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Hopuhlliau vuliim of llruilforil are uo-
o nioet attho ollico or O Uanihcll, Jr.,
unlay, My Moth, 1874, nt 7 J o'clock P.
elect three Delegates to the Hopiiblivuu
L'uuveutlon to be huldcn ut llurliugtou,
Per Order KKi'iin, Town cum.
temeuibcr the promenade cou
nt Towu Uull Saturday eveu-
Mav .30.
Why is a plush lmt like the
lotion of ft tooth at Clark's t
Because it iau'tfelt.
. M. Ulomuut will soli the slock
xturcs of hia saloon in Hook
Building, this (Friday ) c sou
py auction.
f the person who stole the
dog from the Trotter Iloimo
eturu the same, he will receive
ewArd a good, sound thrash
ind " Mem " is the man to pay
a. the leaders of a four home
were being unhitched near the
t, Monday inoruinsr, the mail
came along and frightened
so they turned partially
id and ran, dragging a young
who was holding them by the
several rods. Finding the
uumunagable the youth loosed
old and ran. The horses, how
making the best time, knocked
Sown, and passed over his body
rtuuutely without doing him
us injury. Moral : When run-
race with a horse don't run the
way the horse docs ; its dan
vomit: man who wished to
bis smurtness stepped ofl
ain at the depot a few days
and attempted to get on after
urs were in motion. His foot
bd and he came within six
s of being crushed by the car
Is. The depot master gave
. lift and the brakeman grasp
in by the collar and he was
I into the car in no gentle
er. lie iieservereu to nave
helped in by the break man's
for if he had been killed the
master or conductor or break-
would have had to bear the
i. Better leave jumping oft'
Ion to cars when iu motion to
ad men who understand the
r operandi.
me Pickles. Mr. A. J. Russ
is town proposes to go into the
e business on a big scale the
ug season. lie has put up a
ing for the purpose, and is buy-
pall the cider vinegar iu this
ty. He advertises for 1000
als of cucumbers and 100 bush
eh of ripe and green tomatoex.
o not see why this will not
to a large business in time,
C. U. O, Williams, well
throughout New England
eased the "Sawyer House"
JFranklin, N. H.. for the season
74. This is a new, commodi-
hotel, with now furniture
ghout, delightfully situated on
Met Lake, and from personal
ledge we can say that no
Miter place can be touud to
a few days or weeks than
d that beautiful sheet of wa
Prof. Williams' experience in
life has fitted him for the du-
f ,lhost", and we predict the
yer House" wjl become a pop-
esort tor pleasure seekers,
iVhat every one says must be
ud they say that t lie place to
the best Millinery Goods the
est, is at Mrs. C. S. Stevens'.
io to O, U. Curtis' and get
Tomato Plants.
ly advertisment in another cob
it will be seen that Nathan's
ppolitau Pavilion Show will
it in this village on Thursday
June 4, afternoon and even-
W e are assured that this is
t-clas company in every par
ana not one or the cueap.
yieuiiy affairs so much in vogue
days, lne performers ore
tuowu as artuts in their pro-
, and actors of rare talent.
proprietors are careful toex-
everythmg or a vulgar or im
nature. Moris. Lois Belair
lve a tree outside exhibition
nuierful feats on a rope extend -om
the ground to the top of
put pole, a half hour before
brformauce commences.
io to Curtis if you want a
of good eoo Soda. Also,
1 supply of Lemons, Oranges,
lApples, &c.
Nathan Davis of the Lake
le, on rainoe Laue, is now
ng extensive preparations for
ud opening of bis pew bouse
Fourth of July'next. There
m a collation in the grove, ad-
a by Gen. Stephea Thomas , .
lleasotf, Esq., S. G. Heaton,
and others. A Brass Baud
te in attendance.
jadies don't forget to call at
Cnrtis' for your millinery, she
fceivmg new goods every day.
wpairof those two-button kids
Lone dollar per pair, and a
me of Parasols.
IJanovku. Mr. William Pardee,
one of our oldest and most respect
ed citizens, died after a short illness
at his residence, on the -5'h lust.
114 was buried with masonic honors,
There is to be a coimo of free
lectures during the coming week in
College Church, given by James 1
Fields, Esq., of Boston, The dates
and t ubjucts are us follows :
Monday evening, "Charles Lamb
and his menus." Wednesday eveu
ing, Literary and Artistic Society
iu Loudon, tweuty-ilve years ago."
Friday evuuinir. "Fiction and its
eminent authors."
The students and citizens had
the pleasure, last Friday evening.
ot l.steniug to a lecture from Ben
Patterson ou his "trip through the
British Isles."
The "University Crew" are daily
practising on the river iu preperu
tion for the coming regatta nt Sara
toun. which is to be held next July
This crew contains only one of
the "giants" who pulled at Spring
Held, Mass., last year, 'lliey are in
Lrood condition, and are the best
specimens of physical strength that
the Colleire can luruisu. lour ol
the crew are New Hampshire boys,
who are accustomed to out door
life mid hard work. Mr. Eaton, the
bow oar, is the best buse ball play
er in College having only one rival
in the person of Gates, the stroke,
who pulled with the old "giants"
last year.
e uive below the statistics of
the "six" as they are given by a
member ot the crew :
W. H. hutnii, Jr., Liiwcll, Mass., liow j ago
VI, weight Mil, height;) II).
W. F. Westgato, Haverhill, N. 11.. 2; ago
-"J, weight lib, height 3 11.
1). F. Itohiusnu, Manchester, N. 11.. J ; lift'
!B, weight IW), height u.
C. W. Eager, Manchester, N, II., 4 ; age 19,
weight 1,0, height b 1.
F. W. Mitchell. Manchester, N. II., a; ago
31, weight 1SII, height 6 1.
C. O. liatcs, Stuiirvil If, Loun., stroke ; ago
Jl, weight IKS. Height 6 8.
By request we re-publish the
procrrainme of exercises for Memo
rial Day.
Tlio voliiutu will be formed on Main Street.
in front tit' the Post Oflice, lit eleven oVlook
A. M., uniler tlio direction of Col. Roswell
Faruliaui, Commander of Washburn l'osl.
Dradford Brans Hand Hi pieces,
K. K. Whitoonih. Leader.
Officers uuil Members of Wiixhluirn Post G.
A. It.. and oilier members ot tlio Order.
The Orutur of tlio day, Clergymen and invited
Soldiers and Sailors, not members of tin)
G. A. It.
Tlio llradl'oid Guards.
WaiUville Kim Engine Company.
Tlie Public Schools.
Tlio lino of march will bo from the village
to the cemetery and back,
I Dirge by the Band,
y The ceremonies prescribed by tlio ltttuul
of tlio Order, during which, ut the time indi
cated by the Commander, the audience are
requested to mute in singing America :
3 Decoration of the Graves of Soldiers by
the Members of the Post, tlio Band playing a
1 illation ny maj. josiaii ukoi t, oi New
port, Vt.
o I. losing song, nine: um iiunarai.
While Freedom lives, their fumo shall live
In glory mi her blazing scroll.
And Love her sacrifice nIiuII give,
Vt hue uiillieius round the alter roll.
lllest mo the Martyred ilenil who lie
In holy graves tor Freedom won,
Whose storied deeds shall never die
Whilo coming years their circles run.
Our Fathor, all the praise be thine !
my grace uuil goutiness we uilore!
Bless our dear laud with love divine,
And shed thy peace hum shore o shore.
6 Benediction.
The column will, return to the village in
the 8amo order in which it marched to th.i
All oid Soldiers and Sailors art especially
invited to join the column with their old
comrades, and all such are requested to re
port to the Commander ut the time the col
umn is foruiud.
Citizens arc respectfully invited to join the
column and continue with it till the return to
the village
The ladies arc invited to contribute flowers
arraugetl iu wreaths ami cms scs, and leave
them at II. O. Day's store.
Those who rule to the ( e.niet ery nre respect
fully requested not to drive past tlie column
when n the march. The Column will hull
once or twice, when those who wish can drive
give a list of stock horses kept in this vicini
ty, all of which have sired excellent colts:
The Old Morgan Horse "Vermont" and a
son, will make the season at the stable of the
owner, J. H. Peters, Esq., in this village.
British Lion," owned by O. P. Dickey,
VVest Coriutli, will stand on Monday.Wcdues-
doy, T liursdny and Friday at the proprietor's
stable : on Tuesday at Washington Kluts ; and
on Saturday at East Coriutb
Young St Lawrc nee " will stand at tho
Ed. Underbill Stable iu Pieriiiont every week
day but Mondays.
J. S. Chapman's " Pilot Boy " may bo found
Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays,
at tho proprietor's stable iu Corinth ; and ou
Wednesdays anil Thursdays at the stable of
George Church iu Vershtre.
Mtmlton Bros', three well known trottin g
Stallions, " Ilambletouiun Monarch," " Doll
Giovanni" and "Portland," -will make tho
season of isr4 at the Green Mountain Stock
Farm, VVest Kuiitlolph.
West Topsiiam. E. M. Collins
has gone on the road for Fifleld &
Co. of Montpelier, wholesale deal
ers in corn, flour, and groceries.
Mr. Collins is a courteous, affable
gentlemau w ith whom it is a pleas
ure to deal.
John Bailey, Jr., assignee of the
late firm of Tabor & Collins, made
a dividend last week of 27 per cent.
West Newbury. The French
man who killed the woodchuck in
Mr. Carleton's yard, had better
look for a woodchuck's hole to crawl
into, if he cannot tel a tame wood
chuck from a wild cue.
A Connecticut man, whose sou
was ill, appealed to the physican :
"Do bring him out of it right away,
doctor ; do break up the fever at
once, eveu if you charge as much as
if h8 went through a whole course
of fever."
Hast Cokintii. ltowlaud and
Uogers not having had very good
luck killing foxes, have commenced
killing trout. Their flrst risit among
them this season proves them to be
experts nt the business. They
caught in pounds in 4 hours, in
aits River, weighing on an aver
age one half pound each, and Rog
ers says it was not much of a day
lor trouc either,
Geo, Way has returned from the
"Hub" with a laruo stock of new
goods, and will sell as cheap as the
One of George Prescott's best
stage horses broke a leg in the stall
last week.
S. Thompson's new tin shop is
being rapidly constructed : lie in-
tends to have it in running order
July 1st.
It has been proposed to have a
guide board nt the foot of Mnzzy's
hill for the benefit of two fellows
that came out from Bradford one
day last week.
A young ambitious Peachamite,
anxious to secure a few trout out of
Waits River, got into posish on
Cnpt, Snub's bridge, and commenc
ed the cruel sport of killing the
beautiful trout that that River
abounds in. But lv some unluckv
movement he lost his balance and
splashed head foremost into the
surging, rolling waters, but being a
good swimmer, he came out a wiser
and it is hoped a better fisherman.
Lyme. The oldest plowing team
in this town capable of doing a
smart business, might have been
seeu in operation on the Meach
Marshall farm last Tuesday. The
combined nges of the teamster, hor
ses and plow was 165 years. Mr.
Marshall, teamster, 3 years ; one
horse 29 years ; one horse 23 years
old ; plow 30 years oliL-all in good
working order.
Mr, Editor : A Lyme corresnoi).
dent mentions the probable expedi
ency of returning to tho old way,
because some dislike the one service
system for the Sabbath. We would
like to ask, what good a second ser
mon does those who are not present
to hear it T Also, if there it a re
turn, if those strenuous for it will
always be present to hear both ser-
mous, and at the prayer-meeting,
unless they have a reason which
would bo deemed sufficient to ex
cuse the pastor in the same circum
stances from attendance 7 Will
they agree to treasure up and digest
both sermons, to make them a coll
iding stimulus to belter living!
Is it justifiable to burden ministers
so heavily, for the simple conveni
ence of the people, to accommodate
alt-day church-goers, some per-
mg to attend iu the morning and
others in the afternoon f
These queries have sugrjrestetl
themselves, for the fact sometimes
comes out, that some most clamor
ous for tiro sermons, seem not to be
over and above particular about
hearing ou the average one a Sab
bath, nor any too earnest to prac-
ico the counsels of that. We pre
sume, however, this may not be
true of any of the cood people of
Lyme.- querist.
Newbury. The closing enter
tainment by tho singing school, un
der the direction of Prof. Whitney
last Saturday eve was a success.
The Hotel and Springs are re
ceiving applications for summer
boarders. Prospects are they will
soon be well filled.
Waits River. Daniel Miller has
sold his farm to John Sawver of
5ast Corinth, for $2000. Mr. Mil
er moves to East Orange.
The school iu Thayer's district
coimnenee.iI Monday of this week,
under the instruction of Miss Ada
No.ves. We congratulate our com
mittee upon benig so fortunate as to
secure the services of this reliable
Vershire. The ladies who are
friends and acquaintance of Lam
iston Church and wife, recently
burned out, have collected a liberal
donation of clothing and necessary
articles, to help the sick wife along.
I he lirook road school district
have located their new school house
on the site of the barn which be-
onged to the store that was burned
a year ago, the barn having been
emoved and converted into a uew
store. The town's people have sub
scribed generously for a free hall,
to be built with the school house as
an upper story.
Geo. Fletcher has moved his
Tailor's shop from West Fairlee to
rooms over Smith Ely's store.
West Randolph. The excrcis
es ot Decoration JUay at the ('en
ter Village will take place at 10 A.
M., and at the West Village at 2 v.
M. Col. Mead will make some re
marks at the Center, aud Gen. S.
Thomas, of Montpelier, will deliver
an oration at tho West Village in
the afternoon. The services of tho
Band have been secured for the
East Randolph The-Orange
County Good Templar's Union held
its quarterly session at East Ran
dolph, Vt., May 27, 1874.
Chelsea. The June term com
mences Tuesday, June 2. Hon
Asahel Peck is presiding judge, as
sisted by Hon. A. E. Kinney, and
Wm. H. Nichols. L. G. Hiuckly is
Clerk, aud J. Q. A. Bass, Sheriff.
The Court docket numbers 257
cases, while 45 cases appear upon
the Chaucery docket. This Court
is holden in a busy season of the
year, Jtnd the farmers who ohanoe
to be drawn as jurymen will not par
ticularly desire a loug term of office.
Orpokd. Your '-Clerlcus" cor
respondent makes some singular
questions iu regard to the Taberna
cle, as exemplified by beautiful
drawings at our last monthly Sun
day School concert. In regard to
the first question our leuder said
'they stole the gold", I objocted to
"stole" for they only received pay
in a certain sense, Ex. 3 : 22.
2d question It is hard to tell how
manv skins it took to cover the Tab-
onittcle, ueither does it matter, suf
fice it to say, the Lord was at me
head of affairs. "They took unto
them such things as they required",
fix. 12: 36 (in kind or quantity; ue
fore thev left Eevpt.
3d question 1 should answer the
first part of tho question, "ine peo
pie brought much more than enough
for the service of the work until
thev were restrained from bringing"
Ex. 30 : 5. and the Inst part of the
question, by saying, "Them hath ho
tilled with wisdom ot neanio worn
all manner of work, of the engrav.
or and of the cunning workman and
of the embroiderer, in blue, purple
and scarlet, and in fine linen aud of
the weaver, even or them tuui uo
any work, or of those that devise
cunning work," Ex. 35 : 35.
4t,h nuestion The whole Taberna
cle was only 45x15 and the Holy of
Ilolys was only a small part or mat,
not very large. But the "Occasion"
for the structure "being so large,"
was "Look that thou make them af
ter the pattern which was shown
them in the Mount," Ex.25: 40.
5th Question Thou must give us
also sacrifices and burnt oflenngs
for therefore must we take
to sorve the Lord our God," Ex. 10 :
25 and 20.
Your correspondent must have a
very limited idea of the passage of
the childreu ot Israel tnrougn tho
wilderness, over 600,000 ot them,
and also a limited idea of its being
God's work, and God at the head of
affairs, all-mighty, all-powerful.
We cannot but teei that our sab
bath School has a far more clear
and concise view of the Tabernacle,
its construction, its glory and its
use, after the explanation by dif
ferent members of the school as the
drawings were exhibited.
The April prophicies of fine sum
mer weather.upon and after the first
day of May, have not been fonnd to
full out in fact ; cold and storm,
cloud and heaviness were ascribed
to the eclipse, that over and all was
to be as fair as blissful morn or
dewy eve. Queries : What has
become of all the prophets f and
what have eclipses to do with the
summer ! Alas ! Alas t
Along the banks of the Connecti
cut are strips of intervale; how
beautiful they look just uow ! The
enraptured poet must have had
some such in view, when he sang,
"Sweet Ileitis beyond the swelling flood,
Stand licensed in livlns green."
Upon these meadows, the farm .
ers are now at work, plowing and
sowing, putting in their crops of all
kinds ; one is preparing for fifteen
acres of corn.
Further down the riverTland sim
ilar to this is used to some extent
in the raising of tobacco, Queries.
Is it right to appropriate "fields of
living green," type of heaven, to the
cultivation of a foul and filthy wcad,
and are they who cultivate it worse
than they who buy, sell or use it 1
To help in deciding these inter
rogatories, here is the
"Not that which goeth into the mouth de
flhfh a'ninu. Nothing in unclean of itself;
but to him that CHtccineth nnything'uuclciin
it is unclrau." "Every creature of God is good
and nothing to lie refused." "Uut the pure
alirtbiugs arc pure." "Ho which is lilthy, let
him be filthy still." 2d Peter, 1 : 21); Kev. iK :
To learn where the gold for the
Jewish tabernacle teas dug, look at
Ex. 35 : 22. Query : Does this look
as though womeu in that day were
fond of nice jewelry ! She seems
ta have had a plenty, yet parted
with it willingly. Cleeious.
Ohfoudville. On the morning
of the 22d, in going to the village,
Mr. Bradford Sargent met with an
unfortunate accident. lie had a
span of colts and had just crossed
the Clover Mill Bridge, near the
mill yard of B. F. Trussell, Esq.,
and in passing a peddler's cart one
of the colts took fright and pushed
the other one out of the road, by
which means M. S. was thrown 0"'
among bushes and stones, seriously
bruising his face and occasioning
general lameness. The wonder is
that the injury was not greater.
Two boys with him escaped unhurt.
Iu Bradford, May .25th, Beiyamiu Kennedy,
aged 88 yrs. nnd 6 inos.
Host on Cattle Markets.
At Ciimbriujie and Hi isrli I tin. lor tho week
ending Tuesday, May 2tl, 1874.
Piucks. Beef Cattle. Kxtra fat and heavy
premium oxen, IS.75 a 9.75 ; flrst qunlity.
i.7a a 8.3d; second quality. fli.OO o 7.50;
third quality, $,").'J3 a 5.75. per 100 lbs. on total
weight of hitlo, tallow aud dressed beef.
irorKiw (hen. S150 , 250 nrr nair. or ac-
eonling to their valno na hoof. Steers. S7 a
Milch Cows Fair quality, $35 a 60; extia
f;ootl, flu a '.15, with or without calves, as may
ic agieed ; furrow and ordinary. $25 n 35 ;
yearliugs, $10 o 18; 2-year olds, $20 a 28 ) 3
year olds, $:0 45.
Sheeo.S a 7c : e itr. 71n9!c: few fancv
flocks, 9J a 10c per lb, live weight ; or $4.50 a
$4.75 per head.
p Shotet, Wholesale, 7 a 7jc ; r etail, 8 o 8o
er 10 . Kat Hogs, fij a 6 jo per lb.
Veal Caltet $5.50 a 9.00 per head.
B idts. Ilrightnn, 7j a 8c ; country lots. 7 a
71c; calfskins. 15 o llic : tallow. 5o oer lb:
country, 4jc.
Pelt: With wool on. $2.50 a 3.00;cacb..
I will pay the above reward to anv one re
turning to me a small Black Him. 'blind in
one eye, that strayed from tho enclosure of
mr. ueoua.ru, last Saturday.
Newbury, Vt., Mt 26, 1874. Iw3
grand emporium of
Constantly on hand it supply of Western anil
Corn IVIenl.
ground nt the New Lobauou Mills, aud sold as
low- aa tho market will allow.
Your Attention
is called to the fact that I have some of the
best brands of
which I oiler at prices that will meet your np
at bottom prices,
You will have uo carting
expenses to pay.
made a specialty. Givo them a try. They
say I have the best. I hare tho largest and
best assortment of
iu town. Plonso examine before purchasing
Fish of ail Kinds
Coffee, Spieca and Cream Tar
tar, strictly pure,
Tapioca, Oelutins, Cocoa, Chocolate, etc, etc,
Northern Corn Meal Sifted,
Oat Meal, Hulled Barley.
Bring iir your butter, cheese, eggs and pro
duce (for which I pay a good price) with a lit
tle money, and exchange for Goods, aud be
made glad.
Bradford, Vt, May 26, 1874. ltf
50 First-Iass Artists
selected from the American and
European Theatres and Gymna
siums. Tho Finest Gymnasts.
The Most Accomplished Acrobats.
The Funniest Clowus.
The Most Daring Leapers.
The Wonderful Juggler.
The Unrivaled Knife Throwers.
The Strongest Man the modern
Tho Beautiful Female Specialty Ar
tists. The Celebrated Troupe of Fan
tomimists, together with Prof. Andy
Shomer's corps of Trained Dogs,
Monkeys and Goats, forming one of
the most novel and varied enter
tainments ever given under a pavil
ion. Two performances each day
Previous to the afternoon perform
will make a
F it E TO
from tho ground to the top of the canvas, per
forming souio of ids wonderful uud thrilling
(hand Street Procession each day at half
past ten o'clock, lad by our magnificent Bund
Chariot, drawn by Ten beautiful horses, and
containing ourspiendid Cornet Hand, under
the direction of l'rot. Thomas Grosho, follow
ed by the whole company.
For list of talent connected with the estab
lishment see descriptive bills.
Each entertainment will conclude with tho
now Trick Pantomime, entitled
produced with new Scenery, Tricks and novel
mechanical effects, introducing
Children under 12, 25 Cts.
Afternoon Performance commences at half
past two. Evcuing Perforuiau co ut eight
o'clock. Doors open ono hour previous to
Will Exhibit at
Bradford, Thursday, June 4
Haverhill, Wednesday, June 8
Managers and Proprietor.
General Agent.
SPRING, 1874.
April 37th,
Ready-Made Clothing,
We tniuk we have the
of all New Styles in Boys Clothing
for Inspection.
op inosE
Made from the Best Lewiston Duck
at 75 Cts.
All of our Goods at the Loicest
Prices that can he Found.
If you nro wanting
II. CI. Bee cl.
Clover Heed,
Heel 'JL'op,
Orchard Grassy
or any kind, cull at tlie
Hardware Store
Autl get our prices bel'or you buy.
We have some elegant styles of
The bent cheap Fluting Machine in the
Picks up 1'iiiH, Necillefi, bits of Thread.
Pocket Kuives, &tv, &c. Try it.
Bradford, April 7, 1874, 43-
Saw Mill for Sale!
NE HALF of the Saw Mill ut Mouth
if lnrj, known as
Is for sale. There is a Lime's Patent Boanl
Mill. 21 inch Planer: Lath, Shinule, Euro
Spout and other machines alt iu good run
umg order. Also, my
Dwelling1 House,
Willi uboutl j Acres of land. The buildings
nro mostly new.
i:liam .i. Ti TTi.n.
South Newbury, May 15, 1H74. M-tf
Would announce to tho citizens of Ilradford
and vicinity that having bought out the busi
ness lately curried on by J. Jeffords, he 'will
keep a
FTTXjXj stock
Teas, Codec, Spices, Canned Fiuits, Canned
Oysters, Lobster,
Crackers, Crushed Wlient. Pickles, Raisins,
Figs, Nuts, Macaroni, Vernieeelli, Yeast Pow
ders, fee, &c.
He intends to do a
Cas h orlteady Pay
business, und hopes to merit a liberal share of
buplie patronage. 4Mtf
To my many customors ami fricuds I would
announce that I have received the spring and
aud shall eudeavor, as in the past to make
eariuonts in a manner that cauuot fail to
done for others to make.
Kcspcctfully yours.
P. S. Wanted: Four good Coat Makers.
Hoorm Sash and Blind.
Planing, Sawing, nnd getting out
generally. Special attention to getting out
Stair Rails
of all (tylM. Bradford.

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