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SHljt j5cnnmu.oiigamicr
Banr Gijite, 1887-8.
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The call for tho n'ljanizitinn of Ile
publican cluba and ' io formation of a
State League in Ver nont ia timely and
wcll conceived Th s U not niurrly the
opening note of the campaign, but it is
a movement whicli roti ieea niore per
fect permanent orj;aiiz:'.iiin and the ed
ucatmg Influence of continued actlvity.
It will be an excellei t thing for Rnpub
licans to now organi.ie a club in every
Thc Froe Presa eaj a: "Tno rxpeditlous
methods of obtalnin .' divorcea recently
brought to light in New York have been
surpaeaed by a proc eding in Micliigan.
A man and womani'tter aehort wedded
life walked eight i ules to the juetice
who married them and asked for a di
vorce. After a comm.ir.d to 'unjine
lianda,' the justice roci'eded to admin
i6ter an oath of rau ual renunciation to
each party. Then tepping to the door
he loudly proclaime'i the divorce in the
following worda: 'Tl en, by virtue of the
power In me vesteo by the Legislalure
of the State of Mich gan and my offlcial
oath, I hereby docl ire the partnerahip
hitherto existing be' wef n the partiea to
this euit to be tlisday disanlredby
mutual coneent, A I cl.ilms against the
flrm will be paid by John Henry Law
eon, and all outstamdngaccounts owing
the flrm will be p:id into thia court."
Thia ia the logical ojtct.ine of nchism in
the churcb. The other extreme ie
reached. If there is not enougli in
Christlanlty to vinbly unite behevers
how are they to e::pi'Ct that civil gov
ernmenta will go fa tlicr than they do;
in other words if Chriatians lightly
wcigh church bondf, hnw can they ex
pect the world to niore highly consider
one principle marnage and divcrca for
Mr. Lamar'a foi nal reslgnation as
Secretary of tho Inl 'rior and the Preai
dent's acceptance ol it vill naturally be
interpreted to mean that they are cond
dent of the fornie 'a confirmation for
the Supreme Couit. rina impression
will not be weakeri -d by the aitrultan
eons publlcation ol an elaborate argu
raent by Senator Stewart in favor of
conflrmation.wbich is I'oubtleea put out
in the hope of iniluencmg other llc pub
lican Senatora. It remaina to be seeu
whether the event will justify thiacon
fidcnce. Assuming, as piTh&ps we p.rc hnund
to do, that Senai )r jiewart had no
reasons for favor' lg confirmation be
yond thoeerecited 1 1 hl letter, it is nuf
iicient to show t iat that presents no
answer to the mo t -rious objuctiona
urged against Mr. uaniar. He ignores.
and wisely, tbe qui tion of Mr. Limar'n
legal fltness. Thu mWtance of the let
ter is that the eul gy of Mr. Sumner,
Mr. Lamar'a deprriatinn of tho (orma
tlon of parties on il e u lor luie, his vote
in favor of Mr. M gaii's Senate resolu
tion declarlng tli Wnr Aniendments
binding but expresi- y jmitling to atate
that they were leg ly ratifled, aud the
Calboun eulogy, ahow lilm to be a thor
oughly ' 'reconatruct'id' man, and there
fore eliglblo to a p ace on the Supreme
bcnch, This is a n.alttr of opinion, If
men were to be jtn ged by tbeir words,
and not by their dcds, thia wouid be a
world of salnts. M ist men, we belleve,
will prefer tojude Mr. Ltmar by his
course in public life, und not by his
perorations. Ile h a made a iiumber of
pretty speeches, ut we never heard
that he lifted a finper sgainst the colos
sal frauds that made lnm and kepi him
Senator frauds fi r nicre outrageous
tban the Tweed rmg over dared toat
tempt. There are i ten in thia commun
ity today, men of iiore ubihty than Mr.
Lamar. whose'renutations are eo ulterlv
blasted by associa ion with the crimes
of Ihe Tweed rlu,; th.tt they could not
be appointea tu iny omce wiiatever.
But becauBO Mr. Lmai ia ahlt to appeal
to tne scntlment ol un verKai reconcllii
ation as an ex-rebt i, all this is overlook-
ed,and Mr. Stewcrt has not a word to
say on tne subject,
So. too. Mr. Lam ir lus never uttered
a word against thi' muidern, inidnieht
whippings and o hcr bloody deeds of
the bullduzine tiei od all of which he
eaw and part of v hlch he was. There
is something so inconruoua in tbe idea
of a man being noniinntcd to one of the
highest judicial p.ncen Io the land who
owes all bis prommene to crimes, op
presslons and fraui , which wculd have
attracted the attei.tlon of the civillzed
world if they had been committed in
Ireland or Ilussia, that the temptation
to rub one's eyes im rrading euch argu-
menta as Mr, stewurr is atrong tndeed.
For he not only igi orei these thitiga.but
even eoes eo far as to Inaist, practicallv.
that the new ju Ige of the Supreme
Court must be an x-n-bel. ASuuthern
man who stood I)' thn Union will not
do. Juslice liarla i is not n 'represen
tative Southern m.in' because he never
particlpated in tho views ot tbe Consti
tution entertained ly thegreat msjnrity
of the Southern 'wople. If President
Cleveland sbould niminateaSoulherner
now a Democrat who had not lieen a
rebel, we sbould xpect to eee Senator
Stewart vote to rpj;cthimon theground
that no man sbould be put upon the Su
preme bench who had not been aullt y
of treason at least once in his life, and
that the reign of nod will could never
begin so long as men were appolntrd
toofllcein wbom there wua noihing to
beforgiven. Senttor Htewart Is fortu
nate in not havlnK to explain his vote
toeuch a RepuMican constltuency as
that of New York, Obitij Illiooiior
JA;K( VN. i I.IiV.I.ANI.
Old lllcknr)' Gliont Anatrera rlcve-
land'a IflesMaue A Lelter whicli An-
drow jHCkaon Wrolotn 1834 Hlilcli
Bxacllr Sliowa llie 1'olljr oftlie Ires
ldent'a TarllT Poilllon.
Oeaii Sllt : I have had the honor this
tay to receive your letter of the 21st
inet., and with candor ehall reply to it.
uy name nas been brougut beforn tbe
tialion by the peoplo themeelvea without
any agpncy of mine, for I wiah it not to
he forKOtten that I have never aolicited
oillce, nor when callcd upon by the con
Atituted authoritiea have ever declined
where I conceived mv pervlces would be
heneficial to my country. But ns my
name haa been brought before tbe na
tion for the flrtt oflice in tho glft of the
people, it is incumbent on me, when
aked, frankly to declare my opinion
upon any pomicai or naiionai quesuon
pendine before and about which the
country feela an intereet.
iou asu me my opinion on tne tariu.
I answer tbat I am io favor of n judi-
cious examlnation and revision ofit;
and eo far as the tariff before ua em-
braces the dusign of fostering. protect
ing and preserving within ourselvea tbe
meana of uatural detense and indenend-
ence, particularly in a state of war, I
wouia aavocate ann support it. Tne cx
perience of the late war ought to teacb
ua a iesson, and ono never to be forgot
ten. If our llberty and Republican form
of government, procured for ua by our
Itevolutionarv ratbera are worln the
blood and treasure at which they were
obtained it is aurely our duty to protect
and defend them. Can there be an
American patriot who aaw tbe priva-
tions. danecrs, anu amcuities experi
enced for want of a proper means of de
fence during the last war who would be
willing agam to liaz iru tbe satety or our
country if embroiled, or rest it for de
tense on tne ptecanous means ot nation-
al resources to be derived from com-
niercs in a state of war with a maratine
power which might destroy that cora
tnerce to prevent our obtaiuing the
means of defcnse and thereby subdue
ua ? I hnpe there is not ; and if there is,
I am eure he does not deaerve to enjoV
the blesslngs of freedom.
llfriven emiled upon ua anu eave ua
liberty and independence, The eame
providence has blesed ua with the
meana of national independence and na
tionai defense. Ifweomit or refuse to
use the gifta which He has extended to
us, we deaerve not the continuation of
liia bleasines. ile has tlllea our moun-
taine and our plaina with minerala
with leau. iron and conper and given
ua a cliinaie and eoil for tbe growing of
hemp and wool. These being the grand
material of our naiionai defense they
ought to have extended to them ade
quate and fair protection, that our man
utactoriea anu taoorera may De piacea
on a fair competition with thoee of Eu
rnpe, and that we may have within our
own country a supply of those leading
and import articles eo eaaential to war.
Bepond this I look nt the tariff with an
eye to the proper diatributlon of labor
nu revenue. anu with a view to uis-
cliarge our nutional dtbt. I am one of
thoso who do not Ix'lieve that a national
debt is a national blfBsing, but rather a
eurse to a republic, inasmurh as It ia
calculated to raise (?) around the admin-
istation a moneyed anstocracy daneer-
oua to the libprtiea or tne country.
This tarm--l mean a ludicious one
poHsesees mnre fancilui ilmn reai uan-
ncrs. l wi asu wnat ia tne reai siiua-
tion ortheagriculturista Where nas tne
American fai-mer a market for his sur-
nlua Droducts ? Excert for cotton he
haa neiiher a foreicn nor a nooie marKei.
Doea not this clearly prove, when there
is no market, either at home or abroad.
that there is too much labor employed
in agriculture, and that tbe channel of
labor sbould be multinlied ? Common
scnse points out nt once the remedy
Uiaw trom agriculture tne superauuno
ant labor. emnlov it in mechanism and
manufacturea, thereby crpating a home
market for vour breadduffs and distrib-
uting labor to a most protitable account,
and beneflls to the country will reault.
Take from agricullure in the United
Statea 000 .000 men.women andchildren
and you at once give a home market for
more breaustuiis tuan an E-uropo now
turnishes ub. In sliort. eir. we have
been too long subject to the policy of
the Britisli inerclmnls. It ia time we
sbould becotue a littlo more American-
ized. and inatead of feedinc the paupera
and laborers of Europe, feed our own.or
else in short time, by continuing our
nresent poncv. we shaii no paupera our-
eelves. (Signed) Andkew Jacksos.
The Iteal Qneallon at Isntie.
There is a nraclical side to the tariff
queation which has been brought into
prominenco as one ot tne viiai issues oi
the time bv the Presideut'a message,
which can not well be icnored. The
discusaion of theories is one thing and
the meeting of actual, indlsputaule lacts
is auite another. ihe reai essentiai
quesion at issue, na has been pointed out
scores of tlmes, ia that of wages, and the
Traveller well sajs: 'In just the propor
tion that we auvance loward tree traoe
practice.in that proportlon Britisli man
ufacturea, produced by cheap labor,
would be pittHd against American man
ufacturea now produced hv better paid
labor. The inevitable result of this
compelition wculd be the death of the
American nanufactures or the scaling
down wagps to the standard of England
and ot continentai .urope. ituvenue
reformers may give ranquets, and their
oratora may discourse never Boeicquent
ly conceriiing the burdens of taxation
and the beaulies of removingall restric
tions from trade, so that one may buy
in the cheapest markets and sell in the
deareat the practical question of wages
still remainB untuuched. The question
of free trade, or of 'first term stepa to
ward free trade,' invulvea inevitably one
of two thinga the ilestruction of Amer
ican industriea through competitiou
with cheaply paid labor, or a general
reduction of wagts from one third to
one half. Thia basal bed rock truth is
one that must not be lost eight of.'
THI! l'OFB 1!N l'OI.lTICS.
Dr McGlynn delivered a etronglv
Protestant address in Now York, Sun
day, on the subject of 'The Pope in Pol
itics.' (Ie said that the Pnp has no buiness
in politica. Ncither Chriat nor Peter
mixed in teruporal affairs. Constantine
iniroauceii tne pracuce, ano corrupuon
toliowed lor a thnuaand years.
Ile warned Americana againetareviv
al of the tetnporal power If it should
ever be attempted in this country and
said that a union of church and etate
meant the corruntion of both, a renti
ment which his Imarers loudly applaud
d. He paid his rrspects to Archbishop
Corrigan, The latter had said in a New
Yeur'a sermon tbat 'every word of the
tlniy ratner was an oracie ot tne uoij
Ghost.' To which Dr. McGlynn replied
'will the world ever aicept euch rot
aa that? Doea it not make the cbeeks of
you Calholica tingle and burn with
ehame?' and there were cries of 'Yes'
Ilecorcluded with the declaration.
'Tbe more of your politica you take
from Rome the less religinn you will
It hardly need be said that Iheae dec
larations are heretical and deflanl in
the hlebest deeree and it would now
seem lo be in order for Dr. McGlynn to
explain what he meant wben be
wrouht his hearers up to a ereat pitch
of enthusiasm just before the citv elec-
tion by telling Ibem that he was going
to oe rpstored to tne priestnoou' nui-
land llerald.
Not by any secret remedy but by proptr.bealth
ful exercise and thejudlcloususeof Scott's Kmul
ilonof Cd Urer OU and llypopboiphlti, wblcb
contalnt tbe beallng and strenath gtrlag rirtuei
ot theie two valuabls peclnca ia tbrir fulltit
forn. rrfwriuj by fajilcliai. Taka mooxttr
Work on the East Franklin street mar
ble quarry at Brandon was euspe ndcd
last Saturday for the winter. The quar
ry is now some lt) fcet below the surface
of the grnund.
Mrs Randolph Knight of West Dum
merston, charged with havin opened a
registered letter belonging to the East
Dummerston postoffice while assistant
postmasleral Dummerston, was honur
nbly acquitted at Brattleboro on Thurs
tlay. Tbe flrct of ice yachls on Lake Cham
plain is nearly ready for the spdit. snd
u llvely season is asaured. Dr. W. Sew
ttrrt Vi.hii'u flnp rarhf Rflnnhn will fair.
a feading part. and. several uw onei
bnyshttatbcnrucVdiiDcu lagt JtesSoj.
Letter No. B, Frnm llie lllilse."
RocKMArLE Ridqe Jan. 0, 1883.
My Dear Young Friends: Although
tbe holidays are past, there are yet
many days to come ere Chriitmas comes
again, that we would like to observe in
some degree and do what wa can toward
making them "red letter days." I refer
in particular to the birthdays of our
fnenda and acquaintancea. A kindly
remembranco, or words of praise and
appreciation on that day are acceptable
to most people I thtnk.
Some people can "lay out" $10 on a
present for a friend and not mind It.
Some others can, by rigid economy, lay
by ten centa for that purpoee. It is to
this class I offer these simple BUgges
tious not tho "rich but respectable
folk," but to those who are respectable
but poor in purse, but rich in klnd-
heartedneaa. Sonaetimes we may feel
that our gift must be so small tbat it's
not worth raentloning, (oreending), but
If "half a lojf is better than no bread.'o
thimblefut o' water may be better tban
nary a drop" to offer some thirsty eoul
who has not a goblotful at command,
And now, after all this preamble, (or
I migbt say pre ramble, for this epistle
bids fair to be a rambling one), for sug-
gestion No. 1. We aro told that the
"conventional Christmas card must step
down and out," and the bome-made ur-
ticlo "step up and into favor." An hum-
ble home-made particlc may be"did up"
in this manner: Fold a half sheet of note
paper into a tiny pamphlet, and write
thereln bits of verse, something like this
if you chooae :
"A sacred burdrn is thia life ye bear
Eook at, bft it, bear it solemniy
Fall not or sorrow, falter not for sin,
But onward, upward, 'tll the goal you win."
There are many pretty quotationB
which would be auitable and pleaaing to
many people. Look, and you will flnd
them. I have only space for one or two
more :
Be jutt and fear not.
Let atl the ends tbou alm'st at be tay couatry's,
TliyOod'i,and truth's."
And thia one on friendship:
Thase frlcnds thou hat,and their adoptlon tried,
Grapplo them to tby soul with hooki of teel."
For the cover use two plain pieces of
drawing paper, or if you wish fora very
pefife pamphlet, use two plain visiting
cards (which hnve been properly
puncueu witu a uouKin or oeu puncnj
and tie the little book ineide the covers
with a small cord or ribbon. It the
cards are ued, cut off one end of each
as they are too long for the width. Do
not rnrget the pictttres bumble bees
honey suckles or hearts ease. according
to taste. If thu latter ia cnosen it mishi
be accompanied by a wntten wuli for
much o'.that same, and many "halcyon
days" to your friend.
Ut course thia simple device may ba
new modplled" aa ono likea. I once
heard an tbtimable lady say, in refer
enco to a cloak, that it had been "new
modelled,' a term which I thought of
her own invention, and a verr tunnv
one, but I afterward found it in tbe
booktionary." bo te waa riKht, and my
smile waa "too previoui," as smiles
sometimes are. And now, whlle the
year is new, and the opportunity to
turn over a new leat is again orougnt
to our notice, (as it often is, in one way
or another). havo we not many habitato
consider that would be better "new
modelled''; habitaof procrastination.pet
ulence, or possibly, prevaricatinn?
Dear bovs and cirla. love the turth.
But I have ramblcd (or ambled) a long
way oll the track of hirthuay girta, anu
If you can pick out the directions from
the indlrcctions. I will try to be very
concise witb tho next "eueeest." whicb
is that some children might like a game
made by cutting the words in coarse
print from a newrpaper and pasting
them on bits ol pasteboard, and then
teach them to lorm sentences of them.
It can be made quite instructive and en
Some little bovs are particularly fond
of storiea of animala, or of "birda, bees,
nnd butterfliea; all btautiful things
whoee bnghtneas rejoices the earth."
Encouraee them to save euch from the
columns of the papera, and give them a
"brown paper book oetore reierred to
with pictures to illustrate the same,
(Mem : "Bees and butterfliea" may bp
"caughl on tne covers ot cataioguea
snd even on epice boxes; and that ro-
minds me ol a jeweiry uox i eaw lateiy,
made by covering a small chipped beef
can witb silk, Shir the silk to go round
tbe can, pad the cover line the box
daintilv and finish with a cord or rib
bon, and put therein lewelry, or gum
drops (in paperBjas occasion requires.)
A "bumorous"penwiner is that made
by making an incision in one end of a
walnnt anu insertinc one end of a etick
in the walnut and the other in a epool
for a foundatlon; wind a etrip of cloth
around the etick for the waist and make
a skirt to cover the epool, then put on a
cloak for the pen wiper. and another
over that for the ' wrap," (the arms are
supposed to bo under Ihe cloak). Don't
forget to mark the eyea and moulli, put
on her hood, and JUias uroteeque ie reauy
to start.
Perhapa some of you would like to
sow a pansy seed in a neatly prppared
can, and by and by wnen tne pansy
Dlofsoms. carrv the piant to some invai-
id.or to a friend whom you think would
have a place in heart and home for the
gift. I will give you a veree which
might accompany the plant:
"So take my glft.'tis a simple flower,
Butpeibips 'twlll wlle a vreary bour,
And tbe tplrlt that Iti llght maglo irwvea
May touch your heart from ita fraKrantleaTeB.'
For tbe little cirl who is always say
ing of her button book, that is "losted
could you nnd it, pieaser make a cor
nucopia largo enougli to hold that arti
cle, and give it to her with inatructiona
to Blrictlv enioin upon that button hook
that it u to be found 'ln the oflice"
hereafter. If vou have some ahells or
epecimena of rock, put them in a wide-
mouthpd bottie, and II you navcn t teen
"rocks" in that encloeure. you will be
n eaaed with the "idee and the class
case. But it is likely you will be ready
witb a pertlnent suggestion by now, eo
"now wnne i ininit on i, inia lener may
etop. An rcvoir, from MAiuiortE,
Whrre Were the Ilraalana Ilurled,
To Ihe EilUor of the Bumier. Dear
am: In the uanner oi ueo.V), a? u an
article that refers to the Albany county
deacendantB ot the uessiana wiio foughl
at Bennington and of their intention to
erect a suitablo mnnument upon the
b.itlle flpld in memory of the Ilruns
wickers who fell there. It alao saye
that "It is one of the avnwed nhjpcts of
the Brnnington Uistorical Society to
erect a suitable monument over the
graves of tbote men, but their gravee
are at Benuingtnn Center." If the im
presslon, which the above etatement
conveys, that the Hessians or Bruns
wlckers who were killed on the battle
field were burled at Bennington Center
is the imprpseion tlmt the nuthor would
wish to convey, it is entirely contrary
to my understanding of the facls, It
has ever leen my impresaiun that the
Hessians buried'at Bennington Center
were those who either died at the bos
pltal, then located about twenty rods
south of the "Catamount Tavern," or
those who were killed (if indeed any
were there killed) who endeavord to
esrape from the old "meeting houae"
where they were conflned as prisoners.
I hivn rpcentlr receivrd Informatlon
! that may lead to the grave of Reddlng.
wno was nung lor "imimcai conuuci
at or near "Tichenor Place."
An Old Repident.
The valuable reference book, the old
Walton's Vermont Rpgister is nut for
1888. It is rrally tho most valuable
book of tbe kind fstupd and no builnen
man or family can hdord to be without
one for the year 1083. It is snld at the
Banner Slalionery store for 15 centa.
Oenerat W. L. Qreenleaf bas orderrd
that the companies composing the Fiist
1 drills. commencipg Janutry .1st, until
May Vlst.
At Bristol 45 yearsaeothera werefour
etores; and now there are 20.
' During the last yeir the total cusloms
'recelptsat leland Pond amnuntrd to
Hard features every bungler can command;
To draw true beauty shows a master's hand.
THE outlirt illustrations of the Ivory Soap advertiscmcnts liave
creatcd so much favorablc commcnt, and the requests for copies
been so numerous, we have, to meet the demand, bound in the form
of a Drawing and Painting Book (size 6x9 inchcs) twenty-four of
the most spirited and pleasing of the advertiscmcnts. We will send
one of these books with a pad of twenty-four sheets of drawing paper,
post-paid, to any one who will mail us fifteen Ivory Soap wrappers.
Pleasc write your name and full address plainly to Procter & Gamble,
There are many white soaps, each represented to be "just as good as the 'Ivory','"
they ARE NOT, but like all counterfeits, lack the peculiar and remarkabte qualities
of the genuine. Ask for "Ivory" Soap and insitt upon getting it,
Copyright 1Rn5, by Procter & tlamble.
Tbe Springfleld Rpporter has celebra
ted tbe completlon of Us 10th voiume.
This paper is the only one that ever suo
ceeded in the town and it haa never
fallen into new hand.
Mrs. MerindaSturdevant Marston.who
dled at Post Mills on Derember 28,at the
age of 84, was ono of 19 children.
The Hth annual convention of the
Vermont Beekeepers' Association will
be held at Burlington on January 18 and
The oldest person in Chester is Mrs.
Fletcher. SI10 is 09 years old, and sho
ineisted on making New Vear's calls.
The Deprfield River Company has cut
out 800 000 feet of lumber, and propoees
to put in about 1,000.000 feet during the
coraing eeason.
Ihe Brattleboro Phwnix and twsor
three lesser lights objtcted to going inlo
the metropolitan clubbingarrangements
oflered Republican newspanere. This
was all right; tbuy probably know their
own business. But we wonder if tbey
would ordinarily think it 'sound busi
ness principlea' to publicly discuss and
even abuse a company witb whom they
could not arrange a conlract, aa they
have the Republican State committee in
this case. Northfield Nows.
The customs receipts at Derbv Line
during 1887 amounted to about f 13,000.
Thero are 55 newspspers in the State,
and all but Bix or eight are doing a good
The Free Press saya that there is a ru
mor that a railroad will be built from
Burlington to Colchester Point, thence
acrosa shallow water three miles to the
south end of Urand Iale, thence to
Nichola Point. to Pelot'a Point and acrosa
a narrow stretch of water to Alburg!)
Tongue. formlng a connection with the
Delaware & Iiudaon.
The printers1 dollare where are they?
A dollar licrc. a dnllar there, ecattered
over numerous towns, townsliips. miles
and miles apart. How ehall tbey be
gathprcd together ? Come home, ye are
are wanted. Come in single tlie, that
the printer may send you forth to battle
for bim and vindicate hiscredit. Read
ers, are you sure you haven't a few of
those dollarsBtick'ing about your clollie.-T
At Montgomery diptheria is still very
The annual encampment of the de
partment of Vermont, U. A. R., will be
gin at St. Johnsbury. Tuesday. Jan. 8U
It is expected that Uommander-in-chler
John P. Rea of Minnenpolis will 15 pres
ent and most of tho prominent Vermont
soldiers will bo there. The railroads
will carry for fare one way, if rules are
observed. Round trip tickets will be
sold by the Boston & Lowell, Burlington
& Lamoille and Central Vermont.
RouDd trip ticketa ovpr their own linea
by the Bennington & Rutland, Montpe
lier and Wella River and the Southeaat
ern. The Miaeiequoi Vnlley will furniah,
free return tickets over its line to pur
chaeers of outwnrd bound tickets. Ratet
at the thrte St Johmbury hotels will be-.
respectively, 3. f 1.50 and 1 a day.
Repreee-ntative tlrout of Vermont Ita
Intoroduced a bill grauting pcnsionsto
all disabled soldiers who are depenriiittc
upon their dally labor for suppoit.whes
disability is not the result of their owo
groas careleasness or vicious habits. to bt
voted by pension books under existine
JudgeTaft of Burlington, owns the
first law book ever printed, having been
publlehed ehortly after William Caxlon
invented the eystem of printlng from
type centurles ago.
The new building for the Vermont
Epiecopal Instltuto at Rock Point hss
progrehsed linely slnce tbe laying of tbe
foundation in July. It will be used for
a young women's echool, and the trus
tees hope to huve lt opened, in rjeptetn
ber next.
The recent changes In Roman Cathc
llc parlshes ordered by theBishopof tho
Burlington dioceee inrolva thrse assign
ments, in addilion to those before au
nounced : Fr. Thomas Donahoe of Mon
treat to succeed Fr. Barrett at Burling
ton, Fr. Paquet, recently ordained. s
siitant to Fr. McLaughlin of Brandon.
SQ.UIIIE.-In Bfnnlneton, Jan.Sth, Hape Elll
abeth, 30unfreat daugiiter of lrl. N. Bo.ulre
aKed 9 nionlha.
nAHWOOD-In DennlnEton. Dec. Mth, Jilia
8. Marla Ilarwood. aeed 14 jetri.
I.AMOIX- In nennlnirton, Jan. 9th, Joseph La-
molx, aired 20yeara.
IIUNTINQTON In Bhanaburr. Jan th, (.'Haa.
II. Huntington, afted U jeira, 7 months.
OUILTENANE-ln Bennlnrton, Jan. lb, Mri.
Mary Uuiltenane, aged a jeara.
BOWLES-In Bennlneton. Jan. tli. MlM Cor
Bowles, aged 20 yrara.
CUIITIS In Sliaftsbnrr. Jan. . Mri. Lydia,
Curtli, aged 70 yeara.
FAIRUANKS In Bennlogton, Jan 6lh4-tlna
Fairbanka, ajred 94 yrara.
Tbe Importasee of rJurlfrlne the blood eao
oot be OTerestunated. for without puit
blood you eannot enjoy cood bealtlu
At tbls season neirly ttery one needs sv
lood medlciae to pnrlfy, vltillie, and enrlcb
tbe blood, and tlood's BarnparllU li worthy
your confidence. It Is peculiar In tbat It
itrengthens and btillds up tbe it jtem, creates
an appetitaM toncs 11 dlteiUon, bil
Iteradlcairtiflieue. Olre It a trltl.
Hood's BtrupullU Is sold byall drunlits.
mctd try C. X. llood b Co., IwU, tVu.
f90 tn mr
E. D. Reardon. formerly deputy col
lector of internal revenue and more r
rentlv United States custom houso in
spector at Montreal,will reslgnthe latter
pnsition ehortly, having accepted the
position ot traveiunfc saiesman lor me
Vermont Marble company.
About 300 of the patrons of the Roch
ester postofTice have signed an agree
ment not to rent any of the boxes pro
vided by the present postmaster at the
present rates.
A Scalj, Itchiug, Skin Dispase witb
Endless Suflcriu (nnd by
f'utlcura Rcmedles.
If I hftd lcnon of the Cutlcura Kemedles 29
5rra aeolt would haredsared me I'AN.OO two
kundrcd doiiars) and an immtD?e amouot or sur
f4ring Mj disease, PRorl8is, coram enced on
ba(lTn a pot not larRer than a cent, It spread
rapidl alloTer my body and Rot under my naila
TsMrcales woutd drop off of me all the tfme, and
my FUlTfrinR wasenilf9 aud without rrllef. One
llWifiand dollars would not tempt me to havr
tbla dlaase orer atraln, 1 am a poor man. but feel
ncn io Dfl rciicreu irom wjmi. Homeoiioc pny
?lclani aaid was lenrov. some rini?-wornj. do
riaftls, etc. I took . . and . Saraaparilla
orer one year andatialf.butno ture. 1 went to
two or three doctors and no cure. I cannot prat.se
theCuticura Kemedied too much. They have
mailf mv strin aa clear and free from'scaten aa a
bany's. All I used of them wan hree boxes of
uuucura. anu mreo nouies oi uuucura itesoiTent
and two cakes of Cutlcura tSoan. If you had been
hereand aald you ouldbare cured me for $'J00
youwiuid naTe nadtoe mnney i Jooiced uk
ihe plcture iuyour book of PiorlanU picture No.
two. M How tocure iMndleasea' but now I am
as clear m any pentnn. Throujrh force of hablt I
rub myhanda over my arms and legs to wrrath
nnre In awhltt. but to no Duroooe. I am all well.
I acratched twenty-eight yeara, and Rot to be a
klnd of secood nature to me. I thank you a thoua
and tlmes Anythlnc more that you ant to koow
write me, or any one who redi this may write to
me anu i wui answer ,
Waterbury, Vt.,Jau 20,188T.
Pruritus. Scald Head. Milk Crut. Dandrurf.Ilar-
berV, Uakers (irocers, and Washerwoman'a
Itcli, and everv saecki of Itching'.Huniinp.Scaly,
rimply Humori of the fckln and ocalp and Blood
witb lott of halr, are poxltfvely cureaby Cutlcura
the (rreat SklnCure, and Cutlcura Soap, an ex
qultlte Bkln Deautiflcr externally. and Cutlcura
tteioiveni.ine new uioou runner iniernauy.wuen
piiya.ciatis ana oiner rrracuiea
Sold ererTwhere. Prlce: CVTICURI. 60 centa
IttsoLTiNT, $1 ; Soir, i& cents. Fottir Druo
rr'Sen.l fnr"How toCureSkln Dlseaaea,
01 paftei, M Illustrations and 100 teotlmonfals.
niUrLES.Ulackheads. Skln Blemishes and
I niuaoy uumors. use uuucura boap.
Oatarrhal Dangers,
To be freed from tbe dangers of sQtTbcatlon whlle
Ijlog down; to breathe freely, aleep soundty and
undisturbed ; to rise refreshed, head cleari brain
actlre and free from paln or ache; to know tbat
no poUoooui, putrld matter deflles the breath and
rots away the delicate machiDery of the smell taste
and herlnp;to feel that the s.Titem does not
throofth Its relns and arterles, suck up the polson
tbat Is sure to uodermlne and destroy, 1 indeed a
blraslngbeyond all other buman enjtiyments. To
purchane immunitr from such a fate sbould be
theohjectofall afllicted But tboe who have
tried many rrmedierf and phjilclanndespalr of re
Hef or curf.
8 JIKtRDS RADICAL CURE meeta ererr
phueofcatarrh, from arimple head cold to the
moRtloathsome and destructiTe atacs. It Is lo-
cai anu constitutionai. iDtant m reUTioc, per
manent In cure.safe.f conomical and nerer falline.
Hanford's Iladical Cure comiits ot one bottie of
ton Kadical Cure. one box of Catarrbal Bolrent,
nu one improTea inntier. au wrappeu in one
packiee, with treatiie aud directions, i old by all
urupgisu lor 91. w.
No Rheumatiz About Me.
Tlie Cutlcura AntM'aln Phiiter
relteTes rbeumatlsmclatlc, sudden
iitrp ana nerroua pnin. strains,
weaKneas, uierine pains. soreneafl!
and chest nalna curvd bv that new
cnjrinai ana eiej;ani niiuoie io paiti and innam
matlon and Wealtnes. Dtterly unlike and raatly
auperlor to all other plaaters. At all drupgiftf,
24 cents; fire for UO; or.postafffl free, of Pot
ter, DniR and Chemlcal Co , Boston, Mass.
SIX FOR $6.00.
Unlaundried Tirst Clars Shlrts to order. and
flt ausranteed. Kothinit butbeit rooda used.
Uuttoobolesmadebrbaod, Don'tpaj$2 00 for
a mri wnen you can rei as ffooa lor uy
sendiDfr a postal we would be pleased to call upon
you and take ynar order,
tj North ftennlagton, Tt
010 Broadway, ALBANY, N.Y.
Notice U hereby Rtren tbat the co-partnerahlp
heretofnre exUUnjc between the undersljrned,
under tbe flrm name of Wfnslow & Pot ter, lt thlt
day dlssolrrd by mmusl ronsent, either partner
wui tiu in liqniauion
Dated at BennlnatoB. Vt.. thia M dsr of Janu
ary, A. D. lSSft.
The buslness heretofore conducted by said flrm
will be continued by the said Charlea 11. Pot ter.
Revere House,
Ner Bolton anj Malrir, Eaatera.FlichburK aail
Lowrlt dapota, ctntrra ntbualnraa and piacra of
arauapnif Dt.
Uemodelled. Rfurnlhcd, Newly Deo
orated and now krpt on the
Rooms all lai-jre and comfortable; elepant
anltes, witb baths ait ached ; ample public parlor j
rent letnan cafe and tttllanl room added, and
flrtt clas lu erery respeat.
KOOHsriioit i x dxx Lr. ima
From the crown of the
head to the so(e of
the foot.
In all slzes and quali
Votlceof Settlementandappllcatlon foriDUtrl-
MTATE OF VERMONT, I In Probate Court
District ef Bennington, sa t held at the Prabate
omce in xienninton, wiimn and ror said Vi
trict, on tbe bth day of Jan, A. D, im.
TreienMIoo. E. L. Siblty, Judje.
LeTl II. Nichnlm. Kxrrutnr nf tht
tate of Montrarille DaTidion, late of Readsboro,
in sa aisinci geceaneu, presenu nis aammisira'
tion account for examlnation and allawance, and
makea applicatlon fora decreeof dlstrlbutlon and
partltlon of the eUte of said deceafed.
Wbereunon. It ts ordered hv mld Cnurt. that
said account and nid anDlEraiion bn rrirrrA ta
a lesiion inereoi, io ie ntia at tne rronate umra
aforesaid, on the 31st dav of Jan, A. I.
1811, for hearlnff and dectsion tbereon ; And, 11
Is further ordered. that notice thereof be plren
toall parties intcrested. by publlcation of ths
same three weeks succe islTely in th Benninjctan
BANNxaanewipaper publishedat Bnnlnptan,
prerious to said time appointed far hearlni:, that
thcr may apnear at said time and place, and
how cause. If anv thev mav hT. whv kaIiI m
count abould not be allowed and such decrea
A True Itecard Atteat,
8. J. Wir.KIN'S. RccUtrr
A TruiCopy of Ricord Attt,
a. j. vil,IB, itejcister
Tlie undcriiinicd.hiiTinr been annolnted brths
Ilon. Probate Court far tbe Dijiet of Bennington.
Commissioners,to rtcelve, eiamine and adjust all
ciiaiiui snu uriflKiiui nt mu prrioui apiQiiiie esiaie
oi iuni Manna e.. nuoiwra mie oi jtenninKtonn
said Dist.deceased.aod all claims exhihited in of-
set thcreto, hereby frWen notice that we will meet
ior ine purpope aioreitam, ai me uennincton
Co. National Bsnk parlor, In Benclnirton, on the
"th day ofMarch, and Ist day of June, 1838,
next Iron t o'elock P. 51.. until lour nVlrwk
P,5I.,eiich of aaid days, and that slx months from
the 5th day of Dec. A. I. 1897, is the time Ilmil
ed by said Court for said creditors to present their
ciaaims io us ior examinsuon anu aiiowance
Ditffl at Ilenninfton tbis I7th day of Dec,
Notice ofBettlement and applicatlon for Distr!
STATE OF VERMONT. I At Probate Court
Uistrtctor uennlnston.ss. f neld at lTobate or
flce In Bennington In and for safd Dlstrict on
the 7th day of January, A. D. 1?8S.
Present; Hon. Edward h. Slbley, Judn,
JohnV. Carner. admlnlstrator of tbe estate
tf Samuel Crawferd. late of llennlnirton In said
diatrlct, deceased, presents his admlnlstratlon
account for examlnation and allowaoce and tnakea
applleatlon for a decree of dlstributlon and partl
tion of tbe estate ot said deceased.
account and said applicatlon be referred toa ses
sion uiereoi, io De neiu ai me i rooaie unici
aforesaid. n thc Slih dar of Jan. A.D. llsl. for
heariag and denaion tbereon : and, lt is further or
dered, tbat notlea tberenf be tfiren to all parties
latertsted, by publlcatUn of tbe same three weeks
sacceisiTely in tbe Bennington Bankxr a news
psper pubhshed at Bennington, prerlous to said
time appointed for bearioff, tbat tbey may appear
at said time andplsce, and show caase, lf any tbey
may hare.wby said account should not be allowed
ana such decree made
A trot reeord, Atteit,
8.J. VILKINS,RfEiitir.
A tme copy of xta-d,
II Atteit, 8. J, WILKINRS,R.rter.
Will Preiented.
Dibt or BinmKOTOif.sa f beld at tbe Probate ol
flrw In HtnniDrtnn within aod for said dlstrict 01
thelvth, day ofJannary, A. D.,1858.
Pr(int,IIon. Edward L.8ibley, Jndffe.
Anlnatrument.purportlnctobe tbe last will
and teatament of Abram (iaraner.
late of Pewnal, In aatd diftrict, deceased
belnic presented by Icabod F. Paddock, th ex
.utor thereln named, for Probate.it ls ordere4
by aald court that all peraona concerned thereln
b nottfled to apiear at a aesalon thereof. to be
hald at the Probate Oflice In Bennlnirtoo In said
dWtrict, on tbe Stth dar of Jan. A. D.
ltl,at 10 o'clock In the forrnoon, and ahow
cause, If any they ba?e, against the lrobate of
aaid will; for which purboe It Is further orderrd
that thia order be publlsbed three weeks auc
cesslrely In the Benninfrton IUxxib, a new
paper printed at Bennington ln this titatc, pre
Tious to said time of hearicK.
By th" Court.
11 Atttit. SJ. WILKIN8, UeUteT.
Affreeably to Seetlon S4 of the Villaffe Br-Laws
the memben of the Flre Department are hereby
netlflrd to meet at the store of J. Kd. Wslbrl1fr
Co.. on Kriday eTenlnjr. Jan. 13th. IMt. at I ;30
o'clock, to nomfnate caudidatea for Chlef Encl
neer, I'lrat and Hecond AaaUtants,and tolransact
the btialness named In satd arction.
Bennliiflan, Vt , January 4th. labt.
Great fiednction id Clearance Sale
MISSES' NEWMARKETS to oo Garments for t6 oo
ii So " " 8 oo
" ' 1200 " " 87c
. . 1600 " " 1000
JACKETS Stylish,rough effects 56 different patterns to select
from, at $3 30; regular 6 00 and $7 00 Garments.
CHILDREN'S GRETCHENS (with hoods) 00 nov 2 75
0 00 now 2 50
0 s now 4 00
11 11
1 50 now 4 50
Tho remaining stock of OUR SEAL PLUSH WRAPS, JACKETS
AND SACQUES, at unheard of Bargain Prices.
LADIES' CLOTH RAGLANS Prices have been knifed.
Odds and ends in Ladies', Misses'
J 5ui 4 Jut 5 anu upwarus.
The above are all new, fresh, stylish Garments.
The Andrew M. Church Go., Limited,
Geueral Agtutsfor Vermont and Easleru New lork for the Old and Re
llable Delrolt Safe and Lock fompanj.
We can furnish a llre proof,
coiiiDineu, 111 any size, irom tne
at prices as iov as inose given oy any reputable nianufactur
ers. We have a line of sainnles on cvliiliitimi nt Tl..
so tiitit a purcnaser may see wnat ne is bHyinif.
tended for the use of farmers,
small storekeepers, justices, retireu business men and families.
T- tct n imtrnl aOt-ill ntl1 r-nt 1 4-
Safes can be seen
?-A Contmuance of
A full line of Ladies', Missrs' and
fhlldrtii's Boots and Sliots
ronslanlly on hand.
The New Yurk Life iuura a larztr amouot ol
endowmcnt aad anuullj iofuraace than auj oth
.r coinpmy In th. world. Erjilowmtnt. m.lurtnj
thia ye ar. now beine paid, realize to hotden. flfe
per cent. ai an lnTtstmf nt, net, free of taxation.
Thua protection for fainllr and esute for paat
ten to twenty yeara haa been had by Iheae policy
holdera without any eo.t. Apply for partlculara.
A. r. CHILDS. t.'en. Arent.
Sprinftfleld, Haaa,
CHAS. K. TOWEItf", Atrnt, Bennla(ton, Vt
WRITINH ia eitabli .he. In Ita new boildlne, COL
I.EiiK ri.ACF., 3, M and f7 North l'earl itreet.
th bet atnirtnre ileTftttd to bualneM edaeatlon
iaAmerira. ETerythln(laluperb. Commercial
Shorthanil.Typewrlllnit, Praelleal Eniiah and
atwd.l IVnmanahln department, with irmnaitlc
drtll. when dealred. Voun men and womeo
Rreparad rortm.lnepa. jiaDyawpiea to po.mrns.
ew CatUu and ermntaa of pynmanahlp
jgjy jrtw CABklli CAKnAIIT, AI-
and Children's Cloaks at I2, 2 50, 3,
or a fire aud burglar proof safe
smaiiest to tlie Jartrest made
lawyers, doctors, postinastei-s,
at No. 34 North St.
your Patronage is So-
We Cftll't trlre Tf.ll Ihnt l.nr fr.r It.a n
dari we will glre joo tlt btst bargaios oo Mrth
Men's Coslpm-Made ilolig
We hafe a blg aaMrtment, and for
WeotTfrltardcaiiiwffplng flurfi.
lUl II
ForSultlnKi and Oiercoats.
Fmlfaucet (per year) tttt
Becond Fauctt .100
Water Cloaet , . a'oo
BathTub "
RtatiOBiry Tubi or Ilnlna. . . ",;'. i
l"rlTate8taWe, lit horae ,'0
bacn aaditionai horaeor cow tfll
Lawn boaa (to be uaed by hand only) a.00
rroTided. that bo nrivatf. Snnu .V.tt mm.
JJperannom, eiclualr. of lawa hon. Ta
abOT. ratea ar. for tlnrl rarnllle..
callahcsee them
The Art, Denmark
New Improved Stewart
round and oval.
Tin and Woodenware
And a completeassortment of Glas
ware, Lamps and
Housefurnfshing Coods !
20 & 22 MAIN ST.
Dobbins' Electric JSoap,
It is slricllj Pure.Uinformin Qaalilj
THE origlnai formiila for which we paid tSO.CICO
twenty yeara apo ms neier been modlled or
changed In the ilUhtett. Thii aoap ia identl
cal In quality tod.y with that made. twenty
yeara ajro. '
It contolnanothlni; that can Injure the flneit
fahric. It brlghtena coloni and bleachei white.,
i A ""'"". Hannels and blankeH aa no otter aoap
inthe world doea vtithoui ihrinkine Itarlnr
them soft and hlto Wte new.
THEHEIsaKrettsaTinyoftlrue, of labor. ot
ioap, of rutland of the fbric, whro Dobbioi
Electiic Soip H ued accordinjr to directions.
will Dar vouto maIcp tht trf&i.
uc wmi uen.onmraie ns (rreai ment, 11
Ike all Ihe best thlnint. tt t Ttniiir tm;ia
ted and counterftited.
Inlit upon Dobbins' Electric. Don't take Mar
netic. Klectro-la.1c. Phlladelphia Klectrlc or
anv other fraud, almply because it ia cheap They
will ruln clothes, and are dear at any pnce. Aik
and take no other. Nearly eTery (rrocer frorn
Malne to Meiico tf vi lt In atock. If your'a haa
n t lt,he will order from his neareit wholea.lt
JDead carrlully thf (nslde wrappar around each
XVbar, and be careiul to follnw directions on oot
Ide wrapper. Yoo "Annot afTord to wai longer
before trying for yonrielfihls old, rellable aad
truly wonderlul
Dobbins' Electric Soap
- AND-
I hae hlred Mr. 1 homas Crowder, a first clax
workman in all brar.chesofpalntlng. Uelashad
charge in the best thops lu Alban' and Troy
Oood work done reronably and with despatch
I hare aleo made arraocements to do Carriaa:
Trimming and Utneral Repairins.
yGlremea call.
Leave Bennington, 8 M, lt 40 a. m., i 35 p. in.
Arrire, Bennlnfrton. 8 30 a. m., 2IS,6 00p m.
Arrire, North Pownal S 5. a. m..H St, 33 n. m
Pownal. 3l,a m.13 21. B 3J n ra;WUlims.
town. 9 1 m 14 Si. I i p. m , North
Adams(9ra m.. 12 50, 7 OOp.m.Ureen
Seld. 11 II.l. m.,2 30p m. Athol 12Z1,
S 31 p m,; O irdner, 1 07, 4 13 p m, Wor
cester. 3 U. 5 p m; ProTldencet 3 64,
1 10 p rn ; VI rhburc. 1 40, J 00 p m . Ayer
Jonction. f 03. 5 s p m; Boaton. 310,
tStpm; Pitiafleld!. 10 40 a m, 3 55p m
Spnnftneld' ltspm '!npni:N"ortham.
ton. 1 19. S 12 pm; New Hareni, 40.8it
p m i New Y rkt 4 1&pm.
Leare New York! 10 30 a ra; New IlarenJ 7 I j,
1104, Norti'Hmptoi. 9 44 a m, 131 pm,
Sprinirlleld . 9 00, 11 34 a m.
Pittsfield. II 15 am. 1 10 n rn: Boston.
8 30. 11 35 a m.Ayer Junction 9 27 a m,
UWpm; Ki'chburir. 9 51.a m, 1 23 p m
IroTldence, 6 30, 9 OO a m, Worceater.
8 07 a m, 1224p ra; Oardner 10 24 am,
2 02pm; .thol. 1051am. 233 n m,
(ireenflrld. llllam, 3 34 p m North
Adamt. 724 am, 1 0, (COpm, Will
iamstown, 735 a m, 110, 5 11 n m.
Pownal, 7 44 am, 12 44.6 31 p m, North
Pownal, 7 Mi a ra, 12 40. 6 28 p m.
-Vla Fitchborc U. R Vla F. K. R. P 4
W. It. IU - Vla F. K. R. B. A A. R. R l-Vla
F. R. R.. N. Y N. II A II R. R :-VU N Y.A
Hartem It. It.
A. W. PERklN. Oenl Pawnrer Arent.
J. P. HOrsON,turerintendent,
On and after Nor ltth, 1887, traina will run as
follows i
T.e.re Bennlnrto i 7 44 a m.arriee Trer 9 20. a
in. New York 2 12 p m. Hooslck Falls 9 07, North
Adams 9 40, OrrenfVld 11 1 m, Pitchbnra; 1 3ft,
Boeton 3 lOp Tn,Mechanicle 9 30,Saratoga,10 2t.
a m.
tMTe nennlnsrton 11 40 nm. arrire Tror 215.
v.w Vnrk 7 rn. Iloi alck Falla 1 36, North Adams
3 20, (trrenfield 3 27. KltchburK 8 13, Boaion 9 44 p
ts.Mecnanicnue z mraioga s
Leaee Bennington 3 24 p m. arriee Troy 6S0,
m. New York (ria steamerl 8 00 a m, Ifoosick
na 614. No. Ariama 7 on n m. Boston oCO a m.
MecbanicTllle40, p m.
Iare Bennlnaou 12 10 nleht, arrire Troy 1 44
N.w York 7 30 am.
lare Bennington 8 43, a m, arrire No Adams
9 60. (ireenSeld II 12 a m, Kltchbure I 96. Boeton
110 pm.
Iare lienninjni'n imv . nj, arriTe Aruj tt
HoiMickFalls 1 12, No.Adams 12 W.Uo-ton.5 35rm.
iMts Bennlnstci. 6 35 p m. arrire No. Adama
7 00 p m, Boaton 6 00 a ra.
1 20 a m, from N-w York, Albany anj Troy
a m . m. rmtn New York fria. steamerl. AI
bany, Troy, IIooick Falls, No. Adamsll'garalcga
and Mechanlcrllie.
3 00pm, from New York. Albaiiy,Troy,nooslck
Falla, No. Adama, lloston aid Mecbamcrllle.
8 35 p m, from New York Alhany.Troy.Hoosick
Falla North Adams, BostonMechanlcrille. and
TI. J n. .w i .
1.30 a,m- from No. Adams .
3 15 p m, from Boton, t.reenfleld, Na Adams
6 to d m. from Ni. Adama.
UenTlramcalVr, Boston. lienl Pass. Art
C A. N1MMO, Boston.
uen i r-'T'i i 'wnhn A.iuj
132 NASSAU ST.,Vanderblll Bnlldlng

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