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. . -.i Tua-tai th impeachment
, Mm WhenTie arose to Bpcak
' -Vs a rush inade by the mem
,cre, the area in front of the Chair
1 h,nr the conclnding words of the
t imiirariieT, whose voice is so
t St ic scarcely audible at
r fret di.taut.
Vr isinsbaui, at this point, made
f'im to extend the time of Mr.
IS';, nnd this in-Judged motion
J 1. 1 '..'ned for a few moments to rive
lament an opportunity to tilli
3 ,,:r l'ber fi'i-ang up on the
rcraticsi'do,ea?er to seize the
S nity, but Mr. Bingham wise
Sir his motion, and Mr.
r asked permission to hare
'Iriprk read his remarks.
hlv Clerk McFhersou read the
1 .'hin a vcrv clear voice, and
"h! c oUuKl Speaker Colfax
Kunml that the hour for taking
n the resolution had ar-
fcml-thp clock indicating the hour
If five. There was pertect silence
in the House, and among the crowd
t ,r..il..ries. which had been c:iu-
Led against any demonstration of
i1 - i: . ..,,.1 I....1 i- ini
i-vnliiuso or tiieiii,ui " -
Jr'jh'tiic utmost decorum during the
tjV v,is all attention,
i ti,u Oik called the roll, and the
L rolled u: to nearly twenty be
ifrfv there was any ies;)cctable num-
ilref n.ivs recorded. Hie report
Lrs were the only excited persons
W''-ut: fr they were anxious to
icflllll t ie illieill 'IICU. W im n ui.-i-
tant papers, to which, over the wires
.filtering m the rear oi mcir gaui-iv ,
hrv had. during the day, nasueu
the I'i'ws lroia Hearts coine.ni on
he Atlantic shore to the Uoluen
Jute ot the i'acitic coast,
in accordance with the rules the
UtIi repeated the names of the
viiuemeu voting in the afuriiiative
End the negative, and Speaker I ol-
FiX then announced that 120 had
"Mted aye and 17 nay, and the vote
.ai'.ivor of impeachment was adopted.
The couBty temperance fionren-'
tion was held at Newbury, Feb. 14.
K. ju. i$m or lopsham, was nominat
ed for county commissioner.
TTe call attention to the adver
tisement of Minister Brook Mining
Co.'s Stock for Pale.
TYe- are requested to return the
thanks of those members of the Ma
sonic Fraternity who attended Bro.
Gage's funeral at Orfordville, to Mr.
and Mrs. Daniel ITale, of Orfordville
for their courteous hospitality iu
providing for their accommodation,
furnishing them with a bountiful
Notice the change in Dr. O. IT.
Stevens' advertisement. lie has
now located at Bradford, and will
be here all the time.
Entertah? STENT. -The ladies of
the Congregational society in this
village, will give a musical Soiree,
exhibition of tableaux &e., at the
Town TTall on Thursday and Friday
even!iigs, March 5 and 0. The
tableau department will be under
the direction of Madame Oastanis,
of 'Worcester, Mass., whose long resi
dence as a Missionary in Greece, af
ford her most ample opportunity
for a faithful representation of Turk
ish characters. She has visited
most of the Seminaries in New Eng
land and New York and given these
exhibitions where she has met with
marked favor and success.
Supper in npperhallat 73 cts. Ad
mission 2, rts.
W inj
WITH corrupt, or tainted
blood, you are lck all orer.
It may bunt oat in linip. or
.Sure, or in some active disease,
or it may merely keep you list
lew, depressed and good fornotb
inn. But tou cannot have good
health while your blood in impure. AVer's
Sarsaparillu purjren out these impurities ; it ei-
tUheanc anil restores ueauu aim suunu-ne
too. organs of lil'e into vijjoioua net ion. Hence
it rapidly cures a variety of complaints which
are caused bv impurity of the blood, such as
Scrofula, or king's Kvii. Tumors, I leers, Sores,
hruptioii, Pimples, lilotclies. IIhUs, St. Aiitno-
nv' Fire, K . sc or Ksvsipelas, Tetter or Salt
Klicuin. Scald Head. King Worm, Cancer or
Cancerous Tumors, Sore Eyes, Female diseas
es, such na Kelention, Irregularity. Supproii
sion, Whites. Sterility, also Syphilis orYeuc
renl Discuses, Liver Complaint, and Heart
Diseases. Try Ayer"s Sarsapariila, and we for
yourself the surprising activity with which it
cleanses the blood ana eures these disorder.
During late years the public have been mis
led by large bottle, pretending togive a quart
of Extract of Sursaparilla for one dollar. Most
of these have been frauds upon the sick, for
they not only contain little, il any. Sarsaparilhi,
but often no curative ingredient whatever.
Hence bitter disappointment has followed the
Use of the various extracts of Sariaparilla
which flood the market, uulil the name itself
has become synonymous with imposition end
client. Still we call this compound "Sarsapa
rilla." aud intend to supply such a remedy as
shall rescue the name from the load of obloipiv
which rests upon it. We think w e have ground
for 'oeliuving it has values w hich ire irrcsi-ti-ble
hv the class of diseases it is intended to
cure. We can assure the sick, that wo offer
theuiehe liest alterative we know how to pro
duce, and we have reason to believe, it is j.ir
the most effectual purifier ol the. blood yet dis
covered. Avcr's Cherry Pectoral is so universally
muin to surpass everv oilier uiedii me tor tin
euro of Coughs. Colds. Influenza. Hoarseness,
('num. Hmnchitis. Iiu inient Consumption, and
fi, stln. r.-lii-fof Ciinsiimntive l'alients ill ad
valici d stages of the disease, that it is useless
here to recount the evidence I us virtues.
Tin world knows them.
Prepared hv H. .1. C AY' Kit k Co.. Lowell
Mass.. und sold bv all Untwists and deale rs Ml
nu licine evervwiiere. Iu liraili'onl. by CK'I.
I'ltU HAHD.siid I.KGN AKD & DA V. 3.'.m'J
Xational Opinion.
I rltlay, IVbrunry S,
Local and State Items-
We i .t-'a 1 to make this ilepartiu-ut of the
Oriv! is v.MUi'de and iutercsiiies ti our rc.nl
t:t lie l'n;'M-'.itH': all t!ie L"ciil N'civs: ariil cur
fra-:i ' in '.liaiuc and l-i ration Counties will
I S ;r:-.l. liiVorup."! il. ano nii'i ci , 111.1
ilV li the interest of our paper, h.V sellllllig
n. ,ii,' i i ' ill luea lilti'rsi 10:1 v cone- ii'i-
i.f t'n ir i.i'ii.-e. Ail ciiMtii iiai'-atiiias should
Us i;acii by i!ie poisoa s?ndi:is tiiem.
We give place to Washington
nexs to the exclusion of other mat
ter this week, us the cveut3 trans
liiritiy there are deepest moment
to nil.
1'iiies. The Photograph rooms
ari l M.lliuery shop, owned by J. M.
W.'.'.'ace, of Oliverian Village,
II.iVi iliiH) was consumed by lire oil
Wednesday. .Supposed to be the
wir.l of an iiiccudi;ry. Insured by
r.r.mor & Ste.irns in Home, "ew
Have:), for $075.
The dwelling house, ell and shed
ol.biliu Chubb, of I'iisL Orange, was
consumed by fire last Sunday. In
sured in Farmers' for ltiU0.
W I S T A ITS II A I n o r W 1 1 . l
c mcitiiv.
This remedy has long Isfen cherished by the
community for its remarkable efficacy in re
lieving, healing and curing the most obstinate,
painful and long standing cases of towjh. enlil
tit tfiisnjo, gore throiit, bronenittt, t. -iiztij
f'ji(.-A. erovp. atthmn. infammatfon of the lungs;
while even eonsumplinn itself has yielded to
iln uiagic infliienco vhi u all other means have
failed. Its wh. ite history proves tliat the past
has produced no remedy of ciinal value, ma
cure fur the numerous and dangerous pulmo
nary uiIlc: iocs wuicli prevail all over the limit.
i-roiuj. i. titn:. i:i or
TorstuM, Vr., April 21, lSo?.
Mcir!. S. W. V.m i t fi Co.
(lentleiiicn : I take great oh a.urt in nil. ling
mine to the mass ol testimonv ii C.ivor of that
iuvaln.'iMe cough rcniedy Dr. Star's Hal
sam of Wild I'hi rrv. During the past winter
m wile wum afiectcd with a severe couiih timl
iuM.imation ol the hnig. Am r sull'el itig
v r rely tor luatiy dais. Wislar's ItaUam was
reeniiimemled. a trial of which gave immediate
relit t". I have known of the liaKam having
been tied in i riscsof A-lhma, with the niot
LfcY'iruM. results. 1 am sure t'aat if the eom
i.iur.ii.v were as well aciiiaiuteil Willi the nn v
it ii I t ii is reat rcim ii,v as 1 am. ou wuuhl be
ii-.-it'!!1 to Mipplv the ileinaml. 1 would advise
all who Mi'tcr I rom coughs, st'lMs, Aic, to give
tins luedit i. e ;:n early and tlioriiiiL'h t ri il.
lours truly J. D. IIOSMIIII.
I'rei.arcl bv SI'.Tll W. FOWI.i: & SON. IS
ri emnii' st., ltoslou, nud tor sale by druggists
ritlir.s' is tn eertifv that I have itiven mv son
X Oscar V. Downing, his tiiao during the
remainder of his minoritv ; and shall claim
none of his wa'es, and pay uo debts of his cull
tractinc after this date.
S. F. DO irMXC.
Y. IV Cnsortovr, H'itness.
Waits River, Vt Keb. 17, lSHS. Jl wll
Srw QtxtxllsttatiAs.
Would respectfully inform his Patrons ad
Friends ef
That he has located in this plaee in
the practice of his profession, and
has oiienedanotlicooverJ.il.
Warden's Jewelry Store, iu
Prichsrd's Building,
Dr. Stevens is fullv prepared to perioral ud
Dental Ooerutiiiiis in manner t meet the
wants and expectalious oi'all whoniay reipiue
his services.
The attention of the public in called . Fol
soii ' improved Dental l'lutes, Ki"1 discov.
cry in Dcntistcv, the great: st advance step ev
er made in the art. The main difficulty i
wearing aititicial teeth, is, they ucnoi inn.i in
theis plure firmly enough ; aud add to t'.is tho
autioyance of food getting under the pute
while eating. The new jiatent eoosists n, so
const luctiiig the plate on which t'ie teet h are
ct, that thev will not start, or u.xip, wi. ie eat
ing or speaking : neither will nay partkles of
food get under the iilate.no mniter what lac con
dit ion ol 'the mouth is. which is not trio- ..1 any
method hitherto used. D-litis! s that arc u-iug
Dr. Folium's improved Dental FlaUn, Lave
dispensed with all othen.
I lespectlullv invite a cull Irom tnose noir-1
ing Dental Work. Iitt -rs Patent have : cn
secured for tho Cnited States, Kugland and
France ; and I hive purchased
Dentists can obtain the right to ma' c and use
the improved Dental l'lau s by calling at my
otliee. Tin improveuieiit is not iu the materi
nl, but in the construction which secures the
atmo-pheiie pri'.-sui-e on the entire plate.
Those iu want of artificial teeth, ill a style not
to bo excelled, are invited to call.
I warrai.t nil of mv work to give
Aiiv infringement will be prosecuted to the
full extent of the law.
All iuipiiries by letter, or otherwiee, will re
ceivc prompt atletitier.
Jan. 28, 15C8. 34
rVDaily. f S Vr Annuu.d
Weekly. '-,.50 Per Annuio.aj
largest Circulation in the State of Ithode
I"5e-Ouly Democratic Pancrt in R. I. J
of I'nbii i sjieakitig. pure liteiature and practi
cal religion, eoiitaiiiiug the best things said by
the clergy and public men the woild over.
Hv our plan Meat One Vrar for oh
ing. rnd ! reins Willi your address to
-Tim Pt r.etT CoMeANr," :)7 Park Uow, N. Y.
to eu-
Ilook Agent Wanted!
rm I ALL that have sold or exiieet to i
1. Hooks, we say uow is your time
gage iu selling
Earrid D!it Stunt's SfW Work,
"MenofOur T1tiio,"
llarrirt Bocclior Stti's Nrw Wrk
" IVXoii of Our Tlmo "
A t'eaiitilul octavo volume, illustrated with
1 line Steele eugiaviugs. It will have a sale
larger than "rm-le l'mn's Cabin." Every one
wujils it. Addn-ssor apply to Huithikii 1'i.u
l.isiUM, Ct.. Hartford, t.oiiu.
1 (II V; l.lll'.V Institute, at Ma-
iili-wtHid, l'itisiield, .Mass. Widelv known for
sii)H-iior laeiUtie-. and location,
its next scsuul March .', iiiiS.
C. V S'i:ak, the Principal.
Address Uev.
riHI.S'is to certify that I have rrivcri tny son,
1 .S'iias Shuiiiway, his time during tlie re
I milliter of Li.- minority; ;.ai shall claim i.onc
of his wagi kinl shall" pay no debts of his con-tiacti.-ig
alter tin- dale.
Hradiord, Vt Feb. 17, ISM. a, wl
Every persuii ia this town wi.i find it fur their
pri i'.i its v eil as fur their c 'tniurt, if thev use
(venue's I'uiti Killing Magic l il v. hcu lin y have
Ileailathc, Tiki; iiaclie, t liiiblains. Ague in the
Face a nil .laws, I.aiue .sl.ouMei s, Uliciinia-li-in,
.Viatica, ltruises Cramps, Culds, (.'roup,
.Vi le Throat, or any paim, of this mtt tne. 1 ,.e
ladies will liml its use a blessing to relieve
Iheir peculiar piiins. It is one of the best
things to use in the f.itnilv as u general lenie
li.v for any hind of painful disorder, or hurt or
burn, evil 'discovered, and it is clean and de
licious to le-e, I'se it fieelv. .Void by all
Dniiiists. Merel attts and llroccrs.
Vi ."'t. Itl.l'I, .-ole proprietor and niao
ufact iin r. Pitlslicld, Mass.
Sold in Urai'.t'i rii. by tieo. l'richard ; I'ier
iimi.t, bv II. Cutting: Newbury, by Keys i:
Co. ; Or.unl, by illnril Hroliicrs. Xm4
ThohovKe of C.il. 1. K. Audross
of this town, caught fire last week,
hut Hie lire was put out without
raising an al:tr:n. It was very fur
tiinato thnt it was discovered, as
iru'.r in r.itlicr scarce in that vicini-
F.zra Cliamborlain of 'cwlmry
took a valuable horse to market
for v hich lie was olVvred $fio( but
wliiclihe declined to take. While
hiving the horse tho next day it
Impped dead.
Tho Spring term of Orford Acad
finv comniciicps on Wednesday,
M.nvli 'J'J, and continues 1 1 weeks,
uiKli r the management of Mr. a
thiiii Ii. Stark, as rrincipal.
Mr. Cheney's Sinning school in
tlii ; village, having been given up,
'. K. Davis has opened a school at
he Academy.
The fauural of Aaron II. fiage,
who died at Orford, on Sunday, was
attended at Orfordville on Tuesday,
by a huue uumber of tho Masonic
Fraternity of which he w as a mem
ber and others. Ho was biuied
with masonic honors, by members
of Chatily nnd Mt, Cube Lodges.
IdiVin:. The Levee ut Cohon's
Hall, in Vershiic,hist week Wednes
day, caimj oil' iu a iiiaiiiier entirely
Bat'miacitny to nil concerned. The
mtert.iiniuciiton the stage consisted
ef declamations, farces, tableaux,
ftintomimes, iiistiumcntiil nnisie,
l"iu'ieitcs ami Hongs; in nil of
""Inch the vm ions clnu acleis w ere
well acted nnd duly nppreciated by
the iiiidienee. These excii'iscs were
through about uinn o'clock, when
coiisiderablo liierriincpt was made
J'J u post offlco nml guess rake, nnd
ft supper was served up consisting
01 lO.VK CfS flnrl Jilline i.iIIM.ii. f,ie
- ' - ' "i iiv. 1 MUiin nil -
nlr.hud by tho ladies of tho place.
o. f,r,r)ln,,,'l nieetlng commenced
nt tile la, tint cimroj, i Verahire,
OH netlnestlay, J-Vb. Ill, under tlie
aroof Kevg.Chnso of Ciiminn, N.
and Woodruff of Wutcibury, Vt.
oiiniticnlnr hiUfrostlsyct manifest
''"itgood rtM.iiIta uro ' hoped for.
H'om tho Habbai.li nu invitation
exUmdod to th Congreifationnl
Jitunjh to nnlto with thcua vhich
Tfw cboexfully aooepteOl
Oxtoo' Ccloliratocl
A-ii si t rv. M Oct. trtrli 1.1.
Mr. (7 ivie. '," ) Air . Having b , n n'llicl
i il grciouly lur m 1'iTiil wcekswitli a severe
:iuM'es lie :'i lev si. In, I nsi il scverul lemeilii s
lur lis erailieat imi without rocciv m is any relief. !
until 1 applied your salve, which ettecteil a
sp- civ am! permanent cure. I therefore Ic I
h.ippvtu ccrufv in v onlideiice in ils virtue",
i ours with icspect. JAMES llK.W.
I ci itifv to the truthfulness of the ab.ive
slatin.ei f. II. S. Dkmiiuiiin, M. D.
SK'ITI W. KOWl.KA Si IN. Proprietors,
:n'iw' No. IS Treiii'int-s:., Huston
Sold by all druggists, at '-'a cents a hot. lly
mail .!. Cents.
yi ititii.i
In Kradtord, Feb. l-. by Kev. 11. K. Forrest,
Mr. Win. 11. Downer, and Miss Mary I.ucunU
St M il , ui th of The! fold.
O'.'O liUK I!'. VUiClt.iHt) S ESTMK.
T A t i: I" v i: It TI ) ." T
iir.viinnii' l.isiun t, 's:
In Probate Omit, hidden at virlee,
in s.iid iiiitn. t, on the 'oth day i f Pel . D.
Mrs, M. V. S. Priihai." and JMwnrd i .-iris
a r. l.i it lii ailloril.ailiiiiiii-ti'.itoi.s of ' I c estate of
Urn. V Priclianl. hit c of lirailf'ut il, in said ili
tnct, di et aseil, makes appii "atiou to said
court fur !ieeii"t' tn sell a part ul'thc real estate
of said ih ecacd. vi : 'I lie hoiiscaiui let oci u
pieil I y the lu v, Silas Mclvceu. D.D.. situated
in Iln.d 'onl village, in aid dist i ie . repn -cut -ing
that it is (or the interest of a!l eolieert.cd.
Whereupon, il is ordered by said couit that
said appiii-auuii come under consideration and
be I, carl on tin -.'1st day of March, A. D. 1m,
a, the l'rolmtn 'llice iu Kail lee : and, it is fur
tlierorilePed. thai all pcisons interested he no
titi.'d hi rcof. by ituliiiealion of notice of this
application and order thereon, three weeks
sai eessively in the Nuti'inal Opinion printed
nt 111 ml Ion!, Vt,, before innl time of liciumg,
that tlicv may nppi ar at said time and plaee,
and, if they si caus-c, object thereto.
Hv the Court.
Attest, A. ll.tilL.MOUK. Judge.
A true ropv of Ueeoid. '.imt
Attest. A. H. lill.Molii:, Jm'.gs.
Catarrh can be Cured.
ffrAnd 1'Very disease of the nose and head,
bv toe me use ol tl.e t uiui'iium.,
ilA LDF.ii S (11C It MAN SM'KK,
Cive it a fair trial. Il costs but MX ets.
Fur sole bv all drugists, in se.nl U.I ers. to
O. P. SKVMVll'K it t:., lio.-ton. and receive
a box bv return tnuil. Sly 1
WHY SUri'liil FltOM SOltKS
When, hv the use of the AliNICA OiJCF.MKNT.
veil can easily be cured. It has n iievi d i-hous-iuuls
I re in idiiiiis. Nntlrf. llapetl Jl'imls,
Sprain, ('id. Witmtilit, tlnU rrrr , 'oniiiliiW of
the i.i. He mre to u-k to.-
HA I. ;' .1 US IV A OA Til US T.
For r-alc hv ail druggists, or send votir address
ami :. cents loll. 1'. SLi Mt il'lf- it CO., Uus
ton, Maiis., and receive a box bv mail.
3r. "CVIllirtiii Smith'
Dictionary of'lhelSiblo.
It contains fivmt Onk Tiiiissand closely
printed, double l oliiinn, octavo pages. Irom
new ch ctruti pe plates, on good paper, mid is
aiiprupi lately illustrated with over l'rt'u lit v
iiiii.ii eimravings mi Si km, and Wool', and a
scries of tine authentic maps.
It is highly rominetidcd b all learred ami
eminent men. and by the press generally thro'
mil the country, and is the best book of iu
kindiu the l-higli.-h language-.
Io not lie Ie Ito1.
Owing to the tin p. urrdrii I nl popularity of
this wink, a small Kuglish aliriil'.'iuent adapt
ed t" juvenile reader, ill duodecimo form, "I"
about" ism) pages, luis been reprinted by anoth
er linn in large type, and spread over 'Nl octa
vo pages, evidently by making a book larger
than itsorigiiial to give the impression that
it is our edition. Tft those irhotirsirt Ittisjnrr
mr tililion, vt ici'( rri-y in Murth, fiirniuh thr.
hiitlish work, fur turprrior to the Aintritan, (it
f J.Utprr copy. S"iid foreiiculars giving full
Si. S. sw-nintoir A i' , Iullls.lom,
l .'O Asvluui Mici t, ilurtlord, Connecticut.
Iroha(e Court,
TJratll'ortl Iisstrict.
within and lur the District of ilradloid
tor the year ensuing, as billows, vi:
At the Tritrer House, iu Uriidfortl, on the
Jd Tuesdiiys in Jauuary, .'lay. July, and Sep
tember. At tiio Probate Ollice. in West Fairlee, on
the si'i iiinrrucsdny iu December and the -id
Tuesdavs in February. Apnl and October.
Al the Until, in East Coi inili.on tho -d Tnes
davs of Man li, .lure. Auuust. and November
AIAAII Hl.AN Kegistir.
Wert Fiiir'.cc, Dec. 1,18C7.
Ground Linseed Cake
19 THE
Cheapest Feed
For Stock of All Kinds,
Sold in ear load lots, and shipped by Pine
Line Cars to all proiuini . ' places iu New
England, bv K. W. Hi.a. iininn & Co..
Manufacturers of l.inseail Oil, Chicugo. HI.
2"ew York.
In The Uorld!
IN lilt WOULD!
Price $2.50 by Mad, 83.00 by Car
rier m ew xoik and liiooklyu.
larger than Ever litfore.
Its Cash Kcceijits the past sis
months larp,cr than ever before
duriug the coin spoudiiigiieriod.
Its Cash Ilcccipts dnrin; the past
three mouths larger thauever before.
Its Cash lleceipts in January larger
than ever before.
Its prosperity is unprecedented in
the history of religious journulisu..
It is the only paper sold to any ex
tent by i.ews agentsand bookstores,
iu all parts of the country.
It employs the ablest writers iu the
Its articles aro always readible, racy, nnd
practical ; not dull, metaphysical, and stiipul.
It pays more for its weekly contributions thsu
any other three religious paper iu the country.
It has the ablest corresjiouil -l.ts in all parts of
the country and tu. ope.
Price 2,50 pr Annum to Xtll
Subscribers, or 3 by Carriers ia
eiy York and Brooklyn.
o r.cekman Street, 2cw Tork.
February 6th.
Too Fasit Too Slow;
Or what the great masses have done for free
dom anil what thev propose to do. Ur HON.
H K N K V W ILSON, t luted SUte Senntor U cm
l'mnomiced by till who have heard it the most
natural and beaut if'tl imilalimi of the Hu
man olcfevci vet introduced. .1. Kvrtr
Ji. In., llrattlebiiio, Vt..the oriaiual Inventors
and Jlaiiiil.ii'iurcrs. 4IT linn'ine St., N. V.
Jin liner St.. Trov, N Y. IS Ninth 7th St.,
I'hila. 1 la liat.rlo'lph St. Chicago.
Gnvf rsaJ Neuralgia
Speedy Cora
NFIIRfllRIA I rI- wuiil iiiKl-class Apeuts to introduce our
It don't fill up its columns
"scissors contributions'
XU r.ffftt art)
'lurhlne. IJxtiuoi 'iuiit-y
iiidiiceiiicut-1 1
miii k tiirlii.sln d on iiiiiili. alioli to W. ti. Wll-
wix i I n,, ( kveluud, Ohio, lioston, Mass., or
St. Louis, Mil.
In South Newbury, Ktb. 15, suddenly. Mr.
Caleb Stevens, sged 70 yrurs 7 mouths and 17
In Orford, N. II., Feb. 23, of rhronie Piar
rhn u. Mr. Harvey (iae, a relumed soldier,
ani il nbout '.f yi ars.
In New bury, I'rb. 17, of Liver eonipluint,
Jacob lli-ocli, aged fi.'l years.
In Hvdeville, VI., Jan. 3", ef Typhoid Fev
Jen li ic I., eldest daughter of Henry 1'. aud I.il-
cimla S. Cook, a'cd 17 years, 9 inoiilhs and In
d.ivs. Kormcriy of Newbury.
(The Uiuiuts,
( urrtrlril wttkin If O'tn. I'rirhitrd.
HiiAlu onii, r'fcit. 'J7, jsi'.tl.
llulter. Lump o,:;on 0.;'.7 1
liuirv 'in W
Cheese, new U
i o
I ens... -''
Itrans 2 '" ,M
rotntocs '' n 7.i
fork. Salt 15 17,0"
linniid 9 l'
Hums and Shoulders 10 a II
Liml IS a 00
Ihied Apples l.'i M
Tallow..! 1-1 I'O
Woul, Klerec Washed UU a 10
I'll ashed' oil' Oil a 00
Mimic Snusr. Tub New 1:1 a 14
Htirndaml Cake I'.'t a IS
Klnur 1 1.00 15.1"'
Mm k Wheat do per Ih li IK
(inibatii 71 00
Com l.MI a 00
Oats a 70
V hca S..rs1 la 5.7S
live 1.7,1 a CO
slum O.ili a (sin
1'i'nv cutter 8.7.1 a 1)0
l'lunter, Hetall jier ton It. 0(1 a O.tsi
I'ells jo n l.'J.'i
E.U.K r. carl' s ksta te.
jtati: o r V K M I',
O IIIUM Ollll lUM Itti T, s.
Ill Trolmte Court, liobleii at Wc-t Vail lee
on the til nt duv of r'clu iinrv. A. 1. I-1"!
John A. Teniiev, K.ip, aihuiuist l atnr of tl.e
estate (ilT.zra '. ( upp late of Corinth, in said
distill i, dei i in-il, makes upplienlinn to said
court for licen-e to sell all ol the real estate of
sunl dcccitHcd, reprcKi'Ul ili that ' aid sale
vviillld cotulllec t'l tin- heM interei.t of those lll-Icrt-Klcd
ill said estale, it bein the hiiincst cad
of caid dei iiiscil. i-oiitainiiij; ubout um1 buii
die.l acres of lillld.
Whereupon, it is ordered by said court 'hat
said application coiiio undci cnttMilcrutinti and
be heard on the Hill nv of Malcll. A. 1. M1S,
ill the I'lubatc I Mliee ill West l'aii iee ; and. it is
furthei oiili led, t It n t i d persons interested
lie nntilb-d hereof, by publication of notie of
this application mid iii'dcrtlii-reoti, three weeks
sticccsiovcl v in the National Opinion, plinteil
at Hradloiil, before said time of hi urin', that
tm y may iipienr nl said time mid place, and,
if llicy see cuiise, object thereto,
llv the Court.
Attest, Al.VAll IIK.W, Itc'istcr.
A true coiiv of record, HHwJ
Attest. ALVAll'lihAN, KeKlster.
It is an iinl'.iiline remedy iu nil cases ef Neii
rulia KiieiaUs. often etVcctitia a pi .lect cure
ia less than twenty lor.r hours, friuu the use
oi no mine than two or three pills.
No other form of Neuralgia or Nervous Dis
ease has failed to yield to this
Kvcn in the severest cacs of t lirnnic Neiv
rulsia and general nervous deranuemeiitx of
iiinnv veins stnniliiiR atlertinp the entire sys
tem, its use for a lew davs, or a few weeks at
tie- itlmoxt. always iilVonls the must n.-tonish.
in' rclii f, and very rarely fails to produce a
complete and permanent cure.
It Contains tin drills or other materials in
il,.. ii"liie-t ib?ice iuiiieious. even to the
most delicate svatcin. aiid call always bo used
Il linnlntiE been inconstant uschy ninny of our
who give it their uniniiinnti and muiialilied
"l'l"'"V.''- ,. , . ! . i . ......
elll liy lllllll nil receipt oi price, lieu ,i..
One puck!.'7 11-00, rostii'c o cent i.
Sin puekaues, i.UO, " V7
Twelve puekazcs'.i.oo, " -IS
li ...1,1 be all wlinleslle and retail deall'l'S
in driis-i and tin dlcbles Ihroujjiioiit tho I'uitcd
Sluti s, and by
IXIiNI.K.V I'll., Sole proprietors,
1 .'0 Ticiiiont St., Hi'i-t'i". Man.
I'rank Vlillrr'is I.eiHher lroiser
ullvr aud Water l'rouf Uluckina lur llools
nml sciii-s.
I'riink JilTler'is Preimreil llnr-
m-is Oil blacking, lor oiling lisruesscH. l-ili-
rniKc lop. .c , ready lor use, with Uireeiioiis
I rank yilller'si I'llsntll liinru
illC'. For kale Jlcnerullv i'1 I S. A Caliadas.
l'l-unk .tliller At i. '., is. :D Ccdar-st , N Y
It discusses boldly and fearlessly all religion,
moral, and political topics.
It has mere oviyim l contributions aud other
readuij matter tlmo nuy other wevkly religi
ous paper.
Its w riters are cboscn from all the
leading Christian ileiioininations.
Its reader.) arc tlie thinking, progressive, wide
awake, mid most activo men uud women of
the times.
Grant and Colfax,
I'rrkfdcnt uud Yice-Presldeat,
Tendencies of Reaction Wounds of
the War Taxation The 1'nrtv fr
ricedotn in Peril. By REV. T. M.
POST, St. Louia, Mo.
An appeal to Christians, br Rev. Theo.
I. Cuyler, I. I., llrooklyn, . Y.
Praying in the Holy Ghost.
The Circ.it Experiment.
l!y Iie-v. GEO KG E li. CUKKVF.R, D.D., X. T.
r.h-ciiou of (len. Realty from Ohio. Th
first gnu at White Mouse. Hopeful advice
from I lie Si, nth. New llaiuyshiro and Cos
metic. t Elections. Supreme Court on Kecon
slruclion. The President and his Cabinet after
(.en. (limit. Speaker Colfax' receptions, ete.
Hv our Washington Correspondent, V, W.
The Loot Image.
Chapter 1 X of an Original Story. Written by
mi t. r.hodnx Clergv man expressly for Th
liidiemleiit', uud destined to be, wc bclisve.
one of tho must popular, racy and mstruotiv
series of contributions ever given to religion
Iloston never says die. Religion Prosperity.
Art. Crown ol New Knglaud. Gould An
drew. Ijiw anil disorder. A tiiek on Messrs.
Harrison, (Iray, litis, etc. lly our Jlostou cor
respoiiibiit, 11, III IK, one nV I be ablest and
most spicy writers iu the eouutry.
Tho Guardian Angel nnd .Norwood.
An original poem. By JOEL BEiTOK,
AiuouUt, New York,
Maple WihiiI Fire. Endorsed by ft "DU4
Old Dlack Womau.
It aims to be a champion for truth
and ciiuiiy.
It is as radical as truth and Justice ran make
it. and luean to lie so always mid forever.
It is u i) sect aria ii nnd earnestly seeks
Christian union.
Its expenditures the present year will bo far
titater tliun ever belore.
It will have more special department
over but ore.
AUIi.HTN for Sm rows t;ni;vT IVirni.c
M u' oild and I'uiti il Stiilejeoiuliined;
iilo New Kngliiud Maps and e hurts. Can
niiiKc froni Jin to tl.'i perilay. t all or send
for Circuit.!-. F. (i. Sw allow, liti Mciriuiiie
Street Itostoii, . Was.
T A T i: v i: II .11 OMT,
unsi'iuiio iiisiiin.'T. ss.
In Prnhsle Court, liobleii at Wrst Faille
within and forsa'd dislrlct, on the loth day of
rehiimrv, A. II. IsoS.
K. M. Hill. Fso.. ol loiishani, meeiitor on
the estate of lllis Ilii liiusou, late ol I'opslium,
iu said dictiict. deeeiised, presents his admin-
istrnlioii account, on said vslalo, lor settle
Whereiiiion. il Is ordered that tho same be
n I'rrrcil to the M Tursdny of .March next, at
Hie Probate Court, In l..ud 1 or.utii, lor exam
ination and allowance : and thai all ronoerned
tin not lib d hen of, bv Hie piililicaliou of this
order in I lie National Opinion, pi luted at
llriidfotil, three weeks successively, a soon
us luuv be, thai diet niav appear, and ol said
lime and plaee. if they sec cause object thereto,
lty orderof Coin t.
Allest, Al.VAll 1IICVN. Kegisler
A true eopv of record, lPw3
Attest Al.VAll lir.AN, Regisler.
'I' HOI lion Hit nl Mini ro Al he 4'it
I la I Nlnt'U for miiI.
Pitrsiinnt In call of the director of Hie M.
I). M Co., n special liieelln of the Stoekliidd
ers ol said Company was held Hi Ku. Coiliitb.
1 , till the I? tli day of Feb,, ytiS.
On motion of T. A. Chase, l-.., the following
rcsoliiliiiii was rend and adopted i
Ainn'riif, Hint .si,tssi of the par value of tho
inpllul stock el tins oni'iiy Iw srt apart to
lis disposed of hva roinlnillee or nllifirwisi", lit
itch iiiice tier sfiate as ll ev sluill deem epn
ilieul or sum not lesslliuu V!0 aT rent ol II
pur Viilile, Hie iirocecds of which, to bo dclios
lied with llio'l i-easiirern ft worklliR i iipilal,
In wink and develop tho wliio of aid coinpn,
(In tnollon uf lr. K.T, Smllh, Alontit Ilck
pf, II. H. Sleeier mid K. (t. Sawyer weni notiib
Haled b the dirertois prMent.'nnd duly elect
ed ft eouiuilltee to rooiietute with the illfeclors
In tbn sale, of ald share of capital stoek.
U. Uriitl), T , Kb. H V, Wwl
'O.U HIMMI4ll:llM, xitii i;
f IMIK Si IISCIIllll'.US, haviiiK la nil npiioint
X ed by the liotioi'iililn I'riib.ilo Court fur
Hie district of llradfonl, riilnlutssloiiera, to re
ceive cinliiilio, slid udliisl all claims ami de
liuiliils ef all iieisoiis, nniiit th estatn of
Cvans Met illlis. luteal Corlulh, In said ills
I ili t, dcceasi d, lepn elileil lii.nlvnlit, ami tlio
lertu ofsii inoiilhs from the tilth day of Feb.,
ISoS, bi Inn allowed by suid con it to the credit.
Iiors of said ileeea s il, lo eihibit and prnv
their respective claim Indole us: Hive no
tice, that we w ill attend to the duties of our
appointment at Hie ilwelllnglmusc of the wid
ow A unci I Me h illis In Cnrim b. Ill sipil iljsli let.
on tbn I VI h days of Mv snd Aiiifiist next, lit
10 o'clock, In the forcniHUi, on each of suld
NATHAN TAPM!, ) ,. ,
Corlulh, Full, yu, A. lso, , ' :im3
I'SF. llltVAM'Sliliiii
II I II 1 1 til . (rout, II II d
Neuralgia Cure i'u
covered after 'JO years'
terrible sullelllli. llul
iiiK which time all oili
er remedies were tih il
wit limn avail. Tlieiis
amis linvn been curcil 5
by It. The most sciien
hour, lty a, box ol pills.j
Price til rents, line
S li,n..Lniii will ermli-
eate the disease from the svs.eiii. b or sale
wholesale mill rets il tiy i.i.w. uovom.
tn. CO. 3S Hanover rt.. jiosioii.
TlinMijh Line (a I'alifwDij.
Via Panama or Nicaragua.
llrerinhrr .11 li untl iStU ( Jiinun
rj 5 III. ISIIi ttutl '45, anil I'cbrua
rj ISlli uud watli.
Willi New Stcainsliips of the iii st Clas.
Pa.ifp' Lew than lv my oiler Linr.
For further iiifiirmalioii adilress the iiiuler
sijucd at Im West Street New Vutk.
1 1. N. CAUHIN tlt'ON, Aueut.
i i ' i i'l-'.I l.'J l euelicrs. Students, or
II ni lu r Inicllii'i iii nun and Moincii. Hits'..
ness pays (U00 to $.'i"l per iiiimt h, uccordiniJ to
ability." Address .i.i.l.l II MrCi:til'Y t t.'o,, I'd I
Arch-it l'liilu., I'u.
It will have more religious news
. thiin ever belore.
It will take a decided interest in th coming
great President ml contest. (
It will earnestly seek the moral, political nnd
religious interests of the whole people of the
uatiou, ii respective of race, color, or cuu.liliou.
It will discuss finely all ilnaiii iul uiattcr from
a biith liimal stand point.
It will insist that evcrv enaaireuieiit and obli-
lisll uu ploliipuy uici
ss uiued.
..ni,, tn ui'tl,. eiioiiti-v
with uulil
r AVi"i".l-lo iimkr un urriing
y T meiii with a live man iu every coiiul v,
who wishes to mukc iiMiuey uud tun it'ive ;ood
releieiiwis, Xo capital reiiiired. Will sella
huniucs now puyiiiK $l.Juo per inoiilb, and I"
Iv on pri.Uts ior in v pay, Addn s J. C. I'lL
ton, Piltshiirgh, lla.
L1IK l'(lt W.ll.l'I.-'JO.nOO acres nl
Manchester, Ocean in. N. .1., in lots to suit
purchasers, at J0 per acre, liujable in (Iv
years; in miles from New York and Philadel
phia; soil well adapted for I'linnim; p uposes,
Iruils, veuetiililes, eraiilM rries; cliinule mild
and lienllliv : waler soil uud pure; several
water iiianiiUctui'lii sites, ironi to 'JoO
l.i.e.e ii.iwer. lor sale or l'iise. ,M;n lime, car
nnd repair shops at thi pine. Publication
coiitaiiiuiK all iiiloiiiialioii sent on application
I., ii. s .Luis s mm I r ;. (len I .vi niam r.or
C. C. Unisiiii., Fi., selling Ageiit, Manchester
Ocean, fount r, N.J.
It will oppose, midur present circumstances,
any further eimtrnetioii of tiio cuireucy.
It will uol be in hastn lo nivn political puwer
to those who huve beea ubcls.
It ill advocate reronst rue tion on a basis (ami
that oiih ) of exact and impartial justice,
it wllliuiiiose all lii.lilical iiiaiio'iivcrini! und
liiachinir, ealculiiled lo lower the standard ol
national honor und iulcgiity.
I, ;n',...,-, er:itc itm lfw ilh nil Ils iiiiwcratiil
Intluciice to tho ureal work of iiinrul. polilical
uud rjiniou rclorui and Cliri.iiu liecdoiii,
tlio world over.
It is the iiaMT for farmers, liuviui weekly pro
duce ami market reports uud price citfrciit.
It is (ho paper for hauliers and capitalists,
havitii: wci klv moiiev iiuieles, liiiauciul news,
Wall street r;. ss .,eie.
Cambrics, Muslins, Linens, Dlunsrs, 'low.
(ditilli HalliUniellii Is, Napkin lid llovles,
Tabln ( overs, French ami American fiullts,
4-4, 6-4, Mw4l UlMohsJ Cottons, ato,, i
VflKNTS WANTFP, Mule and Female, In
sell a UCW I'alclil nrlicln for household
nml ollice use. dm ol tin li' t selliuij aril, les
in the uiiuk.il. For full lrl':'l'
tamp fnrrirriil.ir I mMics
ton, Ma... or WMHNtii. W1IIIM.Y,
liimal, Wiiichcnil Mii-o.
AlwNiilil'ul Illustrated book, worth ft thou,
sniul iliilhns. sent free tn any nddivss on ni
eelpt of J.i eiils. hv 1111'lre.sitijr Prolessor
KillS VAMH:iH lo ,JJ hitlirup
Place, Now Yolk CH.V. ...
11M14 II4MI l0', orHouH'hnr.
I llllfia. How l lllll l W 1IISV lliseillllis
ami uiiln Hie alleefloi" snvntie (hey elioos,',
i... ...... i.. . ..I... u-eure luosiierity Iu line or
luifiiiess, Fvrry one can in iHlr this secular
power. Ilii. ipnir, ei limit imhk iii.s oee i
:..,i.n.i.a Uv ... ten veins, IhAsnla of which
bus liec, eii'oi iiiinis, ind lthonl biwkiif th
klrnl Iu th Kiiglwli ltiK;iKnt by nmll for
I'l. n. .!.,., I I I,.. Ira Silver I'l.ililii Fluid, for
lllstlllltlllieollslv silver pllllllll! eoiper. brass.
', A . ., ....I .'..,. ,.l..n..lli,.
pel lllllll roivi'l, iuoiisi', ie i . ..-,..,'-. m
mid pollliliii silver and silver plated warn.
Manufactured onlv by ' SIIVW. ( Iiemist,
No an F.iui st., nii.inepoit, ct. Put up ilia
on. bottles, price Wits. Hull ox. bottles lor
. . . 1 ..'.!-. k. .1.1
trial seta ny imiii iipoii n ci ipi ia- ""
bv llriii'nists mid Vsrlelv stores jtrnerullv.
licmns iluines f Co., I' Park Uow N. V., (leu.
A'teiit. Kc.posible atfint wanteil In evei y
coiiutv lo inlrodiii e Hie article and supply thu
I rude, nwwarc of Imitations,
3 Ce.nTi.MiT StnrhT, Nuw Yrtwt,
Maimfarlurrr Auciitsand lenlers In all v
rii.lics of Anieiii an Clocks. Molii A(ciiis for
Mirni nion tM i.h km.
ArAI'l'l':i-li" every ooiiiily In lti i'u'
1 led Suites a (lood Man to sell by sample
4 JiUMthrrluIn' l'omtllloi
StitARE. ru in, llvi;l and vm,
The greatest InVelittn of (ha 0.
that evei r iiiw.liaiil"' wmkinali and I
Meent, or fl fr o- eilullar, tiiKether Wil li st
a ciildn to th niiniorrien. uures i , n ii mu w sin nini .-.,... . -
liiil 1$ tool abllftkw. i'ull4lvhi W. U. UA.iMUMU U ve Pittalajruh, IV
Mid on
tanner III
tlio land will buy. Semi address Willi .'nine,
stale, auunlr '" li"1 ullbo planuy wiilO"
Slid we will sulnl eiieiiii ni m-
t, 1. il.n i.uni'in.r mcrclmiits. liavinB weeVlf
di y not"l icporis. with latest ipmiaiion and
general prices iiirrent.
It is (hfl paper for business men of nil classes,
..." l.i.. .it ........ l..ii,... t,..il I '.
uaviUK wee i j ni.ru..iwii. ...... -
For children, lly AH BY SAGS, CharW
town, Minis.
ldliorlals. aa Follow I
Tho Tongue of Fire, or Eitemporaneon
Preaching. Queen Victoria' Experience,
Two ways of l.nving Lovinjr the Good and
LoiiiiK the Wicked.
Tim Aletliodist, Ilishops -ThompsoB, Slorri.
Junes, Seolt, Simpson, Dakir, Ames,, Clark,
Ir. Kiniilev, f.dward, i homsou" able men
as nuy Christian Lle.iioiniuatiou eau boast."
An (Hit Newspaper The Federal-Spy asd
Daily Advertiser, of Dee. l!d, lri'l.
luterunl copvri(!ht. Shall we lose, the Excise
law I cck ol Player, F.ilitofial note. Per
sonal News, New x'ork and viciuite. Ke
ninus iiitcllii-ncu, Uevivul Hecord. Gen
eialN'ews. Hunk 1 able. Milii.teiial llecister.
Sabbath Sohoul. Foreign 'ow. Pebble.
Commercial find Fiiiftnci.il Depart
ment, as Follows :
Commercial and Financial Talk, New, unit
(lossip hi Wall Street linportiuit Ji'cw for
4'npitalists, Hunker and lliisiuess men .Mon
ey Alurket Central Pscilic Uailinsd. Dry
(iood Itonort Dry tloods (Jiiotation Pro
diuv .Market I!caiVts Puces I'urreiil Sow
York 4'attle Market r aruier' 4'nltimu.
Die whole eoiupiisiiiK attrsetinus never
equalled in any other n liniuus .Newspaper
-ri:at ri;TiiiM.
We have iiiude special contract with th
Howe Senilis .Machine 4'oiiipnuy to fumisU
their world leuowned niaehine as a Premium
l.i new Subscribers to The Independeat
iliiriiirj Hie piesent year. Any person who will
send us the minus of twenty 'four new yearly
.iil.K.'riliei i. ill our reiiu'.ar suborrinllon tirioo.
(see tertiis as nbovr) will be prosciilcd with
one of tbee cell bruti d mueliiiies, the lowet
pi iee nl which Is ii't. It will bo packed and
shipped live J press, or olh"rwie, as directed.
YA e siiujil.V want the names (wllh the money)
ol twenty-lour perilous who do Hot lake our
paper, uud who rciillv subscribe for it ; tliejr
luuv be at one post oiliee, or morn Hum one
we'nre only particular I hut they (hall be bona
tiitr new itlicribi'rs.
Anyone person subscrihinB for .'4 year,
anv two persons lor li years, or any three per
sons for years, w ill be. eiililled to the tuauUiu)
under above idler.
Perrons intcndliia to take idvntr of thla
oflrr, and si -ml inn the iibscillerV names
thev obiiiin them, will please slate In eatli in-
iaiiej' thai they are sent on til's account.
All subscription sent under !... oiler must
In kIii with the number ni our paier next after
the receipt of the money. Keimttauce mint
be made by pii.t-nniro nioucy-oitl'ir, bank
check, oreiptess (paid.)
It I a
ereat favorilo with children, having
Lly torie from th ablest ritcr.
Ili tho best ailvert'siiiK tnedlmn, it U be
licveil, lu the country.
Wsk no ubserlptlons to supnort u
lUaritubl.t inslitutinu.
a a
Wa ask friends tn help us lu lnereslp nut
circulation and usefiilniss, if tin y liclieie ur
am Ui'inil ood and tint othei wise.
Wn .eet tn i(ive in evei iiuiiil.cr of the Pa
perlhioimli the year rca.lim! innM"- t'J.
Wriit of any .o.l.iiai v ..fed velum, ol
panes. old ut tho bookslure.
YVo eupcrl every suloaiber of I'll- PM- r
uy thiit the un.iicy piild r
In Hie lot c-lmrnt
We epect thve a nm measure of iieee.
In wh.l we shall IMW M " "r"'
'" " ,i ':. r...... rival iii w-t.ntuis. some rrltl
")'!'" 'V . i ..t.. of tn'luuietit. snm fnnlt-
Ui.uli.K lMeuv we are iilisl.nd liil.ofuil.
,.,, ,". ISHS1. fmlii Ulllllllllers j Illlt.lUllWilll.
sUii'illnlb we espi i't to llvn nml tblivo, and
dBrarlM p"hs,i,Uusavuf Wsr.
Six Montlm nt tho White
Any person " rn,1l '," "'"i .?nr?,.f!
iuli-criber for Tl.e . Indc, ei.l for i nj
new sin-; ' "" . .,, ... ',,..ierf with
epui. Willi me iiinio'.y, w - i - -
I? ,,k ltlll I"' '" m11' pufKHta
'Mar delivered atll.o desk "I our p.ibU.1..
a li ne 'Id ...b.cillK..s, not lu arrcar., Ml
'.? . .he.r -'-:'r!::.".ri.r:,,'"!'.bu:
SIM I. i,v ...... "
llll V k - .1,- ...
coliV HI I e niHia. ye "-- - j
it av iiiui I'"'" 'lv thousand eople of
ibis renin! kiihlo voluuie, and the lUniaud eon
III, lie. Uilllbllled. It OIIlIiI t t 1 "X
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