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Fussed at. Ihe session of the General Assembly, in
October and Norcmbr, A. P.
1. The commissioned, iioii-coininisMoiiod offices
nnd musicians of each rejjiment, in die uniform
prescribed bv virtue of ihe Militia Act of 1S37
shall, biennallv, rendrxvons, henveen the 20th
day ci' August and the 2.3 ih day of September
within their respective linii's, two days, succes
lively, for the purpose ol drilling' and improve
ment in military discipline ; the days ol rendez
vous to be designated in orders by the command
ant of brigade.
2. The third nnd fifth sections of the tenth
chanter of the act to which this is an addition, be,
and the same are, hereby repealed.
3. The Militia of this state shall he assembled
in the year 1S10, arid every second year thereaf
ter, in the month of September, for review, in
spection and discipline, by remmem, the time of
assembling to be designated in orders by the com
mandant of brigade.
4. For all regimental reviews provided for in
this act, the men shall be warned to meet at eight
o'clock in the forenoon.
5. The commandant of any. company in this
state may, in his discretion, call his company to
gether for military discipline and instruction, in
addition to the times herein provided, one day,
previous to the regimental muster.
1. A majorty of the field officers of any re
giment are authorized to hold the regimental
courts martal, called by the commandant of the
regiment, pursuant to the requirements of the
Militia Act of 1837, and one session of said
court shall be holden in each town in the month
of June annually.
2. The executions issued by the regimental
court martial shall be signed by the senior field
officer present, aid mado returnable to regimen-,
til head quarters.
3. All non-commissioned company officers,
who have incurred any penalty for -non-appear
ance, or non-equipment or umlorm, at any olh
cers' drill or regimental muster, or by reason
unmilitnry conduct when on duty, disobedience of
.orders, or neglect to warn, shall be summoned be
fore the regimental courts martial and tried
other delinquents are.
4. AM commissioned staff and company offi
cers and all non-commissioned staff officers, who
shall incur any penalty lor non-appearance, non
equipment or uniform, at any officers' drill, regi
mental muster, or election, and all commandants
of companies who shall incur any penalty -for
non-appearance, non-couipmcnt or uniform,
any company training or election, shall be amer
ced by the adjutant of the regiment to which they
belong, and shall he tried before the regimental
court martial next to be holden m the town
which the delinquent resides.
o. in an cases in which lines are made naya
b!e to the regimental quartermaslcr, and payment
is made to him after amercement issued, cost shall
be taxed to the time of payment,
6. In case of the absence or inability of the
quarter master and quarter master sergeant, the
colonel shall have power to authorize any indif
ferent person to serve amercements and levy exe
7. Where thj fine in which the delinquent is
amerced is remitted by the regimental court mar
tial in consequence of an excuse, which was not
rendered to the captain within twelve days after
the June training, costs of citation service of the
same, witnesses'& court fees shall be taxed apainst
the delinquent, and execution may issue therefor
Ana in alt cases in which execution issues,
twenty-five cents shall be taxed for it.
8. Where judgment is rendered for a fine by
tnc regimental court martial, tl:c lollowirifr lees
are to be taxed as cost, viz: For the officer serv
ing the amercement, or a subpo na for witnesses,
six cents per mne for travel, six cents lor reading,
and seventeen cents for copy ; for the captain
twenty-five cents for the amercement; and for
court fees, twenty-five cents for judgment by de
fault, and fifty cents for judgment on hearing,
The cost taxed for execution ami court fees shall
be paid by the collecting officer, with the fines, to
of this act, be, and the samethereby are, repealed, urer of this state, orders drawn by the auditor of
Provided, nevertheless, that nothing in this act accounts against the Hate, or in orders drawn bv
... rt .! 1 , .1 1 I .1
shall be construed so as to atlect any rignts or n- or unuer me direction 01 trie supreme or countv
.... I :i ..'J Hl't! '
abilities which have accrueu unuer me saiu iviu,- courts.
tia Act of 1837. Approved, November 19, 1839.
4. The eighth section of tho hlteenth chapter
of the act to which this is an addition, be, and the 7. An Act, authorizing the Treasurer to borrow
same hereby is, repealed. the sum therein mentioned.
. .,,,1 . , i
5. iiach regiment snan De lurmsiicu wan tne i, uoroh n,j i. ,i, fin0,nl A,1,1
state and regimental colors, which stands of col- of the 3late of Vermont, as follows :
on shall be procured and furnished by the quar- That the Treasurer of this state is authorized
termaster general, under the direction of the com
mnnder in duel at the expense of the state.
6. Each town shall equip those within its
limits who are unable to equip themselves.
7. Every officer, who is required by the act
to which this is an addition, to make any return in
writing, and who shall omit to make the same,
shall for each omission, forfeit and pay to the offi
cer to whom such return is required to be made,
the sums as lollows, to wit : if a major general
the sum of twenty dollars; if a brigadier goner
al, the sum of fifteen dollars; if afield officer, the
sum of ten dollars ; nnd if a captain or subaltern,
the sum of live dollars; and lines so assessed
shall be collected as follows, viz: The officer, to
whom the return should have been made, shall de
mand the same of the officer neglecting, either
personally or in writing; and if the officer neg
to borrow a sum not exceeding thirty thousand
dollars in the whole, for the purpose of defraying
the expenses ol the government and paying appro
priations that are or may be made.
Approved, Mow ID,
8. Ax Act, relating to Highways.
lereby enacted by the General Assembly
of the State of Vermont, as follows
i ii'i .1 ini f
j. v nenever mere snaji be occasion lor any
new highway in nnv town or towns in this state
the supreme courts and county courts shall have
the same power to take any real estate easeincn
or franchise ot any turnpike or other corporation
when in their judgment the public good
a public highway, winch such courts now have by
the laws of this state, to lay out highways over in-
1 j- t . j .i: -
lectin to make the returns, shall neglect or refuse ' " 1' i""'"' ' power
the regimental quartermaster.
9. Witnesses, attending before the regimental
courts martial, shall be allowed the sum of fifty
con's for each and every day's attendance, am
five cents per mile for travel, to be paid by the de
linquent, if judgment is rendered against him
but out ot any lands in the hands ol the quarter
master, if the delinquent is excused
10. All executions issued by the regimental
court martial shall bs directed to, and levied by,
the quartermaster or regimental quartermaster
sergeant. Ihe regimental quartermaster shall
have power to serve citations and levy executions
throughout the state, and the regimental quarter
master sergeant shall have the same power through
out the regiment to which he is attached.
11. In case of the absence or inability of a
majority of the field okers to attend any regi
mental court martial, any one of the field officers
shall have power to adjournwiid court, not ex
ceding thirty days.
1. The governor is hereby authorized and di
rected. to receive from tho United States, as a part
of the quota of this state, as the same may become
due under the act of Congress ; of 1803, rifles to
the amount of two thousand, including what have
J)-on received under the Militia Act of 1837.
1. All collateral suits, brought before a justice
of the peace, into which the validity or regularity
of the proceedings before the regimental court
martial shall come in question, shall be appealable
to the county court. ,
2. AH field, company and stall officers, who
are"by law entitled to be commissioned, or to re
ceive warrants, jmail have- full power to act, as
though thev had laKen tne oatn oi uuegiance
and had their commissions or
warrants in their
3. All section? and parts of sections m the JUili
tia Act of 1S37, inconsistent whh the enactments
to pay said fine
made' as aforesaid, the officer, to whom such re
turns should have been made, shall issue his exe
cution therefor, to be directed to any quartermaster
in the brigade. And if the officer neglecting shall
he a major general, to the quartermaster m the
division, who are hereby atitnorizeu to coueci uie
same too-other with costs of collection. And the
fines, when collected, shall be paid to the treasur
er of the state.
8. Al! returns now reouired to be made to the
commander in chief, by major and. brigadier gen
erals, shall be hereafter made to the adjutant and
inspector general ; who shall make a consolidated
return nuhe same to the commander in chiet, as
enuired in the act to which this is an addition.
9. All records and files of the militia of this
ii . i 1
state, required by the act to which tins is an au
dition, to be kept in, and all returns required to be
made to, the office of the secretary ol civil and
military affairs, shall hereafter be kept in, and
made to, the office of the adjutant and inspector
10. The Govenor, on application ol the per
, . i. -i. .: :.,
sons aggrieved, may maue such uiieiuuuns m uiu
limits and organization of any regiment, or com
pany, as in his opinion shall be just and expedi
in making compensation to all such corporations
and persons whose estate, easment, franchise or
rights shall be taken, as are now "ranted and pro
vided in other cases.
Provided, Hint no such real estate, easment or
franchise, shall be taken in the manner and for the
purpose aforesaid, unless the whole of such real
estate, easment or franchise belonging to said cor
poration, shall be taken, and compensation made
c rni ..lii.i re . r t
z. i ins nci simulate eneci irom the passage
Approved, November 19, 1S39.
9. A.v Act, to repeal an act therein mentioned.
Jt is hereby. enacted by the General Assembly
of the Slate of Vermont, as follows :
1. 1 he act entitled " an act relating to retailers
of foreign spirits." approved November 5, 1S3S, is
hereby repealed.
2. Ihis act shall take efiect from and after the
passage of the same.
Approved, JNovernbcr 19, 1839.
10. An Act, to repeal the act therein mentioned.
Jt is hereby enacted by the General Assembly
of the State of Vermont, as follows :
That an act, entitled "an act, to facilitate the
or private, who, being duly warned,
1 1 T" ,-, I Alhnc rnncici'in
il. iiu!i-iumim.-. v ......... . , ,,,. f ,,,,,.. ,,!,, f,. 1 l
shall uunec- K. X. .'' ' . .". Vnu
iovemocr nrst, einieen Hundred and thirty-eight
be, and the same is, hereby repealed :. Provided
that this act shall take efiect from and after the
passing thereof.
Approved, Oct. 2-1, 1S39
issarily neglect or reiuse 10 appear m any i.um
pany meeting, for military exercise and instruc
tion, fit ihe time and nlace appointed, shall forfeit
i .
two dollars.
12. Every non-commisi-i incd officer, musician
or private, who, being duly ordered, shall unnec
essarily neglet to appear al any regimental in
spection or review, at the time and place appoint
ed, shall forfeit three dollars.
1.1. F.nch officer. non-commisioncd ollicer or
mnsiclrin. whn. beinf dtilv ordered, shall unnec
shall forfeit three dollars for each day's non-alten
11 The fines nrovided for in this act shall be
rnllortpd in ilin same manner as other fines for
nnn.nniipnrnncp. ni anv company training, now
11 ' '
15. In case there shall not be sufficient money,
in tbp hands of the ouartermaster of each regi
ment, to nav the officers and musicians as provi
ded for by law, the quartermaster shall certify the
same to ihe commandant ol the regiment cv niMi,
sum which will be necessary to be drawn for
the navinentof said officers cc musicians, for their
1 Ml L
attendance at any regimental arm, or couu mar
tial for the collection of fines previously held
whereupon the commandant of said regiment may
draw upon the treasurer ol this state in lavor ol
sn d nuartermaster, tor such sum oi money as
may be necessary for the payment of said officers
and musicians, anu me irensuiei i
pay the same out of any money in the treasury
not otherwise appropriated. Provided, that it shall
!,p ilio.liiiv nf the commandant of enih regiment.
to ccilify, in his order upon ihe treasurer as pro-
idr-.l f(,r bv this section, lhai the rcmmcutal drill
Rlsolvkd, by the Senate and House of Renre
sentatives, That our Senators in Congress be in
structed, and our Representatives requested, to
L lull. uw. utiut; vim, v.i. i..-, --- . . . - . .
-il v neglect to appear for any regimental drill ure their influence to procure the passage of a law
ired bv law, at the time ntxl place appointed, slla 1 provide for a just distribution, among
me sueiiu muico, oi me procjeus o: Hie public
iands,.agrceaiue to the terms ol the deeds ot ces
sion, which provide mat the lands, so ceded
shall be considered as a common fund, for ihe
use and benefit of nil the United States, members
of the federal alliance, "and shall be faithfully
ind bona rule disposed oi lor that purpose, and
for no other use or purpose whatsoever" and to
oppose any measure calculated to promote the
ntual surrender ol these lands to the States
vhich they are situated, which would be en
lirely repugnant to the condition of these grants
and contrary to that principle of equal and exact
juj-ticc which should characterise all the dealings
of the general government withPro several states
of the Union.
Rksolvkp, by the Senate and House of Repre
sentatives, i nat tne Uovernor be requested to
transmit copies of the foregoing resolution to each
of our Senators and Representatives in Congress
and to each of the Governors of the States, with
the requcbt that they present it to the legislatures
of their respective states,
there shall be a sufficient number of each volume
reserved for the use of the Library and for ex
changes with other states.
Monti'elier, November 27, 1839,
I hereby certify that the foregoing fourteen
chapters, ore true copies of the acts and resolu
tions of a public kind, passed by the Legislature
of this state at their session in October and No
vember, A. D. 1839, as appears by the files in
this office.
Secretary of State.
IK. 6. It. PHELPS'
mato PilU to their various preparations, evidently with
intention of deceiving those enquiring for I'helps' Tomolo
Pills. - The Public cannot be too cautious to avoid all these
anomalous ' Tomato Pills' and Extracts of Tomato,' nor
too particular to observe that the original and only genuine
L-ompowid Tomato Pills, are signed by the Propneter,
G R. PHELPd, M. D., Hartford, Conn.
G. W. BARKER, Montpelier, Vt. Geneoal AKent for
Washington .Orange, Caledonia, Essex, Orleans, Franklin
Lamoille, Chittenden and Grand Isle Counties, w ill be
promptly attended to.
A new and valuable remedy for nil diseases
arising from impurities of the blood,
Morbid Scprctions of the Liver
nnd Stomach.
Also, a suBsisTUTE for CALOMEL, as a CATHARTIC
in ! IA LRb, and all Billious diseases, and
for ordinary Family Physic.
Thi popular Medicine which has received such eencra
approbation as a remedy for Dyspepsia, liillious and And
htomachs, Jaundicf, Heartburn, Costiveness, Head.
ache &c. &.C.. and U'hir.h in now nri(ir.rihf.r1 Kv mnnv nftha
mostresneclablePhvsiciana. ia fnmalfl l,v .ih'nri,1 An. w "Pe will be, the more abundantly elicited in the'ehir-
in most of the towns in the United States, and at wholesale actcr of """""""'P' contributions, by the proffered opror-
bv the Prnnrintnr,. llnrtfnr,!. Cnn. unity lor promulgation.
. . 1 ' ' 1 'ni. r.i l. j : .1 - .i
A few only of the latest cert ficates can be inserted here. Luc '"" worn ucsigneu 10 ue neiu.er u.e-
T is in contemplation to commence the issue of a em
monthly Periodical, upon the first of January, 1840,
with the foregoing unique cognomon, and which is design
ed to be entirely original, and to be presented to its patrons
in the state of a well executed royal octavo of sixteen double-column
pay "8, amounting, in the year, to nearly one
thousand of thoje ordinarily presented in the book form ;
constituting a volume which, it is intended, shall be as
useful as ample, and which is offered to subscribers, a
the unenmpensatory price of two dollars a year, payable
however, unexceptionably in advance.
The object of the present enterprise is not to creates;
substitute for those more elaborate, volumiuous and supe
rior Periodicals, with which persons who are able nay be
abundantly supplied from abroad; but to afford a cheap
and convenient vehicle for recording and circulating Ihe
readable lucubrations of our sectional Literati; and which,
for numerous others see large pamphlets just published.
JNew llavcn, Ohio, Uec. 4th. 1838.
Gentlemen, Seeing the very hich estimation held forth
by the Agent in this section, nnd by those who had the op
portunity of trying Dr. Phelps' Compound Tomato Pills
and being under belief of the firm having restored healthy
secretions ot the glandular system more than once, by us
ing the Tomato Apple H3 a vegetable ; I have been induc
ed lo try this medicine in various diseases. In the Autum
nal Intcrmittcnts, prevalent in (his section of the States, 1
havo no doubt Dr. Phelps' Compound Tomato Pills will, in
a great measure, if not entirely supersede the use oCal-
ujuilji. i neueve mat in diseased liver they are more
prompt in their effect, and as efficient, as Calomel I have
tried them in various other diseases, as .Rheumatism, Dys
pepsia, Jaundice, &c, with the most happy effects. As
far as my knowledge extends, I have no hesitancy in rec
ommending ttiem as a highly valuable family Medicine.
l ours respectlully,
ological, political, sectarian nor partial; and, therefore,
open to'universal, chaste discussion and recuperative irony.
Its columns are intended tobe, mostly, appropriated to the
investigation of physical and intellectual humanity; to the
contemplation of man as a moral and social beings whelm
ed in responsibilities, ignorance and delinquency, tah
their, inevitably, disastrous consequences; to expoetf'and
reform the ignorance, error and vices of society, by reflec
ting, convincingly, upon each, its deformity, hazards and
catastrophies, and to scourge or ridicule, both, fashionable
and unfashionable licentiousness and folley, out of credit
with their votaries, and out of humor with themselves: In
fine, it in intended as an oracle, through which, truth may
be fearlessly uttered; and in whoBe responses, Virtue shaH
find ample encouragement to emulation, while Vice shall
see Mene Tekel written on every wall of its habitation.
These are thoself-evidently, landable objects, for the at
tainment of which our contemplated periodical is to be in
stituted ; and for whose encouragement, we would, confi
dently, yet courteously, present our claim to public patron
age; not, however, without the provision of its being cheer
fully relinquished, whenever the value of the'tvork shall
havo Iailed to justify its continuance. t
.Montpelier, Oct. 1839.
By the provisional Editorial Committee
and courts martial have been duly heU as reqnir- " "EBEAs, a large amount of the public money of
. i I llui I nilid Sl'ilno hna Innn nn.n,...i..l I
ed by law, for the then current year,
order f-hall be paid by me treasurer.
Approved Nov. 19, lWJU.
before id
the United biatcs has been appropriated, under
the aulhoriiy of the General Government, for
purposes ol Internal improvements within the
limits ol the several states and territories, and
whereas the State of Vermont, notwithstanding
her citizens pay their full proportion of the
public revenue, has not derived an equivalent
tiom tlio expenuiiure ol said money there
Rr.soi.VEP, by the Senate and House of Repre
sentatives, That our Senators in Conrrress be in
structed, and our Representatives requested, to use
their best exertions, al the ensuing session of Con-
5. A. Act, making appropriations lor the sti
port of government.
It is herebv enacted bv the General Assembly
of the State of Vermont, as follows :
1. The sum of forty-five thousand dollars
hereby appropriated for the purpose of paying the
debenture of the Lieutenant Governor, ihe Sen-
ale and the ITouse of Representatives, and the
contingent expenses of the General Assembly, the jr.-ess, to obtain the passage of a law, providi
debenture of the Auditor of Accounts, such sala- for refunding to Vermont'her proportion of t
ries as are provided uy law, anu sucn sums as aie monev so appropriated and expended.
. . ' . . r I T 1 . . 1 - ' 1 '
directed by special acts ol tnc L.egiiamre to ue
paid from the treasury. 13. SLAVERY, See
2. A sum not exceeding forty-eight .thousand l. Resolved, by the Senate and House of Ren-
dollars is hereby appropriated lor the purpose of reseniatives, That Congress possesses tho power
paying such demands against uie siaie as may oe t0 abolish slavery and the slave trade in ihe Dis
allowed by the Auditor of accounts, and such -or- triet of Columbia, and lo prohibit the slave trade
ders as mav be drawn by the supreme and county between the several sla'e.-.
courts, and such orders as may be drawn by au- o. Resolved, That the passage of a resolution
thority of the act entitled an act lor regulating ana by the House of Representatives of the Unit 'd
governing the militia of this state, approved by S'tntes, in December, 1S37, in which it was order
the Govenor November 1 1S37. L'd that all papers touching the subjt ct of slavery,
3. The sum of two thousand dollars is hereby should "belaid upon tho table, without beino-
. . . . r l : . . .... . . . . o
appropriated lor the payment oi nanus .iuium reatl, printed, debated or relerred ;" nnd the adop
the Vermont s-.aie i risou, vwiitn sum hj- uon oi a resolution oy tne last uongress, was a
urer is authorized and directed to pay lo the
ler of the superintendant of said prison, to be
aid superintendant applied in payment oi
laiins now outstanding against the prison.
4. This act shall take efiect Irom and alter
Approved, Nov.
19, 1S39.
6. An Act, assessing a tax for the support of
It is herebv enacted by tho General Assembly
of the Slate of Vermont, as follows :
That there is assessed n tax ot three
flagrant nbuse of the right of petition, and in the
name of tho people of this state, we solemnly
protest aeainst the adoption of a similar resolu
tion by the next, or any succeeding Congress.
3. Rissolved, lhat the Governor be requested
to transmit a copy of the foregoing resolutions to
each of our Senators and Representatives in Congress.
Resolved, by the Senate and House of Repre
sentatives, lhat the secretary ol State and Li.
cents on brarian ot the state library, be directed to ueliv-
the dollar on the list of the polls and rateable es- cr to each cour.ty clerk, one copy of oach volume
mtn nf ilin inhnh tnnta of this state, lor the vear ot tha Vermont lienorts, oi wnicn tney severally
one thousand eight hundred and thirty-nine, to be have, or may hereafter have tho charge, to be
dal Jntn ihp trrasurv bv the first day of Juno nex, kept in tho office ot such clerk for the u?e of the
' ' . ,', .i m .. I. - ; .1. . -il
money certificates or notes issued uy uie i reas- courts m en en coumj, provuieu, mat m uu ca?es
From a gentleman of high respectability ; dated
New York, Nov. 6th, 1838.
lo if. G. Phelps, Dear Sir : I have used vour Com
pound Tomato Pills, the past season, for the Liver com
piaini ; ana am nappy to add, with decided benefit : anp
thereiore lae great pleasure in recommending them
well from a sense of gratitude to the benevolent Proprietor,
as with a view of serving the cause of philanthropy ; from
a sense of duty I owe the public to bearing my testimony
in lavor ot this the world s invaluable medicine.
Six years since, I suffered from a maladv, pronounced bv
the concurrent opinion of a council of physicians, a chron-
mjiuiHiiiuiiun uj inc driver; ana underwent a skiilul
mercurial treatment
and at length mainlv restored to a tolerable decree ni
health, though not without an apprehension that I should
be similarly afllicted. My fears have been but too well
confirmed by a recurrence of nearly all the symptoms of
mis ureadlul malady the past summer ; when accidentally
I honrl nC Pill. ,t .. .1'. C .!.:
u . , .u. a .tin, n"u luauuiig suiuc ill Uig Ul 111U11 pruy- . . . ... .
erties and characters, and their rapidly increasing celehri- Attention Artillery Companies !
ty, I resolved on trying them. 1-eeling as I did, a repug- -p j T) TT"PT
naacc to resorting again to Calomel, and after ineffectually IvIJvXjIv,
and unsuccessfully trying other medicines orofessiug a I (State sreet, opposite the Bank,)
specific reniedv fur this complaint, I purchased a box of the iHJTAS this dav received from NEW-YORK, Scarlet
Messrs. Sands, Druggists.comer Villiam and Fulton streets -"-J. Broad Cloth, for Military Companies' Uniforms, Ar-
duly authorized agents ; thev presenting me, to accompa- tillery Buttons, Yellow Wings for Sargeants, lied Cock-
ny the box, a pamphlet containing a specification, direc- feathers, Red Pompoms, Red 12 inch Vulture Plumes,
tions, &c. I had not taken one boi of them before I han- Yellow Lace, Yellow Epaulctts, Red Sashes &c. for sal
pily experienced their healing efficacy and curative effects : cheap for cash,
and now that I have given thein a thorough trial, can 30 do.. Infantry Hat Plates, White Cock feathers, White
cheerfully and unhesitatingly pronounce them the very Wings for Sargeants, 12 inch White Vulture Plumes,,
best remedy extant for any derangement or affection of the Swords and Hells, Flat Eagle Buttons, Laces, Epaulette,
Liver or Sjileen, Bullous Affections, Palpitation of the & for le cheap for cash.
fAYING procured from Boston new and elegant founts
-being confined for many months ; prose(.ute the above business, in all its branches : and ha
no hesitation in saying that all work entrusted to him will
be executed in a style not inferior to that of any oth
er establishment in Vermont.
Office, one door east from the Post-Offica stalest.
Heart, or Dyspepsia in any of its forms : also as a good
lamily medicine, are the best with which I am acquainted.
At my recommendation and solicitation many of my
friends and acquaintances have taken them as a family med
icine, with perfect success. I grant my permission lo use
this as you please. lours truly,
ISAAC W. AVEiJY, 179 William street.
From the Rev. I. J'. Spragve, Pastor of the fourth
Congregational Church, Hartjord, Conn.
Dr. G. R. Phelps.
Sir For several years past I have found it well to keep
in my family a bottle of castor oil and other simple medi
cines, and no doubt ther timely use has been greatly bene
ficial in preserving our health. For some time past I have
made use of your Compound Tomato Pills, as a substitute
for those medicines, and haye been so much pleased with
heir mild, yet effective operation, that they have become
our family medicine, while others have been laid aside. 1
prefer them for myself and children, lo any other medicine
I have ever used to correct the irregularities of the stomach
and bowels. J ours, &c. I. N. SPJfAGLE.
The following Letter, just received, illustrates in an in
teresting manner, the applicability of this medicine In Tu
mors and scrofulous swellings, and is another evidence of
its effects us an alternative, in changing tho action of the
glandular and absorbent systems, and in renovating the
constitution impaired by protracted disease ; although in
some cases it may take considerable time (as it does for all
remedies which operate as alternatives) to produce its full
ana complete ellects.
Ihe accompanying remarks of Messrs. Chcsebroueh &
Leonard, will show that the statement of Mr. Vredenburgh
is entitled to our full confidence and is without exaggera
Montpelier, June 10, 1839
ERINOS, cheaper than ever, may be found at
Sept. 27. 39:3wis
E. BADGER & SON, have this dav received into
partnership Mr. DAVID PARTRIDGE; and the
business, at the old stand, will in future be conducted under
the firm of
who have on hand, and will constantly keep for sale Hats
Caps, Furs, Suspenders, Gloves, Hosiei, &c. They
would return their thanks to the citizens of Montpelier and
vicinity for the liberal patronage heretofore extended to this
establishment, and solicit a continuance of the same.
N. B. Merchants supplied with Hats, of all kinds, at
city prices.
All persons indebted to the late firm of J. E.-Badger
& Son, are requested to call and settle, and make payments.
Montpelier, Oct. 7, 1839. 40:tf
.Rome, April 27th, 1839
C. R. Phelps, Jl. D. Hear Sir Herewith we send
you the statement of Mr. Andrew Vredenburgh, a very
respectable farmer of this town. His case is considered a
very remarkable one, and his stalementg may be relied up
on with llio utmost confidence.
Your Pills hava fully established themselves in this vi
t.imij' , anu tne uuiuuim lur iiiciu is constantly increasing. I nr r jt V V
If desirable, we can send you several other certificates of T . , ., r
cures effected bv the use of vour Pills. o ,. n,.,
Is published every Saturday morning, at S2 a year, pay
able in atlvanee. If payment be delayed till thfj
the vear, rifly Cents will he added.
Advertisements inserted at the usual 'jfr'1
Subscriptions, and all letters relating
be addressed to the Publishei : letter
torial department, to the Editor
ed for publication should tie si".
the writer. VZP 'Postage In,
Agente of the Vermont Anli-blto
of local anti-slavery societies througlicn
thorized to act as agents for this paper,
irrr Office, one door Vlsl from th
1 Wiisl from tti
V, E nVS'i
We remain vours, &e.
Ciiesehrougu & Leonard.
Hubbardton, W C Denison.
Norwich, Sylvester Mois.
Hartford, Geo. Udall, taq.
Tunbrtdge, Uervey I racy.
Strafford, XV Sanborn, Esq!
Barnet, L P Parks, Esq.
Morristoion,Rev S Robinson
Second Letter from Dr. Eaton, dated Brookfield, Ms.
March 29, 1839.
Dr. I'helps Dear Sir Your Pills are in great demand. Morrisville, L P Poland, Esq.
i... .... i i. i i i . i i . i .... 1
iivo uui u icw uu iiHiiu . no one w no nas laucn mem oui tjornwail. II r Hnnlcrir
are porlectly salishcd with their beneficial effects in remov
ing disease, however long standing. I shall be at Hart
ford about tho 15th of next month, and I will bring with
me a number of certificates frm persons of the first res
pectability, of cures which they have performed, some
ten, twelve and of twenty years standing. The ono las
mentioned is a Mr. Luther Stowell of South Brookfield
who has had a carious ulcer of a most formidable kind and
has never been one dav without bandaging his leg from the
oot to the knee. His certificate I shall bring with me.
Craftsbury, XV i Hastings.
nest ford, K harnsworth.
Essex, DrJW Emery.
Uunderhill, Rev E B Baxter.
Barnard, Rev T Gordon.
East Barnard, XV Leonard.
H alden, Perlcy Foster.
Starksboro' , Joel Battey.
St. Albans, E L Jones, Esq,
Rutland, 11 K Thrall, Esq.
Derby, Dr R
Brookfield, D
Randolph, C
East Bethel, E
H'aterbury,. II
Waitsfield, Col Skinner
Moretown, Moses SpofT
Warren, FA Wright,!
Waterford, R C Benl
t;. . . ri . c, T.J
casi xioxoury, a nu
Fcrrisburgh, RTRJ
vergennes, I L Rob
Westfield, O WinslJ
Corinth, Inslcy Uovi
XVilhamstown, J L
Chester, J Stedmai
Springfield, Noah
Franklin. Geo Sfc
XVaterville, Moses,
Please send me six dozen boxes more, on Ihe receipt of Royalton, Bcla Hall, C CHydepark, Jothnni AV
this, and ntiliiri. Yours. Slc. I r'. i r-'r u.i r Vt
this, and oblige, Yours, &c
J. 1.. Eaton.
JCPFor a full account of this most interesting discove
ry, testimonials, mode of operations, &c, see pamphlets,
which may be had gratis of all who sell these Pills.
INone aro genuine without the written signature of u.
R. Phelps, M. D.,soIe proprietor, Hartford. Conn.
CAUTION. The unprecedented popularity of these
Pills has induced several persons to prefix the nam of To-
Danville, M Carpenter,
Glover, Dr Bates.
St. Johnsbury, Rev J Morse.
Middlebury, M D Gordon.
Cambruige, Martin W ires.
Brisil, Joseph Otis,
Hiuesburgh, Mr.Allen
Elmore, Abel Camp,
it:.. I L 7 Tt
iiiftc9VK,i;r,, it lH-an.1 J
JSttthngton, G A Allen.v
Montgomery, J Martin,
Lincoln, Benj Tabor.
Calais, Uev. Benj Tage.
Sudbury. XV A William..
fomtret, Nathan Snow
Berkshire, Rer. JhonGlecdjoAnien, FJder Byiejton.

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