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How I Lost Eosanna.
I am a post office clerk, and my name
is Mowden. I bad occupied my present
position about a year when X became
acquainted with my ever-dear Rosanna.
It liappeued in this wise I mention
the particulars at the risk of being
thought egotistical, because she was the
first youthful member of her sex with
whom I bad ever become aequain't-d,
and also because it is so pleasant to re
call even the most trival events con
nected with one so very dear to me.
My mother, who is a notable hou-e
wife, had been In the habit of pnrchas
i or eggs of a neighbor, a couple of blocks
away. I have bestltated about men
tioning the name of this person, fearine
that it might, in some way, seem to
reflect upon my dearest Itoeenna ; but
then, truth is truth and candor is ean
inr, and if anybody would think less of
Uosanna because of her Hibernian ap
pellation, his good opinion is not worth
courting. The uame Is Flaherty. As a
matter of coarse, I went frequently to
Mrs. Flatbery's In my mother's service,
and in time we became tolerably well
acquainted. I was somewhat afraid of
her ; she was a big woman, with a gren
adier way about her that was calculated
to startle one of my nervous tempera
ment. Sbe had small red eyes perhaps
I should say eyelids and big, red arms;
and her voice ! her voice was terrible.
Her family consisted of a horde of
dirty children, principally boys, whose
ages ranged from fifteen to four; at
about that time, I presume, Mr. Flah
erty mercifully died ; at auy rate, be
was dead.
My Rosanna was the eldest, and aired
seventeen; but at the time of which I
am speaking, I did not know this, and
indeed was not aware of her existence.
She afterward tried to make me believe
that she was then at school, but, from
the manifest defec'.s In ber education, I
am inclined to believe that she was
nerving as nurse-Rirl in some family.
One cold, dismal, rainy, blowy morning,
my mother saiil, as she rapped at my
door :
"Come, Jimmy dear, get np ! I want
you to step over to Mrs. Flaherty's and
set me as many eggs as she can spare."
I got np immediately ; I did not want
to, but I did; and, donning my over
cat, took an umbrella in one band, and
a basket in the other, aud started on
my errand.
"Hurry up," said mother; "I want to
cook some for breakfast."
It was a kind of morning on which
one would be likely to hurry up. I was
thoroughly wretched by the time I
reached lire. Flaherty's. I gave a
pretty sharp rap at the door, expecting
to see one of the dirty, fehojk-beaded
children, or my grenadier friend ; but
there was a little rustle, and the door
was opened by shall I say an angel ?
No, I will not soar; it was Rosanna.
Mie bad on a pink calico morning-drus
slia liail nlnlr .,r"i J
Mie nan ptnK cheeks to match, aud ,
'"si ii"iHi uiuo eyes, anu tue rea-
ilwt rnaioar IIIMa mAnil, nl. l .... . . ,
I ToulTin't rth.r J.7J .Vr..i. e , ..J.,TVU': .
. 11 L , . , """"" fcia
stood looking at her, unable to articu-
late a syllable ; she said "Come in !" iu
a voice of silvery sweetness, as unlike
Jlrs. Flaherty's as possible. I went In ;
more because of the rain than of any
thing else ; a sort of instinctive self
preservation. Mrs. Flaherty eame up,
aud said she supposed eggs ; I nodded
assent. She inquired, bow mother Was,
and I said : "A couple of dozen It
didn't matter." I never was so ecstat
ically wretched iu mv life.
I reached home somehow; I got down
to the office somehow; I attended to
j uuhct wiunivn , uuh sn oar lung 11
conversed with an imaginary Rosanna. I
and made speeches to ber that would
have caused my genuine Rosanna, how-
ever devoted, lo cashier me in about i mlgbt venture to hope to see her daugh
two minutes. By going a block out of ter, tbe door opened, and out rushed, not
my way, I could pass tbe Flahertys' on ; Rosanna, but the grenadier herself,
my way down town every morning. I looking fierceuess personified, and armed
went a block oat of my way. Rosanna i with a bucket of steaming water and a
"twigged," as our Engiish cousins say, ' hoge, long-handled mop, which she
u:: after the first morning I never flourished abont in a threatening man
failed to catch a glimpse of the pink ner, shouting:
morning wrapper, and the pretty, rog-1 "Och : ye oold rooster murthorer!
tush, young face. Ah! love's yoang ' Oil tacbe yez to be a decaving of a da
dream ! Old fogies who have outgrown i cent woman the loikes of you ! Och !
it may sneer, but there is nothing In lbs ye long-legged, dough-faced"
world like it ! I will not say that It is I I waited to bear no more, but started
tie uest, tue ueepebt, or tne troeet, nut.
I do maintain that it is tbe sweetest
while it lasts, of course.
After residing in the seventh heave.i
for a couple of months, I discovered
tliat I bad a rival. It was ou tbe third
of February ; I remember tbe day well.
It had been a balm v. heavenlv dar.
nun as oueo, almost always, comes at-; an Hour ahead or time. A man was
ber a heavy rain ; the hills were clad In sweeping out the corridor; he stopped
green, the wild 11 ers were thick In ! and looked at me; I stopped and looked
untrodden place, and the little brown I at him. Great Scots, it waj Gre u, the
buds chirped and "cheeped" as though 'janitor!
they realized, that their Spring had he- j "tiood-roorufni;, sir," said lie. with a
fclln- ! blaud air, which made me want to
Of course, I dMn't eisjy much of choke him; "you will Mud the head un
t. its, cooped upas I was in the office ; der tbe box, sii ; I took tbe body home
but in the evening, it being, warm and i to Mrs. 1'iaherty ; just as good to cook,
and bright, with moonlight, I resolved i you know. We'll have it ro-udtd to
ti walk dewn to the Flabxrly.' to take ' night; dr.ip iu and have a drum-stick."
Iosanua out for a walk. On my way 1 1 I don't know what considerations
-topped and purchahwl some candv, as a ; kept me from knocking the retch
H .p to teTRerus, at I mentally "dLig-'down. I stalked by without a word,
i .and the hideous little Flshertvs wh ' As I wrilo, I look occasional !v at the
&.w.,ys surrounded me, and drove ms cards wedding cards, Rosaiia's wed
ncany frautlo when I went there. I ding cards, Green's aud Rjsanna's we.i
walked along in a rapturous state of , ding card- which lie upon the desk ba
rniud, which I have learned to tl-iad, ! fore me, aud my sorrowing soul pr.wsa
knowing from experience that it fore- s'.iade more bitter, and only tbe dreaded
bodes a fall to the depths of despair. I titters of my fellow-clerks prevent me
rapped at tbe door, my couutonanro I Irom erosnlne; "Rosanna! O Rowanna!"
unconsciously wreathing itself insrailes. ' C. tV. Dulliccr in (Jie Californian for
Ko.-anna opened it, looking just the X'ij.
least hit more roguish than usual; she1
uau on acanoo gown, white, with pink
i-p ),h, which was immensely becoming
t' lur. She ushered me in with that
li-Mive grace of which all ber poor sor
rouudiuga could not rob ber. In the
eutij'T, in my favorite chair, sat a
"; I had almost said fiend. His
e.mntenance looked familiar to me,
though for tbe II.'. of me I couldu't tell
whsre I had ever sren him. Rosanna
intro. need hlm-the creature's name
was Green.
I stayed but a t-liort time. The vonn"
ahertys descended ou me "fike a
wolf ouihe fold;" and it was only by
oTbyTa't 1?,;
.' .,,1 .i,V, Micaen mv
"w mvself on th!w,l ti...
raeu on tbe bed. tlw.
most uiix
litefandor. .. ...IV" UUI,
laiIF I. . , m ., I
;V7L, r:;:t7' ou .m or our mis-!
unu nop. i had hardlv1
made np my mind that T , , rrf"i ? I
unhappy, when I beg, .0
licious dreams of materuai -r, . ' ,
faithful love, In whleh mi u
was the heroine, and I (au .,l-a,t4J
myself) tbe hero. The next tuornlur
with spirits quite revived, I took mv
usual way by the Flahertys" door; Ra.
hatina flitted by the window, and gave
uie a smiling nod, intimating by a ges
ture of her pretty hands that sbe was
busy, and could not come out for our
usual chat ; I was somewhat chagrined,
but resolved lo think Ibe beet of every
body and everything. When, however,
one morning succeeded another, and I
f ju:;d her alwavs too busy to stop when
I was pas6iug by, and, calling one
evening, found that fiend, Green, In my
f tvoritfl nliair. with little TommV Flsh-
. . , - , -
eriy ou hie knee, my spirits began to
droop, .and my faith in human natutei
became depressed. 1
But let me not linger over ti.e-e sad
davs and hasten in i iimo. ,.!
drixziy morning in early March one of :
my leiiow-elarks Informed me that
there was a lady In the corridor who
who desired to see me. I blushed furi
ously (affording my fellow-clerks a
deal of innoeent amusement thereby),
and, at first, expressed some doubts as
to myJnformanl's veracity. He shrugged
his shoulders, and said I could do as I
pleased, bat I be lady was there waiting.
"And," added the malicious scamp,
one a carrying a present for yi.u in her i
arras, anu looks as tr you ha. I In tu r not
keep l,er waiting loo lotitr. 1 v-t'ie-hy,"
he called after me, as I went"vit, 'vlie
told me to tell you that her luiuo was
Flaherty ; I forgot that."
More innocent amusement aradng ti e
'When J reached the oorridor alwavs
fall of people at that lime of the day,
and a crowded as uwual I e?pted my
grenadier frtend lolling Against one of
the windows, with an expression on her
engaging countenance from which I
shrank back aghast; only that she was
Rosahna's mother, I would "have turned
and fled. She bore In her arms a huge,
kicking, crowing, sprawling Shanghai
rooster ; and, as she advanced upou me
with the loud confidence characteristic
of ber, I prayed for aii earthquake, or
some other convulsiuuii of future, iu
the midst of which I might escape. H it
the fates ordered otherwise.
"Ocb, Mlstber Plowden, and It's glad
I am to see thought of ycr!" exclaimed
Mrs. Flaherty, In that Urrible voice,
which at once attracted everybody's at
tention, and caused my heart to sink
into my boot and the blood to rtieh to
my face. "Ye haven't been a ctllin' on
us lately," she continued ; "me Hosnna
was a-wunderlng au' a-wanderin;; "
"Come this wav!" I v!p'iwm1
hoarsely, making a break for thy open .
.u i ... ., . . ' ,
mm ""I-"0". ;
""j annum t uweu ui. on ue ueituis .
of that fatal interview ? My prenadL-r I
iriena desired to send that horrible, av-
age-lookiost wretch to soma town in I
.co.. 1 .. . . . 11
dmmjwhouiiuij, ou man, ana nan come
to me, "because I was a friend,!' the
Stamn r'erlr Imiilmr rafnsl in h,.
anything whatever to do with tbe af
fair. I acted the part of a coward ;
afraid to oflend the mother of my ever
dear R manna, I mildly expostulated,
explaining that it was likely to be
killed, or smothered, or lost at any
rate, would probably ut-ver teach its
destination alive.
"OH risk it!" said Mm. I'.aliertv, in
uk1m.ii ; .., . , i,
reply to all my saggest ions; fo at last,
iu ucrjrcmjuu, i iiiuiuij
eous beast, and promised to t'ami it
arid send it oil all right.
"Only yon musn't blame me,'' I said,
"if it never Rets to Siskiyou."
"Oil uivver blame yc a hit, and olm
everlasting obliged to ye," said tbe
grenadier, as smilingly as passible.
I wall; oi slowly around to the rear of
tbe building, meditating what I should,
could, or would do to get myself out of
tbe scrape, when my eye fe'l upon a
small ha'.c let which somel.ody had lt-ft
.. . .. . k.nw . n . . . I ft,..
.! T . r .
Shanghai was of course Imposmble; to
laSe It into tne room wuere my tellOW-
. . . . .. -
n uiuis i"i Mien jtcia u lauga-
ter; I bad promised to stamp it and
"send It ofT' all right; I would .lo it ! 1
.quickly drew from my pocket a couple
of three-cent stamps, and. tret tine sev-
i nrrini, T
eral severe scratches In the operation, I
uisiisgeu tu etniH ukui w iu iciv wiiik
of my tormentor. I seized tbe hatchet,
murmured "Forgive me, Rosanna," and
in an instant tbe Shanghai's head rolled
to thee-round. Thrcatiu" head and body
under tbe box and wiping the hatchet
on the grass, I beat a hasty retreat from
on tha trass. I beat a haatv retreat from
the scene, flattering mytif that I hod
been unobserved.
i ue next morning, as l pasCii l!TC
Flahertvs' nremlses. with hucerini! tui
and tender glances, frosting that 1 li.nl
1 now so propitiated tbe grenadier that I
on at my best speed, receiving:, in my
flight, one tolerably severe r.ip from the
mop-handle, which the crinaditr threw
after me with all the strength of her
strong arm.
I had run several blocks before I conld
convinco myself that she was not after
me. i reached the post omceaboai hair
I A person Is not worth anything who
, has uut !iad troubles. You ca'itiot sub
due selfhhues without a struggle. You
I cannot restrain pride without a con
I flict. You cannot go through life with
out bearing burJens. Bat you are go
ing to have help under circumstances
that will redeem you from these tilings.
Yon are going to experience more vic
tories than defeats. Your suffering will
be only here and there little spoti iu a
wbole field of peace and jjy.
The following ir-o:i a-- duly authorize! to
act m A.'tiiU for ihv N'tw Isuuiiiwest :
l I). iray -Alhanr
.. Johns
br.ttli lleain .
I.. II. ri(HlsteI
...-kucene Vits
.. iitirntide
. ...-t'alifornta
Leulon county
i- i
Mrs, I.mra UeFoiee GurUun
Aslil.y i'earce
M . 1' nen
W. W. B ac'i
I. 1'. Tort, r
Mrs. C 8. Folts
.. . . follax, W. T
... Ilos'nn, Mass
-iii-..l. Of
.San June, Cat
losane Falls, W. T
Mrs. M. A. Warner...
miss Mary uisbop.
.b vwnsvllie
UT. Ha ley
Mrs. II. ,. VaauVi";.'"
Mrs. ll B Ili.hup
r!t.J- w-Jackson. ..."
A. W. Htannr.l
Mrs. M. F. .(
Mrs. J. H. Foster
J. T. Keotl, Ks.,
Mrs. A K. f.iim.n
Lee IxitiKhlin
.The Dull
l nil. It I . .
. tVudlcion
- ..Brownsville
.. .."-lifaye ill i
Xorth Yamhill
s..L,i y.iui-y ucsirlns t 0, ,
wi. ur. i" w'.'' ;
out r..'!i.. '. ' .
.ut Oicsou and
lis. rcrj posl outre 11
I washignton Territory.
at eery p.jst i.inec thruuirb
rLT Bobi'r" ' "vy.;;v,-'?ml,y
The Great Commercial Center
of the Northwest.
Ttsj Present unci Future.
It has a population of 21 JJuu. It Is to Oregon,
and the Territories of Washington and Idaho,
what New York City Is lo the Kt.ite of New
York, and I..- ii- tin m r. I.itloti l.. that State
and those i- i uiorlt-a thai Chit does lo Illi
nois Louis to MKwnil, Philadelphia to
Pennsylvania, and Now Orleans to Louisiana,
It has more territory tributary to It than any
other cily iu tne United states, and wilt soon
be numbered with the foremost cities in tbe
Union. Even at this time tbe hammer and the
aw can be heard in all parts of the city; the
demand for bulletin;.- It so great that the In
clement season of Winter does not check the
oi'.w.in! inaii-h of its growth. With the vast
miintM-r of Mnps roiis'anlly plyiue between
t li t- n! Ibrettcn ports, freighted with our con
stantly increalnx aertculturnl proline!, and
the nnmetons railroads now tributary to, or
terminating at, this clly. It will not require
more than ten years toswell the population of
our beautiful and tjrowli.i: city lo Iummj souls.
Havtnit a turner territory Iban S:in Kranciseo
to KupNrt It, we may eonndent ly advert that In
It'- than aiiunrt- rof a eenliiry I'ortland will
bo the fon-most city on the coiot iu oinl of
wealth and population.
We will here enumerate the nvmy railroad
enterprises already Inaugurated, nuii e of i hem
are iNinatrueted. and others In process of run
uui tlua,all maklns their termini at Ihiscicy.
the xoannour ranrio
I bnildinc rr.pidly west fro-n rHilulh.on Ijike
baperior, utid also from the t'oiutnhia Utvcr
eaNt, ami wilt be complefrMl at uo early day,
lhu eotiut ct.ug us with all our hUler Slates.
thk oi:eox axb rAi.iraa.MA r. n.
Trrrn!n.ii s here, and Is having an i:nmene
pair.. n. i .
l'ornieriy the Oregon Centralis dolni; a oot
country on I
mis road runsiiirousn tue ten lis
the west side of the Willamette
Ki r, and its southern lenulnus at ungear Is
at cotains,,j; mueatrom roiuuii.i.
the ctam aoamrox R. ii
Will to hum through hundred or mi: - of rer-
'" laud, the produce or which luusi if
brought to this city for shipment. This road
will conowt with the Union Pacific it. lt-.tbu
securing twocoiupetlag lines fn.m the Atlantic
to the Pacluo. It Is uow a settled fact that tbe
Will a constructed at an early day. TliLswltl
give us three trans-continental road.
A home conmanv. with unllmlteit caoltal,
has been organized under the name of the
i)r fun Rsllwav Co. to couslroct narrow-cause
roads Irom this city to the Interior portions of
the !9taie. Ultimately connecting wiiu u ven
tral Pacific, with branches wherever lnduee-
niems may oflVr. This enterprise Is being
pushed vigorously! completion. o that It
Ulav in readiness to movehls KalPs crop.
ITave been riled to cor struct a road from Battle
Mountain, Nevada, in thadlrectlou of UrvK-in,
io connect wiiu uie urewon nauway ws roa.1
and make Portland IU terminus. This will
give us direct conrmnntcatlon with tbe richest
liver mines In tbe world, and wilt make Port
land one of lac greatest railroad centers tn ibe
To give the reader an Idea of the magnlnidD
and extent of the railroad latere-.! of this cay,
we will state: There are nine ships on their
way to this port from New York and Philadel
phia, and eleven from foreign port. Many
others will be dispatched soou. All arc lath n
with railroad iron to be DUt down on railroad
lines tributary to, or terminating at. Portland.
we shall soon be connected by rail with the
Northern Pacine u. R.; also with Chicaco and
le Atlantic ciun. lsoonauioi immigrants
1 are efustantlv arrlvtnsr from alt rjarta of the
I'll""! worrd.and tEe mlUlou "of acres of
i ngrieuiturai tanus um tie suit uuDrosen uy
he plowshare, and awaiting the advent of the
1 ""ISSlT i'i!
tng noon this fair young tMate. When the iu
I migration ha reached lu fall tide, and three
, millions of acres are under cultivation, then
; , 0m lK known as the wealthiest State
iu iiic c nion.
, .....
1 The land In this enterals!) lies adjoining tho
. 'JiTtrm?,iiSSt,irJlS f-S er,JL,?.n.I!!,'
TbSXlEat SmW'Scst JuirtJoU
' ciiy. n isuiTswa inio
one tuocsako asd twbxi .--roi-B loth.
, r":rtr by one hundred feet in ixe, with streets
stx'y feci wide, two hundn .1 of these lots
ai.i be resci-.fd lor those al;o desire lo I:n
piove and build this Sumiaer aud Fall. Tli .
lots will be sold en the same libera! terms
that are onred In tne Homestead proper.
All lots will be sold for tieo.Weacn.pivaI.ie
n installments of sauu per montu, ir lUe -mull
sum or i-3 cents per uay. o interest will tie
cbnrgtd. aud a good and sufficient liond l .r
Uecd will be given upon the piymeni or I lie
first lnsUllmentoftiAW, and a Warranty Deed
upon receiptor last Installment, boih without
expense lo purchaser.
Those not finding It convenient to make their
ppments when dne, will be granted twenty
day grace In which to make such payment,
as It is desirable that all shall have every r--
j "'hie orporlnnlty tr seep np tbetr payments.
Thrf desiring to make rail Eavtnent at the
iiiiie uie DonB is lasaeu, win do entiiietl lo it
reduction of f HMD on each lot, or Ii w on each
I j.uu pa. j in. as tne
Is the most certain and rapid through real es
tate tiivrstmedts, this interprUe oRdrs far
more inducements to tne public than any
other on the wast at tbls time, as Hie price aud
fiaj menu are within tbe reach of all. lo 1101
et this chance pass. Buy a lot, build, and
make yourself independent. Manv of von
who live in rented houses pay m. ire every year
-for rent llian would purchase a lot and build a
roof over your head. You t heirwouKI he Inde-
peii'icni oi exacting landlords, mid in truth
uai e a piacc to call -no rue."
DO x"T ronr.ET
Tbiil not minv years aco some r.r the host int.
In ian Kiancisco were sold for an ounce of
gom ou-r, anu mat now liny conia not be
ihiuiil lor ciivw Alio, rctiu inix'r that
niicuiro sfinie oi uie. rie! iitisin s. lo's were
oncnirnueo lor a pair ol M ih1s II. hi-on. m
Is the remark made bvolil resiiii.nts ,.i i.i
land that once they could have houiilit inis for
SUM that f." .o) would not buy n.,. It is not
lu-uoj isg iuc uay oi small ll. n
P i n it tuVc tl.c advice or thovwhoemak
nguln-t :he prosperity of the clly In which they
iesiile,r cry down an enterprise which has
for iu ol-.;e, i the development ur the country.
They will till vo:i not lo Invest, as some dis
tant locality oft"- superior Inducements, and
thai they intend aolng there as soou as they
get means t nough ai.ead. If such persons
have not ner.-y and Jndgnient enoiul. to stte-
eeeu in iimiine connnunitv like this, surely
tli.-lrt.-rlk al.out accomplishing wondrous re
sults elsewhere would seem to amount to noth
ing mo'e than the silliest alr-castlc building
If they were in tbe Garden of Eden, surrounded
by all tha luxuries ol that hiiu hnj i,i.
angels to do their bidding, and the aromatia
hreercs from Araby tbe blet to fan their ach
ing brows, silll they would be tho same nst
less, discontented, unhappy, dvxpeptlr, hypo
chondriacal. Incorrigible creatures that they
now are. Nothing can be done with such Indl-
viuunis. iiii irai-case is cnronir, their eases
are hopeless, and the best that can be dooe is
to shed the svmDathetie tear ncr fhm
abandon them to their monrnful fate, as being
J - . .. .uv (W.UVI UUIMH Hill.
a rpiuBciATiox or VALt ra.
By reference to tbe "Oregn Ian" of February
5. Ii. ll will be round that clly property has ad
vanced luvnty-flve per cent during the past
year. As there has been no excitement, the
rise Is wholly attributable to the Increasing
immigration and the growing confidence In
spired by our numerous railroad enterprises,
and the development of our many natural re
sources, that have hitherto slumbered for want
of energetic men lo develop them.
it n nrs,
fh.it of alt roal estate Investments the home
stead plan U the best and safest, as all who in
vest are inti rested tn making tbe who'e prop
ertymore valuable. To Illustrate: Suppose A
builds a hou- on his lot, and B o-.vns a lot ad
jolnlnir; B R. ts the t n tltot A's Improvement,
while A is uot injure J thereby. lhi philoso
phy will apply to tbe entire property.
We have donated a lot to each of tbe princi
pal churches for church purposes.
In addition to tne above, two lots are set
apart tor public school purposes.
The division of tbls prop rtv w.i! t iV.c place
when the lots are all sold, or, in.uo oi nl.tiot
later than t )
istli if February, issl.
Al Mecliauics'isavlllon, commencing at 10
'c,oc,E pnb"e notice of which will be
?"n DJr PoWScatlon in two principal Journals
' 'estate. It wltl be made Tn the manner
;,p-,,1ed ipon "by a majority of th pnrehasers
,n Jhe Huuestead. Parties inter- 1 reay ap-
i- .... !iv.ia won iur uinn 11 11 ii ire m
do so. Parties who do not at t n I i "...tune
"fn'i , dlv'"'o0- either in person o.- !, proxy.
wMi ' buun'1 u,e p'n 1 !"
"'-Oority of those who do so attend,
It Is suggested by the purchasers Uial
uy the
M RIlsTirMliMl hr I ha mih.l.,. tl.At .11.1
Km inlsfetbe mads hv nuMrinv Uia nnmia- nr
eneh lot and Licck tn a wheel or hot and the
uame of each party interested in the Home
stead In another then a name will be drawn
irom one and a number from tneoluer.ana me
lot so drawn deeded to tbe person whose name
Is so drawn, when ail payments are made.
All bot tbe flat Installment mast be paid at
the Banking House of Ladd A Til ton, la th
city of Portland. .
rusDW ntox a bistasi r
Desiring a ahmm. forward SaOO to the
General Manager, and a Bond will be Immedi
ately forwarded?
Money nay be forwarded by registered let
taw, money order, or Wells, Fargo 4 Co1 Ex
press, at my risk.
ri lunaer particulars, apply to
J. K. RICK, Ueaeral Manager,
Portland. Oregon,
61 Morrison street.
I oertllv that I m the nwncr of the lands In
the PortlandClty Homestead tbe title thereto
IS ner fact, fturiha. TT nainf anil 1 milt hurt
J. JI. Hloe to sell said properly ou tbe forego-
Wm Yfol.l
lion. Jhnii7 Mitchell
Hon. 1. V flni.iH
r x V s. s. iiHlor
..t'. S. Seualor
i. A. Htrowbiidge
Meier frank
Geo. 11. HI tne
The Koat Suecetufiil Physician on the
rtm&e Uotut
tour of the Kastero Ktates for the past tour
nusiun. ineisKwrTuiiM an tne principal
medical Institutions In the lam cities of the
United States, and oouirs back with all the
modern methods, instruments and appliances
known to the most sctenUflc men in the pro
fession. The Docor baa also brought charts
and manikins io Illustrate his leetnraa.
DR. PAUL It. BR UN AN has been Ll years
lecturing on tne laws ox un anu lies I 111. jn
bis private and Dubiio lectures he has tancht
men and women tbe true system of life, how
to be bealtby and happy. If they would only be
guided by his wise counsel. Bat all cannot hear
nis uetlgntlul ana instructive lectures, nor can
he tell evenrthlnr necessary for suffering hu
manity to know from the public rostrum be
fore a promiscuous audience. There remains
much to be learned from bins, aa his experi
ence extends ever broad fields of active pro
fessional life. This knowledge so nereasiiry to
tne welfare of snnerers can oniy oe gieaneo by
Bnvaxe t imasamiiai irasuiiauon at nis omce.
lis experience in the various parts ol Kurooc
and America gives him such opportunities of
learning tne tieiicate diseases which the nu
mau family are prone to, their mode ol treat
ment and permanent core, aa no other physi
cian on ths- Pacine Coast can claim. lie has
not oary treated these diseases ni" ! success
fully, but has made them a life study, as a Ivw
momenta consultation will urove.
He has become an expert In the treatment of
disease, weakness and derangement of the re
productive organs of both mala and remsle,
including diseases caused by the
1BI.LIHI or-Toum.
such as PrsKVAToKRHotA.orSKaixAL Wns
XEas,orLoBS or Puuravr Vitijt. Nearly
i wo-third of all the Chronic 01seajx-s spring,
either directly or Indirectly, from soma de
rangement of tbe sexu d system, and yet this
subject Is neglected by tho majority of tue
medical profession.
Thnt persons who are unfortunate enoush lo
be atlileled by any form ol sexual disease have
a delicacy In calling upon the proper phvi
cian In time, from a sense of modesty, and
sometimes front Ignorance, and permit those
diseases to exist until their constitutions be
come corrupted, their organisation broken
down, and tbe hope of future happiness blight
ed, until death becomes a welcome messenger
to carry them oat or their miserable existence.
Those T ho call in time upon Dlt. PAUL M.
BBENAN need have no fear bit what he will
restore them lo perfect health and vigor, make
their bodies pur and their minds content, ii
they will only follow his advice and treatment.
Catarrh, Bronchitis, Throat Diseases, s.sii,
Diseases, Rheumatism, Kidney Complal nt aud
all Diseases ol the Eye and Ear, Stomach and
Bladder, he can cure without rati. No uuack
Nostrums used; no slop treatment; no l.itsc
promises Everything strictly confidential
under all circumstances.
t'naultalin Cree, and a list of printed
ueliuUH sent lo those living at a distance who
can unt consult blm personally.
All Hnrgical Operations performed.
Jrace No. SI First street, between Oak and
fine. Office Uoura From 111 to 11 A. 2 to 4
and 7 to p. x. -7 iy
KUUMM-torn. r rirst kh4 Stark HSU
over Ladd A Ttlton't Bank.
veattlai over IUU Iasass4 Ckalre Kssks
Over 100 Papirs and SSaecaaes.
Hon tl ly Dues l OO Payable flrir.rt-rly
Directors Wm. K Idd,P.r. H-'mvler. Jr..
M. P. lc.aU-, H. W. Corbeit. W. II. lira.-A-
C. Glbtjs.tH. Iwis.M. W. Kechh im. r, V.
Falling, U Blum.
Officers t
JIATTIIHW P. PEADY ...rcsl-!ent
JL PAILlNfJ Ylco President
f; C. SCHUYI.KR, Jn. Treasure,
M. W. FKCUHEIMEtt. Correnpondlng Sec
HENRY A. OXKR.. Librarian and Ree. Sec
Tme Mlasnam of Uta Thismt mid Lins
n:n lis ISSXH1, HIMS, VVHttOMBUr
t'OMxh. ltroiiehllls. Asthmii,
auit CWfHVSllTUIS.
Tbe few compositions
which have won the
confidence of mankind
and become household
words, among not only
one bnt many nations.
must have extraordi
nary virtues. Perhaps
no one ever secure 1 so
wide a reputation, or
maintained It so long,
as Aran's Chkrat Pec
toral. It has been known to the public about
rorty years, by a long continued series ot
mar clous cures, that have wou for It a confi
dence in its virtues never equaled by any
other medicine. It still makes the awt ef
fectual cares or Coughs, Colds, Consumption,
that can be made by medical skill. Indeed,
tbe Coebkt I'xctokai. has really robbed these
dangerous diseases of their terrors to a great
extent, and given a feeling ol Immunity from
their fatal effects that is well founded tr the
remedy be taken In ssaaon. livery family
should have It In their closet lor tbe ready and
prompt relief of lu members. Sickness, suf
fering and life even Is saved by this timely
protection. The prudent should not neglect it
and the wise will not. Keep It by you for tbe
protection It affords bv lu llmelv nae In snddn
attacks. Prepared by
BK. J. C. AYEll A CO., Iwoll, MaM
Practical and Analytical Chemists.
Sold by all Druggists and Dealers In Medicine.
Olitalned for Inventors in the Called States,
Canada, and Euroos. at reduced n rices. With
our principal office located la Washington, di
rectly opposite the United Smlas Patent Omce,
we are aoic io attena to nil rstcni owiom
with srenter ni nmnlnosaanrt dls natch and less
coal t ban other paasnt attorneys, who are at a
distance from Washington, and who have,
therefore, to employ associate attorneys."
We make preliminary examinations and fur
nish onlnlons as to Dutentabilllv. free of
charge, and all who are interested in new In
ventions and patenU are Invited lo send for a
copy of our "Unide for Obtaining Patents,"
which la sent free to any address, and contains
complete lustroctlona bow to obtain patents,
and other valuable matter. We refer lo the
Oerman-Ametiean National Bank, Washing
ton, ll. c; tne Koyat Swedish, Norwegian, anu
Danish Legations, at Washington: Hon. Jos.
. mey, late uniei justice u. w.conrtori ianns;
lo the Officials of the U. S. Patent Office, aud
to Senators and Members of Congress from
every suite.
Address: L0CI8 B VOtiER CO., Solicitors
of Patents and AUonteys-ul-Law, Le IMoit
Balldlnc, Washington, D. a 8-1S
nw Yf-smat.
A Weakly" Jonrnnl
Iaimwutat In relllfw. and nciigton
at begins lu Slash Year as
with Its lasae ot May 1st. IS,
aess management ol the DolWATC PualJSM
rw Con r awt, to whom all letters eoaneetad
with the Editorial, Advertising or Subscription
Departments of tbe paper are to ba nsrreafler
The Maw Noam w aar is Hi a Waaaaa'
Rights, but a Human XigBts
to whatever policy may 1
tha greatest gwed to tks gin last Htn
knows ns sos, no pllsls,no rsMsjlan, a e party,
ns color, no erscJ. lUtsaailaMnii la tssstaia
upon the rock of Jfleixwl Uawrtr, VBivsnaJJ
EwanolrWttsw wad p'tssasMtnialsil I
omec or ruuextmv ussnhwist esr
ner of l'Vssil and WUbnwfSi.i. tshasa. (p-
BY MBS, A. 8. DtnOWAT,
Was l
MBS. DUSTWAYfS pscnllarly origlaal style
oT jedMortal Oen.ipondasiee win eoaUnas
rram wank M wssjc to attract thoasaads oi
readsra, ana Msntn stall are wuiiilastt Hpou all
tha leading: tonics of tha day. OORRE
SPON DENTS an also employed to ftarntssi
weekly letters fkoat WaaUagtoa, Sew Tsvk
and various parts of Knropc
No pains will tw spared to make THE NX W
NORTHWEST the leading newspaper of Its
class in America. IM tttsratara is always
moral la tone and bsstraettva and alevatlng la
character, and is sooght after by tha best sad
moat Intelligent class of rssdsis. As a madlam
for Advsvllslng, thai Joaiaal has no swperior.
Stng copter, eoa year
six months..
Threo moutftsC
Agents and Canva9ears!
Mailt, Vrtev J, lollie Snii ort ofllamnn
ittrbis mil Tlie Peoj ile'a Inper.;
Cornf,r of Front and '.Vashington streets (en
tra tee on "ft ashlnf on), Portland, Or.
JL1 djsfoalllua to ExsrUaa or Business, Hbort-
OT Breath, Troabled with Thoughts of
MSaas, ntatneaa or Vision, Fain in the Back,
y assjl riann, isa as nsuoa to tne neaa,
We UStinteman
anaptomi are ai
IV TflaTI III! Til
Wbsm tbe coswtlftton becotnrsi sSTeored, It re
qsdnsHssaM or aa invigpratlng mediclna to
strengthen and lone Bp la system, which
noKS iiv imuty cash.
By any rensody known, is prawilhstl by
I he moat wwlasat physlsasns all
over tha vrorid in
Aehcs Hd Puis 5.
Xervouj BOkilHr.
Head TrMibkrB,
Oeavsntl leWIltT,
Ussasis of tan Sianeys?
lAvmr Csmalaiat,
" Paralyists,
Ocnsral 111 Kaalth,
Spinal TJissases,
Norvoas OrgsaaMv,
Fsmata OoaM1a,18t.
lift in the Bhoaldara,
Ooagh, -
HatiTasts tatheatoatb,
IhUpruuion af the Heart,
atboasand otaar palattl symptoias,ar
tbe olTsprtiigs of Dyspepsia.
And sumalaxas Um torpid IJvar.
TaWW aaawsns
jl sroam nasi wsu wsiw
UM 1
hesltsllng of Ha valnatls
t'lniB, t ran imtti,k,
OrBtx aVatOM far).
rJcllvered In any addrasa tree from observa
tloa. Patlenu may coosnlt by letter. receiving
the same attention aa bvcalllnc. Competent
I'hyslciaas attend to correspondents. All let
ters snouiu oe anureaaou to
It. T.iuii.xmiLn,
nrngglst and Chemist,
Philadelphia, Pa.
See tlmt tare Prli-ate Proprietary StHinp
It on cnehJItottlH.
A bMatttaaCatttosryleof an
lt&ITllrt-J lErrs ImproTM te 8wr , I . ax.4 Best-
b-Tot.I?evrrtefor.i nn3fa.-cinMl forth.- 1-orTori.r draw
ing rn..io, R..tii r.ric 2ii".i".iEIiri
Awsts, Mass- jesrsarosiiottt $CT t. Hy aaar. Ojuy
ROT. rarbr skS. -7 fCTT
luVtaM ll k"1"- Hit Ijiuytsjre.ire
snUed. return mr eiprr.-.-. I r ias f reijut bota ways.
If mcmifr. t!J oaerissttl.e v. p- lsi s'-"l
tJStl BOifv lTwulnotk t f natiustrt e. yaUy
wareaateS tvr a years. rf-f...i7 or-u.ld. .rf .
.Sen. 1 v. uvi fcus.-i-sul H .-us in .. sV". Son
Mn'i lliti -S iUMlaS than say inanjfsctaTer. I
havstp-iKfcs1 myaoleSBowoTrtUeenttrpwsJ.
M IU.s . sh.1. btlt li-St.Mjr fclrs.lls
SiaceBvre. tr- c ira from an usirli;roci
C--nliiwitof Carpe. Ism m tn- tetf rtmncft than CTer
ttwit no city or a l the entire cirt.ue.1 srorat
shall be unre;rr-. L 1 t.y mr eel- imtsl in-tniments.
jsrrts. Ss.isr Iwllt'l.a.t Mast IK recently beeK
Ten i r
of mr rim ctty.sai
SlWllltJ. II1SM,
rated KcsrsattDer ttivlm fiuun..-
tto-i sJjout ctsnst riTsmsinl Qrykng s-m Tree.
Bamb r. BSATI1I,
Washington, Sew Jersay.
9SS Seventh street, WasMnttou.D.C,
We pmenro patenU la all countries. Ho AT-
the patent Is granted. H o fees for making pre
liminary examinations. No addiUonal foes
tor obtaining and conducting a rehearing.
Special attention given to Interference Cares
before the Patent Office, Extensions before
Congress, Infringement Suits In different
oiaiM H all litieation nertaining to Inven
tions or Patents. Send stamp lor pamphlet
giving full instructions.
Vat Scat Slates) Court suasl Isepsortsaeata.
Halm, nmseented In the Sunreme Court of
the Untied States, Court of Claims, Court of
Commissioners of Alabama Claims, Southern
Claims Commission, and all classes of war
claims before tne txecattve uepsnmesta
Arrears T Pay and atoawSy.
fjnSBCTE, nuiuirrs, miu omiiuii ui u imv wjm,
or tbelr heirs, are In many cases entitled to
asoney rrom tne uovemmens, oi wnicn sney
havf, no knowledge. Write full history ol ser-
vIm. and aisle amount of Dar and bonntv re-
keclved. Enclose stamp, and a full reply, arte
examination, will oe given you witnoutenargc
All Officers. Soldiers, and Sailors wounded
captured, or injured In the late war, however
slight, are entitled to, and can obtain a pen ,
I'stftesi State Ueaeral XJsatdWcc.
Contested Land Cases, Private Land Claims
Misilns-. nre-enintlon. and Homestead fasea
prosecuted before the General Land OSce an
Department oi the Interior.
Xdsstd Warrants. -
We nv cash for Bountv Land WnrrantsT and
we Invite correspondence with ail parties bav-lna-anv
lor sale, and give lull and exnllett In
structions where assignments are Imperfects
. We conduct our tiusiuess in separate nnreaaa -having
therein the clerical assistance of able
and experienced lawyers, and give our closest
personal super islou to every important papas
prepared in each case. Prompt attention thus
secured to all business entrusted to as. Ad
dress St. S. Jk A. P. I.ACET. Atsauraieya.
W ASUlUTO, a. u.
Aay persoi
Aay person desiring information as to the
and responsibility of the firm wilLon
rcqnest, be mrnlshed with a satisfactory refer-
in nas tkuuit or sjoDgreasuonsi uiawics
i j the cmcurr court of the state
JL of Oregon for Multnomah County. X, IMt
tenboefer, Plaintlfl", vs. H. F. Bloch, L A.
Bwkowits, Louis Schwabacher, Abraham
Hehwabacher and Sigmund Schwabacher, De
fondants. To H. F. Bloch. L A. Boskowlrg,
Jbouls Schwabacher, Abraham Schwabacher
Ad Shrmund Schwabacher, Defendants: In
the name or tbe state or Oregon, yon are
hereby notified and required to appear and
answer tbe complaint Bled against yon in the
above entitled snM within ten days from tha
date of tbe service nt this summons noon yon.
If served In Multnomah County; or If served
In any other count v of this State, then within
twenty davs Irom t he date of tbe service of this
summons upon you; and If served by publica
tion, then yon are notified and required so fc
appear and answer said complaint by the first
stay of tbe term of this Conn following tbe ex
piration of the tln.e prescribed in the order tor
tbe publication of summons, to wit : on or be
fore June llth, IS), that being the first day of
the next regular term ol said Court; and If you
tali to so appear and answer, the Plaintiff wilt
take judgment against the Defendants, H. F.
Bloch and I. A. Boskowits, for the snm of
Kight Thousand Dollars, with interest thereon
at ten per cent per annum since January 3d.
UBS, and tbe farther sum of Two Hundred
Dollars attorneys' fees, and tbe coats and dis
bursements of tbls suit, and will sooty to the
Court for and take a decree foreclosing the
mortgage executed by said Defendant, H. F.
Bloch. to tbe Plaintiff noon Fractional Block
55, Conch's Addition to the City of Portland.
sauitaoman county, Oregon, wttn tne appur
tenances, and barring and foreclosing all tbe
right, title and Interest or each and all of the
Defendants therein or thereto, and for other
and further relief.
This anmmona is served hv nublieatlon. hw
ibrUar made by said Circuit Court for Maitao-
manusantyon April Tin, ran. airecung tne
sasne to be nnbltsned for six aneceasdvA wssks
in the Niv NORTHWEST.
apl5 Attorneys for Plaintiff:
of Oregon tor Multnomah County. S. Her
man. PlalntiiTva. Ezra W.Laland- rtefbndiuit-
To Kara W. LelaaB. Defendant: In tbe name
of the State ot Oregon, you are hereby notified
taas toe anove-aamca natntiir nas nica in to
Court above named his complaint against
yoa far Fifty Dollars (S9S) and interest at on
(t) acr cent per month from April 2Sth, 1879, on
a promissory note; and ou being a non-resi-
tleat at this stale.and personal service of sum
sasaaapon you tn this State being Impossible,
tha Court above named, on the day of
atarea, am, maae an oruer auecung service or
snmmsns apon you oy puoiieation an-six suc
cessive weeks in tha New Mouth wxxt. a
as arspapur of general etortilattnn published la
jaanaoasna vosnssy. now, you are nereoy
snmsaaasil and required to appear and answer
the above-mentioned snssplslnt of tha Plain
tuTnn or before the nrstday of the next tna
von I
pear and answer, said Plaintiff will take Judg
ment against yon, for want of answer, tor Fifty
uoiiars is-jOI anu inierestatonempereenipeT
month Irom Acrll 25tb. Hfakand
aisourseroenis. i.i'ij&aac auusai,
A t toraays for Plain tUC
Portland, April 1st, bJSU. -S
st JtJiosia.
of Oregon for the county ot Multnomah.
Jennie Henderson. Plaintiff, vs George Hen
derson, Defendant. To Oeorge Henderson,
Defendant : In tbe name of the State of Ore
gon, you are hereby required to appear and
answer th-complaint tilnl against ou lnthe
above-entitlid suit on or b.-tore the tirstday
or ti.e next term ot sill Court, tint i to
s-.iv : on or beture the liui day o; June, lsso;
ji" i oii ;.ul -i 10 iinsu. i tur waul thercuf,
the Plaintiff will take Judgement ot default
against you, and will apply to the loan for
the reliel demanded In her complaint, to-wlt:
lor a decree dissolving the bonds of matri-monvexi-tlnu
between said Plaintiff and pe
fend'uitand Tor a divorce, ano lor such other
relict a.- to ui-ti. e and coiuiy niay appertain.
This sum. :10ns is pulutsii'd 'ii ilie kw
s-.'.i.Js-r H or.Iel ot the .lI.A.-Hltitled
Court, made on the H.ih Uy of Ap'iKN
Alturht j" lor l'lamlilT.

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