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tachment and execution unless turn- j When any married man shall have
cd out to the oflieer to be taken on tlie Stale, abandoning his wife and
ho attachment or execution by the I not making suttieient provision fur
debtor, to wit : Such suitable appar- her maintenance, or w hen any niar-
1. lu'il,liii' tools, arms, nml articles nod man shad le under guardian
of household furniture, us may le shin by vii tin
necessary for upholding lite, one
sewing machine kept tor use, one
! woman shall be abandoned
! bus
row tVip Im'hI- Kw ine or the meat of : vears. the Sunreme Court, may, on
one swine, sheep not exceeding in j her pet it ion, authorize her to sell and
number ten, and one year's product I convey her real estate or any part
of said sheep in wool,'yarn, or cloth. I thereof, and also any personal estate,
furaif for kr.iii.r iwti'pvt-jM-dincrtfii ! which shall at the time have come
her ,
band, such married woman sliall
W entitled to her own earnings, ami j
all the proceeds thereof, and the j
same sliall ! under her sole control,
. . , i i i i ... .......
the laws of tliisor i ami "' ".''""
erovcr me same, ami ine woe m.i.i
maiiiiain an action therefor in her ,
own name in the same manner she
could do if sole and unmarried. j
Approved Nov. V.I, liti.
any otlier ol ine Mined mines, n
the wife is of the age of eighteen
Mieen and ne cow through the win
tor, ten cords of lirewood, twenty j
luislicht of potatoes, such military!
armuircim'iita as the debtor is re- j
ipnred by law to furnish, all grow
ing crops, ten bushels of grain, one
barrel of Hour, three swarms of bees
nd hives, together with their pro
duce in honey, two hundred pounds
of sugar ami all lettered gravestones,
the P.ibles and otlier books used in
a family, one pew or a slip in a meet
ing or religious place of worship,
live poultry not exceedingin amount
or value the sum ol ten dollars; the
professional books and instruments
of physicians, and the professional
looks ot clergymen and attorneys
at law, to the value oftwo hundred
dollars; also one yoke of oxen or
steers, as the debtor may select in
lieu of oxen or steers, but not exceed
ing in value the Mini of two hundred
dollars, wilh sullicient forage for
keeping the same through the wiu
Ut; provided, however, that tlte ex
emption of said horses and forage
therefor, is not to extend or effect
any attachment issued on any con
tract made on or before the lirstday
of December next, or to any execu
tion issued on a judgment founded
on anv such a contract.
SKC, 2. This act shall take effect
from its passage.
Approved Nov. 1, lSflfi.
to the husband by reason ot the
mnrriarrc. and which may remain in
the Siate undisposed of by him.
Skc. 2. This act shall 'take effect
from its passage.
Approved Nov. 2, lsiiij.
An act to pivvent the dc)msiting of
poison on lands, and in amend
ment of section thirty of chap
ter one hundred and thirteen of
the General Statutes.
It is hereby rinietnl, dv.
Skc. 1. Section 30 of chapter
113 of the General Statutes is here
by amended so as to read as follows :
If any person shall deposit any
poison or poisonous substances up
on the lands belonging to himself or
to any other person, or in the build
ings of another person, he or they
shall be punished by fine not less
than ten dollars, nor more than fifty
dollars, and such person or persons
so offending shall be further liable
in damages to any person injured by
the loss of sickness of any domest
ic animal occasioned by the depo
sit of such jwuson or poisonous sub
stance. Skc. 2. This act shall take ef
fect from its passage.
Approved, November 10, lS(i(.
An act in amendment of sec tion
2 of chapter 1 IS of the General 1
Statutes relating to offenses
against public health. i
Is herein ei'ietel dr., :
Skc. 1. The second chapter of
IIS of the General Statutes is here- j
by amended so as to read as follows, (
viz: every person who shall kill or
cause to be killed, for the purpose i
of sale, and to be used as a family
meat, anv calf less than four weeks
old, or shall sell, or have in his pos
session with intent to sell, -in any
town in this State, or to send the
same to any foreign market to sell
for the purpose a tores lid, the meat
of anv calf killed icn less than
four weeks old, he shall be subject
to the same punishment that is pro
vided in section one of said chapter.
Skc. 2. This act shall take ef
feet from its passage.
Approved November 15, lSfJfi.
An act o provide for the restoration
and preservation of tish in tlie
State of Vermont.
It is hereby cuietetl, &.e.
Skc. 1. The Governor of (In
state is hereby authorized and em
powered to appoint two persons to
be styled tish commissioners, whose
duties it shall be to confer with the
fish commissioners of (he New Eng
land States and Canada; to direct
and superintend, in their discretion,
the construe lion ot lishways in the
streams of the state ; ami also at the
expense of the state o introduce
shad and salmon or otlier good vari
eties of tish, into such streams, lakes,
or ponds as they mav deem united
to the habits and successful cultiva
tion of such lish. Provided : the
entire expense incurred under this
act shall not exceed live hundred
Skc. 2. Said coinmis.iioucrs shall
hold their offices for the term of live
years, unless others sliall be appoint
ed to till the vacancies occasioned bv
death, resignation, or inability to at
tend to the duties required.
Sec. 3. No person shall be al
lowed to take any shad or salmon n
any of the waters in this state, or
contiguous thereto for the term of
five years from the date of the pass
age of thisncr. Provided: tliestatcs
adjoining and the province of Cana
da enact similar prohibitory laws
respecting the waters tiihutary to
and flowing from the lakes and
streams of this state; and provided
furthermore, if the states of New
Hampshire and Massachusetts each
enact similar laws, then this section
shall prohibit the taking of shad or
salmon ill the Connecticut river and
the streams, lakes or ponds tributary
thereto; and provided further, if
the government of Canada and the
state of New York shall enact a sine
ilar law- then this section shall pro
hibit the taking of shad or salmon
in Lake Champlain and Lake Mem
pliremagog and the ponds a n d
streams tributary thereto, but not
Skc. I. No person shall be per
mitted to take any trout or lunge in
this state, with any hook, net, or
other device, for the term of live
years from the passage of this act,
except from the first day of May . to
the fifteenth day of August of each
year; provided however, that noth
ing in this section shall be construed
to prohibit the taking of fish in in i-
vat .'ponds, constructed expressly for
the raising offish by the owners
thereof; mid provided further that
uiy person wanting spawn for the
propagation of fish, may take fish
from their spawning beds or else
where during the spawning season,
provided such person first obtain a
written permission from a majority
ot the Hoard or civil authority of
I lie town in which such fish are to be
Skc. 5. Any persons violating
the third or fourth sections of this
act, shall I' liable to prosecution be
fore any Justice of the Peace for the
county in which the offence is com
mitted, ami shall be fined not less
than five dollars nor more than one
hundred dollarx, or imprisoned not
jess man ten day nor inmv than
three month in the jnil of the coun
ty in which the offence is committed,
or both penalties, in the eliseiviioii
of the court, together with costs of
prosecution one-half of the line to
go to the jiersou making the com
plaint, and the other half to the
treasury of the stnte. Provided :
that nothing i thu ,H.t contained
shall prevent any person from tak
ing trout or inaskalnnge with hook
nml line, from the llliecnih dav of
May to the thb tyllnst day of A iigust 1
iu encli yeur. '
8KC. fl. Tills oct sliall lake effect
from its passage.
Approved Nov. 1!, inijii.
An net relating to the rights and li
abilities of luisbmid and wife.
It U Imrcby tnaetetl, &r.
SKC. 1. Hoc. J, of ehapfer 71, of
the general statute is herebv amend.
H so an lo rend as follow,,' to wit s
An act to provide for the repair of
It is hereby enneteil, dr.
Sr.c. 1. When in the opinion of
the highway surveyor or road mas
ter of anv district in anv town in
this State, it shall become necessa
ry to take the gravel, earth, or stone,
for the purpose of repairing or
building any road under his charge
that does not lie w itliin the limits of
the highway as surveyed, or beyond
the limits of his district, ami the
owner thereof will not. permit him
loiuM'iuc same without paying
more than in Ins judgment, he ought
to pay, then the highway surveyor
or road master shall have the right
to call on the selectmen of the
town in which such material is loca
ted, ami they shall at once make an
examination of the matter, and if
they are satisfied that the public
good requires the taking of such
material, then the selectmen sliall
give notice of the intent to take
the gravel, or stone, to the owner or
occupant of the land from which the
material is to be taken, and proceed
to apprise ine damages ny the year
orotherwise, and shall pay or' ten
der the same to said owner or occu
pant, ami they may then direct the
surveyor or road master to take the
material so apprised to the amount
necessary for the purpose set forth
in this act.
Skc. 2. And it is further provid
ed, that if the owner of said land j
is not, satislied with the amount of
damages allowed by the selectmen,
then lie shall have all the rights of
appeal from t he apprisal of select
men in opening highways.
m:c. .i. Any highway surveyor
or road master of any highway dis
trict in this State may, when in his
opinion it becomes necessary to take
any gravel, earth, stone, or other
material for the purpose of repair
ing or building any load under his
charge, that lies within the limits of
the highway, whether the same is
to be used at or near the point
where the same is taken from, or
other places on said highway.
Skc. 4. This act shall take ef
fect from its passage.
Approved November 1!, ISfili.
An act defining the jurisdiction of
town clerks.
It is hereby enuetnJ, dr.,
Skc. 1. The clerks of the sever
al towns in this State, are hereby
authorized to take acknowledg
ments of deeds and other instru
ments required by law, throughout
the county in which said clerks res
pectfully reside.
Skc. 2. Any town clerk is here
by authorized to administer oaths
in cases iu which instruments are
required to be sworn to, and return
able to the ollice of such town
Skc. 3. This act shall take ef
fect from its passage.
Approved, November 1'.', ISlid.
An Act to prevent injury to public
It is Ix re'iy enneteil, &.:,
Skc. 1. it shall mt be lawful for
any person to draw, or cause to be
drawn, any logs or timber, on any
public highway, in any maimer that
may injure such highw ay, more than
it would 1m injured iu the ordinary
way of drawing such logs or timber
on a wagon, or cart, sled or other
vehicle, which would keep such logs
or timber from dragging on Hie
ground ; provided, the selectmen of
any tow n may iu their discretion
give any person pel mission to draw
logs or timber in any way, when in
their opinion the highways would
not be greatly injured thereby ; pro
vided any person may draw logs or
timber iu any way at such times,
when by reason of frost highways
would not be liable to injury there
by. ' '
Skc. 2. If any person shall vio
late the. provisions of the preceding
section. Mich )ieion shall, on con
viction thereof, lorlcit and pay for
the u.se of the town in which such
oil'eiico shall haM been committed
the sum of, not less than live dol
lars, nor more than ten dollars, iu
(hi1 discretion of the Court, togeth
er with costs of prosecution, to be
recovered on complaint of town
grand juror before any justice ol
the peace having jurisdiction there-
of. Such person sliaJI In further
liable to the town iu which such of
fence may have been committed for
nil damages to any public highway.
by reuwon of the violation ot this
net, to lie recovered in the name and
for tlie use of such town iu any ac
tion on the ease.
Approved, Novemlrr J(I, ISoo.
An net in relation to tlie earnings of
married women, and in addition
to chapter 71 of the general stat
utes. It in hereby eimetid, Kr.
Si;c. I. NVIieneycr any married
An act in amendment of section 1.
2, and 3, chapter 17, of the Gen
eral Statutes, relating to registry
and returns of births, marriages
and deaths.
It is hereby cnticteil, Sic.
Skc. 1. That chapter 17, section
2 ot the General Statutes shall be !
amended by striking out of the
ninth line in said section, the word
March, and by inserting therein the
word February, and that the word1
February in the second line be
stricken out, and the word January
insert eJ.
Sr.c. 2 That from the 3d section
of the same chapter there shall be
stricken out the word February,
and inserted therein the word Janu
Skc. 3. That from the first sec
tion of the same chapter there shall
be stricken out the word June, and
the word March insetted.
Skc. I. This act shall take effect
from its passage.
Approved Now l., ist(.
An act in addition to chapter 7! of
the General Statutes, entitled
" Of money of account and inter
est. It is liertlni eurieteiJ, dr.
Skc. 1. The rate of interest or i
the sum allowed lor the forbearance
I ill ! . . .1 .11 i
or use ot money suau oe. six nonais
for one hundred dollars for one year,
and the same rate for a greater or
less sum. and for a shorter or longer
time : and no higher rate sliall at
any time be allowed.
Skc- 2, On all notes, bills, or
other similar obligations, whether
made payable on demand or at a
specified time with interest, when
payments shall be applied, first to
liquidate the interest that has ac
crued at the time of such payments,
and secondly, to the extinguish
ment of the principal.
Sue. 3. On all notes, bills, or
other similar obligations, whether
made payable on demand or at a
specified time, with interest ntinu-
thc examinations for admission and I
graduation, and shall have power
p giant certificates in th cases and
with the effects hereiiiaiter men
tioned, and to revoke the same for
rause shown, and in a manlier to be
bvthem established. One course
of study shall include all the branch
es required by law t ) W taught in
the common schools of Vermont ;
the other course shall include all
contained in the fust course and
. higher branches ; and shall require
1 for itscomoletinn at least one lull
1 vear of Rtudv : and certificates of
.'graduation shall be granted to all
: who pass the required examination
in the. first course or both courses.
Skc. 4. The certificates ot grad
uation from the lower course shall
have the effect of licenses to teach
iu the common-schools of the State
for five vears from the date thereof,
and certificates of graduation from
the hiffher course shall have the ef
fect of licenses to teach iu such
sch(Ml fifteen years from the date
Skc. .r. The Hoard of Education
at its first meeting after the passage
of this act, and at each of its annu
al meetings thereafter, shall desig
: nate one of its members w hose duty
I it sliall be, together with the Secre
tary of the Hoard to attend the ex
aminations for graduation, and de
termine w ho shall receive certificates
and also to visit the school at least
twice a vear on other occasions;
and for such attendance and visits
such member shall receive such com
pensation as is or shall be allowed
for attending the stated meetings of
the Hoard.
Si:c. f. The Board of Education
shall in their annual report, statt
the condition of the school, the
terms of admission to it and of
graduation from it, and the time of
commencement of its sessions ; and
they .shall caii.se to lie printed on
the' cover of the school registers, a
statement of the terms of admission
and graduation and time of the
commencement of the sessions.
Skc. 7. The Hoardof Education
may consider similar proposals from
other academies in the State, and
establish not exceeding one normal
school iu each congressional district,
1 and arra'iL'e for them courses of
i-.iU- eoiiiluct. examination, irivc
certificates, nominate teachers, and b I
generally exercise over them the
same supervision as provided in
this act. And the trustees of such
academies as may be designated as
State normal schools, shall be res
pectively trustees of such normal
schools," and have the same powers
and rights as the trustees of the
normal school hereby established :
provided that the State normal
Rational pinion.
. .. r.Aiti.i:, i:nior.
Oiip ritltiinii. 4u yvnr.
Half rcilimiii.
One fmiiili i-olninii.
One Hditnrc inio vear.
Our Hnilan. three week
25.1 N I
l.ej.al lmtieeH nt 15 eeiita per tin for three
In ii.h-anee, i.00
At the enil nf the Teitr. a..
! if Sit nc iiitiim whatever frnin thene rate
f X p..ier iliseiintimieil until till Hi-resir
as-'ed are u hi, exeunt at the opt inn of tin
I'lease notice advertisement of
Ibtilett r.rothcrs, on 3d page. They
are ( losing out their business, and
si fling goods at low figures.
See also J. M. AVardens adver
tisement of Christmas and ew
Year's presents.
A bandbox was picked up in the
street, near the tow n house, in this
village, on Tuesday, Dee. IS. It
contains a bonnet and veil. The
owner will tlud it at this otlice.
weeks since, Jason Parker
A few
of Hrookficld, was out hiintin
weapon being a cavalry revolver.
From being too heavily loaded, or
some other cause, the hummer Hew
back, and struck one eye with so
much force as to destroy it, which
misfortune fell heavily upon him, he
being a ynjjng man dependent upon
his industry.
Provinces. Otttuca, ('. Hr. Ihv.
15. Intelligence is received from
England to the effect that the Iow
er Province delegates are about to
return, haviiiif come to a favorable
understanding in reference to Con
As there will be some (imicuir.y
about funds for the construction 01 j
the Intercolonial ltailway, some1
discussion may arise concerning ai- ;
lowanee to Prince Edw ard Isiami,
but it is expected that it will be
satisfactorily arranged.
Mr. I. S. Thorn, of Flattsburg,
lately convicted of smuggling, at
the United States Court held at Au
burn, was sentenced to pay a fine
220 and to be imprisoned mine
Rochester Penitentiary for sixty
A man hailing from Vermont,
hrtely sold tosomeeitiwiisof Frank
lin County Ohio, what purported! to
be a number of splendid black
Spanish bucks. The citizens were
proud of their prizes until the first
rain that came washed oil' their hue,
and they proved to be ordinary
white " scrubs.'' The enterprising
Yernionter is at present in an Ohio
There are panthers on the moun
tains in Heiinington County, Vt.
One of the "varmints" has lately
killed 100 sheep and five calves,
which makes him expensive to keep,
and when snow conies so as to track
him easily, the hunters propose a
Sidney Tompkings, a wealthy far
mer, in Stillwater, N. Y., was trying
to get a potato from the gullet of a
choking cow, when she caught him
on her horns, threw him in the air
when he fell on a fence and was
It is estimated that there arc
about 1,200,000 Freemasons iu the
world. Of this iiuiiiImt some 150,
000 are in England, 100,000 in Scot
laud, nml 50,000 in Ireland. There
are about 300,000 in the United
States, and 50,000 in other parts of
the world.
Some days since the telegraph re
ported a sister ot fton. John Morris
sey as starving iu Chicago. John
eoiised inquiries to be made, found
that it was indeed a sister whom he
had not seen for seventeen years,
and caused to lie advanced to her the
sum of 250.
school hereby established, and such
others as the Hoard of Education
may estab' h, may be cstablis
and inaiiil ted without any
oense to tlie Male, excepiiu.
payment of the
Hoard of Education
for their services.
Skc. S. This act shall not 'apply
to or be binding upon the Orange
County Grammar School until the
trustees thereof shall in writing no
tify the Secretary of State of their
acceptance of the same.
Skc. 0. Thi
from its passage.
Approved, Nov. 17. H'ili,
act shall take effect
Oilice of Secretary of State. )
Montpclier, Nov. 21. lWi. t
1 hereby certify that the forego
ing 37 numbers, pbblished in pur
suance of section II, chap. 5, of
the general statutes, are true copies
of acts passed hy the general assem
bly at its annual session, A. 1., one
thousand eight hundred and sixty
six, as appears from the tiles of this
G-.ui:;r, Nicholas,
Secretary of Slate.
A N;:v Hook iiv Mi;s. Emma
E. N. -Vu tiiwoijth. T. H. Peter
son i; Unit hers, Philadelphia, have
in press and will publish on Satur
day, llcccmbcr 15th, a new hook by
Mrs. I. li. N. Soitthworth. "enti
tled " The Hiile of Llewellyn,"
which will, beyond all doubt, prove
tin- most popular and success
ful work that has ever been written
by her, for she is beyond all ques
tion the most powerful female writer
in America, if not in the world. No
one ever read a chapter of one of
her Imoks wit hunt admiring! he rare
genius of its author, and wishing
that she mjght soon write another.
Her scenes are life pictures, her in
cidents are founded on facts, and
her sentiments are characterized by
a singular purity both ot concep
tion ami expression. She has the
rare faculty of saying what sh
means, and of saying it in such a
manner that her meaning cannot be
misinterpreted. In short, she pos
sesses iu an eminent degree those
qualifications which are the pecu
liar prerogatives of a good w riter :
and while she delights the reader's
imagination with her descriptive
inly, she applies home truths to
,S7. hui. Mo., Die. 15 A special dis
patch from Jcll'erson City says the
bushwhackers came into Lexington
in force yesterday, under command
of Pool ami Clemens. Col. Mont
gomery demanded the surrender of
1 Mi'inetis. and imon his refusal a
tight ensued, in w hit h Clemens, was i
killed and other Uushw hackers !
were tnorlalh wounded. Col.
Montgomery arrested several of the
most prominent secessionists and
holds them as hostages for the safe
ty of loyal cili.ens.
A private of the 100th Regulars,
h'-itioncd at Otlawn. cstcrday re
ceived lil'ty lashes. The prisoner
was tied to the gate 1T the ihuuibs.
A Washington dispatch says that
an investigation by the House Mili
tary Committee into the serviceabil
ity of the artificial linihs finished
by various manufacturers to the sol
diers of the late war shows that but
a small proportion of them prove
durable. In many cases they prove
entirely useless, or so imperfect as
to involve as much expense, in re
pairing them as was paid for them
at first. The Government pays s7."i
for artificial legs; ami it is probable
that Congress will endeavor to com
pel the manufacturers to do just ice
to the soldiers whom they have swin
dled. They certainly should do so.
for good artificial legs is but poor
substitutes for thosethat the soldiers
lost in the war, and they ought not
to be put off wilh poor ones.
Washington, Dec 17. Among
the petitions presented to the House
to-day was one from Athens count v.
Alabama, signed by six persons,
asking for the impeachment of Pies
ident Johnson.
and iu that position was flogged m j
the presence of the entire garrison, j
for stating that Canada would be i
annexed to the United States he- '
tore two vears.
his understanding with the force of
rational conviction. The " Pride of
Llewellvii" w ill lie welcomed by all
such readers especially ; ami those
who have never read the v.orks of
this gifted woman should not fail to
buy and read this new novel by (his
gifted American authoress.
The State il
bt of Indiana is 15,
allv. the annual interest that re
mains unpaid shall be subject to
simple interest from the time they
become due to the time of final set
tlement ; but if, in any year, reckon
ing from the time such annual inter
est began to accrue, payments have
been made, the amounts of such
payments at the end of such year
with interest thereon from the time
of payment shall he applied : first,
to liquidate the annual interests
that have become due ; secondly, to
the extinguishment of the princi
Skc. I. Nothing in this act. shall
be so construed as to affect existing
laws relating to banks and banking
institutioiisj nor to notes and con
tracts existing before the passage ol
this act.
Skc. 5. This act shall take effect
from its passage.
Approved Nov. 10, liii.
CoSVKNTlo.N ol' Sol TllKKN LOY
ALISTS. The Southern loyalists
met to-night, Judge Durant of Loui
siana presiding. Delegates were
present from every non-constructed
State, with one exception. Altera
full interchange of opinion a pro
gramme w as adopted w hich contem
plates an entire abolition of the
present State governments in the
South, ami their reconstruction
with the loyal element. Judge
George Paschal of Texas was ap
pointed to draft a memorial to Con
gress embodying these points.
PAitTS, DKC. 17. It is stated se-ini-ollicially
that Gen. Almonte has
received assurances by telegraph
that Maximilian has abandoned his
intention of leaving Mexico and of
an avowed determination to put
himself at the head of the loyal
Mexicans and fight for his crown.
No. 1. An Act to establish a State
Noitiial School.
in hereby iwieteil by the (ieneral
A shi mhl y i the Mule of Vermont i
SK''. 1.' The Orange County
Grammar School at ilandolph Cen
tre is hereby constituted and estab
lished a Normal School for Hie State
of Vermont, for the term of five
years, and the present trustees of
saiil grammar school and t heir sue
c ssirt are constituted trust s of
said Normal school.
Skc. 2. It shall be the duly of
the Una ril of Education to nomin
ate ti principal teacher for the school
and no person not mi nominated
shall be employed us such principal,
but the principal when nominated
and employed shall be allowed to
select his assistants and to provide
for the discipline of the school.
Skc. 3. The Hoard of Education
shall arrange two courses of study
for the school mid wholly control
The Washington correspondent
of the New Yoik Vommereial Adver
tiser says ;
" Mr. Johnson has so changed his
message that those who havi heard
him read it privately at different
times scarcely recognize the docu
ment. The proOHed three constitu
tional amendments, which I know
were in, have been loll out, and the
allusions to France have been won
derfully toned down. It is said that
Hon. 1 "'evenly Johnson revised and
partially re -wrote what he says
about our domestic affairs.''
" l.Yoi'cseiitntive Ashley of Ohio
has prcimred h resolution of imiui
ry into the alleged charges against
President Johnson, w hich is the first
step toward impe'achinciit.
The teiiineiiince work iu Grafton
is making much progress, and the
number who have recently sigue
the pledge is 23.
The Annual Meeting of the State
Temperance Society will be f-hl at
St. Albans, on Tuesday and Wed
nesday, the isth and I'M h of De
cember. The exercises w ill be as follows :
Tuesday, A. M. Organization
and Peport of the General Agent.
Kcv. W. W. Atwater of Vergenncs.
Tuesday, P. M. Peport of St a
tistical Secretary, llev. p. II. White
ot Coventry ; and an address by C.
M. W'illard, Esq., of Castleton. '
Tuesday Evening Address by
Prof. 1 Icnry E. Parker of Dartmouth
Wednesday, A. M. Kcport of
the ( ouiinittce on Finance, by Mr.
Sheldon of Put land.
Wednesday, P. M. Peport of the
executive Committee, by Pcv. 15. F.
Kay of Hartford.
The subjects of the various re
ports w;,l be oiien for general dis
cussior .
4 O 11 1 1 ri.
no inirciies ami temperance or
ganizations arc invited to send delegates.
lhe l'utlaiid and Uiirlington Kail,
road will curry passengers for fan
one way.
total number of enlisted men
iu the Ciiiti il States Navy at the
present time, as given by otlieial re
turns to the Navy department on
the 1st in.-t., i thirteen thousand
seven hundred and lil'ty.
Some one having lavishly lauded
Longfellow's aphorism. ' sailer and j
be strong," a matter of fact man oh- !
served that it was merely nvaiia-j
tioii of the old Knglish adage." Grin. '
and hear it."
An Imperial ukase has been issued
declaring all the relations of Kii-m.-i ,
with the Pope ot Pome abrogated,
and annulling all spcciaT law s of the ;
empire w hich have heretofore hi en
made in accordance with said rela
tions. The MiutrhrKter K.rnm'm.-r follow.-.
the I.iiiiiIiiii Tiiius, and calls for an
early and sal isfactoi y sett lenient of
the Alabama claims. It believes
that the popular oice is strongly
iu favor of an uuuVjhlc adjustment.
The 1'eiiian troubles arc coining
(loser home to England. Such is
the excitement among the large
Irish population of Livcrnol and
Glasgow that it is thought mhisn
hie, as a measure of precaution, to
send I loops to those places. Mean
while martial law lias nc proclaim.
(1 in Limerick, and re ciiioiceiiieiils.
ioth military ami naval continue to
be dispatehi-d to Ireland.
Mail Koiikuv. The mail bag of
Saturday's New York mail was tak
en a the depot at Essex Junction,
and all the letters abstracted, tin
bag being ripped open. The bag
was taken from the platform at the
Junction, and was found about t wen-ty-liv
e rods from the depot, with the
papers lemainiiig in or by it. We
liave not heard how mm h of a haul
was made by this bold operation.
No clue of the robber or robbers has
Ueii obtained as vet. Mr. Samson
went to Essex Junction and obtained
the missing bag and pa person Tues
day. Mi ssi niji r.
Didn't ChahukThkm aCk.xt.
The it i li t h chapter of Matthew
was under cousidi-r.il ion by a class
of young bovs. the chapter being
read as usual, verse by verse, ami
l lull questions were asked bv lhe
teacher on the passage read. Tie
a count of the raising of Jairu-'
daughter concludes 1 he chapter, and
the last V ei se of the narrative is as
follows: "Ami he chained (hem
straighily that no man should know
it. and commanded that something
alight be given her to eat." The
teacher asked in connection with
this vcr.-c:
"What did ( 'hi ist command:"
"llsat soiael lung should lie givin
them to eat," was the reply.
What did ( hi isl charge them!"
was the next answer.
A brilliant youth exclaimed:
"He didn't charge them a cent."
1 HIM'.K Childijkn Dhow.nkd.
A very distressing accident happen
ed at Allen, 111., last Monday
W hile a number of school children
were playing on the ice on a pond
near the school house, it suddenly
gave way, and two bovs, iiainei
Joint J. Monti, aged 10 years, and
Kobert Smiley, aged !l, were preci
pitated into the water where it was
quite deep. A young girl nai 1
Orlenn J. .Monti, sister of one of flu
Hoys, rushed to their rescue. The
ice gave way under her, and iu a
moment all t hree disappeared under
uie wuier, ami iielore they could hi
rescued all three had passed into
I ne dark valley.
lhe Franeonia murderer hits been
traced from Island Pond to Montreal,
wnere ins pursuers are now search
ing for him.
PlDIMi A lIoBJIV. The Arch
bishoii of Ihiblin tells of a horse
man, who, having lost his way,
made a complete circle. When the
fust round was finished seeing the
marks of his horse's hoofs, and nev
er dreaming that, they were those
ot his own beast, he reioiced and
said : " This at least shows me
that I am in some track."' When
the second circuit was finished, the
signs of travel were doubled, ami
he said : " Now surely I am in a
beaten way ;" and with the conclu
sion of every round, the marks in
creased, till he was certain that he
must be in some frequented thor
oughfare, and approaching a popu
lous town : but all the while he was
riding after his horse's tail, and de
ceived by the track of his own er
ror. So it is with men that ride a
hoi iby.
A dispatch from St. Louis, the
7th inst., says " forty miners arriv
ed at St. Joseph today with 200,
000 in treasure. Other parties are
coining down, the river with nearly
a million and a half iu gold dust."
There will be. four or Ave ladies
acting as correspondents in Wash
ington, this winter, to chronicle the
gossip of the, dra wing-rooms. One
of them is (rum the staff of the New
York Tribune.
Game, is very abundant in Cent nil
Illinois this year, and besides the lo
cal sportsmen, popping iiwuy ineess
iintly at the prairie chickens, wild
geese and brant, there arc parties
from the East and Canada camping
in the best Joeulilies.
Arteiniis Ward says that, us a
Hon of Temperance, he believes in
temperance hotels, though us a gen
end thing, they sell poorer liquor
1lian the other sort.
It is rather amusing thai at the
time the lli-mlil. is coining out in fa
vor of the territorial theory of gov
(Tiling the Soulli as we govern lhe
territories. Mr. Greeley is moth til
ling his tone regarding the South
till he has got ready to give the reh
els amnesty before they give us suf
frage. A little lagged urchin. begging in
the city the ol her day, w as asked hv
a lady who tilled his basket if his
parents were liv ing.
"Only dad. niarin," said the boy.
"Then you have enough iu your
basket now to feed the family fm
some lime, said the lady.
"Oh.no, I haven't neither," said
the lad, "for dad and me keeps five
boarders; he docs the housework
and I docs the niarket'ii."
There is a certain town in the
rat ate of Vermont w hich has four
churches in the village. Only one
of these has a bell, but inasmuch as
the other denominations refuse to
assist to pay for the ringing of it(
the owners of the bell will not allow
it to be rung at all.
Cauollna. Mr. Thaddeus Stevens'
bill for the reconstruction of North
Carolina provides for theassembliiig
of a Convention, chosen by all male
citizens of age who can read and
write, to assemble Mav 30, 1S(!7, at.
Kaleigh, and to consist of 120 dele
gates, to frame a State Constitution,
which sliall be submitted to Con
gress for approval, modification "
rejection preparatory to the le-eslah
lishineiit of the State and the rein
vesting of loyal citizens w ith all the
rights, privileges and immunities
appertaining to the citizensof the
oilier States of the Union; that there
shall be no distinction of color ei'
race recognized in the case of voters
for such delegates; that delegates
sliall, 1 efore being qualified to nets
as such, make oath that they did
not favor the continuance of then'
hellion from ami after the issuing1'
the proclamation of President I-''1
coin, in December, 1X03, Ke. T"1'
bill ha been read twice and refers'"'
A Vermont soldier, entering l'1,1'
fight at Fredricksburg, saw a raV1"1
Uiiiliing olfthe field. "Go it, -'ot
ton Tail," he exclaimed; "if I didn I
lime n lcpitlutiMi to Mislajn. I'd D'
going too."

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