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Oor Portland exchanges last week
contained a detailed account of v ic-
toria Woodhull'B recent lecture de
livered in New York City, but the
utterances therein contained are so
utterly at variance with common de
cency that we refrain from giving
them an airing through our columns
believing, as we do,' that neither
the family circle nor society at large
can receive any benefit from their
perusal. The lecture was freighted
with the most nauseating and blas
phemous propositions which the fer
tile brain and corrupt heart of the
Woodhull could devise, and the lan-
As this document has arrived too
late for publication in lull this week
we can only find space for a brief
synopsis of its main features.
The President starts out with flat
tering himself and the world at large
that he has successfully executed all
the laws found upon the statute books,
without inquiring into their wisdom.
After next telling us about the gener
al prosperity of our country, as well
as the terrible calamaties by fire and
flood during the past year, - he felici
tates the people upon the successful
labors of the Joint High Commission
in forming a treaty between Britain
and America and urges upon Congress
the early settlement of the boundary
line between the United States and
British North America. He briefly
alludes to our friendly relation with
iruaire used cannot fail to shock the
more decent and sensitive class of Germany, and says he has officially
iHsonle. The doctrine therein pro- recognized the removal of tho Italian
K .
mulgated goes farther and descends
deeper into the 6lough of free lust
than we have before heard of ema
nating from the lowest class of "fre e
lovers." It is not only sickening in its
vile platitudes but insulting tqall
Christendom in its false, hell-inspired
charges and insinuations against Sa
cred Writ and the teachings of our
Capital to Rome and the annexation
of the States of the Church to the
Kingdoijf of Italy. He pats the Rus
sian Prince on the back for coming to
see him, and gives the retiring Rus
sian Minister, Catacazy, a prod in the
rear, '-just for luck." He says our re
lations with Japan are intimate and
hopes they will remain so as also
with China. He is satisfied with the
Inwlv Savior. It is a fearful ex em-
linWion ot the debasing influences punishment which the U. S. troops in
Arw1t !. railed the "woman move- flicte1 "PQ the Koreans, but is offend-
ment" which is really a "flauk move
ment" of the devil to secure a fresh
footing in those sacred places where
he has for the past few ? centuries
found his influences and teachings
losing caste. It is assaulting the
very citadel of the heaven-ordained
marital relation and is attacking hu
inanity in its weakest spots ; and it is
strange that the publication of such
indecent utterances can be tolerated
in communities which claim to be civ
llized, christianized and virtuous.
How the South is Kc-Kluxed.
A series of enormous outrages were
recently perpetrated on some of the
respectable citizens of Union county,
S. C, by persons belonging to the
army. A number of business men
were placed in durance vile on the
charsre of beinar Ku-Kluxed. After
locking them up, some drunken Unit
ed States officers and soldiers proceed
ed to the houses of their prisoners,
and, under the plea of searching for
the identical men who were al
ready incarcerated, they entered the
rooms of the ladies, making sad havoc
among fine dresses and toilet articles.
The most indecent language was used
toward the females, both by officers
and soldiers, and a large amount of
property was stolen. On the morn
ing following the commandant of the
post dismissed the prisoners, as no
charges could be brought against
them. After their release, the author
ities stated that it was "only a drunk-
n spree," and a notice was sent to !
ed with Mexico becauso she doesn't
repeal the laws establishing a free
zone on the irontier oi tne united
States. We are at peace with South
America, and he is glad Brazil is
emancipating her slaves. He urges
upon Congress stringent legislation to
prevent citizens of the United States
from owning slaves in tho West In
dies or wherever else slavery is rec
ognized. In relation to the Spanish-
Cuban war he says our naval com
manders in Cuban waters have been
instructed, in case it should become
necessary, to spare no effort to pro
tect the lives and property of bona
fide American citizens, and to main
tain the dignity of the flajr. He
wants Congress to make an appropri
ation to educate four American youth
in japan ana imna, to act as in
terpreters between our country an
those two. He also recommends
subsidies for steamship lines between
San Francisco, Japan, China and Aus
tralia. He says the National debt
has been reduced to the extent of
$86,057,126 80 during the year, and
by the negotiation of National bonds
at a lower rate of interest, the inter
est on the public debt has been so far
diminished that now the sum to be
raised for interest account is nearly
seventeen million of dollars less than
on the 1st of 3Iarch, 18G9. He reo
ommends a modification of both the
Tariff and Internal tax laws. He
urges that all taxes from internal
sources be abolished, except those on
spirituous, vinous and malt liquors,
the publisher of the Unionville Times it(j vuiom form8 and from
that, if he dared to publish anything
in regard to the affair, they would fire
the town and swing him to a post.
The Town Council have taken the
matter in hand, and the evidence, duly
sworn to, has been printed in pam-
stamps. lie wants greenbacks put on
a par with specie and a stop put to
gold speculations. After making
some unimportant suggestions in re
gard to the array and navy, he al
ludes to the enlarged receipts of the
phlet form and forwarded to Attor- Pogtal Department, and the
ney-General Akerman.
country that this is the index of the
growth of education and of the pros
perity of the people, two elements
highly conducive to the vigor and
stability of republics ; he also urges
the necessary legislation to unite the
telegraph and postal system of the
country. He attempts to palliate his
enforcement of the barbarous Ku-Klux
law and suspension of the habeas cor-
Impeachmext. A Washington
telegram asserts that a scheme is on
foot for the impeachment of Presi
dent Grant. The subject was under
consideration in the Democratic Con
gressional Committee on Friday last,
and will be further pursued at the
meeting next Wednesday. It is be
lieved that Montgomery Blair is at
the bottom of it. The main charge Pu" the South by a recital of the re-
will be for violation of international ported outrages, and then tells us that
law. nsnrnation of war nower and " in Utah there still remains a rem
connection with the attempted annex nant of barbarism repugnant to civ-
ation of San Domingo. That Grant illation, decency and the law of the
should be impeached for high crimes United States," which he says will not
and misdemeanor there is not a shad- be further tolerated. He recommends
ow of doubt; but that this rumor has liberal appropriations to carry out the
emanated in the fertile brain of some Indian policy and suggests the grant
sensation reporter of the New York 'mg of a Territorial Government to
Herald, we are fully persuaded. " Indians in the Indian Territory which
might, in time, be the means of col
If the Oregonian were to reflect iecting most of the Indians now be
upon the fact that the Democrat has tween the Missouri river and the Pa-
been the official paper of Linn county cific ocean and south of the British
for the past six years, and
was not materially benefitted by
the "litigant" appointment, and also
that it is the only Democratic paper
published in Linn county and that that
appointment was made to it as a matter
Possessions, into one Territory or one
State. He recommends that the pub
lic lands be regarded as a heritage to
our children, to be disposed of only
as required for occupation and to act
ual settlers. He says that the Acrri-
v wc x. -v,. "iwi cultural .bureau is working a great
surdity of charging us with having National good, and if liberally sup
been "subsidized" by the Executive ported, the more widely its influence
patronage under that law. There is will be extended and the less denend-
to the public no greater evidence of Unt we shall be upon the products of
the weakness of the Oregonian's cause
than the fact of its being thus forced
from the forum of argument and driven
to the arena of billingsgate.
That Hoxest Party. The steal
ings of the Bads don't pan out very
well this week, and we onlyiiave two
to report, viz:
F. A. Mardon, Chief of the Pen
sion Accounts, at Washington, is con
sent with the modest steal of $12,
O00; but Mr. Marcus, a high-toned
Sadical and City Treasurer of Phila
delphia, thrusts his fists deep into the
.money bags of that city and abstracts
Ihe magnificent sum of 6300,000,
which -will enable him to purchase
he prayers of some Lojal preacher
and the clemency of the' Joyal law
enforcers: ; ' .;?
Oh, Radicalism ! thou .art a jewel of
reatpreeJ i
Business in Mexico is entirely sus
pended because of the -Revolution,
foreign countries. He thinks public
officials are not paid enough and rec
ommends the increase ot salaries.
He recommends the removal of disa
bilities from the people of the South
under the 14th Amcndntentjas he" no
longer sees the necessity or propriety
of such disabilities. He commends
the Territorial Government of the
District of Columbia and recommends
liberal appropriations by Congress for
the improvement of Washington City.
He urges the purchase of real estate
and the erection of new Government
buildings in Chicago ; also the enact
ment of laws to protect foreign im
migration against impositions prac
ticed upon them by designing persons.
He says a civil service reform to cor
rect abuses arising from the dishon
esty or incompetency of public serv
ants is also desired. He has appoint
ed a Board of Civil Service Reform
Commissioners who will report at an
early day. He concludes bis Mess
age by expressing the hope that Con
gressional legislation "will be wise,
statesmanlike and in the best interests
of the whole people."
Wheat in San Francisco, f 2 CO.
Lots of fun skating at Baker City.
Portland has two women astrolo
gers. '
San Francisco had 62 deaths last
A' Eugene garden still has roBos in
Wood is $12 per cord in Walla
The militia roll of this State is now
A Eugener had to pay $25 for steal
ing a pipo.
Baker City revels in the luxury of
a beef thief.
A railroad is to be bult from
Denver to Salt Lake.
Win. II. Hawley, ex-Sheiff of Lane
county, died last week.
Very deep snow at Canyon City,
and miners are jubilant.
The project of a Republican paper
at Hillsboro is abandoned.
A Woman's Suffrage Society has
been organized at Hillsboro.
Eight men were frozen to death
near Fort Shaw, Montana, last week.
Passenger trains will soon run to
Cress well, 10 miles south of Eugene.
A fisherman at Oregon City last
week yanked out 135 salmon at one
The Portland reporters puff Mrs.
Duniway up bigly for her recent lec
A soldier shot himself through the
heart on Juan Island, lost week, on
A fellow named Sponge has taken
out the license aud absorbed a bride
at Salem.
Walla Walla expects to have rail
road connection with the Columbia
next year.
Yankee Flummer has gone to San
Francisco. "Fare-ye-wcll, Brother
Two women were arrested in Reno
Nevada, lost week, for murdering
saloon keeper.
It is asserted that Joaquin Miller
is to be married to a lady of the
Scotch nobility.
Three hundred dollars in gold coin
was used to guild the dome of the
California capitol.
Four Portland boys were mulcted
in the sum of $5 each for grossly in
suiting school girls.
A Portland lad was thrown so hard
from a horse that be was entirely
buried in the. mud.
Three more witnesses in tho Port
land Caruthers case have been im
ported from St. Louis.
The Corvallis Gazette editors have
been presented with a whole hog by
an admiring subscriber.
Wm. Shepherd goes to the Peni
tentiary for 3 years for robbing
Hanna's store at Gerriaa.
Stevens county, Washington Tcr
ritory, is divided and a new county
created, named Whitman.
The Lewislon Journal calls "Dead
Man's Hollow," near that place,
good place for settlement.
Only 50 rioters in the Los Angeles
jail at one time last week but it
wasn't a good week for rioting.
It is authoritatively asserted that
the Oregon Railroad will be finished
to the California line next year.
Dr. John Williams, a nigger.'paid
the Eugene Recorder $25 for gobbling
up another man's turkey gobbler.
California boasts the largest or
chard in the world. It contains
426 acres, and over 75,000 fruit trees.
A strap-gam ist and an ear-biter
were sent for one year from Portland
to the Hotel de Watkinds, last week.
J. Davis, of Portland, was fined
$100 for cheating a farmer in the
measurement of potatoes. Serves
Mr. Davis right.
Edward Reef, of aalem, took a reef
in something that didn't belong to
him and will make brick for the State
'or 2 years.
The Puget Sound Steam Navigation
Company will place two fine steamets
on the route between the Sound and
San Francisco.
A Chinaman charged with murder
in Los Angeles, was admitted to bail
in the sum of $500. Cheaper than
hog stealing up this way.
A flaxen-haired young man has
created a sensation in Grass Valley,
Cal., by appeanng oa the streets
with his hair done up in papers.
The Indians of Warm Springs Res
ervation now marry according to
civilized usages, and a record of all
marriages is kept at the Agency.
A Portland thief has got so low
as to steal a knife-grinder's machine.
If that place is not soon reconstruct
ed we fear it will be Chicagoized.
Wm. Warner, formerly of Co, D,
4th Ohio Cavalry, has a pension cer
tificate and $300 awaiting him at the
U. S. Pension Agency at Oregon
Mrs. Reefer, of Smartsville, Cal.,
has eloped, and her husband smarts
so keenly as to offer $250 reward for
her return in good order to Lis bed
and board.
An infernal scamp has immortalized
himself in Baker county by stealing
the only horse belonging to a deaf
and dumb man. Can human deprav
ity any lower descend?
The industrious Herald local has
dug up a pretty waiter girl in a Port-
and saloon who understands the
principal European languages and
has a classical education. .
Joaquin Miller is said to be writing
the story of the New Testament in
verse. . We will wager a new subscri-
ejus,iMujui. jmmt
a .... ... .
ter that be will make Satan out an
Injun chief and Judas- Iscariot a star
circus rider. Immortalizing com
mon place characters is Joaquin's
forte, you know.
The Chief of all the Piutes of Ne
vada, Young Winnamucca, has died
of consumption. If consumption
starts in on the Indians it will be
great saving of gunpowder.
A Salemite was last week foun
guilty of larceny, but was afterward
discovered to be crazy and was sent
to the Insane Asylum. That's a poor
way to get out of a bad scrape.
Mr. Jordan, the contractor of the
canal and locks at Oregon City, has
returned from San Francisco with
sufficient moans to enable him to
push his contract to completion.
Miss Carrie Moore is now delight
ing the Portlanders by managing
uery untamea velocipede, one is
said to le as great a velocipedostri
enne as she is a brilliant truck-roll ist
Rev. I. D. Driver was announcod
to preach in Oregon City last Sab
bath, "when a collection would be
taken up." This collection business
is a new feature with a Methodist
Portland has the champion loving
husband. He engaged two hotel
waiters, four coach drivers and six
watchmen to let him know when the
steamer arrived at that city with his
wife on board.
Mr. Wells, of Corvallis, advertised
for a deer, and in a few days after
ward one went into his park and laid
down, in answer to the advertisement
It is impossible to resist a newspaper
Territories, Utah, Coloado and
New Mexico, are now seeking admis
sion as States. The new Territory of
Pembina is also proposed. This
Territory is to be carved out of a por
tion of Dakota.
Polly Iee, the daring four-horse
equestrienne, well known on this
coast, recently eloped with and mar
ried a man named A. Lehman, in
Kansas. The event has nearly ruin
ed Lee's circus.
A stricken father and mother have
recovered $5,000 damages from the
city of San Francisco for the killing
of their littla girl by the street cars.
Little girls are sometimes A great
source of profit.
In Nevada county they are manu
facturing brandy from manzanita ber
ries. It improves with age. Sage
brush ought to be experimented with.
It ought to make excellent whisky or
gin for medical purposes.
The Gentiles of Utah are after
Brigham Young with a sharp stick.
Brigham is deserving of sympathy.
If you don't believe it, "put your
self in his place," you husbands with
one wife and a few children.
A young country fellow met a lady
teacher at a private residence in
Portland last Thanksgiving Day, be
came deeply smitten with her charms,
she dittoed with him, and they were
spliced in four days afterward.
Portland sports a negro boot-black
who speaks fluently French, Spanish,
German, English and Chinook; and
a Chinaman chambermaid "parley
voos" French and English, besides
several of the Chinese dielects.
The Went Side says: Died, at Mc
Minnville, of general debility and the
combined attacks of the press of
Oregon, THAT ROLLER which has
so long proved an eyesore to our
brothers of the newppaporial ilk.
The Yreka Union says that the wa
ters of the upper lake in Surprise
Yalley have the property of removing
from clothing all grease, pitch or
dirt of whatever kind, without the
application of soap or any washing
A 1 ortiand ciuo nas 'appointed a
committee to ascertain who are 'the
three prettiest women in that city.
They are bound to insult 3,000 Port-
and women by their decision. (We
understand there are just 3,003 wo
men in that city.)
The Gazette says "newspapers scat
tered over grain fields are the most
effective scare-crows yet discovered.'
We believe you. The West Side
would not only scare the birds away,
but the wheat and cows would never
come up" while a copy of that jour
nalistic small-pox was in the neigh
The following appointments of
Postmasters in Oregon have been re
cently made:
H. Goff, El Dorado; Baker coun
ty; W. P. Watson, Hood River,
Wasco county; A. L. Gordon, Mead
owville, Umatilla county; Mrs. Mary
B. Holmes, Peoria, Linn county;
J. B. Irvine. Scio, Linn county; G.
Wright, Union, Union county.
A tree fell on a dwelling house, at
Hereford Swamp, on the Olympia
and Ealama stage road, killing the
owner of the house and his two chil
dren and crushing the house into
splinters. The three bodies were ta
ken from the ruins horribly crushed
into an undistinguishable mass of
blool, bones and flesh. It is the
most heart-rending event that has ev
er occurred in that vicinity.
Among the many reasons given by
the weather prophets who foretell a
hard winter ahead, are these: The
wild animals have unusually heavy
fur this fall; beaver and muskratsare
building their houses very thiok, and
are laying in a large stock of provis
ions for winter; moss grows very
thick on the trees; hogs have thick
melts, and ducks and geese have un
usually thick coats of feathers, '
Tlie New York Sun, one of the
oldest Republican papers of the day.
in speaking of the chances of Grant's re
election says: It is certain that Grant, if
nominated, would fail to receive the
support of the best and ablest men in
the Republican party. The .popular
ity he attained through his military
achievements has been utterly destroy
ed by the discovery that ho is not
only unfit to discharge the high duties
that have devolved upon liirn in h
civil capacity, but that his personal
characteristics are such as to give of
fense to all decent people. His law
less favortteism, his excessive lovo of
moucy, and his bestowal of high o di
ces for presents ; his abject truckling
before the rich and powerful, and his
supercilious contempt for thu masses
who have placed him in power; his ai
rogant disregard of legal restrictions;
his encouragement of bribe-taking;
his suspicious connection with the
money-getting schemes of disreputa
bio speculators and adventurers; his
support of tho slave-traders of Cuba
against the patriots who are struggling
for their own freedom and that of
half a million of enslaved Africans;
his disgraceful and illegal action in
placing tho commanders of American
ships of war under tho orders of the
mongrel impostor Bacz, and his gen
eral recklessness and incompetency
have ail combined to produce a revul
sion in public feeling which will make
itself manifest at the proper time in a
most cfl'ectiittl manner. The ablest of
Republican statesmen feel the deep
humiliation of serving under a Presi
dent of so low an intellectual grade ;
while the great mass of tho intelligent
people of America are ashamed to see
the highest office in the nation filled
by a man who is so dull that to save
his life he could not write a common
place formal Thanksgiving prociama
tion in good English, and whose pov
erty of ideas is such 'that he cannot
make a speech of three sentences with
out rendering himself an object of derision.
Gleaned From the Ttlr;rapb.
Friday, Deo. 8.
The Missouri Radical Convention
will meet in Jefferson City on Febru
ary 22d.
The regular Republicans of Sew
York have repudiated the Greeley
Chicago had a distillery explosion
yesterday, killing one man and
frightfully injuring two others.
An unknown woman frozo to death
in au out house in Chicago yesterday.
Prince Alexis sent five hundred
copies of each leading New York
newspaper, of the day after his re
ception, to bis pa.
In the House a bill was introduced
to revue aud amend the postoffice
That part of the President's Men-!
sago recommending the union of the
er number, with cargoes valued at
$34,000,000, will remain bound en
The American Woman s Suffrorre
Convention held its session this even
ing in Washington. There was a
large attendance, including Senators
and KepreHentatives in Congress.
Connolly, one of the New York
Tammany thieves, offers to refund to
the city $1,000,000 and to turn State's
evidence against his confederates
The steam tugs Highlander and
Hercules were burned last night at
Kingston, Ontario. Loss $50,000
uninsured. One man was burned to
The entire east side of the public
square of Rockville, Ind., was de
stroyed by fire last night. The
north side of the same squaie was
burned about a year ago. Loss very
Monday, December 11.
Prince of Wales no bettsr.
There were 30 cases of small-pox
iu now xorK mm week'.
At Lawrence, Kansas, on Satur
day, Dr. Meddicott was convicted of
murder and sentenced to be hanged
Jan. 26th.
TuoBdav, Docomber 12.
Tremendous excitement prevailed
at Madrid, Spain, yesterday on re
cent of President Grant's message
relating to the Cuban difficulty. The
Government has resolved to main
tain a firm attitude. A reinforce
ment of 4,000 troops, two additional
Generals and four ironclads will be
immediately dispatched to Cuba.
Prince of Wales is sinking.
There were 106 small-pox deaths
in Philadelphia last week.
A change in the French Govern
ment is imminent. Theias will re
linquish tho Presidency in favor of
uuko a Aumalo.
The bill introduced bv Senator
Edwards to regulate the civil service,
provides that appointments to all
offices except Postmnsters and such
as are required by law to made by
tho President, with the consent of
the Senate, fchall depend upon open
competitive examination to that end
and that a Board of Commissioner
shall bo appointed for five years un
less removed by the President with
the coosent of the Senate.
A bill introduced bv Senator
Cragin provides stringent means for
the execution of the law against no
lypamy in Utah, and for a reoreaui
ration of the Territorial millitia.
Wednesday, December 13.
Ihei'nuce of Hales is liable to
die any moment from suffocation.
Cholera raging at Jiombav.
Small-pox increasinir in Brooklvn
New York Internationals resolve to
parade next Sundav. iu spite of the
police. A riot is feared.
Democratic Mnvor elected in Bos
ton by 3,700 majority.
A coal oil explosion burned up a
uouse ana umu at l'hiladelphia yes
G. II. Williams, of Oresron. is to
bo U. S. Attorney General in place
oi Akerman.
Over 250 bills were introduced ves
terday, among which was one making
foreigners elligible to become Presi
dent of the U. S. ; one to prohibit
intermarriage of whites and blacks:
and one to provide for the annexation
of British America and Mexico to the
Lnited Suites.
TAettng brighten tbey take Uitir flight,
The ohief of bl.ninjc U good health, without
wnicn notbing U wortU tho baring; it la al
way appreciated at ita trne ralua after it U
Hiit, but, too often, not before. Lira properly
ana cored ailment befora thoy baoome Mated.
ror diaei of the hrer, ktdnett, tkin. atom
ach, and all arinlng from impure or feeble
blood, Da. Walkkh'i CauronaiA Vmr.oAB
ihtteri are a aura and apeedy remedy. It baa
netrer yet failed is a ningle Inatance.
Following are tho price paid for produce, and
the prio at wbit-b other articlea are idling in
thin market L
WHKATWhite, ?0 bn.hcl $1 121.
OAT.i (9 buthel, 75 ct.
POTATOKfl-fl luhl. ft 00.
ONIONS Tfi t.i-.nhel, $1 001 60.
FLOCK hhl.$li 60.
IJEAX8 White, 33 lb, 4(fy& eta.
I)KIEI I'KCIT Apple, & lb, eenta;
Peairbea, If lb, 16 j eta.? Ploma, fj ft, 18o.j
Cnrrante, 9 lb, 10c.
JJt'TTKIl ft,, 60 ct.
EUUS 1p dozen, 4i eta.
CHICKENS -p down, $3 00.
Ht'OAIt Craebed, l ft, IS eta. Inland, ";J
. 1II2 r.tn.f dan Francisco Hollaed,
lb, Ui('(Ui eta.
TfcA Yoting Hrnon, lb, $1 60 ; Japan,
V tb. Mef'tjU 00 j isiaok, !b, 76(&$1 00.
COFKKK f, lb, 22fa,2S eot.
RAl.T-im, eta.
8YKCP lleary llolden, fl gallon, 00;
Kx. Heary Golden. f gall., (I 25.
BACON Ham. Hi, 14 eta. ; gidea, 12J eta;
ftbouldera. 7 eta.
I,AKJ l, lb, 12J ct.
Oil, I'eroe'a Keronene, Tgi gallon, 75 eta.;
I.inaeed Oil, raw, gall., $1 25 Lraieed
Oil, boiled, Y gall.. $1 60.
V, E K V Neat. i It., 0 eenU.
POIIK Neat, 6J centa.
SHEEP Motion, per bead, f 2 603 00.
State of Oregon, County of Linn, SS.
X ing 6 milee eat of Albany, near Knoi'a
Iiulte, tl following eotraya, tu-wit: Ooa red
eow and wbite exlf ; one red a'eer 2 yeara old ;
one wbite yearling ball; one red yearling heifer;
one red butt (pring acalf. All branded "T.
C." on left bio; earmark, lt in right ear.
Appraised by K. M. Power. J. P., ! 10th,
1871, at $74. M. C. CHAMBERS.
telegraph and poatofljce department
was referred to a hpecial committee
The following nominations, among
others, were aent to the senate to
day: Collectors of Custom, Fred.
Drew, for the District of Paget
Sound; Oeo. A. Edes, for Alaska;
Willard Warner, for Mobile: and
Chester A. Archer, for New York.
Assessors of Internal Iievenue, Jas.
Coly for Utah, and Wm. L. Warn
ing for New Mexico. Collectors of
Internal Iievenue, A. King for Neva
da. E. W. Ifennett. of Indiana.
Governor of Idaho; Marsh Ged
dings, of Pennsylvania. Commission
er of Agriculture; Geo. Bancroft, of
New York, Envoy Extraordinary and
Minister I'lenipotentiary to the Ger
man Empire. Consuls, S. G. Grif
fin, of Kentucky, at Copenhagen,
and W. 1 Lint, of Missouri, at Chin
Stevenson, of Ohio, offered a reso
lution by the Ku Klux Committee,
to-day, to extend the time in which
the habeas corpus may.be suspended
and to make every Ku Klux and ev
ery member of any other treasonable
conspiracy responsiplo, civilly and
criminally,, for the acts of his fellow
Saturday, Deo 0.
At the municipal elections in Snain
the Radicals have been everywhere
A desperate riot occurred at a po
litical meeting in Reading, England,
yesterday, in which many were hurt.
It in believed that the Prince of
Wales is dying. The Queen and all
the royal household are at his bed
P. A. Mardon, Chief of the Divin-
ion of U. S. Accounts, has been ar
rested at Washington for stealing
$12,000 of the people's money.
City Treasurer Marcus, of Phila
delphia; (a Radical) has been found
guilty on five counts in the indict
ments charging him with misappro
priating $300,000.
Senator Sumner is preparing for an
active fight to abolish the Internal
Revenu e Com missionership.- He will
be sustained by many leading Sena
tors. ;
The following is a list of Chairmen
of Committees elected by the Senate
to-day: On Elections, Sumner; For
eign Relations, Cameron ; Finance,
Sherman; Appropriations, Cole;-j-Commerce,
Chandler; Manufactures,
Hamlin; Agriculture, Morton; Mili
tary Affairs, Wilson ; Naval Affairs,
Craain: Judieiarv. Trumbiill? Print.
oflBces, Ramsey; Public Lands, Pome
roy; Private Lan4 Claims, Davis, of
Kentucky; Indian Affairs, Harlan;
Pensions, Edmunds; Claini3, Howe;
District of Columbia, Patterson;
Patents, Ferry, of Connecticut: Pub
lic Buildings, Morrill, of Vermont;
surveys, .Nye; .Facifio Railroads,
Sunday Deo. 10.
The telegraph operators of Eng
land are on a strike.
Canada Legislature is in session.
450 canal boats are frozen in on
the Hudson river and Erie canal. It
is thought a few of them only will be
able to got out, and by far the great-
To Ocu LEfSisLATOits. The eye's
of the State will be upon the Legisla
ture that assemble at Sacramento
next week. Don't drink it is the
bane of legislation. Governor Brown
of Missouri recently announced, in
letter which has been published, that
when he became Governor he made
up his mind not " to uxe anything in
tue shape ot alcoholic drinks." He
has stuck to the rule, and he means to
maintain the same attitude a per
fectly perpendicular one "so long as
he may bu charged with any adtmnis
. a w
iration oi public anairs. lie means
in this matter " to stand 'above sus
picion, and above even malignity."
.Let our .legislators follow the exam
pie of Governor Brown, and at the
conclusion of their labors our legisla
tors will leave a record behind them
of which they may be proud. The
New York Tribune thinks that a simi
lar resolution made by all public men,
with reasonable assurance that it would
not be broken, would go a great way
toward increasing tho confidence of
tho people in their servants. We
think that we are 'justified in saying
that tne enect in V aghington would
be at once magical and gratifying.
San Francisco Cirotiicle.
Ma-TTIal Law Preferred. The
Galveston News says, shat " in conse
quence of their defeat, the Radicals
are moving heaven and earth to have
Texas relegated to military rule :" and
it remarks that " while this would be
a breach of faith by Congress, and an
invasion of American liberty, still, if
there is no choice except continuing
the present plundering and murder
ing administration in office and a fed
eral military rule, give us the latter a
thousand times."
Martial law was once considered
the harshest of all rule ; but it seems,
from this, that-the civil rule of Radi
calism is somewhat a thousand times
worse. When the government pro
vided by congregss tor iexas is so
oppressive and infamous that the peo
ple ask for military rule, as a relief, it
? . j . t . t i i .
is a question ior me wnoie peopie 10
consider, whether the policy which
establishes such governments ought
not to be overthrown before it pro
duces thfc,ame - fruits - elsewhere that
it has produced in Texas.
The Democratic party in the con
tests of the current year has cast
more votes in comparison with those
thrown by the Republicans than it
has done at any election for the past
ten years. And yet. many so-called
Democrats want it to abandon its
name and lose its identity by the
adoption of a "passive policy."
The women's rights women of
Washington Territory resolve that
they will cut off their husbands' ra
tions of "wittels" if they vote forany
man who is opposed to their hobby.
Many ladies have ruined the shape
of their ears by wearing heavy, mas
sive ear-rings, which not only spoil the
shape of the ear by elongating it, but
also product headache and pains in
the fJce.
J unt ics Cimrt fur tm Precinct oft
cio, Mate oj Oregon Uounly of
Peter lieeler, plaintiff, ti. Jamea Tornl lire.
To Jamea Turnl-Ijje, defendant.
In the name of the State of Orrgon, yon are
bervby repaired to appear before the oodrrij(D
ed, a Justice ot the Prace for the Pre-ioct al-re-iaid,
en the 26th Hay of January, 1872, at oe
'clock in the aOernwa of id day, at tbe of
fice of aaid J out ice in aeid Preeinel to anawer
the aboee-named plaintiff in a civil action. Tl.e
defendant will take noti. e that if be fail to an-
w r tbe eomplaiot herein, tbe plaintiff will take
jadgment against bits for 2?,.2h in cold coin,
with intercit tbereon at tbe rate of on per
rent per month from tbe 14lb day of Aojn.t,
1871, until paid.
Pnblubed by my order, dated thie 11th day of
IseermiM-r. 171. J. It. MILLER,
b.AXIKt, GABY, Ju.tioc of tbe P. ace.
Att'y for pl'ff. nlSwft.
Decorating, ate.
. a give attention to all order! for Paper
bunding, CalceuJiniog, Dteoratiag, ka., in thia
eity or riainity. Ail work executed in tbe lat
ent ctyle, in tbe best manner, at tbe lowest lir
injr, rates.
eyOrders left at the Forniture Waremomi ef
Cliaa. Mealey. will reeeire prompt attention.
order of tbe County Court of Linn Conn
ty. Oregon, made thiaj 2nd day of November,
1871, tbe undersigned baa been duly appointed.
Administrator of the estate of Lewis Kinser,
dec-eased. Therefore all persona baring claim
against aald estate are notified to present tbe
same witb proper voucher at my offiee in Scio,
Linn eoonty, Oregon, .within six month from
tbe date hereof. DA5IEL OABT,
rol7nl4w4. AdministraUr. .
mi iriiuis is iikkebi GIVEN THAT THE
ij undersigr-ed ba been appointed by tk
County Court of Linn County, Oregon, tbe Ad
ministrator of tbe estate of Beoj. Y. Carter, de
ceased. And all persons baring claims against
said estate are required to prerent tbs fame to
tbe unflrri cnfl Inl wif.A 1. , -
' s ' hci iciuencv
In Linn County, within aix months from tbe date
bee. 1, 1871. 17w4.
"vroricE to the stockholders o
lf the Linn County Agricultural Association
There will be business meeting of tbe abore
Association a tbe Court House, in Albany, m
tbe Cm WwlneKlay in January, 1872, at tbv
hour of 1 o'clock r. w for tbe purpose of elect
ing seven directors, for the ensuing year, and
transacting socb otb-r bnsinoss a may eome be
fore Ihe meeting. MARTIN LCPER, Prea.
J. H. Eriaa, Bee'y. I7w4
Justice's Court for Vie Precinct of
Xcio, Stale of Oregan County of
J stun.
T. I. Goodman 1 Co., plaintiff, vs. James
10011-1;', Defendant.
T Jamei Turnidg-, Defendant.
In tbe name of the giate of Oregon. Ton are
hereby required to apprar before tbe nndtraign
ed. a J a. t ice of the Peace for tbe precinct afore
said, on the 2flth day of January. 1S72, at 2
o'clock in fie afternoon of said dar, at tbe of
fice of said Joatice in said Precinct, to answer
tbe abnre-oamed plaintiff in a civil action. Tbe
defendant will take notice that if be fail to an
swer tbe eomplaint herein, 'he plaimi.T will take
judgment against him for t-Zj.Oa in coin witb
mtcrci from Dee. 3d, 1870, until paid.
pnblifbed bv my order, dated this 11th day
of December. 1S7I. J. L. MlLLEIi.
DANIEL fl ABY. Justice of Peace.
Att'y for ITS'. nl86.
CEO. W GRAY. . D. S.
Graduate of the Cincinnati Den
tal College,
Sffakes Several Mew and Improved
Styles of Platea for Artificial Teeth.
Also dors all work in the line
of bis pr'esion in tbe best and
most approved method and at as
reasonable rate as can be bad elsewhere. Ni
Irons oxide administered tor the painless ex
traction of Ice to if deirea. Office in rarrub s
Brick Block un-stair. Residence, first bouse
south of Congregational Church, fronting on
Court House black. vnl7vl.
ordtr of tbe County Court of Linn Coun
ty. Oregon, made tbi 2nd day of December.
1871, tbe undersigned have been duly appointed
Administrator and Adminitratrix. mU't.
ncxed. of the estate of Eiisba Griffith, deceas
ed. Therefore all persons baring claims against
aid estate are notified to present tbe same, with
proper vouchers, at the residence of tbe Admin
istrator, near Brownsville. Lino eonm. Ore
gon, within six months from tbe date hereof.
it. j. i,. AVfcKILL. Administrator.
ELIZABETH U RI r F1TU, Adminielralrix.
born, Administrator aud Administratrix of
the esUte of James 31artin, deceased, having
this day Sled their nal se-ount of their admin
istration of said ertate and rendered tbe same
for settlement ; it is t'.eref.re ordered that
TwMay, the 2nd day of Jan., 1872,
at the Court House in tbe eity of Albany, is
said eounty and Stale, be appointed for tbe
bearing of objection to sorb final account and
the settlement of tbe same, and tbat notice
hereof be given by publication in tbe '-State
Right Democrat," s newspaper of general cir
culation in said county, once a week for at least
four sneeessire weeks prior to laid day.
By order of said Court
S. A. JOHS5, County Judge.
Xor. 13. I$71 nlawt.
Watciies, Clocks.
attention of tbe public to hi large and
eoinploto stock cf
GRAPE VXNES-Bett in the State!
Currants, Gooseberries, Slrou-berries, etc.
Roses, Dahlia and Balbs.
Which will be sold as low as first-class stock can
be afforded. J. A. A1IIAARD.
In the Circuit Court of the Stale of
Oregon for the County of Linn.
II. L. Knil-1 Jno. Dratuiu. pffl, vs. C. M,
Lee lZ.li. Lee, del'ts.
Soil to toreelo- morta-e.
To C. M. Lee, a defendant above named :
" ureMmcra me run i,i uregnn, yon are
berehy required to be and appear and answer
tbe etmplaint of tbe above named plaintiff.,
now on fii against you in said court, in tbe
above entitled cause, within tea day from the
data of service of tbi iten-iti upon you. if
served in Linn eounty. Oreg in ; but if served
in any other eouotr in tbe t-tate of Oregon, then
within twenty day from tbe date of ti,e Krvice
or this summon upon you ; and if served by
publication, then on the first tay of the aext
terra of tbi Court, which shall enasrseoee fix
week or more after te date of tbe first publi
cation hereof, which said term will commence
on the fourth Monday of March. 1S7J, and if
you foil u answer a above reqdrred. tha plain
tiffs will apply to tbe court tor the relief de
manded in the complaint, which is to obtain a
judgment of tbe court for tbe sum of $1,409 in
I'. gold et.io, with 12 per cent, interest tbere
on, from the 1st day of December. 1369 less a
payment of 0, Dee. 21. lSfiS. and the further
payment of 25. Jan, 11. Ih70 and for costs
and duburyemsnu ; and also a decree of tbo
court for?e!oirig a certain mnrtirafe. executed
by the defendant to tbe plaintiff.. Dec. 1.
ioo. vi KcnnTsm tDinau, ra lot So, z, ia
block No. 11. in Peoria. Linn eounty, Oregon.
Puhlisbed by order made in osn can V.,-
, 1871. by lion. B. F. Bonbam, Judge of said
court, whic h bears date Nov. 8. 1871.
Dated Nov. 8, 1871. GEO. 1L HELM.
Dli"6- Att'y for Prff.
J virtue of an execution issued out of tbs
Circuit Court for the State of Oregon for Linn
eounty, and to me directed and delivered, in fa
vor of E. B. Boshes, plaintiff, and against Ma
son D. Smith anil William Lewis, defendants,
for the sum of $3.Mt SI. judgment and cost of
suit, I bare tbi list day ot November, A. D.
1871, levied upon the following described real
estate as the real property of Mason It. Smith
and Wm. Levis, to-wit :
The south half of tbe south-west quarter, and;
tbe north-east fourth of the south-west quar
ter of section No. twenty-four in Township No.
fourteen. South of Range, No. one, West, con
taining one hundred and twenty acres mora or
le., in Linn county, Oregon, and on
Monday, the 1st day of Jan. 181 2 r .
at 1 o'clock, r. a, of said day. to front of tbe
Court House door, in the eity of Albany, Linn;
county. Oregon. I will aeli tbo above described:
real property, with the tenements and appurten
ances thereto belonging er ia any wise apper
taining, for easa in hand, in U. S. coin, at nub
ile outcry to the highest bidder.
Dated this 22nd day of November, mi.
,t . K- A. IRVINE,
,15w- Sheriff of Linn County.
Franolsco and now offer for sale, (at their
old stand, one door below Conner' B.nk, Al
bany, Oregon,) a full assortment of
Gent' Boots and Shoes,
Boy's Boots and Shoes,
Slippers and Gaiters,
JEGA liberal share of natronara ic rasninL.
fuuy solicited. 1 .
' ' vTnlfltl.
.u 5 th",. r A-Bury, deceased, bavin
this day filed his final account of bis adminis
tration of said estate and rendered tbe same for
settlement; it is therefore ordered that
Tuesday, tlie 2nd day of Jan., 1872,
at the Court House in the eity of Albany, in
said county and State, be appointed for tba
bearing of objections to such final account and.
the settlement of the an tue, and tba wotica
"T g,Ten bT Plication in tba "State.
Rights Democrat," a newspaper of general eir
eulation in said count', ones a week for at least.
four successive weeks prior to said day
By order of said Court.
v- ,S' A" J0HXS. County Jud-e.
Not. 11. 1871 n!5w4. 7 ,
will annexed, of the estate of John McNntU
deceased, having this day filed his final account
of. bis administration of said estate and render
ed the same for settlement, it is therefor order
ed that
Wednesday, the Sd day of Jan., 1872;
at tbe hour of 1 o'clock p. a.. ,t the Court
House ,n the city of Albany, in ..id eonnty ai
State, be appointed for tbe bearing of objec
tions to such final account and the settlement of
" ,..K. uuce nereot be given by
pnbjication in the "State Rights Democrat,' a
newspaper of general circulation ;n ,.a - ' .
four successive weeks
newspaper or general circulation in said eooatv
onne a week for at 1. r. .. . -v
prior to said day.
By order of said Court.
Not. 29, 1S71 nlflw4.
S. A. JOHNS. Con.f- T,.J
.i. '
. Tcnjpletan, defend-
xnine vrcun vourt of the Strte of-
Oregon for the County of Linn.
Perry Hyde, pi t Ts. J. B. Adams and S. R.
Templeton, deft. -
Aotton at law to recover money.
To J. B. Adams and S. R. Temp
ants above-named . . -
In the name of the State f Oregoa, ,o aro.
hereby summoned and required to appear in tba.
Circuit Court of the State of Oreron for tbe .
County of Linn, on tha first day of the nest '
regular term of said court, in and for said Linn
County, to be held oa tbe 25th day of March,
18, 2. and answer the complaint of tbe plaintiff-
! !u 2,T"?ntitled '8tion you on file
with the Clork of said Court, or judgment for
want of an answer will be taken against you.
Xou are further notified that if ... r.;i .
Pfir.,ud f nfwer M b0T0 qiJ. the plaintiff
?'JV2 Jua5n,ent gt you for the sum of
.8.74, besides tha cost and disbursement of-
Pablication ordered in "State Hi-bt Tw
erat" lor six weeks, bv B. K. n.. T. .
Dee. Sth, 1871. POWELL t FLIXN? "
Rlw? . Att'y ful pl'ff, -

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