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yoL. LTI.
-w. rftsneclfullT inform all thosa In need of
ureelrei vcry heavlly stoekcd wltbl:iFia,
inllofthodirforentitrade. and In consldcratlon of the fact that the copartncrshtp cxlrt
Incbet tl,e l,ertt "0USe 1,l0ck 1,0
compleled, thereforo vro have decided to make unheard of
In order tn convert our larga ttock into cash. We are also cuttlng prices in Sults, HaU
Cansadl an opportunlty to atock up your wardrobes at
priL that Sot be matched in city or coun.ry. We are determlned I to . injta .gre.t reduc
tlons in all llnes wlthin the next thirtv days, regardless of cost, All sales wlll be
Spot Gasii, and 110 Gredit Allowed !
We are sure our low prlcos wlll makc you all satlsfled and hnppy. Rcspectf ully.
fDealer inLafe Styied Furniture.
Worth double the price
1.50 UP
In Suits or Odd Pieces at
In Oak or Cherry, French Plate Glass, from
SI8.00 UP TO S150.
At very Low prices.
CMFFONIERS at the Lowest Prices,
From S1AO0 up to 8125.00.
Within the past two weeks Walbridge has received seven car loads
of Furniture, and. he is going to get rid of it all before the Ilolidays, even
if he has to givo them away. Select your goods now and "Walbridge
will deliver them any time you say.
Wnereas. tne uenninKton uonnty Court at its
June terra, 1891, upon tUe accttilauce of the re
port of the Commisidoners in llie nbore entltled
cause, granted an order for tho sale by the un
derslgned CoinmUsloners of the land situate in
Pownal In eald county, boanded and dencrlbed aa
follows, towlt: On'be north by lands of W. H.
Blanchard. andtheettate of the laie II. Maria
Itood. on the east by lands of A. II. Tottcr and
Mrs. James R Partridge, and lands of Ilnrlinz
bams and Elwoods; on south by ihe hlgh
way leadinir to llie FitchburRK. H depot, andon
the west by ' hurch street (wj called), contalnlng
on and cie balf acre, raore or less. Thercfore,
notlce ls hereby given that at the Err.hange IIo.
tel In Pownal, ln tho County of Bennington and
BUte of Vermont, on the erentecnth day of l)e
cember at ten o'clock In the forenoon, we the un
derslgned Commlssloners wlll lell the above men
tloned land at pablic auctlon agreeablyto tbe
warrant issued lo us by the clerk or aald court.
Dated at Manchester. Vermont, thia twenty.
thlrd day of Norembf r, W91.
B. J.HARDNEB, Comrals.lonera.
,C. jr.MYEIlS, 1
Overcoats that owloe to tho '.vsrv mlld weathcr
hch we havo already, we tlnd
we ask for theiu, from
TO $40.00.
greatly rcduced prices.
FRIDAY, DECEMBEl'v 10, 1892.
Entered at the Ilenninton I'.O.aisecond-claSB
mattorby C. A.PIERCE, Publliber.l
Termg, - $1.60 per year, strlctly ln advanco
Tiik dcath of Mrs. Andrew lleath.
widow of Ror. Andrcw lleath js an
nounpcd. Ycars ngo Mr. lleath was
psstor of tho Ciurch in Stamford and
othur placos in tliis victnity. Shc dicd
at bcr horao in Castleton, aged 70 ycars.
The St. Francis do Sal08 Church fair,
wliich uas announced to closo tho 20th,
will bo discontinucd on Tuesday ovcu
ing, on account of tho provious
euRacemont of tho hall by and in court
csy to tho ladies of St. Mary's Gulld of
St, Pctcr's Church, who uso tho hall ono
night. and tho fair will closo on tho fol
lowinjr ovcning, Weduesday, tho 21st.
Thanks aro tcndorcd to Prof. Goldsmith
who gives way tho 21st by holdiuR his
cntcrtainment in tho hall of.tho F. M.
T. A. B. society. Do uot fori;ot this
change of dato.
Bennington County Court,
Ilon. II. R. Start, Chief Jndge; Hon. (Jco. J
Rondand Ilon. A. E. Ilurton, ABsistantJndget;
Edward J. Ilall. Clnrk; ilenry B. Wlllon,
Sherlft; F. C. Arrhlbald, Stato'a Attorney;
CUas. S. Chase, Stenographcr
Tho trial of the causo of Muiray vs.
Mattcson lastcd until ycsterday, aml
thcu was givcn to tho jury. That body
camo into court this morning and re
ported thoy could not agreo. One story
says thoy steod 9 to 3, and anothcr has it
6 to 0, ko tho caso goes over.
Tho trial of tho caso Rudd vs. Rounds
is now on and will last. a wcok. Sinco
this was tricd last winfcr the caso has
bcea carricd to the Suprcmo Court, and
was sent back for a now trial, Tho law
yora consumcd a good dcal of time this
forenoon argulng as to tho admission of
a lottcr allcged to havo bccn writteu bj
Mrs. Itudd to Mr. Rounds, and which
was a bono of contcntion attho provious
trial. Sheldon & Cushman and Batchcl
dor & Batcs for plaintilf, Darling and J.
L. Martin for dofcndant.
Tho jurymcn not cngagcd on this
caso havo bcen j;iven lcavo of abscnco
until Monday afturnoon ncxt.
Sinco court opcned tho followinj; havo
been added to tho jurj' panel: Herbcrt
S. Dunham, Shaftsbury; A. C. Connor,
and I. Henry llicks, Manchester; Flotch
or O. Hanaman, and J. J. Walsh, Arling
ton. Thoassistant judges appointd county
ofBcers as follows, tho County Clerk bo
ing rcappointcd at tho hcginning of tho
term: Trcasurcr, Gco. F. Graves; Aud-
itor, ; Jail Commission-
crs Bennington; Tliomas White, Chas.
It. Sanford, Ilonnan A. Taylor; Man
chester: Samuel G. Cone, J. N. Hard,
Levi D. Coy; Turnpiko Inspectors: H.
T. Cushman, 2nd., G. G. Burton, E. G.
V. SI. O. A. Notea.
Spccial music and spcaking will bo tho
attraction at tho Y. M. C. A. ncxt Sun
day atthe4 o'clock lnccting. All aro
A boys' Biblo elass will be organizcd
at3 o'clock Suuday aftcrnoon in tho As
sociation rooms. Boys betwcentboages
of nino and fourteeu will be ghidly wcl
comcd. llie Operu llouue.
Tlio opeuingof tho new Opera Ilouse
marks au eni in tho history uf our town.
It was a happy and thanktul crowd that
pourcd into tho beautiiul theartro last
Saturday uight, to seo tho Tragedy of
Macbctli, It, raay scem to somo that tho
lessccs inight bettcr havo cclcbratcd tho
openingof tlio llouso by a lightcr play.
But it was wcll to open its doors for tho
iirst time to a lirst class play, and tho
grand words of Shakspearo mado a noblo
cliristening service. Tlio gloomy Trag
edy could not sliadow tho happincss of
tlicise who, as thoy looked abuut tliem,
cougratulated each othur over and over
agaiu, that, at last, wo havo a placo of
amusemont in Bennington whcro wo
shall bo ablo to cnjoy au ovening in com
fort, and shall bo glad to tako our
Tho Opera Houso surpasscs our oxpcc
tations. Tho seats aro easy, and light
ing pcrfect, and tho linish aud coloring
plcasing and artistic. When curtains
and carpct aro added, old Bennington
will possess a llouso equal to many in
tho largest cities.
To old Beuningtonians, it does not
seem so vcry lotig ago that Apolco Hall
was built ou South St. It was, for many
yoars our only gathering placo. It was
a proud day for Bennington when
Library llall was given to tho villagc,
aud it has seryed us well for thirty
yuars. But tlio old hall had its hmita
tions, which tlio villago loug ago outgrew,
"iil'iimn llin tiAiv "
anu TVO . - . .. uuoin UUUSO,
with tho convlction that it will bo amrjlv
sulUcicnt for our nced for many ycars to
1! Mr. rutnam could havo hcard the
rcmarks that wcro mado about liim and
his work last Saturday ovening, I think
ho would havo rcalized that tho peoplo of
Bennington apprcciato what he has dono
for them. Wnon a man does a kind, aud
aud helpful, and unsolllsh dccd, it is
pleasanc for liim to know that it is ap
preciatcd, and it is wcll that Mr. I'utnam
sliouhl bo told that wo rcalizo our ooli
gations to hira,
It is wcll understood that an Opora
2oi'so hero cauuot bo a paying invcst
munt. It Is built for tho puhlic pleasure,
not for any proilt to tno oJ!!l!e
Bennington owes Mr. II. W. Putnam a
debtof gratitudc, not only for rclieving
us from tho discomforts of Library Hall,
but for giving to acountry town a motro
politan Opera Ilouse. a. r. v.
"Wliere Aro WeAt?"
Mr. Edltor. This was tho qucstion that
many Bennington pooplo asked thcm
selvcs as thoy sat in tho dainty little thc
atre, so artistically dccorated, that was
opencd to the public on Saturday oven
ing. One could hardly believo them
sulves in Bennington, and all familiar
with Troy and Albany kuow that thcre
is nothing that cau cumparo with it in
either placo so that it really aeemed as
if one wero in New York, with the ex
ception that those who are in the hablt
of attonding tho theatre out of town did
not havo tho uncomfortablo fecling that
thoy would probably havo to loso part
of the last act in ortlcr to catch the train.
Ono of the reasons that Library Ilall has
not bcen bottor patronizcd is that many
dld not havo proper oreralls to woar that
would be in kseping with tho placo, but
this difllculty no louger prescnts itself as
no ono has any clothos too flne to woar
in this charming teraplo of art and
amuscment. It was notcd with much
plcasiiro that somo of our prominent
citizens appearcd in ovening dress and
while it is sometimes a little bother af
ter a busy day to drcss for the thcatro wo
aro suro that the rellning iufluenco and
tho pleasure it givcs othsrs will atnply
compensate for tho oxtra troublo. It is a
great mistako that peoplo who can afford
to do things haiidsomely do not do to
for fear of being considercd snobbish or
tryiiig to outshine thoir nclghbor. It
was only a fow years ago that tho car
riages used by some of our wealthy citi
zens and Bummer visitors wcre a dis
gracc, not only to thcmsolves and the
town, but to tho hnndsomo horses, for
which our State is noted, that wero com
pellcd to draw them. Whethnr it was
horso or man that kickcd we know not,
but tho fact is, to-day ono of the
chief attractions of our villago is tho
large numbcr of artistic turnouts that
actually give as much pleasuro to your
humblo servant and hundreds llko him
that go afoot or walk as thoy do to tho
gentlcraen who aro ablo to possess them.
If our poople would rcalizo a little moro
the amount of pleasure thoy can ciyo the
whole community by paying a little moro
attcntion to tln nicctics of lift, taking
for their cncouragcment the progress
this town lins made in tho last tive yuars,
it will not bo long beforo tho question
will bo askod in all parts of our town as
was askcd in our new thcatro,
Wuere ARF, We At?
Illgh Scbool IthetorlcaU.
Tho following is tho programmo for
tho rhotorical cxcrciscs in tho Benning
ton Iligh Sohool this aftcrnoon:
Essay. Publle Mbrarit-s, Mls Pierco
Kecltatlon, Paal Vcnarez'g Ridc, Misa Moore
Easav, Ulsptnsation of Providcnce, Miss Koot
Eifay, Tront Fishinjr. Mr. Hawks
KfCltatlon. Atter the Uall. Mlis ltnbinson
Essay, Wiuter. Mr Orville Flllmore
Kecitation, The Day h Done, Mlss Fannletimith
Essay. ClirUtniasln Many Lands, Mr. Jlarwood
Recitatlon. Winduws, Mr. IlillUter
Essaj, llow somo Saylngs Originatcd
Mlss Jessie Suilth.
Recitatlon. Tramp, Tramp, Tramp
Mr. Hcrbert Heraenway.
Essay, Amucments, Mlss Morse
Recitutlon, The Pfpea of Lucknow, Mlss Stallord
Essay, A Pair of bkptes, Mr. Hyde
Recitatlon, LraMlserables, Mr llarry nemcnway
Story, A ClnUlmis Eipcriment, Mlss JIobhm
Recitatlon, Tbe Uwl Crllic. Mr. Uoodall.
Exorciscs are held in tho High School
overy Friday aftcrnoon from 3 o'clock
till dismissal. Patrons and fiiends of
the school are always wclcomo.
I)r. Smltli nnd Ansoiiuto Enilogedby Many
Gratoful l'allenli Tlirlr Oillce, No. O
Unlon I'lace, Tlironeed With Anzloua
The best ovidtnce of a man's skill, me
chanical or professional, is the charactcr
of the wnrk he has done. "A workman
is often known by his chips." Tho best
ovidcnco that a physician can givo is liv
ing witnc&scs ot his skill in the form of
gratcful paticnts whora ho has rescued
from diseaso and despair. Tho fact that
Dr. Smith and associato liavobeen located
in Troy two ycars with t constantly in
crcasing business shows a growingconfl.
dcuco not only in magnotism butin tlicsc
physicians as physicians and gcntlemcn.
Their ollices aro lllled from morning un
til night with snfferiiig humanity waitinc
to bo liealnd. Whon thoy ilrst camo to
Troy many wero suspioious, for many
times had tho public boen deceived by
ndvertising doctors, but thcse gentlemen
havo provid thcmselvcs to bo not only
thorough gentlemen but physicians of
higlistandiDg Thoy are not only regular
graduates but have spcnt years in thoin
vcstigation of raagnetism as applied to
the curo of disease and in scieutitic ro
scaich as rcgards tho treatment of all
chronlc or long standing or lingeringdis
eascs. It is safe to say that thcse phy
sicians havo no pecr in the irdatmentof
all norvoas diseascs, dyspepsia, rhcuma
tism, tumors, canccr, discasus peculiar
to fomak's.chroniodiscascs of tho throat,
hcart, liver, lungs, kidneys nnd liowels.
Thoy will cure every caso of pilcs or any
diseaso ofrcctum, oxccpt canccr in its
advanccd stago. If you are sufferiug
from any form of chronic disease you can
not make a mistako in going to them.
Tho largo number of cascs which come
undcr their obscrvation malco them ex
perts in thcse diseascs, and they will tcll
you just what ails you and just whatcan
bo done for you free, and if they tako
your caso forticatmcnttheirchargcs will
bo rcasonable. Oflice at No. 0 Uuiou
place, Broadway, Troy, N. Y. Ilours
from 0 a. m to 5 p. m. each wcekday and
from 7 to 9 p. m. Tuesday and Saturday.
Oflico closed Suuday. At Mrs. Oatman's
parlors, Bennington, Wcdnesdays and
Thursdaysfrom 9 a. m. toSp. va.
Scenes ln the Lifo of Colinnbus.
Saving Spain and Scones in tho Lifo of
Columbus, is tho subjeotof an interest
ingandinstructivo lecture dcliveicd by
Rev. It. S. MacArthur, D. D., of Now
York city, This lecturo is profneelf il
'.Ustratea bystercopttcon viows, many of
them aro rjchly colored, aftor photc
rapus sccuril) T thoDr.onhisvisltto
Spain and Italy during il.C ! sumraer,
Dr MacArthur rccently gavo this lec
turo beforo the cfefc of Brooklyn in fa
mous old Plymouth (Beechor's) Church
in Brooklyn, and it was pronouncod by
many competent judges, tobo tho ilnest
illustratcd lecturo thoy had over scen.
Dr. Mac Arthur is well known as ono
of tho inost lcarued aud cloqucnt, as wcll
as ono of tho wlttiest, prcacliers and lec
turo rs in Amorica. This lecture deals
with tho history, tho poctry, tho marvel
ous architccturo of Moorish, Jowish and
Catholie Spain; with its bcautiful
womcn, its gypsies and its bull fights. It
carrics tho audicnco from statclv Madrid
to Savillo tho bcautiful, to Tolcdo "tbe
anclontci.J UCi.o vajsar was born," to
IlarcolCUi. in Cadlz and Gibraltar. It
bricfly and elociuonuj the story of
tho Moors, and follows ColumuJ2
birth to his ilnal rcsting placo.
Dr. Mac Arthur is to givo this locturo
hero. Tuesday ovening, January 17th.
Doubtlcss tho peoplo of our villago wlll
givo liim a cordial wclcomo.
For Ohrlstmas,
Ab tho yaluo of books, their usefulness
and beauty, bocomos rcalized, tho great
er is tho demand for them, for uso as
hollday gifts. This season, with Its
richncss and varioty of designs in now
books bids fair to seo their uso more
than over beforo. Tho Banner SUtiouery
Storo has anticipatcd this domand, and
uow shows a largo assortmcnt of cbil
dren's books, books for older persons,
and a tich varioty of gift books.
"ThoGarfield Edition of Bcn Tlur,"
says Ilarpcr't Bazar, "ls a gift flt for a
Princcss or n Statesmaa." It conslsts of
two volumcs, handsomely illustratcd and
bcautifully bound ln Bilk. The prico is
$5.75. Hawthorn's "Scarlet Letter" is
shown in a two volumo set, illustratcd
It is not necessary to have your garments mado to measure, as
you can easily demonstrate by trying some of our "Ready-to-Wear"
Clothing. Neither is it necessary to go away from home to make
your purchases, for we are now displaying a most extensive assort
ment of flne and medium Clothing for men and boys in all walks of
Overcoats and Ulsters for Mon, $5 50 to $35.
Overcoats and Ulsters for Boys $3 to $25,
Overcoats and Ulsters for Ohildren $1 to $ 15
And sell to you, the consuraer, at one proflt above the actual cost
of manufacture, and are satisfied with a reasonable one. AU goods
marked in plain flgures.
333, 331 and 338 IUvcr Slrcct, I . vr
13, 15, 17 and 19 Fourlli Slrcet, TROY, fi . Y.
atid bound in silk.a handsome gift, $3.75,
also that popular "Daisy Miller and an
International Episode," in a handsome
binding. Tho poets nro shown in dainty
b ndings and also in moro substantial
Tho Popular Edition 23c per vol
umo is tho cheapest book in agood bind
ing that can bo secured. The list con
tains "Mysterious Island," "John Hali
fax," "Wayerloy" etc. "Tho Vassar
Gtrls in the Holy Land" "Zig Zag Jour
ney" "Sailor Boysof 01" aro all interest
ing and instructivo books for tho young
peoplo and may bo found at the Banner
Stationery Storc.
Photograph Albunis aro always ap
propriatc. At tho Banner Stationery
Storo is an excellont line of leather,
plush, celluloid, and cclluloid and plush
albums. Also Pocket books and Card
Cases for ladies and gentlemen, in Seal
Russia, Lizard, Morrocco, French Calf,
imitations, etc. Also letter books and
bill books.
Diaries, foimlaiu pens, papor knives,
bibles otc, etc., in goodassortmentat tho
Banner Stationery Storo.
North Bennington.
G. Whito has movcd into tho houso on
Prospect streut, lately vacated by Petcr
Matthew Hurd, tho photographcr, has
rcnted tho dwclling ol G. II. A. Moore,
on West streot.
II. C. White, who is seldom on thosick
list, has bcen confincd to tho house for
sovoral days, but is now botter.
Mrs. E. W. Moslier and daughtcT Laura
are in North Adams. Tho daughter bo
ing in feeblo hcalth, will rcmatn a sea
son for recupcratiou.
Mrs. H. F. Lamb, whoso health for
ycars has been a constant sourco of anx
ioty, has been much worso of latc, and
tho prospect of hor rccovcry is growing
Wo are sorry to learn of tho romoval
of Mr. and Mrs. Crossman from among
us, ho having bcen with Gcn. J, G. Mc
Cullough for some time, and hope it may
bo but for tho wintcr.
Tho pxchange botwccn tho Rev. Chas.
R. Soymour aud tho C. H. Peck, fixcd
for ncxt Sunday, has been cancelled, and
will occur in January.
Papers, from Dr. Carter of Akron,
Ohio, shnw tho city of his adoption to bo
in a flourishing condition, with many in
dustries cstablished and otliers dovelop
ing into conditions of permanence.
Thero has been a marked improvemcnt
in tbo strcet lamps, lately, but it is
strango thcro should be each ovcningono
or two among them that are out of order.
Tho County Sunday School Convcn
tion, at Manchester Centro, on Tuesday,
was attcnded by scveral delegates from
hero, besides tho pastors, the Revs. Peuk
and Tozier. Among them Mr. and Mrs.
H. T. Cushmin and Mrs. II. C. White.
In answcr .o tho many inquirics, as to
when tho fair and fcstival of the ladies of
tho Congregational Society, will occur?
Wo would say on next Tuesday ovoning,
the 20th. As usual, a turkoy and chiokon
pio suppcr will bo spread, at tbe usual
prico, twcnty-flve ccnts. Upon thofancy
tablo, in addition to tho moro cxncnsivo
articles, wiii be found raany things that
will bo vcry attractivo for Christmas
prescnts, for both old and young. All
are invitcd to a plcasant gathering.
Two wcdding cards, announcing the
marriage of two young ladies known in
our villagc, ono now residing in Pcna
cook, N. II., and tho othor in New York,
wero recciyed by Dr. Ranney Thursday
morning. Miss Bertha Gilhcrt, to a
Westcrn bank oflicial, and a nicco of tho
doctor, a daughter of the late Dr. James
Raunoy, of Now York.
South Shaftsbury
Now books may bo cxpectcd soon mr
tho library.
A littlo flurry of snow fell Wedncsday
but it raeltcd nlmost as fast as it camc.
Gcorge C. Mirfleld is homo from tho
J Uurr and Burton Scminary for tho holi-
day vacation.
Mr. and Mrs. Gcorgo Safford of Arhng1-
ton and son, Willie, spcnt last Sunday
wltli Mr. anil Mrs. James Vasburgh.
Highcst of all in Lcavcning Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Rcport
Prfisidintr Wlrlnr Wnlicfn. .Sll 1.
this chargo noxt Sunday morning aud at
iuu iiuiin unurge m ino atteruoon. it
will llR nilrtirlv PnmmiiMtnM f l... c.K
ject for tho day will be on missions.
Tho "Workcrs" will hold a fair, in
-. ...v.. vii i.w l.t.llllliuill, kl, uv
given at Grange Hall Dec. 21st (Wedncs-
uj, iiujvu wecK. jjoii i iorgot. ino (taie.
Tbo cntertainment has been larefully ar
ranged. It will bo entertatning and,
pleasant musio will bo intcrspersed. The
articles for saio are all good and useful.
1 1 1 1 . u .1 .1 1 1 1 1,(1 M 1 1 1 t il 111
lntcrmission in tho programmo. Tho cf-
iui l is iin .iitumpi io aua to our new
Church flllld. All nntmmnn tt.il! lin tli'inV.
fully received.
uur community was tenibly shockcd
On Tllnsd.lv Avnnirnr lionriir t( Ut nn.
cidcnt which had befallen one of our
mucu esteemeti lauies in town, Mrs. S.
W. Monroe, who in jumping from atraiu
under motion.fractured ono of hcranklcs
in such a manner that amputatiou was
decmcd wise. Tlio family havo tho sym-
DatllV nF nll thpir frlnnrto nnl nnirrMin...
aud wero Mrs. Monroo at her home manj-
vtiiuuk imnus wouiu ueip to care ioriier.
itary club, recently organizcd herc. would
cluh, meet with them at Orange Ilall,
Dec. 20th. Positively no admittanco af
... i.i -ii ... i . . ..... .
nii- uuu u;ito. ino nrst (iriu was neiu
1 1 1 T n fl Wni 1." U nrtrk ...Itli niirlitnnn w n in
line. Tho club will meet on Tuesday
ovening of each wcck. Tho now club is
already an assured success, and will add
greatly to thcirpastime iluriug tho win
tcr. All ynung men aro cordially invitcd
i 11 i
w uuuiu uuu juiu tue runiis.
tlow'i This.
We offer On Hundred DolUn reward for aiy
case of Uatarrh that cannot be cured by llall s
Catarrh Cure.
F. J. CIIEXEY & CO.. Tolpdo.O.
We, the underrlcned, have known F. J. Cheney
fjr tbe last IS years, and bellevn hlra perfectly
honorable in all business transactions and nnaa
clally able to carry out any obllgatloni made Of
West & TmxAX, Wholesnlc DrugRists, Toledo. O.
Waldino, Kinkak & Marvin, Wholesale Drcg
gist, Toledo. O. '
llall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally. actlng
directly npon the b'ood and mucous surfaces of
thesytem. T-8tlmonlals sent free. Price 76c.
per bottle. Sold by all druggists.
New Blank Books for tuk
New Year. If you aro going to be in
want of a new Lcdger Journal or any
blauk book for uso January 1st, you
should givo your orders to tho Banner
Kiu: Arlington.
Tho W. C. T. U. of this villago rccently
placed in tho hands of its Loyal Lcgioners
thirty copies of the routh's Temperanee
Banner. The regular mccting of this or
ganization will be held at tho homo of
Mr. Julla M. Walker, Saturday after
noon, Decembcr 17th, at 3 o'clock,
TliPdeaUi of oliS, Hattio 2. Faddon of
this villagc, which occured on Thanks
giving Day, Novembcr 24th, has not only
left a vacant placo in tho home bcreft
butin tho church and community as
well. Hat io E. Shaw, tho daughter of
Chauncoy aud Lvdia Shaw, was born in
Sunderland, Apfil 18th, 1801. At the
carly age of fourtecn she gave her heart
to God uniting with tho M. E. Church of
this villago. Sho was mirricd in 1SS2 t
Albert E. Fadden of Utica, N. Y., and
resided in North Adams, Mass., for fivo
yoars thorcafter. This rcport from th
pastor and peoplo of that placo comcs to
us as follows: "Sho was while hero a
blessed typo of tho loving, practical
christian, always ready to lend a ha'ndin
every good work." This has been tho
Jecord of her life sinco her retumjo us.
Wo shall miss her in tho St" 3 . ' ... k
in the Sundn- t , serrfcft,
. vua"a.j school, in tbe .prayer
mceting aud in tho social oirchv Wo
believo she has passed orr to tlio lllglior
work and lifo from bcr usefulness hero.
"A preolous one from us has g6h'e,
A volce we lored is stllled:
A placo Is vacant ln our home,
Which tierer can be Ulled.
"fiod In his wlsdom, has recalled
The boon his love htd Rlven;
And, tbough tbe body shumbers here,
The soul is safe lu ucaTen."

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