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Crcmatioalsts, among other arguments
against interment of the dead, state that it
requires a thousand acres of land yearly to
birv those who die i.i the United States, and
tb ii the expsnse of funerals exceeds the an
nual output of our gold and silver mines.
Po Mats i might be figured out that in course
of time ali our wealth as well as bodies and
land would go into tho cemeteries.
Th- contest before the state canvassing
boai.i in the 5th congressional district in
Nor a Cmolina resulted in favor of Settle,
repu lie 1.1 . Williams may contest before
the r-oi.se.
Ho iclreshingly different is this conduct
rom the republican boards in Kansas, Ne
braska and Wyoming, where all kinds of
schems are retorted to to cheat the demo
crat out of a senator.
The periods of gestation are the same in
in the horse and ass, it months each; camel,
13 months; elephant, 2 years; Hon, 5 months;
reindeer, S months; monkey, 7 months; bear,
7 months; sow, 4 months; dog, 9 weeks; cat,
8 weeks; rabbit, 4 weeks; guinea pig, 4 weeks;
wolf, 90 to 95 days. Goose set 30 days; hens,
21 days; ducks, 38 days; pea-hens and tur
keys, 2S days; :anaries, 14 days; parrots,
40 days.
Tho gluttonous capacity of a fu'l. grown
Lsquiniaux is reported to be equal to the
consumption of twenty pounds of flesh and
oil daily, while another inhabitant of cold
climates, a Yakut of Siberia, has been
known to consume in twenty-four hours the
hindquarter of a large ox, twenty pounds
of fat, and a quantity of melted butter for
his drink.
If Speaker Crisp is to be re-elected he
should be first compelled to pledge himself
to so conduct theaffairs of his office as to
promote the reform of the tariff on ths line
laid down in the national democratic plat
form. There must be no obstruction frjtn
the speaker's chair to the carrying out of
the will of the people twice overwhelmingly
expressed at the polls.
It is a republican claim alone that if
several thousand voters had not made mis
takes in fixing their ballots in Massachu
setts, Russell would have been defeated for
governor. This is simply presumption,
but, if there were enough illiterate repub
licans to make such an error, 'their votes do
not deserve to count. Evening Telegram
The returns of the election on members
of the next legislature of California show
that of 120 votes on joint ballot, the straight
democrats will have 59 and the republicans
52. In addition there are five people's
pixty candidates who were indorsed by the
democrats and who are expected to vote
with the party whenever necessary, making
a total democratic vote on joint ballot of
61. There ore also two straight-out peo
ple's party assemblymen, one independent
and one non-partisan-
Tom Watson, the third party leader in Geor
gia. ho was recently defeated for re-election
to congress by J C Black, of Augusta, called
an indignation meeting . at Thomson,
his to Tie, in McDuffee county, near this city.
Mr Watson' speech at the meeting was
strongly partisan and fuli of bitter dtaonci
ati Ns 1. 1 the democrats, and urging bis fol
lowers to a'ick together He was not very
sanguine of success ta contesting Mr 11 ack's
teat, t ut would try it. He said he would
equhe it least $5000 for the contest. He
was heartily cheered throughout. There was
no excitement, and the crowd dispersed
1 hat a wonderful amount 01 good was
done by the democratic press in the late
campaign is not to be denied, either by
the republicans or democrats, and as one
paper entitled to some recognition of the
wonderful sweep made in Ohio, we refer to
the East Liverpool Crisis. This pap3r is
located in McKinley's district, and the
election of a democratic congressman there,
shows that some work was done by this
paper. It defied McKinley in his ow n
CDmmunity and fought him like a regular
fighting cock, and the result was the
vanishing of the 2600 republican majority
and a democratic plurality of 1400 substi
tuted. Evidently this little paper is well
namcl. as the Crisis, so for as McKinley is
The people's party and the democrat of
Kansas ure highly indhrnant over the
action of the state board ot canvacsers in
declaring two republicans entitled to a seat
by lot in the lower bouse of the legislature.
Leaders ti the popu'ists say hey will or
ganize a house composed of their men, and
will ignore the republicans, and that Gov
ernor Lewelling will recognize that body
and the populist senate, and will let the
republicans crack their whip, In this way
they will elect a United States senator, who,
they say, will be seated. Speaking of the
action of the canvassing board, Chairman
Briedenthal said:
"If they intended giving fair play, why
did they drive us out of the room when the
drawing took place? Their man was rep
resented on the board, but ours was net."
Axording to the official count the politi
cal complexion of the next legislature on
joint ballot is as follows:
Republicans 79
Populists 82
Democrats .- 4
Necessary to elect 80
'I lie New York Htiald says among well
informed democrats tue impression exists
that an extra session of congress will be
necessary. The men who formed that
opinion do not belong to the class of mind
reading politicians, but tbey believe an
extra senio r will bo called because of things
Mr Cleveland saidlefore starting on his
shooting trip. To one of these be disclosed
his conviction that it would be impossible
to avoid an extra session because of the
condition of the treasury. 'Ofcourse.' said
a pruaiiiieut democrat who is aware of Mr
Cievc and' feelingx on the subject, 'the
piisiiliisl efctff did not mean his wishes
were hu final ;.ud unalterable view of the
matter Hu meant all the probabilities
pointed to the fact that an extra session
will be necessary. lis knows there will be
a treasury deficiency, and that something
must be done in that direction which can -not
or will not hi accomplished at the short
session of the expiring congress. He also
knows that there will be a tremendous
clamor of the people for free raw materials,
and that there is no reason to hope that the
republican senate will recede an inch from
its hostile attituds. I believe Senators
Cioriuan and Carlisle and Mr Whitney and
Mr Harrity are all in favor of an extra ses
sion, to be called not immediately after
March 4. h-it a few months in advance of
the regulur session. 1 think a Urge ma
jority of tire democrats want an extra ses
sion, and the sou'h and west will demand
one in thundor tones Mr Cleveland is
expected to tell the people exactly what he
thinks of the extra session talk at the re
form club dinner December 12."
Senator Crisp strongly favors an extra ses
sion in Maroh.
It need not last long, he thinks, or under
take any but pitparatory work.
The House, as th: Speaker points, out,
should be organized at that time. A com
mittee of ways and m;ans should be appoint
ed to consider and prepare a judicious tariff
reform bill for submission and passage during
the succeeding autumn.
The Democratic party is charged with the
duty of reforming the tariff. It must not
unduly delay the work. S -ill less must it
do the work with such hurry as shall exclude
deliberation and involve danger of blundering.
The task I one ot extreme delicacy which
requires circumspection at every step.
If there is no extra session this work can
not be beeun till the beginning of 1894. A
bill could haully be perfected and passed be
fore the late spring, and it would be unsafe
and unfair to business interes'.s to give effect
to a new tariff without adequate nonce.
If ti.ere is no extra session the new tariff
cannot go Into effect before September or
Octobtr, 1894. On the eve of a Congress
ional election it would certainly be misrepre
sented, and misrepresentation might be the
means of defeating the Democracy in tba
But if there is an extra session ia Marclrl
for organization, the work of preparing a tar.
iff bill can be begun at once by the Ways and
Means Committee, and carried on deliberate! y
during th summer, with the advice of such
men as Carlisle and Mills In the Senate and
other Democtatic statesmen and business men
whose counsel is of value.
Upon the meeting of Congress again in the
fall the work ot the session, so far as this
.important meaiure is concerned, would
be fully laid out. The tariff bill could bs
T " T "'r , : r
SDrlne or early summer, thus civinc time for
it benefits ta appear before the people shall
bee ailed upon to indie of its wisdom.
An extra session will hasten the wot..
without hurrying it. It will prove Democrat
ic good faith and commend the Democracy
anew to popular f avo. It will bring relief to
the people many months tooner than would
otherwise be po'sih'.e. It will give to business
Of every kind the notice it needs of the changes
to be made in business conditions.
With such a plain warrant from .he people j
it Is no time for the Democratic party
shirk its duty jr to delay unnecessarily
fulfillment ol is promises.
Mr Thomas J Black, a prominent resi
dent of Haisey, Linn county, is in the city.
Since the result of te November cyclone,
which has relegated republicans to the rear
and given the country a change of admin
istration, the name of Mr Black has been
frequently mentioned in connection with
the collector-ship of this port and is being j
very favorably received, llie gentleman is
an old resident of the state, has been iden
tified with its commercial interests for
many years, has taken an active part in
politics and is held in high esteem by
many of the leading business men of this
city and other parts of the state. He is a
democrat, fearless and true, and recognis -
ing his fitness for public responsibility,
many of his friends will join m recom- j ofjthe essential qualifications for that offic
mending him as a suitable person to be than Mr Black. His competency is un
appointed collector of customs for the questioned. He is energetic and untiring
district of the V.'ilbvmette. For so iin in every undertaking, a man aide awake
portant an office there are naturally many j w retnc to all surroundings, enter
who will seek to gain the coveted prixe, but I prising and quick in all that he undertakes,
observation leads to the opinion that Mr j, democrat of the solid kind in regard to
Black's chances are now exceptionally good, fundamental party doctrines and progress
and if he succeeds, the office will be in safe . lve ln matteri of party policy. In all these
and competent bands. Thus for, though ' qualities he would be a peculiarly fit ex
encountering many excellent gentlemen, j potent of the general policy of the incom
compe titers for this responsible office. Mr j lng administration.
Black appears to have the best of the fight j . i m :
recommended as he is by tbe most promi
nent democrats in the state. Sunday
H B Miller the defeated republican can
didate for presidential elector has commenced
mandamus proceedings before Judge Burnett
of the Circuit Court against the Secretary of
state to restrain that officer from counting
the vote cast for Nathan Pierce in tnose
counties where Pierce's name was prnted
twice on the ballet. The cage will be de
cided by Judge Lnrnett at once, when, ha,
ever the decision may be, the case will be
appealed to the S lpreme for final judicial
determinaticn. Of coarse the decision will
ia no wise affect the presidential contest
and the decision will be acren'ed by all as
coming from a court entirely uninfluenced by
party feeling.
The necessity of a fish ladder at the
Oregon City falls, cannot be questioned.
There was a former appropriation squand
ered, and the ladder proved worthless. In
fact it was serionrV charged that the fish
ladder was a grand fraud. The suggestion
of the board of fish commissioners to blast
out an avenue for the ascension of the fish,
seems to be a good one and practicable,
and there will be no danger of it being
washed away. Portland DitfaUh.
There are strutting on cur streets healthy,
hale and hearty men. well able to earn a liv
ing, who are pensioners upon the generosity
of the people of Ibis country. Several of
these men never saw a battle, an I secured
what the Uoernment agreed to give thrm
for their services when they en!itel . They
have no claim on the bounty of ti e tax payer
any more than another citizen who is able to
work and earn his living. Portland Dis-
The republican in each of the states of
Kansas, Nebraska, Wyomirg, Montana
and California are trying to count In
enough of fielr legislative candidates who
were not elected to enable tl.em to elect
senators in these states. 'I his met nod
practiced so extenive!y by certain repub
lican leaders has done more than anything
else to bring the party into disfavor except
it be the force bill and protectionism. The
domocrats and populists in the states
ahou'd meet these purloiners -jf senators
with that heroic c:. necessary to
defeat the theft.
Taking all thing Into consideration,
there Is I o doubt that the monetary con
ference ha a hard problem to solve, but
Ittsillbea lasting shame if th" mor-o-metallfsts
In t.ietr telfiah and nearsighted
nolle prevent in; reco il nendatlon of
sui.stantial advance in the financial methods
of the wo-'d. The -people, not the mag
nates, want the change; the sufferers, not
the benefiJaries, of the present situation.
The secretary of state at Sacremento has
received official returns from all but two
counties. The returnes thus far received
show that between 7ejo an I n,ooo voters
in the stare refused or newest I lo vote for
?.ny presidential electors Thirty tliousati'l
voteis in stat.? failed to vote foi any can
didate fur congress.
Th fr r-t in-w''tiJ. v rH- S-'tlff fsMtSa
to lire icpuuliuio vclri.ul nidi town to vote
the straight party ticket at the city election
would lead one lo infer that the force hi! I j
the McKinley hi 1, Bill McKinley or some I
other noted "bill" was in peril .
111) J ' 'JLL
It is rather amusing to find 1 ,t- cencu-
repent on tin 111 it.e United Suit .s which siait.
out with the frank confession th.t tin mining
in lhn count- hai "otyet proJuced any com
mercial tin.
Read between the lines, President Harrison'.-
last message Is more than gloomy. He
chooses, In it sleek way, to tell the American
people that they were ignorani of what they
were doing when they pronouueed tach an
emphatic veidtct against the scheme of pro
tectionism and force bill legislation. With a
show or submission to the clearly expressed
will of the people made manifls: in the over
whelming defea of his party and the em
phatic condemnation of the policy of his ad
ministration In the November election, the
president declares his purpose nut to renew
the argumert in tavor of a protective tariff
and then launches forth i-pon a long suffer
Ing pa'knt public two columns of the hack
neyed arguments mtde scores of times by
protective organs and protection speakers,
and as ol en sifted and found to be chaff by
democratic defenders of the rights of th,
masses against the wily encrsachments o
the classes. Can it be true that the president
is go blinded by party prejudice that he can
not see that the most Intelligent verdict ever
rendered by the people at tua polls was that
ei tered nf record at the polls on the 8th of
November condemning the high tariff scheme
( ct his party? Is there not in fact a vein of
j spitefulness and retaliation tunning all
through the lines of the message quietly hurl
ed at the people for voting a they did? Why
quote at length in his message the chaffy re
port of Commissioner Peck of New York
when the vote of that state was given In
utter condemnation ot Peck and nis report
as well? The prest tent's views on the sliver
question are sgair. clearly serine J as they
have so often been heretofore as will be seen
by the follow leg statement made concerning
the nione ary conference now in session at
Brussels: "I hat e not doubted, and have ta
ken occasion to express in t bllef, as well
n the invitation, issued for the conference a.
. ... , ,
in my public message, that the free coinage
' of silver upon agreed international ratio,
woulj probably fromoXr the interests of Our
feofle in eonttlil : to hose of other initio."
Sack a statement made concerning a great
public question is totally incompa'ible with
that dignity, character, and candor which the
president of 65 million of fee intelligent
people should maintain. It is one of the
great weaknesses of President Harrison that
he ,d18es mueh mo" in llne f
than in those of statesmanship.
I ' i.l.KCro It Ot tTSTOMi
With the advent of Cleveland in the
presidential chair, there is scarcely a doubt
that the office of collector of customs at
Portland will become vacant by the prompt
removal of James Lotan. The whole dem
ocratic party of the state and seven-tenth
of the republicans will be glad to see him
removed. If such removal should be made
it will devolve upon the president to select
Mme competent, worthy, suitable democrat
for the place, Of course there are many
such democrats in the state, and we are in
formed that at least half a dozen applicants
are already in the field for the place, and
among these we see the name of Hon T J
Black of Haisey. in this county, mentioned.
Without disparaging the fitness and claim
j 0f 0tfcer candidate we can safely and
cheerfully say that no man combines more
The Connecticut republicans ore sensible
in deciding not to make another attempt to
prevent Judge Morris from being inaugu
rated as governor. The results of the
situation which they have forced during
we past two years are not encouraging to
part is in plotters. They are a minority
j party, and their inequitable control of the
legislature ought to satisfv their disnosi-
tion to arrogate power belonging to the
Congress met ir. regular session to day.
The country is somewhat curious to know
what President Harrison will say of : he force
bill, tariff and kindred subjects.
The West Side is indulging in volume of
ancient history about "protection. " Wake
up Bro Pentland out of that Rip Van Winkle
leep and join tSe procession.
J Mover to David McDowell, I bl,
Serf h Smith to O & C R R Co,
richt of way 11 w 3
: A M Temp'.eton to J K McCormick,
20 acres 14 w 2
J I) Fuller to J W Spangler, un
divided half of 15020 acres
10 w 3
Jonathan Wassoni toWm I -e Forge,
1 lot, Lebanon
J K Fleck to L B Habrly, 190
acres 10 w 4 90X)
U H to P V Crawford. 300 acres
14 w 1 ratent
John Beard to A B Hiett, 2 lots,
TJ 8 to John Wiseman, 154 acre. .
D 0 Powell to Harriett Sliefh,
500,30 acres 13 w 3
fi A Hannibal to Wallace Hulburt,
18 24 acres 11 w 3
E J V Johnson to N K .Vest, lot 2.
bl 14. Albany, 1012
i Plat of F.rster
lAnna li-nlt to Wm H Wolfe,
2.77 acres 16 w 4
Oregon to T F Osborn, 160 acres
14 w 4
John Wert to H K Cady, 1.25
acres, llollv
Pfr hats
Yeu want
the best groceries to be
secured in the
city ; then call on Parker
You want fresh produce just from the
gardeners, then call on Parker Bros.
Pet haps
Yo want the bert baked goods ln the
citv, breads, caks, cooulcs, pl, etc.lhen
call on Parker Bres and you will get the
goods and first class tiearment.
Ladies Fin ftaVUM. 1 have a full Iin
nf lens's tin" .lr-.s khoea, all " I t; and ih
I tot Mtvetiie m ty'e, m re Wees I Is
1-riet'K 'ambei. E. YqOKO
The Portland Collection A.oncy has curr
intuceri several nir to enlt -ot account hr
G L KUrkttiin. Parties owing him should
et'.le their u counts and save uo tr.
Betas huyin your uinter-'cl r.f hoots
and trhee IBS lubber e-oi gn to Klein Bros
A h in., and ict 1 hi ir prices. They will
snd Osa save yoa miim-v mi every pair. It
w 1 plHU'ii t' 1 hem t'lshow gisev,
itntrt& s .i ---it 1 th t- ry belt rstta
.heir, nu't ci-tMurs.
Mr jiillut Gi-adwohl iofenn tie general
public that he h-M rejeiyed adviona from Sn
Pfaaeiseo that suar ha declined hilf ac-ent
e-r pound nn all grades and coffee ha ad
vauto'l. N.iwrsthe tank buy sugar.
rKrtoa at Read's.
i''AMsas i N. S,el &. Co. are bum pre
psred to in .k.- Inau from 1 to 5 years in
amounts fiom 3200 to $10,000. Call on,or
w.ite them at Albany, Ore.li I
J P Jones, formerly of the Eugene Troy
la.indry, has left Portland In company
with Deputv U S Marsha' J 1 Gregg fo'r
Ogden, Utah, to face a deserted and angry
wife. He leaves a disgusted paramour in
Portland. Guard.
Mrs E Fulton, ol Hood Ulver, hat re
ceived the contract for keeping the county
and non-resident toor for the next year In
Wasco county. Her bid was $1,197 Ior
the ccunty, and $4.00 per week for non
resident poor. Mr rullon was required
to give bonds in the sum of $3,500.
Robert Scott, better known as Uncle
Bobby, we are informed made an unsuc
cessful attempt to commit suicide a couple
days ago. lie I 87 years of age, and has
had considerable trouble and Imagines
himself in the way. Register. Live it
out, Uncle Bobby,
Captain Van Alstlne once more scents
the air of freedom.- The pleadings of his
wife proved effectual and his sentence of
thirty days changed into a fine, the woman
tendered a crisp hank note In liquidation
for hi uneaplred term. Since his Incar
ceration the wife has been a frequent
visitor to the city jail and it was "deary"
this and "deary" that through the wicket
until Jailer Hudson grew so morose that
hi sanity was questioned The next
time Van Alstlne lick his wife the person
Interfering s-outd be prosecuted. Port
land Welcome.
"I thought that you made an agree
roent with a democrat that you wouldn't
drink tor a year if his man was elected?"
"I did."
"But you are drunk now."
"Well, yon see. I hedged with a repub
lican." Buffalo Express.
The total vote in the Salens election
was 1196; in the Albany election 72V,
which i 11st about shows the relative
sizes of the cities ; that is, Albanys pop
ulation being 462 Salem's is about 7500.
At Salem Claud Gatch was elected
mayor, Harry Minto, marshal, E M
Hades, recorder; EJ Swaffbrd, treasurer;
G F Smith. E C Cross. A Klein. J H Al
bert and G B Gray, aldermen. All are
republicans but Albert and Gray.
One bad husband and father has re
ceived justice: C M Smith, ot Grant
county, who beat and otherwise abused
the members of his own family, has just
been convicted at Canyon City of assault
with intenc to kill, and has been
sentenced o aix years' impriwnment in
the penitentiary.
Nearly every disaster lias a comical
side to it. During the flood that just
MMed a family in the West Va. ley
found themselves surrounded by water
Then the question arose as to a means of
getting away from the house to drier
quarters. But the head of tlie family waa
equal to the emergency, for taking Ins
wne an tauv on nis dbck ana a cnuu
under each arm, he waded through the
water until he landed his fami!" on dry
ground. Skamokawa Kagle.
The Helena Journal, Russell Harri
son's paper, has been sold at sheriffs
sale- It waa attached on the night of the
election for more than $100,100. Nearly
aa bad a defeat as that of his father.
j port of W D Oxen, superintendent of im-
Howdiffernt are the lives of editors j migration, show, that 572.663 immigrant
Moet of us have to get down to solid J arrived in this couctry during the fiscal
work and transpire even; but not so J ending June SO. lf2. There were
UhWR Hearst, of the Examiner. He I returned 2.0! who came in violation of
is now gliding along the Nile, and will the laws. Of this number 1.963 were con
be in a marble villa in Italy But the ' tract laborers.
Examiner glide along the better for his f mm mim , , , .
District Attorney Condon seems dele-- ,
mined to put the Sunday law in fore
throughout the district, and Saturday j
evening the order to close was promul- j
gated in Rose burg. All tl e saiojns of
the city complied with the order without
a "kick" and the town waa changed from !
a very wet to a verv dry place in sh rt
order. Boueburg Keview
Prince George, the eldest living son of
the Prince ot l ales. is to visit the .vund
next summer, being connected with the'.
British warship Arthur, which replaced;
the Warspite as flagship of the Pacific
coast squadron. He is a handsome youth ;
ana up 10 uie wnes 01 uie iair sex, out
imboair he Haft Astoria and fail to be
: snared bv one of our modest beaut ies he
i is tougher than he ought to be and we
j ""a-
raktle Kb I Id la r 1
WAsiiixriTox. D e
mates prepared by the treasury department J
and seat to congress today include appro-
iinations for public buildings as follows:
i'ort'and. Or. to complete f&W.WO
St Paul. Minn, to continue 700,000
Sioux Fails. S D. to complete 350,000
Port Townsend, ash, marine bos-
pital, new pavilllon 300.000 IX
San Francisco, marine hospital im-
provem en ts 22,000 1
Port Townsend quarantine station,
Susruntine sUtion. io Thf S. B. Hftdarhe ti LiVfT ClTt
complete 2:1.0001
Cheea rale
) PHYSIC I eastr
Sax Frascisco. Pec 6 T H lioodman.
general passenger agent of the Southern ;
Pacific Company, who has just returned ,
from a conference of passenger officials at 1
Chicago, says tnat while nothing definite
was decided upon at the conference about i
the fare to the Chicagc world's fair, it was 1
certain that the round trip from here 1
urnTilil tut fiTll wiiti.li . ll,. mmahI cir,..!., '
A Prtat aaap Baraeei
Philadelphia, Dec 6. The Public
Ledger building was almost gutted by fire
this eveniisg. The damage wan c:ntined
almost entirely to the composing room,
but a torrent of water flooded every floor in
the structure. The loss can only be ap
proximated, but will probably be between
$250,000 and 100,000; the insurance is
$60,000. The cause f the fire is unknown.
A Peculiar ( arap.-emlse
Walla Walla, Wash. Dec 6. The
contest case which J J Huffman proposed
to enter today to oust W B Hwley from
the auditorsbip was Dot entered. This
morning Huffman and Hawley met and
agreed upon a compromise. The terms of
the agreement am that Hawley shall hold
the office for the first year and emp'oy Huff
man as first deputy. At tue end of the first
year Hawley is to resign in favor of Mr
Huffman and will lie employed by the latter
as first deputy.
Reeeran III
Washington, Dec 6. At il o'clock
tonight there was no material change in
in General Rosecrans' condition. He is
very weak, but is able to partuke of his
usual amount of nourishment.
Congress Meets.
Wabiiioton. Dec 5. There were the
usual scenes at the opening of the senate
The floral tributes on the desks of the sena
tors were aboul evenly divided between
democrats and republicans, and more pro
fusely than ever before. The attendance
was large, numbering about 70. Intro
ductory business was attended to and several
bills introduced.
A Tie Vase 1
Walla Walla, Dec 5 J 11 Wilson
and G W Winkle, candidates for the office
of county surveyor, who received an equal
number of vote at the last election, met in
the office of Auditor Hawley this afternoon
to decide their fate. The slips of puper.
ono containing the name of Wilson and
the other Winkle, were placed in a hat.
Winkie had the first draw. He drew out a
slip with his own name written upon it
and was decided the winner.
Wyoming's Two Uov raor ai
Chevenna, Wvo, Dec 5. Wyoming
still has the remarkable spectacles of two
alleged governors. Governor-elect Os
1 mi ne and a party of friends called at the
capitol this morning and announced that
they wanted to canvass the votes. Acting--governor
Barker refused to have the vote
canvassed, or to let Osborne be present
when the canvass takes place. It begins to
look as though trouble might come at any
moment. . -.
The Elecllea ta Pendleton.
Pendleton, Or, Dec r. The city elec
tion was hotly contested today. The re
suit was a follows: Mayor, ll Alexander;
marshal, Philip McBryan; councilmen, J S
Fielding und Heutie; recorder, George K
Lash; treasurer, Clark Wood. Alexander
received a flattering vote, a majority of
136 out of 686 votes cast.
Killed Br a Hoc rim
Omaha. Neb, Dec 5. At Uassctt, Ilock
county, lust night, James Cooper, a coun
terfeiter, and a general tough, ran amuck
with a revolver and razor, He slashed one
.:m. tdmt nrmttim nml wltAn H,a slii.rtfV
1 attempted to arrest him. shot at him. Tte
horiff returned the fire, killing Cooper in
stantly. A Newspaper Otter Baraedi
La Grande, Or. Dec 5. The two-story
frame building containing tho offices of the
Recorder at Elgin, in this county, was
totally destroyed by fire last night, t! 1!
Swinehart, who was sleeping in the second
story, wits awakened only in time to jump
for his life.
1.0s, evwjon, insurance, 81400
Cam Ming Old II
Loi:isviu,E. Ky, Dec 4. H H Lostetter,
the Uni'ed States express agent at Hunt
ingburg, lnd. was arrested today while in
the act of pawning 600 worth of diamonds
hp stole the package ot diamonds from bis j
office at Huntingburg Saturday, and came
here to pawn them. He said he had been
short in his accounts for some time, and
did not know how much be really owed the
company. The shortage may be anything
between 61000 and 85000. He attributes
his downfall to gambling.
Tws hlMrrn killed
WooDviu.g, Miss, Dec S. A serious !
accident occurred in this countv yesterday.
Three little girls, children of fir J P Car- '
roll, a prominent physician, were playing
under the bank of Buffalo creek. With
out any warning, whatever, the ground
suddenly caved in. killing two of them,
aged 4 and 7, instantly, and severely in
juring the other child, aged 5 years. A
little daughter or Ed Moms was also badly
CalUWrala leatslalarv
Sax Francisco. Dec 3. Returns on
member of the next legislature bo that
of 120 votes in the senatorial joiat ballot
the straight democrat will have 59; re
publicans 52. In addition there are five
people's party candidates who were in
dorsed by ths democrats, and who are
expected to vote with the party whenever
necessary, mating a total democratic vote
on joint ballot of 64. There are two straight
out people's party assemblymen, one inde
pendent, and one non - partisan.
w hal rerklarldcr Thloka
Washington. rec 4. Representative
Breckinridge of Kentuckv. who opposes
on extra session, thinks the democratic
1 tariff revision revision bill should h nne-
j pared under the direction of Mr Cleveland.
Breckinridge said he thought Cleveland
should, with the assistance of the cabinet
j and officials, prepare a tariff bill to be;
submitted to congress in lieu of a message.
; , ,,
Tacom a. Dpc 4 A S King, brother of
Charief King, Northern Pacific contractor. ;
r -- lucu "ui r
i attempting to board a Point IVsaa -
hint? had an armful of nackasre and he
attempted to jump on the car while it had ;
considerable Headway. His feet slipped
and lie Ml heavily on the street, the plat - -form
of the car struck him between the '
knee and ankle breaking bis right leg. He
was unconscious several hour.
BUs IsasntsraUaa raawm
Wasaisgtox. Dec 3. The annual re-
and BOR
Sampics and circular tree.
Paraffine Paint Co.,
If taken a directed, we Guarantee Satlt
faction or refund your money.
50 cci:'s per bottle, by
-:- of -:-
Baby :-: Buggies
best tserri nent everbroujht te Albarj
just received st
Stoctt Sox's.
Fee tlie foggics ami (let Trifcs
liiwt ten;k of atui tJf goods
aMi.j, and tb most rea.wna.blo
hsv'on band all tfndsof
ia tho
ErC, feTC:
On lii - v.t ofM rl ymin -'a old store,
K newasS Oars ilsta Trestpisnt, csnslstlng a( S.ii
ltaries,Ointmt)rit in Csiuls,sli ln Ssi and Puis
s PiwitireUar lor sxtrual,lntorral,BIriS or Blesd,
iuy ltchisx, Ohrsnii'., Uceont ar lltradltary Piles, snd
anr olh w dlsass and female wesUoiissos; it la al-
I a irrtat nsni mi we (renerai ai"i. me nmi
nverv m a s.edical erlre rniiSsftpg
an oporatloa
Phis remailv
fth ths kiilfe nsDcsaXT hecaaftt
has uevur been known to PL Hp
aim. Wv null wr.r surlsr from line
rlsnx. lor SI;
ierriie tllsesas
s0 a wmtsn f Hirsute is pesltlrelr airen with S
tsfirss.io refund ihe niOnaT If not eared. Be stamp
froo Sample. Qoi
iwitM issued ?
J A Cnminlacl Oruggl.
Mole Ageal.
Ilbanv, Orean
conMistluK of 4 acre or less i.f land
one mile narth of Albany. Land well iin
proved. For partlouhus inxutre of
W II Wahnrk
f ..VI X . '.i. .
ni.s ao.it roa-
TASK A SoS" rljifios,
II p Ulll.VU
I EeURfft !
' Wsain 'gO :mt B.ol lai'.rjnn
Whilor Catalogue atd Prices before Ptycii'iiag
E sruhere; Wssali th- r.r-aGooAi si LaWmt
Instrument. Qoals and
Marie M Etery
?lw Hro. cd other Swtnc Ua&ioc. slao N'cdta,
Oil and Eitraa lor all MasbiBes:
Albany, Or.
Guaranteed to cure Bilious attacks.
Sick Headache and Cess tipatioa. 40 In
each bottle. Price Sc. For sale by
Picture "7, 17, W sad sample ion free.
1. T. SMITH A CO., Prcf rtelers, BXW YORX,
asa Far ths eiUUses el certt'-rasrt sf dk
Tiitt's Pills, m
(3l It firm Ir-Tail plrator l aa-dfc
V awassaa tbsu u tsarats n:ius epa v
n.Uh It "I t trwdinctr rtnll miur. a
vrl reeainlna all tli win Baaad W
imrjrr null jt;mmzAr 1 arl;
rcsa)I. BoUnilM.t ' still M
svr Mill tmunt. t tx rue slau of
U thuag lu Ihr taettea of IbU -ad."
PKftA HorSR. of Albenv. tor rent
beginning with Jan let. ltV3, f r one
or mnre yesra. r.r pr.:-tar. cai: on
or adjffSJBS Julius Joseph, albcuy. Or.
Inquire of Fred ti lturkhart,
wants maJoyuient ia a femiiy.
CCKNIKIIKD ronrai for
light house
die of I I
I; keeping for rent. Icquiie
Carter, opposite the Buae House
You can truly say, there I 00 p'.ace like
home, happy home, if sou possess one of
isnii IJISX4BBH anaeet tor.i r'r",
Mr ll t mans, nt rirst sirret. 1 nese j Bros A Co. hetetofore rn;!fied. and ihe
Ions; evenings Is just the time to enjnv overplus if anr to be Dad to I e defend -Ihem
' 'ant Msrr E Biink.
SaLK CHRAP.-Ur Amos' old
p aee. being bieek 4, Hackieacan's
addiUen. sJcest keuae. tp sail .
chap. 'ne halt down, balanos to salt
purchaser. Inquire of Dr Wai ID.
X dnsiMd bsra btea aslv aptxantsd hy ts
eounly yars 1-nn cint..OrpaeilouBlamWrs of
um seals at oareitaa I. sasskart deDsated. All rvr--
hasiag ckstas agaisst mid are btrshr
mfwren u prasens as ass anin.a si. isenuu
j Snaa the Ssae asrssf prxtwrtv Tertaeil, to tk. ue
J"rJ Albany. Or.
uaisa ma eta j m ih, ir
Wsafhert t A 1'hs.nbn'siri, C II RURKHART,
All) for Adam. Admuttamtrr.
Star Baker
Car :tr ! , i ail flfil ,-
OXRAD SMEYR, P33?3!i08.
(sunril frit I. t'aaus -1
Orleel Frolsa.
la lad everjrtli.c that I kept in a irenera
variety aid cewsry atora, lllchstt
r market price paid for
f If ttonbledwith ("iiorrhd
for snv unnatural dlsrhamis
dnixslst for a bottle of
: O. It curs In a few dan
without ths aid or publicltr nf a
I doctor. Non -pouonou and
Isnarantred not to stricture.
I The Vntvertdt American Car.
Manufactured by
The Ivans. Chemical Co.l
u. s. a.
good Pitting
F. L. SUtyOrtT,
"The Clothier and Merchant Tsilor,"
On Lvon Street, near First,
See what a bargain you can got there for
your cash money.
Alio suit made to order, cleaning, dve
ing and repaying.
Satisfaction guaranteed.
- Albany, Or.
i- ......... .
zusrea mm Stories.
Ortr 70S tugs Fijez.
...vm.uub o. sun
rrl7 1,000 Eltraraiiui.
le t?tt Ctort rtcries.
Souvenir cf tU Zca JMMssf in colore,
In the Circuit Court or Liun County, StaU ol
Bsijamln Hardman, Plaistlff,
Tll..Tr rWir.ii and Mrv V Rrlnk l.i wifo
ni QeOsaw Haywood. Henry Usv.
; wood.Ainne Morrill and Aivin M
Greenwood, partner doing busi
ness under the Arm nanmof Hay
wood Uroe It Co. and Henry Jen-
",HS." r rr.i wenRiDpilpAriifrM
uuiiij uti-iiucnn uuaer wi arm
BSMSS of Jennlnirs Rros, and H K
Edwards, Conrad Meyer, V H
Allen and M P Brink, Defendants.
J3i by virtue (J an execution and order
of sale duly leaned out of Uie above
named court. In the above entitled salt,
to me directed and delivered. I will on
aatarelar. the MfSj eVe er Beceaaber. ISM.
at the front do-P ssi'tiM cooa'r court
houae.ln the city of Albany Linn county,
Oregon, at tho hour 01 one o'eioek p m
of said -'ay, sell at publie auction for
eaah In hand lo the h'sbeet bidder the
real property in e ddexeeutloo and order 1
of sate deaenhed aa follow towil: Be
ginning at the southeast corner or lot Mo
U In Muck Ne 10, at the corner ot Socosd
and Ferry street, in the c.iy f Albany,
in Linn county, Oregon, running theace
northerly n the earn line of said block
25 ft. thence wworlv and parallel
with the south liuo of m block to th.
I line between and dividing lota 5 and 0 in
aatd block; thence ecuOterly on the iine
between said lot 5 aeJ 0 25 feet to second
I street; thence eastteny on the south lne
of said block in the place of beginning
' together wiih ail the buildings aitoated
i thereon, and also the riht to the uat of
the stairway on the north aide tl the
brick wi! not standing on the north
jeldeofaaid premises and ajoning in
I same excepting therefrom one nndivinei
- half of the brick wall above described.
; the above 'teaeribed premises being
. situated in the city of Albany, in Linn
1 county, orecu. The proofed arising
ttrcmaaid sale 10 be applied aa in said
j execution dlreeiedA fdssenr 1st .to the
paraent of the costs and disbursement
of 1 hi suit tsxed at S32 90. and th- ex
: proses of said Bale; 2nd, to tb payment
I of the plaintiff eiaini amounting to the j
jeum of $3792 !5 and accruing inter t
, thereon at the rate of 8 per cent pari
! annum, and the farther sum of I KM) aa1
I atiorcey'a 'ee and aeerainjr. inters
1 thereon at tbe rate of S per cent per ;
annua : 3d. to Ihr payment of the cialu'
of the defendant. S H Allen, amounting
10 the sum of RS 75 and accruing interest
ibarvon at ia rat of 6 p.-r cent per
annum, and the farther uai of f.r0 a
; eifirney'a Sec; lh. to tba pavroect of Use
j claim of the defendant. M P Brink,
amounting to the Mim ef fxSIjM wslb
ercrring Interest tbeiecn at the rate of
10 per cent per annum. ad the further
. earn of ftfln .-.- v . . Sthoo the pay.
iiM.nl its' 1 hi claim of tie defendant. Con
' red Meyer, amounting to the sum of
. f.lM.e) wilh secrcing interest thereon at
; the rale of 19 ner cent per annum; 6th. to
. the payment of the e.am ot Use defend
. ansa, Jennn; Bros, imounling to the
- ' sum of $188 47 end I0 cos; and dta.
: burveccents together with aecramg
tutawsMt en said sum at the rate of 8 par
: cent per annuo-; 7th, 10 Use paynsBi of
the claim of lb. defe nant.H E ESwards.
amounting to the mm of $90 5 with
: aecroing Interest thereon at the rale ot 8
i pr oent per annum: 8tfc.to the payment
- of the claim of Ihe defendants. Uywoo4
j Broa Co. amounting to the sum of
I $178 eO with aor-rulng iit-.eit tnerecn 1 1
I the rate of 10 per cent rtramnm. And
tsssreaXier sriu atsn seh the foClovlng
:ertiri les . r lisiU lr;!i
ning at the rs ant, corner cf block So
a in use cut or Alrjsnv. in l.rnn countv
Oregon, and running U-eoee enntheriy
on the ist line of said block 122 feet;
Ifceers westerly on a line parallel with
the north hour, ary lice "f aaid blok 1S5
feet; thence nonheily 00 a line paralie:
who the east boundary ho of said block
122 leet; thence easier ly on the north
boundary lir of aatd blxk 1X5 feet to
the puce of irzlanne. The proceeds
i arising from the uie of the pretaieee last
above deeenbed to be applied as follows:
j 1st. to the payment of the plaiaiifl' claim
hrtof- r specineci; 2cd. to the pal meet
of the claim of the defendant. 5 H Aeo.
brretcfore rciOect 3rd. te 'he pay spent
t , of the eUia? ol fje lef dant. Usv wood
Dated tl ts 2Jnd day of Norembsr. lti
Sbenff of Linn eounlv.Oiegon.
By D S Smith, deputy,
r CetWy Court y lie SteJ ef O.rf s
Commit ! Limn:
la the (eat'er of the e Ute cf Alice 1 L TO y
Keel, deceased.
j the nnderaigned adrr.intstrsuix b .
virtoeof an order of the coanty court of
Lis.n eoaoty, Oreg n. made ed anterej of
record m aid ecnrt oa the 10th day of Uc
tober, i ia the above ee'ttied estate. I
will -!: at peblic auction at Ihecuurt boase
door of the county Swart hoc ia A hm.
Lien crooty. Oregon. to the bighat and beat
bidder, f. r cah io hand, st the h or J one
(l)o"clock p rn. on tho Ttii dav ef Jacusrv.
1S93, sll the light, title and interest of the
aid Alfred Lercy Ueai, deceased, in and to
'.he follovirg described real property, owned
by him at the time of hi death, t wit. I ts
I n-irxbered live (51 and aix 6. in block num
ber four (4.) in the town cf Lehar.oti,in Lien
: conntv, Oregon .
i Dated this 2 d dav of Dicembr, 1S92.
Admin, of eat. Alfred I. Rati, dee'd.
liso W right, Att'for A.ic-.r.
ltsweari.ii; qnalillesara ttnsnrriMkr.- -.. , -'.::all
St'.uiinir iwobfaos of eaTori;?? bf - . iro
kuj tr hsat. tare: lri xii Lcniua
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ston's Patent E,c-Meter at F M
FRENCH Slewelrv Store.
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uui - .iiua m m, .,;-: whu ior
. . . 1 f.i, ma -i.. 1 ; . a . .
Features far 1893.
4,100 Ttizt Stories.
IOC Ctcriis of ACveatcrc
Kactily BecUs Centers.
Garde; CM-irca's Pace.
'.".- Sew t-iititicribcra who will cot set end vr-ad a
Ip witk name, address end SI .7.5 wo will
. bo Capaatra Free to Jan. 1, 93, si.sd far
.1 s-eec tTtv.i rlat date, Iceladloz tho Double
l!o!lda7 i.'ombcr Cblatosaa and MS Year.
1! Thf. YouTi" Companion, rostow. Mesa.
dpasti, arnt or. rter'-: of tlx arxfa. or F7SC
to any
on Monday, the tath day of Decem
ber, 1891, at the hall of the Albany En
gine Co., No. 1. the annual election of
the Albany Fire Department, of the ctty
of Albany, Linn countv, Oregon, will be
held for the purpose of electing a Chief
Engineer and an Assistant Chief Engineer
of the said Albany Fire Department.
The following person have been ap
pointed bv Ihe Beard of Delegates of said
Albany Fire Department a judges of said
election tow it ; William Richard, of Al
bany Engine Company No 1 ; N M New
port, of Linn Engine Co No 2 ; I A Mc
Feron, of R H Si L Co, No s.
Said election will commence at on
o'clock p m and continue without closing
the poll until six o'clock p m of said day .
Albany, Or, Nov 23rd, 1892
Sec'v A F D.
Oil Painting,
Ih-t ANNIE 8TRAMB0RO during;
the coming season, will teach
classes in oil prdnUng- at her room in
the Mcliwaio Block. Instructions given
on luxdaya and Thursday to tenerai
claaae, and on Saturdays to school
ruiioren. f iraers isaen for me n inaya.
Call and see work .nd obtain pabular.
P. I.
and a general
fin becriptsOD agent fot all the leading
!er th P. O.,
Boy Stoves aid Ranges of Mattlews & Washbnrr
B?7 Stoves andRangeb of Matthews I Washbnr
Bay Stoves and Ranges f Matthews & Washb rn
Bay Stoves anil Ranges of Matthews & Washburn.
; Bay Stoves am Ranges
Holiday Goods
in the jewelry line, having on kand a complete and
elegant stock of
Gold and Silver Watches of the
Leading1 Kinds, Diamonds, Gold
Headed Canes, Gold and Silver
Headed Umbrellas, a fine stock of
Silver Ware and
too numerous to
taMesaa hy the Ouacv Coon a
1 d rsigssi
una rtmsiT, ursfoa. Sat appelated axecuio
afihalasi -Ulasaimn i let fVaak btMdd. 1st
t Una casinlr.Orseos.ds cassd. AU persona havinc
anas aeainst said esuie are Hereby oot-ned lo pre
at tens prupertj Tarined to tba aadersuraK as
-Jd Orafwn, arte has attersevaat Albaar. Una
oai: v . o rvcxr, within six swots tlum this data.
Ttu ihe Wo day of Octsosr, li.
' V 1 SHEDD.
m a miKMii A Caaaasaian. ExecaSor
AtUnwrs for Execater -
! Circuit Court oj fir state of Oregon,
for the Coxnty of Lot.
W T Cochran, Plaintiff,
V E Kelly and M A Kelly, Defendants.
by virtue of aa execution and order of
sale duly issued oat of the above iiamsd
court, in the above entitled suit ta me di
rected and delivered, I will on
Salarwajr. Ike Mth slay sf Oecesaber, tst.
at trie front door of the coaotv court house,
in t to city of Albany, Linn county, Oregon,
at the hoar of one o clock p m ot mil day,
aell at public auctna for cash in head to the
highest bidder the real property uescnoed
in said execution and order cf sa described
as follow towit: The fractional southwest
quarter of the northwest quarter of section
11 anit tn nortnwes, qnarieroi sne norm
west uuarter of section 14, township 11.
south of ranee 2 west of ths Willamette
meridian, in Lion coanty. Ores on, contain
ing 7 aurea more or lea. The proceed
nriaint; from said sale will be applied as di
ncted in said execution aa follows: First, to
the payment of the cost and disbursement
.f suit taxei at $28 and the costs of and
upon aid execution; (ecood, to th payment
of the attorney' fee amounting to the sum
of $125.00; third, to the payment to the
plaintiff, W T Cochran, the amount found
to be due, amounting to the sum of $1123 92
with accruing interest thereon from the 27th
dav of June, 1992, at the rate ot 10 per oent
per annum, and the surplus if any there be
to bs paid to the defendants .
Dated this 21st day of November, 1S92.
Sheriff of Unu county .Oregoc.
By D S Smith, deputy.
dersixned baa been this day by order of the ecu a
ty court of Linn eounty .appointed srinrisaslratorof the
estate of Jonathan Needhamjate of linn countv, Or.,
deceased. All persons basing claims against said
estate are hereby required to present them dulv
vanned as 6; lew required at the law oSaee sf
Weatherfonl A Chamberlain, at Albany, Oregon,
wi,u.u i unmiu irem me ua e nerex.
Dated ibis 9lh day ol October. 1SSS.
WaaniaaroaD Lara, Adiuinistrator
AUyfor tor.
t-pecimeu C0M1-1 -.p.; r 1 i.,.,.,,...,,
. .
Ti VouttV Ccr;aofl Ksw a-jhCng.
aert of floort mJK-i entirely irg The CVujxuUoa.
one rfoiuetfnj a veo tend a eutterlplton.
Just opened by the urderaigned. V, ,
keep on band ell kinds of frceh fish in
season. On First fctreel opposite the Sua
House. Free delivery to all pens of the
city. Also keep - ehoin stock of meal
and game. s l.WG HTEB a CLa RE,
On rr v place,a lew miie from A bany,
a eon mare, two years old , branded H
on eft - hoetlder. The owner will please
eaii an.t get ware, ar.d ay to. adTertts
insr and otner expenses.
November 5 h , IMG
specs !e rejuSixas ef tan. Certte.
l aJ
L h Biata .'. asere, f jaee; BliriYi
' tm m h ..-1 bb
FOR REST For a small store, dressy,
making shop era a n4ten. the
bnildinsr or ;anr cf r v.,I-fc
&lbjZ2l T 'rck. on
Kenton, -
Dealer ln
assortment of
Newspapers axal Magazine.
of Maltaews & 1 aslbi
many novelties
'a the Ciremit Court or" tie SttUr oj Oregon for
Limn, Countf.
W H Goltra, PlaiuUff,
Martha h. Rosens and
Eva Roacue. Deft nil ants.
il by virtue of ar. execration and order
ot sale duly issued ont ot the above
named eonrt in the above entitled actcn
to me directed and delivered, I will m
Satutstar . the irthi star X X cess her. 189
at the front door of the Court House. k
the city ot Albaav, Linueonnlv. Oregoo.
at the hcur of 1 o'clock p na of said day.
sell at public auction for eaah ia hand to
the highest bidder, the real proper, v
deecrioed in said execution and order of
sale as fellows, towit; The north half sf
lots 5 and o, iu block is, in the city of
Albany, Linn county-, Oregon, as tha
same appear on the map and plat of
said ctty. aow on file iu the offiee of the
eounty recorder of said liun county.
Oregon, The proceeds arising from such
sale to be applied first, to the payment of
the coets and disbursements of anit taxed
at eoi05, and the coats and charges of
making such sale, and the sum ot $51 .eo
as astoruev's fee; second, to the pavmen;
to the plaintiff, WHGoltsa, the sum of
$614.25 with interest thereon at the rate of
8 per cent per annum from Oct 25th, JS9S,
until paid, rnd the overplus if any to bo
rid to the administrator of the sjte of
HRoscoe. deceased I will ats se I
the following described real estate towii:
Lot 2, iu block No 23. iu the oity of Al
bany, Linn county, Oreaton. ss ths asms
appears from the map and plat oi aaid
dty, now on file in lha nrKr of .fc
couuty recorder of Linn countv, Oregon.
Theproceeis arising from such sa eto
ne app'ied first to the ssvmuit of the
sum of 33 as attorney's fee; second, to
the payment to the i laiurin v ti fink
ihe sum of foj.15, with accruin inure!
thereon at the rate of 9 per cent per
anuum until paid, and the overplus if
any be paid to ths rfmi'd,.i, f th
esU of P U Roscoe, deceased.
1'sieu tuia ian flay of Nov. mber 12.
sheriff of Linn county, Oregon
the annual nvit hn!.tr i r.r... nf
the Farmers A Msrehanie Insurance
Company, ofAl any, Oregon, wul be
nela at the company's oaloe in the oity
of Albany, Ores on. on Wednesday Jan
n; lsya, at the hour of 2 o'oicck p m of
said day, for the purpose of e'ectiog nine
directors of said company te serve one
year, and to transact uoh other business
es, may regularly come before said uitet-
tng. By oruer ot the fresid.m.
Dated Nov 2rth, 1S83.
Secretary and Manager.

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