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Firm, Gardea and IIouiobold
To Stop thb Flow or Blood. An
xonange say there is no better me of
fine out tobaooo than to bind it upon a
freih wonnd, and nothing will stop the
flow of blood quioker.
G&ehn Salvh. One-quarter pound
lard ; one onnoe rosin ; one ounce bees
wax ; one draobm verdigris ; melt and
stir well This is one of tbo best salves
known (or old sores, ulcers, canoers,
sorofulons sores, outs and wounds.
Abkioa Liniment. Two ounoes aloo
liol ; one drachm tinoture arnica. Un
equaled for pains in the feet and limbs
from walking; for nil fresh or reoent
sprains, bruise? or oontused wounds,
and for rheumatism of the joints and
gouty pains. ,
Bittbbs. Take bonoset, wild cherry
bark and poplar bark : make an infu
sion by adding a quart of warm water ;
let it oool, and drink when thirsty.
This is a certain cure far fever and
ague. The writer received it from an In
dian, and found it to be the master of
EniBn. From various American and
Euglish data concerning ansosthetios, it
seems that ether is regarded as far
safer than ohloroform. It is stated, as
the result of experiment and the com
parison of faots. that ohloroform is
eight times as dangerous as ether.
Tootaohh. Nearly everybody has a
our for the toothache. Try this
recipe : Take equal parts of pulverized
lum and salt. Saturate a piece of cot
toB with hartshorn, cover with the mix
ture, and put in the tooth. Sometimes
hartshorn alone will give relief.
RnmiATisif Bbiibdv. One Samuel
Deaton.l Ohristianburg, Ohio, who had
tne rheumatism nineteen years,
the following is what cured him : "One
quart rye whisky, one ounce wild
cherry bark (root), one ounce prickly
ash root, one ounce yellow dock root,
one ounce spikenard root, one ounce
gentian root, one onnoe gam myrrh.
If one bottle don't cure yon, try an
other. Take three drinks a day. Two
bottles oured me."
iave the Sheep.
Please tell your readers who keep
sheep, to provide themselves with a
common nursing bottle, and when a
lamb is dropped, whose dam does not
afford milk enough for it, to leed it twice
a day with oow's milk, warm from the
cow, in addition to whit the dam af
fords, and next fall they will have more
and better lambs. Don't bother with a
tea-spoon unless you want to fret and
ay wicked words. I see by your morn
ing paper that sheep are suffering in
some localities from stretohes. Remedy
sure and simple : Steep thorough
wort very strong, sweeten with molas
ses, fill a quart bottle with it as warm
as the patient can bear it, stand astride
of its neok, put tho left hind under
the jaw, holding up the head, and turn
it down her throat, and if taken as soon
as the disease shows itself, the cure
has been sure and sudden in every
case for thirty years, in my experience.
If delayed too long, inflammation takes
plaoo, and although you may get an
operation of the bowels, it' often does
no good. Don't wait a minnte, but run
for the herb, which is probably wrap
ped close in an old newspaper and
plainly labelled. Steep strong, admin
ister at once, and the thing is done.
Kennebec Journal.
What Ashe and Plaater Did.
The Jiural Home, of Rochester,
gives this bit of history : During the
year 1857 a man named Arthur Dugan
went to the town of Palermo, N.Y., and
bought sixty acres of dry sandy land,
with hero and there a little tendency to
gravel. He paid $1,800 for it. He knew
nothing about farmirig, being a ma
chinist by trade. After paying for his
land he had $200 left. He found his
land was worn out. He began by buy
ing ashes and plastor ; would draw po
tatoes fourteen miles to Oswego, and
load his team back with manure from
the livery stables. His crops increased.
His ashes were spread correspondingly
thick. He raised principally potatoes
and wheat. Now 2,000 bushels of ashes
a year is about what he buys. His po
tatoes, for several years past, have aver
aged 250 bushels an aore ; his winter
wheat thirty bushels or over ; and he
has saved, from his farm alone, till he
now holds $12,000 in bank stock, and
would not sell his farm for $100 an
aore. In 1869 he sold in potatoes and
wheat over $2,400 worth. He is also
known as the best farmer in the coun
ty. Coal Ashes About Plum Trees.
M. H. Wooden, of Madison, Ind.,
says : " I had a very pretty plum tree
in my yard last summer. It had but a
few plums on it. It looked healthy,
but the fruit fell off until only seven
very imperfect plums remained. That
fall I dng about the treo, out away the
grass, and spread coal ashes from the
grates and sto.ves around it for two or
three feet, and about two or three inohes
deep, and tramped the ashes lightly
down. The following spring the tree
leaved out nicely, was full of plums,
and nearly all remained on until ripe
bo fall weie the branches that I had to
tie them up to support the weight. The
fruit was quite perfect in size and shape,
and I am Bare the manner of treatment
was the cause of the improvement. I
think many fruit trees could be thus
improved, both in the quality and
quantity oi fruit they would produce."
Treatment of Typhoid Fever.
If the body oan be sustained till the
fever has gone its course, health will
result. Milk, of all things, seems best
adapted for this purpose ; for it is di
gestible, is relished by fever patients,
contains all the requisite material for
the nourishment of the entire body,
the Dervous system especially, which in
lever is always greatly affected. .Fur
thermore, in fever there is great thirst.
and patients ardently long for that
winch will oool tne parched moutb.
Thus, by interdicting the use of water
n tolo throughout tne fever, nourish
ment oan always be given in the shape
of oold new milk. Cold beef tea is by
no means to be despised ; but it is muon
less relished and not nnfrequently
loathed when the fever is intense, while
milk is then taken with much gusto.
Rye Bread.
In two quarts of flour stir half a oof
fee cupful of yeast, teaspoonful of
salt, and enough warm water to moisten
the flour, making a thiok batter. Let
it rise over night; in the morning stir
it again ; then put into pans without
kneading, making it quite soft, Let it
rise till very light, then bake an hour
in a moderately heated oven. This
bread makes a pleasant change from
wheat ; and when the slices are toasted
and spread with butter they are really
as delicious as healthful. ,
The Chicago school teacher who
asked to have his salary " razed " was
promptly accommodated. j
A man named Nation and his wife were ar
rested at Windsor, Ontario, on a charge of
being concerned in the murder of Corkiudale,
a resldeut of Btratbror, whose mutilated body
was found in the River Sydney about ten days
ago. Twelve persons are Ineuitody charged
with complicity in this orlme, and still another
Is wanted A turee-atory frame dwelling at
13S Stockton street, Brooklyn, fell in, burying
nine workmen in its ruin, and killing the
master mason and plumber, who were at work
In it.....' .A letter from a planter la Carroll
Parish, La., says that from the overflow there
will be twenty-seven plantation hi this parish
that will make no oetton at all, eleven that may
make a half orop, and twenty-nine that are
good for ft full orop Dutch Heinriob en
gaged a oabin passage on the steamer Ham
mouia, which ullod for Hamburg, aud he paid
100 additional for the use of an extra room.
When he arrived on the wharf, however, the
eompauy's agents would not allow him to go ou
board, because the paaaeugers bad learned who
be was, and pretested against bis going ou the
same vessel with them. His money was re
turned. He is broken down in health, and was
going to Germany to die. .... .Boston bae sub
scribed (15,000 to the Louisiana relief fund
It is rumored that the Spanish CarUats
have released all their prisoner of war......
During a gale a small boat was seen going down
In Lake Ontario. When four miles below Con
sicon, Out., the boat eapeized and a man was
seen clinging to the bottom, but he eoon die,
appeared. Tbe skiff floated ashore Three
million reals, intended for tbe Carlists, have
been seized in Santander. ..... Alexander Ellis,
oolored, baa recovered 100' from the Nar-
ragansett Steamship Company for refusing him
a seat at dinner in the dinning room of the
steamer Providence. At a previous trial the
plaintiff was awarded $400, but the verdiot was
set aside on a question of law Mr. Mil'jacn
a commercial traveler, en route from GoUad to
B Seville, Texas, in an ambolauoe, accompanied
by a negro driver, was attacked by three ban
dit. One tied Hilbacb while the others were
searching for money and valuables. Milbich
succeeded in getting one arm loose, and, draw
ing a pistol concealed under his coat, killed two
of the highwaymen, but was himself killed by
the third. The negro managed to escape with
the money and valuables, amounting to several
thousand dollars. -j t; j
Prof. Forster of Berlin announoes tbe dis
covery of a planet by Pallsa, in right ascension
15 hours 20 minutes, declination 17 degrees 15
minutes, tenth magnitude Although Con
gress passed a bill for the relief of the sufferers
by the overflow on the lower Mississippi, it ha
been found that no supplies can be spared from
the various military stations in that region.
Therefore, the Secretary ot War directed the
Commissary of Subsistence to purchase 500,000
rations ot moat, flour, beans, and rice ; and, to
carry the law into effect, asks an appropriation
of (90,000. The estimate is based on an issue
to 20,000 persons for twenty-five days The
Sues Canal troubles have been settled. M. de
Lesseps has accepted the tonnage rates pre
scribed by the International Commission
A man named McGraw, living three mile west
of Lansing, Mich., left his family oonsiiting
of five motherless children, the oldest nine
years asleep in bed, to go on an errand to a
neighbor's. When he returned, about 11 p. u.,
he found his bouse burned down, with every
thing it contained, except children, bureau and
cat. All the children would have perished if
they had not been awakened by the cat pawing
their faces and screeching as only an excited cat
can A terrible accident took place at Hong
Kong to the mail steamer Wan Looug. The
vessel oarried a cargo, but accounts vary as to
the exact number ot person on board. It is
generally believed, however, that there were
between 200 and 300. She got clear of her
moorings all right, but in taking a turn to come
under the stern of a small German yacht lying
near, she gave a roll inward in tbe circle she
was describing. On her upper decks were a
large number of Chinese, and at the sway they
all ran to the other side, a ' movement which at
once brought the vessel over. The dead weight
at the low side kept her from righting herself
again, and her slanting attitude prevented those
ou the top from getting to the high side. So
the vessel went right over and at once sank.
Just before she went down, a wild cry arose
from those on board. Over 100 lives were lost-
Hugh McCulloch, ex-Secretary of the Treas
ury, approves of President Grant's financia1
veto in a communication to the London Timet
.. Mayor Hunter, of Brooklyn, is determined
to hold the Inspector of Buildings responsible
for the loss ot life caused by the falling of the
building in Stookton street The bill to
ncorporate Speer's New York City Rapid
Transit Company was passed by tbe N. Y. State
Senate by a vote of 17 to 4 The dividends
payable in Boston in May amount to a little
over three and a half million dollars A
boiler at JesBup's saw mill, near Richmond
Ind., exploded, killing John Alexander and
injuring four other employees: A man
named Mitchell, a grinder in the Thayer Scythe
Works, in West Winsted, was instantly killed
by tho bursting of a grindstone Jesse
Pomeroy, the boy with the white eye, and the
supposed murderer of the boy Horace H.
Millin, was arraigned in the Boston Mnnicina
Court, and fully committed without bail
William Brunt and bis two sons, aged twelve
and nine, while fishing on the lake, a few miles
from Halifax, N. S., fell through the ice and
wore drowned.
Treading on a Snake's Tall.
The latest snake storv comes from
Connecticut. Borne workmen building
a mill among the rooks on Westfield
river killed a rattlesnake, and after sev
ering the head from the trunk and cut
ting tho rattles off the tail for a keep
sake, kioked tho head away into the
sand and threw the trunk into the sun.
A booted boy came along and could not
resist the temptation to worry the dead
snake. He trod on its tail, and the
headless trunk of the reptile turned and
struck the boot as if to bite. The
frightened youth soon had an audience
around him, and the experiment of
treading on the snake's tail was repeat
edly tried, with the same result But
another startling thing was observed.
As often as the carcass coiled and
struck the offending boot, so often and
at the self-same instant the grim head,
lying dissevered in the dust, opened its
jaws, the deadly fangs protruding, and
olosed them with a snap.
The Dover (N. H.) Enquirer makes
the following statement relative to a
practice which has been generally un
derstood to be confined to one or two
Southern States: " While in an apoth
ecary store, recently, we heard young
girls and boys calling for snuff, scented
with oheckerberry, etc., to be used for
cleaning the teeth. It has no virtues
for cleaning the- teeth, more than the
brush without it : and it is simply an
other way of using tobaooo a dirty
way injuring the health and weaken
ing the nervous system, k physician
recently informed us that he had, in
one or two cases, seen convulsions irom
its us. .This pretended cleansing is
not - confined to onae Ik day, but is done
several times." f
Tli Sonata considered th bill to enabls the
Meunonltes, from Uusala, to affect a perma
nent settlement on publio lauds of the United
States. Mr. ltamney, of Mum., submitted an
amendmeut providing that in the 0th section of
the bill the aggregate of lauds held under
declaration statements shall not at any one time
exceed 800,000 acres, instead of 600,000, as
reported by the committee. Nor shall any one
filing embrace mora than 50,000 acres, instead
of 100.000. Agreed to. Mr. namaey also sub
mitted an amendment to the 2d section of the
bill providing that location might also be made
pon certain Indian land iu Minnesota, held
in trust by the Government, not exeeeding 100
aore for each member of lb society. Agreed
Davl. of W. Va., introduced a bill to reduoe
the tax ou the circulation of State bank to an
amount equal to that paid by national bank.
He aid the tax on national bank circulation
was one per oent, and that on State bank cir
culation ten per cent, which practically pre
vented any circulation of the latter class. Us
saw no reasou why national banks should bave
the advantage over State bank ten to one.
The Benate passed the bill amendatory of tbe
act to provide Internal revenue to support the
Government to pay the interest on the pnbllo
debt, and for other purposes, approved June 80,
1804. It provides that no legal document or
paper required by law to be stamped which was
made, signed or issued in the Southern States
prior to the 1st of June, 1865, shall be deemed
or held as invalid and of no effect, by reason of
the failure to Impose thereon the required
Mr. Stewart, of Nev., introduced a bill to
prohibit national banks from lending money on
money as security and for other purposes. Re
ferred to the Committee on Finance.
Mr. Windom, from the Committee on Com
merce and Routes, in presenting their report,
delivered a long speech. He said that the value
of commodities moved by railroad in 1872 was
over (10,000,000,000, for which their gross re
ceipts were (473,241,055, and yet tbe facilities
are inadequate to supply the demand. Con
sequently agriculture is paralysed and labor
interests languish. The various routes for
carrying Western produce to the seaboard were
spoaeu ui iu ubibui, buu mi wiimmmbto - w
ervation ana conclusions staiea.
Mr. Edmunds, of XL. introduced, by request.
a bill to provide for a commission upon the
subject of postal telegraphy. Referred to the
Committee en Post Offices and Post ltoads.
The Chairman of the Judiciary Committee
reported unfavorably on the bills to relieve the
political disabilities of J. W. Bennett of Mary
land, John Forsyth of Alabama, George Pickett
of Virginia, David A. Telfair, of North Caro
lina, aud Raphael Semmea of Alabama. Most
of these bills did not bave the necessary peti
lions from the parties named, and tbe latter
one tbe committee was not disposed to consider
favorably. However, tbe committee was ais
charged from their further consideration.
The veto message of tbe President of the
Financial bill was consiaorea, ana tne uuair an
uouueed that the Finance bill was before the
Senate, and the question was, Should it pass,
notwithstanding the President's objections ?
Upon this question tbe Constitution required
that tho vote should be taken by yeas and nays.
No one taking the flodr, the roll was oallod, and
the vote resulted as rouows :
Yeas Mesera. Allison. Bogy. Boreman,Gam
eron, Carpenter, Clayton, Oonover, Uennu,
Dorsev, Ferry (Mich.), Ooldthwattt, tfordon,
Harvey, Hitchcook, Iugalls, Johnston, Lewis,
Logan. MeOreery, Mtrrimon, Mitohell, Nor
wood, Oglesby, Patterson, Pease.Pratt, Itamsey,
ltobertson, Spenoer, Spiuous, Tipton, WeBt,
Windom and Wright 34.
Nats. Messrs. Anthony, Bayard, Boutwell,
Bnckineham. Chandler. ConklinK. Graffin,
Davit, Edmunds, Fentok, Ferry (Conn.),
Flanagan, Frelinghuysen, Gilbert, Uager,
Hamilton (Md.), Hamilton (Texas), Hamlin,
Howe, Jones, Kelley, Morrill (Vt.), Bargent,
Scott. Sherman, Uletsemon, Stewart, Stockton.
Thurman and Wadleieh 80.
Democrats in italics and Liberals in small
Two-thirds not voting In tbe affirmative, the
bill was lost.
Mr. Southard, of Ohio, offered a resolution
instructing the Committee on Banking and Cur
rency to inquire and report tbe reasons why the
(25 000,000 of national bank ourrency, author
ized to be withdrawn from the States having
more than their nronoruon. baa not been with
drawn and distributed under tho provision of
the act of the 12th of July, 1870, and what
further legislation is necessary to secure that
Mr. Hereford, of W. Va., introduced a bill
Eroviding that the tax on State banks shall not
e other or greater than the tax on national
Bills were introduced repealing all statutes
which forfeit widows' pensions for seoond mar
riage : to oermit nartiea to testify in their own
defense in United States courtB ; to provide a
free system of national banking ana lor tne
resumption of specie payment); to facilitate
the resumption of specie payments, and to
prevent fluctuations in the value of United
States notes : roDealintr all laws imposing a tax
on State banks ; to impose a tax of five per
cent, on all incomes or maiviauais ana corpora
lions exceeding (5.000 : declaring: it oppressive
to impose additional taxation, and inexpedient
to retrench en necessary appropriations already
made in tne interests oi commerce, ana pro
viding as a measure of temporary relief for
the issue of an additional fifty millions of legal
tender notes.
Mr. Neelev. of Penn.. asked leave to offer
resolution instructinit the Committee on Milt
tary Affairs to prepare and report a bill to
amend the act of the 8th of June, 1872, relative
to soldiers' and sailors' homesteads, so as to
allow honorably discharged soldiers aud sailors.
their widows and orphan children to acquire
homesteads on the public lands, without being
required to commence settlement ana improve
The amendment to the appropriation bill
striking out the paragraph requiring the de
partment olerks to work seven hours a day
instead of six was struok out. A number of
amendments were made to the bill and it
A Crusade Conflict.
At Columbus. Ohio. Chas. Wagner,
proprietor of an eating and drinking
house, advertised a grand opening, pro
posing to sell several liquors bearing
the names of "crusade water," and the
names of one or two of the prominent
ladies connected wittr the crusade
movement. On seeing this advertise
ment seventy ladies marched to his
place, and a small squad, headed by
Mrs. Dessellem, .President oi tne la
dies' League, stepped into the store
and said they had accepted his invito
tion to free lunoh. and would like a lit'
tie crusade water. Wagner refused to
give or sell them any.
Thev then attempted to pass into the
dining room and wagner ordered them
from his premises. They refused to go,
saying he had invited the publio, and
they as a part of the publio came to get
their share of the rood things. Wagner
then seized several of the ladies and
pushed them out of doors. He then
crabbed Mrs. Dessellem by the arm and
pushed her toward tne door, and some
of the ladies say struck her, but several
men present say he only pushed her.
Wagner a wife then seized Mrs. .Dessel
lem by the throat while Wagner began
his work on the other ladieB. Men from
tho outside rushed in, and for a time a
war of words and some little scuffling
took place.
A posse of police arrived and the
trouble was over for the time. A large
crowd congregated in the street and
blocked the sidewalk, which was soon
cleared by the police, who commanded
the ladies to keep moving. They obeyed
this order by walking in procession up
and down in front of Wagner's plaoe.
The crowd of men would have dispersed
at the suggestion of the police, but
Wagner begged them to stay, saying he
would bail out of jail any man arrested
for obstructing the sidewalk. Wagner's
men were engaged in washing the pave
ment for a long time.
About 4 p. m. the crowd became so
large that Police Oapt. Eeeler per
suaded the ladies to leave the street.
They then repaired to the yard con
nected with the High street Methodist
Church, and held prayer meetings dur
ing the balanoe of the afternoon. A
warrant was sworn out against Wagner i
for assault on Mrs. Dessellem,
Two Inscriptions.
A Maine paper says that a graveyard
near Bangor has a monument with the
following inscriptions, the first verse of
which was written by tho wife before
her death, and the seoond by the hus
band after he had married again :
' Weep not for me, my dearest dear,
I am not dead, but sleeping hers
Repent, my love, before you die,
for you must come aud sleep with I.
" I will not weep, my dearest life,
For I have got another wife i
I cannot some and sleep with thee.
For I must go aud sleep with she."
Somewhat Condensed. A Frenoh
chemist is said to have condensed the
body of his wife into tbe space of an or
dinary seal, and had her highly pol
ished and set in a ring. He made a
nioe income by betting, with lapidaries
and others, that they oould not tell tbe
material of the set in three guesses, and
after pooketing the money, would burst
into tears, and say: "It is my dear,
dead wife. I wear her on my finger to
keep alive pleasant remembrances of
Statistics show that of the thousands
who die annually, a large proportion
are destroyed, not by old age, or by the
natural exhaustion of vitality, but
through intemperance, or disregard
either on the part of the sufferer, or his
parents, of the simplest laws of nature.
Such being the ease and figures can
not misrepresent faots the conclusion
is that wbrethe oauses of intemperance,
its kindred vices, and a disregard of
natural laws, removed, the average
length of the human life-time would be
extended proportionately. What agent
most rapidly, harmlessly and certainly
will eradioate these . vices, or the ten
dency to them, is the question whioh
has been as thoroughly and persistent
ly agitated as has the search for the
Philosopher's stone. The disoovery
has been made by Vr. Joseph walker,
whose widely known Vinboab Bitters
are accomplishing wonders whioh the
old fogy doctors never dreamed of. Try
them and judge for . yourself, as thou
saods are doing all over the country.
Com, .
We would not hesitate to recommend
to anv friend of oars Parson' Purgative Pillt
they are scientifically prepared, and are adapted
to ail tne purposes or a gooa purgative meai-
cine. uom.
Bronchitis. .
' This is an Irritation or inflammation of the
bronchial tubes which carry the air we breathe
into the lung. It arises from a oold sottled in
the throat, from Catarrh extending to these
parts, from scrofulous affections, and from
severe use of the voice. The Irritation from
the latter cause commences in the larynx and
glottis, wbleh are tbe organs or tbe voice, ana,
extending downwards, produces hoarseness.
coughing, and spitting mucous matter, some-
. ; : .. i.i i t . i. i.:.i j
fciiiian uji&cu wibu uiuuu. is vuivuy uaut
ous from its tendency to spread into the lungs,
and terminate in consumption. It is hi the cure
of severe aud obstinate cases of this disease
that Dr. Pierce's Oolden Medical Discovery baa
achieved unparalleled success, and won the
loudest praise from all who have used it.
Mrs. Mabt Taft, of Elk Point, Dakota Ter
ritory, called at the World's Dispensary, Aug.
19, 1873, to acknowledge a debt of gratitude
due Dr. Pierce, having been entirely oured of
Catarrh, complicated with Throat Disease, by
tbe use of vr. sage s uatarrn itemeay ana vr.
fierce s uoiaen Medical Discovery.
A reliable remedy Wistab's Balsam. Com
Deoidedly the best remedy that has
ever been discovered ror rheumatism, swollen
or stiff Joints, flesh wounds, sprains, bruises,
cuts and burns, is Johnson's Anodyne Liniment.
We use it, and always reoommend it to our
menas. uom.
PRKSOBIPTIOM OF one of the best Pemal PhyaK
clans and rrants In th united States, and ha
bn used roc thirty years with never falling safety
and snocess by millions of mothers and oblldrn,
from the feeble Infant of one week old to the adult,
It corrects acidity of the stomach, relieves wind
colic, regulates the boweli, and five rest, health,
and comfort to mother and chtld. We believe it to
be the Beet and Barest Remedy In the World In an
DUBN, whether it arless from Teething or from
any other cans. Full dlreotlons for nslng win
aooompany eaoh bottle. None Oenatne unless the
mo-stmtleof OUBTIS NfBKIRB Is on th outside
rom no other cause than ha ring worm la th
will dsstroy Worms without Injury to th ohlld
being perfectly WHITS, and free from all coloring
or other injurious ingredient usually need la
worm preparation.
OUBTIS A BBOWH, Proprietor,
Ho. US Fulton Street, Xew York.
fluid V Dntgoimtt and Chtmitl; and Sealer M
Mtiieuui at TwTT-Frva Cams A Bos.
Why will Yem Suffer 1
To all person suffering
from Bhenmatlsm, Benralgia,
Cramps In th limbs or ston
ach, Billons Collo, Pain In th
back, bowels or side, w would
aits Fault Lnmanrr 1 of all
others th emedy yon want
for Internal and external nee.
It ha cured th above com
plaint in thousand of eae.
There 1 no mistake about It.
Try It. Sold by all Druggists
Tbe Markets.
Haw Yoex.
Beef Oattla Prime to Extra nullockst . ,13V
First quauty iifs .ny
Seoond quality lox .11
Ordinary thiiOattls.... ,69a .low;
Maeh Cow...
, 40.80 SSO.OO
Bogs Live.....
.OOJfa mx
.us a .OBjf
Cotton Middling.
,17a .i
Hour Extra Western S.15 a 8 TO
SUte Extra 0.2s a o.to
Wheat Bed Western. 1.63 a 1.S1
ma. S Soring l.sa a 1.62
By 1.07 a 1.11
Barley Halt 1.S0 a 3.80
Oets Mixed Western C3) .St
Corn Mixed Western St a .87
Bay, per ton 18.00 aia.oo
Strew, per" ton 10.00 alT.OO
Hops. .!?: It. aOaSOvjS .08 a .15
Pork Mesa 1 09 al.90
Lard .0a ,10
retroumm Crude i "i i xneanea
Batter State.
Ohio Fancy
Western Ordinary..
Pennsylvania ana...
Cheese Ptets Factory
" atunaw
Ohio ,
gsj State..
Beef Oattls
S 6.3S
a 8.30
a S.M
a S.S0
e 1.4
a .78
a .88
a l.os
a 1.80
Hug Liv
Wheat So. 1 Spring.
.10), 41
1 10
' t . 50
S 1.00
a .87
a 1.80
a M
a s.oo
a 1.70
Br State
llarlay State......
uaa state.....
Flour-Penn. Extra. .
Wheat Western Bed
Oora -YeUow
a .88
a .a
fetreleuu. QrwSa.
Oover Seed
.UH ReSaedlsx
.. 8 00 alO.50
.. 8 S3Ji 8.78
M .lSX .18
.. (.00 S.75 ,
.. 1.60 a L8S
.. .si a .m
.. jN I ,
wnwe UVW ISMI1IMTS.. ........
rioar lutra....
Oora Tallow
A Bad risjthtni.
The sohooner "Madgio." says tli
Kev West Disvateh. in oominir fro
Tortniraa week before last, euoouutorJ
anobjeot floating on tne water a ntt I
beyond the dry rooks, whioh reaembld
abnor. Thinking that it might bel
valuable prize, they approached an
made a taoie last to it. jrnaing, no'
ever, on inspection, that it looked rat!
er susoioious. thev oonolnded to let
be, and so left it. On coming into pol
and mentioning the oironmstanoe, th
were informed by the officers of tbe O
sipee that tbe objeot they had be
tamperino with was the buoy rope of
torpedo, whioh hod been lost by tf
Ossipee some time sinoe while praol
ClUK. ios luiurnai maouiue i atui uuu
ing around outside the harbor, and wi
it is ezpeoted, elevate some one yet.
C Hah Wssib. AsTtnti wuitad. Bfcrtl
M liritm, . WOnTIt m lu., or. l.nun.jq
1st of JIOOO Plrfnrais Vmtnet, ti
W Diiiei. YVhuleiale lTicei. Mailed I
receipt otiwh sisinipi, u. a. rsKira
runuiaer w ueaaa ntrsvt, nvw i die
A gtrnti wanted. COnewiteMongrsTlnei. Send
J.X. otff. f jr ruptet. J. B Konoii 4 U"., Warren,
Tne beading Keputmoan raper
J XI A 1 i I
in ino jaoruiweat, .
A Ctnarto Paper, containing F'orty-Klght
Large Columns of Readlna Hatter.
It is Unexcelled by any la tas Country.
f 13.00 per year
o.uv per year
1.60 per year
INTER-OOEAN, 119 Lake Street, Chicago, IU
' " F. E. SMITH t CO.'S
is fn iff rs f-, n i
Atlnntift Mill, nmnltlvti.
N. V., j ihe Perfection
of Pood. Wholesome, Dellrlona and Rro
nwnaivmia juhkub a vane 17 01 tuanes. or ell Harm,
i. """VBhitrj uwncupiivn rnmniueui, wiin aui
ui iiuuniiauun uii r ooa uu Heftim sent freci.
' nTlutMHinftd RsmaC Bata4ja Ylemf.H.
Mty and June. Beet for the northern climate.
Faokea to earry loua distances. Bv mall, nrenald.
BOots. per 100. By Bipretl, 1,000 fx Diacount on
large nraer. Aaarees,
8. OKAY, Worwalk, Huron Co., Ohio,
Htwi-ina. REHT fWT.K r U. A. It.LVls Mew'v Mm, mfm, Ua,J
Dropsy, Diabetes,
Cravel, Dyspepsia,
Constipation, Jaundice.
Brlght's Disease,
And all diseases of the liver and kidneys, This
water Is now kuown and sold ae a remedy for the
above dlaeaaea, in all parts f the world. It ia
truly wondeitul what effect It baa upon the human
tyatem. It la now being1 shipped at tbe following
Tturval inMl .10. M J.llnh. ..J l.
60 oente per gal., package extra ; bottlea (qta.) 8&00
por doz. Uuney muat accompany the order, ex
cept (o onr regular authorised agent. Inquire of
rjur iruKK'at it wiBieina jsinerei J&ora spring
Water. Addreae C. G. OL1N a CO., Waukeaha,
n ta., sur vruvre ror mewaierorxjr circulars.
CiiroiirirATi. Juns It. 1873.
C. C. OLIlt a CO., Waukesha, Win : Having used
yonr water f iom the Mineral Rock Soring. Wauke
aha, Wla., for the Dlabetee, I hay found great re
lief from the uae of tho same. Before I com
menced uetng this water, my physician renorted
tvme the epeolfle gravity of my urine was S3, and
after ueing it for twenty daye the apeclAo gravity
i f the nrlne was rsdnced to 31, showing a great
Improvement, and finding great rellf in not
being compelled to urinate so frequently. I had
other wat.rs, but glrs It at my opinion that the
H.neral Bock Spring la preferable. And I d earn
eatly recommend it to all who are toileted with
tne uieeaae Known ae uianetes-
Beaoectrully youra, At.phed Wilbox,
Dept. Coll. Int. Bev., No. 8 W. Third street,
Cincinnati, Ohio.
Huneow. Wis., May 7. 1873.
MSSSIS. O. C. OLIM A CO. Ittar Sin: In trail
many ol the great value tf Mineral Bock Spring
n a.vr I r luuee auneriug wiin aieeaae or me mo.
neta. 1 would elate that I had hMti nffjtrln.r tni
months with Diabetes, paaaing large quantitiea
of urine, keavv with augur, and tormented with a
ui.treeiug mirat, grauuaiiy laaing nean ana
strength and Anally th nee of my lower limbs
which bsoame almost devoid of friinff. Hv uhv
alclans gave me up, and said that I had but a shcrt
time to live. T Likd lost all bnnn. rt ...... .
when I wartnduced to nse Mineral Rock Bprlnir
"fi ana aiace won i uve graauany regained
the use of my limbs, and aleo gained strength and
flesh. It baa done for me what medical skill oould
not do. I am thankful far returning health and
y prayer it that It may prove to others afflicted
1th kidney affections aa great a bleating as it has
been to myself.
Yours truly.
Mrs. Jakeb Sanders.
wllloutt Truth Trnimpnantf Agento,
old and young, m lie mid fcmnlc, make
more money telling- our ' xneh and
American Jeietlrff.Jlo.tt" rml Onmm,
than at anything else, f ..alMtlndupa-
menta to Aswats and Purchaser. CnUlnpruer .onns, and full
MMuaiuanKDiRvaieau. r. v. v ickkbt. Aiuruaia. juaiaa.
'1 s'!Ti;
TOOL. CHKSl'S tin' ri'Hi-iiKtra u Mcly.
Thi Ftna W 1 ltTTPTi Insurance
Mntnal L.ire VV All A l JlJi Co.,uf Phila
delphia, an old and reliable Life Company, drstrsa
an Agent in every portion of this State in whioh It
la not now raDreaentad. It la a atrlotlv Mutual
Company, roturna its surplus premiums to its
members every year, and as itt expente art small,
furnlahes them Inanranoe at the lowest possible
rates. AH of its roiiotes are non-rormtaDie ror
thetr value after the third year. Liberal Commla
aton eontracta. made with reliable men. Apoly to
H. B. BTKl'HKNM, v. rres'i, vai vnesinui nt., rniis.,
or to J. W. IaaDSi.Lt Sea. Weet. Bapt., Cincinnati.
1NO conon.
Croitp, B rough rr-
.. AamA. and
every affection of
nil chsst, are
speedily and per
manently enrea ny
thenseof In. Wis-
tab' Bauam er
Wils CSStIT,
ht.ll. 4m Arv nn a AAnrh and leave the OBUSS
Behind, but loosona it, cloanaea the lurge and allay
by timely resort to th! standard remedy, ae I
proved by Wndreda of tratlmonlala It has received.
The ffeuMfne Is elftnod Eultt" on tbe wrapper,
8KT1I W. fOWLB Ai SONS, raorsuxoas, Bo.
tox.Mass. Bold by Uealera generally.
XOO to SKIOO Bar mouth clear of
esponaea maus taaing oraera nw
SPUING." The only Doable Called
Snrlnsln Market. AOBHTS ol small
Ciapltal do better than with Sewing Machines,
DKaminf ttooa or insurance, j nnuaanai oi lean
montalaoan befurniehed. Bend for circulars and
Manufactory, 22s South Sd Street, below Book,
9fw aweek Ag'ta wanted everywhere. Clr'sl
Ultra, r earn pier. free. F. A. Ew-a, Charlotte, Mica.
Rraafnaa exl Itttrtt of Churrh Choir Itooho.
VoraUdenombiatlaria.Cla.00 ato.AaMpiecopy.S1-39
riAKO-FOHTK. Tun UST or iKirrauo
tiox Books. Eaa the endorsement of al 1 (food
teachers who have examined it. Sent 6y tail, S.71.
Taw GaaiT Musical Mohtbxv! ELEVEN pana o.'
new mrnno end MNB page of tnnsieal matter iu
each number- Saeinfa eowy, lOcd. Suktcrttun, a
ltiaag oeoaAW CBaOMo, Sl.OB per year.
Batt fret U any addnu.
Thb rjmtiTAixso Ihbtbocto," The best
work for teachers and pupils.
t Sent by Mail, price, M.M. ,
al Be e mm waavaaw
Inoretued Facilities to Club Organisers
Henri for New Prloe-Hat.
P. O. Box B843. 81ndMVesey St., It. T.
UK PKH DA V CommlMlnnor S30 awerk
Jf) Salarv. and aznetiaea. We offer It and will
pay It Apply now. O. Wsssta A no., Marlon, O.
Work for Everybody. Good Wages. Perma
nent Employment. Men and, Women wanted.
Foil psrtlculara frae.
Address, W. A. HENDERSON At CO.,
Cleveland, P.. or St. Iionls. Mo.
PO It TA 111.10
Soda Fountains !
Shipped Ready for Use.
Manufactured by J. W. CHAPMAN
k Co., Madison, Ind.
tw Send for a Catalogue, erf
' DR. HAM'1. H. tTITCH'S)
Will he sent free by mall to anv one sending their
adrtreea to 714 Broadway, New lora,
lUUNTS WANTKD fur the new book,
Kit Carson
tvio UcU dkteltMlbrhlratoll. ThonlyTtJi m1 Atmiiiiri
ifoiif Anicrkft . rrst.il HUNTEH, TRAPPER, SCOUT sad
l IT)E,.rir pubiisJitd. Full iind com plait dtwripUou flh
hi.liaii trlbvs eflhtFAR WKST.at can b KKCarmn, wlta.
lull. TtllnblasYtrount of l h MODOC anil tbaMuDOC WAR, Aa
at whiavi it ia i wivi ,11 ia iBvtuuaDia.
Head Jarou.a Certificate.
Ta.ia New MawtM
This Is to frllfy that DaWltt O. PaUra, M . !..6urfon U.S. A,
iitbijouiy ptrgvii Ivsr auUiwrltad to writ, my llfaautl adrantw-aa.
to SOordttrtnilii, ltlmtrsu-tl circ ulsrtut to all apnllranUa
ItUmMtlrir with v i)Diwdtitd ui. aFnfa Ltkinar rVtrm ia.
AAA. liiiBTiM uii uiNirn li.
A M'tWTII 1H AOKNTI to tftl
ING MA CHINK, the only low priced
iiOCK utttcn aewinir aisvcnina ever in
vented. AddrPtS JOHNSON. CLARK
b Boiton, Mail., Hi x.vity, or nTnonrga, re.
ADVERTISERS 1 Bend f) ete. to P. ROW-
TILL A i O . 41 Park Row. Mew York, for their
fampfxtet or wo pa?, oontsintnff lute or niw newi-
ipfre, nno PHTimntea now ing cost vj navernnnif
Agents Make 8150 &
Oyer per Month, selling onr nev
MOM, 4e.Lnew Map of XEW
YORK HTA'IK. Send for Wli
Catalogue ana see oar new orrers.
ft Barclay Street, w. T.
AUYaendiUaTus the address often persona, with
inlets, will receiveree, a oeantirui unromc
flaltiana tnetruouone now w net ricn, pnevpaia
Untlci(v HavMttH Co., 106 South 8th St., Phtla,, Pa
With lta Dlorlone climate, meirntflcent eoenerv
milling reionroee, itock growtufir, fermlnir and
leelth tdrantigei. General end iprll Informa
tion given free. Address A. B. FATTKKBON, Fori
uuiiine, uoioreao.
new urimini, tyoran.y
The trade ay, mannfactnre the best bsakst In the
marcel ,maae rrnni jsamooonaitan ana Bpiim, con
fllattnirif the different hiuds called for. Also man
ufacturers of the Celebrated American Berry
Haeket and Crate, Verbena and Plant Baskets,
drape Boxes ct all sixes, at prices to salt the
times, eena ror rrtce liter.
GENTS WANTED to sell onr Justly celebrated
Artioles for Ladles' wear. Indlsnsusable and
II sbaolntely uec-aaarv. 10, UUU SMLD
II S1UNTMI.Y. Tney (rive oomtnrt and aatia
faction. NO BT KM , B. E CAM DO WITH.
OUT THBfil. Sample sent on recelntof Hii.UII
PHKE. Sand for Illustrated Circnlar. I E PEBLE
BUBHKK CO.,90Chambera street. New York.
For full descriptive
Clroclirs ssnd to th
Elastic Truss Co,
683 Broadway,
Jrew York.
lished. AGENTS WANTED to whom
tho Largest Commissions will bs paid.
h ot iuu paruouiars, address tne raOUBtiers.
No. 66 North 4th Stmt, Philadelphia, Ps,
CrTAlM Publlahers of Standard Balltlooa Works,
Charles Sumner.
Sent poet pel a ou receipt of the price. Agesti
WftUiea in every ony n .
Addreei - LER A SHIPARD. Boiton.
Luwcno uuiuc
pages, U.
llodel love letters art of gaining lorsof and mr.
rying who anu w nen you iicanc uuw wimuwiu.
some cures for htmdredsof diseases, also many
. . . Mv.lsria. mnnmv ntaklna
new secreta arts, mrsteriea money
methods, etc Price only 25 cent.
aiBKUui. aa. a.v.f m ...w-..
CblCBtKO. Ilia
A or ilOOforfulted. Valuablt tnmzlttrtt. Writs
a araaita WaMtart Men or women. SSI a week.
at onoe to F. M. REED, Eighth Street, New Tork.
laker Ooaipaulea
A finally dmytdt m
. aVsnsM amveriai OMMsI
si fcver mt the F1.0KBNCB, which aloa I
ae m monopoly mfjllon
J aAa ONLY mtarhlnt Meat
aewrel ana bnoard, or to right mm loft,
BintpUmt (mt Beat.
Beta nb Caaa Oni. Braoiai,
' - ..Cr.rBS aaa DFALRK.
aasrrae. isrs,
rVeueer. pai&fmr most rtadil,t& iihk9tof
ail to 9U. If tKtreino "liomettic" agent in your
tnwn,apjTlto DOMESTIC 8. If. CO.. At York.
Th JtViMMfl Unrhtton AwaT th hsiut srntf.tnrtmn tO
15,000 Sold in 60 Days.
mm. a th AuM m M . . w. k. aa atw.
msM am thm." '!' jfj!; "il
4Maaewbou. oal. sctaalff otcHIovIbs with f talac mt
1L It 1. vafialar mrrwbara. with er.rybody. aaS a, aplllac
ar aaa wtae bf iknaudi. ona areat maa amn
aaa tMraabla; aootlier haa arvrmaad QQ meh wetm Jr a
wttml It atiuella all atber amikh !. brM Kaa"
iraalataiwtm. It baa aa aaeraMlnl caaipMllar: at alca
aidlj litMtrmte attrrbljr aoand. Maw I. ta naat r a
atiwm. hoih il."'.-. '- --..
. .. - mi n i avMuif-. S.-ia Ihr draalara aat
mr1 aaS aplaadM tMt1nl.l anl oar Ura trnwa. Alljiaia
O. aw PV..IW.I.. w V" --, M
f EL AST 101 1
tm aa ytm . a -a. a.
II "T MaPy Olernmar Ames, ettrayati
T"fiaaa liBk waaoara. auue!. airrtfir'M. BMrat
t THREAD for your MACHmH
Dr. J. Walker's Cullforuia Vin
egar Bitters are a purely Vecetabl
preparation, mode chluti from the na
tive herbs found on tbe lower ranges ot .
tho Sierra Nevada mountains of CaUfor
nia, the medicinal properties of which
are extracted thoiefrom without tbe use
of Alcohol, The question is almost
daily asked, 'What Is the cause of the
unparalleled success of Vinbsae Bit
ters'" Our answer is, tint they remove
the cause of disease, and the patient re
covers bis health. They are the groat
blood purifier and a Ufa-giviM principle,
a perfect Renovator and Invigorator
of the system. Never before in the
history of the world has a medioina boea
oompuonded possesHtiiff the remarkable
qtuvllties of Yihboar Dittrbs in hoalinp the
aiok of every disease man is heir to. Thsj
ure a Rentle Purgative as well as a Tonie,
relieving Congestion er InHamaation ol
the Liver and Yistwral Organs, la Billons
The properties of Dr. waumI
Virsoau uittrrs are Aperient, Diaphoretic,
Carminative, Nutritious, Laxative, Diuretic,
Sedative, Counter-irritant, Sudorific, Altera,
ttve. and Anti-Bilious.
Urateiii 1 Tnonsands proclaim Vnv.
EOAJt BrrTERS the most wonderful In.
vigorant that ever sustained the sinking
No Person can take these Bitters
according to directions, and remain long
unwell, provided thoir bones arc not de
stroyed by mineral poison or other
moans, and vital organs wasted beyond
Billons, Bemittent and Inter
mittent Fevers, which are so preva
lent in the valleys of onr great river
throughout the United States, especially
tuose oi me juisbihsiiiiji, vum, aunmiuii,
Illinois, Tennessee, Cumberland, Arkan
sas, Red, Colorado, Brazos, ltto Grande,
Pearl, Alabama, Mobile, Savannah, Ro
anoke, James, and many others, with
their vast tributaries, throughout our
entire country during tho Summer and
Autumn, and remarkably so rim ing sea
sons of unusual heat and dryness, are
invariably accompanied by extensive de
rangements of the stomach and liver,
and other abdominal viscera. In then
treatment, a purgative, exerting a pow
erful influenco ution theso various or
gans, is essentially necessary. There
is no cathartic for the purpose equal to
as thev will snecdilv remove the dark-
colored viscid matter with which the
bowels are loaded, at tho same time
stimulating the socretious of the liver,
and generally restoring tho healthy
functions of tho digestive orcans.
Fortify the body against disease
by purifying all its fluids with Vinega
bitters, no epiaemic can unto uuu
of a svstem thus fore-nrmed.
Dyspepsia or Indigestion, Head
ache, Pain in the Shoulders, Coughs,
Tightness of tho Chest, .Dizziness, nour
Eructations of the Stomach, Bad Taste
in the Mouth, Bilious Attacks, Palpita
tation of the Heart, Inflammation of the
Lungs, Pain in the region of tho Kid
neys, and a hundred other painful symp
toms, are the offsprings of Dyspepsia.
One bottle will prove a better guarantee
of its merits than a lengthy advertise
ment. Scrofula, or King's Evil, White
Swellings, Ulcers, Erysipelas, Swelled Keck,
Goitre, Scrofulous Inflammations, Indolent
Inflammations, Morcuriiil Affections, 014
Sores, Eruptions of the Skin, Sore Eyes, eto.
In these, as iu all other conutitational Dis
eases, Walkkr'b Vinbgau Bitters bave
shown thair great curativo powers in the
most obstinate and intractable cases.
For Inflammatory and Chronic
Rheumatism, Gont, Bilious, Remit
tent and Intermittent Fevers, Diseases of
the Blood, Liver, Kidneys and Bladder,
these Bitters have no equal. Such Diseases
are caused by Vitiated Blood.
Mechanical Diseases. Persons en
gaged in Paints and Minerals, such as
PInmhflrs. Trrje-setters. Gold-beaters, and
Miners, as they advance in life, are snbjoet
to paralysis of the Bowels. To guard
against this, take o doeo of W alkee's Tic
oar Bitters occasionally.
For Skin Diseases, Eruptions, Tet
ter, Salt-Rheum, Blotches, Spots, Pimples,
Pustules, Boils, Carbuncles, Ring-worms,
Scald-bead, Sore Eyes, Erysipelas, Itch,
Scurfs. Iiscolorations of the Skin, Rumor
and Diseases of the Skiu of whatever nam
or nature, are literally dug up and carried
out of the system in a short time by the ns
of these Bitters.
Pin, Tape, and other
InrVinir in the svstem of so many
are efleetuallv destroyed and removed. No
system of medicine, no vermifuges, no an
thelminitics will free the system from worms
like these Bitters.
Fnr FftmalG ConiDiaints. inyoune
or old, married or single, at the dawn of wo
manhood, or the turn of life, these Tonie
Bitters display so decided an influence that
unprovemGub is swn ficioiiwwio.
riAanRAthe Vitiated JJlooa when
ever you find its impurities bursting through
tho slrin in Pimnles. Emotions, or Sore's;
cleanse it when yon find it obstructed and
sluggish in the veins ; cleanse it when it i
foul : yonr feelings will tell you when. Keep
the blood pure, and the health of tbe system
win louow.
h. n. McDonald co
Drnnrlsts and Gen. A Eta., San Francisco. CallfornJs,
l - . r IU i : . i , 'I -1. u, -Vr V
ou cur. ui w HiuiiKwn uu i."""l,M .
old tjr all aJraagglsls una vcoirrm.
mmmm . lacvr. -.tei in mn ua
TEA country lo sell TEA, or net tip ntab
Bi aw mm orders lor TUB lira:... vm w.,
laAmartca. Imortera' pricaa and InauoMuanls
UiAfnts. suno rnr tnrcnipr. """"A . .
BOliRRT WEM 8. S Vrsoy St.. . V. P. O. Box. 1
Its Cure.
larbblated Cod Liver Oil
ts sselentlflo oomblnstlon of tiro areii-fenoira aiodl.
sines. Ita it i to arrest tut" deta. -he
Salldwnuisaj3t- .. ntTSKtsnatlndtliedoctruieror.
rect. Tne mall. atArtUnr varcs performed o WUI
sob's Oil ars pr-
Mrbottc Add fwaJfrchj orre Drear. It Is tha
aiost nowerfnl antiseptic la ti.e caowa worm. F.o
terln Into the circulation, It at nce arapniea wlUi
corruption, and decaf ccaae .1 pnrlflca law aoareei
0tCUer Oau muttrmt. omMtmt raslattnt
Part ap In lar(e wt,, t."r- ''.
aaaaaa vir aaaw aiaata .'"
M aTsdaai tmsj. P Xmttkt

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