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The Democrat,
The BestjPaper in the Valley,
One Year for Only $2.00.
F.ii ic ml at the H offlci- at Albany. Or , ai Beee-ad-t lasa Mall Matter;
BT1TEM MITTIKS, rabllsaers ad TraprUturt.
c i 'i.cvpyj3 ,ne "Official Portfolio of the Worlds
Columbian Exposition, descriptive of Buildings and
grounds, beautifully illustrated, in water color effects, will
oe sent to any address upon receipt of lOc- in postage
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W. F.
- t-
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Twenty (SO) Years Experience in Medicine. Sur-.r an i K t-'rir'tv-curable
cmm Gasran.ee t. offl 259 Commercial Street. MaJera. Onko'd
Sal III B.
Poor - Block? - in - Townsend's - Addition.
re Told
Yon So.
Good location. On the line of the New Motor line. For
prices and terms see Oregon Land Co., or S N Steele A
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J. Townsend.
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city. We would call the attention of our friend to the tact thai we are
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The Oregon
vVUn us home office J
SALEM - - - OI?.Ef3-03ST
"1 f tn flwdm nir.rL- rornpr 1 .1 bfrf V nnd t,,. . . tl i TJ .1
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b, trie -.inc.:. an! nraiasaional men of Salete.
..en time. Catalogue, containing information, w
Land Co.
'Jiuw: tiu:ci, urancn unite in i Mriian
Thk Propkr Thing. Kepresentative
eiect M A Miller has been investigating
the matter of the construction of a fish
ladder at Oregon City, and he infer ins us
that one of the representatives from this
county will introduce a bill in the next
legislature to make an appropriation for
this purpose. There have been two or
three fish ladders put in at these falls at
great expense, the legislature at one ses
sion ppropriating $10,000 for the con
struction of one, hut they soon washed
out. Mr Miller's idea is now to make a
passage way by blasting out steps in the
solid rock. In conversation with a civil
engineer in Portland last week he was
told that this would cost not to exceed
$3000, and it would be indestructible.
Tha people on the Columbia have here
tofore been opposed to a fish ladder at
this place, but having learned that the
upper Willamette and its tributaries are
the natural spawning ground for salmon,
their representatives will now favor the
measure. It is said that permitting U10
fish to come above the falls will benefit
the people of the upper Willamette val
ley to the extent of $50,000 per year, and
Mr Miller says the f.inn county delga
tion will de all they ran to secure an
appropriation for this purpose. Ad
vance. Not Bklsuaw bit Birkhart. Laai
evening the Democrat published an item
from the Rural Northwest in reference
to the wheat raising of George Belahaw
of Lane county. A paragraph reads:
"As indicating what It's skill, in con
junction with the favorable nature con
ditions found in Oregon, can do, is the
fact that wheat grown by him took the
first place both at the Centennial Expo
sition and at the New Orleans Exposi
tion " The truth is Belshaw's wheat did
not take the first place at the Centennial,
though he has been very cheekily claim
ing it for sevetal yeari. Mr C I' Hurt
hart, of this city, secured the first
premium for the best display of 15
varieties of wheat at the Centennial. ami
shows the Dkmocbat his diploma to
prove It. David Prettyman. of Polk
county, took the first premium for the
beet single bushel. It is time Belsbaw
quitclaiming a credit that belongs to
Line county, and at big ene, one any
coaisTJonity may well be proud of.
HcavxNLv FnuwoRKs. Vednesday
even here in Albany we had a shooting
star exhibition rarely witnessed here.
Hundreds of them at intervals were seen
dropping about. Little waa thought
about it at the time though. In the
east a more lively meteoric display was
made. A dispatch says: The heavens
were filled with celestial fireworks last
night, and those who kept their eyes and
minds on things earthly missed a beau
tiful and interesting display. All over
the sky bright spots and streaks of light
darting and streaming. They came from
all quarters, and darted in every direc
tion. Some gleamed suddenly and
brilliantly and suddenly wen out '.ike
the intermittent flashes from tropical
fireflies in the dark forests. Others
flashed across the sky, behind tbem a
streak of reddish light that often seemed,
to extend clear across the firmament and
last until the brilliant head and all were
swallowed up in blackness.
Hbndersox Guilty. William Hen
derson at Oregon City was last night con
victed of murder In the first degree. The
trial began after noon and consumed less
ihan Sve hours. Ttie evidence showed
that September 19 Henderson, Cy Suter
snd others were in a saloon in'Canbv
playing cards, when a quarrel ensued.
Names were callbj and the gime was
broken up, Henderson and Suter swearing
about cheating. Finally Suter aeeaaed to
conclude that he ou!d make up, snd,
coming across the room, laid his hand on
Henderson's shoulder snd said: "We
won't quarrel, will we?'' Henderson's
answer waa to slip from his sleeve a long,
sharp Lnife, with which he made a pass at
Suter. inflicting a long, deep gaah across
the abdomen, out of which the intestine
protruded. Suter seized a chair and would
then have struck him, but the bartender
prevented him from doing ae. Hender
son at that time tried to reach his back
with the knife,but failed. He then ran out
and passing by Dr Knights, told htm a
man was hurt in the saloon, and then
skipped for the woods, In which he hid for
-several days, finally turning up in Port
land, where he was arrested. Suter died.
Henderson it the man who put out Alex
Purdoms ye, of this city .and there is con.
siderable satisfaction among Purdoms
riends in seeing Henderson get justice,
though in another case.
A Tramps Expcrikxcc. Last Tuesday
evening a tramp tost the tips of two
fingers. His story for the accident is
that he was en route to Salem and at
tempted to get on the step of the last
coach. There is some gravel near there
and he claims his foot slipped on it and
he fell with his body partly on the rail,
an save himself he placed his right hand
on the rail and shoved his body out of
danger, the wheels caught two lingers
curusnmg tnem nat. ur Miorrey am
putated the fingeis at the first joint.
vooawra Jnaepenuent.
Wrathkb akd Water. Under a new
1 rrstem, local weather bureaus only receive
t Kspatches for the flag service when a
c hang e of westher it indicated, if there Is
r o slag the prevailing weather is indicated
1 "he river service is now of importance, and
d tspUyraan French makes daily reports
1 night the Willamette rose nearlv
tl tree feet: but began falling at 11 o'clock.
lo wering five or tlx Inches, and is now a S
fe et above low water mark.
Where From. The total number of
st odentt enrolled this term in the State
A grVcultural College it aao. Number of
fr. M scholarships, jo. Baker has 6,
Be n ton lay, Clackamas 9, Columbia 5,
Co o 6, Douglas iS, Gillian 4, Grant 1,
lai :kson 1, Josephine 1, Klamath 3, Lake
1, Lane 6, Linn aj, Marion 14, Morrow 1,
Mi iltnomah 5, Tillamook 1, Polk t;, Sher-
ma n 1, Umatilla 1, Union 14, Wasco 2
W. Islington 3, Yamhill 5, stale of Wash
ing ton a.
S maz.l R. R's. The following items
con cerning the business 01 short lines of
rail way in the states were obtained by
an x from the railroad commission
The Rogue River Valley Railway, whose
line extends between Jacksonville and
Med wrd, reports a total gross earning for
the pir tJZil. the road is o miles in
leng t'fc. Cost of road and euuioment.
$41,1 The Monmouth-Independence
Rail s-y whose 'ine is 2 miles in length
built : (between the towns of Monmouth
and Independence in Polk county reports
a tot. u earning tor ttie year 34o3. This
road wad equipment cost 422,702.
Am Asm,iJf d Transaction. The names
of tw vi former Albany people appear in
me 1 Knowing real estate sale at Asti land
O H IKlouirt tas bought the thirty-acre
tract 'Of 'the L Martin estate in the
soutl tern part of town; consideration
1370t L It includes ten acres of produc
tive rchard, good house and barn and
othei improvements. Mr Blount moved
into the house Inst Saturday.
A Shkep Ranch W G Brown, recent
from Portland now owns 800 acres of laud
nbqx e Waterloo, and will run a sheep ranch
on a a extensive scale. Jne buck slone im
port :d from J.Dgland by Ladd & Ke;d cost
$5onv He raises big sheep, snd will have
big band in the spring, though having only
ITS on his place now, some ot whi;h were
bro ug .t from Canada.
! 5 a La op Interest in a Mine. Harvey
M assev lias sold to Amos Strong of
Sa.lem. all his right, title and interest in
th.e Red Bull Mine, Santiam district, for
1168. Annual proof of $60 worth of
work is also made in the mine.
BuMNitss Chanoe. -H F Merrill hts
sold his entire lntesest in the Oreiron Ban
to S Barrows, Jav Blain and others
and has retired from the business. MrBlal
has sold to Mr Merrill in connection with
the transaction the First street property
occupied by A Beonicke. A president
and director to succeed Mr Merrill will be
ducted in due time.
Bklshaw's Wheat. From th: Rural
Northwest: Mr George Belshaw, the
famous wheat grower of Eugene, Oregon,
wss In Portland a short tim.- since and in
conversation with Col E W Allen, secre
tary of the state board of horticulture, in
formed him tha'. he now has the most
magnificent rollecilen of wheat that he
hat ever raited and that a re! ettate firm
In Eugene wat very anxious to secure it for
display in their office. Mr Allen Immedi
ately closed arrangements with Mr Bel
thaw to secure this wheat for the Oregon
exhibit at the Columbian exposition. This
collection includes 300 bundles and So
tacks of as many varieties of wheat.
Many of the bundles of wheat stand ever
;S feet high. Mr Belshaw hat bee.i en
gagedjfor many years In testing varieties
of wheat under a tyvtem of high culture
ond hat experimented with over 300
variettet in all. At indicating what hit
skill, In conjunction with the favorable
nature conditions found in Oregon; can
do, is the fact that whea' grown by him
too, the first place both at the Centennial
Exposition and at the New Orleans Ex
position He considers hit present exhibit,
however, superior to any that he hat
made before.
A Serious Mistake. An amusing in
cident occurred in a neighborhood near
this place one day this wsek and we
reproduce it as related to us, says the
Brownsville Times. It seems that a
certain woman overheard Jane Warner
say that they had no turkeys as the
bawka had been stealing them. The
"certain" woman went to Anderson
Hawasand told hi tu that Jabe said he
stole their turkeys, whereupon this gen
tleman waxed wraib.hia pot of irritation
boiling up and running over. In thit
condition he shouldered bis ira'e temper,
blew up his muscle, and like David, of
old. searched for a fine pebble.atd hast
ened to the flowery retreat of Jabe;
calling him to the door be immediately
hurled flie missile at him, striking him
in the face and slightly disfiguring his
countenance. At this Jake rushed out
and the two began a combat in true
pugilistic style. Everything was all
right when it was learned only a hawk.a
bird, had done the stealing.
Haxdsome Mowumbjct. Our corres
pondent at King's station on the O Prail
road, under date of Nov 17th. has the
following to say: "One of the most
beautiful and ever lasting monuments
ever placed on the classic hills above
Scio, was placed in the VV isener ceme
tery today to mark the last resting place
of the mortal remains of one of our old
pioneers the wife of Washington Crab
tree. It was of highly polished red beach
granite, with letters of pure go'd (not
bronze 'and a credit to the firm who put it
I. .. . L- ' . , . . . . 1 , .
nieie. c .iciiigon to oi Aiuanv ami
Rose burg, who are totting no more
fine work in western Oregon from Port
land to Ashland, than any one firm in
the state. If you waut a first-class job
every rerpect. at a moderate once.
have them do your work.' Scio Press.
Bete Sicab Factory. Albany has
be same opportunity mentioned by
Eugene Register: SKime parties in Ca1'-
fornia are desirous of locating a beet sugar
lactory somewhere In the WillametU
valley anfl parties in this city are in cor
lespondence with them in regaid to
locating here. The Board of Trade has
alto taken the matter in hand. The plant
for such a factory wilt coat about $300,000,
and it It not known what kind of Induce
ments they will want, but it is understood
that It is'rtot much. They wits want to
make contracts with the farmers In the
kiniiy of where thev locate tc raise from
hrte to five thousand acres of sugar, beets
for the factory, and experience has shown
that farmers can net froiTa fortv to seven! v-
five dollars per acre from their land In
raising sugar beets. Tests have been
made of the sugar beets raised in the
Willamette valley and they have been
found -to be of a" very high order. It it
for this reason that these parties desire to
remove their plant here.
Lebanon. Mrs Hindman returned
home from Albanv the first of the wet k.
She reports that Mrs Frank tiackleman
now able to sit a?.
Wm Winkler killed a big covote on
the summitt of Peterson's butte one day
last week. There is a fire-dollar bounty
on tbe scalp of this rant int.
M A Miller has received the hill of
goods from tbe Stark Medicine Company
ior wnicti he was to pay aso 11 tiarrison
was elected. Mr Miller savs helwill now
sell Oregon Kidner Tea. Henley's Dan
delion Tonic and Wisdom's Robert ine at
reduced rates.
Can" Davis has mvsterioualv diaau-
peared from Winchester, Douglas coun
ty, where he has been stopping with his
friend, R Davis. Both these gentlemen
are well known here, having former! v
resided at godavilie Advance.
Sao. We have heard TJ M tinkers
spoken of for the office of mayor, L W
Brown and K Shelton for recorder, J A
Bilyen. G W Taylor and T V Diller for
marshal and U B May lor treasurer.
Hainan Shelton and wife, of Alnany,
son-in-law and daughter of L I Bilveu,
passed through town Tuesday on their
way to Jordan. They were called thence
by the fact that her father was expected
to survive out a lew boors.
Married at the residence of the bride's
parents, Mr and Mrs M Bilyeu. near
this city. Justice of the Peace J C Simp
son officiating, on Thursday evening.Nov
24th, Mr Samuel W Dunecr and Miss
Annie Bilyeu, both of Scio.
Messrs T B Hanna and J 1) Cosgrove
have purchased tbe mill and site at
Dotyville, and have commenced remodel
ng the same and will convert it into a
first-clsss roller mill. The building will
be raised about four feet, G VV Taylor
having charge of that part of the work.
T J Claxton will be the foreman in the
millwright work. I'ress.
Lebanon's Papeb Mill. One of the
solid institutions of the county is the
paper miil at Lebanon- It is now run
ning steadily, with an output of seven
tons of wrapping paper a day. which
means an annual wholesale business of
over $100,000. The paper is sold faster
than manufactured and is shinned bv
the car load. About twenty five men
are employed in the mill. The paper
manufactured is really a superior article.
Everything about the mill speaks of per
manency, a fact of importance to Leb
anon and Linn county generally.
No Mobe 1ms Winter. The Salem
Rod anb Cun club has decided to hold no
more shooting contests for the beautiful
diamond msdal until next ipring. The
boys have enjoyed the sport considerably
and they are not a little lorry to postpone
the fun during a dreary winter. Out oi
the thirteen competitions for the medal
the following won: C D Gabrielson,
twice; F A Turner, twice; Chas Glenn,
twice! W J Jones.once; and B vV Harritt.
six. The latter has but to win the medal
twice more and then he will be its sole
owner. Sta'esman.
Improved Order Rei men. Last eve
ning at the hall of Linn Engine No 2 Mo
hawk InbeNo 1 1 Improved Order Red Men,
waa organized by bj l.adn Orett Sachem.
Eighteen members were "adopted" and the
following officers were elected: L M Curl.
Sachem: L Vierick, Senior Sagamore. W E
Glllet. Junior Sagamore: C II Dalrymple,
Lhielol Kecordt:J Giblin, Keeper of Wam
pum; rercy Kelly, I'ropnet.
J efperbbn . Miss Pauline Looney
went to Albany Thursday.
Steve PhilUpi arrived frem Southern
Oregon with 3 car loads of cattle, 2 ot
sheep and 1 of hogs-
The Davis Quartet Club of Albany gave
one of their entertainments in this city
last Saturday night. It was first class
in every respect and deserved a much
better patronage than was received.
Liberal Reward. We desire a copy
of the States Rights Democrat of each
of the following dates: Sept 20th ,
1800, May 13 and 20, 1892, and June
3rd. 1892. Will pay a liberal price if
j handed in a lew days.
Miss i.ui a Cambell.'of the Brownsville
schools, la In the city.
Emperor Norton, the veteran news
paper man, was In the city today .
Thote who have not secured tickets for
the firemen's ball tonight can obtala them
at E U Will's.
G W Kixer it s candidate for postmaster
of Priaevllle, snd mskes the announce
ment In the News.
Mr Seman Meyer, of thit city, appeared
in lull uniform today as a ewsrran on the
Roseburg local.
Mr Claud Strahan, who is attending the
State Univeatity, r. me up to spend
Thanksgiving today.
Proft Blost, Horner and others, of the
Agricultural College, tret in the city thit
noon on their way 10 Brownsville to' hold
a Farmers Institute.
If you would spend an evening pleas
antly go to the old U P church tonight.
A live program will be presented snd s
social lime had. Ice cream snd cake, 15
Licenses have been issued for the mar
riage of f dward V Howard and Mrs Clara
E Thompson, and for the marriage of
jimucl W Dugger, aged 18, and Ml
Annie Bilveu, aged 16, both of Sclo.bclng
the son and daughter of T L Dugger and
M V Bilyeu.
Prof C F Howland and wife arrived in
Albany today from Highlands, New Jer
sey, and are the guests of Prof Lee. a
former schoolmate of the farmer. Prof
Howland has been engaged to take charge
of the commercial department of the
college He it an experienced teacher In
thit field, and a popular man.
O C McFarlaud went to Salem this
license ha been issued for tbe mar
riage of C W Beard and Emma Irvine
Mrs aon heeler is confined to her home
by IUr.es t, and it about the tame at she has
been for a week or two.
It was a vtnr stormy night for Thanksgiving-
The firemen's ball, though, is
pronounced a social success, though tbe
attendance waa not large.
Mrs J K Weather ford haa returned
from her trip to San Jose, Calif., accom
panied by her mother, Mrs Cottle, who
will make Albany her home.
Bert Wright.of Lebanon, who is attend
ing the college here, spent Thanksgiving
at home. He paid an election bet by
walking home, and it was a terrific day
too, and no end to tbe mud.
F sf Miller returned this noon from lows,
where he had been In reatxntc 10 a dispatch
announcing" the dangerous illness of has
mother, whom he wat glad to find improving,
and hence returned home to attead to bos
Vetterday Thomas Coltmao, whose sap
posed alias was thought to be GcoghsgAo.
and who was thought ta be the man who
:ruok the blow which killed Dr Cranio,
donned dtuent' clothing, stepped forth from
the Oregon state prison, sad was free to go
where his pleasure prom-led him.
Tbe entertainment at tbe U. P. church
last evening waa an iaterestiog affair.
Besides a large amount of eocialibilily
and some games, tbe following program
waa presented and enjoyed: Song, a
md lev bv ouartet. Geo Act.eaon. D H
McCullagb. Mildred Burmester and Mrs
Nutting, encored: recitation, "Tbe fire
Thanksgiving Dinner." by Mim Mary
Yantis; vocal solo by Mrs F P NotUug:
recitation, "Tbe Innocent Drummer, or
Miss Ava Baltimore.
Mrs Wm A Hanphrey i.sic teriosaly
ill at her home in Albany.
Superintendent Wm M Hoag, of the O.
p., and the Wm M Hoag were la the city
today, the latter making it first return
trip down the stream.
Charley Miller wat a passenger on THars
day evealag s train from Albany, ca route to
Yaqolna City, whets he will occupy the re
sponsible posi'.ioo oi Agent for the O PCo.
Wm Morgan, of Crostsy and Seattle. Wash,
is ia tbe city, vtssting old friends, alter aa
absence of several years. lit tad Waa N
Miller, altos former resident of Albanv, own
adjoining cranberry ranches.
Miss Sadie Cohen, tbe accomplished
daughter of Mr Phil Cohen, leaves to
night for San Francisco, where her
brother Manny resides, to spend tbe
winter, and receive instructions in vocal
Judge McBride, of tbe Circuit Court, is
prompt in his decisions. A aaan named
Wright, a witness in the Henderson
Murder case, being in the court room
drunk the' Jndge promptly sentenced
him 10 the county jail lor thirty da) a.
Tbe -ien Francisco Chronicle gives a
romance in wbicb a Bailor, William Ste
vens, fell in love with a young woman at
Yaonina lta v now In Albanv. a vear aeo-
He has just' returned from a sutxesejul
whale voyage, nod is on his way to this
city after his br .de.
The Chrysanthemum tea given by the
ladies of the Congregational church, at
the wCTU Hall last evening was a
bright affair. Tbe hall glowed with the
flower that reigns in tbe fall, and even-
thing waa neatly arranged, tea, being
served on small stands, and orders msde
from a written menu. The meal was a
delicious one and the service of a nature
to make it the more enjoyable.
Announcement. Having severed my
connection with the Albany nurseriet, 1
take this opportunity of tendering my
sincere thanks to all former patront and
friends of the above nurseries lor their
liberal patrenage. I am still engaged in
the nursery butlnett, having ocated jut
across the river, in Benton county, one-
half mile west of the Albany high steel
bridsre on the Rainwater donation claim,
where I sm growing at fine a lot of trees
at can be seen In sny nursery In the WH
Ism ette Vslley . Trees for sale this fsil st
the nurserv. alto at my tre- vard In AI
banv Awaiting your furtht. orders, I am
Yours truly.
I A Hyman.
P ronrletor of the We Side Nurseries
W h kn yeu come ts
Went fall te visit
The druirsrlstt They carry a large and
.btdce stoca, d drugt. patent medicines,
etc Prescrint ons arc always careiuny
and ptomptlv attended le.
It will
Pay yeu.
Reinem that F L Dumoot dm guar
ant c fit. andtewt pottlble coming rips n
clothing bought of hit ttore. Overcoats jatt
Call and sea new fall dress goods at W
F Read's.
Twenty Per Cent Discount.- For
t o weekt only on all millinery bought at
IbA M Hrushs'
See our bargain counter.
W t Rkab.
The Uncut litis- oKpocksc knives in the
oity at Stewart ft Sox a.
The Portland Collection Agency has com
manoetl several nil" to cnllaot accounts for
G L Blackman. Pariies owing him should
settle their accounts and save costs.
Before buying your winter ttoek of boots
and shoes and rubber godt go to Klein Bros,
Albany, and get their prices. They will
and can ssve you monsy on every pair. It
in a pleatare to them to thow goods.
Large stock of white goods aodfembroid-
eries at W F Read ft Cos.
Come and tee that beautiful Exposition
u by gists sirs at JOrsdwbol'tbasaar.
The international monetary conference
convened at Brussels on Tuesday. The
fcllowigg nations are represented: A us
tria, Hungary, Belgium, France. Germany,
Great Britain, Greece. Italy, Netherlands,
Portugal, Rumania, Russia, Servia, Spain,
Sweden, Norway and Switzerland. The
purpose of this conference is to adopt a
policy among the nations by which an en
large! use of silver may be secured. It is
to be hoped that the conference may be
able to agree upon plans by which the pro
duct of the silver mines may be utilized as
a legal tender money.
Beerhaet. tbe Belgian prime minister
ami minister of finance, who opened tbe
proceedings, said in his inaugural address
that the conference had been called to dis
cuss one of the gravest and most complex
problems modern society ever had to face.
He extended, in the name of tbe Belgian
government, a moat cordial welcome to the
delegates. After referring to the monetary
crisis during tbe past century Beerhaet said
it was in tbe direction of an international
understanding that a solution of tbe mone
tary question was now sought. This, he
added, It in accordance with tbe taw of
progress. Numerous such understandings
had already been arrived at for tbe regu
lation of tbe common interests of tbe civi
lixed world in regard to telegraphs, rail
ways, weights and measures, and why
should not the same course be followed in
Ue ease of money. It was fitting tbe
deliberations of the conference should take
phos on the soil of a country belonging to
Latin union, but it was for the delegates of
the United States to pot forward tbe views
of their government and explain bow it
was proposed to carry tneae views into
effect Beerbeart advised Lbs delegates to
enter the disci stion without being too
greatly tsBf rested by tbe prospect of mas
ting tbe silver for which appeared to be no
employment. Montafiare Levi, as presi
dent of tbe conference, followed Beernaert.
Levi said he accepted the honor of presid
ing over tbe deliberations, knowing it was
intended for Belgium rather than himself. 1
He referred to tbe numerous attempts made
the monetary qusation, mention Log
especially tbe British gold and silver com
mission of a distinguished above all
otbe.- similar bodies by its eminently prac
tical character Tbe worst feature of the
present monetary site stion was its insta
bility. He hoped tbe conference would
sink individual interest, and keep in view
tbe higher interests of the great human
Hob K Terreii. I'nited States minister to
Belgium, replied in a few formal words on
behalf of the American dale gates. Tbe
r inference then adjourned until Fridav.
Tbe official canvass of the vote in New
Jersey shows what little basis there was
for tbe republican attempt to raid that
stead fas state.
Mr Cleveland's plurality is 14.885.
against 7,149 in l&3-or more than double.
Tc- total democratic twss it IT). 473. n
increase of 19.000 over ly. Tbe republi
can vote is iTsj.-'94. an increase of 14.000.
The demerraU elect six of tbe sight
representatives in congress, securing tbe
member gained under the new apportion -
Tbe compact little commonwealth across
tbe river may be set down as a rock-ribbed
democratic state.
The democratic party of tbe whole
try may well rejoice over tbe fact that a
democratic president has been elected out
side tbe state of New York. Had that
iate voted for Harrison tbe democrats
would still have had a comfortable major
ity in tbe electoral college. It was not a
wholesome political condition when one
presidential election after another, with all
their stupenduous consequences, butig
upon the carrying of one state. It distort
ed the relative importance of states and tbe
relative importance of parry leaders, par-
hap, and the greatest and most far reach
ing significance ot luesday t victory is
that it loosens the clutches of New York
upon tbe throat of tbe party and transfers
political control to the sunset side of the
Alleghanies. It means an emancipated
party, a disenthraled west.
Tammany did lis work well. There seem
to be no two opiniens about this, and its in
fluence was wide spread and far-reaching.
Had it halted or hesitated the Democratic
party throughout tbe Union would have been
discouraged aad such s fight as we have made
would have been impossible. From the mo
mtnt thst the nomination of Mr Cleveland
was made unanimous by the Chicago Conven
tion Tammany revolved to bend all ot its en
ergies to 1 he work of electing him, snd to It
quite st much if not more than to any or-
eaniznion the Democratic success of Tues
day Is due.
The complete official returns of the
entire state of Illinois show tbe following
For president-Cleveland 425,822, Har
rison 395,785.
For governor Altgeld 420,369, Fifer
Monteflore Levi of Belgium has been elect
ed president ol tbe International Monetary
Conference now in session in Brusssls.
According to tbe Sin Francisco oaier
the Cleveland electors in California will have
about 400 plurality over the Harrison elect
Probatb Recorb. In estate of John
M Stanley. Wm Foley waa appointed
administrator. Bond, 1000.
In guardianship of Helen Spencer
second annual account was approved.
Iu estates of Ephraim Turner, Henry
Ingram and Geo H Keener, reports
sales oi real property were approved.
In estate of J 8 McKechni,flrst annual
account was filed and approved.
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It is probable that New Mexico and Ari
zona will now be admitted to the union as
It would have been wiser perhaps to
make all the sparsely populated territories
wait for a time, but that was not done.
Montana was adrniitad with 132.159 inhab
itants. Idaho with 84.385 and Wyoming
with but 60,705. Simple equity entitled
New Mexico and Arizona to admission at
tbe same time. The population of Arizona
ii almost exactly that of Wyoming, while
New Mexico has more people than Wyom
ing and Idaho combined.
But a republican congress desired to
strengthen the republican bold upon the
senate and tbe electoral college by way of
preventing the people from turning that
party out of power. It therefore admitted
those territories which were believed to be
securely republican and kept out tbe demo
cratic territories. It is only fair that tbe
latter should now lie admitted.
In point of population Utah has a still
better claim, Tbe figures for that territory
are 'J07,'j0.i. exceeding those of any of tbe
ail states last admitted except South Da
kota. Utah is also supposed to be demo
cratic, but there was tbe additional excuse
of polygamous practices on tbe part of tbe
Mormons. That objection was once sound,
but it is teas pertinent now. Tbe Mormon
church has apparently surrendered to civi
lization, and Utah will tsow probably come
into tbe union with a constitution in har
mony with the country's ins'itutions.
TH I'rJtsloS l-RRIL.
Oa tbe 1st of January nest there will b ua
the pernio 1. real full 1,000,000 names.
The appropriation for the payment of pen
sions whack Congress it expected to make st
the coming session is Si 86,000,000.
These figures are startling.
They show that the pensioners are in the
proportion of nearly one fo twelve to the vo
tert o( the nbol Union . And this for a war
that ended more than a quarter of a century
They show that ibe cost of the pension
Bat absorbs moss than 40 percent of the na
tion's revenues.
The pension Its coats gi 10,000,000 more
than the entire expenses of tbe Government
in the year before the war. It has increased
$160,000,000 since 1877, whea the war had
been ended a tsecn years.
The Bomber of psusiuusit on the 1st of
aaaary will almost eqaal the regular stand
ing armies of France and Germany com
bined, which contain 146,000 men.
JJTHe cost of the Hsr exceeds by $73,000,000
the snail cast of tre great standing army of
overtaxed Germany. It exceeds by $56,000,
aeo tSc cost of the standing army In Franca.
Under the reckless ingenuity of rapacious
claim agent snd tbe partisan zeal of a cor
rupt Pension Commissioner the list is in
creasing at the rate or $3 53,000 a month. If
not checked the cost for 1S94 snU teach the
eaorasoi.ttiam of Jj30.06j.oool
Thit carnival of wtoag aad robbery mast
The pension list mast be purged of
its frsad. At tt stands !t is an impeachment
of the patriotism of the men wno saved the
Union. It hat been made a roll of duaaeor
against the earnest ptoses! of honorable to' -dsns.
Every name added to it by the pres
ent Commissioner is tainted with a snsptciots
of unworthiaeu.
It win be the doty of the Democratic
President and Coag.est to revtss the pension
list in the Interest alike of deserving
ana aad of aa imperilled Treasury.
One of the first measures to be considered
at the next session ef congress is previsiosi
for the dafaSancy which the pension ex
peodi tores are creating. It appears that
these expenditures have increased nearly
sixteen millions for the first three months
of this year over those for the correspond
ing period in 1391. At tsis rate of pro
great there will soon be a lamentably large
hole to Sll up.' It looks as ii the deficit to
be provided for at the winter session would
not fall far short of $36,000,000.
How long must this odious system of
bleeding toe nation be kept up? Why does
no some one arise with measures which
shall put a stop to wholesale pillage that
beaefits no veterans, but is absorbed by
frauds and worthless parasites?
The men most St to decide as to the
details and methods of tariff revision are
those leaders of the reform movement who
have for years made the matter a subject of
careful study and who are in close touch
with the people. A committee, formal or
informal, composed of such men as Car
lisle. Mills. Crisp, Springer. W C P Breck
inridge and Wilson, of West Virginia, and
the other leaders on the democratic aide in
the house and senate, would do more than
any other commission of outsiders could do
to prepare a safe program for action.
Ralph Lane and his companions, of Sir
Raleigh's Virginia expedition, were tbe
first to carry tobacco into England. They
learned from the Indians to smoke it in
Indian fashion, by drawing the smoke into
their mouths and puffing it out through
their nostrils. Raleigh adopted the prac
tice. and many distinguished men and
women followed his example.
Southern papene say that this country will
raise all the rice it needs this year, for the
first time since the war. Prices are expected
to rule lo .
The Gaudaloupe bees lay their honey In
bladders of wax about at large as a plgeon't
egg, and not In combs. The honey never
bar Jens and is of an oily consistency.
Great year lor t.e C's Cleveland, Coanec
ticut, California, Chicago, Campbell, Croker
Corbett, Choynski, Christopher Columbus
and-wetl, Christmas will soon be here. It's
a great year for crow, too.
The admission of Utah, Arizona and New
Mexico ,o the Union is now but a question of
a ihort time. Thit will mean tix more Detn
ooratic Senators.
sTts 1 . mauiiia
For the benetu of a number of inquiring
Republicans it can be stated that lion Wayne
MaeVeagh it feeling very comfortable.
It still remains, true that except In the pe
culiar cases of Lincoln and Gran no Presi
dent in office hat been re-elected since Jack
son's time.
The official vote of Missouri for governor
gives Stone, democrat, 265.144; Warner re
publican, S35.035; Leonard, peoples, 37,876
Zobietki prohibitionist, 3,393- The vl ,or
Cleveland it 368,618; for Harrison, 226,762.
The official count of the state vote of Rhode
Island ahows ths following result; Bidwell,
1565; Cleveland, 34,335; Harrison, 27,069;
Wenyer, 217. '"he plurality 1734-
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