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Tinxs or siiBcair-THnt; t.
Oaeyj.f.lnadTance lo0 fttrec moiiUii.-..3!i
mtatha. 1S I pliigle copleJ-.,-S
(fosTasa rRE-w in.j . '
One lnch.t wcck, . 75 I Oje Inch 3 monthai3.00
0 Incli, 3 weeki, I.2S I Onolnch 6 montbs, 4.60
Oae.Fourth eoli 1 yr,30.OO One lnch lvear, - - S.OC
NoTlccslnrted under hiad of "Business Lo
cals" 10c per line, each Insertlon.
JLll Letters aud Cominunlcitions should bo ad
drjised O. A. VIKKCE. l'ubllsuer and
Eucered atthe Bennington I'.O.aasecondVclass
atuiiimiiiiiHHii i vx s zi
1 ' A'N 'w ii
Business UHrcctorB.
Attorney and Counorllor at Liw, anu sSolicltor
ln Clianjery. Oulee aml mlJenc 18 Wtt
MainStrcet, Bennington, Vt. 10tf-62
c ii. uarlii:u.
Onlce o cr Firt National bank ,
ittf iiutnington. t,
and Sollcitors In Clianceiy.
iiiIicb orerFlrst NntlonalBank.ilennlngton. 3tt
Adams' Block, Bennington, Vt.
C. D. GIBSON, DruggiBt Apotbecary
" Tain itreet, Orit door west B l'tist thurcb.
ist Church.
. in., and o to
i.TjLUien sunuajs irom 10 ii.
p. m.
MRS, M. E. l'AUrHllKiE. M. D.
FFK'E and IlcnMenc, 30 ilain btrcet.
11. C. DAY, M. I).
Mn. 17. Maln Slrret. Bennington. Vt.
Miedal attentlon given to diehts of thc hcart
Offlce'anil Tesfdence Maln Mree'.at tlic hcad
orbcliuolstreet, UemunKtoii, t.
Binner llollJiiiB.) North Benninirton.
A. Z. CUTLER. D ntiat.
Succesior to l)r. 8. B I'lkc.
All onerationf ncrfonncd In tl n most tliorutich
andcareful manner, and at rea-onablo pncea,
My almnlll betOBIvctLtire sutisfactlon to all
caseft tubmitted to my corc.
(ias aul Etlier adnili.iitereil for extrnctinB
tecth VMthout paln, wliei lesiri .1
Ofllce ipolte Frto I.lbrary ltull, BennliiKtoil,
37tf Verlnoiit
lUtliiK nold my dental pracllcc to I)r,A. Z.Cnt
lar n E.iiiilfmflnnf eincr tnce and abllltv. 1 be
peak lor blm tlie tamo lllicral 1. itrcnage tliat ba
been accorded me tlie pait clgh'i en yiara.
DU S. B. 1'IKE.
DR. B. C. JENNEY, Dentist.
(-iiifyitKsnti T(l nn. .1. N. bf.'RANTON.)
I preparcd to ptrform all o. erations in Dent
lo a tborougli and workinan;ke manner. I'cr
attara.tlAn irnnrantml ln ull cacs submitteti
o bla care, and at reaonabie pricefl. (iaa or
Ether admlniitcred or eltractit. tetth when re.
ulred. Office onnosite Congreitlonal Cburcb
Slaln itM Benmagton.
In mnniimntAl nnrk. trom ar.1 klnd of cranlt
erroarble. West Quincy, Maa Jlonumenta
roanufacturcd at quarrim and aldppcd dlrtct to
cemewrlea, Eatimatea given nd denlgiia fur.
niahed nn arpllcatlon. Verini nt office o. 17
tiLtiv. fcmvVr. KKWI:lTOJ. VT.
C M. I.AMBENT. - Manager
Depot lt., J. H.LOHINd 4 (-"J., Bennington.
mbe Bennlncton County 6ayinK Bank at tbt
1 llemjInKtoa County Nationl. Bank, H qpen
daily for the traniaction of buslnen from 10 o cloca
a. m. IO 4 O CIOCK p. m.,OUDUaj S wuuun;.
lntereit to depoiltori trlctly In accordance mtb
be lawl of the Btate of Vermojt. Money de
poiited any tltne arter the flrkt d.iy of eacli month
draws lnterest from the flmt daj ol the next uc
,idtnif mntitb. IntvreKt ccanuted Jautlary
1 t and Jnlr ltt. and lf not withdrtvrn will be added
to prlncipal, and lntereit tbercaftcr will accrne
vpon lt.
Xoans lollcited npon rcal eata'.e and nndonbted
iirionai lecnniiei.
A.B. VAI.ENTINE.rrelldent,
Vf. E.IIAWKH, V'lee I'reildent,
J. T. SlIURlI.EFF.Tfaituer,
II. W. MAUMAN. Heirrtarr.
HTanaTiia A II. Valentine. Wia.lE. lUwkj
O. W. llarman, Olio Scott, J. T. Bhurtieft, I. B.
W h DOUUI.AS 14 S1IOE. llie nrlirlnal and
nnly hand-aewed welt ?4nboe in ihe world.emiala
npinm niaoe nanu-Beweil eno a iiiai irui
t to 9.
$3 SHOE.
Hhoolnthe worhl.wltU-
nnt tnrUi nr na 1 1 1
Flnent Calf, pcrlcct flt,7.
aadwarrantod. coo(trws,iy c
ud dorable u ttioi
all www tb V
YQTJflVtE.XLyiI.f "
and Beautiful Hands
free From all RgDKESS 8 JOIGHKESS.
Suc-cecor to the Lglutc of S. V. IIAItlUS,
Natli, JLCi &c. A grcat TftrieU of Tablr acdTockct
Cutlcry. Aiei, loois, unnufionci. tar
rlaRC Tlres.Kow IioltB, Locks, Scrcws,
lUveti,Nuts,Waher,Axlc riate,
Scrws. Ilutts. Sup and
Ilinpes, Cablc and Trace
Cbalns. U. It. Whcel
Baldwln RefriK
Domestie and Impoile Cigais
Flne Kry WestCtgari ripea.Tobacco, etc.
llopc. Lath, YarnTubr, lUUi, Wafth Itoards,
Brooins, Clotbea Wruijreri. I'ickc,
filedpe, Axe and Hnmroer Ilan
dles. OaWanized fence,
wlre and pouliry nct-
BlooiPHFferMerYe M
luU the world as a curr for
scuofcla, stnoriiLous swkli,
', iscs, et;. '
llcad tlie lolloultig; mvurn atHteinent
of a remarkable caac.
Dlt.O. S.nitEEN&CO.-I lake nlauurc ln
rccommendlfiff yonr Blood rnrincrandNcreTon-
ic. in Augun. ik;j ueitantairinzit ror ncror
nloua aiteUed neck At the tlin 1 conld not bend
myneckormoTemyhead, and was unabln to
wear a collar owlog to tlie alzc of my neck. Now
myneck fa well and natural irl alze. 1 tiped flre
bottlcs In about teyen montha' tlme. Had been
treatedfor lt prevlou.ly by phyalciana to no ef-
tect. J1AIIIA . JIAItbll.
E. (irecnsboro, Vb. Aug. 30, 1").
8TATE OF VERMONT, j At (irten.boro. thii
uiieajiiiuounty,aa. l uuin nay or Amnit( A.
'D.-lH8fl. peraonal y appeared before me Alaria O.
Marsh. a pemon well known to me aud entltled
tocrcdit and roade oath to the itatement abore
Kiib.cJibeu to byner.
Before me,
IV. W, GOSS, Justlco of the 1'eace.
Thc (irralrst Rlood Kcnicdy Knoivn
stoelhd it ii comnosltlonl
Uoeqnalled In Its efrecti '
, , , . Uaparalleled ln 11 iuoce I r
,1'riee tlM per twttlc, ll,batUea fur f 5i. Al
ofTgyl'tvnaTo It
Dr. G. S. GREEN & C0
Eno'biijli Falls, Tf., V. S. A.
BY -
Has just what you waiit to
give for a
Something that will be a
benefit'to the receivor. A
CAPS, fancy and other
wise. for children
and older ones.
Anythin in the line o
Boys' or Gentlemen's
(iliriintAl. SOTE.S,
The DuVc of Torloma, Sjndice of
llome, hne been ilimis.l for rniueit
ing the Vicar of Home to convey 10 Ihf
I'ope tlie citj'g jubilee pttetinne.
The New IIaniphire Rfrubliciina an
evidently wido nwake, fiunet and well
orRanlzfil. Tlie jirolileni offorminga
illetinct ronnectirn wiih tle Natiorml
League of Hepuhlii-an Clulw without
creatinR ne" and perliwiliflK:tinp
orKaniziliona Will prohably J Ii'ld B ready
oluiion tothf Roo l sense and discre
timi of tlue who lmve It wilder conmd
eration. Lord Stanley who ha acceiit"H the
Gevernor Ocntralahip of Cunada hnith
erand heir of the Eurl of Derby s 40
yeara old and haa bven in l'arliameiit
aince 1803. He lm been Lord of thf
Admiralty. Finsncinl SriTi'iary of thc
Wnr Ofllre. Serretary In thc Treastiry
and Sevrelary of Slate for War undet
UiarHeliV IwoailniiniHlratloiiii Secretarj
of Statn for ihe ColnniiH in I.ord Sahs
bury'a llmt Cabinel and I'reaident of tht
Buard ol Trade in llie present Oovern
tnent. He u-ag niade H lUron lat year
Hb inarried Lady Conetance Villitve.
The Catholio World ipioles and onni
niend tl' declaration of Kntlicr Km
nernv of l'awlui ket, lt. I., that Ihe oub
lic schools wtre 'hmitleap, headless anu
Kodless.' It eajs thal thing will nevei
work well till the ayatera is divided ano
divertdiicd lo biiit ditlerent interesis and
made broader, so that all citizena lnaj
he ablo to adopt It. This frarik uiler
nnce of the Catholio World ia jusl whai
we would have. A plain acknowledKi
ment of the Uoinan Catholio purpoee
will do more than anyihinK else to
nrcngthen the position o tlie friends ol
tho pnbllo pchools and damape tht
catise of their aswiilants. The real anl
mus of tlio crusiide URaiiut our Ameri
can edueational aystem cannot stand
the linht of day.
The Dmocrata are very rouch slirred
up overlbe niemion'of l'hll iaiierldapV
nutne for l'realdency , and are atterupt
mg to ehow that be was born in Ireland
Eie was born in Ohlo, and In Ihe liet of
llepublican candidalea is not more than
twenty tniles aay."
It is propoeid to foriu a studcnt'
niibHionary ociation foi the Uuited
States and Canad'a aniont; Ihe school
colleRO and llieoloKicnl seminariea of
lie Episcopal chutch, A prelnuinar
convenlinn tn this end in lo be held ir
be General Theoloeical Seininary, New
York, Jan, 13 and 14.
Juili;e Allen H. Morso was recentli
iven u reception in Washington. Thi'rf
were preent besides Judce Uorae, C'on'
rHiunn Ili'nderson of North C.nolina
ind John 11. Tarsney of 81 I.011K Aflet
he cloth hail lnuii cleared C'ongrea
man Henderson arose and guve utter
inre to ex rewio!i8 wliieb caused lh'
ireatest vxcilemeiit. He told Ihe KUel
that he (?loriHl 111 the fact that he ha
lieen a rebel. Fimilly he baid: "I an
Hlad tii8rfyth.it I represvnt 11 diHlrii"
(the distrint of Salifburj ) whtre iiO.UOO
Union eol.licin rolled wnhin Ihe cn
umitn." He was pio 'ee.liiin fnrther
when Mr. Tarmey inaiie a rub for th'
peaker and chitched hini by Ihe thro.u
1011 i-coiindrel, "hniiuii mr lamtiev
laivan a TJnmn Sjldicr. or.d if 1 o on
le here will reeeiu 1 our insuliB 1 wih.
I'ake back what vou a.ud about thi
Union nolcliera murdiTiil in your piis'i
or I'll clioke the hfe oui of you." Thi
iuests inlerferred, und Mr. Ileiiderfl'ii
poli)i;ized to the party.
fttE'3 IIOMtY i tm. i v oujli Cuie, 25, Sft.., T
tENK'S SULPIIUR SOAP hc.il. and Uaulifiu, 25
t'l"AH C08N REMOVER kilU Cortw . Bunimn,2'
l' 1 'j IIAIR 4 WHISKEIt DYE-Bljck & Ilron,k
JlKE'S TOOTHACHE DROPS curo in 1 Minule. 23.
3EAN'S RHEUMATIC P1LIS are a lure curc. 60-
IMlt.Hi:itS'.N Tllli TAItll'l'.
The currtnt number of Haruer'a Jlae-
zine has a lenirlbv but intereetine arli-
elc by Henry Watterson, the able adnoi
f the Ijouiaville Ourier Journal.wlilci'
livocales "a tariiT - for revenueonli
Tho art;uiiient is speclous and m'slpad-
tneund has all Ihe llapuoouie wnici
ihe fora 10 protection nru in tne nanu o.
feeding thclr dieciplea upon, Jtr, Wat
erson either mscreuiia or innorea ai
he faola and figureB which ehow ho
be country ha.1 developed and proaper
ed undor Ihe. protective system, ttl
though lliey are inconle-itable; and ii
fact liis wbole arRiiment is conclusivi
of "nothlng except th ehow thathlsde
votion to free trade iheories oulweign
II considcration ot fairneas and candoi
n dealinc wtth Ihe fuhiect. 8enatoi
Edmunda, who Is to reply to Mr. Wat-
ersim 111 the tebruary nutnber or uar
ner . has n t ne nunortunitv to uemoiiM
he KenlucKy euilor a nssunipuona ano
and fallacies.
Onn of the iiKHt t'xtraordinar state-
ments in Mr. Watterson s article is thai
llie inrilf affords no protcction to fiirm-
ers. Tbe editor of tho free trade Clncn
go Tribune has also declarcd rectntlj
Ihat wesiern larmers nare 110 proiecuoi
for their' producls. Jt fpeaks well foi
thc coiirnee of tnese eentienien 111
they niake this etatement with all lh
acla anu f-onn nrgumeni against iunni
but it is not creditable to their intelli
nence and candor. Wn lind that thi
tanil 011 agricultural producti embracei-
tho followiiic lutiei: wneat twcnty
cents per Lu-liel; corn and oats, ten
centH; rye and harley, tifleen cents
rloe, two and one half cenls per pound
utter and cheesp. four cents per pound;
Dotators, lifleen cents per bmhel: poul-
w . . : .. 1 1 . ...
ry, len per geiu; jiean nim ueuii-, ii'u n
wenty per cent; tubacco.nianutactured
thirtv-live cents ner pound, and un-
teinmtd. nity cents per pounu sugar.
from two to live cents, as to fuallty ; on
horees, cows, bullf, oxen, steers. calves,
heep, lanilis, goals, hogs and pigK.
1 wenty per cent of their value, ezcep'
when iiiinorled for breeding purnnses
heu ttuv are auuiuieu iree; oeei ann
pork, one cent per pound; uiutton, ten
per cent; wool, from len to twelve cent
cer Dound. and from ten to twclvo per
cent al valorem; bay. twenty per ccni
of Ita vulue; hups, eigbt cents per pound
calf-skins. twenty per cent, and on
hemn. Der ton. It is not a cotnmoi
aense view to malutain that the impo-
nitinn of thrse duties Is ot 110 uenelllto
our fanners.
But this is not all. The true and log.
ical view is that the home tuarket is
more certain and proliiable to our farm-
ers than a toretgn ones. tne enormnu
exlcnsion of manufacturcs in Ihe Unl
ted Htates under a nrotective tarill has
createn a home aetnand for all but cigh
Dercent of our farm producls. 1' is un-
deniable tliut white tarill haa lowered
the costof what Ihe workimtman hin t
consume In the aggregite it has ralif.d
the orice of that panton nl 11 produceu
by the furiuer. lt .is acsntned by free
trade advocates that the arerage iluty
iniiosed nn forelgn producls tmported
intn t nn uniKd oiaiea. wnicu is oui bi
forty-slx per cent, represents thsexcess
which coneumers are obligcd 1o pay
upon all arliclea so corered. But nn
one has been able lo flgure out that th
aclnal encbancetnent of the price.to tlie
oontumer was more than one.tenln 01
forty mx per cent, liecaune foreign tnun
ufaciurers and exporters asrume a kooc
p&rt of the hurdi'ti thcmselvrs in order
to gain a niarket for their goods fn this
countrj. But fnr the tariiT their goods
would coine much liigher tn Ihe buyer's
here, Watchman.
Aiitict to Mcrruma Are jou dlatuiUd at
nlgbt and broken ot your reat by a sick cldld sbf
. , ..... ..i.i. .. , r ,nM a
lf io send at once and get a bottle ot "Mrt.WlDi-1
low'a BoothlnK Byrup" for cblldren tccthlng. Its
TaluelslncalcuUble. It will relleie the poor,
little aufferer linmedlately. Drpend upon II,
mothers; tliere U no tnlitake about lt. It curcs '
Dyvntery and Dlarrbta. regulates the 8tomach
and Boweli.cnres iWln4 Oollc,iortetu tho Ounu'
SSSS?r JfL t
8ywtfjfcrcbD4nmVtUngbjaW j, tto
tastsnnd, tno rrcsqlpuoa ot one of.tne oldeat
...i i. h. jJu . j-ja j. ,l.v... .u.
oui. iv. ... ....h,.....ii,..
yt., thursday,
Parei CooghsOotili, noanionMa, Cronp. AtUimA,
Uroacbitls. Whool'itnf Couith, Inclpjent Consuinp-
Uon, aficT rclierr conraniptiTA
Uon, Th 0or4ne tr. JtvU'$
Crrngh Syrup i onj ln
"tr. mnd btn our
rfclflterrd 1rdt-Mrki lo wlii
A VuWm llenil n C(rcle,ri:td
Mrip Cnvtitnt-LaM, au1 Ihe
rwimUeiilffnnmrMuf Juhn IV.
Hutt A. t Mcyrr (m., (Wle
l'rop'v, Bnitiior. Hi, U. 8. JL
I'hew hnnte't PliiK-Th itr alTobacro An-
olc: iTlco l ll l ta.-uio ' aii unipst
When ihe food does not
digcst, but fermenls and
sonrs, it catises a bnrning
sensation. This is a slep
in ihe dircction of
can be curedsafely and
which will put all ihe digcslivc .
ergans in hcalthy condition.
ForSalobjallDrugilits; Prlce 23 cl. fr tz;
8 boxe for C3 ctl i or acnt by mall, pitaRe frrt, 011
ricelpt of prlce. Dr. J. II. fccbenck Sod. rbllad'a.
"Did n't Know 't was
May do for a stupld boy's cxrusc ; but
what can bo said for tho parcnt who
sccs hlschild langulslilng daily and fails
to recognlzo tho want of a tonlc and
blood-pnriflcr? Forincrly, a coursc of
bitters.or sulplinrand uiolasscs, was the
rulo In wcll-regtilatcd fandlles ; but now
all intelligent houseliolds kcep Aycr's
Silrsnpnrilla, wliich is at oncn plcasant
to tho tastc, aud tho most searcliiug aud
cffcctivc blood niedicinocverdiscovcreil.
Nathan S. Cleve land, 27 E. Canton st.,
Doslon. writes : " My danghter, now i!t
years old, was in rrfect beallli nntil a
year ngo when slic began to coniplain ol
fatiguc, hcadache, dcbllity, dizzincss,
ludfgestioii, and los.i of apctite. I cou.
cluded thatall licrroinplainitoriglnatcd
in iinpuro blowl, and Indiiced her to tnlto
Ayer's Sursaparilla. TlilHincdlcinesoon
restorcd her hlond-iiiuklng organs tu
bealthy nction, and ln dno linio reestab
Hshcd her formcr hcaltb. I tlnd Ayer's
Sarsnparilla a most valuablc reniedy for
tho Iiwjitiulo and debility iuddeut to
sprlug tltne."
J. Castrlglit, Urooklyn Power Co
Brooklyn, N. Y., says : "As a Sprlug
Medlciuc, I fiud a splendld substltute
for tho nld-time tomiouiuls in Aycr's
Sarsaparilla, with a fow ilosci of Ayer's
rills. Af ler tlieir use, I feel freslier and
strongcr to go tU "ough tho suiuuicr."
Ayer's Sarsaparilla,
nturAKEU nv
Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co., Lowell, Mass.
l'rice $1; aii bottlci, , Worth 13 a bottle.
TlilaGrcatncrman Medlclne 1 thc
clieareK anl lCBt. 1 uoKea ol Mi L.
I'll I f lt niTTEIts for ll.no.lesa than.
1 1I one cent a doc. It will curo tbei
aworat cstcs of ekln dlsease, tromg m
a comnion plmplo on tho t&ceff it
o inai awrui (ui.en&o ocmiui.H
SUI.PIIUB B1TTEU3 ls thc q
bcst roecUclno to use ln allff "
caacs of auth Btubborn andxryour Kld
dccp teatcd dlscatcs. Vofneysareoul
nOt UVCr takO antnnir.XUp
'3 BP.UE PILLS ?,"i'','J"g
Ir. IMaco vnur tnift
tho purcst and bcst.
niatterwbataUsl II
rou,une II
:!fkr Bitters!l
ti'twiltmjtil vonE3
are unabletowalit.or
Ullirenth fmtl nnHffara fl&t on Tour liack.
r4 suosuiucer jay
lll offenlyo I Yoitrbnt get aomo at onre, lt
atomacb ls outwlll curo you. Sulpbur
of order. UeBlttcrs 1
Is TOIir trr.tfterlnir are aoon madowell bT
Idc th!ck,ts me. Itcraemlr what you
ropy, clo-read hcre, It mar ano your
uur, orHfe, lt has sayed hundredj.
1'twalt untll to-morrow,
Try a Bottle To-day I
Areroii lmr.rlrttod and weak.l
We nfrprlnir fmm tha cxreaaea ofl
jTynut'ir If 0, BULPHUIt BirXEESj
Send 3 2-cent atamps to A. P. Onlway A Co
tioston.Maf a..for beai roedlcal rorc tmblUheU?
r viiH
leaiiscs 4'U c
lii(lammat i o u,
leals llie Sofs,
!lclor"e's r th r
enfv br Taslf
iihI Miif IW
!EVER Tiir tho nmu.
A finrtlrl lt ntiilei! Intararn
neitrUItnfffrt'f4llttonse. Vri 60c, br
mall Or t driUFdu.Hend ror clrmiar.Ki.Yimn;
rrto u
cts orfl
Tinrs sotI
orcnusa BEETIIAT'"!. BTJTTS"!
nowarded are thoae wbo read
tbli and then act! they wlU Ind
II 1 1 n I, I hjnorabl employment that wtu
"'""T."" "T0.u'
WiS?rtSSSS Walff'.,S
It Ii easy for any on to rnaka (6 and upwards
nr 'ounc; canital not .niMed: we start yoo.
wamh rtff new. Noanec al nhilllr reflnlml: tiii
se, from
10 t&ceff
i thc
i all
rvnu are
ail h
c. lt
Mt a 1
JANUARY 12, 1888.
j It wai a typical country atore. There
were roap and pins, and needlrs aud
le'terpaper ud back comhs and par
collarsand ypenders in glans cate in
the fiptit. crujkery and caiico and tln
waro and overalls and cowhido bools
dlnpVifed on the sbelves. and bulter und
dried beef and buekwheat and keroiieiie
land inolanfes and codfisb in friendly
1 clinfusion in the recr. Ita motly variety
was Indeed. a neceHsily. Lmiphn rs
was the one Btnre of Unionville.
If Lnmphter's was ihe typlcnl counin
atore Ivntie Lainphler was not the typi
cal rounlry tore keepor'a daughter.
SoJuhn Stockbani, Mr. Tainphier's
clerk frnni Ihe next loun, had Ihungh
whi-ii hehiw her tr'pping into Ihe atnr'
one inerning utlur a spnol of I bread aud
a pminrf of cnftee. Slie was her fatherV
She IihiI eeemed tn John, in her crisp
pink cahi'o nrnl her natly straw hat. th
inost jauntily siylish girl he had cvei
seen, hs well ns the prelticst.
That was fodr ni'intha ago. Lottlt
came dnwn tn the siore fretpjently. Of
courso it was a neeexsity that ehesboulu
for sonlelhing was always needed at Ihe
Certainly John was fnr loo iuodel !c
dream llmt hiB pretence could have thi
reinntet't itilluei.Le on her comings anr
But he had not neglected his opporlu
nilies. He had lalked to her as he tied
up her etigar nr lolled up her liningcam
bric, und suilled at her over the kero
sene can and uiolas?es barrcl, and Loltie
had nnl been prudiohly backward in re
eponding. The flrst iinow fouijd lluni
very good fiipnda indeed.
The one blot on this extrcniely pleas
nnt ei'inpanioihip was Mr. I.-inipliici .
Whelher Mr. I.Htuphler was guiiiy o
ihe notiuii that his cleik wns an unde
diuble parly. and Ihorelore adangeroui
coinpanioii for hlj daughler, or whelher
he was poseepsed of an ignohle fear ol
ihe lo?8 of a good houeekeeper, oi
whelher he had developed a streak ol
ihtuureusiin nm) conlrarlness not en
lirely unknown to old genllemen who
aie undergniog ihtnr llrst touches ol
rhriimatisni and feeling the need of m
older pnir of glase8 What Mr. Lani
phier's nmtive wa" was douhtful.
But he was plainly opposed to Johr
Siockbhm's zrowing admiratton for liia
Tlie scene which look place onebnowj
Oecember inorrjing had come to be a
connnon nne,
Lottie catne down tn tho store at half
pasl eight. It was earlier than flie gen
rfrally came, and the fact accoubted lor
the blackners ot Mr. Limplner e irown.
Iler new brown dres was KXt'anrdi
nnrily ttjlisli and becoming, and John
fairl blu?liea wuii iieligliteil aumira-
tlon at the eight of her.
Loltie had nothlng to get but a pound
of rice, und it was impobaihle to be vert
long auout gelting llmt. uut Lotue wat
i young peison o WHys ann means.
Good nioming. Mr, Slockham. she
ealled out cheerily.
John was rpplenih!ng tlie flre at the
back of the atore.
Good niorning, Miss Limphier,' he re-
ued with subdued enlhusiaem.
Mr. Lamplrer'g sharp eves were upon
hiin. and he did not venlure to joln her
hat are these, pa.' cried 1iltie, im-
mediately Do conie and ehow me liow
thoy work, Mr. Slockham.
They were patent nioue traps. lt was
mprubahlo that Loltie was iguoiant cd
their function or ihat John belleved thal
ihe was, but hc gol lum-elf to the from
of the store .ith alacrity.
11 8 the loveliest weaiher, Mr. Oiock-
ham, Littie observed, forgelling the
mouse tran Eleiranl!
Is il? eaiil John, not btilliantlybut de-
voteilly. looklng liH auiuiratiun on L,ot
tie's brigiit eyes und red cheeks.
Oh, yec; the enow's a foot deep, and I
had lo wade, but Ilike that.
Do you like walkine nlone by your
elf? John ventured.
Oh, well, I euppose lt would he pleaa
mter wiili soinebodv alonc.she respond
ed with lier eyes on n row of stove pol
isli boxcs,
I should say so, dccidedly. eaid John
ijrowing bolder.
Siockhani? Mr Lainphler called snup
piehly, please atteml to custnmers.
Tlie 'customers' consisted ot old Dan
Murdock, who came regularly tosltovcr
the stove, but never bought anythiug;
out John wns obedlent.
There was a period of ei!ence,und then
a olatter from the front.
Oh. goodnesc! cried Lottio, in a tone
nf horror, I've knocded down a box of
eurtam flxiures. Mercy! do help me tu
John rushed to her side. He did not
know whelher e Iio had knocked theni
(T purposely. but lie hoped she had.
Loltie knew. out she lookeu qultu inno
cently regretful.
They groped about togelber for the
niissing iMirtain fixtures among the olo
uoxes under thecouuter. Occasionally
tneir naiuls toucned eaL'li nther.
We ll never flnd lliem all. said Lottie
I hope we won't. 1'm willing to keep
on huuting, John rejoined with a sly.
ihy glance at tbe pretty face near liim,
l've got a lot of things to do at home.
aid Lottie; smiling back ut bim. I iiui
riniming a new hat
You couldn t improve un Ihat one,
John put in witli another admiring
And if I'ui going to have rice pudditift
fnr dlnncr itought to be going on, said
die musingly.
llut she kept on feeling aimlestly
iboutfor curlain lixtures.
I'd be glad to walk home with you if
my time was my own, said John, wist
You'vo never been to tlie house, have
vou t
You've never iuvited me, John eaid.
with a gentle reproach. Not that 1 d
lare to come if you did. lie added with
faint inolion of his head toward Mr
Lottie eiKlietl.
lf you could get an evening olf, ehe
luggested timidly. l'a isn'l home until
half oaet ten or 80. and
John turned a radiantly grateful face
unon her.
You know I'd be deliuhted, Miss Lot
lie. he almost gasped. I'd
Stockbanu 31 r. uimphler s voice was
alarmingly near. I want that box of
eriices otiened immediaiely.
Mr Lamphler's head prnjected itself
over Ihe counter. Ile glared down al
llie startled pair beneatu It.
John tooked at Lottie. Thero was a
darlng ligbt in his eyes.
I'll como this evening.
Ile forined tho words inaudibly with
his llns. and hurried away.
Mr.,Lumphier elapped tho package.of
rice on the counter Irnwningly.
Lottie bruhhed oll her drees, readiust
ed her veil, rxtracled a piece of citron
from a jar ond'nibbled at lt 'and went
out witu ii parting snma iprjODnrtocK
If Lottie. piiton herliest dressand he
preltlest ruchings aiid hersilverhair pin
and bracelets that evening after her pa
had rnnn biick to tho store. and if some
body knocked at thc kitcben door at 8
o'clock, and If the kitcben reoounded
for two hours tUereafter with pleasant
chat and harmle'8 bamllnage and llght
hearted lauitbter-f ihese things oc
eurred turely it "was nobody'a. busincfs.
I don't need to t'ell you'how.I'vo cn-
jiyedtbeuvenltig, MiM IBmpUier, jaid
Jonn earuestiy. as nu rusvuiaak nnger
iuirlv. Iktiow I fliouldn't hate come
but I cuuldn't lielp it? -and I can't be
i ,ii
nol, auid Lottie, witb prelty
I I ehoud like lo canie again, John pur
(uedrbut ot cnuree ims isn i tne rtgn
' I dou't care-p liowl said Lottie very
(tblltlr, Iflia will lie so Ulireasonable, 1
doa't know what else wo can do, Good
, whst is that. John f
"MllTM thealr aPprehenSivol,
Joltlt snlfTed tOcV
n'.'imnWc! hn declaTed.x
Meroyl wtiere .
Wo'll bnvc lo iavmtif,Ut(',6ld Johii,is
found it bluj with Binoke. lottie gave a
little fcreani.
Something's alire. said John. Don'
he alarmed, AIiss Lamphier, lie added.
lie onened the wood house door.
They were choked by llie rush of emoke
and'bot air. Their startled guze revealed
one side of the wood house alive with
licking, darting llames.
John Slockham s practlcal tnind was
working quickly.
Where s tlie siiik, Miss Iamnhler.' Iie
lemanded, and a water pall twoif pos
sible. We'll have lo wotk sharp lo etop
it, It's got a good start.
Ihey did work Ihey rushed to Bno
Iro witb heavy pails of water. half
hlinded by tbe emoke. hot from the
flames, dripping uith spilled water.
At the end ot a conltised nlteen mln
utes they sat down.exhausted and dizzy
n tne uoorway anu curveyea the ecene.
une wall or the wooilhouse was burneu
black. At one point tho moonlight was
ireainlng ln througn u liole made o
tbe llamee,
It sbone on therecumbent forotof red
faced, browsy and ohviously inebriated
ramn. sleening nearelullv on a nile ol
kindling wood. It shone on a dirly clay
pipe tlirust into a little mound of ehav-
ings, which were etill emouldering. It
hone, lurtnerino'e. on 3lr lvamphler
tanding in the wood house door and
elaring in.
Little wus more than equal to the oc-
cajioii, She was not a peraon to let a
golden oppnrtunity escapu her.
She rushed over to her fulber and put
botb hands around hisurms with a trag-
lc little shriek.
Oh, p! she cried, iust look! Just im-
gme hat you've eecaped! The house
would have been burntd down in an
other minute in oue minute-all burned
own! Mr. Slockham has eaved it. If he
hadn'l been here and weliadn't emelled
nioke and come out there, found the
wood house all ablaze and worked like
crazy to put it out, just think whai
would have napppnea: It was ihat hor
rid iramp, Ho'd got in here somehow
and gone to Bleep smoking, and his hor
rid pipe had set things on iire. 1'm so
glad Mr. Slockham was here ain'l you
pa, dear?
.Mr. Limphier looked at his daughter
nd then at Stockhaui and at Ihe black
ened wall and at tbeserenely slumbering
aii, yes: ne responueu. it waB tortu
nate you bappened aloug, Slockham.
inere was a tingp ot irony in iiis tone
nd enmo grimness in hU smile, bul
Lottie did not mind that nor did John
They realized that by a fottunute turn
ofeventsMr. Lamphier wts defeated
nn made to appreciate and ndmit tlie
Thev cared little for the burned beams
atd their dripping clothes; the slumber
ng tramp seetned to bo an angel ln ais
Well, it's tht way to do, Lottie de
clured a few weeks later, wben she and
John Slockham wercBafely engaged and
Slr. Lamnhier had given them his biess-
ing and inliinated that he'd thought of
takiug a partner aud Ihat John might
pnsjiblv do: it's the way to uo. II weu
just stnod back as tneek as niico and
alted for na to come rounu anu invue
vou up lo the house mercy! I can not
bear to think of it!
Comnience in tbe centre of the follow
iii! diacram und read in any direction
and Ihe answer is the 8a me, viz: James
Blatne. The diagram may be read in
moro than 300 ways from tbe centcr:
Chicago Tribune.
Sr.VTIifi OF COLimillA.
The markets in South American citiee
are situated ln tho largest plazas, Beef
is eometimes good, but as the average
Soutfc American does not ecruple to
iiso an animal that has met an accicntal
death, faniilies Bojourning there prefer
o buy their beer or a resident who nas
ktlled a Bteer for his own use. Owing
to theecanty supply of ice and the in
teneo heat all meat soon spoils. and the
nalives depend largely upon fdsoj'o or
jetked beef, This ls beef ealted and
nung in iho inienee neat ot tne tropicai
iun, where It soon dries, but acquirea a
very disugreeable odor, It is, however.
nreterreu to iresu oeei nv naiivo soutn
Americans and a cettain nuantity of
tasaj'o ia imported to New Y'ork markets
pvery season to supply South Americaus
who are residing in that city. In Bogota
tasaio is f ried and boiled. 'he favorite
uioiies ot cooKing witu naitve cooks.
Vlulton and lanibare fouud in market.
but they are Btrtngy and poor. Cnickeas
vurv tn oualltv. ro care is given iowis
in ;South America. Tboy are left to
ruu wild and are apt to be tough. The
laitve cooks remedy ihls tougnness ny
boihngthe chicken till it is in ehreds
and neuriy iiavoriess. MY auveniure-
some little friend, who atlempted to go
to churcli without a manltlia, visileo
tho market wiih nn escort. Her face
was closelv swalbed in the detestable
bead-covenng and stiecouiu not exactiy
see where she was etepping, Suddenly
she found under her feet tbe most
nideous ereen liz.ird, bhorter thau a
small albgator, but fully tbree feet long.
An iguana,' explaiued her husbana
vhen she had recovered from her fright.
That ends marketing here.' she said.
but I was afterward amused to bear she
had become quite fond of iguana s eggs.
This lizard ls a favorite nriicle offood;
its llesb is similar to frog-legs in flavor.
lt ts kept in the coltages ot tlie poor, as
a domestie animal, chlelly for the sake
of thc eggs, Il is n barinless little crea
ure which plays wuii tne cntiuren anu
runs abount the rafters of the cottage
with the pet tnonkey. The nalives never
nllow its eggs used for food to be de
pisiled. but at certain times they cut a
olit in tho side of the crealuro and re
move the sliing of eggs. The animal
crawls away and in a day or tno the
nouud beals aud it seems to euller no
incouvenience. I confess these eggs
oeem veryjunpalatable, but tbcy are re
garded us a great delicacy and are eaten
wali avidity by everyone. Even the
inonkets devour them witbrelish. They
are qulle eimilar in llavor lo turtle's
Ihere is plenty of good fish in South
America. Tlie dorado lish is very abuu
daut aud so unwary of the tlshernian
Ihat tbe nalives simply tie a piece of
plantain lo a etripg and it swjmsj asbore
and is easily takeu wiih a hand-net.
Sbell tlsli are poor inquality. The sbells
of South American ovelers are eoeoft
that they crumble at the toucb and are
hopelessiv mixtu wun tne oyster.
Tbere are eoft ehell crabs in market
about the elzo of a dollar. There is no
vinegar; the julco of tbe lime, a dellcious
substitntc. tukes thc place of vinegar.
Tbe onlv butter In market is canned
Danish butter, which retails as 2.00 a
pound. lt Is exccllent in tWvor, but
where il is tco expensie for ordinary
une, olive nil takes its place. Tbe mar
kets at Cbristmas time prcsent a very
lcsllve appearanceand are gaily dressed
wlib braucbes of Mandarin orange treea
in fruit nnd flower. fAmy 0. Shanks,
In Good Iloutekeeplng.
Bofton Mamma You musn't epeak
ofyour Ieg, FloasU, wbea ue havo.
company. It ien't pollte,
1-loBsii' What etiouid I uar, maminai
Ilow Juilge llarrett DltetMered tlie Un
fortunnte (Jlrl and Found fnr Iler a llei..
To the Edilov of thc UmM : Tht
relerence to niyeef in your receut notlc.
of the SUlh anniversary of Ihe HTe ol
Laura Bridgeman, at the I'orkins Innti
lute for the Blind, located In South Bo
ton, Mass., has caused intereeled inquir
ics of me as to particulars, Several
years ago a brief statement was printen
in tlie Vermont Stundard, and reprinted
in the Rutland Herald. Thoee Inquiriei
lead me to niake a brief restatement.
In May, 1837 betng then a junior It
DartraounlCollegi' I washelpingtbe fe
lectmen of Uanover in making up assct.s
tnente und tax bills. The businer
was done at Mr. Bridgeman's
Liura's father sotne seven miles from
the collegc, where I spent several duys
I tbcn eaw Laura a veiy eprigbtl
child, some seven or eight years old
deaf, dumb, blind and destllule of Ihi
sense of emell. This condition was caus
ed by Bcarlet fever. when she was two
or three years old.
The interest exclted by Ihus eecint
her caused me lo alute Ihe case to Dr
Muzzy, then at the head of Durttnouil
Medical college, und to aek hini tn eei
her. He did mi, We then conferred ae
to whrther there was any placor means
for treating the case, wiih ,i view t'
umeliorating her condition in life. IL
lold me of the I'erkins institule, und o'
Dr. Howe, who had it in cliarge. U
my rcquest he wrote to Dr. Howo. ii
responBe, Dr Howe went to Uanover on
the occasion of the conimencement in
July of that year.and waB introduced b
tne by Dr. Muzzy. 1 thereupon carritr.
hini to Mr. Bridgeman's and inlrnduced
hini to the family,taling thepurpoee oi
our visit and how it bud come to lu
made. Negotiationa und arrangemenle
ensued that rpsulted in Liurn's goinp
into the care of Dr. Ilowe at the insti
tute, where, in the couree of 50 yeart
just elupsed, bhe has developeu into the
wonderful historio and personal churac
ter now long known to the intelligeni
Tiub answers the question very often
asked, "tlow did Laura bappen to l
taken in cliarge by Di. Howe?'' Exeep
the statement ptihlished as above meii
tioned,in ihu Slandard and the Herald, 1
have seen no suggestion on tho subjrc
in any thlng that has been printed about
her. Perbaps this may not be entireli
without interest to some of Dr. Ilowe'e
surviving friends. James BAItltETT.
Milloh'a Coiisiiiiiptlon Cure.
This is beyond questicn the most suc
cessful Cough Meuicine we have evei
sold, a few doses invariable cures tbe
worst cases of Cough, Croup and liron
chitis, while its wonderful successin the
rure of Consumption is without a paral
lel in the history of raedicine. Smce ilr
lirst discoyery it has been sold on a
guarantee. a tesl which no other medl
cine can stand. lf you havo a cough
we earnestly ask you to try it. I'rice 10
cent, SO cents and $1. If your lungsart
sore, chest or back lame, use ShilohV
Porus Plaster. Sold by J, T. ShurtlefT,
There is good reason for the beliel
that the convention of Reading railroad
employes, which, cnntrary to the gener
al expectntion, has nrdered a stnke, ol
the fielght tram men and coal handlers
is very far from being a repreeentatlve
body. It probablv contains, as eucb
conventlons almost always do, the hot-
lieaded and loose tnngued members ot
the labor organizations along the line ol
the railroad, who are chosen as dele
gates. not becauae of their eound ludg-
ment and acquaintance with their fellow
worKman, out because as tneir prnmi
nence as agitators. Ab long as the
Knights of Labor were a cnmtmct and
well disciplined army. to disobey which
was a terrible thinr. tliese agitatora had
lt pretty mucb their own way, and gen
orally succeeded in dragging their cun-
servattve nnd more prudent breturen
into any stnke which they migbt see fu
to order. Times have changed since
Martin Irons's word p&ralyzni the busi-
ness ot tne wiioie section ot tne country.
Witb all their boastincs it would seeni
tbat tbe chiefs of the Reailing strike are
doomed to a bitier dtsappointment. The
rank and f ile of their order are no long
er willing to obev their commands wiih
out question. They think for tbein
selvea again, see tbat public opinion h
against a stnke. and diseam the vast
army of the unemployed eager to step
into their places if they leavethem. As
a last resort the 30.000 Reading miuere
may be called on to join tbe strike, and
if thev obev the order serious embarass
ment is certain to ensuo. l'resent Indl-
cations are that the strike will uttcrlj
collapse before ita promoters can go to
nils extreme. it it uoes. tne uisagrer
ment of the coruoratinn and its em
ployes will be merely prolonged,to break
out in an opcn rupture again at any
tlme. What the public interests and
these are paramount demand is a flnal
settlement of the present coulroversy
acceptable to both parties lo it. Sucb a
settlement the ueoule of this corner of
the couniry have a perfect right to de
mand of the Reading oflicials and their
As to the incendiarv circular of the
German Socialiets of New Ybrk.it would
seem hardly to dcserye a mention in
connection with the strike. It is innued
nt this Tiartirular time for the sarae rea
sou that Soies. Parsons and ibeir fellow
nnnanirators seized on the troubles in
tho Chicago stock yards and packing
houses to pusb their ratal propagauuisni.
This Socialistic utterance is far from
likely to atlr to areon and bloodtdied men
who. wheu thev ordered their strike.
tock prompt occasion to oller 3000 as a
reward for testimony to convict any
man wbo may use use vioience to tne
Reading property. Boston Journal.
Anawer Tlita (lueatlon.
Whv do so manv neonle we eee around
us Beem to prefer to euller and be made
mixerable by indigestion, constipation,
dizzinesa, loss of appetite, coming up of
tbe food, yellow tkin, wnen lor i o cents
we will sell them Shilob's Sjstem Vital
izer. iruaranteed to cure them. Sold by
J. T. ShurtlefT, Bennington, Vt.
For nearly three raonths pat an tm
raenne area of northeastern China.which
before was a fertllo, densely populated
plain, has been a lake of muddy water.
Eleven ciltes are reporled inundated nnd
an unknown host of the teemlng Chl
nese population are without bomes or
means of subeistence. The Chinese gov
ernment has taken eteps to relieve the
ditlress. but suiTering and death on an
enormons acale must inevliably result
from a long continued Hood of this tnag
nilude in a region where every rood of
ground that posiibly can be utilized for
the purpose Is made to do its full shsre
towarda Ihe mainlenance of human llfe.
The Hoang Iio. or Y'ellow river. whose
ovetfluw is causing all this desolation, ts
one of the greatest rivers of the world.
It is about as long ue. and very much
reeembles, our own Mlssouri, but more
turbtilent and unmanageablo and more
heavily ladcn with thc detritus of its
mountaln sourccs. 'Iho gravel, gand
and clav with its awlft waleta carry in
euspension till up ita bcd in its quieter
montbs more rapidly tlrnn it can plow lt
out again ln seasons ot uooa, ino re
eult is a wide, ehallow, unstabte river,
gradually rising liigher than the eur
roondinir nlaln. until tho eediment flnal
Iy Buccceda inejecling the river from its
bed altogeiher, According to Chinrse
records, the river haa changed Its coura
nlne times in Ihe last 2 600 years. Tho
last chance was made during Ihe suc
cesitive flooda of 1631-53, when tha river
left ita channel 300 miles from Its mouth
and made for iiself a new one, entering
tho sea about 800 tniles In a strnight line
furiher north, lt ia aa If tho Miasisdppl
ahpgid daiertitB
theGulf of Mexico, reaching it in tho
vicinity of Pentacola . This evolution of
a new river bed impliea a more or less
prntracted period of general overtlow.
Inetead of leaving Ihe land riclier when
it recedes, like tbe Nile and the Missis
sippi, it leaves a barren and unfruitful
streich of sand nnj clay. In this way
the floods of tbe Uoang-Ho ure not only
a present but a permanent calamlly-. as
the loss it cauaea is irreparable. Engi
neers have studicd the river, and some
of them entertnin the opinion that a Bya
tem of ievees, whicb would keep the
river in its channel and cotnpel lt to
scour out its channel, would prevent
these periodic oveillows. We are ner-
suaded, howevf-r, tliat sclence will have
to make considerable advance before a
trougli can bc constructed bieh enough
ind strong enoiiL'h lo carry tbe stormy
waters of the Centrnl Asian mountalnrl
to the sea at ull times without oveiflow.
The only infalhble cure,' says the Chi
'"se Tiiiies, -is to afTorest the empire on
i complete ecale." The nuechief is done.
in tbe niouniaitis.whirli are being wash
d down by tbe rains and luelting snow
with a result akin to tbe hydraullo minea
n Califuruia. Foresls would ston this
rapid denundation which lills the river
oed far below. iust as tlie American rtv-
r in California was fllled and displaced
iy shckines. 'G.ve u foreIs.' eavs the
Chine8e Times, 'and tho Yellow river
an ue changed rrom a curse-hearer to a
enevolent etreani. wliose banks can be
made to eupport in eecurity many mill-
ons ot proiqierous ugricuiturists wno
will be able without fear to till the fer-
ile lields. rExchange.
Thero is no reason wby the eitnplest
linner table eiiou'd not be as beautiful
s color and light can make it. The
'hnps are tilleil wnn a uewuuering
;lioice of exiUisitc porcelains, and some
t tlie m st beautiful designs anil colors
re found among the chcaper klnds of
hina, which come from Japan and the
Celestial empire. Tbere is no silver in
narket which Bhowa euch poverty ol
lesign as some o) ihe costly Kussian
ilver, among hicb are euch deeigns as
i enowv dam isk napkin, in enaniel on n
gilded wicker platter, or exact reproduc
lions in silver of tt cigar box of cedar
wood, with the governmental stamp.
fbere is no clutia which ehows such lack
f artietic wotk ai the Sevres china,
-vhicli ii often profuelr gilded and
calttred wi'li Inmution gems. The old
llower desigus frcm Jleissen are lovely.
nd Russian silver, ulicn it is copieu
from the old Krrmlin silver, is quaint
ind beautiful.
The plates used in the vanous courset
if a dinner are unally diiferent; often
ach plate in a ccurse is dlfterent. The
oup plate and dinner plate proper,occa
ionallv match. but these are the only
plates where matching isallowable. The
truter ol tne soup piate anu oi tne iim
ler plate is generally loft plain, without
lesign. The toureeiis and platters and
vrgetable dishcs may match the soup
iilate nnd dinner plate ln generul style.
Old blue Canton ware is pernaps llie
lafest choice for serviceable dinuer
hina White china is cold. Blue Can
on ware is strong. can be as readily
ruatched as white china and harmonizes
with almost any sbade of fancy china
which can be introduced on the table.
rhe daintiest courso ot plates used on
the dinner table is usuully tho deeert
plates. On wealthy tubles these are of-
en palnted ny ariisis wnn nower or ieai
patteins. A course of plates for raw
iy6ters, a course ji uan piates, a cour6e
if fiuiull nlutes forentrees, udozen came
nlates. a dozen sale.d plates, and two or
moro sets of desstri plates are tho extra
plates generally added to the dinner ser
vice. wiiicn tnciuties tne soup unu uiu
ner plates, tbe Boup tureen, the vegeta
hle dishes in vurious Bhapes aud a suc-
cession of platterB. Tbe game platter.
the fish platter, the salad bowl, may
malcli tliP course of plates used with
them. Wealthv houpeholds may have
more sets of piates, nnd the entite din
ner hcrvice ia ofieu of eolid silver witb
the exception usually ot the plates. A
tumbler of English cryetal is preferre 1
o a eob et except wtiere wtne ts serveu.
when a goblet is placed for water. witb
ihe wine glapses. Sorbets and Roman
punches are served in the most fairy
ike cuos ani saucers oi ruoy crysiai or
Venetian glass. Iioats of crystal and
low crystal dishes are preferred for cel
ery to high dishes. Helena Ilowe, in
Good Housekeeping.
Applied to Hood's Sarsaparilla, the
word Peculiar is of great importance.
lt means that Hood's Sarsaparilla Is dlf
terent from oiher preparations in many
vilal points, whicb make it a thorough
Iv honest and rehable raedicine. It is
Peculiar, in a strictly medical sense.
first in the combination ot remedial
agents tiseu, pecomi. in tne proporiion
tn wnicli tney are preparea ; rira. in
the process by whicb tho active cura
tive properties of the medicine are se-
cured. Study these points well. They
mean volumes. They make Hood s Sar
saparilla Peeuliar in itscurativepowers,
as it accomplislKs wonderful cures
hitherto unknown, and which give to
Hood's Sarsaparill i a clear right to the
title of 'The greateet blood purifier ever
The daughter of a prominent New
Y'ork physiclan was at ecbool in a soutii
German city, where Ihe summer often
has days r,8 wnrm as aro experienced
with us. One lorrid Sunday in church
the young girl tooU her fan from her
pocket and eought relief by using it. To
her ustonishment tbe was promptly ad
inonished by tbe verger to close the fan.
and return lt to her pocket. In extreme
mortiflcatiou she put up the offending
object and suftVred until tbeclose of the
long service. On reuching tbe ecbool
she was suninioned before thc prlncipal.
who addressed her thus :
'Miss , from your father's bigli
rank in his profcssi'in and tho etatus of
your family, I was led to believe tbat
you were in every repect well bred and
had due reverence for the house of (Jod.
I am, therefore. both aetonished and
mortifled to leam that you carried n fan
lo church and fanned j'ourself. Do you
not know that such a proceedlng is un-
becoonng to a lady nud a cnristian
would you place the church on a par
wiih the theaire ? Never has so 'great a
breach of mannetaoccurred in my school
and I must beg you never to repeat the
The astouiahed malden told the
wounded dame tliat lu her country fans
were always used in church and she
could not know that it was iniproper to
use them in Germany.
'Is it posaiDie tnat you Americans tan
in church ? I had always supposed you
lo be a religious people. Very singular
ideas vou raust have about religion. As
you seem to besincere I will pardon this
cffence and make no further mention of
it, But, my dear girl, never forget that
it is really dreadful to uie a fan in b
German church.' Foreign Letter.
If Dakota will agree tu keep its weatli
cr at home, we think she ought to come
in aa a state, or even two statcs. if she
prefers it that way : but let the agree
ment bc made in writing.
Absolutely Pure.
ifrfTigth and wholfnn8n. More conotncn
than tht ordlnArr klndi.
irdlnAiT Kindi And ctmHb acla
Attl canttitbo aoid ln
enmrtt tltbn with th muUlmdo flf IdirtaL -hrrt
tm. hpn-
wHffht nlnm rtr nfaothatn powIim. Rnl
Pold rnf
W. jr. ponIAS H2.50 J UOi; U nno.

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