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xoteh, riton Mississippi.
MoSKOE Co., Miss., Oct 22, 1SG6.
The Uuioii men twatttred through
out the South wimI b;u.k mating
and thanks to their brethren at the
N'orth. The thrilliug new from
Iowa, Ohio, Indiana aud fMinvla
nia has reaehed even to this dark
ened nook in our great country
People have read aud passed their
commiuts ujhhi it. It wa- not un
expected, and hence created no par
ticular v."iteineut. Prominent ex-
ConMerate looked a little fad and
talked decidedly gloomy. They
know and "appreciate. Wtt.-r than
yoitliern Copperhead the spirit
ml temper rf the people with whom
tliey Wii-'i'd bitter war for four long
Tears They ln lieve that when the
Yankees" undertake a job in ear
nest, it will be finished, and, while
hev' understand the rebellion to be
nttei'v destroyed, they know that
the cause that cnirendvred it is not,
and till that bo d.iiie no peace can
be secure or 1 : i -1 i 1 1 ir. I" thcs elec
tion returns thv find an indication
of a firm determination the part
of the people to tinixh thr paciua
thn justly and vet leniently, spite of
treacherous President and unscru
pulous partisans. The Chicago Tinn
which is much quoted here, finds
consolation and encouragement in
these returns. Perhaps the party it
represents docs, but their trie!, Is
here do not : they have better sense
than that. Not a paper, not a per
son that I have seen expresses even
r hone t'nt it is not a crushing de
feat at the polls. Tltv now wrap
themselves in the assumed srarb of
passive indifference and wait for the
"Policy" to develon itself further.
They profess to have no interst.be.
ca'ise thev have no voice in the
matter. Some sav they want no
representation, for even then thev
would be in the minoritv and could
exercise no control. Without rep
resentation they maintain there is
no justification for taxation, and :ir
Tieal in nomp.vn tennsto th " jndir
Tnent of the eivip 'd wnrl-1" against
thf Tniicd States frovernmeut as
arbitrary and tyrannical in imposing
Civil war at he Xor'h is predict
ed and expected, ami in some see.
tions remote from mails and rail
roads. peopV to ilav will tell voi :
(ami thev believe it) that the ti'.'M
ins ha-s already comm'-need. Pew ;
here would dep!o.-e the breakin:.' out ;
of such a war if its theatre coidd be
confined north of Mason and Dix
on's line, bn thev want no more of
it lere. Thev have tried it, tasted;
its bitterness, ami are not anxious
to have tic1 dose rcp-a'cd. This is
the feel in it of the solid, influential,
responsible men. They stand aloof
from polities, savins ami doincr no'li
in2, except to "TumMe liarmlesslv.
War has already broni'it mueh suf
fering to them, and still they know
the tvco'int for past aets is not yet
Lalaneed. and the only way to es.
Ape the dr"ad reckonin.vr istoipiiet
lV ''ipse of time makes the
whole "tiling 11 '1 issue. The
boasting invective, fo'vatemucr p""
dictions ami dark iiisiiiwuiu.is of
what wi'y take place, come from a
ni'.-re tiirmiii'iti. ics re
cl;ts. That smiie iimmr
to be tittachi'd to their
So t e la n
Tonnp r.
tance is
v.m. is tpvihatis true
or-seasom i! egotism of Mr. .lulm
son nc-cssaiilv attract attention.;
but no prevailing party will enlorse j
or sustain either. If Mr. Johnson,
flatters himself that his policy is i
the rock upon which a new and con- :
filtering party is to be budded, or ;
that be is waking himself the idol,
the favored leader of the South, the :
ouicl.er he disabuses himself of that ;
idea the better for all. is said ;
e i.ito individualiy and "t his
lierc to iiav. man
no lev. iic.i. ! ...... ,
Northern community. Ironic talk
of the : contest be, ween the -rads .
liud the 'Copperhead.:." and simply ,
rank Mr. .lohnsoii with the latter
class. He is not their chosen pi o,.!ict .
or leader, though they are glad to ;
tise him while they can. j
I'Uction here passed otV very ipn- ,
4'tlV. The cliiv U-I'cre, which was ;
Sunday, was .,.:i up to election- ,
eeiim.. and some of the candidates
Ht least pt most eloriously driml .
The t h c'.ion wii simply for judges
and local oitici rs. and was merely a
oucstiou of preference for imliviihi
als. No principle w.is in oh ed.and
tin' candidates were nearly all cx
ft'ederillc soliliers. . un h;i t in m i.i
for ;. ie are but tew ol me j.eo
who me not the same.
'I i... . i.io are HiIl'IiIV sorry, in
use tl;c expressive terms current
here. it lull a week I naw u.i-,
cled ibro,uhapo'lpaitofl,owndes:
Monns- and ( hickasaw counties,:
and we can hardly calculate on one- j
fourth of an n crane crop of cotton
in tins section. The corn crop is
but little better; not enough for
.homo consumption will be raised.
Floods and drouth, the nnny worm
and ball worm have all conspired
to ruin the crop and have succeeded.
The "oldest inhabitants" never saw
mieli a season before, and 1 trust
the. youngest w ill never mccsiuIi an-
other. , , ,. .
h a genend vnle the ti.cdmcn
are working veil and .'ehitviiig
...i .1 urn well treated. 1 hey
I'm, die. - . .
will steal, but this accomplishment
is not con lined to the bhuk race
Horse thicvcH aiu u inai kably bold,
persistent and succcsl'nl in their op
erations. The ntcrm-st measures
are needed to ivprcw the class.
CVr. vf Uonlon Journal.
Gov. Bullock is elected Governor
of Massachusetts by G0,(KX) majori
ty. All the Republican Congress
men are elected. The Legislature
is almost wholly Republican.
rVew Vorll.
There w as an earnest and excit
ing struggle. The Democrats pain
ed one Congressman. The main
State ticket is elected by from 5.000
to 12.000 majority. The Legislature
is Republican. Benton's majority is
Two Democratic Congressmen are
elected. The Legislature is strong
ly Democratic. There is great re
joicing among the rebels.
All the Congressmen elected are J
Republican. Union majority of 20,- j
000. j
Heavy Republican gains.
Gain of two Union Congressmen.
A Republican Legislature elected.
.11 inon r i.
Gain of one Radital memlter of
Congress. Probable conservative
: defeat in the State.
Union majority over -19,000.
; Heavy Republican gain. The Con
; gressional delegation same as in the
present Congress.
! WiCfiiiu.
IKavy Republican gains. The
Legislature largely Republican.
1 Republican Governor and Mem
ber of Congress elected.
j Gr.Ni.KAi, Indignation and
I Yuri:. Or!. l'ifty thousand jk-o-,
pie assembled at Jones' Wood yes
1 ten! ay to Lear Stephens' last sjieech
: in Auieriea. He said he would re
turn to 1 1 eland where he would
; strike a blow for Ireland before the ;
i dawning of the new year. An ar
, my of .lo.ooo was organized there,1
who reject the political dictation of;
the 'at imlic clergy. He urged the
sa:ae di.spo-.i; ion upon his audience,
but counseled them to respect in all
i that pertains to their special calling
as spiritual advis is.
I A man in the crowd, supposed to
be a Mritish spy, was beaten almost i
; to death, but after the row was over 1
J he proved innocent of such charge :
I At the meeting of the Fenian cir-'
i elcs last night it w as resolved to ;
avenge the death of the convicted '
t Fenians iu Canada, and the Cana
dians w ere dared to execute them,
j A Toronto special says the guard
.over the Fenian prisoners has been
doubled. The threats by the Fe
nians in lie Uni'ed States are hav
ing a bad eli'.s't upon the treatment
of the prioncrs, who now sutler
from want of clothing.
I.arg" Fenian meetings were held
in Chicago and ibitValo yesterday,
denouncing the Canadian govern
ment and threatening retaliation.
X, ir Y,k. Oct. -0. The Demo
cratic State 'entral Committee have
passed a resolution requesting the
President to intervene in behalf of
the convicted Fenians in Canada.
Hii fhih X. V.. Of. '-'! n enthu
siastic mass meeting of Fenians was
h "id Satcday niht in St. .lames
Hall, at v 'aieh retaliation upon Can
ada was resolved upon if f.ynch and
MeMahon arc executed.
I.iini.si iil,; A"i Oft. 20. Col. Starr,
. who commanded a party of the Fe
nian expedit ion. states that Lynch
f had no rank in the Fenian orgaiii
J y.ati;'i and did not belong to the ex
, peditioll.
! ,st. .( .V.).. Oft. 2!). A meeting
, of Fenians is called for Tuesd.iy
' night to consider action relative to
the recent convictions iu Canada.
In PmliHtP Court, ln.l.len ul Wi-sl Knirl,
within anil for miitl ili.trkt, oil the SM day
of Oi tuli. r, A. t). Wv.
Fwpli M.itMu.E..il Tli(-f..nl,OuiinIiuil nnlo
l.ur.v OwiruH. id' 1 1 tl'..ri, luak,-
ti.Mi tn iiil Crtirt. fof ,11, -.1 ull ..f the
H ul Estate ot Ij, mi,l . ri, wit,i thi
Slut.", tn wit: A ilr.i'Uic; i ,iw and Hiuall
pii-ce of laml. itua!eii m k.ut4 rin tti.nl. on the
main mail 1,-ailiiix tl . I--ii. ntnl 1 . i r oni--half
iiiil Nurtlierlv of Vimt Mills Viilmji-.
Ki'liri-MMitiii to nai.l Court that tlw nah- nl'thi
witne woulil cohiliK f to the Ix-iit int- rcMt-i of
hi ui! wanl.
U-ien-iiion it U iirih-ri-il liv hhiiI Court, tliat
s'O'I .itM'Iii'aiioii i-onii- unih-r I'Hii'iili-ratiou umi
Im- lu-aril at a t-siin of Hiil Court to he hohl
i'ii at Wi't Kuirli-e. in naiil ilixtrict. mi the
hint Siitunlav in Novi iiih.-r. A. D. li'i. ami
that H . !..! interi-Hieil iu tlie t.auii'. lie uo-titii-d
of the time ami .la.e of hearing hv the
tiulilieation of tlii- order in the X.tUoiiut Opin
ion, piinti-d at IJi-ailloril.ViTiiii.nt.tln-i-e weekn
ui-eeivi'lv. an mhi may Ih-. that they may
;per. ami at ahl time and jilaee, if they see
emiiM.-, olijei-t thi n-to.
Hv unli r of Court.
Atu-nt. ALVAH BEAN, UegiRter.
A triiei opv of rei iml. Awil
Attest. ' AI.VAII HE AX. Ri:iter.
Vet Toiliaiii High School
-i Noveium-r la. Sru.leut'ii ExKihitioii.ThurH-
ilay. Niiveinlii-r l., I'. M. iJ-wl
Just From Market.
No jH-rsoti ran have ltyspi-jitu n-heu they
uue Uuty'i Mandrake Bitters.
ii a it it 1 1: ik.
In Br.iiliiii-il, Nom iiiiu r li, hy the Hev S
II. Keen, D. 1)., Mr. V. II. Bratf", of Wratniiu
uter, nud Mrs. Ellen M. Williamn, of Bradford
In Bradford. Oi-t. 31. by I!ev. I Ivellarou.jr..
Mr. M. W. Salient, of Thetford. and Miss
Ltiey I. Uurher, of Kairlee.
Also hy tin same, iu Bradford, November 1
Mr. Edward Klanaau. of Canada East, aud
Mi- Mary Twamliy. of Bradford.
Are sow daily receiving new ud
Elegant Stock of
Woollens, Hat, Capt, d'c,
Comprising a LOinplele ortnicut of
Whieh. for i-le(ranet of tyle, will be fuiiud en
tirely miperior to aii tiling heretofore oliered
iu tliia vUlae. all Iniuht duriiij the pieseut
tauatiou of prices.
Plain and Fancy .SViV.vf, Poplins, Jo
hairs, Iltniibazint.1. Alpavra,
(Jrcnatliiux. lltirriix. All
WooIk, C h a m bra i,
G i n g h a m ,
Prints, dr.
In West Kairlee, on the 'JSth of Oetofter Mr
Mary Ann, wife of Mr. Lorenzo W. Smith, and
daughter of Mr. .Benjamin Oilman, of South
StruHuril, iu the "ith year of her ae.
.SiiiKulaily attractive iu heart, mind and per
son, she had endeared herself to a lal'jie circle
of relatives and friends, ho are called to
mourn hi r ii reparable Ios. To the .yuuiik
hutiand this diiH-iiKatiou of divine providenee
falls heavily butted. Thee were married in
May lat. Iu jut live mouths to a day and
hour, from the time they stood at the bridal
altar, her spirit took it tlili t tothe Clod who
-iivi- it. And iu just live luouth to a day und
hour, from the time she was welcomed to her
home from lu r bridal tour, her mortal remains
wi re brou;Ii: ba. k encased iu hereaket clothes
in 1 h- Mini- habilumi'iits in every particular Our Micees in Bradford lias thin far been
she v. ore. -it the altar. Her funeral was at ten.!- i U...tidmri-l-t:iti..ii. ami our trade is .birr
. , . , .... inereiisiiij. thtr ilcfermieittion is to so mail
ed at t.ie Luiversalist i hnieh, in "he South Vd imr 1in,., HH , ., a continuance of
bi.e. on the follow iii Wednesday, where ap- ; the success which has attended our bt-amiii.
proon.ite rcli'ious M-rMres were uupri-sMvt lv A ii-t,us tue
in rfoiined bv Ucv. Eii Uulbm, 1). !., who. live
'.iort niontbs before had united thcin in the
!u-!y b":nN of i-i;it:i:inuiy. A lare circle ol
syii'ji4ithetii' in i,;hbors and friends were there
-.ratle ii il desirous of rendering their aid and
.ii;--id.ttion to tin- libii:, and honoring the
mi itiorv of the dcpaiti d.
tioit of a I'hy.-i.-iau of many years of mis
cental practice; therefore the "public mav I'.-cl
safe in giriujs it a trial. If is ierfcctly Larm-ll-ss,
And is warniiitcl fo Ih1 tlie l--t in-cnnr.it Un
cvi'P (nicnl i'ttr t pit'vciituni and vuv i i
CLolt i;t, Uysfiiicrv. lMirhkd, C'IioUth Mur
lnii, 'r.li, iitii in tl.f HTimim li r I'wU,
Karat'lir. II. aitm h. Tnt lia-h. Alc. t"t-r u
Weak or Iaiiif !pu-'k. or t'.tin iu The Nc It or !
t.-t wh ii t !tr iioiildt-ro. orany othT p-irt nf !
the ImmIv, lilt- I'.tn.u-i u .uT- like a cliarni. Iu a
wonl, it w ill i.'iit vi' i ;iin l, tin w t r unse
iiiu ki r 1 hail any i !?. r nii iu ut. Ii
iniwor ivt Nurai-i, i jM-rtt-ctlv '.vimdi rttil.
Xini ut ftVvt i v t. ii i-:im ' all Kt-ver.-, Imw-
cl (lillii'iillii'-t, itml infl;ii(iiMatioii oi' whatever
natiifi', u iv itntuct ii ty nmi(lH cliMuri of t'nf
pon't. cauf i I iy Mil.ii u cnM ; nnd tin otily
way l' plfVt'lit tlt colli ititin r'lit 'ui
caH', is tit iHc hoiiii rnifity that will oh'u thr
puii ft nt i'mt, ami we Iwiievp tii: Panares will
Uo it iH'u k r auJ moiv ftiVttually tLuu uny
other lui'diiiiif. TliY IT.
It will do You no Hara.
himI if it 1k yMi nit pun! your hh.ik-v will U;
ri'l'aniit-il in ail ca-i. a r iv all our im-utM
nt rirt onli i's iti ii i'iiMtl iltf inoiit'v in aitv ami
alt who have thvtn the l'utiavun fait iria, and
will :iv tiny havt not I h-ii iM-m-iitted lv it( !
iiM'. lit Uiv litryt- h.ili-s wtia-li we an inakiu'i t
we have in t r takni w k a pin J' hottlc, tmt !
titherwis. every one who ha iim i! it s'ak. in
tlie hit lire t thrill of its woitii. Kwr family
.shoahl have it hy tln in, ait will not only cave i
tin-in inticli expense, hut iiiay Ik the im-ulu of
Having tin liver- ol in. my who reniue at a dU- i
t.niee from a 'ihvMelan. '
Tlie laliueeu i iif reat streimth. Tin juii'ill, i
1 1 i ... i i t . . 1 1
ln iimi Wl.l I.V (ill- (ill ITI IUI, .Mil c-Iliail . - I .
quantity tor a doS-e ; tht-jrlmv ir is the elieap- j Aflll I IliJ OHD
r-t riMMiit-iite. tUt; tt;eit!i ettu-idertti, iu the j
nitrkt't. j
I-Ki:CTHXS. r,,r 'holeia. f holera Mor- ; fill
htiM. Hillious t'tdie. take from lialf a tea hoo:i
Ull Ut a lea -tnuenlifl ill KWeetT,ed water, a .
hot a you ean drink it. every t'tteeii minute j 11 lr'
until the pain is rehi-vi-il : then take it at Ioiil:- I I i 1
er iuteriiU until the ili-eae ii entirely renin- J f pilIS MKPHTNK WIJ.LNtT CNKK ALL
ved, hiilliiuy; the ctetii;i.-li ami boweU freely j I U now n di. -a-e.. Hut it -will haven teu
with the I'aiiiin a. full Mivnu'Jh. deiu-.v to pr v nt .1 , L iIhsim, (if taken in
For lVMenterv and 1 rhoji. take a t a- i H - 1 1 hv ( h nn-inn. ruiilin, lleuliii",
ftooiifuriu fro :ie to two houi s. at eordni',; j Si n-nit 1 r-pii,-. Kejcuhitiu. he.ihlin up uml
tthe neverifv .f the eae, hatiiin' the how. U kfi-piou in oio.-r tlie whoh: Ky.-.leiii. it Mill al
itlid otomaeh 'free l-.'. K' l "'" llfd eleiii e the fy-t in Irntn ull diseU-
For imiti in the Haek .Should, r. 1 1, ad. Xeek. I " - - 1
Liinh, e., hathethe part- atteeted.
For Xeuriiliria. SprniitM and liheutinitir-ni.
all wool delains,
lmpi:e.s8 cloth.
ottoman cloth,
&c, &c.
Matin's, Tirtings, Cotton Flannels and
TllO hf-Rt lissortnii-llt of WiMilcns to lw foillKl iu this vifinirv anit
SIhmTiIv'' lias iilmiit pl.iyi il nut. and as tin- imrliasm (,f it will want
another .Suit .soon w e shall lie iilt ascil to show him our goods and price.
1 lis lile oflteady Mode Clothing.
Minors of all sizes and riees. IIat and Caps. Men's and IJovs' Boots-.,
Trunks, Vuliees and Chek lias, Croekery, Class and Hard' Ware.
Kiiialiy we luve a Stoic full of Good ami will not le miilersolil by any one. Dost ek to
lon creilit.
Urailfoid, (K toln r lt;..
1 ;u Ui'.'i!l!i, Wrait'iaaiiilnjipinfss
."5. Ii. '3
.1 .V 77-HILL fit S a- STHL.GTUSISQ
liathe tlie parts utleeteil with the 1'aiiai en tor j
ut leu.Ht an hour, wheu you will he unto-iirdied
at the reriiilt. j
Vt a Cold iiu will Imd nothing epial to it : !
take a teiiHponiittit iu a teaeiiptul of hoi water,
on uoin to hed. 1
For Teethaehe. iill the nvity of the tooth
with cotton HutuniTed with the l'auaeia. and j
hathe the niie freeiy. ;
For Cut und llruwe4. dilute wilh water and i
hnlhe freely two or three time.- a day. !
Clf" The Piiiiiteea 1 now phn eil within the j
re.ieh of all st T the muni! sum of 8'if'ty 4't -l.nu'
I'ottle, or I'liirly t j
-ii. .i.l.
Sold hy t he p. hieipul I i Mii ts, or t-lit hy
epieH. on reei-ipt of pliee.
A liheral dieoiint to the trad. JF
C V. V V CO., 1 'iin trie to.
liradfoid. Vt.
D.VMpepsin. Indi-ifMioii. roiil Siomaeh. Heart
hum, hizinc", ll-'itdtodie, Wi-al;iieH. U-s of
Apyetit". ami till di-eu-! iir'si!! iroin an i n h -the
und unheal, hy tale of t'ie I ivtr, itomai'U
itml l'.oui 1.
Tito UiH-tor' lrnix experi.'iiee in watehincr the
elieet upon hi- p.illt iits ef the iiutferi:i U nf
w hieh thee Ilirers are eonipo- 't!, han enahh-d
liiiu mo to eonil'ine the 4 1 i tV -1 1 1 ingredient im
ttt ;et tin lii'eitteft poNHihh M imilial etleet
wit houi either oil" of ! he iiirdiei:l ntuiiter
aetmu the hen''liei,il etret v the other.
N. i. The.-e Hit ter :u purely ve-etuhle.
rnici: Tuinry-rivi: its.
SM wlmhide and retail hy L;O.XAJU Jt
OA y. A No proprietors of
Receipts far the National Opinion,
t'i'H Till: tl.K t.NUlM. N.lVLMUtH 'J, l"t'.C.
Chirk Jliiuii, KriiJliinl,
K. ii. w;;j.
V. K. Ivnlillinoll. Wf,t Kaulco.
K.Umii Tuiil -, Ni.lnirv,
l.i viS. lluvi-y. elirl -eii.
('. II. Cilu-. ll.im.M-r. X. II.,
1 PO
a. oo
Only romp it...; what wt an ilo fur rmi.
Our vluck in tills Hue is very large, anil ul' lue
1) O T Y ' S
Mandrake Bitters.
lJn.uii..iiii. Oi t. I-., 1-W.
li.nti r. Lump
I .'iiii v
( l.rl-.-. .Vi.W
1!. .III.
I'..rk. .ilt
iftin ami slioiililt.rs
l.i".l A.i.li-
W lK.l, l'll-l I'.' Wiilu ,l
Mai.li. ii -ar,
Mirn-il ..
I K1..UT . .
liurk Wlii at ilo i r lli..
I l.i .ilialu
, I ''U ll
' l.ltlt
i Wlii-at
j I'"
I Mailt
; lriM.nli-r
; riat.-r, Krlail ii r tnn.
1 1, i in uiuiT i
a U, in !
1J u 17
-lo u Ji
a i.i
1 1 u ii ;
1? u -M i
'.'j a 00
Hi a -
Lj a on
4.. it Wi
(m tl on
1-1 "'(
1.1. a li
Li u IT !
i a lUi '
' 1 a un !
!.:) u lil
0 1 a Oil
-'.'Xl it 2..M
l.'iO u
'.'.i" a Ot i
1.7.1 u U:l
Very Deal .Makes and tity lv.
Every Skirt toU hj un U
W A 11 K A X T 13 D
Fancy Fans,
Beautiful Sun Shades,
and Hut tons,
MarxhaKx Condition Powders.
Do nut furjet the place.
l"ntfcisti and Aptttheeariei,
17 Ih ad fol d. Veruumt.
To Con-kiiinptivcw.
1 ftor'-d to health in a few week, hy a very
! wimph' n-uiedy, after having mi tiered several
j year with a.-er- luny; utieeiion. aud that
j tired dirtea!1. 'ot'-oiiiipt in is anxious totnake
TilKSi: t IT T K U S HAVi; j known to hi.-t iilhiw nuiieivrd the means of
: euie.
j To all who de-tire it he will -tid a copy of
i the preferitit inn lined, (flee of limine), with
; tin di.eeiiourt for preparing nnd uinif thn
j Maine, whieh ihey will find a ftrr rare tVi
j Mttmttitttt, .tftfuntt, lirunehrlin. Ar, The only
j nbjeet of the advertiser in Meinlin,ir tlie I're-
H ription. i- (o ht Merit the utMieteil, a ml uprend
f inforniaTii'i' whieh he eoiieit in ho in.,d ia
I hie ; and lie hope every Mith 'er w ill try hi
reineily, it villcoht i he hi nothing, and may
; prove a hleim;.
I l'iirt;"fj vihii'i prerrintVoTi v ill ideu'-e
ald.ess. Wt. Kl'WtVUDA. WIIX-N.
t-'l t in' ittiaiio-heruli, Kui Co. N. V.
44 Xatioxal Oplniox n
Job Printing Office.
a tip I'm nf the tmwt rnmplete Jub Office to.
In. fuuiiil i:i tUo country.
New and Fashionable Type,
Or tl.e lati-st tIi , uml frm tlid beat Foua
ilrii'H in the I'mtcil Statca,
Evertliing' is New,
And of the
arc from tlie most ei-lebruted makers,
(HOC & CO., ami G. P. GORDON)
Anil arc the best of thin cl.ia iu the market.
Every description of
1 12, I X T I r
I tt the traih until unite
! reee-.iTlv. thev have Im-ou used f--l" yearn hy eel
i i-hrateil phyieiaii- in their pra tue with the
j iuohi !!:itterin re-ull. Sim e they have lieen
pia-'ed in the inarkt-t they have met w ith rapid
! mIls aiitl have liiveu
Hhotc Card$t
Full Cards,
Visiting Cardtt
Iffh-r Uasth,
Kvery one that Iimh tried them Kpi iik in
InuheM teritt- -t then uieiiu ii . ill proper! te-.
They are NT a ph a-uiit heverae for I he
thirsty, hut a tuedieine for the eiek. They are
wai l. inled to he the
ltuioim'N, C'.uuiiiiiH.i; anu .Mi.ihoiui.
.tmtjuiif Mm'krL.
Catili'. sli-i. Slmti-ii. Kut tlo'i.
Knr tho wi-i'k mlinu Nov. 7. I Will,
Thi. w.ik l..l!!' S.1"
1,iihIiiI -iM-l W. W" 3,.'W
I j ,.,n- aK.i...:t.;a o.ss; mhi i,..mu
Thi rc wi-rv 'i'j Viulu ut Market thin
In j;rcat prnfusiim.
Krnifinbtr, thi i Now
wt- ivm
lin-v ilii
A SiM.r.n 1 1 i'N'Tsm AN. Tin1 1'iii!-nli-lnliiii
!u ttt siivs a niiiii Itytlif
i , i if () Wiinrki' oil Mtlir av Ull- militv. ?iv....i ri.i : .-.-...ii.i Miii. ...
... i 'i . Ihinl iiiiiiliM.Slo.oi'a , : ii liw
. i ........ .1.- ... n'.i w iiit.iiiKr in i-i : 1 1 hut - i - .
in i ii" -a i '
n MuM'lin. In li-ai liin
lor liis iovili'i' tlask In; ilro'iril it
into a tuli l' waltT, . 1 1 pminil
j tin- powilfi- into a I'niii iau ami
1 !- I it over the lin Tin' lvsuH
1 1 an In- easily liiit'.sscd at. Mr. )'
Knutkc vas Mown into tin' yanl,
: wit li lii tieail so sinjii'tl tliat lie
: lnoUi (1 lik a prize tighter. Lut Uily
i for linn lie n i-eiveil I'D lioilily injury,
i His liair. lieanl ami eyelirows were
taken nil" as closely as if ly a razor.
A Oui iii.K .Mi Km-.n. 7'iiivh
Ohio, or. I. A liorriMe tlnuMe
iniinlri waseoininilteihit I 'olil wafer,
Mieliian, last nilit. Mis. Kliene
.( r I,eai'h ami Genrp" O. I'.iown. a
yoiinn- lawyer, were uliot ileal wliile
walking together in tlie street.
The murderer is tlie lnisliaml l
Mrs. I,eaeli, ami lias lieen arresteil.
Jealousy is tlie Hiipiosetl cause.
Koliort TooinhH, the wanleriiiK
traitor, lately insulted a party M'
Americans wJiilciiHcciuVnitf the Uinl
in Switzerland, Jle was very aluisive
of tlie Stltl ("ut YanUees, anil
wanted to Unlit ine of thi! neiitlc
tlie ia it v. ut w limn he rush
ed with ti knife, pvatty alarniiiithc
lftdies. This " cUivnlric" fcjyutbvrucr
It I M II M). .s :.s 7.1 I K.
r r i: r v i: it u o 'i'
IIII.MH nun IH I un I. UN.
ill l'li.l.llti. Cul'lt. Imlili ll nt V I Kllirli'i', '
n illiiu uml I"1' """I 'llxtiH't, mi I hi- 'J'.llh tin v of
Di'tiiliiT A. P. IM:
Alviltl llrllll Kni'l Ulur I'll 'In' lillitl' nf 111-
nun llui'iiii lull' I'f Striillni-il In rnlil ilttrii't !
I'lMni il. iri.i nllilii'liiii"'',,1liiiii iii'i uiint fur
H'tllMlil lll i , I
WliiTi-iiimn. II l iT'irn'ii nun m-"-r,
f.., v. .l to Hi" ' -I Ti. ...liiv ;'tiP' ','''V,.,,'1,'"''.V'
t tl' 1'n.l.iiti' t'lli. i. in -mil Wi'i J' .111 li j'. I"i
rxaiMlnnlmn uml lli.vvni..;i' t nnd tli.it nil ...;-.
,,.,,,,..1 In- iii.lill. d lirn nf.l.vM,.' inililiiMil .... ..
,1,1k nr.li r In Un- Niilhni'il Miiii1iiii. iiiliili d 11I
llrinlliird, V111111111I. Oin-e yii i Ii mii.'i!wlvi'l,
. .....ii tn.iv Ins tlmt lin y limy npM.r. .in.
ut Mild I turn iid iln ''. l' tl y w , " -l1 1
Ilv nrdi r nf I'onrt.
...... 4 11 mi Mniii.. .iiiititf.
Aliri, - , - Ri-,1
A imiii 1.1111V nr w-rnru. io
jttMl. A. II. 01I.M0KE. .IttdgK
II f f Vr 11 Ih.. mi t.i:.l wi il.t nf Itidf
Tuli.' ami mi ni. Kxtiu. i:t,-..'-.. iU..' ; Vn-ft
? 1 v.iu . ..
i-l. 1 in. in
cli- niii. 11 . : ""mi' ' t in.' liuori ist,
liiil!..Ai'. s..-rfiut..-t.
WiiLKiMi ui v-fl!. '": Iiiunly Stwrf.
$Mi!,jii;.i. i.r iniiili iirii.nlin tu tni'ir vul
11. 1 li.r In i f.
t'ii ami vniMi Cvivi.. liiir niiiilily
f.'aiiiiT.'ij i-stru t -W.it I furrow and dry,
l.ji in
sI'ilKKS. thin vnniitf 1'iittU. fur fiirmiTu
Yi :it lines. tlii$-."-!'; T-i'iir old", .liiii$IO;
'riui-i'-vi'iii-h old. $!-m$,..'i.
mii;it lVr l!i.. livo wi'ictit, 4 it. i i't.; Miwn
mnt I jiiii1i.'V lii'inl. i" lt '-.nniit.'.""!.
Kci ll.'l.x-l'rr Hi., in nlnj ii., Ilw Wl'tallt s
S,ti.. W liiili w.lr, Mill let.; rvtiiil, HuCk tH.
Vv-vi (' vi. M. -
llil.r."--Hrijs'iui'ii. H ul'.'ot. jmt lb.l coimtry
lilt-, iiJilM rl.
I 41.1' Shl '.'il ft.
Tm n. Hriihtiiii,Kiilrt i-tn. iK-r Hi.', cmuitry
lilts, "nlll rl.
i'i:i.rs-i.o'.i.iti. 1'in'ii.
lit m iiK. tV Hud iii-aiiin to i-linn." but
fi w nf tin' linnrrn ill nni' i uln of plli'i'n till
wi'i-li. I.ivi' Imu un1, Imwi'HT iiioli'd wmii-
wlml Inwi r tl lvimiiiiK (iriii'ii of rnrn,
i'., tHiiMiui,rd tor tin. ri l'iiMiil of furn.i rn mid
1.1I.1IH In l.ny "liiirH, Mini I III' lurii inmibiT of
I. tt.mv.ti iiinii tlif iniiiki't iii'i-nuiitK lor 11. e
1I1 1 linr 011 pork, Yo lind full I'.IHI lii-ud nf
nil 1 111 tin- noithi.rii rmidi in 1 lai n of 10(1(1 t.tnt
wiiki I7W Wi-Klorii hmti'inl of VMM, uml loo
from Miiiin- 1" 011111111111' Willi -" hi"1 wi'.
Un- wi'.illn rl lini', mid Iniili- it not Inttrr, l
rtiiinly iinii U r mnl niori! i-umfiirtulili. tlimi
Iimi wi'i'ld Wlitlo lin n' mi' 1111110 iiilli'il nl
iniirkol I hull l.it ,w i-rk, t In n' l 11 lut liii ii'"e
In llio nninWr nf liil,vi r, nnd on tlw wlmlo u
I'oiiipiiri'il with liwt wi'i'k ' think limlr fiiviim
till' M'lll'l'.
Tlii'rn HpiH'iira to Im' hvit I'.'.IHH) ulii'i-p nnd
liiinlm li lMii tid an nt tiimki't. Mont nf Ulir
iilinvc rciimrk In ri'lHtlnn to ciittli', npply
wi ll to Kliii'p An I'liiiipni'i'd with tl.i' n i.'i-n
nf tin, 11,111 ki-t two wi'l kKo thi'l'i' la prolinlily
1111 iiiiprnvi'tiir-n if .'Hie H-r In uil. nnd rrrlnluly
llicrr niiilit tu lie. rV vrrul illm Iota wrro anld
for t- per l,i il. Cnrarta vcmlii(t UK) llm
(4r. 1 M ll. for ty' . (t'Kxt fair lt 3 to 4
No Old Stock! No Old Stock ! !
Wr htmll try to mnkc- it fi.r the Iftirr-t of cv
c.y one to liny ijooda lit our SIjiv. We buy
Iu order to tell good pouda t luw f.jjnrn.
Our ilock of
Will nlu .on.iil' ll"" "'t Jo be t.iiii.d In
tin, iimi ki' ta, nt Iioiih' " iibri.inl, nnd will lw
unit Hi,
YirA Cttr.inii:ail wr tfiTirci to lie Public
F'r the eure of
I) aix'ItNiu. .Ian nil !'-, Coallvc
nr, li I , Si-k. Itcudnt-lic,
.MoI'lliilK' Kil'klll'M, IIu
1IOI-N Worm,
Voul Stoinat li, (ii-iii riil 1 li-lnlity, Liver Com
I'l.tiut. We huve in this t'oii..i.ui'il no eiitnliined 11 To
nie uml Stimulant will. 11 t'utlmrtii-. tlmt while
it i thorough mill eerluiii in it uetinn. it in no
wiiv weuUeim the tone of the how els or ntuui
mh. Tor a Family Ht-ilk-iuc
ihi-y hm e l-.o eiii.il. Knr n rutlinrtie they are
tiui-.ui.u-.M .1. !n my f.u- !.,treriiir 10 the Yurinm
1'llN (liiit 1 inn 1 (In- tuiil kl ;i thev do lint weak
en the llowt-1-or have tlieiii eiixf ive . i'hevaie
J.illelv welabl,., tlien li.l-e l.erleelly ule lor j
Ull aj;i ... I lie Mount-! elillil l-uil lake llieni
w ith perleet fufet v. 'I hey are witriunteil all
neel't thelil. ll 1.1, 2.VI1.J,' tlielii a trial
not nm iiiui in o,ir r.-i'iunineiiila-
tion the nimiev will lie reluiuleil. If you
are troulileil with lluirieil or liill,
eiilt llii-.tthiiij'. 1 1 ,1 1 1 1- 1 ,1 i ut the lie. irt,
lleurthiirn. heuililull uml I1n.1v, fiiHuei". or
weight 111 the Minna. -li, Sultoeutiu or rhnkiii
MeiiNUtinii w lii'u- in a I;, in; piiliou, Iiimut
of i.-ioii, Sw iiiiu.iui: of ll.e lii nil. Pii.eft.
Yi-llnw iie! ul the cmii ami eve., 1'uiii in the
Ihuk, Mile, 1 he-l. 1. 11, ill.-, iVe., Inwal'it
l'lli-w. Aruiil v ol the siou.aeh. Pull Tuin iu the
lleml, Sudili n I I 11-ln - of II.-, it. lUiri.i:. in the
r'le-h. ii.iuwu. Piiii-t of l'onil, tireut Pepre-.-
hioll 1 f Nl.illlr. alii! eotiManl illiailiili of ell,
v.. i-.. Villi will timl 11 Mtioeilv 11l.1l liel'luu-
I 11, .1.1 ,...li..l'' li.- it.in.r l Iw. I:. .'lii.k,. I.illir..
1 uey ure the Vi rinil 11'e know 11 an t Iioiih
ainl. ol inoilui'N eau testily. 'Ihey ree.iin
uifiiil theniM lve-'. all wein-k in I'm- the ultlii led
to yive them a lair Irirtl. 'I hey ur tiieetniK
w ilii ru pit I nii lei. ami i i.iic 111.it erul 1111 i-.lae-tii.li.
itf'(li.i- to thren ooltlea will cure llle
woiKt ea-e of P." pephiu...J
Iltiy It etaxcti Ti-y ltt
MNU1.K HOTTI.KS l,iH). SIX 11011 LEn
IV A li'icrul ilinroiiiit tu tlio trnile..,!
C. t . PTY iV ( II., l'lopiieloni.
Other in ll.u.lv's Minth lluihlnin. Ilia.llonl, Yt.
Metropolitan Skirts!
rpiIK Sl ll.-( KHiKliS ll.VYIXll Vtlli.MKll
1 11 i-iipat-iiersl.i ji tnr the 11111 1111 t'aet ure nf the
New Metropolitan J-'hirt, would h.iv to tho
pulilie that tiiey Hi-e now prepiireil to mipilv
the trade with thi New uml Iteaittilul Skirt,
imnle of wuteh hprinu nti-el ami hein the
lihtt'Ht and immt iluraiiie .-kirt inaile.
K VK11 V SKI It T ll'.l lilt. I .V TED.
Ilmid Billt,
Program met,
I'ltm fjhlctl,
JiHahtesM Card,
Wedding Cardt,
Jlill Hmdi,
Railroad and Commercial Printing,.
Ioi;e to order, in n manner whieh fornentuoiMi(
tur- .m.i eleaio'e. eiwinot be siirpaa&cd by auy
estahlinlinieni fn Vermont.
l'rot,,i uml I'liivfnl utfeiitlir given to all
order. 1'rieeH 118 reaouahle j any other ea
talli lniii--.it.
Aiiln.i ull orders to
A. A. F.AHLE, Propriotor.
Ilr.nlford, Yt., June JO, ISoii.
13RAD I"OItl3.
All orders promptly filled. Skirts made to
Metropolitan Skirt Co.,
liiailloiil. t.
I in. 1. R. AMIIIOkll, ) !
K. C. ll u.t.Kvr. )
m:v cioods.
.1 LJLBCE SI ocic xoir orixixu,
Fur aide ut
O AV 1" II I C 13 H
ci:n. l-HiciiAiiP, Atf-t.
Itnidfoid, Sept. 5, l.-ilO. 13
My win: makia, HAYixt; u:vr mf.
uiiboiit eaiie. I heiehv l oi hid all n rnoiiH
ti u.-tii.t ir liarhoriii: her 1111 luy iieeoiiut. 11 I
kIiuII pav tiu ilehl of her emit 1 net iu ulier thi
lliudl'ord Nov. 5, l-'tKi. aj-w;f"
nhvuya cured by uiiijj ll.e
t SiiIi, -eriber. 011 '1 ueiluy Septemher X'.'i, ono
ri yeuia old li'hl red Cow. Anv permii lur-iii.-liitii;
iut'x iniitioii win-re utiid run' ean bo
loll ml. will i- hiiiiuhfv re 11 1 ih. d liy uihliihv
iliu nie nt 1 1 Corinth,
su-wtf VM. MeFAtiLAND.
llindl'onl. Nov. n, 1m:,;.
m tb name quulit J ' n ' fonJ In the county
0 W, it P. C. HAIXETT
Never forget n kitidnc-.t.
Study to be iiheful.
To Keiiewund lieiitoiT, ue the lIi'Kenn'-
Fait to live, nnd not live to rut.
I'repare fotaiekniK" ill the day of health.
Tin" Pen in mightier Ihaii the Sword, but
Netiriilniu in only eoiiijueied by tln Yegetahle
l'nii.u en.
Never quit eei tiilnly for bop.
What l morn nttrnetlvi' f linn 11 bounti
ful In nil of hull- (--tlie Hail lieneiienilor i the
l-t Hair Prefer.
A faithful friend la tin, iinnlieine of llfr.
Slnp tlmt CoiikIi -tnlie Poly'a llnlauui
Po unto otlieia na you would lmvo olU
era ilo unto you.
Hiinpln diet tiinkea hdiltby elilldinti.
A phyale tlmt will not wenken-oiir Mini-
drake. Itlllel".
i Uw Dotv'i Mwliclw
WII.I.IA X KASTMA V.S r. s''.t I K,
C I' .1 t ; O v v 1: It 1 T ,
O 1.11 vuiii. n l.i.-1 un r, m.
At n M'NMioii of I'rohate Court liolileii nt.
Wet Faiil. e wiil.in uud for aaid ill-lriit, 011
tin-villi ilay of Delohi r. A. P. Mr. An-
feline lUiKliuiin. Adiiiiiiltriitrix 011 the etuto
of illiuiu a.-.tiuuu late of Yer.liire In .aid
Pi-trirt, 1I1 1 eaued, luiikea uiplieiition to mud
Court tor lii eure to ai II nil of the real i-tiitt
of aaid ileeen.ed of whieh he died, aeued und
iiiiAeMiid within t lux Stale, to wit ; 1 lie lioinp
larui of ni'l ileeeiUH-d, cut uiliiiiK aoiuu 7'j
Here of hind 1
Wlieieiipon, it I null ti d by auid ('null, that
aid appliealion eoineunilei roliM'li, ill 1011 mid
be hi ., ,il at a M-.nioiiof "iii.l Court to Ih- liold
en lit H int Kiiirlee in aid Pi.triet, mi the lnt
Satiinliiy ef Nineinbi r, A. P. und Hint
all per-oilm Intere-ti il iu uid r.MIe l eiiolllu d
of the time mid pin f henriim, hv r.iii-inx
the ulue to be pul. ii. lied tliri-.' week. .lie. e
ivi iv in the Nniioeiil tMiinii.n new-paper
printed lit llriiilfnrd. lieloii- aaid Iimi.' ol In '
InK.lluit tin ) may npia-m uml at anid nine mm
lilai e, if thev neeeall e, nbji-et tlu lelil.
lly orderof eoiul.
Atte.l. AI.VAII IlKANi Keiter.
A trupeot'l of reeoril. JIW3
Atte.l' aI.VAM HK.V.V, It-al.ter.
Wuulil rewpeet fully announce to the people f
llraillord anil uiljoiniug town., that they lmvo
Ion, ,ecl 11 purtiierihip for the purHme of cr
ryiiiK on tlie Hiiro II, ii. iu itrHilfi.nl. and.
Inive takeu uml 'le.rouidilv " fitteil the atoro
fornii rly oei upie.l by P. T.' rll.UillCKY an a
tin nliop, w line they would be happy to are all
Pentium 1:1 neod of uitielea in iln-ir Uue, to
wlioiu tliey oiler
c.ooi) vrui: mkdicixks,
r.irefully put up, nnd nt low price.
Their ii"ortmeiit eomprinea a full and cota
plete ai'H-k, to wbieb countuut additioua will b
uiude, ol
imii .m yn m:nii-ESi,
Cheuiicaln, Heeiuoid. Kaiuily Pyea, Dya Stuff,
& e.. Si e.
very full aupjily of eboiee nrtielea, auch an
l.uhiu'ii l.e, in it, i- and Imitation Kxtrneta, Jao
one' rrlehrutrd Kxtraet., Night lUooining
Ci iimi. lvyptiaii I.otu, Sweet UH.nai, Sun-,
taliua. Ve., Jk.'. Hair Kextnrera, llair-lrc
( iiii:,eliiii. , l'N lloxe., L11 bin ' I'owifem,
(lernimi, Ki. neli, laiMiii-h, uml Amerienn Toi
let Soapa, lu ll, lliuhe. from IU to tU acuta,
ein li. llnir llruhea from '-!.') cem to $11. 00 each,
Kleh Itrn.he. Lather limaliea, Clothea
Kru. Ilea, Lilly White, nud I(mi(ea, nnd a great,
vaiiety of Toilet ui tielea all at Low Pnitlta.
I ix tout IVXecViolsxets.
All the new nnd approved varietlea, at Tery
low tu ii ea. Medi'.uica not ou ttuid, luppUeJ
Hi aliort noiiee.
Ti'Mnmt, A'ttiotninnt Supporttrt, nntt SAmtldtt
JJmrrt, Sprrittum, Ainpl ShtUi, Cupping
liliiMit, r.jlriitmn tiiytt, iff.,.
rVl'liyi-leiuna' l'ri.ei-iitioin cun'fuU Ira.
pared, and ordera lilletl ou aliort notice
lVeii Tttrlur, 4W0, Sptrrt, I'iaKring Extnttit,
dr., d-e.
Ilv dllllenl ntteiitl.m to buaiuraa, ami.
kanwleilje of the aame. ' Iiok to uiaka It
lor the iiiteiil ul ull iu need to viail U and
,'ur"l"'", LEONARD It DAT.,
,1. It. I.I.HXIHII, M. I'. a. 9. OAT.
Ilr.nllor.1, Vt., S. pt, M. 14
Iv ou hand llwrnvaMi.a. HuflillA. H.Hm
Hill, lllauket. Wldpa. Trunk., and everT
Ihiii4 utuuily kept III a lluxueaa Shop. S
XI opavirlus
dune ttiougbly, promptly, aud at liriDg prt
Ihankt'iil for pitat favurt, li hope for
couii, 111, nice of the inuo,
shop iM coml door Mouth of tbo Trotter
IIoiiMi, ll.arloid.
Tim Amkmcah Ham RtoRmtiuToii d
II mm lH.aa.n la pronoauiwd by all wlio hat
a . 1 1 1.'
I Joliuwiii, 111 in..iiorii ii.awe, 011 11,11 ci.r- Haul , tbo beat Hair Iteatoiatlva In tha Biar-
krt. It la fitat Wol kllljl itaalf UitO puullr favor
il .1111,11 anil iM-i.ui nni-ria, in nir anin II
1. ..tv I'lont v. l'oaaealoll ulveu IliiliieiHui 1v.
flliHi I wanted tluwuj tbo reat rnu In- paid hi t'"1 mln-nily It atnniU npon th tollot table Ut
luuryeara. A. A. LAULE. many of our drat butiaei. Thn Iwllea of faah.
I I Ull l"l . I, I, .",
on arn delliihtad with it, for It la not auly auch
Dtlvn away that eouuh by uamg Dot f'fVeg biilifu drewlug-but ll do M(i
ell Oruvb IMaiu yovt Ubem beou 4fta

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