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,.MAY20, I860.
"Except y abide in the Yin" Jesus.
From the Infinite kingdom of love,
A cress tbe sweet Irittol the blest,
Where the sn and unselfish In heart
Abide Hi the shadowless ntX,
Steals over tiie lyre of my soul
A strain of this poem divine,
"Ye cannot bear fruit In yourselves.
Except ye abide la the Tine."
I list to the chime of the bells
That calls the believer to 'prayer.
As Its story of worship a lells
To the treianloos horde of the sir,
While the wail oi ilietoennged. and oppressed
Breaks Into each wave of Its time.
And I ask if Ibe flttob of to-dar
!sa branch of this love-throbbing vine;
The vine that forever shall lire
That abeliers the weary and worn
That eomtorVaad nimnor doth give
To thedesBlats-hmrtfd and shore;
That, sweeter than breath of the flowers,
And warmer than heart of the wine,
Reveals, by Us life-giving powers,
How folly It feeds on the vine.
I see the prond teacher upraise
His bands to the Father above,
In prayerful and reverent praise
For His chanaeless and measureless love;
The love" that la known fcjtfssehra
Of oneness forever with God,
Through sympathy faithful and kind
"With all who are bowed neatn the rod.
I bear Urn Imploring; God's grace
On the lame and the halt and the blind.
While I see in his temple" no place
Kot- fh Is Sorrowing class -of mankind.
"Ye must love one another," he reads
From the words of the Teacher divine,
While givtngno proof In bis deeds
That his lire Is a branch of the viae.
And I torn to the triumphing throne,
Who glory in freedom (?) of thought,
' And claim, both In lode and sons;,
That hourly by angels they're taught.
To see if one blossom has HUM
To a semblance of fruitage divine,
Whence Into their lives Is dlttlll'd
Love's magical warmth of the vine
Trie neetarlmmorfavl that bears
The soul to that heavenly plane.
Where hating, andfricUooal cares.
And strivings that torture and pain.
Roll back in the light of the law
As night when the morning doth shine.
Unto ripeness and sweetness to draw
Each blossom and bud of the vine.
And I pray that the kingdom may come
That bearaUi the harvests of love;
That Its work In our earth-lives be done
As it Is in the b saves above;
TBI I can man's errors forgive,
, As I would that he forgive mine,
Than proving, by fruit, that we II ve
rathe innermost heart of the vine.
Liaoola' Assassination.
to mrninxa it.
A number of members of tbe Assem
bly were in Assemblyman Wren's par
lor, a few evenings ago, ami tbe conver
sation turned upon tbe law respecting
tbe carrying of eoucealeU weapons. As
semblymen Lindsay and gbanley and
others expressed various opinions about
the law, but 31 r. wren ealtl nothing.
He sat quietly smoking a briervrood
pipe and listening to all that bis col
leagues bad to say. At length Mr.
Lindsay asked him what lie thought of
tbe law, and wbetber it bad done very
much to prevent tbe carrying of con
cealed weapons in New York.
"Well, I've bad my lesson," said Mr.
"Wrau , "and It was one tbat taugbtme
tbe danger of carrying weapons. I bad
my. band on my pistol to sboot John
WJtkes Booth once, and I wish I bad,
for I draw on bim on tbe morning of the
very day tbat be assassinated Lincoln."
Tberewas no further talk about cou--cSdled.
weapons. Tbe Assemblymen
were anxious to learu more of tbe lnci
deut tbat Mr. Wren referred to.
'DW you know Booth t" asked Mr.
"Intimately. I had acted with bim a
season in Richmond, and been on tbe
southern circuit several times with bim.
I' bave slept with Booth many and
many a time, and there ws no oihTo'
my friend' that was better liked."
Mr. Wren, being urged to relate l!i.
incident, began: . .
"WHen'Hiud served my time in the
army and got my discharge, I made an
engagement with Mr. G rover, who than
bad one of the Washington theaters un
der lease. There were quite a number
fit my old friends In Washington, actors
who were welt known, at least to tbe
profession. There were Jim McCullom,
Sa m 'Uliesler, John Jennings, Sam Ver
ney, and others, and we used to meet
socially every Sunday night. Some
times Wilkes Booth would join us. He
would frequently tell us, when we asked
mm where he'd been so long Jor we
would not bim around sometimes
for days, and then he would suddenly
appear that ha bad been taking horse
beefe rides. He used to argue with us
on the merits of tbe Southern cause.
"On tbe afternoon tbat tbe Mariue
band -serenaded Lincoln when be re
" tdrifed from bisvisit toltieumond, Sam
Vernay, Jennings and myself went to
tbe White House, and on our return
went- to the office of C. D. Hi, who
was manager or Mr. Grover. We were
playlBte Aladdin' at Drover's, and
Miss Blue Germon was leading laJv.
She was In Mr. Hess's ofnee with the
etbars, If I remember right. At all
events, Booth came in and greatly in
terrupted us with bis violent secession
talk. I tblnk this was on tbe Wednes
day before the assassination. Bdolb
asked Mr. Hess at tbat time, too, when
President Lincoln was goiBg to the the
ater to see 'Aladdin,1 for tbe President
bad been invited to be present, and bad
promised to do so.
"Tbe next day a number of us, after
rehearsal, were standing In front of G ro
ver's, and afterward we went Into the
lobby of the theater. As I now reniern-bert'tlleret-wefe
Mr. C II. Hess, Mr.
Verneyfr. Jennings, and one or two
other gentlemen. Booth came saunter
ing in. My impression was that lie bad
been drinking. He began at once to
talk about the war. - We sJluVt 'pay
aioelt altT!ot. to bis wIM talk, for we
had boatu vciy touch of it, but be
finally spoke or IAnooln .v a very vul
gar and profane term. T.. .t made me
very angry.
rJohu,' said I, "what ,. v.,q Mik tmU
way for? The war Is ove., side Is
beate,n. What is the use of ci .v?
If you feel so bad, why didn't &
Irito the Southern army, as I did it, the
Northern? It don't look well to i.rac
Yk00,1?!?!16.? yu,'nJer ebouUlered a mus
ket forjrour sUe.'
lPerbaps I've done as rautb as van
am lor tue coubwj aui can uo more. Do 1
you mean to say tbat I'm a coward ?
' V. T 'i'I, didn't say so, John,' I replied;
'but I did eay. tbat you ought to have
showed your courage before you talk as
you do now,' .
v "At this lie got very augry.
.tv"iYou.calUmo.ft coward,, do you?'
said be, and be drew his pistol at once,
"r win nprv. loo. and. a good deal
rnoro foolish, being a hot-beaded young
fallen, ftm. 11- i . -r . . I
"'CU,U' -'. out i aiso remembered
that be had me at a disadvantage.
"'Hold on, John,' I cried, throwing
up my bands; I am not fixed. If you
nre now vou will
ard. Let me oo homanmi c Ami mi
we'll have this out sboot on slebt. If
you say so.'
"I bad hist tllfit mclrxlr.m.)I -...I
-foolish bluster, and was silly enough to
"J m wnat i saw; lor iSootb,
after looking at me a minute, put up his
,T9tvi uuu asm .
oa want to be prenaretl the next
time you see me;' and I went home and
got my revolver, but didu't see. lijoth
again tbat evening.
"IJlie next morning, which was tbe
dayjif the assassination, I went around
to Iford'a theater to see Miss Laura
Keene, and, passing down tbe front
lobby, surmostnc that a rehearsal was
In progress, I saw H. Clay Ford and
also Booth, who turned toward me, and,
as I supposed, made a movement to
carry bis threat Into execution. I bad
on a light overcoat and my revolver in
uie pocKet, auu l put my liana on it
prepared to shoot through tbe pocket at
Booth, for I supposed it was going to be
me uest tuing to get tne nrst snot, l-or-tunalely
for me, perhaps unfor'"- ..ely
for the country, I wailed au inn . ., and
saw Booth extend bis band to me. He
eami up; saying:
"woo tyou snake hands, Ueorge7 1
wasn't mvsslf veatenlar. Letbv-eones
"Of courie that was tbe end of tbe
"Tbat evening, while Miss Germon
was singing 'Sherman Has Marched to
the Sea,' and I was staudlog in tbe
wings ready to go on, C. D. Hess came
rushing into the wings and said to me,
with a face like death :
" 'Lincoln has been shot In his box at
I said at once, and I nresume Mr.
Hees will remember it:
" That John Booth did it.'
"I am sorry I was profane, hut per
haps tbat will Ire pardoned. Jim Me
Cnlloni, Sam Hall and T went un to
Booth's father's farm, In Maryland, tbe
uext morning, looking for bim, for we
had beard hint talk about some caves
that were there. We went armed to the
teeth, actor like There Mr. Wreu smiled!.
ml In a very histrionic manner. Of
course we didu't And him. Afterward I
went to I he gunboat and saw Booth's
body. It was the poor fellow, fast
enough. I have been inclined of lato
years, as I have recalled his wild and
unreasonable manner ail that Winter,
to have charity enough for Booth to be
lieve tbat his mind was deranged.
"jrrom that day to tuts," continued
Mr. Wren, as he refilled his pipe, "I
bave not carried weapons, though I used
to wish I had shot Booth. If everybody
had the experience I have bad, there
would be no need for an; law on the
matter." Albany Correspondence AT. 1'.
A Woman's Opinion of a Lawyer,
It was a sad thing for Lottie Davis
(colored) wheu she ut out tier washing
on ttie olotiies-llue or lier Boutb Fifth
avenue abode vesterdav. IVIorsnn
Xnapp, of kindred tint, came, it is al
leged, as a Intel in the night and carried
oil the raiment, part aud narcel. At
all events, an salute uoliceman arrested
him for the oBense, and he went to the
Jenereon Market 1'ollee Court yesterday
prepared to maintain his innocence by
counsel. Lelt'.e was there too. and. iu
spite of numerous trying Interruptions
from counsel, she got to tbe point In
her narrative when she discovered Peter
son longingly eyeing tbe clothes as
she hung tbem out.
"DM braeK nigger," she said, ur
gently apostropblilng tbe prisouer, "he
stood dar wlf an ole clay pipe shoved
whar it ud do de moas good, an' he
poftlt' as if he'd like to split. But de
way be looked at tie in clothes wag quite
'nuff to show any reasonable puseou dat
dey wa'nt safe."
"Come, witness," quoth counsel, sar
castically, "tell us just what kiud of a
look that is?"
"Oh, you git out," was the s.iappUh
"I Insist on the question : How did
tbe prisoner look to convey tbe impres
sion that the clothes were In danger?"
Witness wa ready with another (art
reply, but his Honor said:
"Come, yon must answer ; bow did
he look?"
Tbe witness looked puzzled.
'.'Did he look," asked hit Hnnor
dancing around for a simile, "did he
lo.-k.llke like cotinaei, for instance?"
"Ob, 'deed, no, sab," replied the wit
ness. "If he lookde least bit like dat
gem man, dere wouldn't be no robbery
at all
Ah," wild the flittered enunsel,
"bow's that ?"
"I'd made odder arraueemeuls."
"Indeed," lie nontiuued, smiling;
"what might they have been?"
"Wliv. if ho looked stall lika vou
tloes,! wouldn't havaiiar'rf to bang dent
clothes out at all."
There were no Interruptions from tbat
time on. New York Herald.
How to Stop a Paper. The follow
ing from one of our exchanges so clearly
expresses our view upon the subject
llmt we copy without comment : "Vou
have an undoubted right to stop a news
paper upon payment of all arrearages.
l)o not hesitate to do so on account of
any tenderness of feellog for tbe editor.
Don't yon suppose be would stop buying
sugar if he was not getting bis mouey's
worth? And when you discontinue
your taper do so manfully. Don't
throw it back to the postmaster and
have him write 'refused' on tbe mar
gin and send it back to the editor. No
gentleman ever stops his paper tbat
way. If you do not want tbe paper any
longer, write a note to him or speak lo
lilra and say what you mean. This Is
the way a newspaper should be stopped."
Jet was a faithful dog living iu a fam
ily in the Navesiuk Highlands. Master
Willie would persist in annoying the
animal. One afternoon last Summer,
while Jet wsb lying on tbe front piazza,
Willie assaulted him witb a carriage
whip. Tbe dog tried to attract the
Fitiree's attention, and, failing, laid tbe
child on the floor, carefully took a good
grip in his frock, lifted hint and gave
bim a thorough shaking. Then hetMk
up the whip, trotted oil to the barn with
it, came back, Mretched himself out in
the shade, ami nnisueu nis nap.
It must bave been tremeudously em
ltarrsssing to that nice young man in
Bowling Green, Kentucky, who escorted
the preacher's fair daughter to a meet
ing and arrived late, to hear the Rever
end gentleman read from Uie Bible, as
the couple marched up the aisle. "My
daughter Is prisvuualv llw til en toil with
Vibe devil ! which wm oeurml in an
acsouptpf a New Testament miracle of
which the preacher was reading. The
whole congregation snickered, and it
would baliard to tell which felt, worse,
tbe preacher, his daughter, or Her escort.
The Montreal Utralil inquires : "Will
Mr. Jluaib never uuJerntand what be
jangstogooa manners In the Houfe of
gVeTtfya' iVtuPi,""'' a little
t tMtir, as the man
as . - We,; wlfe MoTt)
t "!";
This department of the Nxw Nortu west in
to be devoted to the household, lawfc and gar
den. Correspondents having new and tried
recipes Cm-any department of domestic orro
pallon will confer a public fa or by eontrlbu
tng to this column.
Mountain Cake. One nound
of sugaraud flour, half a pound of hol
ier, sis eggs, one cup o sweet milk, one
teatpoonfui of soda, two of cream tartar;
lemon flavoring.
ItoXBURY Cake. Tlir..i ..-
and one-half cup of sugar, out-half cup
of butter, one enp of milk, three cups of
uuu., uin teaspoon oi cream tartar, oue-
leaepooo or srxia, oue cup of cur
rants; flavor.
Kosscnc Cake. White? of four
eggs, one cup of sugar, one-half cup t f
butler, oue-haif cup of milk, two cups
of flour, one-half tespoou of sod, and
oue teaspoon of cream tartar. Flavor
with almond, and you have a delicious
Tart Pastk One Doumi
aug&r. Hour uI butter; mix thonmirh-
I.. I . . i, .... ... "
j, nitni ucm wen wiiii tue rolling-pin
(without rolling) for half au hour, fold
ing It up and beating it out agilo; then
ron out tne pieces In any sliai.e yon
wish for the 'arts.
SUET PfDDIxa. Seed and e'snn ftua
one large teaeupful of raisins ; chop oue
cupful of suet, having removed all the
sain ; ami a cupful or sour milk, a te
spoonfui of soils, a very little salt, tbrte
eggs beateu together, and enough flour
to make a stiff batter. Steam two hours
and est with fairy butter or wine sauce.
Lemon Syrup. Snueeze the loin.-
strain the Juice carefullv. Im anv mill.
should remaiu ; to one Dint of iuice add
two pound of soirar: set it iv until
completely dissolved, stirring. It occa
sionally ; then bottle It. One or two
teaspoonfals of this syrup stirred into a
glass of water will make delightful lem
onade. Rice Muffins-Boil half a piut of
rice Until quite soft, and t-ct it aside till 1 vv"1 be built through hundreds of miles or fer
wtfiMalv nhl .J, i.." '" lands, the produce of which must Ik-
peiieatiy ttoiu , beat three einrs very ,r,.uri,t m this &tv for shiomeiit. Thi mad
light and stir them, with a piut of flour.
into the rice, making It Into a batter
with a quart of milk; add a tablesponu
ful uf yeast or two teaspoouftila of bak
ing powder, and bake in muffin rlnirann
a hot griddle.
Cooked Celery. Those who know
celery naly in IU raw slate lose half the
enjoyment of that excellent vegetable.
Cut up in small pieces, boiled until ten
der.sMid seasoned by adding milk, butter
and salt to the water in which It is
cooked. It makes a delicious dish, tooth
some for anybody, and especially good
for people afflicted with weak nerves.
Tbe parts not sufficiently blanched or
tenuer to eat raw may be utilized in this
Kew Wobds. While manv words
ouce In common use are now nearly ob
solete, few persons are aware how large
a number of new words are constantly
coming Into our language. The sup
plement or tbe new edition or Webster's
Unabridged Dictionary, recently issued.
contains, among other attractive fea
tures, an addition of over 4.000 new
words and meanlugs, and yet it is but a
few years since a general revision was
made and great eare was taken to Insert
all the words thwi properly belonging
to tbe English language. Wlvre these
words eonie from, and what they are, is
a surprise to persons who have not ex
amined tbem. Tbat they have not beeu
liaetily compiled Is evidenced by the
aeoHraey of and careful study givn in
their etymology and definitions.
Prof. Thompson, of tbe Minne-uta -8tate
University, has examined and n- J J1' 1 ,.n1 nirprise iiea.ij.inii. th.
..l .... ' , . . . . , .. J elly, aii'i is only from tin to liltei n iniuulCN
ortetl oh tbe great meteorite which fell w,ii rro-utbefomtHou.se, and a less.iistanc.
n J IbkI Tha ,!. li,.lla I. a I ih. r-m ..n ..r ti. 1....I ..,.i.u.. .
aavs. when tlm mntenrlte ?,sc. ,1 ibr-inoh
lite atr II He a bill ol nre, and with a
rumbling, crashing noise. Il was seen
along its cojrse- f ir several hundred
miles, terrifying the people greatly, aud
finally extruded, with two tremendous
reports, near Krter villa. Ti large
pieces fell two miles apart, penetrating
several feet into hard soil, aud mauy
small frag meats were scattered. Tne
entire weight was about eight hundred
pounds, the largest mass weighing four
hundred and seventy pounds. The ma
terial was fotiod to be chitfly iron.
Tbe first city iu tbe world to t e fully
lighted Uy electricity is Wabash, Indi
ana. An experiment was made witb
four electric lamps, eacli of three tbous-
auu caudle power, these were sus
pended from the liaR-starl of the Court
House, two hundred feet above the bus
iness' part of the town, and were fur-
I " with electricity by seven -horse
power engine, according to tne con-
tract, these lamps were to light one
m,,e ,u "'"meter from the Court House,
an" to be equal to an ordinary gas
burner at a tliataneeof half a mile. The
I lOhf WStt atltlPAlw mm t Ltnnlyi.l- nli.f f li a
city is now to be permanently lighted
by electricity.
A missionary living among the Dutch
Biers of Natal says that a bunting party
recently came upon a large herd of ele
phants, and as they tired at the leader
tbe entire herd lied. They were In a
valley, and In trying to escape they ran
around In a circle three hundred yards
lu tiiameier, anil were shot down. After
awhile a new leader broke cut of the
beaten track, and led oil the remainder
of the herd in safety. Ninety elephants
lay dead in the valley, aud each man's
share of the valu ib'e tusks of ivury was
Farmer Jonesbury says his liens
always lay during the Winter. All he
ku to do Is to casually remark in their
hearing that eges bave dropped down io
ten cents a dozen. Then they all go to
work with a will.
If 8c'.h (Jreen will in.-int a hoi eless
Blind, all hie previous efl..r: in the line
of pisciculture will be completely over
shadowed. During the year 1S79 twenty tuitior
planets weredis -overe.1, tml the r num
ber is now 211.
TbelOWteffpeisoasiare duly authorized to
act as Agents for the Xkw Nosritu i-isT :
TJ. II. flriy ai hany
Mrs. J. A. Julian - .Xaletn
Mrs. Lottie Itsara Eugene City
Mrs. L. R. rmebttel....- Lafirande
L. L. Williams liillaboro
Mrs. Laura DeForce Uor.lon California
Ashby learce 1-cir.on county
M. P. Owen Soouel. Cal
V. W. Beach .Colis, w. T
"Woman's Journsl"..... .- Boston. Mass
U. P. Porter -Micd.ls. fir
Mrs. C. H. Foil Kan Jose, Cal
Mrs. M. A. Warner Vpokane Kails, W. T
Miss Mary Bishop Brownsville
Mrs H. A. Loughaiy Amity
it T. Kobison l-orest (jrove
Mrs. R. C. Rull&on SViliaini tie Slough
Mrs. M. Kelty -
Mrs. J. DeVore Jobnou.
Mrs. DaasaU
Ir. Barley
Mrs. K. A. Vawters
Mrs. R B lusbop
Mrs. J. W. Jckou
A. W. MUnard
Mrs. M. K.Cooke..
Mrs. J. n. Foter
J. T. Kcott, E
Mrs. A KCorwiB...
Ix-e Lanrhlln
( in-iron City
. .The Dalles
.Walls Walla
. . .Pendleton
Kugene City
... .Brownsville
. ..1 . t (Jroe
N.,. ii V.imbiil
Other parties deslrlBg to act. as Agents will
pleas forward their names. We want Agents
at every post office throughout regon and
Washlgnton Territory.
The Groat Commercial Center
of the Korthwest.
Xt Present aud 3sutiive.
It has a population of a 400. It Is to Oregon,
and the Territories of Washington and Idaho,
what X w York City Is io tbe State nt New
York, ami beam t lie Mtuie reiat Ion toth.tmte
and ibw Tenitories that Chicago does to Illi
nois, St. IxHiis to llissouil, Philadelphia (o
Pennsylvania, and New Orleans to Louisiana.
It has more territory tributary to It than any
other city In the United Htates, and will soon
be numbered with tbe foremost cities In the
t'liiun. Even at this time th" Un:.-..-.-.?r .-.n:! l ?
saw can be neanl Id all parts of the city; the
demand for buildings Is so great that tlie In
clement season of Winter does not check the
onward march or its growth. With the vast
number of sblps constantly plying between
this and foreign ports, freighted with oar con
stantly Increasing agricultural product, and
the numerous railroads now tributary In, or
terminating at. this city. It will not retiuliv
more than ten years to swell tbe population of
our beautiful and grog city to 1U0JMO souls.
Having a larger territory tban San Francisco
U support It, we may conlldently rumert that In
less than a quarter or a century Portlauil will
be the foremost city oo tbe coast In point of
wraith and population.
We will here enumerate the many railroad
enterprisesalready Inaugurated. Homeof llieui
are coofctruct-d, and others In proecus of con
otiuction.ail making their termini at this city.
tub HOBxnEBX rArinc
Js building rapidly west from Duluth.on Lake
8uperlor,and also from the Columbia Kiter
east, and will be completed at an early lay,
thus connecting ns with all our sinter Stairs.
Terminates here, and Is having an Immense
Formerly tbe Oregon Central, Is doing a good
business. This road runs through the rrrtile
eountrv on the west side of the Willamette
River, and Its southern terminus at present Is
ui lorTauis, si miles iroiu ronnuiu.
Til C CTAK'itOKTUBax K. R.
will connect with the Union Pacific H. ..thus
securing two competing lines from the Atlantic
to the Pacific. It is now a settled fast that tbe
Will be constructed at an early dar. Tbls will
give us three trans-continentaj roads.
A home company, with unliniite,! capital,
sm been orgauisd under tlie nsrae ol th
Or-gon Railway Co. to construct iiurruw-u mge
road rrom tmciiy lo mr interior pon ions oi
the state, ulttmatety connecting u 1:11 tiie Cen
tral Pacific, with branches wliereer induce
ments may offer. This enterprise is being
puihed vigorously to completion, so t li.il It
ma) be in readiness lo move ibis tali's crop.
Have ljeen flled to construct a mad trotn Bailie
Mountain, Nevada, in the direction of tir.'g(tit,
to roiinerl with the Oregon Kailway "o s m.icl
asd make Portland Its u-rmiuu. Tills will
give ns direct comnionicatlon with the richest
silver mines in the world, and will make Port
Isod one of tbe greatest railroad centers iu the
Union. .
To give the reader an idea of the magnitude
and extent or the railroad Interests of this city,
W will state: There are nine ships on their
way to this port from New York and Philadel
phia, and eleven from loreigu ports. Many
others will be dispatched soon. All are laden
with railroad Iron to be put down on railroad
lines tributary to, or terminating at, Portland.
We shall soon he connected by rail with the
Northern Padfle R. R.; also with Chicago and
the Atlantic cities. Thousands of immigrants
are constantly arriving from all parts of tlie
civilised world, and the millions or acres or
agricultural land that lie still unbroken by
the plowshare, and awaiting Ihe advent oi tin
stordy farmer, point most conclusively to the
fact that an era or prosperity is already dawn
ing upon this fair young State. When the im
migration has reached Its full tide, and three
millions of acres are umb-r cultivation, then
will Oregon be known as the wc.!lulel Male
In tbe Union.
'' the city. Illsilivlded Inio
Fifty by one hundred feet in size, with i.fr'it
slzty f-et wlile. I'wo hundn-il of th'e lots
will bn reserved for those who desire to im
prove and build fliis Summer aud Fall. Thi-'
lots will be sold on the same llliiTa! term,
that are oGcrcd In the Honieslend proper.
All lots will be sold for $100 Oh each, p-iya'.ile
In installments or SodM per month, or the . "mall
sum of ItTt, cents per day. No interest will be
charged, and a sood and Fudlclent B.nil for
Deed will be given upon the pnm. nt of the
first Installment of anil a Warmnty Deed
upon receiptor last Installment, both without
expense to purchaser.
to rrernASERs.
Tbose not finding itconventent to make their
BSjrnseats when doe, will be granted twenty
days grace In which to make such payments,
as it is desirable that all shall have every pos
sible opportunity tr keep up their payments.
Those desiring lo make full payment at the
time the Bond Is ls-utl, will be entltlea lo a
reduction ot jlO.no on each lot, or i UO on each
KU.00 paid in. As the
Is the most certain and rapid through real es
tate Investments, this enterprise otters far
more inducements to tbe public tban any
other on the coast at this tlme,as the price and
payments are wl-liln tbe reach of all. Do not
let this chance pass. Bny a lot, build, and
make yourself Independent. Many uf yon
who live in rented houses pay more every year
for rent than would purchase a lot and build a
roof over your head. You then would be Inde-
Iiendent of exacting landlords, and In truth
lave a place to call home,"
That not many years ago some of the best lots
In Han Francisco were sold for an ounce of
gold dost, and tbat now they con Id not be
bosgnt lor flMUQOO. Aiso, remember that In
Chicago some of tbe best business lots were
once traded lor a pair of old boots. - How often
is tbe remark made by old residents of Port
land tbat once they could have bought lots for
1100 that WflW would not buy now. It is not
wise to "despise lite day of small things."
Do not take the advice or those wh icro.ik
against the prosperity of the city in whl.-luh.-y
reside, or cry down an enterprise which h.t
for tie ol.Jeet the development of the countr .
Tbey will tell you not to Invest, as mi.- dis
tant locality offers superior inducements, ami
tb-tt tbey Intend going there as soon as tin v
get means enough anead. If such persons
have not energy and Judgment enough to suc
ceed In a thriving community like this, surely
thvlr talk about accomplishing wondrous re
sults elsewhere would seem to amount to not h
lngmow than the silliest air-castle building.
I f they were I n I he Garden of Kden , s u rrou nil I
by all Ihe luxuries ot that famous land, wit Ii
angels to do their bidding, and the arouiatlc
breezes from Araby the blest to fan ttieir ach
ing brows, still tbey would be the same rest
less, discontented. unhaDPV. dyspeptic, hypo
chondriacal. Incorrigible creatures that tbey
now are. Nothing ean be done with such indi
viduals. Their disease is chronlq, their eases
are hopeless, and the best that can be done Is
to shed tbe sympalbetlcJear over them, and
abandon them to their m'urnful fate, iu l.i Ing
beyond tne reach of human skill.
By reference to the "Orego ian" of Fi Ini-iry
5th, it will be found that city property has ad
vanced twenty-five per cent during tbe past
year. As there bas been no excitement, the
rise Is wholly attributable to tbe lucreasing
immigration and the growing confidence in
spired bv our numerous railroad enterprises,
and the development of oar many natural re
sources, that have hitherto slumbered lor want
of energetic men to develop them.
it is Tnrs,
fhator all real estate lnvestm::K 1'ic home
stead plnn Is the best and snfrsi , as all who In
vest are interested in makiug the whole prop
erly more valuable. To Illustrate: bupposeA
builds a house on his lot. and B owns a lot ad
joining; B gets the benefltot A'sltnprovement,
while A Is not Injured thereby. This philoso
phy will apply lo tbe entire property.
We have donated a lot to each ot the princi
pal churches for church purpos.-s.
In addition to the above, two lots are t
apart lor public school purposes.
Tlie division of this property will t.ikr- pi n-e
when the lots are all sold, or, in any eveu!, uol
later than the
3SHi f rebriiery, IW1,
At the Mechanics' Pavilion, commencing at !0
o'clock a. H.. public notice of whli-n will be
given by publication In two principal Journals
IntbeHtate. UwUI be made in the manner
decided upon by a majority of the purchasers
In the Homestead. Parties interested may ap
I !nt proxies to act for them If they d .ire to
do so. Parties who do not attend at the time
of tbe division, either in person or by proxy,
will be bound by the plan settled upon by tbe
majorltv or those who do so attend.
Ii Is suggested by the purchasers that divis
ion might be made by placing the number of
each io! and block in a wheel or box and the
uame of each party interested in the Home
stead in another then a name will be drawn
from one and a number from the other, and Ihe
lot so drawn deeded Io the person whose name
is so drawn, when all payments are made.
- All bin the first installment moat be paid at
the Banking House of Ladd ATUton.in the
rlty or Portland.
Desiring a share, may forward S5.00 to tbe
General Manager, and a Bond will be Immedi
ately forwarded.
Money may be forwarded by registered let
ter, money order, or Welts, Fargo A Co'B Ex
press, at my risk.
For further partleoUrs. apply to
J. M KICK, J'nera.Mauager.
Portland. Oregoo,
Mom:oh street.
I certlly that I am the owner or the lands In
the Port land City Homestead the title thereto
is perfect, being a U. 8. patent and I authorise
J. M. Rice to sell said property on the forego
ing plan. P. A. M ABQUAJf.
lte'erniee -
Win. Held Banker
Hoii.Jolui II. Mitchell fex V. S. Senator
Hon. L F. tirover U. S. Senator
J. A. Htrowbridge Merchant
M.-ier A Frank Jierrnanw
lie... H. Ulmes Printer
The Xost Successful Physician on the
Pacific Coast
lour of tbe Kastern states for the liaatlbur
months. The Doctor visited all the vrinelpal
medical institutions la tbe large cities ol the
fulled States, and comes back with all the
modern methods. Instruments and appliances
known to the most scientific men In the pro
fession. The Doc'xir has also brought charts
aud manikins to illustrate his lectures.
DR. PAUL M. BKEKAX has been IS years
lecturing on tbe Laws of Life and Health. In
bis private and public lectures be has taught
men and women the true svstem of Urn. how
to be healthy and happy, if tbey would only be
guided by his wise counsel. But all cannot hear
nis uengntiui ana instructive lectures, norean
be tell cicrvtbins; necen.sa.-v for suffering: ho
manity to know from the public rostrum be
fore a promiscuous audience. There remains
much to be learned from bim, as his experi
ence extends over broad fields of active pro
fessional lire. This knowledge so nsesissrr io
the welfare or sufferers ean only be gleaned by
private Professional Consultation at MsMHee.
His exnerienee In the varioaa narta of niDBe
and America gives him soeh opportunities ef
i arniug me uencaie uiseases wnicn tne nu
ruuu fatutly are prone to, their mode of treat
ment aii'i permanent cure, as no otner pnysi
clan on tbs Pad lie Coast can claim. He has
not only treated these diseases most success
fully, but lias m.ide tbem a lire study, as a few
moments' continuation will prove.
He has become an expert lu the treatment of
disease, wcavness and derangement of tbe re-
p'odue'lve organs of both male and remaie,
lUv'.U'Jin diseases caused by the
i'oli.iis or YoiTir,
ms. or Los or Pkkfu-t Vitality. Nearly
lKo-uur is oi an tne i nronic itiseases spring,
either directly or indirectly, from some de
rail!;' inent r thr scxu.d svstem, and yet tbls
sut.jci-i is negiecicd by lite majority or the
mtuic.u proiession.
That persons who are nuroitunate enough to
Ik- atuicted by any lorm ol sexual disease nave
a delicacy In calling upou tlie proper physi
cian in lime, from a sense of modesty, and
sometimes rrom ignorance, and permit those
disease to xKt uutil their constitutions be
come corrupted, their organization broken
down, and tlie hope or future happiness blight
ed, until death iH-comes a welcome messenger
to carry tbem out of their miserable existence.
Those who call in time upon DIt, PAUL M.
ItltK.N AN need have no fear b'lt what he will
restore them to petfeet health and vigor,raake
the. r Isnlles pure and their minds content, ir
th-y will only rollow tils ad vice and treatment.
Catarrh, Bronchitis, Throat Diseases, Skin
Diseases, Rheumatism, Kidney Complaint and
all Diseases of the Eye and Esr.Rtoraach and
Bladder, he can cure without mil. No linnet
Nostrums used; no slop treatment; no false
promises Everything strictly conSdential
under all circumstances.
Coiisullntlou 1'rer, and a list or printed
questions sent to those Uvlngatadistauce who
cannot consult him personally.
All Surgical operations performed.
Office No. St First street, between nk and
i Tine. Office Hours Pram s)to 1 A. x.. 3 io S
j and 7 to S p. it'. -7 jr
KtsssXft-Censer First nud Stnrh
over Ladd TUton Baakr.
Tksaa4 Awake Beaks
Over 1M Pawirs ami Masnabtos.
Xteavtbly Sssv.ftl -Paty-aMe flsmriorly
I.: ;: fCToas ffa, 8. Ladd, P. C. Schuyler, Jr.,
M. P. Deatlr, H. W. Corbett. W. II. Brackett,
A. C. Glbbs.CtH. Iwis, M. W. Fechhelaier, If.
Falling, I,. Blum.
Officers i
.Vice Hresldent
U. W. FKCHIIEIMER. Corresponding See
HKNKY A. OXER LibraitoB and Hec Sec
For Keslorlns firny Hair to Its Xnlnrni
Vititlity mill Color.
Advancing years,
sickness, care, disap
pointment, and her
edl'ary predisposi
tion all turn the hair
gray, and either of
them Inclines it to
shed prematurely.
Ayer's Hair Vigor,
by long and exten
sive uc( has proven
that U stops the hair's
falling immediately;
oilen renews tli" growth, and always surely
restores lis color when Tided or gray. It stim
ulates the nutritive organs to healthy activity,
and preserves both the hair and Its beauty.
Thus brashy, weak or sickly hair becomes
glossy, pliable and strengthened; lost hair re
grows with lively expression; fulling bair Is
checked and established; thin hair thickens;
and faded or gray hairs resume their original
color. Its operation Is sore and harmless. It
cures dandruff, heals alt bunion, and keeua
th scalp cool, clean and soft under which
coudi t Ions diseases or the scalp are impossible.
As a dressing for ladies' hair, the Vigor is
pr.iH il for its grateful and agreeable perfume,
and valued for the soft lustre and richness ol
lone It imparts. Prepared by
nit-J. C. AYEK t CO., Trtsnell, Moss.,
Practical and Analytical Chemists.
Sold by all iirugglsts ami Dealers in Medicine.
Obtained for Inventors in the United stales,
Canada, and Eorope, at reduced prices. With
our principal office located in Washington, di
rectly opposite the United States Palest Ontee,
we are able to attend to nil Patent Business
with greater promptness and dispatch and less
root than other patent attorneys, who are at a
distance from Washir.uoo, and who bave,
therefore, to employ "associate attorneys.'
We make preliminary examinations and tar
nish opinions as to putenuotilty, free of
charge, and all who are Interested In new In
ventions ins piteuis are inviteu to sent! fora
copy of our "Guide for Obtaining Patents,"
which Is sent free to any address. and contains
complete instructions now to obtain patents
and other valuable matter. We refer to the
Uerman-Amettcan National Bank, Washing
ton, I). C: the Royal .Swedish, Norwegian, and
Danish ljntions, at Washington; Hon. Jos.
1 '.UM-V. 111!' Cllll'f .Itlefl- IT H I'nnrtnri'l.ls...
to ti. i!iei!s of the U.S. Patent Office, ami
to nators ami Members of Congress from
every utate.
Adaress: LOriS B IGGEIl A CO.. Solicitors
of Intents and Attorneys-at-Law, Lo Droit
Building, Washington, D. C -S-12
A Werlity Journal
Independent In Politics and Religion!
nal begins Its Ninth Year of
with IU Issoeo! May 1st, 171, nnder the busl-
ess maHagaxent ol Use 9omwav Pcbusm-
iso CoMPAxr, to whom all letter connected
with the Bditorial, Advertising or Subscription
Departments of tft paper are lo be hereafter
Tbe Kkw Xorthwxst is not a Waman's
Rtehts. but a HBBtan IttgbU organ, devoted
to whatever policy may be necessary to
the createst coed te the greatest nuslber. It
knows ao is, no polities, no religion, party,
no color, he creed. IU faasslatlan 1 taste nod
upon the rock of Eternal Liberty, sTnlvenal
Emaneipatfoa amt VBtratatnstod
OFFICK OK 1'irmjfcvTIO.N- asnlltwest cor
ner of Front and WaMcten Strrets, (up-
Ulrs), Psftlaml, 0:
Ur MK8. A. S. BOMfiT,
Was nsii'WSwSgsl fa otttlsnss) of XsvemberML
MRS. DUNTWAVH peeaHarlj eriginal style
of Sdltarlal Ckwresptmdeaec will sontlnne
from week to week to attract thousands of
readers, and Editorials are promised upon all
the leading topics or the day. COKB5
SPOXDKXTS are also employed to furnish
weekly letters front Waohtngtoii, Kew York
and various parts of Europe.
No pains will be spared to make THE NEW
NORTHWEST tne leadlnc newspaper of Its
class In A merle, its literature is always
moral In tone and Instmettve and elevating in
character, and Is sought altar by tbe best and
most IsteUkgent class of meters. As a medium
for Advertising, this Journal has no superiors.
Rlng'.e copies, wa :
Six monHsd
- IN
Three nwMiUss. .
T.inEir.vL i.vuuciaiHSTs
Agents and Canvassers I
Rally, Friends, f o the Sopporfof Unman
HUrlitN aud The People's. I'nper. J
Oor-jer of Front and Washington streets (en
t ranee on 'Washinzton, Portland, Or.
C S. & A. P. LACET, Attorncyar-at-Law
aeveath streewWaablngton, D. C.
We procure patents la all countries. No at-
tor obtain ins and eondnctina a rrhMrin.
Special attention given to Interference Cases
oerore we rateni voicr, aAiensions neiore
Congress, Infringement Suits in different
mates, and ail litigation pertaining to Inven
tions or Patents. Send stamp lor pamphlet
giving full Instructions.
United State) Courts ami TieparlSHeHt.
malms nmaeented in tbe Snore me Court ol
the United stales. Court of Claims, Court of
Commissioners of Alabama Claims, Southern
Claims Oommissloni and all classes of war
claims before tbs Executive Departments.
Arrears or l'ny nud IJoimty.
Ot&cerH, froldiers, and Sailors of the late war,
r iiuir heirs, are In manv cases entitled to
monsnr Ann the Government, of which tbev
nave ao knowledge. Write full history ot ser
vice, and state amount of pay and bounty re
ceived. Enclose stamp, and a fall reply, arte
exmm Inst iou, will be given you without charge
All OAeers. Soldiers, and Sailors wounded
captured, or injured la the late war, however
alight, are entitled to, and can obtain a pen
tin Urn! StHteH tleneral LrihI OIHec.
rniilMtrirl Land Cases. Irlvate Ijtnd Claims
Mti"g pre-emption, and Homestead Cases
ssssv uie ssenvsi iswi uiuw au
tot the Interior.
Irftml Warrants,
wr nsv eaah tor Bountv Land Warrants, and
we invite correspondence witb ail parties hav
ing any lor sale, and give full and explicit In
structions where assignments are imperfect.
we eonunet our easiness in ssius i oansiw
having therein tbe clerical assistance of able
and experienced lawyers. nd give oar closest
personal supervision w eve7 uDpuraw, fmpvi
prepared in each case. Prompt attention thus
secured to all business entrusted to us. Ad
K. s. t A. 1". ium,AtinrHejs,
Any person desiring lntormation as to the
standing and responsibility of the linn will, on
request, oe mrnisnea wiin a eaiisnsrwry reier
ence In his vicinity or Congressional district.
of Oregon for Multnomah County. T. Dit
tenhoefer. Plaintiff, vs. H. F. Bloch, L A.
Boskowils, Louis Scbwabaeher, Abraham
Sehwabaeber and Higmund Schwabaeher, De
fendants. To H. F. Bioeb, I. A. Boskowits,
Louis Schwabaeher, Abraham Schwabaeher
and Shrmund Scbwabaeher, Defendant : In
Ibe name of the State of Oregon, yon are
hereby notified and required to appear and
answer tbe complaint tiled against yon in the
above entitled suit within ten days from tbe
date of the service ot this summons upon you,
if served in Multnomah County; or If served
In any other county of this State, then within
twenty days from the date of the service of this
snmmons upon you; and If served by publica
tion, then yon are notified and required so to
appear and answer said com plaint by tbe first
day of the term of this Court following the ex
piration of the Usee prescribed In the order tor
Am nnhllMtkin W IDaDMH. tO-Wit . OS Or be
fore Jane 1-tth, 1880. that being tbe first day of
the next regular term of said Court ; and 1 1 you
toll to so appear and answer, the Plaintiff will
lake lodgment -g" the Defendants, H. F.
Bloch and I. A- Bookowlta, for tbe sum of
Eight Thousand Dollars, with Interest thereon
at ten per cent per annum since January 2d,
DC9, and tbe further sum of Two Hundred
Dollars attorneys' fees, and the costs and dis
bursements of tbls salt, and will apply to the
Court for and take a decree foreclosing the
mortgage executed by saht Defendant, H. F.
Rlneh.to me Plaintiff noon Fractions I Block
So, Coach Addition to the City of Portland,
tulwoman uouaty, uregon, wiin uie appur
tenances, and barring snd foreclosing all tne
right, title aud interest of each and all of the
Defendants therein or thereto, and for other
and farther relief.
This summons is servea ay pnDiiesuon, oy
rder made bv said Circuit Court for Multno
mah Csonty on April 7th, 1880. directing the
same lo be pubnshed for six successive weekr
in the Kkw Nokthwbst-
apIS Attorneys for Plaintiff.
of Oregon for the county of Multnomah.
in the matter of the estate of P. W. Davis, de
ceased. To James A. Davis, Sarah Ann Nsson,
Merrltt Davis, Virgil Davis and Wendell Davis,
heirs of P. W. Davis, deceased, in the name of
the State of Oregon : By order of the above
entitled Court, made on the 5th day of May, A.
Us-ttssj, yon are nereoy eitetr ana required to
appear before the Judge of this Court at tbe
Court-room thereof, in the city of Portland,
county and State aforesaid, on the 5th day of
July, A. IX. U80, at the boor of ten (10) o'clock
in me lorenoon oi sua amy, wen ana mere to
show cause, if any exist, why an order should
not be granted by this Court to Hannah M.
Davis, Administratrix of said satate, to sell all
tbs real estate belonging to said estate,
namely : Lot one (1) in Block one hundred
snd ninety-eight 08) in the city of Portland,
Multnomah County, State of Oregon- it being
apaieei of ground 60 by Kx) lest abutting upon
Hall and Seventh streets In said city, enclosed
by a picket and board fence, having a one
story wooden dwelling-bouse erected thereon,
ta order to pay and aatlafy the elaims and
charges against said estate, as in her petition
tiled In this Court on the llh day of May, A. D.
18SS, prayed far.
Witness the Honorable S. W. Rice,
Jndge of the County Court of tbe Ftate
of Oregon for the County of Multno
fSKAL.1 man. with the seal of said Court af
fixed, this Sth day of May, A. D. int.
JANES aTsxITH. Clerk,
my by A. E. Berth wick. Deputy.
of Oregon lor Multnomah County. s. Her
man, Plaintiff, vs. Ears W.Laland, Defendant
To Esra W. Lehtad. Defendant: In tbe name
of the State ol Oregon, yoo are hereby notified
that the above-named Plaintiff has flled In tbe
Court above named his complaint against
yon tor Fifty Dollars ($58) and interest at one
(1) per cent per month from April 25th, 1879, on
a promissory note; and on being a non-resident
of this .State, snd personal service or sum
moos upon yoa in this State being impossible,
tbe Obart above named, on tbe day or
Marsh, 1SS0, made an order directing service of
summons upon yon by publication for six suc
cessive weeks In the Nsw Hobthwkst, a
newspaper of general dreulaUoa published In
Multnomah County. Now, yon are hereby
summoned and required to appear and answer
the above-mentioned complaint of the Plain
tiff on or before the first day of the next term
of the above-entitled Court, which will begin
and be held at Portland, Oregon, on tbe second
Monday of June, lftO; and If you fail so to ap
pearand answer, said Plaintiff will take Judg
ment against you. for want of answer, lor Fifty
Dollars (t-XI) and interest at one (1) percent per
month from April 25th, IK7S, and for costs and
dtsaarseraeuta. CAPLES MULKEY,
Attorneys for Plaintiff.
Portland, April 1st, 188ft.
of Oregon for tbe eounty ot Multnomah.
Jennie Henderabu. Plaintiff, vs. George Hen
derson, Defendant. To George Henderson,
Defendant : In the name of the State of Ore
gon, yon are hereby required to appear and
answer the complaint Sled against yea in the
above-entitled suit on or before the first day
of the next term of said Court, tbat is to
say : on or before the nth day of Jane, 1880;
and If you fall ao lo answer for want thereof,
the PtetntMT will take Judgement ot default
againal yen. and will apply to the Court for
the relief demanded In her complaint, to-wit:
lor a decree dissolving tbe bonds or matri
mony existing between said Plaintiff and De
fendant and tor a divorce, and for such other
relief as to Justice and equity may appertain.
This summons Is published In the New
NowrHwnT by order of the above-entitled
Court, made on the 16th day of April . 1880.
ana Attorney lor Plaintiff.
1500 i
TO M000 A YEAR, or So to 29 per
IP day In your own locality. No rtk.
sst-.tnlliim. Manv make more
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dress and we will send you full particulars
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Portland, Maine. S-17
Snr WEEK in your own town, and no
00 capttal risked. You can give the bnsl
ues a trial without expense. The best oppor
tunity ever offered for those willing to work.
You should try nothing else until you see for
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offer. No room to explain here. You can de
vote all your time or only your spare lime to
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men. s-end for special private terms and par
ticulars, which we mall free. So outfit free.
Don't complain oi hard times -while yon have
such a chance. Address IL UALLETT A CO.,
Portland, Maine. 8-17

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