHT pi lor I o Hinder nmt piiv nt
nlllil'li.. Ill till
t'. i li.i-ii orKlllilllld Slnle tnlllllo . Ilrj H
l:kieiiM ul Male Militnty roin
iiii. -Ioii nt VV a.liliiitton, I .'ll I.I
T run. pin till Inn ol Verininil nfllif1 m,
oliliel. el.-. m It
I:h ii of htali Tn'mttrer'n nf.
lien, I hi. I, iMil.ti. l.'r. I. Ist'i, ft.tV.Vi WI
fSiier Jiiiiimrv I. I "'. till i"i the Tir.i.ory
mir.T Iiiivp brrti iIinwii l.y tho Atnll nr nf Ac
nnliilii. In ileroi'lani i. villi the pmil-ion of the
Hi t nppiuveil Not. II, l-tv'i, tiillih il, " An net
ill-lining 11m ilnllen nf rerlaln Slate olll.em.
ad for Uio i-v4N tlun tuul helH lit lit tlif 1 nu.
Total nnliilii r fni ni-lii il l,v lliln Slnle, lll.vSts
MUiU.M. AMI COMMON Sl'ttool.H.
For many vears there has been an
increasing strength of public scini
lueiil in this State favorable to the
adoption of suiiie adequate means
of supplying a more specific course
of ilisiriicliiin fur the leacheis of
common schools, This sentiment
has increased very rapidly, and has
Im'coiiii' imni ami morctlt'tiiieil with
in the pas) feu ,iais, until the
gnat majoiitv of thoughtful friends
of popular ethical inn scent thorough
ly milled in desiring the establish
nieiit of smile sv stem of Stale Nor
mal Instruction.
The national troubles ami the
very large expenditures induced
theit'by, have hitherto delayed any
attempt to inaiigcrate such system
as would icsHiin (o tin general tie
liinml ; for, while all have been imi
teil in opinion that we weir In duty
bound to lose nothing of the ground
already gained In the field of educa
tional labor, all have euunllv agreed
that the heavy burden of our taxes
rcudcicd it uninlv Isiible to turner-
tin S. .Mori ill. Commissioners to ex
amine the subject, so far as relates.
I'.l . I ... .I.T . .. . 1 . . 1 . . ...
They paid it six thousand ' ' a"." l" "V . " T
111, ..,i-f.lll i-M .--.-l III. I'll f-!l. II 111, .-
ami suggestions as would enable
you to take definite action m the
matter. After the death of Sentitvr
Foot, I appointed the Hon, Go . P.
ICtlmuiiils. Commissiouer to act with
.Mr. Morrill ill the premises. A re
port may be cxpci-ted from these
gclitlellieli soon,
t'Aitts i:'!mui ion.
I am atlv iscd that our state Geol
ogist, Albert I). I lager, intends go
ing to Ihirope next season, mainly
for the purpose of learning more of
the coal ot Newcastle,
mines of Cornwall, tin
lies ol Wales, the silver mines of
dollars. llus purchase exceeded
by two hundred dollars the sum thc
lllil'll !l lit 111 .11 'I'll llV W I I.I 11. -t t.l lllll' '
tor laud
tlotlats, alal gave a guar, nice to
deed bat k one acre out of the south
east corner of the land purchased,
in ease I he Legislature at its pres
ent session should fail to make a
further appropriation of the two
hundred dollars. The hind purchas
ed hail large ami valuable buildings
on it, suited to the wants of tlie
school, and though the Commission
eis were unrestricted in the amount
of expense in electing all suitable
hui.diHgs for the nccomiuodatioii of
said school, , ct as these buildings
came vv ith tin land, the restrict ion
as to tin sninto be paid for the land,
applied to tin whole purchase.
most heartily recommend t lie up
piopiiutioti of the remaining two
hundred dollars, as the acre to be
coiiv eved back is worth lunch more
than that sum.
Pussell ISutler is tin owner of
alsiut sixty five acres of land, which
adjoins that purchased, ui.tl is a
part of the old Governor Hat lei
lai in. This he proposet I to sell to
tin State, as a part of the L'eform
School larin, at the price of four
thousand two hundred dollars, ami
he gave a bond to convey it at that
price, should the legislature at the
present session uppmpriiito money
for Its tuit-luise. 1 his laud is near
ly destitute of buildings ; a hii tion
of it is i ich meadow laud, a poriion
is excellent past in age, ami the icsi
tliic twenty or twenty-live acres
excellent wimmJ laiul, This land is
richly worth the price nskctl, ami
would, In my opinion, Ih a very Ju
dicious purchase for the State, as It
seeiiiH really necessary in order to
sary and wise in a republic in which
the citizens aie sovereign, and the
source of all power, this work h a
commanded the interested aial in
telligent observation ami criticism
of the whole people of the country.
Cnhappily tor the best solution t.f
this problem of reorganization, the.
National Fxeeutivt and the Nation
al Legislature have tint been in ac
cord in their views of the licstincth-
lion. Solo n Pool, and lion. Jiiv "' "!' .','s, -I'ing these insurgent com-
Piulerthe joint resolution of the
uninlv Isable
t..ke any new cntci prlscfs however i constitute niiclt u farm tin the School
miiuitics to their true relations to
the federal Government; and the
work has thereby been much delay
ed, the tlitUculUcs which environ it
have been much increased, ami the
southern to iini'initics have becoa o
much more hostile than at first lo
the demand of that wise policy
which would rentier "treason
odious," obtain ample security for
the future, and enable the Govern
ment to ret lee m every pledge it lns
made to its creditors', toils friends,
ami to the race w hich it has eman
cipated. .
The executive branch ot the Gov
ernment, having inaugurated the
Work of it oi'ii-aiiizinn- tin. ii.lioll..iiu
l ie toppci stales without seeking the advice
slate quar- im eo tmeration of Coiiuress. Imi
continued to insist upon its txelu-
Geriiiany, and the inaible qun.riesj sh). ,,,, , W.k (."
of Italy. Should the Legislature
authorize the Governor, without ex
pense to the State,, to coin
mission .Mr. linger is the Sta.c
Agent to the Paris exhibition ot
l.HliT, it would give him the benefit
in his travels in the rest of Fiuope
of those courtesies ami facilities lor
obtaining all tlcsiiable inloi inatioii
which lire sun to be extemlctl to
out being a t'ommissioiier from the
Tinted States, or tiotn a Slate of
the Ciiiou. The infbi inatioii gather
ed hy Mr. linger would undoubted
l.y be of value in the development
of the mineral wealth of this State,
t xtrti) 8TAi i:h hisnatoks.
The last legislature adjourned on
the Kith day 01 November, lHti."t, at
8 o'cIock, A. M. Within an hour
afterwards intelligence was received
that. lion. Jacob Colhuuer, Senator
from this Statu in fiiu Congress of
the United States, died at his resi
dence In Woodstock tho preceding
night. Wait tho vnrmiicy thus crcn-
uictl to tin legislative branch of the
Government any share in the deter
mination of the xiitiis of the insur
gent cnmiuiiuitifs, or conditions of
their n fttorat ion ; ami while denying
lo Congress all right to.judge oi ihe
completeness of this work of reor
gfiuiatiou, it has conceded unly the
right of each House to judge of the
elections, returns mid qualifications
of its own members. This policy
assumes that the Kxecittivc has the
sole right to reconstruct, reorganize
ami restore to flieir tin tin r coudi
lion in Ihe Government, the pco le,
cotniuiiii.ties ami Slates w hich have
waged a gigantic war agaimt that
Go' Tiunent ami It imi,ts, with
emphatic iteration, that Congtess,
by refusing to leeogni.e the execu
tive i econst ruction as Just, safe,
complete iintl coiistitulioii.il, null at.
once admittiiigtoseiitsiu tin St nuto
and House of Ucplcseutativcs per
sons claiming to be elected by S ales
thus ifugauizetl, Is iiMuii'l'ii'.limo,

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