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siiis vknTastii.y.
Secklnc Anir Wlwt Jlay le l'onnd nt
Oiic'n Oiv i 1'lreMile.
Tha InvalUl propi etr. s of a wealtby
cstate in Scotland ice vnitid ihe contl
nent of Europe to g t rul of her mala-
dies. ... i
Slio went to B-id-'iiItaden and tried
those celebrated wi ter. then to Carls
bad and tried Us 11 ineral springs. Shc
got worse instead o. beiter, nud in de
spair Bhe said to a jniysiciin ;
"What shall I do V
His rcply was: "Medicine cnn do
nothing for vou. Vou iiaveonechance.
in the waters of Pn Kealthy. Snotland 1"
"Isit possible?'' lie repled, "why,
those waters are on my own estate '."
Invalids ro trami ine over ilie world.
un8ucces8fully seck ag the relief tliat
often liea riglit nt l eir owndoora.
Clianue of cliraat" aiid travel U no
doubt beneficlsl in ome classes of dia
caso, but it is irapoMibln to secure.while
traveling, the proptr curo and nursing,
the choerful comforto of home, whion
are often necessary uljuncti to medicine
in promoting rooovi ry.
In ninny ailmenta aruing, as so many
do, from deranEetm nta of lho?e prima
ry organs, the kidnya und livcr, with
proper reinedy to ue, lecovery is niuch
more rapid at one'a wn lireeide.
Maj. S. B. Abboti of Sprinulldd, o.,
waa attacked wi'.h s erious troubles, and
aftcr a long course 'f medical Ireatment
tried to find relief at Ilardin Sulphur
Springs in Califnrnii.suid visited a nuin
ber Of other noted ieal tli resorts but all
tonopurpose. At last ho went home
he was induced to try Warner's eafe
cure for hia kidney troubles and soon
became a well man.
Dr. Gustav Weber.a lending piiyslcian
of Dessau, Gerniuny, writoj Warner's
eafo cure Co.'s bn nch at Frankfort :
Sept. 12th, 18S7: ' For many years I
have 8uiTered from inlNmmaticm of the
kidneya, nnd each jenr wns obliged to
VisitCarsbad for teuiit'rary relief. I
havo Dnished my littecnth bottle of
Warner's safe cure and luve complotely
The main tlilng if to Und the right
remedy.then recov ry from all the many
ailments that are tl e n;sult of kidney
derangement is inr. t tanily secured at
liome eurrounded by homo comforta.
There are few disen es or which travel
le, on tho whole, bi lelirial.but there are
many which may )e cured by puttlng
the kidueys in a he dthy stato,thu9 driv
ing the cause of tli dwease from the
Tho annual mee ing of the Vermont
Stato Teachers' as1- icUtion at Brandon
on January 20, 27, and 28, promiecs to
he one of the moal nteiesting yetheld.
Oov, Ormsbee will teliver an address on
Thursday, Januarj 28 Addresses will
also bo delivered by l'rof. (jrenvillw
Yager of Middlel ry collegi' on 'The
Misaing Link in K uration' ; by D J
II, Worman of Sar. 'ogn on 'Metl.oda in
Language Teachini ,' nud prohably l'rof.
S, F. Emmerson ol lhi Univeraity of
Vermont, Papera vill le read by Mra
J. M. Dewev of lii lan l on Morala and
Manners;' by Miw iCat-" E Lowrey of
Burlington on 'Bik. :s i nrt Schools;' by
Miaa Francea L. D- i ( Woodatuck on
'Progress In Scioiu i 'i o icliing;' by His
Lucy Wells of C atl con on 'Lngln
Grammar;' by Mibi Ellen Btker of ,St
Albans on 'Fiction ' b) Principal Ecl
ward Conant of Ha doiph on 'The Need
of More Teachers' A'S' clations in Ver
mont;'by Principa1 E II Dntcher of
Brandon on "Ci -ics in Secondary
Schoola.' Principa E A. L-avenworth
of Kansas will o ien a disciibaion on
'Professional Traii ing for Tearhers.
Ilotel ratea will be ?1 I er dav and re-
duced rates have L'enjecured all the-
iioiv to or.'i ."UiMti: i:t:s.
It is a fact but lil-lo known to peoplc
who keeD noultrv t'lat ' he firal part of a
hen which becomct di mrrauged on the
approach of uifieaee is tiio ovanea or egg
producing organs,
Excesa of fat, Jxpure to wct and
cold. noor condition. sbeddinc feathera,
improper food, wai t of oxercise or lack
of certain elements in t'ie food to devel
ope tho embryotg, will all produce
the eame eiTect an 1 c iuse the hens to
stop laying.
It cannot be aildown as an "iron-
clad' rule, that whtn a hen ceasea lay
ing it iaa positivn sjmptom shewill
soon bo aick: but it cau bo stated with
the utmoat aesurum e tlut soniethiug ia
wrong or sho wouli nor. cease laying for
week8 and often m ntlis.
Tho annual egg product pcr hen. In
this country, range-i from thrt e to eight
dozen eacn, Inow this ty lar 10 smau
Thero is no earthlv re it.on whv every
hen that lays at all nhnuld not be made
to lay from ten t(. lif.ieen dozen eega
cach per year, and nontinue to do bt for
at least llve yeara. Wt know of parties
whogeteggs atthu raio In mldwinter
in our coiu ciimaie.
How to eet eeca m cold weather in
terests every perton who keepa hene.
MrCharles Itaymcnd of ew uanaan.
Conn,, writea un ler date of March 8.
1887 'I had excellei't remlts from feed
ing Sheridan's Pow Jer to my seventeen
hena. In Decembe-thi-y lald zil ecKs,
in January 177, and in February 241.
People around hert who have three and
four times the het s I have. (and who
didnotuse Sheridnn'H powder) dld not
eet one nuarter ns manv eirca.
I, S. Johnson & ( o., 22 Custom House
Street. Boston. Mai-s.. pth the only man
ufacturea af Shend in'a Powder '.o make
hens lay. If you lannot get it of your
nearest druggist or genernl etoreueeppr
Johnson & Co will send the Powder by
ruall or expresB, to iny nddreaa, chargea
prepaid, aa follnns: For 50 cents in
Btamp8, two small packe; for $1.00, flve
packs. Ur lor $1.2 1, n large '4 pouno
can will be Bent, si cans for 5.00, ex
press prepaid to an.- expresa ofllce,
Mr, Lamar findin that sonui explana
tionof hia apparen' adliciioii to treaaon
and traitors waa nc 'es8iry, lias express
ed himself as folkn 's:
I would bo mani estly unfit for the
bench, under the p eae jt condition of
things, did I Btill jnt' rtain the same
vlews of tho conati utn n and righta of
tho Statea that I lu .d iieforo tho war.
Butldonot.neith'rdn the men who
participated with ne In secestion. We
have accepted the r -aul s of the war.and
do not pretend to n aintain our tlieorlea
of anti-war times, i 'gatdiiig the sover
eign rlghts of the b atet urlheconbtruc
tion of the constitu lon
This ia very good so far aa it goca.but
it ia only a few yeai s aince Mr. Lainar,
in the U. S. Senate d-.-cluruu that he
would not hear Jell Da ia calleda trai
tor, and it is only a few rnontha Bincehe
eulogized John (3. ( alhoun ai the wieeat
stateaman of his duy, and bis theory of
the constltution as heiruuone.
If Mr. Lamar has maile progress 6inc
then we aro glad of it, out declarationa
which are mado for gettiiig ofllce are
usually looked upon wilh aonio Bufpl
cion. Moroover, whcn Southernera talk to
each other, they ex 'iise tliemselvee for
'accepting tho rcsu ta of the war,' on
the ground that they hi d to, but they
Btill confldently predict the ultimalo tri
nmnh nf the loat cauae.
TheBupremeCoi rt, with tho changea
which will occur iti u, naiurany. uui
ing tho next four ji-ars. may bo bo pack
pA with men who dj not think that Jef
feraon Davia waa i tiaitor, and who
would like to see tho ultimate tnumph
of the loat cauae, tl.at they can Bet up
thn Iiton nf confedei-ation abovo the idea
of natlonallty and do no incalculable
amountof miechicf
nmnr-rnt.n lauirh at uh for thinkine
there is anv daneer. Wo ndmlt that the
old anike. with hia fanga
ilnwn. is not overoowerine, in either
the museum or national garden.but who
wanta one in the nntional spring r
let that coldof joura run on. You
think it ia a llght thing. Ilut it may
run Into catarrh. Or into pncumonla
Clr rnnRiimntion.
Catarrb Is disguUinc. Pncumonla Ia
dangerous. Consu nption ia death it
pf. The breatliing apparatiis must be kept
lmnltii v nnfl clenr n( nll obatrucllona and
offenBivo matter. Othorwlee there 18
Iroublr ahead.
All the diseasca of thoso partB, head,
noBe, throat, bronc lial tubes nnd lunga
can bo delightfrhy and entirley cured
hr the uaa of Bosi hee'a German Syrup.
If vou don't knojy his nlrcady, thcus
anda of pfcdple cao lell jou. They have
bceu cured by it and ;-know how It'la
thamaelves. uouuoniy i'i cvn atn
TANV. The renort of the Oirectors of this
company elatea that owing to the large
additionstotho property of the com
p.uiy during the year ju s tcloaed, It is
Impnsaible to make veiy eatisfuctory
comparisons of the detaila of businea
between the two laal yeara, but the fol
lowing explanation will enable the
stockholders to judge of the future pros
pecta o' their property.
The lotal groea income (as ahown in
ihe annended tablelfor the flncal year
ending Sept, 30, 1887, raade up as fol-
Or FitchlrarR Itailroud proHT ... entlreyear
Xioy and tireenneU Uailroad tuti
lloosac lunnei lor o muuma
Hoosa; Tunnel Dock and Elevator
fnr raonths
Troy aml Uoiton Kailroad for i luontlia
lloiion, ltooJacTunDcl aml Vet-
trn Kailroad ror nionms n5
Tlie earninga ottha pmncrty for
ilc 8ame propornnn o iuc j cr
,li,. snt. 30. 1SSH. wpre 1.500.508 41
Showlng aa incrcase In 1887 of. .. . iHin.lIS 17
Tho total khsi earnlngs of Ihe
presenC Uonsoliaalta i-ine lor
tliA f-ntire flscal vrar of 1H8I
For ihe enttre llacalyear of 1887..
J,t M
Conaidcrine the inconvenience9 undcr
which we have labored during the year
and which are alluded to later in thia
renort. thia comnariaon Eeenia iiulle
aatiefactory and leada ua confldently to
predict a handsomo Increaae year by
year In the future.
olnce tne laai aniiuni ieiuii, nno
nanv hn tnken tiosseaaion of Ihe Troy
and Greenlifld rallroad nnd the Hooaac
Tnnnel, in nccordance with ine arncies
of coneolidatlon, haa becomo con6oli
dated with the Troy and Iloaton Rall
road Company. and has acquirea ny
thn BostoD. Hooaac Tunnel
and Weatern Itiilway, thua completing
its line from Hosion lo ine uuason ihv-
er nnd the greai irunu nnes ui iun
IV. I,!iv nlnn acciuired tho entire real
cst Ue and property of the Iloojac Tun
nel Dock and Elevator uompany.
Freight for fiireimi ports irom me
trunk lines is now delivered to ocean
hteamers hero witnoui paying 1011 or
trihuto to any olher company.
Having thua perfected the line of rail
road which wa have been Btnvine for ao
many yeara lo obiain. it Beema proper to
infiirm nnr Btnckholdera of eome of the
characterislica of the property which
they have acquired. Ihe uiaiance irom
Iloaton to Troy nvermia nuu miccn
miles shorter tlun by any other route.
to Albany itis three miles nhorler, nnd
by meana of our West Shure connecliona
itisabout twentv miles the shorleat to
Bultalo and poin'n West, (Jhicago, eto.
Connectlona aia made wilh all tho
trunk llnea running througli thp btato
nf New York to the Wett, nnd with tho
Wwt S ioie. De aware aml tludson ua-
nal O'mpanv, New York. Lake Erie
nnd Weatern . Deiaware, Lackawanna
aml WeBtern. and Lehieh Valli y R-lil
rcada, we are now duing a large thro
buine6s.whilo our interchanee of tratlio
witli our frlenda in the North, the
Cheshire and Cenlral Vermont and ita
Rnnnmtiona. reninins undisturbed
We also connect direclly witli the
Eiie Canal at the Rotterdnm Junction,
the western terininm of tlnaroad.at
which place are unrivaled facilities for
the constuction of an elov.itor anu the
trnnanortation of nrain and other iner
chnndise direclly Irom and to the canal
to and from the ltack3 ol tnis company.
A coutract has, iherefore, been made
with resnonaible nartiea for the erection
of an elevator of 130,000 bufhela capaci
ty, to be completed May 1, 1888 a meaa
u're which appeHred to bo abaolutety
iieceBaary to prevent a diveraionof trade
Irom Boston and irom ils direct route
wilh the West.
At the time of writing this report the
double track on the main lino now ex-
tenda from Boston to Johnaonville, N.
Y.. 173 milea.in addition lo which there
aie aboul 01 milea of double track be-
tweer, Jonrisonvnif anu noiieruam,
leavirg of single track in main line. 10
miles Johnaonville to Troy, and 30)
milea (o Rolterdam Junction.
Since the formation of a Western line
over the Fitchburg Itailroad we have
aparea no piins to rurnlah proper ao
comodationa to the citizena of Boston
and to those living upon the line of the
road, Not content witli simply furniah
ing aa good facilities as any olher line,
we have been the pioneers in aeveral en
terpriaes which have been of great ben
efli to tho city of Boston, We haye
the most cumplete service of
Palaco sleeplng cara of any railrond
nomp.iny in Boston. Thia company waa
llio ilrat to run througli Bleeping cara
from Boston to St. Louis,
We were llie firat to furniah parties
of New England eettlers in the West
nnd California witli tho luxury of
througli paa8enger cars. wilhout change
between Boaton nnd Chicago.
We also firat opened to Ihe traveling
public facilities for excuraionB througli
the beautiful sccnery of tho western
cntinties nnd along the picUirescjuo
Bhores of the Iludaon.
In theee vnrioua parliculnra othets
have Bimply followed in our footsteps.
It is our dcaire in the future, as in the
paat, to bo tho Iendcr in all effnrts to
furniah the city of Bolton with proper
facilitiea for weaiern buainesa.
The Interstato Co.nnierce law has
gone into operation since our last report
and, although It Is yet too eoon to form
an opinian as to its eiTect.it may he said
tliat it haa not been aa injurious aa waa
generally feared at the limo of ils pas
BHge, although it has afTnrded increaaed
facilities for competition by the Cana
dian lines. and by tho Canal route t)
New York during the Beaaon of naviga
uon, It haB been the custom for many years
by nieans of rebatea and otherwlae, lo
reduce tne rates irom wosiorn poinia 10
Uoston upon export uuaineas to tiioeo ot
New York.
This equahzation of rates isahsolulely
neceasary lo the exlstence of export
buainess'froni this port.
Soon after the pasaage of the Inter-
alato Commerce act, reprcaentatives of
ihe Kading railroads tn new r.ngland
met together for con erence in regard
to their future action.
A committee was appninted with in-
slructiona to taku tne ndvlce ol counsei
upon varioua questlons which arose
under said nct, and among others, upon
the lecality nf coutuiuliii' tho payment
of rebates uoon export busmteg,
It was the unanimous opuuon ot tne
counsei conaulli'd by thia committee
that the practice of paying tliese rebatea
was notillegnl under tho inlerstate com
inerce Act.
This comnanv cnncurred inauch onin
ion and was adviaed by ita counsei that
ibere was no questlon whatever that
the existing practice in this reapect wns
legal iinuer tho inlerstate uommerce
tiill. Greatlr to the aurpriso of thia
coniDiny. the counsei of oneof tha roada
termlnatlng in luston auviaeil that tne
navment ol bucIi tciialea would he llle
gal uuder tho anld bill.and communicat-
eu euch uecialou to the trunk nnea.
Thia company strongly proteeted agalnst
their ulecunlinuance, out unavailinmy,
and sucli rebate-i were discontinuod
when the act took fffect,
Petitiona to the Interstate Commerce
Comrmaaion were at once flled by the
rallroad companiea anu otners intorest-
eu in tne export trauo, praying lor re
The counBel representing the Fitch
burg Railroad Company at the hearing
stateu to tne commision inai u was the
onimon of this comnanv that the Inter.
siate Commerce law did not forbid the
continuance of the payment of thia
drawback, and requeated tho Commis-
eioners to report ieavo to wllharaw upon
that grounu.
Thia view was taken by tho Commla
aioners, anu leave. to wiindraw waa
grauted upon the ground that there waa
no occasion for cnlling uimn the com-
nlsaion to givc tanction to n pratcice
which would ie legai wunout it
Immedlately after thia declsion the
trunv lines autliorized the reeumntlon
of the payuent of export robatea, and
the buaineesof exporting Western pro-
ducta from Ihe port oi Iloaton haa beon
Although the report ahowa. as the re
ault of the year's freight buslncaa, a
aubatantial Increase over tbe reault of
any previous year, it ia noverthelets a
fact that we have euffered from cxcep
tional diaabihtien which allected ua nona
tho lcas unfavorably, because they were
Deyonu our power w recuuuy lueui,
They were malnly tliat tbe laketteam
ahip linea of two out of three of our
princrpal trunk lins connictiorn were
extrcmoly inellicient during the laat
nummertBO much so Uiat txtth theJr'unk
linea in qucrtlon are Mklpg.vTg'oroua
measurea to prevent' theT rscurrence xt
uch lola ot lake to'uhago to tbemmlree
Another diaadvantnge developed it
telf in the course of theaummer.
In consequenco of the maintenancn
by New York trunk lines of througli
rates at figurea not Inwer than thoae for
bhorter distancea, it becamo practicable
to our loaa, of course, to bring canal
borne graln via New York to Bneton,
IIow far further legislatlon or rulings
may effect this matter it is Impossibl to
aay; but we are satiafied that our direct
connection with the Erie Canal will en
able ua liereafter to intercept such round
about BhipmentB by water and retain a
fair share of the grain tranBpcrted to
New England.
It only reninins to be ndded that, not
withntanding all the loasesof freight
tr.qfHe. from the rausea named. sulfl-
cient new buinesa has bten secured to
more than offaet them.
The Increased passenger earnlngs are
very gratifying, and It ia fair to oxpect
still better resulta in tho future. Ihe
route ia an cxceplionally attractive one.
in many reapects, for paeaehger travel:
and as Its projected improvementa are
rompleted, will surely become more ao,
until it carriea its full share of the oaa
senger traffic to and fro in Now Eng
land. A number of new local enterprises
have been estabhVhed upon the line of
tho road during the paat year, and the
espe-iially favorable route of the line for
valuable water power and mill aites
wairanta thoexpectalion of many addi
tional induatries, which will add to our
local buainess liereafter.
The track. bridges and rollingatock
have not only been fully mainlained.
but have been materlally improved in
On tbe 28lh of Juno a very heavy
rainfall came upon the line of the Ver
mont and Muasachuaeltfl Road, amount
ing practically to a waterspout, entail
very great damage upon thia company.
Ik'sidea the deatriictlon ofErving bridge
over Millers River there were morn than
00 brak8 in the track between Erving
and Millers Falls, varying from u waah
out of three feet to others of 30 feet in
depth. Several thousand car loads of
material were waahed awny.
Our buaineas was scriomly interferred
ua it waa several days betoro trains were
run at nll over thia piece of road, and
then for weeks only by uss of a single
It ia estimaled that the actual outlay
for reconstruclion and consequent lose
of trafllc will aggregate nearlv, n not
quite $100,000. Boaton Journnl.
In tho work by his decd, one will
know the artisan. Uaa Warner's Log
Cabin Scalpine and by your new and
tl'.ick growmg nair every oouy wm khuiv
that you have used it.
Perhaps no question in the whole
range of niechunics ia naked with bo
much ennicstneas and usually receivcs
ao meagre a reply, ns that from the
young man who aaks: 'IIow can t be
come a good mechunic?' In nearly every
case the young man aaking this queB
tion feela that the circumatancea aur-
rounding him ab'olutely proniDit tne
idea of his attendance at any of the
technical Bchools, nnd in his deapair of
nniiinir nnv wav himself, heturna to the
editor of some mrchanical journal. Too
often he is told to read such nnd euch a
Imnk. reirnrd ess of the fact thnt the
reading of no one, or n dozen booka or a
huudred uooks will niaite a mecuanic oi
Aa nim who has been comnellid to gel
II nf hin mechanical information wilh
out personal asaistance from any one, it
may not Le out oi puice ior usiu uuumr
such plana aa have been of the most
help to us. The beet of all mecnanicai
educators of today iB the meohanical
Lei tne young uiau wu wiem-o iu
becoinc a uicchanic aubacribo and pay
for one or two of such joumals as have
a special bearing upon what he wiahes
tolearn. We Bay py for it, because
there is a moral iniliionco of l.aving
paid for what he Is gctting that will
cause him to obtnin more real informa
nnn from ono lnurnnl so obtained llian
from a dozen which mnybe given him.
Each number should oo read carefully
nnd everv nrticle studied so thornughly
aa to be cerlain that there are no pointa
not understood. Nor is thia nll: each
statement mado should be carefully
compared with everyday experifnce,
nrd when items of information are con-
veyed that have no direct relationship
lo hia preeent surrotinuinga, ne ouuuiu
enler upon experiments or carefully re
tain the rpmarks until he can lind such
an opporlunity. It is by the careful
nnnin.irinnn nf other'a flatements with
one'a own practical exiwrience thnt the
ueat Bnd truetl nnowieime m iuuuiiumi'o
Booka on various 8Ubiect8 aro nlto ol
great ad vantago lo tho young mechanic,
n fact, lliey uecomo a necesauy n m
wishes tn develoi) far m mechanical
science. but ns a great number of minds
nre wiser than any one mind, so is the
technical journal, which is tho rellex of
many mlnda, twtter man tne oook,
which is the rniex oi oniy one unuu
On the practical nnle of the questlon
tho vounc mechanic phould carefully
etudy the machitie with whicli he comea
in daily contact. A long nrae speni in
Btndv of n sirnrle machine may seem
like a waste of timo to the heginner.but
if he thoroughly underatands but one
machine he has traveled a long road to-
ward the comprehension of all ma
flr the understandini! of a machine is
meant, not oniy unueraianuing mm u
otHTniea but how it is made, the thick
ness and kind of raetal, the sizeof bolls,
the nroriorlions and general arrange-
ment of parts. The beat wny to go
about the study of a machine ia to care-
rully make a aet ot urawings oi u, lei
tinc evervthinc in the drawing be of
the oxact aize and proportion that It ia
in thn nf!tual machino.
Ilnvinir made this drawing. the next
studv. and one that will glve the leat to
nntivn nhi tv.is to Iocate in the macnine
the amnunt. kind and direction of the
straina that come uoon it when In ope-
mtion. nnd aee if the tironortlona aro In
tru relatlonsh n to theso strainB. n ne
flnds in his work what are apparenl
weaknessea in the machine. let him
then rnrpfnllv wntch tbe machine in
oneration with everv nervii on the alort,
and Bee II tie can ueieci ineee ns atiuai
If thU wnrk is made and studied out
fnithfullv wltbout the assistance of any
one, it will be of vaBtly more benefit lo
him than anvthine he couio posaioiy
learn in a collei'e. Uavlng extracted
nll the Information pofiaible fiom the
flrst machine. let him lake another of a
somewhal differentclassand go through
It in tho same way.
Acomnari6on of the a.raina anu pro
p-Tlions in one machine to the atraina
and proportions in the other will give
him some Idea ot tne laiuuup exerciaeu
by deaignera, If tbe young man has
Ihe true mechanical inatinct this invea
tigation will have an absorbing intereat
to him and he will see a wide viala of
thought opening up before his mlnd,
which in after years will bring forth
good fruit.
sucn worK in not lmpoaeioio nor cvt-u
hard for tho young man who has to
work ten houra a dav for hia living, II
he haa any real desire, real nmbitnn to
becomo a good mechanic, hia apare mo
menta, mornlng, noon and night.will be
turned UDon hia investigations, and
even in ao short a time as a few montha
he will (lnd that he bas tnadewonderlul
The wntchword of advance is think,
Think In all timea and tilacee. Remem
ber that ona bour'B earneBt thought
nnon n aubiect on which vou have been
reading ia wortn ten extra nuuraui
reading upon it. The mechanic who
will persislently Btudy nno ininK on nis
businesa will not down. He will cer
taluly come to tho front. even tbough
he were conflned within tho walls of a
prieon. Wood and Iron.
HMX'S H0KCY h Ui ixit t-out" Cirre, 45, )c, l
riEXN'S S0LPHUR S0P heals and Uaulifief, Vx.
C V WAR CORlt REM0VER MIs Corni t Bunions 53c
,011 'i IU1R & WHISKER DYE Black & Brown.COt
PlKE'i TOOTrltCHE DR0PS cure in 1 Miaule, c.
DEAH'S RHEUUATIC PIUS are a sun cure. V
Commodore Vanderbilt'a thorough
waya of doing buaineea are proverblal.
At one time Bome of his laborera applied
to have their time reduced to the eight
hour lyatem. The commodore ordered
their time reduced to soven houra and
paid them pro rata. Not liking thia turn
nf Rffaira. ono Irlahman said to another:
Mike. I wlsh the Commodore was In
h 1
Fnii. answered Mike.lliat same would
'not help you, for lie'd bave control of
Y'oung Houaekeeper lo flah dcaler
What kind of flah have you this morti
liig? Fisli Dealer How would you like
aome nice atriped bas raum?
Y. II.. hesitatlngly-No, I think I
would like aooieihlng in a small check.
Some think there's nothing like a Une
It givea to the gifled euch eloquent
But Dr, Bull'a Cough Syrup ia tho thing
in creatlon.
That kuocka into amithera a pain In the
Buttnns: Missus told me to come down
and tell you ahe waa not at home.
Uoncut : uo oick anu ten vour iuio
treaa I eay I haven't called.
For cure of rheumatifm, neuralgia In
ita varioua phases of sciatica. tie doul
oureux, aemi-crania, etc, and gout, uee
Salvation Oil, the greatest pain cure on
earth. It is a specifio for the above dia
ease. Price 23 cents a bottle.
Mistress, arranging for dinner, Did
nt the macaroni cotuo from the grocer'a
yet. Bridget?
Bridget 'i, mum.but I aent it back
Every wan av thim atima wa empty.
Keen your blood pure and you will
not liavo rheuniatism. Hoods Sareapa
rilla purifles the blood and tonea the
whole system.
Remarks one would rather have left
unanswered: Well. good by, dear Mrs.
Jonea. I'm afraid I've put you out by
calllng at thia uneurthly bour.
Uh, I nope i unin i anow ,
I have been troubled with catarrh for
the past ten years and have tried n num
ber of remediea but found no rellet until
I purchaaed n bottle of Ely'a Creatn
Balm. I conaider it the nioat reliahle
prepnration for catarrh nnd cold in the
head. Qeo. E. Crandell, P. M Quono
chawntaug, R. I
I wns troubled with calarih for Beven
veara previous to conimencing the ubo
of Ely's Cream B lm, Bome flve montha
ago. It hi.s doim for ine what other ao
called cures failed to do cured me. The
eilect of the Btlm feemed magical.
Clarence L. Huir. Bidderord, Me.
Oh, vou make me sickt ejiculated a
huabarid to his wlfe aftcr a little tiil.
Well, I'm glaJ, ahe returncd apiteful
ly. that there has heen once m your life
that you haven't laid it lo the bUcuits.
Much of the diacoinfort of wash da
ia removed by theuaoof JAMESPYLES
PEARL1NE. It ren.ovea dirt withoui
the lcaat iniurv to tbe fabric. For aulc
by grocera generally.
Ah, my son, said the ininister. 1 am
glad lo see you in the Sunday school al
last. 18 tnia yuur nrsi nunuajr
Yes, eir.
Tlnw do vou Wkn Wi
Oh. I gueaa I kin etand it until after
Christmjs tree.
Chester U. Pniker of Oueid , N. 1 ,
wns entirely cured of an affection ol the
throat nnd lungs, nrcoinpanieii oy a ee
vnr couirh of aeveral veara' Btandlng.by
the use of Wiatar's B.ilsam of Wild
Wliat is the price of that teuf Bhe
asked of the guileleag grooery.
One dollai- 'narf, uinrm, waa tne re
Is tliat not too etiep'Z was the next
MiKMiinn. and the l. l'. reolied :
Yes, marm; tnai wiiai uiey uu wun
, .. w . ...
thnt ho manv otherwlae Httractivcpollte
aud narlicufar people nfllict ther frienda
Vl .1! Ut ...I,.- f
Dy tne ioui anu uimgiecuuio uuui
their hreal 1: 11 IS maiiuv cauaeu y uia
orderMd dlcestion. nnd can be corrected
by removing the cauae, oy uaing inai
pure niedicine.Sulphur Biturfl. Health
Thero are flve gold dollarB, said old
Ueartv to his young grandsoni ono for
eacho'f vourbirthdaya. What more could
h little xhavcr like vou wish?
Only that 1 waa us old ns you, granu-
pa, repiien ine young unaucier.
MiatresB Whv. Mary. I told you to
make up my room an hour ago.and here
It is ln terrioie uisoroer.
Marv Yis. muni. nn' I did make it
nn: but the master came in to put on i
clane collar, muni, an' he loat the but
Oh. bv the wav. Job, Baid MrB.Smlth,
the TlianKaglvliig prociamaiiuu ia uui
Yvhn Bhiill wn invltlt
I L'tiesa. mv dear. that we'll waita fow
dava nnd ere if tho invitaiions won't be
cnmlnir tlils wav. 1 vo coi nooui iireu
of drivingturkeys to oven for all tho
relatives. It ia about time there was
Elderlv member of church, to young
man lingcring oii ine ouianie Are you
seekinif the Lord. uiv voung friend?
Young man, bnshtutiy ro, sir, i'm
seeking Miss Carriu Jones, but I can t
wait until tneeting lets out.
Tajclier. at ihe Misston S, S. es,
childreu, Daniel waa east Into a den ot
liuna. but not one ot tnein uaroa touon
him. How strnni'e
Punil. scornfiillv. Aw, dat's nutbin'.
I seen a duck do lliit act in der cirkis
las' year.
T.ittln Brlirht Evea Mamma. did you
know papa was going to givu graiu'uiaa
prejenl V
Maninia No. dnrling, what makea
you ask ?
'caufta i nearti nuu ien ir. ouiun ui
day tliat ho wns going to give the old
lady the slip loiiight and go to down to
the cluu.
In a Pennavlvania town a man rccent
ly went into a drug store and asked the
clerk ir they kept Monaecraieu iye. inu
urbnno clerk replied that they did, and
after purchasing tho article, tho man
wenton hia way, conieni tuai no uau
bought what his wlfe bad sent for.
When a msn comea bomelateat night
after working hard all the evening on
hia books, it ia mean for his wife to re
quire liim to say, 'Say, Bhould such a
shapely Basli shabby alltclies show' be
fore shu will unbolt the front door.
IIow nice and quiet it is out here, she
said, aa ahe led him from the crowded
parlor and eat on the stairs.
Yes, ho replied. Thia would bo a (Ine
place to hang the mistletoe.
Oh, no, ahe relurned emiling archly.
It ia so dark here that it ian't necessary.
Snifkina Miaa L. O. Cution haa made
a hit aa an actreas, Ii ian't ahe?
Blifkins I think not.
What makea vou think eo?
Well, aimply this her picturo haj not
been used for any soap advertiacment
I see.
Ma, aaid a little Scranton student of
natural history yesterdny, do frogs go to
Ireland in the winter time. when every
thing Ia froroup?
No, my dear; why do you ask such a
Becuuse teacher says they alwaya hi
bernato in winter, was the reply of the
young bopeful.
Pa'sa me the bulter, Charles, she said.
She had been a wtdow.she had married
again, and they too.'had gone to Wash
ington to begin the honeymoon,
My name is Genrgo, ho aaid coldly,
and with discrlminating emphasia.
I know It Goorge, ahe replied; you
must exf use me. I was misled. It is tbe
same butter.
Arer'a Cherry Tectoral Is recommenad b em.
Inenl phyalclans, oa both sldeaof the Atlantic, aa
tbe moat reliable renedy forcolda, coughs and
allpulmonarydlsordeni. Inqulre ofyour drug
glst for Ayer a Almanac.
A llarford youngster goes to cburch
where the concluding omen of the par
aon's prayer is Bung by the cholr. The
otber night.after he had aaid hisprayera
he produced a harmonlca from beneath
his pillow and aatoniahed his mother by
blowing a blnat where the amen came in
remarking: That'a the way wo do ln
Oh, Wliat A Conali.
Will vou heed tbe warning, The Bie-
nal perbapa of the ture approach ol that
mnra terrible diseaae, consumptlon. Ask
youraelvea If you can afford for the aake
of saving uo cenie, w un mu tibk anu
do nothing for it. we know rrom ex
periencethat Shiloli'a Cure will Cure
vmir Cnuoh. It ncver falls. This ex-
-. . . . , tni i.-a.i
plalns wny more mn a mimuu uoitim
were sold tbe paat yeur. It relieves
croup nnd whooplug cougb at once.
Mothera do nol be without it, For lame
back, eide or chest. uee Shlloh'a Porous
Plaster. Sold by J. T. ShurllelT, Main
stroet. Bennington.
Aa two ladlea wero riding one day in
nnn of the towns of Berkshire. Maas..
they said to a little girl by the roadslde,
Can you tell us me way io onaacr u
I a tro't
fB. nia'am, waa tho quick and polite
ronlv; tnu bo riaht down to my grand-
ma'a, then you lake tlie road to Shaker
Villago.and when youRet tbcio you will
Mrs. Iloulihan It'a nolhin' but per
llticle partiea In my house, Sarah. Thero
ia Jimmy Sinith, he's a Prohibitionist :
Eddy's a Hinry Georger! Palsy'a a Jim
mercrnt aame ez hia poor ould father
wuz. God blias 'Im: Tommy. he'j jintd
the Pergreaaive Libor Party; an' would
pez belave it.Clementina.my only Clem
entina, dear gurl, como last night and
nxrd if ahe could jine the Pergrestve
Uker party jiat formed in the nelgbbor
hood, an', aa she aaid it wuz no end of
favora she wuz to git, I let her jine.
fUarper'a Weekly.
Mr. Stetson wa standing before the
door of the Qlobe Theatre the other day
when a young theatrical man, who is
alwaya ilevising theatrical Bchemea re
quirl'ng other people'a money for their
Hccomplishmenr, came up and inquired
if Mr. Stetson had entrrtained his last
proposition. Stetson looked at him a
moment out of hia bad eye, which is a
good deal more expressive lha. the good
eye of the ordinary man, and said :
ino, sir, l have not entertnined your
nronusttion. but I aaaure you ycut prop
osition has entertained me.
What curious substance have vi u in
thnt vesael? asked Society, niHeting a
atranger coming out of the diaaectirg
Brains, replied Truth. Bralna which I
have juat taken from a poor dtad
Let me look at them. said Society, ea-
gerly. I tiever saw any before". Let me
look' at them: how are they worn?
ln the head, replied truth.
Out of sight? aaked Society.
Take thtm away: I have no use for
euch ornamenla.
And bo truth wenton into the college
wilh her Brains, and Society went on
her way without any.
l. , She aoean t need any.
For Uvcr. nilp, IndlBrMton,
, . fmm Mv.
cont&lnH only llirt. Vcctal))e InreJlenti.
Agcht : C
. rulilbVl'US, new iorH.
WIIKKKA8, tlie clrcuit court ot thn Unlted
Btatca tn enulty alttlncr. held in and for thn
norlhem dlstrict of New Yorlr,at tbe clianibers
r.f the clrcnlt Jinlpe In the city of Ryracnse.on tho
24tli flny of March, 1KS7, did make a decreo In a
certain auit thereln dcoendlnfC. wliereln tbe Ctn-
tral national DanK or uonion, iwnicn auetl a n ell
for itaelf aa for all otliera ahnllarly ajtuated) was
coinplalnant. and Ilnwlaml N. Uazard, Wllllam
Kotcr, Jr,. the New York, Rutland and Moutreal
rallway company nnd the Amerlcan loan and
trupt company of New Yorlc wcro defendcnta, by
which It was amonK other thlnes thereln contaln.
ed referredtotheunder&lKiiedlo Rell at publtc
auctlon the premtaes and property liereafter de.
acrlbed :
Now. ln nursuance or said decree. rouca ii
hereby glyen that on tbe aecond day of June.1887,
attwelToo'clock atnoon.atthe outer wcsterly
door of the court houe In the city nf Troy.cotlnty
of Kenaf-elaer and Btata of New Y ork, the undep
slgncd will wll at public auctlon to tbe hlKhest
bidder the prcmlaea and property decribcd as
contalnedlu a certain mortajre matle by the
Lebanon Springs rallroad company to the y nion
trmt company. ond which were ccnreyed hy a
dnetl executfd by Ocorpe McClellnn, rcferec, to
V'llllam Fottcrjr., anj Howland N, Ilazard, aa
tollowai"AU the rlKit,ttle and Intercst of Iho aald
uarty of the flrst part (said Lebanon Hprlns rail
roaI company) of, In and toall and sinRular tbe
aeveral nieret or 'tiarceti of land formlnir tlie
track orroadway of the liarty of the tlrt part
from the C'batham Four Cornera. in the Uounty
of (Jolumbla. to the east line of the atate of New
York, In the townof Ilooaick, in tho county of
ucnssciucr. anu an rauus inereairer 10 De acquir
ed for the purpoae ot forralng aald Irack or road
way ; also tt.e rallroad of the said party of tho
Srst part now bulU, and to be bullt. .and all tbe
ralla, hrldees, fences, atatlons, atatlon houaea,
wood bouaea, butldlnKS and other structures and
appurtenances thereunto beIonrinf, and also all
tlie tolla, lncnmea, rcnts, lasues aud proSts and
allenablc franchlse of the snld party of the flrst
part connected v Uh said railway or relating tbere
to. Inr-ludinclta rl hts and franchlses as a cor.
poratton nnd also atl the rolling Btqclc, focomo
tlrea tenders, BPQW piouirhs and scrapcra. and all
the passenger cars, ba c ige, mall and expresa
cars, nal cars inu rars 01 every acscnpiion i all
the machine shonsand blacksmlth shous and nll
the artlclcs usid in the constructlon, replactng
and repalring of roada and cars and In tbe run
nlng of the cara now owned or hereaaer to bc ac
quired by the said paityof tbe flrst part; all of
which clmttlea are declared to be nxturesand an
purtcnances to aald rallroad. and are to be soid
tbercwith and not separatetbcrefrom, and to bo
laKcn as a pari inercor; anu aiso an me ngiu.
tille and inurest which tbe said Dartyof tbe nrst
part may have or may hercafter acqulre of, In
anu to the Vermont anu New oilc rallroad.con-
Btructed or to be conf tructed from the termlous
of tho rallroad of the party of tbe flrat part In the
toun of HooAick aforesald, to the vlllaee ur lleu
nlnctnn. ln the Ktnte of Vermont, includinz all the
ritrhl. title and Intereht of the nartr of the firat
part. In and to the francbia and "cqulpmcnt of
ino Ham crmoni anu mwi orit ra.iroaq,ue4oiJK
Ing to or ln any wise appertainlng or which may
at Any time btlostfor anpcrtaln to the aame aa
well in law aa lc cqulty. Datcd Albany, fJ. Y.,
iule & UI'lklet, soiicltora rort;omplainant,
Albany, N. Y.
The above mcntloncd sale Is postpoued to tee
unrteentn unr.) uay cl uctoocr, lsat.ai tbe sam.
hour and place.
Albany. JnneSnd. 1SS7.
& UuLSLBY,8oIicitors for Coinplalnant. tf
Tbe above sale ia further postponed until the
twellin ll.inj uay or ovemuer, I&37, al tlie
aame liouranu place.
Hale & Di-CELcr, Solicitorn,
The aliove mentioned aale ia furtber postponed
tothe Ucventh (lllb) day of February, 1883, at
tne sarne nouraun piace,
Troy. Nov. . 18ST.
llale & Uucklej, bollcitora for Complalnant.
A Great National JouruaV
fflail and Express
IheAdTOcata ot tho Iicst Interests ( tlie
ITomo Tho Enemy ot the Saloou.
The Friend ot Amerlcan X,abor
The Favorlte Newspaper of
Feoplo of rtefloed Tastea
rortnany years tbe dally edltlon of the New
Yora- MAII, AND KXPBE83 has oeen recw
n,.-H ..th.la.itln afrArnnnn Tiarwr ot the me
FAVOlilTK IIOHK I'APHItln tlioaaanda ef
famllles ln every Stateln tne unlon. ii na anainrii
us grear. popniarny anu iunusuw u ..- t"?;
prlBoln tho collertlon ot newa. tho purity of Iti
tono, an.l tbe ablllty and courags oi nuum Kj
nf .- Illi-htnn n 11 nnul lft, rtf tiubtlfi. lUtereSt.
I'oa ltshHtbo JtAK. amd ExrRtsa will l s
better patwr tban orer, and, u a oiean, miercm
Ing, UutroctlTS
Home Newspaper,
lt soliclta cnmparlson with any other ln thermra.
l,tIIEl aoywhens and apareanelther labor nnr
eipenso to secnro for ita readera tba Tery best
In all departmenta 01 nowapaper uieraiuru
tVe bclleTO tho tlepnbllran party to be tbe trua
Instmment ot the I'dMTlt'Ali, l'nOIJUEMS
ot tne Amfncan peopiej anu uouuuk ui iu
boneatenlorcementot Ita prlnciplea ia the b.i'l
euarantee of the national welfare, we aball aun.
port thero with all our Tnlsht: butweahall alwan
treat opposujg partion wnu cuus.uoikuuu - - -
Thft A1L isn nxpCKM H the rwoftTiIrwl lr.l'T
lnn innrtial ni thft niiinirv in thrt ertuit Allll-
alom lCcpuhllciinmop)ii'nu It bt-lifveiilii.t
Uteiiithecuemr of nocletjr. a lrtiltliit ni'imo
of fitrriiptlon ln polltKri, tbo allr vt nairrhy,ii
(vcrkinir to cormptty control elfctioDH ouU lcUU.
tl.iii i a triniiQtAlri thft miblio wtlf&io &ad tle-
it t bi tho cuitdemnatlon of all sood men.
!ioini8 a FIK8T-OJ.ASS KCWMrAPKR vt
n.nN.fi.rMii vt. Vtn.ltv. titLflrnrpd on atl nmi-
rtisappoinipa la the MaiL as J.xrKKSB, anl
hnnrntPTIOV H ATES. Wee KLT. rrr
Tfar, tt.OO(8limontbp, UOcnti:Uirpo niunfln,
rvrnv KfTnnitnETl to thn W'CEkLT
who sen.H rrn cfntto par Cor lKklnff nl
ponUpo reretres PTMcnt from tne MAti.
rrcmlnm I'nrtnilifl ofUnoo.n, (Irtnt, OTrfleM.
I jioan nnd ntphnr. MAft rnttlCi ftf tnA flnfnt
tfflir ai.'in minil ths MAIL AfU KXritKM
ine tii ('hHt iiarnr Iilatf.rlchlr avnd artltlc
allr rcproducetl Ia '20 colors. Thn orljanal of
thi Rinat painttDirvai receutir eom iur otvt
a t Htfir. T.THT nf ntlicr twnuUr aml T&l
nablo prcmiums aro offereU to aubscrllwrs aud
airrnta on tha most Uboral tnua, 1 her caouot bo
uoocriuuu uero duuu urrvur vuvmtHi
XtT vitit m. art-wl fttTKnt ln trrrr town aud Tll
lijtowherowetiaronotono iiovt at work. .Bend
lor our HperiHl Ctrcnlor lo AstDt ana
im'PMAN'i'HIN nnrt thftlr ASmmTANTf.
na atl othorn who wlh to locrcaaa thf.r ia
al ini'i.u :iiiir. ppni iman ui ui inilll
nti hontlforonoanarpclorio the-atlAreasea of
r mctius. Annrou aiaipi- vnt biaiu
I ml B rr rtnt lecaml hv flrst mortnure oa
ImproTed farms and cltr propertj" Talue two or
J. All collectlons lthotit rxpenie to leoiler.
We InTlte corrf pomleoce, ImproTS farnii for
aif , eaeap.
fKlnftburr Couaty),
cd Ure it lioino and mano looro monf
atForkforuMban&tanTiiiiDr tivc in
thln worl J. Capital not nf edwJ ; you aro
ftarteiifrfe Botharzei all' atres. Anr
ono can do the work. Lvse f irniniri ure from
flrat etarU ConU outflt and t rmi (irc.lJttr not
delir. Costsyounothlnjctotend hstqct addrtn
: cj po
What a Time
I'copla forracrly had, trylnp; toawallow
fljo old-faahioncl r1" with ita rlltn o(
inagneala vainly diagulainp; ita bitter
neaa : and what a contrast to Ayer's
l'llla, that have been well callcil "med
icatcd augar-pluma" tlio onlyfear bc-
in that patienta tnay bo tempted Into
taking too many at a iloso. But tlio
dlrectlona aro plaln and auouUl bo
trlctly followed.
J. T. Teller, M. D ot Chittcnanso,
K. Y,, exprcaaca cxactly what liundrcda
have writtcu nt grcatcr lcngtb. llo
aaya: " Ayer'aCatliartlc IMIbnroliiglily
appreclatcd. They aro perfcct In form
aml coatlng, and tlieir cffecta aro nll
that the most careful rbyslclan could
di-alrc. They havo 8upplantcd all tho
l'ills formerly popular hero, and 1 think
It must bo long beforo any other cas
bo mado that will at all coinpare with
them. Thoao who huy your pills gct
full valuo lor their money."
"Safe, pleasant, nnd certain in
their action," Ia tho conciso tcstiuiony
ot Dr. Gcorgo E. Wnlkcr, of Jlartlna
ville, Virglula.
" Aycr'a I'illa outacll nll aimllar prep
arntlona. Tho public bavlngonca iiked
them, will liavo no otliera." Ilerry,
Vcuablc & Colller, Atlanta, Ja.
Ayer's Pills,
I'r.part-J l,yl)r. J.O. A)crS:Co.,I.owell,Maa.
Sold by all Dcalers ln Mt-rilclnc.
1520 Aroh Streot, lhllad'a, Pa.
rp (OKscnrriof, asthha, nwmium msrKinn,
1A14HKII. 1141 tlLllK, llhtUAlllK, 1)1 MMTl, 1(11 1.
XlTbl, MCIHAU.U kll Ikraaltj td Atrt.u. Ukor
ttn. roarnrn niTGCniwi.- i.l.. i.i.i.m.b. il.
HrtJa (tplaal Drrwf J tn rrlatTli lrf
CtilrM' ar rUbixl nnd ) ort artlfo. Thn (b
riaUlithtl of Kll arlltUt, blh nsraltt tnd phiUrat, U
mUml ! tl of lalfcrltr. anil IU. Mi.rtou ial.IH. il
raaiait sd tta MntrlH all arl mr amrltj un ttHtrinj,
"Thn (uMpuHndOtTRrn 1rraliutitl lti.Mathr A l'1n,
Fa. UJ9 Arrh Mml, I allaltlpkln, Irtn n.ln tr lh
laaii M1fBlfrit mnh rlt'illt r a(!jMntat fr lbi f'rnral
fOir;taaiiallrnmasnctiCti,n1 llifirma rtUt
tatlrtil mmA nalnirlfliilhrl II Uil all e Iht rt I.
Dn.8TAKI.LY M 1'AI.M bm tt lllafiljrltt rrfrr U Iha
folUlafiiaMt wrlMaowN nria waa IrlH Ihrlp
Trfalaiealt HOt. WII1!IM fi. kllLLT. Krmhtr .r (u.
irw, I'allailflpala. IUV. THIOIl I, loMUH, MUorln
thrraa OWrtir, rhtUdrliia!. KFt.flUKIIH M.UMI.
Fdllar )itr-0aa.lr.lrit. III. ItLV. A. . BMOHE. I.lltnr
Tbt Ualrntrr, laaraUrr, H.l. V. II. MOItTHIM.TOX. r.
Mr aaw Daia, itiriaiajrNni, Aia. J t i'i. t. n. r. IHMIJI 1 1,
iK K. n. iiHiiuitiJi, Krw larb fllr,
ritlUHeliifala.. 9IIL R ll Mltl) tl L
Mrrthaat, J'hHarlfliiKla. IIUS. , 1. hfllliiri', Fati
llhi tllli'of anrw Itriirharitpriitt liiintlrril ar, rulllht4
hf Vr. SUrtr ralfn, whlra . all Inqulrrr full In
rnriaalloa at ti Itil rrmarlablft fnrnlt asf ( ,n4 a rffnrtj
f Mtf-ral anrlrr trpfMnf tnrt In ft nM rnnr nf ffcrnl
f - aur r aftrr vmi ltmni nat- .i (llo (ar
...I.U.. f II.. t i oaniii n nvti iu. ii.i.t.
" lilamlla hatik at ur haadrrit naiaav
Holk ar t Mfafp wll hn m allr 4 frto lu any adtlrr aa abpllcv
Uca, Itat lh nf tmrr l
lj'J7 A i:m Anb Strret, I'tiMade)i hia. Ti,
i. wn
Would advisc his liatrons and the
public tliat if nol now iniiired they
give their early attention to the mat
ter and call at Mr, Hall's Agency in
the Court House Ulock, and take out
a policy or iolicies in some of the
reat companies representcd by him.
HARTFORD of Hartford.
HOME, of New York.
INS. CO., NO. AMERICA, l'hila-
LANCASHIRE, of Flngland.
PHCENIX, of Hartford,
PHOJNIX, of England.
QUEEN, of England.
Tt. Iltll Fitfi Ids. Co.
rRlVlftflt'S 1N8. LU
Hearing seven per ent. intercst
payable semi-annually
MORAL Insnrc at Ilall's Ascncy
Revere House
Ncir Iloiton and Malne.Kartfni.Fltchburir and
lowell depoti, ntres nfbuBlnM ndpnce of
nemotie.letl. nefurnlulicil, Newly Dt'C-
oratetl und now kept on the
Room all large and comforlable; flecant
lultra.ttlth batli aitac!mi;ampie public parlora;
srcr.tlrman'a cafe and blllanl room addcd, and
nrit cia in ercry respeat.
nooMSFiiojt ai a oat ur
Tlie Itulcn and lleziiliillanaor an old
Time Ilclfdat .Tlcrcliailt.
lt. Slore ruuat bu oened al eunriae,
no miatake.
31. Store lo be tltiater, lampa flllec
and a pail of water hrought before break
faet, if Ibere ia auflicient time to do it,
attend lo all cuatotnera that call.
3d. Clerka muat not leare the atore
moro than ten or flfieen mlnutea at a
time without giving notice of tbe time
they will be abaent.
4th. 8tore not to be opened on Ihe
Sahbalh for any purpoae unleaa atricth
neceeaary, and then but a few initiutea.
Sth. Booka to be poatud ao nearly aa
not to be ninie than one page behind in
the day book, excpt in extreme caae-.
Gih, No amnkinj; under any circum
atancea will be perniitted in the atore b
clerka or any pereon employed in the
atore, beinj; dangeroua on account ol
lire, diaguatmg to moat cusiomere, and
iniparta a diaagrecihleamell lo all gooila;
and while Bniokini; a peraon ia not in h
proper aituation to wait on ihoee thai
7th. Clerka carrylnR chango of the r
own abuiit them, niiiet be careful t
kcepit in n purae nr wallet, ao that if
nny change beloiiuing lo Ihe store ia ac
cidenlally put in the pocktt, as it some
tlmea ia, they may know to whom it be
8th. Be careful to give exact weight
and meaaure, neithcr deeeive nor clie.it.
nor wrong any peraon, unleaa you wou'd
do violence to your conacience, ruln
your character for honeaty and injure
your emphijer.
O.h. Everyihlng aold.howet er Ir.lling,
and all buaintas done in the atore mua
be cxcluaively on owntr'a accouni.
Muat be no separate intereita in our
atore. '
10th. All gooda hnil of your employer,
no matter hon- triiling. muat be chargid
on account, nnd nll niiiney paid, no mat
ter how triiling. must be charged on ac
count. Whenever you want any money
call on your employer for it.
llih. Dar roonia, nonfecllonary ahopa,
livcry slablea aml nll stnular placea
ahnuld be Out feldotn vi-ited. more ra
pecinlly on the Sabbath, unleaa one haa
unn' oidnble Iiu-Iih'i-b there, The reaaona
will sugfeat themelvea o an ingetiuoua
mlnd. to aay tiolhimr of economy. clo.
12:h. If you woutil be n n od sales
man, and you muat to get a living hy
ttnde, you muat be active, prompt, gnod
na ured, aociul. nnd weir a amiling face
(tioirever you may feel internally) aml
b- exccodingly aecomiiiodatinir and
ulwaja fair in all ynur di'aling', doing
oreciaeiy ua jou agree. lu i-hort, to in
grniiale vourpelf wuli all who call lo
trade. If jou suecteil you will not
want for cmioinem. When a neraon
atepa into tbe btore leave allexcept lnak
ing an en'ry in ine uonKa, Inttinlly:
ati p up quick. look Ihe peraon aleadily
in the face with a iiood-iHtured. ei iiuir-
ng louk, mamfeal u u illingneaa lo wait
n them. nliow tliem liit'Ctiennatgniiila
iirat, to give theni a good iimiretBion.
and keep ahowing goods and stick to
them uiitilyou aell--ket'ping remarkably
good-naluied nll tho tiniH.
I.lth. Heimnilj-r there lanlwnya eome-
thing neceaaury lo be done in the atore
when Iht re art no riintoiiH'ra in. auch aa
liHting. nrranuing aml aaaortini: drv
g'Hiiia, cvernauiitig nnd lying up anow
naruwaie and cuilery aweeuinir chaiu-
bera. garret, cellar. etc, kuotting tbread
wlnding wranning varn. awnrtinc boola
nnd ahoia nnd bltekinK thoae that nre
lop worn. poatu.' uouks, drawing olf
billa, eto.
11th. Never undert ike to lend store
by standing in the atreet or in another
man a aliop, lor unleaa you keen vour
mind on Ihe proper busineaa of the atore
ln buaine8a noura exneciallv. vou will he
out little iit-e to your emplover.
l-jt.li. Uj c.ireful at all timea to attenu
to Ihe rtbove directiona, nnd by all meana
if jou ou!(l have tlie repuiation of
being a gocd clei k, do all thingn ni'Cea
eary to be done in ihe btoro at all timea
without waiung (o be told.
lblh. ihe clerk uho ia in a habit of
spemiing liia leieuro houra in the even
ing, or bil'balh u.ia in tlie tavern or
bir room, and ul-o in thu habit of Hiiink
ing bpaniah cigara. being ahavidatthe
batbri'H. Kinni' lo all tlancinc uariiea
aml alrigh-mlcs und all other places of
aniusenieut in the village, being out lale
utgtita aml occaaionally hleepmg away
irom nonie or ma uoanling bouae, ana
being other wny8 extra vagant in his ex
pentea, such n clerk ia ln the broad road
to ruiu, Such praclicea in a clerk will
aMiredly dcatroy the confldenco of lila
employer und give him a reuaon lo be
aU'picioua of liis integriiy nnd honesty.
liih. 1 lio most unnorlunt ofnll rulea
that can be given to a clerk is thia
ever uo that in n store in the abscnce
of your employer that you would not be
oerleciiy wiuing nnu moat likeiy to uo
in nis preaence. Uememuer to make
thig ahorl rule in future the standard of
all your action?, and you will be sure to
tarn for youraelf n cheriicter (or honeaty,
Integrlty and vinuo, without which no
man. young ur old, should be trusted.
lblli. He honest with youiaelt anu you
nted not err, for your conacience, tinlefa
hardened in evil doing, will direct you
what to do and n hnt not to do.
19th. Advice A clerk'a leisure houra
ahould be moatly spent in reading liral
ahd occaaionaliy the lifo of Franklin
und Washington. And history of the
united Statea, England, Ureece anu
Rume, nnd netvanipers nnd penodicals.
thus they may leirn aomething of tbe
world in which they live, and what is
going on nround them. And thia will
give a lntte for more extenaivc reading.
A warm Christinas, a cold Easter.
A green Cliritmn8 indicates a white
t Chris'.maB meadows creen, at Eas
ter covered wilh frmt.
A creen Christinas tnakena full grnve-
wet tauseij more uauiaire man irom
before Chrislinas.
ChristmaB wet cives empty cranary
and barre).
If Christmas liiuii n bridee, he s break
it; if he fluda none, he'll make one.
If lce will hear a inan before Chrlat
mas. it will not bear n mouee aflerward.
If il (nows on (Jhristnns nigiu, we
may expeot a good hop crop next year.
December cold, with snow. briugs rye
every where.
If windy on Uhristmas oay, trees wiu
h;ar much fruit
If thu wind blowB much the day after
Christmas day, Iho graiies will be had
the next year.
A light Christmas a bcavy sheaf.
If the sun shines throUKh tho apple
trees on Christmas day, there will be nn
abundant crop thr followinfs year.
The twclve d.iva beuinnlne with
Christmas day und endiiiK January 5
are said to be tbe keys of tho weather
for the next year Ilut some besin De
cember 20 and end January C. ll'roba
bly oue wny is as good nn the other.
IjIciIh bikI I.lvcr Coniplalnt.
Is it not worth tho small orice of 10
cents to free yourself of every syniptom
of tliese disiressine cnmplalnts. if you
think so call nt our storo and eet a bot-
tloof Shi'oh's Vltali.er. Every bottle
has a printed guaranlee on it, use ac
cordinnly. and if it does you no r-ood it
will cott'vnu nothini! Sold by John T.
ShurllelT," Bennington, Vt,
The work done in Ihe old wardivision
of the Pension Burenu sinco Ihe passage
of Ihe Mexican war act has shown n
notable increase in restilt". For the
year 18S0 there were ndjudlcalcd up to
this date 24 804 clalins, beinRan Increase
of 210 per cent. For example. the case
a ljudicated durimr the montha of Sep
tember. October, November and Decem
ber, 1880. were respectively 552. 061.
592 nnd 5311. For Iho correspondins
montha of the veir 1837, they wero 1811,
1815, 2401 and 2300.
Said a railroad man : Tll het not one
in a hundrfd of tbe people who travel
on rallroad traina underftand how pres
sure of nir l used lo apply tho braltes to
a train. When the nlr brake waa firBt
invented the nlr was turned into ihe
cylinder under each car when tlie car
va to be Rtopped, and the prw?uro was
excrted to force the bmkes up agalnst
tho wheels, But at the pretent dav the
brakes aro beld acainst the wheeta by
rnrlnRS, and the air Is turned Into the
rvilnilera to ousli the brakes away from
tfie wheela ni lonu oa the traln w in mo
ilnn When it Ia deaircd to atop the
traln tho alr ia let out, and then the
(nrinitg arp'y 'bo orasoa ana siopj uio
Ir abaolntrly pure and hlchljr concenlrated. On
nuncf Ia north n iound of any nthcr klnil. Tt Ia
trlctly a meilicine to " KlTen with food. Jfotlilnc
on earth will make lirna lay llkn It. Jt curra rhlrk
en rholera nnft all illoeaite of hen. Ia wortli Ita
wrlKht ln cold. IlltidtratMl txmk by mall free.
ISolfl everyn-here. or mmU tiy timll for 2. renta ln
itHmpi, 3 1-4 lb. alMleht tfn rnnn. 81.00; by mall
&1.20. Slx rann by exprenk, prejablt for 85(H).
DR. I. S. JOHNSON & CO.. Bolton, Mass.
Imports a Brillinnt Trnnsparenoy to tho Skln. Removea
all Pimples, Freckles and Disoolorations. For Sale by
all First-Class Drugglsts and Fancy Goods Dealers.
For the Bath, Tollot nnd Laundry
Snow V hlto oncl Abaolutely Pur,
If jonr dpalcr docs not kcep White Cloud s,n.
aend 10 cents for samplo take to the mak-'
JRS. S. KIRK & C0..
Working: Classes A;
We are now prepnretl furnUh I U II t
all claes wilh rnptoMuent at homp, the whole
of thflr tinip nr for ttei- snure moint-nts. Ilusl-
ness new, llclil aml (i "litiiblc. rersons or cllli.r
aexi-an caily earn tioni 91 etnta to,1 per ecn
injr. and a proportlon il -um by dpvotinir all tlicir
time lo the ln.stnc lioys aiul ffirls rarn nearly
as much an nien. Tnal nll wlio (! lhi mny send
tht IraiMrepi. and ti-t tlie ltnine.we maketlils
olTer. To micli as are not well p.uifled e will
send one ilollar for rhe ti mole of rillntr. Full
partlculara and outllt rree Addre-.it l.E 'iiuE
otinson &Vo . Por'land. Maitie. Qlyl
Tlie Oritjinnl nn Only Ocnnliie.
ttiTiji) u ai f'ir vrticnlrf in Ittfr bj rcturn tnU.
NAME PAPE R . thirbf tter t hf-mlcnl Co.,
8.11 B .I(lion hquret t'htUtt-, IV.
?old by IruiiUt I'Tfrywhfr. Aik frr 'tTilrhct.
ter' Kncllah' I'rnnjroyul 1'tlU. Tkt oaother.
(ieo, C (fii A. Co.t tulei: Af-t Koton Uui.
can learn the exact cost
of any proposed line of
advertising in American
papers by addressing
Geo. P. Rovvell & Co.,
Newspaper Advertising Dureau,
tO Spruoe St., New York.
Send lOcts. for lOO-Pago Pamphlet.
JiEiifiulrc (or IjhIIcs' CHfHIoMt'rs.'
has rt'VoluttotjizeJ the
worKl tluunjrtht'liiJit half
eiitury XotleatamonR
ilie wundcrH of lnvtntie
CroKrt-NS a methotl aml ) fttem of w ork tliat can
e iterfrmcil all over the rountry without fniar
atnijr the workcr from tliPlr liomen. Pay libcral:
anr one can 1I0 Ih work , either ser. lounf or
old. no rpecial atilitv riiuirel. I apital not tiet.l
eJ. you ur tartd frre. cut th-s out and ivlurn
to iik aud wewlll end jou frce nomethinK of
preat valu and imixrtnnce to on, ibat will tart
jou fn bulnefa. lnch will bring you to more
more muney riirht ha than. anytlilnt; e'w in
the world. tirand outtlt frce Addrns Tmt A
Co., AufTinla. Main jl
KANSAS, PurioK the next Wdayt we nhall
ItIth oor cuntomcni 5 pcr cent.oo any money
they marMndua for lnTementi harc
fornAlc )iTe on hanO fint mortRts and
appllcatlons for money upon flrt mortgaffe loan
moHly nnon 160 farms amounta rantrlnir from
tOQ to Jioo. We hTC altw mortTatrfH ln atnmmt
tl,000toWXHit:ir cent. which we otTer. -IIow
mnrh money can you alrancf ai on these
loinsT They are A 1 sfcurity The rtrinjrency
In thr money market ecabte n to cut down
amounta apnlied for In each cae to an amount
that U Mf beyond a doubt. Now li tho time to
get a nice line of small pilt edge loan. Write for
oor New Inrestor'a (ttilde. Itrmlt with idv.ee to
iDTtitmfntBiDkerotnd Loan Agcntr, Topeka
'KJLDU3 . 43
ITo'rfa rfBWrt Rbow nlv. riMArfflvTd ft.
Wip Cholera,
main binrjrr. nr.NNix(.ios vt.
ra. 1
4hs tiij.y
.Tr r!l UHTLti.M
.a 1. t " (
di ii-t ni'i' it nir " .
ui i' tt . ti'l i .IU'-i 1 I h' 1nrlr.r! Cnt
ct, . i , , . . KaP I 'iir. V. 'in
p-.t It k Ii.lini. m rnnni , 1 . nr irt Wr-raUp,
i nim 'airfti". t rutiiwn. tl:iilt l- Wrt 1J
rr I vfiitr, n Iml fn ! Wiiitfifrt
la- i Knrxill, An- l -p K li-n.t 'thn liitntaiv
( i II iiN, in 1. i Ka'Ii iti Ti iton St
C-n niiKnkm i ly. in m, 1 pnwott
nt At-lt.on, in Kir -. AHfrt spoltian'i
H 1 ln Mtnnf ' . Vnrrrtown n tkotA, c4
hui.iln'.l of lnttrm"nfi' cl.irf, towns ai.t TlliatrtdL
Tho Croat Uock Island Routo
- -lfTit. aiw.i!Hl...rirtipl.! t'Allntted Im
trvk1r nf' t' tti 1 1 1 It'i nr M ttrnrivni
of tn it 4 i Itt rfln-tir' I itfrrt i hani-aT
u tt i le , lt tiffn i-IMl v t tf. tr TTllnntr thal
nt 'un t co ta h. tnentiit an.' Trm ieproM
i' .. 1.4 rnrtr 1 cwrnlitn c.nwrll n-t
i a -it-tllwit lnBtrli-tiin.irti'-lnir Thhi
' w i -4 iwMftijir tvomniodalton U unequnlftl ln
t,i n, tt un 'irpkn t In the wrlt.
A" -i M.TriniJtfMn rht(T.portif' th'1 Ml-Mnrt
T r. tnMit of ctmt Ktbl- Put r "' . ''ttllir it
n tn l'all-e Vn ior nd HrrrD'l 4. r fkmiit
1 n rM rrorlJii T"rf:Unt in i nt i.i-twrrn
-'m St J-nph Atobltoii nd Kaibtaj Cty rwUu
Tho r- moii9 Albcrt Lea Routo
jt'cillrT't. tnori:e ln K twit an I Mline
lt.' antst. Paul. ( y r t'ti i it. . fttlipr
Iraltti run UiW ty lh r-oiiuri. i-- Mumin
I..- Ji'i-ianrt huiUi-.a a-iit i i .in1 i-flrwan t
Jliipitv Tho t! 'i !" ti- UUi piU" -Intt lcnd; f
lntTl.tr PiV'ia nr.it . : . I 1 tri. wn A tl t
A' Iraltl routf, (f- n f-x tn 1 K tlLM cTera tain
rtor Itnlttwnrnt to tt tr ln t- . .a in . inatl. Iy
ltinipoli Iificlte anl r..m- tll" l J""in,
Atriiioti, liTfirpwfr! h, Kansrt i C tf 'i Tf. i 5U
I"aal nml InrrninHUn ixiut .. u r v pat- m
rp"--hllr fnl)., I'-.Iim mnA r" i.. ' n r . frt'io
r(h W nnvmTfye f Itorlt Mni.irinln itotccUoa,
rt-pf -ft I rnurrr)' o-1 fclwllr ntrrntl-.n. ...
I or TfVrts Mp. t .Mr-lfti t IlirlTi'lrl
Ilcict o-n It t.io l nitt btAtci cuvi luida-r iwf
nif druggist,;
ana lu uj In tbo iuturt,
IhHpracs in B-wtnm

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