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Rational Opinion.) 0rang6Counly JailBrokfn-
ffK HV. 'IIH. tailor.
fn column, one ycr,
llnll' rolmnii,
Ouu fuui-lh o!uinn,
One .eev. i- -r.
Irgl uuluu t Ij eruta j..T lire fur time
In di-....
At the mil of flii viar.
Vn variation wf:ii-v.r from tlir"1 ran
J" No ;ltHT i'nlitlluird until 111! ;ir.-:ir-(tfn
ro ptol, fX. t at ti opiioll 't tin-pnblulii-r.
Russian America.
Wciiotice that many of onrcotcm
poraries censure the action of tin
U. S. Senate in consenting to the
payment by Uncle Sam if$7,(Krt),(MM
in gold ftr the privilege of taking
care of a tract of country, Rome
where in the vicinity of the an tic
circle, known as llussiun Posses
sions. This is wie of Sec. Seward's
pet schemes, nn J be liss Income so
addicted to dickering iu small things
bincc lie took A. J. in charge, that
ire fear the country dot's not eon
iridcr thin transaction in its lull
magnitude; but undoubtedly we
shall see it when we have paid fur it
and Lave an equal right w ith Great
Britain to catch walruses and limit
polar bears in this rallies' remote re
gion, which is inhabited by about
equal proportions of i'.sqiiimaux and
hedgehogs, Indians mid wolves, awl
a smaller proportion of ltussians ; c,,. its rrturress turned
and grizzly bears, besuks s'm'nd ! i,,T running across above it. T!
smaller and uiore valuable spccic.nl timber thev cut off with lh- plate
On Sviturduv eveninc last. Is.'
twecu seven and nine o'clock, the ;
prisoners iu tin Orange County jail. '
at Chelsea, succeeded iti breaking,
out, and four of the seven confined
there have left for part- unknown. I
'i t... v.;..,i ti...t liuvi- llowiiarc .loliii '
Pilcv, Samuel Thurbor. and William
Thompson, commit led by a justice
of Corinth to rein tin till they pay a
tine imposed for stea'ring, ami .lohu
Kian. biotight from Woodstock after
the burning of the jail there, ltian
is cvitlently the engineer, as he says
he has been in fifteen different jails,
and has never vet found one strong
enough b hol'l him.
The Orange County jail is a new
structure, and was thought to be per
fectly sate against any ain-n'i'i "
l...nl- s,.i ..ml it undoubtedly is, till
less made by such a genius as Hian. i
The prisoners showed a great ileal '.
of ingenuity in their escape. They i
are shut into their e lis singly, at j
nine o'clock every night, ami ol
course whatever they had to do
must be done before that time.
They first removed the brimstone
around the staples that held the bar
or bolt of one of the cell doors. This
they did with their knives, or with
smic other sharp instrument. With
.1... .. u-eib'es and the bar
thusolitained as a K'vcr they su.--ceeded
in rai-ing one of the long
stones that form the ecaling of thi?
cells. In raising the stone they,
1 by a lim
State Items
.U rr.MPT.ND lliniiWAV H n-1
rtKKV .As Mr. .lames Paul ami his I
ife were returniuy; to their liMne in j
'liitteiideu from Itiulaml. one eve-1
nin;.' last week, Mr. Pan! wa drag- j
-ed from the wagon, on West Street j
in Itiitlaud. by two men. one ol
whom In hi liim by the throat, with
his knee on his breast, whilethcoth-
e:irellell lllll lor S iiioim' . i
team Inglileneii
thev left without
tunalelv a comin
the rutlians tind
s-euring any plunder.
Aff'inr.NT. Cieo. C. AVesi, for-
nierlv e-.ishier of Irasbur;h l!ank,
.. . . . . i
i now ot llartlaiMi, was unow n nom
his carriage last week Isatunlav, anil
seerioiislv, though not fatally injur
ed. Ni;wsi'Aim:i: Ciiam;i;. Mr.T). L.
Miilikcn. ol'Kiattleboro, hassohl the
i moi:t Kecord" and "Vermont
Farmer" to Mr. I". I Aekei loan,
v ho has been associated with him
for some t line as editor ol t he paper.
Mr. Millikeii. however, retains the
privilege of issuing the Uecoid as be
fore, at Springfield, I'.raudoii and
Cm i or ttr.i.ATioNsmr. A
family of live person's living in this
county, has in it. a grand mother and
two trnind children, two mothers,
one father, t wo daughters, one sou,
one soii-in law. one brother, one sis
ter, an uncle and an aunt, three
cousins, andotl er relatives less near.
What relation were t ho husband and
wife before marriage ? l'ne 1'irss.
JiCKLiXiiTON. T h e liurlingtou
Times gives the following account
i of a series of bold burglaries and
Jrobberii'.s in liurlingtou.
Our recent lires have been fpuek
ly followed by a visitation of burg
lars who on Sumlav niht sacrileg
iously visited six of the churches in ' school
this city iu fact all but two, M. ao
seiih'.s (French Church) and the
being passed oer
Whcrc the burg
their work is not
only succeeded in
at the I nitaiian,
J.Q- A- Fellows on the Situation.
. ' dantfiital law, inuking suftiiige the
basis ot representation, and only ois-
We ,mblish below a letter taken ! qualifying from holding oihec those,
from the New Orleans Tim f i classes whoni it was suj.posed were
M;.iel. -1 1si!7. iittei, bv .1. O. A. i opposed 10 me acceptance oi
i.v.11.,... . i.'. .-. , T i the treat issue decided by the war.
f II1UM, i.XI., 1IMIIII 11) ; .
i r.;l ,....... .!...; n.r n... Without ln.iUiring
lilt 111. 1 '1 llll.i viiiu i , .-in" nif, ..., ,
... ,w ,.t' tin. i!iii)iv.sMftiis anions tin masses
Mr 1.VI10UW attended i the Nol til, .wllicll led to this colistl
of game. Two gentlemen who have
explored this country, report that
the salubrity of the climate and
productiveness of the stil admit of
raising barley and cabbages, and
roots; in fact, roots aru plenty, par
ticularly roots of trees,' with which
the country i pretty much covered.
The principal product of the coun
try, liowi-vtT, is ice, which brings a
good price iir New Orleans during
the sultry months of July and Au
gust. It is said also to ubDund in
fisheries; and perhaps Sec. Seward
a wood saw which they luul been al
lowed to have inside the jail to cut
u.ir ou-ii wi.o.1. After cuttiie'the
timber, they raised the stone about
ten inches with the aid of their lev
er, propping it with bricks taken
from some portion of the privy.
they thus had an opening large
enoiizh to enable them to crawl
fhroutih into the atth
they let themselves down to the
ground by their siieetstied together.
Two of them have been tracked as
far as I.vme biidiie: but no trace
('has. K.Whitney, while nt work
in the liurlingtou woolen factory, on
last week, was caught in the ma
chinery and csirried up to the ceil
ing, when he had the presence of
oi l nun I to cut himself loose with
bis knife, when he fell to the tloor.
When taken up, lie was found to
have two ribs broken. Without the
aid of his knife, he would undoubt
edly have been killed.
Methodist, th
by the robbers,
lars commenced
known, but the
gettinir nlunder
Third Congregational, and St
rv's fll.miMM Carbolic) Church,
I 'nitaiian Church was entered
through a window in the vestry,
which is in the basement, where
after breaking open the Sunday
School Library, tiny made oil' with
the communion service, including a
baptismal font of solid silver, all
valued at about SlO'i.
The. Third ( ongrcgational Church
(College Street ) wasenlei'ed through
one of the ivar w indows of its base
ment and the gold watch of the pas
tor, Uev. Mr. Saflbrd, and some val
uable plate, including wedding pres
ents 'o Mrs. Saflbrd. carried off.
I Mr. Satford is boarding at present,
hence be hail deposited his property
valued at .?"oo. iu his sludy in the
church for sale keeping. The com
munion service is nut kept in the
church so it escaped the fate of the
.ast or's valuables.
St. Mary's Church, so the sexton
Mr. .McWilliains informs us, was en
tered through a dour in the base
ment, fram which the robbers soon
into the mam botlv
made their way
of the ehun
.lohu M. Wilson, on retiring to his
room in the. Howard House in liur
lingtou, the other night, as he had
about him
since he must give up the idea of ,ias ,H.n fullIul of th), olilt,r W(,
being elected next President and
Borne other unsuccessful fishers af
tr ollice, wish to turn their atten
tion to some other kind of fishing.
Whales are, said to abound to the
northward, and we presume may be
found to the southward by going a
sufficient distance, in that direction.
It contains several minerals if not
more, and among them quite an ex
tensive amount itf copper; and it is
thought by sonic that this was what
attracted Mr. Seward's attention to
it, and made him ho anxious for its
acquisition. He does not seem to
regard the reevut developments iu
this line Iu Connecticut, as sufficient
to raiso democratic stock to par.
Our English friends are a little jeal
ous iu regard to this move, thinking
perhaps it is a strategem to capture
Gibraltar, or some other stronghold
on theeasterti continent. Wo can't
blame them much, for since the Fe
nian attempt to release Ireland by
taking Canada, their ideas of strate
gic movements are somewhat con
Perhaps this new acquisition is
not quite arr Eldorado; hut it Is
ours or will be when we pay for it
and if not a great country of itself,
it becomes part of a great couutry,
which i noted for great things,
among which we may mention great
We wish to make one suggestion,
and that is that it be organized as a
territory of the U. S., and In case
Jeff. Davis don't die of old ago be
fore bis trial comes oil', that he be
sentenced torw eivethe appointment
of Rovernor, and live on the revenue
t.f the territory , and -?rve in that
capacity for the term f his natural
life; the President to .4ave authori
ty at any time on application of Mr.
Davis and a sufficient number of his
I'rientU, to commute hU sentence to
-a ,
"yrtVEFJaH." Mr. William Hog
i rs of West Topshiim, informs us
that he had one ewe sheep which
brought and raised right lambs in
twenty-two uioutlis, and ono sheep
13 years old which had raised him
tl hunbs. He has also ouo sheep
which brought one lamb in January,
1S41, another in June, and a
third in March, 1M7. This spring
tweW of his sheep brought him 120
Iambs. He wants to know if that
can be beat. We urc not much of a
'aliwpist," and pcrhups our opinion
on the subject would not 1 worth
much, but we can Inform him that
it bata anything wo have heard of.
Ws learn from an exchange of tho
death of Itav. Asa I 'fenny, for tho
past thirty four years pastor of tho
West Congregational Society of
PotWHrd, H. He died on the
jMth Ho wax born in Corinth,
Among those who remained bo
hind was Julius Fox, who was tried
last winter for the murder of hi
wife, Uhd who is now awaiting an
other trial in June.
Of course when the Jailor came
around at nine o'clock to shut the
prisoners into their cells, be found
bis family diminished by four, and
his strong home broken out of.
The prisoners must have worked
expeditiously to accomplish all that
was necessary to enable them to get
."iooil. took the prcenu-;
t ion to look under the'bed, where1 he !
Thence discovcrc! an iiulivuiuul snugly ;
'laid out next die wall. lie was j
forthwith "snaked out,"' and as he ,
couldn't satisfactorily account for;
his presence there ho was given!
time and space tor rellcction on Ins
situation under tho care of Sheriff
A FKiCiiiirt t, Af.vniKvr. O n
Wednesday while the liemocrats of
Montpelicr were tiring a cannon to
celebrate the Democratic victory in
Connect lent a premature discharge
of the gun terribly mangled Peter
Lcinwin. and seriously injured
.lames Jaitgreau, two Frenchmen
w ho were driving homo the cart
ridge. Peter I.einwiu died Wed
nesday night. II - was a steady, in
dustrious young Frenchman, who
had served honorably in the army,
and was at thetiineof the accident
out. between seven and nine in the in the employment of Messrs. Lane,
...,i.. I Pitkin nni
Taking medicine to cure diseases
occasioned by a deficiency of Iron in
the blood, without restoring it to
the sytitym, Is like trying to repair a
building when the foundation is
gone. The Peruvian Syrup (a pro
toxide of iron) sup lies this deficien
cy ami builds up an iron constitution.
and lirock.
A maiden lady named Miss Moody
of F.ssex, committed suie'ile on Sat
urday the limb ult., by hanging
herself to a bed po,st in her loom.
She had been subject to (its of niel
li above, and succeeded
in stealiwg a Mir ol g"Id and silver
cruets valued at !. They bloke
open the orphan boxes but found uo
money, ami made an lneiieet uai au- j
tempt to break into the tabcinaelei
wheie were kept the holy vessels, i
Here the miscreants, left in the lock
of the vestry an iron key and iu one j
ol t Me aisles the poker ot the sexton
of the. Unitarian Church. This cir
cumstance taken together with the!
fact, that in the College Street;
Church was also found an iron tool j
in no w;is resemoliiig a 'jimmy" a j
favorite implement ot burglars, v.ar-'
rants il- belief that the ro.iber.-, j
Were utiViees in the nil of hou-e-
breaking, and not "prolessiouals"
from the meat cities. ,
i lie rust i ongri'gauonai nurea
(Key. Mr. Mix's) was entered from
the coal vault, ami the interior thor
oughly searched fr "prog."' The
cov erings of the pulpit were strip
ped oti'lu,! nothing stolen.
The l.aptist. Church was also brok
en into and ransacked, and a few
pewter poons used at picnics of the
society twisted to ascertain wheth-
er t tiey were oi value,
Tin Episcopal Church being in
j process of repair, was easily entered
j through the front door. Here the
I burglars found iu the Sabbath
I School contribution boxes, but no
j silver, as tJii! communion service
i had been Udten home duiiiig the
evening by one of Uio vestrymen.
The robliei v w as a bold one, for
the night was not veiy d.uk. No
trace of the burglars has yet been
found, though our county and city
constabulary have been 'diligent in
their efforts to discover both plun
der and plunderers. The g neral
opinion is that the criminals have
been for some time ill ami about; our
in l.radford nearly three
years, graduated from the Universi
ty of Vermont in IS t!, and soon lif
ter went South, w here helms gained
a good reputation as a lawyer, and
acquired a large properly, lie was
one of the candidates for governor
of Louisiana at the time Michael j
Haha was elected. The editor of
the limrx says :
'We present herewith the letter
ofj. (J. A. Fellows, lvsq iij re
sponse to our suggestion that the
representative men of Louisiana
should give the general public the
benefit of their opinions on I he pres
ent political crisis. 11ns letter re
quires nocoinnieiit at our bauds.
The position Mr. Fellows occupies
iu thi.s community as an honest and
consistent Union man. will entitle
his opinions to great weight, and
therefore we publish tlieni without
further preface."
Ni;yn- Oki.k.yns, March '-'0, 1SC7.
To Ihe Editor of the -V. (. Times :
Acting upon your suggestions, I
have' ventured to offer a few
thoughts upon the present crisis.
As C.eii. I.ongstrect remarked, much
that is now said and written is not
pertinent to the real question at
issue. Too many see nothing but
the mere accidents, the accessories
of the occasion, and overlook cntiie
ly the great question. This as Cov.
lirown says, had its origin at the
time when the C.overument was
! established, and this quest ion is.
! whether we are one people or a mere
! conf. deration f Stales li.-ld togeih
i er as by a rope of sand. It is thi.-.
question solely which has run
' through the whole inteiiectuai i on-
test t the century, and which cur
minuted in the late terrible strile.
tutional amendment were correct or
not, for this is ol no consequence to
us now that we have to ileal with
the result of Ihos" impressions, any
one calmly considering the subject,
could as certainly have predicted
the result as he could that the sun
w ill rise to-uiorrovv.
Unfortunately, however, we did
not consider the inattir proposed to
us in that constitutional amendment
iu its proper light. We lookek up
on ii simply as a gross imposition
upon us, in some instances as an in
sult to our manhood. In itself it
was not so objectionable, and iu the
future it will be generally admitted
that iu anil of itself, it presents no
hardship except to the lew, say one
thousand, not more, 1:1 cacti State,
w ho w c disqualified from holding
office. The light in which we should
have viewed it was that it was a
measure deemed necessary by the
victors in the late great contest to
secure the fruits of their victory.
As before said, from our conduct, or
at h ast the lcpicscntalions made to
them of our conduct, and which
they believed, the masses at the
North became impressed with the
idea that we had not given up the
contest; that we still held to the
idea of our not being one people.
Had we vv i.shcd to have put an end
to the matter to havt disabused
I he minds of t he people, we could
ha e done it by adopting the pro-
ed aiuciidln.'hl. i
and w.u-l have been, e.
iti:as;ei'n'., et a moment
holiest lclicel lull VVol.'.d h;.v
any one to preiliet that its
in u i ins oi cuiiu u.i
some i;;.-H.',:.re, u ol :1 1
now it w.
l 1
! Nothing but
has been
thought 1!
lilt wi
ill ii'ppeal
, am
to ill'
The o
Hot ol:.
w !,o
n or
pie, but a confederal ion ot'Mali
l'af her of peoples, losl, and 1
less! v lost, ill t he contest. I ;i
ot.', 1 lie quest ioll presented it.-eli'in
the tariff controversy, in lsitti in the
light to carry slavery into the terri
tories. Whatever the apparent issi e,
at any time, th" great question was
the real 'oasis of ev ery controversy.
Ami now, whatever sale iv-nes
there may be presented, the ques
tion still is, shall the "lent issue ol
the late contest', ol arms, nnmei y. I
u..t ..... ..,. , .',r ; v. h
till. I ..; ,'llf M1,jM, ,11 WIM 1.41-
tion.to be made ami considered a
final judgment It is much to be
regretted that the people oltle- ten
unreconstructed States, have not
succeeded iis yet, in making it ap
parent, by their acts and words,
that the ,;reat question i-i abandon
ed ; at any rate it is not yet thus
apparent to the v ictors i;i the late
contest. As soon as this does thus
appear to them, everything done by
them, of which we now complain,
will surely disappear. It is certain
that every measure of the dominant
i eel '.;
i us i;
iCtl sit
to a
is i:
1 ::
hi ! i
i It'.
W v
le, i.l"d
. 1 lie p. O,
Ideas tit olU
, sincerity .
I to measure:
' ami it: p.'iq
I he earth v,
I its aN.
1 Ate! i.o v
die bel'o.e i :;
What ha-ja-t
me lie--, ss.u t,,
liig ot tlie silo
judge of the fut
is necessary, tir,
the great que-.
Wiir. and t hen t
is ;:; se ol t he i
b-ciilig to...
t t hat leciii
is no dotibi i I:..: tie.
iudice :iga;;.st l.s ! ',
ly )rcvallill;..'. antl 1 1
ates the Uioels el
.-hoiild nNu know t!
t rolling i-h-a is I h;it v
p'.e, oil" J'ili i. u. t hai i
I'.-cn ')! os. d ;:' th" S.
iittem i ,r mad. P .I.-sii .
as i eil ai a la:.-, a- soon ;
le JNorl h can b- i onv i
their idea et unity is sat"
peradv. ntiiie. 1 It.it it ha
fear fro, a u - i;i iis regard.-
1 eject io'l
; w a s in
in ! !: ii
r v, ,,nt oi
! " 1 1 ' ! .
Attentioi. has .been recently
ed anew to this disease by the (;as
of Miss Ida Hall, who died froHi t:!(.
disease recently ill Springfield
M ass. Dr. Hitchcock of Aiuhi-ist
College examined portions of th(j
muscle taken from tliev body after
death, and found trichina in ' hirrro
numbers. He furnishes the follovr.
ing descriptive account ofthedis.
ease :
The disease known as trichiniasis
is eausivd by the presence of a mjr.
ute parasite infesting the voiunta r
muscles. The name of this aniiM;,!
is trichina spiralis, and in its pn)U
lar acceptation may be Cidlletl j
minute worm, somewhat like the
common vinegar eel. This animal
was first made known to tan world
by Prof. Pi. hard Oiveil et tin Lilt
ish Museum. London, in is:,., ;ihl
lots been subsequently studied mi;,,
utely by lr.. lo,vditeh and W'v
man of liosiviii, and Dr. Dahoii f
(New York. Tiie animals whii;h the
tiieliiua most comuionly infests are
! man iiial the common hog, tlaaiL'li
it hits been loiilld ill other d')liies!ii:
animals. It is, however, most cum
monly introduced into the huiinu
system by using some prcp.(rat:.,a
of pork as uu article of food. Itpiv
bably can be introduced on v
through the intestines, and nor la
the skin. Its tenacity of life, like
f hut of some of the lower animals,
is not a little remarkable, since u
wiiiist, mils a groat amount of -ln-.it.
It readily withstands heat t.) the
amonnr of liV.t Fahrenheit, ami
not killed by a temperature fide
glees below .zero. Vatioiis c hr-:l,t
ea! stib-laiiees, ev.-n those whidj
pa: 'i. illy ib-e. in. pt.se the iiei-. !.-, n
eluding common :,; lt, are n t injur.-.ii-
to i.;, ;:::d su: .k-a of I' ims ike
not tlesiioy it. Ti'ichini.i-is h I.,
coil d
in N.
i bill'
i e! v
at ri
in tlu
t i i'.-Yo'v.
t -a
i gs
alialy at
ali of Ne
atel to k
I.-, rua
ill .
i I ii
: o '.',
a 1 s
u"S oi ,iiiv p,.r
'.I.:' leg in a not
1 en dition. 1:
iv lia ling U."S
a oiiit.;! tahl" ti;.-
The t'i. 'ail
; a.'o.ir or
It' , ilii a
::: i ! . . i
i .1 s its ;::
; .et
it t
ii pre
act ii
ut V,(
reaV coll
iliC pi o
.is hh a ha.
nth i.i.d n:
v it. No-
ivc a:
vhi. ii it
t . i. '
( Miii;.r':i
ii'. (.'.ii-
I eat.
r .-.a-, 111
, , Vvileil.
iat fhe
1 C
its t V I i" of (lev I joliim
1 ji"i s. It is ! ct s:ii7
for tl'c .lev clopen-nt of tV.-
be invested ilitn tb'
atioiher animal. fr"n
s il, rough the :r aeb
,ii:t! iiiiimatv iv lcul'
t t
i t
nneholv t'nr ome time u-lo'cl. ia,eit. an. I :o-., imt ..i,K- .,i,.ni..,t..il UtUl
party is .sustained by th.
both of the people and the
men, because they deem all sue
measures necessary to preserve am
I l iei ne nale 1 he li mi s ol 1 he victory i
i W hich has I'ost so much of treasure i 1
blood. The determination of;1'"
,,IC. I pOSil loll to lis
thinking I v.'eleome
ill such l1"''1'
; .Many, mo
! to accept and
. military
;ing wiih
w il
d ii
,l,e :
:as el
supposed to have been tin
this fatal act.
ciiu.se of : with this robbery, but with the re-
cent i'leentliary lire.
These rascals may take a fancy to
Mr.l'loweis.of Clarentloti Springs, ; visit Monlpeli. r, and il will be well
on opening his bo, iMing house last for our people to take unusual pre-
week, which bail been elosetl tlur- au(ion against lues, burglars and
Tin; F.xi'lo.sion in Tin: Viucima
CdAI. MiMts. The terrible explo
sion of Wednesday, in tin? Clover
Hill (Va.)coal pits, by which tlieen-
tire force of "0 miners was killed, is
supposed to have been caused by
the drunkenness ami carelessness ot
the man who attended to the venti
lation mid purification of the air iu
the mine. Ho Is known to have
been intoxicated that afternoon, but
to whom thi blame positively be
longs can never be aneertained, as
none of the, men employed in the
mine escaped alive, 'the two shafts
of the pit were fiW feet deep, ami so
Violent was the explo.-ion that Ihe
platform at its mouth was shaken
down, and t h rope that supported
the bucket used for ascending and
descending was almost instantly
severed l.y the lunnillg gas. I wo
or three poor fellows were in the
bucket at the time, near the open
ing of the pit, anil vveie precipitated
to speedy ami fearful death. The
Clover Hill company employed in all
about -DO operatives, and a little
villsge with nearly looo had grown
up around their premises, A Kich
iiioiul paper says tint when the. (id
lugs of the disaster spread through
the village the excitement, suspense
iwnl agony were interse. The month
of the pit was surrounded by some
hundreds of ncrsnm , ami the shrieks,
moans and lamentations of the fe
male friends of the victims were in
deed burrowing. Stern met) who
luul faced the horrois of many n
battle -field Were unable to hear the
heart -iimdlnu scene, ami weeping
like children, turned nwny utterly
A 1 1 unlo were very much married
at Unit, Canadii West, a fovy days
Hiro. The nlertrv nian wno lieu tin
knot had tho assistance of no less
thau seven others.
ing the winter, found 1 lint it had
been robbed of the sheets, pillows,
carpel ing, wearing apparel, glass
and china. When or by whom there
is not the least clue.
Lisus Naitii.k. Ojiite a curi
osity is now on exhibition at the
Drug SI ore ol Dr. (leorge Nichols,
; in Ndrthlichl. Jt is a "wonderful
A mammoth pig raised near Unit-1 pjjr which the Doctor found at the
fleboro, Vt.. which weighed, when j ami of Mr. Israel Av cry, during his
killed, two thousand fifteen hundred I recent exolorations as lister llu'onel,
that goodly tow n. The pig has one
bead, but two distinct, bodies, the
bottles joining or branching out,
the rentier may have that just as he
pleases, immediately kback of the
pounds, h:is been on exhibition in
The complete returns from Khodc
Island give the following result i
Total vote, loJHk-liitnihide, j
l'ieree, ;4r0 ; scattering, 6. Hum
title's majority, 4 1 OH,
A destructive fire occurred in liur
lingtou on Wednesday ami Thurs
day of last week. It boke out
about half past one on Wednesday
afternoon in the bakery of Mr. S.
1 tench which wiiscntlrelv consumed.
The mill hcUhging to Catliu - Cor
tlon was for ii long timit in great
inger, but by the cxeitions of the
! .shoulders. There nre four hind and
! two forelegs iu natural position, ami
j also two fore legs glowing directly
: upwards from the fore shoulders,
i On its one head the. pig has two
ears in the usual place tor auricular
i iqipchtliiges. and is likewise prov itlctl
I Willi an udditloiial pair on the to
tho people ar the North is. and liasi"l;i
been, itml w iil be, to relax nothing I
of (heir vigilance, nor s'op att.i'1
adoption ofat.y measure which they j
may deein essential to the prcsorva-
tiou in full of the results oftheiri
v ictory ; nor w ill ihey h.-sitaie at 1
iiny measure which they may think j
will assist in preserving it. j
Many of these measures we umv
know to be unnecessary and even i
detrimental to the end aimed at,!
but they do not perceive it, ami it is:
our duty, now that the cause in.
which the people at the South stake '
all is lost, to so act and talk as willj
soonest convince the victors that we j
have actually ami really given up, i
and forever, the great question iu j
co, troversy, and admit by tleeds as!
well as words that we are one peo- j
pie. !
L very one who hail the opportu
nity, knows that in Jsiio the great
mass of the people at the. North
were ready anil anxious to welcome
mat the. South, with open arms,
and were only waiting to be con
vinced by our course that we had iu
1 iner
ware liosv
thus act. '
induce us a
t he hope of
ol luialiy en.liiig u
ill this I'eliU iiiber, 1.
us and tn a". ;
I 1 may s.;;. . p
act under li.e Ii
bill, thereby in
lav self 1 ae mi -I
policy. Put let I S b;
ihd ill vv iiat S.i ii v. .
'!.-.' ..tils- tiling which can
il epic th.us to act is I
ending the con! rov ei sv . i
We ...ho:;;.',
ii' ai.vays ri I
i lie vv.tr.
1 coir, inc :
g up our;
. v t r gi v-;
id rijn.vrva- j
ouite a ( '..p-
it boi
lV( i-
t ::.::t
i::g I
..-.t t
II t he et
.1" hil'ei
their "J
all, tl
i t: iciii'ia i j
. i : i !'; to
"irnieis !
liiitscies i
looo V
d has
hi- li
a vv
ed il!
k 1MB
in ihe limn
a !n
. ri
:i in
. i .
i.e-t nniy r -ei
u tiie ol
iieiil. so lar ;;s
111 '
tl or
ll li-.ey
mi i',".-' i
h"!-i th
,vcr t; o
'diss !,!
asci '.'!::
" el 11:
her I-"'.
d, these an
perfect s' at.
nig. il HI
, I'.lsS to ol.-
'V ii:g the If.
,'V live, t.f
i th" disc;.'.
Hail li";',. u!
fire ilcpitrlinent, and the favorabl
tiiiceiion oi me vvimi, was finally I ol his Head, itesities nc'.ng fiiriiislieil reality given up the contest. J!ut
saved. The bakery was valued at j with an extra set of teeih or lusks. i when'they saw the ordinance of se
!?.Miuil. and insured for .-'..'iott. Put ! It is one of a litter of eight pigs ' cession repealed not declared null
i... .1... i .....a a i ... i .. . . . ! . i i ..a.. ..t 1 .: i I , . i . , ...
. .'1 o'ji .titinii, iiao ll. il yi'i i i in- i esi ih-iiij; no i 110 aim I iv en . and Void ; 1 lie W 11 T tlcllt hot ret ill
a .1.: ... . . . in . , i ..... .. . ... ...... i 7 .. . i
ui. in-ins woiK, ami on i nursil.iy oni a siiori lime unci us niiveni.
evening the people vvt re uguin start- , irumun.
letl roui their homes by the die. id I
cry ol tire and the loud ringing of
the hells. This time tlm barns and
store of Shetl. 1 i Walker became
fhe Kcene. of lint eoiillagiafioii. The
lire department di. I their work nobly
ami succeed in saving the Union anil
Central Flock from Ihe flames. The
loss of Shctld ixt Walker is estima
ted at ijitai.Oiio, Their buildings ami
stuck weie insured for from 7.00(1
toMMId. V.. O. Wires. Co. lose
.'too on breakage of crockery. Shut-
tuck Hrothcrs tfiioO on iiimatt of
goods in moving'. Morrillo Noyes
.r)(Mloii Ifflrn. The lire is supposed
to have been the work of an incen
diary. .TAtl.KO. Officer St renter recent
ly committed P.O. Dresser, of West
Hurke, for refusing to pay bis taxes.
Dresser was about to leave this
stale for parts unknown, ami the
best reason be could assign for not
paylncbistaxes wan, that be "hadn't
a mind to." The jail may benefit
his disjositioii.-fi ion.
Every bird pleases us with its lav,
j especially the ben.
ll.trt.UoAi) Mkk i int.. There was
a large antl enthusiastic railroad
meeting at the town hall iu St.
.lohhsbiiry List Thursday, Calvin P.
Morrill presiding. Speeches were
made by J. D. Stoddard, Ik C. Led
higton.'l!. X. Davis, U.S. Dana, A.
J. V illanl, S. 11. I.'eiuie ami Calvin
Morrill. In ihe desire for fhe road
there was only one mind, and Mr.
Morrill informs us that, unlike all
other questions in the world, l ben
Is but jiisl one side to this question,
tiial thai the people are all on that
side, "YtLepoxili mx VM.' Mor
rill says the roatl mint go. A coin
tiiittee of m were appointed to en
gineer the subject in SI, Johnsbttry,
to soliojt stock subscriptions, iVc
lim engineer having completed
their work between St. Joliiishury
ami Moiifpciicr, are low survcying
t trough the Whim Mountains on
thermal t0 Portland,
Almost evory young lady is pub
lie spirited enough to have her lath
er s house usod iM a court house,
dialed in all its rumilicat ions, or if
so only in form, anil various meas
ures adopted which hcemcjl not
wholly to repudiate it, the promi
nent, olbees tilled by (hose who were
the leaders of the rebellion, instead
of being filled with nieii of modera
tion, of whom Iheie were a plenty ;
ami when .Senators ami l.'eproscnta
lives presented themselves for ad
mission to Congress who did not
possess the qualilicut ions required
by law, ami clatnoiirously demand
admittance 1 say when they saw
all this, and more was represented
to them, the masses came to the
opinion that we. were hot sincere iu
the surrender that was made, and
that we could not yet ho trusted to
take, our former place iu the affairs
of the nation that we had not yet
given up the great question involv
ed in the war. Now 1 do not say,
orjireU-i-dtosay, that tbeso opini
ons in regard to us were correctly
formed. 1 leavo it for each individ
ual among us to answer for himself.
The result of this opinion was, the
proposed constitutional amendment,
disfranchising no one, leaving the
extension of the right of iranehiso to
each community, fixing the repudi
ation of the rcU)l debts by the fun
mind. Ihe great qin-sti. a ...
ami act so that all shad It
ed of our sincerity in i in
side of the Ijiiest ioll, Oi lb
111,.; It lip. A II llltelll
live in the Northvvcs
perlicad, by fhe way. once si;; t tint
lie was partial to our lorai of t,ov t : u
meiit. but rather than .-t e the ivmi
try div idetl, he would go l..r and
sustain an absolute inona.chy. Such
is ihe feeling and spirit univ t i sally
prevailing at tiie North, ai tl ii is
mainly, if not solely, in the idea of
preserving this couiitiy that Ihe pro
v isions of Ihe military bill were en
acted. The question I hen now is, not
simply shall we accept and act un
der this bill, bill the manner of act- i
ing. it will do us no good but only !
add io our present evils to take it '
with :i protest, to keep il in the let- j
tor but nt the same time say thai we
t hi so only under compulsion, audi
will repudiate it as soon ifs we can
safely do so. This will do us mi
good. We will have accepted the i
bill, but with such grace that we i
shall be more than ever believed to '
be insincere, and which may lead loj
oilier measures much more obji-c-tionabk'.
If we accept if at all, then Ictus,
do so iu real good faith iu every at i
it lid word. If we cannot do thai,
1 1 I ....... .. 1. . :. ... ...
t: iiitu ociicr iei it iiioue. wt
can bring our hunt
accept it, ami act under the pi
sums of the law, iu their spirit ns
well as letter, with a determination
to adhere to them in all future time,
ami show by our acts, with a force,
too, to carry conviction that the idea
in Ihe Lite strife, that, we are not one
people, but a confederation of peo
ples, was u mistake and has been
forever repudiated and abandoned.
If we act with this determination,
our acceptance of the bill will be
beneficial, if not.wo had better let
the whole affair ulnae and prepare
tor tho consequences certain to fol
low. Excuse ;mo for the great space I
have occupied, but considering the
magnitude of tho snhject I could
not well have taken less.
J. Q. A. Fellow.
.on triehl
Us .-!;'
', ley v,
of It.
ill i"! il.M'.o cl'ed iu
s.e'ld e ile Ii, one li f
t ! i"':. I'.i:; pr.eo ai
from Springfield he no:
I V cxei edi d t iie-!"ilf t !l
eti. mid I1.!"
disease, Iw!
in the t ii'.l ii
::!iioiS M;.tf
the si .
if re
In li
it lii
i .;.
OU 11
I v. o sia
ns a re:
i a;iu-
,- of
leth ol a.i hil
ly in this easr
iner seiii'i'i'
.t I. uu !"-:
"S of thi
dar eo'.ir-e. I-':..'
.am in i. i" .:":.i.i,,'i-
ol s. eond. tihii et
imtie.n. Uu- lii st i-pro
; lo the passage of ll.'
parasite upon and through thef-'.u'
of ihe intestine, and the latter
to the vermicular motion t i ; rnt gb
the libres of the muscles. Li t!i'
Iir: ! stage vviihiii a week or tell ilay.
after the ingestion of the food, tin'
symptoms may he very ninth '"'nf
(hose of cholerine. There is pain.
sickness of the Moiiui.-h, vomiting,
diarrhea, fetid breath, ' l.eai'lhiirn.
t ie,, or Pie sy funis like a severf
colic or bo, Vcl tiil'lielilly. llltlit'Sf
coud stage there is :i swelling '
pnfliness of the lace, espttiiiH)'
about t he eyes, and sometimes it ei
tends fo the lb rout ami vocal pn
age, so that it produces a horseiitt
of Ihe voice. A greal fever li'''
rages, and tlie pulse is acccli-raM'
to Pit, and respiration from t ln ty
to fhirty six. Violent pcrspir.ib'
is also n symptom of this UW
P.tit the m o's I maikrii features uf
ceil ill Ihe muscles, which bt-coiiw
swollen, hard and nainfit". the l'
nds to do si), let us ' ,i,,nt """"''ring agony upon any P"
t iin.lcrll.e i.rovi.1,1,;1'.all'",l1t t.; move the lim
nun tying generally upon uic
Death may occur i'rom jtaralysi! "r
typhoidal symptoms.
The Iv'oinan Fire Masons h.nf
forwarded a subscription of live lain'
died fruhcslo the eommitlco firiu'
cd in Paris for the, purpose of er'i
log a ineiiiorial to Voltaire.
The yellow fever is already r1
vailiug at Panoma, tboujrh then";
thorities there attempt to concc'
the fact. It has not yet appwM,
at Asninwall nor on tho vessel"".
J tioned in the bay.

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