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Puget Sound weekly Argus. [volume] (Port Townsend, W.T. [Wash.]) 1876-1882, May 13, 1880, Image 2

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um}: Smut: : Editoradfi‘i'ébfir'lmr
w'vii I? [9le A \‘H M ,\ Y Wl3.“l>‘>7'o‘.7
='_t.~.n,z..\ .Nl was.
lupus-I oi tiu- lint-durum: lixpcrl.
Water l‘oisr, .tprzl {Mo-Hogan. an expert
said: "I am prepared to testify that the
handwriting of specimens numbered 8, 9
and 10. is the handwriting of the person 3
who wrote the note and contents addressed ‘
to cadet Whittaker." Replying to questions i
Hagen stated that he had noticed some at—
tempts to disguise in the handwriting ot the ‘
anonymous note. ushad asked tor addi
' tiona specimens of this hand, and found in
how or two resemblances to the anony—
mcusnote, but not sumcient to warrant. i
General Kc} Provided For.
Wasnrsc'mx. April 80.—At a cabinet meet
ing today the President tendered the Post—
master General the United States judgeship
- tor the eastern and middle districts of Ten
ncsse which was accepted. ' I
Unprecedented lmml‘rntion. I
a Six ocean steamships arrived today i
"bringing 3. 386 immigrants from all parts of
Euro 9. Total arrivals {or April. 46.118,
the Ear-germ number cver landed at Castle
Garden in one month.
Public Debt Statement.
\Vrsmscroxt. April 30.-—Tlio debt state—
ment will show a decrease during April oi
$12,000 or more. The treasury purchased
422,000 ounces of silver for the Philadelphia.
and fian Francisco mints. '
New Postal Routes.
3 Vadnruoroit,'ltlay l.—-In the prst ronte
hill the following new routes are created in
Oregon: From Salem via Liberty school
house. Waldo term, Rock Point. Beaver
Glen and Union schOol‘ hohso to Silver
creek; irom Linlmlle via Tale Lake.
Scorpion Point. Dro Lake and Burgood’s
ranch to, Fall river mills. California; from
Linkville via Plevna. Klamath terry. Miller's
ranch. Dorsey's ranch. Fairchild's ranch
and Ball’s ranch to Mount Shasta. Cali.
(ornia: ‘ from Rockville via Olex, Lono
Bock. S‘friug valley. Monument. Long
creek an Susanvilla to Canyon City; from
Bockvilic via The Basin to Alder creek. W.
T.; from Drew’s valley via Burncs' valley
I) Lnngell's valley; irom Linkvillc to Mount
Shasta; from Linkville to Fort Klnmath;
from Camp Hardy by Curry’s to Silver
creek; from The Dallas via Celilo to Wallula,
W. T.; from. Baker City via Eldorado to
Boise City. Idaho. ‘
' Another Involco of Esrligrants.
an Yomt. May l.—-Five steamshtps nr—
.wasimlwvsn- “more We" m L,’J9l
emigrants. French papers state that there
in 60,000 nerscns awaiting means oi trans
portation to this country. Two thousand
are waiting for berths in 11am. Three
trains were dispatched to-day. and three or
tra trains oi two can each will be sent out
tar—marrow over the Erie. Pennsylvania and
Mlaktfintr'al. ,
y . nut-stat stats-asst.
' VWasmsoncs. Kay 1 —Tho decrease ot the
min debt during April a neonate.
-- ia-the treasury-0199,4843”; geld oer
tiflcates. 88 280.600; silver certificates. $12.-
#711600 certified“ 01 deposit outstanding.
. 60. ; refunding certificates. $1,524.-
950; tractioaalcurrsaey outstanding, $15,-
WMflZt lust tenders outstanding. 0846,-
cfll. . ,
i Callus-Ila Memorials.
Wasnntom my L—Repuesentstive Hor
ace Davis to-day presented memorials oi the
iSan Francisco chamber oi commerce prayin
*ths defences 0! that harbor be armed
forty crfilty modern heavy rifled guns.
and that at least two turreted ironclads be
.rnaintaincd there. that the sine ot mail ships
to he submit-‘3 by the postmaster. general
be not preach by law except in regard to
vessels plying between the United States
and Buck Asia and Attica. and protesting
. ”shot raced discontinuance 01
“hr “'BO 's letter carrying service.
' » Postal changes.
‘ rostal changes tor the Pacific Coast last
jweeh: Established—lll. Columbia county.
‘W. T., E. L. Hemingwsymomnast'er; Bock
-1004. Spokane county. W, T., Mrs. Ruth
Barrister“. Master, .
“1.700 lands oi the President.
‘ MM‘hss signed the inmo
diat'e'demnc bill which now ocs
P | t. ,‘ I 5 to the
_ out blishes aoolurnn and a hall
Host-vi: entree. John a. Butter. embel
lished withhis portrait. The purpose at
this publication which narrates in a very I
“limbs-truth float services to the
in! States authorities. distressed immi.
”to Id early settlers in California. sp
mrs to be to promote the passage of the |
MD! in Cutout for his rslici. i
Ilns lac-M. i
(100. 3. Davis. oi Chicago. and Nebraska i
session tor Omaha presented to the coinage
eon-tune of the House the Inuit: at those
cities as mint locations.
. love-su- hut".
n" m 0' “at "nun nt.-um. .
0 mo of Mouse Fund as I,ole ”up I.
W, 9! “3 PULL; Lil: lo '“J-Kll.'i.
Mats... um: i m son: toad. Laura; 1
“it I! L“ L” " ””5" {LII NJ tuft, .‘ln 1. .
“find out". H 'L' r‘.(‘L in! ,L. (“M .1“
w ""‘""' “I“ MV.’ 1.1.f'- J ~
..n‘te-msvo. a r' t .. or
he: .i i... in. r ...“ wk,
.1150! 'al-I 1.. -";..
“rev-... . . .l , , ...,t I] y .
Witn...s‘«. i'i‘fi'wtni
”your” ... w . ». ' - . .
ctr-own» . . . . -, .
mun. ‘ ,U. _ . , ‘ w :7
on. Q‘ 'csv' s.-~tut. .
.it s
we... ’ 'n u . '
w a c , , ~ i’
' “A, l ‘
[hm thcrvforo invite} .\ir. Swift to make him
. a visit at Ann Arbor for the purpose of ex
changing vii-we us to their prospective work
lingmlu-r, and Smit will do so en route to
i t‘uiiicrnia, leaving \‘(ashingtou probably
i mutt 'l‘ucmiay and arriving at San Francisco
,on or about the ‘.Uth ilZ‘Ji. Minister Angeli
:mii (‘omiuissimu-r mini Minister 'l‘rt‘scoii ox -
i put to reach San Francisco tr gvtizcr bctwocu
illv lat :I:th Bill (‘5 June.
Robbin: :\ “unlucky flunk.
. i.\r:l.~',}iy.. May-i. ~--<‘:'a\.lr~'u;cntool; from
‘,the Natir'ul Bank :i but containing SILK!
; and a package t'nn‘amin,’ $19,500 in bowls.
,‘l‘cn HANNAH-i dollar; of the bonds area!
the Cincinnati Southern and belong to Mrs.
l C. S. lirent, of this city; 50,500 are Carlisle,
, Kentucky bonds, the property of Mrs. John
Marshall, of Covington, Kentucky. Pay—
ment on the latter can be stopped, but bank
oflicisls say that the Southern bonds can
only be regained by compromise With the
burglars. Parties are suspected.
Doings oi the n. E. Couierencc.
‘ Crucrrmarr, May 4.—The address of the
bishops was read in the M. E. conference
It iavors strongly a retention of the present
plan of prescribing eidership, maintenance
01 doctrines of the fathers and a general
diocesan superintendence. The conference
received the address with great favor.
Wednesday, May 12th. was fired tor the
election of church oflicers.
Found flanking- Io Ia Tree.
Ganvss’ros. May 4.—-On Saturday two
men were iound hanging to a tree near the
line of Deuton county: supposed to be horse
A Banno- Holocaust.
Btcuatosn, May 4.—Martha Jones. col
ered, who lived with her five children in the
neighborhood of Christiansburg, securely
barricaded the doors, set fire to the house,
and herself and children were burned to
l‘ixin: Foreign Capitol.
ALBANY, May 4.—Governor Cornell vetoed
the bill taxing the capital of foreign banks,
but aiter hearing bankers' arguments re
called the bill.
Sanitary condition of ”cannula.
Murals, May 4.—-Seworaae is greatly
improved. Local authorities declare the he
liei that health will be unbroken through
out the Summer.
lllrlaor Appropriations.
Wasnmo’rort. May 4.—The following items
are in the river and harbor appropriation
bill reported to the House to-day: Con—
structing a canal around Cascades, Columbia
river, $100,000; Upper Columbia and Snake
rivers, $15,000; Upper Willamette river,
$12,000; Lower Willamette and Columbia
rivers from Portland, Oregon, to the sea,
$45,000; Oakland harbor, California, $90,.
000; Sacramento river. $30,000; San Joaquin
river. $15,000; Bhgit river, Washington
Territory, $2,500; Petaluma creek, Califor—
nia, $8,000; Cowlitz river, Washington Ter
ritory, $2,000; Chehaiis river, Washington
Territory. $7,500; Yaquina Bay, Oregon,
$40,000; Coquillo river. Oregon, SIO,OOO.
Time Extended.
Postmaster-General Key has extended the
time to Wells, Fargo 3: 00., to make an ai—
rangernerrt against the breaking up of their
pest ofltce business until to-morrow.
Bills Approved.
The President has approved the army and
fortification appropriation bills.
Postponed Until Next leuion.
The gudiciary committee of the House has
decide to postpone till the next session of
Congress all further consideration oi the
Geneva award bill.
Asa Ilsa-o Instr-tome.
Ixnuuarcms. May 4.—Coi. R. M. Good
win shot and killed his brother, Dr. John
Goodwin. at Brookville. Ind., to-day. Col.
Goodwin was but recently discharged from
the insane asylum. Dr. Goodwin was a
grominent citizen of the eastern part ot the
tate and a lay delegate to the general con
ference of the Methodist Episcopal Church,
now in session at Cincinnati.
African )1. E. Conference.
Sr. Lows. May 3.—The seventeenth
quadrennial session of the general confer
ence of the African M. E. Church opened
here this afternoon.
111-val movements oi the Chile-ls.
Panels, April 24.-—The Chilean blockade
fleet announced its presence in Celine bay
by sending before daylight a torpedo launch
against the Peruvian corvette Union. an
chored well in shore, but before exploding
it harmlessly struck a "fleeting pnliaade pre
tecting that vessel. The Ohilean launch,
carelessly or clumsily managed. ran danger
onslv near the United States steamer
Alaska and the Italian frigate Garibaldi, and
just escaped a warm reception from those
100 1011-d.
Hamnx. May 4.—The steamer Moravian
saw the Polynesian in the ice in the golf on
the let inst. but had no means of communi
cation with her. The Polynesian has over
a thousand passengers on board.
Isl-k lane leport. '
LOIDOI April 27.—'I‘he Mort Lune Ex
pu- lpit. mm at the altuotlon cub.
or? end when 0! Europe tonthe week
on in: April 26th an:
The W the put two months has been
them-t unconoblo known tor fivo’yem.
Spring loving has been satisfactorily fin
hhod. Ind Igflonltunl prospects on "ener
ohly (“on In. In consequence of the
pro-poet ol good crop. tumor: have ceased
to ext-ch importune to the retention 0! the
nothinlns stock at home grown wheat, ent;
country mnrkeu consequently have been
more liberal. Although the condition 0!
,umplou ha been tnlr. sales were only
rflu‘lcd with dltllculty at a decline at two
phlilmgrl per quarter. Actual import: of
tumgn nt Livt'rpool and London have not
I.“ n «1.1 T: "lent to come the (trunnion. but
l.':!l.onmn arrival-t at port-t 01 call and Nb
vnl Inflow-nu tron: and a marked decline
... Ant-nu have reduced bnuincos to u atute
: mum Ut-cnuum nl Lender“ have been
mum-5 tlianrgrtnmtl ly the [-.leflic (t the
....-. LAP atrumulnhuu (in me Atlantic son
' ..xt The lnstrm-ttom ircu to factors
' .-r {nu P.llsl‘2). "Thin.- 'fc ptlvo you cdl’l
: vat M ii." In filth ml-sznurleetl state
A)...” Ih"lllul'l:1Y1 cu; warmly be me
rt i-l 'l'Uli At “Mat. ll ii not easy to
u , , 21.1 u u: do \ Lam, r'pu :all}' at the
lowest price does not appear to have ’yet I
been reached. bntit may he statedtliat Since 1
the acknowledged failure of the ring. white ;
American has declined Si and rod 45 per
quarter. As far as can be gathered at pres—
ent, exports from Rusaigi will not be very
large. In comequunce of this fart the de—
cline on liusmin has not (xcscdnd _‘24 (3.11 m
quarter. lithium; has been inurelyof a
retail character. Th“ tik‘ull‘7ls“ {My “‘3l
at all stimulated l-}‘ the decline. 1m 1.32 m: :11
the fntnrr are i'!‘."-.‘!:L:!), LuL ~ ) >i::v.',-J u re— i
laps-3 may be imprint ljm :,i:::1';1e:' naming. I
Arrivals ;‘.' I‘irr’.“ Ii 13:21 iizfl I‘. TLJ' rte. nti
heavy dtt‘til‘lt: in “‘-’.‘.'..‘.i. ha» 'u' myh’. forward }
lmyers. 'i‘hr.,~ it «; lmn n in}. (Eo.-:1:;;:ul l
throughout the “wk and mi rn recovered
Gd to 1-. (n 1111 an] 1:: to 1:; It‘ll] 6.1 on.
white. Maize i: quiet. It has (lvciined 13
per quarter. 0:11-12; of wheat for shipment
from Amrrica continued restricted. Some
little business: was done in red Winter on
passage a: 433 (ESQ? 10:4 3d. but buyers are
generally indisposed to eperate. Maize and i
barley slightly lower. Imports into the
United Kingdom {or the week ending April
17th. were 861,333 cm, wheat, 111,“;l cwt.
“re and Dellllullon.
S'r. Pnrnnsnnno. May I.—Seventy houses
have been burned at Radoanynldn the gov
ernment ot Tchermigofl'. and 130 at Nemerefi“
in I’dolia. Upwarde of 200 families are
M‘rlous sunnilou.
Lonnox. May I.—The situation in North
ern Albania is most serious. Combined Al—
banian clans, numbering 15.000 men, an:
advancing to attack the Montenegrins’ posi
tions in Movatscha valley, and it possible
Newspaper Suspended.
Losnox, May 3.-—A Conetantinonle dis
patch says that the Levant Herald has been
suspended, (or hinting that the government
had better begin reforming before the Eng
lieh cabinet recognizes the necessity of ex
ecuting the "bag and baggage" policy.
mule Enough to be llxeculccl.
The assassin of Colonel Comcrofl'has been
finally declared sane and will probably be
executed in a few days.
Blltniu-cz Will Not Both-c.
The North German Gazette denies the ru
mors recently circulated by progressint
newapspers of Bismurck’s approaching rc
tirement from ofilce, and says that the chun
cellor, in consequence of abstention from
parlinmentsry attendance imposed upon him
by the state of his health. has enjoyed an
opportunity for devoting his attention more
continuosly to ministerial duties in foreign
and home nfi‘mrn. and had himself stated
that he dmly acquires greater love for those
The New Channel Cable.
Losnou. May 3.—Lnying A channel cable
connected with' the new French cable at
Brest, has been completed and telegraphic
communication is now open Letween Pen
denvounder and Brest. .
Mullen-s In (tubal. '
CABUL.P.Iay 3.—Tho military force now
again is strong. und‘nny operations can be
undertaken. The country has been without
a settled government for 18 months. The
rural p 0 ulation is in a very disorderly
state, andJ the population of Cnbul, compris
ing partisans of different Sirdnrs is always
ready {or excitement. The rebellion is now
practically ended. Very few rebels remain
in arms and villagers are helping to hunt
them out.
Iron Workers Mute In England.
Loews, May 4.—Upwards of 7,000 iron
workers are on,s strike in the north of En
gland against a 6 per cent. reduction of wages
awarded by arbitrators. Burnley masters,
in order to support the Blackburn masters in
their notice to spinners and and room hands
of s reduction of wages, have decided to sue
pend the rule requiring notice belore dis
charging hands.
A ballot was taken by iron workers at
Oonsett to-dsy. and a majority of about
{our to one favored the continuance of the
strike. 3 .
fill led Laborers Cor-Ins.
The animation Agent at Aoorington, Lan
oaahiro, has reoelved In npplication from
the United State. for 100 lemlo woven or
bonds of inmiliu. The flnt batch nails on
the 15th inst.
almond on an Express fl'rnln.
Pun, May 4.-—A nilwny contnetor was
murdered by a fellow pusugor in a com—
partment of n. first-elm curing. on tho Mur
uillel nnd Lyn .... oxpren train to-duy. The
purpose 0! the murder was rpbbery. The
murdetor was arrested.
The Freedom ot the Clly.
Dmml. Mny 6.—Ceptatn Potter, of the
United Btntel ship Canton-don. wu to—iny
preeented with the treedont of. the city 01
Dublin. Lord Meyer Gray preeided at the
ceremony. ‘
noltllnlel l'omnudowed.
Hone Kola, April 7.-—Afleire between
Chlna and Baum are ntill threatening.
Bunion are current of a conflict between the
troops of the two nations on the 11l frontier.
end at the Chinese torcee having crossed
the Arnom- river.
To be Decnpltnted.
Chung How, late Embuendor to Russia
and contractor of the treaty at Levndie, has
been sentenced to decapitation. and the
sentence has been approved by the Em
The Chinese new Ilre Instr.
The Chinese in 11021;: Kcng have nub
scribed llbernlly to the: Irish {amino relief
fund. A rigmficant stipulation was made
at u public meeting Unit a large amount
Ihoul.l bu (unwanted tn the mayor o! lea
{or Llism'm-tion unlutzg Ulc.‘ \liutrcssed m til-At
district, the lmmu r't' Gu\'4.~rlxor “rum-35: y,
respect for wLom in rinL-Ln-Yy it]: 1:511le
Chinum reeidonts.
Young Knlloch Publishes a Card.
SAN Fluxczsco, April 29.-—-Tho Post this
afternoon publicize» the following card from
young Kulloch :
Elmo: Pcsr :' I him not a word to say
about. the {Acts or merits 0! my case. I;
wish it to be tried in the ordinary way. Fnir
play. especially toward a man charged Wllh
murder is supposed to be characteristic 0!
American communities. but I expect to have
no fair play on orbetore my trial, if the mat
men and corrupt detectives who surround
the Chronicle c-lihu nn-l usmuw to run tlns
city can prevent it. I: L" intuuons that
public ofiiccrsnvbo are ”hid by tlw commun
ity alumni \wrk illegitinumly for private in
dzvidunln, :ml cmvu': “Lt: ought to be
lxonm'uixh- {ln'amv'utitlu inrn mmm-mt nurse
cminn. 'l‘ch Grim-2 l-u‘lhfillt'l izx the Chm)»
iclu 01' last Hun My sham . 1‘ 1w mm:- (3f our
(19%:th “film“ 11:20.? l~'-'.l<~~' MM ”'3‘
to Irihhtru i;_m>r: n'. In M . A~z ‘.ur 21mm—
l't‘ht u: tion.-mt Shaw. 1 1:.-.‘.:- tin»; to my:
I do not know tLe Imm ml I 1144110 no
mutant-Lt :23 to my \ummu nf wlmr mm-
Epirt‘d. Ido not my whether his testimony
“an: CONT-Ct or incorrect. but I do dccluro he
hm'lno motive so fur as I can see to conceal
or pervert the truth, and that there ii noth--
ing in his evidrncu to indicate perjury. It
looks to me as it his urn-s: is intended by
the Chronicle and detectives to warn citizens
of SM: Francisco that they must not testity
to any {acts that would even tend towards
my exculpatiou. Yours truly,
The Post in another column snye : How
ever improbable it may appear in the face oi
testimony given at the inquest on the body
at the late Charles De Young. it is conti
dently asserted by friends of I. M. liolloch
that at least a. dozen mtncsa will support
the testimony oi Clement Show. to the ct—
fect that De Young did fire the first shot,
The rumor is given for what it is worth, but
there is no possible doubt that such evidence
Will be ofi‘cred and form part of the defense.
flout fitthout BMI.
In the police court this otternoon, I. M.
Kelloch had 11 preliminary exumination on a
charge of killing Chas. DeYoung. The
prosecution ott‘ered the testimony at eye
witnesses at the shooting, medical men who
were in attendance and performed the nu
topsy, and the nrrcs ting etiicor. The detense
oit'ered no testimony and the prisoner was
held without boil.
3!. n. lit-Young- Arrested For Libel.
SAN mectsco, April 80.-—2.1. H. DeYoung
the surviving proprietor of the Chronicle.
was arrested at noon to-day on complaint 0!
Mayor Kolloch, charging him with libel. An
editorial which appeared in the New York
World. which accused Mayor Kalloch of sun.
ornntion of perjury in connection with the
testimony given by Clement Show at the in
quest on the body of Charles DeYoung. is
the ground at complaint. The prisoner was
released‘on bail,
lualan Amen-s. In Arizona.
Toscox, Muy' I.—A special to the Star
from Yuma says the reports that Indium on
the Colorado river above Ehrenberg have
broken out and are detiunt lacks confirma
tion. Gen. Wilcox. commanding the do
purtnient. was at Fort Mojave on the 16th
inst. directing the movements of his troops
in person. Rumors of n general outbreak
in the vicinity oi Fort Mojave are not cred
ited here. , .
Program of the Southern Pacific.
The truck oi the Southern Pacific railroad
is laid thirty-tour mules oust at ’i‘urcou. On
and after to-«lay a train team-s 'i‘uscun for
Pantuno with stages to ll‘Jti from Tombbtoue,
Empire City nut] Patagonia. A train leaves
Pentium :1: 4:30 I’. M. and urrist at Tuscan
;at 6:30 P. M.
‘ Commission Revisit-u.
SAN Faaticrsco. May 3‘—-To-d.iy tho com—
,mission rates of brokers connected with the
San Francisco Board were 3] each for each
transaction under S2OO and one half of one
per cent for all transactions over $20!). This
Will be the rule in iutare.
Hotel Burnt-d.
Sax Faaxorsco, Maxi. —The Long Branch
Hotel at Alameda was burned this morning
about 5 o'clock. The hotel was a new three
story building. The fire is believed to have
been incendiary. One woman perished in
the flames.
Lana—John W. Pearson, owner 0! the
Long Branch Hotel at Alameda. estimates
his l-ss-at about $90,000; no insurance.
The fire is now believed to have originated
irom the use 0! coal oil in kindling a tire.
The woman 'who was burned to death was
Mary Spanlding, an employs of the hotel.
and the one who first gave the alarm.
Clements-w Held rol- Perjury.
Clemetahaw, the witness who swore at the
coroner's in near that DeYonng fired the
first shot attiialloch, to-day in the Police
Conrt waived an examination on a charge at
perjury, and was held to answer in bail at
Death of ex-Auduor lions-no Allah-rl.
Ila-Auditor Monroe Aahbnry died to—day,
aged sixty-two.
Movements orAlnerlcan Vessels.
Collector Shannon has received orders
from Washington to tit out the revenue ent
ter Thomas Corwin for the relief of the ex
ploring yacht Jeanette and ice bound whalers
in the Arctic. She was put on the dry dock
to-day and will be ready for sea in about
two weeks. The United States steamer
Lackawanna has left to look aiter American
interests at Csllao.
The O’Brien Eaton.
8m Famotsoo. Mav 4.-—The superior
court to-day ordered a distribution of the
estate of the late W. S. O'Brien. to which
objection had been made by John H. Burke,
with the exception of bequests to Maria
Coleman and Kate McDonough, aggregating
a million and a hall. The value of the es
tato nndistributed is about seven millions.
Mayor “RHIN'II Importer-ell.
At a meeting oi Um board of supervisors
last evening the judiciary committee. who
had been instructed to take into conatlera
tion the utterance ..aul editor-ace of Mayor
Kalht'h and to I'.-y yr: what, if any, incon—
ilinr‘,’ language h.- . :u) It art publicly, mul to
Ir'l‘Oi’t trope): uni :11 t.) in tuvrun Ly ihe
board in tho 1m x..._-e5, iii-sll a lung i'tpurt
l'!:l~'lV‘Wll.'f.; the iii". ‘.w' of thei.ilu.nr.il.;€tuuori
.‘.:.«i the tar: inn" in it it; ii.L”ut'i', linr'iu;
t‘.:.:t 1w lam tii'- mtgml it hull-n; Lilli illi
«unit-111.1 «l -;;_. ', uliiwd lil' m in par [do
the sly-I {H aml - ::.:mvorud to lm 1) them in
5.411 (Shilohi'il ‘. and tempt-raini'ut AH ll)
0 ”unit an nuiL vult win-1w u'c‘.’ 1t sham". hixit
11.3 11-111 mm :.; lint lw L'itrl 13.1 w actual tho
LW.‘ my oi ll “hum community, it"L‘lL‘it'ii
tam me Lilith“, x oi iii: any ;;u'.'nri;lm:ut oi
rmrriipzinu; an. . iltvrtiimou oi duty. and m.-
(lv'r I'rr'tl'n’l .f c iltL‘-":lliw; a tool) against
mutant-r.- it: ..t -': ~15: min-«l 11.: in to be ill
hmlin .—:‘i in: luumiulntl uni ”\vl'tllriwa' 0';
ihe Milli. m, ~‘. The; ( Xi‘i'c ‘: "l theopmiuu
lint Kallouii i:3' ::m‘ci'i:;.~iil Ill: and lllllnl'illcl—
plul nu'l tit-Hid oi integrity uml titlolity to
public interests, aunt llilll the filno has n':
rived [or the board to'expresa their con-Jen):
umiou of his acts and recommend that
promut action be taken to vindicate the fair
fume of the municipality by a judicial iL
quiry into Kulluch’s case.
' A motion to adopt the report mm put by
Muynr Kalloch. who unnmmv-d uu vivu mm
Votu that il. wvs carried. The roii w'u cniied,
running in nu unanimou-I vote M. Mame".
A n—aoluiion was they; “1‘01“”! \\ Lit-ii :1:1~
ilmrized the [immune cmuwim .- to pause, jur
diciui proceedings to ho instituted against
themnyor for his removal fri‘illOflii'OiHld
empowering them to employ counsel nil
prosecute the matter to n speedy remain»
Lion. Throuzhont the reading oi the report
and the :Muiution, Kailoch «Appeared cool
and unmoved, appearing only- to cpnlider
tho dignity of his position as presiding cfij—
oer oi the board.
General Grant will not gr.) farther east
than Illinois before October—A handred
and fifty hand» of the Valleyfield. Canada,
cotton mills struck on the 27th; aserione
light between the strikers and police in re
corded—A storm did much damage in sev
eral townships of Ontario on the 27th——
t Robert D. Cowinon is to be hanged at TO
- ronto June 14th. for the murder of his brother
,-—Lord Beaconsfield made his final nd~
‘dreea before parliament yesterday—TM
I‘IIOW parliament will endeavor to effect im
provement in the ntYaire of Turkey—Dip
lomatic relations between Franco and Mex
ico have been resumed—Three laborers
were drowned while fishing in a slough near
Chico yesterday—Chas. W. llymes was
hanged at “innemncca on the 29th for
a murder committed a year ago—The To
land tract at table land, about 3.000 acres
a near Rio Vista. is flooded—California del
} egatea are instructed for Blaine—« Ohio ii;-
‘atrncta {or Sherman; delegates at large,
3 Wm. Dennison, Wm. Baternnn. James A.
‘ Garfield, Chas. Foster—Maryland Derno~
; cratio Convention will meet June ‘Jth.
7 Wine will command a hig‘a price this
‘ year, there being great scarcity in France
‘———Abe Corkley and Peter Luther ham
i been arrested in Philadelphia for the Man
hattan bank robbery in New York—The
Virginie Supreme Court deddea that con
-1 pone or all State bonds are receivable at par
in payment of taxes and other State de
m'ande—-'—-Rasolr_tione denouncing the “7th
1 Point outrage were the source of animated
‘ debate In the South Carolina Republi
can Convention—A Chinese innerai lately
attracted much attention in New York“
‘ The President has nominated Orange l’erria
j to be second auditor of the Trauma——
‘ The debt-in «mention in California will be tho
‘npeciat mull-r for nut 'l‘hursrlr.y~———‘~’h-st
l l’uint invmtigation discloses mm'l: that is;
1 relll'rillt'UFlNUiul'l-,':‘.r«l to the lt‘t‘lllitcltt of
I colorant (Elld"i:'—-———U\'lt"l'ltl lulu-Jimmie {-.ml
‘ his forces will ln- 5. nt in the Ute reservation
1 to expel tire ll‘calubslng white-a. and prevent
acoilmion hormvu tiieni nn-i tin larliaua
——-—\'amivil::lt Junior-i the 1'01")“. that Jay
Gould llll‘i purchased lUOJJHU nt.-irl..» of ll}!
Western Union tor $10,000.00“.
William Ftv-ntiiem & Hone haw '.rimn irl.
lowul judgment for $355,000 ngninst the
city of Philadelphia on account of tho publit
butltling cominission-- -——Ton thousand per
sona Witnessed at hanging at Gninsvillui
Texas, on Sounder—Earl Cowper has
been appointed Lord Lieutenant of Ireland,
vice the Duke of Marlborough—The sub
marine telegraph cable has been laid be
tween Singnnore and the Phillipinc islands
—-—-Fonr thousand pictures are shown at
the art exhibition in Paris now in progress
—-—The Grosvenor art gallery, London,
opened Saturday; the Royal Academy opens
to-day——Fredrick Greenwood retires irom
the editorship o! the Pall Mall Gazette——
Mesoalero Apaches are raiding Lincoln
county, New Mexico-é—Minsr‘s wages have
been advanced at Scranton, I’m. 10 per
cent.—-——The Tn‘bnne calls the pardcnisg
of Pennsylvania hribers disgraceful—~—
Crops in the Lower Mississippi Stateeare
several Week: behind time—The World
declares that no alien oi the Mongolian race
can be lawlnllg nntnralizsd—‘-The Chilian
squadron has cmbsrded Callso without ei
fact—«An attempt will be made to bring
about final adjournment 01 Congress by the
Ist at J one—The anti-third term conven
tion. to be' held at St. Louis on May 6th,
promises to be largely attended—(Jon:—
iing is said to have iaith in Grant's nomina
tion and election -—Wisconsin leans strong
ly toward Sherman—West Virginia and
Nebraska instruct {or Blaine.
' Yellow Jacktt levies an assessment of $1
——The House postal committee favors a
double postal card——M. E. conference in
session at Cincinnm—Edward L. John
son. of Denver. has been nominated U. S
Attorney tor Colorado~—-W. H. Doolittle.
commissioner 01 patents. has resigned—-
The Mexican minister will sail from New
York for Mexico on the sth-——'Lower
Lonlsiana is flooded in severalparlshes by
breaking oi the levees—Lime is threat
ened by the Chilean and great distress pre
vails on the Peruvian coast—~—The Chilean
navy bombarded Csllao‘on the 22d of April.
doing immense damage—General Mellkofl
denies nogoiiatin with the Poles—-
Sergeant—at-arms gl’hompson has gone to
Ohio to loolt utter Thurman's interests bl
fore the coming Democratic convention—-
Senator chun has gone to Illinois to work
for Grant ———Cominissioner Swilt will not
start weeiwnrd as soon as he expected—:-
Senator Thurman inte returned rom Ohio
and resumed his m~ni~——Tom Young say-i
that Men of the South Carolina delegates
will vote for Sherman on the tint ballot——
ltulinn elections will In.- hsiil May lULli—-—-
Tiilis. a. Spanish town, line btt‘il lmrnczl to
the y,i'uiiii:l lilillg’l’thlt xlmtrt-rss pin-utils‘w
Faring“ immigration in HM Uniiul bin-Jun
this not an) minis nirmtly to ovu‘ 1110 MB).
When you write a. letter to yourfricml
wribu as badly as possible. If you p‘i‘ita
a ulnar, legible hand the letter will ul
nlosc road itself, and therefore fail to
properly impress the reader; but. if hn
has to peer and puzzle over every word
and ovary letter, its evuty line, jucyery
him. will become sp iIkIOI‘WQKQJI,y;LE’&IIU
gmymattcr uf his devoted hiuiu that
club letter shall be lorecvcr part and
“areal of his mentality.
Palestine is going to luvc a. railroad

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