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i cniungtfingmiucv
Banner Cijlate, 1887-8.
subsgribeJ MOW !
For a ehort time xe sliall oller tlie
Bansek and tlie vp. kly editions of tlie
Tribune, tbe New Y irk Jlail & txpress
nnd tlio Boston Journal for the follnw
ing low rates. Thtsi arnfor ONE YKAI!
andtobepald INY UilABLY in AD
Tlie Banner and Tribun. 11M
" Exprt-PH 1 J"'
" Journal 1 6j
" Trlbune and Expreff. SW
" Trlbune auil lourual 2 00
Journal anJ Eipien 2.00
11 Trlbune, Es-irctt and Journal... S3"
Tliese ratea for tl o IiASNEit and Trib
une, Journal andKxpre.s apply toellher
OLD orNEW subsci ibi'is. Adil ten cctils
to nbove ratea in all oasi' if you live out
aide of Vermont.
Present Basneh e ibnribers raut pny
up to date and then idd tlie rjtea above.
remembering tlie tt.i cciH in nddilion
if not mailed to a Vermont postofflce.
2'hesc propo-iuh ii no cttse inclndc thc
Good Chcer. If tlm . ni'Wtlily h dtwed
add 23 cents to abo e rait s.
Addrea3 all lettere and ri-uiHtniiceg to
C. A. I'l iitcn. Publislier,
Bennington, Vt.
Our New t'rriiiluiiiN
83.48 'orOc.
T-o I.lthoed "Vatcr-Co, ii'd UiurrarliiFi
lly Iilc Waugh, thc irr. lt n tisl,
Sunhlno for Little. Clilli rcu
Edited by J llcnry Sonthe, 11 D
Tlie lUnNER
For three roonthB, rt'nRe prenn' 1
. 3S
Ourofterls oiili -us
"Inlled anyhcrc I r o ily 83ccnlf,
Altboueb overn lalf millum dollnrs
haa been invested bi iln- Sun'liitie I'ub
liflbiiiK Company, o Piiilad.'Ipliia and
BulTalo, in tho r roduction of their
matclilesa nmgazinr" and picliirna, yet
ve nbsolutely mukt irithinK nn these
premium offers. O ir mle object ia to
place your name o' o ir innil lii-t ns h
subscriber to tlie IVannhi
lt ba9 been showi tluit in New Yofb
and other Statea tlu ko iMlled I'rohibitn
ry or Ihird party is lie ally of tlie aa
loona; and in lliis c mniy it ia now re
ceiving nid and enci urufmcpt froni tlie
rum organs. llopul luon and tcmper
ance men should stt er olear of such a
combination, wbicli can nly lead to po
litical ruin and m iral dejrradation.
Republican-Journnl. B-lfust, Me.
If Kepublican aen
to voto to conilrm S
judgo of tlie Sup.
torh iire inclined to
cre nry Itmar tn a
eni" Court on tlie
rn Dcmocrnt 13 eure
ground tnat asoum
to hnve tlie place,
liy smiultl they iioi
eni sliould fieml in
lnsist that tlie i'rpai.
tlie name of an able
of one who lias no
fessiou? A liepubl
tliat wlien I'residen
name of his Attoi
lawvirand not that
stai.iling in lii'i pro
:an Sunate did jusl
(iiant nent in tlie
ncy Ueneral Wll
Tlie Hon, Martin
in a ietter for Blaii
excbange says then
joiciiiB over tliis Int
ranks of tlie I'luniec
ors, nnd eays Blam
York on a close i
editorial is finishe.i
tbe expression thBt
tlie Empirc Stateii);
liis late free trade w
I. Townwnil U out
9. An antHilaine
wi:l be greut re
st t-e',ee?lon to llif
Knglit'rf gupp'irt
eannot cnrry New
'cci on. Before the
. Ii uvever. we note
nn iimty can carry
in- Clt'VPl.inilBince
s-.H". We tliought
Ilero nre a few xamplcs from thc
Boston Journal, elin viti-j up tlie Ptesi
ilent's argument oti fret trnil.' : Tliere
is a dutv on cotton prin s of fi centnii
yard. Yet doraeKi i p inl 04 by 04
print clotlis avernp-d i i 1835 8 12 oonu.
a yard.and in 1880 i).31 ontSH yard, nnd
etandnrd prinla for ne n it fnnr var
averugcd 0 cents. liloroform of Eng
linli manufacture u d tn coct f 3.50 u
pound. Congreas in po-n.l a duty of $1 a
pound, and tbe prie , if Mr. Cleveland l
correct, ehould havr n-vn promptly to
$3 50. Instead of tl is, Ainencan nianu
facture was etimula i'd .ind chlorofurm
now brings 05 cei. s Stepl rails are
worth about $33 p?i tnn. Tlie duty on
them is $17. H Mr. JlexWjnd is riglit,
they should cost onlr n if iliere were
no duty. Tliat Is le lb tn tb" prico of
6orap iron. Lead II t $5 25 per 100
potinds; duty Is $2 Wrhout a dtny. on
tbis tliis theoryJpKil -iliould ell,nt.'f3 25.
It really brings $4.12 ii'iroad. Sn. ten
penny nails sell at -2 25 perkpjfi tlie
duty is $1.13 and 1 le pioper pric, ir
there were no duty ot.ould be $1 10,
whicli again 13 abou th t price of Bcrap
iron. Welike to treat tlie President
with respect, but w len be undertakec
tbe function of scli'ioliias'er and feeks
to instruct the pcop t in tlie elementarj
principles of politici I efouoiny he niusi
expect corrcotion if le incorpoiates tuch
tnisleadlng billacies in li s teaeliinns.
Under the liead il Polities in Ver
mont," tlie Burlingt in rorresimulerit of
tbe Troy, N. Y., Bu lKel givei tlio fol
lowing gossip, whic i in interesding as a
matter of news' ini -es ons :
The Bepublican le 'dcis m tbis Slate
liave eeldom been uore uelivo at Ihis
season tlmn at prefent nnd the indica
tlons point to one ol thr niut tigornus
campaigns known u Verumnt for yenrs.
The Kcpublicans ol his btile went into
tbe lastnational coii'eH Ailli their liands
tied, as it were, and wiiluut u leader.
As a reeult, tlio iniial majorily wa9
somewliat abridged N w tlie lieuten
ants in the party lia 'e aevided lo lead
themselves and reutoretbe old time pres
tice of Vermont as i banner Kepublican
State. With thia e id m view the very
strongest men wili les-lected for the
delegates to tlie nitionl cmiventiori.
Vermont is cntitled 'o lour delegates at
large and two from -acli of ita tn con
greksional districts The liposition
aeems to be to liav 8. nator Morrill or
ex-Governor J. Qrppiry Minith head tlie
delrgatlon. as the Ii uliiig iisiiu ih to be
protection, and am ng il.e otlitr iinuies
mentioned are tboni if .l.t llon, . P.
Dillingham of Wt itrlury. the llon.
Frederick Billings of Woodstock, ex
Governor Bedfleld I roctor, Colonel J. J
E3tey of Brattlebon vx Oovernor Pin
greo of Hartford, fl. n. u.U. MuC'ullnugb
of Bennington, Or-i ral V.W, llenry of
Burlington and 41 jur J'ii.iali (Jiout ol
Derby. Tho delegn 1011 ill go to the
convention unpleilt ;d, ut tlin Illaine
aentiment is so stro g n iheSMte th ita
Bpcond choice is noi evc i i hotiKht of,
Tlie canvass for lie noinmalions for
governor and lien ena n governor oti
the Kepublican tin el ooimnuei with
unabated pnergy n he mly real work
haa to be done beloi"' tbe 8tate conven
tion meets. Tbe noitiiiii.tion secured,tlie
noininee calmly w cbe losce liow high
liis majonty wili bf as "no would vtatch
a thermometer in u sirtj day. Witlnn
a post few days tbe u bs been a niarked
cbange in the bii lati.ui. Thoeo who
bad been hoping fu ' thu iioniumtinn of
the Hon. Frederick Billingsfor tlie lead
ing place on the tu ket, bave been ohlig
ed to eelect a new I ivni uo as it is under
stood tbat Mr. Itclll.iiis Ime written n let
ter m whlch ho abwlutely declinei tu
allow the use of bl- name. His eupporl
haa turned with gi-i era consmt to the
Hon. W. P. Dilliiii mtp and m ruse tbe
Windham counly delgatiuns fail to
unlteononeof tlp ir ihre! candidates
Mr. Dillinnhaui wi I oisily receltotbe
nomination, Mr. Diilingham is oue of
the cleauesl men In tn-j SUte, and if
dlected no one wili hare giuunds for
calling bim a etick. Col. Clarke of Rut
land is putling in good work for licuten
anl cnvernor, and it begins to look ns if
be migbt otcure tli nomination. Con
gresimuii Stcwnrt'it chair isbeingsouEht
by a nuniber of Kocd men, who think
they could occupy lt without ratiling
around in it. Thc list includea Judge
Powers of tbe Suprpniecourt.Colouel A.
F.Wnlker of the interState comiuission
the Hon. Henrv Ballard of Burlington
and the Hon A. B. Valentine of Ben
nington. Mr. Ballard wili makea strong
ilght for tlie place and would stand a
Kood cbauce to win.but for the fact that
Burlington haiStnatorEdinunds in Con
grcsa and Verinonters are not inclined
to let any oue tnwn pull out moru than
one pluni from the pnlilic.il pie at tbe
eame time. Judge Powers, who Is the
only acuredited politician on the Su
preme hench, wili also make a strong
fieht for the plnce. The late Judge Po
laud haa been heard to remark that it
was the greatestniislakeof his iifowhen
he resigned from tlie Supreme court to
accept an eleution ns Congressnmn.as be
could hare been Chlef Justice of the Su
preme court, but his electiou toCongress
Inid bini on tbe sbelf. Judge Powers is
in tbe line of cliief judicial succession,
and somo of tbe other cnndidatea for
Congre-saten think he should tako warn
ing from Judge Poland's exatnple. Con
gressman Stewart wili die hard, ho.w
ever, and the fight over tbls iifflue wili
probably be one of the fiTCPBt in the
State. CongrrssmanOrnut wili iindoubt
eilly be renominated by arclumatioti, as
wili tlie minor State ot'licers.
ltlnKlne 'olc
ln llio eara.snmetinies u roaring,buzzing
sound nre cau?edhy catarrh. tliat exceed
ingly rtipareeabli" and very common
dispnse. Loxh of nni-ll or liearing aUo
re6Ult from catarrh. Hood's S.irs.ipa
rilla, tlie great blond puriller. isa pecul
iarly snccessful retnedy for tbis di8pase.
wluch it cures by pnrifying the blood.
IfyoUBulfer from catarrh, try HoodV
Sarsjparillu thc peculiar madicine.
.Millions U)on tnillinns of dollars liave
been paid by tbe people. and tlipse mil
lions liave been received by tbe railro.ids
in consequence of tlns law, Indeed, mj
niuch higher bave btenlbpavcragpraten
that caunls bave neen p.tlronized and
ueamboats built uherever wattr com
niunicattnn could compete with railroad
linea, and the nms of the people who
havu to pay tbis enormous ninouut ot
money in advance tf fornier ratra liave
only the sitisfactiun of st-eing in some
in.stances n rentriction (appirently) ol
sinne obnoxious 'rhoit-haul' clause
Someone bas aaid that the railroad mig
nates well knew that tbeact would, on
thu whole. he u giin to them, or they
would bave mnnuged In defeut the bill.
Howpver ll.at may be, it iscertain that,
tnking all the mi'roarfs in iheUniled
Slales, there has been an advance in
rates of at lenst fifleen per cent. And
i.o it proves that every inftance of legta
lative inlerference thus far has been an
expensive nct for thc people, It wusthe
farmera themselves who were tho most
anxioua for llie repoal of the granger
lawa of aonie of soine of the Weatern
StaieB in the last dpcade, for they found
that by pu'ting a chi'ck upon coinmerce
it crippled the lailioads and wasdeotroy
ing tne busiuers aml proxperity of that
part of thecountry. And 'lt wili be very
dilllcult to lind tbat uny good lias ever
been done by llui-p atti mpti. to control
contractB between hippers and carners.
How can you control the price piud for
britiging a busliel of wlieat fromChicjgo
any more than you can tay wbat hhall
be paiil fur laising a busliel of u litat in
Vermont? Wlille it is true tbat a cor
Doration that gains Hpecial privilegpa
may be e-ubject to rijusoti,ible rcetrictiona,
yet the gre.it law of eupply und demand,
with the endles? conipptilion betwpeu
ddferent Lnvf, wili always govern the
tnriir rate.-, and they can no more be
done awny than the law of gravitation.
It ia true thnt shght modilicationa may
beffTecleJ. It may be wise to bave a
hoird of coniiuisFUiners to lienr com
p'aints. It wili iiuiuee Ihodiscontentpd,
altbough no unpoi'iant cliungeB b3 uiade
llearings may air out abuses und to belp
to Btir up public eesi I i men t. but the grent
law of supply and demand wili always
fix the rates of trulHj and tho price of
labor. Aml tlils is the lesson tbat all
wili eventtinlly liave to lenru, wlietber
it ia tV) uage norker who strikes for
more pay or the Vermont larmer who
appeala io tbe legislaturo becauso the
rate ia lliirty- live centa lo Boston wl.ile
it it only fillpcn cenla from C'bicago
fGeorge W. Kenmdy in Montpelier
I.cttcr . 4, 1'r.iin tlie "llldsr.M
RocKMAri.E KlUOE Dpc. 28, 1M7.
My Dctir Yomnj J'i ii'iuls: Tu-night,
wliile Old Kuig Winlcr is lioldmg full
wny, and it snow,,iiid it hlowf, and it's
colil Btnrmy wpatliT. let us enjoy uhal
good obct r uo nuiy wiibln. and ullhougli
wp may not lonk to niglit for those
"Sydlmlan slmwers
Of Hwi'et ili'nnn.. v lmp por.rs
Can crown Old WlntPr's licadiih ilowers."
Perhaps we can liud a small poy for
tlnt wreath abnve npaken. of. So wp
wlll have a lillle hnniely tnlk about soine
odil people and their odd fpeechnipnts,'
It ia aaid every tuwn has ita cliar.iclers,
H9 ecrentric people, aml aonie of thefe
wo flnd very kiiid-hearled people too
There it n lady, ouce a neighbor df ours,
who uspd lo spoak of certain tbingi in a
very ppcuhur wiiy. It w.is Irrodiitibly
funny to lnar lnr fay in that uncon
scious way, wh-n nxked as lo the incthod
of inaklng a kipd of fancy basket of
strips of white cluili : 'I iubhle 'til I cet
eno.ugh rahhled. ihen I ftop rabbling.'
Sheisaiery indmtrious woinan.nndl
am not eure but in rase slie lin.fl uothing
(7selodn, sbe would knit all iluj auil
rahble lt out at night to hear it purr 1'
as I hnve heard it uid an old lady did.
I guea that old lady liked to knit bclter
tlhn sonie glrls do? How jtiaiiy of my
girl readera like tn d irn stnckinga? A
friend once loaned me a story whicb
was very helplul to people who are not
fond of thnt unruoiantiu occopulion.
The story was of a girl, who, wlien
hard timea came to ber fatlier's faioily,
made of tbis sinie prnsaic patcliing a
(lne nrt. Slie ennoblej ber work by
trying to 'pntcb up' cvertlhiiiK tbat
needed it in the ie.i possible manntr,
and very good pateh-w.irk hIip made of
it too not "crnzv patch-wnrK." Aud
that reminds me of anotlier cliaracle r, a
poor crnzy woman, wliom we wili call
Mrs. Jackson. Shp tiseil to wander
around the couritry hereabouts at ber
own sweet wili, and alie was often willed
to go about on very normy days there
6Pemed to be an nfllnily 'between her
mind and (ho 'raging eleinenth' both
were diaturbed. She trayeled through
'sutnmer's heat und winter's colu' for
many years, So on many a tormy dav
she would drop in at u farm hoinip,
Uripping wet, to -get to warm' bs tlie
Western folks say. Afler silting a little
wliile she would reeutne her journeyj
soinetimes she would my she must 'gel
back through,' 'across the plaina' and
over the rlver. as she called a small, but
Hwlft-running ctream iml far from her
but. where slie slaved 'o niuhtii, when
she choec. She wi.uld wjiuptune? ford
the Btreani, and when oxked if ahe gol
ber feet wet. Bhctaid tbat 'Ibpy were not
very wet. he ilevptd light.' She wa
aouietlmes quiik at njxtrtce, as for In
stance: on her appH.aauco at thedoor
one moroing m suinmer. I eaid to her,
How well you're looking thia iuorning,
Jlra. Jackson!' Slie cpjickly. butsood
uatureilly retnrteil -Aud wliy Bhoulu'nt
I, kept on choke-cherries ?'
Yearango, a tnan lived in the town of
S. who was called Crazy Jonathan. His
hobby was collecling certuin spetimens
r mo ie'nreii irine wiiicn were re
npletidant in his eyp. Tnee becoming
mii iiuuipriius, Borne one Kiiieu a nne
chanticlper ond ullixtd him in the barn
door. Whtn the imur m.tn diseovercd
it he exclaitned. 'blue, ring-Btreaked und
jaller: all colors m the world 1 .Itimn'pd
up and ntuck Iiib epurs in the Imrn door
and dleu tliere !
So we always ston to considtr how
real theo halluclnailons are to these
peoile? What untold misery they must
endure from Imaginary woes. How
kindly should we treat "tlipm, and how
tliunktul ehould any DDraon be for
aound mind in a sound body.' And too
Keep me mimi neaiiiiy, we llllltt work.
Work for othcrs when one is aail Is n
greut antidote (or 'antl-goaf as th old
lady fald.) for ditiression of anirlt. I
hatereid that havuig nn ulm in life,
und worklng for that nitu. isan excel
lenl preventative of luianity. A furruer
pastor of ours oncnremarked that work,
uKJLt iu mivuiiuii, wrs nip greatpst oiess
itiu eiven l'i mail. His work m ni.vilnnn
I rememlier from anothcr sermnn of his
just theso words of wliicli I am often
reminaea: -Ana wnno mey were ousy
here and there. he waa unne. And from
nnother seriuon or talk by an excellent
old man, jint tbis, which wasan inscrip
tion nn a mnnument, nnd wns. I ihiuk
the text of his diicoun-e: 'In my lifc
tune.' a volume in a nul-tbell. Let us
tie busy here and there, in uur life-time,
with every good word and work for our
triends wliile they are yet with us, and
for our foea too, when we can
"Sootbcn shall tike patlfnce, llr, to thilr
nearr anu naaa,
From tliy liand and heart and thy brave chter."
1 wili tell vou nexl a story of a boy
who lived n ureat manv vears acn in the
good old town of S. He was'nt exactly
crazy, but proved to be a little 'out of
his rrckonlng ' ilus boy ia supposeu io
hare 'laughed in Iiis8leevc'(at lirst) llien
he Btniled uudiblv in the lieariutr of an
otlier boy, and finally he 'laughed out
of the corner of his mouth,' as the boys
say BOinetimes. And thia was the way
ot it: Ue thougbt be would be aick one
tnnrning (to avoid a piece of work) so
lie was Dermitted to retire to hiaroom
on the plea of illness, which be did, in-
wardly rejoicing; anu spying irom tue
window a companinn he called out in
high feather, 'Kee 1 Golly! Nate, I'm
sick 1' But,
"Wlut a tangled web M c weavp,
When flrnt wc practice to delre."
His father overheard the remark about
his indisposition and proceeded to cure
the malady of that boy, by giving him a
drink of bitter herba. I think, and lt
would Becni that that bittcr portion (and
perhaps olhers) had a good etlect, as the
boy became a tuan resppctable and re-
I have only time for one more story
of a funny little Englishman who went
tf n nniirlilinr'd 1 1 hnrmu' 'KrliMrln 'np
Drobab v for to hextermuiate. heradicate
and as far as potsiblu heliuinatb from
their nardpti hevery hintrusive weed.
aud thia with the litllu 'Omcr a he calls
him, for un nbsisumt. 'That a Hinglisli,
vou know.' Omn'8 father was trom
the Britisb Islea, (or 'Brigdtt Isles' as a
little girl called them.)
I wili close with nn old Indian name
which lias couih down iu the family as
curioitv Ho-no ri-ca-bi-ll tu di-ni-
la ti-bus rjiie.
Aml now goou uigui, irom
A tlunrt iif I.inimtry llluc l'rce
to any woman Fending ber addrfRs dur.
Ing Jantiary. Diiuuond Laundry Bluing
stlia at len cenls a packaee, eaeh pack
age making one quart of tho bet.t bluing.
One pckage, as sample, free to nny wo
man applying llus month to Wella.Rich
nrdson & Co , Proprietors, Burlington,
Wluro to Iluy.
Where If
Why, of those who adverlise, of
The advertieers do tlw most buainets.
nnd the more busineos a man doeslhe
smnller is tbe margin of proiit wluch
satisfics lilni.
Tuke vour lioine liaper nnd glance
over it. and in the advertising columns
vnti wili nnd the names of thu men
"whose enterprise keeps tlie businesB of
your town alive. As u rule you wili
not linu ttiese men gruinuiing hooui
hard times.
Not by any srcret riraedy but ly proper.liealth
ful exrrtUo aud theJinlieloiwue of Scott s Einul-
ionof Cjd Llter Oil and Ifypophopliite!i, wliicli
contains tho liealluK and htrcnpth gbinir Tlrtut-i.
of tbcBc two valuable ppecittcs in tht'ir fullest
fJrra. l'restrtb by PhyiMaiia. TVe no btfctr
STA'I'K NlitVfi.
Hon. and Mrs. Josepb Poland of
Montpelier, go to Los Angeles, Cal, to
remam all wtnter.
Alnine Lodee, Nn. 28. Odd Kellows,
was instituted nt Wei-t Burke Saiurday
night by Ueputy Grand Master II. W
Hnll of llurlingtnn. 1 he rnllowing ol
ficeis were elecled: Noble Orund. Ed
ward Mt'ninnU: Viee (iranil. W. W.
Coe; Secretary. K U.'Burns, Trenrurer.
E. A. Whv. Tlie work in tnitlatorv (1p-
giro was ilnne by n teum from Uninn
Lodne. Lvmloiiville: Jirt-t decree oy n
team froni Caledonia ly.dge, St. Jobns
liury. Ton npiv uipinbers were iuitia
ted. Tlie lodge has n nice hnll nnd
equipnieiits for vvjik. A bantiuet fol-
The reporta phow tbat tifly-aeven
nrancea in the S'ate have gHined over
2U0 in meinbersl.ip during ti e uatt year.
The linaneiai comlitii u ol tlio oiuer is
Jededinli Stark. poatuiHter at S iulh
Halifax, haa held thnt oilice coutin-
uous'y for forty-seven eari, during
which time Iip lias nei'ii ansentnut tiiree
timi's wlien the nuiil was opencd.
Tliere nro Ihne wivesof ruvolutiunaiy
subiiera in Vermont wliodraw penaioua,
tstlier h. IJainon, ugeii ,s, I'lymouui,
Lucy Morsc, aged 70, Barnard, aud P.it
ly Uichnrdson, agid bC. litlhcl.
A Good Templar coursn of siudy haa
l'en arratiKPd foi the world nnd the
first year'a coure coiiinienced Jan. 1
It includpB a monthly niairazine called
tlie International (inoil Templar al $1 50
per year, llie regislry lee n '.'.) cta aml
he neceaaarv hoolcs initl tlio magaz ne
wili cost $5.00 in clolh or $3 in natier
Setid all sul!-erintiiins lo the R. W.
Grand Sec . Ii F, Parker, Muustun Wi-
Tho prospects for lumbering nt Gio
ton nru ixcellent. One ni'in haa 100
men aml teatns at work, and another 50
horscs and oxen; and at one mill 4,000,
000 feet are exp-cted to be ctlt tliN
Dr. J.! II Joiips f Bradford, vranl
lntriarcli of Vtruiont, lias been uppoint
ed aHistant surgeon general. with rank
nf lieutenant colonel. on the stnlf of
Lieut, Gen. J, C. Utiderwood of the
Patriarchs Militaut.
There are eiuln cnuplea livine in
Waitsfield who have been married over
511 years. There are einht persons over
u years old tbat were born there. ham-
uel Dana is tlie nldest, aued 8$ Tliere
are 17 persims between 80 and 90 years
old; 44 between 70 and 80. There are 27
Hcnry V. Tewkbury of Kovalton.
who was lerribly injured in the railroad
ilisa-ter al the 'ohl Woodstock bridue'
last February, has so fur recovered as to
bo able to walk with crutches. One of
his legs contracted coiitdderably in lieal
If iou hae Kldnev truublc or Kht'iluutiRui
vou may be asHined thnt vour blood in In an un
Lralthy conditlon. Try Dr. Oreeu'a Hlood l'urlo
Her and Nerre Tonlc Udoeinot fail to purltr
Ihe bluod and twip tno nprnniii srntlm. For aft
by J-T, Sl.Jrtlllf and O. D. Ollrton. SJH
Tho Btockholders of tho Poultney In-
diutrial socielv hare voleil to wind up
iU ntfairs and divide the funds among
its tnembers.
llon. E. K. Hard of Biirlincton has
eutprpd complaint BKninst 20 prominent
citizens for obstructing tbe Btreet in
cnnnectinn with cnasting and a lively
time is expected.
Mr. Edward Barlow, a prominent
business man of Burlington, has retired
from business.
Mr. E. N. Ili.wll of Shoreham has re
cnlly returned from London.
The Burlington Bonrd of Trade has
issueri an interesting pamplilet, sptling
forth the beautit'B and attractinns nf the
Judge II .11 . Powers has been eniraged
lo dellVPr the tnemorlal aildress bufore
Post Jobnfoii nt ortl,lield.
Fine nmounting to over $5000 have
been collected in Rutland tdnce March
for violation of tbe liquor uw.
t. M. Kowell of Boston is buildinzn
large creanicry nt West Kindolph
The Lane Manufacturlng Compiny nf
Montpelier wili eoon slppa large saw
mill to Cuba.
The late Jnhn P. Howard of Burling
ton bKiueath the sum of $20,000 loen
dow tlio new diocecan rchool for girls
in Burlington, iius sum was last weck
nanl nver Iii New Ynrk tn P'dwBrrt T. i Anauil Mertlnir, 1) O. It. II. M & M. Co.
palil over in wew 11 tn III LUwaril 1,, The noclhold.riof the Ueimlnnton Olwten
Temple. treasurer of the dioceteof Vi r-1 bory IlaUroa.l,MlDliix& UanulactutlDg cunipanjr
niont. In trujt for tliis purpose.nnd was areWeby notlflrd that a rt-jHilnr annual nicrilni;
liv him invealed In lriterrt fifiirlmr ue. of aaid eoinpany aud of the itukholdcra thirtlli
ny itm inesieu in imtresi nenring Be- , llB hd,t M1',i, wcnJ Tuet.lar , fioth dajlof
CUriliea January, HtS.at U. W Ilarman'a offlce In llen-
Tl.u ..mrl.ln minrrv nn.t ,lll i u, 1 nlnalon, Vu at tcn o'rlork, forrnoon.for tlie elec-
The niarhle (pjnrry anu n ill at Jlan- t0of all omc-r andthetrn..ctlonof all hu.l-
chesler Center, recenlly sold hy the dcm prorwr n Iw done at auch rnet tin?.
Kent& IlootJIarhlo ('oimi.mv to the
Lynmii Strong Mnrhle Company of
fjlevelauu, wili be narteu nt once.
Un occotint of diptherin at Ripton and
Bt Montgomery, nll public gsthcringu
ihiirn liBvi, lippn nrnlilhltp,!.
i iipi-n ia a mnvenie il ni miiiii ifva
gale toward organizing a new nlock
iMuuutaln tlranltc Comp-uij',
Tho annual meetmi; of Mt. Sinal Tem
ple Ancient Arabic Oider, Nobles of the
Myslio Sbrine, the only Temple of ihe
Order in Vermont, was held nt Masunic
Hall on Tuefday ;evening There wn a
largo nttendunco, among the notables
from out of town being E. H. Donllltle
and B. W. Kowell of Aleppo Temple,
Boston; W. F. Lewis, Rutland: W. O.
Whltraarah, Burlington: C. T:Rowell.
Keene, N. II.; M. K Paine, Windsor;
and Rov. Frederick S. Fisher and David
Trull of St. Johmdiury. The Nobles as
semblod at the Pavllion at 7 o'clock p.
m where they pirtook of a banquet
eotten up in tbe Btyle for whicli that
celebrated hostelry ia noted. I'latte
were laid for ten. the tables being placed
in three rows lengthwise of the hall and
joined by another table at the head
The menu comprisrd all the delicacies
of the season, every arliclo being tbe
perfection of the culllnary art The ser
vice was up to the slandard, and the
proprietor und manager of the Pavilion
may well feel satisfled with their cfTorts
for theuniversal verdict was that it was
a stiread hard to equal outside the large
cilieH After the bauquet the Nobl a
assembled at Masonic Hall, where ihe
annual elec ion took place. fo'lofttd by
speeches by visiting and well known
local memner8. Tho oilicers elected
were as follows: W. A. Briggs, grand
potentate. F. S, FUher, chlef rabban;
Ueorge L. Line. aBsistant rabban; A. L.
Logan, lngli pnel: A.r.fMicuols orient
al guiile; F. II Btscom. treasurer; W.
II. Herrick, recorder; J. H. Jackson,
lirst ceremouial uiaster: J. E. Curran.
Second ceremonial niapter; J. T. Sabln,
marsbal; N. W. Frink, captain of the
Euard; J. A. r.rwin, outerguard; W. r.
Lewis, director. Montpelier Argus,
Snow rollers for wintcr road arp
coraing into use in many towns in Ver
AHortlie HnlldRya,
when ctomnchs wero ovcrloaded with
goodies, Paine's Celery Compound
should be used. It ill Biirely cure the
lndigestion and dj spepsia caused by tbe
ChristmaB dlnner. and drive away that
out of Borts feeling, Just try it.
White Oreelt.
Died At the residpnre of her son,
Kev. Uenry S. Wliile. Flint. Mich..Mrs.
Ablgal Prentiss, in tlie 88th year of her
For the past two years she ha made
her boiue with her boii. U'crased was a
daughter of Capt. Jnhn Stnrk of Pawlet
She waB twico married, her first husl at'd
being Newman S. White, who dipd in
1843 She was married the following
vear to Asher Prentiss of Bennincton.
whom shn survived three years. She
ruoved lo li'nnington boon after Mr.
Prenlis-' death.
Deceastd wus belnved by all who
knw her. Ihe loaiams arrived at ro.
lieuninKton at 2 o'clock Sundav morn
'ing Dec. 25, In eharge of Wili S. White
a grandson, nnd funeral services were
held at tbe house nf t harlei Knapp on
Sunday afiernnou at 1 n'clnrk, her pas
tor. R"v. Mr.Hitclicock of Stiulli Shafts
hury ofliciating. and were interred at
Bennington Falls beaide her husbands
Tbe Christmas ttPH at White Creek.
Saturdny evtning, 24th. pafsed oiT verj
3iti.sfae.tory. all er.j lying themseivtB.es
pecially those who received presenls.
There was a very nle isant parly on
Thurhday. Dec,22,at Rnmaine Benneil'a:
ice creaui and ciko ere served at ten
cenlB, nnd tiie avnils were for the bene
Ht of the Sunday tcbool library. Tliere
would bave been it larye luru out if lt
had not been ho very stormy. All hko to
go lo liennett J wlien tney isn tor a
gooo, hearty welcouie.
ilOYD-MATIIEII-Inllennlnctnii. Jan. !!. bi
Ilev. 51. Tator, Mr. Kdt:ar F. llojd tu Jlrs. Aluia
. jiuincr, au ui lieumniun.
IfAIWOOD-In Ilennlnnton. Dec. Sitli, Miss
a. Alaru llarnooil, aged i i'Rrs.
LEWIS - In UenniiiKton. lKr. 31st, Mrs. Jon
Leu l afred 32 ) eaif.
GUII.TENANE-In lleiininKton, Jan 3, Frank
uulltenatie, aKi'd vj t'nri, o iiionth.
I'AItTPIDdi:. In Dennlnulon, Jan. .'ali. Ituilan
r. I'artriatre, 31 u . ajjeil i jenrs,
kntrtUP In Rennlnirtnn. tliis inFrnoOll,
vounKtt ilaURiiler ol rred. is. equire, upcd
1 nonth4
Beware of Scrofua
Scrofula Is probably moro gcneral than any
other discase. It is lnsidlous In cbaractcr,
and manlfests Itsclf In runnlng sorcs, pustular
cmptlons, bolls, swelllngs, enlargcd Jolnts,
absccsscs, soro cycs, ctc. Ilood's Sarsaparllla
C5iels all traco of scrofula from tho blood,
Icavlng It pure, cnrlclied, and licaltliy.
" I was scrcrely afnictcd wllh scrofula, and
over a year had two runnlng sorcs on my neck.
Took fivo bottlcs Ilood's Sarsaparllla; and am
curcd." C. E. Lovnjor, Lowell, Mass.
C. A. Arnold, Arnold, Me., bad scrofulous
sorcs for scvcn years, sprlng and fail, Ilood's
Sarsaparllla curcd him.
Salt Rheum
Is one of thc most dlsagrceablo dlseascs causcd
tylmpuro blood. Itlsrcadlly curcd by Ilood's
Sarsaparllla, tho prc.it blood puriller.
William Spics, Elyrla, O., sullcred grcatly
from cryslpelas and salt rhcum, caused by
handllng tobacco. At time: liis liands would
crack opcn and blccd. Ho trlcd varlous prep
aratlons without ald; finally took Ilood's Sar
saparllla, and now say: : 1 am cntlrely well."
"My son bad salt rhcum on liis hands and
on tho calves of bU Icgu Ho took Ilood's
Sarsaparllla and Is :-tlrcly curcd." J. B.
Stanton, Mt. Vernon, Ohlo.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Bold bj all druggiati. 1 1 ; itx for 55. Made onlr
t7 C.Z. 1IOOD A CO., ApothecaiiAi, Lowell, Mui.
IOO Dosos Ono Dollar
AtrrecnV.lv to Sfctinn '21 ot thr Villnire llr.Iftwi
tlio meniberi. oftlie Kire Icp.irtniciit are hcreby
notlfleil lo iiH-ct at llie storo vt .). Ktl WalbrMftt
& Co , on Fritlnv CTenlnp. .Tun. 13th. lfiS. al 7:30
o'clock, to nomfnatc rritnlitlate for Chief Knfd
necr, Tirst and Sec-nml AH.sLsttnts.nnd tutranact
the buMnt'sa iiauicd Iti t twction
ltpnntnpton, Vt , January 4th,
The peml-annual tiiretintr of hv Bennlnirton
IIUtoricil Sociftr ill bt lirld al Ihe Court IIoiip
in iWmiUiun, on Wetlncrdav. Januar 11, USS
ut 10 o'ctock. a. m.for lti elfcthtn of sern intm-bt-M
of the UejinJrjfrton liattle Momiinent Awto
rlition, and to traiiSHct anr other liU"inHs when
Kproruin? t-ecrelary.
Bcuiiiiigtoti. Vt . Jan. 2, im.
Notlce U liTehy chf n that the co-partnrshln
heretofore exlstfns bIwecn the undemijtnfd
under the ftnn name of Wlnslovr ,t I'otter, ii thii
daj (lUMilvtd by miitual toiitit, tlther partner
Hill In Ikiuldallau.
lated at IWnu nirton. Vt.. th s 3d dar of Janu
ary, A.l. 18.
Tlie lnislnfiti liiTfffifiire ooinliicted liv l ild linn
becoDttmiedby the nald Charles It. Votter.
On thu north aide of Mt Antlionv. 1(10 arrcs o
Moodland, flrt and second frrcwtli. Wlll 1m feotd
In lota to ultpurrhaeiMndon tpy terras AIo
40or0tonof lood tay, and a qnantltr of
tlrnw. PENJ. K. bEAUS,
UeiiHnirton uenlre, ucc. m.,15ir. tr
llie annual meetlni? of thefttocVl.oIderaof the
Kirnt National Hank of riennlnjrton, Vt , wili le
held at their bankftiir hoiihc on Tuenday.the 10th
day of January, 18y, at 10 oVhx'k, a. m.. for the
jurpoe of elertltipa Itoard of dlrectora fr ihe
entuini )ear, and for llie trautacMon of aoy other
iieceifsary butine.
Heniilfvtoru Vt., Dee. 8, I8S7 48
1 he nnnuat meetln; f the neunlnKton liattle
Monunient AKKoclatioti, wlll be held at the Cotirt
Houe in Bennington oo WVdoeoday, Jauuary 11,
H!-8, aV-10 o'clock, a ni.
OLIN SCOTT. Ilecordln? Eecy.
B-nulngton. Vt, Dec Sfl, S7
Da'.td at Bninlnston. t..,I)ec. 10,
n, ,1.., iec. iu, lne,.
O. W 11AKMAN. Clerk.
The annual mcetlnzofthc alocklioldera of tlie
UeDnlniFlon OoulilT National Itauk of llenuiiiirton
Vt., wlfi be liild at tbilr binklnir rooms on Tuet-
,mv tue luin nav oi january. iirw. ai iuociuik.
'Vllr.S1 lng 1 borU of m'
BeDnuurlon. Vt., VU. Ilh, WT.
"Whlla thu3 ongagod on work so flne,
Where sklll and patlence must comblno,
How oft the thought must paln tho heart,
That nfter all your care and art,
The handsome work that charms tho oyo
Ero long must solled and rulned Ho."
"Oh, no; you mako a groat mlstake,
A9 no 8uch thought our rost can broak;
For should thero como a soll or staln,
No ruln follows In their traln ;
Howover deep or dark they show,
The IVORY SOAP can mako thom bo,
And all the brllllancy rostore
And porfect beauty as beforo."
There are many white soaps, each represented to be "just as good as the ' Ivory' ;"
they ARE NOT, but like all counterfeits, lack the peculiar and remarkable qualities or
the genuine. Ask for "Ivory" Soap and insist upon getting it.
Copyrulht 1SS4S, by rroctcr & Gamblc.
At the annual tueetinj; nf the ConRre
Rntionnl church on S.ilurday theae
ofliccrs were elecled: Thco. Swift, clerkj
S. (J Cone. Iressurer; Theo. Swilt Sun
day School Superintendent; J. N. Hird,
secretary and treasuret: (leorge Smith,
J. N. Hard. O. A Lawrcnce and U. O
Felt, uliers. Atiheannu.il meetinRof
ho sociely there were e'ecled: L 1)
Coy, olerk; Wtlliani U. Burton. treas
urer and colleclotiG G llurton. O. A.
Lawrence nnd Oeor(re L. Tousley. com
mittee. Six peri-ona united with the
church on Sunday upon professlon of
faith and four hv lelter.
V Scaly, Itchiti. Min Discase wilh
Kudlcss SulTi'rin fniMl bj
rutkura Hcmeilies.
If I had ktiown of llie Cutlcura Kcnipdies Zi
vcara oko lt would havtd saTedme f2C0,0U two
nunilreU nouars) anu an luiincixe amouni or sui
feiinK My dlsease, 1'ioi Uait, ct-iamcnced on
head In a spot not lurtrer than a cent, It spread
raiidly al)oer my boly aml got under tny nlla
Tbe Bfule would dronolT of me all the tline. and
ray cuiTerintf wa&endletM aud without rehef. One
hout-and di'llars uould not teinpt me to have
IhU dlxeasu over airain, I am a poor inan.but fel
ren tn dh rcucvea irom Miiat Rouieortue pny
itifln snid was lenroev. houn nnir-tt 01 tn. no
rUii,etc. I took . . atid . . Sintaiiarllla
oer one year and alialf.butno ture. I went to
two or three doctors and no cure. Icaunot traue
the Cutlcura Kemcdieu too murh They hare
mnde mv iVln aa rlcnr and frre fruin sralcd an a
habv'a. All I UHod of tlifiii wm breo Uoxen of
Cutlcura. and three linttles of Cutlcura ltcoiTeut
kviul twn pnktAH uf CutUura Surin. If vou had been
here and halu you w otild hae cured me for S'JOO
jou wi uld hare Itad II e money I lonked Hk
ihe picturc inyour hook cf I'joriAhls picture No
two, MHow to cure BklTtliwaneB" -but now I am
as clear as anv nerwm Thronch force of hablt I
rubroy hands over my nrnn and lt-p to scrath
ofiec ln awhilc, lnit to no purpore. I am all well.
I K'ratchedtwenty-iipht years. and pt to be a
klnd of second nattire to rae I tlmnk jou athoui
aud tlmes Anthln more tbat you want to know
wrlte me, or ony one who reads thi may write to
meana i wiu aaswrrti.
Waterbury, Vl.. Jan 20,17.
II t-.t.. L" ... T.. 1)In..wn..,. T i..l,o.i
Prurltiw. si'nl.l H.-A.l. Mitk Lrust. DanilnitT.nar'
"er'. Uaker'i (iriMTrrt. and Washerwoman'a
It( b, and everv (tpeIen nf ItchlntT.Uiirniti Sealy,
l'i tiply IIum trB of (he bkiu and &caln and Hlood
with Iot of hair, are pokllively cuiedby Cutlcura
(hxgrrat Skin Cure, aud Cuticura Soap, an ei
(ndt'e Skln lleautlder externally, ai.d Cuticura
itM)lTcut thenevT Hlood Purifierititernally.when
pliytclans anu other lemcuieaiau.
Sold eTcrywhcre. Trice : Cl'TtcURA, 5u cenUi,
Uksoltent,1;.Soap, 25 cents. 1'otter Druo
iNn Ciiexical co., uoston, juass.
IiySeinl fof'IIow toCurSkln Dtieaiei,'
01 pnges&Oillutratlonsand luO testlmonlala.
nlSJPLES.UUcl.hc.Ml', Hkln Hlemishes and
I I IllHaiiy iiumon. usmj uu,tcura sp.
Oatarrhal Dangers,
To be frecd from the dmi;;iT!t of suftocation wliile
hlng dowu; to brratlic ftcrly. bleep ouudly and
undlstui bed i to rie refrefhf d, head clear brain
activc and free from pa'n or Hclie; to know that
no polponnu, putrid matter df Alea tho brcath and
rots aw ay the ilelicate ra.tehlrery of the stntll taste
and hearlng; to fcel that thc ijstem does not
' brouph ita vofnn and arterle, anck up the poinoo
tliat U sure lo undrruiiiip and dentroy, in Indeed a
blettpingbeyond all other huinan enjoyment. To
puri'hafc lmmunlty froni nuch n fate should be
thc object of all amicted luit thoe who hare
trled many rcmedlca aud phjlciandcipalr of re
liel or curp.
8NF(ItD'S RADICAI. CUItK meets every
uWe of catarrh. from a Mmple head cold to the
tnnt Ioathtine and detructlTe fitairea. It is lo.
cal and conHtltutlonal Intant in reliTitig. per-
maucnt ln ciire.sare.econnmlcal aml never ratnng.
Knnfnnl'i Ibtdlcul Cure eonsinta ot one liotlle of
tho Kadlcal Cure. one hox of Catatrhal Solvent,
aud one itnnrored Inhaler, all wrapprd Io one
packaire, with trcathe aud dtrectlons, mld by all
druggtets for $1.00.
No Rheumatiz About Me.
Tho CHtlnira AntM'aln l'laMer
relieTen rheuiuatlita.H'latlc, nudden
iharp aoil nerroua palos. strnim,
wcaknesfl, uterlne palni, soreneca.
Jamencsn. hacklng cough, pleurisy
and chest tmlns cureo: by tnat new
onginal and elegant otldote to paln and Inflam
matlon and Weaknrxa Dtteriy unllke and vatly
tuperlorto all other plastera. At all druggiMi,
25 cents; live for $1.10; or,ptagrt free, of Pot
ter, DrugaiidChemlcal Co , Uoston, Mass.
I.ennineton. Vt.,Dec 11, 17.
Sih : In ucionlanco wilhKf e.irJO, Chap. 153 of
the Ilevlaed btatutex. we herebv certffy thiit at a
incctfog of thoatockholdtrs of the ltennlngton
Knitttng Co., a corporatlan organlzed under the
biwa of Vermont, Jocated and doing bulneas in
Uennlngton, Vt. aaid meetlng hailnc been duly
mllfrf fur tlnt nurnne at Ihe offlce of the coriM.r
atlon Dcc. 10. 137, it was voted to Increase the
gtoek of the corpori.tion frty thounand dolhiM.
(J4(t,000) making the canltal atock aixty thoncanil
dollara tfno.ooi)', instcnd or twenty tbousand dol
lan f 20,000) as heralofore.
II. O. MNDLOFF. PreaiJent.
A. . VALENTINK, Vlce Tre,
Secretary and Ti eafcurer.
Orncr or tuk Seibltaiiy or State, f
Ihrrebv certifir that the forejfoinit Is true
cojty as appeara by the filet and reconN of thls
Witnrss my flgnature and the reat of thia ffHce,
ai inonipe uer, iiim idiii uar oi ifn.Tiu
L k.J ccmber. one tbousand efght hundred
4H 8 cretary offctaie.
In Probtte Cour
Dlntrict of Jtennlngton, ss, t i
heldat IVobate Of
hce ln neonlngtonwlthlu and for tald Piilrict.on
tbe 5th day of January, A. IMB68.
rreieut, Edward L. Slbley, Judge.
(Iwirire A. Wood adminltra!or of the ertatn of
Charlea A. llawki, late of Bennington, insald
DMrict, deceafed. make appHcation to Pld Court
to hare the time heretoforn llmltrd by nald Court
fr the payment of tbe debta of tho said deeewil,
eitended from the Mli day of January, A D
ISHfl, to tlie ot ii aay oi ianuary, a ii. ibsv.
Whrtiinn. lt Is ordfred br naid Court that
applicatlon be referTfd lo a Klin thrre'f ta b
in Ttrnnlneton. ln tnl diatrlct. dd ibe
21t day of Jan. A. D. Mr facarlsa: and df-
cutilon tnereon;anu u i tunnrr oraereu, tnat all
peron Interested be notifird hrreof,by pnblicatioa
of notlce of sald applicatlon, and ordrr therroo,
three wcekt r uccewrly In the lie nulngtonllANKER
a newspaper, publ.flnd at lleiiiilugton,
and which clcuUle la the nieithorliood of those
Interested, berore auu ume oi nearing, thtt
they may appear at aaid time and place, and
If they aee cause, obji-ct tbcreto.
By the Court.
Dl'trkt of Uennlngton, ss.
In the matttr of llodgkina & Uowen, Insoleut
Take nnlice that John V. Carney, AFfclgnee of
the sjid Insolvent I)?btors, hai thia dy tlled U
flccountas such Asignee, wilh IhU Court and
has made applicatlon for tho allow and of the
jamebynald Court and for his dtchargeas such
Afl-lgnee. and that a dividend be dtclared of tlie
fiiinli tn hU hands.
That sald account and applicatlon liave been
referred for hearlng aud decUiou to theKecoud
and thlrd meetings of the creditors of sald Insob
venta. to be held as hereinafler set forth.
And that aaid fiecoud and thlrd mcettngit of
creuitora ue neju a tne I'rooatc umcc iu uennlng
ton, on the 14th day of January, A. I, 1S&, al the
hourof- o'clock 1. M for the transactinu of
any bmdness appertuhiiug to taid Insolvent
Debtors. not a'.rcady had Iu the preu.i?t:s.
Wltness my haml, at lleuuiogton, thls 3d day
January, A. D. lbw1.
50 K. L.SlifLKY, Judge.
Noticeof Settlement and applicatlon for.DIstrl
Dislrict of Uennlngton, hs. held at tbe Probate
omceln bennington, w.tmn anu for sald Uis
trict, on the 5th day of Jan, A. I. 1&8.
Present, IIod. E, L. Sibley, Jndgt.
Lel II. Nicliolas. Executor nf tlie es
tate of Montrnllle Davidaon laieof KeafUboro,
in nuid dislrict decfjacj, preseutt Ids admlnlstra
tion account for cxamination and allowance, and
makea applicatlon for a dcree of dMrlbution and
nartition of thc cstate of paid dt-ceatcd.
Whereupon, it is ordered b) Faid Court. tliat
aaid account anu aaid appncatiou ie reierreu to
a fcsilon therenf, to he lirld at the Probate Ofllct
afnrtkiiiil. on Ihn lIt ilnv nf Jan. A. I).
1583, for hearing and decnion thereon ; And, it
h further onleretl. that notire tliereof be gitn
toali parties ntereKteil. bv nub icatlon or th
8n me three wre k ruccesiif ly in the Uennlngton
Uannek a tiewppnpcr publUhvd at Bennington,
prevlous to aaid time apnninted fr hearlng, tliat
they may appear at aaid time and place, and
how caue. if any they may have, why aaM c
couuttbould not be allow ed aud such cecrev
ATrue Record Attet,
S.J. WILKINS, Register
A Troe Copy of Kecord Attest,
15 V J. WILKINS, Registrr
Estatu of MI1S. MAKTUA E. HUB
Tlie undcripied, having been uppolnttd by the
Hon. Probate Court for thc DU'rict of Itenninirlfiti.
Commisioncrs, to receive, rxamine and adjut all
elaimtand dcmands o all personsaeiilnt thc etate
of Mm Martha K Huhbard lte of ItenniniftQn.lii
aaid Pist.df ccard,and a claim exliibitcd in of
set tlicretn, hercby giru noticc that we wll mret
for the purpoe aforesald, at the Uennlngton
Co. National Itank parlor ln Bennington, on the
7th day of March, and lt day of Junc 19h8,
next frotit ii o'clock P. M., untll lour o'clock
P. M., tach of Httld days, and that slx month s from
Ihe 5th dafofDec.A I. 18H7, Ia the time limlt
ed by sald Court for sald creditora tn piesent their
ciaims io us lor exaimnation anu aiiowancc.
Dated at Uennlngton tbis Kth day of Dcc.
STATE OF VERMONT. I In Probate Court
Bis trict of Uennlngton, m. t held at lrohate Of-
Bce ln Uennlngton, in said ditrict,on tlie 3rd day
Present, Edward L. Sibley, Judge.
Florence I. llall aministratrix of the estute of
lliland llall, late or ltenuington, in enld diotrlct
deceased, maLea appllcalioti to mld Court for li
cense lo sell all of the real estate of sald deceaed
to wtf a certain pteceor parcel or land cftuated
ln Ueunhurton. iu taid district. and orcunhil hv
H Clajton Simnion as leaaclio'd eta'r. un ler
icase irom aiuney uoivin io ut oarge w Minmoni,
representing ttat the aaleof taid real estate wili
ue ueuenciai tu au cstate ana au persons inter
e"ted thereln.
Whereupon, it is ordered by tald Court, that
sald anplication be referred toaseiion thereof, to
De iieiu ai ine i rouaie omce in
itennlmrton. Iu sfrl dltrlct nn
thc21htdayof Jan. A P. 8H, for hrarlne and de
ciiion thrn-on ; Aiid.it it further ordmd.that all per
sons intercatril be notiGed hereof, by publication of
notiee of sald applicatlon und orderthereon. Ibree
weeks siiccclvcly in the Uennlngton Banneh, a
newfpaper publlshed at Uenrirpton, and hl;h
circuhtte ln the neIchborhooI uf llime Inter
ested, uetore sald time ol Iieanng that thty may
appear at sald time and place, and If they see
ca ir.e, objrct theretu
Jlv tht court. Attest,
60 S.J. WILKlNS.KeGhtsr.
Wili Preseulid.
STATE OF VERMONT. I At a Probatp Court
Dist or IlKNNiNOTo.v.BM t held at the Probate of
flce In Uennlngton wttbm and for aaid diatrlct on
theStUh, day ol December, A. I).,1S37.
Present, Hon. Edward L. blbley, Judge.
AnlnPtrumcnt,puTportfngtohe the last wlll
and tt'ftlitment of Heujandn R Sears
late of Ucmilngtrn, (n imiI'I dltrict dece ated
being preaenteil by Chaa.F.Seara, one of the ex
ecutor thereln named, for Probatc.lt Ia onlered
by frald court that all penum4 concerned thereln
be notifled to apjtear at a Kesion tliereof. to be
htdd at the Probate Otlice iu Uennlngton ln aaid
dUtrict. on the 11th dav of Jan. A. I.
1889. at 10 o'clock in the foretionn. and ,lmw
catiae, if any they have, againRt the Probate of
aatd wlll; for which purpoe It ia further onlered
that thia order be publlshed three wreka auc
cefaitely lu the Bennington Uanjcf.b. a newa
pajwr pnnted at Bennington in thia fetalc, pre
viouf to aaid time of hearlng.
oy ine-oun.
4V Attest. E,L. SIULEV, Judge.
St. Louli to Lo Aneglea ud Sao Francl.co,
Lave St. Louli at 8:30 P. M.. Dallr.
FREE Covernmcnt LANDS.
tVltLUOIS OF 1CH9 of 'h ln MlanMOta. HortB
lakot. Montna. Iilaho Whl nirton and Oremo.
CCIII1 CHD rMMkKtionswlthHitwdeaerlblnen
OCIIU rUriKaT AfrrimUiirKl.UraBlna aM Tlm-
br Lnda now orn tn Settlen 8ent Froe. Addresi
(OMMODATIOXS. Kor full lnfurtnatlon roiwuU T(ur tif airit tlckct
airentor A. C. 11AUVEV 1 CO 30 Washington
Htrtit, lli.aton, Maa.. 7m3
tl nCI) PCUT nntANNUM.net.to
l'i Htll UtN I , InriMor.. (lua.an
I teeil afralnot lotta.
132 .YVSSAU M..Vanilcrbilt Ruilillns
RdaUiahed lai. JW7. lTmsrnUua.lo
rtffiteti. Prlif he VWI Wt pwrmTrf. ?BS
Great Mneit aoil Mnu SalB
MISSES' NliWMARKETS S:o oo Uarments for $0 oo
ii So " " Soo
1200 " " 87?
" . r u 11
JACKETS Stylish.rough efiects sGciificrent patterns to select
from, at S3 30; regttlar 6 00 and i 00 Garmcnts.
CHILDREN'S GRETCHENS (with hoods) 5 00 now 2 75
" " .0 00 now 2 50
" 6 50 now 4 00
" " 7 50 now 4 50
Tho remaining stock of OUR SEAI. PLUSH N'RAPS, JACKETS
AND SACQUES, at unheard of Hargain l'rices.
I.ADIES' CLOTH RAGLANS l'rices have been hiifed.
Odds and cnds in Ladies', Misses' and Children's Cloaks at 2, 2 ;o, 3,
3 Si 4. 4 S 5 and ttpwards.
'I'he above are all new, fresh, stylish Garments.
The Andrew M,
(ieiirral .tgcntsfor Veriuonl and Kaslern Xcw York Tor llie Old aml lie
iiable Delroil Safe and l.ork fompaiiy.
We enn furnisli 11 fire proof, or a fiio autl bnrglar proof sufe
uombined, in any size, froni tlie snmllest to the largest niatle,
at prices as low as those given by any lvputabk' nianufactur
ers. We liave a line of tsaniples 011 e.vliibition at Bi'iiniii"ton
so tliat a purcliaser may see what he is biiyiiig.
We have a small household and ofliee safe especiallv in
tended for tlie use of farmers,
small storekeepers, justicus, retired uusiness men and fainilies.
It is a jewel. Call and see it.
Safes can be seeu at No. 34 North St.
- oo
X full line of l.ailio', Misses' aud
Chililrcii's llnols aml Sliiies
roiistanily on Imiul.
Tlie New Ycrk Ufe lmta a UrEtr amountol
rmlowimntanil annulty lo.urance than auy oth
rrronipanylnthenorl.l Eiiilomrnt mturinB
thia jear, now bItiR paltl, rcalize to holdrrt. flre
pfrcent. a. anlnrrfttm.'Dt, nt't, free of tazallon.
Thu protection for famllr and estate for pat
ter to twenty yi ar. been hail by theae pollcy
hoMera without any eot. Apily for partlculara,
A. 1". CIIILns, Uen. Airent,
Fprinffflelu. Maas,
I'ilAS N. roWEKS, Ajrent, Hennlnftton, Vt
wrtlTINtllantaMl.he" n ltane balldlnff. COLr
I.Rt.K PLACE. 83, 85 and KI North I'earl atrret.
the bet atrueture dern'ed to Im.lneM educatlon
laAmerica ErerythliigUtunrrl) Commerdal
Shorthaml. TjperltinK. l.ctll anrt
KPici.l IVnman.hlp de.artmeM. wilh ymnattie
diillf. when dealred. (Voune rnen aud women
prepirad forbu.lnew Jlaay a.l.t'd topotltlona.
Church Go.. Limited.
lawyers, doctors, postniasters,
cin't Jim that. I,ut for Uie ihm lliir
Jays we wlll plve jou Itc bt-s.1 barpuiua on Mrth
Men's Custr-m-Made ilolhinj
Gent? FflrDisMi GooQs
We hae a hlj? asortnient, and Tor
We ofTcr it at cW au eei'inp fipures.
kimwm CLOTIB !
ForSulih aud Ovrcoj.
Lea.e HfiMiii'pton, 8M. 11 40 a tn., 5 p, m
Arrire. Itenninpton 8 30 a. m., 2 J6, 6 00p m.
Arrie, Noith I'ownal !) 2rt, . m.,12 21. fi a3 p m
I'uw ti.il 3l,a m,U 21 ti SS n m.Villitni.
town 9 4da m., IJ :13 4 p. m; North
Ai'aniB, !t 50 a m., 12 50.7 00 p.tn ; lireen
6eMMI12a. m.,2C0p in: Alhnl 1223.
1 31 p m.: Oardner, 1 07. 4 13 p ui: Wor
tf (er,2 IS, 5M p m: I'rovMence. 3 53,
7 10 p m: Flichhuru. 1 40, 5 Odpm; Ayer
Junetlon. 20.1. 6 24 p in; Koton. 310,
8-V. pni;ritlnfih! . 10 W a m, 3Wp tn;
tipnnFfield iVSpm fl 'JOp in;N'orthamt
tonf, 2 19, 4 4ipm; New liavenj, 420,8 23
p m;New York;. a 15 p ru.
heart New York; 10 30a m; Vew ltaveni 7 15,
1104, Northamptob 9 4i a ni, 131 pm,
Sprlnfrfleh! . 9 00. 1133 a m.
1'ittf.neMj. 11 13 a m. I 10 n m: Hston,
R30. 11 33a ui;Ajer Junction 9 27 a w.
WAOpm; Ki'ehlmrR. S.M.am.l 23pm.
lroTldenw,6 30, U00 a m; WorcfHer,
S 07 a m. 12 24 p m; Unrdner. 10 24 a m.
202pm: AtholV 1051 am. 238 j m:
l.renneJd, 1142am, 33p m. Jtorth
Adanik. ;23am. 1-0, AiOpm. Will
litnMonn, 7 33 a ni, 1 10. 5 II p m,
I'ownal, 7 44 am, 1241, A2t p io: N'nrlh
l'ownal, TMi m. 12 54), 5 20 p m.
-Via l itrl.hurc lt. It. -Via F. It lt.. V .t
W. It.lt. - Viaf. li. li.li. A.V HU i-V
F. U. lt , IV Y., N. II A II It. Ii. ;-Yla N. Y Jt
Ilaneult K.
A. V. PKKRIN, ifn'I rat-enKtT A-wtit.
J. 1'. IlOl'SON.tuperinleudent.
On aihI after Nov. lilli. 1SS7. trains ill run a
roiiowt ;
Lac Hennlnfrton 7 45 am,arrie Tmy920,a
in. .mw jorK z n p in, nooMck i-ailar,. North
Adama9.)0, (Irfeiittfld II 12 a m, Kitchbur I M,
B.w-ton 3 lOp u.MecbiiniculIe 9 30,Saratufra,to
a in.
U'nTf Ilenninrton 12 40pm. anivp Tmv 215,
New York 7 C0, Iloogick FalU a Sfi. North Adami
3 20,(ireentltlda?7. Kltchbiiri: 8 11. Uouon945 n
m.MechanicTllle 2 42. Saraloa 3 SO.
Ieae Bnnlnptntj 5 25 p m. arrire Tror 6M,
tm. New York (rla xteanierift (X) a in, Itooick
alUSlt, No. Adann 7opm, Uonton 6lV a ni.
MechanicTil1e6 50, p in.
Ieare Uennlngton 12 10 nlsbt, arrh Troy I 45
New YorkliWam.
laeare Uenntrrton 8 53,a m, arri No. Adamt
pfto. Orrenrtt ld lt 12 a in, FlUbburir 1 Wi. Uostoa
Lea.t Uennlnslon 11 40 a. m, ArrieTror 2 15,
HoomckFa.il 1 12, No.Adam I2 50,lioton.e'35 in.
Ijeave Hennlnfrton 5 35 p io, arrire No. Adama
7 00 p m, Uoston 6 00 a m.
vii EESKixaTos & kvtlxxd n't:
1 20 a m, from New York, Alltany and Troy.
9 33 am, from New York Jrla. ateamer). Al
bany, Troy, IIooMck Fail?, No. Adam Saratoga
and Slechanlaille
5 00 p m, from New York. Albany ,Troj,lIooIcfc
Falla, No. Adinm, IUton aLtl MechanlcTllte.
8 .H5 p m. from New York Albany,Troy.Hooitck
FalU North Adamt, BostonMeebanlcvltle. and
IA N V . II V. R'Y.
8.30 a,m.. from No. Aditm .
215 pm, from Boton, (IrwnfielJ, No. Adams.
6 W p m, fmm No. Adain.
OenMlraiTlc M'rVi Roton. den'l Fai. Ac't,
(ien'l W- Pawnjrer Apent.Troy
jfMtMit-ulitUAixit AlMUrsllUtru4
prtm. IpnUVtiM, PT -rr libril.
nriWnfmriMilMk. EC43IiyP CO ,
The Art, Denmark
New Improved Stewart
round and oval.
Tin and Woodenware
And a complcte assortment of Glas
ware, Lamps and
HousefurTiishing Goods !
C. E. GRftVES,
20 & 22 MAIN ST.
Dobbins Electric Soap,
Ii is stricllj Pure.UniforminQualily
twenty years ag
chantreil in thc
.ula for which we jaU, toO.fW
(ih neer been mfxlIEeil or
.:rhtpt ThU ooan U ulentl-
I cal in qutUlj totl
years ago.
It contoininollilr,
fahrlc It brlRhten-
It washen tlannclh
iy with that made twentj
; tliat i-an injure the finost
a id hlanketnas uo other icap
ln tlie world doen
them poft nnd wtutt
-wuiimi sunnKing ieavlnff
'ike new
TlIKItK fa a creti av(DC ot 'ime, or iahor of
oap, of fuel an nf the f.ibrir, mIith Dohblns
Mectne soap h um l accoruinp to dln-ctlon
One trial wlll di iontraie ita (jri-at merlt It
Wlll Uav VOU to ,.afc thnt trial.
lkf all ihe bftt i unps, it v exu-usivel; imua
ni:u'.HK or imittios.
Insist nrou Dobb .s EIt nr. Don t take Mar
netlc. Klectro Mji?io riiuadelphia F.lectric or
anv other fraud. 8iiMjly heaause it is rhcap They
wili ruin clothe", ai i are doar nt any prce Afk
and take no other.
Malnt to Mdico ki
n't it.he w ill order
Ofad caretully tl
Xlbiir, and becin
side wrnpper. You
iH'foretrjinpforyi i
trul wunderftil
Nearly ever prncer from
ns it in stock I( j our'o ha'
frum his nraresf UioleJalc
inide wrapper iround cach
iul to follow dirfctionson out-
unnot afford to wac longer
trM'lfihii old. reuable and
Dobbins' Electric Soap
CMlllLKili, M
OfiKll Piiiilliii!
-. '"U'" V" un urai
workujHn iii all bram hesofpdinting IlelinhaJ
....r.u,ul .t.c-fc niuj-s I II a-l.UUIl- NIIU irfj
(ood work done rt : onahiv ond nlth defptch
I haie also made arraDeements to do tarrfac
Triinming and (ienr ral Itep.iMnp
S(iiTe me a call.
1MTWK. TI'PW IT wii w t r
S ! k s I K 1 I il I
1 huve retuintd irotn New York uitii a liVi
nets aml hats a Ppc 'ulity. I Mialt recttre adJi
New York once en ii month during the seaou.
I.adies are invittV t o cIl and exainlne my btock
in New York aud 1) .ston, and am prrrmrM io rf
ftami.lnc neatly an qu cklr
I tlunk all for the patron&pe whlch I ha.'e
ruiivu.l n..,lknnA, . 1. . - tl , t ,1...
ame. litpectfull.
Miss H. J. Morgan.
Itf nnlnjtton, Vt., srt. 14. 1MC 34
W I, 1.)L(LAS 1 MIIIK (he or hrinAl nn.
nnli- l,nn.l.,.u.l .... .. fil . K.... i.. ... ...! I I
;o to tn.
$3 shoe:
The onlr 83 fil AMI.VSyl
anoemme Honu.Hiia-
out tWKi or uaiia. i
Flneit Calf, pcKtrt &UJ
Ilatton and Ijc. all e,
and tlurtble as tholi
coitlnjcUorlt? Itojrv
W. T.. noilOI.AS V2.30 SIIOE ll unei-
eeJtefl for heary wear. If not sold lijr)ur rtealer
wrlt W. L. DQL'GLAS. Itrorkton, Miu.
Itewarded are thone uho rew
thi nnd then act they wlll fin
h.mnrablc einployment thnt wil
niiti laMiiiiir-M. i ne iiruui air lanzr aiiti mi rr io
eiery lndurtiiou irsnn, many hare made an
are now inilinp8eeral hundml dollars a month
tuar.laf' rl.AUni1 ri.Fin irM- ritliair JLr nt.
r rr ihiuk 'i'cvimi i 11113 miuirtti ju
reauer, can 00 11 as w 11 as any one. ru to 1
at once for full narttcularn. m bich Me mall fie
Addren Minnon 1 , PortUnd, SUin-- 49yl
form. but nre urnattl bv the marre
tiroritalile work tht t canl done whih
t llftt ett S i-t . i or.ianu, .nnne, anu rettlTt
lree. full lnformalhti how t ither sex, of all ifit
can earn from f 5 tn f2j per day and urward
whereverthey 11th ou aie Ptarted free Caplta
not requlred. tiome hare made $50 Inatdnpledaj
ai um woriv. n m-fr
Firtfur-et(perye.iT ..
utMiml Fntir-pt
WnterCloset .
Staticnir; Tubi or HaMM
rriTatebtflblei, Ut nore .
Each ddltlonal boriM- or covr
Lawn boo (to ue u''i oy "uu
aoore rate. . .-. fijtfjfa rnMnt
Jalj-W.lll!?". !l
. . . .tnn a fu rSillioa.

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