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SATlIZDAY.................JUNE 27, 18G8.
For. president:
(SWject fo t dtcitio tf tk Dtmocrati Ifational
B..F. CHAD WICK, of Douglas county.
JOHN BUUXETT, of Benton county.
JAS. II. SLATER, of Union county.
An Orphan's Asylum U to be erected in
Salem, by the Children's Aid Society.
The Eugene JaurxaZ ad Tertisea for a boy
for editor of tliat sickly sheet, we suppose.
The Journal says their are four brick
buildings in process of erection at Eugene.
When Butlor claims to bo a guard OTer
the rights of Congress, it must bo conceded
to have a. Tery blackguard.
The Memphis Christian Advocate states
that Bishop Marvin has been appointed to
the Pacific Episcopal District.
A man named Irons had his left arm cut
and shattered, on last Friday, in Salem, by
the premature discharge of a blast.
3Tharlo',r Weed confesses to having
Bent "his mite" to help the Radicals in
New . Hampshire.
That "mite" was
The Fourth will be celebrated at Portland,
Eugene, Roseturg, Jacksonville and Dallas.
but we kavn't heard of any celebration in
The new roeid from Grand Round to the
Ocean, will be passable for wagons by the
rst of July. Pleasure trips to the seaside
arm be made by this route.
General Meade has issued an order 11 wip
ing out" the nigger Loyal Leaders in
Georgia. Meale needs reconstructing he
is in sympathy with the Ku Klux Klan.
The witty editor of the Louisville Jour
-nal says that the troubled waters around the
"White House must be very shallow, as tho
.Radicals expect to get Johnson out and Wade
A German woman in Hartford, Connec
ticut, it is said carried herrleamatichusbani
on her back to the poles to Tote the Demo
cratic ticket !- . The crowd present, made op
-a purse of $200 for her.
The Walla Walla Statesman says that the
prospects for fuse crops East of the Cascades
this season surpasses that of any former
year. Such may also be said of the crops
in the Willamette Valley.
j3The New York Tribune heads an ar
ticle " The New York Swindle," and a
Western exchange wants to know if that is
to be the future name of the paper, as its
whole political theory is a most wanton
We learn from the Unionist that Senator
Corbett and Williams are expected to re
turn home in time to engage in the Presi
dential campaign. If they do as well as
Governor Wood, we will carry the State by
.3,000 majority. They will make a beauti
ful trio for Democratic hot-shot. (A tote
for Logan is a rote for Grant.)
Railkoad Aid. The Commissioners of
Yamhill county have contracted with the
west-side railro id company to endorse the
interest , on seveaty-five thousand dollars of
the company's binds for twenty years. The
interest runs from the first of July, 18C8.
The bonds and all remaining interest is to
be surrendered to the company when the
road is completed to the Yamhill river.
Hobbible Accident. The Herald says
that oh, las Saturday a man named Albert
Atkinson, engaged at the St. Helens lum
bering mill, wai caught by the belt of the
drum wheel and thrown upon the drum,
which was revolving at the rate of 300 times
per minuts. His left arm was torn off near
the shoulder, and he was otherwise terribly
mangled. There are but slight hopes of his
recovery. : .
Gale, of the Roseburg Ensign, thus
" blows " on the national Radical platform :
" And especially can those who bar bared
their bosoms in defence of Federal supremacy
Against the diainterTating doctrine of State Rights
endorse it.". ,
Did you bar your buzxum," my
breezy " cuss, or were you on the retreat
when you bared?" Say, Gale, didn't you
nearly ; make . a whirl-wind in Your wake ?
Or was it only a zephyr? Blow on, blow
on, ye gentle Gab I but don't talk of "bare-
in" anything. .
The Salem Rbiord says that an oak tree
ha3 been discovered near that place, which,
in its slow and patient growth has enveloped
the antlers of a deer. Perhaps in those
olden times, when the native tiwash had it
fill his own way 4t may be it was a century
since an Indian killed a deer and placed
jthe antlered skull in the tree fork. Slowly
the wood feis clof el over the trophy, ' until
at the present time its existence is only de
noted by a U-w tines, whose points protrude
a few inches bet, will gradually disappear
as the passing years , wrap fresh circles of
the brave old oak around them. -
Ramie Fibes. - A, new article of commerce
is being raised in t he Sooth, called the Ramie
Fibre, whieh is reported as commanding
double the price of cotton in NewYork.and
other Eastern markets. The New Orleans
Picayune says ; tl It is as good as linen
cambric or silk, a id when it comes into use
the wearer will r4 that the chief diSculty
will be it will not wear out when the fashion
changes, and he n ill hate to throw it away,
when, after a cocple cf years', wear, it is
still as good as near." This cloth will cer
tainly be cf greil ;bcae5t to that noble and
suCering people.-
"We have for somo weeks past been
flying at our mast-head tho namo of
this distinguished Democrat and no
ble patriot, as our choice for the Pres
idency. The State Democratic Con
vention at Portland endorsed hira and
instructed for htm, and ho is undoubt
edly tho choice of tho Democracy of
Oregon and of tho entire West. The
signs of the times, also, so far as we
arj capable of reading them, point to
his nomination by tho National Dem
ocratic Convention, which assembles
at New York City on next Independ
ence Day. Mr. Pendleton was a mem
ber of tho thirty-fifth Congress, from
Ohio, and continued in the IIouso un
til ho was nominated for tho Vice-
Presidency, in 1804. His record in
Congress is clear, patriotic, statesman
like, and consistent, whilo his person
al character and gentlemanly bearing
were always of tho highest an I most
commendable order. Always courte
ous, and never abusive ; ever argu
mentative, eloquent and impassioned,
his words always commanded atten
tion, and his bearing respect even
irom ins ouieresi political opponents.
Ho has ever been, since he first enter
ed political life, a favorito with his
party and tho people ; but it is on
the financial questions that have
sprung up and assumed such gigantic
shapes since tho close of tho war, that
Mr. Pendleton has struck the popular
chord, and endeared himself to the
great mass of tho tax-payers of the
country. His speeches last year, in
Ohio and other States, have develop
ed the repulsiveness of the bondhold
ers' claim, and enlightened the people
as to the most feasible plan of paying
off the public debt and releasing
them from tho burden of enormous
annual taxes. His views upon the
questionat first ridiculed and mis
represented have now becorao one of
the most popular planks in tho great
Democratic party, and have been re
cently endorsed by State Constitu
tions of both parties, and by all the
leading men of the -West. A higher
compliment to Mr. Pendleton's j&tates-
manship, sagacity and financial abili
ty can scarcely be conceived.
The tax-payers of the West will be
able to appreciate tho wisdom of 3Ir.
Pendleton's plan, when they remem
ber that his proposal to pay the debt,
when carried into effect will place
two thousand millions of dollars of
untaxed wealth upon the tax books,
and compel it hereafter to pay its
equitable share of city, county, State
and national liabilities.- -
In this view of the case, we confi
dently hope and believe that Mr. Pen
dleton will bo selected as our stan
dard-bearer We hope it because we
believe he can win, and we believe it
because he is the expressed choice of
a large majority of the Democratic
voters of the country. The West is
all for him. Every State west of
Lake Erie has declared for him ; Ken
tucky and Tennessee are for him;
Maryland is for him; Maine is for
him ; all the South will be for him.
So far as our advices go, only New
York, Pennsylvania and five of the
New England States will be against
him, and some of them will be divided
in the -Convention ; and, aside from
all this, so great is the public feclin
regarding taxation and the public
debt, so anxious are the people to es
cape from the crushing weight of their
financial embarrassments, and so ably
and clearly has he shown them a way
out of their labarynth of difficulties,
that the delegates hardly dare venture
to go back on the clamorings and cries
of an oppressed and tax-ridden pco
pie for his nomination. How deeply
the shrewdest of the Republican lead
crs are impressed by the silent move
ment toward him among their own
supporters, is evident from the resolu
tions of the Indiana Republican Con
vention last spring, and from the bill
recently introduced in Congress by
Senator Sherman of Ohio. They are
attempting to regain somo of the
ground which Pendleton has won from
them. Their hopes are futile ; and
whether Mr. Pendleton is nominated
or not, they may as well abondon the
attempt to beat the Democracy but of
a policy which is emphatically their
own, and which emenated from the
fertile brain of one; of Democracy's
brighest and purest statesmen Geo.
H. Pjejsdleton: -
Official. Tho following are the
the official ' majorities in tho several
counties throughout the State :
Counties. Logan.Smitb
Counties. Logan. Smith
XMnbUI..... 25
Clscksmaf. 25
CUUop.. 30 "
Columbia.... 41
Linn.. 295
Marion 335;
Polk 41
Union ; 222
Umatilla..... 252
Coos. - 23
Joiephino.... - , 34
Wasco....... . 169
Washi'eton I4r
Lane. ,178
Jaekson... i. 280
Multnomah . ' ; 6 0
Grant (reported) '40
Baker....... 230
I pouglas
Currj 52.
Tillamook. 18 .
This gives Smith a majority over
Logan of 1,209. ("A vote for Logan
is a vote for Grant.")
Assault. "We learn that a few days since
a son of Perry Watson, of Independence, a
lad about 15 years old, was assaulted with a
club-' by a; young man" named Shepherd,
breaking the boy's arm and otherwise injur
ing him merely.
Our Republican friends think it is
poesible that tho Democracy will bo
ictorious in tho Presidential tourna-
ment, and they want to know: what
wo will do if wo get into power. Wo
reply in brief: If tho great re-action
which is going on all over tho North
will, without doubt, recover tho conn-
try from the perilous and distracted
condition it is now in. Wo will re-
storo law and order; wo will cause
tho Constitution to bo respected and
maKO taxes equal, ana tax the rich as
. . .. i
well as tho poor tho bondholder as
i,i - .n
tho Frcedman's hurcau act, and make
the lar.y, thieving negroes support
themselves ; we would allow the mi
ners and frontiersmen ot tho West to
:.t. .1 . tj; x i.!n
ujKO w wuu .u,c inu,an8 vi Klr
inr every one they met until the
treacherous dogs become peaceable:
, 0 1 - ..
wo would have ono currency for all
for tho rich and the poor for the
people, one common interest, and ono
glorious, prosperous, free and happy
country, as Washington, Jefferson,
and all the other noble soldiers and
siatesmen wuo lounaea it ucsignea it
... 0 I
should be. All this tho Democracy
statesmen who founded it designed it
will do as soon as they have the pow
er to do it and the people are giving
them that power as fast as there is
any opportunity for legally doing so.
But it must he remembered that the
Radicals, being miserable Govern
mental engineers, have trot the ma-
chine crcatlv out of order somo of
thn whofl am l.rr.l-nn k.
work loose on the axle, and the whole
machine creaks and groans awfully
under its enormous burden, and it
is powerful enough to givo us control tho trouble of organizing for tho purpose just stood upon tho ruins of Sumter and providing fur two Assistant Attorney Gene
over tho Legislative as well as the indicated. Tho Indians have Hvcd so looked at Ho wreck which tho war haj rals, with a salary of $4,000 each. 'ihe jsU
T, , , . , . , . .. , ... caused there. I havo summoned around makes it the Attorney General's doty, with
Kxecuttvo branch of Government, wo long by hunting and in comparative idle- ,llfl : :,;,,, mr. ,,nl!r .nirit his assistants, to attend to alt busine of the
ino laws eniorceu : WO Will rcsioro thnw lmw lw.omnn slmrni;nl lw . An. eneil wnl nii! mi riff 1 miifirr)i milv ! war. on uie recunraenuauun ui
- . t v . tr I - . - . . . . I . i ai.- r..n v I StrliofleU and other.
numuuais io ineir ngms mine un- tog tho vices and neglecting Mo wiuei Fy
lonunaer the Constitution ; wo will of tho wh to raco. Thoro is oao wav of 7, . Ul bill was retried today. It
pay off the national debt : Wo will .bnli.. the Indian, which w. .nprovc, aTOTft2TS, hi?kl? SKfLl
tma ki.vi sviuivi iuu um kvi nv.tiiiiruu winit'rn m ! i l i l 1111: ri i m . 11 n nrnnnin i i . it .1 . r. ji
. . .. . : " 1 nrnnMcl (!nniilnt rm unnn thn intereatM Mna Auernauiy wa, aucr ueiaic,
as tno laoorer; wo will aboitsn an to clevato them by means of a rope when- :v . . "r, r.f virir.?,. pacd.
privilcgdcona pe.Ull l.w. e.cr ,.,cy . can J caug, If lU New W .V2?S
which favor tho rich and depress the York philanthropists dosiro to show their tho beautiful Corinthian columns lying proved by tho Patent Commissioners, was
poor: wo will modifv tho present on- philanthropy, they should do it bv ioin- atuidt tho dust aod rubbish and fast p0Mcd.
pressive tariff j wo will stop the thiev- iog us in our mode of elevating tho Indi- to decay iho stately edifices tJrw f"
i n. .1 . .1 it t t which once adorned it capital, to be re- tl,o so-called Owge Indian treaty, now pend
ing, swindling and plundering now ans, that tho whito raco may be made sc- piaccj DV tno mUcrable, crowded hovels in m tUo Senate, whereby eiht million
going on throughout the land; we euro against tho murderous attacks of the of tho Hottentots, as tho handiwork of crc of land in Kansas . iMslonein to the
11 -i ii 7 1. i t- 11 . i .t f .t t ii- .1 e .1 the Great and Little Osage Indians, are
will reduce tho standing army, repeal poor Indians, so-called. tno leathers of the Republic tho fathers tranaferre! to the railroad company. The
t JL.II. t .1 . f 1.11 f lrlt- nunlltou ntnl A ft mat itnmnin. .Ml t,
uonunoiuer anu mo piotvnoiucr,ior 1 ...... u.vcv vuuijm- i mn iv mnj miu mu u
k .ni,iiAr. :.i. nA tua ,..,..., ions-siwashesand snuaws-without be- fix'ht that glorious old motto, " Sic
5f Tn BT,.f - .nl,ik J ing watched by his keepers and kept in lr Tyranm our guiding star in
will take some time to repair and put javc-c for you, and then your long- Donnelly been a reader of history
it in good running order again; but ngs may he satisfied; then you can the old man Grant history of his
if the people stand by the riht and to vour fin,t loVC who in 151111 Pcn W "Ulyss ho would not have at-
Democracy, the machine will bo re-
W '
paired the Government will be re-1
tftn(l tn t nrirr;'.i ,i
iKiovoi nrl tl..n,ir. ;u v.
kicked out and honest men put in
their places. When all these things
are done and the Democratic party
is the only ono which can accomplish
it the country will improve and pro
gress, and the people will be united
prosperous, contented and happy, and
will have again the proud satisfaction
of living under tl.c best government
tno WOrlU CVCr Saw."
That BLE.ssi.vG.-The New Haven
Jteyister, with an array of facts and
figures too formidable to bo assauted,
, ..... . . M
snows mat uaaicai rule is costing the
ana re-union ot tnc dismembered sec-
uwuo Vl yui vwiuimm vuuuiry r me
re-csiauiisnraent 01 trade and com-
mcrcc or tne old Kindly intercourse
oeiwcen tne Diaies or tne encourage-
ment of home industrv. or the tiromo-
tlnn r.f ih nA
enable a corrunt nartv to run through
imneachmcnt "iokes . and to keen in
nower bv onnressincr. ncrsecutino-:
maligning, misrepresenting and dc-
grading eight millions of as pure, no -
ble, generous and brave Caucasians as
were ever created by tho Almighty.
J3ut jor this, there would havo been,
long ago, a thriving trade, as of old,
between the North and tho South
peace, harmony, brotherly-feeling,
prosperity and happiness. Instead of
this, Northern labor is idle but the
taxation of Northern industry is ac-
five. Tho laborer and mechanic . is
idle,' but the tax-collector is ever busy,
WorkingmenI if you like this state
of things, sustain a corrupt Congress
in keeping it up. If you do not, help
us put it down. This, is your only
chance. If you aro put under the heel
of tho capitalist and the African, it is
your own fault. .
: So now they have Grant's full stock of knowl
edge, embracing 'horses," "paps" and "clamt."
Day-Book. ( .
No 1 give the devil his duo, Mr. Day
Book, That doesn't comprise tho whole
of Grant's- stock ! of knowledge not
much I He knows something about
sguaws, too. Squaws, my boy, squaws I
Did he ever say ho "yearned" for horses,
purps and clams f Nary yean. But he
did say be yearned for his early associates
out here in Oregon, and it is a well known
fact that, as a general thing, those "asso
ciates" were greasy, dirty, filthy squaws
of tho meanest and lowest order of the
aboriginal tribes. And then, isn't he an
excellent judge of Vtanglo-foot," and
isn't he, on tho strength of that knowl
edge, to be appointed as ."governmental
people one thousand dollars a minute, to maka the tax.nsvera of th ronntrv w ani an Vy a" Ioucy "c " M and the reduction of the
nifrht and dar thn TMrrnnm! t A . r- rri.: 1 .'r 1 . .1 have. In his " speech " to the com- thereon in such manner and to uch an extent
nignianuaay, me year round! Aye sweat for. This is a beautiful sum toul . r 1 that taxation may be reduced and equalized
the people are forced to pay a thou- t0 fleeco from the already overburdened !n,u.cc lcnt 10 ,n'ormmra 01 ,us nom as far as pcissible cnstiiuiionally. with
sand dollar a minuteand for what ? wcalth-producers. Aro tho rcvolutioWy Uon he says: fSLi
Not to promote and foster prosperity spirits at tho seat of Covcnment to bo al- J Jhf?! ftffSw.T
, Wo notice, says the Council Bluffs i?u-
g1e, that a set of philanthropists, so-called,
in tho city of New York, have organized
a company for tho purpose of elevating tho
Indians of the West. If those so-called
philanthropists know as much about Indi
ans as we do, thoy would save thcmselovs
ncss, that no effort that these New York
crs can mako will clevnto them in a moral
or intcllctual point of view. With ono
or two exceptions, wherever tho Indians
havo como in contact with Iho whito raco,
and in tho adoption of it rests, in a great
... . . I
measure, tho security of tho whites in tho I
r.- -a ... r
He Yeahnh. Tho Unionist says
that CJcn Grant's "heart still yearns
to return to the scenes and associations
which lm hml o mimli mlnvnil' ivbiln
" i" iT;r; v :
v" v"v vuuu uuuuv
General woul.l like to get away oil
lu.r,. iu.nn inin .,. ,i i,i
here just to take one more good, old-
fashioned 'square drunk among his
UJ 1110 Straigllt-jatkCt l lilted-
sepulchres of his party How sweet
to onco more wander through the ver- cent it with tho hope of again raising a etiilon eiwted utween bwirt and Mer
,lat valley, and loP ,.,o margin of fti- Ik. dt d Pl.lnon ,h. ..phol fSXZJttVZ
l,P-iMfir,.1 Will that hallowed banner by uelcaiiog the ITl-tw! .ntlMl L
Prtlnrrtl.ii in,,.;.,,, ;,. ,i I
l"hia, leaning in love and confi-
dence upon the arm of his beauteous
and sweet-scented format maiden, eat
ing his cricket iio and chmein" his
camas root. (Hivu muck-a muck N
Wouldn't he think it was hya khae
to a;ain revel in tho sunshine of her
sweet smile, while sho "went for1 the
vermin m ins hcaa atul the whisky in I
s jug? Keen vcarninjr, tieneral:
vearn vet a little wh o oilier but a
fcw months and you will be kicked
asiJo by tIl0Se w,,w wiU no longer
. ,.e). . "i
I.. .. a
8lvcy waiting ami hoping for your
coming live in her smiles, and com-
plctcly saturate yourself with whisky,
I Come on, U-lie:
Ani ebter op. Joky uiJen,
"Dirt" for oothtr fie;
Tear V'lt will ioon W boos sln
II U brt U yearoiog for tbee.
Cost or Impeachment. Tho New
York L'ay.Book says it is stated that the
. . . , ., . . .
printing of tho tickets of admission to
the Court of Impeachment cost no less
Tbo c.pen.o of the l.i.l b
v,.,u.kw(9IW)VVV. W" "
ncsses cost tho countrv 85.000 each.
fW Un sna nnn
good job. The sum of ten cents a milo
1 - - vviv,v -
and ten dollars a day, was allowed for at-
" . - wr
tendance. Ihis is a nice array ofitcro
lowed to go on from ono act of infamy to
another, without being rebuked by an
nnMn.-,i n.,u tnn nn .
I va aQ va vviV W IVK I V lev UUUvl
growing despotism ? llise, indepen lent,
honest voters atriko through the ballot
j 1. 1
1 uui. mm nun iuc.io miscre&uia irom
PWCr' -
J Can't be Counted. The Dav-Book
savs tho task of counting out the dollars,
at the rate cf one dollar a second, or sixty
1 a minute, which would discharge tho two
thousand five hundred millions of public
eDt f tn8 couotry, would consumo over
nunarea years, u attempieu oy a siu
gl individual, and ho could lire to ao-
complish it. To cancel this debt would
require, at tho rate of cancellation now
going 0Di tno abOT of six millions of op-
eratives over two thousand years; and
thcn ifc could not he done, for we aro not
wiping out any portion of it tho present
year, nor do we bid fair to. Tho operation
of this "blessing" has been splendid for
all tho Jay Cooke tribe. Millions : per
year haye gone from the many poor into
pockets of the few rich.
I " T". - .
States we learn that , com and cereals are
coming up finely, and also that cotton-planting
is propitiously progressing. The great
want of the South is feed, and if the pres
ent year ; yields a rich harvest there, the
teeming earth will do more for reconstruct
rt . tm Wa.kAM
tion than Congress can, for a good harvest
JVill lift a starving people from a state of
despair, and give them oourage, ana endur
ance, and philosophy, to bear tneyoite ot
oppr ssion that tbe Radicals are attempting
to fasten fatally upon their necks
Gbano Chaptir R. A. Masons. The fol
lowing Grand Officers were elected at a meet
ing of this grand body, held at Portland last
Monday evening ; J. R. Bayley, G. II. P.j
P. 0. Schujler, Jr., D. G. II. P.; J. Consor,
G. K.? C. V7. Cartwright, G. S.; Rev. J. II.
Wythe, G. Chaplain ; E. Earhart, G. Sec
retary. J. II. Couch, G. Treasurer; B. F.
Goodwin, G. C. of II.; J. Williams, G. p,
S.; O. S. Savsgs, G. R. A. C.
a a m m - da
I - I UI V fill I iitllllL'P?!. Llllti. KfHJ.lL JLllUG Till I - f
Tho Conservative Stato Convention of
virgioiamcitttBtauDtonooino ui ins.,
and nominated Col H. E. Withers for
Governor. Tho following is an extract
from his speech ou accepting tho nomina-
tion i
who lie slumbering so thick
around that fortress. I havo looked at
Charleston, scarred ami battered and
laid waste by shells: and there, too, 1
Vtemrtim tlin ntl'iit Itnml txf trnr T Mind I
hero to Richmond, and saw in tho black-
- - r j w
for tho distraction and the utter horror
with which my mind is impressed when I
consider tho effect of the adootiou of this
ot tho constitution replaced by this
miserable paicu woric wnicit uearaucs tnc I
oamo of constitution. rAnnlauso.l
I d "not eonnidpr it ncpoMarv tn env
mora than that I accent the position to
- - - - w j ' " j 1
1 ; .i
r::.t, r "
iw mo uuicc v uwu-ruur, m
. . .1. . .... .1 t - ' " 1 I I I
iu.ra.rcr u j .ww cm-
cos in tho awcrtion of their right to do-
. . . . . . fc f y.
illia rAppIause.l Mv proudest duty
... .1. " ,.r
tnc I
tr.mrtutt nntUr fat., rpt ..;, .Itft- t(,
cr Virginia heart. Applause. I ac-
. . -..j.-irt.., nd lctciabl rwci.
tniseraoic, auuscious ana uctcsiauio spcci-1
U)Cll &f tho banJiwork 0f carpet-baggers
and negroes." Applause.
Gkant axi Wasuhckne. Tl e eel-
cbralt-d Minnesota pugilist, Donnelly.
in his recent "mill" with Washburne,
said he could not acount for the fact
of Wahburne and Grant having liv
cu in me same cny, save upon ine
tneory 01 "compensat'on utnl nav-
n eiven the frond neon c of Galena
the 'bign man Grant to c
for the little man Washbui
- cr -c
rne. Had
I. . . ...
tempteu such a pointless witticism.
Old Grant says that "Ulysa had
tried iHrmint;, the commission bind-
I ncss. and almost everything else, and
was growing poorer every day; and
to prevent his becoming a vagrant, he
finally took him into his leather store
at Galena. And he ha been a "leath-
Icrhead ever since. The old man's
testimony relieves God of all rcspon-
..... , . '
sibihty as to Grant s residence in Ga-
lena, and he no doubt feels himself re -
ipondbl. for the other calamity.
nk wa lMtt, TK n.JUl
.. v....
Ul,aic Ior i-nmmeni, says mo xoio
1 r ...... ir -r. . - . i .
OUfuy v"ul mocrm, is ueiermm-
rn m l" "7WMW ft"au nu,' c"n,I''
Uim liU nnlW Tb f.i Jbftr1rt't
-"-i"-"' -f
Uorfcy of my own to interfere against
the will of the people.
Tin mht lifiv nA.ii.A- nnnmnrtn.
I' wiy aiBwjawv
ly "Here, Had, I make myself a tool,
'tis all that I can do."
1 -r- -r . . 1
papers which are so full of denuncia.
lion of tho project to pay the bond
holders in legal-tender greenbacks,
..'. ...
nave any imnS w say against paying
uie jarmer, uic mccnanic, uiu lauorer,
the soldier and pensioner in green
backs. That is all right, for none of
them belong to the privileged class.
The bondholder being better than the
rest of tho community, must alone
have gold for his debt. What an ad
vantage it is, to bo sure, to belong to
those persons who have this cxclusivo
Impeachment Again. Washington
telegrams of the 22d inst. stato that old
Thad. Stevens has prepared and will im
mediately introduce new articles of im
peachment against President Johnson.
Ho wants to perpetrate another million
dollar "joko" at the expense of the tax
payers of the couotry. Go in, old Thad I
Wo will let you havo a little moro rope
before you are finally brought up with a
jerk that will break the neck of the en
tire lladical gang. ; ; V
Don't be Alaemed. Somo of our
Radical cotemporaries, Bays the Ama
dor J9ipacA,!?appear to be terribly
afraid that Grant will be assassinated
by Brick Pbmeroy, , or somo other
member of the horrible Ku Klux Klan,
in case he is elected. You need not
bo at all alarmed, gentlemen, for if
Hiram Sammy never dies until after
he is elected President of these Uni
ted States, he will outlive Brick and
all the Ku Kluxes in the country.
Firs. -We learn that the principal flour
ing mill cf Corvaliis was destroyed by fire
on UM Saturday.
" Gentlemen of tho Convention, I have A m WA1. r.rrf)rtft(t tft h kn.A.
the dead
Chicaoo June 20.The North American
Sangerbund annual festival closes to-morrow
wilh ic'r,ic' f;b,h cry vXt,?WSKS
delegates from Europe are also in attendance,
The next festival will be at Cincinnati in
Ouverninent cfore the Supreme Court and
the Court of Claims.
. Andrew j. 5ioulder. to be Sarvevor
Qeneral of California.
Tl. PmaManf !. nonlonArl If Tfofi
MnW - aeiieral in the reM army daring the
ouse, the
fixes the
finer quali
Lies nr ri7uuvcvt truiu -v n ui. .mvnm jl v
not much chance in other kinds.
The joint resolution authorizing the
change of the mail service between Helena
treat? was denounced as an outrage and
swindle : evervrxKiv connected with it is
srnken ot as a thief ana a rascal. Jtesoiu
tions were finally passed unanimounlr, de-
. ... ..... .
"JTS ,,jal anZ "n? Uaa n7 "P" to ma,te
such ft treaty fur the benefit of a great
hj. n4 ch.rKmK that it was procured
tirt)Uj., eduption aD(j cxprciiing the wi-
1 . , "
emn opinion that it ougtit to do reject r,y
the Senate,
Wasuixcto.v. June 20.-The President
dJ the Arkansas Admission Bill,
ana the lloune this moraine pasei it over
to veto by 1( to 30.
Retrenchment Cooiwitteo on the sale of the
wbn nzuAd tl.m ih lWurlan Gciy-
eminent, state that they hare no doubt that
pi n 7.1:
They call upon the executor to prevent the
sailfngof the tcmc-Is for Peru, ai thy hare
been loaded with gun, ammunition and
other war material, provided that they intend
to vioiaie mo iniernaiionai oDiigauom 01
this country.
Lf)xno! June 20. The London Telegraph
has been condemned to pav JCOO sterling
for tho publication of a libel.
1'jtRis June 3). A noieinn requiem roasn
was perfortnc!! here on June 19th, in com
memoration of the death of Maximilian, it
eing the aniversary of his execution at
Oueretaro. The Empress Carlotta. Ucn.
ronon ana a larg numoer 01 Mexican.
were 1 recent.
Cluerr, editor of the Journal of Art. was
condemned to two months imprisonment
and a fine of l.UUU franc tor an article pub
lished in that paper.
li.E4Tti.AN0. Juno 21. Th teamer
Morning Star collided with the lark Crt
land, 30 milc from her, lat night. Kth
crafts were sunk, and about twenty person
aremittmng. The hnlance were picked up by
the uteamcr It. N. Rice.
A Denver telegram says that in a fight
recentiv at Apache bnnng. between forty-
ono stildiers and a hand of avsjoe Indian.
six of the latter were killed and one soldier
wounded. The Indians are reported quite
troublesome aliote Fort Benton. The Sioux
nre coHimiiun" numerous urnrcuauoio
Thry had driren JT a conniderabie amount
of stock at the mouth of MuMelhell river
"rer1 ch'TP' hf? hc ki,!cJ
and a number of lioats tired into.
Wasuinctox, June 22. In the House,
1 Lonsbride offered a relution that in the
iuTtaTiuSSM .h.mU
WwrRWiiw sua reuurtu 10 Riinipivsn u
un,rurro JBtem more easuy unuerft-a by
sitii iiiai iuc inierciii 01 ourucui snouiu tie re-
duceJ Rnd for thal r,urptM,ethe c..mmittco
ot ways ana Cleans no in-iruciea v prepare
rirovidn2 for the funding of the public debt
rato of interist
bv two majority
The report of tbe Conference Committee
on the bill removing the political disabili
ties from several hundred persons in the
Southern States, was adopted by a two-thirds
The Kentucky election case was taken up
and McKee declared elected to his seat in
the Senate.
The bill extending the time for the comple
tion of the railroad from tbe Pacific Railroad
in California to Portland, Oregon, was
parsed .
The Arkansass bill was taken up and
parsed over tho President's Teto by thirty to
Washington', June 22. The case of Sur.
ratt waj called in the criminal court before
Jud?e Wvlie to-dav. The Court thoreunon
ordered the discharge of the prisoner on the
indictment for murder. - Counsel for defence
not being ready the case was coutinucd until
next Monday.
The President to-day nominated to the
Senate Win. M. Evarts as Attorney General
and Edward C. Johnson, for Assistant Sec
retary of Legation at London.
Surratt was released this afternoon on bail
of $20,000. : . ;i
Efforts continue to be made by oertain parties
to procure the resignation of McCulloch, but
the President has given no intimnation that
it would be acceptable. The' relations be
tween them still continue friendly.
New York. June 22. A special Wash'
iugton dispatch says that Stevens has prf
pared and will to-morrow introduce mil
the House new Articles of Iropeachmenr
Boston. June 21 Tho walking match be
tween Woston and Topley was won Dy tne
"Equality- of Taxation.- Tho Cin.
cinuati Commercial (Republican) says the
people think more of the equality of tax
ation, at this time, than they do about the
equality v of races. The e Commercial
thinks the present political aspect is not
very .encouraging to the Radicals. H It
says: The issues which the Republicans
have of late made in the Northern elections
have either been carried by greatly re
duced majorities, or have been decided
against theme Ohio, by forty thqusans
majority, Michigan, by .; tweuty thou
sand, decide that tho strict political equal
ity of the whito and black races is not yet
to be established.
He who laughs at cruelty sots his heel
on the neck of religion.
i turn
That the mother of Commonwealthsr
old Virginia, great yet in her adversi
ty, is to recuperate, rise up and pros
per in the future, there is no doubt.
Her natural alvantages aro immense ;
in climate, location and resources she
is not excelled. Her products aro va
ried and her lands attractive. Emi
gration is going into her borders, not
only from tho North, from Pennsyl
vania especially, as we have noted
heretofore, but also from the South.-
An exchange rays 5 : u ,
The Virginia newspapers indicate
a movement on the part of South Car
olinians and residents of other South
ern States to remove northward, with
tho view of escaping negro suprema
cy. In Viminia thev find the whites
already in the ascendancy, and plant
arc on foot which point to large " ac
cessions of population in that State ,
from Southern sources. .The great ob
stacle to migration on an extensive
scale is inability to sell where they
are and to buy where they propose to- ;
go. Partly to meet this difficulty, ef
forts appear to be making in Virginia?
to induce the ofler of liberal terms by
landed proprietors; and these efforts
are not unsuccessful, if we may judge
by the reported arrivals of new set
tlers from points further South :;v
Think ovxe it. Whilo the honest
farmer, says an exchange, is d;ing with
out many of the luxuries aod even com
forts of home, to husband his meanf to
purchase the absolute necessaries and pay
his taxes, the high caucus of impeach .
ment is drawing annually $164,000 in
such "stationery" as the following s
Pantaloons, shirts, sharing-soap, alcahol,
bay rum, corkscrews, lemon-squeezers,
cologne, lemons, sugar, toilet powder, kid
gloves, etc. These are important articles
in "Loil" reconstruction! Think of
this, plain farmers of the Northwest.
Tho followiotr is the neatest wav to
tell the public that a man is drunk, cn
record, which is done by a Washington
correspondent cf the Cleveland Leader,
llad.,; who, in speaking of Grant, says :
-The General's face is a study to me, al-
ways wearing tut iou 01 paiD, as II an
invisible world pressed him down from
above. He walks as if stead vine: him-
e'f under this load." What do vou
think of that ? Isn't this delicate?
Council Proceeding.
TncasoAT EvexiN-o, June 25, 18C8. :
Council met, and roll called; presents
Mayor Xorcross, Couucilmen Carter, Driggs,
Parker and Chcadle.
Minute of the previous meeting were read
and approved.
A petition wu received, signed hj B. C. Daaal-
waj. Eckler, aad ethers sskios the CoaneU ta
cbango iha eoarte t f th stream of water raoaiax
tbroogb or near tbeir property so as to run down
the sides of Broadalbia streets; which petition wm
ordered received acd placed on file. -
On lEolion, Coooeilmen Carter. Drigjs and
Cbedle were appolated a committee to tares tigaia
the water course. '
Meiirs. Pattenon aad Carter proreated a till '
of ft 1,75 for labor done and material famished,
fur raisin erogwa!ss, which was allowed and aa
order drawn od the Treasurer for the sane.
Tbe Recorder presented a bill of $75 for asers
iog citjr and taking the eencos thereof, aad mak
ing tax list, wbici was allowed and aa order
drawn on the Treasurer for the same.
On motion, a committee of three, consisting f
Coonci'men Parker, Cbcadle and Carter, was s p
pointed Ut essmioa thelrdge across tbe ravico
on First street in 'ront of E. Rvbarts, and report
a plan of a cew bridge and the probabl cott ef
such bridgo.
Oa motion ad.ioamcd.
L TV. DOOLITTLE, Beoordcr.
At tbe Court House in Albany. on the 24th insl
by Judge Geary. Mil Job A. Sbkllst and Has,
6ar4h Ass Sims All of Linn county.
anon, on the Sutiam. Post tfice address,
loanon. J. W. MACK,
T9o451y : Co. School Superintendent.
Close Up About the Tint. of Sepienter I
Gallery intends departing for the East to
stuv:, those persons who are not supplied with first"
c!ts Pictures wculd do well to call immediately
and bare them taken.
JSifTbose persons who hare ordered Photo
graphs and hare not yet called for them, are re
specUulIy reqnested to call iniroediatetjsMid taka
them away. ,"' . , A. B- -
June 27, 1S6S v3n45tf.
ceived : a very large stock of '
by stea,raer from San Francisco. I will sell for
cash or merchantable produce, &t low prices., tzj
entire stock of Goods, to mass roora lot ccra.
Call and ee for yourtelyes.
sjr4v3nSStf , Cl t?re, AIHay.-

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