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"—7- 'l‘liliiisfiii‘iAVL-‘kf7—.” 1‘79"”.
0n various occasions, particularlyl
when the periodical breaks have oc
curred in the cable connecting the
wires of the \Vestern Union Tele
graph with wires on the main land
at Victoria, we have called attention l
to the advantages to be gained, and
less liability of breakage to the Vic
toris cahle if it could cross the straits
of Fuel. from Dungcness or Port
The cause of the frequent breaks
in the present line of cable, is now
well known to be the presence of
copper in the formation of thel
islands of the Archipelago do Hero,
and in the channels between these
islands, through which the cable is‘
laid. These breaks have been regu- l
hr at certain periods ever since the l
Victoria telegraph was constructed.
There is at present another break
in the cable, end we lake the_oppor
tunity of again referring to it, and
suggesting that it is for public inter
est, not only to connect Port Ange
los with Victoria, but to have at line
extended from Port Townsend to
Cspe Flattery. ,
Within the past two weeks three
wreclrs have occurred on the lower
wstsrs of the Straits, the last one
being the bark Gem of the Ocean,
st Pschins, near Cape Beale, on
Vancouver’s Islsnd. Capt. Hooper,
oi the Wolcott, says that if a line
had been established to the Cape, he
could have saved the Washington
Libby, end could have rendered val-i
usbie sssistsncs to the two vesselsl
on the Vsuoouver shore.
Hsving demonstrated that with
such tslegrsphio communication as
, is desired mthy msrine losses might
be svsrted, both smong Ameriosn
and English vessels, may we not as
sert thst it is to the interest of ship
mssters, owners and underwriters to
take some steps in the mutter?
THE mum 9051 omcs.
in order that our Clelnru Uounty
friends may know how their postal
udvsnteges elreedy gained are being
folloived up, end that they together
with the other residents of the Ter
ritory may know how faithfully Hon.
‘l‘. H. Brents is serving them, we
take the liberty of publishing the
following. just. received:
WALLL WALLA. W. '13., July 29, ’79.
Annex WEIR. Esq, Dir/m Sm:—
The ap'ere in reference to n pne
tsl road: and the establishing of a
poet oilice st Sequim Buy, have been
forwarded by me to the Auditor of
the Treasury, with a favorable rec
ommendation, and I hope action
lwill be taken upon them immediate
yAny lavors I can extend to you or
Imy of your friends will lm gladly
attended to. Yours Very Truly,
Trio-i. H. Barrens.
The shore is but a. sample of oth
ers in'anawer to similar requests for
attention to metters of interest to
the people of this seetion. and shows
that our public affairs are not neg
lected. as fur as our Delegate is con
cerued. The Sequi'n post oliice
question has been agitated some
Tho City Council held a meeting
on Monday, and electml the l'ullow
ing‘ municipal officers for the ensuing
your: City 'l‘reas.. N. D. Hill; lliry
Atty., and Clerk. G. M. Hallor; Cit)-
Honlth Officer. Thns. T. Minor; City
Street Commissioner. also Hnrhnr
Master. H. L. Tihlmls; City Survey
or, F. W. James; City Justicu of the
Peace. J. T. Norris; City Asst-95m
Ind Collector, N. D. Hill; Fire \Var
dens, A. H. Tucker, H. L. Tibbals
md Chins. Finn.
A petition from Chas. Lehlnister
and others was read and referred to
tho Itroot commissioner.
Mr. J. 8. Murphy was nwanled I
contract l'ur hoping the grmlvu or
tip. hill'lh,l Order for the pmml of one
yur. for the sum of 850.
The Clerk was instructed to pre
pure an mulinauw prohibiting; hugs
from running at large on the stun-ctr.
The report of the Health ()lliccr
was read, accepts-ll and Bppnn'ml.
and a vote of thanks was tellllCH'ti
tnl)r.Minor, for his vnluahlc sur
vicos for the I)enefit of the city.
To Tm: Iloxomnu: 15mm: OF
TRUSTEES 0]“ Pour Towxsrzxn:
GENTLEMENi—Bolieving it to be
my duty as Health Officer, I have
the honor to report that I have this
day made careful inspection of
those localities of this city, in which
I had reason to believe disease germs
were liable to arise from noxious
odors Ind prevalent filth. The re
sult of said inspection, I have the
honor to herevuth present for your
Considerstion. _ _ _
The first place inspected was the
Wash House of Jee Web. The
house itself was reasonably clean,
but around the back door filth had
been allowed to accumulate to a
frightful extent; and, as if the ground
itself would not retain all the nois
ome substances, barrels of dirt and
nastiness were left standing at the
hack entrance, polluting and poison
ing the air. These barrels were or
dered thrown in the hay, and all the
filth of rotting clams and bones were
directed to be cleaned away at once.
The proprietor promised an imme
diats compliance with these direc
Examining next the house of Lun
Sen, the house and yard were found
in fair condition, save one wash room
where the sickening odors indicated
the near presence of some worse pu
trescenoe. This was ordered cleaned;
and, with the liberal application of
lime, will he made passably sweet
and healthy.
Sam Sing‘s Wash House was the
last examined. It was in every res
pect the worst of all in a sanitary
point of view. All the slope after
washing, were emptied under the
floor of the wash room 3nd by drains
conveyed into the street where every
passer by could not escape them;
and, as if that were not bad enough,
all the other filth of the place was
thrown out of the door to mingle
with that from under the house. To
walk on that side of the street by
the house was impossible without be
coming impregnated with some of
the nastiness, and I consider it dau
gerous to the health as well as dis
gusting to sight and polluting to the
person. I ordered all slope con
veyed to and confined in a hole in
the yard which after a certain time
can be, covered with dirt and a new
one dug; also directed the street to
be cleaned and some clean dirt to be
placed thereon.
' If China washhonses are to he al
lowed within the city limits. the
question of proper sewers and drains
is one that must command the early
attention of your body. It cannot
be neglected or slighted. The pub.
lic health is as important a care as
the public peace, and demands your
earnest consideration. The reputa
tion this place now justly enjoys for
health. can, in one season, be de
stroyed for years, if proper means are
not previded to carry off pollutions
that we permit in our midst.
The last place examined on which
I have to report, was a pig pen
( back of the Washington hotel )
which is directly on one of our main
streets and principal thoroughfares.
It should at once he moved to some
less prominent place. Where it now
stands no one can pass without in
haling its noxious odors.
A number of privies and other
places were examined, but they did
not seem to merit attention as public
nuisances. Some of them demand pri
vate remed however and the stag
gestion will" be privately offered to
their proprietors.
I have to thank the city marshal
for his kind attendance and assist
ance. At the expiration often days
I propose to make a second examin
ation of the places mentioned, and if
the sanitary improvements suggested
are not carried out I shall deem it
my duty to complain of them as pub
lic nuisances.
I am, gentlemen, very repeotfully
your ohd‘t serv’t
Health Officer.
Port Townsend, July 30, 1879.
WA flne assortment oi legal blanks
It Hoicomb’s.
Go to Waterman 65 KM: for the best
carpets, at reasonable prices.
W'l‘he Alums is kept for sale, regu
lu-iy, at Mr. iioicomb's Variety Store.
W'Pwo lilac-chm sewing machines,
:1 Wilson nnda Singer. NEW, for sale.
Apply nt the Alums oillce.
WSm-snpariliu and Rain Water. for
the million, at Holcomb} Variety more.
.I I O
Admlmstrator 3 Sale
Of Personal Propcxy.
NUTII'E IS ililiiilin’ NIH-IN 'l'hll
purumut In an ordvrul ihu Hun. immun
(‘mu-L uf Kihal- «muny. “I in “WIN“!
dutu Angml 2. hi"... in lln- m nirvr m ilu
l'ililtl' t)! "““'l’h H:|h--. ili'i‘x' m I]. illl' '“l
--dvrsiglwd :ulminLll-unwni'mid I‘hiJll‘. \\ i’i
dull :n l’l'lilJL Al‘i'i‘lUN to the high
est bidder for czhh. on
Thurmmy the 2am. any of Auxull, ‘79,
It 1 o‘clock. I'. M.
On Union wimri‘in l’ort 'l‘mvnwud. “'.'l‘.
the fnliowing pciw‘mml prupvrty 10-wii:
Sloop “H. L. Tibhals." with the sails,
rigging. anchors and cable;
1 skin} 2 pairs ours.
I cook stove and fixtures.
1 Int crockery. l rifle and cartridges.
1 ciouk. lot of clothing. bedding. &c.
Admin. of est. Joseph Bates. doc.
J. A. Kuhn. ntt’y for estate 25-4!
Port Townsend. Aug. 6. 1879.
Probate Notlce.
in the Probate Carat 91". Jefierson county.
1n the matter of the estate of
Arthur Phlnney deceased,
Notice of hearing petition for order of
settlement of account and distribution
George W. llurris. sole surviving
executor of the estate of Arthur l’hinuey.
dcoetued. Ints rendered and presented for
settlement and nliotvuucc. and filed in the
Probate court at Jeflel'mn county. his nc
count and vouchers of all his transactions.
(loin s and business relutlng to said estate.
and fins also presented and filed u petition
praying for distribution of $5.000 to each
of the eirs and persons entitled to it share
in the distribution oi the estute oi said
Arthur Phiuney under the will and to de
termine who such tearsons are. And that
the Probate Court of Jefferson County. W.
'l‘..does hereby appoint the 4th day of
September. 1879. at loot-lock A. M. or
that day. at the court room at said mum.
in said county. as the time nnd place of
hearing and settlinr said petition nnd nu
couut uherei'orelt soldered tluttuil per
sons interested in sold estate or entitled to
a there in the distribution thcreot. be. and
they ere required to nppcnr at snid time
on place rind show cause if any they hM‘c
"hf sold account should not be uliowed
ent settled and said distribution made.
And turther. that a copy of this notice
be Llrosted by the clerk as required by law.
an also published in the Puget Sound
Weekly Amos for four weeks before the
time 0! hearing the same.
.l. A. KUiIN.
'l‘Elm'ronY or WASHINGTON 2 '3‘}
County of-leti‘erson. W. ’l‘. ‘ "
I-J. A. KUH N. Judge. and ex-otl'leio
clerk of the Probate Court in and ior Jei
fersou county. W. T.. do hereby certify
the i'oezfoing to be true copy of mid uotiw.
orde by said Probate Court of suid
county. to begivten and that the some is
of record in said court. h ‘ , I
' them: my am not he seal
[SEAL] oi'seid court this sth day ot
August, 1879.
. J. A. KUHN. Judge.
25m] and ex-otiicio clerk or said court.
Probate Home
In the Probate 00%;: 91': Jefferson county.
In the matter of the estate of
Petition ior order to sell real estate.
petition oi George W. Harris. role
surviving executor oi the last will and
teetnment of Arthur [’hinncy. dccctt‘letl.
praylnF for authority to sell the real es
tatebeonglng to the sold estate. and it
appearing to the Court from mid petition
that there is real estate belonging to mid
estate unsold; that said astute cannot be
settled. divided and distributed without a
sale olsald decedent‘s property; that said
will authorizes the executors at said estate
to sell all of said property whenever a male
in thelrrintlgment or ll be for the best in
terest 0 said estate: and it apron ring to
this court that it will be for the Interest of
said estate to acilsaid property. it is there
!ore ordered that Thursday. the 4th day of
September. 1879. at 11 o'clock a. 1.. at
the court room -ot the Probate Court in
Port Townsend. W. 'l‘.. be the time and
place for the hearingof said petition for
an order 0! sale. at which time and place
all persons interested In said estate are re
qpltlred to appear and show come. if any
t eyhave. why an order shou'd not he
made authorizing Geo. W. linrris. execu
tor. to sell all of'the reni estate belonging
to the estate 01 Arthur Phlnncy. dccensed.
remaining unsold.
And further. that a copy at this notice
be posted by the clerk no required by law.
ant published in the Puget Sound Weekly
ANGUS for four weeks before time of heur
ing the same. J. A. KUIIN.
’l‘ltnm'ronr or \V’Asnmc'rox. } 5‘9
County ol'Jeii‘erson. ' ‘ '
I—J. A. KUHN, Judge nnd cx-ollicio
clerk of the Probate Court in and tor .leii
ferson county. W. 'l‘.. do hereby t-t-rtlt‘y
that the foregoing is a true and t'm't'lnrt
copy oi'an order mode by the said Probate
court of said countv. and that the some. is
entered of mogul in said court. I i i
~e mess my nun nm tin
[SEAR] seal of sahlcourt. thi~x 4th dny
ofAugnst. 1879. J. A. KUiiN.
Judge anti cx—oflicio CH: of said Court.
Geo. Barthrop. House. blgn Painter,
M" (21 years among you) mks from the
unprejudleed a Share or patronage; and
thanks kind patrons {or the plat. '
I. O. R. M..
iii-2 i t-i-gni tr um tings .il iin‘il' inlii. I'i‘u-r)‘
\Vi-ohn-‘uiiy u-u-idhg. 23
1311138. F'rnnh Tucker
“"I'-?Hiivrfl!iiiiii illl‘lliiit"ui \\':t~hing~
ton 'i'--Iritnr) unti iii \in-inity. Who might
it'll'liil’ r m-i'ui nur-inthnt siw ii [li‘l‘liiil'l’il
to main-ii in:n:ltl-~:ut hor Itl'iM‘. \Viiit'll i~'
~itll‘iit'll nu iln- hid 4!. Port. 'l'uwnsrhd.
f, 1;" Apply personally or by letter. ‘23
I HEREBY warn everybmiy. and par
tivnhtrly hail players. not to jump over
my frnwnncl trnmpiu down my garden.
(without permission) nsl wilt lilitfl'WiSc
prosecute them for tresspnis—i‘rom this
date henceforth.
24:1tn B. DEMON.
Port Townsend. W. '12.. July 30, 1879.
T.. . .
hence iiiAlJlillßiiiifli] i 0 Pili‘iiiiilSß Tllll
- Lani.
Uiytnpiu, Wnshhmton 'l‘urt‘itm-‘V.
compiium-c with the provisions of tho Act of
Congress improved Juno 3. 1573. entitled "An
Act for the anion! 'i‘imhcr lands in the State»
or t'uiit‘orniu. m-vuon. Nevudnnnd Washington
Territory." liohcrt It. Attritlgo, of Jt-ti‘erson
county, Wuuhhwton Tun'itoriy, has this tiny
tiled in this ot'ih-o hisupphcut on to pnruhnw
the lots 3. 4mm SWS 0 NWK of section No.
‘2. in township No- 29, north. range 260' 1 west.
ortho Wil_inn_mttu .‘lorigiiom _ _ _
'A'iiy.iin'd'iiii'iii‘i-‘sdfm'éiiiiiiimg adversely tho
suiti described mud. or any portion [lion-or,
uro howl) ’ rm uirod to tile their cinims in lhin
onloe wiliiin sixty mm days from duu- homoi.
Given under my imnd, at my oiiico. in Uiym
pin. W 'l‘, this tho lst (luv of Amum. A l)
in!!! J 'i‘ ImUWN,
‘2s:]ow iivuisit-r of the Land (mice
BEING on tin» eve ofrioslng mum)“
Geuemi Mcrcuniiio Estnbiislnucnt. at
Ooupevme, w. 'l'.,
and retiring irnrn businessJ now offer for
suit! the O'lilii‘t' inn-Limos, and n lurgn stock
of Honor!“ bit-ruinuniino. together with lin
bniialing‘ and grounds. «I. a grant burguin.
'i'he hnsinusa has bet-n Brilliiiisili'ii for
fll'u-on yours. Peusoua desirous oi pur
cimiiug wiii pit-wu- midn‘sa my ultornoy.
(3i. Morris iiulicr. Esq" at Port 'i‘ownsculi
'. 'i‘.
Dated at Coupcvilie, W. '.i‘., July 31::
' 9
0f Shenfl? s Sale of Real
. Estate.
BY ‘v’iß’l‘Ui‘J Oi“ AN EXECUTION
isaumi out oi’ihv District Court. oi liw
'i'ilinl .luliiriai Didi-ior oi Wash
ington 'i'crrilol'f’, holdinfi terms on
Port 'i‘ou-nwm . in in: suit of
Mursimn Biinu anguiunt B. i". Dennison.
«iuiy Hllr‘m‘d iiw 23“ day of July. A. 1)..
187:). i imvn le-vimi upon tin-Ibiimvingiiis
criimi iicni lusizltu in Jeifcrmu County.
to wit :
The E inioi‘ NE qr oi Soc. 5 Tp 30 N R
1 W conluiuiug 73 acres.
W ini‘ol N W qr SN 4 Tu 30 N iii W ;
SE qr oi'SiC qr SM 3151‘]; 31 N B 1 W; and
Lotti Seem! i‘ 31 N 1!. 1 ii’-—contuining
150 53-100 :u-res.
'l'hv propu-rly of B. F. Dennison. ‘
Notice is llcrcby given that on
Wednesday. 3d day ofSept.
1870. at the hour of ten o'clock A. M. M
the door ot the court house in Port. Town
mud. .lcifcrs'on co.. W.T.. iwiliecil ntpnb
lic nuction the. above described real entnte
to the highest bidder for cash. to satisfy
thesald execution of the amount at nix
hundred and eleven 66-100 ($611.66) doi
inrs. with intern-4t at the rote 0! one per
cent. per month lroln the 11th day ol'Juno-
A. l). 1874. amounting to three hundred
and sixty-six 99-100 ($366.99) dollars: and
costs of wit mnountlng to ten ($10; dollars
and increased costs.
Shoriii’ol‘Jeti‘ersou county. W. ’l‘.
Port 'l‘ownsend. July 28. 1879. 'l4
Sale of Real Estate.
Probate Court of Jefferson County. W. 'l‘.
In tho mutter of the estate of
Dennis Hish‘t; doo’d.
in pursuance of unordcr ot thc Probate
Court or Jrli‘ermn county. W. 'l‘.. duly
made on the :ldtildny ofJnly, A. I). 1579,
the tunh-raigned. mhninistrutor of the es
tntc of itmntis il'tghr, decu will scil ut
pulniicauctimu. to the highest. bidder. and
subject to continuation by said Court
On the 8“: (In: of Hop... 1879, at the
hour or 12 11.
At the Court house door in Port Town
send. in ieih-rson county. W. 'i‘.. the fol
]owing olm-rilml real estate. to wit:
34:" acrt-e in lot No. six (6) in section
No. live 6),. nnd 5794 acres in lot No.l
scrcn l 7); N“ in township No. twenty-nine}
(2!), north range one can't, contnittinF 92";
acres more or low. lying and being it Jet‘-
ferson county. W. ‘l‘.
Towns of sale no followsz—Cnsh in gold
coin ol'thu United States; one-half 0! The
tun-chase money to be puid to the Admin-
Ltrntor on the day oi mic. balance on con
tinuation oftiv- sale by said Probate court
“'.‘?" nt_ (owe-nee of. _._.nrehnscr.
Dated July 30. 1879.
Adminismuor otceune 0| Dennis
lllght. «lee.
Brldshaw 6; human, lays for can. 21:4 ~'
Fifi? F) a ' “3““ W7'
“51 .7 ,R;i;’4,r-"'w
l‘i " lei“ ”
‘ ‘ " all. '-i i
S T O R J“
. J
Foreign & Domesii; Fruit
CON Fiitf'l‘it ).\' ERY
S'l‘A’l‘ i U N E RY.
l'i l‘t'.. ETC.
We have also Opened 3 First-clan
t n w servehopnhlic with
to order at all lumrs, M 08"
GIVE UH A (318141..
[3' Opposite Central lime]. head 0
Union wharf
l’Oß'l‘ TOWNSEND. W. 'l‘, [6
Am. limbs or
Cnrrhlges at all mum mm “'s‘ pusuongom
T 0 POI‘I DiSßflVfil‘Y, Clillllafllllll 01‘ PM
Dispatches carried ay or
Night. Horses on Livery.
Traveling "gt-ms will nuve by going with
mans we intend tn Itde all men alike.
l’imsnre l’nrtica driven nut any time.
llny nnd feed all hand nnd cotll wood lnf
snle in any qnnntity. ny
H. 11. mllhmlmlendrqn plnnlu shipped
any place. curelully to order.
A. R. JOHN STUN & 00.
Commission Agents
Ami Dealers in
F arm Produce.
Mt. «QC.
Gordon's Whirl, Nanaimo, British Columbia.
53;, Liberal Advances made on Consign
II , D
Admlmstrator s Nomce
To Creditors.
In the Probate rout-tn! Kitnnp county.
In the matter oi the estate at ‘
Joseph Bates, deceased.
the undersigned mhnittl'lrutnr of the
estateol‘ Joseph Butt“. tiwetm-d. to the
et'edilorsund nil '.‘-mun} having eiuilnn
against said dverusml tn present them with
the necessan‘x vnnehetu within mn- yt-ur uf
ter the data nl‘titk notice. In mid mlmln
istrntur. n! his plate 0! lm-im-sn in Perl:
'l‘nwnsetnl W. ’l'.. m' to his ntmrney. .|.A.
Kuhn. Esq" nr. hi.- uiiire in Port Town
send. W.T.. or he tin-ever lint-red.
lhtled this 30th day anttly A. D. 1570.
24-4 w l). 0. 11. INJ’I'HHUIHLII.
Adm. nl eh‘mlt! ol'Jmu-ph limes. (it'c.
$1 00 REWA RD.
we will [my
Reward for the arrest nnd cnnvlctinn M'
the party or parties nhn kiilul mtr ('lllii"
tit Scow lmv. in .leil'ersnn (30.. W. 'l'. ' l
the said cattle n \vm'it 0): Wild killed about
No “Win ugn. two steers and ll enw “we
killed in Ut'tfullillrr hull, and the ntl.er—_—:t
in! cow—was killed nu about July 4. 15:3.
Port Townsend, July 17, 1871). 22
NOICE to Steamboat men or Gom
mandarl of Government Venell.
J . ing the services (H :I pilot [0 Alaska.
or any of the inland wulvrs nl' Illa leh‘t.
can be ucunmumlnml by npplying lo the
mulersigm'tl. Whine I'X Minn-can pilot ml
U. H. (inn-rmmcnt "111‘ thv-r vessels, rx
tends ovvr n pvrlml m un-lvc yours. Apply
by mic-grimly or mail. .I. W. KEEN.
Skngluiity. Washington Tery. [2:3"!
C O I.- L E O 'l‘ O R.
Insurance And Real Estate
A. G II N 'l‘
Monovlmuwd. nudlounuuc muted. "o"va
rental. and Roma colluctcfi. Au bushw-H
nrmunlli" attended to.
Owner lu Szone ulldlng, I’m-t Townwmt.
Attorn ey-at -Law
w oP?l(‘l.—nutlur‘s building, moms 4h 5
James street, opposite Occidental Hotel.
Seat-‘O. Wash. Torr’y

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