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-Bemorcat iTf' HJ aT fl7 Si itVttf 1 s4at The Democrat,
VOL XXvni.
K.tere.1 at the Pas ..titer at albaay. e.CUo Mall MUM
Mr. Willet F. Cook, Canaioharle, N. Y write :
" Awoke one
Tried various
went tii mvfdRp tk. n.in
became insufferable: went home at n o'clock and used er
JACOBS OIL; effect magical, pain ccjscd, and at i o'clock went
Tk ; cure permanent,"
morning with excruciating puns in my shoulder
rcuera ror suuucn iiauis wiukui eneet
to worl
Littls Rapids.
. . .. M' auffered with such intense neuialgic pains In the face she thonatit .h.
a&ta BwlwaWW tTjACOBS Oil. and U careS hereto
W. F. READ & CO.
E have the freest and mat. oMrfl;,..
GOODS, ETC., eve shown in Albany.
,00D3 suitable for HOLIDAY trade.
IE have reduced the rat, is
Call and see what we can do for you. We want
your trade.
GENTS for Butterick's pattern and Warners
IE also earry a full line of Henderson's Red mtMak
house shoe, the bast child shoe in the work1.
fOURS for I usiness.
W. F. READ & CO.
Albany ,
- s-
- i-
We are general agents for tha celebrated Myers Forca
ana juiit romps, also the Kumsay Jfoice and Li t rumps.
Wa guarantee these pumps to give perfect satisfaction or
no saie. we also guarantee them superior to any otaer
pump in the market.
LIf yo pump 4o not fail to
examine our stock before -purchasing.'
ill and
We Also carry the largest stock of Farm TmnlmAnt.
and Vehicle to be found in the valler. Oi v us .1 fa
857 Snd A Kits. wort li t, Albany, Or
Rupture, Asthma
Hr's, Shimp & Houser.
Specialists in the
f'emale Diseases
treatment of all form oi Chronic, Catarrhal, Nervous an
Twenty (20) Years Expeirieueei la Medicine. Marzry and Ktejlrr't
earable esse. Ot1.rao.e9l. Offix, 259 Conmi.l Street? iTl.m. Oro
Four - Blocks - in - lownsend's - Addition.
We Told
Yoa 80.
We ToW
fen 80.
iGood location. On the line of the New Motor line. For
prices and terms see Oregon Land Co., or S N Steele fc
u., agents.
J. Townsend.
a a hi
Samuel E. Youngs
A Intellectual Addr ess, Anothar
big house greeted Roland D Grant.to hear
his lecture on the "Making and Breaking
of Nations." It was a matterl effort and
displayed great research and good gener
alship in presentation. The subject U one
of much interest at the present time. The
speaker began with the prophecv of Noah
that the race of Shem would furnish the
religion of the world, Japhet the enlarge
ment and Ham the service, and this has
been true. Ills shown even In the ar
chitecture of the world, as well as the
laneuaae and color of the nem!,. Th
speaker once stood at the arch of Titus in
the forum at Rome and saw the relics of
many nations that had been made and
broken, and traced Rome in its wonderf u
growth and in its downfall, caused 1 at bv
tne sword but by a failure to assimilate
the masse?, necessary to growth. Then
he traced the history of Russia, with its
scattered population, and forced asslmita
tion of eighty different peoples; France
which cannot colonize; Germany, Intel
lectual, military, but without colonUing
Pcr, or inose tor assimilation ; Spain
the land of dream?, Iialv, China and lapan
Kngland with Its assimilating faculty , built
uToiAngits.saxnn., Komans, Danes and
-ormns; the V . .S. made up of all
tongues and nations, so big that it dates
not nerd to colonize Can we digest the
mats, is the creat Question The tni.r
lasting nations of the earth are Great
Britain. Russia. China and the U S an.l
tha universal ianeuave will be thai
Japhet, traced through tha Aryan and
unauv mro cngnsn. Trie speake - men
tioned some of the dangers to nations, as
cheap citizenship he favored 31 years
ieiucnce oerore voting rum. and mo
nopolies and combinations af all kinds
He favored an aristocracy of virtue, and
closed with a tribute to the Am. which he
would always have free from aolitfcal or
winer names, a nag tor ail at all limes.
without disfigurement. A greater literary
treat is not otten enjoyed.
ihe inext LEwIslatl-re. The legis
lature meets lantiarr o The reeanlmla
Hon of the joint baKot shows 90 members,
of which 54 are repuolicans, 28 democrats
and eight are citizen's, people's and dem
ocratic fusion, but there is a possibility
the republicans may lose one vote In tht
house, as an Eastern Oregon representa
tive (republican) has resigned and the un
official count of the vote of the special
election shows a tie between demderatic
ana repudllcan candidates. It will uke
an official count to settle It. Should '.he
rspublicans lose this one thev will still
have 37 In the hcuse to the dimocrats' iS.
in the senate they have 16, th democrats
11. Those mentioned for president oi
the senate are Edward Hirsch. of Salem,
and C W Fulton, of Astoria, with the
majority apparently in favor of the Marion
gentleman, for speaker of the house, J
A Wright, of Union, O F Paxton and W
1 Keady, of Multnomah, and ex-Sneaker
f. T f- . . F . .
"cer, 01 ji anon, are in the race. Ex
mem am a. Mehama has a graded
scnooj, two churches, two Sunday schools,
two prayer meetings, a Y P 8C E society,
v n. rv post, a Ladies Aid Societv
womans Relief Corps, a brass band.
11,-... .
u,c, oruvr store, general mer
chandise store, wagon shop, blacksmith
shop and a hotel . It new wants a grist
mill and tannery. Any person wishing to
oui:a either will have tne land given to
them to build on and a fine water power
wmm uiuc expense, rersons going to
miil have to fo to Stay ton a distance of
ten miles. And a tannery built htre
would be within easv leach of a fine prnve
iicihiock iimoer.
Mrs Maitin of Albany was in town Sat-
uroay inspecting 'he Relief corrs. which
sne reports In uood shape Cor Salem
journal .
A Back Ni mbb. Martin McCandiess
77 years old, and never saw a railwat
train until Nov 15th, 1892. at Wciser si a
tion. says the Signal. Mr McCandlMa
arrived here Irom the north that day and
bought his ticket o Piitsbuv. Penn In
course of conversation the agent learned
mat ne naa never In his lone life vet seen
a railway train. He left the states before
railroads came to this country and cin
then he he has been back in the moun
tains engaged in minine. Mr MCar.dle..
h a very pleasant and intelligent old
gentleman and one can hardly realize
that he is such a back number. His as
tor!ishn.nt 'when he first looked at a
modern train of cars it impossible to de
scribe It beau Rip Van Winkle. He
goes home, as he says, to stay after an
absence of more than a; years Baker
City Democrat.
The Coming Electio. The reput
es n primaries were heir" last evening
and resulted as follow1
first Ward For Councilman T F
Conn ; for member of Central committee,
II - T- .
t i. 1 wcaaie.
Second Ward For Councilman the
nomination as left 10 the Central com
mittee; member of Central committee. J
R Wyatt.
Third Ward For Conncllmm P R
Marshall; W H Huston for member of
Central committee.
The republican convention will be held
onight. There are five candidates for
Marshal, H A Crowds r. I A
George Burkhart. A B Lacy and Jos
Reese. E A Parker will be nomlr.ated
for Tieasurer.
The democratic primaries wilt be he! 1
Friday evening and the convention Sat
urday evenine. A warm contest is
promised on Mtndav.
B'o Damage Siit. A short time since
D Sanders who lives near Mvrtle
Creek, had a log to roll over his leg,
while working in the woods DrLw
BrowD, of this citv. and annerinUndnt
of the Myrtle Creek Minine Comoanv.
was called to wait on the unfortunate
man, and proceeded to amputate one of
the injured legs. Now Sanders has sued
Ur I'.rown in the Douglas county circuit
court for malpractice, in the aum of
$11,000. The case will be heard at
Roseburg next week. Drs J Srailty, F W
Prentice and A Sharpies have been sum
moned as experts in the case. J W
Hamilton will represent the plaintiff and
W R Willis and L F Lane the defendant
A Doo Case. II it is not one thing it
is another. A few weeks ao a young
man, living this side of Jpflr mem Inat a
valuable dog. Recently he learned that
tne dog was at Farmer Snnwa. If Unre
claimed it followed him home. The dog
was demanded but snow put in a bill of
$25 for keeping and training the canine.
Thereupon a suit in replevin was brought
against Mr Snow for the dog. and Sheriff
Jackson secured the dog yesterday after-
mvvu, "u ue is now eaiely incarcerated
in tne countv in i 1 awaitinv a triol 'for
A Midnight Sekvick At mianiaht
Tnursday the M E church was filled with
Masonic iraternity and their friends to
witness the .funeral ceprmnnipa of tho
Scottish Rite bodies over the remains of
T McF Fatton. The church w In alw
solute darkness, except two dim gas jets
... 1 .j v vus viu which gave tne
whole a sepulchral annearancB Raah
Scottish Knight bore a lighted candle.
With the beautifu music and impress
ive ritual it was a service not often seen
and once seen never to be forgotten.
Salem Journal.
A Bio Dicbbas. Dr H A Davis' 1000
acre farm, recently sold for $21,000,men
tion of whicL was made in the Democrat,
lies in Linn county, on the Southern
boundary, between Harrisburg and Cs-burg-
It was purchased by a colony of
new comers, who will add materially to
the population of Linn county. For in
stance there are twelve children in one
family and ten in another. Prune rais
ing will be made a specialty, but general
agriculture will also be followed.
A Lono Lime A Tatuma dlspitch reads:
John Lawrence, of Portland, manager of the
Sunset Telephone company, says tonight
that the company will build s long distance
telephone line ftom Tacoma to Spokane next
year. It will be about 400 miles in lengtht
the longest line on the coast. The longest
present line is from Tacoma to Albany, Or.,
via Portland and Corvailli, a distance of 248
:T1Th A WtTTINC.Fabltsker and PraBrlelars;
NO 19
Lane Co. Doinus. Morris Levinger
has resigned as agent for Wells, Fargo A
vjo a express in Jbtigene, and Heorgs
Wnitney, who has been In the office as
assistant during the past vear, has been
appointed to the vacancy.
Cieorge I'ark, at an early hour this
morning, being nnder the influence of
red liquor, after he had been thrown out
ol the saloon of Withrow & Hailiev, foi
making a disturbance, proceeded to de
mollHh a $20 plate glass in one of the
doors. In so doing he rut one of his
hands considerably.
At Cottage Grove yesterday, O K
Smith, landlord of tho Depot Hotel at
that place, and IT G Walker got into a
dispute over a bill when Smith struck
Walker, who pulled out a knife and gave
his antagonist a slash with it over his
head, which was cut quite badly, and
down one side of the face and nck, and
enueu up tne stroke by some means cut
ting himelf in one of his legs- The
wounds are not of a dangerous nature
vtalkerwas ariestedon a charge of an
assault wits a dangerous aeapon.
Ou Timers . For the last six months
the Southern Pacific Railroad Company
has been concentrating all of its broken-
uown, worn-out, superannuated engines
at the yards in West Oakland. There
were engines of all sorts and conditions.
of every make and of varions degrees of
oeauty. borne looked as though they
were as good as any that now make reg
ular tripi. Others were ramshackled,
rusty looking affairs that seemed to have
come from the bottom of the sea. In all.
nearly 100 were gotten together and were
placed on various sidetracks in the varda.
wherever there was room and where they
would be out of the wav. Eeervnne was
absolutely worthless, so far as the pur
pose for which thev were originaliv built
was concerned. One dav last week a
gang of men went to work'on the old en
gines and blew them op, one by one.
with dynamite, in order to Bet the old
iron and brass in saleable shape- Rural
Paonars Matter. In the estate of
-ancy Martin, final account filed and
allowed. S U Irvine, administrator, di
In estate of Elizabeth -I Sherfv. final
account set for January 4th.
In xuardianshiD of Mvrtle smltirar
arietta, Marv E Iavi was atn-intd
jtuaruian. uonds, 5.XJ.
in estate ol Alfred Lerov Kee . renorta
, i . : - .
01 ssic 01 real property made.
In Euardianthio ofJoaG MrCnno ft
ai, aceout hied.
In estate of Caroline L Rurkhar; F It
nuranan and V M Kurkhart wt-re an
j .... . . . . r
iwinieu administrators on giving under
takings in sum of $30,000.
In estate of John M Stanley, bond waa
u leti and approved tor !0iX.. wm Fol
ey, administrator.
In guardianship oi Mary Zenier et al,
petition for an allowance was granted.
At J-ast. It looks as If the Indian
depredation claims presented bv residents
of thislocaliiy, which have been hanging
fire for a long time and have occasioned
the visits ol several government agents to
Pendleton, will soon be settled by Uncle
Sam. It is reported that several parties
are receiving vouchers, which, alter being
duly signed, will be followed bv warrants.
The names ol two were learned Last
Saturday. Frank S Landry re .-rived a
youcher for $941. During the Indian
war of IS7S the :edskins destroyed his
hause and all its contents. He was then
residing on Owen's creek, about midway
between Willow Springs anc Beasley's
mill. Mr Landry fauod it convenient to
be absent about the time the Indians
made tneir informal call. G I Richardson
is also In receipt oi a voucher. He will
be pid about Sjoo lor property which the
si washes confiscated. Pendleton R. O.
Among the Robbies . tin C Bush
nell, ol this cltv. was a aassenve on the
Northern Pacific t.-ain that was held up
near Rock Springs, Wash, last week. She
war returning home from E! enshurg.
She states that the first sh- knew ol their
presence was when they placed a pistol
before her, and on seeing she was a wo
man told ler to keep still. They did not
rob any ol the lady passengers. J he
negro porter was near her Wrtn and w nen
the robber told him to throw up his hands
he was badly frightened and put up but
one. The robber shouted to throw up the
other one and the felio fainted and fell
on the floor. There was contiderable ex
citement In the car. but It was sown over
with. Eugene Register.
List or Patejctb granted to Pacific
States inventors this week, renorted h
C A Snow A Co., solicitors of American
and foreign patents, opp V S Pafnt
Office, Washington. DC: A D C:Dlin.
Oanland, Oal, hose reel : W S Dillon.
Portland.Or.automatic station indicator;
I H Ecker. Portland. Or. furnace: V K-
pel, San Francisco, Cal, measuring can
ister; J Globie. Spokane. Wash, car
coupling; WR Hewitt, San Francisco.
Cal, lazy tong gate ; C W Metcalf, Santa
Paula, Cal, centrifugal honev extractor;
KEMorey, Oakland, Cal, machine for
forming berry baskets; E M Reese.Kanta
Paula, Cal, wooden vessel ; I Tulloch,
Angels, Cal, concentrator ; W a Turner,
San Francisco. Cal. street or station in.
LEBANON. J B Thomrscn has tenia taken
chsrge of the St Charles hotel. Bud I homp
ssn has gone to bonsekeepiog In Dr Court
ney's house.
J W Bishop, ol Hamilton Crtek. is feast-
ing on green peas of the second crop. He
brought us some tbis week. Mr Bishop alw
has some fine radishes and turnups. The
speak volumes lor oar mild climate.
Mrs Martin will remove from Scio and live
with her lather, I K Charlton, this witter
A Ti'RKtv's Stomach. "How much"
asked Dr Stanley, coming Into a crowd.
will the stomach of an ordinary lurkev
hold how much water?" gome guessed
a pint, some a pint and a hall, others a
quart and none higher tnan a quart and a
halt, 'ihe doctor's son Charley, while
dressing a thanksgiving gobbler had
cleaned and filled with water the stomach
ol the bird and on measuring the fluid
found it to lie just seven quarts. Dailas
Officers Ixectbo. Albany Lodge,
No. 4, I O O F, at lis regular meeting
last evening elected the following officer.
for the ensuing term :
K I. Burkhart, N G.
John Reese. V G.
TJ Stltes, R S.
A E Parker, P S.
J Gradwohl, Treasurer.
G F Russell, timer Hendricson and 1
C Littler were elected trustees.
After adjournment R L Burkhart. N
Q. elect, Invited all the members tors
pair to the City Restaurant to partake of
an oyster supper.
Beownsville Ticketh. The following
two tickets have been nominated in
Brownsville for Monday's election :
The Peoples' ticket For Mavnr J V
Cooley; for Counctlmen, SA Gentry,
Charles Howe. W B Blannhard R N
Thompson, R H Grover, James Shea;
lor Kecorder, b P Barger ; for Marshal, F
ai rowen.
The Citizens' ticket For Mavnr T k
Pillsbury ; for Recorder, 8 P Barger ; for
-ouui;iiiiien, b a wener, it 11 Urover.R
a xiiosupsoD, w i Jiiancnard, Charles
Howe, JMBilveu: for Treasurer. C V.
Stanard; for Marshal, W W Waters.
BioGame. Messis Frank KumhannV,
Dick Pyburn, James Mimer and son returned
from tne mountains Tuesday, where they have
been m quest of game. They succeeded in
killing 29 deer. They also captu'ed a large
bear in a trap, but "bruin" was too strong,
consequently he made his escape. Wm Le
will and son, R Fletcher and Lincoln G
have also retuned from toe mountains. T
killed 24 deer, Brownsville Times.
lOtlAL ASB I'mniUl
Mr and Mrs A K Chapman have re
turned trom their trip cast.
mr i-ani tosiei, wno recently went to
lacoma, to reside, has teturncd ta Albany
and will make ibis city his home.
Frank Dannals and wife and Mr Hed
ley, ot Albany, are in town this week
The bovs aie finishing up I)r lones rest
uenre. sotiaviue Ktc.
Charles Piper passed through this cltv
last night en route for Albany, to attend
the hedslde ot his m"Hier. who is dancer
ousiy 111. saiem ami sman.
, f T .1 . I
Jennings, ine rsrcri uairvman r
lUlscy, U in the city, booking for a fe
blooded Jerfeys regis .-red. H already
nas seventeen.
Dr Fuller Is In California for ih benefit
of his health, Mrs Fuller Is In McMtnnvilie
attending to a sick daughter, and Mrs
Humbert, another daughter, wilt Se In
Albany tonight to keep track of her
brother, ihe live young clerk In Conn &
1 v . . it, ton a.
Mrs W U Huell is quite il'. at her home in
ims cny.
S W Paisley, the wholesale tebacco deal :r.
01 ror: land, is in the city.
Jaa McCain, district attorney, ia sick
at his residence in McMinnville.
License has been issucl for the marriage
of W C Miller and Miss N M Peery, both of
i.'no County.
I I Mann and Jobs llolman went to
Sslem this noon to attend the funeral ot
T. Mcl". Pittoo.
Mr Buck, of this city, will render
vocai solo at an entertainment in Eugene
tomorrow night.
air Walter Ketehum returned yester
day from Ashland, where bit family will
remain lor awhile.
David Scott. P. M. at Fox Vallev. I L
berry, a prominent Kreitenbosher, and
rienry suesens. ex-foreman ol Albany
Engine Co No 1. now a randier, came in
trom tne front on last night's O. P.
The female students of Ann Arbor.
Michigan, have adopted a rainy weather
costume winch tusgnt be profitably imi-
laieo ov urecon laoies- it consists ot a
"high water" skirl instead ol reaching
10 1 ne sons 01 tne shoes, it reaches onl
half-way from the knee to the ankle and
long gaiters serve to supply the deficien-
ey. u mis r-aeiume were adopted In
Oregon the rainy season w ould lose half
its terror to the fesnaie heart. Ex .
License has been issued lor the marriage
of John A Anderson and Amelia A Buerd,
and Wesley Kfbbey and Anna Kibbey.
W L Jester, formerly S P agent at tki cily
is now agent for ihe Not Sera Pacific at Kent,
be: ween Tacrsna and Seattle.
Henry Pape, jr. aad family are at Jack
sonville from CorvslUs and it Is said will re
main. Asbtsad Kecori. Who will ran
the Leader then.
C A Dolph and O N' Denay, prosauieat
citizens c Portland sod well keowa through,
out ihe country, arrive ia Ashland Kiidav
ani en la it.e alternoon tor a stav at Jo tge
Toiaas eclebaated vspor serines Ar-
ij-.o Kecotd.
Mr A D Bsrker, the accoapKsbed bag
gage man at the S P depot is iast ol age ia
the service in Ibis city, bsvir.g begun check
ing baggage here at years ago this month.
The West Side ssys Iw I.eco Sn.ith. the
msnagerof the Kicks poo lodtaa Medicine
Co. intends investug qilte larveSy in Port
land realestate, and will n make his
home there.
Judge Blackburn ol U' city a one oi
the many candidates mentioned 'tor Rail
road commissioners, Regavidlesa of
politic his appointment souk) be a good
one. I he old commissioners should re-
tire. Rotate.
J O Khinehsrt expected to arrive here
Saturday or Monday next as a irprescnuilve
of a large California grocery concern to slat:
a branch store here. It is also stated that In
company with his b: other. J B Rhinehart,
hey ill cpea branch bouses ta several other
Oregon cities. Eugene Guard.
Those who are engaged in Cabinet making
lor Mr Cleveland appear io have no objic
tion to working overtime.
Mr l.,ease hss a chance to become distin
gu'shed. He rosy become the first husband
ol a United States Senator.
I ne official vote of Colorado Is; Populists-
Democ'ati, 5J,e8a; Republicans, 38,614; ana
rrohibltlonuts, 1,677.
Th official returnee of Minnesota sret Re
publicans. 112,736; Straight DemxtaU, 100
179; -straight Populists, 30.398; Populist
Democrats, 107,077; Prohibitionists, 14,079
Some of the Republicans seem to feel
great deal of pity for David B Hill. It Is
sau waste of raw Sjatarial Hill his ne...
iad any pity f the Republicans.
The sb..!ition of John I Davtmort w til be
one 01 the lirst measjies of economy underU
ken by a ri.-mocr!ic Congress and adninls
tration. Johnny is not rsac'ly a COstly lax
ury, oj a colly nuisance
e 11 an bare the tin when Cleveland
goes in. Capital JosmW.
Ana it wi.i not be bogus tin gotten up lor
campaign purposes only, either.
Is i. likely thst Mr Depew woulJ do bet
ter in 'be domain ol biography tnan In the
field of politics. A series of vol antes from
Mr ler oa "Typical Americans" would
nnduabtsjly find a ready sale In all ihe
book stores
Patker Bros, grocers.
P. M. French keeps railroad tiro
Bay yoor groceries of Parker Bros
Piae groceries at Coon & Handnceati's.
Latest sheet music at Will & Link's.
Haw cream cheese just received at Conrad
P J Stnilev job printer. Flinn Block, doe
first class work.
Smoke the celebrated Havana Meal S cent
cigar at Julias Jcawph's.
Dr M H K'.'.i. nhvtiosn and sar.-eon
Albany, Orer.i "H -nsl h oit) or
oonbtry .
WitbhU new Lsksry Cnra Uy
able to offw old 1 i mw custnnsrs av
thing rirstclsss iu baked goads.
A targe stock 'of pruning shears nd pro ri
ng baoea,(tbe beat made, just received at
Stewart ft Sox'a. Now is the tiM to ess
Remember that F L Do moot does guar
antee fit, aad sews possible eomiog rips n
oiothing bonght of his store. Overcoats sold
at 10 per oent discount
Call and see new fall dress goods at
F Read's.
1 went y Per Cent Discount.-For
t ) weeks only on all millinery bought at
The bnestline ofjpockstj knives in the
oity at Stewart ft Sox's.
BeAVTiret Homes. Beautify you
home and make It attractive with Hybrid
Perpetuals and other choice roses, old and
new varieties of Japanese roses and shrubs.
Orders taken for the above and all kinds
f fruit and ornamental shade trees at J
A Hymen's, 115 1st St, Albany Or.
Permanent Branch Lai'hdrt. 4
branch office of the Salem Steam laun
dry has been established in Albany. All
work will he collected and the laundried
articles delivered at Salem prices. Ne
other expanse. All work guaranteed.
Orders may be left with Osbom Davy,
permanent agent and solicitor for Albany
Ashhv e Carse, 'Real Rasate, 80, Wash
ngton Street, Portland, Or.
xben Bahy vraa slca, we tnvc her ( 'unions.
When she was a Child, she cried for Castorta,
When she became Miss, she clung to roKfona.
Then she had ChiMi-cn. she iravo tbein Cantons.
Stewart & Sox sell?thsvry featl paten
shears snd scissors.
Mr Julius Oradwohl informs tie general
pablio that he has received advioea from San
Francisco that angar has declined half a eent
per pound on all grades and coffee has ad
vanced. Mow ia the tims buy sugsr.
bargains at Read's,
Farmbrn 3. N. Steele ft Co.are now pre
pared to maka loans from 1 to 5 years in
amounts from 8200 to $10,000. Call on, or
w. ile them at Albany, ( Ire. j
Improper aad detcientre of the scalp
will cause grayness of the bair'aod baldness.
Esoape-both by tbe use; of that reliable
specific Hall's Hair Renewer.
We areigoing to put the iprioes down to
1 cash and sell for cath only. Allen Bros.
Klein Bros sell no shoddy stuff, but sell
boots and shoeamade of leather.
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Washington, Nov aS, 189s
Tbe extra session pendulum swings back
ami loru from day to day. last week for
a time it seemed that tbe sentiment in
favor of an immediate extra session was
overwhelming among prominent democrats,
as for several days about sitae out tt every
ur ucsaaaors arm reiTeemauve mat ar
rived and were willing to express a decided
opinion were in favor of an extra session
tbe earliest poevib'e moment. Then
there was a change tbe other way, about
the same percentage of arrivals opposed an
early extra session, although many of these
W r.-c.. t r,n eaafj extra session think it
would be an advantageous saving of time
to call as extra session about September or
October. If a poll of ail tbe democratic
senator and representatives now in Wash
ington were taken on the question of an
early extra session, it is extremely doubtful
ssts w -1 lasjfttsMjori'y. rer.:v
divided has the sentiment become.
Hon Chaancy F Black, of Pennsylvania
president of tbe National Association of
Democratic Clubs, is here to confer with
Secretary Gardner as to tbe association's
future work, particularly that relating to
to the campaign of l&6. which he say is
efresuiy commenced. Mr Black called at
tention to tbe manner in which the Walker
tariff of e46. which was one of the most
satisfactory the country ever bad, waa pre
pared, aad asked a good many dexnocfata
if the next democratic tariff could not be
better prepared in that way than in any
other. He was surprised to find that very
few people remembered, if they ever knew,
bow the Walker tariff bill was prepared. It
was prepa.-ed during a recess of
Robert J Walker. President Polk s secre
tary of the treasury, and when con great
met in regular session R was substantially
as prepared enacted into a law and brought
credit aad honor both to its author and to
the democratic party If that plan suc
ceeded so well then, why not try it again,
by letting the democratic secretary of tbe
treasury to be selected by Mr Cleveland
prepare a tariff bill to be submitted to
congress a hen it meets I Is now being asked
on all sides. Ordinarily tbe officials of th
reafury department who have to deal with
importations are better posted on tariff
matter than outsiders, even among those
who bave devoted much time and study to
the complicated question, and are -on so
quently better prepared to arrange the
details of a tariff schedule, but it most not
be forgotten that nearly or quite all ol the
tariff experts now in the employ of tbe
treasury are hide-bound protectionists, and
that it might not be altogether safe to
trust them with tbe work of making a new
tariff bili on reform lines.
The relations of the comptroller of the
currency with tbe National banks are so
close that when a comptroller retires from
office be usually enters the employ of a
National bank, but all the same much sur
prise was caused when the annual report
of the present comptroller was made public
and it was seen that be had embodied
therein an argument against the establish
ment of state banks with authority to issue
currency. It is regarded as nearly akin to
insolence for a republican official thus to
attempt to tell the democratic congress that
it should not carry out a plank of its na
tional platform, which the country has just
General Rosecrans, register of the treas
ury, and about the only demosrat now
holding a prominent position under the
government, struck the jivil service law a
knock down blow by stating in his annual
report that the competitive examinations
held thereunder were practically of no use
in determining the competency of a clerk.
ot that this statement was new or sur
prising but that it was made by a big
official. It has been fashionable among
officials for several administrations to bow
down to this civil service niunibo-juinbo
and it is refreshing to find one that will
speak what so many of them think.
The question of Immigration legislation at
the coming session of Congress is being agi
tated, and if the joint committee which ha
been Investigating the subject shall in thei
report which will soon be ready, make any
practical recommendations it Is altogether
probable that they will be embodied in leg
islation. Most democrats agree ith the
National platform, that industrious and wor
hy foreigners shonld be free to come to as,
and all stand ready to vote to prohibit the
oming of the unwo rthy.
Whether it is because the newspapess go
the news fi iflu 1 e they really think
the re is nothing In It I cannot say, but any
way the Stat; Department people poohpooh
the story about the French agent who con
trols tne Panama railroad having violated
the Monroe Docti Ins by discriminating against
American shippers over that road.
Senator Kenna of West Virginia, is dan
gerously ill. lie has been sick for several
weeks but a few days sgo it was thought the
crisis bsd pasted and that he was on the road
to recovery, but Saturday he had a relapse
and today the wont Is feared. He has pleu
risy and heart trouble.
A recount shows that Russell, dem. is
re-elected governor by 2696 plurality.
Wolcott, rep, for lieutenant-governor, has
9963 plurality.
Tl 1 ...
ine senate committee on lraminration
of which Senator Chandler, of New Hamp-
uire, is cnairtnan, is now in session in
New York for consultation upon the itn
port-ant subject of restricting immigration
senator (.handier has declared himself
fvor of adding to the present restrictions
excluding paupers, criminals and the
defective classes tbe exclusion of those who
cannot read and write as well as those who
nave not money enough to support tbem
elves for a reasonable period. He wind
op his interview with an intimation that
an absolute suspension of all immitrratio-i
ior a period of five or more year wtuld I
a good thing for ail coo-.erned.
Whether or n A the public airree with all
or any of Senator Chandler- specific rec
ommendations it is apparent to everybody
that some restriction upon immigration is
necessary. TI10 present laws are very
loosely constructed and are far from riiridiv
. ......
euioram. ir new legislation is to he naaaaJ
mere u ceruiniy need for some, its
mox important feature should be that
-men relates to its enforcement. Under
existing law paupers and criminals are not
entirely excluded and if the ignorant and
41 1 ....
muse woo are compelled to spend all their
money for a passage are to 1 added to the
ust the machinery for enfordwr tbe law
certainly needs reinforcement.
No one will deny that more restriction i.
oeeaea, and wmle few are ready to follow
Jar 1 handler in bis demand for an absolute
suspension ot immigration for a long
J '' ''-1 sssosad be SAM. amtswki
mnsidArafiM. nlk . ui
.... wasas as yaww to parang up
i'iu a large Claws ot loose now
nocking to onr shores. We are not suffer
ing any longer for somebody to occupy nn-
aattUJ I. I . .
"' we seem 10 nare as many
laoorers as are necessary to do our work
and the time has certainly arrived when
not only can we afford to exercise discrimi
nation in this matter, but when it das be
come essential that w do so in the interest
of the general welfare. Whatever is done,
however, should be done from the public
and not from tae partisan standpoint, and
.-. - . . . ......
uu. 11 is to ne reared, will be the most.'
a. a
iumcuit part of the undertaking.
ir.e v-cate BEsasssMlM DM Terr ; .-
gone to New York, tbe principal nort of
entry for foreign immigrants, to study this
problem. It members can there make
personal observations upon the working of
existing law and 1U defects, both in what
- includes a eH as in manner of.nfcrce-
ment The committee should be able to
secure information ia this way that can be
embodied in effective addition to oar im
migration code.
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Representative Scott Wike. of Illinois,
in reply to an inquiry a to the probability
of an extra sessaon of the hosate. said
It depends upon tbe work of this session.
If it shonld go ahead and pass a revenue
tall that would increase tbe receipts from
import to meet tbe deficiency in the treas
ury there would be no need of an extra
"But I am not prepared to say what this
congress will do- I know what I would do
I bad full power. 1 would pass an in
come tax bill. I had each a bill in the last
boose, bat am not sure that 1 will call it up
again this session. In 166 this govern
ment raised e72.SX),(XJ of revenue from an
income tax. and over half that amount
came from inynmssv of over $5000. My idea
an income tax would practically exempt
the masses, a I would not tax incomes
below SoOOO. The great objection 10 tbe
income tax is that it is inquisitorial. But
to me it seems not more so than the ordi
nary state tax.
"I like the income tax system of England,
hkhhat been in vogue for fifty-one
year and is a success. In England the
manner of levying this tax on corporations
to first collect it from the net earnings of
the company before any dividends are de
clared and let tbe company, in turn, appor
tion the tax among the stockholders.
I' nder an income tnx law such a I
would levy, there would be no multi
millionaire in this country. Under a
graduated income tax I would raise the
levy so high on large incomes hat it would
be practically impossible for a man to
acquire more than a million dollars' worth
of wealth at the outside."
the Farmers & moo tins ihsursuce w
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credit. In some cases would be given under
such a rule; but ir. the cases where credit
would be refused it probobly does neither tbe
creditor nor tbe borrower any good. Isdeed,
It takes an exceedingly smart man to borrow
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lower rates of interest .
Some people can see tarther Into the fu
ture than others. Editor Mowlon, of the
Daily Sun oi Attlcborn Mas. the leading
Republican newspaper of Bristol County, has
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editorially asserting that the G O P is as dead
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rect it will prove futile.
He has been a life long Republican, an ex
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the confidence of the party leaders, who of
ten sought hisceunsel.
He protested vigorously against the nomi
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a placs in CleeeUnd's Cabinet, but he says
th Pacific coast will undoubtedly get one
place in the Cabinet. Mr Wallace thinks It
will be at least six months before Cleveland
takes up federal appointments for Oregon
and Washington.
The Republicans carry Ohio by 1040 except
on one of theit candidates who wis beatenf
by the leading Democrat.
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