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Puget Sound weekly Argus. [volume] (Port Townsend, W.T. [Wash.]) 1876-1882, March 02, 1877, Image 3

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11.. Ah,- d'hgun. .
A non-03'- n-ou I'llcl In :1-
un: A my. I
lt heppened not long ego that A die
ru-iou sroee in the netursl philosophy 1
(.1- st Willi-ms College, on the ques- i
“on. “Why is it that. of the verious‘
victims cor-rial over Nisgnrs Fells. no‘
truce bl ever horn found, either in
Shaun River or Luke Ontario Y” 1
One student suggested thuthe lull
melt “I sufllcicnt to dash to stoma eny
houly whstevor: mother thought the:
the weikht o! weter could not at keep
the body eflectuslly down in the crun
nies ol the sliyss below sprecipice;
ml the ides o! the th' wusthst the
numeroustlshee hunting the deep pool
would leeve c:lcnder chince {or “ cqntim
nt rennin en." ‘ ,’ ‘
ge'l'he genisl professor, sfter heufi‘ the
various theories oldfls young ph' oso
phers ssid ths‘t he would not sdnnce
one of his oil; but thst, in humble imi
tstion of s greener men, he would tell
them “ A little story." which might poe.
sibly throw n ray of light upon e sub
pfiln my esrly days," he continued,
"I was one of the teachers at en Iced
emy of Berkshire. A pleasant streem
flowed pest the village; and, on Setur
dsy afternoons, it was en sgreesble re
creation to wslk slong its banks for s
low miles, until I could see its head
wsters issue from the side of sstecp bill
which bounded the prospect. Crossing
the stream by a bridge opposite the
school-house, I wandered one hot July
siternoon up: the la“. bank {or nesrly
two miles, w ere it hkes s sudden turn,
bringing the weyfsrer by its circuitous
windings tomy stsrting pipnt. Feslina
tired, end the stream being here very
nsrrow,l resolved toford mend save
my distenoe. There is s wster-hll st
this spot, and below it s greed expense
of weter clear end shellow, except in
nudists]; undernesth the shoot, where
the do is shout twelve or fourteen
feet. {lnchingup thshsnk ebout two
rods, I divested w of shoes sud
stockings, which took in land end
mend to cross. Four stefishwould
me on the other side. e run
wss sceroelys foot deep.snds slip
gsry green moss, somewhst smoothed
y thecumnt. lined its bed invitingly.
Ithrewoutssoodstoutle‘ endplsut
ed onslootonthesilkyverdure.
“Did I-yplsnted I recdved in
shntsr e lesson in dynamics on which I
hsd noteeleulstsd, sud which mm:
topogrsphieel engineers. In the twink
wolm eye.theforesdthe current
Imtmeofl‘,sndl wss whirled
down £103.” uninhpt,tothe falls
below. i: in the mamas:
I kmpexleetly 0001. end never dub
in; Incident lost rescues a! mind.
he! I had, less. in“ powerful
msfiuewerene reeks. ssl well
knew, and belorsl nicked the verge.
lonpidsrecpersfionsot themind,my
em. ens elem-Dy meshed out. As soon
as Iplunped into the pool, I would
Met tothesurtses. nskelor the-here.
hsvs s h-rty laugh st my mishsp. um
nlivse'gl an" tseehen withs any
resist on my return.
"Out I wont way oomlomhly, md
that I reached the bhly bottom you
{My Idol; mule; m w my exceed
mg surpnu, I found floctingnp. though
I no cavern yards out of the infant's
reach was quite moths m. I chun
donui layman‘- sud shoel, to which
I had win my hudlong descent,
md struck out nth mialfl Ind nmn;
bntbnognrpoo—looum not rice! I
.hmw tint vcuonnd inwind cud limb,
Ind an no mperincmnbent weight
magi the dawn: {h struck vat And
sown in e nppro wny;
but, no looner (fit! I progno- ‘hree or
four inches npwudhtlm: a sort 0! 111.33-
mom‘on, n c‘ It inc-K“ a,
May (condos; tothdrolducfiuf
place. It wu In inoomJJrehenn'b e
“fix."l I ndonblod my ‘e orb Isdn,
Ind A's-in vith c simila- result. The
one In. Incoming dupentc. Wu I
fi’m“ 31:41 :3? "m“
u ' ' I aor nyonng
mica. II Clfionce'o in tho Intimacy
“ B this final run non yncd,
thmzh Ihmoxhndion,m£ but
300 Incl; shot “dumb-d reached
1“ limit. One more tarrible mug]:
and. clul my plight in worse
over. .Noiuc .- o n mainland! unnon
'm ringing in In an, ‘hnmd'
Mhloodm beginning to M (tom
wou‘h md nontrih. At thin odds,
" I Madcapm mindlor tho
“'9. might be nblo to wdk or one
bdownur, mdthunnmgcto rung
» the brink, which Inc It no snot dic
tum. It '1- A hum-cont inlouflion,
mama on without An innum- delay.
no‘fllonnd, zmjoyflthfimn VII
' will” 0 P
_ lion; awning done on ‘ho hogan
113033335. in 1112:!“ twenvhzooon‘g:
13! ppin mm In
“cough“. and' I Val one. more
m Bm," “a. “-
m on 9 gm
'flh Influx-ch]. Wnlncu, I rented
for 3 low minutes, andthsn delibouulv
thnh "comm-hound
Ms- m kubohind. which W
“Wilson“ phi-3:6. So you lee, my
. panes-non. some
“link! my bodone .- well u othau.
W '21:? ...“:
Th.“ a! flu mm hid niud no
lily (on. 50111. md Io inflhud ._
“I Mflth lit, thnt 01m
0130 cavity at an Inter y:- y
““3803. “01 high. .- noon Innu
‘film‘l to“ on oil or champagne on
0! mg Wu '1). Mug:
out III! Mm“). oeu- would I).
. lg. to rise from tho Ah,- cl
/ 0- Mi.
From helluva-mo! tho Hun
chueul eon-u hblu oi 1875. eta-hil
ing "Pepin-thin uul Bock] W.”
My {shintho Bpm“ Rl
- gathered the l in. in
hiding “(cariou- gwj’ia: - _A
The “ nletion of Menu-heath.
my Lm. wee 1,G51,912; of whom
794,883 were melee. en-l 857,59 fe
lneles. sn excess 0' 63,410 (omelet.
There he- heen en excess at women
over men in every census since 1764,
the tint ever teken inle-ehnsetts.
In 1840 this excel wes smelled—being
less then one per cent. But it eppesrs
thet this Inn-Blue of women is mede up
elmoet who y of widows, who mun
bered lest yeer in Meesechnseue 73,527,
while there were only 21.85! widowers.
0! single women there in e slightexoees
over men—B,97B. The number of mer
ried women, not oountinglwidows, iere
ggrted es 828,515, while e whole num
r of iemilies is 359,009, living in
2%,518 dwelling houses. The number
01 merrier] women who heve hed chil~
dred is 809,520, out of e toklol 898,750,
who ere or hsve been merried. The
whole number of births from these
309.5% mothers he: been 1,264,406, or
in little more then (our children {or eeeh
mother. Adding to these birth- the
619,000 {ethere end mothers, end we
have a total of 1,873,000 tEersone, more
then 200,000 lnrger then e whole pop
uletion of the Stete. O! the mothers,
190,311 were native-born, end heve hsd
669,193 children; 119,119 were foreign
horn mothers, end heve hed 585, 16
children. Each netive-bom motherhee
hed en ever-ego o! 8.52 ehildmneoh
foreign-born mother hes hed en “:35:
of 4.91 children. A very outlet
iethetshowingths eased tumult
tion. Thelegeetmberolpeop ere
reported It lrty yeers of egg vim,
70,736. The next lughut nun ris et
two yeers 01d—39,M; the next It for?
A—86b0,978, end the nextust three—B6,97 _.
ve seventy yeers o e Ernst mon
tyerewounen. Above sis tythenun
hero! surviving women ieneerly twice
ss greet-s thst of men. whileet nine
zcsnd beyond, the women outnumber
men more then twotoone. Ot‘gr
sone 100 yeers old end upwerd re
were flirty-tour, of when only eight
were men.
Tn WOOI. Munch—The following
note on the production of wool in the
United sum during the lust year, and
the stock: now in hand, is from the u:-
nlnl circular of June. Llnch, oHNew
York city: “The clip 0 the United
yandldthough 1"; nuns 31;.de
In you. c film 0 m -
faint Stets- eclt o! e lgduippi is
hon: 5 to ”per cent. fromlutyelr,
while wed of the pri the in
crease, u will be noticed. in «mom.
Itis novels" thnt the United State
prodncec Clothing wool 01 tether infe
rior “3pr gm: abundnnoo, while
growth 19%;“ wk
(single! the kinds, {Allen of
he. y, end in not Infleient {or the de
‘nnndgg! _Amenun .mnhctnren, mt.
in it likely to'be (or yeerl to comet:
firmer- in Shtee whore Inch wool: only
be grown llnd it more proflhhle to
ettention to products other then Wm
heard“ in ssol.!th "011:0 of enperi- i
or q in mm inflamed, ‘
when": the :35 my be, or sheet
oleueeof good-mot he medeinthe‘
United sum. Imm ofeerpetwoole ‘
heve kept up in? 'ty, while of eloth- 1
in; they hue ellen heevily behind.“
The etoeke of domestic on land, in the
principel mlrkete, ue about the eelne in 1
pounds ee theyewere lent yea, but no
oomidenble low in flat, the greet
weight of the 'OOLiF‘ present. being
eompoeed of nnwuhedynet§hindl the
will not yield more then to 40p“
cent. of clear wool."
Don't Gn- xx A PERL—“People
shouldn't get in e panic. Now if thoee
lolhhed only refined their preeenoe‘
otnind end coneqnietlyont alum
theeter, they'd ell I out Isle." This
ism. Peter Pmyqfleetnnebont the{
axe. Hebe-ladivaed it 609 time-Io
umeny pea e linoeTneedn momma.
Andleet I&s“,qu u [Lia-coy hed
t into bed, two brioh cane tum»
Sing down hie chimney into the grate,
attenng’ e few live ooell ebonc end
setting 0 our: on fire. Then Mr.
Pro-“atone bed,piqkedupe cod
Vida fingers, got bane. (upped on
mother, $1: on one boot, hn up ehin,
honored , radon emu, 30‘ pan
ly into his drawere, rm out of the
house triedtofindtheerenk toepoet-i
ofleeimxforlheflm—dermm beekto
hi’e home nnd met In. Pro-y, whohed‘
eelily exfingniehed the Inne- wilh ve
rb! hen the punter. Amide “bed
him by hie mght-ehirt' ”end yenked him
on thebed end aid, “ You 01"] fool!"
Keep niet, a: ' ‘ . you " And
when :50 bother I a! Peter'-
fioi‘nx, the Int thing? commenced
wing yen. "People new nhouldn't get
in e yellie, your knowl'ngNee York
Tn carpenter- uy fluy mot notl
enough to pay 10! Hair board. The ‘
than a; work. And thoinolcdopondonoo
in often their laujob. 'l‘nilon land.-
mhod to give their “toner-flu.
Tmhmhnvobptu-W. The gu
nningoinlotl'quwwk. Malay
MMnmmnddon't “hob-onto
my lav-as Butcher! Inn to M
u filth-[prion Thebnile-ot the
paper-Inbr- _bnngufluntouga, whil
‘39‘3! figuremdrh
luv-abandon- casein-$.59;
ilcnou, bythh' .vfleh
lithium-vBO . 'l'hdnyl
Ml bond opp-Ural: hot. but
3:”, “Hana. 1|
, . t
In: hob-a urn-Inca
handout-10. our 'hdovh the
yudortvoolprdn, than tho Lug
Molina o! manila. with ibu
plnltvulknld di-IyMned 3
byes-numb! chins. mam...
hunt-cult, Ibo I'me
ol madam-Worm“
mile-ongmhnd.“ tidom I.
(RIF-IO o y. o-gny
on the brim Marathon ‘s':
in jut beginning to crap Marthe
coat. Seven mile- ugytofion'ght,
mo- me angry of the nibble. the
My light from the Lyflnm light
the nu Hone Bum-adm
eroud sh 1-0111:I “020'“? many
I 1p in 001110!
Ilnfywrockmd d . '
dfiemlunifllomof the window,
he: elbow on the ' ,her eye-Ind on
the mi-tghsoft duh-I outside. It
wu .- kimidou out—we had no
thought of Ijghfing the gn- thst long
m-vnvsalaa- . .. . ..
“ How still it in I” the aid, dmmily.
“WM I spell of Qlolnn silence the
night lay. on everythmg l"
A: i! tooontndlct her wordl, [- hint
wand like u hr-ofl voice loomed Ind
denly to rise from the and! below,
:11! swept by with u prolonged, mourn
{am in that ?"__|_ha ”_ked, tux-£lOsl.
“ Some one celling down on the
‘ beech," I eeid. “ The intenee etillneee
‘oerriee the eonnd e greet dietenoe et
inight." .
1 "I hcerd Inch e wild legend the
Imorning," ehe wanton, pxeeen y, "con
‘neotedwiththoeegrcetdee‘erte of lend
‘ the stretch over towel-d: Lythem. Old
J no, the boetmen, eeye they enheunted
by e hentom voice. ’
“Ifow thrilling !” I remerked, wep
tieelly. “ Whet doee it eey 7"
“Don‘t ecofl, Jeeu,” aid Nellie, e
‘ little vexedly. “Itie e moet pethetic,
‘dreedtul legend. Yeere ego, before
therewee e town hm et ell. people need
them on horeebeck. One etou'lny even
ingetrevelethedcroeeedeenenel, end
bed dame. ehoee, wllalenend
denly e ' t ' eppeered, oveeed
e moment over e gage flrdottwo
1",, 11d “1:; muncerthly “echoed
momen e 1 ea,
ell eronntf The hone begge wild
with terror. end broke lpoee, throwing
hierider tothe W When he xe
covered himeel! 'ffmnd, lyinlg on the
ground et hie feet, the body a e been
41ml young girl. She wee quite deed,
with e gheetly wound in her side, from
which the blood hed flowed ell over her
,rhfle dreee. The treveler eteggexed
ewey to the neeecet hammmeeeiet
enoe, end hedthegirl‘ebody ' inen
[upper room. Thet night en ewtul
item eroee. A ehipwee wrecked on
”the Bone Bent, end onlyone men-the
ceptein—eeved. He wee teken to the
eexne houee where the ttevelee 'hed el
reedy found ehelter, end, by blue mie
“:3‘“ putllntolthe monk mete the
m cred gu- wee yi . t ' t
a! he: to gen en epflling this”;
fell down eeneeleee. When henvived
he wee queetioned, end conic-ed thet
the beeutilul young girlwuhiewile,
when, in emmnt of rege endjeel
‘ouey, he lied Itebbedtotheheert‘eud
cert into the lee. And the eee hed
gnenup herdeed,end theweveehed
‘eeet hm on ehou, endthe Inerdeeer
end hie victim were teee w lece. And
:now they eegmflzet the voice at the nu
idered gul te the pleee where ehe
wee tong. It eeeneto rieehun the
“Bill. en 8008 echoing eud
$1035: ceiling celling,ee it new
egouy. The old boetmen eeye people
have followed it, behaving eomeone wee
1:11pm, end heve been luredon mdon,
' the tide hee overt-ken themend
“‘93.!“ MW? ’
“ Whet- horrihle hie l" I mid, with
e thudder. " I wish you had not told
it to me."
“ And he eeye," went on Nellie, un
heediiign my ninth, “ thet whoever
been voice ie- in risk a! greet peril
or danger. or eome kind of eon-ow or
trouble in ebout to happen to him."
Nellie'e voioe Mancunian-l, token
etone oi ewe. The dill, enabled-Ik
neea, the midnight honr, end the wierd,
melncholy mud hed infected as both
with en and ed lon-sign of opm
eion end feet, e {sentiment of
end evil. We “pasta-by the
window. looking out into deep. vel
du-kneu, with the let-ewe, eolitery
‘ Q from the light-how gleaming like
e red k. ‘
Bomb. while we let, the eonnd of
A voice me. up only iron the 10:5
lends, e naming, piteou voice, -
ingend inflating u it in unuttenble
dish-e. t leaned to mlule with the
boom of the diet-at lee, now fling.
now telling, e lonely, deeolete ,
thrilling through the darkne- like 3
eoul in w ego”. It wu dying
eweylnthedutenoe melowhinteob.‘
,when Nellie mddeuly epnng beck into
the room.
"OlJan heir-hem. “Look,
m high. "
1m 0“ so!de
om don; the prom. Flanking
H Ito “he at... like u
Q ~. '- I m b-nqul
'- I!..an
madly an an,
aflmhh‘bo” Mar
"fly-b. tub-Mm I'm-
Invfluuy [mud-ouch.“-
Mun-omm 'ndJooui
mung-35'1“". v. 53
.1 Mu. M m wing:
all mud.“ his. win. I
“ho-tho fl.“ WM
blow. m «in. dyiv nn‘L,
Ind “I m .- Hm. it
“Mn-“lbli'h uptor
unconditional». 1" ad
”mf‘nfidxolleou-lully. “Win:
inlt._Jgn_!"_ __ .. _ .._
“ I don't know," I replied, s tooling
of nmcsblo dnsd sad horror bk
ing hold of no. The very «men at
lea seemed to posh-s mi senses, sn
icy gm of terror hid old of my
host. this sir outside seemed to have
become suddenly clunmy sud cold. I
chilly, eerie wind craps in It the win
dqal. The veiyiddsrknesasgemed all:
'1 shspes. eons an m ps ,
st which I duod not lochfi they
should the form before my eyes.
” Then it is sgninl shuddered
And with nnnttersble 'dresd we ssw
the brillisnt, star-like light sgsin fiest
ing tode us, this time from the right
hand. Itouneon swiftly, with the -
pslpsble, lsnhstio shadow in the sir
shove it, sad when anally opposite vu
ished. We sst palm“ term,‘
not dsring to move, I 'bls,bonuzb- ‘
ing ten-or seizing cum. Thispho
nomenon hspponsd seven! films, the
light slut-usual, W 8 from tho
right and loft, Alwsyl wishing
w on ”all”; opponh’ to u,snd slwsys
scoompm' by the moaning voice.
Axum the low wsiling sounds from
the snnds, pmfaund‘lly melancholy, in
ning-dbl mourn! ,likonothingskin
to tangy. No words were M,
hubs scary of the tones wss libs
voioghon_thoqsve._ _ _ _ _ _
”Jun, Jenn, here it in spin i" cried
Nollie, covering in my arms. .
And once more we brim-n: phantom
light 15M.Thin time itcuno on
men ovly. albums toad-ho un
wily, whiln 111-d0" {om behind
it named more mtuquo Ind misty
“Oh,Jonn,il it is true! I! itoomu
£0 foretell some long-one trouble!”
"Hamlin-h, iieu !" I find to my,
mums' . “ tannot . Sorrow
momma)“, if Godvilllitmutnct
“ I any, old fellow," ahwted 3 voice
down below in the darknen. “ You'll
(righte- lolnnbody into fits with thet‘
hntem dodge of ours. You And your
confounded bionic look like some hor
rible ghost? spectre, flitting done in
the M. on gave me epmionedut,
I can tell you."
Nellioud Ijunpedtoonxfeet, and
god inotednlomly out o! the window. ‘
wnbelow intheroed,nyud who}
to the right, the phantom light“
Manny u lat. In the glue Mae
3:25.???“ ‘33 like, Wfi‘f’:
ootn e m
Ihndov, robbedolellihhmnine
meat. 7
“Im't its-tanning Maw-Aidan:
shadow, in In nacho-fly file-g. “You
eee, Jack, ’ t’eflmmbpuo
h'oeonflnefif lu- no eheneein
the (urge, (or (hose eonlonnded ou
rugee‘ . m antihi- dartin
terl end i it to my bicycle, end
I «m dong Safe-co now.
“ one you ain’t spin en, the
wind ell fiheoldmeidl mtbepmme
nude," manned the other. “You look
moat horribly like eome goblin heath
lower redone, with your Mkhflen
flashing in front, thoee uni-ela- wheels
mdyomlonglegleldme epreedont
like greet wingebehind.” *
The oflur hushed.
"The old amide mall Muleep
long ego, blew end: oldeyell"he re
turned, ineverenflgfi“Bul-‘,-Jut,
the much for the one will veto
be put 03 to-momw. We ere sci?»
line on ewtul Mm.‘ Lin-u! ow
ehe wind sigh and meme mg In
girder-cl the pier! II launch ford]
the worldlikelome one «Dugout in
dime-e, endit'e I sure sign of rang):
weather. Wk“ 3 nee Gregory will
m _..
mun old Insid- had hand quite
o'naugh. Nollie and Ilookd nt ouch
oduw nth" nheopiahly, it m be our
(nail, and then burst into I batty
All Enema-no Wont—Water
dayvuindod an Mal dutch.
life of In “call-n: lady of Chicago.
During-hi ”s9anme
«not and Each-ho av MW
Eleni-o pattern Ibo ever nwinhu
‘ ...}:ohlndlomestfellowlhoom .1
in bar life, the bandied mill.
"at aw in her life, got Blower-“rich
«cm-ho on: law in he: filament
"o:3th malt?“
my 80‘ ' mm
mm lourou we mucu
cnco oleutonfoonhin 8,“ 968 huh»
.1. 01 um; 1.249.069 bum. 01 com:
030,214 bubs]- of om; 186,174 bushel:
of m; Ind 1,128,“ giuhggofwbul ,
linking a w , m -
eln, opium,” bathe]- onc wk
:30 md 4405,“ bubs]- nt tho m
pa-‘od M .--C'omm¢rcial Admit)-
cr (Chic-90:.
, -. P_ ff.“-
The In“ fl..- dh Ald
T “hm ‘
anflML-ug ’
A am ”at - M I.”
:Ith NM'WH
m.” “Why, you _0 bdl‘
(hag. (mu. In! two 0".
"oh. 5 I 00.” hm, Indium“!
Ono olgmdmdfim
man In unplann- m
{tantra-toga“ [blindin
wow-loom Thoma».
and WM». and he'll!!! brought
A mm. golden wedding coma
from Sufism, N. Y. In. Sufism, who
w- mrriod to Ini- Winhr o:Bop
tenbermh. 183,17, tboßchofl-um
Wynkoop, '3sde by tho lune
clugymnn on am gnaw
Susanna: 9th. 1878. The Welland
An groom-nu: o! 18%3100 were prel
ent and served.
In the London Divorce Court, huly,
a vegan pnzhod for dmtgn of Igor
mamngeon egronn ovum
unesuho time :t took place. Show
than mumolonolhuflm
huhmfu £OIO3O ha moon,“ I
nun innmuoh hnnhkrflafionot lilo
perm-dedhnto whim. Shah“
lino-been innuylnn,but W now
lane. The oviduoo “may
MAME-triage" .
Amman—lt vfllmhfllm’g
topmdueo Alf-mot mint
in abundance. Uplnd has, in:
tum, can produce enough
food and hm, amnesia-wank
gnin, ugood amp-t,»
“manhood-Gm. Elms-will”
mun. cafmnulmnnd thopork
produced mm m to
who funnel-MEI!» {II-oh. Eur:
ughnd fume ould plant vines tor
lthppnrpou. ~
'l“me mum Wono.—Tho late
Rev. Kr. Wightmna. of Kiln-hoe,
w u dark-minded clergyman of the
old whoa. When I 011113 m, be
paid madness-005,1.“ ofthe pc
tion tint it met the ARM 0! the
lady'l mother. Accord 31, the 800
lulu-e, the good wom,daflm
thepropoul, posed thousand '
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