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Puget Sound weekly Argus. [volume] (Port Townsend, W.T. [Wash.]) 1876-1882, December 08, 1876, Image 1

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VOL. 6.
II rum I'll! ”In! If
MM '“lm.
Ive. ..'—ln.“
h adv-nu: inn-m.“
‘nnfllfn IA!- u-I-d. in: u.....
gram.“ “1..-1: mm
“‘me My...
PACIFIC won ll'l.
h in ntimud that 30,000 bond of
beef cattle have been driven out of
Monunn this non-on.
Hunting portion In luring fin.
.port In killinx unlopo nnd door on
Smith river, Montana,
The first Americnn veml owned
by W'uhington Territory ”alum-ml
boiling from Olympil, Wu nnmed
the Orbit.
There tro ten Isnelitish congre
tionu in Cnlifomin—one each in
{'o3 Angeles, San Bernardino San
Jose, Stockton nnd Snorumnnto. nnd
five in Sun Frnncieoo, where it.is es
timnted thnt the Hebrew population
uumbero 18,000 souls. '
During the last two years profes
sionsl duck hunters hrve hired the
lskes in the 'vicinity of Sacramento
for the huntinlinsesson, end prevent
ed smsteurs f m shooting thereon.
In some instances they made money
by the transaction, but es s general
thing did net. The result promises
to be that the competition for the
possession of the best shooting
grounds will csnse the rent to be
comeso high thst the hunters will
not hsve es lsrge incomes es they
did before they begun renting.
The Salt Lske Hersld of the 22d
ult says: The storm of lest week
wee one of the most extensive thst
hes occurred here for some time, con
sidering the expense of country cov
ered by it end the amount of water
that fell. It resched from St. Geor e
to anhlin, _s-n_d beyond into Idaho
Ind mtinfio Wyoming. The depth
of moi in mmoyof the canyons is
surprising. - Prob-bly'not lens thou
four foot. of the “beautiful” fell in
Little Cottonwood. .Wentber proph
eu no predicting A long, bud win
ter, 3nd appelnnonl no in fnor of
the fulfilling of these predictions.
The Los An eles Herald of the
19th ult., ssys: g‘he, mounted police.
sesisted by the residents, burned out
the osne-hresk on the lisnk of the
river between Aliso snd First sts.
Such s skedsddliug of roughs sud
Vlgsbonds wss never seen before.
This plsoe hes been for I. long time
s hsrbor for thieves snd rogues, who
hsve committed msoy depredstions
in the neighborhood of Los Angeles.
The broke being dry it burned
briskl snd_ for s time the whole
neighhorhood seemed to be on fire.
When the flsmes hsd subsided end
the sshes were turned over‘, msny sr
ticles of osmp furniture were dis
covered, sod smoog the rest were
hurglsrious tools sod skeleton keys.
The Reno (Non) Guette tells the
following besr story :' I’ve fought
’em stsndin' snd runniu‘, but the
toughest citizen I ever lit on to sue
sblsek no. He wss sittin’ in the
chsppsrel estin’ menunim berries,
when in dog smelt him snd went
home. {sneaked up sud born eg
grtvstin’ him by shootin’ st is esrs
snd feet. I then tool: sround him,
sod with ¢three shots out off his tsil.
'Old hlecky heered Ine Ibootin’end
turnin’ eround eee hie ail “kin,
there. He picked it up I'ld 100 ed
et4he tnde rank, and I see in 3
minute thnt. wnr was I oomin’. I lit
out for e tree, with only two cert
fidgu left. and him e comin’. Well,
10 meke 3 long story Ihort, I shot
twice, hittin’ him both times. end be
begun to get hot, so he took up the
tree After me,end I knocked him
down three times before mg gun
broke. He started on e four-t trip,
Ind I didn’t know whet to do until I
thought of my Darrin er, which
shot; four-ounce hell. I drew her
Out. tied 3 string to the trigger, and
u oldbhcky come up with his mouth
wide open I dropped her in. Ha
“I!" time w Iplt her wt..end so
I|e "allowed end I pulled the
Wing. 06 went. the charge, end so
help me, I never new enything of
beer or pistol nince.
‘ Immmnm
"“15. 'r _ lona-fly"
QuVMbmdn‘ (n
--lhh dMMdv-vo
English people think ic onion
that. than I. noc l Snith in .tho on
tiro Blitiull Pun" And no itil.
‘ It is believed that more pork 3nd
‘boef willemi‘nfi {w the Unibd
'33:.- thil conic. Isuzu "an out
to. ~
Two thou-tad mquio‘ufivo visitor-
I dly pry Around the White House,
Ind Mr. Grunt is perfectly willing to
move out.
The poet Whittier bu ruched his
60d] year, and grown more tehder
3nd grmd in his mnuhood :5 age rip
en: his intellect.
Fiuhugh, who was “ n bigger mun
than old Grunt,” has turned his gi~
ganfic mind to the realesute busi
ness in Washington.
O’Lesry his wslked 502 miles in
less than six days It the Liverpool
sksting rink, and now_chnllenges the
whole world at leg lifting.
A sinful New York sheet imagines
thst Mrs. Stanton And Miss Anthony
must be direct desoendents of the
people who settled by the rivers of
bubble on. ' .
Vtht this country needs right of?
is a religion which will mnke a. mtn
feel that it is just u cold for his wife
to get up nnd build I fire 13 it is for
A {dichignn man in about toget. a
nten on an improved pench buket.
ghe merit of the basket is in look
ing as though it. would hold a peck,
when in hot the dealer bus bud
work crowding I qulrt into it.
The Miss Hnnnah Rothschild who
is to mury (h of. great Lord Rowlan
ry, ll I ." girl north only thirty
five milm dollm. But Rouberrz
il noble, und loves her justu thong
she were independently rich.
In Now Zeslmd there Ire 549 miles
of nilvny open for mfic.
: Persian (re-cage stamps, the first
ever issue , end 3150 stumps from
Iceland, hue been received in
Weslthy Indies hsve modelu of
their figures made by French "tilts,
and [one their models with their
drossmskere. '
England in importing live Amer
iotu Iheep. Mutton in tho Britilh
muket bu long boon held It an ex
tnvngunt price.
Grgedy fag-hopper: m outing
up 311 the Tom turnip pntchos. »
The oath lslugne in aging in
some put-of obi-uh.
The memberl of the Free Church
at Unst, Scodmd, celebrated lut
‘month the one hundredth birthdny of
their pater, Rev. Dr. J nmel Ingram,
who mnde them 3 brief address. The
records It Edinbu show the he
was ordnined in 183%:
A Winconlin nun think! thet re
volvere end pistols should be taxed.
‘They ere a luxury thnt few men
‘ahould enjoy. Eve? men who {ens
insulin-non can I ord to l”! .25
‘per you ft! the privilege o wry
mge pocket weapon.
The Minuteman Linseed Oil Works
ere Ihi ing fty tone of oil :-
week topfllngliah mukets. pe
Mrs. Cetherine Murphy, mother of
Mnjor Richerd Murphy. of Scott
county, Minn., die-i on the let inst.
aged 10% years. She Ind never
been sick until a. week before she
died. end wu the oldest person in
the Northwest.
1 Program in linking arid “rides iii
Japan. The street: 0 Tokio 3nd
Oukn tr. now lined with gun lumps.
The Newaork Henld bu been. Inlay.
vlewlnz Tilden Ind Hendrlcxlnd any: they
have concluded that notonly are may elect
ad by n mjorlty of the elmnl vote, but
lino thnt they wUI. be quletly and pews.
full'y lnwgnratod Much 6th. They don't
‘doubz but. what!» mm disputed sun.
‘wlll be counted for Hayes, bu; um: um.
‘fnud cannot stand when Conga. mgeu.
| I 4}“ '
. | ommnuum.|
House an 8111] Canntm Tools,
GB 00 E R 1 Es,
Boots and Shoes,
1. I Q U 0 la. a.
CIGARS, «In, 470. "
Sweepstake Threshdrs,
sEED-D R I L L s
. Taylor’s Sulky Rakes,
Mitchell's Farm Wagons
600., am. Goo.
I:ovath Price-
' .
: maxim, - E
g Au'Wlmc a;
= I
1 .
.3 E?
3 . I;
g! I.
g! =-;'
4 ‘ 2‘
a a
.- =:
i e
A Pruflcll Fully «nun Inching!
Knits :11 Ilse. 01 work. mmwn lad wldens
1r shape! all men complete. Kn“: over 50
dfn'erem gunman. nooks. swung; mittens,
logging, "mien. slovuww. I'. am every
possible vufleu 0! pm" or fancy numb . 751::
cent prom Ln mnnhctunng km: $0113.1- I‘-
amps an tmbw the value 0! the wool. by
converflng ll lnlo knit goods. WQ-cn make
$3.00 {or Ih} wnh it.
AGE.’TS W ASTED. Send for samples, Price
List and Circular- to pnncipu omen nu unu
Button! mm mm. In. Compuy,
BnA'ranwno, VT.
01' omen No. 689 Broadway, )3. Y. ; No. 2) West
Id Street, St. Paul, Min. 3;
An Immenlo Stock of
Novelties for theHoHdays
We huve now on had the LARGEST AND FINEST STOéK in our line
in the Northwest, Ind n ,
Prices that will Defy Competition. '
Consists in pert of the Luau and most Fuhionsble Styles of
Ladies and Gent’s Gold Chains,
Lockets, Rings, Charms, Opera Bands,
Sleeve Buttons, Oufl' Pins, Studs,
Setts of Jewelry. etc., etc., etc., etc.
The following is a. List of some of our Prices:
Ladies’ Goad. Watches, from - 310 to 3150
Gents’ “ “ A “ - - .40 to’ 250
“ Silver “ ' “ -‘ 5‘ to 50'
“ Gold Vest Chains, from 1; to 75
Ladies’ Gold Opera or Zouve Chaim 20 to" 90
“ Gold Neck Chains -
We invite the nttenfion of thoPooploto '
Our Fine Stock of Silver Ware, _
The Finest in the Territory.' W .
We psy purtioulu utteutiou to—All work being MOW “d
cheaply. We Are now propuod to repair md nto shipl' W'-
Mani; for the Celebratgd _ '
' Standard. Organs. .
Instruments sold on Che new INSTALLMEN T PLAN, thnl placing a. good
Pinno or Organ within the retell of the poorest mu: .
'g, , ‘ O
Mlller 8 Jewelry Emporlum
PortTownsend,Washington Territory
» nun.

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