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j i
1 I
- vi
Tita Rational Opinion
y.tf.COll D.Edltor Jc Proprietor
Onn column, one year, 75,00
Half Polun. .'
0:r fourth column, 2 j .''0
Ouc s iii.'ie, oufl roar, fl.(l
jllin admire, three wo k, I. -Ml
l.,.a 1 1 notice ul IS vent per line for thive
mi-i-tiuu. .
In iiilviHiw.
i . it nl wiiliin throe, month
i Vn variation wliativtr limn th-.f ratiS
... nr.' lu.l, xcuit
1 until all arriar-
tliu on t io u of tiit-
;;.l !'
v.:a I
(' rl. r,
I.1"I.-I. I.
in Watch , ! J w. h v. Si
s.to-r plalr.l W.llv. I .1.1.- 1M..I I'.M-kv
.ia I Yaiile ,' V.itii.i nt'.'M ki.ni-.
.r It "I' IVi'-li ll'.i M
The Stranger's Slory.
We were sitting in t In bar room
if a coml'm table little inn. in the
village 't' W , one evening,
I enjov ing our hot xi 1 1 -1 1 . It was in
j the latter part ul November. The
I sleety w iiel and rain held tlieir or
I gies, ami we, duck Slanton, Will
I Hooker ainl mvscif, were quietly
iitff room. I remember the morning i torrents, aud 1 lie November v. ind
as if it weie lint ycstcnlay, when si-r, celled mid liowleil in ail its fu
my lather called in,'- up to the desk, ' ry. Quite a crowd had gathered in
and addressed ine in the l'nl In a i i t l he tavern when 1 enteietl. l m.ii
The Dead at Andersonvillc
'My son, you are now about to
enter upon Ihoduthsot a merchant, ' drank, and when the clocu on the
your lii st step will decide your j mantle told the In. ur of midnight, 1
course of hie. (iuurd well vour t was beastly drunk. With unsteady
ech. keen mi evil c nanv. anil i sicns 1 weltded 111 V way no.ne. 1
a. ii n ut .:,
in. u. II: in
l-joui, iiain, TMonl.
I- ,v::.I.T.
I . r mil-
i'.i.'I-U. 111). I
, i ,.1 I! .1.1,
!-.. .ii VV: ".
I Kl.nl'. '
all ul v. l.i.
.t ,. !.-. , t'li'
Mill at S.i.u Ii
; VI
i .-int. l
.ill Hi.:
: J 1 1"
)::,!: A i me i'HVsK i x
. si'i:i;i:oN
Ki'uiu ,.v i'i' Si''
On ! i: llnfi." Ki-.i
o l.i 6 L'. M. Sat -u
11 . VI'.
...ii V lai?' Store.
., s.. M ; lii.i I aial
.. I..,),, 1 1
1'. Jl.
M l I II i.l II ' ' '
li ;. .
fl'i ('.! .1
II"",' A",
. no.
1. 1 r i: a s i: ii a r r r i o x i: i' it
1 VI.M.: I.. i: i .
;:ni ..ii.ii.'i: i im n i-.i; iint'.-t:.
t. i:t t.. if;; n.
" t. n ii m n r.
IE. tl. l 4 i" 11
LM. V AN I'l' U N -I I. I.'
Ii a v I i :: v i: -t
,,M r II, il-,. v.'- M!
disciissinj: the iniportant topu
i the day, and notv and then Irving
the merit s nt our toddy,
Will Hunker was jti! beiniiiii.c
'o i i la'e one of the iutfie.tiu:r s:.i
lies of bis adventures, when a liii'
l.i p on t lie bar room door interrupted
liim. ib' iiiuj-e and opened t !i
h.oor. A man euieivu nn iiie rain
diiiiiiiuir IVoin I. is .iriueiit s am
! iiHptil ed if he c.illlii -el loil-iii lor
the mhr. .Mine luist ot t!ie inn
came forward and relieved I he man
of his wet coat, and t hen fnf the
lir-r time 1 took a tail survey of
I him.
I lie was apparently um!
I years of ae, rather loo tail for ih
i ' . i i . i i i ..
IlieiliUUI llnUMI, ua.ei e e i.ii iii
lemiuilie ca-t ot teat are-. Ills dark
ha:r, with In re and there a silver
thre.nl of ,t;riy, curled beautifully
aiouiid hi liih forehead. 1 'i.ili
never !' ii ;; t tae e pre .-.don of lain
-led pain and shame thai ei.-.-til
his t.ce as thoe clear eyes VM ie
held lor the !';rt time llpoll our cir
cle. We were alioin i ! i ; ; i k i ! i ;: a
toa-t iven us by .l.r-k .ia.iin.'i.
V. !lei! he j;azed llpoll 11. I I spile
of m strong ma ves my haad tieiu
l.'.ed and refused to Itrin ill ;:l.e-s
to my inoiith, and I tiiouht I de
l'-eted a sinih' on his euiiiilen.iiie:'
as my I wo I'l ieu'ls dr ink their nine
vv iiile mine rcinaiucil uiiloncl:ed.
'Ma 1 II. i 1" exclaimed Will Hook
er. "So oil ale I iv ill-C l" i'h'y p:,;-
oil us. Ii itone wen clioiuu
were a: en;.';;e, ilil I il!ie
lieec i. keen no ev
,,)! vttur moials will "Hard themselves. entered t he room ami tanen i..r a
li;it mark m n you liee'l not my j 1; at, tuit, no one ans cien. vmhih:
alv iee. ei: vou reach tlie Size. o. vv.i.it si sillt. met my uaze ! O ithe
tliirty, you wi'l lie a miserable
wretch, or perhaps lill a, pauper's
'O'.i! how 1 1 lie (hose words came
to pass; Had 1 hut iohowctl t lie
injiiue! ioiisof my fa i her. what yea is
: . t '. i i,. . . ' ..11
I i oi nil s.u -, ion ami suiiei iiio wouio
1 have been saved lioin ! What
j y ami )eaee u o".!d h ive b 'eii mine,
yes, I iiiizld add to the peace that
passeth all umlet i a n.li uit !
A fe .v ilavs afler 1 joined the
yoiiiio- He'll s assneait ion,
t.u-ie i Inst jirjted to eaiiioie anu ; to t lie 1 1 tee w here li v mv ilarlin
riv liiimlred ard.s northwest of
the stockade, i.s ilieeeiueterv where
my way to the bar ami ou llv called ,,u,n' than liftceu thousand oi
for whisky. Asa... and aaia 1 ".ililiw ot Anderson ville -a
-I'.'i. ik iiivi iivii, iii iiiu i ii i ti 1 1 .li
ed malignity which it represems,
tlian any oilier on tin: continent.
fortunately tin; prism records were
reeovcied, w that all but aoout
let Hie
la ii
1 :. 1
E( . W I
1 A 1 h ' K .
IlltVI.I -ltl', VtliMONT.
II ii.'.v'., 11. i.i Iiiij;. ia K'
,r S. T.
i;,, tii.l.
. i r ami i .
. iilt.- II. fl S.' ' "'
...i i ".
hi; ve. :
1 liSMI
.sl...l."i; A I LAW .
' .1.1 , '' I iliut I 'i iisi.ii
.1,7' "'
i I. .i.ivr.
l.ir i: x n t; n
i us i.l -...
Aft 1 1 I S I'- l
i, V .. vll.N i.
Ct t iiJ.. il 111.1.
r v i i. ' i i: .
:.: vn: ..!'. v t . sr.
. Slvi
, . 'V.i. i..
A I. W
.. I il
V I t'li '-! V
ii li-
- 1 1 1
N . .
i ,-, .,
i. ft. Ik
S'ti t'li
,- . r. .1- ;".
!. ..: i:-l..i
.vi. i:s ta'lt:,
iio.i s.j -.tisiiij:.
hav e i halloed sinee tliell, and we
ir.ea.t liberty to o out on u sinee
, vv hen we please, w ilhntit dl-turbinz
j the piiifssor ainl hi ia seven l,v
1 repl iiaaiiiled bel'nie II. e w Inue
'l'.t'iise me," I replied, ! ilititid
to bear my siniie of the i.i-. and
t ares of life, and espeeaii'.y my sliuiv
of t he v. inc. Hut v hi n nil hear
mv c.eu.-e you will a. kmi.v lede
I Ii.it 1 vv as half l ijiiit. 1 also lu-
teUtled to asl. V nil to it -1st
few moment -, but set a a- t In
a :i- t on i... ii- thai ot ;.i a u
I'.t -i rut ! vi' to thai la -i o.i ait-i
t ie, 1 concluded to h t ;
time, and when vou ii
(bin!; uuaiu to remind v
' "
'L.in', l.y .M.lo .
Iltoll. "i'llit to
iiiless it in a' -- a.
uupi cm llsl.'U io a e
t a s. 1 iv;
is a ;i i .i i .
link u piiiper t
ur w trie s a i: -
ild think it mm e
I ; .ou v. ouid
ipru tu: eve:;;.:
im S 1 I I ill I lie 1 ;l.l !'.
1 In iled ia iiidi,;a.r. ion.
li.." ami I was about to i.i,iv uu ae-iiv
1 rememi" letl
st rauzef !' im
colli spoinl to
lo drink vv iue, And here
i tell v ou, if 1 he e were les
: uiea's associa: ioii.s ami molt
' im-el ni.s, liiauy a v oulli w ao is uosv :
Ireiniiuo ihe tlow 1! .val'd load to I'll j
1 ia. vvi.u.tl have been saved. 1 wiil ,
tell vou whv 1 an. pi ;u diced aainsj
v oe.nu' uiea's assoei i ions They ale ,
' or.viisi.v.l under t he head of iitera-;
! lie ami art, but woe, w oe to the:
voii'iu man tii.r. enters; ia:nb!iii.j.
sv. earn u ami ill i.ikiuz is the older
.f 1 he !i;,jl,t. 1 'm : 1 will say not u
in inoie on this subject, f r I pre-j
-uiae tiii ud know the secret ol i
I lo ur-.ii.ia! ions.
'As 1 said hcibic, a few dys af j
' 1 1 r l . i V ill t lie -e auaioiii; iolis f io III ;
; u y ibi'icr, I aUemied one of these
meet i ii o-s, and ihere for the iii lime ;
ill lilk of I he cup of .-In. I continued
1 o,,j.,o. ,, (in so uiuiitly liieetinos for j
1 more than a vear, and iu that space i
: of tiiiiv' 1 ne haoit ot driiikiiiy; im
ill hold on me
is u; mv ties'.;
r v
..v.; : i vi.
j I mu
e.s e
v t.nr i
I "
; -vou
: him h
' -I'.i
er if
' our
! i a sip,
or a
w iue
, loco Is
d .III
.o'l ".o llr
teinlo.l o
oil ol pio
lay : a s iue
I 1,1V p lA
i a e. I lain
I w,
mora i :i 4
1 leaniei
did in a!
1 he false
lull fa! tale.
"Ibvo mori
scarcely a ni.j
passed ovt i
more or lis:
lei n, ami lor
s were opelmi
1 1
t :
.-1. .
; iier
I ;
I at
a me
e V e
dai , unv .- s ol i,
i.- 1 lis'otl !.'
Mopped I hen, a : i
well . bat no, i h.
s'.roii -V n in ' ! up
tVVO Jri ( , I III
weak to l' s,.M.
Vi a s iu. In av il
-aw la, f.ilaer
I ay by tlav I he
i he vo;ee ta,;,t
Veil pa s-.ed 1 I,
,e v o. n 1 the t oa b .
til v'-ll. ae luo, ui
loll -e, he t abed 111
ami .ul.lic-.-ed me
.1,1 Is ;
d.v sou. I shall
vv nt lil. A fe v moi i
; oe ii a in in! ed with
eoei.! I,,,' !
bare lloor lay the forms of wile,
mother, mid t vo children!' One
-lance told me the tale. My heart
lelt it, and as I s nv their glazed
eves 1 thought their Hps moved and
uttered the word 'minder.'
"Mature couhl stand no more. I
fainted, ami for three weeks 1 lay
in a fever ami delirious. Ami when
r a.sou resumed its sway 1 was
searrely si roue; omul :h to raise my
hand or speak abov e a w
ami it. was! When I was able to walk I
,.,,l.l .....I I t.. tin, ,.1 ..... ,. I... V.. I-.,- .., .!.,.
lilioie iiini , ,i i in ,i iu ii in ti i i, in., urn inip, -
loiirtrcsh mounds nl eaith denot
ing tlieir lestili place. Then I
knelt upon those graves und swore
an oath that I would coiifjuer the
demon of sin, ami, thank llod, 1
have done so, I have held the sd
hirinj; draught lo my lips, but the
app.-t it.' never l'teu lied.
For ten year I toiled day byil.iy
for mv bread, ami when I tlioiiirht
I had expiated my crime in toil and !
suif .line-. I went into hiisincs. and !
a 'aiii lirospereil : hut, thank Iloav-i
en, my appetite tor strong drink
m-vcr it tin' a d. 1 l ive sworn to
never toiicii another drop of wine,
and by the help of (i id 1 intend to
l mi ia in lailliful until the end.-'
Win n I he st ranker had linished
his story I was perfectly sober, and
plainly saw the downward road 1
was tracing.
'And I," I exclaimed, "will never
, .:).', ,tl,,,v ,1,., !:..!:. I,..,
Nevertheless. : lod.''
l ee ui.u ly evel ! " Xnr I." respotcle I Will Hooker,
tiulv s.'.v thai I Then Ma-ter Holly came forward
nt v ear tii.iu 1 ' and s.ii.l "Heneefort a I will sell no
Idavs: but t he j mole poison to my felio.v men, but
will seek employment of another
nat ure ami try lo live a better life.1'
1 saw a tear trickle dovvn his face
as he clasj cd our hands one alter
another and luurmiir'.'d : "tiotl
Dll'sS v mi.''
We have all kept our word, ami
especially Mister llollv, who is u
veil l ido Lamer iu f ie S..yte of
lour liuii. lied graves can Im' ideiiU
lied. 'i he e;,) -i iiineiit has put up
head boards at all ihe graves, with
tin: number, name, Male, leeiment
or company, laWeu from these rec
on Is.
The inelosure in which the bodies
repose, 1 Hhoiild jude, nuisi eou
tain some twenty acres, and is ex
ceedingly well adapted to the iur
pose, hei dry, and ple;santl di
vcrsilicd viiih hid and dale, ami
pint of it with a small p'ovc. The
overiiiiient. however, Ims Iaiiiied
,.. .. i... i... .n.. ... . ...... i
, , HI 1 Clll'l I 111, iniilirn 1 1 tl (-1 I till Lit-
w as led , , . .. . . , " .
a in t c. i en si v e lei i a ;t iiiiiitucii ainl
sixty acres, adjoining the present
one ou the south. The intention
was to take up the bodies and bury
Ofevny cUwiptiim, imtod In tba tmt
iniiniinr, nl on lirt ntilii . We timvu fn,li'
tli- lor (Intuit . loti Work which enable at to do
tiirttiT kintl of work at lowt.r (irlren tbaa ro
r!iiirL" il at niwt ronntrr otSra, and our frilll
forall kimlof Job Priutisg ammodmt.
Ord-ra In ma 1 promptly aittanilad to,
AJJrfsBall onleia to
D. W. COnn. Bra .foril.Tt,
. the lo.ss of inemor.v ,
it iu the ev e told that
rsi-,1, nml
t wo years
my head without I was
iutoMcated. 1 was now
,rs p:
111 V
ihe liisi turn
1. and I sa v l in :
-pair into v ioeli 1 ;
. ii. : if I bad j
woiie I hav e been j
tempter had too ,
u me, ,u;d 1. alter
i pat ion. w as too 1
Ibit another ritt'
, my lu-ai t. 1
-inkii.o lapidly. ,
tep revv I 'full r.
in I ere a lot leu '
he would pa-s
Nor was I mis- ;
I"., hcilo ll'.Dllc ,
' to his iicds de.
iu t he loilow iu
r, i
n I,
ami li
my see
l n . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 : s
iciv il.sk
I v
W a i'l. li
i epiv , vv aen
an npp neat
i it w ollld lint
I 1 imellt s Hi I' l l tl hut
! a o 1 turned il elf
; "Why lire vou so plcjiltliced
a:.;aiusi vv ine ill liilvcl s .
" I'o reply to vour tpiestio :," he
kT '".. i replied. "I should h.ivc lo o had.
, , ,v. j j t , . j v j ; in i ue t one vv ii -a i vv as ;i vou o,; iii.i a
i k li'u a x ii .i .; w r. i; I like miiiim-Ii. Hut siiii r I have re
I , . i. . i . i. . : 1 1' 1 1 . , i.l . . ,
vi i.v;.i. t lieslico ine unit I I , n u win no:
;,- .i,,.l.l, vv,li-v .tU'lil. ; he too It'll, o. is for voil to lisleu I
l. vi, 1 1
,,l I. -I.l!
. v 1. 1: m,
. 1'.
1.", -. I
Vt .Tl
UK V I, I , ,1:1
ill W ..!, ill -.(
i.lO'.i ,it,. lil 11
? l:
n,::a Vv ,n, I i,a i
, , I a. I, -. ii, v ,,1 o ,
,, I, -. W i , a:,
..I..I .,! .II.II..I. 1'
I. v ,. l: - ul .VI ail.
1 .li v
. lt, ;
DIM l I'itV.
.1. ?N. CI - Vlilv,
or i.i: v hi ,.i:n. v i.kvi s i ,
V,,,i!,l i,.. ! lallv hi, ii,,,. n, ,,11 1 . r i
l'i-,.lii III, I .. -i-i V 1, , . ,, 1), , ,,. lti.it 1,1 I -I'l
, I ' " l' l l i 1"' 1 ,,,1 ',i .01 ,,, I a : l,,,i, p, ,', .ni!l,,4
I , .1 ,,i ,,t, - 1,,,, ill a, , vv 1 il t la- lat i -I
l... , ,, , t ' , , , , ' , 1 1 - In I a, a ,,, ,..
mi, , la.aalv ,1,1,4,11,110 IM-.A.M. .Miiwi-.
1 b
1 1,
i-o-i tilt, s tb.il Dr. .1. N'. Clat li Ii.i il,, tit
.1 '.'.,, 1 ii III imii' I a nil iH"S iiiiU thai in. wet k
n 11 m in- ;.iil i.-iact Ion.
',.1 V . VVi n-li r, Hani, 1 ll.li lii lili f. X. II.
I, I I. I.l..,,, SI. V. M-. Ill-I,IA ill 111,1.
' C. ,v,,,,, llnvi llllll. X. II.! ,li,-i ll I'n.il.
:i, "il, .N . II.; I'liiin a, I nanilii'i Lin. N at nan
'. I,, Hi. N. II.; .lain". Ail-tin, l.ainl.iil.
il. ; liu ,1,11 il ,1111 Unv I, mil, l.a -I I. a, man. X.
' "in,- vv . .vial. 11, lii'iiiuii, X. II. ; 1.. II.
"In. l.i vi 11..-11111. II. II. W al on, ii. .Vl.
1 ,i',v 11, 1,1 ;r line, VV lill, 1111 A Hiiai.v. Ah..
1 "i 111 Iiimiv, VVi - t I ,..-Ii.,iii, V I. i ilalia .
'"1 11. lacl luii.-luilll, Vl. ; W. 11. II. Lam:,
I 11. .1,1, S 1.
All vvniU win rani, it,
II. I. IIAI.I.AItll .V O.,
iMcii.li yvoiliii'i: ComiihImiu,, Mtnhunln,
l'niii ni. Sap. i,p
lliillt'r, t'lii.,h(,. 1,,.,1 'l',a i- 11 ,
l-lnill', 1 1 it ill. VV.,.,1 II..,.. I'...l,
, . ," " '. oiiiiii, v 1. II,,,,,, .lk
I 11 Vlll,OII. litlTU
5 ... , 'iii'IDiiiil riiiil,! ,,!!,,,,, !,,!,,,,.,.,,,
. " " " iiniilall K1111U0I I 1. null v i'lo.liicf.
I . HklllllJilOII Ht ,11 V.
'""u ut -ai.-i , lu.n.lio (,ru oi,,u nioiiintlj
liilli tl lit o ol' iilnitnii,
, i Mii.M m: Ninth Kivi'i' Hunk, X. y.Ciiv
v ",100 ii.lll.ilil, l iiiillliuin, i,J, ,. J.
, ii'inw, Vi, tiniilliiiiil SI., N. Y,l biivlil
iio'i' V '"""'"ii.v, N. . N-ninil Niilionn.
; ll lloli IM y t uv, N, .1, . JS.l.illj MimiHHll
H-.i! '"'""st, X'.V.j A. J.. MnMiuwii, In.
Uu'v- V.i l.o. Maa.lt.r IU
Vri 1 ' V I HalUftt Co., hioUmoiid,
will try In cxphiiii to ,on whv lam
prejililiced si 0:1 j ust wine drinker,."
At this 111 tuelit the luuulnlil
o,eia d the dining loom tlnor ali i
sin in 1 11 1 nt tl supper. Tut door thai
sei;iratitl Ihe iliniti;; loom from I ! m
kilclu II bciu,o' open, the suvorv oilol
of incut and other niietiis came
' rush i 11 u in 10 in v o. fat 1 01 v m rv cs re
! laiiitlin.i;' iue of a sliiuihci iii;;' ai'pe ,
'tile. 1 proposed ill, it we s'aiuiiii ml I
! joiiru to the dm 1 lie, rooin ami partake ,
! ol the eood Ihitis that .Master I In! 1
ly hail prepared for us, iitter which ,
we w ollhl let III II and listen to the
stranger's story.
Alter rclieshiii' ourselves we re
tilllied to the bar room, and drc.v ,
our chairs ncaier Ihe lutec hie place i
vv lime I lie loiio- I'm hed liaiius wen!
merrily eiivelopiii the hickory los. '
As I azed 011 Ihe II, mi .s 1 Ihouhl
I saw the imps of .Satau hohl.11.' j
their midnight orgies over then j
wine. 1 shuddered in npiic of my
self us I 1 1 1 hi o 1 1 ( ( ii,,, tli'iiisiimls
of linliiali beings wildly ii 11 ni 11
liesidloui; into the dark ulf of in
lo leatlotl. My reverie was broken
by the silvery voice of the siiniic,ci
exclaiiiiiu : 1
"Well, puilleiiieit, if you are will
inft to pvc ine your alleulioii for 11
lew inoiiients, 1 will try to rjvc an
account of lay doings since I was a
yoiniK: boy. To jiive y si clear
iindeistiin'din I must lefei' lo the
time when 1 was sixteen cars nl
aye. Yes, just thirty years nj,'o I
first learned to drink I'roin the cup
of din. My I'.ii her wait a wealthy
men limit of M , un inland town
in lint Slide nl New Jersey. My
Kclmol dajH were ruieiit in mischief
unu hiiuj truant.
When I wim sixteen my fnthtT
concluded to take me to the con tit-
snoii leave this
tt i v s an I I mil
the tie, nl. but 1
hear I i part liom earl a
vvi:i.,!it i.,v lii.j,' v ou vv aruia ; of the
1 1 00:11 1 1 1 . 1 1 ;i w .1 it s 011 if v . follow
I he 1 oil! s(. oi ale pill: Il;j;. 1
l.no.v ;,oiir stclt't. 'I lie poi-onnus
wine cup I - 111.11 1. i u ; you for its v ic
I im. And it 1 1 1 1-1 1 1 nr w hen I pass
aw av . t hat ou have brought vour
i'al In i 's efcv hairs in son o.s to the
o im, c. I'm! 1 to; a-jv c you it you
', let ill II lot 'ie pal !i ot V 11 ! lie.
'I will now n foi in." I mm -mured.
wiil t HI II I he cup in 1 mo) c. I i ad
help me to keep my out il.' i
"1 saw u sniiie 011 III s eou'tteieuiee 1
j as 1 Id'; the in .111. Mv luihfi live I
'just tiilce il.l.vs sifter 1 j Hi nil i -fi I tui
! ill ink no inol e w inc. 1 kept lliv 1
i pro nise for inoie than u veal, and
, 111 that time I met my ideal of wo :
' man, nml married he . My husiitess ,
I prospered ee,it,y, ami I co'tclunt il
! t i have a iim'iiilieciit weddiu 1 '
1 sent invitations In al! the elite ami
j wealthy of M , io wit ne-s my I
j imp! iiN. 1 also e;,ve a wedlinj
; supper, ami lieie 1 iiain loll. 1 v.i
I piessed I o ill ink ami v it f led. I il.is
iillel o'i, iss was eii.pt led, ami when
I the carnival was at its height I was
let! to my loom lieastlv drunk.
When I awoke the sun had reached
i half w ay lo 1 he mci id mil ; mv t hroat
1 was sa.ic, end my lips dr ami
! piiiched. My Hi st Ihoiihi whs to
; try I he trtiie ol w inc. I iminedi.
Vheti the turnpike was lining sur
vcyi'd t 11,11 Manchester over Ihe
1 . 1 i 1 1 1 1 . 1 i , , to Fein. Mr. I.eland, who
vv as foi un i ly of I'hester, accompa
nied the party. One tlav fliey dined
at the house of an old set t h r.vv hose
custom it wa to kill a vouii Imm.-c
every fall for bis yearly supply of
imat. F.eino; very liuii' ty Mr. I.:'
land did not stoji lo ak his sieens
tomcil blessing. Observing this.
1 t he o viler of l!ie house lm'lloili ltc
iy stepped to the t I'.le ami asked a
: li!i'i:iii'. unt il to the 11101 1 iticar iou
1 of Mr. la I, im'.. All ate h.-artilv.
and on tlieir way luck to their
1 work. Mr. I. -land asked one of the
workmen what kind of meat they
! had for duincr. Th.' man lephed he
, supposed it was si piece of a two
ivear old col:. Mr. 1. ! m, v u.nlv
tliein bv States, and to beuutifv tin
lot wiih immuiiieiits ami such other
works as would render it worthy of
;i nreat lepublie. A force of more
tin ,11 live I111, aired men hud worked
mi it Ihe entire m inter, lint w hen
1 was there tiie work li.nl been ar
rested, the men dismissed, ami 1
hope ami pray it may never aiiu
lie resinned. It seems to me that
the lil test plate fur our braves to
rest in, is just wicre they were
inline out and laid from the prison.
It is ton late now to sehl huy to
tlieir ashes by yiiinishiu their sep
ulchres. They will .speak to the lu
ture more impressively out of the
lone; itciiches, where they were laid
wit liout a colliu or a shroud, than
they could from the must costly
muusolei.ms the wealth of a nation
couhl build. For out! I protest
against the intended, but mistaken
hom.r. We cannot disturb tlieir sa
cred dust without breaking the
charm ainl the lesson of their lives.
I lie less of ostentation hen the
better. Oulv let the jroverilllil'llt
! see that iiiin rish:ible, tablets are
j set over these j; raves anil t hat these
Hind's acres, sown with its luartvied
I dead, are kept severely simple, and
severely beautiful, and it will have
done its duty.
1 1. id I ;i son or a brother there, 1
couhl not be tempted to remove his
remain from the company of ids il
lush ions compatriots. It would
seem to me little less than protau.i
lion lo disturb a lepose so august
ami so profound, la all the earth
Ihere is not a spot where our mar
tvrs to liberty siml law couhl rest so
well, as liellt lieu; ill sjo'lit of the
hell while they wele tortured ta
lie would be a rem ark able man
who could fn up ami down these
lou avenues of eraves, residitii:
J these unknown names without a
teelm such as he never e peiieneetl
' before, ami is never likely to expe
1 1 iimi ae.iin. Jhit if 1 he names are
! tarn liar it they. call lipoid faces, in
: whose lielit he has walked, ;,ml re
i joiced ti listed comrades with vv horn
ho has marched, and bivouacked,
; eoiiusi Ited nml ptiiyetl, what word
' in Ihe laiiuae can tell the feeling
And 1 his latter was my for
I lead there names of sixlv
Solomon's Temtle Kihitmed .
I"he Loudon Time publishes an in-
tercMini; letter in regard to the dis
coveries sit .Jerusalem, from which
we Nclect the fnllovviii"' :
"The colossal Inundation of the
temple wal.s, which are 'stones ot
ten cubits and stones of eiiit cu
bits.' laid bv Solomon or Ins nuc
ecssors on the throne, are now beinr
laid bare at the enormous depth of
ninety feet below the resent Murtaee.
Ihe bridge that once spanned I lit
ravine betvven the temple of Zion,
ami the temple on Monah is now
proved to have been upwaid of one
hundred ami fifty feet high. If this
be, hs it seems, the ascent to the
house of the Lord which Solomon
showed to thetiueen of Sheba, we
cannot wonder that on Xfeititf it
there was no spirit iu !ier. The pin
nacle of the temple 011 w hich the
tempter placed the Saviour has just
been uncovered to the base, and is
found si ill t 1 have an elevation of
one hundred siml thirty-six feet.
The statement of .losc'thus is,
therefore, no exaggeration. If any
one looketl from tite battlement Io
the valley below he would be idtly,
w bile hissiht could not reach tosiich
an immense depth. Sections of the
ancient w all of Ophel have been ex
hum d. shovviiie; that as Josephus
says, it was joined to the southeast
any;:' ot the temple. Aqueducts,
cisterns, rock hew 11 channels and
passages have also been discovered
within and around the harem, throw
ing lijjht on the buildings, the ar
rangements and the services ill the
I'emple. The fieiit work tif a com
plete exploration of ancient Jeru
salem i.s thus fairly and auspiciously
commenced. The opportune visit
of the Sultan and (iraml Vizier to
this country, ami the represent;-
lions made to the latter by the Arch
bishop id' York, followed up as they
have been by the energy, the wis
dom, ami tact of Lieut. Warren and
his admirable sbiif, have
smothed down Moslem prejudice,
removed local opposition, and thus
brought about opportunities for ex
cavation ami explication such as
never occurred before ; ami besides,
large numbers of Arab lahoiers have
been trained to the vork, and are
esiger lo lie employed ; smd the ex
act points of successful exploration
are 110 ,v well known.''
Reforms In the Kodes of Religious
cssaved to tjiiovv up lus dinner, but j f, iu
nature was tiougir than his will, ; t n :.
and Hie loi i.ul li'U meat sta v e, : , mirad. s ol tlieohlL'Tth, captlited
dovvn, ,( Drui v's loiill', vv ho came hereto
starve and die. As 1 hav e no words
to rv pi ess my ft cling, 1 shall hot sit
tempt it, but will hope that smviv-
It has been discovered Ih it a iuu
jority of ihe live r in tin' demo
etui ic par'y tell V e;, a,;o ale tnev
shining oi n.inii'iits in the demo, ralie
parte. This could hardlv have been
titheivvi.se. An active, progressive,
intelligent man would sulloeale
among the debris of d"iid is-m s ou
which the democratic patty lives,
nml t he tie.nl in en who ca ate into I he
Republican pittv from association
as old Whigs could Hot keep pace
with the p'ogrcssive life ot the new
party, ami, like Mragi;!ci s in the
iiig tiieml.', who may trace these
lines, ma at least have this com
fort, thai one who loved thetn has
looked Upon ihe place of their rent,
ami tenderly prniioniiccd their
names. 1, Itvr frm Chiiil'iin ('. L.
W ixxlirnrlh tit tltr Vtmijirjntioniilixt.
Mixr.n Fr, St.Ksinr.v. Hero is
si 'Million of Mam 1 'wain's account
of a recent visit to the J'.inle House
iii my, teii hack into more congenial in .xevr ) on; :
company, i " On the tilth floor is a huge room
Adams sleain
It's Hack. The fn
tiful sent inn nts are
Karl's Sketch I'.ook
"Night iu Ileavcii."
I oitciiiug tchdei uess :
when he feels 1 he dm;
gatheiiiig round ami
t he hopes ami hap
are fading with In
Unit hour tin
on ing bran
oin Mcister
aititled Ihe
Il is full of
'It is dark
S of Mil tow
, knows that
ii ss o oi hers
nvvn. Hut in
iiiciiiniv of past iu
ai.lv oidf.cdsomesiud emptied lour 1 w " "
i,' ,i...,. ,., is i ami assure him even hen' ou earth
as ipiickly as they could be lilletl. !"
I liiell felt better, Afler Ibis Hit
old hahii giiitiuaiiy came upon me.
"It would lie loo tedious lo go
through the vv hole catalogue of my
dissipations. After a while 1 began
lo be heedless stud neglect my busi
ness, and iu five years from the time
I was man led, I w as a baukiiipt.
I rented n dingy old building iu
Water street, and moved llicr. I
was iu the lowest depthsof puverly.
Now nml then 1 earned n liulc, bid
1 spent it for areiiised drink,
" Three eiirs wo st niggled along
through poverty willi hciiiycI.v
enough food to keep soul nml bodv
togeih-r. Hut now eoines the sad
dest part of my story, 1 had euriied
a lew dollars and concluded to have
a i humus old drunk. It whs in l he
latter part id' November, a night
very luueli liko this : the ruin fell iu
ga ums of li.ht iu Heaven. It
n dark when theswet t voieeiu nidi
hihl onee loiully Inv t ih is no more
heard around in iiuiimurs dark
when the palt' ling of feet no inoie
resound w ilhout t he tlireshohl or as.
(ends step by Mep up the stairs,
dark when Ihe well known air re
culls the si rain once oh ul t lined by
childish voice now hushed i I death.
'urkness but i ii l the gloom which
heralds the day spiing of immortal
it. v. and the inliinte lielit of Heav
en." A lender of music in n church
where congregational singing was
pracliced, sclet Pd a time with the
wrong met re, to he sung to the
words, "Willi hvssup purge my
moiiI, O Fort I !" lie tried it twice,
with nineteen largi
presses, an manned py vvoiiien ( tour
ul them confounded pretty, too,)
stiaiching olf Fihh s iu 1 bitch, lie
brew , ( 'ht i'okee, Vain yam, etc., stl
a rate that was truly fiiieiifving to
contemplate. (I don't know the
meaning n that word, but I heard
it used somewhere, ufid it struck
me us an iinusuallv gootl word. Any
time that I put in a wind that does
n't balance Ihe sentence gootl, 1
wollhl be glad if vou would take il
out ami put iu thai one.) Adjoin
ing w as anot her huge room for dry
ing the plilited sheets (very pretty
eirls in Ha re, ami young.) ami pres
sing them (I he sheets, not the gil ls.)
They used hvdiuulic piesses, (three
of the pietliest wore curl,s,nild hevci
a sign of a waterfall the gills I
mean) ami eueh of Uu in is able lo
weigh down Willi Ihe most inercedi
.bio weight of eight hundred Ions ol
solid Simon pine pressure (the
hydraulic! I urn referring lo now, ol
course.) and one has got blue eyes
and the oilier brown. Ah met I
have got this hydraulic business
tangled a lillle.but I (sin swear thai
if is in. ttl til I of mine, Vol) lieeiln'l
jp to Maine UU' about it. Vou have
got to pay Just the same as if il
were straight as u shingle, i can i
Horace (ireeley is acknowledged, on
all hands to lie the most inelegant
penman since Kufus (hhoate lor it
wiis the hitter and not the former,
who upon a memorable occasion,
vainly attempted to decipher his
own hieroglyphics, which, upon in
vestigation, proved to be nt arch
itrvttmtl drmrinj vf a Aarir. Mr.
tireelcy is not an elegant penman.
In fact, so far as we know, he lav s
no c ai ms to such distinction, ib
is able read his own writing vuless
the ink istondry ; and when the sub
ject ie appt ais in the bold type of
the Tribune' edltolial columns, liny
fair reader can make it out with tol
erable certainty. Thai excellent
carii stturist, Thomas Nast, has at
tempted, iu the May number of I'ut
hum'.i monthly, to present a correct
impression of Mr. tireelcy sit hisetl
iloi ial labor. lie has KU'-eedeil a
very little bcFei than his previous
at leapt ut I'lymi nth Fulfil, but his
picture, sifter all, isniya caricature.
Mr. Oreelev's writing deslt is on
a level with his chin, which forces
lus light smniitier nigner tn.itiis
shown in the Nast picture, ami im-
presuos the beholder with tbv belief
that t he vvriting is pel formed under
uniiccessiiiy 'ldhcult ies. This po
sition may have something to do
with the thesljlc of Mr. ( ireeley 's
ehirogt.iphy, but we think riot.
Ne. tin t, as some foolish p.-nple im
agine, has a love of execiiiricity.
Mr. Ori't Uy would great ly prefer
(o w iite more legibly stud elegantlv ,
but he never expects to; ami no one
m e l expect it for him. licsides, lie
will id Wilts, when stl de, do his own
w riting. It i.s doii t fill if there is
a public man living who has less
work for an aiminttt-nsis than Mr.
tiiecley. Not only does he commit
lo paper with I is own hand the v asl
ipianlilies of original natter which
dai 1.' and weekly appear in print,
but he is extremely punctilious in
his attention to correspondents, all
i f whom are served nt first hands.
'e trust this confidential staafe
incut will not induce any numberof
our ambitious readers to sub tress
Mr. (iieeley with the view ot oh.
taiiiiug a personal reply, for weare
authoritatively informed that nil
such honors w ill be respect fully de
clined Until after flu' next plesitleii.
Hal do t ion. 1 l'(i( hirr.i Munihtg.
.I.,.,. ........ ..I.l I ,,le CI led lint 'iilVoril to im in I il II ocl OILS IllllCCS,
,. n. li 11 riiii' i nit I'l' i.i -(,,,.... ... p,.. r, . .
"Mister, vim had better try Home and then et my wuges dotkeu Iu
other yarb," ' the biuynlu."
The following suggestions mado
iu rrport to the recent Methodist
Conference at Chicago, will interest
the religion!" roinnuiuity at large, as
embracing thoughts of an impor
tant practical character!
1. As to the condition of our
Sabbath Schools. These are suc
cessful, perhaps beyond all the past,
yet are fiusceptibte of great im-
provemrnf, in more carelul nml
strict discipline, better prepared and
morrj Hdvauced text books, better
ib'iU'il nml more critical teachers
for ndvaneerl clas-es, In order to re
tain such in the schools and ndvanco
them in liiblical leiuning. Two
growing evils sire obvious in many,
or all our .Sabbath schools. 1st.
The habit of using question books
iu classes not suflieieiitly advanced
for them, and thus displacing the
gootl old habit of committirigScrip
t ure to memory. Ud. The use almost)
exclusively of Sunday school read
ing of the narrative, or story kind,
thus molding the taste of our chil
dren for nothing but light reading.
We recommend a more careful su
pervision of our Sabbath Schools
by the pastors und quarterly con
terences. U. We, urge upon the extended
membership of the Church greater
religious activity, particularly in tho
social meeting and Sabbath schools.
Wi rk is ihe law of growth, ppiritu-
stll v, as much as physically or men
tally. Were twice as many mem
ber.; now engivred as volunteer la
borers in our prayer meetings, class
meetings nnd Sunday schools, no
doubt the moral power of tho Church
to-day would lie twice as great.
;i. We ask the pastors, parents
tml Sabbath school teachers to give
more earnest attention to tho sub
ject of Temperance.
Ibis is called lor, first, in sell de
fence again, t the insidious and spe
cious aggressions upon the niireii
even and our best families, now thnt
intemperance lias become- the most
alarming evil of our age.
A new and simultaneous resort to
totsil abstinence pledges is now call
ed tor on the part of old and young.
as the only safety for ourselves, ami
those underour immediate iidluenco ,
especially as it is now well knowu
that ihere is a hu ge class of persona
who, if they commence drinking in
toxicating drinks at sill, ure sure to
go on to drunkenness. Then let no
time be lost in saving one precious
youth, for it is easier to prevent
hundred from rushing into intem
perance than tt) rescue one.
4. Family religion and family gov
eminent claim a moment's notice.
We, fear that parents have conic to
led tiiat tho Sabbath school and
church give snlhcient religious in
struction to their children, and so
excuse themselves. This works ru
in. Careful study of the Scriptures
iu the family, strict observance of
the Stbbatii, sacred regard for
truthfulness and integrity, w ith per
sonal religious conversation und
prater in the household, cannot bo
safd.v neglected by any Christian
family. All this should be mingled
with ii firm and kind aitihority which
knows no yielding where a principle
of submission or of right is involved,
or Christian parents even may look
for the early ruin of tlieir children
in these days of lax discipline and
('neater efforts to supply suitable
reading for our Christian families U
demanded. Our wt iters have the
chief responsibility of forming tho
literary taste of the people. Wheth
er that is being elevated, or cor
rupted, is n serious question. Tho
pulpit, also, shares this lespuiisibil
ity. In our judgment, there is at
picsi nt a great lack of just the right
Mud of reading among our people.
What is not too light, nor too heavy ;
nor too high, nor too low, for thosu
who should ami would read, provid
ed something wire fitted to tlieir
case. Here is an inviting Held of
usefulness just now open to our
.titcrs Who will enter it. I With
careful discrimination and wide ao
ipiaiiitalice w itll the people, ho field
promises greater reward.
A hen has the capacity of laying
six hundred eggs mid no more.
Usually I hey lay a ('' I'"' r--t
tear i ii'om three hundred and twen
ty to I hire hundred nml seventy in
The next three yeais; and the rest
In i ui Ihe filth to the ninth ".ear in
clusive. 'I he true economy, there,
lore, il viill be seen, is hot to keep
ihe hens after their fourth jear.
No man can avoid his own com
pany, ho he had best make it nt
good as possible.
It is a fact we are glad to put on
record, that some of Ihe recent ven
tures in the sensation news paper
line have been disastrous failures.
Tim paper Manufacturing com
pany of Fniouv ille, p ireliased a few
weeks ago thirli lire loin ot these
condemned publications, such astho
"Fast Seiisalioi "Kclley's Week
Iv,'' ami other indecent, sporting,
iimi gambling palmers. Tho blank
paper was originally sold at sixteen
cents jicr pound, and sifter having
been printed, was bought back ut
live cents, to be worked over. Thi
is the best use such lilt'..'- Si it lT couhl
be put to, and the fact speaks well
for the taste nnd good sense of llm
public, nml points a tin nil which
publishers will bo likely to heed.
Much fun was made in Warren
lab ly, when n largo party, wno had
started to hunt tt bear, finally brut'
their ginni) to bay, and it proved tJ
bo a black yoarliin calf.
This Una is to (111 out tlio column.
1 Hi

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