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A Journal for the People.
Imlepemlmt in Politics and Ileltfflon.
Alive to all Live Issues, and Thoroughly Iladlcal in Op
posing ami Srposing the Wrongs of the Masses.
One Year, by Mall . .$ 00
Six Months, " , 1 CO
Three Months, " 1 00
Per Month to dUl Ihitrons (delivered) ... 25
Advertisement will be Inserted at Iteasomible Prices.
Mr. amd Mrs. IT. W. Adams are antlntrUotl to Solicit
Advertisement ami Subscription.
AU Oorrespomlenee inteniletl for publication should be ad
dressed to the Kditor, ami all business letters to the
Xo. 5 Washington street, I'orUaml, Oregon.
Our Bradford correspondent, who desires to
know what hopes the "Woman Suffragists have of
the ultimate triumph of their cause, is informed
that we hope "the right will come uppermost"
and that "justice will he done." "We hope that
the children who now fill the school-houses of the
land are imbibing ideas of personal equality and
individual freedom. "We hope that the boys, sit
ting side by side with girls and obeying the same
rules, will rise above the level of sex. We hope
they will learn to regard the members of the hu
man family as persons and individuals, not as
"mules" and "females." "We hope that, with
their ideas formed from the same books and in the
same rooms, and their minds directed by the same
teachers, they will learn to reason about the rights
of human beings, and not about the "rights of
men" and the "rights of women." We hope that
they will learn to regard both men and women as
"persons," und interpret the Fourteenth Amend
ment accordingly. AVe hope that, when these
children of equal privileges and equal duties and
equal instruction are grown to mature years,
enough of the boys will be elected to the House of
Representatives and the Senate of the United
States to pass an amendment forever barring sex
as a qualification for voters even if enough fair
and honorable men are not convened in the Na
tion's Legislature in the next five years to do
justice to women. AVe hope a majority of the
Nation's rulers will soon be so advanced in intelli
gence and honesty that when the rights or priv
ileges of any individual are concerned, it will not
be necessary for them to know the sex of that in
dividual before rendering a decision. We hope
(and know) that the arguments being advanced
ull over this country by the advocates of Woman
Suffrage are having good effect and are tending
toward this result. AVe hoie the American peo
ple can comprehend the principles of truth, right,
liberty and justice which underlie the cause of
Another crisis occurred in France on Monday,
and the De Freycinet Cabinet was dissolved, ow
ing to differences of opinion of the members in re
gard to enforcing the decrees against unauthor
ized religious communities particularly the .Tv
tiits. President Grevy was loth to accept the res
ignation of the Premier, but circumstances ren
dered it necessary. Janreguibery, Minister of
Marine, and Vanoy, Minister of Public AVorks,
also resigned. Jules Ferry whs charged by the
President with forming a new Cabinet, and chose
Dupre as Minister of Marine and Caruot as Min
ister of Public AVorks, allowing the other ollices
to remain undisturbed. Thus it appears that the
March decrees will be enforced and the Jesuits
prevented from spreading their monarchial ideas
among the people. Their priests and teachers have
In their fecliools taught imperialism, and in their
churches sought to inflame the passions of their
followers against the Republic. They hhve vio
lated the rights of free speech by commanding and
farcing their congregations, instead of leading
them by argument and reason, to denounce the
Government. Their extreme bigotry and opposi
tion Ut liberty of conscience and action created
the present crusade against them. To show the
earn estneos and determination which characterize
the crusade, it is only necessary to state that Con
BtaiiB, Minister of AVorship, in reply to the ex
pressed hoiw of the archbishops that the Govern
ment would permit religious confraternities to
continue their work if they would disclaim any
relation with political parties or passions, in
formed them tliat the object of the second decree
of March 2th was to put an end to their commu
nities. The Republican party of to-day, conscious that
it is in advance of its rival on most of the moment
ous questions of the day, is standing still and
shouting its "record," while the Democrats are
rapidly advancing and will Soon be in the lead if
the "party of all the ideas" does not hike up the
onward march. One of the best and most health
ful signs for the Democrats is, that in three
counties of Washington Territory they have nom
inated ladies for the olllce of School Superintend
entin Kitsap, Miss Ordway ; in Pierce, Anna C.
AVeller ; in King, Anna Bean. AVitli the" Olym
pla Standard we can heartily say, "AVe are glad
to observe that the .party is assuming advanced
ground in regard to woman's equality before the
Errors have been discovered in the Maine elec
tion returns which will probably give Plaisted a
House Bill No. 12, introduced in the Legislature
by Mr. Beebe of Multnomah, and discussed on
Tuesday evening of this week in Committee of the
AVhole, provides for the suppression of every "M.
D." who is not a member of one or the other of
the State medical societies, or who is not possessed
of a diploma from some legally-chartered "medical
institution in good standing before the said soci
eties. AVere the medical profession as it now exists in
fallibledid it never lose a patient from any other
cause than the natural one of old age there
might be a little shadow of excuse for restrictive
legislation to protect doctors' interests. But, with
all due deference to the learned M. D.'s, whose in
fluence is clearly at the bottom of this movement,
the Nkw Noktiiwkst begs leave to remonstrate
against the class legislation that will give them a
monopoly of the killing business, unless they will
also demand that undertakers possess like diplo
mas and be protected in like manner from compe
tition in plying their profession. The inalienable
right of every individual to prescribe for the sick,
if a person desires him to do so or has sufficient
confidence in his judgment to employ him, and to
legally collect reasonable dues for services ren
dered, is part of the fundamental law of the land.
The Nkw Nohthwrst is not an advocate of
quackery in any form, but it respectfully suggests,
for the benefit of those learned Doctors of Medicine
who will not advertise their legitimate business,
that if they would display a disposition to keep
up with the spirit of the times by a judicious use
of printers' ink in the legitimate channels where
all respectable business should be regularly an
nounced, their practice would not slip away from
them, and they would save themselves the pitiful
humiliation of begging Legislatures for a monop
oly of the business in which they seem to eel
themselves unable to hold their own in an open
field of competition. The natural survival of the
fittest applies to doctors as well as to editors and
authors. No amount of special monopoly will
bring patients toa physician who cannot get them
by honorable advertising. The few sensible "reg
ulars" who have the indeMndeuco to advertise in
this journal all have a lucrative practice; but they
transgress the "rules" of the Medical Association,
which has the sublime impudence to send out
catalogues with a "please notice" attached, while
its constitution forbids it to advertise even the
names of its Faculty in the newsjmpers which
it thus asks for favors.
No, no, Mr. Doctors; don't ask the Legislature
to protect you when you are not sufficiently enter
prising to protect yourselves. AVhenever one of
you cuts off the leg of a mangled being, removes a
tumor, cures a cancer, or dows anything the publi
cation of an account of which will bring you be
fore the public and advertise your skill, you read
ily seek the papers and ask them to write you nat
tering notices; but yon never oiler to ymy for the
notices they must be given to you. Those of you
who have sjent a few months only in a medical
school are the worst of quacks, and It is not sur
prising that you need legislation to protect you
and place you on a footing with those who have
studied for years in colleges and hospitals.
The AVoinan's College in Salem, founded by
Professor Lambert ami the enterprising ladies of
the Capital City, is now in progress, and quite a
number of young ladles find a home within
its ample walls, with prices for board so ex
tremely low as to be surprising. Mr. ami Mrs.
A'an Scoy are domiciled in the College at pres
ent, awaiting the arrival of the appointed
Dean. Parents are assure! that the young
ladies who are entrusted to this institution
are as judiciously eared for as when living at
home. They attend the University on the same
footing with young gentlemen, but are sure of a
quiet, orderly, pleasant home ami parental care at
nightfall. Mrs. Miner is the faithful matron of
the establishment, and no better choice could
have been made.
A noted saloon-keeper of Portland, who is fa
miliar with all its gambling hells and sinks of in
iquity, has commenced a raid on the gamblers,
and announces that he intends to overturn every
"faro" table in the city. He has had two "sports"
arrested and placed under heavy bonds to await
the action of the Grand Jury, and proposes to
hunt down others. AVhile we are glad that some
one has taken this matter in hand, we would
have more faith in his professions of working for
the good of the city if he would close his saloon.
It appears that he is not down on "faro" on gen
eral principles, hut because it is not so profitable
to him as retailing liquors.
As the current business of the Legislature is
fully reported in the daily papers, the repetition
of the same in these columns would be exceed
ingly prosy reading. . However, all important
measures concerning women, as well as all mat
ters in which the public generally are Interested,
will receive attention editorially or in our corre
spondence from the Capital.
Jones Brothers & Co., of Cincinnati, have for
warded to this office samples of the standard
school books which they are publishing. Among
them these are particularly worthy : Milne's xVrith
metics, Ridpath's History of the United States,
and Forbridge's designs and tablets for drawing.
A lengthy article from Mrs. A. S. Duniway,
"Can Future Existence be Proven?" was received
too late for this issue.
To the Honorable Legislative Body, the Senate
and House of Representatives of the State of
Oregon, in Council Assembled :
Sovereigns, Gentlemen and Law-Makers: In the
name and by authority of tax-paying women of
the Commonwealth of Oregon, I am commissioned,
as a member of the State AVoman Suffrage Asso
ciation, to eschew all personal lobbying in their
interest and appeal to you through the columns of
the Nkw Noktiiwkst, praying your Honorable
Body to pass an Act during your present session,
submitting to the legal voters of Oregon, for their
consideration at the next general election, an
Amendment to the State Constitution, which
shall permit them to expunge the words "white
male" from' Article 2 of Section II. on "Suffrages
and Elections." The word "white," having al
ready become a dead letter through National leg
islation, is manifestly out of place in the instru
ment you are sworn to obey, and should be elimi
nated from future editions of the Code, rendering
the explanatory foot-note in reference to it unnec
essary. The word "male," being also a remnant
of a bygone institution intended to discriminate
against the colored race, is a detriment to the
rights and immunities of your unrepresented con
stituents, the women of the State, who are taxed
to maintain the laws which they are denied a
voice in making. AVe do not ask you to submit
an Amendment compelling women to exercise the
right of suffrage. Such a law would be as arbi
trary as the one restricting our liberties of which
we now complain. But we respectfully pray your
Honorable Body to lay aside the false theories
that make woman legally a perpetual minor,
while naturally she is an individual, with a will
and understanding of her own quite equal to that
possessed by yourselves. AVe will spare you at
this time and place the detail of argument con
cerning the need of this Amendment, which
vitally concerns your unrepresented constitu
ents, but which mmi urn nwt iei ivineiilnr nf lifflo
consequence, since they do not generally under
stand lis imjmrtance to women. The pros and
eotm, whys and wherefores of this petition we
will postpone until such time during the session
and in such manner as may suit your convenience
to designate. AVe do not come before vou as vour
enemies, but as your friends and allies as your
wives, your mothers-, your sisters and yourdtuigh-
ters. we uo not ask for our Inalienable right to a
voice in makinir the laws we are flmiiallv taxed
to sustain because of any desire to govern von or
your represented constituents. Such is not our
province, nor couhl we rightly hope to succeed in
such a measure if we should attempt it. The
women who, while in the condition of perpetual
minority, and in order to win your personal favor
in the interest of some special hobby, pretend
that they have all the rights they want, are by
nature tyrannical, seeking individual gain or am
bition rather than universal good. AVe have no
word of cenure for them. Their numbers are not
great, and the fact that they come to you for
special legislation contradicts the assertion that
they are In full possession of their rights. You
are asked to discriminate between individual
claimants and the just demand for equality before
the law which women who ask the ballot areask
ing for all men and women. AVe Took into your
faces and pray with trust ami confidence that you
will hear our plea. Should the voters of the State
refuse to grant the boon which you alone can give
them the power to bestow upon us, the responsi
bility will rest with them. AVe are willing to
trust the eae in their hands. AVill you not aid
us? And we also ask, in respect and confidence,
and relying upon your chivalry for an affirmative
answer, that you will consider our plea of sufil
cient importance to give us a hearing before your
Committee of the AVhole, and that you will "gra
ciously inform us of the time, most convenient for
yourselves, when you can listen to arguments on
behalf of those persons who sfre taxed without
representation and governed without consent.
The women of Oregon are patriotic. Thev see, as
you cannot but see also, that the time is speedily
coining whdn some Commonwealth will lead the
van in the great galaxy of States in granting to
women the right of suffrage. AVill you not assist
in placing that honor on the brow of Oregon, that
she may shine in the history of the centuries to
come as the State alone can shine whose banner
of Liberty for all the People shall by virtue of
precedence in action be entitled to the post ot
honor? 1
All of which is respectfully submitted in the
name and on behalf of the women of Oregon by
your faithful friend and obedient servant,
AmoAiii Scott Duxiway.
A prominent Democrat asks why the AVoman
Suffragists "claim the Republicans as friends
rather than the Democrats," and appears to
think the record of one party on the question is as
good as the other's. If he will remember these
few words, he will understand why the women of
the country regard their interests as identified
with the Republican party : "AVomen are voting
on educational questions in ten States, all Repub
lican. They are voting on all questions in two
Territories, both Republican."
The Republicans are unwise in allowing women
to be appointed postmasters on the eve of a Presi
dential election. There is no telling how many
office-seekers may be angered and turned against
the party by such recklessness. The latest robber
of masculine privileges is Mrs. G. E. Loughlin, of
Union county, appointed postmaster at Lostine.
The 'following communication, from the sorrowing
mother of Miss Eva Burbank, the bright young girl whose
sud fate will long be remembered by the many frjends Who
loved her, Is one of those touching outbursts of human
wailing thnt no eye can see clenrly to rend.
Lakayktte, September 13, 1SS0.
To thk Editor of the New Northwest:
Permit my husband and myself to say through
your columns, to the many friends who have
shown us so much sympathy in our sad bereave
ment, and have so diligently assisted in watching
for the recovery of the body of our lost darling,
Eva, that we thank you. Ah, we pray God's
blessing to rest upon you all. These arc plain and
simple words, but they come from a heart-broken
father and mother, whom the cruel waves of
Ilwaco Beach have robbed of their earthly all.
AVe are home, after an absence of three weeks of
futile watching and praying for the cruel sea to
give us back our dead. Through the advice and
persuasion of friends, we tore ourselves away, and
have left to others the vigilant search. Oh, may
God in His mercy crown their efforts with success!
These lines were written just before leaving the
Beach :
Ah, the waves lire dark and cold and deep,
Close by the edge of our camp;
And ghostly and weird theshadows creep
Where the reeds lie broken ami damp.
I hear the tide as It rises high,
And the mournful billows' How; J
I hear the wind, with its plaintive sigh,
Through tho leafless branches blow.
And I see, far oil, like a flend that Itokie
A soul that has lost Its light, .
The sombre waves, and the gloom that eafolda
The loved, drifting out from sight.
I.Ike dreams, the sad waves come ami ga,
Ihit ever they leave behind
The rapid tide, with it murmurs of woe,
And the sobbing of the wind.
Out, where the light glows blue ami pale.
And the darkened waters sweep,
And shuddering echoes moan and wall,
Mes my Eva, In silent sleep.
There, in the drkew, I see her hair,
Covered o'er with m cap of goal,
And feel, while I hide my sad despair,
Her hand on my heart lie cold.
She is dead! and Ionic days may grow Into yean--,
And the tide., they will Mink and swell,
ihu my soul has tost e'en Uie balm of lean;
How I live, none bat God can tell.
Not so, gentle mother; thy child te not dead;
Herst thou not the sweet voice of hr sight nr?
She lives, and earesees thy sorrowing head,
And would soothe the sad wall of thy cry! nr.
The Angel of Death bore her oat on the wave.
Hat the Angel of Ufe, sad and frowning.
Caught her eplrlt away from the watery grave.
And rescued thy darling from drowning:
And her beautiful hair, with its halo of gold.
In the gardens celestial to shining.
And her fair Jeweled hand is not pulseleea or eoW,
As a wreath for thy brow she is twining.
Iok aloft and be comforted , mother, so dear;
Hear her voice In the vespers of even;
Let Its whisper inaudible tell thee she's near,
And will light thydark pathway to Heaven.
A. S. Duxiwav.
Bkadfokd, Penn., September 1, 1SS0.
To thk Editor ok Tint North wwr:
In thinking of your labors, this couplet is re
called : x
" Watchman, tell us of the night
A'hat Its signs of liromise are?"
AVhat hopes do you entertain of the causes you
advocate AVoman Suffrage and Prohibition?
Since the vain appeals to the leadingConventions,
is it not truly "night" for them ? AVoman Suf
frage would undoubtedly speedily bringabout Pro
hibition; but the ballot for woman is a delusive hope
while this is a nation of drunkards. There is nothing
truer than that the carnal heart of man is at en
mity against AVoman Suffrage. AVitnesst the de
feat of the Colorado suifragists by J he liquor in
terest. In the early days of aboiitionism, if tho
good men and women interested had not joined
heart and hand and voice atrainst slaverv. it
would not now have been even nominally extinct.
io it seems that every one conscious of the dead
liness of the wide-spreading Upas tree of alcoholic
trallic should strike with the Prohibitionists,
however feeble their numbers. Thev are the trt:-
est friends of woman. As a party, they may as
yet be but a forlorn hope, as were tho little band
at first arrayed against slavery, but they are our
oniy nope, uoes any one imagine uiai a nation
which puts the blood money of licensed liquor sa
loons into its treasury is to be prospered by the
righteous Ruler of the Universe ? No.
"First purity, then pence,
Is Owl and nnturo's universal lnw
Is it not significant that the Presidential nomi
nees are military Generals? In any event, we
may look to see the stormiest time at Arashington
noxt AVinter that the country has ever seen.
AVoman can be but a silent on-loofcr? lint, T,t-i,u.
strengthen the heart and voice of the Prohibition
ist by every device known to her fertile brain.
Let her ignore wholly those who nn not i7. o
equally with those who are "against us." Some
papers ior women, as yours, are stronrr for nmhih.
itlon; others are stanch upon suffrage alone; still
a few are "lukewarm." Let them remember that
tney alone are to be "snowed out." T.nt nil ti,.
energies that might have been expended for either
of the leading parties, had thev f von lie o 7isi..i
vitas plank in their platforms, be now directed to
increasing the power of that one that has uncon
ditionally endorsed us. Lewise Oliver.

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