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Stage Arrangement.
taken the
Tk fliiUanwUaKa TiQvinor R.?ELltl
contract for carrying the llul from Roches
ter, Vt, to Ticondcroga, N. would hereby
' ' , ,i .I...;niv flirt cnoonn tf
inform the puDiic iqih
t.ow TvrvrnATrni. they will run the Mai
,i Pauannirfir Stuzcs as follows: Leave
-Rnnhoatnr on Mondays, Wednesdays ant
Prhlavi. at 3 o'clock, A. M., passing throug'
Goshon, Brandon, Sudbury, and arrive at
Chipmnn's Point, Orwell, in ttmo tor passes
rars to take tne Uoats, either JNortu or
Returning, will lcavo Chipman's Point on
Tuesdays, ihursuuys and Saturdays, at
o'clock, A. M., or on the arrival of the morn
ing Boat from Whitehall, reaching Brandon
in season to intersect the Boston and Bur
linston Staje going South, and arrive at
Rochester the same evening.
iJaT Having provided good accommoda
tions the undersigned hope to receive a libc
ral share of public patronage.
Brandon, May 15, 1818. ix49:tf
Accommodation Stage.
The subscriber will run a Passenger
Stage duringthe present Navigation Season,
from Brandon to Unipmans Point, astollows:
Leave Brandon after tho arrival of the Mail
Stage from Rutland, on Tuesday, Thursday
and Saturday mornings, and reach Chipman's
1 oi nt in season tor the altemoon Boats pass
ing North or South.
Returning, will leave Chipman's Point on
Wednesdays and Fridays on tho arrival of the
morning boats from Whitehall and St. Johns,
and reach Brandon in season to intersect the
Stage from Burlington to Rutland on its way
South. On Saturdays, the Accommodation
Stage will leave the Lake on the arrival of
the afternoon boats and arrive at Brandon
same evening.
lir Passengers will be taken from any part
ot li rail' Ion village, on their names being
previously left at either of the Public Inns in
the village.
Extras furnished on short notice.
Fare reasonable. L. V. RICH.
Brandon, May 20, 1848. ix49:tf
Great and Important Chemical Discovery.
Yellow Dock and Sarsaparilla.
THIS chemical compound, with other vegetable
productions, is one of the most important dis
coveries of the age. It is far superior to Bnv simple
sarsaparilla svrup that lias ever been used. It has
performed more than fifteen thousand cures since
tho discovery was made, which is only about twelve
months. The controlling power over disease which
this Syrup possesses, may be attributed to the fact
mat it is composeu purely ot vegetable extracts,
each article in it having a direct reference to some
internal organ, consequently the whole system ro
coives their beneficial influence, which occasions
neither sickness nor pain in their operation, and
can be taken nt all times and under all circumstnn
cos without regavd to diet or business, is certainly i
desideratum in the historv of medicine. This com
pound extmct is nut mi in nuart bottles and offered
at the low price of one dollar per bottle. The object
being to give the patient an opportunity, by the
purchase of one bottle, to test its valuable medical
oroDorties. and the power it has over disease. It
can bo taken by the ngod and the infant with equal
efficacy. This extract of yellow dock and sarsa
parilla is a cure, po it've and permanent cure for
consumption, sorolula or king's evil, erysipelas, salt
rncura, pimples on tue lace, cnronic, acute auu m
flammatory rhoumatism, gout, general debility, dys
pepsia, norvom headache, liver complaint, spinal
lUieUllUll-S, IttHllMU (XmiJMUUll, U1UUI , UUIlKlia, SUIlll-
lis in its worst form, affections of the bladder and
kidneys, billions cholicand serious loosenoss, biles,
costiveness. colds, coughs, corrupt humors, dropsy
enlargement of the bones, fever and ague, giddiness,
gravel, Headaches ot every kind, inwaru levers, an
num hlnfti! innmlipiv Inss nf n.iinnr.ir.o. lenrosv. mer.
curial diseases, night sweats, nervous deoility, ner
vous complaints of all kinds, neuralgia, organic
affections, palpitation of the heart, painter's cliolic,
piles. This compound is an infallible cure for the
The last but not the least of the late arri
vals of new and fashionable GOODS which
IRA BUTTON & SON are constantly re'
ceiving, comprising a largo and beautiful
assortment of
which were bought exclusively for cash.
Also, a general assortment of
FLOUR, (Emerald Mills,) N.S. PLASTER,
which we are offering at prices that cannot
fail to suit the purchaser.
Brandon, June 20, 1818.
Wool Depot.
rwiIIIS enterprise having met the expecta
tions of its projectors, the subscriber has
made arrangements to continue a branch of
the Kindcrhook Wool Depot iu the village of
Shoreham, Vt., for the present season. He
will be prepared to receive Wool after the
fifth of June.
The fleeces will be thrown into sorts ac
cording to style and quality. A discrimina
tion will be made between Wool in good or
bad condition. Those who desire it, can
have their clip kept separate. Sales will be
made invariably lor cash. Sacks furnished
to those who wish, by their paying expense
of transportation and 12 1-2 cents each, for
their use.
The charges will be, for receiving, sorting j
ana selling, one cent per pound, ana the in
insurance, which will be 25 cents on $100
for a term of three months. Liberal advan
ces in cash made on the delivery of Wool, il
Arrangements have been made with Man-
ufacturers using different grades of Wool, to
purchase the various sorts at the market val
ue, soon after being received at the Depot,
Tf r.lin fmn.ninn miivlrof. nif id nnf Q'lfiaf.ii.
tiry, the woof will be offered for sale at such
time as the owner may direct.
Letters addressed to tho subscriber at
Shoreham, in relation to the Wool Depot at
tuat place, win receive immediate attent.on.
I?5T References can be had to Dr. J. S
Beekman, Kindcrhook ; B. S. Johnson, Sec,
N. Y. State Agricultural Society, Albany
Hon. S. H. Jenison, Kent Wright, Esqr.
Shoreham; H. Bell, Middlebury; J. Ells
worth, Cornwall ; J. M. Weeks, Salisbury ;
J. Holcomb, Brandon; L. Hall, Slielburn,
Vt. 11. BbANUUAUU, Aient.
Shoreham, May 22, 1848. ix49:x!3
OP Dr. V. Beach, for publishing his American or
Keformed Practice ol ilediciue, iu two volumes
eompieto. i :
Vol. I. The basis of thin volume will be the first two
volumes of my large work, called the American Prarliir,
originally published in two volumes.
All extraneous matter, not immediately practical,
will be revised, and the result of my lute clinical prac
tice and experience, up to the period of publication,
will be embodied This volume will constitute a com
plete Eclectic or ll'fimned Practice of Me Heine.
Vol II. This volume will contain a complete system
of Medical Hotany, Therapeutics, and Pharmacy, illus
trated by the most splendid colored engravings ever
issued in this oountry.
Koch volume will be complete In Itself, and the two
may be had separate or together. My medical Diction
ary, and also my work on Anatomy and Physiology,
illustrated by numerous and splendid engravings, are in
course of preparation, and will shortly appear.
ix40:ly W; BEACH, M.I):
NEW lot at
r gost
ARNED and Sibley's: Taft's and
Scythes, Forks, Snaiths, Hakes, &c. Sec, tl
ist assortment In the county, at 1IIGGINS'.
Provisions for sale.
on Bb,s prk
M 4 bbls Lard ;
1 200 lbs smoked Hams ;
1200 " " Shoulders,
Chipman's Point.
piles, rusli of blood to the head, pain in the head.
siuo, chest, back, hmus, joints ami organs, scurvy,
sick headache, stiffness of the joints, exposure and
imprudence of life. This newly discovered chomi-
cal compound, extracts nervous diseases irom tlie
system, clean 'es the bloodjand invigorates the body
more ellectually than any article that has ever beon
sold. In the vegetable kingdom, an All-wise Being
has deposited such plants and herbs as are congenial
to our constitutions, and adapted to tho cure of all
urable diseases to which human nature is incident.
And this r.omnound svrnn is composed of those
vuluablo plants, some of which have lately been dis
covered and used, and found to bo certain specifics
in thousands of discuses that before defied the best
of medical skill.
Opinions of Physicians.
This is to certify that wo, the undersigned, phy
sicians of the city of Now York, have in a great
many cases prescribed Dr. (luysott's extract of yel
low dock and sarsaparilla, and are fully assured
that it has no equal among tho varied syrups mid
sarsaparilla preparations tuat nave ever oeen soiu.
JohnF. Stomiui, M.l). I S-.un'l T. Weils, M.D..
I. S. Maynard, M.l). F. 1(. Thomas, M D.
.las. E. Morgan, M.l). S. M. Johnson, M. D.
New York, Oct. 10, 1S1G. irt!S,
llead the Testimony.
Opinion of a physician regarding the combination
i ye. low dock with sarsaparilla. mat
Montgomery, June 8, 1817.
Mr. Bennett: Dear sir, In this ago of patent medi
cine excitement, it affords ine great pleasure to see.
among the innumerable sarsaparilla preparations,
one compound that is liKeiy tosiauatne testoi time.
Your syrup, combining as it does the two best roots
now known, will most assuredly meet with univer
sal approbation. For the la ;t i5 years I have been
in the habit of using, more or loss, yellow dock root
in syrup and ointment preparations in my practice,
and have no hesitation in saying that it is the most
valuable root now known.
I have been prescribing your extract sinco I first
saw it, and it is equal to my expectation. Very
respectfully yours, i H. T. K. Smith, M. I),
The most remarkable Female Medicine known.
Dr. (invsott's Compound Extract of Yellow Dock
and Sarsaparilla, containing other vegetable produc
tions that act upon tho slender and delicate consti
tution of the female, witli all the mildness of an
alternative, and still showing very plainly its valu
able properties, in sucli diseases as incipient con
sumption, barrenness, lcncorrlnoa, or whites, ob
structed or dillicnlt menstruation, incontinence of
urine, or involuntary discharge thereof, and for the
general prostration of tin system, no mattor whether
the result ol inherent cai-e or causes produced uy
irregularity, illness or accident. It is astonishing to
see what invigorating effects it has upon the human
frame. Persons, all weakness and lassitude before
takin" it, at once become strong, robust and full of
energy under its influmce. It immediately coun
teracts the nervousness of tho fomalo, which is the
great cause of barrenness. It will not bo asked of
ino to exhibit certificates of cure performed in cases
ol so dolicate a nature, but I can assure the afflict
ed that wo have received a groat many certiucates
of wonderful cures, much bevond our own expecta
tions. Several cases where familcs have been with
out children, and after using a bottle or two of this
invaluable meuicino, nave been biesscuwituiieaitliy
More testimony in favor of fio superiority of Dr.
Guvsott's Extract of Yellow D ck and Sarsaparilla
over all other similar remedies. Extracts of letters
received. Read! Head!
Watcrto'wn, Jefferson Co. Nov. 4, 1817.
Mr. S. F. Bennett: Sir, I a n at a loss to express
(with words) what lias been said iu praise of your
Compound Extract ot lollow dock and hnrsapanl
la. All who have had tho pi nsurc of using it, speak
of its marvelous effects in removing disease, with so
much feeling and heart felt satisfaction, that I am
confident now that no medicines in use can boast of
its superior qualities. Many who have been com
plaining for years with pain in the side, burning and
pain in the chest, dyspepsia, general debility, loss
of appetite, chill?, night sweats, suit rheum, scrofula
in fact all the diseases that we in this climate are
heir to, find in tho Yellow Dock and Sarsaparilla all
that is requisite to make t lem what they were in
their days ol liealtli, occ.
Wc find that wo have had some twelve dozen hot
ties iu throe months, are noarly out. You will please
send an equal number, and oblige yours,
H YT & GltEGOllV.
Consumption Cured.
Victor, Orleans Co. N. Y. July 1.1, 1817.
Mr. Bonnett, Little Falls : Dear sir, on the receipt
of this send me at least four dozen bottles Extract
of Yellow Dock and Sarsaparilla. It is giving en
tire satislaction here. Une cas3, tuat ot a voun
man from Michigan, nearly gone with consumption
Ho commenced takmz the medicine when unable to
sit up, and before using the whou of tho first bottle
was so much better as to be a')lo to walk to the
neighbors, and it is now certain that he will get well
speedily. lie was nlso very deaf, and that is also
nearly "cured. There are other case9 whore it has
boon used with good success. Yours, truly,
Victor. July 2S, 1S17. air. uonuett: Dear sir.
The medicine sent has not come to hand yet. I am
entirely out, with calls of from 6 to 10 bottles per
Vs i' ,., i. .......-;-. ii,.
UilV. OUUU UV UAUIU uui inn;, v
Iii haste, yours, A. P. Dickinson.
Inla minatory lllteuma'ism Cured.
Seneca Falls, July 10, 1847. Mr. Bennett : Dear
I am entirely outofvour Extract of Yellow
wock and sarsaparilla, and will be mucli obliged
I you will send me some four dozen or more hot
tics as soon as possible. I do not like to be out of
me medicino. ho tar it has sold well and givon
enure sarisiiicuon. une nottie 01 yellow Dock and
sarsaparilln.and ono bottle ol Ithoumatie i.m mnnl
sold on tne iiitn day ot June, nas porlormod a nidi
cal euro of inflammatory rheumatism of lone atntvl
ins, upon a Keutleinan who was onlv able to mrw.
about the house oncrutchos. He was in our village
to-dav- somo six or seven miles from homo, withont
crutcnes or eano. no wisnca me to tendor you his
uufeianed thanks for being resto.-ed to hoalth. ami
relioved from paiu and suffering by the sole uso of
your invaluable mouicine. j. k. Bhown.
Prepared at S. F. Bennett's Laboratory. Little
Falls, Herkimer County, N. Y.,and sold by V. Ifoss,
Brandon : Honrv Simonds, Pittsford : Luther Dan
iels, Rutland ; Boot & Tomhnson, Custleton; Hook
er & Joslin, West Poultnov ; .las. Kelsey, Fairhavon ;
V. R. Barber. Benson : Catlin & Wright, Orwell :
Kent Wright, Shoreham: N. S. Bnnnitt, Bridpnrt :
Sidnev Moody. Middlebury, and by the principal
druggists and merchants throughout the U. States,
West Indies nnd Cnnadas.
None gonuine unless put in the largo square bot
ties, containing a quart, with the name of the Syrup
blown in the glass, with the writtm signature ofS.
P. Brnnett on caoh eutsids wnppcr. ix3ii:x.'JS
THE subscriber would respectfully inform
the citizens of Brandon and vicinitv,
that he has commenced the above business in
this Village, where ho will be happy to wait
on all who may favor him with their pat
ronage. .
Shop fiust door east of V- A. Rol
lins' Store. .
No pains will be spared in Cutting and
Making garments in the latest and most ap
proved style.
Particular attention will bo paid to ease,
elegance and neatness of fit.
All work done at this establishment war
ranted. WM. PUJl'S.
Brandon, June 24, 1848. ':32:tf
Edited by S. G. GOODRICH, Author of Peter Parley's Tales, &c, &c
THIS publication has been before the public nearly seven years, and its merits are too well known to
need an extended notice It is the best and cheapest juvenile periodical ever published in this or
any other country. It is published monthly, In Now York citv. each venrlv vol
w . j j ...... wi r n t
12 nieces of Music, and more than 100 EnKravines.
Ihe design ol tins work is to aid m tne tormation o! character; to establish good principles- to cult!
ito right feeling ; to furnish innocent amusement ; to promote correct habits of body, mind uiid heart
wl frt cfnva flu. r,l,Trl with iionl'itl It nfiwlfiil trO. 1
The subscriber would respectfully inform
the public that bo has fitted up the Woolen
Factory in Hubbardton in first rate order for
the manufacturing of wool into Cloth, plain
Cloths, Cassimeres and Flannel, on reasona
ble terms, by the yard or on suarcs, wuicn
he nlcd-res himself shall be done in the most
satisfactory manner. He intends to give
strict personal attention to the business, and
trom Ins long experience in manuiaciuinig,
hopes to please all who may favor him with
their custom.
The subscriber intends to keep cloth Con
stantly on hand to exchange for wool.
N. B. Custom Cloth-Dressing done at
short notice for cash or ready pay.
D. T. TlvlSAilWAi.
Ilubbardton, June 15,1848. x:ltf
American Kivets, Files, dinners Machines,
Patent Lead Pipe ; Cross Cut, Circular and
Mill Saws ; Sleigh Shoes, and Heavy Hard
hkxuy tator, f ;
and to store the mind with useful knowlodge.
Somo of the leading features of the Museum are History, Geography, Geology, Natural History Travels
Biography, &c. ; accompanied with lighter mattor in the form of Tales, tSkeU-hes, adventures b!j Sea and
Lantl, Narratives of Remarkable Occurrences, Anecdotes, fables, Allegories, Poetry, and Music.
That nothing may appear inconsistent with morality and virtue, orpnt cum lm nml nvm. .,n i, tL.,
to have every nrticfo thoroughly digested before it is admitted into this work It is designed to be inter
csting not only for the moment, but of permanent value, and (it to koum a taut ok kvicuy family
i.iuiiAiiY. It has thus far met with the decided approbation of all classes of community, and has receiv
ed tho highest commondations from tho press throughout tho country. It combines amusement with
instruction, nnd is admirably calculated to create in young persons a taste for reading.
ino puoiisnere nave juv inaucu u new euiumt ui we museum, (octavo,) which, lor elegance and price
is not surpassed by any other periodical published. The following are the prices : 1
riaiu leuiuer uiuuiiig, uuainuu un ouiuul i.iisAiiii'.s, uy net oi 7 vols, $7 00, by single vol, $1 38
Black Muslin, extra gilt backs, by Set of 7 vols, $7 00 by single vol. $1 25!
" " " sides and edges, " $8 50 "' " $1 45
Rod " " " " " $9 00 ' $1 50.
A liberal discount to the trade.
THE subscribers are now receiving a frcsl'
to which they would respectfully call the at-
LeiiMfin ni numiHSKi-H. hm iucv nro onnh n.
ii 1 .. i . " i.xiva iu
soli of iimio,i,il1i. Irtw rtvinno fnr. tj i
IX,,. V T BTlCC o w. J
Brandon, May 22, 1848.
The Sarsaparilla Elixir.
I know not where to look lor a more valuable set ot hooks for a school library, or for a family ol
cniiuren, man tue six oounu volumes m iiooeriiiierry s Museum. 1 have meant! v n itn nn cut ft- mv
children, and they find an inexhaustible source of amusement nnd instruction in" perusing their varied
concents, i neir moral miiuence is ucciueuiy goou, and tnov contain much valuable information commu
nicated in the most interesting manner. These volumes, very beautifully bound, so ns to be nn orua
ment to any shelves, are offered at but little more than a dollar a volume ; nnd tliev must prove a rich
treasure in any family where the children are foud of reading. JOHN S. C. ABllOTT,
, ... , , i rmcipai ot loung Ladies Instituto.
530 Houston street, New York, Sept. 4, 1847.
After n cursory examination of Robert Merry's Museum, published by Messrs. G. W. & S. O- Tost ol
New York, I think them well adapted for our llistrict School Libraries. '
' ir u f-t A I r .i i. . . .. ......
ii. o. .iauu, iuuuiy oupenntenuont, Albany Uouutv. N. Y.
Albany, N. Y. August 16, 1847. "
G. W. & S. O. POST, Publishers,
9:19 to 10.i l 5 Iicokman street, Clinton Hall.N. Y.
Meribal Advertisement.
And nn Almatuic for 1818 Gratis.
Geo. L. Eigenbrodt,
Will attend the Courts and take charge of
business entrusted to tlicm in Rutland and
Addison Counties.
McAllister's Ointment.
all other remedies for disease, because no
other modicines can equal it in Ol'LNING the
POKES of the SKIN, and thus rcstorum the IN
clears the system of all bad Humors and Morbid
Af-itter, and thereby cures the worst cases of
eases resulting lrom
allays rovers nnd Inllammations, nnd thus cures
CROUP, MUMPS, QUINSY, and has accomplished
wonders in too cure ot
In the same wav it never fails to cure RHEUMA
uu.virLAiNlh, and t uts ot all kinits.
I have had physicians, learned in the profession ;
I have had ministers of the Gospel Judges on the
liencli, Aliiermen and Lawyers, centleincn ol the
highest erudition, and multitudes of the POOR, use
it in every variety oi way, and tnore lias ocen but
ono voice one united, universal voice, saying
" McAllister, your oiniinenc is ouuii."
I need not say that it is curing persons of con
sumption continually, although wo aro told it is
foolishness. I caro not what is said, so long as I
can cure several tnousanu persons yearly.
Heatlache. This salvo has cured persons of the
headache of 12 years' standine, nnd who had it
regularly every week, so that vomiting often took
place. Deafness and ear-ache are helped with like
0ll Feet. It is a sure sizn of disease in the svs
tern to liavo cold feet. The salve will cure every
QUI Sores. That somo sores aro nn outlet to the
impurities of the system, is, because thoy cannot
pass o(I through tho uatural channels of the insen-
iblo perspiration. 11 such sores are healed uo. the
impurities must nave some otnor outlet, or it wil
endanger life. This will always provide for such
Jllieumatiiin. It removes nlmost immediately the
inflammation and swelling, when the pain of course
Scald Head. Wo havo cured cases that nctnallv
defied every thing known, ns-woll as the ability of
10 or 2() doctors. One man told u ho had spent five
hundred dollars on his children without any benefit,
when a few boxes of the ointment cured tliem.
Corns. Occasional use of tho Ointment will
always keep corns from growing. Peoplo need
never ho troubled with them if they will use it.
By the above list, it will bo seen what an im
mense variety of complaints it cures, and facts
innumerable have proved that an equally universal
and successful medicine cannot bo found.
Ao knts: Volney Ross and Edward Jackson,
Brandon; Henry Simon ls, Pit!, ford; Howard Har
ris, Salisbury; Catlin & Wrigfit, Oruxll; F. W.
Walker, lienson; R. S. Armstrong, West Haven; A.
P. Roscoe, New Hiren; I. F. Benson, Wliitiiu;
Wallace & Hyde, Sudbury; J. Cook & Co., limt.
Middlebury. Sidney Moody, Middlebury; Geo. W.
Parmilce, Bristol.
Grand Depot, 141 Fulton st. N. Y. ixI9:x!8
jtFor Colds an4 Feverish, CillYigY nnd prtventinn
2d For Asthma, Llyer Complaint and Billious affec
tions. I
SibnEfijJUiaiPvra, l"inligtion nnd .ws of Appetite.
4th 1 or CosliV'-ne in lei "tios aim muii.
oth For Stoma h ullve'i-M.s. Dyspepsia will Piles.
THE GREAT i'ulN I :u;, it is not bud to take, nev
er gives imiii, and N EV '.it LEAVES ON K 'UST1 VK !
For all these tliim,s it is warranted micqimlk'd, and
all who do not find it so nuiy return the bottle and get
i -1 1 ti t it ti j i t in L'..IL... .l.ncii.l inn -in A man.
sJ- oTP.EETS, ac for lb K.au .
..TV.. .-
II A J IV t'. IU.
To the Bald aid G-. y If you wish u-tli. luxurl-
ent head of hair, i'reeiom ilaudrull' nnd scurf, do not
fail to procure the genuine Balm of Columbia. Incase
of baldness it will more than exceed your expectations.
Munv who nave lost tlieir liair lor twenty years nave
had it restored to its original perfection by the use of
this balm. Age, state or condition appears to IjciiooD-
stacle whatever j it also causes the thud to now with
wluell tneaeiicaie nnir lUDe is iineu, uy which mraiis
thousands, whose hair was crev as the Asiatic eagle.
have had their hair restored toits natural color by the
use of this invaluable n-medy. In all cases of fever it
will be found the most pleasant wash that can be used.
A tew applications only are necessary to keep the huh-
from fading out. It strengthens the roots, it never
fails to iinpai t a rioli glossy appearance, and as a )ier
fume for the toilet it is unequalled ; it holds thn-e times
nu innnh ns nthor miscalled hair restoratives and is more
ell'ectual. The genuine manufactured only by Corn
stock & Co. 21 Courthindtst. New-York.
It is now conceded by medical men thatiConnel's
Magical Pain Extractor, manufactured by Comstock&
Co., 21 Courthindtst , N. l., is the greatest wonder of
the 19th centurv. Its effects are truly miraculous. All
pains are removed from burns, scalds, &c, and all ex
ternal sores, in a few minutes alter its application, heal
ing tne same on tne man ueiicate sum, leaving no
scar. It is equally benelicial in all kinds of lnllainmu
tory diseases, such ns sore Nipples and Eyes j Sprains,
Klieumalisin, White oweinng aim uicers, muises,
Burns, Chillblains, Erysipelas, Piles, Tic Doloreau, &c.
W'e luiuht add as proof to oil we say, the names of
many eminent nhvsicians who use it in their practice.
and hundreds of the clergy who praise it fo tlieir peo
nle. K hid nnrents keen it constantly on hand. In cases
of accident by lire life may be lost without it, but by
its use all burns are subject to its control, unless Hit vi
tals are destroyed. Caution remember and ask for
Council's Magical Fain Extractor, manufactured by
Couistock & Co. N. Y. and take no other.
-T. -
npiUS extract is put up in quart bottles; it is si times
A cheaper, pleasanter and warranted superior to any
sold. It cures diseases without vomiting, pui-giii".
sickening, or debilitating the patient.
The great beauty and superiuiity of this Sarsaparilla
over ul other medicines is while it eradicates diseases
it invigorates the body. It is one ot the very best
Spring midsummer medicines ever knpwn ; it not
only puriiies the whole system and strengthens the
person, but il eeates new pure and rich blood ? a power
pussereeu oy no oilier medicine. Andiu this lien Hie
Kranu ."icH-i oi us wonuenui success. It lias informed
within the past two years mole than 'dr,0m cures of
severe cases of disease ; at least C,000 of these Were cou-
Muureu jnciuaoie. luorerimn
3,000 cases of Chonic Rheumatism ;
case oi u) spepsia ;
)E L, I Ixpi II
Prepared by J. S. WOOD, M.
of Albany, N. Y.
AS A I'Ultlr liSlt Ul J.UJS liL,(H)
Til 1 jT 7 ..! !-..
i c vwm irtvrvvytt, yti nmat vj any in me viarki
viz :
" 13 "lnlmitely superior t
Townscntls." Peter WcC'lieniev. Eafi.
il Tl,o K.L.f ff'..".l . .1.
American people." Iiev.T.K.Rawson.
ii u Tl,. l.ni : ti.
kind in use." Dr. E. Church.
anu at least lour times stronger.
J. Congden,Esq.
(C ii tt f1., 1- ,.ii... ii
viicuiivi aim uunur tiuit
Townsend s " Doet. S. P. Canninzbnm.
' v i i 'i .j (t.i ii i tyjti kji l ill
snpaniia in market.' Uoct.li.i.t niroliilds
ii n ii r o, ,n,.:,. t
anti three or lour times stronger.
G. L. Carnduff. Esn.
" In the fixedness of prineij.le ind stern in-
lanmt.. C Tl.. 1r A 1
m-wlj( ut i'ULiwi ituyu jiavu iiasuiiun.
would be other than as represented hy him.
111s oarsajiaruia stunus inyii wherever it hns
been introduced." Albany ua'w.
ive auveriiseu ninuciareiv 10 make mn
medicine known ; Imt arc not obliird u
"spend S-0,0(J0 jicr annum," to "tn'uin tin
neuii ui vui uHiie. nur 10 nouu me cciiii-
trv with nii-tintns nf nnc iioi-n, ii.-i'llnvTu..!
nmholinhml with ilistnrteil nietnrrs tn friohlpi,
the simple and astonisu tho weak nmided
and credulo.is.
We do not pretend that our medicine will
raise the dead nor that it will cine diseases
that are utterly incuiiiole. Iiut we do shy
it is the best in the market," that it is com
pounded on scientific principles by a regular
ly educated physician a man of close obser-
ii i i.i ...
viiuun mm lung rcsearcn, anu mat ir. is hoc a
I'atont, Inipinea, or Quack medicine. W o
have certificates, enough to fill a volume, nf
extraordinary cures performed by its use,
ii3coiiiraenaauon, KC.
But let the above suffice. In all candor is
it not enough? Tho following are some of
the many diseases in which i
JHUl nnt-..D 1 . ..!.!!!... . I V ....... 1 illdl.aJI.J 111 nilllllb III Ullllllt. Jl.
70 ofthediifc,nr(ul'rK5'' .v successful, viz: Diseases from Impure Lhod.
2,000cases ofScrolula: ' Grannie or Functional, Dyspepsia, Liver com-
And thousands ofdise'asesof the blnnH. vi, . ri I '". iuV' m,Ujlri'. oeconoary oy.
erysipems, siiitnriiuem, pimples on the face, &c. &c. Pu"ls' inieuiuuusin, i,ouc anu IuniDa'fO,
Dr. JfcXalr's Accoustio Oil. Those deaf from old
age, mid from infancy otlen receive their hearinc in a
most miraculous manner, uy tue use oi tins on. 11 nas
the effect to restore the tension and bring into the nat
ural action of tho parts so as to restore the hearing
when lost or imuaired. This will be done iu all cases
of recent deafness, and many of long standing. All
deaf ncrsons should use this oil. Comstock & Co.. 21
Courtlandt st. are the wholesalers. I'nce $1 per flat
lugeuui im numerous cases oi sick neau ache, pain scrolula, L,eprosy, Uunecrous and mercurial
in ihe side and ehivt, spinal nllections, &c. il!.,. pj,i'iii' - i i i
This, we are aware, must appear iiicivdibic, but we ('lse!,,s(" C onstitutions broken by ileasles,
have letters from physicians and our agents from all Small Fox, Fevers, &e., Prolapsus Uteri, Piles,
KlllFcilSI.':,,!'fl,,!rrJ"? ? olxtraordii.a- Ulcerations, SwellinKs and Biles. Salt ltheum
u. uiiu ui ne nit ki rnMiufi. i -w- . . . j
table druggists in Newark. K. J. inlomis mn tlmt i, H-rysipelaS, I imples and Blotches On the fni-p.
can refer to thousands of cases in the chy ol'Kow Vork obstructions SO fatal to youri" and delicate la
reler to with pleasure, and to men of ,!; Vprvnil,no nni!i r 1,:"., t-
ru.:t.i r t.-.i i1 . .... . .
viiuuicu iioui lueuuiifr. iNcrvous, ueoilitiitcd
cuaracter. Jt is tne oest medicine lor the preventative
of disease known. It lies undoubtedly saved the lives
As it removed Die pause fifilisi'imniiiiHiii-i.nriwt.i
IU1 tUC Mllllllll.r M'UMlll.
Member of the N..J. Jeis!uturo. has kiiiillvi.nt'i,L n, I Throat and Lunf comnlaints. Brnnchitis nn,
following certificate. It tells its own story. first stages of Consumntion. Also, in nnvln
of cough, weakness, sickness, &c, if given im-
1 1 . 1 -r
anu ueiicate icmaies, lmpotency or inconii-
nency in either sex. Neuralgia, Epilepsey,
Hysteria and Sick Headache, Tie Doloreaux,
TV ' l Til -r ,i n .
i-Msziiiuss nun x uipiiaiion, ininienza, cou"lis.
The Genuine Havs' Liniment, is nn article more just
ly celebrated as a cure for the above, than unyor all
others. Its cures arc almost innumerable, and it is
onlv necessary to let those who know the urticleand
used it with such great suojess, that it is to be hud true
and genuine oi uomstoCK & Ko. il uouruauu st. Aew
i oi k, sole proprietors.
AVhv will vou suffer with that distressinc comnhiint
wnen a remedy is at hand mat win noi lau to cure you;
This remedy will effectually destroy any attack of head
ache, cither ne vous or billious. It has cured cates of
twenty years' standing.
mother's relief.
Iiulian Discovery. All expecting to become mothers,
ana anxious to avoid i ne j ams, uistress ana Dangers
of childbenring, ore earnestly entreated to calm their
fears, allay tlieir nervousness, and sooth their way by
tne use ot tins most extraordinary vegetable produc
tion. Those who will candidly observe its virtuesjmist
approve ol it in their Hearts ; every Kind and atlection
ate husband will feel it his most solemn duty to allevi
ate the distress his wife is exposed to, by a sale and cer
tain method, which is tue use ot this mother s relief.
Further particulars in pamphlets intended for the fe
male eye. are to be had gratis where this liumaiiccordial
is to bo found. Tho Slother's Relief is prepared, and
sold only, by the now sole proprietors, Comstock Sc Co.
21 Courtlandt st. New-York.
A GOOD supply and low.
O. OOD styles Wool, Cotton and
Rush CARPETINGS, for sale low by
SUMMER STUFFS, a largo lot; also,
xicking, unlls, Inrn, Uattq, ike &c., by
May 22, 1848. E. J. BLISS & CO.
Kolm?tock"s Vermifuge will eradicate and cure chil
dren and adults who have worms. Caul inn lleware
of all unless the name is siielled " holnistock," the old
JJtitch liaineoltho inventor. Trice cts ner bolt e.
0:7 It cannot injure tho child should there be no
worms, out it will do it goon.
JInlnvnv. .Inn 9 1017
A year since I was taken w ith the Influenza, and
my whole system left in a debilitated state. I was in
duced to try Dr. Townsend's Sarsaparilla. and lifter tn
king two or three bottles, I was very much relieved
M.iv. iiiiuuuiuii entirely iu uie Null oarsapanlla. 1
nave cuiiunueo. laKingitaiici nnd 1 Improve every day
I believe it saved my life, and would not be withoul
ii unucrany consideration.
o. w. Mclean,
scrofula rrrnv.n.
This Certificate conclusively proves that this Snrsa-
puuiiti naKiieriecieuiiirui over i ne most oust mate disea
ses of the blood. Three persons cured iu one house is
Dr. Ti.wnsliend : Dear Sir 1 hm-i tlm n1nnci,M
form you that three of my children have been cured ol
me cruutia uy ine use oi your excellent medicine.
They were afflicted very much with bad sores ; have tak-
i-n ouiuc mm uiMiic! ; ii iuuk mem away, lor winch 1
iwi Miiiii ui.-i;ii llllllUl lull. i I1UI.KC.
ISAAC W. CUAIX, 10G W'oosfer-st
New York, March 4. 1S47.
Brooklyn Jan. 3 1847.
Tliisextract of .Smsaparilla has been prepared In
reference to female complaints. No female w ho has
reason to suppose she is approaching that critical peri
od "The turn of life," should neglect to take it ns it i .,
ceiuiin preventive ior any oi tne numerous and horri
ble disensesto which females are subject at this time of
life. This period may bedelnyed several years tv using
iii.n iiiiuiviiir. Ai in ii in ii-i.il , u limine 1 11 1 ihimh u-im iiw.
approaching womanhood, as It is calculated to assist
nature by niliekpiiinir tlin hlnnil fliirl inv j(ini.ntin
system. Indeed this medicine is iiivaiuahlclbr all of tint
delecate diseases to which women ate subject.
xi unices tne wnoie system, renews permanently the
natural energies by removinir the iimnmti.. ri n.
uuuv, iiiasniursiimuiaiing ine system asto produce
a subsequent relaxation, which is the case of most med-
luiues iiiuen itir leiiuueie weilKlinss anu Oiseasc.
Dr.Townsliend's Sarsaparilla is a sovereign tc speedy
ure for Inciuient Consiimntion. KiiiTennni.ii
ihe. or unes, onsirucieo or oiinenitmenstrnutioii. In
contiimanec of Urine, or involuntaiy diseliurgc there-
mediately, thfi amount of expense, pain and
misery it would ward off would be incalculable.
Sold wholesale and retail by II. W. Mir.
RILL. Pittsford. Vt. anil hv T)r llrrmufc lYnnnrolli'
throughout the State and CanaiTas. '"Pi ii-e 1
per Bottle, or 6 Bottles for $5. i.,50:tf
SIX Lectures on causes, Ptcvention and Cure of
Consumption. Asthma. Disen..rs of tlii Hnnrt-
and nil Kemnlo ilisenses. 5::l ptiges, 28 erigrav
ings. Taper 50 cents ; bound 70 cts. JIuil te any
part postage u 1-2 ets.
Slioiilder liraccs nnl Chest Kxpnndcrs, $2.
Mllil tO nilV Dlirt. rents lumhinn. T,iliiilini
Tubes, Silvc'r, SH. by mail, letter
loiniiml SuDnortcrs. TlOl'fpof. S.S In ."fill) fiw nil
Iliiptures, I-'nlling of the Lowcls and Womb, and
Ueiik Buck and Chest: sent hv cvnrnsn ovr.ru-
where. Kor ltrnccs or Slllirim-ters. r,r I.'iinlniA
Supporters, givo height from head to foot, nnd
circuinfcrcnco of person next the snrfn
nbove the hips. It Rupture, mention which side.
Jigeius wanted lor the snlo or the above goods
Address Dr. S. S. I'lTCH, 707 Broadway, New
York, post pi'id. V. BOSS. Arrent. Brandon.
Fell. 21, IS IS. ix41:l v
QPRING STYLE, just received, by
V. E. J. BLISS & CO.
Brandon, April 19, 1848.
INGLISII, French nnd German BROAD
i;i.OTIIS! IWep.llS! n am mi Tnnnv
Cassimeres: Silk Vest!
vui, uy Ilia UVl XUN & SON.
fr2 TIIK ,nrscst and cheapest lot of
JiK3 PRINTS ever offered in town, fnr
..! u.. ii. .,: .i i I
oaiw ujf vuu iii;uu vi uiuui wise, vy
Comtoek's Nerve and Hone Liniment and Indian
vegetable Elixir, is the most ellectunl cure lor linen
mutism, contracted cords, or muscles, nnd is warranted
to cure any case ot Kliciunntism or oout.
All of thenbovo named articles, which have obtained
iinnonnded popularity, are sold ov v lioss, K Jackson.
It liluke. Hrnndon: Wallace fc llvdo. J C Kawvnr
Sudbury: BriUL's tc Pearco. Rochester : H Slmoiirts.
C (iranger, l'iftsford ; T Spencer k Co., Iloitonvlllo j
iiiipman x Moi'.wan, cntnn i rigiu, orwcii j .lohn
Simonds, Whiting; .1 H Huntley, Salisbury; Sidney
ir 1.. nr ii ii I n . o ... .
.iiuiiu-, it i mini.i-1, i.i iiiiiieun i y , mil l lilll.illll, Itur-
land : Jones & Dow, Cuttlngsvilloi Samuel Townsend,
Wnllingford; O l'armely, Itristol; Kingliam & Kells,
Vergennes j nnd lv Slerchants nnd Druggists generally
in tho State of Vermont.
Ix3!):x38 II II 3IERRITT, General Agent.
Near the Steamboat Landing, TROY, N. Y
E. & w.TkTrlon.
The Railroad Cars lor Boston. SiratncA
and the West, start in front of this House"
The General SI imc Office is in the Mansion
House Building. 818;tf
ui, iiuii mr i ne geiienii prusn-arion oi tne system no
mauer wneruer tne resuir oi inherent cause or causes
produced bv irregularity. illnexH or accident.
Nothing can be more surnrisiiiff than lis im-iirni-niln
.ma II. n 1. ......... 1.!.... P.
vnvvio wu i ni. iiiiiimiii ii nine, a I-I.-.IMHI !unjet io weak
ness and lassitude, from taking it, at once become ro
bust nnd full of energy under lis influence. It imme
diately counteract the nervelessness of the female
lrnme, which is tne great couse oi Darrenuess.
It will not be expected of us. in cases of so delicate a
nature, to exhibit certificates of cures performed, but
we can assure the atllictod, that hundreds nf cases have
been reported to us. Several cases where families have
oeen w-n hoot children, alter using a lew bottles of this
invaluable medicine, have been blest with a healthy
U!l"ll niK-
I)r Townslipnd : Mv wife beiflir irrcntlv rtistmaorrt l.v
weakness and general debility, nnd snttering conl Inn',
ally by pain and a sensation bflenring down, fulling
of the womb, and with other dilfculties. nnd having
known cases where your medicine has effected great
cures ; nml also hearing it recommended lor such cases
as I have described, I obtained a bottle of your Extract
of Sarsaparilla. and followed the clircctiniis you gave
me. In a short period It removed her complaints and
restored her heiuth. Being grateful for the benefits slip
received, I take pleasure in thus acknowledging It, and
recommending it to the publio II. D. MOOKE,
Aiuany, Aug. i,,iMV. lor.iirniid s j.yuiussta.
Dr Townsliend is almost dally receiving orders fron
physicians in different parts of the Cnion.
This is to certify thnt wc,tlie undersigned, physiclnm
oftheeltv nf Albany, have in numerous cusps i,rpt.i.u
ed DrTownshenirs'Sarsaparilln. and believe it to h
ono oi the most vaiunoie preparations ot the Sarsapa
rilla in the market. ILP.PLLINO.M. I).,
J. WILSON, M. I.).. It. It. IlKICCS. M. P.,
Albany, April 1. mn. V. V. K.LMICNDOitE, ll.r.
-Eiillmi ulrnef KI7V 11,,II,H,, w Vmt
For sale by Dr VOLNEY ItOSS. Itrandon ; 8.11 (food SI!
Winslow. Pit! sford: W. E.C. Stoddard, Holland, and !" i for sae
I lie jn llieipil ll'IUL'lIiri.- ii mi ..ii-ieiinn ir uciiei ni , j I ill U'
out the United States, Wt Indies and Ctuindi.
AT IIIGGINS', who has made such ar
runsrrniciit with Oninrv Hall AmVnl-
tural Warehouse, Boston, as will enable him
to sell PLOWS, Hay Cutters and all Agri
cultural and Horticultural implements and
machines at BOSTON PRTCF8
Ladies' Dress Goods.
A LL the new styles, Linen Gingfams ;
Linen Lcsteks; Benzallins: Bah-
ages; bentch, I rench and American GING
HAMS : Col'd LAMP'S. &c. &.. a laro-e Ktn, t
at low prices.
May 22, 1818. E. J. BLISS & CO.
IRON AND STEEL, of all dercriptiong,
constantly on hand at reduced nriccs. for
sale by IRA BUTTON & SON
K ONSETS, Ribbons and Artificial, at
Bonnets and Flowers.
I IINE Florence, Tcdal. Pcnrl and Fincli
Lace BONNETS ; Misses do. ; tho, a
pply ol outsido and fae FLOWKR6,
ow. E. J. BLISS & CO.
Brandon, Mav 22, 1818.

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