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Puget Sound weekly Argus. [volume] (Port Townsend, W.T. [Wash.]) 1876-1882, May 03, 1878, Image 8

Image and text provided by Washington State Library; Olympia, WA

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“A n \‘V v : u 'L I: o' |\« .I" ”I w!»
~o"\1"~“‘~ "uh'l “. i" “‘ -’I.'I'I
;.- .- .~ I v rum-LN ~ \r- .lI'H-Tn- iv:
v-a- "\.. T- .‘. .‘l4_.|' Iv" lur “.IH'}:
'I‘Nll“"".|"“_"n.l:“"1‘ U". \V-ln
NI'I! Hm :-§‘~wm-_- rum- I. I'm-hug
".4! n mil MTV-ill mlvlhgnm-n u". n
".-\v|}.;wl! 9.. mum “hm.- lilo an “1
(-- «J- owls :ul-I ll‘l'lll!IID‘~‘ Inf H“- ‘ig.
In} M ' 1! HT" ‘IIHI'Q I" LN} 01"”‘0':
Iln' ~ulpa' fi IVn'. l‘hirnl anr. .\r:u_\
|ui.i..n ..| Inn-'3' |'|1~:IHI Hun-lb IIII' llu'
hm: ti! u! ( mmurn in! :nvl .\;:Ii- u'lxllv. i~
- \[rllv'l in lln- lungungv nl' Hrll. Sly-r
-~n II l'yuhnhilitic-J'. t hit-t ~i-_:n:ll1)m.
"-I;ch yu-vlnrm thu l'nllmring Illlliv~l " l'u
gm- ]lrnlm‘liull 'lDQ'l‘lll|||l‘l'|l‘ll)‘ “:ll'llingi
un :111 of ”w Atlantic and Gulf rmhl: nl'
tlu- l'uiml Sum-d. ml un llm-‘A- M [ln
lnlwu; m wulyh the riw-r vlmngv“ ulcmg
‘iu-lt' mur~c~ in the great i'i\'l'l—\ l‘le) ~: ll
into at ~c:l~otl‘ lln- [u'lllln'lliilli'c~ alibi-tin:
:3 :li toltlltll'tt‘t‘; to cat-tr telegraphic
'tlne-. hr which Illeleruingimi 11-poll~ |ll:i\
he h.ui..o\‘er regiom eon~iuierul impracti
l-ahie for eueh coti~tt'ltu-tiotla: to maintain
a <_\ ~lelu of connected piiiiitlii“ on the “'3l
- to take charge of the recognized
fiyitem ol'voiuutary uieteoroiogie-Il I'epttrb‘
may he illtti. "\‘t'l’ regiom t'lilhilil'l't'ti ill)-
practicallle ior such confirm-lines: to main
tain a system of connected statione on the
wa-enast: to take charge oi the recog
nized systenw of voluntary meteorological
olm‘rvatiom on this continent. in addition
to the regular system of the service; to
secure the co-opemtion of iol'eign ()ilst‘l‘v
er: in lon-igu countries; to endeavor to
aid directly all the farming population in
the harre.~‘titu.r oi titeir crops; tlliti finally
to put it ill the power of every citizen to
know each «lay, with tcasonahlc accuracy.
the approaching \veathcr changed."
How is this done? For it is. right to say
that these exlwetations are tnet. llllti with
continually growing aceulacy.
In the that place. there isa thorough
course of instruction given tothose who
are to be oiwervers, hath in military. sig
nailing and telegraphy. meteorology. and
the Signal Service duties at stations ot ob
servation and repel-t. ’l‘hiaistioue at the
school of iltitructiou and practice at Fort
Whipple. Va. There were at this post.‘
at the last report. seven colntniisioneti of
liccni. ol whom four were unticrinstrucn
tiou. anti forty-two enlisted men. 'i'helel
were on Station duty. June. 30. 1876. tin-l
(latent the lact report. 103 sergeants, tl‘
eorporaia. ami li-t privates. i
There are in the United States in all 17] l
station. classed as follows: Stations mak
ing lilli telegraphic reports. 92; making
obwrvatioue and reporting by mail. 15;
printing stations at which ohservatiomi
are not made. 3; special river station. 23:}
stations on telegraphic lines. 38. Reports}
are also received front seven ntatiotn‘ in the
West Indies. six of them making luil Icic
gmphle reports; and from sixteen Briti~h-
Auteriutu statiom. all but one reporting
by telegraph.
The average coat of manumeturiug each
station of observation «luring the year. ex
c'uslve ot‘ the cost oi the telegraphic, ser
vice and ot'tile pay anti maintenance of the
men on duty waa $424,012 it may be saltl
here that the aunt of the pay lillti allow.
ant-ea ot‘ the men scantily conupcusatcu for
their continuous labor.
A imly comepnndcnt ot the “iiumi
World", having been started by typhoid
I'rvor in her neighborhood some time ago.
gives the following good advlw about
dishcioths :
if they are black and stiti'nnd smell like
at lntrnynrd—lt is enough—throw them in
the tire and helm-forth nnd forever wash
your dishes with cloths that one white.
cloths that you can see through. and see
il‘you ever have, thntdieeuse again. There
are sometimes other cuttst‘fi. but. I have
smelled a whole house full ot typhoid lever
in one "dishrug." i had some uelghimra
once-clover. good sort or folle‘: one {all
fonrol them Were sick ut. one time with
typhoid fever. The doctor ordered the
vinegar barrels whitewashed. and ”new
about forty eents‘ worth ot'ent-hollc acid
in the mill-pull and departtnent. l Went
Into the kitchen and made gnlel—l howled
a disheloth und looimi mound and found
Severn] and such "rugs!" l hurned them
all. and milled the dunghterot‘thc hence to
get me a dishelotii. She looked around on
the table. "Why.” snld she, " there. \vzu
about udozeu here this morning.” and she
looked in the wood box and on the mantle
lit“? and Mt in the cuphounl. "Well."
i told. "I saw some old black rotten dish
clotha us thoae. and you lllilit never use
such again." [took iuruve :it tntrdngthnt
family for weeks. and I believe ”ltl‘e dirty
ditheloths were the cause ot all that hard
Therefore. I say to every houn-keqwr.
keep your dishvloths clean. You may
onlybrushnud comb your Iwzulou Sun
«lays. you need not wear a collar uuh-s you
0 from home—but you mus: wash your
filshcloths. You may oulysxswptho lloor
when the sun guts right; tho wimlous
don't. need washing. you can look out 01
the door; that. nphlur‘n “M; on [ln- front
)Ol‘L'h don't hurt anything—hut as you
hm: your lives wash out your «INN-loll].
In the fox-tall grass grow in the ganln-u
(the seed Is a tool (In-p anyway). lrt thu
hula In the heel-x of your luuhaml‘s loot
mgs go umlnruml. lot the saga- go nugalh
t-xetl. lvt the chlhlrru'u shot-s go two Sua
daye without blocking, M the.- hom so!
lom'um-ki on ma- “omh-u ogg—huttlo
“uni: out your lli‘clotlls. Hal without a
tablecloth. muh your lam-iaml M them
ury. l'o without. a mrlaiu for your win
dow and cake for your Iva—nut for heav
-111.5 sake keep your ulieclolh clean.
At the (‘ahinrl svuiuu lhc- Sun-hwy (I!
the Navy mporlultlmt in-‘mn-limh~ slum'd
lu- ihuul m cmmuamlerw ul' tlu: l'niml
Slates Inen-of-wur In llw North Pacific
ocean to seize all l'uitml Status nwnrlmnt
mm ungafic-d in me t‘onliv trade. and such
veiscls wll he lulu-n to lln- most. com-eu
lvm [mint and tlolin-rml ta thu mow-r
United States authorities 10‘»; dealt with
Iccordlug to law.
l‘mm i‘ i. llw' --n u. [\r'Jll-LIXI
y: I'. P\ Haw l‘l'H" ml \\l m‘hl [HA I l'l
nu.“ |~l’llv~'\!a m \ I'l Nu \pmnhv
lu-"L '11,». \:-:'h' .l'll-Illw ;| “In I: IN In
ll'l I pl \\ u~ lr-H'nl |l\' In nu. Eu ll I'!'|
[Jul-[HI I‘ I HUI. \' ”I” 'l;u' HI ”'o'"
Im-I Ilul llu-n |vi~ | Iplnu lwuml I'm! On
Inll' ' :Ivlf ll'L. llul‘ roll .I hu- ’n- luvlqnlh-I
[u l ukr n-v l-uul Inn! "th nhivh lu- -|ll"1.‘l
hum :I lu-l'hg Jlnwin: ”I I! I". hid li\wt|
Mia-I) M”w unr—inznl' Hu- 'u-H'. Hu‘V
mm i~ mm a linrmvr IH'II' H'mgu. :uul
any mm Jamming lln- Imm nl' l'n- -r-u.-.
IIH'III mu lum- it \‘o-riliml lay wring him.

IN 'l‘lll-I hl~"l HIVI‘ ('Hl‘lt'l‘ Ur‘ 'l‘lll-Z
'I‘IIIIH) .Il'hlt'lkl. lDl~"|‘l{l<‘l‘ HI“
\\'.\‘lll.\'l;'l‘n.\' ’l‘l-lltlil l‘UlH'. Hum
l.\'H 'l'l-IIUIHA l‘ I'HIH‘ 'l'UWNsl-ZNI)
l’or thu munliw of Joni-rm“. (‘lullnnh
Huml and San Juan.
Grace Jaoklins,
‘ ae guardian of tho vsratu of William
('llupllulll. .lr‘. Lillll't‘lll'fl Chapman.
Franck (‘hapmam l'ltlwaril Uri-mum.
Lauri-urn-(Jrvnnan. 'l‘llulnrh‘ Hrrnnan.
.lnwph Hrvnnan. (irarr i‘). .‘l. Hrn-nnan.
antl MaryJam-(lrcnnan. minnr hi-ir.~~ of
Laurent-v Grvnnan. (10-rvaual.
William ('halnnan. Jr., Lanri'ncu (‘hap
man. Pram-is' Chapman. I‘:II\\':II'(| (-‘run
nan. Laurence Hrvnnan. 'l‘humas ”"t'll
nan. .lmcph (lrunnan. (h'lu'l' H. M.
(ironnan and Mary Jam (irrnnan, mi
nor heirs: of Lauri-non Hrt-nnan. (lul
vvasml; And llunry Swill. adminiilra
[m' nl'thcwiaru of Lanrvnro (irunnau.
Ih‘t'i‘:l~‘l‘i’. And at the partnewhip curate
ol'tfrrcnmm & Uraimcy.
Action brought in NW District Court (nl‘lhe
Third Judicial llistrirt 0| Khr- 'l‘t-rriim'y
nl' \Va~'hingmn. ho’tling n-rnn at Port
'l‘mvm‘onil. fur tho \rnllntivs nt'Joliiermll.
Ulallam. Nani] aml San Juan. and mm
plaint lilwl in tho mame 0! Jt'lii-rmn.
am! in tho ollicc of the clerk of said Dis
trict umrc.
To Grace Jackling:
A 6 gnanlian at the whale at William
Chapman. .lr., Laurence- Chapman. Fran
ci< Chapman. Edward ('lrvnnan. Lanrmwn
Grcnnan. 'l‘lnnnm Grunnan. .losoplnlrcn
nan. Grace E. M. (lrvnnmn and Mary
.lath-cnman. minor la-lrs nf Laurence
(lrcnnan. tlm-awtl. William Chapman.
-lr.. Laurent-e Chapman. Pram-h (Tlnapy
man. Edward (invnnan. Luau-lure (lrcn
nan, 'l‘lunnas (lrcnnan, Josrph (lrennan.
Gracolfi. M. Grummn and Mary lune
(lrvnnan. minor he-irs ul‘ Laurence (ln-n
--nan. deceased. Anll Henry Swill. admin
‘i~'tramr nflllccstatu of Lam-once (ll ennan.
deceased. and ot the partlwwhip estate of
Grumlan 8.: Urannoy, Ulil‘l-INIHN'I‘M—
[N the name ot the Utiitetih‘iales of
America. you and each oi'yoti. are hereby
required to appear in an action brought
against you by the above named Plaintiil'.
in the District i.‘oltl‘t ot the ’l‘hit'd Judicial
District oi tlte 'l‘erritoiy ot‘ Wtuiiiiigton.
holding terms at Port 'l‘owmend. in Jet‘-
i'erson County. for the counties oi .ieii'er
,on. Claim. Island and San Juan iii said
'i‘erritory. and to answer the complaint
tiled tilt‘i‘i‘iil Within sixty days (exeimive
oi the day of service) alter tde. date of this
~uunnons orjitdizinent. by default. will be
taken against you aeconiing to the prayer
of said complaint.
The. saidaetlon isiwouglit to obtain a
nlecree oi this Court. to quiet tile title
‘to. and torn good and sttilieient convey
ance ot the hind described in. Lot Zl. sect
18.eontiiinin;: 33 25-100 acres; i'l hi ot'i
Sl‘lqr sec 18, Si) acres; N lii‘ oi' Nit} qr see.
19. 80 acres—till in tp 32. N R 3 E; and
lots ‘2 and 3. See '24. and the H it) or
of see 24. and lot i. sec 13. and lot i. see
2-1. and the N W qr oi the N W or oi sec
'34, the S ht'oi' the N W qr sec 2i. lot i.
we 14. lot-t l and 2. see 23. and the S E
qr ot the N W qr Sec '23. atid lot 3. sec 23,
:iiid the N E «11' ml the N i'} qr Sec. 23. and
the S hi'oi the N E qr of sec flit—Ail in
tp 3'2. N range. 2 I'}. containing
3'67 25—100 acrei. more or less. Aleo
lots '2 and 3. see 34. tp 32. N range. 3 ii.
53 i)il—-I|Nlacrc.~t; and S i‘lqr of N l') q»
the N E or of the S E qr. sec 34. tp 32. N
range. 2 E; and N hi of S W or see 35 tp
3;! N range? E—‘llii 53-100 :lt,’l'('~‘, more
or less. Also SW qr oi'HW of section 33.
:iiid the S haii'ot' SE quarter. section 3'2.
township 3] N range 2 ea<tz and tric
tional oi N hail of X it} quarter. section 5
it)Wl|~‘i|i|l :lii N range 2 Baa—containing
in all Hi; 40-100 acres more or lt-~'~; :i|~o
fractional 2 and 3 see ‘23. the, SW qr oi the
NW quarteroi'seetion 2!. all in township
30 N rangezi l‘l—containing iln' acres.
more or lest Total number of acres iti
aboVe deici'iption about it 17 hill“) acre~',
in leltind county. Washington 'i'errltor)"
from said ilei‘entant-I to said piaintiii‘. titid
tor their coils and tii-‘iilif‘l'lllt‘nl‘. and ior
other relief. for tile reiNhi that said plain
tiii‘ hm heretoihre in good iaitlt purchased;
and paid for said islil‘i, and -:lid de
leiidants have heretofore received their
full pay to—wit: the min of sil.i'.'lit for
‘their iiiterc~t in said land. and there i~' a
detect in the title conveyed hy them he
rea<on of said (Brace Jackiing the ~‘aid
‘gtiardianoi‘ ~‘aid heirs' not lliiVillg iii the
iiinie oi said conveyant e been only ap
pointed guardian oi said heirs by any court
iin thi" 'l‘t-rritory. and for other rea
isllil". all of which will more fully appear
my reference to the complaint tiled in thi‘
And ii'yon fail to appear and nimrer
said complaint :i~' :ilioi'e required. the saidl
plainiiii will take t‘etaiilt again‘t you and |
jnllgne-nt and apply to the court iUl' thc’
reliei detnaned iii the complaint.
‘ i f- flhitneu J. it. LEWIS. Juliet-fittin-
I N'lli. .‘ilili District t‘ont'l. iiiiti tin-Nail Int
' i -- Laidi'utii'l. iili“ .‘nh tint of April. .\.
ll l‘Tt‘. -li\ Mini BEA \‘I'JY. ‘ it‘l'k.
.\ie.\'an;.;lit & Lciiiy, ntt‘ysi i‘or plaintiii‘. b-titt
‘l‘" “11‘ \‘Nllll' “l
. A t‘ A ,11l 0
llw 'l‘ ~ lilo l- «tn-t
Steam-hip Dakota.
2'oo Yong.lll.\[-i|.’~i.£y\|\l\\lt|.
\\'lll II \\| ~\ 111 l mu ~ 11l l.‘l
‘ll'll m: ’l',‘ |- ‘l
Fare from Port Townsend lo San ancis: 0
Cabin S2B; Steerage sI 3
fi,\§i-l(.\.\ll~l'n, I'l‘. l|v\\.\~l-\ll.l‘ VII [HULL
April 21) Apr! ‘ ‘ Aurll in
May In -' ‘.’~ " :tn
" :ln .\l.|\' H May to
June :0 June a June 1n
._.__._. ..._.._.__.______
Steamship City of Panama.
1800 tons, W. a. SlCAlN'lH',t'omusmzu
_ . _ . “WWW—I” _,___ 4,.
April 10 On arrival. April‘lo
" 30 “ “ May In
May an H “ .. an
June In “ “ June to
tt 2|" tl ‘| ‘
l’aawngerfl from Portland antl lip-Sound
port: will take Puget Sound mail steamer
:1111l make connection with the (,‘ltyot
l’anama at Victoria. Steamer Dakota
gq)(‘~‘ through to Olympia.
These steamers leave Victoria at noon
on the llayatlvertlwd. Tickets art-good
only on the steamer for which they are
pin-chased. 11111 l are not transferable. For
freight or passage apply on hoard. or to
11. L. 'I‘IBBALS.
General Agent for Puget Sound,
Port Townsend.
Probate Notice.
. IN the Probate Court. oi‘ Clnlhun Coun
ty. W. 'l‘.
t [N the matter at the estate of WM. LAW,
Order to Show cause why decree of (ii:-
trihutiou should not be nntde.
UN reading and tiling the petition of
Elliot Uliue. exeeutorot the estate of Wm.
Law. deceased. setting forth that he had
tiled hi< tlnnl account of his :uhuini‘trution
ot‘the cstute ol‘suid deemed. in thiseonn
t)’. and that the same has been duly set
tled and allowed; that all the debtsaud
expenics ot‘mltniuistrution have been duly
paid. and than, :1 portion of sold estate re
tnuim to be divided among the persons in
terc~tcd under the will, and praying:
among other thing. for an order of dis
tribution of the residue of said estate
among the persons entitled. it is ordered:
'l‘hut ull pemo .s intern-ted in the estm’e
ot \Vlll. Law. dece:l.~cd, be und nppeur b --
fore the Probate Court of the county of
Ulnlltnn. ’l‘erritory oi' Wushington. at the
mint room ofsnid county. in the town oi
New Dungeue“. ln sold county. on Mon
day. the 27th dnyof May. A. I). 1573'. at
11 o‘clock A. .\I.. then and there to show
e~tu~c why on order ot distribution should ‘
not he made of the residue of sold Mite.
among the legutecs und devisees of said ‘
deceased. according to low. ‘
It. is hll‘tlier ordered: that a copy oi this;
order he published for tour successive
weeks, before the said 27th dny 05 May. A
A. ”78. in the Weekly Aunts; :1 Weekly
ue\\’t=pit|)el'. printed and published in the
tt‘iywn of Port 'l‘ownscnd, . cli‘et.~on countyi
\ . ’i‘.
In teethnony whereof l have, hereunto
*w“ set. my hand and caused the
gSenl zolllcinl seal ot'the Court to he ai
*v-“ fixed this, the 25th day oi March,
A. i). 1575. W. L. ROGERS.
l’robute Judge.
W. (J. GAm-‘HCLDIC, Clerk. 7:>i\v l
Probate Notice.
IN the Probate Court of the county of
island. Washington Territory.
IN the estate or Tnonms l’rzmuxs. dc
Administrator's sale of Real Estate.
i. in plum-nun“! of an order ol'the We
hate Court of island County. Washington
'l‘erritor_v. made the 15th day oi April,
A. 1).. [B7B. in the matter ot'the estate of
'I‘IiUMAS PERKINS, Deceased. the nu
der<iqu-d. the minlinistrator of said estate
will sell at. pulliie auction to the highent
i)i(ilil'l‘ l'or l':l~‘i|. gold coin. and snhjeet to
eonlirnmtion by said Probate Court, on
'i‘uesdar. the ch day of May. A. 1)..
H7B. at 2 o'clock i’. .\i.. at the, door of
the I‘ourt Home. (‘oveianlL in said Collu
tr. W. 'i‘.. all the right. title. interest and
I-~tlltl' at the said THOMAS i’l‘lith'lNh‘
at the time ot'hi-x death. and all tin.- right.
litleand interedt that the said estate hm.
by Operation of law or otherwiw. acquired
other than or in addition to. that oi the
~aid 'I‘iIUMAS l'iCiiKiNHat the time of
hi- death. in and to all that certain lot.
piece or parcel ot land, situated. lying and
being in the said (.‘eunty ot' liland. 'i'erri
tor-y of W:I-lii|igton. and particularly lit‘rl
eriln-d :I~' tulio\\'.-'. to-wit:
The 3' W qrnftlm N E qr. the N ['2 qr
M'Llw S H qr. the W In! of NW H H gr. [ln-
S In oi the N W qr and tho N hl'nt the S
W qr of section four (I . tuwmhip thirty
mm 552‘. nurth range one (1) east. um.
mining thru- lnnnlml and twenty 3520,
:u-rus. all in Island County. Washington
'l‘crrilory as nmro-mit l.
Acllulnistmtor ot'snltl Ntnte.
AJV. Exams. nu‘y lbrndlninlstrutnr.
Am“ 17, 1875. 9:3w.
1 ‘ ‘ V Y ‘
\\! -‘-.' t ‘I |I~ mil l'unhr-in
(nan-11m. 5

E House and Ship Carucnter’s Tools,
GR 0 C E R I E S,
17.10 VISIONS;
Boots and Shoes,
1. I Q U o a s,
‘ CIGARS. 620., &C.
Of all Kinds. ,
Sweepstake Threshers,
Taylor’s Sulky Bakes,
Mitchell’s Farm Wagons
(‘50., (Run, 850..
Lowest Prices
l'UlH‘ TOWNSEND, W. 'l‘.
)“T 1 V’ '1
IVII A]; 1' IN G Islib
Commission Merchants
Vessels Discharged,
Freight. Collected,
Teaming of all kinds done,
at ilcusnnuhil- Hutu-I uml Suiisl‘m'tiou
- mw-lprmuptlyullcmlml in.
(I an huntl. Aimdzmui liurk.
Vl‘nlu’i‘llY IIA Y. ALWAYS] UN lHNl).
Sielluooom Boer,
Sit-Milo lloor.nml
Levy llro‘s Soda “nil-r and 1100 l Beer.
\IJ. lll'SlNl‘lfls I-LN'l'lll'S'l‘l-Zl) I‘o Hl'll
1 mra- will rem-nu prompt and (-un-iul
Iii!" 'l‘u tlu- llll'l't‘llullH of l'v>l'l'l‘m\'ll~l-ml.
Wl‘ will ~u\' iimt \n- I'I'Q‘CIVU nil your gnmh uml
utlvuum-lin- ruin fur your lI‘I-luhi hill-I. lur
whirl) wv (-I-rluinly l‘xlwvi your pulrmmuv,
u-valmw ullmulml in l'l'(‘(,‘l\'lll,‘.’. ‘hippinu,
and delivering your gumls [or many ymu'i
Wa- urn ntiii propnrml to «lo uilyour work at
{llll' umi l't'usnnulllc- prim-H.
H. L. TIBBALS «‘5 00.,
Port. Townsend, W. T.
| .:
l D .
) ' ,T" V l
STATIONERY, 850., .-
Whull 911 v :nnl Ito-mil. luy
- 9 .W--./9
Purl. 'l‘uwnm-ml. \V. T,
AND 'l‘llUSx‘ES;
Patent Medicine: of all Indn.
A Large Assortment.
PE ll ll‘U M ERY,
And all Articles used lor lho Tollol,
&c., &c.. &c.
Quick Sales at Small Profit!
[l7' Prescriptions carefully com
poumll-11. 41y
E Upright
- Hall 3
Organs !
Prices Lower than Ever Before.
DREAMS more S3O T 0 S4OO
Washington, N. J.
New (10 (eds
Whirl: are: on sale-an
The Lowest Etesfor Cash.
Pioneer Bakery,

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