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ISO. 30
OKAJifiE COLNTV fl BLISU1NG CO., Pioprieton,
IAMB ! so inti l.u la aulvae
jorn Meal per liunu.
Horn Tier bu.
Shorts per bund.
ml dealer In Saddlery floods, Bone CloUilnj,
Carrl... SlelBl.., etc., .to. VEnM0NXj
corintii, VE0Y"
Heals. Lodnlnsc ud Horn. Kooning, Board by the
5v or ikYat reasonable prfoos. Warm rooms,
i& BtrtUni. W. M. EDWARDS. Proprietor.
-...v.,.-: Manufacturer and Dealer In :
Hawed frliingle
f all kinds. Carriage! repaired In tbe best inan
Bar at Iwlnif. prices.
Butter, Cheese, Eggs, Beans,
Country Produce,
Beferenoes-Edward Bands, fct Tr
Jiatlonal Bank, Boston, Natban RobbiM, Pffi
dt Faneull Hall National Bank, Boston , Henry
laye tCe., Boston , B. 8. Bloeper 4 Co. Boston
imStt. Oag. Co. Portland, Me. Henry Cbase,
fcyndon, Vt., George Baldwin, Bradford. Vt.
General Job work done promptly and In the best
Ihaniier at reasora-ujo
C. O. -BUBNflAM,
Vest fairlee, . vermont
Bales promf tly attkskkd to,
i And advertising Bt-M "P Rt low ntn"
All kinds of Country Produce on Commissien
- -. opp. Meoliauios' Mills, LoijU, Mass.
All good consigned promptly
WSTW I Bank" and s7k. Dexter, botbof
For tius sale of all ' kinds of
Country Produce,
Kc. 222 Middlesex Bt Lowell, Mass.
Opposite Depot,
All Koods consigned promptly atteoiM to
nd remittances made as soun as sold.
irenoa-Anpleton Ntttiou.il Bank. Lowell;
t lattiu. Allisou & Somes. Boston. 7vr
Village Hotel,
,Y. J. Bu cr field, Pioyr.
This house luvs Just been re-furuisbod und
ttted up, and is efc'aiu open for tbo uocoui
modutlon of tbe traveling piiblio, nud wo
tball use our best endeavors (o ive entire
L1VKKY STABLE, rear of Trotter House,
Ltuge to and from all tiaesuiiicer trams. G,
a.. ins. siuale or double, always ready
teasouable prices. ....
Collections a Specialty.
llueter und Solicitor in Cbuncery.
x -wax T,,i'HiiA!ir. . - - Vt.
Master nd Solioitor in Chanoery.
tin Cohintii. -
.Masters and Bolicitors in Cbanoery.
Particular attention to collections and praO'
MCQ 111 A"BW linuipounw vu..
4 tmiKTH.
Master aud Solicitor in Cbanoery.
. raiatcr.
a specialty. Rooms In tha new build
Cpo.it. sash and blind factory.
SriaJord, Vt.
Sealer in
O eneral Merchandise
rlD VP CAPITA! - - 0,000.
Bsnivea Vr 1-oniU, Make. Collectloq.. nd
L. F. HALE. Thbasdbkb.
MUr and Solicitor in Cbanoery,
i-i-n .i.nmmt.tlT attended to.
The bcllo of the bcuhoii, tit Allau
tio City, thia j t'iir, was Adiionne
A dark-eyed beauty, with ono of
tlioso rich, wine-wnriu couipluxiuus
that remiud one of Egyptian Cleo
patra, lovely red lips, and white
aims spin klincr with cordons 01
pteciouM slone.M und lunula of dead-
gold; and in I ho purple light ot the
setting rum, hs site sat there in
Major Brabazon's harouohe, with
the foam fiingea of the sea on one
side, anil the ynllow siinds on the
other, she wits us beautiful as u
dream I
Nor was slio unobserved by the
stream of gay proinenaders along
tho shore.
v "K'n n fiwpopfl eoii,!uNioii,"8aid
old Doctor Prince.
'Sho'll nairy Brabazon, of
course," said Mrs. Alleyne.
"Siie'll ii any the richest man
who presents himself, no matter
who ho is," observed Captaiu Oa
gon spitefully.
"The Brabazons are a wealthy
family," remarked Doctor Pounce.
'Not that this young fellow has
much of his own, but hia uncle, old
Barney Brabazon, is the richest
planter In Louisiana, without chick
or child to inherit his wealth."
'You piay depend upou it, Miss
Vail has taken nil that into consid
eration," said Mrs. Alleyno, with
the quiet malice which one woman
often exhibits in speaking of an
other. "She's the most mercenary
creature on the face of the globe"
Mrs. Allpy ue had spoken, if vin
distively, still truly. 4-dr;erfite
Vail, with her angel-face and voice
of low toned music, was rather in
clined to view mankind through the
dcllsr-aud cent medium.
tier face w&a her fortune. She
had been educated by a scheming
mother, who, herself pinched and
pramped by perpetual want, had re
solved that Adrionno should bring
her radiant beamy Lq t!;o best pos
sible market, and thus redeem the
low estate of the family fortunes.
A.diienne's girlhood had not been
like that of oLhay children; she had
tasted poverty, and been trwoed in
tUo belief that happiness could
nnlv be attained by means of a
goldflU spell.
"You must marry, yu must
marry rich," was the precept wbicM
her mother was perpetually uinning
into her ears nor was she likely to
brget the bail.e cry, now she was
011 the actual field of action.
'And I suppose," said Mrs.1
Alleyne, biting her lips, as she saw
her own red-haired, sandy-com-plexioned
daughter whiijjiig with
out any encort on the beach. "Bra.
bazon's fool enough to believe that
ebp really loves him for liimself."
Yes, Ci'ubazon was just sucn a
fool. He was madiy in love witu
the beautiful brunette lie was in a
paradise of bliss as long as she sat
t,y his side and sinileU on mm wiui
those wonderful eyes of hers ana
he firmly believed thai, ;v;th the
magnetism of true love, she shared
his every emotion.
They were engaged that is, sub-
jeet to old Uarnauas jiraoazou s
uDDrovtil, for Adrieuno knew her
voiinir Kiiitnr hud no patrimony in
.. r
iiia mm. nud (die liad no minu to
rink 'More in a cottage" even for
he sake of handsome Alleu Bra
"lie stands iu a f ather's place to
vou, Alleu," she said; "and my
standard of filial duty is high."
"Ue cannot help admiring you
when he comes," declared Allen
Brabazon, wuo had already writ-1
Leu to his uncle upou the subject.
Old Barnabas arrived at last a
yellow-skiuued, bilious looking
man, with iron-gray hair, rumpled
in a crest ou the top ot ins ueau,
and a pair of black eyes that glow
ed like coals of fire beneath his
shaggy peut-houBes of brows.
His dress was of coarse brown
tweed; his boots thick; his hat a
flapping Panama, which half cou
cealed'his blunt features. But his
linen was exquisitely fine, buttoned
with diamond sparks, and on his
linger he wore an emerald ring
which rsiirftsented almost the val
ue of a king's ransom.
"Well !" quoted Barnabas, fixing
1111 enquiring eye on bis nephew
Uncle," cried the young man en
thusiastically, "she is a angel !"
"I'll hava to look at ber before I
make np my mind ou tho subject
said Uncle Barnabas.
Ho was taken to call on Miss
Vail, and like most other gentle
men he "went down" at the first
sparkle pf her liquid, dark eyes,
"By Jupiter, Allan, you are
right P said Uncle Barnabas. "She
u tlin nrettiest cirl I ever saw in
my life."
clash of the viols, cornetB, and
trombones made musical answer to
tho diapason of the waves; grim
old dawagers played cards ; batter
ed beaux smoked their pipes and
strove to rejuveuate themselves
onco moro to tho fragrance of the
sea-air; pretty girls flirtod; liaud
some cavaliers held fans and bo
quots, aud newspaper correspond
ents invented all sorts of fact lor
the New York and Philadelphia
daily press. And as time went by,
a rumor gained credence, to the ef
fect that Uncle Barnabas Braba
zon was ousting his nephew from
the affections of the beautiful Miss
"There!" said Mrs. Vail, lier
witch-liko countenance assuming
a radio;!: expropsion: "Here it Is
In black and white. Au offer of
marriage! My dear, you'll be the
richest woman south of Mason and
Dixon's line."
Adrienne, in a lovely dishabille
of white cashmere and rose-pink
ribbons, sat looking at the letter,
with something of dismay upon her
"Write and accept him at once,
urged Mrs. Vail.
"What! that old man V
"Old man !" streamed Mrs. Vail.
"The richest planter iu Louisiana !
Why, child, every diamond he
wears is a fortune in itself."
"But I don't love him," pleaded
Adrienne in a row voice.
"Love bah !" screamed the old
lady, "what does love amount to 1
A little sugar and honey, a few
sweetmeats, and starvation for the
rpstpfyour life. I made a love
match and see what a (Jagging
career mine lias been. Adrienne,
don't be a fool ! You will never
have such another chance as this."
Still Adrienne hesitated.
'Mawm&," she said, " I am eu
gaged to Allan, and J love jilm,
Aud I will be his wife!"
"But child, don't you see what
ruin that will bring upon us!"
breathlessly cried Mrs. Vail. "Al
lam hasn't a penny of hjs own, apd
if he offends his uncle"
"He can work for a living, ma
ma, like other men."
"Work worii for a Hying P
snarled the old lady, displaying a
set of yellow teeth that would have
done credit to abyena. "Aud you
Jive jn a flat, and do up your laces
in the wash bowl to pv.Q the laun
dress' bill, aud turn your own
silk dresses, and darn your bus-
baud's stockings, to lighten the ex
Dense you, that have the chance
to button your gown with da
nionds, aud live in a palace!"
Mamma," cried Adrienne, "what
would lifp in a palace be worth
without the man you love? I yill
not marry old Mr. Brabazon, and I
will marrv Allan, if I have to live
in barracks with him, or ride around
the world iu a baggage wagon P
And this was 'the' end of Miss
Vail's "mercenary" career. She
wrote a resolute little note to Mr.
Brabazon, while hermother indul
ged in a obd, old-fashioned fit of
hysterics. The uote J?a3 yorded
as follows:
"I like you ever so much, but 1
loved Allan long before I ever saw
you, and I don't think I can be
happy with any one but Allan ; ao
if you please, Mr. Brabazon, I must
decline your kind offer. And pray
pray, don't be any more angry
with we than you can help."
Mr. Brabazon read the Ifttle tear-
stained note, and folding it grimly
mi wfiiit, across to the hotel where
t, .
his nephew was staying
f Well, lad," said be, "1 have ot-
rowi mvse r mvst'll. minu, ice
iww "'J " - v ' r,.. ,
. . i.. T Atiialrttia fn A A I'l ,
ncuesD umu iu jjuuioim
enne Vail."
Allan started to his feet, turning
alternately red and pale.
"And she has refused me!"
The young man was deadly white
now. lie scarcely new nuu m-
had feared or hoped he ouly felt
the intense relief of kuowing that
Adrienne was still true to lnm.
My own true love," he muttered,
between his teeth; "my ljttle dark-
. . 1, If ..I.a .kl.,PA,l Ilia
eved lewei i n i.e tJ.j ijcu
false, uncle 1 believe l buouki uave
been tempted to commit suicide r
lUmph umpb P gruuted Uucle
Rnriipv. "Leve love uowiuese
nnnnla talk 1 Aud what.
J v 0 x t
may I venture to asu, oo you ex
iect to live on 1"
I ran work. Uncle Barney, for
her sake," said Allan, bravely.
. "Very well,'' said Uuple Barney
"Let's go and tell her so."
Adrienne was looking lovelier
than ever, with flushed cheeks, eyes
rrlitterinir with excitement aud
c "
rose-red lips.
;How is this, young woman t'
demanded Uncle Barnabas. "Every
oue at Atlautio City told me you
. . . . ... .
I've oflered youa fortune aud you
have up aud down declined it P
"Because I loved Allan better
than all the gold of California!"
said Adrlenue, with drooplug eye
lashes. "Come here and kiss me, my
dear," said Undo Barnabas. "No,
you ueodn't be afraid I shall not
make love to you any more. Pve
lived to bo sixty years old without
marrying, and I wouldn't wed the
finest woman alive. If you badn t
refused mo, I should have ruu off
to the Sandwich Islands to escape
Adrienne opened her eyes very
wide. I
"Then why do you ask me!"
she said. .. .-
"Simply, my deur, to make cer-
tain that you loved Allau for him
self alone, not because he was tho
nephew of his rich Uucle. And
I'm satisfied now !"
"I do love him," said Adrienne,
with tears in Jier eyes. "And I
love you, too, Uucle Barney only
in a different sort of way."
"I'm quite satisfied, my dear,"
said Uucle Barnabas. "And I
shall take it upou myself to see
that neither of you perish of want.'
So Adrienne Vail ''married rich"
after all. Bich, not only iu money
and sugar plantations, but rich iu
love and true affection. Happy
little Adrienne!
Two Eccentric Mom.
Oue day last week as a Griswold
street lawyer had just finished tack
ing upa sign of "Shut the door"
where he thought it would do the
most good au oldish man, having a
sour expression ou bis face, came
upstairs. The instant he saw the
sign he Baid :
'All bosh, sir all bosh. I never
pay any attention to such signs.'
;Bt ether peoplp dp,' Blid the
lawyer. '
'Let 'em do so then. I am Just
eccentric euough to leave your door
open when I goout.'
And so he did. He walked around
the room once or twice, made a few
inquiries, and left the ddOr wjde
open as he walked out. When he
had reached the street a boy over
took him and. asked liiin fo. return
to the room ou Important business.
He climbed back up stairs, and the
lawyer asked kirn !
'Did you leave your gold-headed
cane here J'
'No, sir hero it Is,' replied the
caller as he held is up.
Ah ! so it is. I was just eccou
tric enough to think that this stove
poker was your goldeaded caup.
All right no harm done good
bye !'
When the stranger went down
stairs he left the prjnt pf b(is heels
on every step. Detroit Free Press.
How a Itlatnnan ws jnolinea.
One day recently, as the insane
patients of the great chanty hospi
tal at Berlin were takiug their ac
customed exercise iu the gardens
of that establishment, under the
supervision of several attendents,
one of them, a lunatic cab driver
of herculean strength, ooutriyed to
slip away from bis companions and
to clamber up the trunk of a . huge
elm tree. Havlug reached one of
the top-most limbs and armed him-
Kolf with a stout branch, Ue an
nounced his inteutiou of J'staylug
ilifiin forever." No one darad to
attempt his capture by force ; so,
after a couple of hours had elapsed,
the medical authorities umtupiisd
to their assistance a detachment ot
the fire brigade and an engine
which forthwith began to play up
ou the deranged gymnast. Having
drenched him for a ten miuutes'
spell, the fireman summoned him to
a parley, but could get nothing out
of him save a fantastic aud high
flown Bueecb of thanks for their
refreshing attentions." Another
aud still more protracted deluge
proving equally ineffectual in m
ducjug him to descend, the warders
aud policemen recurred to irienuij
negotiations, aud their persuasions
at length moved the trininphan
madman to declare that if they
would pay homage to his gymuas
tie skill and heroio endurance by
three rouuds of enthusiastic ap
plause he would come down. His
terms were properly accepted, and
he decended to terra fir ma amid
the vehement plaudits of policemen,
warders and firemen, thus honora
bly capitulating after a siege of five
hours aud a half duration.
The first hat of a msw fashion for
ladies is not the result of any par
ticular desicn. One is finished
plain and theu sat down npon by
the head milliuer. Whatever shape
it may take under pressure is adop
ted as the style aud
becomes tbe
were a lortune-uunier. auu joi
pattern for others.
An Unexpected BUI,
A few days since a well-dressed
couple in tho prime of life,, stopped
at a hotel in a neighboring town,
and sending for a justice, wished
to be married. The justice said
"AU right, " aud . inquired their
names. Alter being told, it struck
him that he had performed tho same
service for tbe lady some years be
fore. On inqulriug if such was
not the case, the lady said that she
had boon married proviously.
'Have you a bill from your former
husband 1' asked Mr. Justice.
Yes,' she replied, I Lave a bill.'
This being satisfactory, the cere
mony was performed, and the cou
ple were declared 'man and wife.'
As tlriy were about departing, the
iusti'jjlWlio hud never Been, a bill
of divorce, thought it au excel
lent opportunity to satisfy his curi
osity. He' therefore said to the
Have you the bill with you t'
'Oh, yes,' she replied.
Have you any objectipus to al
lowing me to see itt' said our
jlNone whatever,? sho replied, and
stepping to the door, and cnliing
to a little boy some three or four
years of age, she said :
Here, Bill, come quick; here is
a gentleman who wishes to see
The gentleman wilted. Mod
ern Argo.
Killed by a UuUdoff.
Captain John' Shearer of ' North
Beaver, Pa., purchased a large bull
dog recently. The dog being very
ugly, he kept it chained iu the yard.
It had taken greftt djsliko to.
John Wallace, a young mail who
was a frequent visitor to the Shear
er family. On Thursday Wallace
went to the house. There was no
one at home except Cant. Shearer's
sijiteou year-old daughter, bhe
toid Wallace that the dog had bro
ken his chain and was looss some-'
where about the place, and that he
(Wallace) must be on his guard.
Wallace remained at tbe UOhbp a
few minutes. Just as hd'was going
away the bulldog entered the yard.
Miss Shearer called Wallace back
into ti hniisej and tld him to re
wain tjiere till she chained the dog.'
She went up to the dog, and as she
was about to take hold of his chain
lie sprang at her alid knocked her
down. Her tather was returning
from a field at that moment aud
saw the attack of the dog on his
daughter. Before either he or Wal
lace could interfere the dog nau
torn the girl's throat opeu, lacerated
imr iK.ur.in anrl torn the flesh on
W J WJV t I -tf- war-.-
her limbs. Capt. Shearer shot aud
killed the dag. His daughter came
to after being carried into the
house, but soon afterward was
thrown into violent convulsions
aiid died.
Torpedoev la War.
The Peruvians have played a
second terpedo trick ou the Chilian
fleet, which, like the first, was com
pletely successful, shattering a ves
sel to fragments. A short time
gince, at Callao, the war ship Loa
was destroyed by a torpedo launch
disguised as a fruit boat, that ap
peared to have broken adrift with
out tho knowledge of its owners.
This innocent looking craft quietly
floated with tbe tide until it struck
the Loa, when it exploded, tearing
the Chilian vessel lo pieces, and
killiug nearly all on board. A few
weeks later, in the port of Chancay,
the Chilian sloop of war Coyadonga
picked up at sea what appeared to
be an empty boat, which, on being
boistcd-tLbofird,- exploded aud suuk
the Covadonca in a few minutes,
only lofr of her crew being saved.
Antiquity of ma.
Believers iu the Mosaic accouut
of the antiquity of man may de
rive some comfort from the fact
that the ablest geologists aud anti
quarians have varied iu their com
uutatiops as to the age of man. not
less thau 600,000 years. SirChailes
Lyell, for example, first placed the
appearance of man ou earth about
800,000 years ago; his later compu
tations reduce this period to 600,.
000 years ; others formerly assign
ed 1,000,000 of years as the age of
niau ; more recently the supposition
of many scientists reduced this to
20,000 years. Dr. Fowler's iteu
Indian found bnried sixteen feet in
the Mississippi mud was believed
to be 25,000 years old, but Mr,
Fontaine fouud a skeleton iu the
same neighborhood nuder fifty feet
of earth which had been buried ouly
four years. United States eugl
neers by careful calculation find
that the whole New Orleans delta
to the depth of forty feet is the pro
duct of a little more than 4,000
years. Professor Andrews gives
the probable glacial period at Lake
Michigan as about 6,000 to 7,000
years, which other scholars are
adopting as the antiquity of the
"ice age." Man, according to geol
ogists, came after the "ice age."
Mrs, Grudy.
There is a paragraph going the
rounds to the effect that the fa
mous Mrs. Grundy, whose word is
the law of fashion, aud the mere
terror oi whose reproof is a social
corrective, was the wife of a noted
politician of forty or fifty years ago,
Felix Grundy, of Tenuessee, Presi
dent Van Bureu's Attoruey Gener
al. She is said to have ruled
Washington society with a rod of
iron, and her social authority to
have been so supreme that "Mrs,
Grundy says" was conclusive m
al I social debate. Mrs. Felix Grun
dy may have been this autocratio
lady, but she is not the origiual of
tho phrase, "what will Mrs. Grun
dy say 1" That personage, as any
Dictionary of Quotations will show,
is found by name iu Morton's com
edy of Speed the Plow, which
somewhat autedates the wife of
Mr. Vau Bureu's Attorney-General.
Thomas Morton was born in
1764, aud died iu 1838, Harper's
Cpebapd Hand.
The raw winds of late autumn
ofteu produce iu the hands of those
who nre much exposed to them
that roughness and cracking of the
skin known as chapping. If uoth
iug is done to prevent, and the per
son is obliged to have his bauds
frequently wet and dry, the cracks
will orteu get deep aud painful.
Corn husking is frequently accom
panied by sore bauds from this
cause. As both a precaution aud
cure for chapped hands we have
Vised tho following with benefit!
Wash the hands, and the face also
if it is iucliued to chap, with Borax
Water, and afterwards rub with
au ointment made by melting Mut
ton-tallow (or s.uet, aud theu grad
ually addiug an equal quantity of
Glycerine, stirring the two together
until cool. For the hands, this
mixture can be best apdUed at
night, 'MBiinjt.lt rreely, and warming
it iu by the Are, after which an old
pair of gloves can be put ou to keep
tho bedclothes from beiug soiled,
and also make tha skin of the hands
softer. Au excellent glyceriue.qjn.t
meut for ohapped hantls is made by
melting, with a geutle heat, two
ounces of Sweet Oil of Almonds,
half au ounce of Spermacetti, aud
one drachm of White Wax. When
melted, reraovefrom the stove, and
add gradually one ounce of Glycer
ine, aud stir until the mixture is
cold. The ointment can be scent
ed witli any perfume to suit the
fancy. Keep iu wide-uecked bot;
ties. Amerieau Agriculturist.
Keeping; the Cellar Clean.
A good, healthy site aloue does
not alone insure health in a larm
house. The cellar may be dry,
light and airy, but if kept full of
vegetables, especially after warm
weather sets iu, the cbauces are
ihat a child will have tho diphtbe:
ia. or parent may suffer from chills
aud fever or some other form of fe
ver will affect some other member
of tbe family. Iu such u case the
cause should not be attributed to a
mysterious Providence. The physi
an. it ne is a seusio o man, uuu
. -. . ... i
has a uose for smells, will tell you
there is uo mystery about it.
Those decayiug cabbages or those
rotten turniDS in the cellar are the
cause of all 'the trouble. The pa:
tieut may do compelled to swallow
much bitter quinine, aud many
suffer somethiug worse, but Provi
dence ought not to be blamed for
leavtug those vegetables in the
cellar to geuerate disease aud death
into the family. Not ouly should
the cellar be cleaned of onions, tur-
uips, etc., but the ' windows should
be takeu out, tbe gaugway door
opeued, aud as much sunshine aud
air admitted as is possible in au
underground room. Tho walls and
ceiling should be whitewashed,
aud au opening made into the
chimney through which the damp
air of the cellar may escape, aud
uot peuetrate the house every
time the cellar door is opeu, or eu
ter the liviug rooms as it merges I
from the cellar windows. A cellar
is a good thing when rightly man
aged, but if left full of vegetables,
stale vinegar aud rotteu timbers
and rubbish, it may become a uui
sauce of the worst kiud. Many a
farmer keeps his barn nice aud or
derly whose cellar is a sink of po
lution,aud, we may add, iniquity,
for it is a great injustice to one's
family to expose them to disease
and death, when a day's work will
make the cellar sweet and clean.
When it is once cleaned and : venti
lated a little air slacked lime scat
tered occasionally on the floor will
keeft tbo alr.a's pure in the cellar
as U ia.jj.the kitchen.
t- Reo-eneratlaa; tke Potato.
' flaptain Mayno Iteld, the well
khown writer of books of adventure
and travel, has been for the past
three years experementing with
seed potatoes from Mexico, the
original habitat of the plant, with a
view to escaping the blight which
has been so disasterous to the pota
to crop in Eoglund aud Ireland.
He writes to the London Live
Stock Jourual from his place in
Herefordshire, briefly detailing his
experience, from which it appears
that of eleven different varieties,
planted at the same time, in the'
same soil, aud with the same culti
vation, the Mexican alone showed
not a spot of blight, all the other
kinds having been fonud to be d(s-'
eased in a greater or less degree.
In ndditiou to the immunity from
disease, he finds also that while
the best of his English seed yield
ed a crop of bat five tons, or con
siderably loss than 20.(1 hnshels, to
tha acre, the Mexioau seed produc
ed over ten tons, without special
care iu cultivation, many single
specimens weighing a pouud or
even a pouud aud a half. After
beiug stored through the winter in
ordinary field pits, they oome out
perfectly sound, aud appear to im
prove in quality as the spring ad
vances. As a table potato, or for
feeding to stock, he thinks they
have uo equal iu England) and ue
proposes that the Government
shall take in band the importation
of seed from Mexico or Pern as a
preventative of the blight.
lV,ter Iairylng
In the autuinu there Is no forage
or food of any kind better for milch
cows as a help to failing pastures
thau pumpkins. I have used, them
freely ffi ysawj with the best re
sults, and find the fear of seeds all
uonsense. At the present lime I
have a fine lot growing among tbe
com and about three acres, grow
ing near, thft b,arn, which together
will be sufficient to last till Christ
mas if I can seonre a portion of
them from frost. After the pump
kius are gone, carrots qre better
thau any other variety ot roots,
a,nd If fed till grass comes agaiu
there need be uo loss in tue quality
of butter. The quantity of mills
will be equal to the best grass sea-
sous, and will depenu upon me
cows. Any man having common
sense, and managiug properly, can
olitain double the average given by
cows of the kind usually met with,
he will buy of good ones, and
breed from none but deep milkers,
and bulls which are from deep
milking straiu. Cor. Country
The farmer who lets all the li
quids of his barnyard run to waste
is a spendthrift, however "ciose
fisted" he may be with mouey. A
practical farmer said recently : "Ou
my farm, on the Hudson river,
have built cisterns nuder the barns
and stable, iu which the liquid is
collected. These cisterns are an
connected, and one being built on
a lower grade, they all empty into
this one. When it raius l put a
force pump into the cistern and fill
two water carts, such as are used
in watering our streets and scatter
this liquid over my meadows; In
forty-eight hours afterwards a
change is perceived in tbe color of
the grass." Another farmer wuo nas
a similar arrangement iu his barn
yard says he saves oue hundred
loads every year, apd. tnmcs uie
liquid worth as mucn bs so many
loads of solid manure.
A good mode for killing poultry
as it causes iustant death without
pain or disfigurement, is to suspeud
the birds by tying tlieir legs nrmiy
to a pole or heavy wire across the
killiug room, a convenient distance
from the floor, aud opeuiug tue
fowl's beak, and with a sharp-pointed
and narrow bladed kuife, make
an incision at the back ot the roof,
which will divide the vertebra and
cause immediate death.
Burmese Villages. A corres
Dondent of the London News, writ
iue from Burmah, thus describes a
Burmese village: "The village ieself
is a straggling kind of affair. Every
man builds his house where pleases
- 1 and iu what line he pleases, so that
there is no semblance oi a street.
rri.A ttmiflpa Are built entirely of
hambo. and are barrack-like struc
tures 150 or 200 feet long and 40 or
ftu feet broad. The eaves come down
to within a few feet of the ground
nd as there are no windows they
are dismal enough. Bat they keep
out the storms which are plentiful
euough on the hills, and that is all
that is wanted. Each house has a
private door.
Forareaf scientific stab under
the fifth' rib, for tbe Democratic
party aud Its candidates, commend
us to the following from the New
York Sun of Monday. What makes
the thrust all the more severe is
the laot that the Sun Is tho cham
pion bitter and violent Douiocratio
organ iu New York city :
The Democrats have sustained an
uuexpected aud mortifying defeat
iu Iudiaua aud Ohio. It is disas
trous, aud may prove fatal. It is
silly to make light of it, aud idle to
try to whittle it away by cunning
calculations aud adroit figuring.
The Democrats are beaten, badly '
beaten ; wbethor beateu to dealt or
uot is tbe only question.
It has seemed to ua that tho
whole Democratic campaign was a
series of blunders,
The party had one man ouly
oue whose immense strength had
ben demonstrated on a national
field Samuel J. TUdeu. It is the
oue great, preeminent nam 3 iu the
Demooratio party.
The party nominated Gen. Han
cock, a good mail, weighiug two.
huudred and fifty pounds.
But Hancock is not TUiiwn
Then, as a crowning act of folly.
the party went into the State of
Thomas A,, Heudricks, and took
another man for Vice President!
Any name other thau that of Heu
dricks would have beeu folly
enough; but to go one step, for
mer, tney n ad to taKe a man witu
tne most odioua reputation as a
skinflint to, overcome I
There used to be a fellow who
made au occupation of butting his.
bead agaiust a rough staue New
England wall for tweuty-$ve cents.
These are ouly sample extracts
from Monday's leader. On Tues
day the Suu gave Hancock some
excellent advice on the subject of,
letter writing.
Gen. Hancock need write noth-.
ing more on tbe tariff.
livery oue knows he is in favor
of a tariff which will yield tho ut
most protection to American iiw
dustries, and especially to the Dem
ocratic party,
Gen, Hancock should devote
himself" to writing his inaugural,
and, eveu if it is never delivered,
tbe preparation of it will be a salu
tary literary exercise.
But if be must write on tariff.
let him explicitly state that jf it
had been left to him he would put
a prohibitory tariff on the readmin
istration of unrepeutent rebels to
citizens' rights after the close ot
the war.
That is about the only letter on
the tariff we can conceive of that
would help him.
Unless he is going to write some
such letter, let him return his goose
quill to the original goose.
A very Blight declivity suffice
to give the ruuniug motion to wil
ier, Three inches per miey in a
smooth, straight channel, gives r,
velocity of three miles an hour.
The Ganges, which gathers the wa
ters of the Himalaya mountains,.
the loftiest in the world, is, 1,800
miles from Its mouth, ouly about
800 feet above the level of the seat
aud to fall these 800 feet in the
long oourse the water requires more
than a month. The great river
Magdelena, iu South America,
running for 1,000 miles between
two ridges of the Andes, falls only
fjOO feet la all that distance ; above
the commeucemeut of the 1,00ft
miles it is seen descending iu rapids
and cataracts from the mouu rains.
The gigantic Bio de la Plata has so
gentle a descent to the oceau tliatv
in Paraguay, 1,500 miles from ita
mouth, large ships are seen which
have sailed agaiust the current an
the way by the force of the wind
alone that is to say, which, on the
beautiful incliued plain of tho
stream, have been gradually luted
by the soft wind, aud even against
the current, to an elevation great
er than that of our loftiest spires,
The bashful young man who
asked a lady on the beacii u ue
"could see her home," was much
surprised to hear her reply, "That
be could go up and see, if he waut.
ed to, but she didn't think her fath
er wauted to sell," and theu coolly
walked off with the man of her
One of our wholesale dry-good
houses has a new clerk, whose fa
ther from the country weut in to
see him the other day, and was sur
prised to learn that all the sales
men had nicknames. He asked
the floor-walker why his sdu was
called "Jury." "Oh," was the re
ply, be is always sitting ou cases."
New York Herald. .
How time changes ! In the good
Old Testament days it was consid
ered a miracle for an ass to speak,
and now nothing short of a miraole
will keep one quiet.
viK7w.-r - 1
&o tue gay seusuu wem, vu.

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