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Puget Sound weekly Argus. [volume] (Port Townsend, W.T. [Wash.]) 1876-1882, November 27, 1879, Image 2

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0511" \I. P‘PILIL IDI' JIJ'D'I IIND‘ (0| ‘l‘!
ALmN'wslm: : Editormdl'mprlctor
inufismv, mun-27. 1:79.
When lacrosse.
Wssmxoron. Nov. 15.—Relurus oi No
vember lst show In increase in tho wheat
crop 01 26,000,000 bushels over last. year.
Kmsss And Coulomb both dOCHnO in yield.
Texas, a! sli ,tPtZSouthvtn States. is ilm
only one that is ls 06 in yield this yesr.
Ind-mu ol Gold and other. 1
The director of the ruins estimates {as 10-'
ml praglufsion 0| Wises metals (hiring the
sear 1049 as follows: Caliiomia—gold,
817,600,000; silVer. $3,400,000. blends—-
gold. $9,000,000; silver, $13,560,000. Colo
rsdo—gold, $3,225,000; silver, $11,700.
limit-gold, $575,000; silver, $6,250,000.
Mouton—gold. $2,500,000; silver, $2,225,-
000. Arizona-—gold,$800.000; silver, $3.-
650,000. Dakota-gold, 32.120000; silver,
’10s“. Ira ‘80“. 31.mm~lil"‘r.
{350,000. . regain-gold. $1,150,000; silver,
”.000. New Mexico—gold, sl2s,ooo;lil
var, $000,009. Michigan—silver, $770,000;
Other' domestic sources— old, $305,000;
gflver, $53000. Grand totsfi dim-s “1:9 smiled
mes i ties—go , 38 0.000:
silver. “(LBW
lions-c Ml Misl- Calm.
Wmmosoir. Nov. 16.—Ths formation of
supervisors' districts under the provision of
the census set of March 36. 1879. has been
commuted byEugerintsndsnt Walker. except
in rsgsrd tot o totes of Msssachnsstts and
Worth. The sppointments o! supervis
ors must be nods igsoh imanos by selec
tion from-agilih residing within the
's .te, etio,di 'ts.
“:29? 51cm: “11' #383251} c'oht’rmho
thousands of loosl appointments necesury
{or the york 91 taking the census, and are
{0,60 usage: the swim. . ~
' ' I'M“! Census.‘
4W x 03!; v. .I'l‘ (at a; Cl-
Mafizflgsgfll’gn ‘ 83? me ‘ {lie
District of Columbia, and territories. will
10mm” 'cenm supervisoxtll (mum each.
I The Ute-V'l'oltlnlouy.
f r either on npricehiq ed'ustmenttpi airs
fith'the Indians or praying the guilt oaiflthe
parties implicated in' the White river dim.
culties is extremely difeonregingmend on;
less thereli h 0 rent ..-t e o
the Mflmiigrteiflhfi olthlfim
mission'slebors may he looked 1% so for
as theirmm “timid” is ccn
eerned. Ouray's newer today is trembling
in the hslsnee. end within the nertiew days
we shell probably witness the neat ect oi
success on his pert in establishing his abso
lute enthority over the tribe, or his virtual
dethron ent ox} the ascendancy. of the war
fectionfgtiih tly‘well established now
thet in all councils held by the Indians since
the troubles; more river. Gets! hungetly
succeeded in erecting from the hostiles the
promise to s“ theflro. N oflimiseion,
end that as to giving testimolyenl’ sli‘hr
ger prweedings they were to decide (or
res. , ,
s¥N¢rlho heeled Adsmerto well
during his resenee in e hoeti‘ count ,
mm m.. "trig:
ginni ' a e Aden: a: h t
ngtoen. em I enpn e
aspires“ . .eietdsryolr mama:
rend er " We, ezed 3:10.” Sow
erwiokwes urge soil darn;f msdse
“fifi fiewglsgo true; 131% dealt?
Met-7i In there we eco -
eillrom 11am met“ .8 o’obohmitiréh;
monks, ‘ W We“: i
:hefo ere we's ‘ years!» at whst- no
the, end to-dsy he comes here and ssys he
does not howienything. For thst reeson
Lhefleeehe-hes not spoken ' the prom, nor
the: he wish to {with the,‘ truth. I Show
t t - struto- ~ e
“infinite. flmtufimfi
togo eny further. They heve'relused to
mention the nuns of e single Judie» while
they well know thenemee oi elloi them,
and I now present -the- ‘ situetion
to (you lr so .«r “hwy-Gem redem
men some - other course whereby
we [rosy execute the orders 0! the gov
ernment. The 301 th wents us to
esoertein who were engeged in the dimeul
ties at Whiteirinr. We want the nemes oi
the guilty pertiee. endii you think we can
not and out who they were we hsd bettengo
home; in. _: .1 1. M“ K n. 1' i‘ _.
'l'lllm-s nixed In lilac.
hoover-n. Rev. 18.——sz lerge number do! re
puhliee‘n senetors end representatives sup
posed to here [reinstated st the lest-elec
tion epptied to t e council to~dsy for per
mission to exemine the returns, but that.
body, being engaged, took the metter into
oonsideretinn. The impression is gaining
ground thst the msjority o! the council will
prevent the republicens from seeing the re
turns until et leeet sport oi the twenty days
hes peered. It is known thst the returns
here ell been submitted with e report and
accepted, but the tables themselves ere not
on file but in possession oi a committee. who
do not consider them e put '0! the record.
A stated committee will submit their final
conclusion stter the twenty days have elapsed
for correcting errors in the returns. There
is very little excitement, and republican
lenders claim that a conspiracy will yet be
attempted. though e temporary halt in oper
ation has been ordered.
ston- on use Lelses.
Oswroo. N. Y.. Nov. 18.——The tug bey
monr oi Odeneburg leit Cape Vincent yester
dsy with {our tugs, three (hedges and eight
occurs in tow for Bun‘elo. During the night
a gale on Lake Untariq wee encountered,
and ell the small dredfes snd scows were
lost. One tug wee pic ed upto-dsy and the
Beymour hes errived st Beckett’s Harbor.
0! the crews only six persons were sewed
end twenty-two loot.
I Huh ’l‘m-mlm nhlnyll.
' \ x. \‘m'. l“ 'l‘hvt-dlmrofthl-Nown
'11," \~ In - d llu- rvrr. nun-n; M lhn dip-puh-h
In :w-l from Han. linlnxl 'l‘m»u.l~ (If At»
linilYlt. H v-rhm. wll lb" IL'I'J ”1". Th“ LII-5-
}»lhh up u am. y! hm In 4 u (‘uunpllrmi \ilh
lhv 01w mum). and found to be correct in
Mt ry word. “- m-e llu n- was no garlalmg in
“he tl'qu-llJm-lull. 'l‘hc- cluning sentences
“'4'?! I
| "lh- nix-nut fought fur his country hon
orably and mm I [ought fur mine sud lost.
lam rvndy to Irv 1: Mn Igniu. Delth to
tho l’nion.
Nulonnl Finn-OH.
W‘snmrrou, Nov. 18.~—The annnnl report
of U. S. Trenmrer Gilfillnn nys that the
nggroguout gold coin and bullion. includ
ing the standard silver 3011:”, being coined
under the net 0! Jun 28, 1870. which do not
I pour in Itatemenu prior to thlt gut. in
ago" a: hue increased Imm 881.45 .247 in
1876, to $114,464,982 in 1877. to $163,969.»
444in1878, and to $922,807,368 in 1879.
The not. mats are ranged as follow: on the
Ibove data: In 1876. $98,419,885. in 1877,
$‘09,668.387; in 1878, $88,872,800, Ind in
1879, $59,699,080.
'lhe nnnunl receipts from all sources are
$204,090,000. Of this amount at least 834.-
000,000 is in silver dollars or silver certifi
cates, thiit being the minimum paid annually
[or silver bullion for coinage, which amount
sppcdil} finds its wny into the treasury. The
more certainly because the payments for
bullion are made either at New York or San
Francisco which are both centres of large
receipts by the government. The maximum
net.,note receipts are then $250,000,000,
against which are psymente ol $267,000,000
llér encrel oxpetglitures, interest on the pub
}lic fem, war on navy establishment and
ipnslons mine in'notes, or if dude in coin
‘its return decreases the note receipts to thst
‘estent. The: excess of nets expenditures
over not. receipts is therefore $17,000,800.
which is the annual decrease of note balance
from silver dollar coinage alone. The trees
nrsr says that mac-rel“ of the New
York clearing, heap? gm ‘chpnged so as to
permit payment 57 h ncaamy of all or a
certain percentage 0! the balance. in silver
it may become necessary for the treasurer to
withdraw from a relation which renders over
$30,000.000 lawful money in its vaults nnh
Lveihble for payment at New York, the point
Ict the greater“ public disbursement.
‘ Home 01 Brutu- News. .. .
F Guam, Nov. 19.~General and Mm:
Grant arrived home this outing and Herb
aécOmpaniea to their home by a numbar‘of
meld' man. ~.... .... .. . ",4 .... m... Jul»...
BoswoxuN . 1 . M3llO A 330.
cintion has §§ fimnlfigfigcmop.
emte wim'o ' d a on?“ m’efi‘ort to
secure the enactment of a national bankrupt
law. , ' .‘ »- ‘
an Yo‘mr, N‘ov. lilo-The Buuetin's
Washington s§ecinl rigviven the rumor that
Rama'ay, of‘ innétoto, will be officiated
secretary of war, and states that' bOmry
will be appointed to the bench at his own
req , w,” ~‘ A" m
My mmfflwmov: iodMn.4
The worst; ‘ on! jh hos been blow
ing here’frgiilhé sonest sifioo midnight,
.and is now blowing 40 miles an hour. The
p "‘GM.’ 'fro :Chict . _,
03mm:- dt'fl figfinndafimt to 'bng
the river Lilieklc of half" It! ‘homw ‘Bcveml
schoonera went on the beach; no lives loot.
. (”0316193 NEWS. ' ‘ .
Dlphmorim numb.
Lounon, Nov.’ls.—‘Th‘o diphtheria, which
for caved yean'humuie gnu nngu in
Bump. mum to hophinpmora and more
ground. The diaeaae. lays the Novas Vremyn
has attained' such frightful propordona in
sand regions that tho‘pofce‘ntage of mortnl
-Ity (a: oxoaeds um o births. ' '
‘ England. Run“- and Turkey.
Lon! ~ _ Nov. 15.:- , ~ took..gxch 39
Bdulamd 1'11!th $1919 at. veupgat.
A huvy doolino‘bu than 1 moo on rumors
of political complications h-aveen England
md Russia.
: The 140er- eorrespondw to! the Li"!-
goolhlamrier says that“? Austin ”lawn-d,x
m‘euder lamina vain,
ptfieufimfgou olgnam “memento“ ‘
with the ports regarding Asia Minor, but to ‘
send for the British fi‘eet. no the! it may ‘
flicker inßTgrkiah waters by Sunday or;
en qy. p eeqn 9v roqeedinge will don
rfiggwhyghduledfiru proceed tome?
ment 0 their promises. ‘
Ali 111-II Conn-lion.
DUBLIN. Noy _ ”Aloe I Mae~ 01,3.
Irish nation‘s? nb‘h‘égngfih‘lmsblhd' £112?
the. pl _ o\ _ _,cl 0’ onnor. {or
the murmgg'of the frisf House of
Commons. bonnie the bnaio'ol that for did
convention. That the delegates shall nun- {
bar 800 And um tlgo convention shall meet
in Dublin in April. 1882. 1
. 1 ‘ . _. 1; -,
h maunkétfi |flremyor at 033?;
slel~ e"r‘t‘uoe‘l
thefixkexchlele firm??erezfi o
Osrlllo and Juan Casenovn, have surren
gered. Ths gmrnm 1‘ Walked Villa
lnru in s state of siege. n
Hum", Nov. lT.—lnt'enigen‘ce has been
received to the em: than the government
has telegraphed to captains general through
out Spain to holdl in readiness to start. 0-
tore th'e"end of the“y'e'sr, the portions 01‘
troops now under their control which are dee
tined to relulorce Cum. , , . , ,
‘j ' 111-axed. .
Gwen, Nov. 17.-—Forty-niue Afghans have
Been hanged for complicity in the massacre
of the British embegey. It is reported that.
‘tronhle, is epprehcn ed in the Ghuezin noun-4..
try. ' One of the Rhone and his brother are
inciting en insurrection in Kohistsn.
Tull-teen Peroonn Drowned
Gnssoov, Nov. 17.-—Thirteen persons re.
turning from n (air were drown“! while at
tempting to cross the Lochindsll Isley.
Cabinet. tonne".
LONDON, Nov. 17.—A cabinet council to
day was celled by telegraph st very short no
tice. It set over an hour. All ministers‘
were prcsent. except Viscount Sandou and 1
the Duke of Richmond. The statement. that. i
a Paris correspondent of the St. Petersburg
Novoe Vremys had held on Interview with
Lord Duflerin. wherest the latter expressed
some opinions as to the status of England
IN] Russia with regard to Turkeyfls now
denied. , _
ll'llll New.
Lennon. Nov. 19,—mchu1 Dnvitt and
June- Bryoe Ellen have been arrested in
Dublin. clmrgml W 511! Inning ucnl lungunf‘u
in pu‘uhv upvq-t-hon t‘nchlAh-d to I'm-nu lm-m-h
of peace. and Juan; Duly. editor of flu
(Yonnalluht Tdrgraph. has [men urn-sud in
Gullah»: {or : uimihr cause", The prim
non have been conveyed {on nanniuntiun to
81130. when- the speeches worn qucl.
, Drum, Nov. ltl.-——lt is reported that l‘.tr
m 11. homo rulo letllll r. will nlundon his pro
pmud visit to America. (iurrimns M West
port, ()ughtornrtl. Clurecastle. Numwh and
other important points in [rt-hind will be re
PM] ”C can"
bu'tuuimro. Nov. ls.——(iov. Irwin to day
granted n respite tor sixty days in the NW
l 0! Bfingne. sentenced to death on Dec. sth
\ tort c mnuler of T. W. More in Venture
‘ county.
Lumber Gun ['s9.
SA! memsoo. Nov. 15.—-—At. n meeting of
the Lumber Desters’ Exchange yesterday it
nus dueldrd that the price of rough lumber
should be rrised $4 per 1,000 let-t, and other
qualities 0! lumber Were advanced in price,
though not exactly to the some extent. The ‘
new rates take effect at once. 1
Drowned. l
SAN FBLNCXSCO, Nov. 17.—-Dnring .3 severe
northcr at Antioch on Sunday morningthree
San Francisco sportsmen attempted to cross
the river in small ssil bout. Albert-tossing
safely and while skirting the shore tho bout
capsized. and one named Risener, proprietor
of :1 drug store at the center of Sixth and
Mission streets, was drowned.
An Unmrlunnto Amrlr.
Rlso, Nov. 17,—A respectable citizen,
named S. M. Oslies, was killed last night at
10 o'clock by Mrs. Dr. 'l‘. N. Snow. The
man was very dent and called to get. the doc
tor. who was away, to go to see his children.
Mn. Snow could not tell who it was and
called out to Hm. but he failing to hear a:
not answer. He walked up anddown the
porch tor over halt an hour, stopping to fit;
tte' stthe door as ho'pnsssd It. Mrs. Snail"
kept calling. and her three children trying
from tent. excited her more. She nitrate
lag; in as loudavoioe as she could. "Go
“any or I will shoot through the door.’_’ 118‘
vs :no attention a (1 he shot, striking him
in the latent. Harlérlp‘ed out into the street
and fella down, ’dykngnulrnost immediately:
The community blamed Mrs. Snow but. very.
little. Oak?! was. u largo property holder.»
H 6 leltn wile]; __A _ , . ,k M}
‘ « ln‘kWur Paint. ‘
‘ The Piutea are in: *nr‘ paint The}3 allcge'
that Washoe has killed'uuo of their memmd;
they am massing near Carson (Or rovwge.
Emu Molina. ~ 1 '
Cruz or Mnnco, Kay. 10.——.-\ local revolus
tion has occurred gin. the Chihpnhua Stute
Government. The pr'onuncindes have occu
pied the capnnl ind cnfimred the Goverfi'or ‘
with all the State ofllofin . Gen. Trevino'nt“
the motto! necessary. forces hm lelt mos-3
trns andiamarching on Chihuahua to put 1
down phaxebellion. .' . , .
COn'gresh hm; u‘pqroved‘u .oontmct for In -
ing‘ate‘lefim'ph cab a a¢rdss 'the Gulf of Mei- ‘
ice to the United States. - “
Nowntfloulu‘u have arisen in Yucntnnut
The government has apparently inelruuted‘
Gen. Palomimt to intervene in elections of}
that elite. Governor Anconnimmedintely or- 1
genital a force of 1,500 men to oppose such 3
intervention and occupied the heights of ‘
Merido. Gen. Palomino asked to: new in~j
elructions from the federal government and ‘
reinforcements, which lelt‘Vere Cruz on the
sth that. The local opponents 0! Governor
Aneono joined the federal troops. ‘
3 [inflation In I Tunnel. ‘
BAN Joel; Nov. lag-An explosion occurred ;
nee: Sen Jere at about 1 o'cloch this morn"
ing in e tunnelmm narrow gouge reilroed 1
near Wright'r e e ”n. It align“ the; three ‘
explosions oo‘corred.‘ The t took place
It 1150?; m, the second at 11:66 P.‘M.,
end the third at 12:90 A. I. They were
changing mm It the time the first explo
lion tailpleoe, Seventeen Ohmnmen have
been en (it, all horribly burned; twenty.
lour'a'eed re nlnln'the tunnel.‘ . ' '
, There is e terribl'ei’ce‘ne ol enlbriné‘ih the
camp end rm mount the moth of the tub
nel. Theenuine for phm'ping air is disabled.
Broken eheie‘end wrecked and broken ting,
here are ecettered ell ground. Gee prevents
my attempt to recover bottles at present.
Work will be delayed-two Lonlhe. No blulné
is sold to attach to the oontreotore.‘ , l w
It is believed that the whitennaen. token
from the tunnel fwill live, but several 0! 't
Chlnnmen brought out are fatally injured,
Theece’ne ot' the dienuter is almost on top of.
the flute Omz‘nountoine in a region where
coel all nhennde end where boring ior wells
in octivelyproeeeuted., There is avail: 0! oil
running {jght thrgnsll the tunnel and the.
soil ‘cen e ignite in places and will burn
may. Diplbelohe at gun. and Ires result»
ing hemithe seine-hove been olrtreqnent ac.
current there endhm elready resulted in 1
severe] liven. The mm»: precaution; has,
been neqeeeery in marking there. and fully.l
Try the ‘un of air compressors hep progreee'
helm possible. It to exp‘ected, hoe/ever; thetl
with n clear tunnel e netuml current of eirl
will be-eufliqientu l: L A 7 . 1
1' Alger: [we 111-net". .
SAN FRANCIICO, Nov. 19.——A special Imm
“1:511“ station says that the white men in
jn ‘ Ly the explosion M yeeterdoy are like
-15; to uneven One more Chinemnn died
last night. -No mom bodies have been taken
out of the tunnel yet.. Tho-blower has been
repaired and the £ll:an were started at 1
o'clock. The hea Ohinaman is trying to
get men to go into the tunnel after the dead.
but no one s Willing; He will probably yet
then to go utter the blower rune about twelve
hours. The eix pumped out is very. foul and
full of gas.
A Lawyer Drowned.
The body of a man wan found at the loot
of the Vaudjo street what this morning and
In identified as that. of Henry Thompson.
a lawyer a! this city, who has been missing
since the 7th or Bth inst. ,
‘ Gorhnm lo be “Fll'fd om."
The secretary of the Republican State
Central Committee, finder instructions from
the Committee, has telegraphed to the presi
dent and secretary of the National Repub
lican committee; asking that. the place of
Geo. C. Gorhnm, on the National Committee
as represonhtim'oi Oolitmnin. be declared
vacant on amount 01 his uotion during the
recon Sm. campuian.
-I-QI nutty-Imaging '
Vnouu. Nov. we?!“ hunt dumnmd
fihio naming, with mm, In!“ ugdmt nu.
.Q' Nnrcroin. Consolidated Virguiin. Gould .Q
(flurry, Swag». Crown Point. b'lnrm Sunni-i
itttil luvnlm-k running (‘0 .iluuies, brought by
tlu‘ Htutr twn )tdl'n‘ ngqu tu two-Wt about
$1,.',1.u,1,1'0 [melt lililiivu luv-.4. When thu
uctiuim into coinunti'ml tuv complaints
mn- ilumirrul to on tho ground that nev
erul M‘ptll’illv must-u of action \w-re united in
one. The (lemurrtrs were sustained and the
usuul time gin-n to amend complaints. lu
nteud o! amending the Stnte appealed to the
supremo court, which decided thntthe rul
ing of the lower court wns correct. Thai
State still neglected toumeud the complaints;
hence the case was diuurisued. ‘
SAN qucnco. Nov. l‘J.-—A Virginia. disv
patch on the authority ot the Virginia Cityi
Chronicle, anys that ore was hoisted 11l last
night through Union shalt. From this must
forward about 200 tone will be hoisted daily.
The on hoisted Int night willnrtll nutty
S2OO nnd come: from the 2,300 drift. Sierra
Nevudn or. will also In hoiited from the
Union shit. The pin now is to take are
out of these miles as rapidly as possible.
Sierra Nevada is allo hauling ore to the
Con. Virginia ore house for shipment to the
river {or ruluction. There were about 400
tons of this lot. and it will be {allowed by
future extracts.
Connectmut Couniry Towns.
A correspondent ‘of the Troy Tim-8|
has- beon visiting u_ town in Connecticut;
and writes 2‘ The mlitof' 'lms shm'vn mp
over the place, and as we came to' the
end of No. 5 of the 'five strc'ots, the‘
conundrum of it all grow too much for
ms; to hold. “Will you just explain
this riddle of a burgh ’l’ I cried, “L 00k,
at it. Here are 1,500 people, ‘uliveT-at‘
least measurably alive-{good for three
meals a day,-and now, all in sauna
houses with spacious gardens or lawns‘
and the lawug kept up, too—and gen
erally o. barn and stable; and every
house, and burn and stable, and fence and
pump, and hoe ha’ndle painted so whitc‘
it makes you ache to look‘at it. ‘Now
meals, and houses, and repairs, and
lawns, and hon-w feed,,and tons of,white
paint, cost money. \And the hutche;
and the baker ahcl the mechanics ore
paid, too—otherwise they coilldn’t afl‘o‘r‘d
white paint, and would die'of'sliameJ
Connecticut is full of these sleepy
towns, and they all pay their way.
Now, how do they do it’l 'l‘hcsgvi'olks
can’t all be retired Wooden nlilin‘ég mor-~
chants,‘ and they c:m’t all: and mike
monay by looking at each other, hhy
more than koplninaschool boys can get
rich by swapping htgkknivos.l They
don’t seem to toil .nor spin; and yet
Solomon in all his gloi‘y ncvor hind
thécocouts of white palm on his front
palings like one of 'these. 'Oncn' more;
how the miauhicftdg tiny, floitl" He
lleuncd hack 1" ins a osf, ; tt e
lucid cxplunatliollll‘ 'lllléljg “'hggugiligllt
paush‘lnstvdd. “Well."l’ddh’t khow
myself," said the editor. 'v “Let's ask the
statesman and find out." The atatesnmn
stood on the Bacon llousg. porch as we
came home, and we asked him, and
‘braéed our Bruins fpr the rush of in
fiofinution to come.“ ‘The‘ statesman
i stopped a minute, and let the question
‘aoak slowly through his short'Romm
curls; then a. luminous theoryJQN
gleqnied and died in, his deliberate gray
eye, and than lifting the antique‘ca'flmeo
kndwn’ as hiv‘jhead, and looldn'g e'ven
more like .‘the tviolvé Caesars than usual;
‘llMw’t-quite—knowrmyself,” laid.
thaatatesmw. , . .
Ulfllflbumlflfllh . .
- Postofiloes and Postmasters. l
j The annual'rep‘ort 6; the uppointriient'
division of the Postoffice Department (oi
the‘ last fiscal year has been. coupletdt
It shows, that the number? of Pmtofioes
i'p operation in the Unitefiftatee on the
,30th of June last was ,855. There
were 2,076 oifi'ces established mid 1,079'
discontinued dating the fiscal year,- the;
itmincreaee heifng 1,597." Out of the
t l Inigo; 0 poster tare, 1,711 a e
apgoinntgelee of“ the l’retiiiiient, Their:-
xnaifiing 39,144 'ofliees' are filled’hy ap
pointment of the Postmaster-General. “
i 01 the appointments-made during the
lint fiacal‘year 5,627 were upon resign».
t onesnlexpiretions of commissions;
‘ 558 oh removals and 378 to fill vacan:
1 des'caused by death. ' ' ‘
‘ ; Besides the 41,000 postmasters there
; are about 16,000 otherpereons through,-
' out the country who perform service and
receive compensation upon the written
authorization of the Postmaster-[General
or his chief assistants, comprising 414 in
the Postoflice§_])epartment at Washing
ton; 4,894 clerks in postoifioea of the
first. and second classes, 2,350 letter .car
riers, 54 special agents, 2,609 employees
of the Railway Mail Service and 5,659
mail contractors. In addition to the
postofllco clerks above reckoned, for
whose employment allowances are made
to Presidential rostplasters of the first
and second gunfire, it ii: estimated that
there are at least 50,000 persona acting
a); clerks in the third and fourth-class
postoilices who look [for their employ
ment and compensation directly to the
local authority, and upon a moderate
estimate it is believed, therefore, that
I there are now over 100,000 persons
I directly connected with our postal service.
' When [a man attempts a pedestrian
match with a ban the latter always comes
in ahead. ' ‘ '
Oregon Items.
“lllnmolln l'nnu‘.
i'.nl'.hl‘.”'§ in Lane county .ire Inning IMI,
lmwllecl wheat ground into chop.
'l'hu (lurml ivua .1 wood nccount of Uutln .
(trove, Whichgll inidbto be a thriving 1.15%:
and n good bullpen point. ,
The McKonnie wagon reed hm: proved to be
a min imtitution. The company he: ex.
pen 'elli‘lfl‘iOO the put wuon in bridge. m 1
Max Muller, postmaster of Jacksonville,
any: that not n single failure has occurred on
the mail route between thut plnce nnd
Crescent City within the put. {our years.
Rosebnrg Star : Notwitliatnndin thp rust,
score, it in refitted that 6.000 bagels more;
wheat have an stored in the warehouses
lanthanum; “ “ "“ *"
‘ The West Ede radmdr will soon be oom
plehd. to, Ginniliufind it {linid it will he)
pushed through to Junction curly,“ pouible
“3’“! ye". Imin " QM! .‘.'_""u~-,Yu In”: "1‘:
J.'.A. rm. who‘ «u indicted by the grand"
Leary for theicrime of prvy, was brought to
ugeno on :10:an ind edged i'n‘the'couuty
jlil, where ho wil be‘ likely to mmlin nun]
court meet» next Spring.
. Mantel? the meme-mum 'l'!an have!
Been indicted .fer breaking the Sunday law,
lint as fast as the cases were tried they Were
found not guilty: - Judge Wltlon charged the
j' “(.th the law was not ‘hroken nnless the
fierchmnts‘threw open'fhpxi‘dbéfl: lull invited ‘
add. ~ ' ‘ '
‘Tho Ynmhill Reporter tells of a bloody
combat at night between two of McMinn
villo‘g itizcnfi. Mr, Willis hcnnl somebody
at his fitc’fldma‘ a awotfl’ rind llaméd forth:
{:und gummvmme' one am:
”nging mm: to: i t ‘ lborhood
seized the unhitigémgdum)mfollowcdf
A. J. Hunt wga the seized Karma, and he
0 darned" with his pocket knhé on‘ old Mr.
im,yllo W 11: .ka WM! his old ”NHL
11 this while they dxd not know each other.
Both ore l)ndly‘bid,%oaghu6 aeflma‘ wounds
were gn-cn. . .. . .
Sou them (Dragon . .
'1 The Sentin‘él tells of andw in the root hills.
of Jul-on countv.‘ , an ~. A: 1, ~.
”Pluto in not a‘linllc empty Irma“): Jaok- -
atnville at present, nn_d sgvcra applicants for
v cant promises. "' 0
:flera whh shi’pfieo fionPAlhlhfid in anédny
1:? week flame. tum-yd thousand panda,“
ii at to Lake county aloao. ‘
r' ' . .7"w‘.‘!" ‘ .
Aim ‘Pikc, w‘lnlu nttenytmg to cross the
Oulipooia hm Oaklmldn u‘odaduy drown-d
his team. Cause. high W 385». .
‘A‘ ‘rc ncc red at: Ashlmd n 1 Is‘rido. oxgep
ing [33%, \yhiucfil bonhumed the lfinck’snfiyth mid
wagon shop 0! Smith alfiww, ~‘ v ‘
“'3 Learn flat tho. Anlle'Collcgo is m n
pros erous condition, having alrcody uvur one
h‘mtgréfl a'cholhfh in Attenduncé. -. ;“-
": H‘iauatilhfltod um as tomb. fourth of the
farmer; of liogqo ){ivcg volley} “W,“ to 'Rose- ,
burg this season to' pu‘réfmso “:51! su‘pphcs. ’
: 'l‘ho bdsi'néén 6! the Rbsdbufg xmt'oflice the
first? days in Nombfihwu 865 lettnra. 163.
watt loutlatwwccoaflthml and fourth class
mntétsr.‘ ‘A' 7“" 7' ~
VThe Coos Bay New says eh: quuille folks ,
are in earnest about, river im mvumcnts. A
phxblic meeting has but-n hulll’at lienulnn‘ and
cpmmilncca‘appointedr - .
j Hardy. Elifl WM takonlto Portland. charged
with cutting timber on government lend.
He pleaded not. guilty to the charge and'wus
honorably dischau'ge . ’ .
Mr. Tomlimon, a Sen ancimxo drummer.
getting off the train (it Roeeburg in the dark,
fell 00' the pllfiorm, wven feet. and broke a.
rib nud‘frpctlured hie collaf bone. ,
lHerry Stone. of Randolph, suddenly. fell
d at! on‘the'flOorwhifl hltlng at his desk on
file-“By ‘ of Int week-. 1 .1151. sham .iunpo.
ppeeqqheve been perelyme pf 'tho brun.
: Flei'fimer‘fthe' Cafiydnvllh‘ thief,’ “a “Mali. l
gem hammer; Cehuitl‘le Citfiuhen ha by l
e «mute ion one an en
§ (vetoh, and ‘the? was fie wheat! of ‘
new “ \ .Irt. . * . ~
lThe Jack-nu count and jur hubrou ht .
id only due, true hlllfilgelmt Syln'g Foofi'q'br '
c remitting touring «in. 1 The chergupinet .
J a ilh,‘ {qr mp enemy, was iggolred by the .
u'y. I ’l l vV» I . ‘
lJohn‘ Mhtfnyhnon $11; an Chum-n
lie :1 w oweearmt . lwflqubm
dang: £0 Illinois, where new” Impm- ‘
o ed-l year It the ”alumina“ “Elam -,
b L 6 vi enpqee .Y;
fiem? hr.‘qulfilnorn led an llprfiggt lilo
Tileinmegomm mu - v; w-'
They lay theb Mr. Jay Bench. of Links“
v’lle. will mtflmztgi fimt Stalin-en's
S r [or ".8509 or nee'to e, '
h nxltlé-ll three in fiv'e, Jlm- eitherlfi:
‘X’ronmeckaor Byhee'e'heck _et Jukepnr E
Mlle, Race ‘to, be my! a; any Itnno Dewy};
‘new end Chrilcmes. A " '‘ ' l
viyhgn Thou Roddookatnd' Imoumr «mm u
‘re in 1; eglnearx ad ’33 one a.
{wing it 103;»? against unammmh £3“ '
anal-d tho gronudggxmawhmi {road firm! the
in‘w lama go “’3? .mcha was.
to map of nénr‘ the top,k\€vhioh for“. aud‘
3‘llka Roddh oak?{o?rtl'vlfl flow'on fill). ghoul-H
or, own ing in . our u gm so ”rcnk' ,
his thigh bone. He (he‘fwiglgn‘gm hournm
the tendon; He wan mvory oxoolluni young
man,oboq}26years old. J . ‘ _.
- ' " 'mg’or'me Mohnfi-lup. ' " ,
,It. il reported that 2869““. Min bum in
d‘uted for gambliufi at mm x“ ' I - ‘ '
Ahpru' onenconfiqe ‘ 'n‘Vnker "t jail for
drmying a deadly weffign gash: hkrgcupé. .
’Col.‘ Lung" pmpdnba to' «IMG'QO,OOO handle! ‘
3314: out of Guru county um Spring with- ‘-
Half the Mummoth‘mixm,"fibxr Bake? City, '
was sold {019.38.000. ‘und 3 twathp mill ha
been ordered. _ > . , _
The Pendloton Indepehulu'nt my- a. young
mart, omm. Irving, ’ehgnnnd in banding
horn“, hgd bjs lcgbruken lwlpw tha‘k‘n‘epr , ‘ ,
Sherifl' S crry, of Pemlleton,,found “'0
prisoner's, “Silica um] ('Mn‘pbé’ll. ouch fihder
three year: sentence; bud a-ialse key rmdn,.~
:A Ipan of horses was stolen last, week frog .
the Sheriff of Klickitat county. “
Wheat is worth‘ 10-day 190 cents per bush]
in Walla Walls; 3!; 90 put qcntnl in Portland; .
31 95 and B'2 in Stu: Francisco, and $2 88 in
Liverpool. It il' ’linblu to fumnin at those
figures for the next th numb: to come.
The contractor: 'for (arn'shin tie: and
lnm‘oar to the N. P. B. it. (gal, Mew-l.
Hal-knell a Co. want tam» Ibo-hm] ties from t
the Blue Mountains chi-much. m. “an. .
gunned on the. Pen 6'0"!” We!
0 .

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