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'-is;', i
a. -1' i
Xational :. Opinion'
Local and 'Stale' Items-
. . . -....I... tViia ,1..t,iirtttie,it, fif flip
u-.i.itt'Uil 1" ' - .
vilu i'iIu "l intonutiuu t mr rvail
"iS"'f,miUhUiX ull lln I-f-'il "; ami
, Iiirnt , f, .-. I 'lint wit iklll
i. m malice
.i-.-it t'.ivor upnii ,ls.,l,l mLl very tuu-''!'.-'if.tli-"",",l't
nt "nr "llM'r' b' ,MU,fe
' " i iti'lllS "1 I'"'"' '"t,'r"t milV "' "'
ni !'' "niiiiiiiiuieirtinii; should
In tlii" person tumling them.
S-e T. .1. Flander'a advertisement.
. ..i tuMiiwl fi'ulii mni'lrt'f
lie has jitsi ii-n" -
thauewstocliot goous.
Mr. C. II. Allen is remodeling bis
1.!t-l.vicliascu uu'u""ii
,lUllltiU,r.i-.iivei tiiig tuo lower pari,
into a dwelling house.
Dissolution of Paiit.nkrsitiV.
-Mers. Darling & Evans of East
Orintli, li:ivo dissolved partnership
as will I'e, seen by reference to our
'.uivi-i'tising columns.
tin ier.. Tliere, will be preacb'iig
I .11.4 .,4 4 1... '. ......
IV all L lll 1 TSillini. at liiij son u
' lic4.ll, next Sunday, ami on the third
sml.iy iii each month, during the
!: ji'EHT. Persons having Inwks
i.li.ning to the Bradford Univer--alS.-t
Library Association or to the.
''aiwiadist Sunday School Library
,.n- requested to return them to
J. Brjtton.
Whatever else r.radford may lack,
: cannot ! said it has not got one
f the beet Hardware Stores in the
Mate. Slieplierdsou & Davis have
,-l got in a new stock of goods,
n lulling somi; nevy varieties not
,, -,t by them heretofore. It is the
. to buv uur hardware. See
i " -
N U. Mr. 1. W. Kamsdcll, of
tlrVa, who lias been furnishing
. . i. . i it . i
with scetl ol Uie eciciuaicu
Oats, int'iiiii j us that he
,i nM out nil of his seed itieluil-
j-jiMin woitli, lately pui chased
.il. I'. Smith, and consequently
:r i-.ui lill no more orders for them
A1' n!'NTS. Mr. James McLam,
T this town had one-of his legs iad
;, rushed last Thursday, just alrnvt
ankle mint, lie was riding on
,i!n;n uf wood and slipped oh", tin
-It-ii 'nulling over his leg. Dr. J.
'.Li nu s was culled, who set the
! !, and. we learn that the patient
.Mining well.
Mi. William Waterman of this
;'....i', met with a severe accident
week. While chopping wood
:.v .Mia Wilson, his ae struck a
l.'iih and glancing came down into
in tuj of his foot, making a severe
;nii!il. lie was about a mile from
'itlie Umise and had to walk that (lis
;!,uii'i' with his loot bleeding profuse
jly. lie sa it was the longest mile
f he ccr liavcled.
h'i;ulr. J. K. Darling's new
j.nlvi i iiiri t appears in our col-
I mans i!,!-; wick. Mr. Darling lias
i ; ha-i il thii Mercantile interests
4 "fW . U. i:ansin tholate firm of
wish, to contribute something to
imy lii.-j ex'teiisea. -
I'out.thy. I read in the newspa
pers about poultry and most every
thing. I have some chickens of the
Brahma Pootra race, -which weighed
from seven to eight and ouo fourth
pounds. I had ono chicken four
months and eleven days old that
weighed most ten pounds. I think
they lay as well as any other race of
hens. When sold at Thanksgiving
time they dressed five pounds x r
head. When I kill one for the table !
I have some chicken to eat.
d. e. n.
Close or Union District
St hoot.. T h c Winter Term of
Bradford Union District. School
closed on Tuesday, 7th inst. The
examination was conducted by Col.
II. FarnhaiD, the Principal, Prof. J.
YV. Palmer, having been called away
by the sudden death of his father.
His absence occasioned much disap
pointment, and destroyed the inter
est ot the scholars in the closing ex
ercises. The examination shoved
that commendable advancement
had been made by the pupils. A
Globe edition of Dickens' entire
works and a vase and Inxjiitt of
tiowers had been purchased for pres
entation to Mr. Palmer. They were
sent to his rooms to await his return.
Sew Sr'TiooL IIorsE. A new
school bouse has lately been built at
Ik-Hows Palls at a cost ot J?17,!t(."'.t.
It is well arranged for school
purposes, and is a very important
addition to the public building s of
this enterprising village. At the
annual school meeting March " 1st,
it was unanimously voted to iai.se
To cents on a dollar for the support
of schools and for the payment of a
portion of the indebtedness of the
An Ot.u Nhws, atek. Dr. J. II.
Jones ot this village has handed us
an old newspaper, of the date of
May IT'.t.i. It is a copy of the
United States Chronicle, published
discovered to l .on fire", and was
biiriMMl, with from six to ten tons of
hay. TheJld man and youth went
to the firo, but tin) old woiauifitayed
in the house to guard ihe treasures,
they suspecting the tlames had leen
set to decoy them from the house so
that the incendiaries coo Id steal the
money. , The deaf and dumb fid low
descnlHsd the men who called at the
house as A. JS. Tauuer, for some
time past a mason in MontK'lier,
and ciiaries -i. inner, a brother.
Pursuit was made. They were
traced to their wagon, and that
tracked to Washington, where their
families reside. His mother was
questioned as to the time Charles
got home, to which her only reply
was " in the edge of the evening.''
Steps were then 'aken towards
measuring his boots, for the purpose
of comparing their size with the
tracks. To this he objected, Unt it
was done, aud lKts and tracks were
found to correspond. Upon this
Charles was arrested, and efforts
were made to arrest the other. On
Moiidav, ollic is were in Montpclicr
st arching for him. Ho was tracked
through Washington village ami
llarre, running his horse, which be
had hired in this village, and about
A. M. on Sunday, ariived at the.
American House, where lie stanl
until nearly noon, when he put oil'.
On Tuesday he was caught at Par
ton, and is now in custody at Wash
ington. We hear that Charles has
turned State's evidence, and owned
up to th wliote thing.
.CURED....! .1
l nliani'H fnJi mint inn fur eonnimi!tiiiii
nil lirttnrhj.il alii-rtiiim. u i,reTihi it -
m iitl. -l liv i lirxii'iitiui all ovur tUe country.
uil is T1.rtiiiin ntir eiirvn than nil ntl.. r
villein,. iliiu.-il. A truU win w""""' ok-
iiMwt nkiptirul. fl a boltlr; nix for Si nt
liy eim sn. rin iilurn fn. Siilil ' tjK t. t .
(iiHii.wiN & Co., asllauovcr St., lloMun, uml
nil liruisLri. .
r.'he Great Pin-Worm Remedy.
rpiIOSKtrouliliKomo 1 iluiij.'''rr" i u,
1 itin womiti, or any "tin r wi-run, in' nt,
Iv ami tliiiriiiiL'lilv .M'lli il irmit tli .vi, ni
T tin- ii w of lr. oull I'ln-M oriu
Nyrup, witliimt injury Ui tlin luultli ol tin
imiHt dt li, t child or iwlult.i l'urcly vc-i ui
1,U'. II airaiitnl to cure. (Jko. C. (11m1.11 in
& o., lio.tt.tu. Musk., ami all drunaistf. I'm
7- ci'iitt,.
ai( an.l CUKEXWICH Wt. N. Y.(
lia reluc-l the jriiiof T-af, ('otf e-. Sugars,
Kiwur, and ull kitnU of llnM-riea from li to V)
iT nt.
ISomI t:nulili rircakfiui 1 - n, M.
l'Hlit 49olux UOtr.
lOOO bUI. I loiir, Hllraat-M. in,m $11
u.w,u.U. tfU.OOO MolinM-s. ull rmlt'H,
lrtiii I' c. upwuniri.
Toiicr. nmxtril ami gromul, 'o. to 4c
Suai'i. ail at n tim-iV nin:Mt ami
rvtiiin uttf-d in Tpi-y family ciiuajKir and ixit
tcr than any Htiin in Sow urk.
TiionuiH K. Aiu-w (Ha4iiiit'rt lii.s own Htorc,
ijwiif tUr prnjH-ity. aud Iihm no n ut to pay;
iiiiMiit ami tniM i-xcluHiVf ly for !.!! t, im-vit
av- a not in ItM lit'r, foiiMrtitii'iitly can un
di rs -11 funiso in the Htv.
irUEMKAStaxeHKwi-l ly Fairlei- M, i t
T T in II11111..J AfWH-wtiuu u tlie !' in
Kairli c ( liiinli, for tin- uri" l "I'-lra.Miii
cxienm s of wurmiiiK ami liKlitui' aiu IioUm
ami tlii' Huuic iciiiuiiiiiij; uiiiuil, via:
Xu. ui' I'm', Owin rs, Taxi s.
" IT, Jmiali T. Moninon, J-.-'l
" 17 Ales. It. (liliii.iri-.
" :ij Win. Aliliott H Kstuto, 'J.-l
' lii, lMinii AiiBii, , , '
" is ' KiOi l.'t i-l Etato, i"',
" 5H" Win. (Inl.l, " "
' 1,i iiiii!i'I' '1 'alilitl, ' '
Saiil Pew will I"- wila "I Viit'Iie Am ;.
tin- rt'.-i.lt'iii'i' of Win. ( Mill, Cl-rk of k:i..1 A
KiH'iatioii. at I o'clui-k. 1'. .M.. April Ktli. I-'.-,
tiilin i'l the taxes altii'i'rtniil. tnKi'lli.'l ;iii tlii
ixiiiiiMM of collection, il'tlii-1 a xiK aro i tt re
vi. u-lv imiil. l'cr )n!er of tin- M itm
llou Aociutioii. M'..NJ. 1. IJKJ'tG-.
Fail lee. Jlari li 31. I "OS.
Illinois; Mvans, and will continue
'le luiMiii ss at their Conner laco ol
i-.:n -s. iiiosewno iimi 10 m ill
'i a n;ai- who dot s the fair tiling
his iiatrons should call on
'i:. 1 'ailing, lie has on hand a
::( stoclj of 8rin.Lr and summer
- U v, liirh ho will sell nt the low
1'iiccs, Ki nd his advertisement
i 1 ilnii't foi'oct to ive him a call.
Tin Yi;i)iMNii. Mr. and Mrs.
'". I.. I'.iillcr of this village, cehs
''i.iti'd the loth a'iniversar.v of their
at I'roxjiV'iice, K. 1., hy l'ennett
Wheeler, the inililieation of which
was commenced in 172. It is less
than half the si.e of tho i.inii.n,
and nrinted on thick, coarse tuiiicr,
It Ct'iitains nroeet dins of the sec
ond Congress, anion;; which is tin
act tixin-- the eoinpctisation of the
President and Vice President.
We cony from ft the following
item : .
K r.M ai;k aiu.k FF.ct'XDn The
wife of Mr. .lolin llarvie, living on
the banks of the Kennebci k, ou the
loth ol'ilulv. IT'.O, was delivered of
a son : and on the l.'Ilii of Ainu
IT'.i.'S, was satelv delivered of FOl'U
SONS at one binli, three of whom,
with the niotiier, are living ami
aie likflv to live. Two women
swore 1m lore a magistrate to the
truth of ihe above extraordinary
fact. In a young country like ours,
right worthy of pension and reward
is this fruitful woman !
The Kim tor handed us with the
above paper an old federal ijso note,
issued under a resolution of Con
gress of , Ian. 1 1, 1"7'..
George Uaniscy, a freight condiie
toi on the 1'.. C. - Montreal . 1!.,
accidentally fcil from his train be
twwi Wells llivrr and l'.ath, on
the Kith inst., and received injuries
from. which 'he died next nioiulnj?.
lie was insensible from the time of
the accident till death, lie lived at
W'oodsv ille, and leaves a wife and
two children.
Di;i.iUi.Ti:s. At the Republican
caucus held last Thursday evening
to ehowe delegates to represent
Liradford ii. the district eonvention
ri:i:iAi i mvici i.
A jii'oticli tl ei.lii i itui ol tli iiioloxii cnf Iron,
iilttlics tin lilitml -ia ltli its lil'..- cU'iiicnt. Iron,
Hiving ht relict i, vigor anil new lite to the
whole KVstelll.
II the thtnisHiHU wli.t are miner'uiji froiu
ll ieltf.ia, Ik-hiliU , Ki li.llle Wi-iiklie-t.-es. ,V C,
tllhl lillt trwt the viltlli M of the l'cl'io 1H11
Syrujs tli.' elieet wtnihl not only ii.-ttoiu.sli
tin in -tt 1 i -i hut woi i lil lil cite all t heir I'rieinU ;
for iii-.tt'tiil nt li t lin eiosH, "all j,ine" ami
nii-t laltie, they weuhl lie llieeli'lll, vi-orourt
:llel al'ti e.
A IllsllXllCl.'lllKn .11 Ill-T m rE Tl) A E1;II:K
as i tii.n.M . :
I have tl ietl the l't l'in hlli St. iiiji, ami the re-.-ult
iiiily Mitaiii.-i uiir jiifiiti'iiiiii. It. hu.-i
lliiiilf a liewmau of liie, infll.-t tl ill ( it ley .system
new ioi antl eiiot'y; 1 inn no loii-ier 1 1 enm-loll-.
itlai ticitlh'alt-il, as uheu in, lat iiaff
nie, hut sjron-t l'. ltcni-f ier. uml m it h lftr-fpr ea
liufiry ..r lahoi, iiit.ntal ami ihii'al, t halt u
al v I ime ilui iii x Ilie last tie year:,." .
1 ii'tiiratitis ha e Im i-ii e lia ni:e,l hy tiie ll.se of
this it itteily tn.lii t t rth. tivlt l v. i inlerin crea
tines, tt, i-titinu. healthy, unit ha'iy iim-ii uml
w tii.ii n ; ami nn alms- caiuiul reai-iinalJy ln-.-j-taie
to civ c it a t rial. ; ,
l ie- u.-uiiine lias "reruviaii Syrtu." hlnwn in
tin- ulass. A j.ii'.te vini.tiiili t vrill lie .sent free.
,1. I'. lilNs.vp ihh. I'r.ti.i-i. lor.
No. ;!ti In St., New York.
St till 1. v nil ilni-istM. luv, 4
Wli. ii. hi tlie nslnnhc ARNICA t II KKJIKXT
von ciini'Hsilv'l-x eiiteil. It tiriV rf-lioTed tlimm-
iiinU from lluriim. Scute: Vliiiiiiird llttmta,
A'ri. Vuln. H oi (, and rrci y nmiptaiHt of
tht' K.III. lie sure to il.h lor
For mile hv all ili-uuil',or m-ihI vmir ihIiIi-pch
ami :t." ceiitB to . V. sKY.VK it li ,t CO., Kun
ton, Ma.su., ami receive a hnx hy mail.
4 (inoli ASSHKIMK.SI ol White (looiN,
CaiiihrH-s. Muslin. Linens. 1 iiiiiters. Tt.n -clllio,
llallilkeri hiels. Na.,ius anil lloylen.
Talile Ctivi-r-i. r'reiieh anil Ai.n-ii.-an (,'tiilth.
4-4, i-4, ti-i ami ID I lJleaelieti t.i.l'.-ns, tVe., ut
11AI.I.1.1 IS
st.ti i s. ot lliooklvn. N. .,
The l!i v. lie.
.lavs, in the llihle Kvaniiner, hv vav nl aliiilit-
j;v fur itiiltlishin a iiietiii al ct i tiliciile in hi
Inaallie, el l b cure ol his only noil, of Serof
llla. 'atlt-r lilsnliititni ;iijtearetl inev ituhle."
"W e jtnttlish t his .statement , nut fur ray", htlt
in eratitmtr to ttn.l w lio liat alls vv ereil prayer,
ami in iu.stit-c t.. Pr. Aitiiers: hi iti -laliIicii
li.a! then- is virtue in the l.ttlim- V ati r i:eat
i, it-Ti I , whi.lt the reatlert of this Mazarine will
thank its Ktlilor 1'or ln in-;ii. to their notice,"
Circulars tree. lr. II. Antlers' Imiinc Wa
ter is tor .sale hv .1 . P. Pl.Ns.M III.K. Propi-ie-tor.
:ic. l)cv St.. S'. Y.. null hv all ilrun-iisin.
II. I, li t 1. 1.1 It l ,V .,
Strictly l'rtntnrr Cinmnissi'iit Mi rrtanl,
FollTltK Sai.khf
I.. liter, Chee.-c, I.an!. Tallow, V.j., Fiaim
Peas, KI inr, (irniii.. Wool. Ho,.: I'.iik
Jieef pititltry. lame, Vi ni-itit. Ip'ecii
until li n il r'l u it.s. Cot ton. I'..! ai-eo.
llii-h V im-M, uml all k i mis o I ('..uiii ry Prniluee
:::tu Uasiiiiiitum ki., v.
Orili i s for Mi i i h.-n.tlise of all kiwis ,ruiuitl-
tlUleil 1 1 ee ill WiarL-c.
10'rri! t Ni l1-: North lUver Hank. X. Y. ( il '
Hon. Ilointin ItatUril. t'mirllainl. N. Y. ; .1. 'f
Wliitehoiise, 'J.'i ( oiirthiml St.. N. Y.; Pavii
Vlair. -.' l'.l-oailwav. X. V. ; S t-iiinl Nation
Hank, .lei si v ( it v.N. .1. ; Smith . .MaMianll
l.i t'ttiu I lalnl St. N. '- : A. 1.. Simollsoii, si
Wasllillfltoll St., X. Y.. I), tl. Met otter. 111
lll-oail viiv, X. Y, ; P.nllarU c Co., Kit-lllnouil
llirug!i Line to California,
Via Panama or Nicaragua.
lar ! .'.Hi ami i,-x pril .lli nuil
; .M:i.v.1th I .Mil mill st.tlli.
Willi New Sleaiiishiits of the first Class.
IVnirr- Limit than ly any otle-r Liu.
r fuilher int'iirmation ndilresH the umler-
si-UIll at West Street New Yolk.
1). N. CAIIlilNIi TUX, A-ent.
W. II. Wi nn. I'll s't. t il vm. Kan v, Vice I'les't.
(Iltiee ol Kxchani; 1'laee, New York.
Official History of tho War.
Its Causes, Character, Conduct and
Its reaily al roml,incl with an Incn-ned
1'tiiiiini.sr.it.ii, iniikn it the bent ulwrijitiou
iMMik vcr Miihlirtheil.
One. aent in Kawton, Pit., rcnortu - auH
erilicri in thr! il.tr. Another in UOHtou,
lo;t niiliseriU-rs in four ilaya.
S,-inl ior circular ami m i. our terniH, ami ft
full ilem i iptiini of the work. Aililrm Natios
ai. t't HMMiiMi to., I'liilaiklpliiu, I'll.
Another Chanse ! I
IIoiim'm, rnrius Land,
tiii.i.s, ti.tiiikk,
And cvrrjr tleHcrlpliou of Real
1 Lll1iH-lLH;i1)lf to OVtTV KrtlllUT. IlllVl'P. Sl ll-
er uinl (twitfr of l-tiit. lulili-h-l on
tfu 1st anil l.jtli ot' every month, at Jl pi-r
yrar in ;nlva(ii-i', Sitl i-iit iuim i''rt it'l fur
ix nmnttiH. Sinli; cupi'H -i ci ntw. Tht- most
iiM-tiil bu-iin-t.- ii;ijM-r in tin- oouittrv. OiUc
1, S( OIJ.AY S hriKDINO, IU&um', M:.
T AHfr ' liii'' Ho.-. 'Hi.-
too to wi'r(N, "iJ.M M iirt woi k n r-
t'l-rtl v," "An t'Jisv ami plcii-ant tool
lohamilo. " hitii'i.'ft t In iinni'fiv
of t'filh:r into jia.liTiM'," -''oiio ran nlloiil
to .In without it." 'I'licowncrot it if i nc x cdf
alilf for wi'f.U or jinuy walk?." dvt it uml
vim illiiv boral: (or will so.m hv il
you rt.-k for it.) Uy ull imiilritiont ili-airrs.
(JK . V. A LLKN. l'rou ii'tnr, 'uu'ilur,v,
(,'onu. S.-tii! f a t ii J i for circular. A No at
Wliok'rtal.' 1'V H. t'AUJ.NI'KK Co., lioston,
ilif iiud cliiltlrru's ilrrsw. l'rice ". S.-nt
t mail or cxpivrt, Kor halo h.y all rHiwin
m.i It in a.-iit . I'n-muinis i-n to a.nt(,
"Mi-n or wmiii n.' ami a miiii;niio of J por
iluy protit. iy-ml for imrlH nlur to
sa.wi hi. viiKNrn,
i l Nhmuu St.. X. Y.
I liavriiiadr urraui;cm.:iits with
th.5 I'ati-ntrt tu hui'ojM'. for the ;clivi Kilt;
oi tut t, m v.w..t...i i,.v . r r ii x n t lor f ho I . x
of new l'rarti. al took. on Art liitrrtiirt' ami
Stair liuil.liii'r. A. .1. lilCKNKIJ, (.'
I'uhli.-hf r, Tny . V.
jicr limtith "tiii ratitffl to uncut-
f evervw hern Ht ilirt onr i'iitcnt l.v-
fila-iiii'' Jlrtalh', I'lutln-M Lim-s. Wilt"
I'iicalaiH totln Aimiirnn U hv Co.. Iti-.' Itroiid
wuy, S. Y., or It iunrljuruu St., Cliica-o. III.
Wanted, Agents,
to K'200 p'T moiilh. t'v. rywhcri', male
ami iViuiiW, t wiirtxlMO' tlo ;nuiiu; Improv
I'd 1'ommua scitsi- Sewing Machim-. This ina
cliim' will .-titch, hem, t'. U, tin-k, quilt, otd.
hind, hraid ami ciuliroidfr iv n inost suufrtor
iintuiM'r. l'riffl onlv ?1. Ftillv warrant, d
for live vtaif. We will pay l"' for any ma
chine that wUl rw it strouiffr, more hcaittilul
or tiior.- t-l:i tii; neaiu than oui It ina-k -h I hi
"Ela-tic Jyo(-k ' Stitch. K .t ry nec4iml Ktit.'li
can he rut, and utill the flothVaiiitot he milled
apart witlmut tearinu; it. We pay agents from
9, .i to f-.'liii per 1 1 1 01 1 1 h and expenses, or a eom
minimi from w hh h twice that amount can h.
made. Ad'lresK SECUMU Sc. CO,, I'ittbur-h,
L'a., or liof to?), Mass,
0 not ho imposed upon
hv other iiartte iialniiiii; otV wort hle.-n east-
iron ma' liincs, under t lie same name or ol her
w i.-c. ( mrs is the only genuine and really
practical cheaj) tnaehiiie manufactured.
MonOf Our TI1110H'
ui Ji-iidiiu- nun lot.- ot tho daV. An eJc
ant octavo volume, richly illustrated
Willi l? beautiful steel eriraviiiKH, audit
liorti ait ot t lie author, Mvh.
Harriet Ileeelicr Slowe.
A'M-uts wiv it ;s the hertt, and Hells the qniek-
t ol auv book they over sold. Some uro lnti-
iiiM '.niit orders per week. It will ontsell 'Un
cle Tom Hum. n e enijuoy no j;euerai
anient -, hut pay extra eonnnisMon. Old amenta
will annreriate this item. Send for circulars
jrhini; full partirnhir. .Allures H-VHTFukU
rrnUKHixo Co., Wartnmi, i,t.
Vanted Agents
In ull parti of tlie United Statin for our Now
"People's Book of Biography."
Cmtuinimr over e'mliM- nketeliea nf cmiliellt
oersoiiu ol nil n-'e.s. 11111I eolllll 1'ieH, L'olm ll IIH
well men ; 9 liuiulsnine oetftvo Imok of over
lioll pnnes, illi.-sti ilteil w itll lii'illltiflll Kteel ell
i'iivinjj ; wriltee li.v Jinne.s I'llltnli, the niiint
noiiiiliir of li in oulllol-s, wliose inline will ell
sure for it iv iiiniil sale. S lut for ileseriiiiive
eiit-iiliir anil ee our extrn t.erm. A. 8. IIaix
& In., I'll lilir-liors, Hurt font, ft.
n ititi i
In lli-inlliir.l. Mareli '.".1, lij liev. J. K. Wil
li:iin.s. Mr. 11. K. tii't-enonh, tlr., of Iti-uiil'onl,
anil MisM Aliee K. Klettiinj;. of Xewlmt-y.
In N'owliiiry. Aj.ril 'J.l, liv l'rnf. C. W. WiKl
er. assi-ted by liev. 11. A. Sjh lie, r, Mr. Fran
cis l. ( 'li.intiuui ami Mis Ariniint V. YVortlily,
I10M1 ol'W.sl rilillee.
In Knt Coiintli. April 13. of C'uiisuniiii ion,
Mr. W in. l'ane, unt il 1.7 years.
In lii'tnlfoiil. A 1 i 1 4tli. of iniiMiiiiimirt. 8;imli
V.. Jti!iiin, iv-jeil H year.,, in inontli., 1111. 1 'I
Ill C'lit lscn. April il, Mrs. Si na Aiiilrn. n;.'eil
S I ears -.iml 5 nionl lo.
In Wot F.iiilt-e, M.irili I'.'tli. Mm. I .in imla,
wife of Mr. Gi or jo Colmi 11, iiljihI T-l voiiih.
i.i:si: 'nn:
: mi tin- Citli inst. More Hum i at Wlilte ltivor .lunction, on 1 lie
1 Al.i:S 'i l-r Sli-lp I'coil .'ill-
'I Na e our liny. I o you want I lie
elii ai.t-.si . e.isit-si woi Kt-il, ami most ilurnltle
S. II f. cliiiL: Hay anil Stalk Cutler I Not to
In- paid l"i lill ii it'll . I .' ni.es. Ampuls want
eil. Sena for iliiisrritt.iil eireul.ir. I.Al.l
C UAl'lN. C liii opee, .Mass.
"' IkiimIu'iI of their fricmls iisftriu
Moil nt their liiiiisi- irino;iio; with
'k;n :i larnu mul varicil asort incut
f'l'lin wait1, (liu- nt'tlic must picas
niK ami intfivMiiig IVatinv of the
'vcniiio; ,viim tin- remarks of Key.
I'r. .MiKeeii, who ronnratiilated
Mr. .'iml Mrs. liutler tnioii tlio fact
Iml Ih.'y Jiatt livcil ti n yc.H In
n) I'tirilniig tinier without lwing
"li'cil. A WCililillir i.tit,. U1S
l'i"viilfi ami ovcry tiling 'wciit
y sis a inan iant' licll."
Tl'.MI'KIt ANi'K Mr.KTINU Ml'.
wi'inn ('.ilnmm of St. .loliii(hnry,
nihlroiK tho citioim if thin
I''1 "'', ftl the Conropitioiial i liuicli,
"ii liicwlay ovt-., April 1! 1 t , at half
I"Ht M'VCII oVllM'h.
Mi-, tlilinitic luisH Ih'.'H I'onnct'tctl
W"i tin l'usMiiinimic Uivci' 11 l.
'" ''! all the time nince it wiih Imilt :
""'1 for those, who know him, liis
Will lio Kiinieielit ilMlllccnielit
t'M.tteiiil. lie will Kivi. il history of
W'H.M.,ie.,e(. which in mi.l ft 1.0
Vi.V thrillin5 lrolal.lv no man
nn clvw -nc iii J1(lv
"iHrially thoyouiiK oMmiIIi hcxcs,
'H ll iiil. iiHthcy .-annot fail to
liiHtniitioii nml jirollt lty no
r'"' talk wilt Ik froo l.ut mi op
loth inst., Col. It. Farnhain ami D.
V. Cobb were chosen tU'lctfitou; D.
llurlbiit, J. 11. Wootlwiird, .suhti
tut OH.
Ve gave nn item from the Fru -vmit
hist week on the bnniinjx of a
barn in Washington ami an attempt
nt robbery. Tho Anjitu hastholbl-
lowmv; partaulais i
.V Had Look. A caso henring n
bail look for somebody has coino to
our knowledge. In the soiith part
of Yiitliiii;:toii resides .bx'l I'reiieh,
nn old man, w it li his wife, This old
couple hnvo the reputation of Iteiug
rather miserly, uml fpiito "ueer"
in tho liianap'inoiit of klieir llii.m
eial matters. . They ni e said to luive
over tb(Hi iu specie in their house,
and much oilier money, all locked
up in an old chest. At tho ido of
this chest, stands nn old axe, and at
the head of their bed a pilehloik of
the pattern ol ncs front by, as
weapons otVcnsive and defensive
w licit",'. ith to Kiiai.il these treasures.
.Saturday niuht of week before last
their Mij.nr house, at some distance
from their residence, w as set tin fire,
and burned. Suspect inn toinet hin
wrouir, they did not, leave their
house. t,iiht Raliirday evening two
men t ailed nt their residence, nml
ii.i'iiircd tho road to Washington
Flat. A deaf nml dumb youth re
siding with the French's recognized
I hem. nml shook, hands with one of
them. They Minted ofT, and aooii
IVITII roiTUi.t,
T I tit it ttl. on jilt- siek nil over.
If may Imist out in pimplei,, or
S re, or in Home aetive iliense.
or il may iiieielv keep on list
leu, lit -I ii esseil a ml otiil tiii-ntilll
iuii. Out on eaiiiiol have ttottil
heallli vliile Miur lilootl in iinimre. A.mt'h
Sar:itiii illB piiri!i' oul lliese iiiipuriliex 1 it ex
pels ilisease anil restores liealtli ami slilliiilales
1 lie organs ol life into vitiiirous lu-l inn. Ilenee
it rauilly euro u v. trie! y of eonti.laiulH wliieh
are e.uis'eil tt iuipiti ity of die Itlmul, mu ll ni
St-roliilii, or Kiuti't. Kvil. I'liinors, I leer, Sores,
ljuptiolis. I'iillple--. lllt.lelies. Itoils. S . Anllio
nv' Kile, I! w or Kri las, letler or Salt
lilieiini. Sealil llea-l. liinu Wnini, l aneer or
t nlieerou-'l illllol's. Sole Kyr. I'l'lnale lisea
es. nn-ll IK Helellliiill, I I'll' J! ularil V, Sllpjiles-
sion. hiles. Sterility, also S pi, ills or r
real ltiseat,t-t, l.ixer Coniplaiiit, ami llenit
li'iseii .t s. Trv Aver'" Saivaitiiiillii. nml see lor
voiip II il'i-fiirpiisinij iieii it mitli hivli il
l' lea n st s (he I.I I ami eliri's rlie.e ii.i,rici s.
I Ull lliU lale ears tile pklilir leive been lllls-1,-tl
by la I i;e lull lies, prel elul I 111; Itmive a iiilall
ol l Alr.ii't el's. 1 1 sa pin ilia tor ntif ilnlUr. lol
ol I lose lia e been ll'alliU Upoll till ii'li, lol'
I In v net milv eonlniii lilt !'. il any, Sarsa pal ilia,
lint ol tell lio l lll'llllve lllel'i'llll'lll w lialever.
Ileliee Ittlter lllsuppoin I nielli lias follovM'll tlio
ll-e of Hie Miiious I'Mraels of Sal'sapal'illn
u tin li tin, ol tli. iiiaikel, until Uiii inline lis, ll
Ini, lieeonie sMionvmoii!, willi InipiKsitioii nml
eln ui. SHl we ea tlun eoniiiiiuiiil "Sarsa pa
rilln," Aiul iuti ml to Mippl.v "mil a reineily as
sliall iivne.tl)M imnif linin tin Imul ol oUlotpiv
w liieli rest - in. on il , We I Iii uli e luive lii ouuil
for In IiihIiih il lint vii nit", wliieli are Irreslsii-
ble by tlieilassiif iliseasen It Is leinleil lo
lire. V e ciin n,in too m,-k, - wn otler
tlielil Ilie lie.l iiltrl ill ivi we kll i iuiw to pin-
hit e. ami we have reicom to helu-ve, It U lar
I lie inosl elteetunl plllllli-r III till' IiIimmI vi Ulls-
e,i ereil.
Ami'i, Clierrv reeliiiiil is ho iiiiivi'tiilly
know n to MiirpiiHt, evei'V otlu-r itieilielui' lor tlie
III-, ol I otlLilli,, t I, lilt, lntllleliii, loiriw.iei.i,
t'roitp. Ili-oiielntiii, Inelpieiil t'oiotiiinption, nml
(ui lie i-i-iii'i ol i oi-sinnpiivii rum nt. in ml
viineeil Mtiiuef, of t lie iIisi-hh,', Unit It In ii.oIcm
lieie In reeoiiut tlie i vliliine i f ill, virtues
I he wi.ihl known llieiu,
I'l'epiire.l bv Ull. .1. t . AVI- U A Co., I.ow i'll.
Mas... nml Milil bv nil liriinnist" ami ileal. T In
nieilu iim i'V,TV lifiii. In nraill'onl. by IlKn.
ridUIAIUt.iiml I.KII.NAKI) At. 1IAV. il-nii-.
Ashes, "Beeswax, lieans,
.utter, Clieeso, Kjrgs,
Flour and Meal,
liax, Cotton,
Furs ami Skins,
Diietl and (imn Fruits,
(train, "Wool, Game,
Poultry, Naval Stores,
lions, Ginseng, Feath
ers, Hemp, Fro vis
ions, Lard,
Tallow, Tohaeeo, Seeds, Sor
ghum, Molasses, &e., Arc.
Indispensible for Ladies
si:wi.ii (a im:,
lio.nitit'ul iirtit lc nr tltc ;isi.-.Hnco of lmlir
in Intuit wi win. lint only jintt t l iiig thv tinrr
l'lnin the Mi; I v IHlrk tlm fii.H-illr, lull, licini'
M-n itl l vitt a vi)tt (lit Ntitclii'rt urn iniuli
it li c ui't ii-iiiai'iry, hum uit rciisni raphiiiy.
It nlso kroiw the intuit t: I lit" Iit'filli' III jtrrtfi-t
onilit inn. fcnr nil Until ut riuUruiilcnii aitl
ini lu lutu' it if i iilnal'h'.
Tin iU IUK h cl. uaiitly Hilvi r tilatcil, anil
will sril at (iL;lit to t-y rv Lu . Sm tu any
a-Mi'trsfs lty mail, im n-1'i'ijtt ut' 'io cvutm, ur miI
iil Mlvrr. T.r n-lits.
At'iits wanton in fvm town. Terms and
Killlililr lor Vi-'i crnl.. I.ilu-l.ll illM-onilt t tin:
tHMlf. Al.l-ss MKKS MAM' Hi CO., .V
VuUr .St., . UwpUm, AUism.
. u IjiM-f w nt ti'ii v it ii out
f "inn 111 II I K. I 11(1 tH'M I IIIII
,1a tin' woiVT." iinnilt' nfint Inr 10 renin.
r?!it ditv LMiarauii t'ctl io nnns. Ad-
ttivs- J. i . 1 it t ' K ' .,
:7 i'ark How,. 1 .
I M'fi.i'il uml Steel. Kiielose stamp fur priced
eir. irtar. A. S. I1AKM.S A. 1 1.
Ill irtlliam SI..X. V
East Corinth, Vt.,
Sucfvsiinr of the Ut firm of Dftrlinj? At Erann.
Iian ou tiaml a larn and roinplt-te Mock of
new and desirable iiontl.-t. houjbt low aud wUl
Consist insr of Dry Goods, Eeady-
liiiidn Ciotlini":, i'aiuts, Oils,
J)nis ami ratent Medi
cines, 1 rats Caps,Hoota
and Hlioc., Hard
ware, Crock
o r y,
C li e e u o
and tii'wcrit'B
fall kinds, Milli
nery and Dress Goods.
Everything usually found
in a Country 8Ure : and aro
con.stantly rect-iving new and fash-
Friends, come and see mo nnd give
me a helping baud at thin timo nnd
I will try and tlo you Rood.
Kant Cnrintli, Vt., Airil 15, HiW. 45tf
It. I. t-MJI.r.Y'M ICool V 11,1 l
li Itii , iu-p a sine rt'iiinlv I'm' liver
etiiuitlal it in all its t'ttl'lim, 1 ininurm it" I U- lilmiil
ii'nl.vkin. sen.l'iila, Jvspepsi-.i, enst iveiie,, ui-
.,;..esli..ti i:iiiinlii-.'. "lieailaelie. alltl l.ilitills ills
eases, tl' ncial ilelulilv, .e. They eleansii the
sv.slelll. n-nillate tint liiiwel. restniv Hi" llppr
tite. pnrilv the lihiinl, KtreliKlhen the, li.nly,
I tlinriiu'lilv prepare it tu nuisl iln-eases nt
nil kinrU. i:i. I '. (itoi,wis it Co., ltiwlou,
.Mima. S.,1,1 liviillilini;;:isisi.
T II IIII.IWKt, Krvr Criiith, VI.,'
in.iiiiu p.iiiniu m: t ii.j:v'!, Nn
'I-1mIiiiI' l' UiU)' Inr sain. i'-V-
ei v 1-ariner rtlinnlil Iniv it ii a firlilinr. - '
hunt CnriiUli, April '!.", 4,w4 i'. r.
hii'iii:tat m .m'EShm :
A In antifnl illustrated hunk, nin th a tliou
san.l iltiilal.s, nellt lien In any aihlress nil re
reif nl 'JtMiriitn. li.v ailtlrensinj; I'nil'ensnr John
VAtiiKiU'ijui., Ko.' "Jii-J II iiitiirnp l'Ui'8 New
MO lo .0 A l!AV l Alt A
(I'KVll AlshNlM viaiileil to liilriMlueeimr
H 'New Star Shuttle Kewinjj Xat lilin Miteli
alike nn htith wiile.,. The itnlj' tirst'lasM, low
pi'ieetl liiat-hine in I he market. A e will etui
hlxii lai hilies tn resjitinsiiile partie.s antl eln-
phtv eiii-i'i fui iii nth nn i, nitlury. run .ar
t n-iilai-s aiul sample w in k I'm nishe'il nn ajipli
eatimi. Aililrt'M, . tl. WII.SUN & i ll.,
I Itisttiii, Mass.
rillUKI V iliileivnt sh.itl.-s.all in li-ini.l I'.trm.
J. I he same shatles, nil in pnwtlt r I'm in.
i nilwse th use ut' t he Itlaeks. Ilrnwiis ami
I iialts. in tin' pnw tier ttiriu. r'ttr sale hy all
ill n:;isls ami ilealers, uml ut the Manilla. 'to
r , Ih.-tnll, Mass.
General Commission Merchant
442 Washington Street,
And rereiveliis veeKh 1'rieo V,w
rent til" rroduee and (inniTies tlie
niiint coiniilete Pi ire Ciineiit l'uli
Hsliedin tho United .Slates.
St ud for n I'rit f Ciirrrnt.
' i nG t EI.EHl' ATlOD
rriiiitnini.eil liy nil whu hnve liennl it the must
li.tlillMlllhlllti-.llllllillllllllalli.il III' the lill
tllllll T , ! ever vet int lotllll'eil. .1. I'.-ikY
l ie, Ill-all leliiM-n, 't., t he original llivelitin .,
nml Maliiiraetniel's. II" llnittini' Si., X. V.
.';n Kiver .t. Triiv, X Y. IS North i Hi St.,
I'hila. I l.i l.'hllilii'lpll St. t 'hieai;ii.
riAlli; HK.U.lMi I'IHiIj. Iluwanl Assm-iu-1
timi lvenirts, Inr Vtninn Men, mi the ei
l-.ii-s. ii buses uml ilien-es which ihstrny the
inaiily iiiiwers, ami en ate iinpeiliiiiriits tinnar
I iae. with sure means ui reiu i. .-eiu in
etl letli r enveliilies. t'i't-e nl' elial'i'i'. Aih
1H-..I. SKII.I.1N IKH'till HN,
eialinii, l'liiliiiie.lphia, l'a.
f s.
nwnril Ansii-
I l4Vt llttU At'V. or Monl lmi'
1 lllillii. Ilnw eilhi r sex may lu-einatil
ami X'li" the alleetiiins nl' any mil- they ehiincg,
i 1 1 -1 . 1 1 1 1 1 ; nl.-ii sei iire prnspt-nty m luve nr
lillsilless. 1-A't r, line l-llll ilettnire this s.iij.iil;n
n.iwer. This nileer, exeilin liunli has lueii
nilltlisheil hv us ti n Mais, tin-sale nl' whitli
lias heeii en'til liiiitts, ami isthenlily Ittink nt t lit'
L iml in the lOnuli-h lamina",' sent hv mail Inr
'J.'i eellts. nr live till' nile ilnlinr. tiini'llliT Willi
ii "iliile tn the ililiiiarrietl. Allures" I.YVII,.
l.l.V.M ,t t't.. Hunk i'ulilisliers, I'liilii'lelphin.
Hv tho
I a tli 4ll'li lo ! itmouul of
Kvcry Ticket Draws a Prize.
Fruit Trees & Vines,
Mmiill i l. Mliriilti V I'luul-,
VCt'M I'l.K.'l K ami e tensive stin k Inr sale,
Khiilesale ,11' retail ; llesrnhi il In mil'
spring eat ahi-iie uml tzuitle tn t he I iri-hiinl uml
lliuilnn ; inaih il t" all iipplieaiits liee,
n. i. i.i.i.s.v en,,
' lllliee I'-l Wlisliinjtiill HI.
Sample lt'Hrtinii, liu-seiin iil nl '-JS Kali r St.
'"tuiiiiy tt-iil 1k rIvimi, for nil who ntter, Fioneirn 'Mower burn" vim
MAVIN'ti pun Imseil Hit, l.in!ilitt fiirnieilv
iii'i'iiih-.l l.y II. II Kenueilv n il llai
nessHhup, I mihl i-wpeellally liil'iirm II. f
petile nl III iiihintl mill vu inily I hat I lunt
iitUMtv.-ii iii,v Uiiwiuitsf, Int,, y . vy Simp,
jl M I l l(l kl Ull ll llllllll a tinillell Sim k
ill Villi. Is, I ills, Tin nishes, nml I'nlntlim Ma
lellills nf Mi'iJ lleserlptliin, I'letlll-e Kllllnes,
Mnmr l'lf". Vimlnw nml I'letiie ;).is,
hu ll 1 sllilll sell MS ,iw us the Invest, Inr
rush, llninktiil Inr tlin 1 1 hern I piitiiuuiui
lien Infnre liestiiwetl I luipehv nli let altentitiu
tn mv lnisiii, s in nlnit H (imtliiiiiilinn ut Ihu
uinii, A. T. t l.AIIKl.,
I.rmlfura, April 4, Imi 44w3.
Maikinir Plates nnd Card
1'iiiiiislieil Free,
IiUtnal Ad uiii1 h made on Consijoi
Fiint oIam l.vreivi.efs Kivfii wlien
' 1 UK AT IIAKIIAIXS in J"r. '"'
1(IWN nml llli hi-IimI t',.,.,,."r ' lrJ! i
I frti-i. at . iiv..r.,i n.
'i in: . 1 1 : : or
new ami slainlaiil
Mink I'V Hull. tl. I. Ileuillev, Ilie pltplllal' his-
tnriiiii, In i, lie liat'ilsitniii vulunie, Ant-nts
wunteil I'M t l here tn sell tin's. Aln. the his
tm v ui unr Nnvy in t.he rehelliuii '. titatit niel
Sherinan uml llieir Oeneials, Kimlisli uml
Meiuiaii,) ami I hree ntlier stiiiutaiil work, hv
the same uulliur; Iheliest elii,tiee rvi'i'i.lteieil
men mill wnlllell tllllllike nuntey, I',. It llll'.At
V I n., L'tllilirhi'is, Is. I IlinatUilV N. )'.
5 cash ;lt
an "
IU "
-jnil '
mm "
4.SI "
eaeli in,nnO
" 5.IMHI
" l.lnHI
" bill
" Jnil
" ao
That Unot the ipiestinni lint tlio qucitionl )
settled Hint jrnti ruu buy of
Oralftrtl lost Ofllce.
All kinds of Stationery 41
Of tbe latest Mylea unil at tan lowest prices..
Stampeil with lieHiitiful Old Enullsli Ixttir
w ll limit oxtru ehaixu. Alan, a tlue Hituielit
(liiitrt' Funsisnixa Goods,
Just rceelveil fnim iniu-ket. Cnlliiri,. Tioa, llr.
ce, liliives. Huso, A great Tuiloty nf
S. wiuK M.ii'liiim Vinilings, Killt. TbrcuA, Oil.
,V e.. tn: Ayeiit Inr tlie Weed uu.l otlior Bi-w-
ini; Mehines.
llrailtuid, April !.", 1W.
Sll 1 I lli'lllll III, t.ll l'11'll, Mll l 11.11-
itni Hiidl makes wnrii mil pinlnl ware n
ItiHiil u new. Samples sent li.v lilallnll leeeipt
nl .'.I ..Ills (., .ii Inr p. I. kill;! Illlil pnslime.
A.l.li. ss.l SHAW, II i-I, I I iii .li it I.
Ill ulyi pert, (.'null. Ai Ills llllleilevi'J w he le.
' .tVI'l'.!. Salusineii IuIiumI t".,r it
II mi, on t Ki t ii rl UK i ninpaiiy nml sell h v
samiile. ClnuU wiives nn, uiuiranteeil. A'l
ill. with stinup, IIAII.ION & IIOWI', II I
Cliesliiut ht., riiilaileljthia, l'a.
luvelilnrs w'linlrtsll In take nut Istlter. T i
lent llle inlvlseil In liiiiliell Willi 111 ll A
4 'II., l-allliirs nf tlie H. lentllle Ainei It nn. w Im
TlMt 'tlsisn llliiil i llllms h,'l'iiri' Ihn 1'iilelil
I Mliee Inr nver tint,v vais. Tin If Ainnleiin
nml l':ur'.ipean I'lilelii Atfeiiey I. tin- nuisl ex
tensive In tlin win lil. A pmnplilel fuiilaliiliiu
lull In.tr'ii Ilium In Invi iilui", sent kihIis.
1 P' A li'inilsiiiui' liiuiiul vi.liiltie. eiiiiliilulnil
l.'si luei liiini. nl iiumvlin!. mnl Hip I'nlinl
Htules fVusiis liv iMiiintles, Willi lilnls mirt re
fi'lpls fer ineeli.ililen, Inillhiil nil n is lpt nl '-
iruu. Aihlress
Ml Mt IV. 37 I'urk Bow. .
Kli'K.uit KnsovTitnil riamis, f'.M In nn
" ' Mt Iniieuii t. In I. si
l.'tll Sew imt inaehines till In ' l
J.'SI inusieiil llnxi l V
il'lil I-me tl.ihl llilleuis J til IKS)
7.SI Kil.e Silver ll.it. -hi", :il In ,rll
Kin,-1 hi I'liiiitinxs, I' l'inneil Iairaviii;s, Siher
Hare I'lintn-i aph AHinius. uml alulae assurt
ineiit ut' l ine di.l.l .l.-wt li.i . in all -. alut-'l lit
f 1,1X111. in IU.
i. .I.,..,,., lo llrilM- nnv of Ilie
1 !, I'l'lll's h.v purell -lll II Sl'.ileil
Ticket Inr '! cts. Tickets I.. . el ll.ll. eaell
l'ri.i' ure si-uled ill Kiieuis isinl Ihinu ihlv
llli s.r,l. (Ill receipt ul '.' i els. l H-til,',l I u lit t
will lie ill awn wil limit elinii e ami ih IimmciI nt
nur ulliis't nr sent hy mail In any iulilres. 1 he
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,lust r.swivf.l, larK" nswirtmont of
Tlie'eelehrnted (Cylinder mid Htct'I
Iron & Steel
i; uiii v lor i,
Hlmres' lliirrow, Mliur
fls, Spaden, I'orks, lloeH,
Oiiiiil.si s, WtMid'N Mower,
Kiiiil'iillV Vlieel Ifiike, Clover,
Herds tiniss mid tiardeii Seeds, ft
IniiMt.rtlie Vt. Siiperpliosphiito of
l.ime, warrniiled ei"id to tho bebt:
Builders7 Hardware;
KmiliH, Lock, Nulls, Window UliMiay
l'utly, e., uiitU'iirpeiiterHTooU of
every deHiTiptioti.
i ' ' "
Iron, Hteel,Coal,lloraiios,Nnll,
Axlen, SrinuH, and Mulealili Cnnt
iiis. lit'ltint; and Ijico Lantlier.
A1hj. Aent lor l-'nii buk' Bi-iile",
vtbieli will be (uU rlitiHP for tiwli. '
Hlir,l'IIKWlSON & davis;
r.iadfoid, Vt., Ajir. 15, IStW. .
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