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National opinion. [volume] (Bradford, Vt.) 1865-1874, November 16, 1866, Image 1

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nniliKoHll. VERMONT.
.. TI....1..'. nilifinir. in rear of S. T.
. iiiniw h- J
1 aBeorg' Store.
r. jii-bimiv,
hoo occr Halletfa Store, and nest door to
J. Vr. Scott's other.
'JtMttr anti Solicitor in rhnicrri, and Ptntum
unit Claim Atjrnt.
ui:v. J. iiKiri o.
" .. .... n. -:iiis mill 1'irf
..( ,.... I li 'aus lino Itriuei ......". --.
imAiroi:i. vEicMosr,
Orders soliriled. Iiistniinenla warranted
B,I s. -lit to .v l"'rt ' '"'""v- " .
National Opinion
for i'iii:i:now i i-'ok i.o-
7 II. . WORTH K.
i:l,l.l Hl.lWSi.
I. U E X K I Al'L'TIO X E K K ,
.1. Nil I I.I.I P.,
i- a o t o a i: a i" ii E n ,
4 ( ItOH DM. II AH1I,
Ct.npin Hardy's KniMiiiK, first lr irs.
.1. . H.tKIIY,
I (Wt-h Win. (J. Hardy.)
Store in Xo. I Itartly'K llnildin;;.
II. NTKHitl.ni,
Ami Mantifaetiirerof Asririiltural Imi'll'"l 1,1 '
i.iiAi.miiP. viiimont.
i " "ii7Irs'rr. i:..
; I'ROl'lilKTOIt T!ii II'KU HOl'sL,
; 11 it A II K" it i. v i; it M u x t .
I .. ii. m i:vi:m,
i; n ii i m v . v i: it o r .
n . i;,,o,1 Liver- ntti.i-lii'il.
a. r. M.vmii:,
Mt;N. A N II i i: MENTAL
oYriric-. C'izirr. 'out U-imjri:
I i;iW"':". vi i;m"-.
'. V,,.. .i-nl. r in l'a!ltl, o,s. V.irm-V.e-.. th!
''. f ,;. S:i k of every alea upturn, IVt.ire
.Flit . Mwlli'ii;s ami i '- '
Am" We'll march right divm to WaiKnyton.'
YVbrn freedom flew.
IIht starry hliio
O'er treason's black dominions,
Ami funned the tiles
Lit hy our siren
Of nlil ilh eujjlc pinions,
Ami from tin- hills
Like thiitulcrthrills
Ran; out tin- batlle slogan
The IWeiniiT-t llllin
1 lull leil I lie villi
Towiir. liiilhuit Loguu!
Chnru Now won' tluui (itei-1
l't tri':lioll t'eel
The M'oile'f iiiiylity ihmui!
I hen three, tiinen three
Knr liherty.
Anil giilhmt Johnny IK'"' '
Wh i liniilv "toiiil
When avert 1" hhMiil
Swept ovi-r s.jti iver j; mi e'lumn ;
Ami trneeil hi name
With HWunl ami Maine.
Ingh"" 'crii:iof volume 1
llli lilltlh- tiehl
( Inr natinn'.-i shit-M.
Hi- vi. i. e wiii iV.'eiloin'o .Hlean ;
Ami vieiorv
Leap t wilil, for ulie
H iil lent li-r swnr.-l to Le?an!
Chitriu Now worse thiui tei I,
Let treilMill feel, & C.
H:n-k ! ! roiii the graven
Where ili-ep our hraves
Willi In.i iloin'n -milinht i.hrouilel ;
I Who Hinheil the plains
i I'niin throhhint! vein
I I ,v keep lier fuee lini lolliled ;
1 A' 1 - OIH' MMllr..
I Like war wmir. lull"
i 'Iheohl (-orpK1 tlirilliim loj!in
' hoe erv i-oHealeil
! n haltle'liel.!.
! 1 V i.M' of limit inn'. in.
.ris Now w
Let tvi
' t!;il" kte
I i'e. 1. A 1
.i. . j.n ix noi:
nT,.i;I Y A ( OI Nsn.I.KIt AT
.itr in iiu,frrii. l.tfr d r'irf
V. I f T rol-II ,M. I'll M 'NT
I. w.
luU! l.'.' f
1 1 eenira'ls! who
II. n e -wept t he i A'
!':, t,i N.n-lnT i fi. l.! together.
Ami lilh-il the kie
Willni- t'l 'i i''.
Ami .ii.. ' V.I Viim-t vviniliui'l we itlie
I ,eie h an-! iil h;r, '.
K.,r n. lin e lan.l.
Kil..; out o'ir h.itll.- h'o;;:iii ;
Tle v i.i'ViT viel.l.
I In llooil ni tie!'!.
W!; .!.hl 'nen'li f ilial'.' Lo'an!
i iioittri: a. ''I. im i'i ri:.
t KSL!TTE A(iK.NT. TVIL Li 1 M l !!.
Hie I'raetinil .Sit.1. ,', "'.
i. n v M "ii p. vri;w v.
ol. K. I ar.lalil.
v.,'A v...;-, than
Let tl, .l-'.'l I'eel
;.i Ii.iu'l.t -I.
Tlleo three I hoe
l or ii-tory.
I't.iot. Miei for I.
V. n v 1
K-r. i:i.m I -T(.
.. . it..
' , ..t'ii; '. ' -I.
t Cpham. M. 1.,
iiii;n i iiiuior ht:
l. Win. I. :
I. !! II. 11 r e
!totou. Mas..
I'., -I I
II ; .1.
ii ii:cn li.iiit. now i
ci!v ni' riiil;ii!c!iilii;i.
s. .1. IHlOl.li,
H T r.i!i!'-r:i. v i en 1
I'. . I0, 71. !-.
I'llYsIClAX A N 1 1 M'LCl'.DX,
toiihii. ui;"r. -1
11 Klf.i IS. ltXVI,
)!! V.!( I VN AM' Sl. ltli i : ON.
l'!.f. I'.!. ;HM'iNT. I '"1
w -n. u. hi ti .
,5 I Uv .1. A. Hai'i .)
W A H II M A K Ell A M .1 F. W 1. 1. 1
Hiin.r.nii'. LUMoxr,
k...i... u .,1. 1.,-, ( loekKi.ii'l.I. w i lrv.il'
Silver, i'laie.l an.l ilru
: ami ia'-L- t'mlei
. Yitnkec Xoilous.
,i elrv ruruvtlx n pjin il au.l war
" ,.n ti.'.ir.'. r. ''V r.l-tv
Ilanly'K leiihl'ii'.'.
? .i. iti:v a. t o.,
i.i .ires, i-'ine roi Ki t
Mm etiieles, .mi r any
Ci',u-k. Watelo-s. an.l .lew
lau.l.irriiiile.l. I'r.inipi
Mall. " '
.Ml'. .
siiliiiir i;i tin
wln liii iin'ily livi-tl in nithor 1111 x
tniv;i"::mt style, wiis in tlie linLit
every Moiiiliy iimrnin f riviiio
liis wile a eeitiiiii sum l" money lor
thf talile ;ml otlier Itonseliolil e-
nenses et thewceU. 11
lioiieil liis Liisiin-ss lii liis wilt
slieileeniir.tr Itim Kiiineieiill ea;i;i
Me e.f aileinlin.o; to !ii own all'iirs.
never iiiijiiin'ii inio tliem. About
live years after t'ieir niairinse.
tliroulisoineslio:!it tnismanaocnu'iit
ami the iaeality ot liis eoiifiileiitial
elelk, Mr. Sllililellly lieeanie
kmUiuiit. ami liis mistortnne was
tiii: ritovnivK. ni:iDiu,
One thiy in early winter my lius
baml 1,'ci'ivecl a summons to lttirke's
settlement to unite a rouble in the
lxinds of wetlloek. It wiw eseeial
ly reijnestetl that liis wile should ac
eomnanv him. as lie should be ex-
I jiected to remain all niht and par-1
take of the festivities.
; It was twenty miles to the settle
! ment ami we reached the lo house
: of Mr. limi t!, the father of the ex
I jieetant bride about noon. A dozen
i tow-headed children were at the
J door Yvaiting our arrival. They tele
' graphed the news instantly.
I " Mann! niiirin! here's the elder
I and his woman ! They're nothing
1 but folks .' She's not a man's hat
! on and ii turkey win; in the front
of it ; his nosi; is just like dads,
crooked as a cow horn squash.
Alas, for Mr. Morrison's aquiline
nose of which he was a little vain !
" Sam '" cried a shrill female voice
from the interior of the cabin, "run
out and jo-ab the rooster, and I'll
clap him into the pot ! Sal, you
quit that chum and sweep the tioor.
I Kick that coin dodder under the
led. Hill, you wipe that cheer for
i the minister's wife, and Ik spry about
Further remarks were cut short
I by our entrance.
I ' .Mrs. l.urke, in calico short jjown.
i blue petticoat ami bare feet, came
i forward, wiping her face on her
! apron.
Ilow do you do, elder ! How
' do you do. inarm Must excuse my
. lx-a'd hain't had no ehauee to comb
! it si;ice last week. Work must be
did. von know
i hain't it? SIkni. there! l.iil, drive
that turkey out of the bread trniijrh.
, Sal. take the lady's tilings. Set
' rio-ht up to the fire, marm. Hands
; cold : Well, just run 'em throu;h
iliil's hair k(;ep it ltnr a purpose."
Hill prt-onlvd Ins sha.-i-ry hair,
but 1 declined v ith an involuntary
( shudder.
' L iv.k. if in' ain't ai tiudlv shiv-
ei in
Mr. Lord lifted one corner of the
curtain and iteepod in, but quickly
retreated with a stew pan. a f.-w
sharp words from Sally ad vising
him to mind his own business.
Lemuel was dressed in blue with
bright buttons. Theentire suit had
lwen made for his grandfather on a
similar occasion, liis hair was well
greased with tallow, and his huge
feet encased in skin pumps.
Verv soon the company began to
gather, and the room was well tilled
.'iifi'i:i.i..r.oi w n i:n4.
' Now. elder." cried the bride
groom, "drive ahead! I want it
done up nice , I'm able to pay for
the job ; do you hear ! (.'ome, fath
er Hourke, trot out your gal !"
Hut Sally refused to be trotted.
She would lie married when she
was or not at all. V urgod and
eoaxed. but she was firm and it was
finally concluded to let Her have her ma. s iom. :u
own way. I meets, and
Mr. Morrison stood ; the lumpy
couple joined hands through a rent
in the coverlet and the ceremony
proceeded. .Just as Mr. Morrison
was asking Lemuel, ' will you have
this woman.'' etc., down came the
coverlet, enveloping bridegroom and
pastor, and tilling the house with
dust. Dick had been in the loft and
cut the strings which held it. Mr.
Morrison crawled out, lookinjvsheep
ish and Sally was obliged to be
married openly. To the momentous
question Lemuel responded. " To
1m sure ; w hat else did I conn for i"
and Sally replied, ' Yaas, if you
must know ."'
" Salute your bride," said Mr.
Morrison, w hen all w as over.
" I'm ready to do anything, elder,'"
said Lainuel. " but skin me if I
liebel officers and personal friends
who desire, are permitted to visit
.Jeff. Davis at Fortress Monroe.;
I'lirestrieti-d communication with
Davis and his family are allowed.
A Father ami Tiirkk Sitxs,
Drowned. limn'm; Mr., Xnr.'2. !
A sad case of drowning occurred at :
Oldtown to-day. A man named
.lames Thompson ami all his child- i
ren three boys of tender age j
were upset in a boat which they had
lotuled with, sand, and all were I
drowned. The father took his boys i
in his arms and sank while at tempt-'
ing to s.'.ve t'.'.eui. '
The following is one. of .Tosh Hil-
lings' savings : . A man's running i
for office puts mM;i mind of a dog I
mens ot everybody I
wags him.i!f all j
over. 7
Tin: West Anikiyku lfounr;i:.
A Pathetic ArrKAL. ' IVtro
leiint '. Nasby," with whose recent
political relations the world has
lieeoinc well acquainted, says that,
at the instigation of "the very high
est authority," he and an eminent
statesmen were employed to issue
an address to the Democracy of the
country. The thing has been don,
and the following is about the pith
of it :
' Shel we dest it Androo Johnson
after all the trouble he hey. Urn to
in g.-ttiu back to us? Shel we
elect a Congress this fall so soaked
in Abiishin so filled with olje
shuns to our Soul hern brethren ex.
torefoo.e to receive em back into the
seats which they vacated f Consid
er ! The Southern Dimokracv
hev'nt and don't lay up lmthiu agin
i yoo. 1 1 iey are willing to torgive
j and forget. They failed, but they
I are wiliin to forgive cause uv the
i failvoor. Thev hev'nt got the gov-
I saw him once before
As U- piowM-a ,y the door,
Ami Hi;uin ; , j
Tlie pavement Ktonm roROund
As he tutteiso'ertlH! frrmrntt
VV it h tun eaue.
Tin y ay tliat in hi prime.
Erethe priiiiinK knitoof Tim
Cut him ilo n.
Not a lie! ter man. wa found
l!y the ( rii-r on his round
Through tiie town.
But now lie walks the street.
Ami he looks at all he nieete
Sail anil wun.
Anrl he shakes hi feeble head.
That it Heems as it he said,
" They are gone."1
Tlie inosay marble rest "
In the lips that hehadprest
In their bliM.ni,
A nil the names he loved te bear.
Have been earved for many year
On the tomb.
My jrnimttnnmma had nald "
l'oorol.l Uiy slieis dead
Lonr; iiki-
That he had a roman noee.
And his eheelc w.w like a roee
In the snow.
Poll now his nose is thin.
And i' resin upon his chin.
Like n stiitf.
And it eriiok i- in his back, .
And a liielaneholy eraek '
in his lauU. '
I knesv it Unain -'or
lite to it nnd trin "
At him here ;
Hut the i.lil three cornered hat.
Ai.d the breehe, anil all that.
Are so queer ! .
' ml if I should live to be
Tli" Iv-a leaf on tiie tree
In the spring
Let them smile, as I do now.
On the old forsaken Iww '
Where 1 flint;.
Tim oi nil", t ii .1 w i .1 I-'liivi! the rolibl'l.
ar W ("-. .Vtt'lover. II., iire Ute uineni uicv wuuien, nut tiiey nun
amusing. It is probable that he si
Powerful sharp air, know about that, sir. Just show :
me flow, ami I ll tlo it 11 it wins me.
My husband drew back, but Sally
advanced, threw her arms around
his neck ; and gave him a kiss that
made the very w indows clatter.
I vum, if I don't tlo ditto!"
cried Lemuel, and hastily taking:!
huge bite from a piece of maple .-u-gar
which he drew from his pocket,
he made a dash at mo, smashed rav
cried Mrs. Uurke. Hring j collar, broke my watch guard into a
in sinm. nmiv wood. Here. marm. ! dozen pieces, tore my hair down ami
take this hot. corn dodger inter your
eri ted himself in the store in the
evening and was locked in when the
proprietors closed up to go home.
In leaving the store Floyd undhar
red the back door ami llius secured
a free egress. Aftcrpaeking up the
goods his first dodge was to walk a
considerable distance up the high
way, toward I i.-'iibury, scattering
men's socks and other a'l i'-les along
the way in order to deceive his pur
suers. In going back to the .store
he took the railroad track. He then
stole a wpeeiiiarro,. ami comineiiecit
w heeling the goods down the high
way to the Potter Place depot, a
mile and a half distant. Apparent
ly wishing to deceive people its to
the number of persnr.s engaged in
tit. robbery, h" !ie!p"d himself plen
tifully to 'boots ami rubbers, and
.would wear a pair of the former
, awhile
' thus !r;l
At 1. ! i
board ih
ty to pa;.
ir of the latter.
d up tra.-ks.
tt t ncu a
in g rat .ier :n:.
he lti'oiiortv was ;'.;lli
train, but Flovil's inabili
his Tare, and tlie tliscoverv
lan jt'.s as good as a soapstone.
A fearful squall announced the
execution of the rooster, and short
ly afterward be was bouncing about
never men- j in a font quart kettle, hung over the
and I (ire. Sal returned to her churn.but
the extraordinary visitor must have
I made her careless, for she upset the
i concern, and butter ami buttermilk
! went swimming over the tioor.
C. tab the ladle. Hill," cried Mrs.
! P.urke. and help dip it up. Take
'!;,.,., ,l,u,-t put that snail of hair
will n
kiss upon
delight of
succeeded in planting a
in v nose, greatly to the
the company.
Then turned to my husband.
" Now, elder, what is the damage ?
Don't be afraid to speak."
" Whatever you please," said Mr.
" Lemuel produced n piece of fur.
" There, elder," said he, there's a
piece of musk rat skin ; and out in
the shell Is two Iteails' of cabhagc,
and vou are welcome to the hull of
Mv husband bowed his thanks.
i es.
it web ot
led to
! i it ii in one
i detection.
of his box- i
j. iti:i
m M iv Tt ta ns "f ;
oil'tjN (Vilas, hxmit. ami ffttVir OrD. ;
I onlv
i mentioned " sympatlu.ingly on
i change, and like all such matters,
i there sMimathy ended. The liter
'chant lit pi the affair a secret, and
i the liist iiitimation his lady had of
w;ii :i i ta vi t ' 'l' 1 1 ih in t lie a wespa i alrcail . lhcre, Sal, tlo try
Shortl;. after tinnier was over chum a little more UeerHil. it you
t'l.' I IV Ol I III' IIISIIM CI Ol 1 tl' , Jit,' ! W 1 1 1 1 to III llcl'll inillni no' i
In Stl:lll'.e lllW to ;s will oe so
nastv ! Dick, do vou keep your fet t and the young people went to dam
.nit of the buttermilk: it won't be , ing, Mrs. Hourke went, to gcttin
lit for the pigs when the butter's
gat hercd. 1 H ive that hell out .quick,
she's picked up a pound of butter,
t re-horse
.tilling fact. .Mrs.-
... ..... II........... Tremolo, fi'llm
w in I'le . "v ... o.. - v- . v !
; . .1... I...... II, . II. ON.VM.
' (irford, X. H." A,;
(Rear "f TrotU r l!.n; .)
l'm lies fill ..i 'll' i'i V, it.l
Siuth' or Jhmhh. Tamix,
nt .hurt notiee. and tit
ltl'.ASDN AliLF, PHUT.S.
it the dt pot upon th
f arri.i - s iti readin.
arrival of the trains.
Ilradt'in-d. June. 1 1, I'-t'O.
i Cot
V All-Wool. llenip.Oil I h.th.tlrass Mallinu.
CutluuHafkiuK.nl ......
r . .V n. i. im i i " "
(KITtl V. & H I. IV.1 i.-a.v .. " ii. i...
1 voneaii jiet u'il All Wis. I Kehimes. ta-h
lonahle e.iloi s, li.r .su (."...l Prints li-oni ! to
We., and other Ilres t...o.l npiany as . n. .if.
I '''
Iktel.il.' L'l'liNI I I HI' . 1.1 11 .Nt.l-.-s. ts"
1 fas, Easv Chairs. Sinlled Rm kiiij: Chairs
Cane Seat and llmk ( hnirs. What Nols, la
tiUa, Minors, Window Shades. e., nt
V. A ll. T. KEYLS.v Co "a.
ilKtl. I'RICH A I'll. A1 T.
Wot LH IX-
Ul vile at leal ion to his sloek id uoods, usMir-
Ini! his natrons thai lonlnir been imrehased al
the most f.ivoraldi' teini-, he Mill iive ifieal
ilulueenii'iits to Ca-h, and Heady I'ny buyers.
Wanted, in cxrliuiiKr. iitid for rush,
ilu'ttr, Chrrtr, '.';. hint, Mnjilr Sugar, l'o-
Mlura, ''(:.', mill Wool,
Vor whiell the hiithest tiuitket priee will be
A. 11. 91 OWI.',
X3 X3 3NT T I V f
Orncr. in HaiiuCh Sot nt 111 it iu.se.,
llrixll'oril. Vcrmonl.
ItEETIl EII.LEU Wil li (lol.l) NHML
A Ii.er ell oil noilil, rtliver. nil'
, in Hie hilest lliiprov
a -i . ..-"', . .
Vuleniiii'd Rubber basi
cd modern styles.
I'rleoll per set of Teetn on Vlllennled ltllb
her base runite all the way from Five tnTliirty
"ive llolhtrs, aeioiilhui to style and linlsh.
her husband to remain in the parlor
a few moments, as she hail some
thing to say to him. She then left
the room, hurried up stairs, and
shortly after returned w ith a splend
idly bound P.ibleiii her hand. Hand-;
ing it to her husband, she said : j
tieorge. the day after our mar- ,
rir.ge, you gave me ibis precious j
book a's a token ol' your love, and j
as .1 rich fountain to look to in the (
hour of (rouble. Its pages have ;
been precious to me, and as your ;
brow looks sad to day, 1 now return ;
it to you, that you may glean from j
it some consolation in tlie hour of
I gloom. She then left the room.
! The mi reliant opened the book,
; cari le-vly. and a bank bill fell out. ;
j lie picked it up and glanced at its
' face it was a "i'ln bill, lie opened
the book again and another note of
the same amount was before him.
He opened it at the first page, and
continued to find an X between ev
ery few leaves till he arrived at the
commencement of the book of Reve
lations. He w as saved could com
mence business and had a capital of
some !?:!1(I0.
lie rang a bell a. servant ap
pealed. ;
Jleiiuest your mistress to come to (
' ..'.i ai .. . i .i1
me immettialeiy, sum i uc mcrcnani.
The lady obeyed, entering the
room with something between a
tear ami a smjle.
Kate! Kate! where did you pro-
! erne all this money t"
This is the weekly saving of our
household expenses for the. last
live years, was the niodesf reply.
I'very week I put ten out of the
twenty dollar whieli you gave me
into our I'.ible bank, thai when u
day of trouble cairn upon us, we
should have something to save us
from the wolf.
Hut why put it in the P.ible, Kate I
Hccause if is a good bank, one
which will not suddenly break, re
plied the lady.
You are an angel, iaie, erieti the
-requested ! v,,n Kt'cdn t run cia.y about it.
" I advise you to dry up! remark
ed the bride elect, thumping away
at the churn.
Hy the time 1 had got fairly
warmed dinner was ready, and yon
may be sure I did not injure myself
by oYer-t-atiug.
Night came on early, and after a
social chat about the events of to
morrow, 1 signified my desire to re
tire. Sal lighted a pitch knot, and
climbed a ladder in one coiner of
the joom. I hesitated.
Come on," cried she, " don't be
afraid. Sam, and Hill, and Dick,
and a!l the rest, of ye. duck your
i heads while the elder's wife goes np.
Look out for the loose boards,marm
breakfast, ami at my earn
uuest Mr. Morrison got our
ami we bade them adieu. I never
could have lived throu
meal in that house. !
1 have since heard that Mr. Lord
said if he had seen the elder's wife j
before she was married, Sally might i
have gone to the dickens. i
ki it.... ; Kii.ni '" i
.llil., il laini mil, .
A Scene in F err hi:. In a lec
ture recently delivered at Chicago,
(iraee (liven wood adverted to a
scene thi,: will doubtless one "lay be
a common one speaking ot the fu
ture of our country, she drew a pie
ture that probably many that read
these words may live to see:
We may picture to ourselves a
group of noble younglads, some ten
years hence, thus proudly account
in" for their oriihanao-e an orphan
age winch tin
The fallowing was published in
jir)trrn Mtunziuc ten years ago
long before the present "dead duck"
era :
A covrer-poiulent gives the follow,
ing passage on a debate between
Andy Johnson, a candidate for gub
ernatorial Illinois, and Ciiistavus
Henry, generally known as ( !us, the
Faglc Orator. The debate was se
vere, and excited much interest.
Andy closed his speech with this an
num. mug declamation:
" We met this F.agle. ami I can1
say. with an lamest heart, that he
has none of my flesh on his talons
h another none ot my blood on his beak.
This was good, and would have
been a stumper, but the undisn iy
ed (lus immediately rose to his teet
ami replied :
' "lis true the honorable gentle
man has met the F.agle, and bears
no traces of having left tlesh on his
talons or blood on his beak. And
'tis not strange, my friends ; for
those of vou who know the habits
no laint wirn that, nut art wiliin to
take charge uv the wun they hev
hen compelled to live under. Kin
they offer fairer i The fate uv war
wuz again em ; bury in all hard feel
ins they extend to us Chriselien
charity and say here wu are take
us give us our old places. They
hev ben chastened their household
gods hev ben destroyed and their
temples torn down. Wun neighbor
uv mine lost two sons in theConteil
rit nriiiy; another son wich ho hed
refoosetl l."it)( for in I Slid, he wuz
compelled to .shoot, euz he wuz
bound to run aw, iv into the Federal
army, ami two octroons wieh lie a
dozen t imes refoosi i -j."(M for, each,
in oo Orleans, he saw lay in dead
on the steps of a skool house in
Memphis. Ilez he sulVered iiothiu?
; Ami yet he is wiliin to take a scat
'in Congress forget tin all he hez
suileicil, and forgivin the cause
I thereof. What wickedness it is,
! wich would further bruise sich a
! broken reed. Therefore, ez yoo love
', yourselves ami hate the nigger I im
plore yoo to act. lake your choice
uv the platforms uv the different
States vote . a Johnson Unionist
or ez
a 1 liiuokr-.'.tic Johnsonian but
10i,000 fioNE ron Rt'M. X
writer says :
In opening a letter at the Tost
Office the other day, we found a one
dollar bill, on the bncfc of which, in
a neat business hand, was written
the following inscription :
"This is the hint dollar ot a for
tune of ?(M,o(H) all of which has
gone for rum! What a miserable
ftsil I have been !
J A vies T. Co pp."
Fool, indeed, thought we. And
such is the power of rum. And
such are the sad effects of all rtrong
drink upon those who use it. It
steals away the brain, and makes a
man a fool, until bewildered and se
duced by its fascinations, he throws
himself a way, a willing victim, and
becomes a sot and a hnito, and des
troys his health and jieace, and
squanders his fortune, rains his bu
siness and good name, brings his
family to poverty and misery, and
dies, at last a death of honors, and
is shut out from the Kingdom of
C.od forever. Verily, u wine is a
mocker, and strong drink is raging;
ami whosoever is deceived thereby
is not wise."
Would you be always safe, young
reader ? Touch not ! taste not I han
dle not!
of our nation. il hh-d know full well
that he never feeds upon carrion !"
Sik-Ii t! n!n:it and such a discom
fiture math Andy quake, but didn't
defeat him for ( ioveruor.
country should see
ami miml or, vt'ii'll smash your brains ; to it shall not be desolate,
out against that beam. Take keer Says one, ".!, father fell in
of the hole where the chimney comes t beating back the invaders at lictly s
delighted husband clasping her to
Bradford.. lime Ll, isiirt.
r AllAriH.A STAR SI'ltlNII W,M ER. fresh
from the stirinit, by the i mi. or In smaller
qiittiitltii'isat KIAES' STORE, Newbury,
i At: I -
ll l M' '!.! riot I,
,l I.i thi' niii.ir' ' Ii
. . ' l-S'lt. i p i..i"i e '
.MIn. l.. u el r.rl. mi ei'li""
m. I r nl'li. C J."".'..'. r .:'.''."."'.'..".
his heart.
And so she is.
doubt it t
Does any one
" Does the razor take hold well I"
inquired a barbar who was shaving
a gentleman 1mm tint country.
" Yes," replied the customer with
tears in his eyes 'Mt takes hold Hist
rate, but It don't let go worth n cent.'
Her warning came too late. 1
caught my foot in the end of a
board, stumbled and fell headlong
through what appeared to be inter
minable space, but it was only to
the room 1 had just left, where I
was saved from destruction by Hill,
who can glit me in his arms and set
ine on mv teet. remarking coolly
What made vou come that way f
We generally use the ladder."
1 was duly commiserated, ami at
last gut to bet!. The less sail! about
that night the better. Hill and Dick
ami the others slept in tlie room with
us, and made the air vocal with
their snoring. I fell asleep and
dreamed I was just being shot from
the muzzle of a Colunibiad, and was
awakened by Mr. Morrison, who in
formed me it, was morning.
The marriage was to take place
before breakfast, ami Sally was al
ready clad in her bridal robes when
I descended the ladder.
She was magnificent in a green
calico over a crinoline lull tour Inch
es larger than the rest of her appar
el, a while apron with red strings,
blue stockings, n yellow neck ribbon,
ami white cotton gloves. Her red
dish hair was fastened in a plug be
hind; and well adorned with the
tall leathers of the dclunct rooster
before mentioned.
When it was announced that Loin
Lord, the groom, was coming, Sally
dived behind a coverlet, which had
lieen hung across one corner of thi
room to conceal sundry pots ami
kettles, ami refused to come forth.
hurir." Savs another. " .1' tat her
tell on Lookout Mountain, lighting I
almve the clouds. "Says a third,
My father suffered Martyrdom in
Libby Prison." Says mint her, "My
father went down in the Cumber
land ; yet another, ' My father was
rocked' into the long sleep below
the wave, in the iron cradle of the
Monitor." Ami there will be hap
less lads who will listen in mouthful
envy, saying in their secret hearts,
" Alas, we have no part or lot in
such glory ings. Our fathers were
rvbtltt And hi re and there a
youth more unfortunate, will steal
awav from his comrades and mur
mur in bitternessorsoul, " Ah Hod,
help mv father was a Vopptr-
haul r
A HoNKVM'UiN i;ti)i'.LV Dls'-J
'i'i l.'lil'.H. We learn from a St. Louis
IHxiiatch that the wedding' tour of a
i dry goods clerk in that city lately
met w iih an unpleasant termination
near Concord, N. 11. It appears
i that about a year ago Clarion II.
; Kimball, formerly a lieutenant in
i the lstli New Hampshire volunteer
Shocking Hrutality. A son
and daughter of Mrs, Moulton, of
Newark, Vt.. recently beat their
mother in a most brutal manner
because she tried to obtain 'losses
sioii of a wheel at which slit had
been spinning. She is so injured
that, even if she recovers, she will
remain crippled for life. Mrs. Monl
fon is considered a worthy and ivs-
I 'clalile lady by all who knew Iter.
! She was only rescued from death
; by her husband, who came in from
1 the field and found her lying nearly
: dead upon the floor. No punish
ment has been iullietcd upon the
fiendish children.
P.uxrri. bi t LAniitAiiLE. In
" Notes of an Army Surgeon" we
find the following: "I remember
one day in my hospital rounds, a
patient just arrived presented an
amputated forearm, ami in doing so
he could hardly restrain a broad
laugh; the titter was constantly on
his face. ''What is the matter!
This does not strike me as a subject
of laughter." "It is not. Doctor;,
but excuse me ; 1 lost my arm in so
funnv a way that I still laugh when
I look at it." ' What for " "Our
first sergeant wanted shaving, and
got me to attend to it, as i am a
corporal. We went together in
front of his tent ; I had lathered him,
held his nose, and was just about
applying the razor when a cannon
ball came, iind that was the last I
Bold His Wh k. A man, who
gave his age at thirty years, applied
to Justice Kuhn ou Saturday night,
to be joined in the holy bonds of
matrimony to a girl of seventeen
years. The justice asked the nsnaT
questions, ami received correct an
swers until the following was pro
pounded to the wnuId-lK'-bridegroom:
"Have you ever been married
before ("
" Yes."
" Is your wife still living f
' Yes,"
" Are vou divorced from her!"
" No."'
" Where is she !"
" 1 sold her."
' How much did you get for her!"
None of your business.''
" Well, I can't marry you if yonr
w ife is living."
Hut she liked a younger feller
better than slit did me, aud was
willing to In- sold for $100 if he
bought her, so I let her go." Chica
tj jottmnl.
mil later a detective under Hen.
Hakcr at Washing-ion, obtained a
situation wiih Jameson, Col t ing &
Co.. w holesale dry goods dealers in
St .Louis. His duties led him, last
summer to Jacksonville, 111., where
he made the acquaintance of Lucy
Challea. a young lady attending
school in that place. The attr.ie-
A son of Neptune, who was in
the habit of tpianrling with his
better half, was one day remonstra
ted with by tlie minister oi uie par
ish, who told him la' mi his wile
ought to live on more amicable
terms, as they were inn n one. "Une ;
saitl the old salt, shift ing liis quid ;
"if vou should cnine by the house
sometimes, blast my tarry top ligh's
if you would'nt think wewereabo.d
The wretch who. at a stK-ial party,
said that a young l'.v playing a pi
anoforte was like an IW'i because her
fingers were umniig-key's, lias been
Oil IiiisIhtii discovered In Oeorgia.
tions of Lucy olicn called him out
of Lis lint of travel his collections
became nu;agi". his account, over
drawn, and finally tin last ol last
month he so overstayed his time as
to awaken serious apprehensions in
the minds of his employers, who ex
amined his accounts and arrived at
the conclusion t'aal he was a de
faulter in the sum of L(i00. The
mailer was placed in the hands of
the police, who learned that Kim
ball had marticd Miss ( 'bulb n at
the resilience ot her parents at
SpringticM, II!., anil started on a
wedding lour to the Fast, An oui
eer followed in his track, which was
missed once or tw if", bill finally dis
covered the young man and his
bride at his tathei's house, about.
ten miles trom t oticonl, .. II, I heir
dream of bliss was suddenly broken,
and the erring clerk re-turned to the
West without his bride, and the
prospect of a resilience in jail at his
journey's cm!.
Were you guarded in your con
duct while in New York f" said a
father to his son, who had just re
turned home from Ids visit to the
city. " Yes, sir, part of the time
by t wo policemen."
i saw of his head and my arm. Lx-
t use me lor laughing so, Doctor,
but I never saw such a thing be
fore." A woman, with a child in her
arias, jumped from a tiain of cars
' on Wednesday night near Waterloo,
' liul., the train going at the rate of
j lo miles per hour, yet did not re
; ccive the slightest injury. She had
passed the station win re she wished
to stop,
Di'.Ati in Politic-... An ex-wh
elm Washington Wliteslothe Mo
bile .itn i li.( r, w ho sought his opin
i m of national all'airs, as follows:
"Politics! I'.lcss your soul, I have
not read a newspaper for eighteen
months. 1 am not a citizen, ami don't
trouble myself about such things.
There'll beh 11 to pay soon; hut it's
none of my fun ral; J, having died
A literary announcement from
Lipsie runs thus : Our readers
will be obliged tons for drawing
their attention to sonic Sanscrit
works which will shortly appear.
We have not read the books oursel
ves, but if tl.eir contents are as in
teresting as their titles, thtiriera
sal must be Hie acme of delight.
Their titles are : " Svvnpantsc.haks
chavimahamaiitrastotra,'' "Trigun
atiuikakalikastotra," " Upangala
litavatodyapaf.n," " Sanaknrchat
at sehal nit ncenaristothi varttslyapan
amoe, and " Auatitataehaturdariv.
One of the editors of a New Or
leans paper, soon after licginning to
learn the printing business, went to
court a preacher's daughter.- The
next time lit attended the meeting
he was taken down at hearing the
minister announce as Ids text : M My
daughter is greviously tormented
I wiih the devil."
The Most JIkai'tiki'L the
Least Fskit i.. It is said that the
rose of Florida, the mot. bouutiiul
of Mowers, emits no fragrance tho
I'.iril of Paradise the most lmautrful
t.l biriK gives no son' j uin ry
verv dead! and been buried a year I press of ('.recce, the finest of trees,
and a half ago,'
Fortress Monroe, Nov.s. The
parole granted .It-It. Inms some
months ago, giv ing him the privi
lege of the grounds of the Fortress
during the day. has been extended,
through Lxcetitive clemency, in re
moving all surveillance of him, and
the guards from his room in Carroll
Hall at night. Instructions to this
effect have been sent from Washing,
ton to (icii. Pin ton commandant of
the Fort, thus depriving his impris
onment of anything like severity,
and paving I he way, as is generally
pii siimeti, i"i n nmii parme ami re
lease.. The London Time thinks tho
King of Prussia will soon be pro
claimed Ktnperorof Oennnny.
ie ids no Iruit ; dandies, the ttluu-
icst of mi "i. have no sense ; tho
ball room belles, the loveliest crea
tures in the world generally ditto
iii.lv more so.
A Michigan squaw was asked if
her pappaKise, which was quite
white, was not half breed, whereup
on she replied, No, not a drop of
while blood about it half Indian
and half misMoiiury."
A girl baby has been born at La
Crosse with two tongues. YVou't
her husband catch it if she lives' to
have one, . ' ' '
" I'gh! him great man I Big
bravo I taku uiany-scalpsT said an
Indian seeing a window full. Of
art I
r o u o ;n, H . u.o i

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